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October 3rd, 2007, 3:52 PM
The Vitae Region

The land is formed from holy seas,
The beast of fire, water, and sky,
formed it from yet a tiny rock,
the souls of many in this tiny plot

The region was created by the great beast of the Earth, the sea, and the sky: Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre. Kyogre split the seas in two, forming a dry spot. Groudon lifted the land, making the land float. Rayquaza circled the new regions and created oxygen and carbon dioxide. The looked at there work in satisfaction, and disappeared in the wind.

The next morning, a green dot rushed towards the new region, bring stones in it's hands. It was Celebi, and it was holding the Essence of Rock, and Ice. She flew to the land and stopped. It was desolate. There was no grass. Only rock. And after staring, she stucked the two shards into the ground, releasing her comrades Registeel and Regiice. The two titans walked along the ground, and there eyes glowed a red. The lifted there hands, and created mountains and glaciers. Celebi supervised this, awaiting her partner, Shaymin. The sheep Pokemon arose next to Celebi, and nodded in satisfaction to her friend. She closed her eyes, and created grass, and flowers, and seeds, plants of all nature. Celebi saw to this, and thanked her friend, and race across the land, making forests and forests. She made one huge on in the north, and named it Amorri for love. She flew back to Regirock and Regiice, to find the named the land of mountains Poten. The looked at there work in satisfaction, and flew into the horizon.

The last day, A pink dot appeared at the peak of Mount Kanbi, small and cute. It untucked it's body to be the form of Mew. The Pokemon took her tail, and slammed to the earth, creating no fissure, but a lively vortex. The vortex created all kinds of Pokemon. Tentacool, which trotted towards sea. Pidgey which hopped towards the new forests. Buenary which skipped towards the plains. All pokemon were created, and one that would look over the region. From the vortex, a copy of it's creator was formed, the clone a light blue. It was a second Mew, and it was shiny, it being a sacred object to use only when the time is dire. The Pokemon flew into the sky, it's master trailing behind, and the region was looked onto with satisfaction, and it was all well.

The fourth day, a thousand-armed beast walked down stone stairs, and at the end of the staircase, it slammed it's arms onto the ground, creating deserts, and swamps, and plains. It made humans, and it made the region lively. It made it diverse. The Pokemon, Arceus, so unto it's creation with great satisfaction, and walked towards the center. It formed an imaginary line, splitting one side from the other. He named the regions Kanbi and Vitae, and flew back into the Hall Of Origin.

The Land of Vitae and Kanbi were formed in four days, and it took the legendaries the power of team work to create it.

Vitae is obviously a peninsula, the other side being the region of Kanbi. The region has twenty cities, and five different states or areas. This region used to be the entire left side of the map, but after a typhoon, the Valley Of Spirits was completely covered in water. There are about 20 towns and cities, and 5 major sections of the region. The Amorri Forest, the Poten Mountain Range, The Gnarri Grasslands, The Dillge Desert, The Tutul Swamps, and finally the Irrou Plains. All Pokemon are available here, making Vitae one of the most diverse regions on the planet.

It's capital is Silvermoon City, a beautiful town of wondrous things. There are also other capitals of the different parts like Savannah Town of the Gnarri Grasslands, or Swampbank City for the Tutul Swamps. But the most important city is Silvermoon, for it is the social hub of the world.

To help witht his project, there is no sign up. There are no fakemon, yet I might I would like them. Currently a deal is being made with Spriter, so that Vitae has islands in Kansai like Hawaii.

Questions can be asked here, and If I do add fakemon, don't ask. I reject if it's bad, so no need to ask may I help. No problem.

Reserved for Towns

1)Sagery Town
This small and unnoticed town is the classic New Bark Town, having a some houses, and instead of a lab, there is a meeting center, with a package awaiting our main character with his Pokemon. The town is int he Ammori Forest, and it is nearest the ocean. The Main character can go to to the ocean as well.

2. Elliot Town
This quaint bustling village is a small pit-stop on your way to the next town. There is no research facility, so this town isn't a place to stay long in. To the east is the Iron Tunnel, an old metal based mining tunnel used int he early 1900. From this tunnel, you can get Zachary Town.

4. The Ammori Village
The village is so small, it isn't on any map. ONce populated by many people, the village was abandoned after a swarm of Beedrill, Dustox and Ariados overtook it. IT is the home to Proffesor Cedar, and her nephew, who runs the PokeMart.

Thanks to Wandering MEw, from Pe2K.

October 4th, 2007, 12:31 AM
The Pixel Projects section isn't an area for recruitment for one's own projects, nor is it a showcase area. And besides, it appears that most of the work shown here is not your own, and so it seems fair to close this thread. Feel free to start a showcase thread in the Pixel Art section with 4 examples of your own work if you want, but yeah.