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October 6th, 2007, 5:47 PM
ok this is my first poem i think its terrible but my freinds say they like it they want me to post it somewhere and since i dont know anyone here in real life i thought this would be the best place to put it

*warning if you want your head to explode read below*

that night

do you see her bleeding heart?
the one that is here all alone
the pieces dropped on the floor
do you hears her pleading crys?
the ones that call out to you
when shes all alone
do you miss her like she does you?
she still loves you, after all this time
even after that terrible evening
she still wonders why
you chose that night
she blames herself
the note was lost
before she saw
she never knew it wasnt her fault
that you wanted her to keep going strong
she decides to follow you
exactly one year to the day
the day you went crazy
and shot your yourself

what!! why no comments? is it that bad?

here is another one

out to sea

hurry up we shan't be late
opps now your wet
and im soaked though
stop pulling me under!
you shove me again
i kick and scream
my body yearns for to breathe
but suddenly its all calm and peaceful i close my eyes
i realise this the end
i seliently thank you
you did what i asked
i struggled but you held fast
i see something in the distant
i hear something too
but all of a sudden i feel hands on my chest
your lips on mine
you saved i ask why
you pause for a awhile but finally answer
becuase if you go i go too
and if we both go what will the childen do?

p.s the next one will be happy i promise