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October 16th, 2007, 11:25 AM
Here is a remake of the New Generation. But it has a few differences

The Newer Generation

Rated PG 15


A few years after the defeat of Team Rocket and Team Aqua/Magma. They have decided to delve deeper. Team Rocket, Aqua and Magma have joined forces with a few other gangs and have merged into one ultimate pokemon laundering organization. Team Omni. They are recognized with White Magma uniforms.

After the domination of pokemon Gold/Silver and Crystal Team Omni had 1 powerfull leader. Giovanni who was studying pokemon for 3 years found out something. A mysterious plant found in Ilex Forest had a strange ability. Once ingested the plant would be able to change DNA. Which once ingested any DNA that would be admisitered to the patient would hybrid with the DNA and eventualy become it. Meaning if the plant was ingested into one patient and Charmander DNA would be administered to the patient the patient would warp into a Charmander.

So Giovanni decided to administer this treatment to highly advanced trainers that would be able to use this pokemon ability. One by one Team Omni has plundered trainers and their pokemon. They have kidnapped them and sent them to the Generation Labs. In these long abandoned labs slowly injected them with the serum and with a tracking device. Then released them back into the wild. Unknowingly followed a form of destiny


You have 2 roles a hybrid is someone who will gradually turn into a pokemon. A trainer is usually someone who befriends a hybrid



Trainers can meet up with hybrds at any time

Trainers are random trainers they could be starter trainers or pokemon masters.


1. All PC rules apply

2. Spelling and grammer is not very crucial but recommended.

3. Please stick to this roleplay like glue. I need dedicated roleplayers

4. You can have legendarys. Actualy it is recomended. You have up to 4 people being legendary

5. Trainers can be beginning trainers to being pokemon masters. Plus they can have a random assorment of weapons if they wish

6. One of the biggest rules is NO POWERPLAYING OR BUNNYING

7. If you are a legendary then you will not be able to go through the full potential of it. You will barely be able to skim its powers. Legendary roleplaying is used for people who will not powerplay with it.

8. You cannot have 2 of the same legendary's in the roleplay. You can have 2 or more of the same regular pokemon but not legendarys

9. You must have a realistic pokemon team. Since I doubt very many people have a Rayquaza in their team.

10. Last but not least please have fun

Sign-up Sheets


Name: (self explanitory)

Age: (Please above 10)

Gender: (self explanitory)

Pokémon to hybrid with: (This is where it gets tricky. Only 4 people in the roleplay can hybrid with legendarys. But I implore you to choose your favorite.)

Description: (what your character looks like remember they WILL become pokemon early on so it wont matter)

Personality: (What your character acts like)

History: (What happened that was so big that made you one of Omni's favorites? What happened in the labs? This is a crucal part to the roleplay)

Other: (anything else to add)

RP Sample: (Another important step. This is where you must show me what your writing style is so I can judge you.)


Name: (self explanitory)

Age: (Please above 15)

Gender: (self explanitory)

Pokémon: (if any. Please also post what their level is and anything else)

Description: (what your character looks like.)

Personality: (What your character acts like)

Weapons: (if any. It has to be simple things)

History: (How did you become a trainer. How did you catch your first pokemon. Things like that)

Other: (anything else to add)

RP Sample: (Another important step. This is where you must show me what your writing style is so I can judge you.)


1. JBCPeace, Adrian Carter, Mewtwo LEGENDARY
2. Madina Lake, Gera Tinto, Darkrai LEGENDARY
3. Darkjagwar, "Dex" Hoenniker, Deoxys LEGENDARY
4. Random Fan, Corey Kinniver, Mew LEGENDARY
5. Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses , AJ Valentine, Trainer
6. pandapanda, Alice, Growlithe
7. Uria Ema, Uria Ema, Lucario
9. JBCBlank, Misa Hals, Mewtwo LEGENDARY

This rp has started. There is ONE slot open for new people. Additionally people can join at any time. But however LEGENDARYS are closed. So if you want to join you cannot join with a legendary

One last thing. If you are inactive without an excuse for 2 weeks you will be KILLED off and someone else can have your slot and/or legendary


Here are chapters that have gone by. There will be more then 50 chapters. If there is enough Awarness I will create a Newer Generation 2.


Chapter 1: An old friend
Chapter 2: Dystopia
Chapter 3: The quest

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 16th, 2007, 6:33 PM
Name: AJ Valentine

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Pokémon: None

Description: AJ's figure is Five Foot Seven and One hundred and fifty-five pounds, he has a tall muscular Latin figure. I'll start with his head, One of AJ's eyes are blue while one of them are red, this is due to a chemical accident when he was a child. His ears are medium size and he has his left ear pierced with a small golden hoop hanging in symbolism. His teeth are for the most part straight and white with the exception of his most back tooth which is silver. AJ is for the most part ashamed of his eyes so he wears shades most of the time to make sure no one can see his bi-color eyes. His most distinguished feature on his face is the cross tattoo on his forehead, it's plain white with no outline. His hair is silky black and hangs over his shoulders about five inches in a ponytail, he also has white bangs that were dyed that way.

Next stop his torso, He wears a cross pendent around his neck and it hangs on a silver chain. Starting from the bottom up, he first wears a black T-shirt and then he wears a Crimson vest over that which has flames on them and on the back has the words “ Made In Heaven” Over that he wears a white trench coat with a large black cross and the words Fallen Angel on the back. He has black fingerless gloves on over his hands, along with a diamond ring around his left hand's pointer finger.

Now coming to the lower half, He wears black leather pants and long black combat boots, anything besides that down here... Is none of your business, hehehe...

Personality: pparently by veiw, AJ is a badass. AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'.

Weapons: Stun Stick ,Combat Knife, Machine Pistol And a Fallen Angel ( .50 Revolver)

History: AJ has led a pretty normal life, he grew up in Blackthorn city. He graduated from college when he was 17, a very young age, that is because he went into 1st grade at the age of three, he was very intelligent for his age. After graduating college he decided to vacation some where, so he traveled to Goldenrod city, and decided to take vacation in Eurteak. After his vacation he went on to buy a train ticket to go to the Hohen Reigon, in the hohen reigon he decided to become an undercover officer for the Special Tatics anti terrorist team in Slateport.

His current undercover mission; Team Omni


RP Sample: AJ felt like he was being watched, from the sky's, How strange... AJ thought silently to himself, He payed his attention to the one talking to him, which was... Leroy! Of course. Leroy was trying to lighten him up with his stale humor, it wasn't working, not at all. Leroy then said that a good plan would be to double team on single enemies, " To make them think we have more then they do." He had said.

AJ found himself slightly aggrivated with Leroy's plan, We? Great numbers? AJ mentally laughed, the Arcana had the whole world, while they only had about sixty or less people, in the war against The Fool, they would be facing atleast three hundred of each kind of warriors. El Gigante's and Hacha's, not to mention the deadly Chainsaw Beasts and the common zombie like creatures.

The other flaw in Leroys plan was the fact that the enemies they would be facing had nearly no soul and such, they had no real mind, they we're puppets being controlled by the pupiteer, Dillon. But some soliders still retained their mentality, not all with their humanity; they had all been altered in one way or another. AJ remembered his first encounter with one of these warriors, it was still fresh in his mind.

He had been causing lot's of trouble to Dillon, not even trying to act careful, in result Dillon sent one of his impossibly altered soliders to finish him. AJ had been in Pallet at the time and it ended up being urban combat, Walking along and suddenly feeling a dark presence behind me, turning around quickly I saw him; nearly standing at seven feet tall, he held a massive rail gun aiming at me, about to pull the trigger.

I drew out a incinderary grenade and in a swift motion stuck it in the barrel of the gun, diving backwards as it exploded. Hoping that that was the end of it, reluctantly looking toward the smoldering ashes of the rail gun, but he was still there and didn't look phased by the fiery death of his weapon.

And he didn't look amused, " Now, I'm mad." I had been shocked by that the most, that he spoke more then just mindless moans. He cracked his neck to the right, then to the left, an audiable crack sound could be heard. The man started to charge, looking then I could see that he had a large blade drawn to his left arm and he was going kill me with it. I drew my nine millimeter handguns and started unloading the rounds onto the large man, blast after blast, the bullets were piercing but he didn't show a sign of slowing down, feeling desperate I unvieled my combat knife, but by then I had been hit. The large blade went into my shoulder, it went in deep, I felt my chance to attack as he stood there with his knife plunged into my left shoulder, using my right arm I swung the combat knife into his chest, hoping that my slim chance of hitting his heart would pull through.

He seemed to be in a small shock, blood started to drip from the puncture wound and stained his clothing, hoping to finish this brawl I pulled out my Eight gauge shotgun and aimed toward his face, even though he was in shock he was still smiling, " Wipe that grin off your face... Better yet, let me!" I fired once, twice into his face, the bb's found their ways into many parts of his face and scraped the flesh off the mucsle, creating many places that were impulsivly bleeding.

The man still stood however, " Thats Bullsheet!" I cursed angrily as my anger pented up, in my rage I sent four more of the powerful shotgun blast into his skull, the fourth one decapitating the fellow. His bloody head slid off his neck and landed on the ground with a meaty sounding squish. " I'm going to have to be more careful from now on." I said aloud walking away, " Oh yeah, one more thing." I pulled the knife out of his chest.

AJ snapped back to the present, " Your plan wouldn't work, not at all." AJ didn't feel the need to explain.

" I'm going to do a little something and then we'll head out." AJ announced as he sat down in a chair and pulled out a small laptop.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Barry saw AJ leave Leroy off without any detail of why his plan wouldn't work, Barry sighed and walked over to Leroy. " The reason your plan wouldn't work is... Well, They have too many on their side and none of them will feel any suprise, fear or any emotion at all. Think of them all as Zombies." He told Leroy in assorted emotion.

" Be ready to leave in a few minutes... Because it seems like Jason already did, Damn!"

October 16th, 2007, 6:36 PM
Fallen: Way more then needed Fallen. Definatly Accepted

Anyway I will post my sheet eventually

October 16th, 2007, 7:09 PM

Name: Gera Tinto

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Darkrai

Description: (From the top to the bottom);- Atop his head, sits nothing; No hat. His hair color is one that is needed to stand out; Being pitch black- With a small fuzzle of gold/blond hair at the top. Being his age, he likes his hair long, so he keeps his freestyle hair at about five inches. His hair is thin, so it often seems to be in small strands. His skin tone consists of Caucasian; And eye color of a darker blond, with pure dark pupils. For the clothes he wears, a black over shirt with no buttons to keep and hold it closed. The shirt he wears under his over shirt; Is a pure black short sleeved shirt. Since his over shirt is open, a design appears on his shirt; Of small white lines across his shirt- And between two lines in an upper collum, near his collar area to the right, the words, "The Undead." show. Though, it is hard to see sometimes due to his over shirt. He wears no belt; holding any on hand Pokemon in his pant pockets; His pants being seemingly tight and jet black. Finally, his shoes; Are tied, unlike other kids his age, Gera keeps his shoes tied so they do not slip off. Like the rest of his appearance, are dark. But his shoes have a gray lining on the side; Other than that- Different.

Personality: Usually, nice, relaxing, and calm. In fact, most of the time a nice, and happy person. (No, not that kind of happy, if you catch my drift.) Since he is not one to get angry, he absolutely blows up whenever someone manages to anger him. When someone manages to piss him off, and he is not able to get back at them; He holds a small grudge in the back of his mind. What he does to tune out his anger, is joking around with his friends, comedy, or Pokemon battling. Despite his appearance, he is not at all of the stereo-type; "Emo" or "Gothic".

History: From the happiest day of his life; On turning age 10; Gera has always had a knack for handling the Dark type variety of Pokemon, and able to battle really well; His first Pokemon being a Murkrow, and his main interest in possibly one of the most powerful Legendary Pokemon of all; Darkrai. He started in the region of Johto at age 10; Training up to recent days at age 16. While traveling in Sinnoh, he searched for a special Graveyard.. He found it, and in it was a book; Which he opened, and read a certain spell; One which would mean doom. His spell; Was to summon Darkrai. Gera finally got his wish, to see the Dark Pokemon for himself; But he would not know what a future would come from it. He summoned Darkrai, not knowing what it would do; It would begin to cause destruction. He battled the Dark Pokemon with all of his might; Defeating it after a long and grueling battle. But upon winning the battle, devious beings in white suits ran up behind him, hitting him, and knocking him out. The beings then extracted DNA from the nearly dead, devastatedly defeated Darkrai; Beginning Gera's soon to be Omni Hybrid story.

Other: Pokemon Silver Conference League Champion

RP Sample:

From Pokemon Waves Of Darkness: Sinnoh's Engulfment.

Upon seeing the three opposing attacks coming quickly, the three dark Pokemon braces for whatever supposed impact they might get. Darkrai blocked, being quickly in a small amount of pain due to the speed of the attack. Giratina stood still, not taking on much damage, as it is a rather large Pokemon. By the power of Charizard's Fire Blast, Spiritomb was slightly overwhelmed. Seeing this predicament, Pat orders a Razor Wind and a Blizzard from Absol. Razor Wind slashes into the Fire Blast, increasing the power of the fire by the wind, increasing its mass as well, which pushes Spiritomb back further. As for the icy cold winds of the Blizzard attack, it added the power to Ice Shards with speed. Darkrai, who is blocking the attack, is pushed back was well. Giratina flaps its wings once; releasing a mass amount of Dark Energy, downwards towards the flames and ice. This cancels the attacks out, stopping all damage. Giratina then descends to the
ground, in between Darkrai and Spiritomb. It is ready to truly join this intense fight. Right before Darkrai and Spiritomb's area, shadows gather, quickly forming a ball of energy; Shadow Ball. They were fired, as Giratina fired off a wave of dark aura, Dark Pulse, all aimed for the heroes fighting the darkness, however it hits the ground, causing an explosion, most likely knocking everyone back and onto the ground, and obviously getting a little dirty from the ground. Smoke engulfs the battle field. Giratina begins to float into the air, to blow away the dust, Cyrus remarking, Thats what you kids get for messing around with the adults.. Now you have been finished off with ease., Obviously assuming he won the battle. Pat explained a plan to Jake while getting up, obviously being pushed to the ground from the explosion.

"Alright.. You release that supposed beast you have in the Pokeball to fight Giratina, Spiritomb, and Darkrai. It apparently seems to be a strong Pokemon from what I have heard from how you demanded it earlier. Our Pokemon may be powerful, but with Cyrus's power boost for them. With your Pokemon's supposed power, it will be of great help. I will have Absol use Razor wind on me to get me up towards Cyrus so I can get that book. Understood? Luckily the smoke is still here.. Now here we go.."

Luckily, there was so much dust in the air, that it was impossible to see, and Pat spoke quietly, so quiet that only those near him could hear him, and thankfully not Cyrus hearing in on the plan. Absol stood behind Pat, ready to use Razor Wind, but waiting for Jake to release his Pokemon. Once Jake does release it, Absol fires off the attack, sending Pat flying towards Cyrus. Upon getting there, Pat aims a punch across Cyrus's face. Though it may seem a little rude, punching someone out of the blue, but he must make an attempt to get the book.

October 16th, 2007, 7:12 PM
Madina lake: An okay sign up. I really like that character Accepted

Anyway here is mine

Name: Adrian Carter

Age: 16

Gender: male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Mewtwo

Description: Adrian's current weight is 150 pounds. His iris color is cerulean. His voice is deep but it usually becomes lighter after a few weeks.

Adrian's hair is black and its hairstyle is a Mullet. It is currently growing longer then normal. He wears a black bandana which he tied around his neck. Frank wears a dark blue jean jacket. His jacket has an inside pocket which he occasionally keeps small items inside. The inside of the jacket he wears a dark lime turtle neck with no patterns. He wears grey jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. The knee of his jeans are torn. He wears white sneakers with black laces and black socks. The soles of the shoes are peeling and Adrian is still deciding whether he should buy new ones.

Personality: Adrian is a very likable person. He makes friends with many people and does very many favors to people. Constantly he is helping random people in the street or random pokemon in a forest. When he is in a group Adrian is the center of attention and the everyman. He stands out greatly in a group and is very social. He mainly makes friends with pokemon and rarely people. Adrian uses logic to his advantage and continually quotes famous people from literature and movies. He is very literate and does delve a bit into pop culture. Even his pokemon look up to him as a leader

History: Adrian started his pokemon journey in Pallet town like many others. Of course through the course of 6 years he traveled through the country. Catching pokemon and releasing them and training constantly. But Adrian does slack off and rarely did it after he managed to get badges easily. Adrian made many friends during his travels through Kanto and eventually used his friends to his advantage in making it to the kanto pokemon league. Eventually beating it 2 years in a row. But however Adrian noticed that the pokemon league was to much glory and fame for his liking. So he retired his title and decided to take a break from fast paced training. So he decided to rest in Pallet town. However Team Omni found out about Adrian's fame and decided he would be the perfect candidate for their "Generation" project. They kidnapped him in his house and injected him with a very rare serum containing Mewtwo.

Other: Kanto league champion (former)

October 16th, 2007, 7:28 PM
i am so doing this one!


Name: Dexter "Dex" Hoenniker

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Deoxys (yay legend!!!)

Description: Dex is average height and weight. His height is around 5'10" and he weighs about 170 pounds. He has light brown, almost red hair that is always matted down. His eyes are light blue and wears large, round glasses. He has pale skin and his muscles are not well toned. He isn't fat or skinny, just not muscular. He usually wears a white shirt, khaki pants, loafers, and often wears a dark red hoodie.

Personality: Dex is a peace-loving young man. He often avoids conflict if possible. If he ends up in a conflict, he usually has a clever way of getting out. He is a bit timid and shy, but can be really friendly. He never makes jokes and is never sarcastic.

History: Dex was born and raised in Viridian City where he had had minimal training under Giovanni. Dex did not know at the time that he was secretly the leader of Team Rocket. He taught Dex how to work with Ground-type pokémon and gave Dex his first pokémon: Nidoran (M). Eventually, Dex learned of Giovanni's true identity, gave up on pokémon, including ignoring offers to be an apprentice to Blue, the new Viridian gym leader, and released his Nidoran into the wild, never to see it again. Years past, and Dex was studying at Mossdeep University (i kno it doesn't REALLY exist in any manga, game, or anime...) and majoring in pre-med, hoping to pursue a career in science and research. Little did Dex know that Giovanni kept his eye on him for all these years and knew his exact location. Wanting to experiment on his old pupil, he sent a grunt to kidnap Dex and take him to the lab for experimentation. Dex had been walking back to his dorm late at night when he was taken hostage by said grunt. When at the lab, Giovanni discovered Dex had a sample of Deoxys DNA with him from a Legendary Pokémon study class. Using this DNA, Giovanni conducted the procedure and began Dex's metamorphosis...

RP Sample: Dex woke up at midday on the ground outside of his dorm. "Ugh. What happened last night. Wait, why am I here? How come I'm outside? Ow, my head...whatever, probably had too much beer last night or something." He started taking inventory of his possessions. All of his belongings he had taken with him to the lab for research last night were with him, except the sample of DNA! "What? Where did I put that?" he thought. "Oh crud! If i don't have it with me for class today, Prof. will kill me!!!" As Dex stood up, he noticed his vision was blurred. "I should probably put on my glasses," he thought. Suddenly, he realized, "Wait a second, I'm wearing my glasses!" He removed his glasses and could see everything clearly. "Wow," he thought. "Weirdness." He closed his eyes only to find something even more enigmatic. When he closed his eyes, he could still see, only he would be able to see electromagnetic waves instead of images the human eyes usually see. "What the? Oh, whatever. Not now. Gotta get to class!" Dex was very late for class, which, of course, was on the opposite side of campus. Remembering that today was the last day before spring break, Dex knew that all his teachers would give huge tests, and if Dex was not there in time, he would be in serious trouble. He sprinted a full speed towards his class. As he kept thinking about how much he needed to get to class, something mysterious happened to him. His arms extended slightly and became thinner. His core body got much thinner. His entire physique had become more streamline. The speed at which he ran also increased dramatically; to the point where he could have outran any of the world's fastest runners. Dex felt as if he were gliding above the ground. In fact, by the time he reached the building where he had class, when he stopped, he had lowered about 2 inches. As he entered the building and walked into his class, his body returned to normal. The even more mysterious part, Dex did not break even a single sweat.

October 16th, 2007, 7:28 PM
This is the strangest character I've ever made, and possibly the worst sign-up attempt too. XD

Name: Corey Kinniver

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Mew

Description: Corey has a brownish hair color, very short. Whenever it’s wet, it can look extremely spiky. All he’d need would be some gel to keep it up. His eyes are blue, and share a sense of calmness wherever he goes. Really it’s just the calmness in his looks though; he can act the part with his smooth complexion of skin. He’s usually wearing jeans and any old shirt out in the open; it doesn’t really matter to him what he looks like. Of course, this can sometimes lead to people thinking he’s some lazy bum down the street, which again, he can certainly act the part.

He has a lazy walk sometimes and can also really look out of it, when in actuality, he’s paying close attention. He doesn’t look like the type to be out in a brawl somewhere fighting for a cause, and that’s because he’s not that type of person. To easily describe his looks, and his personality below, he might just as well be a very lazy person.

Mew description – to put simple: not—recognizable—at—all. For the first of all, people have to delve deeper into the reasons for this being. Mew. There’s only one out there. It just happens to be female. A female DNA strand is what it is, and though it shouldn’t affect the transformation, it does. As a Mew, Corey is looks like the replica of Mew itself. He’s even the same gender as Mew, meaning he is now she. The only difference might be that the hair is slightly rustled, but nothing more after that.

Personality: A lazy caretaker is what he is. By caretaker, it’s not meant to be taken as he takes care of anything, but he will sometimes be the first to say to do something and never really follow through afterwards. He’ll just sit back and watch the scenery roll before him. When overworked, a tiny bit cranky is something that he could be called, but not necessary. He’s more like someone who wishes he was cranky. His cranky act is not a very good one.

At desperate times, he can do some desperate acts. Sometimes, they’re crazy and make people hate him, but he doesn’t care for this. He’s just someone who doesn’t really care what people think of him and can be very straight forwards and lazy.

History: Somehow in this life that he leads, Corey stumbled upon a secret. They were codes, but he did not know what they were meant for. He kept the codes in his mind and even wrote them down. It was a series of seven numbers; easy to remember. It was much like remembering a phone number. But what could it be? He didn’t know.

Then he had to let it slip from him. He showed his Dad what it was. From that point on, he wasn’t sure what happened next. Had his father known what it was? He might have, considering there was a break-in at the house and he was beat around with a stick just to be taken to the labs. He wasn’t sure why this happened, but he was positive his Dad had an answer. If only there was someway he could get to him, and ask him what it was that he had done to make him be found…

He was the only child, and his mother had died earlier on. It was only him and his Dad, so at the break-in, he was left with nothing to protect himself with.

Other: None

RP Sample: A cool breeze in the open air swished by his eyes slowly, cooling him down from the heat of the sun. It was hot outside and Corey was ready to faint. Why? Because he had simply been working out in the yard for a large mass of time, and was now completely obliterated of energy. The stench of his own sweat was in the air, and to him, it smelled good. Smelled like hard work to him.

What had he now done…well, he finished all of the outside chores which were on cutting the grass and cutting the neighbor’s grass for extra cash. Then he left to ride his bike for awhile, and arrived back at the house just to end up watering the grass itself. The air was hot, so the only coolness he could grasp was from the watering hose. So the cool air was refreshing to him.

He stepped inside his house and calmed himself with some nice lemonade and watched some TV, looking for anything of interest. At each click of the remote, he found nothing so far. He frowned; this shouldn’t be. He was bored; he should have something to do. He walked around aimlessly for awhile before just lying on the couch again, stinking up the place.

“Tired…” is all he said, but now, he didn’t really mean it. If anything, he was ready to get back into the sun. He liked the sun; you could see it in his slow sunburn get-up coming on. It wasn’t much actually; it probably wouldn’t even show in a few hours.

He made a call to his father’s work station, but he was away at the time. He was busy at some conference with his boss most likely; it’s how it always was. All he needed to do was wait a few more hours before he could call on his Dad again. Surely there was plenty to do than just wait around though; he began to dig through a movie pile to find something good. Yet, there was nothing, and he really felt bored now.

Back to the couch he was. A little tired, just a little. He began to get some shut-eye. It felt so good to sleep, yet…there was a knock on the door.

The next thing he knew, a black eye is what he had along with several bruises as he was dragged away, not knowing what the heck had just happened since it was over so quickly.


BTW, anyone notice my age change at meh profile. >.> Can't believe my birthday was when the site was down. >_<

October 16th, 2007, 7:40 PM
Darkjagwar: A pretty okay signup. I like deoxies and how your character's name is a play on words

Random_fan: SO GOOD. This is what I call a high quality sign up

the two of you are definatly accepted. LEGENDARYS ARE CLOSED

Anyway Starting... NOW

Adrian Carter awoke in a slumber. The dream he had was a nightmare so he was glad to be up. He looked around. It was raining heavily and the window looked like it was getting washed. He checked the watch on his arm. It read in blaring red letters 7:34 AM. Good its still early he thought to himself. He looked down at himself and frowned. "Strange. I dont remember sleeping in my clothes."

Eventually Adrian got up. He yawned heavily and walked down to his kitchen. He could see Blaziken his first pokemon sleeping heavily in a recliner. He could remember when Blaziken defeated dozens of pokemon on live TV at the kanto league.

Adrian walked over to his kettle. He pored himself a hot mug of tea and drank from it slowly. As if something big is going to happen over here Adrian laughed at the idea. Pallet town was normally slow moving and quiet. Little did he know that in a few hours he would feel destinies cold hard fury

This rp starts with your character waking up somewhere. Also we will meet up in a few posts in some way

October 16th, 2007, 7:58 PM
Awakened by the sound of the alarm, Corey got out of bed, hitting his head on his low ceiling. It was stupid really; his bed was done so decorative that it was right over his desk, so it more resembled a bunk bed without there being a lower bunk. This made the ceiling so much closer, and as such, every day when he’d wake up, he would always slam at different rates against that wall. It had so many dents now for the number of times he’s hit his head there that it’s not even funny to him anymore.

He pushed himself off the bed slowly, but stumbled, and fell right onto the floor at a face fault. Pain, but still, it was not like it was something he was not used to. He stood from the floor scratching his head before he realized that he needed to take care of his personal hygiene. A quick shower, shave, and brushing of teeth later, he was in the kitchen, looking around. He saw that his father was nowhere around, so he would just have to make something for himself for breakfast.

Oh, but there was nothing but lame paper bag and fake cereal to eat. Very easily, he could walk down to the fast food restaurant and get a burger if he wanted to. He had the money to do so, yet…he was feeling lazy. He pulled open a window and gazed out to the perpetually empty street. So average, so lame. What was a boy of his age to do?

He sat on the front porch and watched the street for about an hour, as if expecting the plain ordinary view before him to just run away and come back saying “BOO” or something to that effect.

But the day was average. Here he was, sitting alone, and he had nothing to do. He had no games to play and no one to talk to as of yet. He had never really made perfect friends with anyone to ever be invited to parties or anything. He was just there. He hated this part of his life, and he frowned upon this part of his life.

He wished there was something more…and here, he had his instances of spacing out again.

October 16th, 2007, 8:07 PM
Adrian walked out of his house without his pokemon. As he usually did on these occasions. Adrian wanted to go and train some more but it seemed like a waste of time unless he wanted to start over and go to Johto. Which he didnt feel like doing. "What else is new." He said to himself. Suddenly his pokenav began ringing. He quickly flipped it. It had a text message. "Tired of easy trainers and boredom? Feeling no reason to even get out of bed in the morning?" Adrian was suddenly intregued. He continued reading. "Well Viridian City is having a festival at December 31st at Midnight. Trainers come because there is a special surprise in store for whoever comes. Maybe even a battle you wont be able to win." Adrian smiled wearily at this text message. He looked down at his watch again. It was noon now on December 31st. "Hmm I have twelve hours to go to Viridian city. This could be fun. " he said to himself. He walked back into his house. "Allright guys we are going to Viridian city today." His pokemon almost jumped out. They too were very bored living in his parents house for the past few weeks.

"Allright anyway it doesn't start till midnight..." Adrian suddenly clutched his stomach. He felt a lurch of pain that felt like no other. Like he was getting a stomach ulcer and a bowel movement at the same time. But as quickly as it came it passed. That was odd... he thought to himself.

October 16th, 2007, 8:19 PM
Name: Alice

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Pokémon to hybrid with: Growlithe

Description: Alice is completely unremarkable to look at. Her short, mouse brown hair is usually messy and pulled into two hurried pigtails. She has lightly tanned skin dusted with freckles, and two quiet gray eyes that seemed washed-out and tired. She's short, under five feet, and a waif-like thin that seems unhealthy rather than attractive.

She wears the smallest pair of jeans she could find, and they still seem a bit loose on her. A thin, black belt snakes around her waist to hold them up, and the cuffs are dirty and torn from being dragged along the ground. As if unaccustomed to cold weather, Alice is usually seen wearing a white t-shirt over striped long-sleeved shirt, and an open sweater over that.

Personality: Alice is shy to the point where people wonder why she doesn't talk. In large groups she keeps her eyes down, and when talking to people she avoids their eyes. She's a daydreamer, prone to staring off into space with half-lidded eyes and only her imagination for company. If she were to become mute, it's doubtful that anyone would notice.

On the inside, Alice is a very sarcastic person. She often insults herself, berating her stupidity and the idiocy of those around her.

History: Alice doesn't remember anything before Omni took her. Before being taken, she was smart and excelled at school, with aspirations to be a lawyer or some other high-paying job. It all went terribly, terribly wrong when she discovered one of the secret Omni bases. It's unsure how she found it, if she found out using her intellect or just by accident. It is clear, however, that Omni decided that she knew too much. They wiped her memories and gave her the injection.

Other: Alice takes the fact that she can't remember anything very personally, probably a remnant of her old, perfectionist self.

RP Sample: A warm breeze drifted through the classroom, making the eyelids of the bored students droop. The thick scent of blossoms and earth taunted them as the teacher droned on about acceleration and velocity. Alice put her head down on her hands, her eyes trained on the world outside, her mind drifting away from her physics classroom on the late spring wind.

The teacher wrote another formula on the board. Alice turned her attention back towards the class as initial velocity, time and displacement added and multiplied to form, magically it seemed, an acceleration. Quadratic formula flowed smoothly and artfully onto the board as if everything made sense. Alice lazily scribbled the new formula in her notebook, the scrawl crossing the lines and curving downwards.

The teacher asked a question, and a student yawned in response. The few students who weren't lost in daydreams were staring openly at the clock, willing the hands to move closer to the end of the day. A handful of students took notes religiously, brains working and calculators tapping as they furthered their education like bees intent on a flower.

Alice knew that she should be taking notes, should be concentrating. Should be doing this, should be doing that. But the only thing on her mind was that it was a Friday afternoon close to the end of the school year and that soon, soon she would be free to do whatever she pleased.

October 16th, 2007, 9:10 PM
Gera;- A trainer currently residing in the Region of Sinnoh. Quite the un-peaceful land to him, due to damage he caused; via Summoning Darkrai; Gera's interest Legendary Pokemon, who caused some damage to Sinnoh, in a small area though. The current city he is in, is Jubilife. He woke up around 6:00am, on a glorious December Day, the last day of the year. Gera got up immediately upon hearing his alarm go off; Though he slipped off his small bed upon waking up, due to surprise from the alarm. He got up, in a small wince of pain, to shut off his alarm. Originally, he would have fallen back asleep, but he knew today was an important day; The decent into the next year.

Gera walked over to his closet, which didn't take long; Seeing as his Jubilife abode is rather small. He opens the small door leading into his closet. Upon door opened, he grabs a black coat, and a black shirt, with small white stripes, and a saying around the shoulder area. He slipped the shirt on, scratching his head once. He then put the over-shirt on, fixing it in a few places once it is on him. Next, he grabs a pair of seemingly tight black pants. He slips those on quickly, and finally now to his shoes, which he struggingly slipped into without untieing them. He grabs a comb while rushing into the bathroom. He wets the comb, and strokes it through his hair in multiple directions, to style it. Once done, he places the comb down to walk out of the bathroom.

He passes through the hallway, passing the kitchen, and to the front door. He walks outside, followed by a dark bird Pokemon; This was Honchkrow. Gera places this bird Pokemon into its Pokeball with a happy smile.

Once outside, he takes a walk over to a shop; Which was not far away. Though it is very early in the morning, at 6:10 now, the store he approaches is open. He walks into the store; And the building is none other than an electronic store. Gera walks over to the music player area, and selects, "Metal/Rock/Alternative" music varieties. For about a wasteful hour and a half, he listens to the band music collection. A staff member of the store taps his shoulder, telling him to buy something or leave.

"Fine, I shall buy something. How about this cell phone?"

He said, placing the earphones down, and picking up a box with a cell phone in it. He walks over to the counter, buying it quickly, activating service, to leave right after. For about four hours of walking around town, calling family in other regions, he gets a text message; From number identity unknown. The text message consists of battling that night; In Viridian City at midnight.

"Sounds interesting. I just got little time to get there though; I just had to be Chatterbox Gera."

He said, while putting his cell phone into his right pocket, and pulling out a Pokeball. He presses the white button to expand the Pokeball; Which he throws into the air; And out comes a magnificent green dragon Pokemon. It states its name once, "Flygon." Gera gets on this Pokemon's back, and it zooms into the air, Gera holding on tight.

"To Kanto!"

Gera exclaims, as the Flygon; Which is flying at seemingly high speed; The two head towards Kanto's direction; To be in that area within two hours.

October 17th, 2007, 11:22 AM
OOC: Keep going. Anyway Papapanda. An okay character and our first female. Accepted Anyway our characters should meet at Viridian city before the festival

IC: The rain from the night before made ground slick. Frost was in the air. Adrian expected that later that night it would snow. "All well for New Years." Adrian was looking forward to celebrating New Years eve at the festival. Since it was the most action he was getting lately.

The grass between Viridian city and Pallet town was always a challenge for trainers. Right now Adrian walked through it like it was nothing. Mainly since he traversed these grasses many times when he was younger. But it usually did take an hour or two to make it through. Since route one was more like a grassy field then a road. Even the small baby pokemon looked like they would regret messing with him. Every now and then Adrian would suddenly get a similar pain like the bowel/stomach ulcer thing he felt before. But of course it happened randomly and in different places. So it was impossible to stop. "Maybe I will check out a doctor or something later." He said to himself as he continued walking.

October 17th, 2007, 12:28 PM
Dex walked out of his last class of the day and walked straight to his dorm. Frat boys were running around him and cheering for vacation. At his dorm, friends of his cracked open cans of beer, girls removed their tops. Typical college student activity. Dex, although as fun-loving as any other student, could not take his mind off of what happened today before class. I don't understand, he thought to himself. Am I going through, like, second puberty or something? I know that's bull, but something is definitely going on.

Before he meditated on this topic any more, Dex opened up his laptop and checked his e-mails. There was one message that caught his eye. It made his happy, but also slightly nervous:

Dear Dex,
I hope you are having a wonderful time at school.
Normally, I know you would go to Mauville or some other
local town, but I have a special request for you. Here at
home is a really super festival that I'm pretty sure you would
love to attend. So please get your things together and come
back home for some family time and even some super way cool

A letter from his mother back in Viridian. Typical mom, he thougt to himself. However, he was slightly puzzled by the post-script his mother had written:

P.S. Someone really special is here to see you. I'm not going
to tell you now, but you'll find out soon enough.

Dex was slightly unnerved by this. Who could my mom possibly be talking about? he thought. Before he could ask himself any more rhetorical questions, his roommate, Dillon "Diddy" Davis, burst into the room with two drunk, very sexy female students.
"Yo, Dex," Diddy shouted, "they're already drunk after 5 minutes of vacation. We are totally hooked up for tonight! You in?"
Though a fascinating offer, Dex stopped and thought to himself about a couple of things. First, he could tell immediately that Diddy was under the influence as well. He could not be held responsible later for anything he might have said now. Also, he knew Diddy would get into trouble and really wanted to stay out of it. Second of all, his experience this morning contributed to his desire to go to the festival in Viridian city, and to meet the mystery person his mother was talking about.
"Sorry, Diddy," Dex sighed as he began to pack his things. "I have other plans."
"Oh well, more for me!!!" laughed Diddy. He immediately jumped onto his bed with the two girls.
"Whoa! Can't you wait until I've left? For the love of Arceus, chill!" After Dex finished packing, which he did quickly knowing Diddy could not wait any longer before some action, he walked out of the dorm and boarded the nearest ferry headed for Vermillion.

October 17th, 2007, 4:35 PM
The first thing she was aware of was the sound.

A soft rustling, the kind that small forest animals make while pushing through bushes. It was not consistent, instead starting and stopping as if there were several creatures making the sound. A cold breeze slipped over her, raising goose bumps and making her shiver.

Who am I? She thought. She opened her eyes, the cold making them water almost instantly. The sky was a cold gray with a few patches of blue fighting their way through, and her breath frosted up above her face. She sat up, looking around her confusedly and wincing at a dull ache that set into her muscles. A name floated through her consciousness, a name that she knew and yet did not know, a name that seemed familiar though she had never heard it before. Alice...

I suppose that's me, her lips curved into a small smile that was wiped off her face within seconds. A large, green caterpillar crawled out of the bushes. Caterpie, she thought. Alice grimaced. She could remember a lot of stuff now. She knew about pokemon, the regions, fighting, moves. She knew clothing and how to dress. She knew about social etiquette, math, history.

Alice dropped her head into her face and let out a small, frustrated scream. "Why can't I remember anything personal?" she murmured into her hands, the urge coming over her to beat her hands into the ground and wail like a baby. She stood instead, and began walking in what she hoped was a southerly direction, where she would find some kind of city or town.

She began to warm up after ten minutes of fast walking. The ache was, she assumed, completely normal considering that she had been lying down on the cold, hard ground for a long time. Alice stretched, wincing as a particularly sharp pain stabbed between her shoulder blades, then went away. It only took her a few more minutes to reach what she could only assume was Viridian city.

October 17th, 2007, 4:45 PM
Viridian city slowly loomed ahead. Adrian kept walking. More pain continued and it slowly sped up to his legs. So he slightly limped the rest of the way to Viridian city. His watch now read 2:23 PM.

The rain from the previous day began again. But eventually Adrian made it to the large building that had a sign that said "Pokemon Center." Adrian quickly made it inside and walked to the counter. "Where is that pokemon festival?" The nurse looked at him strangely. "Its in a newly constructed valley to the west. But that doesn't start for some time. They are still setting up." Adrian thought this odd. Why wouldn't they have the festival in the city? Why in some Valley. "Thank you." Adrian felt much of the pain from before begin to disappear.

Adrian looked at his watch again. It had a small compass in a corner. He quickly made it west and looked around. There was a very large pit-like valley. It was very rocky and extremely large. At the far end there was a stage. People were setting up booths and other attractions. Adrian looked around and found something odd. Then it hit him. He looked over at the side of the valley. There was only one way out. A large metal gate that looked like it would take 5 men to open. Around the valley was a chain-link fence that was as tall as the gate. Every few feet it would have a poster that said something like. "NEW YEARS EVE. POKEMON FESTIVAL. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE." Adrian smirked at this. As if he thought to himself as he walked back to the pokemon center

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 17th, 2007, 5:12 PM
AJ sighed in aggrivation as he reread the message he had recieved minutes ago on his cell phone from Captain Steel.

A new lead has taken place near Pallet town in Kanto, See to it.

AJ knew that this could be the lead that they needed to find Team Omni, and kick their sick twisted Arses. " This will be a personal job..." AJ mumbled to himself quickly recapturing the horrid memory of his friend being shot down by team Omni. AJ quickly drove to his apartment and went in to pack.

He grabbed a bag and stufffed a weeks worth of clothes in it, he put on his bullet proof combat vest and holstered two nine millimeter handguns, next to that he holstered two machine pistols with extra ammo. He put his knife in it's leather holder, and located the Fallen angel onto his back, along with a auto shotgun. It was time for full throttle, no drag, no mercy.

He put his white trenchcoat on over it and got out of the apartment, he revved up his motor cycle and drove off.

He started to remember something, Oh yeah! Thats right, the New years eve festival is today! AJ was already in Viridian city, he drove to a parking space and decided to walk around for a little bit, looking out for Omni reapers, thats what the agency called Omni members.

AJ walked along the crowd, until he found the pokecenter. Great, grab a latte... While walking in he noticed a boy with a black mullet, black bandanna. " Hey, Kid. It's not safe to be walking around here, Omni reapers around here... somewhere."

October 17th, 2007, 5:26 PM
Alice stopped in front of the pokecenter, staring at the sign for a while. Her hands were turned blue from the cold despite being shoved into her pockets, and her hair was dripping from the rain. Despite this she felt nervous about entering the center, seeing as she had neither money nor identity. A gust of chilly wind decided for her, and she pushed open the doors, stepping into the welcoming warmth.

The pokecenter was packed, most tables filled with people and their pokemon. A few waitresses walked between the tables, taking orders and setting out food. Alice grimaced, realizing that even if she could snag a table, she would be quickly kicked out to make space for a paying customer. It was, however, warmer inside, so she decided to sit down at least for a bit. A group left, leaving an empty table, and Alice darted into a seat. She pulled her sweater tighter around her small frame, blowing on the tips of her fingers to warm them up. Another stabbing pain lanced through her back, making her huddle over the table in pain.

October 17th, 2007, 6:43 PM
Dex woke up from a deep slumber to find that the S.S. Tidal had landed in Vermillion. After unloading all of his items off of the ship, he boarded the first bus to Viridian he could find. He fell asleep on the ride to Viridian and was haunted by the same image he had seen every time he closed his eyes. It was as if he could still see perfectly, only whatever he saw was electrostatic currents. He couldn't stop thinking about how strange it was, but he kept lying to himself and said he was just stressed or he was just seeing things.

The next thing Dex knew, he was flying over the ocean. He had taken the same form as before yesterday at school. His body was much thinner and streamline. His arms and legs were thinner and extended behind him. He lowered himself so he was flying right over the water, but when he looked in the reflection of the water, he saw the legendary pokémon Deoxys!

Immediately after seeing the pokémon's image, Dex shook himself awake and found that the bus had arrived in Viridian. And who did he see at the bus stop? His mother. After getting off the bus, Dex was greeted by his mother with embarrassing hugs and kisses and "I love you's".

"My baby!" she shrieked. "Your home! It's been so long!" His mother did not lie. When Dex was not studying at Mossdeep University, he stayed with his roommate Diddy in his neighborhood in Mauville, far away from his past. "Here, let me take you home. There's someone very special I want you to see."
"Mom," said Dex, "I really don't need you introducing me to women. I can do that myself. I'm practically a grown man. A very smexy grown man...who just happens to be kinda nerdy..."

After returning home Dex had found that his fears had been alleviated, for there was no young woman in the house. Instead, he noticed that there was a pokeball with a blue sticker on it on the table. "What is this?" Dex asked. "You know I gave up pokémon training long ago, Mom. Wait a sec, have you been training pokémon?"
"Just open it and see for yourself. I think you will like what you see."

Obeying his mother's will, Dex picked up the pokéball and released what was inside. A large pokémon began to manifest itself in front of Dex's eyes. It was large and muscular, had spikes, sharp teeth, purple armor, and a blue scarf. Dex was speechless as he saw a fully grown Nidoking appear before his very eyes.

"It's..." he gasped. "It's...my Nidoran? But a Nidoking? But, how?" Dex remembered to his younger years to his training with Giovanni. He remembered how he started with a Nidoran (M) so it could eventually become a Nidoking which was Poison and Ground-type. He wanted a Ground-type so that Giovanni could teach him how to train it. He remembered he gave his Nidoran a blue scarf as a token of brotherly love. He then remembered how distraught he was when he found out that Giovanni was the leader of the Rockets. He abandoned Nidoran and gave up on pokémon training. Now, right before him, was that same pokémon he had let go so many years ago, only fully evolved.

"You could say that I have been training pokémon," Dex's mom sighed. "I found Nidoran just three days after you abandoned it. It was probably the only secret I have kept from you. When you went away, I started training it. It eventually evolved into Nidorino and then I evolved it into Nidoking after finding a Moon Stone."

Dex burst into tears and he and his long-lost partner embraced each other. "I am so sorry, buddy," Dex cried. "You wanna team up again? Like old times?" Nidoking had tears in his eyes too. "Okay. There's a festival nearby. Let's say we go together, eh?" Nidoking agreed.

October 17th, 2007, 8:29 PM
Corey hung up the phone frowning. It was his father on the other side of the line. He had called him, wondering what he was going to do by just being in the house alone for such a long while. But of course, his father was extremely busy with his work, and asked for him to call at a much later time. He had to listen to him. He hung up the phone and returned to the mindless wandering of the house.

He had to wonder how his life ended up this way every once in awhile. Why did he have to end up alone all the time? To be honest with himself, he had not really made any friends in his life. He was simply just there and nothing more. It unnerved him and he only wished it could be different.

The light dipped in from the window. It wasn’t bright; maybe there was a cloudy sky at the moment that was blocking away the sun. Going outside was a favorite pastime for Corey, especially to mindlessly walk around. Yet, he was not in the mood to escape the walls of his house. He stayed put like a pet in a house, waiting for its owner to arrive soon.

And bored out of his mind he was.

October 17th, 2007, 9:42 PM
OOC: AJ Omnireapers? Me thinks that there are some hidden symbols in this. Anyway I will advance the story to a few minutes before the festival in a few posts. So make sure you do whatever you need before then


Adrian noticed the man talking to him. A very long time before someone told him you could tell what a person was like by how he dressed and how he spoke. This man sounded very gruff to Adrian. "Thanks... I will keep it in mind." He spoke to the man. Before walking into the pokemon center. The rain seemed to get colder then he imaged. Eventually the rain turned to hail. Perfect. Soon it will be snowing. Adrian thought to himself noticing of this.

The pokemon center was bustling as usual. Adrian sat down at a table and tilted his head. Hoping to catch some sleep before the big event

2 hours later~~~~

Adrian awoke to his watch's alarm. He glanced down at it noticing he slept 2 hours. He looked around. The pokemon center was much emptier then before. Probably the newbie trainers decided to catch some pokemon while the going was getting good. It was possible that trainers couldnt sit around for 12 hours. He now looked outside. The sky seemed lighter but it was softly snowing. She quickly saw a girl sitting by herself warming herself up. He walked over to her very slowly. "Long day huh?"

October 17th, 2007, 10:16 PM
Name: Uria Ema

Age: 17

Gender: male

Pokémon to hybrid with: Lucario

Description: He has an athletic build, weighing 120 pounds. He wears blue denim shorts, black gloves with a diamond embedded on the middle of each. He has crimson eyes and black and blue spiky hair. He also wears a white shirt with the "Cancel (http://www.bungie.net/Stats/halo2emblem.ashx?s=90&0=1&1=0&2=1&3=2&fi=42&bi=26&fl=1)" sign on it. On the shirt he wears a cobalt-blue vest and blue sneakers (Yes I made him resemble a Lucario!). He is a 5'7" and has a slightly deep, slightly light voice. You know, like a normal teen. He sports a gold and cobalt forehead protector given to him by his father. He also has a vertical scar going across his left eye.

Personality: With the sneakiness and cleverness of a fox and the eye of a hawk, he can tell what's happening and think of a way to solve the problem. He can be hotheaded and a slight jerk, but inside he's really kind and polite. Though, he does have a tendency to hit on girls he's attracted to. He's short tempered and ready to fight. Don't piss him off unless you brought a gun or a metal pipe...

As for friends, he cares for them, likes to hang with them, and make jokes with them. It proves he is a good kid, with slight temper problems. And just to remind you, don't tick him off. He goes crazy if he sees a Lucario or a Houndoom. As in, he must catch it. He can be lovable at some times, and can be down right hated too. His favorite phrase is, "Bow chicka bow wow!" and uses it when someone says something that sounds nasty (or sexual in a mature way of saying it). He also loves ramen and omelets.

History: He used to be an assistant to his father, who was a scientist that studied the cloning of Pokemon, continuing the work of the people that were killed by Mewtwo, who was said to be in rage at the time. He told Uria to use this information with people, and within just two days, Uria successfully created a clone of himself named Eria Uma (the first letters in the first and last name are switched, obviously). Five days letter Team Omni found out about this and started to find information about him. They were curious about two things. How he cloned himself at a young age and how he successfully hatched a Riolu. When they found the lab they stormed the place and did nothing but knock everyone out and put the injection into Uria. He does not remember this happening, apparently, but still remembers everything else.

Other: He loves fires, and people might call him a pyromaniac because they think he'll start a fire sooner or later.

RP Sample: (From your dead RP, The New Generation: Part 2)

I turned to the hole and felt the presence of AJ , and that he was on the move. "People! We've got to go , now! Ugh....Aaaaagh!" I called out as I was shot in the neck with a needle like object. I pulled it out only to find that it was as dry as a desert. I then knew I was injected with the same parasitic lifeform as AJ , and I suddenly blacked out and was still standing. I was falling into a deep darkness in my mind... And I felt a fear I never felt before...

"Ack! Somebody help meee!!!!" I called out helplessly and then I suddenly stopped falling. I saw a figure who looked like me but with white and silver trimmed clothes and silver hair. "Who are you...Huh!?" Blood covered thorns te size of skyscrapers grabbed me from underneath and swung me around. They then stopped and brought my stabbed , wounded , and bloody body to the mysterious person. "Hmph , who am I? Why , I am you....I am your evil side.... I am the other Eria Uma!!!" I looked at him surprised and then turned my surprised look into an angry look. "Then , you must've been awakened by the syringe containing the parasite... Now I understand... The parasite doesn't take control of people's minds , it just awakens everyone's evil conscience..." He then looked at me with a smirk and just spoke with a cool attitude. "You're even brighter than I thought. So , do you remember my real name?" I just grew angrier and angrier until I felt Giridinas emotions from within my heart since we were mentally and psychically linked. "Yes , you are , or were , my brother.... Judai Uma....."

I then saw him walking towards me until he was just a hand's distance away from me. "Good job , my twin... But now it's time for me to be taking over....!" I then fell into a deep , deep sleep that I felt I couldn't wake up from...

~Judai's POV~

"Aaah... So this is how it's like to be in my brother's body. It feels great to be out in the open again. Especially after three years of being stuck in both Eria's mind and Hell at the same time." Judai looked at the Mewtwo hybrid who he now knew as Cain. Judai saw the Omni member who shot Eria and beckoned for an ion laser pistol. The Omni threw a little capsule that , when Judai caught it , popped into a solid gold pistol like weapon with the temperature showing on the handle. "Hmph , perfect... Heeyah!" Judai hit Cain square across the back of the head and down the bandaged injuries. Cain was knocked down to his knees and then Judai brought out a second ion laser and pointed it at Hotaru. He then pinted his other ion laser at Cain and smirked. "Hmph , nobody move or else there will be problems... especially now that Eria's out of the picture." Judai then noticed that Eria's clothes were changing to the color of his own similar clothes. The trims were turning silver and his eyes were turning blue. He then had his own hair changed to his own silver hair. The red on Eria's Nikes were changing to blue and all of the black to white. All of the colors were changing except for the wings. "Time to say goodbye , Cain and Hotaru...Kukukukukuuu!" Judai then pulled the triggers of the lasers and the beams shot out.....

October 18th, 2007, 11:15 AM
OOC: Uria Ema: I am at a loss here. I am still wondering wether or not Lucario is a legendary or not. Since i have heard here and there that it is. But what the hell Accepted

IC: To come later

October 18th, 2007, 2:22 PM
Uria woke up with a massive headache. At bedside was his mother immediately smiling when he awoke. "Thank goodness you're safe! We found you and everyone else knocked out on the lab floor! Nothing was taken, but somebody broke in." She exclaimed. He was home in Twinleaf Town, one of the most calmest places in Sinnoh. "Hey, I found this thing on the laboratory wall. Something about a New Years festival or something like that. It's happening in Viridian City. Why don't you go?" She asked.

Uria thought about it and, with a proving smile, accepted the offer. "Sure thing, Mom. I'll go!" She handed him his pokeballs, knowing he was gonna fly there. "You can stay there as long as you want. Just not more than two months though. Okay?" Uria nodded. Finally, he was going to see Kanto and go to a festival. He jumped out his window and threw a pokeball. "Go, Kaze!"

A Staraptor popped out and caught Uria in the air. Chu and Rio, his Pikachu and Riolu, popped out from his backpack (note: They don't like pokeballs). With that, they glided off into the distance.

*A few hours later*

Uria hopped off of Staraptor and on to the ground of his destination, Viridian City. He still had time until the festival, and since it was gonna snow soon he went inside the Pokemon Center. He went to the pool and let out his two water pokemon: Suito the Blastoise and Milolo the Milotic. They played around inside the water while Uria decided to sit down. He played with his handheld game until he decided he was tired and returned his Pokemon and handed all of them, except for Chu and Rio, to Nurse Joy for until the festival started. Rio and Chu followed him to a couch and he lied down and slept for about an hour, waking up after a dream that had occurred. "Mmmm.... G-gyaah!" He stirred and found the Pokemon Center almost empty of all of the beginning trainers.

He decided to get up and sit at the pool. He dipped his feet in and sat and sat for about ten minutes until he decided to head outside into the hail for some crazy reason. Instincts, I guess? He thought.

October 18th, 2007, 3:43 PM
Alice glanced at the boy talking to her, then glanced around herself quickly. Seeing nobody else that he could be talking to, she tried to curve her lips upwards.

"Y-you could say that," she said slowly, failing to keep the stutter out of her voice. Her smile felt fake on her lips, as if it were a mask that she put on to face other people. The smile dropped off her face and she went back to staring at her hands. She blinked. For a second the lighting had made her skin look orange, and she pulled her sweater sleeves down so they covered her hands. She suddenly felt very afraid, wanting to scream and run into the woods and sleep, to wake up and know everything. Or never to wake up at all.

October 18th, 2007, 3:50 PM
Before going to the festival area, Dex decided to take Nidoking to the nearest mart to stock up on supplies before the festival. He believed that the festival was most likely going to have some form of pokémon battling in it, so he decided he should be ready.

After a long day of purchasing and packing supplies as well as a little bit of training, Dex realized it was getting late and cold. He also predicted some snowfall so he decided to crash at the center and head to the festival the next day. He immediately had Nidoking return to the pokéball and then he gave it to Nurse Joy.

"The normal healing procedure, please," he said politely to Joy.

"No problem!" she said. Come back in 10 minutes.

Dex looked around the lobby. He didn't see many other people. In fact, he could only see two others. Two teens having a seemingly awkward conversation who looked two or three years younger than him. For some inexplicable reason, he felt an awkward vibe from the two strangers. Dex thought for a second, then closed his eyes. He saw, with his electrostatic wave vision, something completely different than what he expected.

The young man, who resembled a stereotypical biker in his normal vision, now had a purple glow and what appeared to be a tail. The girl emitted a red glow and looked almost canine. Dex opened his eyes again and saw the two of them in his normal vision and they both looked completely normal.

Then he had a realization. The young man was none other than Adrian Carter, the pokémon trainer prodigy. He recalled a conversation he had with Diddy a month ago at school when Diddy was talking about Kanto League champoins, thinking that he was at all interested because he was from Kanto.

He decided to walk over and merge into their conversation and try to figure out what was going on. "Excuse me," he said, "sorry to interrupt, but aren't you Adrian Carter, Kanto League Champion?"

October 18th, 2007, 4:09 PM
OOC: Note Adrian's only stereotype was the bandana. He wears a jeanjacket with a turtle neck. There I will fix this


"Former Champion. But yeah I guess." Adrian was not used to being praised lately. He mainly just wanted to see what the festival was about. He looked down at his watch again. It read 5:12 PM. "Looks like its been a while. Only a few hours left till the festival." Adrian slowly reached around his head and began unting his bandana. Then he slowly moved it towards his neck. Then he slowly tied it around his neck.

"Anyway I noticed you had a Nidoking. Thats a pretty good pokemon. Did you train it yourself?"

October 18th, 2007, 4:28 PM
OOC: Sorry if u took that the wrong way...it was also the mullet thing but w/e

IC: Dex noticed Adrian had moved his bandana into a position similar to that of his Nidoking. "Well, yes, for the most part," Dex stuttered a little. "Not lately though. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dex Hoenniker and I am currently attending school in Mossdeep City in Hoenn. I haven't been home in a while, so I really haven't trained him at all lately." He did not want to tell Adrian or the girl he was with the real reason he did not train Nidoking all by himself. "So, what's the festival for, anyway?"

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 18th, 2007, 4:38 PM
AJ saw some new figures come into view, clueness naive teens, Their lucky, not a worry in the world He though jealously to himself. I on the other hand have to be extremely edgey due to the fact that an omni cabrone could be anywhere, at any time ready to kill the only undercover agent stupido to take this suicide mission AJ moved his ponytail to the other side of his head and went up to the counter, " One coffee, Black. And some Raman with rice." AJ told the preppy nurse, she nodded and told one of her assistants the order.

AJ went to a couch, it was a brown leather one. He picked up the newspaper and then soon enough put it down, nothing intresting. Ding His order was done, he went to pick it up and returned to his couch. He quietly sipped his coffee and took out his Dual Machine pistols, he quickly exanimed them, not wanting a backfire in the heat of battle, " Everything checks out okay..." He mumbled quietly to himself.

He heard his phone ring, it was a text message from... Unknown. AJ read it, " I have a lead on Team Omni, meet me at the festival tonight I will be wearing a red bowler hat and a black trenchcoat."

" Intresting...."

AJ walked up to the group of kids, Machine pistol at hand including the kid he talked to earlier. " You kids know where and when the festival starts?"

October 18th, 2007, 5:02 PM
OOC: DarkJag can you post in four lines please? I do not want an admin coming over here busting me for having less. Just do what I do and over detail everything

"The nurse over there told me that it is in that valley to the west. I checked it out and they are setting up over there." Adrian spoke to the person who talked to him before. Then he noticed the weapon in his hand. The last time Adrian saw a weapon was 1 year before. But that was a very long time ago and Adrian was exteamly scared due to the fact that the last time he saw a weapon he was on the receiving end of its bullets.

Adrian got up from the chair he was sitting at and backed away. "Whoa whoa whoa what are you doing?" Adrian asked the man. He looked as if he was planning on killing something tonight.

October 18th, 2007, 6:04 PM
OOC: no prob, JBC.

IC: Dex was also alarmed at the mysterious stranger's appearance and the fact he was holding a weapon. He looked to his side and noticed the girl was scared stiff, like a Stantler in headlights. She looked paler, yet at the same time a very light shade of orange? No, that would be silly, although when he closed his eyes and saw her energy, it was also a firey orange. Adrian, on the other hand, while at the same time frightened, also looked eager to attack for some reason. Dex himself also felt an urge to strike. He closed his eyes to find something very strange. He saw the stranger's energy much less robust than Adrian's energy as well as the girl's energy. Unfortunately, Dex could not see his own energy.

Dex opened his eyes again and he saw the entire situation as a tableau. No one was moving at all. Dex could feel his body changing again as a result of the stress of this predicament. His first instinct was to defend against the stranger. He felt his entire body growing larger and more muscular. His arms were filling out and his torso became thicker. Wait a sec, Dex thought to himself, last time, i got thinner and more agile. Why am I bulking up now? Dex's body had in that instant filled out into a thick exterior he knew was built for defense. Trying to calm himself down, Dex fought his transformation and reverted back to his regular self. He was sure no one noticed what had just happened within that half second.

OOC: get it? "Stantler" instead of "deer"? hahaha lol. yea. i didn't think it was that funny either...

October 18th, 2007, 6:26 PM
I changed a few more things.
*slides in* I was invited so, here's my sign up sheet.


Name: Misa Hals

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Pokémon to hybrid with: Mewtwo, (I was allowed)

1. Pink Wynaut
2. Scared Meowth
3. Scruffy Lucario
4. Talking Slowking
5. 200 year old Ninetails
6. Shiny Charizard
.......................ok..... let me see....
2. Scared Meowth
3. Scruffy Lucario
4. Shiny Charizard, ((he has a special role))

Description: Misa (http://wang-xiangwei.deviantart.com/art/Aerith-Gainsborough-29564438)

Personality: She's really bold, being a regional Coordiating champion he is vain and snobby.

Weapons: Her pokemon, and her bare hands.

History: she is the daughter of a champion coordinator, Misa got her first pokemon, a shiny Charmander when her father's Charizard laid an egg that turned out to be a shiny baby. Misa has never lost a contest with Blacky yet. Her parents are so proud of her especially of her capture of the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, whom she nicknamed Star but had stolen a few months after he won a Beauty contest. She cried every night for a year when he was taken from her, she had grown so attached to him that she had almost fallen in love with him. That mewtwo had been washed and brushed to perfection it's loss from the coordinating community had been a harsh blow and Misa had vowed to find the person to took him and get him back.

Other: Not at this time.

RP Sample: Running his hands over the wall, Wolfy counts the tiles. 34 the same amount he had counted the day before, he turns as a sound catches his attention, a slight scurrying, a mouse or a small bird perhaps, he listens as the sound becomes desperate, the animal was stuck. He fallows the sound to the other side of the family barn, he had played in this barn ever since he was a boy he knew every board every tile, every speck of dust. he feared nothing, all he wanted to do now was satisfy this curiosity. When he reached the source of the sound, the creature had silenced felling his presence, since he could no longer hear it he inhaled as deep as he dared, the smell of hay burned his lungs yet he smelled that familiar musty oder that always accompanied a mouse. "There is no need to fear me little one." he says to the tiny animal that had started moving once again, knowing very well that it didn't understand him. Reaching forward he wraps his fingers around the furry animal. It's fur was so soft that it was like touching the silk sheets that his mother washed every week, he coos to it as he stands up placing it in his palm.

He notices then that his fingers were wet, bringing them to his face he sniffs them, blood... the poor mouse had been attacked. Most likely by his mothers cat, stroking the tiny being in his hand softly he
heads to the house were he had the tools needed to help tiny creators in pain. he knew that his mother would greatly object to a mouse in the house, taking the mouse in his left hand he allows the cloth that covered his scar to also cover the mouse. Entering the house he smells his mothers famous corn bread, and his mouth watered, the mouse in his hand sniffed the air. Walking quickly he passed the family room and headed up to his room, climbing the ladder with one hand was something he had mastered back when his scar was fresh. He heads to his bed and reaches under it, careful not to squash the mouse under his weight.

When he had gotten all of the things he needed he listens carefully, his dad was always coming up the ladder without him knowing it, when he was sure he was alone he places the mouse on the quilt and runs his index finger over it's entire body until he found the source of the blood. A large cut on the mouse's right hind leg, working fast he cleaned and bound the wound. when he was done he placed the mouse in a small cage were it would be safe until it got better. With a sigh he started putting all his stuff back in the box were he kept it, "you're mom's not going to be happy when she sees that you have a mouse in your room she'll kill you." a voice says next to Wolfy's ear, he drops the box in his hands with a start. "I'll get that."

Turning slightly pink Wolfy allows his cousin to clean up the mess made, "Thanks Cloud." he says as he takes the box, he knew his cousin's voice anywhere. "How long have you been in here?" he asks, he didn't know how Cloud was always able to sneak up on him.

"I was in here before you were." Cloud says placing a kind hand on his cousin's shoulder. "You're a real gentle soul Cuz, don't ever change." Cloud hugs his cousin, it was an honer to be the one accompanying his favorite cousin to the academy, he had to beat up five other cousin's to get the spot. "Let's get down stares before your mother figures out why you didn't come to dinner right away."

Together they walked over to the ladder and climbed down were Corn Bread, steak and steamed vegetables waited for them, Wolfy knew that the mouse would simply adore some of the food. He was also glad that his cousin shared his fondness for animals enough to not tell.

is that enough?


October 18th, 2007, 6:37 PM
OOC: JBCBlank: Your sheet looks good so far. But my main pet peeve is that you have a very unrealistic pokemon team. Since the only one talking slowking I have seen is in the second movie and I doubt anyone knew about that. Plus you have 2 shinys and a 200 year old ninetails. Catching all these rare pokemon might take even thirty years to find and train. Right now you are PENDING until you fix and add the rest of your profile I have added a realistic party rule to the rules.

IC: To come later

October 18th, 2007, 7:41 PM
Trying to smile at the newcomers, Alice observed the people instead of the conversation. She noted the frightened reaction of Adrian when faced with a weapon, as if he had had a bad experience. Of course, most people were afraid of weapons, and with good reason. Alice herself was nervous in the presence of a weapon, though she felt that the newcomer was probably friendly.

Busy watching Adrian, she barely noticed Dex's change, only catching a strange movement in her peripheral vision. After quickly turning her head, however, she could see nothing wrong with him, and went back to staring at her hands. A small voice inside her urged her to talk, say something, make friends. But she could only think of her amnesia and the dark feelings of whiny self-pity that tinged her mind.

October 18th, 2007, 8:16 PM
Suddenly Adrian heard something. It was a large intercom. "Your attention please. The pokemon festival is prematurly starting now. Please come to the Valley to the west of Viridian and wait there for your guest speaker to arrive. Adrian then pointed out the window. "There is where the festival is. You dont need to point a gun on people to find out." Adrian then walked out of the pokemon center's door. Not noticing wether or not anything was happening.

The snow was getting stronger. Adrian looked towards the valley. It had a large wooded roof that wasnt there before. Adrian set out for the valley. It was only a short walk and he finally made it.

There was one person draped in a white coat and had a piece of fabric cover their face. The person also wore goggles that covered their eyes. The person was infront of the one doorway into the valley. The large gate had a small one person door in it. Adrian walked towards the person.

The man looked at him and asked his name. Adrian clearly said it and took his pokenav out. It flipped open and an avatar with his face on it showed. "This all the identification you need?" The person looked at him. "Okay you can go in. We are only letting in the people who were invited." Adrian was puzzled by this. Why would a festival only let in specific people. But he shrugged this off and went through the door inside the gate.

Underneath the wooden roof the far end of the valley was taken up by a large stage. Infront of the stage was a large viewscreen. Adrian could barely notice but around the fence surrounding the valley there were more draped white coats. "Strange." Adrian thought. Why would a festival need additional security. Adrian attempted to walk more into the valley when he noticed a toll booth like building. It blocked off entrance into the rest of the valley. There was a door and above the door it had a large sign that said "SIGN IN HERE". Adrian walked into the toll booth.

There was a desk and another draped person was sitting at it. He had a clipboard infront of him and a black pen. "name?" The person asked. Adrian said his name once more and then added "Why do I have to do it twice?" The person at the desk said "There is only one guard out there checking sign ins. He could easily be distracted while someone sneaks past him. Then the draped person walked over to a PC. "Please deposit your pokemon into the tray infront of the PC. This is due to additional security and plus you will not be able to use them for the battling contest near the end of the festival. You will get "Different" pokemon to battle with." Adrian complied easily. He quickly took his six pokeballs and placed them into the tray. Within a few moments the pokeballs evaporated and a screen turned on.

His face was seen there with data on his six pokemon. "Excellent. You may go through now." Adrian walked through the door and looked out to the rest of the valley.

October 18th, 2007, 8:39 PM
After hearing the intercom, Alice stood and quickly followed Adrian. She was interested by the festival, and felt strangely drawn to the boy. At the gate she paused, unsure if she would be let it. The guard, however, did not seem bothered by her lack of ID, and ushered her in. The second guard raised his eyebrows at her lack of pokemon, but again did not question her. Suspicious of the laid-back security, Alice tried to keep close to Adrian.

The sight of the festival took her breath away. Coloured tents and stalls dotted the landscape, stark against the solemn white of the snow. In the center of the valley stood a huge, open-air arena with crews of people and pokemon clearing the snow away. Alice stared up at the sky, blinking as snow fell into her eyes. She no longer felt cold, as if an inner heat warmed her bones, and felt the urge to run and play in the snow.

Grinning uncontrollably, she took a step forwards, inhaling the crisp winter air that slid down her throat like mercury. The snow that fell on her melted quickly and evaporated as if she had a great fever, something that she didn't notice until a drop of water touched her exposed skin. Alice yelped, brushing it off. For some reason, it had burned on her skin despite being cold water.

October 18th, 2007, 10:22 PM
Uria heard that the festival started and started off to that destination. He noticed the extra security and this got him thinking. Something big is gonna happen... I can feel it... He thought. He stepped up to a guy in a white coat, who was apparently approving of the people that were going in. "Please show your trainer card for verification." Uria showed his platinum colored trainer card and was allowed in. There was a sign up booth and apparently he had to go there next. "Please sign your name and hand us your pokemon. This is for security purposes. Please understand." Uria reluctantly withdrew Chu and Rio and handed over the pokeballs he had. He then signed his name and was allowed in.

He didn't notice it at first, but it had begun to snow. He looked around and saw two people already in the festival. One guy who wore a bandanna and a dark lime turtleneck and one girl who had messy brown hair with pigtails. He decided to meet with them and introduce himself, since he wanted to make friends while he was there. He walked up to them and introduced himself. "Hello. I am Uria. Pleased to meet you two!"

October 19th, 2007, 11:44 AM
"Well, that was...weird," Dex said aloud to himself as he stood still and Adrian and the girl headed towards the festival. He looked and saw no one was looking in his general direction, not even the ominous-looking stranger. Maybe, Dex thought to himelf, maybe if I walk away slowly, no one will see me. After taking his first step towards the door, Dex noticed he was suddenly at the counter.

"Oh! Hello there. Your pokémon is fully healed," Nurse Joy started he "trademark" speech. "We hope to see you again!"

The nurse turned away. Dex turned around and saw the stranger was gone. Dex started leaving the center again but this time, after his first step, he was already in front of the entrance to the festival somehow. "What the?" he said aloud as he realized he had jumped from the center to the festival gate.

"Good evening, sir," said a guard. "Name, please?"

Dex took out his I.D. and told him his name. "Dexter Hoenniker."

"Very well," the guard said. "Go ahead in."

Dex walked for a short amount of time before he came to a sign-in kiosk. He saw Adrian, the girl, whose name had turned out to be Alice, and a boy named Uria had already signed in. "Good thing I beat the big rush," Dex said to himself. He signed his name. Dexter Hoenniker, he thought to himself.

"Excuse me, sir," a guard behind the kiosk got his attention. "Please place your pokéballs in the tray."

Not understanding why, but nevertheless, not caring, Dex unclipped one pokéball from his belt. "Sir, there appears to be no pokémon in the ball."

"What?" Dex looked at the ball. It wasn't his Nidoking's ball. He checked the other pokéballs on his belt and none of them were Nidoking's. Feeling too lazy to look, and not eager to give the guard his pokéball, he responded, "Oh that's right. Don't have any. Just starting out, ya know?"

The guard checked a clipboard and turned back to Dex. "Oh, of course! Alright, go ahead."

Dex thought to himself again Oh yea, I was in a rush and slipped Nidoking into my pocket. But wait, what did he mean by "Of Course"? Did he know I didn't have any pokémon or something? Dex didn't think much of it. He knew he wasn't an official trainer and therefore did not have a Trainer Card, or PokéNav, or PokéGear, or Pokétch, or PokéDex. Maybe I should get a PokéDex, he thought after thinking of dozens of name puns. He then noticed Adrian and Alice standing with a new person, whom he assumed to be Uria.

"Hey, guys!" Dex shouted to them. "Wait a sec!"

October 19th, 2007, 12:23 PM
OOC: Time to start chapter one. Everything before this has been Prologue. Anyway a Chapter will start everytime something important happens

Chapter 1: An old friend

Looking out a dirty old window
Down below the cars in the
City go rushing by
I sit here alone
And i wonder why

Kim Wilde, Kids in America

Adrian looked behind him. He noticed Alice from before and then a new person named Uria. "Well this day is getting stranger by the minute." Adrian took note of the large lights people were setting up along the stage. Then he turned around and saw Dex. "Well mr. Nidoking himself. Well now this place is almost complete without that guy with the SMG."

Adrian walked down the path. Not hinting that they were following him. The festival was very exciting. People were playing music and cheering. There were booths for food, games and even a few rides. Looks like they have been planning this for months. Adrian thought to himself. He looked around again and noticed something odd. The lack of guests. Usually all these booths ment thousands of people coming. But Adrian could only make out about 50 people he could see. But there could still be more in other places

Adrian looked behind him and called to Alice, Dex and Uria. "Hey come on lets explore"

.::Lovely Moon::.
October 19th, 2007, 1:47 PM
Name: Hana

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Pokémon: Prinpulp
Info: She makes it hold an everstone so it won't evolve

Description: She has dazzling silky black hair that flows down her back. Her dark brown eyes make you think she is not happy a lot. But on the contrary she is happy a lot.

Personality: Kind and generous. She is happy and likes herbs. But she hates when any of the Team's harm innocent pokemon and people.

Weapons: none

History: She really didn't like the idea of traveling away from her home in the forest. But she grew very fond of it as she traveled more and more. Till she found a peaceful forest to relax in for a while.

Other: (anything else to add)

RP Sample: The sunlight broke through the window onto a young dark blue haired girl. She groaned and pulled the covers over head... Till she felt someone staring at her. She slowly took the covers off. Then she saw light emerald eyes were staring at her. She screamed making the green eyed person fall backwards. "Sakura please! Don't wake me up!" She snapped at her little sister.

"Hinata? Are you awake?" Her maid asked knocking her Hinata's bedroom door.

"Yes, I'm awake." She shot a dirty look at Sakura.

Hinata got out of bed, and began to pull off her Pjs. In replace of the blue green PJ's she slipped on her favorite light blue sundress on. She smiled as she walked outside. It was a dazzling day, full of sun. A stroll through her rose garden would be nice.

She got there and it smelled wonderful. But she felt another persons presence. She glanced around nervously. "W-who's there?!"

October 19th, 2007, 2:15 PM
OOC: Lovely moon: Okay while reading this sheet I noticed its length. I know now that I should have made a length rule. Now your sheet is far to small. Since my main pet peeve is your description, history and personality. Your description only states what you look like. You also have to post what clothes you are wearing and such. A persons personality isn't inherently nice. They have to have some other qualities as well. Your history says how your character lives in a forest. Your character has to have at least had some dealings with Team Omni in some way. I am sorry but you are DENIED until you add some length and do the rest

IC: To come later

October 19th, 2007, 2:32 PM
"Hullo there," Alice called to Uria, "Pleased to meet you... I'm Alice." She smiled, a little more genuinely this time, and followed Adrian down the path. Her eyes took in everything around her, dismissing the lack of people as normal in her mind. The smell of food wafted through the air, though only the meat seemed to whet her appetite. It was then that Alice realized that she couldn't remember having ever eaten, and stared longingly at the meat pies, promising herself that she'd find some way to eat after the festival.

Seeing that she had fallen behind, Alice walked faster to catch up, not wanting to lose the only people she knew.

October 19th, 2007, 5:06 PM
((I added more onto my sheet, I got a bit lazy.... I did write a whole Rp plot today after all....))


October 19th, 2007, 6:38 PM
Dex saw Alice staring at the succulent meat the festival had to offer. They had everything from Hot Dogs, to Corn Dogs, to Hamburgers, to Cheeseburgers, to Filet Mignon, to Chicken Wings, all of which would have instantly caused Dex to have an appetite. But, Dex did not have any appetite. Wow, he thought. I am not hungry at all. I usually would've rushed right to the food like anyone else would...weird. Dex simply forgot about it thinking it was probably no big deal. He kept following Uria and Adrian and noticed the dearth of people at the festival.

"Yo Adrian," Dex asked. "Are you sure the festival starts today? Usually there's a mob of nameless people crowding everything. Now its more like just a few nameless people doing...very little."

Dex closed his eyes while looking at Uria. He noticed a blue-colored energy being emitted from Uria's body in a canine shape. When Dex opened his eyes, he completely freaked out. In front of him was a Lucario where Uria had been, but in Uria's clothing. A Mewtwo was just up ahead dressed as Adrian. He looked back at where Alice was and saw a Growlithe in Alice's grab. He looked at his own hands and saw they were orange and blue-green. He pulled up the sleeves to his hoodie and saw his entire arms resembled a pokémon he had recently studied. "DEOXYS!!!" Dex shouted loudly to the heavens. He then covered his mouth and quicky turned back to where he expected to see the Lucario and Mewtwo. Instead he saw Adrian and Uria. He looked back and saw Alice. "Uh, never mind, guys." He could see that the rest of them were not listening, nor did they hear his shriek of terror. What just happened? Did I actually scream or just think it? Eh, I should really get more sleep.

"So uh, guys," Dex tried to continue conversation normally, "pretty sweet gig right?"

October 19th, 2007, 6:55 PM
OOC: JBCBlank: Much better. Just add more roughage to your post and your in. So still PENDING Anyway time to advance the timeline. To just before it starts. Just make up an excuse for being late or be already there in your seat infront of the stage


"Yeah I think so." Noticing his wierd look at him. "Anything the matter?" Dex looked as if he wouldnt tell him even if he asked so he ignored it. "Come on lets have some fun"

~~~~~Many hours later~~~~~~

An alarm went off in his watch. Adrian looked down at it. It now read 11: 30. This read while he was on the ferris wheel there. "Well guys time to go." The rest of them were riding it with him.

Eventually the ferris wheel ride ended and Adrian began walking towards the stage. Adrian could only make out 60 people sitting around the stage. There were about 100 chairs infront of the stage facing it. Adrian sat in the middle of the hundred looking around. He called to Uria, Dex and Alice. "Come on sit down. It might start soon." Adrian felt the pain from before again. But it was much stronger this time. But shrugged it off as long as he could

October 19th, 2007, 9:51 PM
Alice sat quickly, trying to take her mind off the pain. It had followed her throughout the day, though never so strong as to make her wonder what was wrong. It was, mostly, just a dull ache in her muscles. But when she sat down with the others to watch the stage, it started up again. It started with a light ache in her abdomen and then bubbled upwards, making her nerves fizz. She gripped the seat in front of her until her knuckles went white, the pain of the chair digging into her palm feeling much more tangible.

Alice risked a glance to the others. They seemed okay, so she decided against mentioning it. She didn't want to cause a scene, or have people worry and coo over her. The pain subsided slightly, and was replaced by a heat that came in waves, making her sweat and freeze at the same time.

October 19th, 2007, 10:28 PM
OOC: I've got band UIL tommorrow and have been busy all week because of that. This should hold me for awhile. >.>


Tick, tock, tick, tock…

The lights were off and Corey was snoozing it out and sprawled on the couch. He was asleep at such an odd angle, it was kind of disturbing. His arm was behind him as if he was trying to scratch his back and his legs were somewhat crisscrossed on each other. It was nearing night, and no activity whatsoever had happened. His father remained at work, so he had to stay and pretend he was grounded.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Only one twitch in his eye managed to make his legs change direction, and totally disrupted his sleeping. He awoke, and stood up on the couch he lay on. He looked around himself to find only a tiny ounce of light seep in through the windows. It was getting late, and his father had still not returned. He was sure of that because he did not see the car when he looked out the window.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

In the kitchen, Corey made a plain sandwich; just enough to keep him full for awhile. He would make a full course meal later. At the time, he decided that it would be better to spent the rest of the day’s hours sitting his but down on the couch and watching TV, the most beautiful thing mankind could have ever made.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Those slasher movies just weren’t scary enough, and those comedies weren’t funny enough. Dramas never made him cry and action movies never quite entertained him. Musicals were the last option, and he snorted at the thought of watching one of those. He switched channels aimlessly, not really looking for anything in particular; just something good.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Three knocks on the door. He looked outside the window, but still did not spy a single car. Who could it be? He couldn’t see the man’s face well enough; he would just have to open the door for him. At least just a crack, if anything. So he did. No questions were asked.

Straight forward, a baseball bat hit him over the head, right by his eye. Along with that several punches and kicks. The spur was so random and out of place, that for a moment, Corey thought he was still dreaming. But the pain he felt was too strong, and a final blow finished him off. He was dragged out of the house by the five men who had arrived, only two staying behind.

“Quick; the festival’s already started,” said the first. “We’ve got to be there before the main event!”

“We are going to make it,” said the second. “Just hold on there buddy; these things take time.”

Corey was tossed like a rag doll to the back of a pickup truck. Had he still been awake, this would have officially knocked him out.

“Should we inject him now?” asked the first.

“No,” responded the second, “We will do so when the others are done with too.”

The first nodded, and all five left the house and crammed into the tiny pickup. The door was left wide open, and the job was done so sloppily that anyone could have seen it happen if they just had their window curtains drawn. But still, no one had either seen or cared. All that was left was the open door, and the continuously annoying grandfather clock.

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

October 19th, 2007, 10:40 PM
Uria decided to get off the ferris wheel along with the others and sat down in front of the stage. He felt shot of pain inside of his stomach and his mind. Once he closed his eyes, though, he saw aura waves emitting from everyone. He quickly opened his eyes out of surprise and just stared blankly at the sky. He calmed down and started to wonder what was happening. What is happening... This never happened before... He thought. Then he remembered when Dex had that weird look on his face. "Heh, he probably had that pipe out of its rightful hole for too long. Bow chicka bow wow!" He said with a chuckle.

He checked his cell phone. It was 11:32 now. He then felt the pain again. This time blood slightly leaked from his mouth and from his palms. He quickly wiped the blood with a napkin and crumpled it up and threw it into a trash can. He found it awkward that he has had so many moments of pain during his time in the festival. "What is going on...?" He said to himself.

October 19th, 2007, 11:09 PM
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Adrian looked around. People were setting up things. Such as speakers and tinkering with the large TV that was behind the stage. Adrian looked around once more and saw someone that was surrounded by a group of draped people. He was in a long black suit and a latex mask that covered his entire face and neck. He even wore long gloves. "Looks like Mr. Big" Adrian thought out loud. He noticed the draped men around the fence more clearly now. They looked as if something big was going to happen.

Adrian had a small feel of claustrophobia. There were guards around the fences and no way out. The only he could take interest in now was the fact Uria began bleeding. "Hey you okay?" Adrian never saw spontaneous bleeding before. It was supposed to signal some sort of disease of some sort. But it seemed like something more.

The pain from before seeped towards more of his body. But moreso on his legs. But he kept trying to shrug it off with limited success. An intercom came on. "Attention Viridian city. This is the final call for anyone who has not signed in for the pokemon festival to please do so. In another 15 minutes the gates to the westward valley will be closed and sealed. So please hurry." Adrian knew there was no going back now. They were going to be sealed in like they were in a tomb

October 20th, 2007, 7:29 PM
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IC: "What the—" Dex started. He noticed Uria bleeding out of his mouth and remembered from some of his school courses the certain infections that cause spontaneous bleeding in humans. However, he remembered one other cause that was also the only one possible cause of spontaneous bleeding in pokémon: high-pitched frequency. Also known as supersonic. Dex found he had a nosebleed all of a sudden. he could also see Adrian's and Alice's faces getting red. Obviously, someone or some pokémon somewhere close was producing a supersonic attack.

In addition to Uria's physical state, Dex also worried about the gate to the festival closing. He would have been more worried had he not accidentally left his Nidoking's ball in his pocket. He felt bad that the others, especially Adrian, whose pokémon team was superb, had had their pokémon taken away.

October 20th, 2007, 7:59 PM
OOC: Okay I am starting the performance. The gates are sealed so if you arent in the festival you should post about how you got in before they got sealed


Adrian looked around. He heard a large "SLAM". He saw the large door close. He saw large locks begin to clink in place. Then he heard a loudspeaker again. "Your attention please the festival gate has been sealed. You will not be admitted to leave until the end of the presentation."

Adrian looked around and saw the masked man begin to walk up onto the stage. There was a microphone on a stand there. He began to speak into it. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Now that the door has been sealed I am free to speak on this." "Do any of you remember the night before?"

There was a murmer in the crowd sitting. The T.V turned on. It played the Team Omni logo. It was a circle with a plus sign in it. Representing equality between sexes and races. All of the sudden the logo switch two one hundred avatars of people's faces. Adrian could recognise his face along with his name underneath it. "If you have been wondering about the increase in security and the guards near the fences you have been right to be suspicious. This event is run by Team Omni."

There was a large outburst. One person sitting down stood up. "Im getting out of here." He yelled to the stage. He immediatly began running towards the gate. Once he reached the toll booth Adrian saw a red lazer reach the man. After two seconds Adrian heard a "Clonk". The man fell to the ground.

"Just in case any of more outbursts. The guards around the perimiter are equipped." There was a loud sound that sounded like safeties clicking. "The guards are equipped with rifes around the perimiter. This is to stop loud outbursts." There was a much murmer in the crowd. "Now for the reason you are here. Most of you have been injected with a highly experimental protoype of Pokemon transmographacation serium. However due to complications the rest of you will be injected tommorow when we begin the conquest."

The screen now shawn a seringe with clear liquid. Then it changed back to the avatars with peoples faces. Then they all seperated into two collums. The first collum said "Hybrids" the second one said "Prototypes." "Now prototypes will not be injected untill tommorow. Hybrids will begin to go into hybrid trance in about 10 minutes. Suddenly a large counter appeared next to the collums. It began counting down from ten. "We have included a timer virus in the serum. Undoubtably you have all had side effects. However you do not see actual effects until midnight"

Adrian meanwhile was watching the screen very closely. He saw his avatar in the collum that read "Hybrids." He began to think. Could this be a mistake. He never remembered being injected. He checked his watch once more. It read 11:50. "Hell of a way to kick off the new year." He thought outloud.

People began standing up. The toll booth suddenly closed its door and locked it. People began to run around the area. Adrian got up. The timer kept counting down. 10:00, 9:00, 6:30. Adrian turned around and looked at Alice, Uria and Dex. "Whats your take on this?"

October 21st, 2007, 10:20 AM
It all made sense now. Dex saw his name under the "Hybrids" column. Apparently, the night before, he had been injected with pokémon DNA. And not just the DNA of any pokémon, the DNA of the DNA pokémon: Deoxys. Everything had an explanation now. When Dex lost the legendary pokémon DNA from his class, when he then ran to class and had obtained extremespeed, when he closed his eyes and saw electrostatic currents and other energies, and when he somehow teleported out of the pokécenter to the festival. Also, Adrian, Alice, and Uria had been turned into Mewtwo, Growlithe, and Lucario.

Dex had this realization during the last ten minutes of the year. He wanted to fight back even with the risk of getting hit by a guard's laser. He stood up and tried to transform himself before going into a trans, but to no avail, for all he got was a serious migraine. Dex doubled over in pain and fell back to the chair. Not only did his head hurt, but now he felt as if he was having a heart attack and clutched his chest in pain.

His watch read 11:54:30 PM. The countdown timer read 00:06:30.

Dex closed and opened his eyes. He saw the clocks now read 12:00:00 AM and 00:00:00. He could see and hear others screaming and after that either losing consciousness or transforming before his eyes into different pokémon. Dex screamed as loud as he could at the countdown clock.

Then he heard Adrian's question again. Dex turned and saw the clocks were back to what they were before and everyone was panicking as they had been before. Dex clutched his chest and head again in pain.

"Adrian," he said, "They're attacking us with supersonic now. At midnight, everyone will turn into a pokémon and they'll increase the power of the supersonic to knock us all out or at least get us confused. Now it's just giving me a migraine." Dex chuckled a little. "Thank you, Future Sight."

October 21st, 2007, 10:41 AM
OOC: Okay time for chapter two. This is a good place to introduce yourself if your a trainer

Chapter 2: Dystopia

And the man at the back said
Everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz
And the girl in the corner said
Boy, I wanna warn ya, it'll turn into a ballroom blitz

Krokus, Ballroom Blitz


Adrian could hear his heart beat in his ears. Even his heavy breathing. He saw a large rabble go towards the large gate. The masked man took a radio. He quickly shouted into it. "Initiate project generation." Suddenly Adrian saw large planes in the sky. People began parachuting out. Project generation was a full out invasion.

Eventually someone broke the window to the toll booth. There was a switch inside. They opened the gate very slowly. The soldiers parachuting out were still high in the sky. "Come on." Adrian shouted to Uria, Dex and Alice. "Move it or lose it." Adrian sprinted for the open door as hard as he could. While the timer continued to count down. It was at 2:00 now. The crowd of people were running out screaming. The guards at the fences were looking for targets but there were to many. Adrian then remembered something.

Adrian ran for the toll booth and towards the PC. He quickly typed his name in. He kept pressing the button for ejecting the pokeballs. "Come on come on." Eventually his pokeballs ejected out of a slot in the large PC. "Finally." He looked down at his watch again. It read "1:30" He quickly placed the shrunk pokeballs in his jacket pocket.

Adrian sprinted for the gate once more. While doing so he could swear he saw a strange pokemon on top of the toll booth that he just sprinted from. But he blinked and it disappeared. That was weird. Adrian called to Dex, Uria and Alice who were following. "Come on. Lets get to Viridian forest. We can hide out there." It looked as if all the other trainers were going to the cities. Believing that the urban direction could mask their presence. At least for a while.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of White Roses
October 21st, 2007, 12:00 PM
AJ had done a little more parusing around town before heading to the big festival with the steel fence and gate, " Thats strange..." he hadn't been able to find the man he was looking for outside the fence and couldn't seem to locate him inside the fence either. " Probably just some elaborate prank..." AJ mused in anger to himself. Then the countdown period has started, the gates slammed shut to AJ's confusion and a masked man stumbled up on stage.

" What in the hell..." AJ murmered watching from a small distance, he listened to the mans speech and that was all it took for him to reach for his machine pistols. " Damned Omni scum" He exclaimed walking towards the gate.

He pointed the machine pistols at two of the gaurds outside the gate and fired, countless 9 millimeter rounds pounded into the stomach and chest of both the omni gaurds, blood spewed from the wounds and they fell over dead. The Machine pistols were loud but it didn't seem like the masked man faltered to the noise, but various gaurds trained their rifles at AJ, AJ didn't quite see them.

Some people looked over to see if some guy was getting shot for trying to get out. None expected a special ops member.

AJ started to climb the gate but it was two difficult, it then just as it opened and the kids from earlier popped out, deciding to follow them he fled with them, as he was running a bang was heard and a large pain in the back of his left shoulder came, " Those Cabrone's just friggin shot me..." AJ gasped while running into viridian city.

October 21st, 2007, 12:58 PM
OOC: Fallen Angel. Please edit your post. The masked man is an important NPC and will be exceedingly important later on so he cannot die yet.. Also if you killed two guards it is undoubtfull that at least one more guard would have noticed and killed your character with their rifles. The gate is also a large heavy gate that needs machines to open and is very difficult to climb. Plus the masked man is guarded by Omni's (refer to a few posts back about that) So it would be hard to shoot him in the back if he is surrounded by bodyguards. Also I cannot tell whether you are Fallen Angel_Messiah of black roses or not.


Adrian could hear his heart beat. His watch now read 11:59. The second meter running like it was on overtime. Adrian was past the gate with Uria, Alice and Dex behind him. "Hurry to Viridian forest."

The gate to Viridian forest was always the same. It lay on the outskirts of Viridian. It was not that far from the gate and could be seen. "Come on its not that far." Then it happened. The second hand went to 00.

Almost at once Adrian felt writhing agony. It came from all over. He tripped and fell straight into the road he was running on. He felt intent on staying there. Yet he still felt like he wanted to keep going. "Come on. Get up. Get up" was the voice that repeated inside his head. Almost like giving hope to him. Adrian stood up. Even though every muscle screamed at him once he did. "Come on its not that far." Adrian began limping to Viridian forest's gate. Adrian who had walked through Viridian knew of a small abandoned cabin in the wilderness close to the gate. "I know of a place to go." I doubt I will be able to make it there though. Adrian thought to himself. The limping was already taking much of his energy out. Unconsciousness felt like a relief to him. Adrian was also having trouble limping as well. An unfamiliar warmth was in his legs. It felt like the pain was making his body numb from it all.

October 21st, 2007, 3:35 PM
Dex was relieved his vision was proven to be false. He didn't know who or what had opened the gates to freedom, nor did he really care. The quartet was out of the area and in the forest. Dex could no longer feel any supersonic waves, yet he felt the same pain as in his head and chest now as he did before. He saw Adrian limping and Alice and Uria were showing signs of severe pain as well.

Then the most peculiar pain of all came over Dex. It was as if his brain was being sucked down into his chest. Searing pain rushed throughout Dex's body, especially his head, neck and chest. After letting out a horrific shriek, Dex collapsed right next to Adrian.

October 21st, 2007, 3:59 PM
OOC: Sorry to control your character's a little. Just needed them to get to the cabin. Now you should post your "Metamorphasis a little."

Dex collapsed as Adrian was limping. Adrain limped back towards him. "Come on. Come on" The parashuters had landed. But they did not notice them running towards Viridian forest. They were more preoccupied with the ones in the city. But sooner or later they would try viridian forest. "Come on. Lets go." Adrian placed his arm around Dex. Then hoisted him up and kept limping towards the forest

Eventually everyone made it to the cabin. It was a very rustic place. It was hidden by dense foliage and other trees. Adrian opened the door and carried Dex inside and laid him down on a moth eated sofa. The place looked as if it hadnt been cleaned or even lived in for 30 years. Adrian turned towards Uria and Alice. "Well lets get some rest. I doubt that any Omni's are going to search inside here." Adrian had difficulty walking up the stairs but he managed. There were four rooms up there. Each with just a simple mattress. Adrian looked outside of his room. It started to rain. "That ought to dampen their progress." He thought out loud. Until he finally collapsed on the mattress out of exhaustion.

October 21st, 2007, 8:30 PM
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The room twirling and swaying around her, Alice stumbled into the nearest empty room. The simple mattress looked hard and uninviting, but she quickly realized that she didn't have much choice. The pain was intensifying, the short bursts quickly becoming one continuous wave. Her mind reeled and she dove inside her mind, trying to remember what it was like being healthy and normal. Clutching desperately to her sanity, Alice tumbled onto the mattress and lay there, gasping for breath, as her body began to change.

The first thing that happened was her hair. It bleached in seconds and sucked into her head, leaving a puff of thick blond fur. Orange fur erupted on her skin like a garden, and with a painful crack a tail pushed out of her lower spine. Suddenly, the pain intensified as her bones broke and reformed, and organs were pushed into unnatural places and shrunk. Alice screamed, and the sound filled her ears until she could hear nothing else, then was abruptly replaced by a growling roar.

She then lay panting, ears pressed back into her skull instinctively, as a great blackness stole across her mind. Alice closed her eyes and slept.

October 21st, 2007, 9:16 PM
OOC: I like your transformation Panda. Anyway I don't normally put a majority of my transformations into one post but maybe change is a good thing


Adrian awoke to thriving agony. He wished he never limped all the way to the cabin. Judging by the way he was keeping up he didnt have enough energy to keep breathing.

Adrian felt his legs swell to an enourmous proportion. Adrian felt pressure in his feet as he slowly took off his shoes. He looked at his skin pigment and shrieked. The purple pigment scared him greatly. He watched in horror as ten toes slowly melded into four large ones. He watched as smaller feet bones slowly melded into larger ones. Adrian lay there. Panting quickly. "I am going to need new shoes." he said quickly. Hoping the worst was over.

Then it hit again. Harder this time. Not in his feet now in his legs. The swelling of his now purple legs was insanely painfull to him. He watched as his jeans were twice the size as they were before. The he quickly unbuckled his belt buckle as the pain came from all around. They wanted to grow but couldnt due to the costraints.

Eventually Adrian unzipped his pants. To his horror his legs tripled in size once he did. But they didnt grow in an upright way. They grew in a jack rabbit style. Eventually the pain stopped. With Adrian panting like crazy. He did not recognize his lower body as it was 10x bigger then his upper body. There was no tail, yet. "Oh what is happening." The answer came to him in an instant. The hybrid serum was injected into him. He never believed it but now his answer was right there.

Adrian was horrified. He never believed anything like this could happen. Adrian had nightmares that seemed like good dreams compared to this.

The pain finally subseeded. He dragged himself back to the matress that he threw himself off. he quickly took his jacket off. Adrian kept the turtle neck on due to the cold of the forest. The sirens in viridian seemed to subside. It appeared as if the team rocket grunts had given up. The only GOOD news today. Adrian was still in disbelief. Thinking tha the passed out while running and was just having a bad dream. He tried to move his legs with no results. The only thing he could do was move the big toe on each foot. The last thing he saw before losing conciousness was a haze of purple light and hearing Alice roar in the next room over.

October 21st, 2007, 10:26 PM
Dex awoke abruptly to the sound of a loud canine roar. Alice! he thought. Wondering why he didn't say that out loud, he reached for his mouth and found he could not open it. Dex jumped off the couch and took off his shirt and tried to let out a scream, but all for nothing. In the center of his chest was a large orb where his mind was transferred to. He felt light-headed. There was no pain, at least not yet...

Suddenly, Dex's entire body began to tremble. He stripped down to everything but his boxers and saw his skin pigment turning red-orange. He saw his feet atrophy and get sucked into his legs. His legs then shot out to a much greater length and then filled out. His waist became significantly thinner. His arms did not change very much at first. First they became red and blue, but then they started shifting from arms to tentacles in double-helix formation. The feeling in his hands went on and off.

Then the worst part happened. His head had to transform. All of Dex's hair fell out. His head hair, body hair, leg hair, the rest of his hair, all of it. He sprouted a horn from each side of his head. He felt bones move themselves in ways he would have never imagined. Then, his nose disappeared and his mouth turned sideways and ran up his face. Dex could not breathe. He tried to lift his hands to manually open his mouth, but they kept transforming into tentacles.

At last, Dex was full Deoxys. He would have been panting if he was able to breath. Expecting to die, Dex somehow took a full breath of air. Wait, how'd I just do that? he thought. Apparently, his mouth still had airflow going through it. But the pain was finally over, or so he thought.

Next came the three other forms of Deoxys. Crud Dex thought right before the pain started. The two horns split and reformed into three horns. Bones rearranged again, and Dex was in serious pain. His arms lost all bone structure to go into helix tentacle form and then the tentacles separated from each other. He grew spikes on his knees. It was over and the pain stopped for now.

Then, his body began to change again. His head and horns got sucked into his chest and his arms flattened out. Since no bone was there because of the previous transformation, it did not hurt as much. His body filled out much more and his kneecaps shrunk again. Okay. Defense mode. Alright Dex thought. Here comes speed!

Dex's head erupted from his body and a long horn grew from the back of his head. His arms became very thin once again, but he only had two tentacles instead of four. He became super thin once again and his legs lengthened severely. After he was in speed form for about a minute, he morphed back into normal form in an instant without any pain. Dex sat down as Deoxys, morphed his tentacles into hands, and tried to relax a bit. Then he realized something. Dex removed his boxers and saw that his front parts and his posterior were gone. Well, good thing I don't have to go to the bathroom now. Dex got up to walk and realized that he couldn't. So he concentrated and began to levitate using his newly developed psychic powers. He decided to hover up to the others' rooms and see how they were doing.

October 21st, 2007, 11:18 PM
A life time ago Adrian would dream. Dream about training and about traveling. Now the dark purple nightmare disappeared. Filled in with a deeper need. To stop the pain in him.

During the 5 minutes he had been unconcious Adrian's chest had swollen. It now hang on his frame. But the pain continued. Now to his arms. His hands began to burn as five fingers melded into three. His now three fingertips swelling to large sack-like balls. Adrian was almost completly Mewtwo except for his head and his missing tail.

Much to his dismay the head came next. Adrian quickly took his shirt off due it it being stretched. His ears began to grow upward untill they were the highest thing on his head. His hair roots quickly untied themselves to his head and his hair completly fell to the ground. Adrian's forehead went out more and his jaw went back. Adrian blinked for a moment but cried in pain as his eyelids were sealed shut. Suddenly he could open his eyes again. They were much bigger and in different places. His vision looked much brighter and he could make out detail better. Adrian's mouth shrank to a much smaller one under his jaw. His neck quickly thinned out.

Adrian was now almost Mewtwo. A large tube-like shape came straight out of his neck. It quickly connected to his head. Instantly as if hit by lightning Adrian's mental capacity increased 100x. He could do mathimatical equations that made absolutly no sense to him now.

Throughout much of this horror Adrian was watching his transformation through his reflection in the window. He could see it very clearly now with new eyes.
The last thing was his tail. It came last and was the most painfull. Adrian felt a large pain in his abdomen. As a large purple tail burst out of it. It coiled up his lowerback and fused directly onto him. Suddenly he realised he could move it.

Once the tail was connected Adrian's mind slid into focus. The horrible pain that had been lasting him the last 20 minutes was gone now. Now Adrian felt like crying. Crying for the loss of his identity and the fact now he was a pokemon. Adrian didn't recognise his form. So he quickly took his PokeNav out of his jacket pocket. It had a built in Pokedex. He quickly pointed it at himself. "Mewtwo. A genetic pokemon that was created by humans. No other information available." Great what use is that? he thought to himself. Suddenly when he was planning on saying that he really thought it. Adrian practiced talking out of his mouth. But all his feeble mouth could do was growl. "Great what else could go wrong?"

Adrian felt immobile. Since before he could not lift his legs due to their size. But now that his neck tube was installed he managed to hoist himself up. His standing position was changed as well. Now standing on his four toes.

Adrian took his belt. Thankfully he managed to take it off beforehand. He also remembered that he took his pokemon out of that box. He quickly thought of a solution. Then it came to him. He quickly slung the belt into his torso. Clicking it into place. Then he placed the pokeballs onto the belt. He dared not release his pokemon now. Since they might not recognise him now. Adrian took his pokenav and attatched it onto the belt as well.

Now Adrian felt better. For the last hour or so he felt very depressed. Now he felt much better then he did for a while. Just then he heard something. He heard a buzzing and quickly focused on that. It drained him of the little energy he had and then he found out what it was. "Hmm Dex is..? What is Dex?" He realised the buzzing was coming from Dex. "Well time to go say hi." Adrian walked towards the door separating his room from the hallway.

October 22nd, 2007, 12:24 PM
OOC: Sorry JBCPeace, I'm going to do one tiny thing w/ ur character now fir a sec

IC: Dex had hovered over towards the door to a bedroom. He reached for the knob when all of a sudden, the door flung open revealing Mewtwo. Both were startled and jumped back a bit. By instinct, Dex's body shifted to attack form and he proceeded to wrap his tentacles around Mewtwo. He tightened his grip and raised it into the air. Suddenly, Dex regained control of his actions. He closed his eyes and saw the energy emitted from Mewto was in the form of Adrian Somehow, his vision he had before was now the reverse of what he saw now.

He put Adrian down and reverted back to normal form. "Oh, no. I am so sorry," he said. Unfortunately, all that came out was a strange growl with a reverb. Dammnit! he thought to himself. Then, he had another realization. If I'm Deoxys, which is a psychic type, maybe I can use telepathy. Eh, worth a shot. Dex faced Adrian now. "Hello?" he thought out loud. "Is this thing on? Hello? Adrian? Can you hear me?"

October 22nd, 2007, 12:44 PM
OOC: sorry, didn't mean to shorten the transformation like that but I can honestly be a bit squeamish, so I didn't want to spend a ton of time describing it.


Alice woke a few minutes later, her clothing still wrapped around her new form. The colours seemed muted, her new eyes unable to identify different shades with any sort of precision. She inhaled deeply, trying not to gag at the intensity of the new smells, and quickly sorted them in her brain. She could smell everything: the slightly sweet, damp smell of the wood, the sharp and tangy scent of chemicals that had been used long ago in the making of the cabin, the damp of the rain and a ghost of the musky smell of humans that had lived there once.

The pain was gone, leaving a throbbing in her shortened limbs, where newly formed bone was still delicate. Hoisting herself up, Alice trying to stand... and fell over almost immediately, her back legs no longer able to support her. She tried again, this time remembering to walk on four legs, and padded over to the door, shaking off ill-fitting articles of clothing.

Another problem presented itself. How to open the door? She couldn't remember closing it, and it her obvious lack of opposable thumbs made it impossible to do now. Alice went up on her back paws, fighting to keep her balance as she scrabbled with her paws, trying to turn the doorknob. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she gave up and looked around the room, trying to come up with a brilliant plan.

The loss of her human identity didn't bother Alice. She did not belong as a human, and though she was not quite a pokemon, either, she felt relatively sure she had a better chance of finding something to do with her life. The only thing that bothered her was Team Omni. She didn't want to know what they would do if they managed to capture her, but she was relatively certain she looked like any other Growlithe.

There was also the problem of her newfound instincts. Her human side of her still tried to think of human solutions, while a tiny voice inside her head told her to just burn the door down and be done with it. Not only that, but Alice also knew that it was only a matter of time before she would be forced to battle someone, a prospect that she couldn't face.

October 22nd, 2007, 3:50 PM
"Yes I read your mind." Adrian said. His telepathy seemed almost second nature. "Anyway dont do that again." Adrian felt very heavy in his new form. "Anyway I am going to check on Alice."

Adrian managed to walk. Walking felt very abnormal since every time he tried to do it with his sole on the ground he fell over. So he decided to keep on toes for the time being. He finally made it to the door when he heard something. It was thinking. From what Adrian heard of Mewtwo was that he could read minds. Alice was behind the door. Yet something was strange about it. He did not recognize the patterns that her thoughts were projecting. This astounded Adrian that he could recognize her thought patterns.

"Well I do have to open the door sooner or later." Adrian chose sooner. His hand moved towards the door knob. His hand also felt abnormal to him. It closed on the door knob and opened it.

Adrian saw a small growlithe on the ground. "Alice?" Adrian said using telepathy. He didnt even need to ask her. He already knew. "You to?" Adrian knew that Uria probably turned into a pokemon as well.

October 22nd, 2007, 4:02 PM
Alice tried nodding, though the once-familiar motion felt awkward and forced in her new body. She tried a smile, stretching her lips back, but she realized that she probably looked like an idiot and stopped. After a few seconds of silence, she remembered that pokemon seemed to be able to communicate amongst themselves, as if they could understand each other despite the difference in languages.

"I... do... do you understand me?" she tried saying, concentrating on getting the meaning across instead of forming the words. The noises that came out of her mouth disorientated her, but once she soon got the general hang of it.

October 22nd, 2007, 4:55 PM
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October 22nd, 2007, 5:23 PM
OOC: Currently all our characters are at an abandoned cabin in Viridian forest. All of our characters have become pokemon so you have to post your "Metamorphasis" Into a pokemon

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 22nd, 2007, 6:26 PM
Having followed Adrian and his friends into Viridian forest and into an abandoned cabin in the middle of the forest AJ was exhausted and panting, his trenchcoat was staining, Why didn't the bullet proof vest stop the rifle round... AJ asked himself in awe, if the vest had done it's job he would have a large bruise in the area where he was bleeding so bad.

AJ was also sweating, he leaned on the wall and slid down to the ground covering the wound with his right hand, Got... to... stop blood... loss, got to... cover wound... wrap.... up AJ felt himself view.

" Where... Are the.. Others...? I could've sworn they came in here..." AJ managed to sputter, his mind getting foggier by the second, Aw... Sheet... I'm going to pass out and die in the lame @ss cabin... AJ thought in despair as his world got darker and darker til be finnaly passed out.

October 22nd, 2007, 6:29 PM
OOC: Blank just posted her sheet. Since she helped me write this rp and part of my NPCS I am allowing her to have a legendary that someone else is using. Accepted

IC: Adrian heard something down the stairs. He walked down them. He saw the machine gunner down there. Unconcious and losing a lot of blood by the second. Adrian attempted to pick him up but with no avail. "Goddamnit." Then he realised how stupid he was. Adrian quickly focused his mind onto the man. Then he levitated onto the moth eaten sofa. "Okay I need something for the wound." Adrian quickly found a cloth and tied it around the wound. "Well that settles that." Adrian began to walk up the stairs. He saw Dex and Alice there. "Okay now there is a stranger unconcious on the sofa. Now what?"

October 22nd, 2007, 6:55 PM
((*cracks fingers* ok first post let's make this a good long one, unless I get stopped by getting thrown off the computer.))

Misa rubs her arm it had been days since she had been injected with that special vaccine but even now she could feel the needle, "maybe a piece broke off inside..." she thinks to herself, riding a Charizard however was no place to be checking for injuries, "Land Blacky." she says patting her charizard.

The giant dragon turns one eye to look at her before starting a slow decent when he lands deep in the Veridian forest Misa jumps off and checks her arm, the place was slightly bruised but nothing more, "I wish I had a Magnimite, then I could check better." Blacky leans down and licks her cheek, "Thanks Blacky." she says hugging his big face.

Turning slightly she notices something out of place in the normal calmness of the forest, "is that a cabin Blacky?" she asks her black Charizard, "I think it is."

Charizard watches her take a few steps but stops her with is tail, "What's wrong Blacky?" she asks looking up at him, Charizard growls he had a bad feeling about that place. Misa places her hand on his paw, "Don't worry, if something happens you'll be with me."

Charizard nods and fallows her as she walked towards the cabin, he saw something in a patch of light that made him shake his head, fur on Misa's arm. That couldn't be... could it? Misa scratches the place where they had injected her, "What the..." she looks at it, "Blacky!" she turns to him as she turned her other pokeballs fall out of her pockets, Lucas and Porqueno pop out. Lucas her scruffy Lucario, scratches himself and Porqueno her wynaut bounces up and down. "Guys do you see that?" she asks kneeling and showing them her arm.

Lucas and wynaut look at her arm, Lucas jumps back and sniffs it. Wynaut touches it with his tenticle like arm. "it's fur isn't it?" Lucas nods, "it's purple fur... I'M GROWING PURPLE FUR!" she shouted the last part so loud that it was impossible for anyone in the cabin to hear it.


October 22nd, 2007, 6:59 PM
Alice shook herself, got up and started pacing the small room. "I-I'm not keen on people being here..." she growled, before sitting down again. She felt restless and unable to sit still, but pacing accomplished nothing and she knew it. "But we can hardly leave him to die... is he hurt? If he's bleeding, you should definitely put pressure on the wound. I think that helps stop the bleeding. Maybe he has a concussion? I can't think of any other reasons he would be unconscious." Alice mused, and padded over to the window to look out into the rain.

It was then that she heard the shout from below. For a panic-filled moment, Alice couldn't understand the words being spoken, but the moment soon passed. Fur standing on end, she growled as softly as possible, still borderline paranoid of others finding them.

October 22nd, 2007, 7:07 PM
Suddenly Adrian heard something. It was so loud. "Im growing fur?" Adrian walked down the stairs. He felt something. There were pokemon outside with a human. He quickly opened the door. A girl in a pink skirt-like dress was screaming out there. "Whoa whoa whoa. "Hang on calm down miss." Adrian hadnt seen much human contact for the past hour. He believed that she was some sort of team omni grunt coming to check the place out

Adrian felt something strange about the screaming girl. She seemed like she had a strange secret about her.

October 22nd, 2007, 7:13 PM
Corey could feel air before him, brushing over his entire body. And then, in an instant, he felt water brush against him.

There was something wrong with him. His sight was blurred, and for a moment, he thought he was drowning. Why did he feel as if he was underwater? He could feel the water reflexes in front of him, yet he could still breathe. He Corey squinted into the distance, trying to catch a glimpse of something that could explain to him where he was. But there was nothing but a blur.

Then the vision began to return. Yet, he might as well have been in a dark hidden underwater cavern for all that he saw. He felt rocks below him. He looked down. It was the first time he had; he saw that he was barefoot. Not only that, but it appeared that he was almost naked, had he not been wearing his boxers.

There was no one around, yet he felt embarrassed like this. He felt that he should swim away in the darkness to find somewhere where he could be hidden for a good while. But, he found himself glued to the ground and unable to respond to his brain’s constant screaming to move.

There upon the ceiling the dark cavern, a light arrived. It shined through the rest of the dark cavern to reveal no escape. It was just him and the light. It was so shiny and pink, illuminating the rest of what once was a dark shade of blue to a slightly dark pink color. It entranced him, and he wanted so much to touch the light. He reached forward. Yet, his hand couldn’t reach it.

It moved closer, and as it did, Corey moved back. He was startled by the fact that it moved closer. His gaze remained on the object as it grew slightly. A pink tentacle made its way out of the light and closer to him. It circled him, and again, he found himself entranced.

He touched the light. It scrambled out of his hand’s way and around it, continuing to circle his body. He reached for the light as it twirled around him with both hands; it felt so weird to him. The tentacles themselves became larger and thicker, beginning to spin even faster around him. In a reflex he was not able to react fast enough to, the pink tentacle wrapped around all of his body and tightened themselves over him.

Now the danger clear, and he tried so hard to break free from the grasp of the pink tentacles. Yet, it was to no avail. The pink tentacles pulled away his boxers and covered that region along with the rest of his body, making him a human outline of pink light. He screamed into the watery tomb, but only bubbles and mumbles escaped his mouth. The pink tentacles took his open mouth as a chance to break through and enter his body. It entered down his throat and began to rearrange his entire body structure, and even shrink him down to size.

He felt that there was something going on behind him. He felt back there to feel a tail growing out of his body. He wouldn’t have believed it himself had he not felt it. Had he not been able to move it the second it was fully developed.

Wherever he was, it slowly began to disappear from sight. He slipped away from the cavern walls, disappearing into some other darkness. Then, he felt that he was really beginning to wake.


The Omni’s administered the injection. Had they not been told to do so by a higher rank as they headed towards the main festival, they would have waited for the big shebang. Yet, they were late. Now they needed to injection administered early. They gave their subject the injection and were on their way to the base. Their second order was to make sure this subject arrived at the base so they could have at least this one. Because this subject was to become something important.

They were back on the road again. The rush of the air pushed against Corey’s skin, as he was still at the back when he was injected, still unconscious. The base was to be another long ride away.

Something occurred along the way. There must have been something along the road. The Omni’s were driving fast; they didn’t notice the pothole on the forest road ahead. The truck hit hard and flipped. Corey’s body flew out of the back and into a pond nearby. He wasn’t wearing anything bright, so the second the Omni’s cleared that everything was good, they could not find him. His body sunk a little into the water of the pond, and it was too dark to see anything above it.

A park ranger arrived. The local authority member found the Omni’s, and they were immediately put under arrest. Of course, it was a battle first, but more local authority members arrived to fully capture the Omni’s. They were taken away, and Corey was left in the pond to wither away.

He dreamt. And in his dream, he saw himself transforming. He saw himself transforming just like how he was really transforming in real life.


She opened her eyes. It was still like the dream; she was still underwater. She could still breathe. But this time, she could see the water level above her. She could see the night sky past the line of the pond. She needed to get out of there; that was her first thought.

It was the first time she had noticed her pink bubble surrounding her. She was surprised by it, and slightly curious. She brushed the thought away and tried her best to swim while in the bubble. It was hard to do so, as she was not really touching water at all, but air instead. She thought of reaching land again, and in an instant, she was pushed to the surface.

Not only to the surface, but she reached the sidelines of the pond she was in. She wasn’t even tired from this. This was the only reason why she was able to stop her breathing once she reached the land.

Her hands…they were covered in pink fur. They were more like paws than anything else. She brought them up to her face, slightly scared at the sight of them. And it was the first time she realized that everything about her wasn’t right. Her height, her appearance, everything was different.

She tried to scream, but what escaped her mouth was a simple “Mew.”

Was it possible? She couldn’t believe what word she had heard; could it be possible? Could she have somehow transformed into the legendary…Mew?

There was a pond. It was the only thing she could use as a mirror, and so, she made her way towards it. She realized she was floating; another surprise. She saw her reflection. And she wanted to scream.

It wasn’t the fact that she was a different species now. She could have held that to what it was, and maybe be able to calm down later from the initial shock. No; what she wanted to scream were words. All that escaped her mouth were Mew cries, but she knew what she had really meant to cry out; “OHMYGODI’MAGIRL!”


Corey slowly made her way around the forest. She had never been there before, and could easily say that she was lost. She had not spotted the road when she made her way away from the pond; she walked towards the opposite side, and as such, ended up getting lost.

She kept repeating the same thing in her mind all the time as she stuck to the trees, not wanted to float away to the sky as she was unable to control it. Her repeated line; whyamIagirlIdon’twanttobeagirlhowdoIchangeback?!

It was these thoughts that distracted her from being able to concentrate on staying on the ground. She was too preoccupied with the removal of her original gender. As such, her mind swayed and would not let her concentrate.

It wasn’t until she told herself to stop, that she did so. It as easy as a command. She told herself that she wanted to be on the ground. As easy as saying that, she floated gently to the ground. She tested the ground and standing on her new position. She tried moving, but it was not easy. She stumbled over herself; her tail was keeping her out of balance.

Very easily, she managed to be able to float for awhile. It was then that she realized something; legends had never pictured Mew staying still. Maybe it was because it was much easier for the legendary to float than walk. So she tried to stay at a consistent floating level. It was simple. Now it was time to contain that balance of floating.

As much as she thought this would be a hard thing to do, she found that it was kind of…fun. It wasn’t so much as trying to keep a consistent floating level now, but flipping several times in the air. She zipped around that particular part of the forest for a long while, whirling and yapping at the ease and fun of the moment. She wanted more.

Reality tried to break through, but the sense of having fun overpowered it. It wasn’t until reality decided to remind her that she was not a boy anymore that she finally stopped. As fun as it was, she did not want to be a Mew forever, much less one of the opposite gender.

She floated through the forest, swaying up and down and pretending to jump from tree to tree, still trying to have the fun of the moment. She then came across a cabin. She was curious about it; she could sense that there were beings inside it. She could also sense major power. Strong power. Something in there was almighty; or it could just be two beings that were equally strong that were projecting her senses to high levels.

She lowered herself to be level with the cabin window. The first being she saw was a Growlithe. Unfortunately for her and the fact that she was still floating, she thought too much about this Growlithe. Before she knew it, she was one herself, and she fell to the ground yipping in a Growlithe whimper.

OOC: Well, looks like I made it just in time. >.> The last move used was Mew's lesser known attack, Transformation.

October 22nd, 2007, 7:20 PM
Misa looked up at the guy who had spoken to her, he was handsome in his own way and he seemed concerned for her, of course who wouldn't be. "Somethings happening to me... I'm growing fur!" she shows her arm then screams the fur was crawling down her arm and her fingers were fusing together into only three fingers. Charizard growls seeing this, opening his mouth he prepared to shoot a jet of flame at the fur that was attacking his trainer.

Unleashing the deadly flame Misa cries hiding in the arms of the guy in front of her, Wynaut jumps to the rescue using Mirror Coat, ((I remembered!)). It bounces off Wynaut and hits charizard in the stomach, Charizard growls and shakes himself. when Misa apears once again from the dust she is shocked to see a long purple tail poking out of her skirt, "AHHH!"

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October 22nd, 2007, 7:30 PM
OOC: Its a good thing Blank let me control her characters. Anyway Uria please post your transformation so we can advance the story

Chapter 3: The quest

Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all,
Or if he moves will he fall?
Is he alive or dead?
Has he thoughts within his head?
Well just pass him there
Why should we even care?

Iron man, Black sabbath

IC: Adrian was shocked by this turn of events. He almost had his tail scortched by flame until the girl went infront of her and it was repelled. "Return your pokemon back to their balls please." She looked very embarressed. She quickly did so. Adrian noticed that she had a purple tail coming out of her skirt. Adrian had a tinge of arousal but ignored it. "Allright get in here." Adrian was scared that an omni member could have seen the fire.

Yet Adrian sensed something. It was around there somewhere. He walked around the side of the cabin and saw a wimpering animal. Yet there was something strange about it. He quickly picked it up with his mind and levitated it into the cabin.

A fire was started in the cabin's fireplace. Adrian tossed a log into it. He was sitting directly infront of it. The stranger was unconcious on the moth eaten sofa. Dex was upstairs with Uria. The girl was sitting close to the fire as well. Adrian dropped the small growlithe close to the fire. At first he assumed that it was Alice. Yet he sensed Alice up the stairs so he assumed this one was wild. Yet it looked cold and tired. So he decided to drop it next to the fire.

"Allright. Now lets stay here for the rest of the night. Tommorow we can settle what we are doing."

October 22nd, 2007, 7:35 PM
OOC: crap, needed 2 have this b4 the change of chapter...

IC: Dex teleported up to Adrian's room without anyone noticing and took a look at his pokédex. He pointed it at himself and read what it had to say when it finished calibrating:

Ability: Pressure - Raises energy foe uses for attacks.
Nature: Careful.
Item Held: None.
Level: 19.
Attacks learned: Leer, Wrap, Night Shade, Teleport, Double Team."

"Crap," he said to himself. "Not even level 20." Just then he heard a scream from outside. Dex teleported outside right next to Adrian who was next to another girl who appeared to be transforming into a Mewtwo as well. Something was different to him. Dex knew that Mewtwo was a genderless pokémon, like most legendaries. However, now that Dex could see the two Mewtwo together, he was able to point out a couple of key differences. For example, he saw that Adrian was much more muscular, for Mewtwo anyway, than the girl and that the girl was more curvy like human women. Adrian's tail was significantly longer as well. Even though the girl was not fully transformed yet, he could tell that her body dimensions would not match Adrians by the end of the transformation.

"So, Adrian," Dex jokingly started, "now you got a girl Mewtwo to be with, and Alice has found a male Growlithe. Now where am I gonna find a female Deoxys?" Dex had a delayed reaction. "Wait a sec, where'd the other Growlithe come from?!" Which was followed by another one. "Holy crap! Uria! Is he alright?!" With that, he teleported up to Uria without giving anyone any time to respond.

October 22nd, 2007, 7:46 PM
Corey felt this was the end for her. First of all, she did not expect to be pulled back into the air only seconds after she landed harshly on the ground in a completely new form. At first, she thought it was just herself using some other kind of secret power she had, but then she found herself being forced so near something that deeply scared her; Mewtwo.

Of course, she didn’t know what Mewtwo was, so her main objective was to scream aloud and break away from the spell that kept her levitated. She was pushed into the cabin and so close to the fire. She thought that the strange beast would toss her into the fire, but instead, he tossed her next to the fire. Surprised she was, and she eyed the creature in awe.

Then when she finally remembered who she was and where she was, she panicked a bit and stood on all fours, turning agitated. She more or less looked like she was chasing her tail.

Corey stopped and thought for a minute. She questioned what was going on now. Why was she a Growlithe now? She racked at her brain, trying to pick something that could fill in the blank. Her mind was blank. Then she remembered a particular story she had heard before; one that contained Mew, and the ability to transform to hide away. That was probably what she had just done. Now however, she planned on escaping. She didn’t want to stay; she was forced to be there. She also didn’t want to show her true form.

She rushed away from the fire and to the door, headbutting it. But it hardly caused damage. All it did was rack her own brain and get her a headache. She shook herself, trying to get the dizziness off. Then, she used her paws to claw away at the bottom of the door to escape. She scratched and scratched, hoping to make a gap, but it wasn’t going to work.

And all of this most likely brought attention right back to her. She stopped, her heart beating. She turned only her head, looking back at the strange creature she did not know. And she gave pleading eyes to hopefully get her out of there.

OOC: *CouchFemaleGrowlithelikeAlicecouch*

October 22nd, 2007, 8:14 PM
OOC: yeah, both female growlithes xD though I suppose, if pushed, Alice could swing that way. Always figured she'd be more asexual at this point, though.


Alice bounded down the steps and, seeing that nothing was being done about the wounded man, walked over to him. He seemed to have stopped bleeding, though he had bled a lot and the couch was sporting a lovely red patch. Alice, finding no other alternative, began licking the wound as softly as she could.

Oh, please, a tiny, sarcastic voice whispered in her head. Are you hoping that your saliva has magical fairy dust in it? Ignoring herself, Alice continued working, partially because she hadn't eaten in so long the blood of the poor man tasted too good to stop. Finally she tore herself away, realizing that she had made no difference. She then turned to the Mew and recognized a sad hopelessness that made her wonder what had happened, though she didn't trust her linguistic skills enough to try to talk.

With a glance at the people around her, Alice decided she had had much too much excitement for one day and curled up beside the wounded trainer, closing her eyes.

October 22nd, 2007, 9:45 PM
OOC: I have a feeling I may have to up the rating a little. Eh never mind. I always imaged Alice rubbing that way. Anyway Jag chapter changes are only to seperate important things happening. Plus to create social tension when I type in a few lyrics to a song I am listning to while writing.


Adrian staired deeply into the fire. He remembered the last time he had been infront of a roaring fire. The persperation that soaked his face.

Adrian pulled away from this trance. He shook his head violently. The Bandana around his neck shaking more violently. He remembered when he tied it back on. It seemed to symbolise something in him.

"No Dex I doubt that any Deoxies will come knocking on this door." Adrian was surprised at how many people were in the cabin now. The stranger on the bed, Alice lying near him. The growlithe near the fire. The strange girl next to him. Dex and Uria upstairs. The place had been bustling with people. Its almost as if we were drawn to this point. he thought to himself. But shrugged it off. Adrian never believed in the supernatural and didnt believe in it now. The girl next to him began to play with her tail.

"Whats your name?" He asked her. She silently replied "Misa Hals." Adrian swore he heard that name before. But didnt know where. "Adrian. I was planning on battling here. Untill all this happened." Adrian began to notice something. The girl only had one arm that was fully changed. Adrian's arms changed at the exact same time. The stranger thing was she was taking longer then Adrian did. Adrian only took 20 minutes to become Mewtwo. In 30 she only had her hand and part of an arm. Then he realised something. The masked man said the serum they got had a timer that triggered at midnight. That was why it took a shorter amount of time

Adrian walked back to his room. He noticed Dex replaced his Pokenav back on the floor where he left it. Right next to it was his watch which now read in big bolded red letters 2:30 AM. This nightmare had continued for two and a half hours. Adrian fastned his watch to his left wrist where he placed it before. Since his arm was much smaller he had to fasten it much tighter. Then he placed the pokenav on the belt around his torso.

"Allright everyone." He said back at the fireplace. "Its about 2:30. Now I am going to turn in. It is to dark out to do anything. Even the unconcious man is getting the right idea." He said pointing to him. "Now I am going to turn in. See you in the morning." Adrian was about to set his watch alarm but then noticed his finger tips were to large to press small buttons.

Adrian walked up to his room. He quickly collapsed on the small matress. Falling asleep instantly. Misa quickly fell asleep sitting down leaning on the moth eaten sofa.

October 22nd, 2007, 9:56 PM
OOC: Really? I just created this character specifically for the roleplay, and so I didn't even think of sexuality.. but I value your opinion. I don't think it'll come up in this rp, but if it does I'll keep that in mind. I've never rped romance of any kind xP.

IC: tomorrow after kickboxing x__o

October 23rd, 2007, 12:10 PM
OOC: No, Peace, I meant my post being after yours was a little out of order, but anyway, w/e on with the plot. yay plot! Uria, if you could post your transformation that would rule.

IC: Dex shuddered. I really don't want to have to see that again. He was talking about Uria's transformation into Lucario. He levitated downstairs to get his clothing and the pokéball containing Nidoking. He didn't want to take out his Nidoking because it definitely would not recognize him and if it attacked, there was no way for Dex to defend since he was apparently only at level 19 and he knew Nidoking was stronger than that. I guess our level is based on our age at the time of transformation, he thought to himself. I really have to train more...

Dex entered the main room with the fireplace. He saw the stranger with the guns unconscious on the couch, and Alice curled up asleep next to him. The other Growlithe was lying on the ground and the other girl Mewtwo was mostly asleep. He noticed something strange. That's weird, he thought. I just thought that Omni made like an imperfect formula and gender was accidentally preserved in asexual human-pokémon hybrids. But she's not even fully transformed yet. She should be done by now. Eh, she'll be done by morning most likely.

Dex turned to the other Growlithe. "So," he said, "what's up?"

October 23rd, 2007, 3:10 PM
Adrian's sleep only lasted about ten minutes. Normally Adrian would lie there till the morning next. But currently he wanted to stay up longer. He slowly got up and looked around. Something Adrian noticed was that he was getting more used to his new body. It felt more natural then before.

Adrian looked outside. It was raining more heavily. Adrian could hear dripping coming from the roof. Great its leaking. he thought to himself. Then Adrian began to turn around when he saw something in the trees. He saw a pair of yellow eyes. But then he blinked and they were gone. "Strange".

Adrian began walking down the stairs. He could see Dex there. Misa appeared to have awaken to his presence. Adrian sat down in front of the fire. Dex appeared to be talking to the growlithe that Adrian found around the cabin. Adrian moved himself closer to Misa. He felt strangely drawn to the girl for some reason. Probably because he was about to become the only two of their species. If there was another Mewtwo

"So where are you from?" Adrian would normally not ask this. He had gotten used to reading a mind in order to find this out. But strangely her mind was blocked from his power.

October 23rd, 2007, 4:45 PM
((ok... I missed quite a bit but my son summed most of it up for me. Thanks little one... *ruffles JBCPeace's hair* ok let's get to this.))

Misa feels her legs start to get scratchy as they got sometimes when she hadn't shaved her legs in a long time. Reaching down she felt the prickles of short fur, she pulls back her skirt to see purple fur crawling up her thighs and to a place she considered most sacred. "NO I DON'T WANT MORE!" she screamed standing and tearing off her skirt. She cared not for what the boy next to her was able to see, her new tail wiped from side to side as she tried to stop the fur from growing up her skin.

Misa ran her hands up her body to feel where else she was growing fur, she felt it on her face, "No.. not my flawless face!" she cried tearing at her shirt. The fur was growing faster now and she was feeling her ears growing up the side of her face and grow longer, she looks at her hands they were completely like that of a... "MEWTWO!?" she cries trying to get off the rest of her cloths but the paws won't let her, She looks at her feet she hadn't been paying attention when her shoes were torn and she was only in her undergarments now.

A mewtwo in a red bikini, that's what she looked like now, "What happened to me?!"


October 23rd, 2007, 5:00 PM
OOC: Blank I am only your PC son. Anyway I renamed my character Freya and Blank's character Athena. Also my next post WILL advance the time frame to the next morning so be ready to do that.


Misa suddenly jumped into the air. Then in about 3 minutes she changed into a Mewtwo in a bikini. Adrian never thought something like this would happen. "Misa? I think you turned into a Mewtwo." Adrian felt something staring at her. It was a sort of arousal. It was as if this transformation made her look much better. She was crying heavily. Adrian stood up and held her in his arms. "Hey calm down. It doesn't have to be so bad." Misa still was crying. She cried into his shoulder until Adrian thought of something. "Misa sit down." Adrian sat down and Misa followed. "Okay I think that I ought to nickname you something. Now whats a good enough name?" Adrian dug into his head until he finally thought of something. "How about... Athena?" She looked at him. Then looked at her own body. She silently nodded. "Okay Adrian. But now I have to name you something." Adrian was taken back. "Okay what?" She quickly thought of something. "How about Freya?" Adrian thought about the name. "Freya..." The name felt much better then Adrian did in his body. "Okay fine. Freya it is"

Freya now quickly stood up. This time addressing everyone. "Allright time to get some rest. Tommorow we will figure everything out." Freya walked up the stairs once more. Feeling more tired then ever before.

October 23rd, 2007, 5:05 PM
OOC: there is a cheap spinoff of Animorphs in my next entry (omg spoilers!!!)

IC: "Wow," Dex said. "I did not need to see that. I'm never watching PokéMorphs ever again because of tonight." At least Misa was full Mewtwo now. Dex's prediction from before was correct. Though it took longer, she did become full Mewtwo and maintained her gender. "Omni's serum was much less than perfect," Dex said aloud. "If it had the flaw of letting people who became genderless pokémon maintain their gender, I can only imagine what other flaws it has for us to use to our advantage."

He turned to Misa. "In short, you're still a girl. I'm not sure you care about that as much as you care about the fact that you are now a Mewtwo." Dex's tone changed to a sarcastic and joking tone. "But seriously, have fun with it. It's not every day you get all the power of a superpowerful legendary pokémon at your disposal."

Dex then attacked what Adrian had just said while his tone became more panicked. "Seriously, nicknames? Don't you think it's gonna be a little harder to remember who each other is anyway? I mean, seriously. I think there are much more important things to worry about than your relationship. Like, I dunno, maybe....WHAT THE [expletive] ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!?!?"

October 23rd, 2007, 5:15 PM
Freya heard Dex yelling at him. His thick Deoxies accent made Freya feel slightly scared. "Dex. Like I said. Lets settle this in the morning. Since it would do no good if you yell your head off and an omni decided to hear that." Freya was not really angry at Dex. He was just bored and wanted something to do.

Freya fell asleep on his matress. Wondering what the new day would bring.

~~~~The next morning.~~~~

Freya awoke to an alarm. It came from his watch. Then he remembered he set his watch the day before because he expected to awake early after the festival. He looked down at the time. It read 9:00 AM. "Well that was tiring." Freya quickly stretched and walked down the stairs. The stranger was still unconcious. Uria was possibly still in his room. Athena had finally fallen asleep next to the moth eaten couch again. The fire was out finally. Freya looked outside. The sun was out finally. The forest was full of life again.

"Allright you guys wake up. Its a new day." He yelled out to everyone in the cabin. Hoping that at least one person would wake up. Freya did not want to seem like a fool in front of everybody

October 23rd, 2007, 5:33 PM
Athena stirs from her sleep and sits up, stretching like a cat she looks up at him, "hi Freya." she says standing up and rubbing against his face, ((it says in the description the Mewtwo is a Feline.)) Athena gets a sudden itch and she scratches it with her foot, "Wow I always wanted to do it that way."

She looks around, "where did my Pokeballs go?"

((yes it's unnaturally short))

October 23rd, 2007, 6:21 PM
Dex woke up in his bed with a strange feeling, as if he was contained inside something. He woke up and couldn't feel any of his body. He was startled to find that his entire body was gone and that only the orb in his chest, his brain, remained. Unable to move in simple orb form, he sent an aurora downstairs to Adrian or, as he now called himself, Freya was with the message: "I'll be down in a second. Pokébody difficulties..."

It would have been a comical sight, had anyone else seen it. Dex was only able to spawn his torso and one arm immediately. He was unable to spawn his head at the moment, so he could not see. With his one arm, he dragged himself across the bed and fell on the floor. He was able to get one of his legs to materialize at this point. Struggling to move forward, Dex managed to crawl to the door of his room. He reached his arm up but could not reach the knob. He tried many times in many different ways, but could not get to the knob. He was able to get his other leg out and did his best to stand up. He then levitated but went towards the wall instead of the door.

This might take a while he thought. Dex came up with a better solution. He got up from the floor and felt around the walls for the door and doorknob. He opened the door and took one step into the hall, after which he immediately came plummeting down the stairs because he forgot his room was right at the top of the stairs. He crawled until he felt a leg and pulled himself up the leg, which happened to belong to Misa, or rather, Athena.

After obtaining balance, Dex put all his energy into spawning his head. In a spastic voice, he managed to say, "Hello. Yes? I'll take the French Toast and Bacon with eggs sunny side down, and some coffee." He fell to the ground out of dizzyness. He immediately got up afterwards. He got his balance and shook himself awake. "Hehe...sorry about that..." he said to the two Mewtwo. "Umm, so yeah, what now?"

October 23rd, 2007, 6:36 PM
Athena blinks, "You touched me...." is all she says. She ignores what he had said or the fact that he had fallen, "you touched me.." she growls and snaps at him, "You touched me without my permission!" she crouches like a cat, "you'll pay for that!" her tail swishes then she stops, "What am I doing?" she stands up, "I can do this!" she lifts him with her psychic powers.

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October 23rd, 2007, 6:47 PM
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Uria couldn't bare the pain. Everything was starting to hurt. Especially his hands and chest. It felt like hell to him. He gripped his chest, which then started to bulge. "W-wha-what's happening!?" He exclaimed. Just then, a steel spike of some sort ripped out of his chest. The same happened with his hands.

"G-gyaaaaah! My body... I can't stand its pain!!!" Blue fur grew on his arms, head, and upper thighs. Then his thighs swelled up enough to make it look like he was wearing shorts. Then came the yellow fur, which covered his chest and back. It felt tingly to him, but hurt at the same time. Just then a blue tail grew out, and his ears became long and floppy. His nose grew into a snout, and his mouth being part of it. His human teeth grew into sharp canine teeth and black fur grew alongside the blue, covering his hands, the lower legs (under the knee) and some of his face. He saw himself in the mirror when the pain stuff. "W-what!? It can't be possible... I'm a....a Lucario!?" He said to himself.

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Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 23rd, 2007, 6:57 PM
AJ stirred, he felt greatly sore and very, very dizzy, like the feeling you get after going on a rollercoaster a few times in a row. Not only that, but pain inveloped him greatly, Why do I hurt so friggin badly... AJ thought bitterly to himself as he slowly sat up. Oh yeah, I got shot. AJ remembered quite well.

" But why am I here... bleeding on the couch of some cabin?" AJ pondered, trying so very hardly to remember why he had came here in the first place, Team omni, Hybrids, Kids, Forest... It was coming back to him, but where was everyone? AJ picked up his shotgun and inserted shells, just in case some of the Omni Cabrone's were waiting around to ambush him.

AJ staggered around, not noticing the growlithe near him, he walked into the kitchen and saw some people, not thinking he aimed his shotgun and fired, missing everyone and sending alot of pain into his shoulder. " Damn!" AJ cursed putting his hand on his suprisngly wrapped wound.

October 23rd, 2007, 6:59 PM
OOC: Oh yea, battle time!!!

IC: "Mommy!" Dex cried as Athena unleashed her psychic powers on him and sent him flying straight through the wall. Instinct had taken over now. Dex had got up from the broken wood with a blue glow in his eyes. He morphed into attack form and began to levitate. He decided to return the favor by using Wrap on Athena. He wrapped his tentacles around her and hoisted her up and threw her into a different part of the wall. His eyes then glowed with a dark purple glow as he unleashed a Night Shade unto where he had flung Athena.

Directly after, Dex snapped out of it and he had returned to normal form. "Oh crap!" he cried. "I am so sorry! Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!"

OOC: Foe Mewtwo fainted! Deoxys gained 1075 exp! *filling up noise* *level up noise* Deoxys grew to lv. 20! *shows increased stats* :P lol jk. but srsly, we all need to level up and stuff...

October 23rd, 2007, 7:14 PM
"Dex what is wrong with you?" Freya ran towards Athena. "Are you okay?" She was crying again and looked in much pain. "Dex she just woke up for christs sake." Freya walked over to the stranger. "Your going to kill yourself if you dont take it easy." Freya turned towards Dex. "Dex can you not attempt to kill people around here?" He turned around. "Same goes for you" He said to the stranger.

Freya walked over to Athena. "Okay I will give her some rest." Freya picked her up. But not with his mind. Actually physically picking her up. Then he moved her towards the couch. "Get Uria Dex. I think I know what we should do."

Back at the main room everyone was there. Freya was sitting next to Athena, Dex was sitting on the ground along with Uria (Who looked very freaked out) and Alice along with the other growlithe and the mysterious stranger who was still in pain. "Okay now we cant stay in this cabin for very long. We will have to leave it eventually."

Freya paused for a second. Because the pokenav at his belt began ringing. He quickly answered it. Then a news broadcast began playing

"Channel 2 news with Darla." A person said. A woman at a desk began speaking. "Tribulations at Viridian city? People were shocked today when Team omni the world class gang of plunderers actually seized Viridian city after claiming to host some sort of festival there. But team omni didn't stop there. They moved on and continued with Pallet town. They have no demands at this moment but all attempts to stop them are futile due to their high numbers and pokemon. Team omni seems to be using a very intelligent sort of pokemon. They keep defeating the Kanto legion's teams. Indeed this seems to be a dark day for Viridian city.

Freya closed his pokenav. "You get that? Omni has taken over Viridian city with those hybrids. Pretty soon they will go through Viridian forest. We have to leave very soon." Freya stood up. "Come on. Lets go unless you want to stay and get shot or worse".

October 23rd, 2007, 7:25 PM
Alice woke at the sound of the gunshot with a yelp, scrabbling at the floor in some odd attempt to push herself into a standing position... and fell over, yet again failing to remember her new form. Her stomach growled loudly, and she was just thinking of going out to get some form of food, as she hadn't eaten in several days, when Athena flew through the air above her head. Alice scrabbled backwards, tail stuffed inelegantly between her legs.

"Honestly... men. Can't stop fighting," Alice growled, not realizing that it was a female Mewtwo. Giving up on finding any food, she went and sat in the main room, waiting for something interesting to happen with half-awake eyes.

"If you want my opinion, we should stay away from team Omni... forgive me for saying this, but we aren't exactly strong. At all." Alice said in response to Adrian/Athena. "At least until we get stronger. Then we can do something about this, I suppose," she continued, not eager to leap into battle and save the day.

October 23rd, 2007, 7:43 PM
"You all go ahead with whatever, I've got something important to do," Dex said to his company. As he moved towards the door, he could feel tension from everyone. From AJ, who had the least idea of what was going on, Uria, who had obviously undergone the most painful transformation, Alice, who appeared to be very timid and startled, the other Growlithe who hadn't said even a word to him, and most of all, Athena from when they had their little battle and Freya, who was obviously angered with Dex for attacking both him and Athena.

Dex stepped outside. He had tried and failed to put any clothing back on except for his backpack. He took out the pokéball that contained Nidoking and released him. "NIDO!!!!" Nidoking shouted.

"Hey, not so loud, you!" Dex responded. Nidoking turned around and was startled by what he saw. Expecting to see Dex, instead he saw Deoxys. Without even giving it a second thought, he charged Dex with Thrash. Dex did not have enough time to dodge, so he morphed into Defense Form just to brace himself. The attack still did plenty of damage. Dex wondered if his mom gave him a pokédex when he had got home before this whole thing had started. It turns out he did have one. He pointed it at Nidoking and read:

Level 30
Nature: Brave
Ability: Poison Point - slight chance of poisoning opponent on contact
Item Held: Silk Scarf.
Attacks: Peck, Leer, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Thrash."

"Nidoking! Stop! It's me! Dex!" Nidoking did not listen to him. After all, Dex sounded completely different and obviously looked completely different.

Then Nidoking spoke to Dex. "Who are you and what are you trying to pull?" he said. "You are definitely not Dex. Don't make me fight you." Nidoking charged Dex with another Thrash. This time Dex was ready, he shifted to speed form and levitated above Nidoking.

"Sorry about this," Dex said as he then morphed into attack form and launched a Night Shade. Nidoking dodged and then Dex teleported behind him and used Wrap. "Just listen!" Dex shouted as he struggled to hold Nidoking in place. "I am Dexter Newton Hoenniker. I was born and raised in Viridian City. You were my first pokémon, a Nidoran. I learned everything I know about pokémon training from Giovanni, but when I learned he was leader of the rockets, I gave up on pokémon training and abandoned you. My mother found you and trained you more after I had left for school. Recently, I was injected with a formula to make me mutate into Deoxys! You've gotta believe me!"

Nidoking stopped struggling. "Is. Is that true?"

"Yes," Dex replied. "See? I even have the bag of items we bought together yesterday."

It was true. In Dex's bag was every single item that he had bought before the so called "festival". He had earned Nidoking's trust. He then told Nidoking everything that went on ever since he last returned to the pokéball and then they teleported back to the others.

October 24th, 2007, 3:47 PM
Athena sighs as she floats next to Freya, "Good thing I know recover.. I'm not sure how I used it though...." she runs her paws over herself, her fur was soft, "Where are we going?" she asks as one of her Pokeballs pops open and Wynaut jumps out. "Wynaut what are you doing?" she asks as he trots along in front of them.

"WY!" is all he answered as he ran off towards a small puddle, "WY!" a gorgeous Golden Magicarp jumps out of the puddle.

"A gold Magikarp guys check it out!" she floats over landing next to the puddle where the Magicarp lay.


October 24th, 2007, 7:08 PM
".... I'm going to have to agree with Adrian. Who knows what they might do... They won't be able to get us in Viridian Forest." Uria said tiredly. The aftereffects of the transformation were still lingering. It would go away soon, but until then he was gonna have to bare the pain. "What the........ Damn.... So this is why I was found knocked out on the lab floor."

He looked at Adrian and Athena, who were both Mewtwos. I don't give a damn if they're armed and dangerous, and if they outnumber us. I'll fight my way through them until we're out of here. He said to them telepathically. Then he leaned against the wall, listening for any Omnis. Uria couldn't hear anything, but he suddenly got an idea. What if I look for their aura waves? It actually lets me see at a 10 mile radius, which happened last time by accident, so I should be able to see any Omnis like that, and maybe Dex can too... He thought. He turned around to find Dex, but he wasn't there. "Dex, where are you at!? I've got an idea!"

October 24th, 2007, 7:43 PM
"Hello!" Dex appeared levitating above Uria after he had teleported back from his short session with his Nidoking. "Yeah, I think I might be thinking what you're thinking right now. You have the ability to see aura. That's cool and all, but if you think I can help you, it's not gonna happen. I see electrostatic energy waves, so pretty much my vision is screwed up with you guys around me. Unless I get REALLY used to everyone's energies, I won't be able to distinguish your energy between the Omni's. Sorry, pal." Dex stopped and then added something: "Also, I can't see for miles at a time. Only the energy in front of me."

October 26th, 2007, 10:15 PM
This is what it had all come down to. Corey had awakened to find not only that she was not home, and that the day before was not a dream, but to find that she was still a Growlithe, and still female. She thought about her circumstance for a moment. She had used a move entitled transform to become a Growlithe. Was it possible she could use the same trick to become human? And if not, at least male again? She tried, but she was still unsure of how she had done it the first time around.

She gave up quickly and tried walking on all fours. She said nothing as she wandered around her little corner, deciding what she should make of the situation. She was in an old…house, she guessed, that belonged to…a creature she had never seen before. Gee, it sounded so implausible to her, she was having such a hard time saying the words in her mind.

Somehow in her wanderings, she crashed into the Growlithe she had become a copy of. She tried to say she was sorry about that, but all that came out were animal growls. She shook her head and thought about becoming a Mew again, but quickly changed her mind. Female Growlithe was better than female Mew; at least as a Growlithe, people might get her gender confused and think of her as a male.

October 27th, 2007, 9:26 AM
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IC: Dex saw the Golden Magikarp Athena had pointed out. It was stuck in a puddle splashing about. Dex concentrated on it. He wanted to see if there was anything odd about it other than it being Gold. He could sense nothing. Also, Athena's Wynaut jumping up and down distracted him. He needed help with this one. "Freya and Uria," he said. "Perhaps you can help with this one. Uria, as Lucario I know you can see auras, can you see if this is a normal Magikarp? Also, Adria—Freya, can you try to talk to it telepathically or read its mind or something? I dunno if it's a legit Magikarp. It could be another victim of Omni..."

October 27th, 2007, 1:23 PM
"Well, I've only seen a gold Magikarp a few times, but it's possible that Omni transformed this little guy from a human. Lemme check." Uria replied to Dex. He closed his eyes and focused on the Magikarp. Slowly a red aura started to emerge, first forming into a Magikarp and then into the shape of a boy. "...Dex... This kid was transformed into a gold Magikarp, and from the looks of his aura... He's a teen, probably around fifteen or something..." He told him. Uria turned towards Dex and gave a nod, assuring that he was also transformed. Uria closed his eyes again, but this time his sight was ten miles wide. He searched and searched, and found them, not too far from the cabin. "Omnis are coming, three miles away at least. We've got to hurry."

October 28th, 2007, 9:33 AM
"I think I know what to do. Be back in a second, guys." Dex teleported away from the group to about three miles behind the group,; right behind the Omnis looking for them. He made sure to have a little extra distance between him and the Omnis so they could not catch him. Okay, he thought, so all I have to do is send out a blast coming from this direction so they'll move away from us. Simple. Dex changed to attack form and prepared for a Night Shade*. He attacked in the general direction of the Omnis. Then he was silent and tried to listen.

"That was a pokémon attack!" one grunt said.

"Yeah, there must be some over there!" said another.

"Alright," said what sounded to be like the sergeant of the small group, "let's head that way. There's no doubt that was some form of retaliation. Attack!!!"

That was Dex's cue to teleport back to the others. Before anyone made it to where Dex was hiding, he teleported back right next to Uria three miles away. "So," Dex said, "did it work?"

OOC: *I'm chargin' mah lazer! I'm FIRIN' mah LAZER!!! SHOOP DA WHOOOP!!!