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October 18th, 2007, 6:03 PM
This is a continuation of Pokémon: The Space Shield Crisis (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=75106). Provided it's okay, simply read the description in the link and read the rules below. The RP will pick up right where it left off with everyone that joined still in the RP.

Star City, the first major city in outer space. Star City was created by the renowned billionaire industrialist and scientist Profressor Arkane Hartache. A couple decades ago, Professor Hartache went up into space and never came back down. Since then, he has been bringing his dream to life. His daughter, Alicia, was born and raised in Star City, but has always dreamed about seeing Earth and all the people and Pokémon that live there. Both Professor Hartache and Alicia were the only humans that lived in Star City. The rest of the population consisted of robots created by Hartache and helped to build the massive city. Star City lives up to its name, consisting of six colossal domes, each consisting of everything a city has to offer; large tall buildings, streets, walkways, apartment complexes, monorail trains, even parks filled with trees, plants, and lakes. Professor Hartache hoped to open Star City to the public, giving birth to the first community in space, a place consisting of the most advanced technology known.

However, a sinister organization knows as the Shuttle Gang found out about Star City and their leader, whose name was only known as Mr. Shuttle, arrived at Star City. The Shuttle Gang had large groups of various high-tech robots of their own and proceeded to take control of the space city. They managed to capture and kidnap Alicia. By holding her hostage, they forced Professor Hartache to follow in their plans. Professor Hartache created a weapon of mass destruction, capable of piercing planets, the Solaris Cannon. Mr. Shuttle found out about this weapon and wanted to use its power to hold the world hostage. However, the Solaris Cannon required two pieces of massive energy. This energy was found in 2 Legendary Pokémon of Hoenn, Kyogre, the titan of the sea, and Megoliath, the titan of the forest. Mr. Shuttle already had a plan to capture these two Pokémon to power the Solaris Cannon.

However, this all happened at the same time Ash and his friends May, Max, Brock, and Erika reached a city in Hoenn shortly after Ash won his fifth Gym Badge and May obtained a Bulbasaur. They had reached Megapol City, where the annual Double Battle Tournament took place. Ash registered, battled, and came out victorious in the small tournament. However, Megapol City was in the vicinity of two sets of ruins where Kyogre and Megoliath were said to appear. Megapol City was attacked by the Shuttle Gang. At this point, Ash and co. got involved in what was happening. Allied by two Trainers Ash met and beat in the Megapol Double Battle Tournament, Jacyen, a male Trainer with a Breloom and Scizor, and Arquette, a female Trainer with a Manectric and Scrubrawl, they set out to follow the Shuttle Gang. They tried to stop them from capturing Kyogre and Megoliath, but it was already too late. Kyogre and Megoliath were captured and taken to the Shuttle Gang’s secret base. Ash and friends managed to make it to the volcano base. However, Mr. Shuttle sent three robot birds resembling Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres to stop them while he launched a shuttle carrying Kyogre and Megoliath up into space. Upon destroying the robots, Ash and co. got into another shuttle and headed for Star City themselves.

Upon exiting the large shuttle station, Ash and friends saw the magnificence of Star City, but they knew what they had to do. They each braved the hazards of Star City and space itself and Ash confronted Professor Hartache, who they thought was behind the whole world domination plan. Hartache fought them in a craft of his, since he still thought his daughter was in danger. Ash managed to defeat him, and May, Max, Brock, Erika, Jacyen, and Arquette, along with Alicia came into the area. At this point, Alicia explained to everyone how it was Mr. Shuttle pulling the strings the whole time. Mr. Shuttle then made himself known to Ash and friends on a large TV screen. He then explained about the Solaris Cannon and how Kyogre and Megoliath’s energy powered it up. He then demonstrated its power by firing it on Hoenn. The powerful energy blast hit an area miles from Verdanturf Town, but the blast radius was several miles long. The town barely survived being destroyed. Mr. Shuttle also brought up that at full power, the Solaris Cannon could destroy the entire world. Ash and knew what he had to do.

Ash went deep into the control center of the Solaris Cannon and confronted Mr. Shuttle, who had Kyogre and Megoliath in massive capsules connected to the Solaris Cannon. He managed to defeat him, but Mr. Shuttle then warped Kyogre and Megoliath to deep within the core of Star City. Suddenly, the entire city shook as Mr. Shuttle proclaimed that if he couldn’t have Star City, no one could, and activated a control that would send Star City plummeting towards Earth at an extreme velocity. Ash and friends all want into the core of Star City and managed to make it to the Central Control Computer. However, Mr. Shuttle activated massive robotic versions of Kyogre and Megoliath, known as Cyber Kyogre and Cyber Megoliath, which were created by Professor Hartache to replicate the power of Kyogre and Megoliath for powering up the Solaris Cannon. May and Max ended up fighting Cyber Kyogre and Brock and Erika fought Cyber Megoliath. Upon their defeat, everyone sent out their Pokémon and each one used an attack on the massive mainframe tower in order to shut it down and stop Star City’s collision course. However, Mr. Shuttle released the Ultima LRM (Last Resort Machine), Professor Hartache’s latest creation. The Ultima LRM had the powers and abilities of Kyogre and Megoliath as well as the Solaris Cannon, and it was pulling Star City along its descent towards Earth. Ash headed out into space using Kyogre and Megoliath to face Ultima LRM in a final battle. Only a distance from the atmosphere, Ash managed to defeat Ultima LRM, which burned up in the atmosphere. By doing so, Star City stopped falling towards the Earth. However, Ash was too close to the atmosphere and seemed to vaporize as well.

Back on Star City, everyone else thought Ash died along with Kyogre and Megoliath. Even Team Rocket cried over his supposed death. Professor Hartache offered everyone a ride back to Earth, and insisted Alicia come along, so that she could see Earth for the first time. Back on Earth, Alicia was amazed at all the Pokémon she saw. Not only that, but from out in the distance, Ash came back alive and victorious. Kyogre and Megoliath were also seen going back into their domains, the sea for Kyogre and the forest for Megoliath. Mr. Shuttle, who also escaped in a shuttle, was arrested by Megapol’s police department, including Officer Jenny. Professor Hartache thanked Ash and friends for helping save Star City as well as the entire world. He also offered them to come to Star City whenever they want once it was opened to everyone. Ash and co. said goodbye to Jacyen and Arquette and headed off on their journey to the Hoenn League.

1 week after the events of Aloha! Pokémon (http://www.theud.com/pokecommunity/showthread.php?t=61884), Ash and co. are once again off on their journey, this time through Kanto, taking on the Battle Frontier. Back on Star City, the space metropolis is now open to the public and tens of thousands of people have already moved there. On this day, Professor Hartache has made a big announcement to the world. In the wake of the Ralethan alien invasion that nearly destroyed the planet, Hartache has created a new project, which he has called the Space Shield Network. The Space Shield Network consists of several arrays of satellites, each armed with super lasers to repel alien invaders from Earth. He also plans to include the Solaris Cannon as part of the project and concludes that the Space Shield will protect both everyone on Star City as well as everyone around the world.

However, there are some people who think that such a powerful network of satellites could be used for terror and ransom. As it turns out, there was a break-in at the Megapol Maximum Security Prison, and someone escaped! That person was Mr. Shuttle. The people that broke them out just turned out to be Butch and Cassidy of Team Rocket! On the same day as the launch of the Space Shield Network, an armada of space shuttles approaches Star City. Star City Control picks up the signals from the shuttle fleet. Suddenly, someone from within the main shuttle presses a button, and Star City Control is overridden. The entry doors of the shuttle dock open and the shuttles dock. Once the entry doors close, we see two figures exit the main shuttle. The figures happen to be Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, and Mr. Shuttle, the leader of the Shuttle Gang. Once they exit, countless dozens of Team Rocket grunts, Shuttle Gang soldiers, as well as robots for both organizations, come out of the shuttles. Step 1 of their plan is complete.

Mr. Shuttle presses a remote control device. Then, both Team Rocket and the Shuttle Gang head out of the shuttle station into the city. Back in Automation Tower, Professor Hartache receives word of the breach of Star City Control and sees the invaders making their way into Star City. He than activates the city’s defense robots to stop Team Rocket and the Shuttle Gang. However, there is no response. As it turns out, the device Mr. Shuttle activated took control of Star City’s robots. Realizing that Star City is under attack, Hartache orders an emergency evacuation of the city. Alarms sound throughout the city as people star making their way across the streets and sidewalks to the space ferry stations, where several space ferries, enough for everyone on Star City, are ready to transport people back to Earth. The ferries take off and leave Star City. It looks like everyone made it off.

However, before Professor Hartache and Alicia even have a chance to leave Automation Tower, Heavy Walkers and Artificial Chaos enter the tower and surround both of them. Giovanni and Mr. Shuttle enter the area and tell Hartache that the Space Shield Network is now under their control. Back on Earth, everyone is doing their usual thing as suddenly every TV, radio, cellphone, and any other electronic device around the world get this transmission from Giovanni and Mr. Shuttle. They announce that they now have control of the Space Shield Network, and they plan to use it to make the entire planet surrender. Giovanni tells the world they have 24 hours to surrender or else they will use one of the Space Shield satellites to target and destroy a random city. They will obliterate another city every hour on the hour after that. Also, if there is still no declaration of defeat is made, Mr. Shuttle brings up that he might just fire the Solaris Cannon on the planet! They also threaten to fire the satellites early if anyone tries to stop them. The world is in a state of emergency.

However, POCE, or the Peacekeeping Organization of Commanding Elites, has already devised a plan to stop Team Rocket and the Shuttle Gang. The POCE Commander has already talked with the President of the World Alliance and the plan is to be executed as soon as possible. They have already organized a squad of elite POCE soldiers to head up to Star City and advert the crisis. They have also decided to recruit several skilled Pokémon Trainers from all over to assist POCE in stopping the Rockets and Shuttle Gang soldiers. They have also decided to recruit an expert scientist in the field of inventions and technology to help out the rescue squad. This man’s name is Professor Pine. There is only one problem, though. Just days before the launch of the Space Shield Network, Professor Pine announced that he lost faith in humanity and has exiled himself into total seclusion. Another part of the mission is to head to his private island and convince him to help out.

You are either a POCE Soldier or Pokémon Trainer drafted into saving the world. You have been given instructions to either head up to Star City and stop Team Rocket and the Shuttle Gang and rescue Professor Hartache and Alicia, or make your way to Professor Pine’s Island and try to convince him to help you out. Professor Pine doesn’t trust the military, so only Pokémon Trainers are allowed to go and rescue him. Also, POCE has made a contingency plan provided we fail. If Star City is not liberated within 24 hours, the military will launch several tactical nuclear devices at Star City, destroying it, and anyone on it. This is a race against time.

RP requirements:
2 Elite POCE Soldiers
2 Regular POCE Soldiers
At least 4 Regular Trainers

Current list of open spaces and people selected:
2/2 Elite POCE Soldiers (Sunflorazumarill, Chibi-Chan)
3/-- Regular POCE Soldiers (Sunflorazumarill, Ninetales, _One_Winged_Angel_)
11/-- Regular Trainers (Jyukai, Pikachus_Paw, Mika-chan, Nova92, xoxkris, Alana, Tbone2356, Jae, _mew_, Green, Ninetales)

Also, a couple rules to this RP in addition to basic rules:

- No Psychic powers
- No anthromorphs/hybrids
- No special powers
- Don't worry about air when you're out in space. For some reason, it's possible to breathe in the outer space areas of Star City and jump higher. This may be due to some oxygen system in these areas.
- Not to be rude, but if you go for a week without posting in this RP, I'll PM you and tell you to please post. If I end up failing to post in here for a week, you're allowed to PM me and tell me to post again.

Now there is a form to fill out if you choose to join this RP. Basic rules apply as well.

Region: (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orange Islands, Orre, Sinnoh)
Class: (Pokémon Trainer or POCE Soldier)
Destination: (Star City or Pine’s Island)
Weapon: (Only 1, POCE Soldiers only)
Mech: (Only 1, POCE Soldiers only)
Pokémon: (at least 3, no legendaries)
RP Sample:

Name: Nived Harem
Age: 24
Region: Hoenn
Class: POCE Soldier
Destination: Star City
Weapon: Homing Rocket Launcher
Mech: Heavy Skarmory II
Personality: Determined, will not give up on his mission.
Appearance: (will come later in the form of a pic)
History: Nived Harem is an elite POCE Soldier and has the rank of Field Commander of the Hoenn islands division. He pilots a cylindrical craft he has named the Heavy Skarmory II. The Heavy Skarmory II consists of 8 quad missile launchers on the top half, a particle beam cannon on the bottom half, and hover mines. His craft also has these features, proton torpedoes, an electron pulse, and a neutron laser. Nived actually built the Heavy Skarmory II himself, demonstrating his expertise in the field of mechanics. His most recent mission was leading the POCE Soldiers of Goldenrod City against the Ralethans that attacked the city, and managed to drive them out. He has been chosen to lead the group that plans to liberate Star City.
Extra History: Nived’s mech is actually based on that of his grandfather’s craft, the original Heavy Skarmory. Nived’s grandfather was the leader of the Pinsir Platoon, a squad of POCE soldiers. The Heavy Skarmory only had quad missile launchers, a particle beam cannon, and hover mines, but resembled that of Nived’s Heavy Skarmory II. A few years ago, Nived’s grandfather died and when Nived went to his old house, he discovered a secret room where he found his grandfather’s diary, which contained information about the Heavy Skarmory. Nived barely managed to escape the house before it was demolished. He joined POCE and quickly rose through the ranks to where he is now.
Pokémon: Swampert http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs009.gif, Houndoom http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs367.gif, Sunflora http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs337.gif, Manectric http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs079.gif, Salamence http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs189.gif, Metagross http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs192.gif
RP Sample: Removed for Space

Name: Topaz Amethyst
Age: 20
Region: Orange Islands
Class: POCE Soldier
Destination: Star City
Weapon: Laser Rifle
Mech: POCE Carrier
Personality: A little liberal, can't keep her hands off certain things.
Appearance: (will come later in the form of a pic)
History: Topaz was once a thief that lived in the Orange Islands. She went from island to island looking for valuable items to steal. She even attempted to steal the Orange League Trophy on display at Moro Island, which ended up getting her caught by the local police. However, the POCE military came by and asked to have her handed over to him. They made her a deal; join POCE and help them out with covert missions, or spend the next several years in an Orange Federal Prison. Topaz decided to join and ended up serving the government quite well. Nived eventually took her under his wing and trained her like an apprentice. They now work together on various missions for the government and are even rumored to have a bit of romance between them. (This is known as POCEshipping).
Pokémon: Dragonair http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs303.gif, Sunflora http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs337.gif, Camerupt http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs102.gif, Lanturn http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs182.gif, Venomoth http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs238.gif, Metang http://pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs191.gif
RP Sample: Removed for Space

One more note on character text for myself: Nived: Green Topaz: Yellow Ayu (Jyukai's): Blue Tsubasa (Chibi-Chan's): Red Noah (Tbone2356's): Teal


Now in this RP, there are several sections to Star City that you may head through. Some places aren’t accessible without certain things. You’re also free to add your own areas to Star City.

Space Metropolis: This is the “main” of Star City. It consists of tall buildings, streets, sidewalks, high walkways, and even building link tunnels, all technologically advanced. However, with the exception of Team Rocket and Shuttle Gang agents, their robots, and robots belonging to Star City, this place is deserted.

Starlight Park: Starlight Park is a magnificent park found in the center of the first main level dome of Star City. There is green grass, beautiful flowers, tall trees, a scenic lake, a picnic area, and even many wild Pokémon make their home here. This could serve as a place to rest when necessary.

Electrochemical Reactor: This is Star City’s main power plant. The Electrochemical Reactor is a highly advanced facility. Green fluid, which is actually concentrated energy, flows throughout the plant’s multiple levels. There is also a reactor cooling system consisting of an orange, but harmless liquid. There are also 3D holographic maps of the facility found in various areas of the facility. Due to the massive energy output of the plant, floating energy fireballs are found throughout the plant. There are also energy storage tanks in which energy will rise upward. The Electrochemical Reactor can be found in the second main level dome of the city.

Star Gardens: Star Gardens is an area of apartment complexes and condos found at the edge of the second mid level dome. This community has everything there is for such a place, parking lots, a public pool, and a playground. It even includes such things as a small miniature golf field. There is also a sewer system directly beneath this place that can be accessed through grates in the parking lots.

Space Shuffle: This place happens to be located out in one of the outer space areas of Star City that can be accessed from the first mid level dome (the dome containing the shuttle dock). Here, there are four parts to this place.

Meteor Center: This place consists of a colossal hollowed-out meteor, which contains raised metallic platforms, drilling towers, glass floors, and large lunar vehicles. There are also massive metal boxes and meteors containing machine pieces. The center of this section contains a large, skeletal, steel tower in a high raised section. There are also doors on the side of the tower’s platform and a launching cannon within the tower to take you to the Solrock Planet.

Solrock Planet: As the name implies, this is a large planetoid shaped like a Solrock and happens to have its own gravitational pull, meaning once you land here it may be hard to get off. There are large green crystals growing here as well as pipelines and sealed fans on the surface. There is also a monorail going along a floating path around the planetoid. There are floating platforms to get you up onto the monorail. There is a small tower on top of the planet with a launching cannon to get you off the planetoid and to the Lunatone Planet.

Lunatone Planet: This planetoid is shaped like a Lunatone, but does not have a gravitational pull. There are platforms located all around the planetoid as well as another monorail train going around the planet. There are more green crystals growing here, but there are also red, glowing meteors that seem to explode when something goes near them. On the planetoid’s nose is yet another launching cannon to take you up to the Space Platform.

Space Platform: This is a large platform located at the top of the area. There is a raised section in the center with a floating monorail line, which two platforms move along. On the raised section is a colossal box in the center. The main section of the platform has glass floors and doors leading down to a lower section. The lower section leads to the setup of platforms and large cargo containers surrounding the main platform. In the corner of the platform setup is one with a meteor cannon overlooking a small field of meteors. The cannon can be aimed at the field and can break the meteors with meteors of its own.

Star Flight: Star Flight is found in one of the outer space areas of Star City and is accessible from the first mid level dome. This place consists of walkways and platforms of all kinds. There are platforms that move left and right, platforms that flip, walkways that constantly spin, turntable platforms, and turning bridges. Arrays of large, quad laser cannons are also set up throughout this area and will fire onto any intruder. There is also a massive wall here called the Space Wall, which is lined with laser fences and must be approached upward.

Cosmic Highway: Cosmic Highway is also found in the space sectors of Star City. It can be reached from the second mid level dome and is the only way to reach the transport station to the highest dome. Here, there are more walkways, solar platforms, and mini-space stations. There is also a neat transport device here called the Light Platform, which floats in midair in front of a gate. Once the platform is stepped on, lasers close off the gate and a path of light appears beneath the platform. After a 3, 2, 1 countdown, the platform goes shooting off into space. The path of light travels beneath the platform as it passes by platforms on which floating laser cannons float over and laser fences are stationed along some of the paths. There is also a section called the Rainbow Rails, where eight rail lines in red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, indigo, and violet colors serve as a transport further through the area.

Techno Gadget: Techno Gadget is what is referred to the network of underground tunnels and facilities beneath Star City. There is a large underground river flowing through the center of this place that serves as part of the city’s cooling system. There are also pools and rivers of green concentrated energy flowing throughout the complex. The most noticeable thing about this place in that there are devices called Gravity Gates, that when you pass through one, the gravity setting changes to the direction that the arrows are pointing in. You’ll sometimes end up on the ceiling or even the walls of this place.

Astro Platform: The Astro Platform is basically a large platform located in outer space. This place can be reach via a shuttle from the second main level dome and is mainly used for Pokémon battles. The platform is divided into 100 large squares in a 10-by-10 grid, but the panels constantly move and switch places. There is also a field of laser fences here to make battle more interesting as well as a meteor cannon in each corner of the platform.

Cosmic Gadget: Cosmic Gadget is yet another outer space area consisting of long paths and walkways, this time, going in all directions; straight, left, right, even upside down and sideways. You can reach this place through the first mid level dome and will head though this place on a hoverboard. There are more Gravity Gates here that change the gravity to suit the paths here. There is also a space monorail train going along a line of rails in all these directions. There is also another hazard here; devices called Gravity Capsules. These are set along the paths and are programmed to change the gravity in pre-set directions.

Space Plant: The Space Plant is a massive space station factory located in one of the outer space sections of Star City. Here, the place is cluttered with large space station pieces and inactive mini-satellites. It’s best to be careful, though, since there are pools on concentrated energy in this facility as well as a hall where meteor cannons lock-on and shoot at you. There are also more Gravity Capsules that can take your exploration of the plant upside down or on the walls as well as gravity tubes that send you to the roof. The roof of the factory is a large launch pad where space shuttles constantly launch themselves. It’s best to stay out of the launch bays and keep to the trenches here. You can reach the Space Plant via a shuttle in the second main level dome.

Laser Station: This is a research facility designed for various purposes. Everywhere you look there are lasers of all sizes and colors shooting from the large walls that make up each corridor-like area of the place. The paths here consist of large tube-like walkways that snake throughout the station. There are also laser defenses here that may hinder your progress. Upon reaching a platform lift, you can head into the inner structure of the station, which contains of 4 large mazes. Maze 1 consists of square rooms with rainbow colored laser walls and switches. Maze 2 is laser posts that frequently switch laser barriers. Maze 3 is a pinball course that uses rainbow lasers instead of pinballs and rainbow mirrors to reflect the lasers throughout the table, which must be moved around in order for the lasers to hit same-colored switches behind glass walls. Maze 4 is a wall maze with energy panels from which large lasers shoot upward. Reaching a mini-space station in Cosmic Gadget in the only way to make it to the Laser Station.

Space Deck: The Space Deck consists of four large deck platforms each located above the other. Each deck has a different set of puzzles needed to reach the next deck. Deck 1 is a maze of electrical barriers that switch on and off by switch pads located throughout the platform. Deck 2 is a maze of metallic panels and switches that flip the panels allowing progress through the maze. Deck 3 is a glass wall maze, which is divided up into several parts, which can move up, down, switch places with other maze pieces, and even flip upside down. Deck 4 is a 3-dimensional maze of fences and solar panels, which go out in all directions. In addition to the numerous mazes here, there are also electromagnetic storms that Professor Hartache has managed to create that surge through the area. The area’s OS system gives a warning about the storms 1 minute in advance, allowing you to reach a safe zone in time. The only way to reach the Space Deck is to hitch a ride on a shuttle from the Space Plant.

Star Maze: The Star Maze is a complex assortment of mazes and puzzles that consist of almost every gadget and hazard found within or around Star City and can only be reached from the Astro Platform. There are paneled walkways and platforms that make up the means of making it through the maze. There are metal platforms which large electromagnets can pull or repel across large expanses of space, laser shields that reflect any attack used against them, large solar panels that sit flat or on the side, speed tubes that allow quick travel through the area, mazes of laser fences, electric barriers that can be turned on and off, metal panels that can be flipped, moving and flipping maze pieces, climbable fences that sprawl out in all directions, and Gravity Capsules that allow you to go across sideways and upside down paths. There are also floating, diamond-shaped generators in which energy and circuitry can be seen flowing throughout. By using an attack on a generator, the polarity of magnets can be reversed, laser shields can rise or fall, solar panels can have their orientation changed, the direction of transport tubes can be changed, electrical barriers can be switched on or off, and metal panels can be flipped. In the center of the maze is a small station containing a transport pod that can be used to reach the transport station leading to the highest dome of Star City.

Meteor Base: This place may look like a massive meteor on the outside, but on the inside, there is a large laboratory complex. This place has a little history to it. Professor Hartache’s wife, Yuriko Hartache, was working on a project here. However, there was an accident in the lab, and Yuriko was killed. Professor Hartache ended up shutting down the project and sealing the laboratory after this tragic incident. This place happens to be an elaborate facility consisting of corridors and large rooms composed of glass-and-steel floors, walls, and ceilings. Some parts of the complex have large windows that show space or the surface of the meteor. Hazards and defense systems that are still active here include laser grids, force fields, reactive doors, floating cannons, energy pools, and spheres that have their own gravitational pull, called Gyro Balls. There are also large, square rooms lined with large, reflective panels where lasers are generated between two surfaces and move around freely. Also, the only thing left here are the guard robots. We don’t know if Team Rocket or the Shuttle Gang know anything about this facility, or if they have any use for it, but someone may have to make their way through here in this quest. A shuttle from the Star Maze can take you to this laboratory.

Cosmic Flower: This place happens to be a large mechanical garden found within the stabilizer net area of Star City. Here, there is a center where enormous plants, fruits, and vegetables are grown and serves as an organic food system for the people of Star City. The robotic plants, however, are designed to drive out intruders from the biosphere-like facility. There are also a few large mazes and high speed warp tubes found in this area that lead to other parts of the “Flower”. To make things worse, systems of various Star City robots guard the plants grown here and don’t respond nicely to intruders.

Star Database: The Star Database happens to be Star City’s entire information bank. This massive facility consists of a colossal chamber in which data is kept on a unique medium. This medium is massive multi-story tall cyber reels in which countless amounts of data are kept. These data-reels run throughout the entire complex, making various turns and passing through sensory checkpoints. There are walkways and paths going throughout and in between the large data-reels. There is also a Gravity Gate system to be found here as well as a complex in which there is a supercomputer linked to the data reels. Through this supercomputer, you can control the flow and direction of any of the data-reel sets as well as check the data contained between two checkpoints. The information encoded onto the data-reel piece can be clicked on and accessed like if it was a webpage. This place is located directly beneath Automation Tower.

Automation Tower: Automation Tower can be called the City Hall of Star City. It’s a tall and high-tech tower climbing hundreds and hundreds of feet into the air. Inside the tower happens to be a massive system of traps and robots designed to repel any intruder. There are two sections to the tower, an outer section consisting of tunnels, corridors, and chambers. Such hazards in the outer section include conveyor belts, laser fences, and more energy pools. There is also a laser maze and an energy storage tank in which the energy will quickly rise. The inner section is a massive shaft lined with massive girders in which electricity constantly flows downward. There are walkways, conveyor belts, and laser fences found here. For location, Automation Tower is located in the center of the highest dome in Star City.

Final Cannon: This is the secret control center of the Solaris Cannon, located beneath the lowest dome in Star City. This facility spirals downward through tunnels and large chambers. Security is tight here, and waves of Star City’s defense robots flood the place. There are also more conveyor belts, laser fences, and green energy pools. There is also a dark corridor in where powerful lasers constantly fire downward on conveyor belts. The final chamber before the Solaris Cannon is armed with large laser cannons and will fire on anyone who enters.

Central Core: This is the center core structure; which powers the whole of Star City. Here, a network of tunnels and chambers situated over the fusion core below contain time gates, which freeze time for whoever passes through it for 10 seconds, allowing them to pass through the area’s full laser walls. There are also large blocks with arrows on them moving through and out through the walls in some areas. Passing through a time gate can allow someone to use these as stepping stones. The place is also fortified by a ton of defense robots, green energy pools, orange liquid pools, trap doors, laser wall mazes, and large power lasers that are the width of entire tunnels. Beyond all those is the Central Control Computer, the central hub of Star City. The Central Control Computer area is protected by several systems of massive, rainbow-colored energy containment rings, the strongest force field known to man, and will take every character in this RP to disable each one.

Pine’s Island: Pine’s Island is the only non-Star City locale in this RP. Pine’s Island is located somewhere in the Sevii Islands and is where Professor Pine went into seclusion. He has guarded the place with a network of traps, including hidden laser fences, machine guns, and missile launchers. There is also an auotmated laser cannon stationed on top of Pine’s compound that can and will target and fire at anyone who trespasses in the inner part of the island.


In this RP, you’ll be faced with several robots. All of these belong to Team Rocket, the Shuttle Gang, or Star City. POCE also has its own selection of mechs, but they’re on our side and can help us in out mission.


POCE Drones: These are relatively small robots that are the color navy and have four X-shaped wings and a weapon on the bottom. This weapon varies and can either be a regular gun, a machine gun, or a missile launcher. They can also be equipped with a high-tech surveillance camera called a holo-scanner, which emits a holographic wall of light that seeks out enemies. If one is found, more POCE robots appear for resistance. (This is an automated robot and cannot be chosen as a mech.)

POCE Gunners: These are green-colored, human-like battle robots that are armored and carry various weapons. Such weapons include machine guns, bazookas, missile launchers, and laser rifles. (This is an automated robot and cannot be chosen as a mech.)

POCE Tanks: These aren't entirely tanks, but white/silver colored heavy robots with armor plating, tank treads, a turning middle section, and a turning head. The weapons they use are either dual gattling guns or dual rocket launchers. (This is an automated robot and cannot be chosen as a mech.)

POCE Jets: Jets are light indigo in color and have some sort of a rectangular arrow shape and have wings for flight. They can use one of three weapons; dual machine guns, dual missile launchers, or dual laser guns. (This is an automated robot and cannot be chosen as a mech.)

POCE Blader: The POCE Blader is a manned hovercraft that is blue in color. This is equipped with dual machine guns and is protected by a large, circular blade ring that spins around the mech. The blade ring can even flip constantly around the mech, deflecting most attacks, and can be shot towards a foe and then return to the craft. To make visualizing these easier, POCE Bladers resemble crafts of the same design used by Syndrome’s minions in the movie The Incredibles. Only four of these are issued for this mission.

POCE Walker: The POCE Walker is a large, manned walking mech that is red in color. Its features include, a gattling gun and ability to hover. Only four of these are issued for this mission.

POCE Carrier: The POCE Carrier is the same as the POCE Walker, except it’s yellow in color and instead of a gattling gun, the Carrier has 2 heavy missile launchers on the shoulders. Only four of these are issued for this mission.

Swift Fearow: The Swift Fearow is a manned foldable mech resembling the Verotechs from Robotech. In the standing position, the craft can fire dual gattling guns from its arms. In the jet position, the Swift Fearow can fire missile batteries and also use a lock-on laser. Only an elite POCE Soldier is allowed to pilot one of these and there is only 1 available. (There will only be two elites, one of which is myself.)

Heavy Skarmory II: The Heavy Skarmory II is a cylindrical craft that consists of 8 quad missile launchers on the top half, a particle beam cannon on the bottom half, and hover mines. The craft also has these features, proton torpedoes, an electron pulse, and a neutron laser. Only an elite POCE Soldier is allowed to pilot this. (This is already taken by myself.)


Artificial Chaos: These are liquid lifeforms supposed to be based off of an ancient Water Pokémon. Professor Hartache has succeeded in creating four elemental variations of these. They can split into smaller cells and extend their arms to attack. They can use other attacks as well. Also, the liquid bodies of these sentries deflect all attacks. Only the head of the Artificial Chaos is vulnerable. Here are the different kinds:

Ice Chaos: These have a freezing blue liquid body, which ice steam can be seen emitting from. They fire frigid Ice Beams that’ll freeze anything they touch.

Fire Chaos: These have a searing red liquid body, which hot steam can be seen emitting from. They fire a powerful Flamethrower that burns any foe.

Solar Chaos: These have a glowing green liquid body, which solar energy is constantly being stored. They charge up and fire a large Solarbeam that can obliterate anything they hit.

Thunder Chaos: These have a flashing yellow liquid body, which electricity is being generated. They’ll fire Thunderbolts that spread out and can take out multiple foes at once.

Heavy Walker: Heavy Walkers are larger defense robots that resemble the R-2 (if that’s its name) from Robocop 2. These tank-like robots are equipped with dual spiral chain-guns, which can also flip over to cluster bomb launchers. They can also use leg thrusters to hover in the air.

Attack Cube: The whole of Space Shuffle is guarded by large cubes called Attack Cubes. These cubes come in red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, indigo, and violet colors. They can turn sides and move up down, right, left, forward, and back. Each side has a certain array of weapons and the weapons vary. The weapons are machine guns, missile launchers, laser cannons, pulse powered neutron neutralizers, electricity emitters, and rail guns.

Laser Block: Laser Blocks make up the defenses in or around the Laser Station. They are square and have a laser emitter on each side. They roll through the air ahead of you and line up to create laser barriers, traps, and even mazes. Laser Blocks are indestructible.

Laser Disc: These are relatively small circular U.F.O. shaped devices found within the Laser Station and fire lasers from three levels. The bottom lasers shoot blue laser beams from four sides and spin around. The middle lasers shoot green laser bursts in sixteen directions. The top laser locks-on to the target, then fires a red laser charge that explodes upon impact. Destroying the middle of the drone destroys it altogether.

Hover Launcher: Hover Launchers are large drones that hover high in the air throughout the Space Deck and Star Maze. They have two sets of triple cannons. The top cannons fire missiles that lock-on to their targets, the middle cannons fire laser beams that have a massive range, and the bottom cannons fire meteors and explode upon impact.

Meteor Bomb: Meteor Bombs are large robots that resemble meteorites. Each of their sides open up to reveal a robotic panel from which automatic guns fire rapid streams of small meteors from. Meteor Bombs move around by rolling and their space rock shell is thick and makes destroying them difficult… if it weren’t for the fact that Meteor Bombs can also make themselves self-destruct. The resulting explosion has a massive range and spreads meteor shrapnel over a large distance. These hazards are found in the Space Deck and Star Maze.

Wire Satellite: These are semi-small satellite-shaped robots that fire strings of energy wires from each of their six panel wings. They can create electrical webs that shock to the touch and can hinder your progress. The wires draw and absorb any kind of electrical attack and thus require other means of disabling them. Wire Satellites are found within the Star Maze.

Surveillance Drone: These are similar to Wire Satellites, except they have six powerful light sensors that are used to detect intruders. If someone is caught within a one of the light beams, the light paralyzes them and makes them unable to move. Not only that, the sensor lights alerts several various robots to your presence, which teleport in right away. Also, the Surveillance Drone can deploy small computer chips that create an “invisible” fence from which you cannot escape. To make matters worse, these robots are equipped with a cube-shaped shield that deflects all attacks. The only thing you can do is avoid these drones altogether, which are found within the Star Maze.

Electro Tracker: Electro Trackers are robots composed of various shaped polygons that make the shape of a jet. They have the ability to enter and exit cyberspace through a system of cyber capsules and are capable of firing three different kinds of energy beams. The first is a yellow light wave that can short circuit electronics and other technology, the second is a red heat wave that can easily melt through various kinds of metal and the third is a green radio wave that can disrupt electronic signals and data. They can also fire energy balls and activate virtual shields that guard them from all kinds of attacks. While found in a few other places with computer systems and capsules for them to use, Electro Trackers mainly protect the huge sheet-like cyber databases found in the digital-like Star Database.

Nuclear Component: These are robots similar to Electro Trackers, except they aren’t cyber-like and are more blocky than their semi-digital counterparts. They bear a little resemblance to an atom and are equipped with weapons that reflect the parts of an atom. Their primary weapon is small proton charges that they fire onto you. Their second weapon consists of small probes that lengthen and create a square barrier of electron beams to prevent your escape. Their final weapon happens to be a neutron wave that they charge up and unleash along the ground. These robots are found among the mechanical garden and maze systems of Cosmic Flower and also look after the digital storage units of the Star Database. As a final warning, Nuclear Components can combine with Electro Trackers to create a much more powerful automation.

Gravity Accelerators: These are hovering robots found within various areas. They are cubic octagonal in shape and also have six long turrets, one on each square side. There are also two octagonal rings wrapping around the main part of the mech midway through the turrets. Gravity Accelerators have a gravity core unit in the center of them, allowing them to manipulate the gravity around them (just like Gravity Man in Mega Man 5). They can also fire gravity blasts from the turrets that do the same thing to whatever they hit. The turrets can also switch over to and fire powerful plasma charges in all six directions. Also, Gravity Accelerators have built-in particle accelerators (within the rings) that create particle fields that can pull you and anything else within the range of the field towards them.

Defense Fortress: The Electrochemical Reactor’s core is guarded by the Defense Fortress, a large structure linked to the reactor, and consisting of numerous machine guns, missile launchers, neutron neutralizers, automated railguns, and a large laser tower in the center. This system can regenerate its weapons and will only go down once the laser is destroyed.

Super Attack Cube: The large box on the Space Platform happens to contain a larger, multi-colored version of the Attack Cube called the Super Attack Cube, which has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet sides and carries powerful weapons including large gattling guns, multi missile launchers, linked laser beams, neutron neutralizer dishes, electrical fields, and rail gun batteries. The Super Attack Cube can even switch these weapons at will.

Laser Jet: The Laser Jet is a large jet-shaped spaceship that use a huge assortment of lasers. Its main weapon is a large super laser on the front, which takes time to charge up. It also has twelve dual laser cannons that fire laser blasts and can flip over to solid laser (beam) cannons. The craft also has two large wings that can deploy laser fences, which open up and come straight at you. The Laser Jet guards the area referred to as Star Flight.

Mega Chaos: This happens to be a massive, rainbow-colored Chaos that is found somewhere in the Meteor Base. It has a large shielded head and an octagonal-shaped core in its center. It uses attacks from all the other Chaos variations as well as massive tendrils that it can lash out at you. Attacks used on it will push the blue/red/green/yellow liquid back to expose the core. When the core is hit, the Chaos will explode into a bunch of regular Chaos of various elements. As more regular Chaos are destroyed, the Mega Chaos grows smaller. When exposed, the core will also fire blue, red, green, and yellow laser beams, each with various effects.

Space Genesis: The Space Genesis happens to be a massive attack fortress hovering around the Cosmic Flower area. This center is fortified with advanced defense systems and houses hundreds of Star City robots. The mech consists of a center area with a raised head in the center and has four large, detachable arms where dozens of proton missile launcher arrays reside. There are four electron laser cannons on the bottom of the main hub of the Genesis and the core itself fires a neutron pulse at intruders. The large arms also open up to deploy such mechs as Laser Discs, Hover Launchers, Wire Satellites, and Nuclear Components. If one were to get on top of the Space Genesis, a particle beam cannon on the raised head will activate and fire on the person. It even has a powerful anti-matter cannon that it will use. Destroying this enormous robot will prove a mighty task.

Atomic Complex: This is another powerful robot that protects the Cosmic Highway area. Octagonal in shape, the Atomic Complex is composed of five different sections, each with its own weapons. The first section uses laser turrets and plasma cannons, and also has a thick shield that absorbs electricity, lasers, and plasma, then fires it back at twice the power. The second part has electrical generators that create large, flowing fields of electricity and the same plasma cannons as the first part. The third section has large ring beam dishes that send out large beams of energy rings and more laser turrets. The fourth section consists of various energy bomb launchers and plasma cannons once again. The final section carries more laser turrets, large light arrays, and the mech’s most destructive weapon, a powerful ion cannon.

Now that everything's settled, it's time for signups for this RP. Anyone who signed up before is still signed up and doesn't need to again.

October 24th, 2007, 10:26 AM
Name: Elazul
Age: 17
Region: Jhoto
Class: Trainer
Destination: Star City
Personality: Cold and Depressing. Fun to be around If you know her well. Would do anything for friends or her pokemon.
Appearance: Black hair with red eye contancts (Non-Perscriptive), A short nose, around 5'3, Athletic and normally carries her Chikorita on her shoulder.
History: Elazul had been taken to the Orange Islands from her parents having died in a clash battle with three Theives. Her grandmother had decided to take her in as her own. Yet, her grandmother was a weathly woman, shortly after Elazul had arrived on the Orange Islands her grandmother had passed away due to old age. So she's journying to Star City to meet with her father's friend. To this day she vows revenge against the theives. (Haha... um.. I got bored. I'll write more if I have to. The rest of her history will played out..)
Pokémon:Chikorita, Rapidash, Ninetails, Sharpedo, Absol {Won't let me post URLS. I'll get pic's up later.}

RP Sample: "Hey...," Elazul waved her hand swiftly over her Absol's ears, "We better get going soon.." She said tiredly. "Oh! Crud!" She screeched in panic, "I forgot to pack!" She ran back up into her now tidy room, and began throwing clothes, rooting through drawers, and grabbing up her pokemon's pokeballs. Absol trudded after her, cocking his head slightly to the side, wondering what Elazul was doing. She clipped her pokeballs to her pink belt. "There." She said, grinning broadly. Absol was grabbed a quick lap of water before they left. Elazul heard the ship signals blow nearby. Signaling an approach of the time to leave. "Five minutes.." Elazul had said to herself. Grabbing up her backpack and running quickly out the door. Absol trotting right beside her, she ran for the ship.

October 25th, 2007, 4:20 PM
I always wanted to join this RP! But sign ups were always full... glad they aren't now! :)

Name: Abby
Age: 12
Region: Johto
Class: Pokemon Trainer
Destination: Star City
Weapon: N/A
Mech: N/A
Personality: Abby can come of as cold and depressing, but she is actually really friendly. She has a great sense of humor and is a great friend.
Appearance: Abby has brown, somewhat wavy hair that is a little past shoulders' length, and amazing blue eyes. She is rather pale, and has a few freckles. Abby is 5' 3", and weighs 115 lbs. She wears a black hoodie and dark baggy jeans, and trendy black and purple sneakers that are more for fashion than running.
History: Abby always got made fun of during her past. She lived on the Orange Islands, but escpated to Johto and became a Pokemon trainer. Ever since she was 9, she was on the roads.
Pokémon: Bayleef (Rita) Raichu (Ashley) Flareon (Flame) Cyndaquil (Quills) Umbreon (Shadow) Luxray (Tiger)
RP Sample: (this may be bad and not very on-topic for this RP, I'll try my best) The ship was going to leave in 5 minutes. "Oh my god, I need to go!" Quills, Abby's Cyndaquil who rarely got in his Pokeball, stared at Abby. "Quil?" "Quills, I was planning to board the ship!" She ran out the door so fast Quills fell off Abby's shoulder. Abby caught him, carrying him in her arms. She finally made it to the ship, gasping for air. "I... I made it..."

October 27th, 2007, 5:14 PM
[Haha. That sounds exactly like me in real life. Even the height, clothes, age, personality, etc.]

[[Uhm. How many RPers do we need to start?]]

October 29th, 2007, 7:04 PM
Terribly sorry for thw wait, but I'm going to continue the RP now. The truth is, I'm just going to pick up where I left off, but all of you are accepted. Your shuttle should make it to Star City shortly. From there, you may head to any area other than Star Database, Automation Tower, Final Cannon, or Central Core. Now on with one of my posts!

T-Minus 16:20:00

Back inside the Meteor Base, Nived is still making his way through the abandoned laboratory. There's nothing of importance in this short hall, so Nived and his Pokémon head through the next doors and enter a large chamber with a pool of yellow-colored concentrated energy below. The energy pool seems to be giving off some sort of electrical feel and there is a path of floating bridges and moving platforms leading to a set of doors on the far left. There are also some large, rectangular-shaped video screens on all the walls depicting spinning 3D maps of the complex interior.

"Well, I hope we make it through this place in one piece. It looks as though everything in here is out to get us!"

Nived jumps to the first platform as it goes back and forth. Its destination happens to be the first bridge in the room. Suddenly, in a flash of light, a Thunder Chaos rises from the energy below and lets off a Thunderbolt. Nived at this point decides to save time and bypass any obstacle he can.

"Hold it back! We don't have time to fight it!"

Salamence fires a Flamethrower at the liquid leftform, hitting it in the head and continuing with Nived. As he reaches another floating platform going up and down, another Thunder Chaos rises from the energy and promptly spilts into cells. Nived ignores it and jumps onto the platform as it comes down. Taking it up to a floating bridge to the left, he jumps off and continues running, ignoring the thunder flahes being given off by the cells.

"Forget these things! Let's just get out of here!"

Metagross uses Psychic to hold back the Thunder Chaos cells and it and Salamence keep pressing forward. At the end of this bridge, two Laser Discs arrive on the scene and already start charging up red laser blasts. Nived runs by them and manages to jump onto another platform going right and left as it moves away. The Laser Discs fire their laser blasts at where Nived stood before he jumped.

"That was close! Got to keep going!"

While crossing this bridge, two more Thunder Chaos rise from the yellow energy and begin firing Thunderbolts. Salamence intervenes against one of them with a Flamethrower.

"Good going! We're almost there!"

At the end of this bridge is a platform going up and down. Nived gets onto it as it goes down and it leads him to another platform going back and forth. Jumping to this platform, it leads him to solid ground in front of the doors, where two Hover Launchers must be dispatched to open the door.

"Oh, great! More of these!"

The first Hover Launcher fires a string of homing missiles at Nived, a target appearing on him to indicate their destination. Metagross slams into the robot with a Meteor Mash and Salamence then burns it with a Flamethrower. Both attacks severaly weaken it.

"Good going! One more attack should take it out!"

Metagross uses Meteor Mash once more to the Hover Launcher to destroy it, but the missiles are still going for Nived, the target having not disappeared yet. The second Hover Launcher adds to the fray with some of its own, another target appearing on Nived.

"Now I'm in trouble! Guys, a little help!"

Metagross uses Psychic to stop all the missiles in place and then sends them flying back at the Hover Launcher, destroying it. The red minus signs on the doors turn to green plus signs and open. The four Thunder Chaos (all whole) and two Laser Discs are still closing on them.

"Let's get out of here!"

Nived and his Pokémon get into the doors, which shut just before the robots reach them. They are now inside a shaft going down. A floating platform resides in the center. Nived jumps onto it and it starts going down. However, there are lasers moving back and forth on the walls below.

"Better be careful here."

However, as it looks, the platform manages the go by all the lasers as it heads down to where another set of doors resides. The doors open up and Nived jumps through them, his Pokémon following. They enter a wide hall with glass walls on both sides with light waves flowing across them and some digital squares and rectangles with data moving and appearing on them. On the other side of the glass walls happen to be stacks and rows of the metal boxes that hold Artificial Chaos. Wait, wasn't this hall described before? Looks like Nived better be ready.

"Wait a second! We were in a hall just like this!"

Suddenly, lasers form in btween the glass walls and also the floor and ceiling. The first one is horizontal, the second and third are vertical, the fourth is diagonally left, the fifth is diagonall right, and three more form a six-sided cross on the other side. Not a good sign.

"We better remember what to do, or we'll all end up sliced and diced!"

Nived and his Pokémon run, jump, and slise through all the lasers comingat them as they make the same smart manuevers they did before. They barely manage to make it through the laser cross at the end and make it through the doors to the next area. Inside a short-circuited hall, there is a sign of relief.

"That was close!"

Nived and his Pokémon head through the next set of doors and enter a large, bottomless hall going left. There happens to be a field of Gyro Balls floating where they enter. Nived knows what they must do.

"Well, You guys should help me out here."

Nived jumps towards one of the Gyro Balls, its gravitational pull pulling him onto it. Metagross then uses Psychic to send the Gyro Balls flying through the hall. Nived then regreats this a little as he sees a few laser fences up ahead.

"Uh-oh! Metagross, direct them up, up!"

Metagross uses Psychic again and the gravitational spheres are sent upward over the first two laser fences, but the third and fourth are in the way.

"Now push them down, down!"

Metagross uses Psychic again to move the Gyro Balls down below the laser fields. At a turn ni the hall, there is a balcony where Nived can disband. Two floating platforms, one above the other, await there.

"That was close! Now what about these?"

Nived jumsp onto the lower platform and both platforms start moving forward towards some laser fences down the hall. Not only that, but four Fire Chaos also await the intruder. Nived realizes that the lower platform will pass through the first laser grid, so he jumps to the higher one.

"Salamence, use Hydro Pump to get rid of those things!"

Salamence fires a Hydro Pump at the first Chaos, but it brings up a fire shield to deflect the attack. The platforms pass the first laser fence, but the second one is positioned higher, so Nived knows he has to jump back down to the lower one. A Fire Chaos nearby fires a Flamethrower towards the first platform, engulfing it in flames.

"That was close AGAIN!"

The third fence is positioned low, so Nived would have to jump back up to the top platform, but it's in flames.

"Salamence, use Hydro Pump to put those flames out!"

Salamence fires a stream of water at the top platform putting the fire out. Nived then jumps onto it as the platforms reach the lasers. The third fire Chaos isn't happy about this and fires red hot lasers from its eyes at Nived. As you would've guessed it, the fourth laser grid is positioned high, so it's time to jump back down to the lower platform.

"This is getting tedious."

After the lasers, there's another Fire Chaos waiting, but Nived sees another balcony he can jump to before the liquid lifeform's Flamethrower can hit him. The hall makes a right turn here and there is now a pair of floating platforms on the same level to jump to.

"I hope this hall is over after this."

Nived jumps onto the left platform, and both platforms begin moving forward. There are more laser grids up ahead, but the first of them is high up. There also happen to be a few Gyro Balls floating about here. However, so is the threat of about six Laser Discs. They all fire green laser bursts in all directions, showering the area with them. Nived barely gets onto the right platform before the lasers splatter all over the left one.

"That was close yet again!"

As the platforms pass under the first set of lasers, the second set is positioned low, but Nived has a plan he should use.

"Salamence, come here and let's make this easier!"

Salamence flies to its Trainer and Nived jumps onto it. Salamence now is able to fly Nived over the next laser fence and delivers a Flamethrower to one of the first three Laser Discs as they start sending out blue laser beams.

"Good going! Just a little left to go!"

At the third laser fence, Salamence flies under it, being careful not to get too close to the Gyro Balls floating nearby. The next Laser Disc starts charging up a red laser blast, but Salamence dodges it when it comes by. At the final laser fence, Salamence flies over it and there happens to be a wide walkway sloping up afterwards. The last two laser Discs hover there.

"All right guys! Let's get past these!"

Nived and his Pokémon run up the walkway past the saucers and reach another set of doors. Heading through them, the enter a huge room with a pool or orange concentrated energy below. Nived can feel some sort of power force emitting from it, but notices a floating maze of pathways floating over the energy. Nived knows he needs to reach the other side.

November 8th, 2007, 12:35 PM
[Haha. That sounds exactly like me in real life. Even the height, clothes, age, personality, etc.]

[[Uhm. How many RPers do we need to start?]]

OOC- Wow. Are you referring to mine, because that character is modeled after me.

IC- (sorry if we're not on board yet, I mean, on the ship) Abby rushed onto the space shuttle, breathing deeply. Quills may have not been running beside her, but he looked exhausted too. "Quills, sorry about that. I was just in a rush, that's all." "Quil..." Quills weakly muttered back.

Abby knew what to do now. She sprayed Quills with a potion, gave him a berry, and he seemed all right again. Now all she needed to do was wait for the ship to take off.

OCC- Sorry, didn't know what else to post.

November 14th, 2007, 3:16 AM
OOC: Fear not, I am back! For those of you who just joined, I joined this RPG in its first revision. I am RPing two characters, one of which is in the Space Plant, the other of which is trying to find Professor Pine on an island.

Whoopee, my question from the last version of this RPG was answered! *winks at Abby's Luxray*
--In the Space Plant--

( :t052: :t196: :t262: :t045: :t200: )
T-Minus 16:40:00

Lupin was able to get a better look at the computer room once he finally reached it. For the most part it just held a regular-looking computer. In front of the computer was a chair. The computer was sitting on what looked like a countertop with three cupboard-sized doors underneath. Although all three doors were locked, they were labelled. The leftmost one read "Drone Warehouse", the rightmost one read "Energy Concentration Room", and the one in the centre read "Control Complex". But what was interesting was that the doors didn't seem to have keyholes or card slots or even handles.

There goes my idea of just picking the lock... Lupin thought as he sat down in the chair and turned the computer on. As he examined the doors, his hand had automatically moved close to a pocket where he knew he kept a peculiar piece of wire that was used either for lock-picking or anything that required a sharp object. Anyways, he finally had to surmise that the only way to open the doors was through the computer--and that he was primarily interested in the door in the centre.
After all, it seems that the other two doors lead to the Door A and Door C we were introduced to. It would not be wise to go to the Drone Warehouse with no Pokemon, not that I need any extra weapons anyways. But the other...

By that time, the computer had turned on, revealing a plain-looking green screen with three computer chip-shaped icons along the side. Conveniently, the labels for the three icons read the same as the three doors underneath the computer. It looked a lot like the three icons led to control panels or something for the three doors, so all Lupin would have to do was open one of the three, and click on an "on" switch. He was about to do that very thing, but paused first... This seemed too easy. What if there was some sort of tracking system that would be activated when one of the control panels was clicked on? What if the system crashed when he tried to open one? What if the controls required a special password or something?

Looking around on the computer desktop, Lupin found an icon that was probably used to connect to some sort of network, and another that looked like a simple box. Outside the monitor, all that was to be found was a power switch and a simple USB port beneath it--which nothing was plugged into.

I suppose I have to conclude that the icons are safe to click on... What's the worst that can come out of it?

But when Lupin clicked on the icon labelled "Control Complex", a window requesting a password popped up.
"Ah, so it is a password request."
Lupin had no idea of what the password to get into the control panel could be, and he was not about to spend an hour of headaches trying to think of it. Rather, what he did was click on the unidentifiable icon elsewhere on the desktop. (Would anyone have an idea what "Shortcut to 018828.83" means?) This brought up a window with a plain black screen inside, with a flashing type cursor in the corner. It looked quite like it was meant to hold some sort of code. The sight of this window brought a little smirk to Lupin's face.
Hmm, now this is an idea...

From another pocket, Lupin withdrew a small box. This was the box where he usually kept small yet fragile items. At this point it contained a sort of spike filled with a dark purple liquid, a round peach-coloured berry, and what looked like a large computer chip with a USB plug attached. It was this last object that Lupin took out of the box and plugged into the side of the computer. When he did, a window popped up on the screen that said "Scanning F:// --USB Storage Device", and a bar that showed the scan's progress. When the scan was finished, an alert window came up:

"WARNING: The content on 'USB Storage Device' may contain contaminated or viral data. Do you wish to open the drive anyway?"
Well of course it 'may contain contaminated or viral data'--but not for now at least.
When Lupin clicked "Yes" on the window, another window showed the contents of the drive--which was currently empty. In fact, the computer treated the drive just like a normal memory stick--exactly what the drive was made to make the computer think. This particular one was formatted specially to contain viruses, but didn't actually contain any viruses at the present moment. It was still contraband nonetheless. Anyways, since the drive was currently empty, Lupin just clicked the Back arrow on the window so that it showed the list of available drives.

The next thing Lupin did was click on the network connection icon on the desktop. This brought up a window full of possible servers to connect to, but none of them were important just yet. First he navigated over to the menu and clicked on "Firewall Settings". When he got to this window, he turned the firewall off. It was only then that he clicked on one of the servers, which happened to be the internet.
Perfect. Now all I have to do is surf for a little bit and wait.
And that's just what he did, trying to click on as many advertisements and free-offer buttons as possible.

After a while, the screen flashed, and a window popped up for a split second before it vanished.
Guess that's my cue.
After this happened, Lupin closed the internet window and turned his attention to the black-filled window, which was no longer empty. The window was full of code, mostly from actions taken to open internet pages, etc. The last bit of code indicated a "string of code from an external source" that was working its way into the computer's database. Within a few more seconds, another string of code popped up:

--"C://Networks/Star City Main.exe" deleted

Ah, so it's a virus that deletes things. It's not the kind of virus I had hoped for initially, but it should do.

With that, Lupin typed something at the bottom of the code-filled window: (he had to copy-and-paste the virus's source)

Redirect "ESserver.DATA:\\1.081.0110100\ads18302rfis9fm\\eEekdSivjsHdjv\10.58.290010" to "F:\\"

Upon hitting the Enter key, a window popped up that said "Compressing file..." and a progress bar. Once progress was finished and the window closed, Lupin went back to the list of drives, and clicked on the F drive, which was the memory-stick-thingy he had plugged in earlier. This time, it wasn't empty--there was a file on it. It was this file that Lupin dragged onto the "Control Complex" desktop icon, upon which a window popped up saying "Copying file..." and a progress bar. When this window closed and progress was done, the Control Complex icon flashed, and a new line of code appeared in the black screen:

--String embedded in "C://Utilities/doorways/control_complex.exe" & source="ESserver.DATA:\\1.081.0110100\ads18302rfis9fm\\eEekdSivjsHdjv\10.58.290010"

After a while, three things happened at once. What sounded like a lock clicking open issued from underneath the computer. The "Control Complex" desktop icon disappeared. And, a new line of code appeared on the black screen:

--"C://Utilities/doorways/control_complex.exe" deleted

"And what's done is done."
"Done" meant that at this point Lupin closed all the windows on the computer screen, pulled out the USB drive (and put it back where it was in the box in his pocket), and left the chair he was sitting in. When he did, he saw that the door that was directly underneath the computer was open a crack.
And again I do the impossible, as Kelsey and my Pokemon call it.

Although now it seemed that the control complex for Star City's defence systems was very close by, it occurred to Lupin that until he found it, he was Pokemon-less and Nightcraft-less.


--Pine's Island--

:t182: :t036: :t038: :t354:
T-Minus 17:08:00

It's a good thing wood doesn't conduct electricity, Kelsey thought as she pushed the raft along the lake with a long stick. She was facing backwards in the centre of the raft, and could see Clefable in the left corner and Bellossom in the right. Occasionally she saw sparks flash in the water, the same sparks that recently killed her Hypno and almost herself. As she pushed along, she thought about what the source of those sparks might be, and could only conclude that it was caused by some sort of charged particles in the water. That explained why she and Banette and Hypno were still shocked even when they were out of the lake.

Speaking of shock, what looked like a streetlamp with an eye suddenly rose out of the water. The instant it did, it shot a laser beam at the raft, missing it by inches.

"Nine nine!"
Ninetales, who was seated in a corner behind Kelsey, blew a Flamethrower at the laser-shooter, which smoked and fell sideways into the water.
<"Banette, how about you keep an eye out for those things while I attack them?"> Ninetales asked Banette, who was sitting in the remaining corner behind Kelsey.
<"What?? Why do you have to have all the fun?"> Banette replied.
<"A) Fire is supereffective against Steel, and Ghost is not very effective. B) maybe you can make yourself useful by moving the raft when one tries to shoot at us.">
<"Oh, I see what you're getting at. BUT, I think Clefable should do it. A) she has telekinesis too, and B) she's a better scout because she has better hearing. And C) I know Will-O-Wisp.">
<"Ooh, busted,"> Bellossom teased. <"See? Who says a Ninetales has to be smarter than a Banette?">

"Okay, I didn't catch all of what you were saying..." Kelsey interrupted, "but why are you arguing when there might be more of those laser things out there? Hey wait, I have an idea. Ninetales and Banette, since you both know fire attacks, you can attack the laser things when they appear. Try to look in different directions to catch them all. Bellossom, you can alert them if they miss any. Clefable... do you think you can use Light Screen to block the lasers?"

<"Well there you have it,"> Clefable said to the other Pokemon. <"Kelsey's smarter than both of you.">
Ninetales and Banette made sounds of disapproval, but then remembered that they were not supposed to argue. So they just assumed their battle positions.

Kelsey, meanwhile, blushed and looked down as she continued to move the raft along, for she completely understood what Clefable had just said.
...Why do I always catch the wrong parts of my Pokemon's speech?

Seconds later, Bellossom spotted another pole rise out of the water, and alerted everyone immediately. Kelsey turned the raft so that Clefable was facing the laser-robot-thingy, while Clefable set up a Light Screen. The pole-robot shot a laser beam at the raft, which reflected off the Light Screen and shot instead into the sky. Finally Ninetales destroyed it with a Flamethrower.

And after that, Banette saw another laser pole emerge from the water, and reacted with a Shadow Ball. This pushed the pole back into the water, which soon was shocked by the nanobots in it.

Bellossom was sitting there, gathering sunlight...

Kelsey steered the raft in a zigzag pattern, trying to avoid as many laser poles as possible. However, her arms were becoming tired...

Yet another laser beam reflected off of Clefable's Light Screen, and its source was then destroyed by another Flamethrower.

Banette summoned a Will-O-Wisp when she saw another laser pole emerge. The flames didn't fly fast enough to reach the laser pole before it fired, but when it did, the laser beam hit the flames and disintegrated into what looked like a firework. Then the flames destroyed the laser pole.

"Bella!" Bellossom used the sunlight she had gathered to destroy another laser pole with a Solarbeam. The force of the beam also pushed the raft abruptly forward.

Ninetales and Banette attacked the same laser pole with a Flamethrower and a Shadow Ball.

A laser pole emerged from underneath the raft, pushing the raft into the air. Kelsey was so surprised by this that she dropped the stick she was holding.
"Banette! Clefable! Steady the raft, quick!"

Both Banette and Clefable used Psychic on the raft, causing it to hover in the air. However, because Clefable was using a different attack, her Light Screen disappeared. Apparently a newly emerged laser pole took advantage of this by firing a laser beam at the raft. The Light Screen was not there, so the laser beam hit the raft. The raft normally would have either broken apart or burst into flame, but the energy field around it (created by Banette and Clefable's telekinetic control of the raft) caused the laser beam to split and shoot out along the surface of the raft. Three of the five little laser beams that resulted continued into the air or hit the water. The fourth hit the tip of Clefable's leftt wing, and the fifth shot right through Banette's stomach (as if she even had one).
"Fay!" The laser beam felt much like a Beedrill sting to Clefable; she immediately started rubbing her wing.
"Bay! Bay! Bay!" The laser beam felt wuite worse than a Beedrill sting to Banette, and in fact had made a hole in her. She immediately started rubbing that hole, where a piece of stuffing was sticking out.

SPLASH. The impact from the laser beams diverted Clefable and Banette's attention from the raft, so the raft landed back on the water. Fortunately it was lying flat at the time, so it didn't sink.
"Clefable, look out!"
Clefable had no time to react to Kelsey's warning; a laser beam had already been shot at her. It managed to narrowly miss Clefable, but instead shot between her legs and broke off the corner of the raft.

Clefable jumped back onto the raft, but when she landed, her corner of the raft began to sink into the water.
"Clefable clefa-"
Just before the water reached Clefable's feet, Kelsey returned Clefable to her Pokeball. When she did, the raft instead sank on Ninetales' corner.
"Nine! Nine!"
"Ack! Not you too!" Kelsey cried as she returned Ninetales to her Pokeball. "Now our balance is off..."
Now Bellossom's corner was starting to sink. Upon seeing this, Kelsey returned Bellossom to her Pokeball. Shortly afterward, Banette moved closer to her and sat in her lap.
<"In this condition, I won't be very comfortable inside a Pokeball...">
Okay, maybe sometimes I do catch the right parts of my Pokemon's speech, Kelsey thought.

It was then that Kelsey realised that although she was still being pursuited by laser poles, she had only one Pokemon out (any more would throw off the balance of the raft), and that Pokemon was injured. This meant one very clear thing: one more hit from the laser poles and she and Banette were done for. It was then that the for the first time in quite a while, fear struck Kelsey--in the form of another laser pole that emerged from the lake. Any moment now, it would fire, and it would be the end...

But at that moment, there came the sound of a Pokeball opening, and a figure appeared above Kelsey. Then, the laser beam that shot at Kelsey bent upward somehow.
What was that?!?
When Kelsey looked up to see who had saved her, she was met with much surprise: her Gardevoir was floating above her!
"...Gardevoir?! Why... how did you get here? I thought you were in Star City!"
A second ago I was... It all happened so fast--somehow I was returned to my Pokeball, then I came out again, to find myself hovering above you and in the face of this laser pole...
This thought of Gardevoir's felt like a voice inside Kelsey's head.
"Did... d-did you just..." Did you just talk to me telepathically?
Umm, let's not mind that for now... Gardevoir thought to Kelsey as she landed on the raft just behind her. You seem to be in quite a situation here. ...I think you better hide under my dress.
"...Under your dress?" Kelsey repeated, thinking the idea to be a bit awkward. Nevertheless, she did as Gardevoir told.
Don't worry. I think I can take care of these laser poles.

At that moment, Gardevoir used Safeguard to shield herself and Kelsey from the lasers. At the same time, she made quick destruction work of the laser poles with a Psychic or Magical Leaf attack. Occasionally a laser beam hit a piece of the raft, so in a while all that was left of the raft was a jagged circle.

Kelsey heard laser impacts and raft pieces breaking off, and kept worrying about how Gardevoir was doing. She didn't want to ask because she didn't want to break her concentration. All she could do at this point was sit, clutching Banette close to her like a plush toy (wait a minute, she IS a plush toy). When she closed her eyes, she soon found herself able to see what Gardevoir was seeing. But this she quickly pushed out of her mind because it contained laser poles. But then another thought came to her: did this mean that her telepathic connection to her Pokemon came?
Banette? Can you hear me?
...Still no answer. Kelsey could only conclude that this telepathic connection only worked with Gardevoir. Maybe this was possible because Gardevoir was her first and best Pokemon, and/or because she was Psychic-type. As Kelsey saw it, the latter made more sense, but the former must have been a reason as well--otherwise she would have had a telepathic connection with Hypno as well. And perhaps it was also because she was a Gardevoir, so an empathetic nature must have also been a factor. Whatever it was, Kelsey was at this point more than happy that Gardevoir was here with her, even though she figured she was safer in Star City.

Kelsey's train of thought was interrupted by Banette wriggling in her arms.
Ugh, as much as I hate being hugged... I must admit, this feels pretty good.
As Banette thought this, she was actually glad that she didn't have a telepathic connection to Kelsey.

OOC: Almost all of the code in my post is made up... obviously I'm not a computer programmer.

December 13th, 2007, 7:51 PM
TERRIBLY SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING IN OVER A MONTH! A CASE OF LAZINESS AND LOTS OF OTHER WORK HAVE PUT THIS EVEN FURTHER BEHIND! However, since the RP still has a month before its expiration date, I'll finally get started on another post. We'll continue on with Topaz and Jay.

Topaz and Jay jump off the platform and start running down the energy path. As they make their way around the electromagnetic crane system, suddenly, two Ice Chaos fire Ice Beams straight at Topaz and Jay. The attacks almost hit them, but V.E.R.I.C.A.S. generates another wide digital barrier to block the attacks, which cause the shield to ripple.

"Aren't we glad we found you!"

"Professor Arkane Hartache also gave me the ability to defend myself and others." -V.E.R.I.C.A.S.

"Well, my Pokémon need a little more rest, so I'll just waste these two with my laser rifle!"

Topaz pulls out said laser rifle and begins to fire onto the first Ice Chaos, hitting it in the head, but it decides to thrust out its tentacles at Topaz, almost hitting her with a frigid tendrill.

"Don't you do that! V.E.R.I.C.A.S., keep the barrier up!"

However, the wall V.E.R.I.C.A.S. created vanishes.

"I'm sorry, Topaz Amethyst, but it needs time to regerate." -V.E.R.I.C.A.S.

"Great, now you tell me!"

Topaz continues to fire her laser rifle at the the first Ice Chaos, but it generates an ice shield around it, blocking the laser shots.

"Looks like these things can defend themselves quite well, too!" -Jay

"Well, let's turn up the heat!"

As soon as the Ice Chaos's shield goes down, Topax fires her laser rifle at it once more, this time, hitting it in the head and damaging it some more.

-More to come in this post later.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 2nd, 2008, 11:14 AM
Is There Still Any Room For Sign-Ups?

Name:Solana (Nickname : Flare)


Region: Sinnoh

Class: Pokemon Trainer

Destination: Star City

Personality:Solana Is Very Brave And Will Do Anything To Protect Her Pokemon And Friends.She Is Also Vey Kindhearted And Will Try Hard To Make Friends. Solana Always Keeps Ninetails And Flygon Out Of Its Pokeball.

Appearance: Solana Wears A Orange T-Shirt With A Shiny Ninetails On Is And Hunter Green Jeans. She Has Dark Brown Hair And Blue Eyes. Solana Is About 5'3 And Always Seems Kind Of Tall For A 16 Year Old.

History: Solana Was Born In Floroma Town But Got Abandoned By Her Parents When She Was 5. She Was Raised By A Group Of Ninetails And Their Leader, A Shiny Ninetails.When She Was 13 She Caught The Group's Leader And Trained The Rest Of Her Pokemon.

Pokémon: Shiny Ninetails - Sceptile - Shiny Lapras - Flygon - Shiny Staraptor - Shiny Raichu

RP Sample: (Im Using One From A Different RPG,If Thats Ok.)

Damion Sat On A Rock In A Field With His Flygon Watching Some Raichu Fight Over Some Berries. Smiling, He Sayed "Come On Flygon,Do You Think You Could Fly Me To Victory Road?". "Fly!" Said Flygon In A Very Excited Voice. "Ok,Lets Go." Said Damion, Hopping On Flygons Back Quickly As It Took Off.As They Crossed The Water,Damion Watched Some Pokemon Trainers Race On Their Water Type Pokemon. "Flygon,Faster Before They See Us!" Said Damion,Yelling Over The Waves. Flygon Nodded And Sped Up A Little. Damion Looked Around Making Sure Nobody Heard Him. "Go,Scizor!" Said Damion Trying To Be Quiet Enough So That Nobody Could Hear Him. "Scizor,Go And Drop This Letter Off In My Moms Mailbox In Floroma. Ok,And Please Be Quiet." Said Damion, Hoping Mewtwo Wouldn't Find Out. "Scizor!" Said Scizor Worryingly. "I Know We Havn't Been Apart Scince I First Caught You Scizor, But You Have To Do This For Me." Said Damion Trying To Encourage Scizor. "Sciz." Said Scizor Flying To Floroma. "Ok, Come On Flygon.Land Here For The Night." Said Damion Looking Around To Make Sure Nobody Was In The Forest Below Them.

(Its Long,But In Sign-Ups I End Up Making Them Like An Essay... :P :P :laugh:

January 3rd, 2008, 11:50 PM
OOC: If I were the creator of this RPG, I might accept you, but I'm not, so you'll have to wait until Sunflorazumarill accepts you (if he does)...

I suppose now is the time for a certain someone to evolve...

--Space Plant--

( http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon052.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon196.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon262.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon045.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon200.png )
T-Minus 16:25:00

Beyond the door underneath the computer was a narrow tunnel, lined by a fence on the left and a set of pipes on the right. The only light that entered the tunnel came from Artificial Chaoses that were barely visible in the distance through the fence. Lupin was careful to proceed as quietly as possible through this tunnel, so as to not give the Chaos any hint that he was there. This was the advantage of being alone--his Pokemon might have provided the sound of footsteps (or claws hitting metal), and even the Nightcraft would have made a bit of a whirring sound from its engine. It seemed that the path ahead was going to be twisty, narrow, and dark, and then there was also the faint possibility of running into any further guards of the control complex.

Upon exiting the tunnel, Lupin entered a wider, darker space that seemed to be empty. He supposed it must have been a fallen shuttle tunnel once, before Team Rocket did damage to this place. Indeed, the damage did make it hard to get in and out of places around here, or even see anything. A part of Lupin wished that Umbra could come out of his Pokeball, as he had good night vision as well as a useful sixth sense. But then another part of him felt that it was rather pathetic to rely on a Pokemon all the time. He often thought of his Pokemon much like younger siblings--he cared for and shared much in common with them, but there were those moments that he just didn't need them at all... or even found them annoying.

Occasionally a chilly gust of wind blew from behind, nearly pushing Lupin further along in the tunnel. All the air apparently was there to provide ventilation to the control complex, so it was probably best to follow it at this point. Anyways, this wide space eventually seemed to reach a dead end. But upon closer inspection, there was a jagged passageway leading off to the left, from which Lupin could faintly hear clanking of metal and whirring machine parts.
Sound like they could well be a Heavy Walker... a Laser Disc... wait, two Laser Discs... and I don't see any light over there, so probably no Chaoses.
If that's what they really were, with no Pokemon it would be nearly impossible to fight all three of them. However, there was also the possibility of just slipping past them. It was a risk, but it could work if pulled off...

The jagged passageway was littered with rubble and rubbish alike, if they were even any different. Yet even in the near darkness, Lupin could make out a few of the objects lying around. There were the usual pieces of scrap metal, a broken Surveillance Drone, and even a cap with a familiar R on it. He also saw shattered Pokeballs, a glove, and a backpack...
Hmm, just out of curiosity, is anything in it?
Yes, there were a few things in it, as Lupin soon found out. One resembled a radio--this, as Lupin somehow knew, belonged to a junior executive of Team Rocket, and was used for contacting either a senior executive or Giovanni himself. But this was of no use because it was broken. Apparently the backpack had been smashed under a heavy machine part when this area collapsed, judging by the presence of two shattered Pokeballs. But then there was one thing that was not broken... Lupin had no clue what it was--it could be anything from a piece of ordinary metal to a large gemstone, judging by the feel. Anyways, Lupin was about to place this mysterious object into his pocket...

Then, from around the corner came a red laser beam, followed by a familiar-looking round object hovering in the air.
I figured there'd be a Surveillance Drone somewhere here. Where one falls there's sure to be another.
During the last encounter with these dangerous floating sensors, there were a whole bunch of them inside a tunnel elsewhere in the Space Plant. That time, Nocturnelle sneaked in between their light sensors and turned the drones off. However, this time there was a larger space to move through, and only one Surveillance Drone. And, Lupin could clearly see a path in and around the rubble.

Within what seemed like the next split second, Lupin ran along the path that ran right underneath the Surveillance Drone, occasionally having to duck or jump over a broken Gravity Capsule or something. All the while the light beams danced around him, giving the impression of spotlights on a dance floor. All the while the drone thought it "heard" something moving underneath it, and kept moving its light beams around in hopes of catching whatever it was. So it constantly had to adjust to Lupin's occasional abrupt movements--turning sharply to the right, jumping over an object or a light beam, dodging three beams at once, and eventually moving further away...

What was the drone to do? Now it didn't even know where Lupin was, not to mention that it didn't get the chance to paralyse him with one of its sensors. Teleporting other drones in to help wouldn't work if it lost its target... so what it did was fire computer chips in two different directions. One group of chips happened to fly straight at Lupin, although they weren't very well aimed. As Lupin continued to run toward the place where the sounds from before came from, he occasionally glimpsed a computer chip glow and sprout red laser beams. At one point he had to speed up to avoid one of those beams.
It's a good thing these glasses let me see any invisible laser beams, which of course the fences a Surveillance Drone creates are made of.

When Lupin looked forward again, he saw that the room ahead was indeed occupied by two Laser Discs and a Heavy Walker. He also saw a small space along the right side of the room, formed by large sheets of metal sitting against the wall. Immediately he thought of a plan. The first step was to free his right hand, so he transferred the mysterious object to his left hand. As he did, he caught a glimpse of the object. Although he didn't see it long enough to fully determine what it was, he saw that it was dark purple in colour and was not shiny.

Lupin managed to make it into the small space without being seen by any of the control complex guards. However, what they did see were six computer chips headed into the space. The two Laser Discs fired laser beams at two of the chips, thinking they were intruders, and destroyed them.
Dumb machines.
Now that his right hand was free, Lupin was able to take out Volbeat's Nightmare and make quick destruction of the remaining computer chips. But even with this victory, there was still the risk that the Laser Discs or Heavy Walker might have discovered his presence by now. Fortunately, there was a vent-like tunnel behind him that seemed to lead towards a neon pink light. However, the tunnel was no narrow that Lupin had to slide feet-first into the tunnel (fortunately the tunnel sloped downward). And it did feel much like a slide...

It was a tight fit, so tight that Lupin had to tilt his head to the side to avoid it hitting the ceiling. Although the "ride" down was very unconfortable--with the occasional bump on the metal floor and only a thin layer of fabric as a cushion--Lupin finally made it to the bottom of the tunnel, into a circular room with three outlets. One was the tunnel he came in through, another was the tunnel leading from the room with the three guards, and the third was a Gravity Tube--which probably led straight to the control complex. Finally, the destination was very close by!

Upon emerging from the tunnel, Lupin was holding Volbeat's Nightmare in his right hand and the mysterious-object-from-the-backpack in his left. Forgetting about these two objects, he put his hands into his pockets...

SHEEEEEEEENNNN!!! Jets of white light shout out of Lupin's left pocket, and the reaction to this blinding action caused the contents of the pocket to land on the floor. Lupin saw two glowing white objects fused together somehow: the mysterious object and a small round object. After a short while, the two objects fused together into a ball of light, which floated into the air and materialised into a shape of some sort--the shape of a small person wearing a large pointed hat. Meanwhile, a Pokeball fell on the ground underneath the glowing mass of light. Then, the white object ceased to be white--instead it was purple, looked witch-like, and had familiar-looking eyes...

"Mis. Magius!"

Lupin looked quite surprised.
"...Nocturnelle? Is that you?"
The Mismagius nodded.
Well that answers my question--the object in the backpack must have been a Dusk Stone. Interesting--so evolution stones still work on a Pokemon while it's in a Pokeball, I suppose...

And "I suppose" Lupin ceased to be Pokemon-less sooner than he expected.

--Pine's Island--

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon282.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon354.png ( http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon182.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon036.png http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon038.png )
T-Minus 16:38:00

Kelsey had an idea, inspired by the clothy mass in her lap.
"Hey Banette," Kelsey whispered to Banette, so as to not startle the Gardevoir above her, "do you think you can still make Shadow Balls?"
"Bay bay bay," Banette answered in a quiet, wavering voice. She was still hurt by the laser beam's impact.
Of course I can. Pssht, this pain is nothing. Noth... ing.

Banette carefully left Kelsey's lap, staggering over to the edge of what remained of the raft. Then she peeked out from underneath Gardevoir's skirt to see laser poles firing all around, and to feel an energy field around Gardevoir--this was from the Safeguard she was holding up. Banette immediately figured out what Kelsey had meant to do with a Shadow Ball, although she didn't say it. But first, she used her own psychic energy to make a Shadow-Ball-sized hole in the Safeguard. Then she fired a Shadow Ball at the water, pushing the raft forward. When the raft slowed down, she fired another Shadow Ball, another Shadow Ball, etc. etc. etc...

BONK. The raft slid onto the shore and hit a rock. Gardevoir fell over, and Kelsey scrambled to her feet beside her. Vapour surrounded her--the effects of laser beams hitting the wet sand around her. Laser beams from the laser poles bent towards Gardevoir, then bent around her and hit the sand. For Gardevoir resumed her use of Psychic and Safeguard upon standing up. Then Banette destroyed the five laser poles with one flame apiece from Will-O-Wisp.
"Good idea," Kelsey congratulated. Then she looked around to see large building in front of her...

Could this be where Professor Pine is hiding? I kind of doubt it--and if it is, it probably won't be easy to enter...

OOC: What actually happened at the end of Lupin's part was that the Dusk Stone recognised a Misdreavus inside the Pokeball it was touching, and emitted an energy force that overcame the electric seal on the Pokeball. Details, details...

Oh and also, for convenience purposes, I'll re-post my two signups here. There's Kelsey's deeply buried signup, and Lupin's severely outdated signup... I eliminated the RP sample because it's of no importance now, and Kelsey's Hypno because she's dead now. And obviously Lupin's Misdreavus evolved, so... And, I updated the signups a slight bit so they make more sense with any changes I made to them within the past year. (Especially true in Lupin's case...)

Name: Edwin Tasselbury (aka Lupin)
Age: 23
Region: Hoenn
Class: POCE Soldier
Destination: Star City I suppose, because Professor Pine will only let ordinary trainers visit him...
Weapon: Some weapon called Volbeat's Nightmare. It looks sort of like a sword with a retractable antenna instead of a blade. When this "antenna" is extended, it formulates a certain electrical charge, making this weapon act sort of like a lightsaber. (Yeah sorry, this RPG reminded me of Star Wars for a moment)
Mech: Something called the Haunter Nightcraft. It is named so because it kind of looks like a Haunter, and it has extendable batlike wings that can make it truly intimidating. A pretty neat car-like mechanism, perfect for space flight. (I'm kind of ripping off Kirby Air Ride here, but...)
Personality: Lupin has an affinity for the dark side of life, that which is little-known and even feared. He also likes to defy rules or laws, to the black market is one of his favourite places, and going on secret missions is a much enjoyed pastime. Usually he likes to do things alone, although he may occasionally let a Pokemon or a friend in. However, as he does not easily trust others, he prefers not to do things with a team of strangers without being allowed a little bit of independence. Nor would he be too glad to answer personal questions--even to his friends, he'd usually make up a lie or dodge the question when that happens. Or he would just turn bitter, as he would often do around total strangers. Heh, it's no wonder where he got his nickname with expressions like "lone wolf" and "big bad wolf" around.

Lupin is usually the type of person to treat both sexes equally, but he's more likely to look down on other guys for some reason. Maybe that's because of past experiences with being told he's "not a proper man", or the fact that the only one person he feels completely comfortable around is Kelsey. So he likes girls better? Certainly not like Brock--you can almost say he's incapable of falling in love. But you can say he trusts Pokemon slightly more than people, for some reason...

Speaking of Pokemon, Lupin loves Pokemon that are or could be Dark-type. His favourite Pokemon are... well, the ones he has. He doesn't like Pokemon that are too plain (like Rattata and Pidgey), Fighting Pokemon (except Mankey and Meditite), baby Pokemon (especially Togepi and Azurill), and Pokemon that love sunlight (especially Sunflora). And Pokemon battles are the one case in which he always follows the rules.
Appearance: He's about 5'5" tall and has dark brown eyes. His hair is a lighter brown and slightly wavy and rugged-looking, and falls down to about his shoulders. He wears a gray T-shirt, a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans that are fairly tight, and dark brown shoes.
History: Lupin has been all over the place in his life, and met up with some interesting people along the way. First of all, he lived in an orphanage in Kanto until he was about twelve years old. While he was still a little boy there, he was friendly at first with the other boys there, but he was often teased by his friends for liking a certain girl who seemed to be dressed like a Kirlia. He really did like her because she was different than the others. Her name was Kelsey, and she knew about Pokemon from other regions like Hoenn, where her favourite Pokemon Kirlia was from. She also knew someone who could use psychic powers--very interesting indeed. However, she wasn't a very happy girl, as she said she was under a curse by her great-grandmother. For this reason, she wanted a lot of time to herself, not even with Edwin.

Edwin didn't have very much luck with people he wanted to know better, especially the girls. The psychic girl Kelsey mentioned was Sabrina (she was still a little girl at the time), who Edwin tried unsuccessfully to talk to once. But fortunately, the only girls he had trouble with were people; his first Pokemon was a female Meowth who he actually got along with very well. He even gave her a nickname because he liked her back: Pencett.

About when Edwin was fifteen years old, he started thinking his name was kind of goofy, so he changed it to Lupin. This he figured made sense since it kind of meant wolf, an animal he could really relate to. Anyways, more importantly, Edw... er, Lupin... did quite a bit of traveling as his career as a trainer progressed, and he caught a few more Pokemon as well. But he had some pretty interesting experiences as well. First of all, when he decided to go for his first badge, he was in Saffron City, which was celebrating the arrival of a new gym leader. Lupin was the first trainer to challenge this new leader, who happened to be Sabrina. Not only did Sabrina remember him, but he also lost the battle... and his second attempt to become friends with her. Also, when he went to the gym in Cerulean City, Misty had already left on her own journey, and her sisters refused to battle him. When he went to the gym in Celadon City, he was kicked out because he hated perfume. And, he was aboard the S.S. Anne at the same time that Ash and his friends were. It was pretty interesting--he had boarded the ship without a ticket, and for a while he got Pencett mixed up with the talking Meowth that belonged to Team Rocket.

A few years later, Lupin took up residence in Hoenn, in a small town called Moondance that was right on top of the Rusturf Tunnel, just west of Verdanturf Town. And, he eventually set up a Pokemon gym there with three friends he had recently made. (One of those friends actually helped him build the Haunter Nightcraft.) But for the most part, his friends took over the gym while he traveled around Hoenn. For he also had a mild interest in becoming a coordinator. However, he used his Eevee (who was named Umbra) in his first contest, and Umbra evolved mid-appeal. This totally messed up Umbra's technique as he was getting used to his new attacks and form, so Lupin lost the contest. And, the person he lost this contest-battle to was Harley. But this didn't make the two guys rivals, at least not fully. Lupin talked to him after the contest and even offered him a position in his gym, but Harley refused, saying that he wanted to stay on the path to being a coordinator. Besides, he was more interested in picking on a rival coordinator named May. So Harley was the first guy who had been a faulty attempt at a friend. By that time Lupin found it pointless to even think about making friends with most anyone else...

A while later, a couple of familiar faces walked into Lupin's gym. Kelsey and Sabrina--together! Somehow the two girls had become friends. Sabrina explained that a boy named Ash made her realize how important happiness was in life, and Kelsey said that she was free from the curse she was under, her great-grandmother died, and she discovered that she had psychic powers as well as Sabrina. And, after Kelsey won the gym battle, Lupin joined the other two on their journey--and left the gym to the other three leaders.

Both Kelsey and Sabrina were soldiers in the POCE, and Lupin became one too when he joined them. The three of them didn't do very much in that organization though, so Kelsey and Sabrina thought about retiring from that mission and just continuing as trainers. But then the problem with the Shuttle Gang started to arise, and the POCE began working on a plan to stop them. In fact, Kelsey and Sabrina were two of the main planners for it. Lupin, however, was moved to a different unit by his boss; he was supposed to actually go on the mission and infiltrate the Rockets currently in Star City. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Sabrina decided to quit the POCE and continue their Pokemon journey.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon196.pngUmbra the Espeon
"Umbra" is a strange nickname for an Espeon, isn't it? Well, when Lupin caught him as an Eevee, he really wanted him to be an Umbreon. But then came the day when Umbra evolved unexpectedly--and happened to become an Espeon instead. However, to make up for this, Umbra does know some Dark attacks, such as Faint Attack and Bite. Actually, Umbra had a secret desire to be an Espeon all along, so he was quite happy as a result. He likes to keep lots of things secret, so not many others really trust him.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon052.pngPencett the Meowth
Lupin's first Pokemon. Pencett doesn't really like to battle much; maybe that's why she never evolved into Persian. Nor does she like being in a Pokeball, so she does a lot of walking around with Lupin. Because of that, the two are pretty close. Pencett is kind of innocent and naive, but she is loyal and dependent as well. She is good at using Pay Day as well.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon262.pngFeralis the Mightyena
Lupin captured him after Umbra evolved into Espeon rather than Umbreon. He really did regret not getting Umbreon, as that was his favourite Pokemon, but Mightyena was pretty close. Feralis is slightly smaller and less scary-looking than a normal Mightyena, and in reality he is usually laid back and is not easily pleased. He and Lupin aren't very close, but at least they don't dislike each other.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon045.pngToadpike the Vileplume
Another funny name. This is because ever since Lupin caught her as an Oddish, he often saw her burying herself in a patch of toadstool mushrooms to take an afternoon nap. Anyways, if you thought Feralis was small for his species, wait till you see little Toadpike. For some strange reason (the toxins in the mushrooms she slept among?), as she evolved, her head always stayed the same size while the flower grew to proportion. So the result is a Vileplume the sixe of an Oddish, with petals that are only a few inches long. Anyways, Toadpike likes to spread pollen everywhere, and to spray random Pokemon with Stun Spore.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon429.pngNocturnelle the Mismagius
A truly beautiful Mismagius in terms of style and attacks. She's Lupin's top pick for a contest Pokemon, as she really tries to make a spectacle of any attack she uses. Her personality is also found rather enticing--she's calm, a little on the modest side, and also very spiritual. But other than that, she's not quite happy with herself--she keeps wishing she could do more, that her abilities are quite limited and restrictive. For example, she tries out attacks a Mismagius can't normally learn, such as Faint Attack. But because of this, she likes to battle just as much as Pencett does...

Name: Kelsey Murakage
Age: 18
Region: Kanto
Class: Trainer
Destination: Pine's Island
Weapon: N/A
Mech: N/A
Personality: One can say Kelsey is mentally strong but physically and emotionally weak. Though she is very smart, her emotions can fog her mind completely. She tends to be modest and quiet and gets depressed quite easily, and she also has very bad luck thanks to Celia (see history). When someone compliments her or says she can do something, she often doubts it. Yet on the plus side, she has a very strong connection to her Pokemon. And Kelsey isn't really a people person, but she cares very deeply for whatever friends she happens to have.

On another hand, Kelsey is not a fearful person and is not easily overwhelmed. There really isn't much that she fears, except maybe being hurt emotionally or losing her Pokemon and other friends. When times are tough, she's much more likely to endure the pain as much as possible than to run away from it, or even than to try and get rid of it.

Appearance: Kelsey is about 5 feet tall and quite thin. She has straight, shoulder-length, dark red hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a lavender tank top with a long purple sweater over it, and long black pants and black shoes underneath it. Sometimes she wears a black hat as well.
History: For most of her life, Kelsey lived under a curse by her great-grandmother Celia. Nobody in the family was entirely sure why this curse was cast, but her father guessed that it was because he "stole away" Kelsey's mom. Anyways, this curse also caused her dad to lose his job (he was a magician), so her family was basically poor. In fact, many times Kelsey had to live in an orphanage due to that, but there she got teased by the other kids for how she dressed like the Pokemon Kirlia--they called her the "Kirlia Kid". But she really was into Pokemon--in fact that was the one thing that gave her hope under the curse. So she did eventually start a Pokemon journey with a Ralts (surprise surprise). The story of her times as a trainer is long, but to summarize it:

Kelsey's Kirlia was stolen by Team Rocket (Carmen and Diego to be exact--they were in one of my posts), and when she finally got her back years later, the Pokemon was very depressed and in poor condition--it took a while to get her back almost to normal. She traveled around with a boy named David for a while, who turned out to be her cousin. They traveled throughout Kanto, since both of them lived there. (David lived in Pallet Town.) Eventually, David challenged the Indigo League there and won. And while traveling, Kelsey began to realize that she could use telepathy with her Pokemon (she had more than just Kirlia)--it was her Drowzee that helped her realize this. Then Kelsey and David continued their travels in the Sevii Islands. There, with the help of Team Rocket, she was transformed into a Pokemon--a little fairy Pokemon named Psiad. Psiad was Psychic-type and looked sort of cat-like as well, and was the only one of its kind. Anyways, later on, while Kelsey was still Psiad, she entered battle with Celia's Pokemon (Banette) and eventually won, (almost) freeing the curse.

Shortly after the curse was freed, Celia died, but at least she was happy for Kelsey. But anyways, after the curse, Kelsey turned back into a human. She inherited Celia's Banette as well.

Kelsey and David went their separate ways after that. But, it wasn't too long before Kelsey reached Saffron City and met Sabrina there. They had met once before when they were little kids. Anyways, Sabrina owed Kelsey an apology for being so harsh to her when she was younger, so the two became friends. Also, Sabrina was in the POCE, so she offered Kelsey a spot in that organization as well.

After working with the POCE for a while, Kelsey and Sabrina took a break to continue their travels. Soon enough, they stumbled into a Pokemon gym with a leader named Lupin. Lupin recognized both of them from the moment they walked in--he had tried to be friends with them when he was little too. Kelsey even remembered him vaguely from the orphanage she was in then. Anyways, after Kelsey beat Lupin in a Pokemon battle, Lupin joined her and Sabrina on their journey. He was also interested in being in the POCE.

When the problem with the Shuttle Gang arose, Kelsey and Sabrina helped formulate a plan to stop them. Meanwhile, Lupin was waiting to be sent to Star City. Sabrina was happy with her job, but Kelsey wasn't. She wished she could accompany Lupin on the quest to stop Team Rocket and the Shuttle Gang. She was so upset that in fact she quit the POCE shortly into the planning procedure, but she did leave two of her Pokemon behind to help Lupin out.

But this didn't mean Kelsey was out of the mission. Soon after continuing her travels, Kelsey found herself on a strange island with lots of automated machines. A few people there told her that this was where Professor Pine was hiding, and that he could be of use on the mission. Finally--maybe this was Kelsey's chance to help out, and maybe reunite with Lupin eventually! But, on the downside, there was either something about the remnants of the cure or something about the island that soon prevented Kelsey's telepathic powers from working properly. What's worse, so far her Hypno died somewhere on the island...

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon282.png Gardevoir
Gardevoir was Kelsey's first Pokemon. Because she was at one time stolen by Team Rocket and tortured while in captivity, she isn't a very happy Pokemon--she still hasn't fully recovered from the shock. Gardevoir is currently in Star City, but is not too much into battling or taking risks. She especially doesn't want to go anywhere near Team Rocket, nor does she trust the Shuttle Gang. She's more of a healer and supporter than anything else, but if she's in danger, she'll push herself beyond her limits out of determination to win...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon182.png Bellossom
Kelsey caught her early on in her journey. Bellossom is a cheery and jolly Pokemon, though she can be a loudmouth. In the past, she often embarrassed Kelsey by telling David (see History) about Kelsey's psychic powers. And even now, Bellossom could brag about anything special about Kelsey, even though she can't really mention psychic powers anymore. But Bellossom only shows off for other people for some reason--she doesn't brag about her own abilities... She's generous to others, probably a little too generous...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon036.png Clefable
Clefable pretty much fits her stereotype--she's shy and dislikes noise and crowds. She's also quite a crybaby--it's very easy to make her cry. But anyways, Clefable's not much of a battler either, but only because she hates competition. If she's battling to save someone, she'll surely do it.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon038.png Ninetales
Ninetales is brave and protective in nature, and she's pretty quick to trust people. This is good, considering she's currently traveling with Lupin in Star City. She's the most active of all of Kelsey's Pokemon, and the most polite. She hardly ever complains, and if she wants something she'll first try to get it herself, then ask someone she knows as nicely as possible. Ninetales will also do her very best to stick up for and protect her friends.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpicon/dpicon354.png Banette
Banette has a tendency to be vicious and sadistic. In battle she likes to scare the foe or bring it down painfully, and her favourite attack is Curse. Sometimes she will hurt or torment innocent people or Pokemon for either fun or to steal their energy or their soul. And her way of apologising is attacking them--she treats it just as if it were repaying someone for hurting her. Anyways, Banette used to belong to Celia (see History), but she was passed on to Kelsey after Celia died.


*Sometime very soon (as in the next post or two), I plan to have Lupin find the control complex for Star City's outer defense systems, as well as have Kelsey make an attempt at entering the building across the lake on Pine's Island, whether or not Pine is actually inside it. Is it too soon to have them to such things, or is now the time?

January 7th, 2008, 9:03 PM
Wolf Link Fan, privided you post often, you're accepted. I just hope I can get into the swing of things and once again post often here, too. To tell you the truth, I multitask like crazy and I sometimes become lazy. Hopefully, I'll try to post here more often.

January 7th, 2008, 9:27 PM
Hey!! Can I still join?

If so...

Name: W. Brent Lee
Age: 18
Region: Hoenn
Class: Trainer
Destination: Star City
Personality:Reckless and Wise. Always knows how to deal complicated things.
Appearance: Always wears a lab coat everywhere he goes. Hairstyle in an Upright stype with a large bangs dyed with blue. 5.4 in height


-Calm & quiet, Xander looks is mysterious.
-He's W.'s 1st pokemon.
-W's best friend.

-Extremely unusual(4x bigger than commom Flygons).
-Very energetic.
-Likes to fly around, inducing sandstorms.

-Quiet shy to humans but very protective with W.
-Likes to swim around in estuaries, showing of her beauty.

-Powerful in Defence
-Since he's now Duskmoir he had no noticable personality.

-Valiant and loyal to W. from the day W. befriended him.
-Can read the Aura of it's surroundings, Pokemon and Humans alike.
-Can talk to W. through telepathy.

-Very naughty
-likes to play tricks
-likes it cooooooool.....

History: Born in a mountainous region, W. is highly unusual for a mountain-born child. He is very ambitious in the sense that he is reckless enough to study in a Pokemon university. He always know if he is in a right track, that's why he's able to graduate with high marks. He's now a well known scientist and he's currently studying astronomy.

RP Sample:

'Nothing unusual around here' W. sighed as he peered through his telescope. W. has been doing that for 2 hours nonstop every evening in the past 5 months. The purpose? To find comet and name it himself. 'So far this evening is just the same evening for 5 months!' he grumbled. Eric heard him, replying 'Why woundn't you just give up? Join the ranks of a Champion & exploring the world?'...

So the story begins...

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 9th, 2008, 5:06 PM
"Come On Ninetails,You Too Flygon." Said Solana Waking Up The Two Pokemon. "We Are Gonna Fly Our Way To Star City." Said Solana As The Two Pokemon Got Up. "Fly Fly!" Said Flygon,Ready For Flight. "Nine!" Said Ninetails Hopping On Flygon. "Ninetails,You Keep Track Of The Wind Current." SaidSolana,Commanding Ninetails. Solana Hopped On Flygon As Flygon Started To Fly. "Ninetails,Raise The Heat AndSee What Way The Wind Is Blowing!" Commanded Solana. "Keep It Up Flygon!" Said Solana Confidantly. The Two Pokemon Obeyed. "Ok,Go East Flygon!" Said Solana. "Fly Fly!" Said Flygon,Taking A Sharp Turn. "Ok Ninetails,Lower Your Flames A Little!" Said Solana,Still Comanding The Pokemon. "Ok Flygon,Speed Up,Were Almost There!" Said Solana. Flygon Obeyed And Sped Up. Flygon Landed Near The Pokemon Center In Star City. "Good Job You Two." Said Solana,Getting Off Flygon. "Lets Stay Here In The Pokemon Center For The Night." Said Solana,As The Two Pokemon Agreed.

January 10th, 2008, 9:00 PM
"Ahhh, finally! Star City!" W. sighed with relief. It's been 3 days W. travelled from Mt. Coronet Observatory. "Okay, Gerald you can land now". The large Flygon let out a cry of relief as he slowly decending now on a cliff. "Now, Gerald take a long rest" as began climbing down.

He's primary reason why he is here is to observe the effect on zero-gravity to Pokemon. "I'll do that later" he said to himself, "Today, I must rest...". He set his destination to Starlight Park. "Everyone! Go!" He flung his six pokeballs to the air releasing his beloved pokemons. "Now everyone stay here and enjoy yourselves a bit, I'm gonna buy something to eat." Kate began swimming in the pool while Xander and Gerald sleeps in the shade. The others just roams around.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 11th, 2008, 3:28 PM
Finally Waking Up,Solana Looked At The Two Pokemon Beside Her."Wake Up You Two,Its Morning." Said Solana,Excited To Check Out Star City. "Fly!" Said Flygon Excitedly. "Nine!" Said Ninetails,Also Excited. "Well Come On Then!" Said Solana Getting Up. As Solana,Flygon,And Ninetails Headed Out The Door,They Looked Around In The Bag They Had Brought For A Map. "Found It!" Said Solana,Taking It Out Of The Bag. "Ninetails!" Said Ninetails Looking At The Pokemon In Starlight Park. "Its Probably Some Trainers Pokemon,Lets Check Out Starlight Park Anyways." Said Solana As She Walked Towards Starlight Park.

February 10th, 2008, 5:48 PM

Tsubasa goes right into the wall, but before doing so, she kicks it up and angles it to the left to at least get in the right direction without losing too much speed. However, at the end of the path is a dead-end and a blue force field to prevent anyone from falling off. There's another switch here, but the three Thunder Chaos have caught up and start firing Thunderbolts.

"Looks like we have trouble! Waka, Kappa, come on out!"

Both Pokémon come out of their Pokéballs and are ready to battle.

"Kappa, use Mach Punch! Waka, follow up with Rock Slide!"

More to come into this post later.