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October 10th, 2003, 1:31 PM
This is an RPG about 8 people who go to a lab that said that they invented real Pokemon by using The Pokemon Ruby Game! when the 6 kids get there one of the scientists accidentally activates the transporter that sends the 8 kids into Pokemon Ruby! What will happen to the 6 kids? will they be eager to get out or will they try to become Pokemon Masters and save the World of Pokemon from Team Magma and Aqua? fill out a character form like this:

Starter Pokemon: (from Prof. Birch, No legendarys)

Heres mine:
Name: Scott
Age: 13:
Description: is tall, has Dirty Blonde Hair, Sapphire eyes, wheres a red sweatshirt, blue jeans, white and silver Nike's. Is childhood friends with Ally. Uncle is one of the scientists that was trying to create Pokemon from Zapping them out of the game. Scotts neibor is Ally. Scott has won every Pokemon game ever made!
Starter: Charmander (Torch)

(We'll start on Sunday or when we get 5 more people)

October 10th, 2003, 1:35 PM
This is an RPG about 6 people who go to a lab that said that they invented real Pokemon by using The Pokemon Ruby Game! when the 6 kids get there one of the scientists accidentally activates the transporter that sends the 6 kids into Pokemon Ruby! What will happen to the 6 kids? will they be eager to get out or will they try to become Pokemon Masters and save the World of Pokemon from Team Magma and Aqua? fill out a character form like this:

Starter Pokemon: (from Prof. Birch, No legendarys)

Heres mine:
Name: Scott
Age: 13:
Description: is tall, has Dirty Blonde Hair, Sapphire eyes, wheres a red sweatshirt, blue jeans, white and silver Nike's. Is childhood friends with Ally.

(We'll start on Sunday or when we get 5 more people)

Okay! I helped think of this RPG, so here it goes!!

Name: Ally
Age: 13
Description: Has waist long blond hair, was trying on her 'DarkMagicianGirl' costume on for halloween (haha) so ya, and is childhood friends with Scott. Can be very hyper at times, and really nice, isnt to strong, but is pretty good in PKMN games (hey, she defeated silver in two days!) and is a strong ally, who will do anything to protect her friends.

tada! my cousin thoguht up her outift, haha

October 10th, 2003, 1:38 PM
Me and Sapphire are the Leaders of the RP! just to let you guys know, i got the idea of the RP from her! like i said, were gonna start on Sunday or when 4 more people join!

October 10th, 2003, 3:17 PM
YES! Finally after all these weeks, a decent rp has been created! (btw, if we can’t get enough people, I can control another character, just say the word ;) )
Name: Ali Kabania (Male, just incase you think otherwise, lol)
Age: 14
Description: Purple hair split through the middle, peachy skin, brown eyes, wearing black pants, a black over-shirt, and a white under-shirt under that
Starter Pokemon: I’ll choose when the time comes *wink*…. Actually, I’m just not sure right now, lol

October 10th, 2003, 3:31 PM
Okay, we can have any Pokemon except legendarys! we might get legendarys later! and post if you think we should have rivals or travel around in a big group! oh ya, were stuck in the game until we win it! but will we want to go back?

Fallen Angel
October 10th, 2003, 3:49 PM
Name: Anna Hunter
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Description: Brownish-blonde hair, Glasses, green-blue eyes, height is like 5'1" and is like 120 lbs. Wears a pink top and black athletic pants with a pink stripe on the sides.
Personilty: Soft spoken, has a short temper, sweet, easy to get along with, shy, afraid to break any rules, and when she is pissed at you it'll be a while untill she cools down. (the only guy she can never stay mad at is Ali)
Starter Pokemon: Torchic (Nickname: Tai)

October 10th, 2003, 5:57 PM
Okay, i know this RP is probly gonna be a success so now 8 people can be in the RPG! that means theres room for 4 more people!

October 10th, 2003, 7:08 PM
Is it alright if I play two characters?

Name: Yuki
Age: 17
Description: About 5'6", fairly thin and quite pale. Has long, ice-blue hair and dark, dark blue eyes. Usually wears a black tank top, loose jeans and sandals. Wears a circle of red jade on a black leather string around her neck. Tends to be fairly civil to most people and will warm up slightly to others if she gets to know them.
Starter Pokemon: Spheal

Name: Aika
Age: 16
Description: Around 5'5", thin and pale to the point of looking anemic. Has black hair, worn long and dark eyes. Usually wears a black hoodie over a black t-shirt, black pants and black boots. Has a tattoo of black curved lines and dots under her left eye. Doesn't talk very much and tends to be extremely anti-social. She and Yuki don't have a friendship so much as an understanding. Intensely musical, has perfect pitch and can play any new instrument almost perfectly given a few hours. Her favorite instrument is the cello, however.
Starter Pokemon: Whismur

October 10th, 2003, 9:24 PM
Yep, we can control 2 characters if your up to the challenge, and im only counting Keleris characters as one!

We have room for 3 more members to join!!!

Bear Cub
October 10th, 2003, 9:56 PM
Name: Adam Pole
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description: Bright red hair, blue eyes, red short sleeve shirt with black stripes on sleeves, blue jeans, black shoes. Can't really describe personality. You'll see it when you see it.
Starter Pokemon: Trapinch

October 11th, 2003, 4:27 AM
Wow, This RP is gettin pretty big. wont SapphireLatios be proud. ^^ hehe

Elite Four Phoebe
October 11th, 2003, 5:26 AM
(I don't know if I can still join but I'm posting anyways)

Description:A nice, and friendly teenager. Sopmetimes has quite a temper. Long dark brown hair, green eyes, and is Puerto Rican so she has slighty darkened skin
Starter Pokemon: Absol

October 11th, 2003, 1:27 PM
there is still room for 2 more people! come on and join! the sooner we get 2 people the sooner we will start!

October 11th, 2003, 2:17 PM
Alrihgt! This RP is to be up on Sunday (tommarow) and...ya, *makes announcement to the world THIS IS MY 100 POST BOW DOWN TO MY ALMIGHTY SHORT POWER!

October 11th, 2003, 2:43 PM
Name: Tom
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: The nice guy!


October 11th, 2003, 4:20 PM
Wow, theres like 8 people already! Oh boy, SapphireLatios, someone's RP is doing good;

October 11th, 2003, 4:27 PM
accoding to my calculations, I will be the last one to join...

Name: Tommy
Age: 16
Description: tall, brown eyes, brown hair, glasses, tan/black T-shirt, green cargo pants, aspires to be the greatest authority on pokmon battle techniques...
Starter Pokemon: Zubat

Dark Magician Girl
October 11th, 2003, 4:28 PM
May I be the last to join?

Name: Krissie (Kris)
Age: 15
Description: Has waist length purple hair, a hot pinkish like long sleeved shirt, and blue jeans.
Description/Personality: She is quiet, and perserved, she doesnt have many friends and stays in one place looking up Pokemon stuff on her Laptop, or playing her GBA. When in a tight situation, she takes it wisely and thinks her way out.

October 11th, 2003, 5:34 PM
YYEEESSSS!! A SUCCESFUL RP! I hope it doesn’t go by too fast… I get so much h/w, hopefully I can keep up! Anywhoz, since we can control two pplz….

Name: Julia Kabania
Age: 11
Description: long blue hair in two poney-tails, light skin, deep blue eyes, wearing a tight red t-shirt, large circular earings, a few bangles on her right arm, blue jean-shorts, a long, soft grey coat that goes down to her ankles, with a canvas-bag hanging across her neck (yes! Julez has finally gotten a Make-over! Lol). She’s pretty much the spunky girl that gets mad REALLY easily, but she eventually opens up to a few people and starts acting a lot nicer, she crushes over guys way too easily.
Starter Pokemon: Marill
BTW, I think it would be pretty cool to let groups and rivalry's develop on there own

October 11th, 2003, 5:59 PM
Okay, if yu want you can control a second person! anyway expect to start tomorow and I'm gonna post the first part of the story Today! you can add your post after this one! Pokemon Demension is officially open!!!
if you want you can pick rivals and travel in small groups if you guys want!!!

Scott was walking to Allys house when he saw a box on the side of Allys garbage can it read: 'Dark Magician Girl costume, Have your friends be amazed!' "oh, no, i forgot, its Halloween in a couple weeks!" Scott said to himself as he walked up Allys steps to her house, but he got distracted when he got a call on his cell phone, it was his Uncle Jim he wanted to bring video games (preferablly Pokemon) to life! "Hello." Scott said answering his phone "Scott! Scott! Come quick to the Lab! iv made a breakthrough! i think we might be able to bring Pokemon to life! Bring all your Pokemon games! Green & Red-Ruby & Sapphire! Bye Scott! oh, iv invited some other people too!" Uncle Jim said as he hung up the phone "oh my god! Hes really gonna do it this time!" Scott said and ran up the stairs and knocked on Allys door.

October 11th, 2003, 6:56 PM
One day, Tommy was in his bedroom playing his pokmon Crystal game. He had just defeated Red in Mt. Silver when his boss, Professor James O'reily, called him up and told him to come to his lab to behold his latest discovery. Tommy sighed and got dressed in the same clothes he wore to school this afternoon, cursing the day he had ever volunteered to work as a lab assistant to someone as insane as Dr. O'reily.

October 11th, 2003, 7:18 PM
OMG! You watch Passions too!? I thought I was the only one!!! lol
Ali woke up to the ringing of his phone, he was surprised to hear his younger sister, Julia, answer it.
… Oh… Hi…
… Really?…
… Oh… K…
…Yeah right!…
…Oh my! Why am I soooo surprised, hehe…
…fine I guess…
…See ya soon then!…
Ali quickly ran down the stairs… Or at least tried to – until he began feel drowsy again and toppled over half-way down. “Haha, hey stupid!” Julez said, laughing. “Hey -_-…” Ali replied, “who just called?” he asked, getting up, and sitting on the sofa. “This is hilarious, y’know what’s-his-face?”
“Er… That would depend… What’s his name?”
“-_- I don’ know! That guy that talks to mom all the time!” Ali looked quite surprised, “Daniel tried proposing to mom again? O_O” At this point, Julia was laughing so hard, she was rolling around on the floor, clenching her stomach. “HAHAHA!!! NO BIMBO! HAHAHAHA!!!”
“Well I don’t see what else could be so funny.”
“Erm… J-J…”
“JIM! That’s his name, Jim… He’s got a nephew about your age…” Ali finally began to understand everything. “Oh, the looney, what about him?”
“Well he wants us to test his experiment, he said he was talking to mom about it last night – apparently she doesn’t mind”
“I’m not so sure about this…” Ali said, suspiciously. “I mean, we all know he’s a freak, you never know what he’d do…”
“C’MON! I’m so bored! Just grab your pokemon games and let’s go!”
“What about Fox?”
“Fox will find out eventually, now come on!” so Ali got changed, Julez grabbed the tiny box of Pokemon games, and the two of them walked out the door to the Prof.’s lab.

October 11th, 2003, 8:27 PM
Yuki Anya glanced at the clock for the eighth time in five minutes. If that thing was going any slower it'd be moving backwards! she thought in annoyance. On her desk the logarithms in her math textbook swam together the harder she stared at them. She wrote some numbers down non-committally. As the bell finally went, she almost threw her books into her messenger bag before running out the door, to odd looks from her classmates.
"Friday! Yesss..." she said to herself as she followed the current of students in the hallways. "No homework, too! Well...nothing that needs doing immediately..." she muttered as she stopped at and opened her locker, unloading a cargo of books. She shut her locker, re-locking it with the ease of someone who did it several times a day, and rejoined the hordes of students. She ran down two flights of stairs, emerging in the basement where the chatter of teenagers was interspersed with music. She walked into the band room, where four teens playing a flute, a french horn, a cello and a double-bass where playing a mournful tune, probably a dirge or requiem.
The conductor cut them off with a wave of his baton. "Okay, get outta here, you guys. Scale test next thursday, don't forget!"
Yuki waited as the quartet packed up, flashed a smile at the double-bass player as he walked by. She played percussion in the regular band, and she'd fancied the tall, dark musician for a while, though not especially seriously. She wandered over to a girl all in black, currently wheeling her cello case into the storage room.
"Hoi hoi," said Yuki.
"Yo," grunted the other girl. "Train?"
Aika picked up her black backpack and followed Yuki out the back door.

They walked in silence for a while, autumn's leaves blowing around their feet, crossing the river on a stone bridge. They reached the train station, jogging up and down a few flights of stairs before reaching the platform.
"Cold?" inquired Aika.
"Never," said Yuki, coatless despite the chill weather.
The ring of Yuki's cellphone was just another noise in the cocaphony generated by the students all waiting for the train. She pulled the pale blue phone out of a pocket and pressed it to one ear while plugging the other.
"'Allo?...Oh hey! What's up?...No, you're joking!...Awesome!...Where now?...Gotcha, easy...Could I bring a friend if she wants to come?...Great! I'll get my stuff...okay, see ya!" she ended the call, turned back to Aika.
"Guess what?"
"Okay, you know my mom's crazy friend from high school? Yeah, the video game fanatic...apparently, he's found a way to make video games come alive or something."
"Yeah, the sad thing is that he's serious about it...anyway, we're supposed to bring our pokmon games. Er, if you want to come, that is."
Aika shrugged. "Sure."
The train pulled up then, creating a whirlwind in its passing, stirring the leaves that had fallen on the platform. Yuki felt the blast of air as it stirred her ice-hued locks. She remembered how she used to put pennies and things on the track that cut through a park near her house, and would marvel at how flat the passing freight trains would squish them.
They pushed through the doors and found a seat, settling in for a long ride as the train wound its way through the city.

Bear Cub
October 11th, 2003, 8:49 PM
Adam heard the news all over the town. Pokemon may actually be brought into existance. He ran over with his pokemon game cartridges to the lab of Prof. Jim (I like the sound of that). Not a lot of people his age had been interested, but he was. He had always dremt of catching pokemon in reality. His dream can finally come true.

That's all I can think of.

October 11th, 2003, 9:47 PM
Okay Sapphire i hope you dont mind if i take control of Ally for this post! ^_^; i want to get to the lab!

Ally answered the door fully dresed in a Dark Magician Girl costume "Oh, Hey Scott!" Ally said as she opened the door "C'mon in!" She finished as Scott walked in "Hey, Ally...um, nice costume! ^_^;" Scott said as he sat on the couch "Remember my Uncle Jim?" Scott asked as Ally grabbed two cokes "Ya, the Proffesor that keeps trying to bring video games to life?" Ally said as she handed Scott one of the cokes "Yep, hes the one, but he claims hes really done it this time!" Scott said as Ally started laughing "You cant be serious!" She laughed "Well, he wants me to go there A.S.A.P so maybe you and i should head out that way!" Scott said "Well...Okay! lets go now!" Ally exclaimed "Um, Ally...Do you want to change your costume?" Scott asked scanning the costume, it didnt look to warm "Nah, It probly wont take that long!" Ally said as she started walking out the door with Scott.

Okay, i dont want us to get to the lab till everyone has posted at least once! okay!

October 11th, 2003, 10:23 PM
Ali and Julez continues to walk across the street, “hey Ali, where do we go from here?” Julia asked, looking out from the corner of a street. “Erm… Maybe we should turn that way…”
“Hey look! It looks like the loon made one of the yu-gi-oh games come to life!” She said, pointing to what looked like a dark magician girl. “Whoa…” Ali said, in astonishment. Julez quickly ran up to her. She poked the girl’s nose, expecting a response. “Uh… Julez… I don’t think she’s actually the dark magician girl… -_-“ He ran up beside Julia, “Oh, uh… Sorry about that!” Ali said, grabbing Julez by the arm, he continues to walk mindlessly up the street, not knowing if it was the correct direction or not.

October 12th, 2003, 5:12 AM
Okay Sapphire i hope you dont mind if i take control of Ally for this post! ^_^; i want to get to the lab!

How dare you! haha just kidding, now, I might have to tkae control of Scott fwwwaaahaahaaa! *evil...!*

As Ally and Scott ran down the street Ally stopped. "Do you really think that your uncle really made this huge break-through? I mean, videogames really only have one purpose, to have fun." (control..!) "I dunno, he seemed pretty excited when he told me." "Oh, Okay Scott." Ally said to him as they continued down the street.

I took control of Scott for a sentence! fwwaaaaahaaahaa!

Dark Magician Girl
October 12th, 2003, 5:26 AM
Kris was lying on her window becnh in her room as she was drawing a picture of her dog, wolf. 'Its not that good, but is better thann i did last time.' she thought. Then she heard her mom calling her. "Krissie! Krissie! Come down here now! your lunch is ready!" Kris yelled back, "My name is not Krissie! Its Kris! K-R-I-S! KRIS! " She put her notebook down and marched downstairs, when she got tehre her mom did not look to pleased. "Why did you yell at me? Krissie? Just because you dont like your first naem doesnt mean anything, Kris is only a nickname, dear, why dont you just take a nice walk around outside, you hardly ever go out." Her mom told her while she put plates on the table. Kris looked displeased. "Fine, I'll walk around, okay? " Kris opened the door, then stopped. "Im sorry, mom. see ya later." Her mom smiled. " okay hunny, see you later." And Kris got outside, when she saw two kids, one a girl running in a strange outfit, and a guy, they looked like they were in a hurry. Kris decided to follow them. Little did Kris now, she wouldnt see her mom not jsut in a while, a long while..

October 12th, 2003, 8:45 AM
Julia and Ali continued to walk along the street, just a few meters away from Ally and Scott. “Hey, Ali… What if the loon really did it this time? I mean, which pokemon would you want with you?” Julia asked. Ali was surprised to hear Julia talk in such a mature tone, “What? You actually think he may’ve done it?”
“Well there’s always a possibility, I guess…” Ali day-dreamed to think what it would be like, just to run around in the long grass, looking for pokemon. “.… Well, which pokemon would you want with you?” Julia asked, again. “Hmm… I never really think about it all that much… Definitely a Raichu, that’s all I can really say so far…”
“Raichu? I’d probably go with Marill, they’re so soft and cute and fuzzy!”
“Erm… Wouldn’t Marill be rubbery?”
“I don’t know! All I’m saying is that a Marill would be cool to have!”
“Haha, I get it… I really don’t care all that much, I’d even settle with that annoying little Pika-thingy…”
“You mean Pikachu? How can you hate Pikachu, but love Raichu? It makes no sense…”
“… Well, lot’s of things don’t make sense now-a-days… But y’know what’s way better than a Pikachu? A Pichu!!!”
“Hahaha! Now you’re creeping me out!” The two of them made an unconscious turn to the right. “What’s so great about Raichu and Pichu that Pikachu doesn’t have!?”
“Meh, I guess Pikachu has just kind of worn out on me, It’s on every episode of the pokemon show, it’s on every t-shirt, every back-pack, every…”
“Keep going ;)”
“I don’t know, let’s just keep going ‘till we get to the looney-bin… Did he leave directions?”
“Uh… Not that I know of…” Ali was shocked, “He didn’t leave any directions!? What do you think you’re doing!? Maybe we can ask those two behind us where the lab is…”
“Hey Ali, the dark magician girl is following us!”
“Ugh – It’s probably just a costume, now come on!” Ali turned around, and ran up to Scott and Ally, “Hey, uh… Would you happen to have any knowledge of where professor Jerald’s lab is?” Julia turned to Ali, after poking, pushing, and squeezing Ally’s nose, still awaiting an odd response, “It’s professor Jim!” She exclaimed, going back to poking Ally’s nose, “Erm – right, professor Jim… Julez, what do you find so amusing about her nose?” Ali asked, strangely. “I ‘ono, just get the directions!”
“Yeah, so… Do you have any clue at all where his lab is?

October 12th, 2003, 11:09 AM
"Um, yeah, sure, its this way!" Scott said pointing to a very large building about 100 yards away. "Yep, thats my Uncle Jims Lab! Hes gonna turn pokemon to life!" Scott said as the 4 walked into the Lab "HEY! UNCLE JIM!!! WE'RE HERE!!!" Scott shouted as a man approached the 4 "Well, Hello Scott and Ally! Good to see you two! All of you, Come quick!" Jim said as he ran to a little creature on a desk, it was a very deformed looking Pikachu "Um...What is that?" Scott asked looking at the Deformed Pikachu.

October 12th, 2003, 11:33 AM
Yuki ran into her house, kicking off her shoes and dropping her messenger bag before running upstairs and pushing her pokmon games into a drawstring bag.
"Yuki? Is that you?"
"Yeah mom!" she ran back downstairs.
"Where're you off to? You just got home!"
"Jim wants us to come over...his experiment finally worked, apparently. Ooo! Cookies!" Yuki grabbed a couple and started wolfing them down.
"Okay...here, take some food, he probably won't feed you." Yuki's mother bustled around for a moment, tucking snacks into a brown bag.
"Thanks mom!" Yuki said, pulling her school stuff out of her messenger bag and tossing the pokmon games and the food in.
"Wear a coat! It's cold out," her mother called from the kitchen. Yuki sighed and grudgingly tucked a dark blue hoodie under one arm.
"Bye! Love you mom!" she called, racing out the door for what would be the last time in a long while...
She met up with Aika, quietly shutting her own front door.
"Okay! Let's go!" said Yuki. They started off down the street without another word.


After a few minutes of walking, they came up to a large, slightly run-down looking building. The leaves sat, rotting on the grass, and the windows were smudged and dirty. The white paint was peeling in places.
"He's...a bit obsessed. I wonder who those kids are?" she added, watching a group of four enter the building. They followed.
"Who's there? Oh! Yuki!" said Professor James O'Reilly. He ran a hand through his unkempt brown hair. "I'm glad you could come...look! I've done it! I've brought them to life!" he said excitedly.
There was a slightly-deformed pikachu on the table, which the four other kids were looking at with mingled disgust and interest.
"Umm...cool," said Yuki, smiling nervously.
"Fruitcake," muttered Aika.

October 12th, 2003, 11:58 AM
Tommy entered Prof. O'reily's lab soon after Scott and Ally had shown up. "Uhh, Doctor, who are they?" Tommy said pointing to the two strangers to him. "
This is my nephew Scott, and this is his friend Ally. I called them over because I think my newest breakthrough will be quite intriguing to them."

October 12th, 2003, 12:08 PM
“Eww… that thing is gross…” Julia said, looking disgusted at the Pikachu. “It doesn’t look all that bad – I mean… Sure it has a few extra arms, hehe… But that’s ok… I guess… Hey, at least it’s getting somewhere…” Ali said, taking a closer look at the Pikachu. “It doesn’t seem that bad at all… Actually… It’s kind of cute!” Julia was shocked by this. “CUTE!? I’ll admit it looks kinda cool – but cute!?”
“Sure… I mean, it’s unique – something you don’t see every day… I like it…” Ali replied, walking closer to the Pikachu. The Pikachu tilted what looked like it’s head, and blinked it’s eyes (I think, lol) curiously. “So Jim, what are we going to do? You said you wanted us to experiment something”
“Ya, you said to bring the pokemon games too!” Julia said, lifting the small box of pokemon cartridges out of her bag.

October 12th, 2003, 12:19 PM
Ally just stared at the pika-thingy. "You know," She said, "Its kinda cute when you get past its many arms and all, maybe youve discorverd a new type of Pokemon!" Then Ally rubbed her nose. "Well, I brought my Sapphire game, and my Blue and Yellow. I left the others at home."

***Kellie told me to use Kris when she wasnt here, sometimes**

Suddenly a girl ran in. "Hi, uh..I was just, here you go, You left it on the ground." She handed Ally the DarkMagicianGirl hat. "Oh, thanks! heee!" Ally said as she put it on her head,"So, how long did it take you to make this...this..thing?" Kris said as she looked at the pika-thingy. "And, you, DarkMagicianGirl, you nose, it looks kinda, red a bit."

October 12th, 2003, 12:43 PM
Starter Pokemon:mudkip

October 12th, 2003, 12:49 PM
Itchero entered Prof. O'reily's lab "what Do you want old man?""this had better be important"

October 12th, 2003, 12:50 PM
"Oh, Ally your poor nose!" Scott said symathetically looking at her nose "Well, if i can go on!" Jim said pointing to a giant screen behind them "Everyone take your favorite Pokemon game, erase all the data, and bring them up to me, each one of you, only bring up one!" Jim said as the group took out each of there favorite Pokemon games, they pressed erase saved file and handed them to Jim "Now watch kids, this is going to be interesting..." Jim said as the games were put into a machine and then it came out as one game "I call it, Pokemon Dimension! Its a fused game of all the others!" Jim said showing the group a very colorful gme cartridridge "Each of the Prof. are in the game too! and so are Magma, Aqua and Rocket! and every single Pokemon ever made!" Jim said putting the cartridge into the machine "I wanted to show you kids this, its the best Pokemon game ever made!" Jim said as a 3-D picture of Prof. Birch, Prof. Elm and Prof. Oak each appered on the screen and started talking! no reading required...then it happeded. the Pikachu went up to the machine and pressed a button, a large laser became activated and was aiming strait at the group of kids "GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!" Jim shouted.

Um, Spyke your late, but ill let it slip.

October 12th, 2003, 1:10 PM
*takes mudkip and leaves and runs into a Sableye,weakens it and catches it*
"YES!""My first pokemon!"

October 12th, 2003, 1:24 PM
Um. no offense Spyke but you were late, i posted a deadline, after i posted the first post no one else could join and i specifacally said that a certain number of members could join in the RP. so im gonna have to ask you to leave my role play please. Unless you give me a reason why you should stay and start going with the flow of the story

Bear Cub
October 12th, 2003, 3:53 PM
Um, if you don't mind, I'll say I was in the lab too just so I won't have to get into detail.

October 12th, 2003, 4:34 PM
Yuki didn't know what to say when the Professor told them to erase their save files. Just throw away all my hard work?! But then again...I do have the games backed up on my memory cards...and that pikachu is REAL, if deformed...
"What do you think, Aika?"
"He's nuts."
"Yeah, same...I'm going to humor him, I guess."

After erasing their games, Prof. O'Reilly fused them into one cartrige, and started babbling on about how it was the greatest game ever made...
It was so odd, everything seemed to be happening in slow motion as the twisted, misshapen pikachu toddled over to a machine and hit a button, its eyes jewel-bright with interest. There was a mechanical noise as something started swiveling toward the group, a burst of light...

And then everything went dark...

October 12th, 2003, 4:42 PM
Julez? Hey Julez, y’may want to get up… Julia? Hey!!! Wake u-
*SMAK* “WHAT!? WHAT!? I’M AWAKE! I’M AWAKE! WHAT IS IT!?” Ali was sitting on the ground, rubbing his head, “Ow, could you hit me any harder?”
“Oh, sorry… Where are we?” Julia asked, looking around. “I’m not all that sure… But I can’ seem to find any of the others…” Ali grabbed Julia by the hand, lifting her up. They looked around to find a moving-truck. “Looks like someone’s moving in…” Julia said, walking up to the house that the group of Machamp were walking into. She looked to her side, seeing a young boy in the moving truck. “HEY!” A girl yelled behind her, “ARE YOU THE PERSON MOVING IN!?” She asked, excited. “Ahem – sorry, I’m M-“
“Er… No, actually I’m not moving i-“ Suddenly, Ali ran up behind Julia, “Uh – hi, I’m Ali, pleased to meet you! Uh… Could you tell us where exactly we are?”
“Yeah, you’re in Littleroot town, why?”
“Littleroot… That doesn’t sound right…” Ali thought, “Why? Were you supposed to be moving somewhere else? Hehe, I don’t think you could’ve made THAT many wrong turns, hehehe.”
“Uh – right… I’ll se you around!” Ali said, running past the moving-truck, “Bye!”
“Hey Ali!! Wait for me!!” Julia yelled, trying to catch up with him. The two of them hid behind a bush, “Why are we hiding? This is so cool! We’re in the pokemon games!” Julia said, peeking over the bush, “And the kid in the truck was pretty cute too!”
“-_-; ok… But that’s not the point, we have to get home! What are we going to do!?” Ali scanned the area, and saw a glimpse of the lab. “That’s right! The lab! Let’s get a pokemon!” Ali and Julia quickly ran to the lab, running through the doors breathing heavily. “I’m sorry, but professor Birch is out right now, you’ll have to wait for him to come back,” Someone said, off on the other side of the room. “Oh – erm… How’d you know we were looking for prof. Birch?”
“everyone does at this time of year, there’s always one reason or another to see him…”
“Oh… Well, I see you later then…” Ali and Julia walked back out of the lab, hearing a loud yell. They looked at each other for an instance, and began to run towards the yelling, “So, much, running! Why, can’t, we, walk, for, once!?” Julia asked, running quickly. Ali didn’t respond, and continued to run into the distance. When they got there, the boy Julia had saw in the truck was standing beside a Torchic, as Professor Birch held a pokeball in his hand. They walked back towards the lab as Julia and Ali stared… “Are we gonna run again? -_-;”

October 12th, 2003, 5:46 PM
Yuki blinked in the sunlight, stared up into the blue sky. She groaned, sitting up, looked around. What? Where?

This wasn't right at all...

The air was clean, with little trace of the pollution she had been accustomed to in the city. She was sitting on some grass, but it felt so thick and lush beneath her hands, not scratchy and full of ants. The trees around her were huge and green, and the air hummed with all the noise of a healthy forest. She stood up, looking around. Aika was a few paces away, looking at a thin, bubbling stream. She kicked a rock into it as Yuki approached.
"Wh-where are we?" asked Yuki reflexively.
Aika shrugged. "In one of the pokmon games, probably."
"What?" squeaked Yuki. "But, th-that's not possible!"
"Who said it had to be possible?"
"Oh...um...let's find out where we are, then..." she realized she still had her messenger bag on. She sorted through it and found the slightly squished bag of food. "Um...cookie?"


They reached a town after a short walk, a wooden sign proudly announcing that this was Littleroot Town.
"Oh...so, we're in ruby...or sapphire..." said Yuki. "What should we do?"
"Ask for a pokmon, obviously," said Aika. She flicked a pale hand in the direction of the nearby pokmon lab.

They reached the lab doors at the same time as Professor Birch, who looked much like he did in the game manual, and a boy who looked a lot like...
"Oh? Hey girls! How can I help you?" asked the professor.
"Er, um, well, we--"
"We're here for a starter pokmon."
"Er, yeah. Can you sign us up for trainer licenses?"
"Sure! Come on inside..."


The inside of the lab was cluttered with books, nondescript machines and objects they'd only seen pixelized pictures of before.
"Just fill out these forms," said Birch, handing them each a piece of paper and a pen, "and I'll see what pokmon I've got around."
They filled in personal information on the forms. Yuki was relieved that they didn't require addresses or phone numbers, as they wouldn't apply to this...whateveryoucallit...reality. Just your name, age, height, weight...among other things. Shortly after they finished, Birch came in with a cardboard packing box.
"I've got the standard starters, Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip, but I've got some other pokmon here if you'd like something different."
"Do you have a whismur?" asked Aika.
"A whismur? As a matter of fact...yes, this one," murmured Birch. "Give that one a toss, it should have a whismur in." He passed her what Yuki dimly recognized as a plain pokball. Aika threw it lightly, the sphere twirling in the air before bursting. With a flash of red light, a small pink and yellow monster appeared.
"I'll keep it," said Aika, picking up the whismur.
"How about you?" asked Birch, breaking Yuki out of a reverie.
"Er, um...do you have a spheal, by any chance?"
"Spheal, spheal...hmm..." the professor dug around in the box before extracting a mottled blue sphere--a dive ball.
Yuki took it with slightly trembling hands. "Uh...pokball go?" she said uncertainly, tossing the ball. With a flash of blue light, a round, seal-like pokemon appeared. It clapped its fins happily.
"Omigod..." Yuki said, bending down and running a hand along the pokmon's--a real, live pokmon!--hide. It felt cool and soft to the touch.
"What do you think?" asked Professor Birch.
"It's perfect," said Yuki emphatically. She stood and pointed the ball at the spheal. "Um...return."
"Okay, I'll get you two your gear," said Birch, as the pokmon was sucked into its ball. "What're your favorite colors?"
"Black," said Aika, petting her whismur.
"Uh, blue," said Yuki.

Birch returned shortly with a pokdex, a pokgear, a poknav and a trainer card for both of them, all in their specified favorite color. He also brought them each a 'trainer survival kit'--a trainer belt, digital item storage unit and some other assorted items.
"I couldn't help noticing you two look a bit ill-prepared, is all," explained the professor.
"Don't worry...thanks a lot," said Yuki, and meant it.

October 12th, 2003, 6:31 PM
Scott slowly opened his eyes he was in front of what appeared to be Prof. Birchs house as a young girl helped him to his feet "You must be new here!" The girl that Scott recognized at once as May said with a smile "How'd ya guess." Scott said as he got up "Well, cause you dont have any Pokemon with you!" May said pointing to his belt "Ya, im just visiting a friend of mine.....um, Brendan! ya Brendan...you know him?" Scott asked "Ya hes our new next door neibor, you must be from Johto, right? because thats were Brendans from!" May said looking at Scott "Um, ya! Johto, thats it!" Scott said and waved goodbye to May "Well, gotta go! see ya May-oops!" Scott said, May hadnt told Scott his name yet. "Wait! whats your name, and how did you know my name?" May asked as Scott stopped "Um, my names Scott and Brendan told me who you were!" Scott said "Oh, Okay! see ya around Scott!" May said waving goodbye to him "See ya May!" Scott said as he ran towards the lab
"The second i woke up i knew we were in Uncle Jims Pokemon Dimension." Scott said to himself as he stopped "I wonder where Ally or everyone else is?" Scott said as he got out his bionoculars that was in his back pack "Oh my god!" Scott said as he saw a jammed up Ever Grande City and CianWood city dramatically close together "This isnt just Sapphire or Ruby...this is the entire world!!!" Scott said as he jumped down from a tree he was standing in "I wonder if....no, i cant find her...dang!" Scott said as he walked towards the lab "im just gonna go see Birch." Soctt said as he entered the lab and saw Yuki and Aika "Hey! you guys! i guess all of us got transported her!" Scott said as the two nodded thier heads "Well, Hey! Prof. Birch!!!" Scott said running up and shaking Prof. Birchs hand "My name is Scott! can...can i have a Pokemon!!??" Scott asked quit swiftly "Um, yes! what Pokemon would you like Scott?" Prof. Birch asked "Um...do you have a Charmander?" Scott asked "Um...I dont think so. Lets call Prof. Oak!" Birch said as he got on his TV phone and called Prof. Oak. "Hello Prof. Oak! could you send me over Charmander?" Birch asked as Scott filled out his trainers liscense "Here you go!" Birch said as he gave him a Pokeball with Charmander in it!

Fallen Angel
October 12th, 2003, 6:34 PM
I'm gonna have to leave the RP, I missed WAY too much....

Bear Cub
October 12th, 2003, 7:11 PM
Adam woke up and found himself under a tree. He got up, shook his head, and saw a sign in front of him. It was labeled "Littleroot Town". Adam was shocked to see where he was. He decided to go over to the lab to get a pokemon. When he got there, it was surprisingly empty. He browsed about and saw shelves with several Pokeballs. He heard someone go through the door. It was Prof. Birch.
"Man, am I lucky," Birch said to himself. " Those Poochyenas almost killed me." He looked at Adam. "And you are?"
"Uh, I'm Adam," he said. "And you must be Prof. Birch."
"Yes, I am. You must be here for a pokemon. Well, we've improoved this time. Aside from Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, we also have ones like Tailow, Gulpin, Slakoth, Trapinch..."
"I'll take Trapinch. I love that one."
"Okay, here you go." Birch tosses the pokeball with Trapinch in it to Adam. Adam called on Trapinch to come out. He was extremly shocked to see his favorite pokemon in front of him. He went to pet it. When he did it bit him. And that hurt.
"Okay, Trapinch, return," said Adam, deeply in pain as he brought Trapinch back in his pokeball.
Birch exclaimed, "It was only playing."
"I can see."
"Anyway, fill all this out and you're officially a trainer." Adam did just that, recieved his stuff, and walked out to start his journey.

October 12th, 2003, 8:29 PM
Julia and Ali continued to stand out in front of prof. Birch’s lab, seeing many people walk in and out. “Whoa… Who’s he?” Julia asked, watching Scott walk out the door. “You think I’d know!?”
“Heh, he’s pretty cute…” She said, following him – while Ali, not knowing where Julia was going, decided to walk into the lab. “Hello again!” The same person from before said. “Professor Birch is in now, many people have been coming here today, I suppose you’re here for a pokemon too?”
“Um… Yes actually… I was wondering if…” just then, Professor Birch walked up towards him, “hello, you are?…”
“Oh sorry, my name is Ali Kabania – I was wondering if I could sign-up for a pokemon trainer – license?…”
“Oh sure, any specific pokemon you’re interested in?”
“Hmm…” Ali began to recall his earlier conversation with Julia, “would you happen to have… A Pikachu?”
“Not right now, but I can go check with the other Professors!” Prof. Birch walked over to the video – phone, “hello again, sorry to call so soon, but a trainer was looking for a Pikachu… You wouldn’t happen to have one, would you?” Prof. Oak seemed to have a puzzled face, “Sorry, but I just gave my only Pikachu to a young trainer named red, he’s going to be heading over to Hoenn soon too! Anyhow, you should try professor Elm, he may have one – sorry, but I’m going to have to leave you, there are a few more trainers coming in, I’ll see you later!” The video – phone went blank. “Ok then… Let’s see professor Elm…” Professor Elm suddenly popped up onto the screen, “hello? Oh Birch! Hi! How are you!?” He asked, very enthusiastically. “Um… Good, but do you think I could get one of your Pikachus sent over here?”
“I’m sorry, but I need all my Pikachus to study, after I found out they can breed into baby pokemon, I’ve been so amazed! I’ve been breeding them for a long while now… I have quite a few Pichus though, how does that sound?” Professor Birch turned to Ali, Ali simply nodded, “sure, Pichu would be fine, try to send over the –“
“Youngest…” Ali said softly. “Sorry? I didn’t hear…”
“The Youngest, it would be a good idea to raise a pokemon from the beginning of it’s birth, wouldn’t it?”
“He has a point, Birch! I’ll send over the youngest one right away! This one was born just a few hours ago!” There was a long moment of silence, until a pokeball appeared in the transmitter. “The transfer has been complete, I’ll see you soon!” Professor Elm disappeared off the screen. Ali stuttered towards the ball, slowly picking it up. He rolled it through the air, releasing the tiny Pichu. It’s paws were as tiny as ever, it’s ears were bent back in fear, and it’s eyes were barely even open. He cradled the young Pichu in his arms, feeling very soothed – at that moment, he hadn’t even thought about being away from home… Until he realised that Julia was gone. “My gosh!” He yelled abruptly, the Pichu dug it’s head into Ali’s arms, afraid. “Oh, er… Sorry, sorry…” Ali said, gently rubbing the back of its head, “Return Pichu…” He said, tucking the pokeball into his pocket. “I’m sorry to leave so soon, but I have to find my sister, sorry!” He said, running out the door.


“Hey cutey!” Julez yelled, jumping in front of Scott. “Aannndddd what would your name be?” She asked. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a blue creature, scurrying out of the stream, towards the rocks. “What was that?…” She said to herself, “Ok, anyhow, back to you – you were hanging out with that yu-gi-oh chick before, right? Y’got a thing for her!?” She then saw the blue creature again, this time, it ran right between Scott and herself. “Hmm… Forget about you, I wanna know what that thing was… Help me find it!” She yelled, viciously (the way Misty would often yell at Ash)

October 13th, 2003, 2:30 PM
"okay, but iv got to find Ally..." Scott said runing beside Julez "Hey! i remember you from the lab....um wasnt your name Julie or somethin...Julez! oh, ya! i remember now-" Scott tripped over what looked like a boot sticking out of a bush "ALLY!" Scott said picking her up out of the bush "oh, Ally please wake up!" Scott said as Ally slowly opened her eyes.

October 13th, 2003, 5:36 PM
“Oh! It’s the dark Magician girl!” Julia said, walking up behind Scott, she suddenly jumped up in firght, “Akk!” She yelled, “A rat! It’s a rat!” Suddenly, Ali ran into the area, “Julez there you are!… Who are they?” He asked, “Eww! Rat! Rat! RAT!!” Ali began to laugh, “ahaha, that’s a Marill! You said they were cute!” He said, walking over to Scott and Ally. “What happened here?”
“AHEM!? GIANT KILLER-BLUE RAT IN FRONT OF ME!” Julia pounced onto Ali, “Akk!” Ali’s pokeball fell out of his pocket, sending out his Pichu which could barely even crawl–much less walk. Sparks were flying out of it’s tiny pink cheeks. “Cute!!” Julia said, finally jumping off of Ali’s back. Ali crouched down to Ally and Scott, looking very worried. Julez however, picked up the tiny Pichu, and placed it near the Marill. The Marill looked at the Pichu curiously. “Okay Pichu, could you maybe use a thundershock?” Julia asked, trying to sound polite. The Pichu looked towards Julia, blinked a few times, then turned to the Marill again. Suddenly, a loud “Chu!” Squeezed out of the tiny body, and the electricity waved around, wildly, shocking everything in the area, including Scott, Ali, Ally, and even Julia. Ali and Julia fell to the ground, “You think that… That did anything for Ally?” Ali asked, using all his energy. “Pass me one of your pokeballs!” Julia yelled to Ali, cushioning her head with her arms. The Pichu’s ears perked up in interest, he ran (yes, RAN) to Ali, pulled a pokeball out of his pocket, and ran back to Julia, handing the pokeball to her. Julia sat up, looking to the Paralyzed Marill. Without wasting another moment, she threw the Pokeball, and caught the Marill…

Bear Cub
October 13th, 2003, 8:05 PM
Adam was on route 101 training his Trapinch by battling a variety of wild pokemon. He decided to have his Trapinch hang out with him outside it's pokeball, like Ash's Pikachu. But, whenever they celebrated, he'd end up getting his hand bitten, like James with his Victreebel. After he hit Oldale Town. He had Trapinch healed at the pokemon center and got a bite to eat. Adam decided to stay a while to rest up with his Trapinch.

If anyone would like to join up with me, here's the spot.

October 14th, 2003, 2:02 PM
I'm gonna have to leave the RP, I missed WAY too much....
Same here. :\ This is way too big, I'm can't learn anything here.

October 14th, 2003, 2:39 PM
Okay then. ^^ Lets see..*reads posts* okay, so I like fainted, okay...
"Hunh?" Ally looked around, she felt like a rock fell on her head. She got up, a bit wobbly, but okay. "So..AAAH!!!" She took a few stpes backward. " Whoo are you people! Im being kidnappped!! AAAAH! wait,,," she thought a moment. "I remeber, I was at a lab...with Scott, and a couple of other people...I think...maybe I was dreaming...hey, where are we? Where have you taken me?" She wanted to run back, but for some reason, didnt, then she saw the pokemon, theirs, and wild ones. "wait..are...we?.in...The Pokemon world? What happened! Im hallucinating!" she just stood there stunned.

Dark Magician Girl
October 14th, 2003, 3:08 PM
Kris woke up, she had no idea where she was. All she could see was strange animals- Pokemon! "What? Pokemon? here? did...Am I?" She started to walk around, and saw more pokemon, until she saw someone, a Proffessor? "Hello? um..I need a starter pokemon, can you supply me with one?" the man turned around. "Well, yes, yes, I can! My name is Proffessor Oak. now, which pokemon are you hoping for?" Kris thouht a moment...hm..."Do you have a Volbeat? I like those." Proffessor Oak thought for a moment as well."Well, they dont normally live around here, but some Pokemon have been transported here for me to research. Your lucky, Only one has been transported, would you like that one?" Kris agreed, she loved Volbeat! "Okay, ya! thank you!" When she got it she thanked him again and started to walk around. "I cant be the only one here, there were more kids...could they be here? Volbeat, Im so glad i have you. Ive never really had a friend..." She continued walking.

October 14th, 2003, 8:44 PM
Whoa! Someone’s in Kanto? This should make things waayyyy more interesting than it already is!
Ali sat up, staring at Ally, “Oh, you’re finally awake! Who exactly are you?” He asked, in a strange voice. Pichu stumbled back towards Ali, he picked the little Pichu up, and rocked it from left to right. Julia stared at the pokeball, expecting the Marill to jump out of it… But it didn’t. She picked it up, and walked over to Ali with it. “Hey, you ca-“ Ali suddenly interrupted, “Nah… You go ahead and keep it…” He said, happy to see how pleased Julez was. “Erm, so… What are we going to do about the yu-gi-oh chick over here?” Ali and Julia both looked to Scott.

October 15th, 2003, 4:32 AM
Ally was still acting a little psycho; and she was mad! "Whadya mean? You know who I am? What have you done with my friends? Someone tell me someting!? what have you drugged me with! (^^hehe) GRrrr.." She had no idea what was going on. 'What all this about? could I really be in a Pokemon world? and if so. who are these people? and where are my friends...?' she thoguht to herself. "I'll...I'll....Attack you if you dont tell me whats going on!" She yelled.

October 17th, 2003, 9:49 AM
"Drugged you!?" Ali asked, "What're you talking about!? None of use know what the heck is going on!"

October 17th, 2003, 6:34 PM
Scott let his Charmander out (who he named Torch) appeared from behind of Ali and Julez "Um, Ally are you felling okay, your beginning to drool..." Scott said looking at Torch then to Ally "Well, im guessing my wacko Uncle Jim sent us to Pokemon Dimension..." Scott said looking out at the trees

* * *
Back at the Lab...

"Oh no! where are the kids!?" Jim asked looking at the deformed Pikachu who was nibbling on some wires "uh, oh!" Jim said taking the Pikachu off of the wires and looked up at the screen where there was a sky view of LittleRoot, New Bark, and Pallet town "Look! the kids are on the screen!" Jim siad pointing to the giant screen TV "Well, we better find a way to communicate with them..." Jim said as he gathered the other scientists who worked in his division.

Bear Cub
October 17th, 2003, 8:43 PM
Adam woke up from a nice nap. It was so enjoyable, he didn't notice Trapinch biting on his ankle. On his ankle?! "YYOOOOOOOOWW!!!!!!!!" Adam yelled. He knew he'd have to get used to it sooner or later. Anyway, Adam continued on his quest when he saw something he thought he'd never see in Hoenn. An Ekans.
"No way!" Adam said to himself. "This is it. GO TRAPINCH!!!"
Trapinch came out ready to fight. The Ekans spotted him and poised to attack. "Trapinch," Adam said, "use Bite!" Trapinch used its powerful jaws to bite Ekans in it's middle. The Ekans then used a bite of its ownat Trapinch's end. Trapinch started running around, Ekans still on its end and Trapinch on its middle. It looked like a crazy loop.
"Trapinch, let go and shake it off," Adam commanded. Trapinch shook Ekans off easily. After, Ekans used a Poison Sting.
"Dodge it by digging," Adam said. Tapinch dug, narrowly avoiding the attack. Ekans looked baffled, wondering where Trapinch would show up. Trapinch came up from under Ekans with it's bite in the air.
"Slam it down!" Adam commanded. Trapinch did so, tossing Ekans down like no other.
"Now's my chance," Adam said to himself. "Pokeball, GO!" The pokebal struck Ekans traping it in. The ball shook a bit, glowing red at the dot. The red light went off and stopped shaking.
"YEAH," Adam said, "I CAUGHT EKANS!" He went to get his prize and his Trapinch, and went back to the Center in Oldale.

October 17th, 2003, 10:37 PM
“Well… There isn’t much point in us staying here…” Ali said, looking off up the road. “Hey, it looks like the next town is up ahead…” Julia said, staring at the Pichu, who was still in Ali’s arms. “It looks a bit dark though… Maybe we should camp out here? Or maybe we could go back to Littleroot? Maybe we can stay with May, or Brendan?”
“Chances are that they’d left by now – forget it! I’m going to the pokemon center in the next town, it isn’t too far, it’s free, it’s warm, there is FOOD – just wanted to remind you…” She said, walking up the route, then turning her head back at the group a few seconds later, “if no one’s coming, than I guess I’m going on my own!” She ran off into the distance, and eventually got to Oldale town.

October 18th, 2003, 12:13 PM
Ally still had no idea what was going on. "Okay,...So, okay....Im not halllucinating or anything...We are just stuck in a game, so nothing bad can happen right? Hey!" She said looking at everyone's pokemon. " You guys have starters? Well, I can have on to right?" After understanding; kinda. She started towards, uhm...somewhere.

October 18th, 2003, 12:59 PM
They walked along the forest paths, taking turns fighting wild pokmon. Yuki did slightly more of the battling, as Aika seemed to be having more fun teaching her whismur to sing. They stopped in Oldale Town briefly before moving on, but it wasn't until they were almost in Petalburg City before Yuki saw a pokmon she felt like capturing.
"Oooh! A treecko! Go spheal!"
The round seal pokmon appeared in a flash of blue light. The grass pokmon snarled at it before using its Absorb technique, which would have hit the water-type seal very hard if it wasn't for their level difference, as her pokdex's battle screen indicated.
"Use your powder snow, Selka!"
The ice pokmon spat a flurry of ice crystals at the grass lizard, who began shivering uncontrollably.
"Er, er...pokball go!" said Yuki uncertainly, tossing the ball at the treecko. It was sucked inside with a flash of red energy and wiggled a few times before laying still.
"Cool! I caught a pokmon!" said Yuki excitedly as she retrieved her ball. "What did you think?"
"Eh? Oh yeah, amazing. Yay for you. B flat scale, Loxias," Aika said to her whismur. The pink pokmon responded by humming a series of notes. "Lovely."

"So...this is Petalburg, huh?"
"So the sign says."
"It's...different. Bigger."
"It's getting late. Should we stop here?"
"If you want."
They checked into the pokmon center and had their pokmon healed, before going to the cafeteria and buying themselves a meal. Luckily, food for pokmon and the rooms there were free.
"How can they afford to do that, do you think?"
"Government subsidizing, probably," said Aika.
Yuki nodded, petting her new treecko. She'd been worried that the grass-type wouldn't like her, but they seemed to get along all right, especially after she offered to feed him. She'd decided to name him Virbius, after a forest god.
"So...how are we going to get home?"
"Who cares?"
Yuki stared. "But...your parents...aren't they going to worry?"
"Doubt it."
"...Oh." Yuki realized she'd never inquired much into Aika's home life... "I'm going on up to room...I'm pretty tired after all that walking."
"Okay. See ya in the morning."

October 18th, 2003, 1:58 PM
The group watched as Julez ran quickly in the distance "So what are we gonna do about her?" Scott asked Ali and then saw that Ally was walking towards Birchs lab "Hey! Ally, WAit up!" Scott said running to catch up with her

back at the lab...

"iv figured out what made the kids go to the game!" Jim said looking angirly at the Pikachu "It was that thing! it was nibbling on the cords to the transporter!" Jim said as he put the Pikachu in a cage "Maybe...." Jim said reattaching the wires "We cant bring them back until they participate in the Hoenn League im afraid...But we can talk with them!" Jim said turning on a speaker.

October 18th, 2003, 5:15 PM
Ally turned back, Scott was cathing up to her. "What? I need a starter to you know!" She sat on the ground and sighed. "I cannot beleive we are really here, I mean Ive always wondered what it would be like, but know I cant believe it. But since this is a game we are not in any real danger are we?" Ally looked at Scott while she said that, she was scared. 'If we are in real danger.' she thought. 'I just hope we dont get hurt or anything.' She got back up. "Scott, if we do get hurt how will we explain it to our parents? that is...if we ever see them again! I hope your uncle knows what he's doing or...else..." tears were coming to her eyes, she was afraid that one of them would die-or something bad would happen like they could never return home. "What will we do Scott? what will we do?" She started to cry somemore but tried to hide it by smiling and shouting to the others, "Im gonna get my starter! Come on! I want y'all to see it!" Still she was teary, mostly worried about the others.

October 18th, 2003, 6:39 PM
Ally, its okay im sure Jim would never danger us in any way!" Scott said reassuringly but deep down he thought 'All of us probly arnt gonna make it out of here' but he followed Ally in the lab, it was sunset.

October 18th, 2003, 10:43 PM
Ali tailed far behind Scott, until he finally caught up with him and Ally at the lab. “So which pokemon are you going to chose?” He asked, “Have you thought much about it yet?… Well, just try and make it quick, I don’t want Julez out there alone, y’know…”
The sun Julez had already set into the Oldale pokemon center, where she had already ate, and kept her Marill right beside her at all times. She decided to check out the recovery room, to see the pokemon that had just gone through surgery, wondering what it would be like if her Marill was in the same situation as the other pokemon there. Frightened of the thought, she ran to the door, where nurse Joy was leaning over a large glass-capsule with a pokemon inside of it. “…What is it?” Julia asked, looking quite concerned. Marill looked up as far as she could, tilting her head in confusion. “It’s an Abra… We found it injured right in front of our door…” The nurse replied, “we have no idea of who the owner is, so we’ve been looking for trainers interested in taking it with them, but seeing how clumsy it is, and how it only knows how it can barely even teleport… Not many people want it…” Julia looked shocked, “Really!? But it’s so adorable! Who wouldn’t want a pokemon like an Abra!?”
“Well why don’t you take it?” Jot asked, sounding confused. “Oh, well… I’m kinda new to the whole pokemon concept…”
“Trust me, you do NOT want to know… But I don’t think I’d be able to handle it… Sorry…” Julia said, taking a last glimpse of the Abra, walking out the door. “Have a good rest…” She said, waving to Julez. “…I hope she reconsiders…” Joy murmured. “Or this Abra may not be able to make it…” As Julia walked up to her room, one thing occurred to her… So much was happening in the game that usually doesn’t… Day and night… Recovery rooms in pokemon centers… Larger citys… Something definitely wasn’t right… It was all so… Real…
Julia and Ali’s mom (Alexandra) pulled over in front of prof. Jim’s lab, carrying two bags out of the car with her. “Hey Jim!” She said, loudly, walking through the door. “Where’d the kids go? They haven’t gotten home yet, and I wasn’t sure how much longer it would be, so I just dropped by to bring a change of clothes, and some food!” She then turned to the deformed Pikachu in the cage, looking awkwardly at it. “…What in the world is that?”

October 19th, 2003, 8:33 AM
Scott and Ali were chating about what they should do next (they had become friedns over the past few hours) "So, Should we head out and look for Julez after Ally chooses a Pokemon?" Scott asked as Ally was filling out her trainers liscense "And what about all the others that were at Jims lab also?" Scott asked.

back at the lab...

Jim was searching for an explaination to reaassure Alexandra "well, its um...My dog!" Jim exclaimed cuttling the semi furry creature "your dog?" Alexandra asked "it looks like one of those creatures in my kids' games!" Alexandra said "Its...its not my dog...its um...my lunch!" Jim said putting the Pikachu in his mouth, 3 seconds later he got zapped "ouch." Jim said falling over anime style.

October 19th, 2003, 11:46 AM
“Ok… Er… Why did you just eat your dog?” Alex asked, confused. “You never really make sense at all – but anyhow, how long will the kids be here? And where are they!?” She asked again, walking into the room with the large monitor on the wall, she gasped, seeing it split into areas (like when people play multiplayer games!…5, I wonder how that’d look?:S), one of 2 people in Petalburg, one of a person in Oldale, one more of a person in Oldale, but in a different area (although the areas both looked very similar) another, with 3 people in Littleroot, and another with someone in Pallet. “What’s this?” she asked, looking around, seeing the chewed wires, and a copy of pokemon crystal on the floor. She picked it up, looking at prof. Jim. “What’ve you done this time? -_-;”
Julia was in her room, watching horror movies on the Tv. She looked quite scared, staring off at different areas of the room… She noticed a small tiny hole in the wall, “Hmm… Better tell Joy in the morning…” She softly said to herself… The light coming from the tv turned the walls a pale red, too scared to look back at the tv, she made a loud scream, and ducked under her covers. “Marill Mar!” Marill laughed wildly, poking Julia under the blanket, “Marill Mar!”
“Well It’s getting pretty dark…” Ali said, staring at Ally, wondering when she’ll finally chose a pokemon. “Maybe we should stay here for the night, and find Julez later?” He asked, looking back to Scott, wating for a response.

October 19th, 2003, 3:51 PM
Ally was still thinking of what pokemon to get..."um...I think...a.. poohyena? no, a tailow? no...um..minun? nah they dont evolve...I know! "She said excited. "Wait...no...um..I guess Ill settle for a Lileep, do you have one? there pretty cool."

October 19th, 2003, 3:57 PM
Scott and Ali fell Anime style "Ally! Lilleps an extinct Pokemon! And so's Anori-" Scott was interupted by Birch bringing out an old dusty Pokeball that had strange markings all over it "Well, i discovered this Ball in my lab a couple weeks ago, its been here a very long time by the looks of it." Birch said handing the ball to Ally. "Good! Ally choose a Pokemon!" Scott exclaimed "Hey Prof. can we stay with you at your house tonight?" Scott asked "Sure! its over there!" Birch said pointing to his house "Ill call my wife and tell her your staying!" Birch said going over to the video phone "Well, lets go!" Scott said as the 3 walked to Prof. Birchs house "We're here!" Scott said knocking on the door "Hello!" May said jumping out at Scott "Hi Cutey!" May said looking at Scott.

October 19th, 2003, 4:05 PM
Ally laughed. "haha, cutie! well, im not saying your ugly Scott, Ive just never even thouht of you as being cute! "Ally was still kinda laughing, May wasnt that happy with what she had said. "Hey, I guess youve never liked a guy,hmmm?" She said looking at Ally's old pokeball. ally noticed. "oh ya, this is my pokemon, silly Scott and Ali here, thought it was extinct, noy werent they wrong!" Ally seemed pleased at her little winning, when A lady came. "Hello, Prof. Birch said you kids would be here, come in, and watch out for the Skitty, he likes to run around." When they all came in The Skitty ran around and made..Ally trip ." yeeeeeiiiaaa!" OOFFF! and she fell on Scott.

October 19th, 2003, 6:21 PM
Ally fell right on Scott "Um...Ally..." Scott said (both of them blushed hard) and May giggled "Well, you two are a cute couple too i guess!" May said as she walked in the house and Scott was still very red in the face "Come...come on Torch!" Scott said as Torch (Charmander) followed Scott into the house until a injured Zubat fell right on Scott "What the!?" Scott yelled and he say the little Zubat "Oh, NO!" Scott said picking up the Zubat and running into the house

(Zubats gonna be Scotts first Pokemon)

October 19th, 2003, 7:59 PM
Ali gladly settled into the warm home, and looked around. “Thanks a lot for letting us stay here, Mrs. Birch, we really appreciate it!” He said, staring back at Scott and Ally, “don’t we?-_-;” He continued to look around, and picked up the small Skitty on the floor, “You’re so cute!” He said, putting it back down onto the ground. “So where exactly are we going to sleep? I don’t really mind, wherver… I’m just glad we have a roof over our heads! You probably don’t have so much space, so I’ll sleep in the living room – er… Somewhere in the living room…” He continued to. look around, seeing where exactly he could lie down. He kicked his shoes off, hung up his over-shirt onto the coat rack, Sent out the Tiny Pichu, and settled into the couch, easily falling asleep after simply a few moments, Pichu tucked under his arms.
“He’s so hot!” Julia screeched, grabbing her pillow, “oh my gosh! You must feel so left out! Too bad there isn’t anything like this for Pokemon… Is there?” Julia began to flip through the channels, “Hey! Check out that Arcanine on the news! What do you think of him!?”
“Oh never mind, they just called it a her -_-;”
“Marill!” Marill laughed loudly. “What about… hey! It’s a documentary on Rapidash! Any hot pokemon here?”
“Marill >.<”
“Y’know what? You remind me of myself… Never happy with anything lower than your own standards, cool!”
“Mar!” So the two of them continued to flip though channels, gawking at males, hahaha.
“M’k, Jimmy. What exactly have you done?” Alex asked again, knowing something had gone wrong.

Bear Cub
October 19th, 2003, 8:56 PM
It got dark before Adam knew it. He decided to stay at the PokeCenter until day, so he can adventure on and catch more pokemon. After he got his pokeballs back, he decided to let Trapinch and Ekans out to sleep with him. He was issued a room to sleep in with him and his pokemon. Adam got in his bed as Ekans slithered on it with him and coiled itself up. He picked up Trapinch and had it next to him. It wasn't long until Trapinch bit his hand again.
Adam, holding his pain in, thought to himself, "Their pokeballs are probably better." So he withdrew them and went to sleep, ready for another day in the pokemon world.

I see Raichu Tamer is also in Oldale. We could meet up next time.

October 20th, 2003, 1:39 PM
Ally was just...just...looking around, everyone was getting settled but she wasnted to explore, if they were gonna be here a while, why not get used to it? "Alright, um...wait....what time would it be in the real wor- I mean...erm....what time is it May?" Ally thought that if she ahds aid the real worl, someone might..well be freaked out or so. "Its..5:35; and fifty.......5:36 and ten seconds! "May said, giving out detail. "K, I think I'll go outside. Come'on out Lileep!" She said as she threw her pokeball. out came....a Lileep! (^-^) It looked around and...ya looked around. "^^ eeeee! Your so cute! Lets go outside! "Ally said happily, as she got out Lileep and her wandered by trees, flowers, and grass..etc..etc..until they came to a tree it was filled with...caterpillars? giant caterpillars? Wurmple! "Oh! ^^ Wurmple! AAA! Lileep! dpnt try to eat 'em!" she yelled as Lileep tryied, eating them! "Lets try attackin 'em first. no...what attack....do you know?...try...uh..""she had no idea what attack Lileep new! "lets see..leafblade? Flamethrower? Ember? pound? leech seed? water gun.." there, water gun, Lileep new water gun. gggluuugggg gllluuugggg. One of the Wurmple were weak, "Okay, that enough Lileep! Now, I dont have any pokeballs! (-_-) Well...I guess I could...." She ahd no idea, no pokeballs! how could she catch a pokemon with no pokeballs?! "Hey! are ya catchin those Wurmple?" Its was some kid...wait...brendan? "I..ya see, i dont ahve any pokeballs..! " ally wondered waht he would think. He didnt seem so interesting in that, "Here," he gave her one single pokeball. "Wow, a Lileep?! cool! lets look at its data, test it...and I'll-" "(^_^) YAAAAAAY! "Alyl screamed, making tailow come out of trees (wow she's that loud! ^^) She started jumping up and down ^_ ^_^_ (<up down up down up down^^) "I caught a Wurmple! YA!" She was really excited. "cool, but this lileep here is awesome," "heh? only bout lileep? oh well, Everybody! come here! look what Ive got!!!!!!" She shouted to evryone.

October 20th, 2003, 4:25 PM
Yep, exactly what I was thinking, bear cub! ^.^
The two slowly leaned closer and closer to each other, not knowing what to expect, unti-
“…Hmm? Huh? Oh… What’s that? Ali asked, waking up, and walking outside. He saw Ally jumping around with a pokeball in her hand, “OH MY GOSH! I CAUGHT A POKEMON! I CAUGHT A POKEMON!”
“…-_-;” And he walked back inside…”
“What do you think is gonna happen to that poor Abra? Maybe we should visit it tomorrow, before we leave…”
“Mar…” Julia looked strangely at Marill for a moment… “Wanna have some fun?” She asked, winking. “Marill, Mar!” the two of them ran outside and across the hall. Julia knocked on the door, then quickly tried running back into her room when she noticed… She locked herself out, “Marill! Mar, rill!” Marill laughed loudly, “Keep it down! They’ll hear!”

October 20th, 2003, 7:15 PM
Scott was cradling the injured Zubat in his arms when he saw Allys pokeball in her hand "Wow! congrats Ally!" Scott said when Ally gave him a hug! "Um, Ally hi...you can...um...let go of me?" ^_^; Scott said blushing "This Zubats not doing to well..." Scott said to Mrs. Birch "Well, keep him in a Pokeball until morning then take him to the Pokemon center in Oldale. its just up that route!" Mrs. Birch said "May has a lot of Pokeballs, you can have one from her! she likes you, you know!" Mrs. Birch said as she started doing the laundry. "Hey May! can i have a Pokeball, you see this Zubats hur-" Scott was interupted by may giving him about 3 Pokeballs! "you can have them! my dads got tons of them!" May said as she went to the living room "Well, if theres only one spare room..." Scott said looking nervously at Mrs. Birch

Bear Cub
October 20th, 2003, 9:36 PM
Julia was worried she was locked out with someone answering the door.
The door opened, and Adam came out. "What is it?" Adam looked around and saw a girl, about 11, trying to get into her room with her Marill. Adam walked over to her.
Julia was still trying to open the door when she looked over her shoulder to see a boy, about 16, next to her. It took a double-take to notice him. "Oh, hi," Julia said to him.
"Well," Adam said, "it seems your ding-dong-ditch failed miserably. Is that your Marill?"
"Yes," Julia said, "it is. Do you have pokemon, too?"
"Yeah. I was surprised I got this one." Adam released his Ekans. Julia was about as shocked as he was to see it. "And I got this from Birch." Adam released his Trapinch.
"Oh, that's so cute!" Julia said. But, when she tried to pet it, Trapinch made no hesitation but to bite her hand. Shortly, Marill sprayed a Water Gun to get him off.
"I'm pretty sure that it likes you," Adam said to Julia.
"I see," Julia said. "Well, Marill and I gonna go see a sick little Abra."
"OK, I'll follow behind. Just let me get my stuff." Adam walked back to his room. But the door was shut, and he just locked himself in. "You just go ahead. Oh, before you go, I'm Adam."
"I'm Julia. Nice meeting you."
Julia went down to see the Abra. Adam decided to go down later.

October 21st, 2003, 4:45 PM
Julia stayed down at the recovery room for a while, leaning over the glass pod that the Abra was concealed in… It hadn’t even twitched since she got there… She began to get worried, and ran up front to the nurse… Unfortunately though, it was already too late in the evening, the entire center was pretty much shut-down. The only sources of light was the moon shining through the windows, the lighting in the hallways, the light from the cafeteria, and the occasional dim light, usually in corners of rooms. It was now already half-past midnight in Oldale. Julia thought about maybe getting something to drink from the cafeteria, but it was taking too long for her to decide, so she just walked over to it, sat down at a table, and pondered of everythign she could think of… She wasn’t able to get any sleep at all, and for some reason, the image of Adam kept popping into her mind…
Ali, was once again waken up by the laughter and screaming of Ally, Scott, and May. He looked around, and saw them all sitting in a circle in front of the Sofa he was sleeping on, checking out the Zubat, and admiring Ally’s new Wurmple. “What’s going on?” He asked, rubbing his eyes. “you guys, do go to sleep, right? Sorry, but I’m just so tired! I woke up WAY too early today…” Ali sat up, placed his arms on his legs, and layed back, trying to relax a bit.

October 21st, 2003, 5:53 PM
"Come on Ali!" Ally said cheerfully. "Why dont you take a look at Wurmmy! Isnit it cute?! well.."She said as she started to yawn. "Im tired too i guess, and sometimes Ill just fall asleep just like-zZZzzzZZZzzz" She had fallen right over and went to sleep. Wurmmy just looked and started moving around. Everyone just looked at her, sleeping....and sleeping...

October 21st, 2003, 7:05 PM
“I’m with her!” Ali said, curling into the sofa again. “Pichu pi!” The Tiny pichu decided to stay out with Wurmmy, and the other pokemon.

October 21st, 2003, 7:09 PM
Scott (being the guy that he is) went to get a blanket to put over Ally "Well, Zubat, Torch lets sleep right here!" Scott said flopping on the other couch (he put Ally on the third couch) "I wonder what im gonna call ya Zubat....how bout Sonic!" Scott said and Zubat aparently liked the name to! "Zu! Bat Bat!" Sonic said happily "Well, i wonder if we should try to go to gyms?" Scott said to himself while he slowly dozed off with Sonic and Torch cuddling up next to him.

October 21st, 2003, 9:13 PM
Julia yawned softly, as her eyes slowly peeled open. “Hmm? Oh…” Julia said to herself, looking around, when she noticed that she was still in the cafeteria, seeing dozens of people swarm towards the front of the room, where the food was being served. “Wow… Did I really sleep through the whole night here in the cafeteria?” She asked herself, looking at the clock. “Wow, only 7:30 and people are already up, how can people do that!? Oh well… Seeing how everyone else has there pokemon out…” Julia threw her pokeball up in the air, just high enough so that her Marill would be released by the time the pokeball fell back into her hand. “Marill Mar!” Julia grabbed a tray, and walked up to the front, where she served herself a cup of hot cocoa, and 2 pancakes with whipped cream, and warm blueberry sauce poured over it (mmmm-mmmmmm! I had that exact same meal while I was camping with my class last month… Yummy…). For Marill, there was a small bowl at the end of the buffet, filled with little pokemon biscuits. Marill ran back to the beginning of the line-up, grabbed a plate, and ran back up next to Julia, putting lots of biscuits onto it. After that, they walked back to where Julia had fallen asleep, and ate, not making a single sound… The whole idea of living with pokemon was still new to her, and even now, she felt very uncomfortable seeing people of all ages around her, talking, and supporting each other.

October 22nd, 2003, 3:33 PM
Scott slowly opened his eyes "Wow! im were the only ones up!" Scott said quietly to Torch and Sonic "Have a good sleep you two?" Scott asked as he slowly got up, then he noticed...May was watching the Johto League Tournament on the TV "Hi May! i didnt here you!" Scott said sitting up "sssshhhh!" May said quietly with her Torchic on her lap "The first rounds aobut to begin!" May said then Scott did a double take when he saw who was on the TV...Ash Ketchem! Scott looked really hard and it was true...Ash was battling in the first round of the Johto League! "Has Harrison or Gary battled yet?" Scott said (even though he new what was going to happen) and then he thought for a moment and knew he should wake up Ally and Ali, theyd probly want to see this for themselves! "Ally! Ali! wake up! Wake up! you gotta see this!" Scott said as he went to the two and shook them each to wake them up.

October 22nd, 2003, 5:20 PM
the blonde figure slowly leaned towards him, he softly brushed away her delicate hair, hol-
“What is it now? -_-;” Ali asked, looking very irritated. “Ash is on tv! Ash is on!” Scott said, excitedly. Ali slowly got up, and walked towards the other room, where May was sitting on the couch. “Wow… Cool!” Ali seemed very interested in all of this, so he took a seat on the floor, with Pichu following behind him. “Hey guys… Where are we going to go now? We still have to find Julez, y’know…” He said, staring into the Tv screen.

October 22nd, 2003, 7:28 PM
Scott was a little worried about Julia too, but Scott knew shed probly be alright "Well, i betcha Ashs gonna win!" Scott said watching Gary battle Ash in the semi-finals "No, look at the Pokemon difference!" May said pointing to Garys 3 to Ashs one "Well, Charizards gonna take em all out!" Scott said and he knew he was right for he did win! "Its Breakfast time!" Mrs.Birch called as the 4 went to the table and ate "Man this is good!" Scott said taking a bite of his pancake and sipping his Miltank milk.

an hour later...

"Well, we should head out to Oldale town!" Scott said looking at Ali and Ally "Yep!" They said together "Well, see ya May, Mrs. Birch! I hope you have fun with Ash, May!" Scott said and covered his mouth quickly "What!?" May said as the 3 ran towards Oldale!

(Hey this group reminds me of Brock, Misty and Ash!)

Bear Cub
October 22nd, 2003, 7:57 PM
"Hey, Julia!"
Julia looked over. It was Adam nd Trapinch. Julia blushed a bit at sight of him. Adam sat down next to her. "So, how's it been?"
"Fine," Julia responded, "I guess. I take you slept well."
"I slept great. And so did Trapinch."
"Trap, trapinch!"
"I plan on going to Petalburg after breakfast," Adam said. You know, catch some wild pokemon and stuff. How about you?"
"Me?" Julia said, "well, uh, the same, I guess. Do you mind if I tag along?"
"Sure. The more the merrier."
Suddenly, Marrill screamed loudly. Adam and Julia turned around to see Trapinch biting on Marill's tail."AAHHH!" Adam yelled, "Return, Trapinch!"
Adam withdrew Trapinch into its pokeball. "How often does it do that?" Julia asked.
"Pretty often," Adam said. "It's really playing."
After breakfast was done, Adam let his Trapinch out again and exited the building with Julia and her Marill to Petalburg.

October 23rd, 2003, 11:39 AM
"Wow! That was so cool!" Alyl said, in amazement. "Actually seeing Ash battle! let alone a battle! This is gonna be so much fun! " As excited as she was she quieted down. "But, Does everyday here mean everyday in our world? so thats like were lost! or have been kidnapped? does that mean Im gonna miss Haloween!? " She shook her head and went up farther from the group. At this she thought she had seen something. "Did ya see that? you guys? did ya? it was like a shadow, it like ran! EEi!!" A bit frightened she went and hid herself behind them as some sort of defense. She pointed "Look, over there, i think there in the game..do you think they could be with a team?" Her voice quivered.

October 23rd, 2003, 7:39 PM
“Nah, I don’t think so…” Ali said, “You don’t run into any of the teams this earlt… Maybe it’s a pokemon? Or just a random trainer?” Ali ran up ahead of the group, and looked around “…Nope, I can’t really see anything… Oh wait! It looks like May’s Torchic!” He said, bending down to the Torchic’s height. “Hey, weren’t you inside? You should get back there, y’know – it’s pretty cold!” He nudged Torchic into the direction of the house, but it wouldn’t move. “Tor? Torchic?” It said, looking very confused, “May – is – over – there!” Ali yelled, trying to sound more clear… Torchic looked upset now by the tone of Ali’s voice, and began to cry (anime style, hehe! I love it when that happens…) “Uh – no! No! It’s alright! It’s alright! Hi! Hi! Want some food!? Uh…” He said, trying as hard as he could to cheer up Torchic… He was just about to give up until he thought of one more idea… Cuddling! He quickly grabbed the Torchic, and pressed it against his shirt, cuddling it as gently as he could, “erm… This has gotten fairly awkward…” Ali said, trying to look away from Ally and Scott. “C’mon, you need to get back to May!” He said once again… Torchic once more became upset, Ali did exactly what he did before, but it took him a bit longer to calm down Torhic. “Alright, now let’s get you back…” So Ali, Ally and Scott walked back to May’s house (although they didn’t want to, because of Scott’s last remark he made about May and Ash). Ali knocked on the door, and waited for a response. May quickly opened the door, with her Torchic wrapped under her arms… The three looked at each other, and quickly ran back up to Oldale, not knowing what to do, they finally stopped just outside an area of long grass, when… Torchic began to cry again -_-; Ali cuddled the poor Torchic once more, and began to start a conversation with Ally and Scott. “Okay… That was VERY weird! How the heck did we find a Torchic so near Littleroot? I mean, if we can find a Torchic in grassy area, then anything is possible!”
“Look! Up there! that’s what I heard! Not the Torchic!” Ally said, pointing up to a large white hot-air balloon with a huge red R painted on it. Hanging off of it was a net, containing a very weak looking Abra. The group looked at the Balloon, not knowing what to expect next… Until a large metal claw extended from it, and grabbed the Torchic right out of Ali’s arms, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!?” He yelled, waving his arms up in the air, “Give it back!” He yelled again, this time a bit more aggressivley. “Torchic, Tor!” It began to cry… Again… One male, and one female, both dressed in a red uniform, climbed onto the ledge of the balloon, simply looking out into the distance, not caring who saw what… “Go Pichu!” Ali said, throwing out his pokeball as high as he could… But it wasn’t high enough to reach the Balloon. The Pichu was released up in the air, and fell straight back to the ground with a soft thud. Ali quickly ran to it, picking it up to see if it was okay… Which it obviously wasn’t. He ran right up ahead of Scott and Ally, knowing that the Oldale pokemon center was near by…
Julez looked back to the pokemon center, wondering how the Abra was doing… “So, Adam…” She said, blushing a bit more than she had before. “Um… What exactly do you plan on doing here? I’m hoping to enter some of the pokemon centests… Hopefully I can get a contest pass in Slateport… Although I don’t think I can… Why did the contest houses have to be so scattered!?” She asked, sounding very annoyed. “Ah well… I guess it’ll be all worth it when I get to Lillycove…” They continued to walk… When… A wild Vulpix appeared! Julia was shocked to find a Vulpix, it was one of her favorite pokemon, and finidng one so soon was even more of a plus! She took a single glance at Marill, and the Marill quickly jumped in front of Julez, getting ready to battle…

October 23rd, 2003, 8:15 PM
Scott and Ally qickly saw the Balloon also. "Oh, great...isnt that Team Rocket from the show!?" Scott asked akwardly "but they dont get here until Ash comes on the ferry!" Scott said as he bent down to Torch "Do you think you can battle them?" Scott asked bending back up "Char!" Torch said excitedly "Zu! Bat! Bat!" Sonic said as he flew off of Scotts shoulder and grabbed Torch by the bakc and pulled him off the ground "Hey! that night at Birchs helped you out alot Sonic!" Scott said as the two Pokemon flew to the balloon to help rescue the Pokemon!

(Hey, why dont we have Scott, Ally, and Ali travel together and have Adam and Julia travel together! that would be interesting!)

October 23rd, 2003, 9:21 PM
Sure! Sounds like a plan!
Ali finally got to the Oldale pokemon center. He looked behind him, in hopes of seeing Scott and Ally, but instead, all he saw was the greatly large balloon up in the air… With Torch and Sonic, too! With his new-found inspiration, he healed Pichu as quickly as he possibly could at the pokemon center, and ran back to the area where he previously was. Pichu looked up in the sky in deep thought… Ali began to feel totally helpless, what could he do to help out?… He dug through his wallet, and took out a picture of a young, blonde girl, probably around the same age he was… Shoving the picture back into his pocket, once again greatly determined, he ordered Pichu to climb up the highest tree it could find, and try getting onto the balloon. Pichu moved incredibly swiftly, it’s legs were no longer wobbly as they were the previous day, and the tone of it’s voice had changed a bit too. At the very tip of the highest tree in the area, it spotted Sonic and Torch. “Pichu Pi! Pipi, Pichu!” It yelled out. Sonic and Torch flew right towards Pichu. “Pichu pi, Pichu!”
“Zubat!” Ali looked at them conversing, awkwardly. “…Sounds like they’re making a plan…” He said to himself, when he noticed that the Balloon was getting further away. “C’mon!” He yelled, “It’s getting away!” Pichu nodded, and jumped right under Torch, who was barely holding Pichu by the ears, using it’s feet. Suddenly, Ally and Scott immersed from the forest of trees. “There you are!” Ali said, anxiously. “Where were you guys!?” He yelled in conclusion, not expecting an answer. “We saw Sonic and Torch come over here, so we just came here to check it out!” Ali ignored their comment, and continued to look on at what the pokemon were doing… Sonic quickly swung Torch and Pichu onto balloon, then Sonic began to fly beside the balloon as well… There was a moment of silence… Until the group heard a loud explosion, as the balloon went up in flames, and the net had broke loose. Torchic flapped it’s tiny wings as fast as it could, it obviously wasn’t enough to make it fly, but it was just enough to slow down it’s fall, until it reached the embracing arms of Ali. Pichu on the other hand, was quick and nimble, jumping from one area of the sky to another, seeming to defy gravity, until it had reached the tip of a tree. Torch quickly jumped under Sonic, as Sonic grabbed it, just barely, by it’s arm, and the two of them landed softly… Abra on the other hand wasn’t seen anywhere, and the explosion was too bright to see wether or not it had teleported… Ali placed the weak Torchic onto the ground, staring at it for an instant, then sympathetically capturing it in a pokeball… But it wasn’t enough. The Torchic jumped right out of the pokeball, and stared deep into Pichu’s eyes. Ali nodded towards Pichu, and sparks began to jump out of Pichu’s cheeks, glowing a bright yellow, brimming with charging electricity…
“Marill, use bubble!” Julia yelled out, as the battle started. The Vulpix quickly itched away, blowing a shower of flames towards Marill. Marill easily extinguished them using Bubble, even though most of the bubbles had evaporated by the time it reached the broiling hot fire. Vulpix turned around, facing it’s side towards Marill. It began to glow a shadowy purple, as did Marill a few seconds after. It looked to the ground, and fell asleep the very second it began to glow. Julia looked very peeved for a moment, then realized again that Adam was watching. In hopes of impressing him, she ran up to Marill, consistently poking it, until it finally woke up. ’wait… How is poking Marill supposed to impress him?’ she thought, then turned her attention back to the battle. “Use another bubble, then finish it off with a water gun!” She yelled. Marill continued to blow bubbles at the Vulpix, and then sprayed a cool stream of water directly towards Vulpix. Vulpix’s soggy fur weighed it down, dramatically! It tried to take a step forward, but it fell right to the ground. Wether this was because it was imbalanced, or just because Vulpix was tired, didn’t really seem clear to Julia, so she impulsively through the pokeball, and caught Vulpix!

Bear Cub
October 23rd, 2003, 9:52 PM
"That was pretty cool," Adam said.
"Trap, Trapinch!"
"Yeah," Julia said. "I never would've thought that there would be Vulpix here."
Suddenly, someone came up from behind Julia and grabbed her. He was wearing a red and black overcoat. Adam knew who it was. "You're from Team Magma!" Adam realized.
"That's right, kid," the grunt said. "Now both of 'ya, give me all your pokemon or she gets it."
"Trapinch, bite him!" Adam commanded.
"TRAAAAAAP!!!!!" Trapinch bit the grunt hard on the ankle.
"AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHH!!!!!!!" the grunt yelled. Julia escaped from the distraction.
"Thank you," Julia said, blushing heavily.
"That's it," the grunt said. "Go Numel, go Poochyena!"
"Num, num."
"2 on 2, eh?" Adam said. "Fine by me. Do it Trapinch!"
"Go, Marill!" said Julia.
And the battle started.

October 24th, 2003, 9:00 AM
Ally was in a bit of a surprise;"Well, That was invigorating, At least no one was hurt. So anyway..if were near Oldale, then there Petalburg, right? we'll be heading that away!" she said as she pointed to the right. "Go Wurmmy! (^^) I wonder what level our pokemon are on...I cant wait until Wurmmy and Lileep Evolve! ^^" She started walking, then sat on a rock, thinking to herself 'I wonder whats gonna happen once we defeat the game or hopefully. How are we gonna get back? I hope Scott's uncle can figure something out..' She took of her hat and took something out, it was a letter she hadn't read yet from her friend. 'Now is a good time to remember these things, in the begging of the journey.' She thought as she opened it up. it said:

Konnichiwa, Ally! Hope your doin good. How are your PKMN in your games? mine are great, Next time I see ya be sure to mix records, Im tired of winning against your PKMN! 'haha' Ally thought. Well, anyway, for Haloween Im gonna be...cheese! I have a hat and everything! Did you find your Dark Magician Girl costume? I hope you did, you dont wanna go trick or treating as yourself, you'd scare everyone away! only kidding. Well See ya later, and Write back the second you get this letter. k?


Ally put the letter back and thought of Lori, she had known her ever since third grade, they both liked PKMN, so stayed together, then a thought came into Ally's head. "Hey, You guys, If this is kinda like our games, does that mean the people we mix records with will be in it to battle?" She hoped her question would be answered positivley.

October 24th, 2003, 9:25 AM
Ali looked to Ally, surprised, “Anna!” He yelled, happily. Scott and Ally looked at Ali very strangely. “Er… Anna is just someone I know…” He said, blushing. “If we can battle the people we mixed records with… Well, I’d be able to see her again…” He began to blush even more at the end of the sentence. “Pichu Pi!” Pichu yelled, tugging on Ali’s pants. He quickly turned around, and noticed that the Torchic had escaped! “Drats… Oh well, Oldale is only a few minutes away from here, we should get going…”
Marill had gotten a bit weak after the previous battle, so Julia was trying to be as cautious as possible. “Marill, use bubble on Numel!” Marill opened wide, and shot a spray of bubbles directly at Numel. The Numel was obviously well trained, seeing as the Bubble didn’t do all too much. “Alright then, use a water gun!” Marill blew itself up into a huge balloon-like shape, slightly floating above the ground. It then released itself, the force of the water coming out of it’s mouth pushed it away, right into Julia. She tried holding Marill, so it wouldn’t go too far, but it was too much. She ended up falling over, and Marill barely blew itself completely out, just in time before it would’ve hit a tree. “Whoa, are you okay, Marill!?” Julia asked, running towards it. Poochyena ran up quickly behind Julia. Marill jumped right over Julia, and sprayed a water gun at it. Julia quickly ran back beside Adam, seeing Trapinch biting Numel’s tail. “…How predictable -_-;” Julia said, looking back at Marill. “Marill, push it away with a roll-out!”
“Marill!” It jumped up into the air, and tucked it’s head, legs, arm, and tail into it’s stomach, turning itself into a round ball. As soon as it reached the ground again, it rolled right into Poochyena, pushing it back near Trapinch and Numel.

Bear Cub
October 24th, 2003, 1:53 PM
"Trapinch, hold Numel and take a step back!" Adam commanded. Trapinch used as much strength as it could to keep Numel and managed to step back, just in time for Marill's rollout to make contact with Numel. It threw the Magma pokemon out and into a tree with so much impact, some Wurmple fell out and piled up on Poochyena and Numel.
"AAAGH!" the grunt yelled. With that, he ran over to his pokemon, throwing Wurmple everywhere. "Beaten by kids, I can't believe this. Return you two," he said as he withdrew is worn out pokemon. "You'll pay!" And he ran out to recover from his defeat.
"That was exciting," Julia said.
"Yeah," said Adam, "but not for our pokemon." Trapinch and Marill lay exhausted on the grassy area. They took their pokemon, held them in their arms, and decided to run instead of walk to Petalburg.

October 25th, 2003, 12:31 PM
The trio were walking for a while when Scott had an idea "This cant be just a game..." Scott said as Ally and Ali turned to see him "I mean, why did we see what was happening in an episode of Pokemon?" Scott said "I think were not in the game...i think were in the show too!" Scott said as Zubat came and perched on his shoulder.

October 25th, 2003, 3:21 PM
They finally walked past a sign that said “welcome to Oldale town”. Ali looked at Scott, awkwardly. “Hmm… You could be right… And the citys are much bigger than in the game!” He said, looking down at Pichu. “Pichu pi…”
“Let’s get to the pokemon center, we can plan out what we’ll do from there”
Julia finally stopped running after reaching Petalburg. “Where do we go from here?” She asked, breathing heavily. She looked around to see the pokemon center, right beside her. “Maybe we should check out the pokemon center?” she asked Adam, waiting for a reply.

Bear Cub
October 25th, 2003, 5:05 PM
"We should," Adam said. "Our pokemon are pretty worn out from that battle with the Magma guy." So, they went to the pokemon center to have their pokemon healed. Then they sat down to have a quick conversation.

October 25th, 2003, 9:43 PM
“So… I don’t remember you answering my question, what exactly are you going to do here?” Julia asked. “Like I said before, I want to enter and win as many pokemon contests I can… What about you? Are you going to enter contests, too? Or are you going to collect badges? Maybe your doing something other than that, well – I don’ know, I’m just a bit curious…” She said, blushing again. She looked down at Vulpix, who was eating out of a pokemon dish with Marill, Ekans, and Trapinch. She smiled warmly, and looked back at Adam, which caused her to blush even more, ’I wonder if he thinks I’m smiling at him… Am I? No, I was smiling at the pokemon… Right! The pokemon! It was just them!… Gosh he’s cute… the pokemon! Yeah, the Ekans is cute… Can Adam read minds? Haha, not likely… Or can he? Probably not… Why would I even think that?… Argh, the awkward silence, oh how I hate you…’
“Uh-yeah, so… Should we keep going? Maybe we can keep going onto the next city, but I’m not too sure… It’s just barely passed mid-day, so we can either browse around here, or keep going…”

October 26th, 2003, 7:26 AM
"Ya," Ally said in agreement. "So were like on the...sho- That means kids are watching us! on tv!! I dont even have make-up on! and I'm not ready! AAH!" Ally ran behind a tree and fixed her hair and everything (^^ nothing like me!) "Alright."She said coming out with her hair combed and all. "Okay, so if we are in the show, im ready! ^^ Lets go! Hey, if we have to like defeat gym leaders and all...does it mean like one of us then the other..kinda thing?" She said as they walked into the PKMN center

October 26th, 2003, 9:28 AM
“…What do you mean, the other thing?” Ali asked, confused. “Besides, if people are watching us on tv… I’m sure they won’t wanna hear us talking about our roles! Haha!… For all we know, we may not be on tv… It’s be cool if we are though!… I feel so stupid now, everyone probably knows where Julez is ecept for me… I wonder how she’s doing… Or who she’s with…”
“Pichu pi?”
“Wanna get a room here for today?” Ali asked, looking at the oters.

Bear Cub
October 26th, 2003, 10:32 AM
"Why not," Adam said. "We might be able to get to Rustboro just before nightfall." So, they set out to Rustboro.
"So," Julia said, "just why are you here?"
"To be the best in this place," Adam responded. "Win all the badges, beat the elite four, you name it."
"Pardon me," said a rich looking boy who just happened to pop up, "would you care to battle me? I do have plenty of money."
"You against me?" Adam said. "You're on, Winston!"
"How do you know who I am?
Adam hesitated a little. "Well, uh, I've been hearing it all over Petalburg. You must be that pompus snot."
"No one calls me a snot," Winston said. "Go, Duskull!" Winston threw his pokeball and out came Duskull.
Wait a minute, he didn't have this in the game, Adam thought to himself. "Go, Ekans!"
"Duskull, use Night Shade!" Duskull summoned a dark ray that headed straight for Ekans.
"Quick, dodge it!" Ekans lay low and rolled out of the way. "Now use Poison Sting!" Ekans opened it's mouth and shot out poison needles, hitting Duskull each time, but couldn't poison it.
"Duskull, use Astonish!" Duskull... Well, however you discribe the attack in a pokemon cartoon, it did it. "Now use Shadow Ball!" Duskull began to make a ball of darkness.
"Quick, Ekans. Paralyze it with Glare!" Ekans gave it an intimadating look, freezing Duskull with fear. "Now, Bite it!" Ekans bit down on Duskul and threw it right at Winston, knocking them both out.
"You did a good job, Ekans."
"Ek, ekansss!"
"You deserve a good rest," Adam said, while withdrawing Ekans.
Adam and Julia traveled on until they reached the Petalburg Woods.

October 26th, 2003, 12:03 PM
“So…” Julia said, looking around at all the different pokemon. Mostly Cascoon and Silcoon hanging from trees, and a few wurmple on the ground. “I love the little Wurmple…” Julia said, admiring the luscious, soft grass. The air smelt fresh, even sweet in some ways, the pollen and icy dew was sparkling in the dim sunlight, barely filtering through the trees. When Julia and Adam turned around the corner, they saw the same hooded man that they had saw before! He turned around, and glared at Julia. “Marill Mar!” The little Marill screeched, running towards the hooded grunt. “Wait, hold on!” Julia said, seeing as he wasn’t alone. There was a plump, suited man with him, looking very frantic, it was evident that he was a victim of some sort. “Who are you?” Julia asked the man. The grunt looked very annoyed. “You don’t seem to care too much about whether I’m here or not, do you?” He asked, with 4 pokeballs in his hand. He placed his hand over the small pond next to him, threatening to drop them unless Adam and Julez left, and didn’t tell anyone that they saw him… “ARGH!” He yelled, loudly. “Haha! Good going, Trapinch! Julia said, grabbing the 4 pokeballs that the grunt had dropped, right before they rolled off the edge, and would’ve fallen into the water. Trapinch continued to run around, dragging the grunt around with him, until the grunt swept a Wurmple right into the pond. Marill quickly took sight of it, and jumped into the water, looking for the Wurmple. When Trapinch finally let go of the grunt, he took out a pokeball from his pocket, and sent out the Poochyena he had sent out before. “Go Vulpix!” Julia said, sending Vulpix out. ’maybe now I can show Adam what I’m really made of!’
“Use and ember!” She commanded. ‘Vulpix, Vul!” A flurry of flames came blasting out of Vulpix’s mouth, burning Poochyena. Poochyena ran as fast as it could, whereever it could, trying to extinguish the flames. It ended up burning a tree, which eventually fell over, making it almost impossible for the group to turn back. ’aww, shoot! What’s Adam going to think about this!?’ The raging fire quickly spread all over the forest. “Quick! We need to get out of here!” Adam yelled, running up ahead the group, just until he reached the next corner. “C’mon! It doesn’t look like there’s much time!” Julia returned Marill, and picked up the Wurmple that Marill saved, running as fast as she could, ahead of Adam – The grunt and the suited man, both following from behind. They stopped running as soon as they got out of the woods, looking up at it, engulfed in flames, with TV reporters all around them, asking questions. ”What was it like in there?”
“Do you have any idea of how the fire started?”
“What were you doing when the fire started?”
“How did you become aware of the fire?” All these questions, and more were asked to every one of them… Except for the grunt, who kept on running when the group had stopped, seeing all the media. Julia handed the man his 4 pokeballs back, and tried to walk away from the waves of reporters surrounding them.

October 26th, 2003, 12:27 PM
"Sure, anyway, i meant like does it mean we each seperatley have to defeat gym leaders. Im getting tired, and hungry to.." Ally said, as she yawned. "I wonder if we'll meet up with anyone else who might have been transported..."

Dark Magician Girl
October 26th, 2003, 12:56 PM
as Kris was traveling with her Volbeat, she noticed that being alone in such a big world was a but lonely, all alone. Maybe, I can go somewhere with people i think there are people in Hoenn.. She thought to herself. She started to move then on a sign thingy it said: Tickets on SALE now! to Heonn! Petalburg City. Limited Tickets On SALE HERE" And it pointed to a store, she quickly ran in and bought a ticket (her money was so 'cool and interesting' that she got it with real money) and soon ended up in Hoenn. "Wow, this place is neat. I think.." A kid came up to her "Lets Battle!" And threw out a zigzagoon. "Okay, Go Volbeat! Tackle!" Volbeat charged. "Zigzagoon quick attack!" Zigzagoon quickly charged and hit Volbeat hard. "Volbeat Sleep Powder?" Kris yelled questionably. "VollllBEAT!" Zigzagoon fell asleep. "There, nothing you could do, I win!" Kris said happily and hugged Volbeat. "Vol Volbeat!" They went into the Pokemon center and rested.

October 26th, 2003, 1:36 PM
“No, I wouldn’t think so…” Ali said, giving his finger to Pichu to play with. “I mean, I’m not going to bother with the gyms… Misty and Brock didn’t! So why should I? I’m probably going to… Hmm…Not sure… I’ll see… I really liked breeding pokemon in the games though, maybe I’ll try that… Well, it doesn’t matter too much right now, we should just get – Hey, what’s that?” Ali said, looking at the TV on the wall near the counter of the pokemon center. ”this is reporter Gabby, live at Petalburg woods! A fire has been blazing through the woods, three people have gotten out of the woods, including a fourth person who has fled from the scene. He has been suspected as the cause of this raging blaze. Let’s talk to Julia Kabania about this!” Ali gasped, “JULEZ!”
“Pichu pi?” ”Adam, wasn’t there a gym back in petalburg?-“
“Hello, would you mind if I asked you a few qustions?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO mind, get that microphone out of my face! *pushes microphone onto ground ad turns back to Adam*”
“Yes, some very harsh words, I take it that this has been a very emotional afternoon. Let’s talk to the man over here, hello sir, wou…”
“Julia’s with someone else! Do you know him!?” Ali asked Scott and Ally, waiting for a reply. ”One final word, all Entrances into Petalburg woods will be closed until further notice, more to you as it comes, now back to Johnathon,”
“Oh, this is great! We can only get up to Petalburg city! How are we going to get through the woods to Rstboro!?”

October 26th, 2003, 1:55 PM
"No, Ive never seen him before, i wonder if he is from the game or a real person..Well, anyway, Wurmmy?" She looked around at Wurmmy who had gotten alot bigger. "Im gonna just call ya Wumple since your gettin so big. I wonder is She'll evolve soon! ^^" Ally said as she jumped up and down. "Anyway, if that fire is still goin on do you think we could help get rid of it?" She asked as the reporter went on.

October 26th, 2003, 2:50 PM
“That’s a great idea!” Ali said, very happily. “But will we get there before nightfall? We have to get to Petalburg, right?”…
~~~~~~Later that day~~~~~~
It was now evening, and the group had just taken a little rest in Petalburg, before they continued on. They group walked outside the pokemon center, and looked around to see the night sky illuminated by the bright glow coming from the forest. They got very close to the woods, where an officer was sleeping in front of the entrance, leaning against the fence that was kept there to keep people out of the woods. Ali saw Torchic fly out of the forest, accompanied by a Wingull that was trying to spray the Torchic with it’s water gun, but it’s aim was very good. “Hey! Remember me, bucko!?” Ali asked, angrily. “You thought you could get away before, but not this time!” Torchic turned it’s head to Ali, and got sprayed heavily with another water gun. Ali quickly threw a pokeball at it, and turned to Wingull. “Alright, now it’s your turn! Pichu, use thundershock!” Ali quickly jumped for the pokeball that contained Torchic, and waited for the electricity coming from Pichu to die down. Ali threw another pokeball, and happily caught it. “Alright! Two pokemon, and only one battle! I bet that Torchic is the one who caused this forest fire, what else could!? Hmph, little mischief maker… Go Wingull!” Ali sent back out Wingull, forgetting that he had just caught it, and that it was probably very weak. “Uh… Right, forgot…” He said, returning it. “Which of you guys have pokemon that can extinguish these flames? Maybe I can run back to the pokemon center and heal Wingull and the others, then I can come back to help you!

October 26th, 2003, 3:03 PM
"Good idea, I dont think Lileep knows water gun...and wurmple....isnt water." Ally said as she looked up to the big firey sky. "Lets...Lileep Water gun!?" And to her surprise....it worked?! (i think they know it! ) "Alright!? "

October 26th, 2003, 8:52 PM
"Yeah! Sonic! Torch! GO!!!" Scott said as he looked behind to see Torch and Zubat quickly hurring to a very sad sounding cry "Guys, i cant do much help, but im gonna follow those two to see were there going!" Scott said running to catch up to the two "Oh, no..." Scott said seeing a Team Magma member trying to get an injured Dratini out of a small river (its mother was killed by the Magma member) "GET AWAY FROM THAT POKEMON!" Scott yelled as the Magma member quickly looked up "Yeah right you little Brat! do you even know how much a Dratini and Dragonite hide is worth on the blind market!?" The Magma member said taking out a Pokeball and so did Scott "LETS BATTLE BRAT!" the magma member said "Nah!" Scott said throwing a Pokeball at Dratini "Your not getting the Dratini you braindead retard!" Scott said running and the Magma member got on his motorcycle and rode away "GUYS!" Scott said with his newly caught Dratini in his arms "we have to get this little guy some potion or somthin!" Scott said digging in his backpack! "Yes! i knew May was of some help!" Scott said as he sprayed the potion over Dratini.

October 26th, 2003, 9:21 PM
“Drats, there isn’t enough time to get to the pokemon center right now, and it’s getting very foggy!… Which is kind of surprising, wasn’t it a totally clear evening just a few minutes ago?” Ali asked, very confused. “Whatever, maybe we should just check in to the pokemon center where its warm, and come back here tomorrow in the morning…”

October 26th, 2003, 9:32 PM
The group was running quickly to the Pokemon center and the Dratini was dying! when they entered the Pokemon center Joy quickly took him into surgery to try to save his life "I know he'll be okay!" Scott said as he looked at Ally and Ali "Hey, Ally you need to get some new clothes! i saw a cloting store on our way back...lets go while its still a little light outside!" Scott said as he got up from his chair.

(before we get to the Hoenn league remember we're not gonna fight the Elite 4 but everyone thinks that were gonna be having a tournament like in the shows!)

October 27th, 2003, 2:34 PM
Ally blushed 'I knew I should have changed. I wonder what everyone thinks of me wearing a costume thats from a completely different show?' She thought. "I....uh...well, not now, we still have to help out some more!" She said back at Scott. She turned around and a person (yes, person) was carrying what seemed to be a pokemon. "Hurry! Joy, we still have alot more pokemon to save! there arnt any trainers around for the reward! We have to hurry!" Ally looked at the 'person'. "What can I do to help? and...whats the reward?" Ally asked. The person looked at her. "Well, anyway, Im Hanna; I own the pokemon center, but Joy uses it. If you can help me save some pokemon down by the river (where scott got the dratini) You can have some pokemon you saved. Well? " The ladies hair was scrawled up in a ponytail and was almost falling out. her jet-black hair swept across her face and her rosy cheeks were bewildered. Ally thought for a moment I should help, and id even get a pokemon, maybe some rare one! but, im not dressed for it. She looked down, the Dark Magician Girl costume was a bit torn already. It mustve happened when I sat down or so. The outfit was fitting and pretty comfortable, she never liked wearing skirts, but this one had shorts under it. and it was comfortable. I could put on some cute clothes, like the girls in the games. but, then....I dont think i would look so cute. She shook her head for a moment and said. "Sorry about that, I was in deep thought, ill help you out!" She rushed outside and followed the lady. There was tons and tons of weak pokemon, plus, the fire probably weakned alot. But one caught her eye, a poor inocent bulbasaur. They dont normally live here, i bet its trainer abandoned it! how could they? yet again i could be wrong. "Im gonna get the bulbasaur. Come one Buddy! Im gonna help you." she picked it up and hummed to it, calming it, she took it to the pokemon center. "Oh my," Nurse Joy said. "That poor thing is in terrible condition." She took it and went into the ER. Ally was ready to rush out again when she tripped. OOF right on the ground. "Ow...Im gonna have to get a new cost-outfit." She said as she lay flat on the ground.

October 27th, 2003, 7:16 PM
"Cool! i hope that Bulbasaur you got heals fast!" Scott said as they walked to the clothes shop were Scott saw clothes that looked exactly like Kenta's! "Im gonna go get those!" Scott said running in and showing the manager the money "Why! thats the most buetiful money iv ever seen!" the Manager said, Scott gave him a 10 dollar bill (but the whole outfit he bought was worth more than $100 dollars!)

October 27th, 2003, 7:26 PM
Ali agreed to stay behind with nurse Joy, while Scott and Ally were out shopping. ’I’d imagine they could hold off the clothes for a little while… He thought to himself, picking out an Abra from the river… It looked strangely familiar to him… As soon as he brought it into the pokemon center though, it was gone! He looked awkwardly at his arms, wondering where it could’ve gone, without him even noticing! “Is there something wrong?” Hanna asked, putting a tiny Oddish into an incubator. “Um… Kind of… I had an Abra with me just a moment ago, and… Well now it’s gone O_O”
“haha! They always seem to get around to one place or another, if it could teleport, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it, but in the mean time, there are lots of other pokemon in the river, too! Go, quickly!”
“Uh – right!” So Ali fled off quickly to the river, which was easy to find… All he had to do, was follow the purple part of the sky, the part of the sky that was lit up with the burning flames that had slightly died down… But not drastically…

Bear Cub
October 27th, 2003, 8:30 PM
Julia and Adam had reached Rustboro around night time. After a quick visit to the pokemon center, Adam rushed over to the gym, until he saw something he couldn't believe what he saw.
"Gym closed!" Adam shouted. "Come on!" Adam kicked at the door. Trapinch knew his frustration and tried to eat through the door. "Forget it Trapinch. We'll just brwse around for a while."
After about an hour of looking around the city, Julia and Adam stoped back at the Pokemon center. Adam said to Julia, "It just occoured to me, we're not in a game. We're in a whole other world. Gyms never close, nothing ever really sets fire, all of this. That means dangers here are about as equal in our world."
"Right," Julia replyed. "We still have to be careful."
"So," Adam said, "you think that Abra back at Oldale's alright?"

October 27th, 2003, 9:36 PM
“Maybe… Well, I’d sure hope so!” Julia replied. She waited while Adam opened the door to the room. They both walked in, settling their stuff onto the floor. “Wow… Nice view…” She said, admiring the ocean through the window. “I wonder what else is out there… So much we haven’t seen in the games… I really don’t wanna say this, but… I’m scared… Really, really scared…” Her eyes were about to tear up, she quickly turned to the wall, hoping Adam didn’t see. She tucked herself into her bed, pretending to be asleep, although she was constantly thinking about what sort of things may happen…

October 28th, 2003, 3:28 PM
Ally was looking around for clothes, she saw ones for the girl in crystal, ruby and sapphire...and then she saw the one that would be in Leaf Green and Flame Red. "Wow,! I loove it! I could get my hair layered..and It would be great!" She clapped her hands together and jumped. She went and tried one on, it was a little big, but she didn't care. "Okay, Ive got....5 bucks on me." SHe gave it to the cashier. "Where do you come from? I have never seen money like this. Is it conterfit?" "No, Its...from...Its rare, money. ya, rare." The cahsier looked at her and gave her the outfit, she went and put it on Its pretty cute~ It may still be a skirt, but at least its a pokemon one. "Ready Scott? Maybe we should buy some pokeballs. It would help. And, do you think that we have to accomplish our goals that we may have had in the game?" She thought some more (man, she thinks quite alot!) If we do, or maybe i just will, accomplish our goals, mine would be to be a hero. a pokemon hero! She went and looked at the pokeballs.

October 28th, 2003, 8:04 PM
What Scott didnt know was that they were in a huge mall, not just a clothes store "Hey! Ally lets go into the mall! theres bound to be some fun stuff in there!" Scott said as the two walked into the mall with Scott looking exactly like Kenta "Hey Ally that outfits better than that Dark Magician Girl costume ya had!" ^_^; Scott said "Now kids wont think your like a demon or somethin!" Scott said as he saw a huge mall "Wow." Scott said. there were breeding centers, Pokeball marts, Pharmacys, Pokeclothes, The fast food joints were called "Burger Nidoking" "McPikachus" and other odd names! there was a movie theater too! "Ally, check it out! a movie theater! i wonder what kind of movies they make here in this world! lets go watch one!" Scott said to Ally.

October 28th, 2003, 9:18 PM
Ali, Joy, and Hanna were in the lobby, sipping on hot cocoa, as a rescue team was constantly walking in and out of the pokemon center, with pokemon. Most of them had already been rescued, and it was time that the three of them had finally taken a break. They looked out the partially illuminated sky… The constantly changing shades of the sky looked incredibly amazing, but it was a strange atmosphere of good and bad… Everything just kept getting more and more confusing… “Where could Ally and Scott be?” He asked, “They said they just went out to get some clothes! This doesn’t seem right at all… They should be back by now… right? If they don’t get back here within the next 30 minutes, I’m going out to look for them, k?” He said, preparing his stuff. “Right now? But with the fire, and the fog, it’s really dangerous!” Joy said, embracing Pichu, trying to keep it warm. “Pi, chu! Pi!” it said, sipping out of the straw, popped into a cup that Joy was holding, filled with warm cocoa. “Well, it doesn’t matter… Nothing too bad can happen…”
’it’s all just a game… Nothing bad can possibly happen… The only reason for me to do this, is to be with a group… Wouldn’t wanna be here all alone… Nothing bad can happen… I’m sure of it…’

October 29th, 2003, 5:09 PM
Ally was at awe when she saw the mall So many places to shop! Its gonna be soo much fun! She thought as she packed the Dark Magician Girl costume into her new bag."I don't thik we should really watch anything, Ali is probably worrying. We should get like cell phones or something, cause mines not working at least, mostly because were like in a different dimension. " She looked around at all the stores, one was Garienna's Electronics! Shop 'Till Ya Drop! Ally looked towards that one. I used to go shopping alot with my friends, as a matter of fact..that's where i got my Sapphire game, at an electronics store with my friends. And here we- or at least some of us are. I like this Dimension-type world. I'm with Scott. She shook her head Im With Scott AND Ali; so its not like...im not gonna go there. She giggled. I wish I had gotten some other friends to come. Oh well, Im just hoping Ill get out of here! She headed towards the electronics store. When she came out she was carrying three devices. "Okay, Here ya go Scott. Theyre PokeNavi's (she calls em navis cause i do) I got one for each of us, only cost about $4. ^^" She said happily. "Well, lets go back to Ali, see how the pokemon are, and tell him what we found." She sat down and adjusted her Pokenavi to her bag.

Bear Cub
October 29th, 2003, 6:02 PM
Adam had readied himself for bed after training with his pokemon on Route 116. He and Trapinch were pretty tired. He opened the door to find Julia sleeping like a baby. An idea struck him to do something nice to her before his battle with Roxanne. But he waited for tommorow to come.

October 29th, 2003, 9:56 PM
Scott and Ally walked back to the Pokemon Center "Hey! Ali catch!" Scott said tossing the PokeNav to Ali "It's a gift from Ally! we got new clothes!" Scott said "Hey! Hows my Dratini?" Scott said going in and checking on the Dratini "It's still unconcious...but it should wake up soon...i hope..." Scott said as he sat down and had some Choco himself.

October 29th, 2003, 10:11 PM
Aww! So cute! *tries to imagine it and giggles* hehe, have you all seen green’s outfit? (I know Ally probably has :P) Turn her hair blue, add a coat, you get a GREAT impersonation of Julez!… Creepy…
“Alright, it’s been 40 minutes and they’re still not back!” Ali said, pacing back and forth across the room. “Well just stay inside!” Joy said, in a stiff tone. “I’m sure you don’t want to go out in the freezing cold, much less alone!”
“Well I won’t be freezing, just a bit cold…”
“Pichu pi! Pichu!” Pichu jumped out of Joy’s lap, and onto the floor with Torchic and Wingull. “And I’ll have my pokemon with me too, so I won’t be alone!” The three pokemon stared up at Ali, “Torchic! Torchic!?” It screeched, in amazement. “Wingull! Wing!”
“Pi chu!” They didn’t seem to pleased, in fact, they all sounded very amazed by what Ali wanted to do. “Torchic! Take us with him!? He’s crazy!”
“Wingull! definitely”
“Pi… Maybe something in his brain has gone loose…” Ali continued to walk back and forth, until he finally decided to head outside. He grabbed a large jacket form the closet, picked up a brown canvas bag, and head outside. He stood in the doorway for a moment. “You guys coming?…” He asked, waiting. “Well I can’t let you go alone, I’m coming too!” Hanna said, grabbing her pokeballs, and walking towards Ali. Pichu looked to Torchic and Wingull, then decided to follow Hanna to Ali. “Pichu!” It screamed, jumping into Ali’s arms. “Great, we’ll be back in a little bit!” So they all headed out to the streets.

October 30th, 2003, 11:15 AM
Scott walked into the Pokemon center shortly after Ali left "So, where is everyone?" Scott said to himself "Where did Ally head off to?" He asked himself and went and brought Dratini back out "He's doing alot better!" Scott told Sonic and Torch "He should come with us!" Scott said as he started talking to Dratini "Do you want to come with me?" Scott asked Dratinti "Dratiti!" Dratini said cheerfully as it jumped onto Scotts shoulder "Were gonna be good friends!" Scott said as the 4 of them (Scott, Dratini, Torch, and Sonic) walked out to try to find Ali and Ally when all of a sudden "Tree! Cko Cko!" Scott heard as he turned to see a Treecko stealing some food out of Scotts bag! "Hey! that's mine ya little twerp!" Scott said as he ran for the Treecko "Tree Tree Tree Tree Treecko!" It said happily as it ran away "Im gonna catch you Treecko! Sonic use Confuse Ray!" Scott said as Sonic used Confuse Ray on Treecko "Zu!" Zubat said as it gave out a beam that confused Treecko "Now! Dratini use wrap!" Scott said as Dratini wrapped its body around Treecko! "Pokeball! GO!" Scott said as he threw a Pokeball! the ball shook one....twice...Pop! The Treeko escaped! "Treecko!" Treeckos said as he threw a rock at Scotts head and ran away "Oh, no you dont! Torch Slash!" Scott said as Torch got behind Treecko and slashed his back "TREEEEECCCKKKOOOO!!!" Treecko said in agony "Pokeball GO!" Scott said as he captured the little menace of a Treecko. "WHew, i caught ya!" Scott said staring at the Pokeball.

deep in the heart of Rustboro City "You call this a rare Pokemon!?" a male says as he throws a Chemeco across the room "If you cant find rare Pokemon for me we cant take over this town!" the male says "Soon i wont be a laughing stock..." the male says as he pets his Bagon "I will finally be known as David Summer: The greatest Pokemon Master in the world! but first we have to take over Rustboro!" David said "Sarah, Mike!" Dave said as his brother and sister came out "go to the Pokemon Center...rob the trainers and take anything valuable you find! oh, wait I'll come to!" David said as he got up "If this goes right we should all get our hands on some valuable Pokemon!" David said as he walked out the door "Yes!" Sarah said "Ill finally have something better than a Beutifly and a Poochyena!" Sarah said "And no more Lotad and Seedot for me!" Mike exclaimed.

October 30th, 2003, 3:45 PM
Ally had gotten lost inside a deep forest (eek) "Oh my, I dont like it here, its dark. And theres nobody buy my side, wait." She called out Wurmple, It had gotten alot bigger. Suddenly a pokemon jumped out a her! "AAAH! its...A Zangoose? Do they live around here? Anyways, Wurmple! String Shot! NOW!" As Wurmple attacked the Zangoose quickly dogded, using some items she had picked up, Ally healed and strengthend Wurmple, It used Poison Sting. The Zangoose Fainted. "Alright, PokeBall! GO!" Ally yelled as she got into those cute little positions and threw her pokeball. It was moving...moving...movin....DING. She had caught it! "Yes! YES! YAY! Thanks....Wurmple?" She turned to look, there waws no wurmple. A Silcoon. "Wow, Don't those grow into...um...was it Dustox? Or Beautifly?" She thought to herslef. Returned Silcoon and Started looking for a way out. Now and then she would yell out for help.

October 30th, 2003, 3:58 PM
Scott and his 5 Pokemon were walking until Scott heard "HELP!" off in the distance, so he and his Pokemon ran into the forest "Ally!" Scott said as he saw Ally "Let's get outta here!" Scott said as he took Allys hand and they got out of the forest "whew! no we gotta find Ali...I wonder were he went..." Scott said as he looked around the town.

October 30th, 2003, 4:03 PM
When they were getting out of the forest, being a fradey-cat, Ally squezzed Scotts hand. (all of my chacters have done that...) "I dont like big forests...Oh and look!" She had her new Zangoose and Silcoon come out. "I got them all by myself, ^^ "She said happily. "ALI! ALI!?" she yelled out,. I doubt that will really help. at least im not stuck in that forest all alone anymore She thought to herslef But with pokemonIm really not alone anymore "So...um.....we should go looking for Ali?" She asked.

October 30th, 2003, 4:17 PM
"Yeah we should but then again hes probly looking for us! oh, see what i caught! the little guy was tryin to swipe my food but i caught him!" Scott said pointing to Treecko.

October 30th, 2003, 4:19 PM
Ally went and gave his new pokemon a pet. "Its cute. Maybe we should just stay here and wait for Ali?" She thought. "Wait a second, Did ya give him his Pokenavi? We should try using those!"

October 30th, 2003, 4:22 PM
"Good idea! but how in the heck do ya work these things?" Scott asked as he typed in "Ali Kabania" in the Pokenav "I wonder if that'll work?" Scott asked as he fiddled around with the Pokenav.

October 30th, 2003, 4:26 PM
Ally put her hands on her hips as she looked at Scott. "Just don't break it okay? Here," She helped Scott work it. "I think we-I mean you should push that button, maybe it'll conect?"

October 30th, 2003, 4:29 PM
Scott kinda blushed when he looked up at Ally "uh, okay..." Scott said as he pushed the button and BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! the Pokenav was picking up a signal "I think Ali's this way!" Scott said pointing towards the mall.

October 30th, 2003, 4:41 PM
"Okay, Thataway, I hope your right." She said as she followed him. when someone snuck up on her. "EEEEI!" She screamed as she jumped on Scott Pointing at whatever was there "It SCARED MEE!!! EEEEIII! It was a pokemon trainer "Sorry, I was just wondering, Do you have any idea where I can find the pokemon center?" Ally blushed "^^;eh...eh.."

October 30th, 2003, 5:48 PM
“SCOTT! ALLY!” Ali yelled, seeing them off in the distance. “Pi Pichu!” Hanna’s Crobat began to screech loudly. “What’s wrong with it?” He asked, “It really doesn’t like picking up elecrtical signals, do you have a cell phone on, or something?”
“No – but… Oh look!” Ali looked down at the poke – navi. “Maybe that’s why… C’mon! They’re right there!” Ali, Crobat, Pichu, and Hanna all ran towards Ally and Scott. “Where did you guys go!? We could’ve used a bit of help at the pokemon center!”
A loud grumble was being made outside the pokemon center. “Huh… wa?” Julia said, confused. She looked to her side, to see Adam stretched out on the other bed. “Aww… He’s so cute… uh – the ekans! Right, the ekans is very cute…” She heard the grumble outside again. She decided to check it out. She slowly creaked the door open, making sure not to wake Adam up. She looked out into the hallway with the pokeball containing marill, and saw that someone was trying to break into the lobby. She ran up to the glass door, and saw three very angry looking people outside, banging on the doors. The female trainer sent out a Poocheyna, who banged right through the glass. “Akk!” Julez screamed loudly, one of the male trainers quickly ran behind her, covering up her mouth. “Keep it down…” He whispered in an eerie tone. He reached down her thigh to her pocket, slowly clasping onto her pokeball. He almost had it completely out of the pocket, when she gave him a quick shove to the side, her pokeball fell to the floor, releasing Wurmple! “GAH! A Wurmple! We risked all that for a Wurmple!?”
“Wurmple? But I thought… uh – whatever, Use string shot!” She ordered. The Wurmple shot out a large string of a sticky substance, wrapping up the three, when it began to glow a strange dark colour… It evolved into Cascoon! Julia picked it up, and ran back to the room, locking the door firmly. “ADAM! ADAM, WAKE UP!”

Bear Cub
October 31st, 2003, 9:54 AM
Adam was being shaken out of bed by Julia. "What, what is it?" Adam said, a little grumpy.
Julia explained tht she saw theives trying to steal pokemon. "Well, what are we waiting for?" Adam said. "Let's stop 'em."

October 31st, 2003, 10:10 AM
"Sorry Ali!" Scott said "Me and Ally were just getting new clothes so we blend in a bit more!" Scott said showing Ali his clothes that looked exactly like Kentas "Well what should we do now you guys?" Scott asked as he looked at Ally then to Ali.
"That little brat's gonna be back any minute!" David said as he let out his Cacturne and Bagon "Let's go find some rare Pokemon!" David said as he started searching the Pokemon Center "Mike, David come quick!" Sarah said as the Mike and David came to see what Sarah was looking at "an Aron, a Machop, and a Swablu?" David said as he quickly captured the Aron "Ill take Machop." Mike said as he captured the Machop, Sarah had already caught the Swablu "Well, there no Legendarys but they'll do!" David said as the 3 started to walk out the door "STOP!" It was Adam who was shouting to the 3 "Hey twerp! we were just leaving!" David said as they walked out the door.

October 31st, 2003, 1:20 PM
Ally got Zangoose and Silcoon out. "I caught em myself-but Wurmlple evolved. And um.." She said looking at the new trainer. "The pokemon center is thataway.But im not so sure this is our first time in this Dime-Hoenn." She ended quickly, the trainer smiled. "This Dimension? Ya wierd aint it? I thoguht a girl with a Dark Magician Girl outfit and her friends might be here, but i was wronng." Ally looked at the girl more closely, She had purplish hair. She had given Ally her hat when she lost it!

Dark Magician Girl doesnt really like pokemon anymore...so im gonna take over her character since she's my cousin k?

October 31st, 2003, 7:25 PM
“Oh, so… You were transported here too? Well, let’s head back to the pokemon center… We can talk about it all there…”
“Yes, it’s getting very cold, and the fire is starting to heat up again, we should get away from here before it gets too overwhelming,”
“THAT’S RIGHT! I’m back you goof balls, now hand over the pokemon!” She threw out her pokeballs containing Cascoon and Marill. “Cascoon, use stringshot!” Cascoon sprayed a thick substance out to the door, locking it up. “It isn’t very strong, but it’ll buy us some time if they decide to run, now Marill! Use Rollout!” Marill jumped up into the air, curled up into a ball, and began to roll straight towards the three as soon as it landed on the floor.

November 1st, 2003, 10:04 AM
As they were walking back to the pokemon center, Ally couldn't help but wonder. "Do you think, we'll meet like Ash and everybody from the show? That would be sooo cool! ^^" The new trainer smiled. "Well, My name Is Kris. And Ive gotta Volbeat. Its nice to meet you all. And, "She said looking at Ally. "Didn't you have a Dark Magician Girl outfit ? " "Ya, ButI changed it. I look better now." Ally smiled, she told Zangoose out and started to walk with it. "I think I'll call you....Zane. It kindof goes with your name." She gave Zane a pat on the head. When she noticed that something was behind her. It was a pokemon. "A...a Mudkip! ^^ I love mudkip! Here,,,lemme catch ya..." she snuck up on it. "Mud! " IT ran..." Zane, Agility! catch up to it!" She commanded. Zane wuickly traield behind it getting faster and faster. "Slash! NOW!" She yelled. "Zann!" "Mud! KIIIP!" Mudkip fell. "Oh, Zane, your really strong, its realyl weak now, Return Zane." She picked up the poor Mudkip and used a pokeball. "You'll be okay." She returned to the group. "I caught a Mudkip, and its really weak now ^^; We better hurry to the pokemon center." She held Mudkips pokeballs with care.

November 1st, 2003, 10:47 AM
this is like the show now! each one of us has a Hoenn starter!

The group walked back to the Pokemon Center were they sat down in front of the fire and let there Pokemon out to play they were practically the only trainers there "The Pokemon like eachother! thats good!" Scott said as he watched the Pokemon chase eachother around the room "so let's make a plan for what were gonna do next!" Scott said as Sonic swooped down onto Scotts head "This little guy likes me alot!" Scott said as he looked up at his Zubat.

November 1st, 2003, 10:59 AM
"Good Idea Scott." ally said as she gave nurse joy the mudkip. "It'll be alright but i might have to keep it over night." Nurse joy said as she went into another room. Ally went and got some cocoa and sat down between Ali and Scott. "So, what should we do next? maybe try challenging a gym leader? that'd be fun. oh, and we could enter contests! We could have so much-" She was interupted, when the lights went out. They heard voices.."Sh...They dont know we're here!" Shut up! they'll hear us!" "Im in charge not you." "Just because your an admin.." "Ya. Admin, lets see if they've got any good pokemon." One voice sounded liike a girl, the other a boy. "Shh!" She girl said. "We're doing this for Archie, you know how happy he'll be once we get some pokemon?" "No, he didn't want us to steal pokemon!" The boy disagreed. Ally kept quiet.

November 1st, 2003, 11:12 AM
Scott quitly and stealthly walked over to Ally and slowly touched her shoulder when KAPOW! Ally punched Scott "OW!" Scott said quitly "It's me!" Scott said as he got up "sorry." Ally said she was a little embarased "Why dont we just use our Pokemon and beat the living snot out of them!" Scott said as he was getting an idea.

November 1st, 2003, 11:18 AM
"Sorry about that Scott." Ally said. "go Zane, Lileep, and silcoon."Ally whispered. "Do you hear that?" The girl said. "Ya, I can im not deaf." The boy said. The lights came on. The people were like ten feet away! "Im Shelly!" the girl said. "Team Aqua's cutest Admin." "And Im...bob." The boy said ( I couldn't think of any other name!) "GO Poochyena!" Shelly said. "Zane, Swords Dance! Silcoon Harden, Lileep water gun!" Ally commamned.

November 1st, 2003, 11:31 AM
"This is too easy..." Scott said "Torch Flamethrower, Treecko Leaf Blade, Sonic Poisen Fang, and Dratini use Thunder!" Scott said as his Pokemon let out a fury of strong attacks against Aquas Pokemon "Okay time to play hardball" Bob said as he let out his 2 most powerful Pokemon "Go Carvanna! Go Dustox!" Bob said as his 2 Pokemon came out and they deafeated Treecko, Dratini, and Sonic "Great everyone of my Pokemon are down except Torch and hes barely standing up..." Scott said as he heard something coming from outside "TEAM AQUA YOU JERKS!" the voice said it sounded like a male then a boy about Scotts age jumped in throught the window "I cant believe your trying to take over the Pokemon Center!" the boy said "And who are you, you little brat!?" Shelly said "The names Jake..." Jake said as he pulled out 3 pokeballs "Go Squirtle! Go Takua! Go Sandshrew!" Jake said as a Squirtle, Makuhita, and a Sandshrew emerged "Your through!" Jake said "Sandshrew use Sand-Attack! then Takua use Vital Throw!" Jake said as his Makuhita threw Bob and Shelly out the door "Who are you?" Scott asked as Jake turned to look at Ally "So what's a beutiful girl like you doing in a place like this?" Jake asked charmingly.

November 1st, 2003, 11:36 AM
Ally blushed. "Me,? I'm traveling with my friends thank you. and why are you here, Jake?" She asked. She returned all of her pokemon except Lileep. When Nurse Joy came back. "I got the lights back on, my pokemon center! What happened?" She asked.

November 1st, 2003, 11:43 AM
Ali looked to Ally and Scott, and so two Aquas right in front of them! Ali gasped, “Whoa! This was pretty unexpected, go Tor-… No… PICHU! GO!”
“Pichu PI!” Pichu ran up to Poochyena, giving it a huge headbutt. “Move out of the way!” Ali yelled, Lileep’s watergun slammed right into Pichu. “Oh no! Return Pichu, go Wingull! Use water gun!”

November 1st, 2003, 11:49 AM
"The names Jake like i said and iv been stuck her for 2 we- i mean moved here about 2 weeks ago!" Jake said unsure what to say next "um...uh...see my Squirtle?" Jake asked.

November 1st, 2003, 11:57 AM
"I thought you would be on some Team's side." Ally said, "Nice to meet you Jake. Im Ally, Thats Scott, that Ali, and thats Kris." Everyone waved. "Hi there, "Kris said. "So you got here two weeks ago? we arrived here like...I dunno a couple weeks ago to." ally told him.

Alright, Its kindof hard to have two characters, anybody wanna control Kris?

November 1st, 2003, 10:16 PM
Hey Sapphire just get rid of Kris if you dont want her, she wont be missed or anything!

"Your not from here are you!" Jake said in a convincing mood "Well i came here because iv lost everything...my family...they were killed because some goons wanted there new technology discovery...Pokemon Dimension..." Jake said as he looked at Ally "So i used there machine and sent myself here...i crashed the machine before i left so they couldnt repair or take the machine! but im guessing Jim fixed it up right?" Jake asked "Yeah, your right Jake." Scott said (he was jeleous of Jake because he tried to make a move on Ally) "Well at least them suits dont got it!" Jake said with a smile "so wanna come sit over here with me?" Jake asked Ally "No she dont!" Scott said in a protecting way. 'ooohhh crud...what did i just do...' Scott thought to himself.

November 1st, 2003, 11:35 PM
Aww, that’s a bit mean, don’t ya think?

“Haha, you got a think for Ally?” Ali asked, out loud. Suddenly, the spotlight seemed to be on him. “Well, everyone’s waiting for an answer! Get it out in the open!” Ali said, chuckling. Pichu stared at Jake, looking very insecure. He kept checking his back, to see if Torchic was going to jump out and take all of his pokemon food.

November 2nd, 2003, 6:13 AM
Alright....Kris just...never happened.....

Ally blushed This is kinda wierd, I don't think this has ever ever happened. She thought to herself. She looked to Ali, to Scott to Jake. Why is Scott trying to like...protect me? Jake's not a bad guy, at least as far as I know. She squirmed. She had no idea what to do. "Um....You guys...lets just....um...Do something else? Wanna?" She said trying to get away from the 'arguement soon to follow' kinda thing. Come on, lets just do something, anything! please...comeon guys, I dont want to make enemies. She continued to think.

November 2nd, 2003, 3:05 PM
"Okay!" Scott said in a better mood, he didnt like Jake because of his "nice guy" personallity "So whats wrong with him?" Jake whispered in Allys ear "Is he your boyfriend or something?" Jake asked and looked at Ally.

November 2nd, 2003, 3:17 PM
Ally blushed, this time she could feel it. "No," She said a little loud, but quieted down. "He's not my boyfriend, he's just my friend and happens to be a boy." Oh, this is just wierd, Ive never ever thought of Scott as a boyfriend. She thought. "Alright,"She said piping up back to her casual 'hyperness'. "Lets do somethin! Any ideas?" She asked as she looked around. Her eyes fell on Scott. I guess, some people must think were like.....ya, Just because Ive known him for like forever and he's like my best friend doesnt mean anything! ANYTHING! She tried to get the thought out of her head.

November 2nd, 2003, 3:36 PM
Scott sat down next to Jake "So, Your not an evil demented stalker person are ya?" Scott asked Jake "Nope!" Jake said with a smile "I think us two are gonna be good friends!" Jake said "Well, sorry about earlier." Scott said "Nah, its okay! happens!" Jake said "Well its like 7:30 we should just stay here for the night." Scott said "and tommorow we can go be rejected by Norman for a battle and help Wally catch his Ralts!" Jake said in a sarcastic voice "Maku!" Takua said tugging on Jakes sleeve "What is it?" Jake said and the second Jake turned his head, Takua took Jakes chips "Hey! oh, well..." Jake said as he started to laugh at how Takua got his chips.

November 2nd, 2003, 3:44 PM
there are two Jakes? *shrugs* okay...

" Lets eat! shall we?" Ally asked. "Im hungry. I bet my pokemon are too. " She turned her head and Nurse Joy came out with the Mudkip. "Here you go dear, Its all better now. " She smiled, Ally took it into her hands and gave it a nice big hug. "Aww...my lil Muddykip. ^^ Im gonna treat you well.." She cradled it.

November 2nd, 2003, 3:53 PM
Jake was just talking after he answered Scott! ^_^;
"That Mudkip sure looks healthy!" Jake said "You can tell because its shade of Blue is so...blue!" Jake said as he looked behind him to make sure Takua wasnt coming back for seconds.

November 2nd, 2003, 3:59 PM
oh..okay, I knew that! ^^;

"Ya, It sure is blue!" Ally said as she squeezed it. "Its soo cute! This dimension isnt so bad after all! Its pretty nice. OOPS!" Mudkip had droppen down and went and sat right on Jakes lap. "MUUDkip! KIP! KIP!" It said happily. Ally giggled. "It likes you alot! ^^" Ally thought for a moment I think Ive seen Jake before...most likely at a store or something...She looked at Scott. I wonder if Scott knew Jake, or if he doenst like him at all....

November 2nd, 2003, 4:13 PM
'I cant belive Jake...he probly came here just to annoy me...' Scott thought to himself he had knew Jake before about 6 years ago...


"Im sorry Scott, but i cant decide what my mom and dad want to do!" Jake said as he looked up from the swing "Well you're like my best friend Jake! Why do you have to leave?" Scott asked impatiently "Because...i have too." Jake said as he got up from the swing "Well! i dont want you too leave! ill miss you buddy!" Scott said as Jake started to walk away "You cant leave!!!" Scott said as Jake turned around and punced Scott right in the stomach "Owww..." Scott said weakly as he fell to the ground "Im sorry..." Jake said as he ran away with tears in his eyes...

(back to the present)

'I know now that Jake ran away after he hit me because he knew i wasnt going to let him leave...ever...i guess i was mad at him because he was leaving...i guess i should forgive him...it was my fault after all...' Scott thought to himself as he looked down at Torch.

November 2nd, 2003, 4:17 PM
Everyone's so quiet... Ally thought as she got up. "Its getting pretty late..Im gonna get to bed. Return! Mudkip!" As Mudkip returned she layed down on a couch and quickly fell asleep...z

*in Ally's Dream...*

"Huh? where am I? Its really dark...where am I?" "No one's here....your all alone...nobody likes you...you have NO friends...." "NO! no! nO! I have friends! I have Scott Ali, and Jake too! I have pokemon to!There my friends!" "No they are not! There just using you!" "No...no...n.o..no...this is just a dream!" "Yes, but it can quickly become reality! Have you not forgotten pokemon was just a dream?" "Leave me alone!" She runs away. The voice trails behind.."You are alone..but I will never leave!"

Ally squirmed around, trying to wake up, but something didnt let her.

November 2nd, 2003, 6:14 PM
“Ally?…” Ali got up, quietly. It was very early in the morning, Ally was squirming from side-to-side. He thought he had heard something, but it turned out… It was just her. Since he was up, he decided to stay up until the sun rose, “What’s the point? It’s not like I’m gonna be able to get any sleep now, anyways…” He walked out the door, looking out at the violet sky, flashing with flames bursting every way possible. “I thought the fire would’ve died down by now… But it’s only gotten stronger… Something isn’t right… I have a feeling this is more than what we think it is… Get rejected by Norman? I’d like to see him beat the heck out of Scott… I know I really shouldn’t be saying that, but something just isn’t right about him… If this Jake kid is here… Anyone could be… Anyone at all…”

November 2nd, 2003, 8:35 PM
(The no friends part Sapphire, it reminds me of Digimon season 4 when Zoe gets that poison or whatever and she has to fight Ranamon!)

Jake and Scott had woken up a little bit after Ali "Hey Jake, remember back when we were kids and you had to move away?" Scott asked as he looked up at Jake "Ya, i do...i remember it like it was yesterday...i felt really bad after i hit ya...but you wernt gonna let me move like my parents said..." Jake said as he stuck out his hand "Friends again?" Jake asked "Of course!" Scott said as he did his handshake with Jake. Then Jake and Scott heard Ally muttering something: "I do have...friends..." Ally muttered "Ally!" Scott and Jake said together as they ran over to wake her up "Ally! we're here! Ally! wake up!" Scott said as he was gentaly shaking Ally.

November 3rd, 2003, 3:41 PM
(The no friends part Sapphire, it reminds me of Digimon season 4 when Zoe gets that poison or whatever and she has to fight Ranamon!)
I remember that! It was soo sad, ranamon went bye-bye! she was my favorite character...and everbody says I look like zoe to....grr.g...rrr...Thats probably where i got it from! ^^;
Ally could hear more voices, it sounded familiar...but she couldn't think of who it was 0_0. "huh? huh? who....?....S...ccoott?" She barely managed to say. She didn't know if it was him or if he could even hear her. "Im coming!" She was still running. "Im coming! Your my friend? you are my friend right?" She was very confused.

November 3rd, 2003, 4:05 PM
Scott looked around and thought of only one thing to do...he grabbed Allys Mudkip Pokeball and released it "Mudkip sprinkle some water on Allys face to wake her up!" Scott said hoping for Mudkip to listen to him...instead he got a full blown water gun in the face "You MORON MUDKIP!" Scott yelled at Mudkip "C'Mon its not for me...its for Ally, please?" Scott said and Mudkip drizzled a little bit of water on Allys face.

November 3rd, 2003, 4:15 PM
Ally could feel something on her face, suddenly she felt better. She got up and hugged Scott tightly (eh...) "Im soo scared!" She told him. " Your my friend...right? You'll protect me from whatever it is right?" She was very worried.

November 3rd, 2003, 4:29 PM
Scott blushed alot when Ally hugged him "Well...um ya Ally! of course im your friend! and no matter what we will get back home!" Scott said gently as he looked at Allys face "well you scared me Ally! i thought something bad was gonna hapen to you!" Scott said as he looked at Jake who was looking at an old picture of him, Ally and Scott "remember this?" Jake asked as he showed it to the two.

November 3rd, 2003, 4:33 PM
oh, Ally was friends with Jake too!
Ally thought for a moment..."Ya, didn't he move? " she looked at the picture to Jake, and back to the picture. "Hey, Jake thats you!" She went and hugged him to! (she likes hugs!) "Its so great to see you again! In my nightmare...I had no friends..it was soo scary!" She went and sat down again. "Im just so glad you guys are here." She looked happily at Scott and Jake.

November 3rd, 2003, 6:23 PM
Yes, because if Scott and Ally are neibors and Scott and Jake were friends then Ally i guess had to know Jake!
"Ya Ally its me! i guess iv changed a bit since you guys last saw me!" Jake said as he looked at himself "We last saw eachother when we were what...7? 8? yeah its been a long time! too long if ya ask me." Jake said as his smile disapeared as he realized something "Oh no! wheres Ali!?" Jake said as he ran outside "ALI!!!" Jake yelled...but no response "We have to go look for him!" Scott said as he grapped his red sweatshirt and put it over his white tank-top.

November 4th, 2003, 3:05 PM
I knew that! ^^;
Ally looked around, she didn't see Ali either, when she ran outside she noticed that the fire was still going. I have to try to put that fire out! I have a few water pokemon, two...but. I can do it! She reassured herself. "Go, Lileep! Silcoon! Zane, Petals (the bulbasaur) and Mudkip!" she took them out and led them to some land that was on fire, The flames were hard to see through, so ally stayed where she was. She commaned Lileep and Mudkip for water gun, and for the rest, simply throw dirt. She herself tried to help. These Flames...are scorching hot! eehhk I can hardly see. She coughed. I'll be alright....As she tried to put out some section of the fire, It became very very hard to see. She could barely breathe. As if she were giving up, she fell to the ground. Out cold.
"Is she up? Is she okay?" Some voices said. "Yes, Yes, She'll be alright. Now, let her sleep." Yet another voice said. Tired, Ally opened her eyes. She looked around. Where....am I? ....I'm in the hospital?! eehhk! one place I never ever ever want to be! . "What happened?" She asked. The nurse turned, she had a nurse's outfit on with her brown hair swept in a ponytail. "Why, you are up, my dear." Her voice was kind and gentle. "You're in the hospital near Oldale Town. You were trying to put out that fire?" She asked, but more like a satement. "Youre lucky, your pokemon helped us find you. your clothes were burned, almost to a crisp!" Ally looked at the nurse. "Ya, mean. Ive got no clothes? eehhk! And were my friends visiting!" "No, No, you're in a pair of pajamas!" The nurse said, leaving. "You can find a pair of clothes in this closet." She closed the door, leaving Ally alone. She went and looked at some clothes. There were new and old clothes. Short, and big clothes. ahh. she thought as she found a simple white shirt. This'll look great with these jeans. and with a ponytail, I'll make it a match! ^^ she changed. Thought she looked good, and sat on her bed...bored....When she got up and started to admire herself in the mirror. "This is one of the cutest outfits~ so much for looking like a pokemon-version girl..oh well, this shal do." She left her room to find her friends.

I think that was somewhat long! ^^; I needed a dramatic scene!

November 5th, 2003, 8:48 PM
Scott had tears in his eyes...He was sitting outside of Allys door the whole night waiting for Ally to wake up...he went into Allys room to check on her at least 20 times! "Ally! y-your up!" Scott said as he whiped tears from his eyes "After you collapsed we went to check on you and you were gone! we were so worried, then about 5 minutes after you disappered we got a phone message and Me and Jake ran to the hospital to see you! but..." Scott said as he looked down at Torch "We didnt find Ali...He might be at the Pokemon Center...but i havnt been back at the Pokemon Center since you fainted..." Scott finished as he blushed and looked away from Ally for 2 reasons 1: he had tears in his eyes. 2: He didnt want Ally to see him blushing! Jake came back with a hamburger in one hand and a pop in the other "The food here is GREAT!" Jake said as he looked at Ally and Scott with his face all red "Well arnt ya gonna kiss her?" Jake said as he took a big drink of pop.

November 6th, 2003, 2:04 PM
Ally almost felt faint again, Why did Jake say that? I mean, well...um...She just stared into space..."uh....um....eh...he..." She just couldn't say anything!

November 6th, 2003, 6:06 PM
Scott turned like beat red "WHAT!? YOU IMMATURE LITTLE FREAK!!!" Scott yelled at Jake "But...you said you...-" Jake began but Scott ran over and covered his mouth quickly "Um....Jake was saying how much i like my outfit...wernt ya Jake!?" Scott said as he looked down at Jake and Jake shook his head no "Yusidyuwantdisser!" Jake mumbled loudly....

November 7th, 2003, 1:26 PM
Ally couldn't help but giggle. "Gosh, Scott, Jake..this is actually...well...um kinda funny! ^^ when ya look at it in a certain way!" Ally said. "Just let Jake talk Scott! I wanna hear what he has to say." She said narrowing her eyes.

November 8th, 2003, 8:46 AM
Scott looked very unpleased but he let Jake go and ran to the Cafeteria "Ill be back in an hour or two!!!" Scott said as he ran off and Jake stood up and looked at Ally "Well, Scott...Scott likes you alot Ally and i just dont mean friend he really really likes you Ally!" Jake said as he waited for Ally to reply.

November 8th, 2003, 2:34 PM
Ally could feel herself blushing. "...this is very....erm....sudden. Very very sudden...when did he tell you all this?" She couldn't help but ask.

November 8th, 2003, 2:46 PM
Scott was in the cafeteria when he let out Sonic and Treecko "What am i gonna do?" Scott asked as he grabbed a piece of pizza and some pop and sat down in a table "Tree! Cko Cko!" Treecko shouted as he ran up on Scotts lap and Sonic flew and landed on Scotts head "Well maybe...maybe she feels the...the same..." Scott said as he looked down blankly at the table.

Jake was having tons of fun telling Ally about Scotts feelings "He told me a long time ago Ally! he said hes always liked you and he always will! when me and him are alone, he dont shut up about you!" Jake said as he walked down the hall "So are we headin to Rustboro? when you were unconsience the fire was put out!" Jake said as he continued to walk down the hall.

November 8th, 2003, 2:49 PM
Ally stared blankly at Jake, then looked to the floor. "Well, I guess...I like Scott in a different way to...Well, thanks. for tellin me." She started out the door. "Lets go get Scott, and um...ya..."

November 8th, 2003, 3:17 PM
Scott was drinking his pop when Jake tapped him on the shoulder and he spat his pop out in his face "Thanks..." Jake said sarcastically "Oh, sorry bout that!" Scott said as an anime sweatdrop ran down the side of his face when Ally came "uh, oh..." Scott said as he hid under the table.

November 8th, 2003, 3:21 PM
Ally thought that was kinda cute Aw, he must really care! "Hi, Scott, you can come out from there." She said, tugging on his sleeve. "Jake, well...he told me...stuff." She didn't really know what to say. " Well...um...just come out." She told him. She hesitated a bit then told him about what Jake said and that she kinda felt the same way to.

November 8th, 2003, 3:33 PM
Scott turned really red and he knew he was blushing a lot "Well...um ya! lets head out to Rustboro! were in Petalburg now...so its that way!" Scott said as he pointed outside when someone came up from behind Scott and tapped him on the shoulder, he quickly turned to see Mays face "Oh, Hi May!" Scott said as he saw a guy about the same age as Scott walk in from the Cafeteria, he had a Pikachu on his shoulder...Ash!

November 8th, 2003, 3:57 PM
Ally squealed. "Ash! I- mean, Ash, can I have your autograph?" She said excitedly, holding out a pencil and paper. "I alwyas played- wtached you on TV, its great to meet ya! and May, how are you and Torchic?"

November 8th, 2003, 6:24 PM
"Shes gonna make a fool of us...or herself..." Jake whisperd in Scotts ear "yep." Scott said and he saw that Ash was looking at Torch "Hi! so you have a Charmander?" Ash asked as he looked up at Scott "Um...erm ya!" Scott said as he walked over to Ash "So Hows Treecko?" Scott asked "What Treecko?" Ash asked blankly.

November 8th, 2003, 6:31 PM
"Scott!" Ally yelled. "Um..erm..sry Ash, my friend here, thinks you have a Treecko, he's a bit..well..um..dumb." Ally said trying to make sure no one got any ideas. "Lets...erm..well, we have to be going." Ally said hurrying Scott and Jake out. "See ya later Ash. and May." as soon as they got out. "sry bout that Scott, i didn't mean it. I just had to say something!" She then hurried back in and when she came out, "I forgot my autograph!" When she saw their blank faces she said. "Hey, its not my fault! He's awesome! Ash is my favorite pokemon character."

November 8th, 2003, 9:57 PM
Scott put his hands behind his head "Well i dont think we scared him too much back there!" Scott said as May and Ash came running out towards the 3 "Hi!" Ash said enthusiastically "Hi?" Jake said "Well, he wants to know if we can come with you!" May said and Scott, Ally, and Jake all huddled "This will probably really screw up the story!" Jake whispered "Ya, but what should we do!?" Scott asked drastically "Ally, you decide!" Scott whispered.

November 9th, 2003, 8:38 AM
Ally thought If they did, we would probably screw up the story, yet again, this is something I wouldn't want to miss. "Well.." She came to a dicesion. "Sure, I guess. and We could all help eachother out and everything! ^^ I think its a good Idea." She said happily.

November 9th, 2003, 9:25 AM
"What about Brock and Max?" Scott whispered in Allys ear when he saw a huge forest up ahead "Is this Petalburg forest!?" Scott said as he looked up at the giant trees "Wow! this is cool!" Ash said as he saw a Tailow and as he was trying to catch it Scott went into the woods without anyone seeing him and there in the distance was a Haunter...a really strong looking Haunter "oh, no..." Scott said as he let out Sonic and Torch "Sonic use Confuse Ray! Torch use Flamethrower!" Scott said as the two unleashed a fury of attacks on the Haunter "Haunter! Haunter! Haunt Haunt!" The Haunter yelled in pain as it used Nightshade on Sonic and he fell to the ground "SONIC!!!" Scott yelled desperiatally as he let out Treecko and Dratini to help "Dratini use Thunder Wave! Treecko use Absorb!" Scott said as Dratini paralyzed Haunter and Treecko pratically absorbed the rest of Haunters energy "Pokeball, GO!" Scott said as he threw one of his Pokeballs, shook once...twice...and stopped! "YES! I caught Haunter!!!" Scott said as he picked up his Pokeball and suddenly saw about 20 Gastly coming at him..."AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Scott yelled as his friends came to see what happened. Then Scott fell to the ground...

(Hey Where did you go Raichu Tamer? your a big part of this RPG!)

November 10th, 2003, 11:04 AM
"Hu! Scott?!" Ally screached. "Go, Silcoon!" She said as the Gastly came closer; "Now, try String Shot! Scott, Scott, are you okay?" She asked him. She looked back up, Silcoon was losing the fight. "Go, Torchic!" May yelled. "Um...wait...attacks...ember?!" she commanded. "Pikachu, ThunderBolt!" Ash said. "And, for the finishing touch," Ally said. "Silcoon, use a strong stringshot! and send 'em back where they came from!" With the attacks one after another, soon the Gastly went away, When Silcoon started to glow, it was evolving. "Wow, its...a...Beautifly! ^^" ally jumped up and down. Then she looked back at Scott, "Come'on buddy. wake up."

November 10th, 2003, 8:09 PM
Scott slowly opened his eyes the second he saw someone was there he quickly sat up and gave Ally a huge hug...then about 2 seconds later he realized what he was doing and quickly jupmed to his feet. "Well...um...thanks Ally, Ash, May! Those Gastly probably wanted thier leader back! ^_^;" Scott said as he released the Haunter "HAUNTER!!!" The Haunter yelled as he hit Scott over the head with a stick "YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE!" Scott said then saw Haunter go back into his ball "Kinda reminds me of the Haunter i used to have!" Ash said as he walked up to Scott and Ally.

November 11th, 2003, 9:12 AM
Ally nodded, "That's right, when you were trying to defeat Sabrina. I remember that, it was a re-run a few weeks-" She quickly shut her mouth. "Ya, you had one when you were defeating Sabrina...^^;" Ash looked at her in concern. "How do you know that? Who has been telling you all these things?" Ally looked around, tryign to find a distraction. "Well," She said getting off the subject." Lets just get to whrere were supposed to be We're on the road to the next city!" She said, letting all of her pokemon out.

November 11th, 2003, 9:16 AM
"Misty told us!" Scott said out loud as he was letting out his Pokemon "Ya! we saw her in Cerulean and talked to her!" Scott said as he kept a close eye out for Haunter "What the!?" Scott said as he saw what looked like a Magma or Aqua member trying to get a man to hand something over "Let's go check it out!" Jake said as he walked slowly up to the man.

November 11th, 2003, 9:19 AM
All swung back around. "Hey, what if...ya don't think they're deadly or anything. right?" She shook her head. Why do I think that? "Never mind. Lets go, Beautifly, keep ahead and make sure they don't get away!" She commanded. "Beau! fly fly!" Beautifly agreed.

November 11th, 2003, 4:19 PM
"Zubat, and Haunter go with Buetifly!" Scott said as the three Pokemon flew over to where the Aqua/Magma member was "Hey Ally do you think thats the man from Devon?" Scott asked as the group crept closer to see who the man was...Ali...

November 12th, 2003, 2:19 PM
Ally looked, hey, that is...Ali.. She simled and went over. "Beautifly, Sleep powder!" She commanded. "Ali, Ali, ARe you okay?" She asked him.

November 12th, 2003, 6:33 PM
Ali just looked at Ally blankly clearly he had no idea who she was "Hey! Ali! its us!" Scott said as he patted Ali on the back but all Ali did was punch him. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" Jake yelled as he got prepared to throw a punch.

November 13th, 2003, 3:17 PM
Ally got right between the two. "Stop guys!" She said reassuringly. "Um....are you Ali? ^^;" She asked.

November 13th, 2003, 8:00 PM
"Ali" just stood there and stared at the group "I...wait...who are you?" "Ali" said but it wasnt Ali he looked alot like Ali, but it wasnt him "Where is Ali anyway!?" Jake asked all of a sudden "Whos Ali?" Ash asked.

November 14th, 2003, 3:37 PM
That's right, Ash never met Ali. "Well, we were traveling with him for a while." she looked back at the person (yes, person! fwwaahahaah! okay, im done now.) "Um, who are you? obviously your not who we thought you were. ^^;

November 15th, 2003, 1:22 PM
The kid looked at Ally and said "My names Wally!" he said and released his a Ralts from his Pokeball "This is my Ralts! im from Petalburg! where are you frome?" Wally asked "Hey! your Wally from the gam..." Jake began but got hit in the head by Scott "Shut up!" Scott said as he looked back at Wally "Hi! im from...uh...erm...Littleroot! yeah thats it!" Scott said as he looked back at Ally, Jake, May, and Ash

Okay people were re-opening the characters! if anybody wants to join the biggest RP so far on PC just post who you are! you can be from the real world or Hoenn/Johto/Kanto! Have fun! ^^

November 15th, 2003, 6:28 PM
Well, I hope more people come..and if you do, you have to sign a contract! (heehe )

"Hi, Wally. nice Ralts ya got there." She said thinking of something to say. "Sorry, we thought you were our friend Ali. so...um..ya.."She didnt know what else to say.

November 15th, 2003, 10:23 PM
Wally then saw something hanging from Jakes backpack "What is this thing?" Wally asked, what Jake had was his GBA hanging out of his backpack "Thats my...erm...flashlight!" ^_^; Jake said "Your flashlight?" Wally asked "Its the funniest looking Flashlight iv ever seen!" Wally finished as the group walked out into Rustboro.

November 16th, 2003, 1:30 PM
:'( I think if we dont get any knew participants Sapphire and I are gonna have to do this RP by ourselves...you guys sure you dont wanna join? Its gonna be fun! so please join guys!

November 16th, 2003, 2:57 PM

and it was so great in the beggining....

"Jake, maybe you should try putting your stuff in properly?" Ally said. "I mean, I dont want anybody knowing anything!" She said as they continued walking.

this RP is starting to slow down...-_- and we havent even gotten to a gym....yet..

November 16th, 2003, 3:07 PM
Maybe we should quit it...no! we are going to get through this RP!
"We're here!" Scott said as he looked around the town "Should we head to the gym first you guys?" Scott asked as he admired the huge city.

November 16th, 2003, 5:11 PM
Oh...no! we cant quit! maybe this should turn into a fic or something?
"Well, I have seen bigger cities, but this place is nice" She said. "Lets head to the center shall we? hey, Scott, do ya think your uncle would have fixed-"She stopped while she was ahead.

November 16th, 2003, 6:55 PM
Im to lazy to do fan-fics!
"Um...ya my Uncle fixed that pokeball! yeah!" Scott said to get himself out of another explanation!
back at the lab...

"I can talk to them now!" Jim yelled in success when suddenly he noticed something truly horrible "Oh no...THE KIDS!!! iv just encountered a virus!!!" Jim yelled and he found where it was hiding...in a Pokemon...5 different Pokemon "Iv found out what the virus took over!" Jim said "It took over these Pokemon: Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Deoxys, and...Rayquaza...." Jim said coldly "I have to warn the kids immediatly!!!" Jim said as he rushed over to the microphone...

November 17th, 2003, 1:56 PM
Ally thought she heard something. "Hey, does anyone hear anything? I swear.." She looked around but didnt see anything.

Well, WE CANT CLOSE the RP down! what do you think?

November 17th, 2003, 4:04 PM
All of a sudden a large booming noise came out a nowhere "Hello guys!" Jim said "Is that Jim?" Scott asked "It sounds like it!" Jake replied as he tried to find where it was coming from "So how are you doing?" Jim asked but apparently Jake, Ally, and Scott were the only ones who could here him "Well! How do we get back HOME!?" Scott yelled at the sky "Hey...Is he alright?" Ash asked with a sweatdrop "sssshhhh!" Jake said putting his fingure over his lips "Remember...you have to compete in the Hoenn leage Tournament to get home!" Jim said "And...i have some serious news..." Jim began "There is a virus in the game...its tooken over 5 Pokemon..." Jim said "Well what ones!?" Jake asked furiously "Um...Regirock...Regice...Registeel...Deoxys...and Rayquaza." Jim said "WHAT!? THOSE ARE SOME OF THE TOUGHEST LEGENDARYS EVER!!!" Scott yelled when Jim began to break up "Be careful and...dont...get...yourselves...killed!...I'll talk...to...you...soon!" Jim said as they lost the signal...

November 17th, 2003, 5:47 PM
A blank face fell upon to Ally's face. "A..virus? 'dont get killed.' Oh great! more things to worry about!" She sighed. "Well, shall we um...go to the pokemon center or something?" She asked.

Well, WHAT are we going to do with the RP? we can't abandon it! we have to like recruit!

November 17th, 2003, 7:34 PM
Ill ask Andy if i can post something in other chat like "Help keep the biggest RP in PC going! join Pokemon Dimension!"

November 18th, 2003, 3:47 PM
that could be an idea....

November 18th, 2003, 7:08 PM
Well ill ask!
"Um...Jim i think was just being funny!...i hope..." Scott said, what Jim said made Scott a little uneasy 'Dont get yourselves killed!' "but this was a game...right, how could we get hurt!" Scott thought to himself and finally said "Im headin over to the gym!" Scott said "Great ill come with you!" Jake said as he tagged along with Scott.

November 20th, 2003, 3:29 PM
Ally sighed. "I'll come. Someone has to cheer you on...you know, he is pretty strong...You might lose." She said. "Well, we should go. no matter..." She follwoed along.

November 20th, 2003, 7:16 PM
"Well i guess we're goin different ways." Ash said "So i guess me, May, and Wally will see you guys later! its been fun travelin with ya!" Ash said as Ash May and Wally walked off "Well that was fun while it lasted!" Jake said as they entered the gym "Hey Ally, Jake are you guys going to challenge Roxanne too?" Scott asked "Im not!" Jake said as Scott turned to Ally "Maybe. I dont know yet." Ally said as they entered the gym.

"I challenge Roxanne to a gym battle!" Scott yelled "Oh you do? do you? Okay cutie im Roxanne and we'll have a two on two match!" Roxanne said as she stepped onto the gym leaders area "A...two on two match?" Scott asked unsure "Yes! ill use two to battle and so will you!" Roxanne said as she winked at him "Shes got the hots for ya." Jake whispered as Ally elbowed him "Sorry!" ^_^; Jake said "Well ill choose Nosepass and Geodude!" Roxanne yelled as she realeased the two Pokemon "Then ill choose, Torch and Treecko!" Scott yelled as his two Pokemon went into battle.
"Nosepass use Rock Tomb! Geodude, use Magnitude!!!" Roxanne yelled as Treecko was shacken and Torch was surrounded by boulders "Great." Scott said sarcastically "Treecko use leafblade! Torch use Rage!" Scott said as Treecko quickly knocked out Geodude "fine then...Nospass use rollout on Treecko!" Roxanne said as Nosepass knocked Treecko out "So i guess its a showdown between Torch and Nosepass, eh?" Scott said "Yes silly!" Roxanne said as she winked at him.
"Torch use Flamethrower!" Scott said "Nosepass jump and use seismic toss!" Roxanne said as Nosepass jumped up and grabbed Torch by the tail and swong him around and made him soar into a wall "TORCH!!!" Scott said as he saw Torch slowly get up "Its okay Torch we can come back and fight again!" Scott said but Torch shook his head...and began glowing...He was evolving! "What the!?" Scott yelled as Torch evolved into Charmeleon! "Torch use Fire Blast!" Scott said as Torch let out an Enferno of fire on Nosspass. When the smoke cleared...Nosepass had fainted and Torch won! "Torch and Scott are the winners!" The referee said as he waved his green flag "Well i guess i need to give you this then!" Roxanne said as she handed him a badge "Well take care Scott! i belive you'll win the Hoenn league!" Roxanne said as Scott gave Torch a huge hug "We won!" Scott said extactically!

(wow! check out that post!)

November 21st, 2003, 4:54 PM
"hmph...flirt.." Ally said under her breath. When Scott won she ran to him. "That was awesome! ^^ I tought you would lose!" She gave scott a hug -^^- Roxanne, My turn." She said confidently. I'll choose Lileep and Silcoon. Silcoon will probably evolve....its pretty strong! And...It'll be kinda embarrasing if i lose..."Okay, girly." She said even more confidently. Ally had the urge to win. "Well, I'll use my other Nosepass and a Geodude." She threw them out. "Well, Lileep! Silcoon! Go!" She said as she released them. "Come'on guys. win this ofr me. and yourself! ^^ good luck" She said highering her voice so everyone could here." Show 'em what ya got! and have fun!" "Rock Tomb! Rock Throw!" Roxanne commanded. Lileep got one of the blows, and was almost knocked out. Silcoon kept hardening no matter how much Ally commanded -__-; "Silcoon! Try poison sting-" A sudden rock tomb knocked Silcoon out. "AAk...well, Lileep, Water gun!" She commanded, wanting to win. "Geodude, once more, Rock throw!" Roxanne yelled, and knocked out Lileep....Ally had lost. A blank expression appeared on her face.."Defeated...the first time...did this happen in my game?" She wanted to cry. I bet I look really pathetic right now...I should have trained more! WHY? why? I thought roxanne would be tired out..She wiped tears in her eyes. "I'm...gonna go heal my pokemon right now.." She said as she got her pokemon together and ran to the pokemon center. When they were healed she ran, some more. "Im being so pathetic...its sad! But, I can't go back.." She went into the woods and started to train her pokemon some more. when she noticed another pokemon. "Shroomish. Let's see....Silcoon, poison sting." Shroomish nearly dodged the blow, when the tiny battle was done, Shroomish was then caught. and to her surprise, Silcoon evolved! "Beautifly! ^^ Perfect. Training is complete!" Happy, she remembered she had left her friends back at the gym. "It's been a few hours...I wonder if they're looking for me..." She looked at her bag. "Hey....I still have.." She went into her bag and dug out her Dark Magician Girl outfit! ( hehehehehe ) "Here is something I haven't worn.." She put it on and sat treating her pokemon with berries. Happier, she decided to stay a while longer, than go back to the gym.

okay...from short posts to long posts.....hm...

November 21st, 2003, 5:18 PM
Scott and Jake were wandering the now lite town of Rustoboro "This place is awesome at night!" Jake said as he saw a pizza place called "Blaziken Pizza" with a picture of a Blaziken on the sign "Lets go!" Scott said as the two ran in and stuffed themselves with pizza while they watched the Hoenn League on the TV "Wow! this Hoenn league is just like the Silver Conference and the Indigo League!" Jake said as they watched the battle on the TV.

November 21st, 2003, 5:34 PM
"Okay, Its dark now..." Ally said going back towards the suburbs. When she found the guys, she walked up to them. "Hey guys! how are you? Sorry I ran off like that! ^^; I guess...I was just embarressed..." Then she saw they're confused looks on their faces.

November 21st, 2003, 7:13 PM
"Its okay Ally! in the morinin we can go face off with Roxanne again! or we can head out to see Mr. Briny and save Peecko!" Scott said reusuringly "But first we need to take down Roxanne then head out to the beachy Dewford!" Jake said imagining all the girls on the beach "Aaahhhh..." Jake said as he suck in his chair "Well, should we head to the Pokemon Center?" Scott asked "Yeah!" Jake and Ally replied.
The now group of 3 walked on when they saw a kid running down the street, he looked about 7-9 and he was running from a playful little Numel "HELP MMMEEEEE!!!" The kid yelled as he barreld down the street "Hey! hey! can you help me!?" The kid asked desperatly as the little Numel came up and rubbed his head on the kids side "AAAAHHHHH!!! Its gonna eat me!!!" the kid said as he ran around the group "Man this kids pathetic!" Jake whispered in Scotts ear "hmm mmm.." Scott replied as he took out a pokeball "Go Takua!" Jake said as he released his Makuhita "Takua, use Vital throw...but dont hurt Numel that much!" Jake yelled as Takua gentaly threw Numel just so its HP went down a little "Wanna do the honors?" Jake asked as he gave the kid a Pokeball "Uh...yeah! sure!" The kid said as he chucked the Pokeball at Numel...it shook once...twice...stopped! "Wow! i caught a Pokemon!" The kid said as he handed back the ball to Jake "No, you keep him! you caught him!" Jake said as he pushed the ball back towards the kid "Wow! thanks!" the kid said "So, whats your name anyway?" Scott asked "Im Tommy!" Tommy replied (he was dressed almost exactly like the Tommy from Season 4 of Digimon) "So...um...can i come along with you guys? i was gonna go travel around anyways! so...can i come with?" Tommy asked "Sure!" the group said "Wow! thanks!" Tommy said as he released his Pokemon "Go Numel!" Tommy said as the Numel came out and rubbed his head against Tommy again "Wow! another person to travel around with!" Scott said as they walked to the Pokemon Center.

(Okay now me and Sapphire can control every character, if thats alright with her. or she can have Ally and Tommy...or something!)

November 21st, 2003, 9:16 PM
*turns evil* Coontroool!!!!!!! erm...

Ally seemed happier. "Okay, Tommy. That's your name. I got that. I'm Ally, ya...hey," She said turning back to Jake and Scott. "Do ya think we should like, tell his parents or something? ya now?"

November 21st, 2003, 9:44 PM
"This kid seems like hes only like 8 or somthin...so ya ill give em a phone call! ^_^;" Scott said as they entered the warm and cozy Pokemon Center "Wow theres like 5 trainers here tonight!" Jake said as he saw a cute girl and went to strike up a confersation "Well Tommy, give me your phone number and ill call your parents!" Scott said "Its 57321-1068!" Tommy said as Scott dialed the number "Hello?" a tall man asked "Daddy!" Tommy said "Oh, Hello Tommy! and whos this?" Daddy asked "This is my friends Scott, Ally, and Jake!" Tommy said as his Mother entered the image on the video phone "Hello Tommy!" Mommy said "Guess what! i caught a Pokemon!" Tommy said as he released his Numel "Wow! a Numel what a find!" Daddy said "Um...can...i erm...travel around with these guys?" Tommy asked "Of coarse son! but keep in touch!" Mommy said "Okay! i love you guys!" Tommy said "We love you too Tommy!" The parents said together "Well i get to come with you guys!" Tommy said excidedly (as Jake still tries to get a date with a the girl)

November 21st, 2003, 10:04 PM
Ally giggled. She thought it was funny the way Jake acted to that girl. She turned back to Tommy. "Well then. Now that we have a real kid who knows what he's doing with us. Their is no way we should get lost!" She then went up and healed her pokemon. "hey," Tommy asked. "How do you do that?" "Well," Ally answered, "I give my pokeballs to nurse joy, she puts them in that little machine and they are healed." She said to him and put her pokemon back. She looked outside. "It's getting late. Let's get to bed?" She asked Tommy, he was the smallest and need sleep (haha I need sleep!) "Come on." She picked Tommy up and put him on the couch. "You get to sleep, and I'l get the others, Scott! Jake! It's late, we should be getting to bed!" She yelled to them as she got on another couch. Tommorow, in my re-match, I'm gonna defeat Roxanne. I will. She told herself as she fell asleep.

November 23rd, 2003, 4:44 PM
Jake came back with his face soaking wet "What hapened to you!?" Scott asked "You dont wanna know...believe me..." Jake replied as he wiped his face off on his shirt "Well night guys!" Scott said as the newly evolved Torch curreled up beside him 'Im rooting for ya Ally...please win tommorow...' Scott said as he drifted off to sleep.

November 23rd, 2003, 5:20 PM
I wonder waht happened to Jake? Oh well, I'll find out later..Alle said as she dirfted off to sleep. In the morning Ally woke everybody up. "COme one you guys! Im gonna battle Roxanne now! " Ally said. When they arrived at the Gym, it was pretty early (like 7!) "Whaayyt?" Roxanne said in her pajamas as she opened her door. "Im gonna battle you, AGAIN!" Ally demanded. A smirk appeared on Roxannes face. "Well, Sure. Okay. I'll treat you all to breakfast after, no matter who wins?" When They arrived at the scene Ally chose Lileep and Beautifly once again. "Nosepass! Geodude! both, Rockthrow!" Roxanne comanded. "Lileep, Dodge, Beautifly, Poison Sting! Wait! now, Whirlwind!" Ally changed attacks. This time, she won. "Yippeee! ^^" Ally jumped up and down. "I won you guys!" She smiled happily, and hugged Scott. "Now," Roxanne said handing her the badge. "Breakfast?"

November 23rd, 2003, 6:25 PM
Roxanne brought 4 plates of cramed packed food and a huge plate of Pokemon food for all their Pokemon "That was an exciting battle Ally!" Roxanne said with a smile "Well, you should head to Dewford town next! thats where Brawly lives!" Roxanne said when suddenly 2 Team Magma grunts emerged threw the doors "Give us your Pokemon Roxanne!" One of them demaned "No Blake! i already told you! you wont kidnap my Pokemon just to get a date with me!" Roxanne said as both of them put all the Pokemon in a cage and tied everyone up "Thanks for the generous donation twerps!" Blake said as he walked out the door, when suddenly a tall young man with a cloak and a hood on (covering his face) jumped in through an open window with a Makuhita by his side...by the looks of it the young man had blue hair and some shorts on "Give Roxannes Pokemon back or else!" The young man demanded "Whatcha gonna do make your Makuhita sand us to death?" Blake laughed "Fine then...Makuhita use Seismic Toss!" The young man called as Makuhita grabbed Blake and his partner and chucked them about 40 feet out the window...then the young man and his Makuhita turned to face the group.

(The young man is Brawly, just so ya know!)

November 24th, 2003, 2:41 PM
"You guys okay?" The young man said as he untied them. "That was so brave!" Ally told him. "Ya, it sure was." Roxanne said agreaing. "Let me see, you want to battle me?" She asked the man. He smiled. "No, I was following these people. From Dewford." He added, Ally turned to Scott and Jake. "That's where we have to go next, maybe he can take us there! ^-^ and....he's kinda cute~" Ally told them..."Well, anything I can do for the rest of you?" Roxanne asked. "Or, how about you?" She asked the man.

November 24th, 2003, 3:35 PM
Roxanne looked into the young mans eyes and recognized him "BRA..." Roxanne began but then Brawly covered her mouth "Sorry Roxanne but i dont want these kids to know who i am!" Brawly said as he released Roxanne "Okay kids! my buddy Mr. Briney can take us! he lives in a cabin near the enterence of the forest! so...lets go shall we?" Brawly asked as he returned Makuhita.

November 24th, 2003, 3:44 PM
"Sure! we will!..Right, guys?" Ally said. When they got to Mr.Briney's- 'KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK' Brawly knocked on the door. "hello?" an old man said. "oh, hello there,let me guess, you want a ride to somewhere?" The man asked. "Yes." Brawly said. "To dewford. Please. " He said. Mr.Briney thought for a moment.."HM..Sure. I will. Come on." He said signaling them all to his boat. "Oh, I must tell you, I hope you dont mind water-bird pokemon. Ive got a Wingull (I forgot its name! >_< ) "He said as everyone started on the boat. Once on, when it set sail, Ally let out Mudkip. "You can relax here. Its nice.." She said, when her Mudkip went into the water. "Dont worry, she's probably just going under to eat. But, there is a cetain plant only a few pokemon brave enough to try it. ( i made it up! ) it has a horrible stentch, and is hard-to-find. It wont kill your Mudkip. I dont know what It'll do. " He told her. Ally looked at the water. "Come on Mudkip. You'll come up! soon.." Brawly came over to her. "Don't worry, I bet your friends with it. It'll come up. Look!" He said, and out of the water, a Mudkip....a purple-ish Mudkip appeared. "AAHK! Mudkip?! Youre..a different color?!" She said as mudkip landed in her arms.." Oh well. youre back. Hey, guys! look at Mudkip here!" She told them.

November 24th, 2003, 3:52 PM
"Well it goes with your outfit now!" Jake said "Well well is your Wingulls name Peecko by any chance?" Scott asked "Why yes! how did you know?" Mr. Briney asked "Um...well my uncle lives in Petalburg and he told me about you and your Peecko!" Scott said ^_^; "Well we're about half way th....WHAT IS THAT!!!!???" Brawly yelled as he saw a tall bluish-clear Pokemon on an island...it was...Regice!!! It looked directly at the ship and shot out an Ice Beam strait for the boat...

November 24th, 2003, 4:02 PM

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ally screamed, she ran and squeezed Scott (ALL of my characters have! -^^- ) "THE VIRUSS!!!!!!" 'BOOM!' It hit. Ally was holding all of her pokemon tightly..Then...she saw a light....


The light Ally! dont go near it!

actually, I don't...think she's dead...

November 24th, 2003, 4:06 PM
The figure apperead to be Latias creating a barrier and then using Psychic, Latias moved the boat out of the way and directed through Regice back into the cave "That will only hold him for about a week!" Latias said as the boat sailed back on track towards Dewford "WAS THAT THE VIRUS!!!!!" Jake asked "Where...wheres Scott!?" Tommy asked and Scott was encased in a block of ice!

November 24th, 2003, 4:11 PM
"Oh my GOSH!" Ally said looking at Scott. She started to cry. "No! *sniffle sniffle* wh--hhhyy?! *tear sniffle sniffle* SCOTT!" She yelled. "Somone help him! that..that STUPID Pokemon! " She cried more *sniffle sniffle* please..someone...something..anything! please...help him... She thought.

November 24th, 2003, 4:15 PM
"Makuhita! go!" Jake called as his Pokemon came out "Use strength to break most of the ice! "Numel melt some away too!" Tommy called...soon all the ice was gone...but Scott wouldnt respond...

November 24th, 2003, 4:20 PM
Ally wiped away her tears. "At least he won't freeze anymore. Go, All of my pokemon.!" Her Lileep, Beautifly, Mudkip, Zangoose, and Bulbasaur (thats..all? ) "Well, I guess I dont really need you but stay alert for anything." She said. "Tommy, get something warm. like soup, we do have soup?" She demanded. Tommy went to get Soup. "You, um..I don't know your name, but do ya know if he'll be alright?" She asked Brawly. "I'll. try." He said. "And Jake, um...go help Tommy and get a blanket." She went over to Scott. And held his hand. "It'll be okay..just you watch..And, don't worry. I'm here. I won't let anything else bad happen to you." She said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

November 24th, 2003, 4:26 PM
the tear landed on Scotts cheeck "Hes coming to." Brawly said as Scott slowly opened his eyes "I had the strangest dream...i was in Florida and it was -20 degrees." Scott said weakly with a weak smile on his face "Ally...get...out...Torch." Scott said pointing to his belt "He and Numel can...help keep you guys warm..." Scott said as he closed his eyes and feel back.

November 24th, 2003, 4:34 PM
Ally felt a little relieved." Okay," She reached for Torch. "Come'on out. Scott wants ya to keep us warm. but were gonna keep him warm. K?" Ally told him. Torch agreed. Tommy and Jake came back. "Here, some soup. and a blanket." JAke said. Brawly took the blanket and gave Ally the soup. "I know what Im doing." Brawly said as he put the blanket on Scott. " You'll have to...well...feed him..You know him better. " Brawly told her and went to get some more things. Ally was..erm...starteled. "I..what? oh..kay..Scott...Scott....are you..awake?" She asked him.

November 24th, 2003, 4:39 PM
"Ye...yes...Ally..." Scott said weekly has she put the spoon in Scotts mouth he slowly drank the soup "Tha...thank you Ally..." Scott said as he smiled weakly at her.

November 24th, 2003, 4:44 PM
This is kinda wierd...I mean, Scott's my friend...this just feels...wierd.She thought to herself. "You are welcome Scott. " She said. They were gettting Closer to Dewford. "Do you think he would need to go to the hospital>?" She asked Brawly. "I don't know." He said. "He might get better on the way." "Okay." ally sighed. "You'll get better Scott. trust me. Im sure your uncle wouldn't let...you........die." She told him as she looked up to the sky.

November 24th, 2003, 6:38 PM
"Ally..." Scott said as Ally looked at him "I...Ally...I...need...to...to tell...y...you something...i...i think...i think i love you." Scott said and he fell back asleep. they were about a mile from Dewfords harbor.

November 25th, 2003, 1:01 PM
Ally blushed. ...She looked around to see if anyone was there. "Don't worry Scott.." She toldd him. She looked, they were getting very close to Dewford. "Were landing on the Harbor!" Mr. Briney yelled. Ally was relieved. We could take him to a hospital or something. Scott will get better and He will win another badge! he is such a good trainer! "Come on. Lets go," Brawly said (I almost put she! ) "Okay." Ally agreed. "But, do you know where the gym leader is?" Brawly looked at her.

November 25th, 2003, 3:38 PM
Brawly was at a lose of words "Well The gym leaders...in...Slateport?" Brawly said as he looked around "Slateport? but the new said last night that Brawly was asking for more trainers to come to his gym! and it takes a couple hours to get to Slateport!" Tommy said "Well...erm...iv...gotta go see my brother...in...the Pokemon Center?" Brawly said as he jumped onto the harbor and dashed to the Pokemon Center "That was odd." Jake said

At the hospital:

"Well hes going to have to rest for the night but in the morning he should be better!" the doctor said as he walked down the wall with his clipboard "Oh, yes you can visit with Scott if you like!" The doctor said as he proceeded down the hall.

November 25th, 2003, 3:54 PM
Ally smiled. "I'll visit him right..." She started to run down the hall "Now!" She yelled out. When she reached Scotts room she opened the door and went in. "Hello there My dear friend Scott! ^.^" She smiled (I think she's a little...erm...hyper ) She got up around the room and reararanged things. "The good old doctor said you'd be fine. Isn't that great? Anyways, " She continued. " That one kid, he seemed..kinda suspicious to me. I wonder... he could be a virus! nah..he's to...nice, he just, knows to much. " She said. This is probably on of the stupidest conversations I have ever had. He probably doesn't care! She thought. "Well, Next time we run into a virus," she said putting her arms up. "I'm gonna take whatever it is one-on-one! They'll have to face my wrath!" She yelled out quickly settling down. "And once youre outa here, your gonna win the next badge!" She told him confidently.

November 25th, 2003, 4:02 PM
"Thanks for the support!" Scott said and looked away "Ally...what i said on the boat...ya gotta understand i was freezing to death and you were helpin me out and i guess i was a little dulushinal!" Scott said blushing a little "Oh no you wernt!" Jake said kneeling in the doorway "I heard ya loud and clear buddy!" Jake said as he gave him a patted him on the shoulder.

November 25th, 2003, 4:10 PM
Ally blushed too. "Hey-Jake! We were having a conversation! Well, anyways. "She said looking back at Scott. "Trust me," She winked. "Everyone tells the truth when the'yre in peril. " She said. Jake looked ready to laugh. "This is hillarious! I mean, first, Scott wants to kiss Ally (from when ally was in the hospital) And then, He says he loves Ally. And now he says he didn't mean it! This is great! " Jake said starting to laugh. "Well..that was MUCH!! "Ally yelled at Jake. she was blushing.

November 25th, 2003, 4:13 PM
Scott threw an ice cube at Jakes head "YOU IDIOT!!!" Scott said "This is better than a movie!" Jake said "Just go check on Tommy!" Scott yelled

later that night:

"Well i guess we can go now!" Scott said as he grabbed his backpack and pokeballs "Well should we stay at the Center tonight?" Scott asked.

November 25th, 2003, 4:18 PM
"Ya, thats a good idea. "Ally said,. "And scott, Im really glad your better." The entire walk to the pokemon center, Ally kept close to scott and when they got there.

November 25th, 2003, 4:24 PM
"I wonder where that guy went he said he was going to be here?" Scott asked as he looked around and say the cloaked guy and walked up to him "Hi there!" Scott said as he took of his cloak...it was Brawly! "What what what! Brawly? your the one who rescued us in the gym? helped us on the boat? you?" Scott asked "Well i guess my covers blown!" ^_^; Brawly said "Why were you hiding yourself?" Jake asked "Becasue i didnt want you guys to hold back on me in your gym match with me!" Brawly said as he got a cup of Chocoa.

November 25th, 2003, 4:34 PM
"Well, thats an excuse." Ally said while still being close to Scott. "Tommorow, we battle?" Brawly asked as he sipped some cocoa. "I will." Ally said. Brawly looked back. "Did you guys have any idea what that thing was attacking us back at the boat?" he asked.

November 25th, 2003, 4:38 PM
Scott got out his pokedex (he didnt want Brawly to think he knew what it was) "I think its this." Scott said showing brawly a picture of Regice "i think its a legendary...but its evil..." Scott said "Well im goin to bed!" Jake said "Theres like 3 bunkbeds so i think all 5 of us can be in one room!" Brawly said as Jake Tommy and Brawly all went upstairs...then Scott and Ally were left alone...

November 25th, 2003, 4:47 PM
..then Scott and Ally were left alone...

OoOOH! (i was dying to put that in!) *dies*

"Well...er.."Ally said.

And thats all she said!

November 25th, 2003, 4:51 PM
"Well...um..." Scott said as there faces kinda came closer and closer...and closer...

November 25th, 2003, 4:53 PM
and closer...

EEEEIII! ^^ excitement is building up!

November 25th, 2003, 4:55 PM
Scott looked at Ally, and Ally looked at Scott...and then they moved closer....