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October 23rd, 2007, 7:02 PM
I'm not going to lie, this idea is a tad twisted, especially by my standards. But we'll see how it goes. It's all in the spirit of Halloween, but if it continues past then, we'll keep it going.

Afterdeath: Rated PG-17 for violence, gore, and possibly disturbing articles.

The world we reside in is full of stereotypes. From people, to animals, to places, stereotypes are present everywhere in modern society. However, how fine is the line between a stereotype and a dangerous misconception? Is it any different than the line between reality and fiction?

The dictionary defines "afterlife" as "a life or existence believed to follow death." Some people believe in such a phenomenon, while others choose to deny it's existence. The truth is, such a realm does exist, although it is a much different place than mortal assumptions dictate. When a person dies, their soul drifts through time and space for months, sometimes years, before eventually arriving at it's destination. Upon arriving at the realm mortals refer to as "the afterlife", the soul is assigned a new form. This form is almost always the form of a demon, spectre, or monster, since the form assigned is dependent on the number of misdeeds the soul committed in their human life. A very minuscule number of souls are pure enough to reach the realm beyond the "afterlife" that mortals refer to as "heaven".

After their transformation into a permanent resident of the "afterlife", the soul is set free to roam the endless, barren land. For the most part, the land is very flat and covered in sand, little vegetation growing anywhere. The northern part of the land, however, as little as there is, is made up of a dense rainforest surrounded by mountains. Rumors suggest that there is more to this realm, but few have made it past the mountains surrounding this forest to explore. Scattered across the land are tiny villages created by the residents. However, since very few of the land's residents are sane, the villages consist of only a small number of people, and they constantly fall victim to attacks from the other citizens.

You see, upon arriving in the "afterlife", a soul clings on to their personality and memories. As time begins to pass, however, these things begin to slip away as the will of the creature they have become begins to take control. The souls first begin to feel their conscience slipping away, and then their self control, until nothing is left but a shell of their former self. Because of this, citizens are constantly cast out of the villages when it is near they're "time". This loss of sanity is preventable, however, if the soul can locate a "cyrock" before they lose control. If a soul consumes one of these mystical stones, they stop the procedure of the sanity deterioration in it's tracks, allowing them to live normally in a world populated with demons. That isn't to say that the consumption of these stones doesn't come with a price. In most cases, it has strange aftereffects, such as weakening the consumer, or possibly changing their physical makeup entirely.

While the "afterlife" has no leader, per say, one soul eventually rose up to take control of the land. He calls himself God, but he is no such thing. Rather, this soul is just some lucky man who's cyrock enhanced his powers dramatically. While he doesn't bother with the far out desert lands, he calls the rain forest and mountains his own. He rules with an iron fist, often sacrificing perfectly sane souls to the sanity-less, and often he consumes them himself.

This is another thing one needs to understand about the "afterlife". There is no real form of food. One MUST feed on another in order to stay alive, which as you can imagine is a difficult task for those who are new to the realm. Over time, when they are provided no other choice, they will grow accustomed to it. I'm sure you are questioning what happens to a soul when they "die" in the "afterlife". Well, the citizens of the realm refer to this as the "afterdeath", a realm that exists beyond the doors of death. Nobody is certain what this place is, but some say it contains a door leading back to the realm of the living.

After hearing news of a big Halloween party downtown one evening, many kids and teenagers showed up to the event, dressed in full costume. After all, there were rumors of a ton of free stuff! Who could resist that? It was very stormy, and the power went out several times. Talk about pathetic fallacy. Halfway through the party, as a joke, some of the attendees decided to set up a necromancy spell. They intended to jokingly revive the dead. Unknown to them, if executed properly, such a spell would open a gateway to the "afterlife". All went as it should have, just fun and games, until something went awry. Blood was spilled near the end of the ceremony through the means of a simple paper cut, but even this little amount was enough to trigger the spell. In a flash of light, a group of party attendees suddenly disappeared.

They awoke some time later, amidst a desert. There was no sun, there were no stars, it was all darkness. Upon closer inspection of themselves, they found they had changed physically. In fact, they're new forms looked peculiarly like the costumes they had been wearing earlier. Apparently, since they were not deceased souls, the realm made a decision based on what was obvious. New feels overwhelmed them, but they were quickly brought back to reality with the arrival of a group of residents of the strange land, who claimed to be their guides, intent on helping them escape the realm for whatever reason. Is there really any way to escape the grasp of the "afterlife"?

As you can imagine, you take the role of one of these partygoers and their guide. I encourage the utmost creativity in regards to this RP, meaning have a ball with your characters!

Human - Well, not really anymore, but still.
Age: (10-25)
Gender: (Before and after. What? Like I said, go crazy with your character.)
Species: (Some sort of demon, monster, spectre, something along those lines.)
Personality: (This will slowly corrupt over time, but for now put it as it initially is.)
Abilities: (Does the creature your character has become have any special abilities?)

Demon Guide
Age: (In regards to appearance)
History: (Both their human lives and the time they've spent in the "afterlife")

RP Sample:

October 23rd, 2007, 7:20 PM
RAWR I RESERVE THE SKELETON COSTUME!! D:< I can't finish tonight, but I'll try to get it done tomorrow! <3

Human - Well, not really anymore, but still.
Name: Vance Hall Graham
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Witch Doctor
Appearance: Vance's new appearance greatly coincides with his love for the thread and needle. As a lover of sewing and design, Vance spent many intricate hours upon his costume, and drew many stitches across his body while he was preparing for the Halloween Party. These charcoal stitches became quite real, and the gashes that they hold together are never-healing, and always require the stitches in place to keep his body from falling apart. His hair is a greenish teal color, although underneath you can see a white fringe to complete his two-tone hair, the messy and half-heartedly spiked style that of a modern punker. His eyes are a plain green color, flat and making him appear as though he has cat-eyes. The right corner of his mouth is sewn shut by two stitches, leaving enough open for him to be able to speak, albeit with slight difficulty, while his left eye is covered by the green fringe. Even without his hair in the way however, Vance could never see out of this eye anyway, as this eye was stitched shut as well. Vance's skin was one aspect of his costume left unaltered, as his tanned skin made a very nice touch against his hair when Vance was fashioning the costume. The outfit itself doesn't appear to be that of a doctor's, as he wears a tattered black jacket with golden epaulette's on his shoulders, the ripped and shredded ends of the high collared garment reaching just past his waist. The jacket is simply draped about his shoulders and held together at the neck by three draping gold chains. When he parts the jacket to lift his arms or shoulders, underneath one can see a loose white linen shirt, cut into a circular collar with a small v-neck dip in the middle, where the fabric is held together by criss-crossing laces. The shirt is much like an old fashioned casual wear, with a flowing torso and wide bishop sleeves, rather then a modern more constricting piece of clothing. His pants are a pair of plain pressed formal dress pants that any normal doctor would wear to work, with black dress shoes that appear to have come from the same suit as the pants. However, what mainly sets Vance as his species is the flexible golden box on the right side of his waist that holds four thin spools of differently colored thread, showing that he uses stitches to solve anything and everything. A standard stethoscope hangs around his neck, and on the back of his belt, sitting next to the golden box is his first-aid kit, which holds more then things needed for just basic remedies, but carries also a scalpel, pain-killers, and anesthetics. On his left hand he wears his highschool class ring, which is a simple gold band on his right ring finger, and has his name and graduation year engraved into the inside. It has no gem set into it, nor any writing on the outside.

Personality: Like your average teenager, Vance is quick to freak out whenever he sees something scary, or whenever something surprises him. His sense of pride normally keeps him from losing his cool entirely, but he's certainly nothing exceptional. His speed is the only thing he's got going for himself, as he's not particularly intelligent, nor is he very strong, and he's constantly making challenges to others for races and the such. Vance would never admit it, but he's a ditz, and has a hard time noticing subtle hints and even obvious hints, so getting answers to things, or having insight on other people's feelings is something that Vance is incapable of. And through all these flaws, he's even a selfish git who hates sharing. Though he tries his best to be pleasant, it's tough, and he has a tendency to say crude things that might offend others without him intending for it to be malicious. But his overall mood is normally all smiles, cheery and sunny. Vance's patience is his last good quality that anyone might be able to think of off his head, as he can tolerate things for quite some time before he puts his foot down, but pushing his buttons is by far a more advantageous action then it should be, as his temper is rather wimpy, and quite pathetic.


Abilities: Vance's needle can change in width and length a maximum of three times each way; He can make the needle wider, or he can make it longer, and the last is that he can also make it smaller. But he can only use this skill three times a day, each direction used three times each before he's stuck with whatever shape it's in. The different threads in Vance's gold box all have different effects. The black thread is just your plain old thread, used for stitches and healing purposes. Though they're permanent on him, they heal others in seconds, and disappear afterwards to leave no trace that they were ever there. The purple thread is a poison, and for as long as the thread remains where it is, it will poison it's surroundings and essentially drain energy. The orange will paralyze the limb or body part it's threaded through, so if the orange thread passes through the heart, Vance's opponent is done for, because the heart will stop beating. And last, but not least, the red thread makes the holes it rests in bleed incessantly until they're pulled out, and when they're pulled out, the holes they created double in size and only stop bleeding when the natural clotting occurs. Of course, this is only if Vance can manage to thread his opponents with his thread. His speed has been boosted a bit in the AfterDeath, but he has no other special abilities.

Demon Guide
Name: Alton Boniface Algernon (Prefers to be addressed by his middle name, 'Boniface', because it sounds funnier.)
Age: Unknown (He's a skeleton...)
Gender: Male
Species: Skeleton

Appearance: Boniface has ivory bones and is proportioned like your average skeleton that hangs in the science classroom closet. The biggest difference that's quite obvious is that he is considerably thinner then a normal skeleton, and quite tall to boot. He wears a black bowler hat lined with white over his bald skull, and a black formal double-breasted jacket with two columns of white buttons running down the front. A pair of pressed black pants underneath this jacket along with shiny black leather dress shoes give Boniface a very professional and businesslike look that is strange and unexpected for such a crazy and ridiculously comedic skeleton. Boniface is almost always carrying a black umbrella which is beaten and battered, holey and ripped, and he uses this umbrella as a walking stick. There's a neatly folded white silk handkerchief in his pocket, and ever since getting to know Vance, Boniface has taken to keeping a sewing and first aid kit in his empty stomach, keeping the two boxes where they're supposed to be by using his rib cage as a sort of fence to keep them from falling out. The most noticeable aspect of Boniface however, is a large hole in the back of his skull, which is normally hidden by his bowler, along with the fact that he's missing his right canine tooth.

Personality: Even though Boniface is quite obviously dead, he's the life of the party. Eccentric, loud, obnoxious, and utterly stupid, Boniface is hard to understand by anyone with a normal mind and normal dead or human common sense. He has a habit of contradicting himself, making big deals out of the smallest things, and loves every bit of it. Many people might consider Boniface to be an annoying twit, as he's most certainly probably got some kind of terrible mental disease that makes someone carefree at the worst possible times, dramatic at the worst possible times, and has a very poor attention span. Hyper and outgoing, Boniface can't stand boring people, and will often take the extra leap to make himself stand out more in the presence of these people, as if his loud voice and strange laugh didn't already garner enough attention. But Boniface's favorite past time is scaring people right out of their skin. When people ask how he became a skeleton, he'll often respond with ridiculous tall tales, (which change every time,) such as a zombie-saber-toothed-tiger ate him for dinner but he managed to escape before his bones were gnawed away. They almost always involve him somehow outwitting or overpowering his opponent, while in reality, Boniface would much rather run around making a big scene and scream like a little girl rather then fight the opponent. He prides himself on being a Drama King, and is constantly telling lies, so much that it's hard to distinguish between whether what he says is true or wrong. Because of his excellent acting skills, one would think that he'd make a perfect distraction or decoy, but when placed with responsibilities like this, he often screws up in some way or another, by either sweating too much out of being nervous, or letting his teeth or knees clatter together. He's somewhat a pervert, and wll often ask blunt questions without thinking or rather, not caring. Questions like, "Do you eat a lot? Because I can tell." or, "Do you like to wear lacy lingerie?" Normally, when Boniface is being serious, it's normally an act meant to be comedic, and his ultimate motto is; "My goal in Death is to make people Laugh!"

History: As a human, Boniface was naturally address by his first name, Alton, and was an accomplished person. He was intelligent, handsome, and good at sports. As the bookworms called him, he was a Gary-Sue incarnate. But like most tragic hero's, his life went downhill when his school was incidentally caught in a mass shooting incident, and he lost a number of his friends and people around him. Alton became quiet and reserved, believing that he was paying tribute to his old friends by not making new ones. Becoming a very depressing person to be around, he became interested in the world of the supernatural and dark magic. Most people hated being around him, but as an old tradition, he would sit for hours on a park bench, where him and his old friends, alive and dead, would often hang out before the shooting. Here, he met a young girl who was always carrying a disposable camera, and liked to take pictures of him. She was more then half his age, but he found he enjoyed her company, as she was always laughing and smiling, never hesitating to say her mind. She would always come back and show him the pictures she'd taken of him and she always called him by his middle name, because it made her laugh whenever she said it. As time went by, the girl found new friends, and she'd show him pictures of things other then him, she'd show him pictures of her new friends, even on the days when she'd come back for the first time in weeks. Soon enough, Alton was fed up with waiting around for someone who'd rarely showed up, and he stopped visiting the park. He took down the pictures she'd taken from the walls of his room, and kept only one of himself and the little girl, the first time they'd met in his pocket, carried with him everywhere. This picture incidentally was on him when he died, hit by a drunk driver who sped off afterwards. Alton searched for Afterlife with great eagerness, as he believed he had nothing to wait around for in the human world. But when he finally entered Afterlife, he was deathly afraid of the monsters he'd known his friend's must've become, and fearing that the same would happen to him, began to search earnestly for a cyrock. Though it took a majority of his life in Afterlife to find one, and the only thing that kept him sane for bits and pieces longer was the picture of himself and the girl. As his sanity began to dwindle, his surprised expression in the picture began to fade away, as with the rest of him that was in the picture, leaving behind only the little girl he no longer recognized and the bench. He consumed a cyrock just in time however, and when he did, he was stripped of his flesh, eyes, and organs. Crushed at being as much of a monster as what he'd been trying to avoid, Alton wandered aimlessly in Afterlife, quickly gaining survival skills and becoming an accomplished enchanter who enchanted other monsters into letting him consume them. But as fate would have it, Alton met up with the girl soon enough, who had died of Ocular Oncology, the main reason why she'd always had a camera with her. She'd regained her vision upon finding Afterlife, and the first thing she did was laugh and ask, "What happened Boniface?"

After this, Alton began his search for a cyrock anew, but her deterioration came faster than his, because she had no picture to remind herself of who she was. And when he returned empty-handed, he found that she'd already become a beast who didn't recognize him in the least. After trying fruitlessly to help her remember who he was, Alton donned his middle name as his primary name, and dedicated the rest of his concious death to making people laugh and feel good, repeating his earlier experience of picking up a burden on himself to force himself to never forget or move forward.

Abilities: Even though the umbrella has a number of holes, it is intact enough to be able to hold up Boniface's minimal weight, and so if Boniface should desire to, he can jump up or down and float safely back to wherever the umbrella takes him. Boniface is also an experienced enchanter, who uses enchantments and spells to take over pieces of his opponent's minds, though he can often only control the signals that move legs and arms. This enchantment can be easily overcome if someone hasn't last too much of their sanity however.

RP Sample:

October 23rd, 2007, 7:47 PM
Name: Adrian Shephard
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: human-ish
Appearance: Adrian's teenage form is a simple person. He has a simple scrawny frame but has some muscle mass. His eye color was cerulean and he had hair shaped into a mullet that was black

However Adrian decided to do something new for a change. For a costume Adrian found a very rare armored costume. It was completely black complete with a black helmet. It of course was made of plastic. The armor was dark and shiney from his feet all the way to his fingertips. His helmet on the contrary resembled a latex mask without a face (similar to spiderman's facemask) However the difference was it was made of plastic and the eyes were small and green. However on the inside Adrian could see out clear as a bell. Along with the armor the costume included a tail. Meaning it was a demonic armored being.

Once he went to the desert everything changed. His armor bonded to him and actually became like a skin. His helmet became more realistic. Adrian's eyes became the green eyes however he could still see clear as a bell. The armor became as hard as steel and the tail actually joined to his tail bone. So it is fully movable

Personality: Adrian is a very likable person. He makes friends with many people and does very many favors to people. Constantly he is helping random people in the street for random favors. When he is in a group Adrian is the center of attention and the everyman. He stands out greatly in a group and is very social. He does many things for attention and always does them. Even if they are life threatening. Adrian uses logic to his advantage and continually quotes famous people from literature and movies. He is very literate and does delve a bit into pop culture. To many people Adrian stands out as a leader. Since when he does projects or anything similar Adrian takes charge and tells everyone what to do.

History: Adrian was born into a middle class family. His sister and brother tortured him for much of his childhood until he went to school. At school once he learned how to act he found that he could meet friends easily if you knew how to act. Eventually Adrian acted his way into getting a very large group of friends. Eventually Adrian faced his stage fright and participated in a drama role in his school. Eventually he liked it so much that he took an acting course at his highschool. After all this Adrian stood up to his brother and sister and they left him alone.

Adrian decided to do something new for Halloween. Since everyone was being traditional non-scary costumes he decided to do a scary costume. So after many days he finally found one. It was a demonic armored being with a tail. His friends quickly drafted him into going to a party downtown. With the lure of free stuff being to great he eagerly went to the party. Once he was there he was the center of attention with his group of friends.

Abilities: He has super strength, improved reflexes and stamina.

Demon Guide

Name: Ulrock

Age: Unknown. (Suspected to be in late twenties)

Gender: Male

Species: human

Appearance: Ulrock is dressed in strange clothing. Firstly he wears a full face Balaclava that covers his entire face. Except for his eyes which are dark red with slit like pupils. He speaks in a very deep depressing tone and sounds like a theif. His clothing consists of a dark leather vest that has four pockets. Two front pockets and two side pockets. He also wears a dark long sleeved shirt that has also dark black leather gloves. His pants consist of black long cargo pants with many pockets. He also wears dark brown boots. Ulrock has a depressing evil look about him. He looks like a murderer and a cannibal all rolled in one.

Personality: Ulrock has a dark depressing personality. He has anger problems and constantly yells. But when not yelling he is depressed and moody. Always talking about "How life isnt fare". How he had to die so young and stay in the after life. Ulrock is very intelligent however. Almost always he will know something someone else will not. Be it about music or math if you know a question he will know the answer to it. This depresses people greatly since he knows more then they do about anything. However Ulrock rarely insults people rather thinking "Actions speak louder then words". Which works all the time since anyone who angers him he rather yells at them till they back down. Which works 99 percent of the time to his advantage

History: Ulrock was born in a poor family. His real name was lost many years before. This was just his called name with his partners in his work. Ulrock became a bounty hunter when he was 18. He began finding contracts made my rich people which would pay hundreds of dollars to kill some stiff in a suit on a street. Ulrock managed to find easy work while doing this. While doing this he opened his mind to knowledge about how to toy with people and about human anatomy. So he could find simple ways to kill people. However on his last contract he realized it was actually a trap by a rival bounty hunter. Ulrock was shot in the head in his traditional Balaclava (For a disguise) and dark clothes.

Once he made it to the afterlife however. Ulrock didn't lose his sanity till much later when he was already renowned for his intelligence and history. When nightmares of the bullit making it to his skull haunted him. He went into a deep schizophrenia when he found out about about the fabled stone the cyrock. Ulrock searched for years until he managed to find it. With hard determination to preserve his sanity Ulrock finally managed to find it. After utilizing all his killing experience and using all in his power to find it. However when his soul absorbed the cyrock he found that his appearence mutated to a form in which he was a completely hideous demon. Shamed of this he hid his face behind his Balaclava which soon bonded to his face.

Abilities: Very high intelligence, killing experience

RP Sample: From Newer Generation

Suddenly Adrian heard something. It was a large intercom. "Your attention please. The pokemon festival is prematurly starting now. Please come to the Valley to the west of Viridian and wait there for your guest speaker to arrive. Adrian then pointed out the window. "There is where the festival is. You dont need to point a gun on people to find out." Adrian then walked out of the pokemon center's door. Not noticing wether or not anything was happening.

The snow was getting stronger. Adrian looked towards the valley. It had a large wooded roof that wasnt there before. Adrian set out for the valley. It was only a short walk and he finally made it.

There was one person draped in a white coat and had a piece of fabric cover their face. The person also wore goggles that covered their eyes. The person was infront of the one doorway into the valley. The large gate had a small one person door in it. Adrian walked towards the person.

The man looked at him and asked his name. Adrian clearly said it and took his pokenav out. It flipped open and an avatar with his face on it showed. "This all the identification you need?" The person looked at him. "Okay you can go in. We are only letting in the people who were invited." Adrian was puzzled by this. Why would a festival only let in specific people. But he shrugged this off and went through the door inside the gate.

Underneath the wooden roof the far end of the valley was taken up by a large stage. Infront of the stage was a large viewscreen. Adrian could barely notice but around the fence surrounding the valley there were more draped white coats. "Strange." Adrian thought. Why would a festival need additional security. Adrian attempted to walk more into the valley when he noticed a toll booth like building. It blocked off entrance into the rest of the valley. There was a door and above the door it had a large sign that said "SIGN IN HERE". Adrian walked into the toll booth.

There was a desk and another draped person was sitting at it. He had a clipboard infront of him and a black pen. "name?" The person asked. Adrian said his name once more and then added "Why do I have to do it twice?" The person at the desk said "There is only one guard out there checking sign ins. He could easily be distracted while someone sneaks past him. Then the draped person walked over to a PC. "Please deposit your pokemon into the tray infront of the PC. This is due to additional security and plus you will not be able to use them for the battling contest near the end of the festival. You will get "Different" pokemon to battle with." Adrian complied easily. He quickly took his six pokeballs and placed them into the tray. Within a few moments the pokeballs evaporated and a screen turned on.

His face was seen there with data on his six pokemon. "Excellent. You may go through now." Adrian walked through the door and looked out to the rest of the valley.

October 23rd, 2007, 7:57 PM
The demon guides are separate characters. Residents of the "afterlife" that have consumed a cyrock and are there to help your character.

October 23rd, 2007, 7:59 PM
Human - Well, not really anymore, but still.
Name: Ezra Jollie
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Zombie, Fire-Breathing Clown. X.x;;
Appearance: Well, before entering the Afterlife, Ezra decided to be creative with his costume and forego the generic costumes (e.g. witch, devil, slutty vampire). Buying a clown costume from the local shop, he decided to begin his own alterations.
Personality: (This will slowly corrupt over time, but for now put it as it initially is.)
Abilities: (Does the creature your character has become have any special abilities?)

Demon Guide
Age: (In regards to appearance)
History: (Both their human lives and the time they've spent in the "afterlife")

Eh. I'm sorry about Y.Z. David. I couldn't come up with a good character, and I just fell too far behind. Hope ya can forgive me.

Hero of Time Link³
October 23rd, 2007, 8:28 PM
Please reserve me a spot I'm currently busy and will finish soon promise.

Name: Izuki Nakamashi
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Zombie
Appearance: Izuki has jet black hair with blue and orange highlights running through it and wears dark blue jeans and a blood red leather jacket. He is quite a slim pre-teen and about 5"3 in height and weighs roughly 95lbs.
He has black eyes with light redish pupils. His shoes are mainly consisting of white sneakers and black sneakers with red stripes on them but he has some performance shoes as well. His halloween costume was a Zombie but not like the normal ones who look extremely funny but a one that made him look like a demonic evil Zombie from a Horror Movie with red gashes and scars that looked so realistic that his friends asked if they were real.

Personality: Izuki is a very average pre-Teen and has been the person he is since preschool, he hates Gangs and opposes them highly, but still are one of the most wicked people he has ever had the displeasure of meeting in his life so far. He is a extremely social person and makes friends quite easily, he usually gets along quite better with stranger ones than the "normal" friends.
He is a perfect A+ student and never got below A in a test at a normal school even though he hasn't had that many years there, he practices hard for every test and normally doesn't give up until he can't do it anymore.

History: Izuki was born to a not to poor or rich type of family and was often bullied and teased when he was younger due to being a "Midget" but he endured it and got over it and soon the bullies couldn't understand why he wouldn't cry when they called him Midget and other rude things about his relative shortness. Later when he started school he was a great student and made many many friends by socializing with them instead of the way that some other students had gone up to him and asked," Will you be my friend?" which he still befriended them anyway.
Izuki thought that most people had Halloween costumes that weren't scary enough so he purchased the most realistic,scary,scarred and evil looking Zombie outfit he had ever seen.

Abilities: He can survive a few shots to the heart due to being undead. He also has improved strength.

Demon Guide
Name: Shinigami
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Appearance: He looks just like a wolf in every aspect and angle because he had transformed completely already not including his teeth because he might have has razor sharp canines but the rest of the teeth are still human like. He has a flat black coat but it's mixed with red and orange streaks, he has claws that are capable of ripping meat right from a carcass or living creature which benefits him in the afterdeath. He is just like a normal wolf though.
History: (Both their human lives and the time they've spent in the "afterlife")
Abilities: Extremely good assassin.

RP Sample: Kyoto noticed Kakashi-Senseis first mistake when he left the clearing, it was that he had not anticipated that there would only be one route in the forest for him not to leave less than one trace. So Kyoto feeling quite confident that he would get him used the Shadow Clone Jutsu and dispersed in every direction, three of them noticed a series of broken branches and followed them just to capture a few Water Clones of him which burst and turned back into water. The real Kyoto meanwhile was following the main path where no branch could be broken and he saw footprints that had been left in some parts of the grassy ground and followed them.

He found Kakashi but then to his disappointment Kakashi used Shadow Clone Jutsu as well and dispersed into three directions. Kyoto made the other Shadow Clones who were with him to follow two of the Kakashis and he followed on to the one going forward with lots of determination. The two clones of Kyoto destroyed the other two clones Kakashi in close combat with Kunai Knifes and then Kyoto found Kakashi once more and finally caught him. Kakashi exclaimed happily,"Congratulations you've caught me! Now tell me a bit about you."

Kyotos answered happily ,"I am Genin from the Syuku clan,born in Sunagakure and was accepted as a Genin in this village. I don't go into depth about my clan as my family doesn't trust me telling any of the clans secrets, I will tell you this though, my clan specializes in throwing stars and wind manipulation, I wish to master my clans abilities and become one of the elite Amaterasu Srukenkakashi which get to use the clans specialized weapons which were originated in this clan and are only used by it."
Kakashi shouted,"Great so you'll be a good ninja to train. You seem like I'll be able to get you doing C-Rank missions because of your excellency in tracking me even though I left you a few clones to trick you. I still need to see your combat skills so meet me tomorrow at the training ground I showed you yesterday."

October 23rd, 2007, 8:43 PM
I posted my Demon guide. Please give me constructive criticism if it isn't up to par. Also Arch I have a question. Will we be able to get weapons in this rp? If we do what will we be limited to?

October 24th, 2007, 1:10 AM

Name: Kalima Izumi

Age: 21

Gender: Female (Was going to go for Male. but then noticed the amount of other Males so far XP)

Species: Impish Vampire

Appearance: Kalima made the mistake of actually attending the party in the first place, her other mistake was going dressed as a Vampire, only this vampire had some customisation. Instead of going as the traditional Vampire, Kali decided to add wings, long ears and some purple make up. Instead of her usual light brown hair, she had dyed it black with a streak of purple for the party and straightened it, but the long spike’s that her hair formed have turned into actual spikes, one large one, one medium and one small one, each taking a different colour of her dyed hair (Black, white and Purple). Her eyes are no more the emerald green colour that they once were, but are now a dark violet colour, almost haunting. Her skin, which she had painted white to go along with her deadening look has now actually turned deathly pale and the fake fangs she had worn to accompany the vampiric look are now formed into deadly canines, her ears took on a similar fate and have now transformed completely into long, furry, imp ears; much like the fake ones she had worn to the party.

Her attire consists of a black crop top which stops just below her rib cage a pair of ragged black pants, which have been torn to just above her knees to make way for the furry purple talons of an imp. Her legs are rather thin, where as her feet are huge and tipped with dark purple claws; her hands on the other hand have not taken a drastic change and just bare long fingernails. The remainder of her trousers are held up by two studded leather belts, one wrapped firmly around her waste and the other hanging low on her hips. Another black strand of leather wraps tightly around the top of her left leg and the same type of material wraps around her upper right arm. Chains hand from both her belts and the crucifix buttons that decorate her long, black trench coat. This coat bares many buttons and spikes and successfully hides her legs and lower face if done up properly.

Kali’s demonic ears are decorated with multiple hoop earrings and her tongue is also pierced with a fake silver ball. A black tribal tattoo runs from the top of her leg, decorates her stomach and runs right up to the base of her jaw. Her pure white face is then marked with black, triangular tattoos on either cheek. Her main feature…other than the fact that she is indeed a Vampire-imp highbred are the grand purple imp’s wings that sprout from her back, these of course were the fake wings she had worn to the party.

Personality: Kalima is a little bit of a loner, but not because she chooses to be so. In fact, Kali is rather friendly and trustworthy and a very good friend to have. But it’s more to the point that she has different interests to other people, even for someone of her age. She doesn’t understand why people still call her a freak, even after passing childhood and her teenaged years, but the fact is that not many people want to get close to her and get to know her before judging her. Sure Kali looks the intimidating type from afar, but that is far beyond the truth. She’s always willing to make a new friend and because of people’s views on her has always been incapable. Over the years she grew less and less caring of what people thought of her and just got on with life. Her only true friend was someone she had grown up with since her early childhood years.

When asked to work in a group, Kali is normally ignored and pushed to the side, even though she is quite a bright and intelligent person. People are never willing to give her the chance she needs to make herself known to anyone as being someone no one thought she could be. It is these reasons as to why Kali is very quiet and is likely to withdraw from anyone nowadays. The story is different on the other hand, when someone chooses to engage her in discussion of they’re own free will. Kali is more than happy to talk and discuss back if she finds someone friendly and non judgemental. But her lonely life has made her a little judgmental of other and she is never willing to fully open up to people unless she knows that they can be trusted with her feelings as Kali is a very mentally fragile person.

History: Kali grew up with only one friend, and that friend remains with her today and they are as close as ever. His is name is Kioni and even though they are of age in which people would conceder them to be a couple because they are roommates and are always together, the pair want nothing more than to be friends and keep it that way. They know that if they were to have anything more, it would all be a waste of time. All in all, Kali had a very lonely and degrading life. Even though she was one of the top students in the classes she had chosen to take later on in her school life, she was never much of a popular choice for having friends. In fact, she never had any luck.

It came to the point where she was happy enough having Kioni as company and even though he had no problems getting friends, he would always choose to hang with Kali. They’re friendship was not built out of pity; the two were the closest friends anyone would meet if they were willing to look close enough. Kali preached to him not to ignore his other friends, but he simply stated that she was his one true friend and he would not leave her just because some ‘popular kids’ wished it.

Her school life was fine apart from the lack of friends, but she cared not about that when she had Kioni and truth be told, her family were good as gold too. They were a traditional family where they would always spend time with one another and would travel together. They did not care about the pleasures that money could bring you when all they needed was each other and occasionally a tent and the essentials. So all in all, Kali has lived a comfortable life up to this moment in time.

Abilities: Kali has the ability to fly and any powers a childe vampire may have. (Example being, has night vision.)

Demon Guide

Name: Toboe Ukami

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Species: Ghost Wolf-boy

Appearance: Toboe is a young boy who once possess healthy olive skin, dazzling brown eyes and mahogany hair, styled into a bob. Now he is no more than a pale white ghost. He wears a pair of colourless shorts that stop just above his stubby knees, a plain, button up t-shirt and a long sleeved jacket. Around his neck is a chain necklace, holding a locket in place which he will not show to anyone. He wears clumpy boots and bracelets decorate his right arm. A pair of wolfs ears sprout from his head and a matching tail from his lower back. Toboe has the ability to transform into a ghostly wolf.

Personality: Toboe is a lonely individual, sad and lost. Dying at such a young age, with such a horrific life took a bad effect on even his after self. The boy seems to be frightened of anyone and seems to be very submissive when it comes to anyone raising a voice at him. He will do whatever he is told as log as it means that he does not have to suffer physical or mental harm. The boy seems completely innocent and fragile, so much so, that it seems cruel and unbelievable that he is a member of the demonic race of the afterlife. Toboe finds it hard to trust anyone with his feelings, but in a completely different way to Kalima. He believes that if he were to lower his guard, it would only mean trickery and more mental torture like he had suffered in his human life.

History: Toboe lead a sad and lonely life, abused by his parents and always second to his big sister. Unlike Kali, he had no friends because he would let no one get close to him and he spent most of his time on the street, unwilling to go home…not like his parents cared or anything, it just gave them more of a reason to beat him when he did get home, hungry. He was like a ghost, always there but never taken any notice of by anyone other than his family and he grew use to feeling that way. Loneliness was comforting for him as it meant that no harm could come to him.

You may be wondering how a boy like this did not make it to heaven, well he grew so tiered of constantly being beat by both his mother and father and always being picked on by a snooty big sister that he picked up a kitchen knife one day and thoughtlessly run it through his sisters chest when she was talking nonsense to him in the kitchen one day. He spared not a thought for her when she lay bleeding to death on the kitchen floor. He had missed her heart by inches, only to watch her reach up to him with distant eyes. Still he felt nothing and after watching her claw at the air for a few more seconds, he dealt the final blow and plunged it through her heart.

He didn’t know what would be more punishing, killing his parents or watching and leaving them to grieve over they’re lost daughter. He decided on the later and left…

He disappeared from that day on, only to have his body discovered later on in the month, under the shade of a nearby forest, ravaged by wolves…

The afterlife proved to be a walk in the park for the cold blooded killer. Normally he would go ignored and he liked it that way, but then if someone were to pick a fight with him, he wouldn’t hesitate to beat them down.

Abilities: Even though he is a ghost, his attacks are physical.

October 27th, 2007, 10:44 AM
Bell, JBC, HotL & Shadowfaith, accepted. Loquacity, reserved.

I apologize for taking so long, I've been busy with life. I'll put the basics for my character up for now, and finish it off when I get back from my party tonight. Yes, I was feeling like going crazy when I made up this concept.

Name: Askan -> Acelia
Age: 17 -> 12
Gender: Male -> Female (Yes, I've decided to go all out on the weird scale. XD)
Species: Alraune (Flora Imp)

From top to bottom, Acelia is undoubtedly part flower. Her skin, while soft and smooth like that of a humans, is pure green in colour and quite capable of photosynthesis, albeit since there is no sun in the afterlife, it feeds off of the moon instead. Her hair, rich blond, is long and curly, falling to just above her waist, and is tucked in behind her unnaturally long and pointed green ears. Atop her head are two closed, pink flowers with four petals, and they appear to be rooted directly into her skull. Her eyes are blood red, and resemble a feline's eyes more than a human's eyes, which help add to the cute but demonic looks first created by her two sharp fangs that jut out of her mouth even when she has it closed. Her body, while it's true age remains unknown, seems best suited for a girl around the age of twelve. There are no real curves involved, but they appear to be budding (aha, pun). Her chest is covered by pink material that matches the flower upon her head, and wraps around her entire torso, although leaving her stomach exposed. Just at her waist, her lower half is consumed by an insanely large, redish pink flower that opens upwards to that Acelia is positioned right in the center. Below this flower remains nothing but two green roots that are intended to be used as feet.

Since she is still early in her stages of transformation, Acelia still retains most of her human thought processes and personality. As a human of the male variety, Acelia was very intelligent, athletic, and passionate. In most situations, these would all be positive traits, but for Askan, all of this paired with his willingness to avoid conflict resulted in him being bullied often. He was very popular, but he refused to stick up for himself when those jealous of him tried to kick him down. Other than this, he was usually very quiet and usually outspoken, although he was somewhat of a flirt around the girls, and he kept his secrets deep within his heart. As time passes, and the Alraune personality begins to set in, a few things will occur. You see, Alraune can not feel love. In fact, they feed off of it. They are born as soulless little girls who prey upon beings who accept their false love. In other words, they are like love vampires who trap their prey by using their little girl appearance to bait them in.

Askan has lived a pretty standard and boring life thus far, aside from being a genius. Askan got the wrong end of a bad joke at the worst possible time. While at the party, he was held down by some bullies and thrown into a plant girl costume meant for a child, and thrown out into the party without any other clothes. He wandered for a few moments, unsure of what to do, before he was brought into the afterlife. Unfortunately for him, his new form was based on his costume, not his original body.

As an Alraune, Acelia possesses the ability to manipulate plants to do her bidding. This includes making use of her plant like body. She also can bait other people into showing her kindness, after which she drains them of all their love, and in turn kills them afterwards. An Alraune's deadliest weapon is their appearance, after all.

Demon Guide
Name: Secc
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female?
Species: Shadow

Secc, being a shadow, is just what the name describes, a shadow. She is a being that inhabits the shadows of others, and can either drain the hosts energy, or help strengthen it. In this case, Secc is Acelia's shadow, casted by the moonlight. When she jumps shadows, her real form of being just a black blob of darkness is revealed.

Secc has a very shady personality. She will not speak unless spoken to, and she tends to act on her own. The only reason she is even serving as "the brat"'s guide is because she is given no other choice. She keeps to herself, and loves to act without the opinion of others, which makes her more of a threat than any sort of help a majority of the time.

Secc was originally a young woman who went by the name of "Selia Esther Carli Castilo" (SECC). She was an agent in the service of the CIA, and she had to commit herself to a lot of "unpleasant" work, usually assassinations of "enemies" of the CIA, which usually just turned out to be random targets. When she was eventually killed during a mission, she passed through to the afterlife. Because of the nature and amount of all of her sins, she was transformed into a shadow. She traveled the desert for weeks before she accidentally uncovered a piece of cyrock and consumed it, preventing any further changes to her mind. Not long after that, she met a strange zombie gypsy who fortold her future. Secc was to aid some kid in getting out of the afterlife? She refused to believe that, but was in shock upon Acelia's arrival...

Shadows have the ability to inhabit the shadows of physical beings. While inhabiting these shadows, they can either drain and promote energy into the host, and can even sometimes control the host.

Jack O'Neill
October 27th, 2007, 11:00 PM
I'll just put my foot in the door and reserve a spot. Everything will be finished in due time.

Name: Hikari Matsuoka
Age: 21
Gender: Female (before and after)
Species: Demon (Succubus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Succubus_%28Dungeons_%26_Dragons%29))
Appearance: In life, Hikari bore an extremely uncanny resemblance to Tsuruya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, right down to the ankle-length green hair, bright amber-coloured eyes, and that prominent fang-like tooth. For the Halloween party, she had decided to go as a succubus; her outfit consisted of a silk corset, silk miniskirt, fingerless evening gloves, fishnet stockings, leather thigh-high boots, and a pair of elaborate bat wings, all black in color. Not much changed when Hikari made the transition from human to an actual succubus, save for the fact that her nails had now sharpened into claws and that she now had a set of small, barely-noticable horns protruding from her head.
Personality: Hikari was and still is a highly eccentric woman at heart. Ever the eternal optimist, she often interprets events around her in as positive a light as she can; despite this seeming naivete, she is actually quite insightful, capable of logically deducing confusing and complex events with just the right amount of hard thinking. In any case, Hikari possesses a friendly and cheerful disposition; she is often given over to hysterical laughter at anything she perceives as being even the slightest bit humorous. While she has an excellent command of the English language, she has an idiosyncratic speech pattern characterized by a lisp and a tendency to insert the words "megas" and "nyoro" into various phrases (the former was a problem she had since childhood, while the latter is a relic of her Haruhi fandom).
Abilities: As a succubus, Hikari's ace in the hole is her ability to drain energy with her touch; however, seeing as this necessitates actual physical contact with her enemies, she doesn't have many chances to use this ability. To make this task easier, she can use a focused stare to instill confusion or paralysis in her opponents. Her hair is a weapon in its own right; Hikari can use it to bind or strangle her foes.

Demon Guide
Name: Shauna Elizabeth Williams
Age: Appears 22-26
Gender: Female
Species: Undead (Death Knight (http://www.wowwiki.com/Death_knight))
Appearance: At first glance, Shauna still appears much as she did in life, clad in her standard-issue desert-camo Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Corps_Combat_Utility_Uniform), complete with a Lightweight Helmet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightweight_Helmet) and Interceptor body armor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interceptor_body_armor); her eyes are concealed under a pair of wrap-around sunglasses that she wears almost at all times. Upon closer inspection, hints of her undead nature can be detected, namely her pale complexion; with the helmet and glasses off, she is seen to have dull red eyes and shoulder-length silver hair with a lavender tinge to it. Her transition to undeath hasn't robbed her of her weapons; she still possesses her standard-issue OKC-3S bayonet, Beretta 92FS, and Colt M4A1 Carbine (with attached M203 grenade launcher), and she is often seen carrying either an M14 battle rifle, a Remington M40 sniper rifle, or a Mossberg 500 shotgun as her backup longarm. She carries the signature Death Knight weapon, a runeblade (http://www.wowwiki.com/images/1/14/NEWFrostmourne_wc3.jpg), strapped to her back.
Personality: In life, Shauna was a well-meaning, compassionate, and dutiful soldier whose heart was definitely in the right place, even if her aim wasn't. A month of killing in the Afterlife, however, was more than sufficient enough to break her completely. As a result, Shauna is paranoid and delusional in the extreme; she believes that she is still in Iraq, fighting alongside her fellow Marines and aiding the civilian population against insurgents. When out of combat, she is a sullen, withdrawn, and generally depressed woman whose words and actions are marked by despair and self-destruction. [See also: Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Metal_Jacket#Cast_and_characters), Nick Chevotarevich (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Deer_Hunter#Plot), Robert Barnes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platoon_%28film%29#Characters), William Murderface (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dethklok#William_Murderface), Nozomu Itoshiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayonara_Zetsub%C5%8D_Sensei#Characters)]
History: Shauna Elizabeth Williams was once a lance corporal in the United States Marine Corps, serving in Iraq as a combat infantrywoman. Her squad was out in Baghdad performing area recon when she and several others ran afoul of an IED; Lance Corporal Williams was the only one killed outright. Upon arriving in the Afterlife, Shauna believed herself to still be in Iraq, with the various inhabitants as either insurgents, civvies, or fellow soldiers depending on how hostile they were towards her. After about a month of nothing but endless torture and killing (almost everyone's an insurgent in the Afterlife), Shauna managed to acquire and consume a cyrock, halting her mental deterioriation...but at the cost of transforming her into a Death Knight. Not that she had any problems with that, however; as long as she could keep on slaughtering "insurgents" and aiding her fellow "soldiers," Shauna was just fine.
Abilities: As a Death Knight, Shauna is capable of channeling necromantic energies to deal damage to her foes, either as a concentrated bolt that can destroy a hostile with one hit or as a cloud of noxious vapors that corrodes and withers anything caught in it. She can also force other undead to do her bidding for a limited period of time. Shauna's runeblade is capable of absorbing the lifeforce of whatever it strikes and using it to heal her.

October 28th, 2007, 2:39 PM
OOC: I've been working on this for quite awhile; let me finish with the artwork for Ter before I add more on her; pretty please? >.<

Name: Steve Drady

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Um…This one: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b366/BOYFRIENDOFSAMUS/SteveDrady.png (Yes, I used my awesome artistic abilities to create mah creature! Mhahahaha! Okay, so my art sucks a bit; so sue me. I’ve been working on that character ever since I read the afterlife RP, so yes, I’ma slow. >.> )

Appearance: As a human, he wore glasses. They were square glasses and shiny to the brim, getting him to the borderline nerd mark in appearance. What refused to compliment the looks of his glasses are his slight muscles and ability to really knock someone out and overall outer appearance. So picture this one strong dude, weighing around 199 pounds, average body appearance, with the dorkiest glasses you could ever think of.

There you have Steve. In the afterlife, everything changes. He decided to go to the party as something of his own little creations. Bringing his buddies over to help him out with his costume, each of his three friends brought something of their own to try and mix and match with him. All Steve had was paint. The first step, they stripped him to his boxers and threw paint all over his body; purple paint. So he was a purple man. One friend gave him floppy ears and a tail. A purple man with floppy ears and a tail. The next gave him some old and torn up green male nurse’s clothing, as well as fake claws for his hands. So a raggedy purple floppy eared nurse with a tail he was. The last, placed yellow shades over his glasses to make him complete.

Time was spent together with his friends until the party, and then the afterlife. In the afterlife, he lost height and was now at a new one of a short 4’2 creature. He couldn’t tell what he was because he himself wasn’t thinking he was something specific when making the costume with his friends. His face is dog-like, with dragon scales going all over his purple body. His tongue is forked and teeth are sharp fangs, and his tail is long; his nurse’s outfit changed into drapes of green hanging over his much weaker form. His ears are possibly the only part of his appearance that were furry. Lastly, his eyes weren’t even eyes anymore. He was now permanently wearing yellow shades, as his eyes were now the shades instead. There was nothing but yellow reflective lenses where his eyes should have been. As an added extra, he had been drinking out of a plastic cup at the part and when finished, was wearing it like a glove on his right hand. Now, it has become a part of him; a metal which added extra weight to his right hand and forced him to be fingerless there.

At first, he thought that more than his appearance had changed. He believed his gender had too, but was only slightly relieved when he remembered some studies on reptiles and how all of their reproductive and sexual organs were on the inside. That’s why he was only slightly relieved; he might as well had been a girl.

Personality: Never quite the jokester, but never quite the social outcast either. He has a perfect balance somewhere in the middle of it all. It doesn’t hurt when he is also a generally friendly guy all around. It is easy to make friends with him; all you got to do is go right up to him and ask. He will never hold anything against anyone if they do something wrong. If they can prove that they can be better, then he can forgive them. So he’s very forgiving at that fact. More to this is that he also is very trusting. He can trust people with his secrets easily.

History: Steve was possibly the happiest kid alive when he was young. He was always so full of energy and hyper, and you never saw a frown. He hung out with a large group of friends and it stayed that way all the way to middle school. In his Junior High years, he had to move to a different town. Though he had been slightly popular beforehand, it was hard to get the same recognition he had. He did some new things, joined the school band and played the baritone, later switching to tuba in high school, as well as learning how to ride skateboards and rollerblades instead of the simple bicycle he had known for so long. On his own time, he exercises at his home GYM his dad had made for the house, and is possibly the only one who uses it. He has stayed this way with his friends all the way to where he currently resides in Junior year.

Abilities: The plastic cup which has transformed into a metal on his arm is able to control other metals; he has the ability to levitate and toss the metals without even touching them by concentrating the power of his right hand on it.

Demon Guide
Name: Ter Novida

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b366/BOYFRIENDOFSAMUS/TerNovidacopy.png (it’s more like the adult version of Ter Novida, but just know that she looks roughly around like that. XD )

Appearance: Her appearance is like no animal she could think of in her own mind, nor can any other creature. Her Cyrock had transformed her to a major point, leaving her with fur all over her body as well as a new form dug up from the forms she would have become had she not reached a Cyrock in time. A weasel-ish appearance at the head might suffice, but she had never seen a weasel before, so she wasn't sure. She has an armored pad over her left shoulder, as well as a worn out red blanket that drapes over herself. She uses it to sleep a lot, as she considers it the only piece of cloth she has in the afterlife, despite the red sleeveless shirt she also wears. Not that she needs it, as she also carries her warm fur around her.

From the life before, she was able to make herself raggedy pants that she wears all the time, almost never cleaning it or grooming herself in general unless the time has come to do so (and she knows when; it’s her own state of time). On her travels through the afterlife, she has acquired many techniques and has also manage to gain a weapon for herself and considers it very sacred. An iron sword; she will only use it when she is in immediate danger though.

Personality: After being in the afterlife for so long, she has grown accustomed to the ways of the darkness and desperation others had to survive. This darkness and desperation has caused her to become more sympathetic to the millions of newcomers who arrive everyday. Never has she ever offered help to any of these souls, but she has always felt that it should be given; that just by the fact that she had found a Cyrock, she should help others gain the privilege she has, regardless of what form they take on afterwards. But she never had; she just went on with her own business. Not on one particular day though; and she was very curious when she figured out that this soul she was helping was not dead at all.

History: She lived in London all her human life up to her death in 1948, when she was impaled with a sign-post when a vehicle had crashed right into it, forcing it to fall right down on her cranium. Her human life hadn’t even been fulfilled past her teenage years; such an innocent person she was at the time of her death.

In the afterlife, she spent so much of her time traveling the massive land. She never stopped. When she had arrived, it was only a miracle that she was able to find a Cyrock. Afterwards, there was just nothing left for her, so she was left to wander the afterlife, and so far, it seemed like it was to be for all eternity. Of course, on the way, she learned how to have combat battles on her own. It was something she always thought fascinating as a human, but never followed through because it was considered unlike women to do so. The fighting also helped with protecting herself from those that have lost their mind.

She had found a sword, and she doesn’t know how. She woke up to find it so near her; she decided to take it. That was the story, and she never knew why the sword suddenly appeared. She keeps it with her at all times, but rarely uses it. Some more on her combat skills is that she slowly began to learn something else about herself; she is slightly telekinetic. She can levitate objects for a minimal amount of seconds, but that’s it. If she holds out any longer, her brain begins to hurt.

How peculiar that her aimless traveling has led her to the location where she would first meet Steve, and a new journey would unwind.

Abilities: short-term telekinetic abilities.

RP Sample: (will come tommorrow)

November 4th, 2007, 1:27 AM
Hmm... It's about 2 AM where I live, so it's probably not a good idea for me to post my full signup yet. However, this sounds like an awesome RPG, so I'd like to reserve a spot for now. I'll get some details of my character in meanwhile though. Since this is a character I used in a similar type of RPG before... (which explains why the History section may be a little odd)


Name: Wendy Orla Fayworth (Strangely, she sometimes calls herself by her middle name instead of her first.)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Faery

Appearance: Before the afterlife, Wendy was a little over five feet tall, but now she's only about one foot tall, which is still remarkably tall for a faery. Not only did her height change, but her skin colour changed slightly, to a sort of pale rosy colour. And her ears changed to resemble those of an elf. Other than that, her eyes are brown, and her hair is curly, shoulder-length, and is dark brown with reddish highlights. Her figure is pretty thin, but not to the point where one would think she's anorexic.

The costume Wendy went to the party in consisted of a certain dress with little purple wings attached. The dress was a bright, deep purple around the chest area, layered with purples and blues of a more lacy texture at the bottom, and had long black sleeves that looked like they would belong more on a witch costume. With this she wore a little circlet on her head that matched the dress, and some black boots underneath. She had even bothered to bring a wand, one that was purple with a green spiral around it and topped with a blue feather (and which she claimed that she used in magical workings prior to the party). But that was back before the afterlife...

Wendy's outfit didn't change much after entering the afterlife, except for her wings. Now the wings are almost as tall as her body, and are dark purple in colour (though they fade into black on the ends) and are butterfly-like in shape. Also, the wand she brought along looks slightly different: it has the same purple and green spiral design around it, but underneath that the wood is visible. The blue feather that was once at its end is now a marble-sized amethyst topped by a peculiar deep blue gemstone in the shape of a spear. (The blue gemstone is not a sapphire, but rather, um, something else...)

Personality: Wendy strongly believes in freedom of expression and the pursuit of knowledge. The things she tends to hide most from others are small details such as little embarrassing moments, but it's the things she's most passionate about that she tends to express more--the stuff she wants to get out into the world. Also, Wendy is pretty much the opposite of energetic, but she'll do things with gusto if she kind of feels like it. She's also not very social, and she finds her best moments of happiness when she's alone--as in not with other people. As for her interests, her biggest passion lies in the supernatural, and its connection to the world. This is the thing she looks into the most, a matter she feels that society has forgotten about for the most part, that all people paid attention to was new technology. She never asks why something is true--she asks why not, so this leads her to believe that anything is possible so long as fate allows it.

Also, Wendy has a very pronounced dark side. This means that she often thinks about things that are most undesirable or "scary" to many people--and the most common of these things is death, and anything that comes after it. She also knows of a state called draza--a state where one's soul is somehow trapped. Yet she acknowledges every one of these, however tragic or painful, so she ends up fearing them quite a bit less. The only thing she might really fear is physical pain, simply because she knows no way of controlling how it feels. But despite all this talk about a "dark side", her light side is also very pronounced, so pronounced that there is no one that she hates or holds grudges against, because she knows that nobody is all bad. Generally Wendy is generally honest, respectful, and even generous and friendly. In school, for example, if someone needs to use a pencil sharpener, she'll let the person use a sharpener she has instead of walking across the classroom to use the noisy one on the wall. And if someone asks her a personal question, she'll answer honestly (except if someone asks for legal information such as address or phone number, or for information that would be harmful to a friend).

History: Before Wendy was born, her mother and her father were in constant but not harsh or violent argument about various things. It never lead to divorce though, and many of the arguments were just back-and-forth teasing. Anyways, various issues surrounding their marriage and Wendy's birth resulted from these arguments. Both of them attended a university in Wales, but her mother was from Ireland and her father was from England, so they had a debate over where they would live together. Then when they were about to have their daughter, her mother wanted to name her Wendy, while her father wanted to name her Orla. So they came up with a compromise: they would live in the westernmost part of England so that it was closer to Ireland. Their daughter's first name would be Wendy, but her middle name would still be Orla.

Despite that, Wendy's early life was generally a happy one. She didn't have any major family problems, and her parents loved her just as any ideal parent would. Their arguments slowed to a stop after Wendy (well, her father often called her Orla still) was born. However, then she was found to be very slightly autistic. The case was minor, but still recognisable. It was this condition that put a little bit of a handicap on her social life early in the years. Her friends either said she was mean or just not interested in friendship. And when she went to school and daycare, she was teased quite often by her schoolmates, most often for being ugly. She had quite a bit of a temper back then too--she often cried or hurt those who made fun of her. Back then, she was a firm believer in revenge.

Around the time when she was 12, Wendy learned, however vaguely, about psychic powers, and she became interested in the subject. She was even crazy enough to want to be able to use them--everything from telekinesis to telepathy to hypnotism even. A couple of years later, she had grown to hate quite a bunch of classmates in middle school, so she often threated them or even put curses on them. (The curses were actually just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo words, mind you.) She did have a group of friends, but one of her friends turned out to actually hate her. All of a sudden her life was quite miserable.

Around the time when she was 16, Wendy's personality started to change as she matured. It was a slow, gradual change, assisted by no one, but the end result was quite the opposite of what it was before, the exact same as it is listed in the Personality section. Wendy often looked over her earlier years and laughed at the things she believed then. As for the curses she put on people earlier, she regretted them and removed them. (She wasn't even sure if those curses actually worked, as she did not really understand magic then.) But there was one belief she had then that she didn't banish--her belief in the supernatural, which had only strengthened over the years. Of course she laughed the most at her desire to be able to use psychic powers from before--she didn't have that desire anymore, for she knew she--and everyone--had them all along. (But they only work on inspirational occasions, like miracles, mind you.) She did want to learn more about them, though, as well as many other supernatural aspects. It became her goal to figure out how many spiritual phenomena work, and to make it so that people would not view these things as ridiculous, but as a natural part of life.

In as early as her early teens, Wendy considered a possible career in music. Her parents often said that she was very artistic as well, and often times in her teenage years she had written and composed songs. But these songs she often had to change over the years, especially as her beliefs and outlook on life changed. And occasionally she performed the songs in talent shoes or open mics. She was no band member--she just went solo. Many of her songs were considered either thoughtful, spiritual, beautiful, or just plain old wonderful. Often times her supernatural passions and artistic pursuits went hand in hand. Yet this was the life she ended with so far, and no longer did people tease her or put her down, no longer did she hate people, no longer did she put curses on people (this she was disappointed with--she felt she knew how to do them yet never found reason to), no longer did she brag about silly things as being a "space alien" or "witch" or "psychic" as she did before. (Well, maybe there was an exception for "witch" as it went with her religion, but...)

That is, until the Fayworth family decided to take a trip out of the country for a month or so to visit old relatives. While on this trip, Wendy didn't very much enjoy spending the entire day socialising with older, unfamiliar people, but often wandered around town instead. Then she heard of this big Halloween party downtown and decided she wasn't too old to go (technically she still qualified as a teenager). And the story goes from there...

Abilities: Unlike the stereotypical faery, Wendy is not much of a healer--she's more of a spellcaster, especially since she remembered to bring along a wand. If she as a faery were to be classified into an element, it would be Spirit and/or Darkness.
[More to come in this section when I have more time]

Demon Guide
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Name: Vahn Iketsu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Water Demon
Appearance: The original costume wasn't as defined, but when Vahn was disfigured the costume became more realistic and lifelike, increasing the fright with every wrinkle and crease.

Vahn looked like what a gladiator and a juggernaut would look like if they were to have a baby. Standing about 6 1/2 feet tall, It was intimidating enough with a giant looming over you. Not to mention the unbelievably large muscles Vahn had adapted with the costume. His entire body was like it was engulfed in a blue fire, sharp fins running down his back, devistatingly sharp claws jutted from his finger tips, more fins grew on the back of both arms, one arm had slightly larger and sharper fins, probably used for defense.offense. His face stayed the same, except again engulfed in sapphire flames, slim, medium length. Vahn now had red eyes to boot the whole appearence. So a water demon, standing 6 foot 6, sharp claws, fins, and a giant katana (Vahn's prized possession) hung from his back. This thing should not be messed with.

Nothing had really changed on Vahn at all besides his overall appearence, he was still the same height, still could move around the same as he always had. Vahn also had more swift movements in the water and in rain.

Personality: Vahn normally is one to stare into space, thinking about something so deep you couldnt ever imagine what it was. While he's thinking, you could never get his attention unless you splashed water on him or something. That doesnt mean he's stupid. No, he has a failry large IQ for a kid his age, and he uses his smartness wisely. In battle it can give the upperhand by a large amount, being able to stay at least three steps ahead of his opponant then whole time. This can be good and bad though, because most of the time, Vahn is ridiculed for being able to be so goddamn smart. Normally people don't understand what he's trying to say (not that they are stupid either) and they pick on him for being such a nerd, or something of that sort. When Vahn is angered by someone close to him being hurt or killed, there's no stopping him. Vahn can go into an unstoppable rage until the opposing person is dead, or worse. Among all of these quirks, Vahn can be funny a lot also. He always loves to be just a step down from the life of the party, because he doesnt like that much attention. But Vahn knows how to throw a party no doubt.

History: Vahn was raised by his two parents happily married, but they both had split personalities, so it was interesting dealing with all the different versions of parents he would get on a daily basis. There was a range from "super over protective" mom and dad to "I dont give a damn, do what you want" kind of parents. Vahn learned to deal with the personalities by about 5th grade when he was an A+ student, on the honor roll and everything. Then his mom got in an accident on the road one day, and she was sent into a vegatative state. Vahns dad was devastated because he thought it was his fault, letting her go out that morning even though he thought she was sick. The result of his feelings, he drank himself to death.

So growing up in middle school, he had no parents and no regard for anyone elses feelings. Vahn wandered around aimlessly, failing more and more at school, falling below expectations of everybody until they just gave up on him. Vahn got iunto drugs and fights on the streets, being with the wrong crowd didn't benefit him in the slightest. He was what people that day considered a junkie, he did whatever he could to get drugs, not caring about anything else. Until he was about in 10th grade he lived like this, then he met a man named John Davis.

John wanted to take Vahn under his wing, train him to be stronger on the outside as well as on the inside. After days and days of reluctance, Vahn excepted John's deal and went to live with him and to study and train under his authority. He was 14 when he went with John, and planned to stay with him for the rest of his life. Then one night he went to the party.

Abilities: Vahn has the ability to melt into water, water vapor, basically anything liquid. While he's in liquid form he can control every movement, like strangle someone by wrapping around their throats or drowning someone. Vahn also has the ability to control water in his enviorment, making more demons, making weapons, e.t.c. out of it.

Demon Guide
Name:Shiza Iketsu
Age: as old as Vahn, 17
Gender: Female
Species: basically the complete opposite of vahn, a fire demon.
Appearance: Shiza is extremely pretty to begin with, she has a long, filled in figure. Shiza stands about 5'4 inches tall with long flowing hair that drops to her shoulders. The hair used to be brown, but in the demon form it basically looks like fire is dropping down from her head, with amazingly brilliant yellows and oranges highlighting her vibrant red hair. Her face is like Vahn's, long and slender. Red eyes are the focal point, since nobody can take their eyes off of them they're so pretty. Her body is extremely femanen, slender shoulders, average sized chest, skinny stomach, slightly widened hips and long, beautiful legs. On her torso she wears a tight red shirt that drops to her belly button, showing some stomach. Over the shirt she wears a jacket that's yellow with red stripes. On her lower body she wears skin tight jeans that flare out at the bottom where the embroidered flames jut up from her ankles.

Over everything Shiza wears a long coat thats a deep crimson in color along with a matching belt that holds her two prized possessions, Blaze and Stream. Her two .45 pistols, one firing bullets embedded with the soul of fire, the other firing bullets embedded with the soul of water. She thinks of these pistols as objects symbolizing her and her brother's relationship.

Personality: First and foremost Shiza loves to be obnoxious. She'll take any chance she can get to annoy the crap out of the nearest person to her, making everyone mad, but they can't be mad at her because she's so cute. Aside from being obnoxious she is a fairly nice gal. She always cares about anyobdy, no matter who they are. She'd put her life on the line for a complete stranger because it's the right thing to do. At parties she wants to have all the attention and would do whatever she could to have all eyes on her. Sometimes Shiza is known as insane, or extremely weird, because of her qualities, but for people that know her better she's considered one of the coolest people alive to them. Some people are honored to be with her, some are annoyed, it just depends on her mood or the person she's with.

History: In the human world, Shiza was Vahns sister. After her death Vahn mourned, but never mentioned her again because it was too touchy of a subject for him to talk about with anybody. Shiza died in an accident while she was playing with some toys in her room (she was only 8). One of the electrical sockets shorted and started her curtains on fire. The fire spread to her door, barring everyone from her room. Her parents and Vahn tried desperatly to save her, only to fail and to listen to her scream while she was burned alive along with her toys.

After she died, she was sent to the demon world to wander aimlessly amongst the other "people" who had died. She was sent there for a purpose, a voice told her, she will be able to help her brother one day if she stayed. Loving her brother Vahn very much, she stayed in the demon world as a fire elemental, training every, toning her powers to the tip of perfection. She watied nine years in the demon world before there was a flash in the sky and everything was black for a moment. Then she saw her brother in demon form, laying at her side. She was frightened that it happened, not expecting it at all, but she was also happy she would now get the chance to help out her brother.

Abilities:Basically the same as Vahn, only with fire. She can manipulate it to do anything as well as making it appear out of thin air. whenever she uses Blaze (the fire pistol) she covers the pistol in flames and it changes into a more "gothic" style pistol engulfed in an orange flame. Stream on the other hand, doesnt do anything besides shoot bullets that have the soul of water inside them..so far...

RP Sample:
From the "Elemental BattleDome" RP

Vahn walked through the gates of the village he used to live in and saw it was burned to ashes. He had been gone for another year of training with the sand, but he had no idea that this would happen. Walking around, he stepped over the smouldering rubble that used to be his house. God damn.. He thought to himself, looking over the ruins. He walked over to a corner of the desolation and picked up a half-charred portrait of himself and jiraiya. Right... well there isn't anything else for me here... He thought again; then he saw it. A flyer was posted up against one of the tiny walls still standing. It was an invitation to some sort of tournament called the Elemental BattleDome. "Huh.. people from around the world.. loads of different types of people and skills... I like it..." He said aloud to himself. Vahn kicked open the door that was being held up by to halves of wall on either side, looked back and smiled as he knew it wasnt necessary to open it. He continued out of the village until he was back in the vast desert surrounding it. Waving his hands in an evil, taunting motion, sand grains started to move around him and soon, there was a small sand tornado next to him forming what looked to be like a human with huge arms, no neck and seemed to have a very, very bad temper. "Si rithnoth vean sentho" Vahn chanted and the form sprang to life, walking next to him, as Vahn walked casually as if nothing had happened. "So Vahn, what's on the agenda this time?" The sand demon grunted. "Oh, you know, the usual... Walkin around... gettin some food.. findin fresh ass to kick." Vahn said and smiled with a devilish look in his eye. The demon chuckled. "This better be worth my time, I was having a very relaxing nap in the other rhelm." It said with a slightly joking tone. Vahn smiled again. "Nah, I just wanted some company for the long walk.. going to the Elemental BattleDome.. It should be interesting." Again the demon chuckled. "I hope so... I havnt had a good fight since last year when those soldiers came round." "Yeah, don't worry about it biggie" (biggie was the extremely obnoxious nickname vahn called the demon, which the demon didnt like, at all) Biggie cringed at the name. "We'll be there soon enough... then you can have some fun with some other kids that seem to be pleasing to us." Vahn winked and they both laughed.
So they walked and walked, having conversation about this and that, stopping at small villages...sometimes to gather food and rest, sometimes to terrorize. Sooner or later they reached the enourmous dome that looked like it was sprouting out of the ground.
"Here we are Biggie, our next fun time is in there." Biggie looked at it, smiled and disapeared into the sand, knowing if the others saw him, they would have an advantage. "Yup, this'll be interesting." Vahn said, smirking as he walked through the double doors leading into the Elemental Battledome

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It was cold. Everything was cold. What did heat feel like again? Askan couldn't even remember. What was the last thing that happened? Was he eating dinner? No, no... There was something AFTER dinner. A... party? Yes, that was right, he went to a Halloween party. Then he was stripped and thrown into some strange costume that was both the wrong size and meant for the opposite gender. Did he resist? No. He never resisted. Violence wouldn't solve anything. And then what? Was he walking through the party, getting laughed at? Probably. Then, a blast of light? Yes, that's when everything went cold.

"...d, ...ke u..."

"Huh... who's that? Is it mom?"


"GAH!" Askan shot upright with a start as something yelled horrifically into his right ear. Strange thing was, his right ear had been buried in the sand beside him. How had something yelled into it? Whoa, wait a second. Sand? He was just in the middle of the city, where the hell could he be that was covered in sand. He glanced from side to side. Apparently he could be in a desert. Yeah, that made a lot of sense. He noticed that there were a lot of other people on the ground around him, in completely awesome costumes. They almost looked real. But at the same time, the costumes looked so warm, and he was SO cold. As he glanced down to see what he was wearing, he nearly passed out.

The first thing he noticed that his skin was green, and surprisingly hairless considering he was a seventeen year old male. This skin reflected the moonlight, which felt SO good radiating against his skin. He touched the skin on his right arm with his left hand, and realized how soft it felt to the touch. It was then that he caught sight of another change. Since when were his hands so petite and his arms so thin? He dropped his strange limbs down to his sides, when they brushed up against the flower "skirt" he was wearing. He realized it was NOT a skirt when he actually felt it when he had touched it. In fact, while the "skirt" was open, it seemed to meld with her torso so that he was apart of the flower. It only took a quick movement of his legs to realize they were vines, and upon touching his head he found longer, blond hair, with two flowers on top. "W-what the hell happened?" He said, but became shocked by his own voice.

"So, I'm going to assume you used to be a guy." That female voice from earlier spoke. Used to? Well, that would make sense. It all added up after all. "Give it a few seconds, I'm sure the first of your mental issues will take effect. As if on cue, Askan's blood red eyes glazed over. When the unglazed, he knew himself as Acelia, the Alraune girl. She still had knowledge of her past life, but she would only respond to her new name. In shock and fear from what was going on, she screamed in a high pitch that would wake the dead. That probably wasn't too far from the truth, actually.

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The first thing Adrian felt when he awoke was heat. He felt as if he was at the beach in the middle of autumn. But the last thing Adrian remembered was the party. Himself in his truly original costume. One that people marveled at.

Now he awoke to a green light. Then it became clear and transparent. He looked around and saw he was still in his costume. But something was different. When he was at the party he was sweating like crazy in the costume. But now It felt different. It felt as if there was nothing underneath the costume to sweat like crazy. He tried to find the easily breakable crease that ran down the side of his mask. But now it felt like his mask was sealed along to the rest of his costume.

The thing that woke him up was a voice. It sounded like nothing Adrian ever heard before. It sounded like something that lived in a tree and had never cleared their voice ever. It said "Get up already." Adrian quickly lifted his head and looked around. He then heard a loud shriek from the flower-person on Adrian's right. "Ugh. I am up what is going on." The first thing that felt weird was his voice. It no longer felt as if it was coming out of his mouth. On the contrary it felt like it came out of the metal that was were his mouth once was. He moved his index finger towards his mouth and felt 3 long slits that came from where his nose once was down to where his jaw once was. His voice came out of those slits. It felt hard and metallic.

"Ugh whats going on?" he said slowly. Still feeling the nausea from the party. It quickly passed. "I thought you would never wake up. Come on get up." The man above him gave his hand to him. Adrian took it and got up slowly. The first thing that he felt then was that he had a tail connecting to his tail bone. "My name is Ulrock. Now you look like someone who wore that just for stupid creativity." Adrian shook his head roughly. "Feels like I was hit by a two-by four to my head." The man shook his head. "If you got hit by a two by four you would be nodding like crazy instead of shaking." Adrian thought this little tidbit of information a little disturbing. But didn't want to ask him how he knew it. As if he thought that he would hit him with a two-by-four if he asked.

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As if to add to the noise, Vance groaned when he heard a clattering cackle of a laugh erupt right after whatever had shrieked had finished.

"You got the funny one!" A nasally voice that one normally found skeletons with in haunted houses shrieked between overpowering laughter, "I'd rather lose my flesh then turn into a girl! Oh wait, I already lost all my flesh! I forgot!" The laughing doubled in intensity at the very un-funny joke. At this point, Vance could no longer understand what could possibly be so funny about a joke that didn't even have any basis. How could someone lose all their flesh and laugh in such an annoying way?!

Slamming his hands onto the ground and stirring up a cloud of dust, Vance coughed and was thouraghly confused. Sand? Dust? The group felt warm and grainy, and even if it was fake dust in the building, it wouldn't have been warm. Shaking the dust out of his eyes, Vance tentatively peered through small openings between his eyelids, trying to defend himself from the forces of nature. But he couldn't help but widen his eyes, tumble backwards and yell in terror as the first thing he caught sight of was a skull that was floating around in the dust cloud.

But, at the very least, by scrambling back, Vance had escaped the sand, and the skull.

"Wha-" Vance began, but stopped after he noticed the very same skull pop out from the top of the cloud, still floating.

"I got a scardey cat!" The skull cackled with laughter, "But he got my suit all dusty. What a shame!"

As he continued to talk incessantly about his suit and whatever he'd gotten, Vance noticed that it wasn't just a floating skull when the whole skeleton stepped out of the cloud, a bony hand brushing off the tan color on the black suit, and bowler hat. His jaw seemed to be getting close to being unhinged, he was talking and laughing so much. It was too much to comprehend. A moving, talking, skeleton-thing that was... not bothering to shut up anytime soon. And even though after the 5000'th sentence, the skeleton's jaw fell off, he just kept talking, even though the sound came out as strange incomprehensible sounds as he bent down to pick up his jaw. And when he'd reattatched it, he'd continued talking as if everyone had been able to understand what he'd been saying when he'd lost his jaw.

"And so you know, I was like, 'WOAH THERE', and the monster was like, 'WOAH THERE', and we were both like 'WOAH THERE'-"

"Don't you ever stop talking?!" Vance cried with a slight bit of urgency in his voice. Talking that much COULDN'T be healthy. No, being a skeleton with no flesh or organs couldn't be healthy, "What ARE you?!?"

He stopped talking, even though his mouth was still open. Turning in a very mechanical way to face Vance, he continued to talk, without pausing to take breath, (though Vance wondered whether that was neccessary...) "Hello-there-mortal-human-gone-weird-puppet-witch-doctor-thingy-with-lot's-of-stitches-I'm-a-resident-of-the-AfterDeath-and-I'm-a-skeleton-andmy-name-is," He took a big breath at this point and began speaking even faster then before, "AltonBonifaceAlgernonandI'myourdemonguide!!!"

Vance was terrified, to say the least. He hadn't caught much of it, other then 'Alton' and 'mortal', and 'doctor-thingy'. Vance registered the latter as a reference to his costume, which had been based off of a witch doctor. Blinking twice Vance looked down just to double check that his costume wasn't mussed from the nap he'd apparently taken and almost would've yelled out in terror again if the skeleton didn't suddenly appear right in front of him, bending over the weird umbrella that he used as a walking stick and positioning his empty eye sockets one inch away from Vance's green eyes, saying in a normal talking pace with a curious tone as he tilted his head around until his chin faced the sky,

"What's youurrrrrr name????"

"V-..." Vance began, but, he didn't think it would be smart to give him name out to some skeleton, "Where... where am I? And why... why are these real stitches?! And why are you moving if you're dead, and don't have any organs, and don't have any flesh, and how can you see if you don't have any eyes?!"

It was Vance's turn to babble and the skeleton listened with light interest, twisting his head around again so that it was right-side up again.

"Alton," He said slowly, "Boniface, Algernon. I prefer you call me Boniface though, because it's a funnier name, don't you think? I didn't really like it when I was alive though. So anyway, I'm a skeleton. And you, my doctor-y friend, are in the wonderous AfterDeath!" He threw his hands out to indicate the barren land around them that looked lifeless and pitiful, "Wonderous is a pretty bad name for it, but it's a nice effect, don't you think? And since you're in the AfterDeath, that would explain why I'm moving, and why I can survive without flesh, or organs, or being able to go to the bathroom, or eating, or drinking, or anything like that. I could even walk around butt-nekkid and NOBODY would care! Well actually I think some people would, but I don't know if they're really notice."

Vance had already deducted that this skeleton liked to talk, and talk he did. And so, he stopped asking questions for the meantime, because it prompted the skeleton to talk, which was currently no longer a goal. He simply nodded and kept his eyes anywhere but the endless pits of Boniface's empty sockets. He hoped that everything he'd imagined for the costume didn't actually apply, like the never healing wounds....

November 20th, 2007, 12:10 PM
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Vahn shuttered as a cold shiver ran down his spine. It wasn't a psychological shiver either, he actually felt an icy feeling running down his back. He opened his eyes and soon found out why.

"Brother! You're finally awake!" Shizu screamed in his ear, smiling happily, then her expression changed. "It sure took you long enough, god you've always slept like that... not a thing could ever wake you up." She was frowning. Vahn got up and shook the water off his back, or at least he tried to. Even as he shook his head and back the cold tingle was still there. He shook more and more violently, then stopped when he realized there were other people around, only they weren't...Normal...Some of them were spectres, some robot looking things, some looked as if they were born gender confused.
Then he looked down at his own hands and gasped in horror of what he saw. Vahn's hands were a light blue, almost see through, with patterns of swirls moving around underneath his barely transparent skin. There were claws jutting out of his fingertips and sharp fins running up his arms, one slightly bigger than the other. He looked at the rest of his body and saw that it carried the same theme, the theme of the water demon costume he was wearing the night of the party.

The thought hit him like a ton of bricks. The party. He thought, shocked. What the hell happened... Did I hit my head? Did someone give me anything strange to drink? He couldnt remember. Everything was a blur to him. Vahn had no idea as to how long he had been out. a day, two days? a week? He didn't know. And to top it all off, Vahn was standing next to his deceased sister. Thoughts were swirling mad in his mind, running in and out of one ear, different possibilities to what had happened were popping up. As he was thinking- "VAHNNNNNNN!!!" Shizu blurted into his thoughts, making his mind shatter.
Vahn jumped into the air, shocked beyond belief. "Shizu.. Jesus you scared the daylights out of me... What's going on here?"
"Well....." Shizu started off, "you see all these other people? they're justr like you. They went to that party you went to, only they didn't leave like some of the others did."
"Shizu where am I?" Vahn was starting to get impatient.
"Vahn..." Shizu made a remorseful face. "you're dead..."
Once again, Vahn felt like he was hit with a ton of bricks. "D-d-dead?" Shizu saw the startled look on his face and started explaining.
"Alright, you aren't really dead... the gate to the afterlife opened because a spell went wrong at the party you went to. Some kids tried to use a Necromancy spell, but uh.. somebody got a papercut and the spell was triggered, the gate opened and a few people from the party were sucked in, creating them into the costumes they were wearing. Look around" Shizu said, and pointed to all the other kids "Most of them aren't any older than you are... but still.. they're mighty frightning." Shizu continued.

"Alright, so I'm stuck in the afterlife, if such thing exsists, and I got here because a magic spell was messed up... And now you're telling me I'm a water demon too?" Vahn asked critically, "Then why are you here Shizu? why is my deceased sister here?" He asked her.
"I'm your demon guide!" Shizu said happily and Vahn looked at her like she was insane. She sighed, "Okay, the gods saw you and the others get flown into the afterlife so they sent you guides because otherwise there wouldve been a 98% chance you wouldve died." She said, laughing. "And they knew me as your sister, so they decided to be nice and let me be your guide through this forsaken place." Shizu finished talking and started jumping around gayly. Then she came back with a more serious look on your face. "Oh, and since I'm your guide... I guess I should start giving you advice now... Look at your finger... If I were you, I would go out of my way to keep that hidden from the others... They wouldnt be too happy to figure out whats there."

Vahn looked confused, then looked at his finger and a form of horror and sadness replaced his current facade over his face. On his left index finger, right at the tip, there was a small, red, papercut.