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Pokemon-Darkness Empire(PG-13)

In the start there was nothing but an egg. From that egg emerged a creature,the creature called itself Arceus. Arecus saw that there was nothing else but it,so it began a eight day process to create the earth. On the first day it made the earth,the second the sea. On the third day he created the air, the fourth found stars for the sky. On the fifth he made plants,on the sixth he made pokemon. On the seventh he created humans, and on the eighth he gatherd up the strongest and made them have their own atributes.

many years later

in the year 1003

One of the selected pokemon darkrai led a rebellion against arecus with other pokemon including,wevial,umbreon,murcrow,absol,cacturn,and many othr dark types. Arecus sensed this and combined the powers of 10 people and their pokemon and legendary mentors to seal darkrai and his minions in a small hut which later became a hut in canaval city no one is able to get into.Darkrai was angered that Arceus trapped him and his legion. Darkrai would not stop until he exacts his revenge. Darkrai came up with a plan but it would take many many years to complete.

many more years later

current day
Darkrai is realeased by a foolish Giratina who wants to serve darkrai.Arceus is angered though he is too tired from his last seal he put on the hut and inlists the help of 15 young trainers and send legendary's from all reigions to teach one of the young trainers to teach and help train for the battle with darkrai.

RP rules-read rules,no cussing,no spam,wait 5 min until next post,4 line minimum.Character Control is only allowed under permission of the Roleplayer due to abscense. If you are given Character Control permission, you must show proof.. No Godmodding.

sign up sheet:
Age:- (15 and up please.)
Appearance:- (be descriptive)
Pokemon:- (4 max.)
Ledgendary mentor (any but darkrai)

here's mine:Name;-Jake Anthony Ryan
Hometown/Region;-Sunnyshore City Sinnoh
Appearance;-Stands at about 5'9.Dark green eyes,emerald necklace,green stary Poketch,green jacket,green runing shoes with a red star at the botom,black belt,and green blue jeans with a pokeball on every pocket
Personality;-Hyperactive,loves to have fun,really cocky.
History;-Jake was born into a wealthy family in sunyshore city on febuary 14 and always got what he wanted and was always interested in contests and gym battles.As he grew older he Demanded a pokemon and on one fateful birthday he received a chimchar the second he saw it he named in Chimy,then he decided to compete in contests and gym battles,he wanted to start from sandgem town like most trainers.so when he got his license from Prof.Rowan he asked if he could have another companion so rowan gave him a an Eevee that just hatched. After winning the sinnoh he decided to traval on battle island.

Obtained From 11th birth day after demanding a pokemon
Personality arogant and can smell out trainers by their lust for battle
Moveset flame wheel,brick brake,close combat,thunder punch

Obtained obtained from Prof.Rowan and evolved in eterna forest
Personality;Cheery and never LEAVES the battle till the end
Moveset;Shadow ball,magical leaf,razor leaf and absorb

Ledgendary mentor:Arceus (hasn't met Arecus 'till sometime in the rp.)

EDIT:Plz join im only nine and im not a good speller

EDit you han have 2 profiles and romance

profile 2 for me: #2

Hometown/Region:-Lillycove hoenn
Ledgendary mentor- HO-OH

Personality:Usualy keeps to herself will protect her friends,enjoys reading,and loves her pokemon and will jump in the way of anything that could make anything worse than fainting
Pokemon:Umbreon shadow ball night shade hypnosis,shadow claw,Pachirasu,dis-charge spark,thunder volt tackle

(im not using my format cause i am uaing i profile from another site forgive me)

October 19th, 2007, 5:01 AM
Name;- Darxenius Inferno II
Nickname:- Darx
Age:- 17
Gender:- Male
Hometown/Region:- Fortree City, Hoenn
Appearance:- He is around 5'9 to 6'. He has piercing blood red eyes, a wolfshape pendant with a ruby around his neck. He has black fingerless gloves, a black hooded jacket over a white shirt, and black sneakers with a red flame design on the sides. He wears black baggy pants, and his pokeballs are in his jacket pockets.
Personality: Stubborn, sarcastic, slightly lazy, avoids unneciesary battles.
History: Darx was born into a poor family in Fortree City on July 13, his parents couldn't offer much as they could only afford food, shelter and clothing. He was slightly interested in gym battles, as he liked to think of better ways or stratagies to defeat an opponent. As he grew older he grew more interested in the pokemon and there abilities. While he was heading home on a stormy night, he found a young poochyena caught under a broken branch. Darx helped the poochyena and cared for it after that, making them the best of friends. He wanted poochyena to become stronger, so he decided that gym battles were the best solution. He headed off to Littleroot Town, where all new trainers in the Hoenn region were ment to start off. When he recieved his license from Prof. Birch, he wondered if he could have another companion so poochyena wouldn't get too lonely. Prof. Birch handed him a Mudkip that was left behind. After winning the Hoenn league he decided to try his luck in the Kanto and Johto league, where he won both and found Houndoom and Charizard.

Pokemon:- Mightyena
Obtained: from when he saved it when it was a poochyena
Personality: Stubborn and never gives up
Moveset: Crunch, Thief, Roar, Psych Up

Pokemon:- Swampert
Obtained: it was given to him by Prof. Birch when it was a Mudkip
Personality: Naive and tends to grab attention
Moveset: Earthquake, Take Down, Muddy Water, Blizzard

Pokemon:- Houndoom
Obtained: saved it from an abusive trainer when it was a Houndour
Moveset: Flamethrower, Faint Attack, Fire Blast, Rock Smash

Pokemon:- Charizard
Obtained: captured only to stop it from doing harm to itself and others.
Personality: Vicious and fights to win.
Moveset: Blast Burn, Outrage, Wing Attack, Belly Drum

Ledgendary mentor: Rayquaza

October 19th, 2007, 11:29 AM
ok accepted but just think of one groudon crassila any one really 'cept darkrai

October 19th, 2007, 3:55 PM
You spell better than my 11 year old brother.

Name: Momoshiro Osetaiku
Nickname: Momo, Taiku
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hometown/Region: Cherrygrove City, Johto.
Appearance: She has red and black-dyed hair, which weirdly represents her eyes which are red and black. She wears silk monk-like robes and white shoes. She wears a single glove with a picture of a blue, flaming skull on it, which she believes to have the powers of a Haunter, to seperate souls from their bodies. She also wears a fang-shaped necklace and is used as a good-luck charm. She doesn't use Pokeballs so her Pokemon are always outside.
Personality: She is very brave and strong. She is able to communicate with Pokemon much easier than humans though.
History: No recorded history known.

Pokemon: Absol (Shadow)
Obtained: Escaped from a lab in Hoenn and met in Ilex forest. The two became inseperable friends and worked together.
Personality: Very strong and brave; will protect everything it loves.
Moveset: Night Slash, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower
Legendary mentor: Celebi

October 20th, 2007, 6:22 PM
Okay, I thought of one, I'll edit my above post

October 21st, 2007, 7:07 PM
Name: Evan Kirabusa
Nickname: Evkay, Ev-kun
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hometown/Region: Dewford Town, Hoenn

Personality: curious, cheerful, and slightly oblivious to life outside the island
Appearance: Evan stands about 5'7 He has short dark green spikey hair that slopes down slightly covering his deep brown eyes. wears thick headphones most of the time around his neck with his music player in his pocket.He has lightly tanned skin and he wears a long sleeved baseball tee-shirt with white torso and black sleeves. he has brown cargo shorts reaching to about his knees and a thin pair of black flip flops. he carries his pokeballs on a pouch hanging from his waist.

History: Evan was born on February 4th in Dewford to a middle class fishing family and has never left the island before. Evan is not officially a pokemon trainer since he has never been to an actual pokemon lab to be certified. Evan spent his childhood days watching the Dewford gym challenges where he learned his battle skills, and wandering the island playing in Granite Cave. while exploring granite cave he met his best friend, an Aron that he proceeded to name... Aaron. although it is a small change, both Evan and Aron are very finicky about its name. One day while Evan and Aaron were out playing, a surprise hurricane swept Dewford town, and destroyed much of it. During this hurricane, Aaron evolved into Lairon in an attempt to protect him from the fierce winds and debris. Evan and Aaron were saved but unfortunately lost his family in this hurricane. While wandering the island and wreckage after the disaster, Evan stumbled upon his other companions, Sableye, Growlithe, and Lapras. Ever since then he has been thinking of a way to leave the island and see the world.

Pokemon: Lairon (Aaron)
Obtained: found as a child while playing in Granite Cave
Personality: 100% faithful to Evan, will obey without fail. altho unfortunately has some of Evan's lazy napping habits
Moveset: Protect, Iron Head, Sandstorm, water pulse

Pokemon: Lapras (Lily)
Obtained: was found beached on the far shore of Dewford
Personality: feels indebted to Evan for helping her, a very cheerful and reckless pokemon, she enjoys playing in the water and swimming as fast as she can
Moveset: Whirlpool, Ice Beam, Mist, Refresh

Pokemon: Growlithe (Axel)
Obtained: found under a collapsed house after the hurricane, it decided to come with Evan and company
Personality: it seems determined to make make sure nothing happens to Evan like it did to his previous family. for this reason, him and Aaron have a small rivalry
Moveset: Overheat, Odor Sleuth, Agility, Take Down

Pokemon: Sableye (Sneaks)
Obtained: was captured with a group effort from Aaron and Axel while it was playing practical jokes on survivors after the hurricane.
Personality: Sneaks isn't a mean pokemon, he just likes to play jokes on people.
Moveset: Faint Attack, Shock Wave, Double Team, Shadow Sneak

Legendary mentor: Suicune

October 22nd, 2007, 3:43 AM
all accepted few more and we will start

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hmmm how many more are you going to take, Treeko?

Romance Hero
October 22nd, 2007, 9:54 PM
Name;- Varemeil Silva
Nickname:- Romance
Age:- 16
Gender:- Male
Hometown/Region:- SnowPoint City/ Sinnoh
Appearance:- Varemeil is strikingly handsome, He has dark silver hair, as it is a native attribute of his hometown, which is located in the snowy plains. From birth, his eye color has baffled scientists as it has never been seen in any other person- his eye color is a light purple. He wears a white tight jacket with fur around the hood and ends of his sleeves. He also wears fairly tight jeans which all in all, makes him look slim, but fit. His hair is short, and is grown to just above his eyebrows. His favorite attribute of his own, is his piercing on the left side of his lip, shaped like a ring. As a trend he started, He tied his pokemon belt to his right thigh, as that is where he keeps his pokemon.

Personality: Varemeil is popular with the ladies, hence his nickname, "Romance". He has a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and tends to take justice into his own hands. He idolizes knights and guardians, for their heroism, and follows in their beliefs. He's suave, has etiquette, manners, and is a sucker for the ladies, in which he has the utmost respect for them. He enjoys writing poetry, singing, and most of the time, just likes to have fun. He hates to follow other peoples' trends and tends to make his own, because of a self-identity. He is very creative, but is horrible at logic and science. If you asked him anything that happened in history, he will give you a 10 page essay's worth of information. Along with appearance and personality, Varemeil is also an avid battler. He has never lost as long as he had his Glaceon by his side, who he loves with all his heart, even more than women. He also had personal training from Candice, the Snowpoint City Gym Leader, and is a runner-up in taking her place. His bad points are that he has a short temper and tends to have no patience for anything. He always wants to get the job done quick and efficiently. Lastly, Varemeil loves listening to Heavy Metal, but hates screamo.

History: Varemeil had a troubled childhood that changed as he got older. He used to steal from markets, beat up his fellow students, he was your regular bully except with good looks, which is the only thing that saves him in most situations. His mother and father are still together, and his father is a legendary master of ice type pokemon. Taking lessons from both his father and Candice, He was able to learn everything that can be done with ice type pokemon, as well as learning their weaknesses. While taking a journey around the world, he made a stop by Canalave City. With his sense of justice, he was determined to help take down Darkrai and his lackeys. Now, he thinks he can do it alone, but is in obvious help of the others.

Pokemon:- Glaceon (Mint)
Obtained: Befriended when Mint was just a baby eevee, it evolved while playing with Varemeil in the snow.
Personality: Brave nature, is a pure reflection of its trainer.
Moveset: Hail, Blizzard, Wish, Return.

Pokemon: Metagross
Obtained: Varemeil's father had a collection of old relic, which actually happened to be 4 inactive Beldums. One day they all melded together to form a metagross. Without question, the Metagross knew Varemeil was a trusty trainer, and a lover of pokemon.
Personality: Brave nature. Is ready to protect Varemeil from anything.
Moveset: Meteor Mash, ThunderPunch, Psychic, Earthquake.

Pokemon: Blaziken (Wave)
Obtained: Varemeil's Blaziken belonged to a trainer at his school. He stole it. He demanded respect from the Blaziken, as it's previous owner was not a powerful, worthy owner. As time passed, the Blaziken learned to trust Varemeil, since it had given it such successful leadership.
Personality: Sassy Nature, Loves to win no matter what.
Moveset: Blazekick, Close Combat, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge
Ledgendary mentor: Jirachi

October 22nd, 2007, 10:23 PM
Might as well join this one

Name; Adrian Shephard

Nickname: Adrian

Age: 15

Gender: male

Hometown/Region: Viridian city, Kanto

Appearance: Adrian's current weight is 150 pounds. His iris color is cerulean. His voice is deep but it usually becomes lighter after a few weeks.

Adrian's hair is black and its hairstyle is a Mullet. It is currently growing longer then normal. He wears a black bandana which he tied around his neck. Frank wears a dark blue jean jacket. His jacket has an inside pocket which he occasionally keeps small items inside. The inside of the jacket he wears a dark lime turtle neck with no patterns. He wears grey jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. The knee of his jeans are torn. He wears white sneakers with black laces and black socks. The soles of the shoes are peeling and Adrian is still deciding whether he should buy new ones.

Personality: Adrian is a very likable person. He makes friends with many people and does very many favors to people. Constantly he is helping random people in the street or random pokemon in a forest. When he is in a group Adrian is the center of attention and the everyman. He stands out greatly in a group and is very social. He mainly makes friends with pokemon and rarely people. Adrian uses logic to his advantage and continually quotes famous people from literature and movies. He is very literate and does delve a bit into pop culture. Even his pokemon look up to him as a leader

History: In the beginning Adrian liked pokemon. He constantly studied them, their biology and even fiction about them. He liked to take care of pokemon at the local pokemon center. But was always wanting one for himself. Then one day Adrian found an abandoned Torchic. It's master had abandoned it in an old fishing net by the lake to the west of Viridian. Slowly he cleaned it up and fed it. Then with the aproval by his parents he set off towards Pewter. After a few gym battles Adrian found another pokemon like his Torchic. (Now a combusken.) It was a Scyther. It became wild after its trainer abandoned it right infront of Adrian. Adrian battled it into submission and caught it with style

A few months later Adrian caught two more pokemon. One was a small weak Abra that was exiled from the rest of its kind. The final one was a happy go lucky Larvatar he found while hiking. Its mother was caught by another trainer and abandoned the baby.

Pokemon: Combusken
Obtained: Saved it from a fishing net in Viridian
Personality: Combusken is loyal. He rarely argues with Adrian and likes him as a friend
Moveset: Cut, Ember, Double kick, Overheat

Pokemon: Scyther
Obtained: Caught in the wild
Personality: Scyther is a lone wolf. He does listen to Adrian's commands however he usually fights to kill. However his underestimation is usually his downfall
Moveset: Cut, Swords dance, Slash, Growl

Pokemon: Abra
Obtained: Caught when abandoned due to exile from the rest of its kind
Personality: Abra is unknown. Adrian has yet to use him in battle
Moveset: Teleport

Pokemon: Larvatar
Obtained: Caught while hiking in a the rock tunnel. Deciding to go over the mountin Adrian spotted another trainer catching its mother. He decided to take pity and take care of the small runty pokemon
Personality: happy-Go-lucky. Larvatar is always happy and full of energy. (Like a totodile). He is always happy to obey Adrian
Moveset: Pound, Rock slide, Mudslap, Strength

Ledgendary mentor: Mewtwo (favorite pokemon.)

October 23rd, 2007, 3:57 AM
1 or 2 more and we will start

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This is my first time joining an RP, please bear with me, I just act and write very well in real life.

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I can bet you do Romance.

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XD my first time too... be gentle =P but i also write as a hobby so i don't think it'll be too painful?

*EDIT* what happened? we still startin this? XD

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I can bet you do Romance.

are you being sarcastic? that's not really necessary, now is it?

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I wasn't being sarcastic.

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oh, ok, thanks, I hope we have fun here. :D

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Everyone. There is no need for spam in this topic. Now Treecko can you start it now? Since it might take a while unless you let us create two characters.

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i geuss you can have 2 if you want romance is allowed and i will start when i get some stuff somthing in will only take 5 min

Edit will finish post in morning

Jake was walking through the lush green forest his infernape is jumping between trees and leafeon walking through rhe tall grass "Ah what a beautiful day i wish it would never end" said Jake he returned Leafeon And infernape in there pokeball and came across a small child

October 25th, 2007, 5:51 PM
Name;-Shiko Yuji Hinamoro
Hometown/Region:-Jubilife City/Sinnoh
Personality:calm,but fierce at times.Young girls ask him out all the time,but he refuses,replying that his heart belongs to elise.he lives in jubilife,but wears a fur coat due to the fact that he makes frequent visits to snowpoint temple.his favorite color is blue.
History:His parents were killed by team galactic when he was 6,and he swore to avenge them.he was born on august 27 in jubilife city,so he is always in the center of attention.his brother,charon,is his only family,and he is very protective of him.charon is 5,and was born on november 4.
Obtained:Weavile-Found a sneasel egg Blaziken-Starter Kabutops-Won in bet Metagross-found a badly injured beldum in the wild
Personality:for my pkmn?weavile-Cunning,Blaziken-Hasty,Kabutops-Calm,Metagross-Patient
Moveset:Weavile-Shadow Claw,Dark Pulse,Beat Up,Avalanche
Blaziken:Blast Burn,Sky Uppercut,Fire Blast,Blaze Kick
Kabutops:Stealth Rock,Mega Drain,Aqua Jet,Aurora Beam
Metagross: Psychic,Meteor Mash,Metal Claw,Psybeam
Ledgendary mentor: Deoxys

thats me.

Hometown/Region:-Flaorama Sinnoh
Ledgendary mentor-Shaymin

Personality:She's a chinese girl who loves to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
Pokemon:Machoke:Cross Chop,Mach Punch,Seismic Toss,Vital Throw Medicham: Psychic,Hi Jump Kick,Megapunch,Calm Mind

The small child happens to be shiko's brother,and he and elise run up and assume jake is trying to kidnap him.
"GET AWAY FROM CHARON!"shiko cries."you should leave."elise advised the trainer."he might hurt you."

October 25th, 2007, 6:04 PM
I already have Celebi as a legendary mentor. I don't think two people can have the same mentor.

October 25th, 2007, 6:24 PM
dang.mine is deoxys then ill edit

October 25th, 2007, 6:44 PM
OOC: Treeko I think you just broke one of your own rules

read rules,no cussing,no spam,wait 5 min until next post,4 line minimum.Character Control is only allowed under permission of the Roleplayer due to abscense. If you are given Character Control permission, you must show proof.. No Godmodding.

Anyway I dont want to act like a moderator its just that I like things neat and tidy

IC: Adrian began walking through a nearby forest. The smell of the dew on the leaves, the bark on the trees just made everything very peaceful. Adrian had just finished training with Larvatar. Normally he would do so with Scyther due to the forest setting. But currently he wanted to get more practice in with his newest addition. Larvatar was currently on his shoulder. A place where he liked to be. He normally dug his claw-like feet into his shoulder which at first hurt a lot. But now he was getting used to it.

Adrian continued walking. His pokeballs moving as he walked. Adrian's current goal was to get out of this forest and rest in the nearest city.

However Adrian moved through a crowd of bushes. He found a boy who was just as old as he was. "Hey there." He said while stepping over a few bushes. "Whats your name?"

Romance Hero
October 25th, 2007, 7:11 PM
Varemeil "Romance" Silva stared at the beautiful ladies passing him by in the port city of Canalave. It was the place to rest after rigorously climbing down the ice-capped mountains of his home town, the quiet, peaceful Snowpoint City. Before leaving his life of solitude of his home, he promised his father he'd come back a Pokemon master, and become the new Snowpoint City Gym Leader. As he smiled to each girl that matched eyes with him, he sometimes recieved a little wink back. Life could not be any better for him. Little did he know of the grave destiny set before him.

He sat down on a bench in front of the beautiful endless ocean and looked as far as he could see the sky and ocean meet, and called out his Glaceon, Mint. Mint's fur was soft, as always, like the feeling of lush, warm blankets in the winter. Mint stared out into the sea as well, not noticing how mesmerizing it was. Just for one second, their minds were off of the matter of battling, women, and any other thought to drive them away from the dancing waves and gleam of the water.

After daydreaming a while, Romance feels the urge to battle. He enters the Canalave gym, and exits with a shiny new badge on the inner coating of his jacket. He now had 6 badges. Before leaving the City to train just outside, a rickety old inn -which looked to be untouched for centuries- had caught Varemeil's eye. He stared at it, disgusted by the horrid atmosphere it eminated. He exited the city, and started to empty the tall grass of powerful, wild pokemon...

October 25th, 2007, 7:23 PM
Momo left to become the Pokemon master of Johto. She was caught off guard and met with an injured Absol while travelling through Ilex Forest. The two were able to help and learn from each other and became great friends. After a few weeks of hard training and battling, Momo had won her fifth badge. Working hard day and night with Shadow, the Absol she befriended, the two became very strong training in Ilex Forest.

"Well," Momo said, "I guess we need to get going. We'll get another badge soon, which means we'll be that much closer to become the masters."

Understood, the tired Absol replied.

"Let's --" Suddenly, Momo and Shadow heard a high-pitched cry coming from the nearby shrine.

What was that? Shadow asked confusedly.

"I don't know, but we need to get moving anyways," Momo answered.

The two left, but they couldn't forget that sound.

Soon the two made it to the Silver League, but surprisingly failed in their quest.

"Well, I guess we should get going to the next area where we can get badges," Momo sighed sadly. "Apparently the nearest league is in a place called the Sinnoh Region. Let's go and get ourselves a few badges."

Yes, I would like a new challenge. I think you do too, Shadow replied eagerly.

October 25th, 2007, 8:23 PM
Evan awoke at his home, Dewford Island, mid-afternoon in his small nook in the mountains, leaning up against a still sleeping Lairon, to the calm rhythmical splash of the waves against the shore. He sits up stretching and observing his surroundings then squinting into the sun off into the distance. He walks to edge of the water and lets it gently wash over his feet. Behind him heavy footsteps can be heard approaching him. He reaches his hand down and lets it dangle loosely. His trusted Lairon, Aaron walks slowly under his hand letting it run across its smooth steel back.

"How are you doin old friend?" said Evan softly
"ron ronn" responded Lairon happily with a low grumble
"looks like another beautiful day...well! shall we continue preparing to get off this island? we can't afford a boat, but Lily can find a way to safely pass these rough waters... then we'll be on our way to mainland! We can start over...get away from the terrible memories tied to this place... maybe even travel to the neighboring continent, Sinnoh to challenge their league... would you like that Aaron?"
"Lairr" responded Aaron excitedly.
"Come on out! Lily! Axel, Sneaks!"

Evan released 2 pokemon in front of him and another into the seawater. A Growlithe, Sableye, and Lapras appear yawning tiredly. Evan returns his pokeballs to the pouch on his waist.

"okay everyone, today is the day! Lily found a small break in the rough waters to the west.... we're gonna go on through to the mainland! are you all ready???"

Evan's pokemon rejoice in unison and excitement.

"well Axel, Aaron, Sneaks... back to your pokeballs we're off to start a new life!”

Evan returns his partners to their pokeballs then hops on board Lily, together they head off into the open waters towards Sinnoh

Romance Hero
October 25th, 2007, 9:30 PM
After a grueling hour of training, Romance and Mint feel more powerful than ever. They visit the pokemon center, and in wild interest, pay a visit to the library. The First floor had a nice old lady at the front desk. He went to the next floor and saw the scrawny little children making a ruckus and destroying public library property. One of the kids were urinating on the shelves. Romance skipped on to the third floor...

This was his place. The peace reminded him of home. There were seldom people, and a few young ladies to start conversation with. Girls with glasses, irresistable. Romance took a book and sat at the opposite side of the reading table. He chose a book on the Lengends of Sinnoh...

October 26th, 2007, 9:43 AM
Evan had been traveling atop Lily all day now, it was nearly night time.

"how you doin, girl?" he asked while softly petting her neck "think you can go a while longer?"

Lily instantly perked up and responded happily, trying to cover her own exhaustion as she swam as hard as she could through the ocean waves.

"i need to find a way to rest soon... Lily wont admit it be she's working herself too hard, this isn't good" Evan thought to himself. he lifted his hand over his eyes and squinted into the setting sun. "whats that? is it... a boat?! Lily! you see that? i know it might be asking a lot... but could you catch up to that boat ahead of us?"

Lily sped as fast as she could across the waters until they were alongside the boat which was revealed to be a ferry. Evan called up to the passengers "um.. hello? my Lapras has been swimming all day and is quite tired... could i maybe finish the ocean crossing on this ferry?

"of course!" responded a cheerful deck hand as he reached down and helped Evan climb aboard.

"thank you very much sir! return, Lily! you did a great job swimming today!" Lily gave an exhausted yawn but clearly content with her day's work. "so where is this ferry docking at by the way?"

"it will be docking in Canalave City, in the Sinnoh region." responded the deck hand

October 26th, 2007, 2:48 PM
"It looked like your Lapras was pretty tired," Momo said to the new passenger. "Here. Give it this," She told the trainer as she pulled a Full Restore out of her pocket.

Is something the matter? Momo's Absol asked.

"No, nothing's wrong Shadow. I just saw this boy getting on the ferry and was trying to help his Lapras," she answered. "So, what's your name? I'm Momo."

Hello there, Shadow told the strange trainer.

October 26th, 2007, 3:01 PM
"its nice to see that kindness extends outside of the island. thanks for the restore, Lily will appreciate it after she rests for a bit. My name is Evan, pleased to meet you Momo, and you too, Shadow. we came from Dewford back in the Hoenn region. My partners and I are looking to start a new life... anywhere but back there."

Evan plops down and hangs his feet over the edge of the ferry and looks off into the ocean, lost in thought.

"So where are you and Shadow headed for, Momo?"

October 26th, 2007, 3:16 PM
"The Sinnoh Region so I can compete in the Pokemon League and get a new challenge to overcome," Momo replied. "I came from Johto and was Second place thanks to Shadow. He's my only Pokemon."

I tried to figure out what that noise in Ilex Forest was, the Absol eagerly said.

"Hmm? What did you find out?" Momo asked, wanting to hear the answer.

I can't really identify it, but it was a very powerful Pokemon. Strong enough to send a message through to only us and nothing else, Shadow replied.

"Sorry Evan, we have to leave now. If you want I've got an extra room on this ship and I won't be using it," Momo told as she pulled a room key out of her pocket.

October 26th, 2007, 3:25 PM
suddenly,riding by from the direction of slateport on a kabutops,was a young man.he seemed to be accompanied by a girl about the same age."COULD WE SLOW DOWN A BIT??"the girl cried over the roar of rushing water."HECK NO!THIS IS WAAAY BETTER THAN YOUR DUMB CYCLING ROAD!WOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"he replied.

the kabutops put on an extra burst of speed."WAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!"cried elise.shiko,being just the opposite as far as experience,called out weavile so it could improve its swimming skills.

they passed the ship,yelling "HA!TAKIN' A SLOW RIDE?WELL,CHECK THIS OUT!KABUTOPS,AQUA JET!"and they sped away into the horizon.they could just hear the girl yell something about her boyfriend being very reckless,and then they disappeared.

October 26th, 2007, 3:39 PM
Evan stared at the key in Momo's hand wide eyed for a moment. such generosity from a complete stranger, although she seemed like a very serious trainer he felt a certain element of warmth and kindness from her.

"thanks a lot, its been so long since i've slept in a bed...and i can imagine that using a Lairon for a pillow isn't very good on my back."

Evan's sentence is cut short as what he could barely make out as a boy and girl riding by on a Kabutops send wave of water pouring over the side of the ferry as they jet by. Evan sat with his feet still hanging over the edge, now completely soaked with his hair hanging over his face. He shook his head almost like a dog in a half attempt to dry his hair. he looked up to continue his conversation with Momo but all that was in her place where she was standing was the room key she offered. Evan picked up the key and held it up to the sunlight letting it reflect slightly as he watched the two on the Kabutops speed out of sight over the horizon.

"hm... guess its just me again... come on out, Aaron" Evan released Aaron onto the deck of the ferry. the boat rocked slightly with Aaron's weight. Aaron walked near Evan and laid next to him.

"look old friend, we've got an actual room to sleep in tonight... lets go enjoy it while we can.. we should be in Canalave by morning"

"Lairon!" Aaron replies happily.

the two stand up and retreat below deck to the cabin level to take a much needed rest.

October 26th, 2007, 3:50 PM
Later through the night the sound was heard again by Momo and Shadow. The two woke up and were able to understand the Pokemon's cry.

"Did you hear that Shadow?" Momo asked quickly.

Yes. It sounded like a cry for help.

"Hmm... I'll try and repeat it," Momo said, eager to try. "Please. Our days of reckoning are upon us, the Pokemon... and humans. My name is Celebi and I was created by a Pokemon called Arceus. I was called upon by Arceus to train you for Darkai."

Is that all?

"That's all I heard."

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 4:29 PM
Romance fell asleep while reading the book on the legends of Sinnoh. It was obviously not in his range of interest...

In his dream, he saw a thunderstorm. The sky, black as the darkest night can be. And there was a war. A war among pokemon he has never seen the likes of before. This time, Mint was not at his side, so he feared the worst. Suddenly, one of the peculiar pokemon dropped from the conflict overhead, and crashed at Romance's feet. It was in great pain, drenched in darkness that had it's own impossible glow. It called out to Varemeil, asking it to help...

"...Honorable guardian, we are ... in great peril! It is I, Jirachi, one of Arceus' protectors... The renegade of darkness threatens ... to take over our world! We are in need of your help once again... Please! REMEMBER YOUR DESTIN- "

The Pokemon, briefly known as Jirachi had vanished. In it's place was a dark aura. Romance slowly raised his head, and looked at the towering silhouette that bulked overhead. A thunder revealed the evil that had destroyed the humble creature. Romance noticed a shining trinket, where Jirachi had been. After grabbing it, he ran, as hard as his legs could physically endure.


Romance woke from his peculiar dream.

"What a painful nightmare..." He looked at his Poketch and saw that it was closing time. In fact, there was nobody else around. He exited the library still, dazed from the nightmare.

After a while, he sat on the bench he had earlier that day and stared out into the sea again. It was foggy, but a light slowly approached... perhaps a ship. He realized he had nowhere to stay so he went to the Pokemon Center, where they had always welcomed trainers with a soft bed and a hot meal.

October 26th, 2007, 4:45 PM
"It's morning Shadow. Wake up," Momo sighed. "We're in Sinnoh now. Let's check if there's a Pokemon Center nearby."

We have docked in Canalave City, Sinnoh, one of the deckhands said over a speaker.

Let's go then, the Absol yawned.

The two had gone to get Evan and tell him they'd landed, but he was already off. Momo and Shadow left, wondering why the Pokemon, apparently Celebi, would call for their help.

They found a Pokemon Center in Canalave and decided to enter. Momo dropped Shadow off with Nurse Joy and sat down.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 5:17 PM
Romance got out of the guest bed and exit through the automated doors leading to the lobby of the Pokemon Center. He recieved his 3 pokemon - Glaceon, Metagross, and Blaziken - from Nurse Joy. He gave Joy his trademark smile. She pouted and said "You're free to go now, sir. Please come again, when your pokemon need rest." Varemeil, laughed in return, and as he turned around, he saw a young, beautiful female trainer, sitting patiently in the waiting lounge. She sat alone, so Romance took the chance to share a few words.

"Hi there!"

October 26th, 2007, 5:23 PM
"Hi. What's your name? I'm Momo," She replied, confused.

She got up to retrieve her Absol from Nurse Joy and thank her.

"Don't worry, just come back anytime you need to heal your Pokemon," The nurse said politely.

Momo walked back with Shadow.

"Oh, I'd like you to meet Shadow," she requested.

Hello there, the Absol said calmly.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 5:34 PM
"I'm Varemeil, but you can call me Romance." An odd nickname indeed, especially to a stranger.

He gave several hints that he wanted to get to know her better, but it's was highly unlikely that today was his day. Besides, there was an Absol with a look that would strike fear into anyone, anything that got lost in them. Romance had the same effect with his peculiar light purple eyes, his weapon of attraction, except it only interested women. This female trainer however, seemed to not be effected whatsoever.

They spoke, and had quite a nice conversation. As Romance parted first, to exit the Pokemon Center, he dropped a shiny object, without any knowledge of it at all. Before anything could be said, He left, and went to explore the city some more.

October 26th, 2007, 5:42 PM
Momo left as well with her Absol.

As they left Shadow noticed an object on the ground.

Momo, look at this.

"What is it?" The girl asked her Pokemon.

I think it was dropped by that boy you met. We should return it, Shadow suggested.

"You're right. We should get this back to him."

The two left in search of him until the duo found Romance standing outside a library.

"I think you dropped this," Momo told Romance, pulling the object out of her pocket.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 5:53 PM
Romance stared at the object in her hand. He remembered it from somewhere... The Jirachi Nightmare! But she said it was his. He frowned in confusion.

"Is this a joke...? That isn't mine, but... where did you get that?"

She explains that Romance dropped it on the way out of the Pokemon Center. After looking at it for a few more seconds, he confirmed it was definitely the remnant of Jirachi.

"Thank you, I don't know what I would do without this" Romance lied, as he took the trinket out of her hands and placed it in his left pocket. Many thoughts went through his mind, and one was if it was a trick, but after a while, common sense got the better of him. He smiled again, normally a person would have pain in their cheeks by now.

"So, what's a nice girl like you doing in Canalave? You don't look like you're from around here. I'm from Snowpoint City, beautiful place, really. Maybe you've heard of it, but there's an equal chance you may have not."

October 26th, 2007, 6:02 PM
"I have," Momo replied. "I'm here from Johto to become a stronger trainer. I've heard that Snowpoint City is the most beautiful place in Sinnoh. I've never seen it in person before, but I know that there's a gym and a temple there."

Hmm. Apparently you and I aren't the only ones that have heard a distress call, Shadow told Momo cautiously.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" She asked, unable to understand.

I have the ability to read the thoughts of other beings, including humans. This boy has much things running through his head, but th most obvious is an apparent distress signal from a Pokemon named Jirachi.

"Is this true Romance?" Momo asked of the boy.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 6:19 PM
Romance squinged his face in disbelief. These two were speaking as if they created the dream for him last night.

"Jirachi... is dead. This thrinket is the remains of it. But the strange thing is, I saw all this in a dream! I'm a normal trainer, why is this happening to me? ...The weirdest thing is, Jirachi called me ... Guardian. Strange dream, I know, but what your Shadow said was true, I did get some sort of a distress call, now that I think of it."

Romance pulled the trinket out of his pocket. It was a style none of this world, at least none that he's seen before. It was in the shape of a star, yellow, with a weak glow to it.

"This must mean something, but I'm scared to find out. But what does your Shadow mean that I too got a distress call? Did you have a bad dream too? This is all too weird."

October 26th, 2007, 6:34 PM
"It wasn't a dream, but yes. We received a distress call from a Pokemon named Celebi while in Ilex Forest of Johto and on the ferry here," Momo replied.

It only came to us as a special soundwave designed only to mine and Momo's hearing frequencies, The Absol added on.

Again, the high-pitched sound came back.

It is Celebi. I am glad you had met another trainer that is going to help us defeat Darkrai and his henchmen. Please. Only you and your Pokemon can hear me. Tell the boy that Jirachi's remaining powers are sealed inside the charm he is holding before Jirachi was defeated... and killed. It must be protected at all costs if we wish to save Jirachi.

"Romance. Shadow and I heard Celebi again," Momo said anxiously. "Apparently there are select trainers for this to happen to. The Pokemon you had seen was Jirachi, right? Before it was defeated he turned his remaining powers into that charm you're holding. It was defeated by a Pokemon called Darkrai.... Jirachi was killed in battle and gave you its remaining strength. Celebi said to protect the charm at all costs if we want to revive Jirachi. You, me and our Pokemon are to fight alongside the other select trainers and their Pokemon to stop Darkrai."

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 6:53 PM
Romance laughed like a maniac in an asylum.
"There are more? Like us? This is all too much..."

Romance got dizzy, and sat on a nearby bench. He stared into the center of Jirachi's charm. It glowed into a red, and started to shake.

"Woah, what's going on?!"

The charm opened up, and flashed a beam into Romance's eyes. It fed him information that he had never known before. It taught him strategies never before seen and incredibly ingenious. It also gave him glimpse of the war going on in the dream world he had seen.

He was explained everything as Jirachi didn't have time to before it's untimely ultimatum. Hard to believe, but he was willing to accept the responsibility.

Momo stared at Romance, as if he really was crazy. In the eyes of others, nothing had happened.

After the information was streamed into Romance's head, the glow died out, and so did the rest of the star. It was a regular star piece - as of now - whow know's when it will be useful again. But as Momo said, it must be protected at all costs. So Romance thought, who better protects me than my Metagross!
He made Metagross hold the star piece, and followed Momo's directions as she was the only one able to recieve direct contact from the Legendary Pokemon.

October 26th, 2007, 7:10 PM
The high-pitched voice of Celebi returned one more time.

I sense it. The boy has learned, yes?

"Yes, he's learned it all Celebi," Momo sighed happily.

Thank you for helping us. The charm will regain its power once Darkrai has been defeated. Only then can we save Jirachi. But remember this, there is an inn nearby in Canalave City. That is where Darkrai must be defeated to be sealed.

So all we have to do is trap Darkrai in this inn and we can revive Jirachi? Shadow asked the legendary Pokemon.

It will not be as easy as you think. You must find Darkrai first. He is the Pitch-Black Pokemon and can turn into a shadow. He has the ability to possess humans unless one of us is protecting them. You will not be possessed because you are protected by me.

"But what about Romance?"

As long as he or his Pokemon is holding the charm, he --

The message was cut off, confusing Momo.

"Romance, is there a hotel or an inn nearby?" Momo asked seriously. "We need to trap Darkrai into that inn and seal it in forever. After we seal it we can revive Jirachi. Celebi told us to beware. We need to find Darkrai and keep him from running away. He has the ability to become a shadow. He also has the power to possess people. We will not be possessed as long as we are protected by one of the legendary Pokemon. You are apparently unprotected, and the message cuts off after Celebi told me as long as you or your Pokemon are holding the charm of Jirachi."

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 7:34 PM
The hideous, dimly lit in is reminded...

"I know there's an ugly looking inn nearby. But I wouldn't go there. Besides, as you told me, there are more like us, maybe for a reason, but I think we might not be able to pull it off, just us two. How would we find these other people?"

Romance avoids the idea of going near that inn, he has always feared the darkness. The only thing he wants to do right now is train his pokemon more, but asks for Momo's thoughts on the matter first...

October 26th, 2007, 7:40 PM
"Celebi can tell us. Can't you Celebi? And we won't need to go near the inn until we find Darkrai."

The high-pitched sound apparently was adjusted to let Romance hear it.

I can only tell you when someone that will help you is near. And Romance, as long as you or your Pokemon are hold the charm of Jirachi, you will not be possessed by Darkrai.

I guess we need to get looking then, Shadow suggested to the two trainers.

"You're right Shadow." Momo started to smile, happy to be getting the challenge she had wanted all along.

Shadow and Momo started to leave.

"Romance! Are you coming?"

This will be my last time talking to you for now. Celebi's voice was fading.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 7:52 PM
Romance stares at some ladies that passed by, and totally ignored Celebi's voice. Apparently, he has to grow up. He snaps to attention when the more important girl yells for his attention.

"Wha? Ah, um... COMING!"

And so, Romance and Momo start on their journey, wherever it may lead, they are bound to meet new people who will help on their mission to save Good from Evil.

October 26th, 2007, 7:58 PM
"You were staring at girls again weren't you?" Momo asked grinning.

Yes, he was and he was just about to say no, Shadow said quickly.

Momo chose to grab Romance by the collar of his shirt and drag him off whenever he stares at other girls mindlessly like he did.

Let's get going Momo, Shadow requested.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 8:15 PM
Romance was now limited in his super-interest of girls, by a girl. Not only was she immune to his charm, her Absol is so protective of her, she's impossible to get close to.
Romance finally spoke after being choked for a few minutes.

"eck... agh... Momo... wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... gah... need... air... Whew. Okay, I just had an idea. Why don't we have a battle? Let's see how good you are! One pokemon each. How about it?"

October 26th, 2007, 8:20 PM
"Okay. My Absol against your --"

Glaceon, Shadow interrupted.

Momo was respectful of her Pokemon and let him stay with his decision.

"Okay then. Shadow against your Glaceon," Momo finished. She started to smile again.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 8:27 PM
Romance had planned to use his new found knowledge of ancient battle strategies against Momo. He was sure he would win...

"Alright, I have full confidence in Mint!"

Mint is sent out, and already yearns for battle.

"I'll start first!"

Romance coordinated Mint to use strategies he has never used before. Mint, trying to catch up with his orders, scrambles a few times but gets the hang of it.Mint was ordered to freeze its fur to create a dense armor whenever he is susceptible to attack, and reply with a flurry of Hail. Mint could never lose in a hailstorm, not until now anyway. The blizzard made it hard to see, so Romance put on his snow goggles and thought he was doing well, with his new strategies.

Momo on the other hand was a great trainer herself. Her Absol was even more to be considered a danger. It was going to be a difficult battle...

October 26th, 2007, 8:34 PM
"This looks like it's gonna be fun. Battling a cutie where Shadow chose the opponent's Pokemon," Momo said eagerly.

After a barrage of hailstorms and watching Mint freeze its fur...

"Shadow! Jump as high as you can!"

Just as she had told, the Absol jumped high into the hailstorm, out of sight from both trainers.

"Flamethrower!" Momo shouted to her Absol.

A multiple waves of fire stopped the Hail completely.

"Night Slash!" Momo yelled while Absol dived down through the smoke on Mint for an attack. Even with a powerful Night Slash, Shadow was unable to penetrate the icy shield.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 8:53 PM
Mint took the Night Slash with low expectations. He had become reliant on the hailstorm to keep him safe. With the smoke used against him, Mint could not see anything. Seconds before taking a critical hit from the night slash, Mint had used Wish. His eyesight was impaired due to the smoke and his hardened fur had shattered from that one attack. The wish was fulfilled and Mint could clearly see through the thick smog, even though it was still there.

Romance was worried, but didn't concede yet.

"Mint! Can you hear me? Soften your fur and drench yourself with water, roll around in the smoke! You can use it as a camoflouge to make up for the hailstorm!"

Battered, yet focused, Mint followed Romance's orders. He melted his fur and rolled in the thick smoke. His soft blue fur had turned a black, identical to that of the smoke. It was going to clear soon so he had to attack quick.

"Mint! Swift blows with Return!"

Mint, with the temporary clear eyesight from the Wish, tracked Shadow's location. He connected four hits, and missed three. Absol was trained all too well.

October 26th, 2007, 8:59 PM
"Like I said, battling a cutie where Shadow chooses his own opponent has gotta be a good battle," Momo said. "Your Glaceon is strong. Good job in training it."

The Absol jumped out of the smoke awaiting further orders.

"Okay Shadow, Thunderbolt straight into the smoke!" Momo yelled to her Pokemon.

As she said, Shadow's head-fang started to glow yellow and a blast of lightning flew into the smoke, electrifying all of it and everything in it.

"Good job Shadow. Mint is still wet. Use Ice Beam to break through the smoke until you hit Mint!"

October 26th, 2007, 9:18 PM
Evan had awoken early with Aaron to leave the ship in excitement for Canalave city. him and Aaron walked slowly looking up at the tall buildings and structures in pure awe. much different from what an island boy like himself was used to. Lairon's heavy footsteps could be heard loudly beside him. Evan walks to the edge of the waters and sits on the edge of the dock dangling his feet over the edge again. he looks off dreamily into the boundless ocean as Aaron comes and lays behind him. Evan throws his arms behind his head and leans against Aaron. Evan slips his headphones from around his neck and covers his ears listening to music as Aaron closes his eyes to rest.

"you know buddy... no matter where you look at the ocean from, it will always remain as beautiful as it was back home. I guess being near the ocean water is the only way to truly connect ourselves to home." Aaron gives a soft agreeing growl. they both sit there through the early morning. a flurry of thoughts enter Evan's head...

"i wonder what happened to Momo and Shadow? Where do we go next? maybe i should have tried to talk to her more... she's really the closest thing to a human friend i have right now..."

Evan's thoughts are cut short as for a second.. he could swear he saw the water moving. he sat up and looked to to Aaron who had fallen into a deep sleep. Evan squinted into the sun trying to make out what he saw when suddenly the light distorted and a rainbow light shined down upon him. the light began to form into a figure next to him... the shape of a large elegant blue dog. its fur gently wafted in the wind and it looked with calm eyes. Aaron was immediately up now and looked as if it were kneeling to the creature.

"must be a pokemon...." said Evan to himself

the pokemon suddenly leaped over him without warning and sprinted through Canalave towards the exit of the town.

"wait!" exclaimed Evan "should we follow him, Aaron?" but for the first time, Aaron had left without waiting for Evan's orders and was running full speed after it. Something was bothering Aaron and Evan needed to find out what. that pokemon he saw knows something but can't communicate with people...Evan knew that must be it...he can just feel it. Evan runs off towards the outskirts of town in pursuit of the mysterious pokemon.

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 9:19 PM
"Argh, clever move." Romance said under his breath. "I've never battled anyone with this much skill and determination." A great trainer was just as interesting as any girl. The Thunderbolt was coming fast.

"Mint! Volley yourself with blizzard out of the smoke, then then use hail to clear it out! While your out there, dust yourself off of the debris!"

Mint's reaction is without question, and immediate, however, a blast of the thunderbolt hit Mint's tail while it was still wet. The attack conducted and Mint froze its fur again. It took minor damage compared to the what would have been in effect if it had gone through the entire body. Mint was tired, a few more hits and he'd faint.
Just as Romance ordered, Mint used Hail on the smoke, It shattered the smoke, and made holes that grew bigger and bigger as the smoke cleared. Romance was happy to see his Glaceion still standing. After Momo's shadow used Ice Beam, Glaceon was ordered to take the attack head on and ram into it with return. It wasn't hurting Mint much at all. and just as Romance wanted, Glaceon had a huge frozen spear formed in front of it.

"Mint, use the spear to ram Shadow! Return!"

Mint sprinted with all his speed, The Ice Beam had created a huge shield with a spike formed in the center. Glaceon was a PokeSpear!

October 26th, 2007, 9:32 PM
"Yes!" Momo shouted. "Shadow! Jump on the spear!"

Shadow did what she asked and ended up standing on the spear right in front of Mint's face.

"Night Slash."

Shadow jumped off the spear and shattered it like a thin piece of glass.

"Thunderbolt! Straight up!" Momo was shouting louder.

Suddenly a blue Pokemon came bolting through and disappeared into a forest as quickly as it came.

What was that? Shadow asked, surprised.

"I don't know," Momo answered, dazzled by the beauty of this new Pokemon, which was followed by a Lairon.

The Lairon stopped in front of Momo and Romance looking in every direction. Apparently, it was followed too.

"Evan!" Momo exclaimed, even more surprised than Shadow.

October 26th, 2007, 9:42 PM
"AARON! WAIT FOR ME!" yelled Evan as he ran fast as he could to keep up with Aaron. just then,Evan suddenly hears his name called. he perks up and looks to his surprise to see the girl from the ferry standing next to Aaron who was sniffing the ground feverishly around her. she was standing with another boy and both of their pokemon looked pretty worn out. Aaron continues to sniff almost ignoring the presence of the other trainer and pokemon.

"looks like we meet again, Momo... i'm sorry...it looks like Aaron got a little excited and interrupted something. This may sound just a LITTLE strange.... but did you by chance see... (now don't think i'm crazy...) but did you see...a...large blue dog that almost seemed to emanate a rainbow glow from it run through here? Evan squeezed his eyes closed tight in embarrassment waiting for Momo to label him as completely insane.

October 26th, 2007, 9:47 PM
"Looks like we'll have to count this match a draw cutie," Momo told Romance. "And I saw it. It was beautiful."

Hey, Celebi! Shadow cried out. Mind telling us what that thing was?

It was Suicune. It is Evan and his Pokemon's protector. Celebi was heard by only Shadow, Momo, Romance, and his Pokemon. Evan could hear nothing.

"Evan, that Pokemon was your protector." Momo was sounding serious.

I asked it to bring Evan to you so you could work together. Celebi was finished and its voice faded again.

"Celebi's saying that it sent Suicune to bring you to us."

After about 15 minutes of explaining, Evan understood what was happening.

October 26th, 2007, 9:59 PM
Evan sat cross legged with Lairon on the dirt path staring at Momo and Romance as they explained what was going on.

"so... Suicune... is my... protector...and Celebi talks to all of you...in your heads...wow..."

"yes, thats exactly correct" replied Momo

Evan scratched his head still a little confused. he looks down at Aaron who was also taking in the information.

"you think mainlanders are all like this, Aaron?"

Aaron looks up at Evan and tilts his head and gives a small shrug. Evan looks to Romance who was still relatively quiet through the whole situation. Evan stands up and properly introduces himself to Romance then turns back to Momo.

"it appears that Suicune can't communicate with humans like Celebi can... and Suicune managed to bring me to you two...so what do you think we should do now?"

October 26th, 2007, 10:04 PM
"Well, what we need to do is find the others. There are many more like us with their own protectors and their own reason for helping," Momo told Evan seriously.

Momo caught Romance staring at passing girls and grabbed him by his shirt collar. She dragged him back to Evan, Shadow, and Aaron.

"We can start by NOT looking for people like cutie here," Momo said pulling up Romance.

There's no reason to be standing around right now. Evan and Aaron understand the situation, right? We need to get moving, Shadow told Momo.

October 26th, 2007, 10:21 PM
"okay, well how about we find go back to town and find a place to sit down and talk about this? if there are more out there than just us, then we need to find them and fast. come on back to your pokeball for a while, Aaron."

Evan calls Aaron back and places the pokeball in his pouch. Romance recalls his pokemon too and the three begin walking back to Canalave City.

"Momo, aren't you going to recall Shadow...? i mean i know Aaron prefers it outside his ball too... but what about those injuries? no....nevermind, i'm sorry... its none of my business"

October 27th, 2007, 6:41 AM
"aw man...the ride's over..."shiko moaned."good thing too.i was this close to falling off!"elise replied.they were in canalave,as that was the only place to dock in their area.

"hey,there's that ferry again!"shiko exclaimed.the ferry sat on th edge of the harbor.We have arrived in canalave,sinnoh they heard someone say as a boy,a girl,and an absol got off."hey wait!"cried shiko."we're sorry about splashing you earlier!this is elise,and i'm shiko."then he added,"but you can call me sheik"

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 7:56 AM
PandaBoy *You're a little behind in the story. No one is on that ship anymore!*

Romance paid a visit to the Pokemon Center again, to heal Mint's wounds.

"You did great out there today, bud. I'm sorry I didn't go with our usual strategies, those came to mind out of nowhere and they just spilled out of my mouth, as if I wasn't truely the one giving the commands."

Mint let out a little sneezed. A sign of understanding.
Romance exit and got back with the group. Evan had a friendly face, like he's been a friend for a while now. And Momo was now calling Romance "cutie" which made him feel better, and acknowledge that his charm was not so dead yet. Friendly gesture perhaps? He could never tell the difference, he just melts in front of girls. You can poke him, and he won't react.
Romance was the only native Sinnoan here, and that made him somewhat a familiar compared to his new friends. He wondered how he would fare against that Lairon, with his metagross of course. Mint wouldn't be able to scuff it. Romance reminded them of the inn, against his will, and told Evan about his feelings towards it. Evan doesn't seem scared of a scary looking inn, neither does Momo. Romance was the only one who had a dream, and that haunted him everytime he looked at the rickety abandoned inn...

October 27th, 2007, 9:29 AM
Momo and Evan greeted Romance as he came out of the pokemon center. Mint hopped alongside Romance happily.

"oh my goodness!" Evan exclaimed "they're gonna be so upset at me!"

"what? who?" Momo and Romance responded in puzzled unison but Evan had already ran inside the pokemon center. He rushed to the counter almost out of breath.

"Nurse Joy!! is there a swimming pool at this pokemon center???" Evan asked hurridly.

"Well, the ocean empties into a small lagoon a little ways behind the center." replied Nurse Joy.

"that'll be perfect, thank you!" Evan replied as he ran out back towards it. the second he reached throwing distance, Evan pulled out a pokeball and tossed it into the water, releasing his Lapras, Lily into the pool of water. She still appeared tired and a bit weak but was happy to stretch her fins. Evan ran up knee deep in the water and gave her a big hug. he turned around and tossed his other 3 pokeballs onto the shore.

"hey everyone! we finally made it to Canalave! you all can play around this lagoon for as long as you need but don't go too far... remember this isn't the island anymore." Evan called to them. Axel and Sneaks immediately began to happily chase each other in circles while playing in the sand. Aaron curled up and took a much needed nap. Evan turned back to Lily and pulled the full restore out of his pocket and looked at it for a while. "do you think you'll need this right now, Lily? i know you're a trooper.. you're probably feeling better already."

Lapras coo'd softly and rubbed her neck against Evan signaling her agreeing. Evan walked back to shore and let Lily dive underwater to go play. upon walking on dry land again, Evan was greeted by Sneaks who jumped up onto his shoulder and was quickly followed by Axel attempting the same and knocked Evan on the ground. Evan laughed as Axel licked his face happily. Evan looked up to see Romance and Momo had followed him when he rushed away so suddenly.

"sorry guys, these are my pokemon... they've in their balls for days... before the trip they barely know what being in a pokeball was..." Evan explained to Romance and Momo as Axel and Sneaks continued playing with each other and Lapras came up, spouting water high into the air.

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 1:39 PM
As Romance walked out, Evan rushed in while the automatic doors were still open. Romance, surprised, turned back to Momo, she shrugged, not knowing what had happened.

"I think he said he had to use the restroom" Momo guessed.

As Evan was actually resting his tired pokemon, Romance brought out his metagross and thought carefully what types of new strategies he could come up with. Thousands of ideas were presenting themselves, one by one, as if he had entire battle database in his head. He was lost in thought. And as you would know... If Momo saw him daydreaming...

October 27th, 2007, 3:04 PM
sorry im behind a bit.

suddenly,a boy and girl walked into the pokemon center."hey,are you one of the guys we saw at the port earlier?"he asked romance."wanna battle?""i wouldn't..."elise began,but shiko cut her off."c'mon,let's go!my kabutops versus a pokemon of your choice."

October 27th, 2007, 3:07 PM
OOC: Isn't one of the rules NO Character Control?

IC: "Hey cutie. What are you thinking about? I'm guessing since you brought out Metagross, you're going to think of some strategies to fight Aaron?" Momo asked kindly. "I can help you out," she offered. "I'll fight you after I heal my Absol."

Shadow walked in the Pokemon Center without command and walked out the back door, no one noticing he was going through.

"Shadow?" Momo asked, a little worried.

Out here, Shadow called to her from behind the center.

Momo walked to the back to find her Absol resting next to the lagoon and Evan's Lairon.

"Shadow? What's wrong?" Momo asked curiosly.

It's just nice to rest in a peaceful place like this.

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 3:28 PM
Romance thought carefully. Now was his chance to show off what metagross can do.

"Alright, stranger, I've never seen you before, coming up to me and suddenly asking me to battle was a tad disrespectful. I'll only battle you if you let the pretty one next to you battle alongside you. My unnofficial battle partners are inside. If you want a battle, make it a doubles. Tell me when you've decided. Nice meeting you by the way. The name's Varemeil, but I prefer Romance."

With that said, he walked inside, and joined his friend behind the Pokemon Center. A peaceful view it was. Pokemon were relaxing, so Romance decided to let out his pokemon too. Mint and Metagross went in the water, but his Blaziken preferred to stay out. It rest under some shade and quickly went to sleep.

October 27th, 2007, 3:33 PM
"That works for me if it works for you too stranger," Momo said to the group.

He's one of them.

"Celebi! Is that you?" Momo asked surprised to hear its voice again in one day.

Yes, but keep an eye on him. He is important in reviving Jirachi. He can help out just as much as Romance.

"Understood," Momo whispered. "I'm doing pretty good with Evan and Romance."

Momo entered the Pokemon Center with her Absol, dragging Romance along.

"Romance," Momo started to whisper, "We need to watch him. He's vital in reviving Jirachi."

October 27th, 2007, 3:34 PM
OOC: sorry Momo if you're talkin to me

IC: "Shadow has the right idea, Momo. Aaron and I are used to taking things slowly, so we can always appreciate a good rest. You should take a load off, Why don't you join us? i can understand how serious the situation but this is a great place to relax before we jump into something over our heads."

Evan laid back in the sand and looked into the sky watching the clouds drift by at their own pace. he leaned over to watch his pokemon play together. he sat up and could barely see romance far off in the pokemon center talking to a boy and a girl. he sat up trying to see what was going on.

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 3:42 PM
"Really Momo? I wasn't expecting that from such a wild character. He doesn't look like much, but he want's a battle with me. He's a bit uncanny to his partner, so I told him it would have to be a doubles battle."

Romance could see Evan coming over, with a concerned look on his face.

"And besides, lady, you should rest, just as Evan suggests. If they agree to the battle, I think Evan would make an interesting partner, We both have steel types. Take a nap, Momo, you deserve it."

October 27th, 2007, 3:55 PM
"If you insist cutie," Momo said walking over to the lagoon where Shadow was resting.

Shadow stood up all of a sudden and walked into the waters of the lagoon.

"Shadow? What's wrong?" Momo asked wondering why he walked into the water. She jumped in too and started helping her Absol find what was bothering him.

A Pokemon jumped out of the water and on Shadow's head. Another Pokemon came down from the sky and landed in front of Momo.

"Hmm? What are you two?" She asked curiously.

One replied, saying that they are Deoxys and Shaymin, asking for Shiko and Elise. Momo answered saying they were in front of the Pokemon Center. The two Pokemon jumped over the building, getting ready to interrupt the battle that was just about started.

I will try and adjust my pitch to communticate with all of you at once, but it will require Shaymin's powers as well. I will call it to retreat. Celebi's voice faded again as if it was walking away.

Before Shaymin got over the roof of the Pokemon Center it was called by Celebi and disappeared.

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 4:13 PM
"Alright... (sigh) 'cutie' will go battle now. I'll see ya later then." Romance replied. No one ever called him by any other name but Romance or Varemeil. So it took a while to get used to.

"Evan, how's about you take a battle with me? I know someone who want's to battle, but I called it to be a doubles match. What do you think?"

October 27th, 2007, 4:35 PM
Evan looked back to Romance in disbelief.

"you want ME to battle on the same team as YOU? but you're such an accomplished trainer and and your pokemon are so strong... I love Aaron, but we haven't battled together much, just some training on the beach back home..." Evan said. then he leans in closer to Romance, "and besides...what if i Momo sees me embarrass myself??" Evan whispers quietly. "Aaron what do you think trying ourselves at a battle?

Aaron walks up with confidence, ready to battle. suddenly Deoxys landed in between the 4 battlers and looked to Shiko then as soon as Deoxys appeared, he vanished, taking Shiko with him. Evan stood next to Aaron in shock and glanced around hoping everyone else was just as confused as he was...

October 27th, 2007, 4:57 PM
"Guys! Deoxys --" Momo was cut off seeing as Shiko was already kidnapped before she and Shadow ran to tell them.

Shadow started looking around, searching for a scent of Shiko and Deoxys.

I found it! They haven't gotten far. Shiko is safe. He's just being explained to. Shadow assured them of Shiko's safe return.

Momo walked back to the other side of the Pokemon Center and stood at the water's edge, staring into the sky. Shadow joined her and laid on the shore.

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 5:06 PM
Romance looked at Evan, and he gave the same facial expression in return. It was pretty funny how he was waving his arms as Deoxys took him away.

After that incident, Romance went to lie down next to Momo behind the center.

"Whew, looks like I can get some rest after all. This is all too stressful, right, Momo? Wait, I left Evan out there, he'll probably come in here as well."

October 27th, 2007, 5:22 PM
"i guess the battle is put on hold..." Evan says to the girl that was accompanying Shiko. why don't you come sit with everyone else near the lagoon? its a nice place to relax."

Evan hurries off before he can get an answer and runs to the edge of the water with Aaron tagging close behind. Evan tosses his shirt to the sand and dives head first into the water where Lily greets him playfully. Aaron comes to a screeching halt near the water's edge then decides to go back to sun bathing near Shadow. Evan pops out from under the water and calls to Aaron.

"Sorry buddy! i forgot you don't like water! i'll be there to play with you soon!"

Aaron gives Evan a happy to look to show he understood and continued napping in the sand. Evan climbed on Lily's back and enjoyed himself riding around the Lagoon under the peaceful sun.

October 27th, 2007, 5:33 PM
Still looking to the sky, "Elise. Soon a Pokemon named Shaymin will be able to speak to you and explain for all this, like me and Celebi. Don't worry. Shiko will be back soon."

Shadow stood up and used an Ice Beam on a straight line of water to walk on. It used a Night Slash on the water to throw some above it and another Ice Beam froze it to create a rainbow-like shape above itself. Aaron walked under the ice rainbow as well and laid down. Momo still stood looking into the sky, Romance lying down, Evan and Elise relaxing and playing with their Pokemon.

Deoxys appeared again in front of the Pokemon Center in mid-air, while Shiko appeared in mid-air above the water in the lagoon. His fall caused a splash hitting everyone except Shadow and Aaron, protected by the ice. Momo still stood still; no reaction could be seen.

October 27th, 2007, 5:47 PM
srry i was grounded

Jake sigh and ran off "i don't have time for childs games.Infernape i choose you infernape i sense somthing else in the forest get us out of here" Jake climbed on infernape and ran off "hmm i wonder what i sensed? Meh probably just some ghost pokemon." Jake soon saw Eterna city "Infernape return" Infernape let out a yell and went into the red ball."Finally! I wonder if Gardenia got stronger since the Team Rocket trash gave her a cacnea?"

October 27th, 2007, 6:25 PM
Lily rides over to Shiko in the water. Evan reaches down and pulls Shiko aboard. Lily carries Evan back Shiko back to shore. they hop off and wade through the water to shore. Evan grabs his shirt and pulls it over his head while Shiko sits wringing out his shirt. Evan walks to Aaron, sits next to him and leans against him. Axel and Sneaks quickly come to sit near. Evan begins talking out loud, not to anyone in particular.

"Maybe we should begin traveling? as nice as it is here, if theres more trainers out there to find, maybe we should go out and find them. after all this is a fairly large continent... and i don't know about you guys... but if i'm going to help fight for something this big... i'm gonna need some practice...the only way we can get stronger in time to do this, is to go out and get more and more experience."

Evan finished and looked to Momo since she seemed to have a better grasp of the situation than anyone else.

October 27th, 2007, 6:43 PM
Momo looked over to Evan. "You're right, but the only way we can practice is if we battle each other."

Shadow froze more water to create a path for him to get to the shore.

He's right. That's all that matters right now. Getting stronger and better before we face Darkrai, he said as he walked on the ice.

"So cutie, what do you think about it?" Momo asked Romance, Shadow starting to growl at Romance. "Shadow. Cease."

Shadow grunted as he jumped back to Momo's side.

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 6:58 PM
"Sounds like a plan, guys. We should definitely train ourselves and our Pokemon. If these dark evil pokemon can defeat Jirachi, think what it can do to our regular pokemon. I've trained everyday until now, sun up and sun down, and made my Pokemon fierce. They are ready for any situation! So yes, let's set out and Help the Legends. Who knows what the Dark Legends can do if they are to escape into our world? Terror, havoc, disorder, the world as we saw it today may never be the same again. We were chosen to stop this and repel the evil that threatens to bring destruction to our world. No more fears, the dream I had was a wake-up call. Let's do this. Together!"

October 27th, 2007, 7:06 PM
"then its settled!" Evan replied anxiously while standing up. He brushes off his shorts and looks down to Aaron.

"I know you're comfy Aaron, but what do you say? should we try a battle?" Evan said down to Aaron.

Aaron looked up at Evan almost shocked then he also stood up, ready to go.

"Alright buddy! lets do it! now... ummm this is a little embarrassing but... i've never battled anyone before, all i did was watch the fights back home at Dewford gym.... who wants the honors of being Aaron and I's first opponent?"

October 27th, 2007, 7:09 PM
"If they aren't even ready for my Absol then why do you think they're ready for anything?" Momo inquired of Romance.

Sure Romance, we can stop Darkrai with a stuck-up romantic that gets distracted by every cute girl he sees, my trainer, an immature kid and his little sister, and a trainer that can barely keep his head on! Shadow yelled. And on top of that, we need to find another 10 trainers scattered throughout the region.

"I'll battle you Evan. This might be fun as well as my battle with Romance," Momo said while Shadow stepped forward.

October 27th, 2007, 7:15 PM
Evan stood speechless for a moment then looked to Aaron who had the same jaw dropped expression at Shadow's clear frustration.

"I can keep my head on...." replied Evan quietly. "Thats it! Aaron! lets show him we're just as good of a trainer as anyone! you ready buddy?"

Evan and Aaron run a distance away and turn around to face Momo and Shadow on the beach with a suddenly serious expression on his face.

"Okay Momo! lets do this! GO, AARON!"

October 27th, 2007, 7:24 PM
"Shadow! Ice Beam on the ground around Aaron!" Momo yelled to her Pokemon.

Just as she told him, Shadow surrounded the Lairon with frozen ground, making it impossible for Aaron to keep his grip.

"Now! Flamethrower!" Another command to surround the Lairon.

The ice started to melt around and under the Rock-type Pokemon.

October 27th, 2007, 7:31 PM
"Aaron! don't let them make fools of us! quickly! Protect!"

The flamethrower connects with with the protect around Aaron and then almost completely engulfs the protect. Aaron's heavy body begins to break through the melting ice as Aaron finally gets a grip on the wet sand. Aaron digs his feet down and holds his ground.

"thats it! we're on sand! this is our turf, Aaron! now! Sandstorm! clear that flamethrower away!"

Aaron gives a loud roar and sends the sand in the lagoon swirling high into the air as everyone shields their eyes.

In great pain, Romance yelled. "AH! MY EYES!!!! ^)(&@^#&" standing in the midst of the battle the sand bombarded his eyes.

October 27th, 2007, 7:36 PM
"While the sand is still wet! Shadow! THUNDERBOLT!" Momo screamed to the Absol, getting ready to launch the attack.

The attack launched and connected with Aaron through the wet sand surrounding him.

"Ice Beam on the water then Night Slash!"

Shadow did as his trainer said and froze all of the water, followed by a Night Slash, crushing the ice while the debris hit the Lairon.

October 27th, 2007, 7:41 PM
Sarina was on the cycling road "Ah i think i'll see how my Granpa is doing" Sarina was running through the Eterna City Cycle Road entrance and jumped out into te grass "Ah time to realease Umbreon!" Jake was cuming upon the Gym when he saw a second Bright ball in the sky
"Hey thats no second sun thats a pokemon!" The giant pokemon Jumped into the grass and Yelled Everything But Jake and the pokemon turned white.The pokemon said "i am Arceus creator of all you see i am here because you are destined to be one of the trainers to deafeat the Evil Darkness pokemon Darkrai is planning an attack come with me and we shall help the others train in a relm to train but this is in time we need them all united before we counter attack. So remember dont trust what you see in the dark.

October 27th, 2007, 7:43 PM
"Electric attacks and ice shards? cut us some slack, Momo! Aaron, shake it off and turn the sandstorm up to full blast!"

Aaron intensified the sandstorm blinding everyone's vision. "Okay Aaron, i know you can see fine in there! quickly, while their blinded! Iron Head! lead him towards the water!"

Aaron's head began to shine an emit a strange aura as he charged at Shadow leaving little time to react.

October 27th, 2007, 7:49 PM
Shadow jumped in time above the frozen lagoon, leaving the Lairon sliding.

"Yes! Now use Ice Beam to turn the sandstorm into a blizzard!" Momo commanded.

Shadow launched an Ice Beam in random directions, freezing the sand and blowing it everywhere, badly damaging both Pokemon.

"Now jump back on the ice! Flamethrower straight down!"

Shadow again started melting the ice while Aaron was defenselessly slipping and sliding across the melting ice rink.

October 27th, 2007, 8:03 PM
"no no no this is going no where fast jeeze what was i thinking, fighting such a strong opponent to start off with...what am i even doing here... i can't battle...Aaron isn't ready for this kind of thing..." Evan thought to himself as he watched Aaron slide helplessly across the thinning ice. Evan clenched his fists in anger as Aaron slid farther out to the point of danger. he began to raise his hand and call off the battle when he was bombarded with memories of him and Aaron playing together on the beach then when Aaron evolved and finally a memory of the beautiful Suicune that appeared before him earlier today.

"Thats it. i can't let Suicune down. he has faith in me. Aaron has one more move left... if we time it right, we may be able to get out of this..." Evan thought to himself. he looked up to the lagoon and yelled for Aaron.

"Aaron! roll onto your back and use your spikes to stop sliding! good!"

Aaron skidded to a stop then rolled back onto his feet. the ice was getting thinner by the second. Aaron looked back to Evan helplessly with a *now what* expression on his face.

"Now Aaron, use your strongest Water Pulse straight down into the water! then run to shore!"

The force of the Pulse parted the waters sending giant waves in both directions. Aaron dropped heavily to the ground then ran for shore. Shadow still in the air was falling down to the crashing waves below with water rushing back to fill the lagoon on either side.

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 8:13 PM
Romance rubbed the ice and sand out of his eyes to bear witness to the sudden disapearance of Shadow in the ocean. He was speechless.

"what a strategy, it's over. If Momo can pull this off, she is one heck of a trainer..."

October 27th, 2007, 8:13 PM
Jake awoke in the hospital it seems Arceus speech knocked him out, he saw a strange girl above him almost leaning on him.She said "i'm Sarina and a found you on the ground" He thanked the girl and got up he said come with me he got Satina to follow him in the closet and he told her his dream. She was astounded and amazed she thought might aswell be one of those children.i must go said Sarina if i'm right i might be one of them bye!

October 27th, 2007, 8:15 PM
"Hmm." This might be fun after all, Momo thought with a smile. "Shadow! Splash the water onto Aaron with Night Slash! Now Thunderbolt!"

Shadow flew out of the water and threw some at the Lairon. Suddenly a large and powerful Thunderbolt paralyzed Aaron. The paralyzed Pokemon fell to one knee, badly hurt.

"Ooh," Momo started to whisper, "Sorry. Would you like to end the battle now while we still have a chance to keep Aaron alive?"

Momo rushed over to the paralyzed Lairon and pulled an object out of her pocket and held it near Aaron.

"He's badly injured. Shadow, help me get it inside," Momo called.

After about an hour of waiting, Nurse Joy appeared with Aaron on a stretcher.

"He suffered some major damage around his left leg. You'll have to keep him safe until he can completely heal."

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Momo replied, happy that Evan's Lairon was okay. "We'll have to postpone the match Evan unless you'll use another Pokemon."

October 27th, 2007, 8:38 PM
Evan stood in the corner of the pokemon center with both fists clenched tight and trembling with anger.

"we aren't finished Momo, not by a long shot, i'll see you back outside." Evan said in a low cold tone still trembling. "Nurse Joy, please take good care of Aaron, he means the world to me."

"of course i will" replied Nurse Joy

Evan walked out the back door onto the sand and released Axel to walk along side him. Axel came out expecting to see his friends Sneaks and Aaron to play with but saw nothing then looked up to Evan confused that the others were not around and the serious look on Evan's face.

"Axel, we're having a pokemon battle...Aaron was already defeated. we wont be using anymore of our friends in this battle so its all up to you to try your best. can you do that for me? i'm counting on your speed"

"GROW!" responded Growlithe confidently.

Evan walked a distance and turned around to kneel and pet Axel. "Lets do our best... for Aaron" Evan said to Growlithe. "Hey Momo! lets finish this! Aaron might have been a little sluggish... but prepare for the fastest Growlithe you've ever seen! isn't that right Axel?"

"Grow Grow!"

October 27th, 2007, 8:44 PM
"All right!" Momo yelled back. "Finally. A Pokemon trainer who's as determined as me."

She and her Absol walked back outside to meet Evan and his Growlithe.

"Ready Shadow?"

As I'll ever be, Shadow sighed, looking for the weakest point of the Growlithe in front of him.

"Okay. Let's start." Momo and Shadow jumped back a few yards and got ready. "Shadow! Flamethrower directly at Axel!"

Shadow fired the attack, knowing it would not hurt Axel, and wondering what new strategy Momo is planning.

October 27th, 2007, 8:52 PM
"just what we wanted, right Axel? don't move okay?" said Evan calmly

The Flames engulfed Axel as he sat enjoying the heat.

"big mistake Momo, Growlithe and Arcanine are notorious for their Flash Fire, Axel is actually feeling better than he ever has before right now. alright Axel, now while the air is warm and the scents are fresh, Odor Sleuth! catch his scent and make sure you NEVER miss! Then, Agility! go!"

Axel momentarily sniffed the air and caught Shadow's scent, then he quickly left, darting at amazing speed around the shore.

October 27th, 2007, 8:55 PM
"Hmm," Momo started to wonder. "Shadow. Use Ice Beam on the sand and water and eliminate your scent."

As she asked, Shadow froze it all.

"Now we wait. Shadow, watch and dodge any attacks coming."


October 27th, 2007, 9:02 PM
"the frozen ground again... hmpf. Axel, keep using agility and skid then skid to a stop using your claws!

Axel picks up more and more speed then stops suddenly in front of Shadow and Momo dragging his claws and kicking ice shards up into the air pelting Shadow with them

"Now, Axel! Take Down attack!"

Axel leaped fast and hard at Shadow

October 27th, 2007, 9:07 PM
Shadow jumped but was still hit onto another area of ice by the Take Down attack, though the ice shards didn't affect him much.

"Shadow! Flamethrower! Then Thunderbolt!"

Shadow started to melt the ice with the attacks while a Thunderbolt was charging in his head-fang.

"Now launch!" Momo cried out.

The Thunderbolt was thrown through the melted ice.

October 27th, 2007, 9:19 PM
"Axel! don't the thunderbolt intimidate you! keep up the Agility! use it again and dodge!"

Axel ran fiercely around the sand, dodging stray bolts of electricity. Axel was now moving faster than imagineable.

"thats it Axel! keep it up! and with your fire attacks powered up with Flash Fire... we have an ace in the hole..." Evan said to himself.

"Now Axel! keep up the speed! go! underneath Shadow and roll on your back!"

Axel darts between Shadow's legs and rolls over

"Now! Full Power! OVERHEAT!"

Axel fires a point blank Overheat from beneath Shadow. Evan watches in eager wait as events unfold

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 9:23 PM
While Evan and Momo were battling, Romance went out with 2 girls, got 14 phone numbers and came back for supper. Those two were still at it. Romance sat on the sand away from the battle, his eye still stinging from the sand. They battle without rest, Momo's absol had no impression that it was tired, and Axel was just as determined to win. Romance released his pokemon out of their balls to relax in the softness of the beach. He turned his head to the seashore and saw the little waves moving in and out of the shore. it's little white hands reaching and pulling away. Romance was at calm. He was about to fall asleep when he remembered about the nightmare.

October 27th, 2007, 9:28 PM
Shadow gets launched high into the air.

"Shadow! Break the attack with Night Slash!" Momo shouted.

As she told, the Absol was able to break the Overheat, but both of them knew it couldn't survive a fall that high.


Shadow was able to let out a powerful attack, breaking his fall. Even though he landed safely, Shadow still fell to one side, injured from an Overheat as strong as that.

"Well," Momo started, "Looks like we lost twice now."

Yes. It looks as so. Shadow was lifted up and taken inside to get healed.

"Good game there Evan. Axel's pretty strong, (Not counting that I forgot to heal Shadow before the match) is he your strongest? And WHERE WERE YOU ROMANCE?" MOmo asked as he walked through the center.

Let's see, Shadow said staring at the nervous boy's face, two dates, he got 14 phone numbers and got dinner.

"Nurse Joy? Is there a frying pan I can borrow?"

"Yes, there is. Why do you need it?"


Shadow used a Night Slash to wake Romance. Momo hit him upside the head with the frying pan.

October 27th, 2007, 9:38 PM
Evan stood in awe as Shadow fell in what seemed to be slow motion. Evan ran to the field and picked up Axel, hugging him.

"great job Axel, you made me proud." Evan looked up to Momo and talked to her as he helped bring Shadow inside

"Well, Axel is a bit stronger than the others...but i can't take credit for all of his training... he is the only one with actual battle experience... his previous owner was a powerful trainer who competed in the Hoenn League. unfortunately they perished in a large hurricane that hit Dewford a while ago. i found Axel is the wreckage of their house and he's been with me ever since. I'm sorry about my attitude, i was so wrapped up in battle, i felt like a whole new person. i should have remembered to let Absol get some rest. I'm sorry, please forgive me"

Evan noticed Romance sitting with his pokemon with a disturbed look on his face

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 10:15 PM
Romance was thinking hard, and didn't notice his friends going inside.
"Maybe I should give up being popular around the ladies."

He fuzzed up his clean hairstyle into a messy mat, and deleted all the female entries in his cellphone.

"That's it, I'm going to find the girl for me, there has to be the one."

With that said, he got back to thinking of his mission. Upon entering the Pokemon Center again, he was hit the face with a frying pan. He could not get back up. He was unconcious.

October 27th, 2007, 10:20 PM
After he woke up Momo apoligized for knocking him out.

"What happened to your head Romance? Your hair's completely messed up. And it was like that before I hit you," Momo asked confusedly.

Shadow walked up to Romance and started to growl.

Out of all due respect of making my trainer angry, I don't like you at all 'Romance'.

Shadow jumped back to Momo and laid down growling.

October 27th, 2007, 10:42 PM
Evan observed Momo and Romance with their humorous antics, while leaning against a wall with Axel laying tired in his lap. Evan gently petted him while he could hear Axel's soft snoring. Evan began thinking to himself.

"Aaron's pride must be crushed right now...he tried his hardest too... maybe i need to work on teaching him some attack moves...he's just so used to protecting me, i guess it just came second nature for him to learn those to try and protect me. its my turn to help him now... i need to learn about my pokemon..not just for the world... but for Aaron..."

Evan stood up silently, waking up Axel "come on boy, its time to earn our place with theses trainers"

Evan looked to Momo and Romance and announces to them "i'm going to the Library while Aaron rests. i need to learn more about him...no all my pokemon, come on Axel, lets go"

Evan walked out the door with Axel trotting happily behind him

October 27th, 2007, 10:54 PM
"See you later then Evan," Momo replied, still trying to apologize to Romance.

I'm going to go and get some rest for the night, Shadow said as he walked into the other room.

"Okay. have a good night Shadow. Again, I'm really sorry for hitting you with the pan that hard. I'm sorry I knocked you out. I'll make it up to you. Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it."

Romance Hero
October 27th, 2007, 11:19 PM
Romance came to, and the first thing he saw was Momo, looking with a concerned face. His head was on her lap, and she was apologizing to him without any reply back. He smiled, with blood all over his teeth. and looked over Momo's shoulder to get the cold look he's always gotten from Shadow. Romance stood up, with no knowledge of what happened in the last five minutes. Evan was gone, and Romance told Momo to go to sleep, she had restoess eyes and looked like she needed it. Romance stepped outside to get some fresh air. He saw Evan going to Library. Romance went to the bridge that separated the city. He lied down on one of the I-Beams and slowly went to sleep...

October 27th, 2007, 11:29 PM
Evan arrived at the library and pulled a stack of books ranging from the titles "Ghosts of the World" to "The mysteries of Evolution" Evan studied the large stack of books into the early hours of the morning. Axel, laying on the floor near his feet, could hear Evan gawking to himself when he found interesting facts.

"So Growlithe evolves using a Fire Stone..." and "So Lairons actually have a rarely seen more powerful form... Aggron...which can reach almost 7 feet tall and over 700lbs. wow...so Aaron will become that..."

Evan stayed up studying until he couldn't move anymore and eventually passed out asleep at the table in the library amongst all the books.

October 28th, 2007, 5:59 AM
Sarina Walked out of the hospital and let out her umbreon.She got on her bike and started in the dirrection of the cycling road she ket out a sigh and thought "I'm going to find one of those pokemon Jake was talking about!" She turned to gear for and got on the cycling road.She had made to hearthrome city! I have got to battle Fantina!

Jake was still in the hospital it was 12:00 PM he slowly got up sent out infernape and quickly ran out of the hospital. Finally! I got to train, maybe catch a new pokemon! Hmm i guess i might cath a staravia.Come on out Leafeon you help me find a starly or staravia.

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 12:04 PM
Romance woke up to multiple flashed in his face. His eyes were still closed but he could see the bright flashes pass through his eye lids. When he opened his eyes, He saw little highschool girls taking pictures of him with their camera phones. They thought he was modeling. Surprised, He nearly fell off the bridge but got footing.

"Hey! are you girl's crazy?" They ran off before anything could be said. Romance, still half asleep, grumbled and walked off the bridge. He spoke to a psychic nearby, and said Eterna City should be his next destination. He thought the psychic was lying, as it was clear that the inn where they had to fight in was right in the same city. But the psychic later explained that there is a strange emination from Eterna Forest, and a powerful, never-before-seen pokemon was likely to appear to be seen by a chosen few.
After hearing that, it sparked a chance to meet a new Legend. Romance told Evan, Momo, Shiko and Elise of the prediction. There was no time to prepare. He ran off without them because such a chance could not be waited for...

OOC: I drew my Character, take a look at my Bio Post for some fun. xD

October 28th, 2007, 12:22 PM
OOC:Guys everybody we all need to meet in eterna city to start training got it

Sarina was getting out of hearthrome city she felt an urge to go back to Jake she quickly ran to the Eterna City and saw Jake she came up to him and the pokemon Jake was talking about said "Sarina you are one of what Jake said and I shall summon your mentor"
(Lots of flashy light) A phoinix like bird pokemon said "Sarina, I am Ho-Oh. Your mentor you will train under me as Jake will with my Master Arcues. So once the others gather we shall start!

October 28th, 2007, 1:07 PM
Evan awoke at in the library to the gentle tug of Axel at his shorts. his eyes snapped open and Evan peeled his face off of the open book in front of him. He looked down to Axel who was anxiously waiting to get back outside.

"alright Axel, i understand, lets get back to the pokemon center, Aaron is probably waiting for us"

the two head out of the library and cross the bridge in town when they spotted Romance shooing away a group of girls.

"no time to explain, we need to get to Eterna city as soon as possible. I'm going on ahead, you wait for Momo" said Romance

Evan was a bit confused but obliged and went to meet Momo at the pokemon center. upon arriving at the center, Nurse Joy recognized Evan and immediately went to get Aaron from the back room.

"He's made a full recovery" she said to Evan

"thanks Nurse Joy, we both appreciate it" Evan responded. "Hey Aaron, guess what... i've been studying all night as to how to make you stronger! and i've got some new attacks to teach you!"

"Lai Lairon!" replied Aaron excitedly.

"Now... we just need to wait here until Momo comes... and we'll be off on our adventure in Eterna City!"

October 28th, 2007, 1:09 PM
About a half-hour after the others were told of the psychic's message, Momo and Shadow had already set off.

"Shadow! Come on!" Momo shouted to the half-asleep Absol.

Okay. Get on. Shadow offered as he got up from the bed. Momo jumped on Shadow and followed Romance's tracks.

"Let's find Romance. If I know him, he's not far ahead." Just as she said, they found Romance quickly since he was walking. "Come on, buddy. It's gonna be a while before you get to Eterna City if you walk," Momo said while grabbing Romance's shirt collar and pulling him on Shadow. "We can't waste any time getting to Eterna City. I left the others behind since they could use the rest."

I left a note next at the Pokemon Center saying that the three of us are already ahead. Shadow assured them of this.

I will leave another note on their Pokeballs when you arrive in Eterna City.

"Thanks Celebi. I think we're meeting a few more trainers there aren't we?" Momo questioned.

Yes. Their names are Jake and Sarina. You must meet, train and find the others with them.

October 28th, 2007, 1:27 PM
"oh... are you waiting for your friend?" Nurse Joy asked Evan

"yes, we're supposed to be leaving town together today" he replied

"well, they left this note with me to give to you" Nurse Joy responded

Evan stood up and grabbed the letter off of the front desk.

Evan, Shadow and I ran ahead to catch up to Romance we'll meet you in Eterna city

Momo and Shadow

"Great... ditched....i don't know how to get around this freakin region. let alone even know what Eterna looks like" Evan sighed to himself. "well...Axel, Aaron, i guess we're goin solo. lets go"

Evan tosses the note into the trash on his way out the door

"alright Axel, use Odor Sleuth, you've still got Shadow's scent right?" Evan asked softly


"Alright then buddy lead the way..."

Evan, Aaron, and Axel left Canalave walking slowly as Axel lead the way

October 28th, 2007, 1:28 PM
OOC:cool looks like we know the plan so luts hurry i'm as anxious as when i went on a plane for the 1st time

Jake and Sarina starded a talk about there pokemon Sarina Told Jake that that she had an umbreon and a pachirasu and Jake told her he had an Infernape and Leafeon. Arecus came and said a boy with celebii will be the next to come and he is on his way here to Eterna City as we speak (arceus thinking:i sense you are in love with sarina i wish you luck with while im gone ) Good by i will be back when the boy is here! Jake said he needed some food and went to the pokemon center and left Sarina alone Sarina sighed and layed down on the ground she thought "Huh might aswell get some sleep!"

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 1:55 PM
Romance and Momo walked along the road. They were a bit silent throughout the journey. As shy as a guy can be, Romance hated silence. so he nudged her a few times with his shoulder bumping into her shoulder along the walk. She still didn't reply, but gave a slight nudge back. Absol stepped in between without a sound. They weren't looking at each other so when Romance came to bump a little harder, Absol slammed him into the bushes, and gave momo a slight nudge on the arm. She smiled, but continued to walk without looking to her side. She was lost, gazing out into the beautiful environment of the new region she has never been in before. About a few feet back, Romance came out of the bushes. and spit a Pineco that was in his mouth.

"That Absol, doesn't trust me one bit to get close to her"

He came out, brushed himself off, and let out metagross. Metagross used magnet rise and levitated. Romance glided on his Metagross to catch up, and offered Momo a ride. As she got on, Romance gave Absol a sinister smile, but he climbed on anyway. He wished Evan and others would zoom over here.

October 28th, 2007, 2:03 PM
Evan is using his Growlithe's Odor Sleuth to follow us. He just be in Eterna City by nightfall if we keep moving at this pace, Shadow said to Momo and Romance.

"Thanks Shadow. And why'd you push Romance into the bushes?"

I just don't trust a guy like him to be near you. Okay?

"I can understand you don't trust him since you're just trying to protect me, but please don't try and hurt him," Momo requested.

Augh, okay. I won't hurt him anymore unless he tries to hurt you.

"Thank you Shadow." They glided on Romance's Metagross until they reached Floaroma Town to take a rest.

October 28th, 2007, 2:13 PM
Sarina woke up Jake was still gone and she was in paitent waiting she called for Ho-Oh and it said "The person is in floweroma town i know what you want i shall go and retrieve and fly them here you wait Sarina I shall be back" Ho-oh flew off into the hirizon and Jake came back and said "Um Sarina the reason i was gone so long i've been thinking and will you be my girlfriend? Sarina was shocked um Jake um i geuss so I was kinda thinking the same thing so ok! said Sarina

October 28th, 2007, 2:16 PM
Evan moped silently, still walking slowly with Axel and Aaron as Axel trotted happily ahead sniffing the air. Evan tossed his arms behind his head and walked casually, looking into the trees.

"Traveling by myself isn't bad i guess...i should be used to it anyways... and besides i've got Aaron and Axel keeping me company.. bleh where ARE we?!"

Evan kicked the dirt in frustration at being left alone

"Hold up Axel, lets take a rest... they apparently wont care if we're missin a while longer"

the three of them walk to the side of the road and lean against a tree. Evan pulls his headphones over his ears and drifts off to sleep as Aaron and Axel snuggle against him

October 28th, 2007, 2:27 PM
"Well, we're in Floaroma, and your Metagross is looking pretty tired. You should give it a rest," Momo suggested. Without hesitation, Romance returned the exhausted Metagross to its Pokeball.

I'll try to find some healing herbs from the nearby area, Shadow offered.

"Thanks Shadow. We'll need all the help we can get."

Shadow jumped into Floaroma Meadow, leaving Momo and Romance behind.

"I'm going to help Shadow. Do you think you can help get some supplies from Nurse Joy for our journey?" Momo requested of Romance.

October 28th, 2007, 2:40 PM
Sarina was getting through the suden shock of having a bor friend she thought where could
Ho-Oh be?"Um honey could you show me your pokemon?" Sarina let out her pokemon and said "This is pachirasu and umbreon". "Cool there as beautiful as there trainer!" Jake smiled and asked want some food.Sarina replied "Okay sure i geuss"

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 3:04 PM
Romance agreed to gather supplies from Nurse Joy and pay a visit to the Pokemart on the way back. This was a great place, Floaroma Town. This place was the second most beautiful place he'd ever seen. There were flowers everywhere, and whichever way he turned, he could smell them.
After recieving supplies, and getting some pokeballs and medicine, he stopped by the flower shop and bought nearly a thousand roses with the last of the money he had left. When Romance met with Momo again, he was lovestruck, the wild scent and everything. Maybe it wasn't the scent, but the thousand roses he held in his hands were driving him even more insane.

"Momo, I know we just met, and we had our differences, but... yeah, I want you to have these."

He Gave her the roses, all tied together to look like one giant red Rose.

October 28th, 2007, 3:13 PM
"Really? You want me to have these? They're beautiful Romance," Momo thanked him.

Hmm. Shadow started to stare into nothingness and wonder.

"Oh. I forgot. I wanted you to have something too," Momo said while pulling out a few blue roses and other rare flowers from behind her, tied together also to form the shape of a heart, but in the colors of a rainbow. She handed the flowers to Romance. "I hope you like them. I also tied in a few healing herbs for your Pokemon."

October 28th, 2007, 3:22 PM
Evan opened his eyes... it was beginning to grow dark out. He leaned over and nudged Axel and Aaron awake.

"come on guys... we needa get going." he said to them

Evan stood up and took his headphones off. Aaron and Axel stood up behind him to follow him back to the trail. Evan looked up to the sky again

"jeeze they could be there by now... i guess i slept longer than i thought..."

Evan takes a step forward and trips over something. Aaron and Axel following close behind run into him and cause him to face plant hard in the dirt

"what was that?" Evan said to himself. he looked back at his feet to see he unearthed something in the ground. Evan digs at the ground to pull up a red rock. he thought back to his research from the night before.

"no way.... a...fire stone?" Evan looked to Axel who seemed to be mesmorized by the rock's glow. "Well Axel? waddya say? you wanna become an Arcanine?"

"Grow!! Grow!" Axel barked excitedly.

"excellent... lets do it" Evan replied. he held the stone to Axel's back and Axel began to glow and grow taller. "No way Axel! you're taller than me now! we can make it to Eterna in no time! that sign back there said Eterna was this way...so i guess we just go straight north to get there..."

Axel kneeled to let Evan on. Evan returned Aaron to his pokeball then Axel took off like lightning sprinting down the path. Evan came up on a field of flowers and a small village and sprinted through the middle of town.

"Was that Romance and Momo?" Evan asked Axel. "Oh well, they'll catch up" Evan chuckled to himself at the irony and blasted through Floaroma towards Eterna

October 28th, 2007, 3:31 PM
Sarina was stumped, she thought "What is taking it so LONG!".Jake said "Sarina is somthng bothering you?"."Um,yeah i told Ho-Oh to get the people who are coming" said Sarina. "Oh i wonder hey um my mom has a staravia I could ask her for it so we could go get them! "Thats a good idea!" Minutes later. "Thanks mom okay love you too bye" Okay lets get going! An hour later) Okay we are here!!

October 28th, 2007, 3:33 PM
A large gust of wind blew by Floaroma Town.

"That was an Arcanine. Axel must have evolved if Evan was riding on it. Let's get moving Shadow. Romance. Are you coming?" A Treecko came up to Momo, Romance and Shadow just before they took off and started jumping around.

"Are you saying you want to come with us?" Momo asked, hoping it would say yes.

"Treecko!" The Pokemon yelled joyfully.

"Okay. Climb on," Momo said to the dancing Treecko. The Pokemon jumped up and on Romance's shoulder.

"Okay, Shadow, let's get going to Eterna City."

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 3:41 PM
Romance slowly took the flowers from Momo's small hands, and put them in his jacket, they had an aura of warmth and joy, as no other feeling had ever given him before. They walked back on the road. Eterna was just ahead of this city.

Suddenly a treeko joined them. Momo welcomed it without his consent, and it climbed on his shoulder. He was just about to tell his feelings. This time, Momo's Absol could NOT detect Romance's true feelings yet. They had to be kept secret for a better time. Romance was not used to having a pokemon on his shoulder. He felt like a pirate. He just hoped it wouldn't poop on his favorite jacket.

"That was an Arcanine. Axel must have evolved if Evan was riding on it. Let's get moving Shadow. Romance. Are you coming?" Momo was already running ahead.
Romance looked at the treeko, clawed into his shoulder. "Treecko!" it yelled in joy.

"For the first time in my life, I'm serious to a girl and it gets ruined..."

He sighed and ran after Momo.

October 28th, 2007, 3:43 PM
Jake found a girl nearby "Um are you Momoshiro i need to find her and i was wodering if you knew were she was?" Jake saw that she saw something pass by. Sarina came up and told Jake "Um i think somthings going on with your staravia!" "What!" Jake quickly turned arouned and saw that staravia is now a staraptor! "Cool thats awsome!" Hey sarina get some roses food i'm getting hungry. "But Jake we ate an hour ago!"

October 28th, 2007, 3:50 PM
Without responding, Momo had gone ahead riding on Shadow. She didn't seem to care.

"Okay Shadow. Let's take a quick break and wait for Romance in Eterna Forest."


Suddenly, a Buneary jumped up to Momo and hopped on Shadow's back as if it wanted a ride.

"Buneary, hmm? Would you like to come with us?"

"Bun! Buneary!" The Pokemon bounced joyfully on Shadow and the ground. The Buneary jumped on Momo's head and sat down. Momo got back on Shadow to find a safe place to rest.

"Okay Shadow. I think here is good." Shadow and Momo stopped right in front of the exit of Eterna Forest to wait for Romance. "Buneary, would you like to stay with us?"

"Buneary! Buneary Bun-Buneary!"

October 28th, 2007, 3:58 PM
Jake ran after her and saw a Beutifly after jumping over a log jake threw a Great ball and asked again "Are you Momoshiro?. "Jake wait up,you know I'm slower than you!" Fine but here take my spare running shoes !" Hey the Beautifly was caught and so are you Momoshiro?

October 28th, 2007, 4:09 PM
Evan arrived in Eterna city in almost record time. Axel slowed to a stop and let Evan off.

"wow Axel... that was great! you went from fastest Growlithe in the world to fastest Arcanine in the world!"


Evan and Axel walked back to the entrance of Eterna and sat near the edge of the forest, awaiting Romance and Momo. Evan let Aaron out of his pokeball and looked him in the eye.

"Aaron... i read about a new attack and i think you should learn it... its called Earthquake..."

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 4:15 PM
Romance ran with the treecko digging it's claws into his forehead.

"OWWWWW!!!" he yelled. The Treecko was trying to hold on while he ran.

Romance Finally caught up, and Momo waited at the entrance to Eterna as if she waited forever. A little Buneary was sitting on Absol, which confused Romance, however, he knew Momo would want it to tag along. Also, there was a strange little kid standing a fair distance asking her questions. She stood still like a statue. And inside the city, he saw Evan riding on an Arcanine. It was big, visually powerful already. He was amazed, and Evan would definitely be an avid trainer, despite almost no experience battling.
The pokeball on Romance's thigh with Metagross inside was glowing. Then it stopped.
"Hmm, wonder what that was about.."

He let out metagross, and the charm on it's body was glowing. It was now able to use psychokinetic attacks! Previously, it could only attack physically, but the charm had made it more powerful. A purple glow eminated from Metagross' tough body. Now Romance felt sure he was ready for anything.

October 28th, 2007, 4:21 PM
"Well, we're here. Let's take a break for the night and train tomorrow. Maybe we'll meet the other trainers then," Momo suggested.

Agreed. We need the rest and it's almost midnight.


"Buneary. You want to rest too?"

"Buneary!" The Pokemon perked up and started jumping around until it fell off Shadow, which then it started to sleep.

October 28th, 2007, 4:30 PM
Jake saw a guy and got his greatball and went over too him and said "Are you heading toards Eterna beacause of a strange feeling? Because i am looking for a girl nmed Momoshiro because between you and me i know she has a mentor pokemon called Celebi so do you know her?"

October 28th, 2007, 4:35 PM
After getting checked in with Nurse Joy and healing their Pokemon, the group went to their rooms for the night.



"What are you thinking about? You're staring into the sky like you're waiting for the sun. Is something wrong?"

"Buneary. Bun."

"Okay Buneary. You can take the top bunk tonight. So Shadow?

It's nothing.

October 28th, 2007, 4:37 PM
OOC:sorry i looked it up and saw your name and accedentally scrolled to far down i'll edit it i was also watching tv at the time and whats a pc family

Jake told Sarina to get on staraptor bring him here and take us to Eterna city. When they got back to Eterna city
Jake said "Lets turn in, theres a hotel over there come on."Okay oh yeah i got the food." Lets turn in i have got a
stomach ache". Okay fine lets go to bed, and can i borrow some money i dropped some runnig earlier when we were
running?". "Okay here is 200 pokedollars. "Thank you!"

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 6:44 PM
Romance wanted to talk to Momo, but Nurse Joy wouldn't allow him to. She wouldn't let him share a room with her either.

"You can speak to her in the morning, young man." Nurse Joy commanded. Romance went to his room. It was quiet. And every night, Romance thought of what would happen when they finally go into that inn in Canalave. He slowly doze off, and had yet another dream...

The war continued. It's been fought for centuries now and the Legends were being defeated. The Evil Legends had so much power, and elemental superiority over them. Then, as sick as it already was to look at, there came their leader. Darkrai, the twisted figure of darkness. The only one Pokemon who would dare bring mis-hap to such a peaceful Pokemon World. He was locked away for a reason. And now he has reason for revenge. Romance saw the Togekiss, burning, and raining from the sky, thousands of them, bombarded with the Dark Pulse attack. Then, something came out of the shadows on the ground. It was Absol. Romance thought it had come to protect him, but the Absol did not reply back. It used Psycho Cut on Romance, and his body began to dismember, discintigrate, into nothingness. Lying on the floor, he look at the Absol. It walked away, back into the darkness. Romance, only a few particles left, closed his eyes...

He woke up, back in bed at the Pokemon Center.

"Damnit, another nightmare... How am I supposed to get a good night's rest like this?"

Romance lied in bed, thinking, and staring at the wall across the room, until the next morning came...

October 28th, 2007, 7:14 PM
Night crept up on Eterna city, the buildings began to light up and streetlights shined brightly. Momo and Romance walked passed with some kid following them, but no one seemed to notice Evan sitting there. He shrugged it off and retreated to the outskirts of town. Sleeping inside doesn't really suit his fancy anyway. Evan found a large tree near the edge of the forest and curled up between Axel and Aaron.

"sleeping under the stars is the way we like it anyway, right guys?" Evan said to Axel and Aaron, half trying to convince himself too. "its been quite a few days... since we left the island... our first battle...having to save the world.. Axel evolving... i wonder what tomorrow will hold?"

Evan stared into the clear night sky and deeply sighed to himself. he could hear the soft snores of his pokemon already. he leaned back and closed his eyes and embraced the brisk night air and cool grass underneath. he soon drifted off to sleep against Arcanine's soft fur

October 28th, 2007, 7:22 PM
The next morning soon came with restlessness.

"Well Shadow. We might as well go see the others and start training."

Agreed. I'll get Evan. You go ahead and wake Romance.

"Okay. I'll see you in a few minutes." Momo and Shadow walked out of their room and seperated to wake the other two. "Nurse Joy? Is it okay if I go wake Romance? We're supposed to start training today."

"Yes, go ahead."

"Thank you."

Evan, Aaron, Axel. Wake up. It's morning.

"Romance. Get up. We need to start training and I'd like to talk to you before we start."

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 8:28 PM
Romance stared out the window the entire early dawn. He saw from when the sky was a dark blue, swayed into an orange, and the bright sky that appeared every morning"me? I wasn't sleeping. I didn't get much rest. But that's fine, I can go a while without sleep."

Momo looked content, like she got a good night's sleep. Maybe a good thing he didn't disturb her.

October 28th, 2007, 8:32 PM
"It's nice to see you're awake Romance. I need to talk to you." The two walked out of the Pokemon Center and sat on a bench. Buneary jumped up and on Momo's shoulder excited that it got such a good rest.

"I believe you wanted to say something to me in Floaroma Town before we left."

Romance Hero
October 28th, 2007, 8:57 PM
Romance had lost that dreamy feeling he had in Floaroma town, but his feelings for
Momo had not changed. It was just harder to tell her without the lovely scents around to raise his emotional awareness.

"Um... yeah... I did... but... it wasn't that important. (What? Why am I lying to her? I
love her! I can't deny it! I have to tell her, have to!!) Well you see, ever since we met... I had a special feeling towards you."

Momo began to concentrate more on what he said, which made it harder to speak.
Whenever he looked into her eyes, he had to quickly look away again.

October 29th, 2007, 3:48 AM
Jake woke up Sarina and they went outside "Jake what time is it?". "Um,ten after ten.Why?
"um, cause we have to find the girl with the Celibi." Sarina started looking.
"Ok,fine come on out infernape help us find Momoshiro! {jake lets out infernape}
"Pachirasu,Umbreon Stage! Help us find Momoshiro!

October 29th, 2007, 2:39 PM
"Romance? Is something wrong?" Momo didn't get a response from the nervous boy.

Let's wait for him outside. He can tell you when he comes out.

"Okay Shadow. Come on Buneary!"

"Bun-Buneary!" The Buneary hopped to Momo and jumped on her shoulder. The three went outside to wait for Romance. As they walked out they saw a boy and girl with their Pokemon walking around, apparently looking for something. She decided to ignore them since she was preoccupied.

Romance Hero
October 29th, 2007, 3:45 PM
Romance hated himself at the moment. For the first time in his life, he was making a decision that took so much thought. While he struggled to pull the words out of his mouth, Momo got impatient and left. It was at this moment that Romance tought Momo would never have the same feelings for him.
He followed them outside, and reminded them that they came there to train. He looked around and saw a giant statue of a dragon in the middle of the city. It looked like one from his dreams.

October 29th, 2007, 3:49 PM
"Yeah, but, I wanted to talk to you about something before we started."

Just tell the girl what you were going to say so we can start looking for the others and start training.


"Bun-Bun-Buneary! Buneary!" Buneary started to look at the Treecko on Romance's shoulder until it looked back. After the Treecko stopped to look at Buneary the shy Pokemon jumped away, hiding its face and soon got stuck in a bush.

Romance Hero
October 29th, 2007, 4:00 PM
Romance took a deep breath...
Shadow, I need you away, Metagross will block your telepathic mind-reading, so no snooping! This is personal!"

Shadow walked just a distance away, allowing for them to whisper.

"Alright. Want to know what it is? Want to know how I feel about you? I ... love you. Yeah, I said it. I do. And you'll probably avoid me for the rest of our time together, and maybe, you even knew about it. But I just had to tell you. I'm not just saying this. You're different from all the other girls I met. I just feel so much at best when I'm around you, I'm crazy, but that's just me."

Romance fell silent, waiting for the biggest disapointment of his life.

October 29th, 2007, 4:00 PM
*drops out*

too lame for me, sorry guys

October 29th, 2007, 4:03 PM
"Whew. I was thinking you wouldn't have felt the same way about me as I did you," Momo replied, very relieved. "I... I love you too. I just... I didn't want to tell you how I felt until I knew how you felt about me."

"Buneary." Buneary bounced up to Treecko nervously. "Buneary. Buneary Bun-Buneary."

"Looks like Buneary feels that way about Treecko. The best thing to do now is to start looking for the other people that'll help us."

OOC: See you then Evan. Hope your RP goes better than most others.

October 29th, 2007, 4:32 PM
OOC:Srry it was to boring the training was about to start so come on guys lets like have someone go ask if their any of us and get this trainig started!

Jake was walking around curiously looking for the girl he thought was Momoshiro "Hmm i wonder were she could be?" Sarina was walking aimlesly and ran into Jake "Any luck finding them Jake? Jake sighed "Nope don't have a clue" Jake got out a pokeball and let out his beautifly "Beautifly scann the city in the air!" Jake through the pokeball in the air and told Sarina to keep searching! And i'll go ask a friend of mine to help.

October 29th, 2007, 5:19 PM
We need your help Momo!

"Celebi? What's wrong?"

We're on our last line of defense. Don't worry about anyone else. Just bring Romance and your Pokemon to the nearest Pokemon Center and Deoxys will take you to our world. We need you.

"Okay. I'll tell him. What will happen when we get there?"

The remaining powers of the legendary Pokemon that are still alive will be transferred to the strength of Shadow and Metagross. The remaining power of th fallen legendary Pokemon will be transferred to Buneary and Treecko, forcing them to their final stages upon entering and enhancing their strength.

"Okay. I understand. I'll tell Romance to pull out his Pokemon. Romance. Did you hear Celebi? We need to go to the Pokemon Center now. Pull out Metagross and leave Treecko on your shoulder."

October 29th, 2007, 5:22 PM
OOC:guys i have an idea so we have time to train use celebii to turn back time i will edit in the morning

October 29th, 2007, 5:27 PM
OOC: I don't think Celebi turning back time will help, besides, with the battles we did earlier in the RP, we should be ready. Especially since the legendaries' powers will be transferred to our Pokemon and we know how to use our Pokemon.

Romance Hero
October 29th, 2007, 6:10 PM
"Yes, Momo, Celebi spoke to me also this time. Only because it must be that much of an urgent matter. Let's go to the pokemon center and wait there, I'm ready, are you?"

"Ready." Momo replied.

They ran to the Eterna Pokemon Center. Deoxys flew overhead and created a portal in the direction of where canalave was. He swoop down and wrapped his tentacles around Romance and Momo and zoomed into the portal.

They arrived in Canalave. It was early morning, and everyone was asleep.

"I cannot touch to door to this inn, it is screaming with dark powers, which are critically harmful to me." explained Deoxys. "You have to open the door, trainers."

Romance went ahead and grabbed the doorknob, just as Momo had placed her hand on it. They turned it together and revealed the eerie blackness inside. Romance went in first, determined to keep Momo from harm if anything was to suddenly appear. Deoxys lighened the room to reveal a single bed. Romance was mad at the fact that of all things, a bed was inside of the scary-looking inn. Now he KNEW Darkrai was responsible for his nightmares. The bed looked calm, welcoming, and even soft to the touch. But there was only one bed, and two trainers.

"You must fall asleep to be concious in our world. I will see you there, I must protect Arceus this instant. I'm sorry I could not help you any further with your departure into our war." With that said, Deoxys charged his whip-like tentacles with overwhelming strength and disapeared.

"So.. who should go in first?"

October 29th, 2007, 6:17 PM
Good luck trainers. I will see you on New Moon Island.

"I rest easiest on the ground. I've lived in Ilex Forest of Johto for years." Momo pulled a sleeping bag out of her pack. She rolled it out and laid down on it. "You can use the bed. I'm used to this. And I like it."

See you on the other side everyone. Shadow laid down under the table.

"Buneary." Buneary hugged Treecko and curled up beside Momo.

Romance Hero
October 29th, 2007, 6:25 PM
"Alright, but I hate leaving a girl to sleep on the floor while I sleep on this soft bed..."

Momo was already asleep. She looked so calm and beautiful, it made him wonder if he would really ever see her again. He left the bed, and snugged up next to her. He wasn't in her sleeping bag, he just slept on the floor next to her.
"It was nice knowing you, Momo. Don't die out there."

The both fell asleep and entered the World of the Legends.

October 29th, 2007, 6:34 PM
Soon the two were apparently falling from a darkened sky. An island was in clear sight though.

"That must be New Moon Island."

"Momo! Romance! You made it!" It was Celebi waiting on the ground with Shaymin.

"Romance. Come on." Momo held Romance's hand, while Buneary held Treecko, and Shadow was riding on Metagross. "Let's meet with them and help out."

The group landed like feathers.

"Humans are near weightless in our world. You must be careful not to get thrown by an impact."

"We understand Celebi. Where's Darkrai?"

"Darkrai is at the end of New Moon Island. Go with caution as the Dark and Ghost Pokemon will attack."

"Don't worry. Shadow should be able to reason with them. Where's Arceus?"

"Arceus is with Darkrai, trapped. I have called all the remaining legendary Pokemon to gather their powers into four orbs. One is for each of your Pokemon," Celebi told as it pulled four small orbs out of the ground and gave them to Shadow, Metagross, Buneary who immediately evolved into Lopunny, and Treecko who instantly became a Sceptile.

Romance Hero
October 29th, 2007, 7:10 PM
Romance pulled Blaziken and Glaceon from his thigh belt. He released them, and already they looked more powerful than ever. He felt something slip into his hand. It was Momo. They were determined to finish this, once and for all. They all walked into the darkness. As went closer and closer to the other side, they saw all the dead legendaries, pokemon they had never seen before. Maybe Momo knew some, she studied ancient pokemon history.

After walking through the road of corpses, they finally came to the outage of where Arceus and Darkrai were fighting in a barrier. Arceus was fighting against an army of Dark ghost, and poison pokemon. They entered the barrier without struggle and began to fight in the war.

"Momo! stay by my side!"
The sky was blackened by the monstrous number of the evil pokemon.
Blaziken soared into the sky, and bombarded the ghost pokemon with Shadow claw. It was raining ghosts as they fell to the ground and discinigrated. Already, the skies were clearing. Mint used hail to slowly damage the poison pokemon, and the used wish to gain ultimate strength. Mint used Blizzard to finish them off. Just then, Giratina came from behind, and slammed Romance.

"No, get off of me! Metagross! Help!"

Metagross ran as fast as his mechanical legs could make him. He loosed a Meteor Mash, but Giratina was not effected.

"Guardian trainer, you only procrastinate, I will get rid of you so master darkrai may make the world a better place for us who have been trapped for thousands of years."

Romance started to feel the weight of giratina's foot crushing his body. Blaziken and Mint could only watch from a distance, and ran to his aid, but their puny attacks could not effect him... Romance... was going to die...

October 29th, 2007, 7:20 PM
"ROMANCE! ABSOL! NIGHT SLASH!" Shadow could tell Momo was serious. The only time Momo is serious is when Shadow is called by its species. Shadow let loose a very powerful Night Slash, nearly killing the Giratina and freeing Romance. Momo and Shadow rushed to his aid immediately after Giratina was blown off. "Romance. Are you okay?" There was no response.

"C'mon Romance. I need you. Please stay." Momo was crying.

Please stay alive. Shadow returned to making a path through the evil Pokemon.

"I don't know if I can help, so I must return to helping Arceus." Celebi teleported to Shadow and started fighting with Shadow Ball.

October 29th, 2007, 8:10 PM
Suddenly powerful stream of fire screams in a straight line from behind everyone and blasts between Shadow and Celebi, pushing back the dark pokemon more.

an orange blur whips around them and skids to a stop in front of Romance. Romance looks up wearily to make out the faint outline of orange and black fur. Evan hops down off of Axel and kneels in front of Romance.

"hmpf... you really got yourself beat up, didn't you?" Evan grinned slightly and pulled out the Full Restore Momo gave to him way back on the ferry. "I don't know if this works on humans but you don't have many options, now do you? I thought about giving up... but Suicune helped me with everything i could possibly need. just wait till you see what Aaron can do..." Evan sprays the Full Restore on Romance's wounds

October 29th, 2007, 8:19 PM
"Axel! Evan! It's good to see you." Momo ran over to Evan and hugged him.

"Thanks Suicune. I knew I could count on you." Celebi flew to Suicune and teleported him to a nearby area to fight off the enemy from another end.

"Celebi and Shadow. Help Axel break through the lines. And I can't wait to see what Aaron can do now."

Celebi! C'mon!

"Okay Shadow!" Celebi flew over to Evan. "I'm glad to see Suicune got to you. It gets to everyone. Even me! I'll see you in a while."

Momo turned around and watched as Romance got a footing and stood up.

Romance Hero
October 29th, 2007, 8:26 PM
Romance looked into the sky. It was it wasn't black, It wasn't blue, it was... orange? And the sky barked too. Someone came up to him, he looked like a doctor. He sprayed a Full Restore on Romance and waited for results.

His vision started to come to focus, and as his eyes set on his savior, it was Evan and his pokemon.

"hmpf... you really got yourself beat up, didn't you?" Evan said with a smile that said 'you owe me one'.

Romance got up. and stared at the Arcanine that towered above him. "wow."

Romance felt better than ever. He looked aside and saw the crippled giratina with the huge gash on it's face. Romance went over there and kicked and elbow slammed giratina a couple of times, as revenge of course. Giratina, soon had no life left. Romance slowly pelted him to death.

Standing up straight, Him and Evan stared out into the abyss in the sky. "we have to make that disappear, Ev."
Romance ran over to hug Momo, and promised her he would not give up on her again. He called upon his pokemon, and they walked side-by-side, dead forward in the direction of Darkrai.

October 29th, 2007, 8:32 PM
"Okay everyone. SUICUNE! COME ON BACK OVER HERE!" Celebi called out and Suicune jumped to a straight line of the three trainers' Pokemon and Celebi.

"Shadow! Use Thunderbolt!" Shadow let out a very strong Thunderbolt attack, enhanced by the legendary Pokemon's powers. "Lopunny! Ice Beam!" The evolved Buneary quickly launched an also enhanced attack. The Pokemon in the direct path of the attacks were near instantly killed by the strength of the attacks. "Celebi! Suicune! You two are up!" Celebi and Suicune soon started to charge in to expand the path made by Shadow and Lopunny.

October 29th, 2007, 8:39 PM
"its our turn, Aaron!!! lets do this!"

Evan tossed his pokeball high into the air and the bright light burst out. The ground shook with is weight as Aaron appeared as a massive Aggron before them.

"ready to show them what we can do Aaron?" Evan asked with confidence. Aaron roared loudly with a presence that would scare anything.

"You all may want to get out of the way... AARON! SHOW IT TO THEM! FISSURE NOW!"

Aaron let out another deafening roar and stomped the ground hard, splitting the earth in a line straight through the mass of Pokemon.

October 30th, 2007, 3:51 AM
OOC:when did you come back evkay

It was getting dark in Eterna "Its time. Come on Sarina, Staraptor take us to where the others are i have a feeling where they are." (OOC:where are you?} Wait i feel staraptor you look stronger like the gift of our mentors has given you strenghth then Ho-Oh we nned your power and we can defeat Darkrai you to Arceus! "Jake, um i wan't you to know if we don't make it out of here alive your my best friend and boy-friend ever." Okay were here and that looks lke a celebii and suicune." "Now Infernape, Beautifly, Leafeon your powers are stronger now Infernape Flare Blitz,Beautifly Silver Wind , And
Leafeon use Leaf Blade! "Umbeon Shadow ball maximum power! Pachirasu Dis-charge maximum power!

October 30th, 2007, 12:31 PM
"Weavile,use Shadow claw!""Medicham,Hi Jump Kick!"Shiko and elise fought bravely,and since deoxys and shaymin had come along,everyone's moves had quadruple power!"Kabutops,Aqua Jet!""Machoke,use Vital Throw!"blasting them with every move possible,the enemy was beginning to wear down."Keep going Blaziken!USE BLAST BURN!!Metagross,Meteor Mash!Keep going guys,we're almost done!"

October 30th, 2007, 3:08 PM
"Romance! Now's our chance with that Fissure! Let's get to Darkrai!" Momo charged in with Celebi, Shadow, and Lopunny while Dark Pokemon started to jump out to attack.

"You go with Momo. I'll hold them off as long as I can."


"Romance! You go too!"

Let's go. The quicker we defeat Darkrai, the quicker Celebi can relax.


"Okay." Romance and Momo started to head towards Darkrai and found Arceus trapped in a darkened sphere.

Romance Hero
October 30th, 2007, 3:31 PM
Romance ordered His pokemon to move forward, without hesitation, without fear, to continue volleying attacks at the enemy, he knew they would not tire out with this situation at hand. He called out for all to come with them, and suggested Blaziken to continue helping Arcanine until Evan can follow alongside them. He did not plan on leaving Evan behind again, he owed him his life.

"Evan, come on, if we attack the heart of this operation, we can put a stop to it completely and stop fighting these lackeys!"

"Don't worry about me, my pokemon will take out each any every one of these weaklings. They're no match for Aggron and Arcanine."

With the lines directly open, they reached the center of the Island. There was Darkrai, trapped with Arceus. They seemed frozen directly while the epic battle was still commencing. Celebi must have put a time halting spell on them, as it was the pokemon able to control time. Romance and Momo came uponn them, and soon Evan caught up, with Aggron and Arcanine rumbling from behind. Blaziken continued to take blows outside, but when taking one blow, he had already taken down a hundred more.

October 30th, 2007, 3:38 PM
Evan arrived behind Momo and Romance looking at the giant pokemon frozen together. He was breathing heavily, still fighting for his life.

"whatever we're going to do right now... we need to do it fast. we can't hold these guys back forever." Evan called to them.

Suddenly, a Cacturne and Houndoom emerged blasting flamethrower and pin missile straight towards the group.

"Aaron! i need you! protect, quick!" Aaron leaped into the path of the projectiles and blocked them with a huge barrier. "Now, Axel, fight them back with a Dragon Pulse!" Axel shot a large blue beam from behind Aaron knocking the two pokemon away. "lets get a plan goin here, guys!"

October 30th, 2007, 3:53 PM
"We've gotta defeat Darkrai NOW!"


"Lopunny. Lo!"

"Romance! We can't use our Pokemon so we have to hit it with everything our bodies can take!" Momo rushed in with no regrets of what would happen. Shadow and Lopunny rushed in to help her but the Pokemons' attacks didn't even phase the frozen Pokemon.

October 30th, 2007, 5:04 PM
Guys consentrate the energy of compashin for what we have been through or bonds with pokemon and the power of our mentors use that energy to deafeat Darkrai its the bond of compashan that destroies wvil and darkness like Darkrai! "Jake, i love you and we will destroy Darkrai now use that power! Pachiarasu guys i love you all you guys are my friends and Darkri will not survive!"Sarina we can do this cause were all in this together!

OOC:Guys when this rp is over im might make a sequel about us traveling together to cahalenge any gym for the title of gym leader but we keep on traveling until every gym is concered

Romance Hero
October 30th, 2007, 5:24 PM
Romance though a while.

"Momo, I have an idea." He let out metagross and detached the star piece Jirachi had placed in his care. "Mint, run back a distance, and When I say go, Start charging towards Darkrai with no letup. Momo, I need your help. Remember that battle we had? With the frozen spear you made on my Mint? I want to do that again. Except Jirachi is going to help us this time."

"Right, Romance, understood. You can count on me." said Momo.

"Evan, I need your help too, I know Axel is the fastest pokemon out of all our pokemon, so I need you to fling Mint as hard as you can. Let Mint ride on Axel, then halt to send him flying. Can we do that, you think?

October 30th, 2007, 5:36 PM
OOC:momo can control jake while between 8:oo am and 2:30 pm

Hey guys give me your power (sarina and my pokemon) Now i'm charhing infernape put me on fire ,ahhhh! Jake chargesd at darkrai my friends and i shall defeat you! Jake swung fire enduced punches and gkicks and took his jacket of and lunged and Darkrai everybody we can do this! Sarina broke into tears. " Jake be careful!" Pachirasu do what infernape did to jake with dis-charge i'm helping!

October 30th, 2007, 6:38 PM
"Weavile,lend me your ice powers!Darkrai won't be here for long!"Shiko slashed at Darkrai with icy punches and kicks.Imitating him,Elise's Machoke gave her its power,and she started beating at Darkrai with all she had."Deoxys,help us!You to,Shaymin!Let's beat Darkrai!"Soon Darkrai began weakening."LET'S GO!!"

OOC:momo,why'd you take me pokeball?

October 30th, 2007, 7:22 PM
OOC: treecko: I have school during those hours. And please, please don't make a sequel.
panda: What Pokeball?

IC: "Okay Shadow. Just like our battle with Romance, create an ice spear on Mint. Ice Beam!" Shadow let out an Ice Beam attack that created a large spear on Mint's forehead.

Just a little more. Shadow continued to let out the Ice Beam for a few more seconds.

"Okay. Use Night Slash to carve a spear from the ice." The ice was beginning to thin into a sharpened edge until Shadow cut the ice block into a spear and jumped away.

Romance Hero
October 30th, 2007, 7:42 PM
With the spear formed, Mint jumped on the huge Axel. Axel sped at incredible speed and came to a complete halt, volleying Mint. Just seconds before Mint made contact to the frozen Darkrai, Romance threw Jirachi's charm, right to the target point! Mint's spear slid through Darkrai with ease, and slowly, the tip of the frozen javelin appeared out the other side of Darkrai's abdomen. Darkrai's painful roar echoed across the waters surrounding the island. As the sound waves passed by, the dark pokemon turned to sand on the shores of the island and died away, clearing the skies and bringing out the sun. Darkrai held on to it's life until the last moment. Sunlight passed through the forest and shone on Darkrai. Some of the light reflected off the Ice spear and reflected onto darkrai. It's head and body had melted. The rest of it's body dispeared along with the water that melted with the sunlight.

October 31st, 2007, 3:07 AM
OOC:why no sequl?

"Its finally over, hehe that was fun." Jake passes out Sarina runs up to Jake."Jake are you ok? said Sarina "Yeah, I'm fine" "Oh, few.Now Guys return to your pokeballs!" said Sarina. Jake stands up "Ah this island could be a paradise now that Darkrai is dead!" said Jake "Now Jake um when we get back you wanna go to the movies?" said Sarina "Sure, but i've had my share of horror for awhile said jake "Me too." Said Sarina

October 31st, 2007, 12:34 PM
"Phew...that was tough."said Shiko."You were WONDERFUL!"cried Elise,throwing her arms around Shiko."Thanks...but I couldnt've don it without these guys,"he said,gesturing to his Pokemon."Tell you what guys...let's all go get ice cream,my treat!"Each Pokemon,even Weavile,emitted a cry of joy."Let's go,"said Shiko.


OOC:everyone had an ending right?momo:the pokeball in my spoiler,flare

October 31st, 2007, 1:02 PM

October 31st, 2007, 2:20 PM
OOC: treecko: I'm sorry if I insult you, but you can come up with a good idea for an RP, but you can't keep up easily. Again, sorry if I insulted you.

panda: In your spoiler? I just came up with a name. I didn't know about the one in your spoiler.

October 31st, 2007, 3:08 PM
ooc:Its hard for me too keep up between posts school and life and sleep

Romance Hero
October 31st, 2007, 3:10 PM
I sleep four hours. Why don't you go out trick or treating? I'm done here. :/

October 31st, 2007, 4:22 PM
OOC:i just got done after 2 hours

October 31st, 2007, 5:07 PM
well momo,great minds think alike?i named mine flare as well!

October 31st, 2007, 5:11 PM
Do you like the idea for a sequl panda

November 1st, 2007, 12:09 PM
i totally agree for a sequel!that would be awesome!it could be like a rebellion against giratina or something.

November 1st, 2007, 12:57 PM
OOC: thats a good idea i think it would be like a s all traveling together and then fighting gym leaders for the leader of the gym but keep traveling till we all have a gym and have to leave and anther sequl we have to reunite to beat giratina

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 1st, 2007, 1:52 PM
if you are still taking sign-ups,

Name: Diamond
Appearance:Has Dark Brown Hair And Blue Eyes.Wears A Tank Top With An Eevee On It And Jeans With Diamonds On It.Wears Shoes With Flames On Them.
Personality:She Is Very Brave And Treats Her Eevee,Vaporeon,Jolteon, And Flareon With Loving Care.

Obtained:Celestic Town
Personality:Brave,Very Content
Shadow Ball
Iron Tail
Quick Attack

Nickname: Droplet
Obtained:Lake Acuity
Personality:Brave,Very Content,Very Mad When Fighting
Quick Attack
Hydro Pump

Obtained:Sunnyshore City
Personality:Brave,Very Content,Very Mad When Fighting
Quick Attack
Thunder Fang
Rain Dance

Obtained:fuego Ironworks
Personality:Brave,Very Content,Very Mad When Fighting
Quick Attack
Fire Blast
Hyper Beam
Sunny Day

Ledgendary mentor: Dialga

November 1st, 2007, 2:08 PM
we kinda just finished but you can sign up in my seuqul

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 1st, 2007, 2:11 PM
ok.ill look for it.

see you there............................

November 1st, 2007, 2:31 PM
its not made yet i have not typed it yet

November 2nd, 2007, 9:32 PM
I was reading your RPG while you guys were writing. I must say, you guys sure know how to roleplay. Keep up the good work. Also come check out another rpg: Pokemon: Destruction in Sinnoh

November 3rd, 2007, 4:04 PM
thx kanto,it was a really great rp.look for the sequel comin soon!

November 3rd, 2007, 4:28 PM
the sequl is a journy with friends any one in this rp can join!

November 3rd, 2007, 4:42 PM
*GASP*IT'S DONE?!plz provide the title,i wanna join!

November 3rd, 2007, 5:01 PM
Pokemon:A journy With friends its about us 5 years later and just read the thing who am i to spoil it

November 3rd, 2007, 6:52 PM
Heh good thing I already registered. But i THINK YOU SHOULD close this thread

November 3rd, 2007, 6:59 PM
why should i do that????? >.<

November 3rd, 2007, 8:16 PM
why should i do that????? >.<
it is in no longer use and there is no other real use for it since the rpg is done

November 3rd, 2007, 9:45 PM
WOAH there. Watch it with the OoC's.

If you really MUST discuss like this, take it to PM. Since this roleplay is done, why don't we stop posting in it? Wise idea, eh?

Also, just a note, Treecko wouldn't be able to close this thread even if he wanted to. :3 That's reserved for staffers. It's fine if he keeps it open, but it's not okay if you use this thread like a chatroom.

And actually, let me tell you that nearly 50% of the posts in this roleplay do NOT meet the minimum post requirement for PC's roleplaying forum. I'm sorry I didn't step in earlier to warn the thread, but I would appreciate it if you would try to take the time to read and comprehend the rules before roleplaying at PC again.