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October 19th, 2007, 4:52 PM
This Rp is a brain child of both me and JBCPeace, the Rp was his idea I gave the concept and characters. Enjoy and sign up.

How do you expect me to trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die?!
~Vincent Valentine *FF VII- CBTis 155 spinoff by JBCBlank*


It is written on stone tablets the history of the digital world; it is written that Humans created the digital world that would be true... if humans weren’t the ones who had programmed the tablets in the first place. The story that floats threw the digital world was written so long ago that it is believed that it was created along with the birth of the internet. The only question is, do you think that the digimon are right?

Their story goes like this:

In the beginning there was darkness, it is said that from the darkness a single speck of light emerged, she who was named Zorra de Fuego (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/ZorraD-Fuego-colored-Photoshop-64046155) by the humans. The Mother of all Digimon rose from the darkness and gathered the loose data to create the Digital world and the very first Digimon. With her voice she brought life and light to the digital world, but as it always is, as soon as her work was done she disappeared forever.
The digimon who were alive at that time were only nine, they were each given special gifts with which they were to make others so that they would not be alone. Each used their gifts in different ways:

The gods:

FlameAngemon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/FlameAngemon-57980006) used her gift of kindness to create the first DigiEggs and make them with such care that they were to be known as the kind ones, the ones said to have been made by the Humans.
Robodramon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Robodramon-57979765)used his gift of light to give life to those first digiEggs, they hatched that moment revealing themselves.
Ceracormon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Ceracormon-57979598) used his gift of friendship to make the new ones friendly to like each other and pass on the teachings of the gods.
DevineGreymon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/DevineGraydramon-57979231) used his gift of serenity to show the small ones food and how to gather it.
Saqulamon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Saqulamon-57682449)used his gift of reliability to show the small ones how to work together for the good of the group, in doing this he gave them the ability to digivalve thus creating the level, InTraining.
DarkAngemon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/DarkAngemon-57980682) used his gift of Love to give them more power sot hat they could trust each other and created the level, Rookie.
SerpentMyotismon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/SerpentMyotismon-57980235)used his gift of courage to show the little ones to fight and protect themselves, thus creating the level, Champion.
PharoDevimon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/PharoDevimon-57980426) used his gift of knowledge to give the new ones wisdom that comes only with the age of the level, Ultimate.
Last but not least, SamuriAngemon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/SamuriAngemon-57980933) used his gift of Hope to give the new ones the last boost they needed to created the level, Mega and there for give them the last thing they needed to be on their own.

And that’s when, these gods also departed from the DigitalWorld leaving behind the nine crests. The Kind ones thanked the Gods by building a Temple in their honor, the temple stands still the only thing that is different is that the kind ones are long gone and many digimon have never even heard of the Gods that the temple was seemingly built for.
The only digimon old enough to actually remember the ancient gods, is Kimeramon, who is the only digimon completely created by Humans, it is because of his creation that evil was introduced to the digital world threw a virus that was implanted to monitor the activity in the digital world, if only the humans knew what they had created, if only they knew what would happen, in the years to come.

Your role

You are a teenager going to Liberty High. You may be a dropout or a straight A student. Whatever you are you all have one thing in common. You all know each other in some way.

All PC rules apply

Spelling and grammer is not very crucial but recommended.

One of the biggest rules is no powerplaying or bunnying

Swearing isnt a rule but please do not go overboard

You cannot have 2 of the same gods in the roleplay

Last but not least please have fun

Write “DigiArmor Energise” on your sign up sheet so show that you read this far.

What is a Digimon?
What are you even doing here? *sigh* A digimon is a digital monster, or a digital entity created by stray fragments of data. They have lives of their own and can fight with eachother if they need to.

What is a DigiGod?
A digiGod is one of the first nine digimon, in this Rp you will be able to control one of the nine digiGods of the crests. The perks of controlling a god are these; the Digimon is very strong, so strong in fact that the rookie has the strength of a champion, and the champion of an Ultimate and so on.

What are the Crests?
Crests are slices of the DigiGod’s powers, like Love and courage. The crests are scattered throughout the digital world and the only way to unlock them when you find them is to show the trait the represent.

How will this Rp work?
Well, when we start our adventure we won’t have our Digimon, the only thing we’ll have is each other, and you will then be visited by Clawmon, who will send you to the digital world into the area where you’re DigiGod rules, all the info on your digimon will be PMed to you when you are accepted.

What if I want my own Digimon?
Well, you really won’t choose your own digimon, however you will be allowed one extra digimon to fallow you around if that is what you want. That digimon can fight for you and can digivalve for you but it isn’t yours so you can’t be connected to it. It is a friend/free roam digimon, so it can be controlled by the other players. It’ll be written in other if you really want one.

If you read this far put “Digivalucion activate” on your sign up sheet.

How will digivalucion work?
Well when you get your digimon you will be given a digivice, it’ll look something like this, (>>| (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/ew-ugly-digivice-67739013)<<) once you have it you can digivalve your digimon to the champion level, you can only digivalve it to the ultimate and mega levels by obtaining the hidden crest. The last stage, which is the god stage can only be obtained by activating the true power of your god, when we reach the God’s temple.

What are the Digistages called?
The first, is Baby, which is right out of the egg. The way you will first meat your digimon.
Next is, Intraining, which is stronger but the only attack they have is Bubble.
Next is Rookie, which is a lot stronger and they know better attacks. It’s a stage known as child if you’re translating from the Japanese version. Rookie is also the stage that Digimon feel more comfortable in.
Next is Champion, Champion is a form that not only is stronger but at times can even be very different from the rookie digimon they can be more vicious and their power surpasses that of any single rookie. This stage is also known as adult.
Next is Ultimate, i don’t remember the name of this stage in Japanese but I do know that to get to this stage the digimon will need the power of the crests, so no jumping to Ultimate. Everyone will have their time in the sun to digivalve their digimon.
Next is Mega, This stage is the most powerful and requires even the strength of the digidestand to-

Couldn’t you let me finish the other question first? All right, we are the digidestand, the humans frmo the physical world-

Physical world?
Oh come one... fine... The world the digimon live in is called the Digiworld because they are made out of Digital matter, the world we live in is called the Physical world because we are made out of physical matter.
Anyway... where was I before....? oh yeah

After mega there is the last stage, the God stage known as Elite. This stage requires a chant that will be taught to you by Kymeramon when we get to the Temple. Alright I think that’s enough to get you threw... wait I forgot one thing.

The baddies.
Put “cheese steak Jimmy’s” on your Sheet if you got this far.

The main bad guy is PharoDevimon, who is one of the gods and belongs to one of you. He’s been taken over by an evil virus so we have to save him then we have to defeat the virus which is the actual bad guy. Its form however is a mystery to all of you still. *smiles* ok then start signing up.

Digigod: (What digigod you choose. Note: Listed above. One for each.)
Digivice colour: (any colour will do, no duplicating colours)
Personality: (What you act like)
Description: (What you look like)
Rp Sample: (Sample of your writing)


1. JBCPeace, Cait; Zorra de fuego, (eternal Goddess)<<Reserved.
2. JBCBlank, Blank; SamuriAngemon, (God of Hope, crest of Hope, Gold)

This rp will start at 4 members. Additionally people can join at any time

Last but not least if you are inactive for 2 weeks you will be BOOTED and your slot will be given to someone else


October 24th, 2007, 4:54 PM
Name: Claude "Cait"

Gender: male

Age: 16

Digigod: Zorra de fuego

Digivice colour: Dark red

Personality: Cait is a very likable person. He makes friends with many people and does very many favors to people. Constantly he is helping random people in the street or even classmates. When he is in a group Cait is the center of attention and the everyman. He stands out greatly in a group and is very social. He mainly makes friends with pokemon and rarely people. Cait uses logic to his advantage and continually quotes famous people from literature and movies. He is very literate and does delve a bit into pop culture.

Description: http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Caint-65726467 The one in the middle


Rp Sample: From Newer Generation

Viridian city slowly loomed ahead. Adrian kept walking. More pain continued and it slowly sped up to his legs. So he slightly limped the rest of the way to Viridian city. His watch now read 2:23 PM.

The rain from the previous day began again. But eventually Adrian made it to the large building that had a sign that said "Pokemon Center." Adrian quickly made it inside and walked to the counter. "Where is that pokemon festival?" The nurse looked at him strangely. "Its in a newly constructed valley to the west. But that doesn't start for some time. They are still setting up." Adrian thought this odd. Why wouldn't they have the festival in the city? Why in some Valley. "Thank you." Adrian felt much of the pain from before begin to disappear.

Adrian looked at his watch again. It had a small compass in a corner. He quickly made it west and looked around. There was a very large pit-like valley. It was very rocky and extremely large. At the far end there was a stage. People were setting up booths and other attractions. Adrian looked around and found something odd. Then it hit him. He looked over at the side of the valley. There was only one way out. A large metal gate that looked like it would take 5 men to open. Around the valley was a chain-link fence that was as tall as the gate. Every few feet it would have a poster that said something like. "NEW YEARS EVE. POKEMON FESTIVAL. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE." Adrian smirked at this. As if he thought to himself as he walked back to the pokemon center

October 24th, 2007, 5:13 PM
Er, I apologize, but it seems a staff member stepped out of their boundaries and approved this with little knowledge of how the forum works. You don't really have a plot, like at all, and the FAQ stuff doesn't really apply to your overall plot. So... closed.