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October 24th, 2007, 2:25 AM
“Welcome new students, to the Draconian school of mythology! My name is Charleston Rodriguez, but Mr Rodriguez will do perfectly and this is my wife, Raquel Rodriguez.” The handsome man took a young woman’s hand and they both took a bow towards they’re young audience. “As you may or may not have noticed, I am your headmaster and this beautiful young maiden is your Headmistress. We would like to take this time to introduce you to the members of staff that you will grow accustom to spending time with over the next few years as well as sort you into one of four houses in which you will be spending your entire time in.” He turned his back on the students in order to introduce them to the mass of strange people sitting behind a grand oak desk.

The mass of staff ranged from the family of Dragon carer’s that they had met earlier upon arriving. The joyful family had been the ones to lead them to the castle from the Dragon’s they had ridden on to arrive at the grounds. To the most frightening looking caretaker the world had ever seen. It was after the headmaster introduced the staff that he turned back to the students and waved a grand hand in the direction of each of the tables where the rest of the schools students sat. Flag’s hung above each of the tables.

The right most table had a silver and pink flag hanging above they’re heads with a pure white dragon gracing its features. “That my children is the table for the members of Coca: Home to the hardworking and kind, these Dracnonian’s know the true meaning of friendship and kindness, but can be rather naïve. This house is the house of Coca, lead by our very own Mr Thomas Cooper.”

Mrs Rodriguez the headmistress was the one to announce the next table; it seemed they were moving from the right to the left. This table had a red and orange flag with a blood red dragon posing proudly. “And this is the table of the brave and courageous, they would do anything for those they deem friends and would most certainly do anything to gain what they want in life. This house is the house of Fafnir, lead by Mr Oliver Tolkien.”

The next had a green and black flag with a picture of a dark green dragon fiercely roaring. The headmaster announced “This is the hous of the power hungry and cunning, members of this house would do anything to have control or be noticed. This house is the house of Orochi, lead by Mrs Annette Hurfford.”

And the last was announced by the female Rodriguez. A Purple and Blue flag hung above, designed with a wise Navy Dragon. “And lastly the house of the smart and Patient, members of this house are smart and wise, but can also be very smug and cocky. This house is that of Nidhogg, lead by Miss Adel Norman.”

There was some talk amongst the new students, but they soon quietened down when the head’s looked as if they were ready to speak again. “Now without further a due, it’s time for you to be sorted into your new houses. As I call your name, you will approach the front and you will then know which house you are in. Now we will begin:” The frightening caretaker handed a scroll to the headmaster before stepping back, glaring at the news students. Mr Rodriguez rolled his eyes and called out the first name.

“Tahama Noire”

Tahama froze, she didn’t expect to be the first one called…she at least thought they would have gone by the alphabet, not randomly. She gulped and took a step to the front. Her arctic tail swishing back and forth frantically, she felt the eyes of the other students on her and dipped her head. Her arctic ears pressing back against her abnormally coloured hair. She looked up at the smiling head’s and grinned sheepishly. As she approached the top of the steps that the pair was stood on, she turned around and faced the crowd. She felt awkward and for a while, she thought they had made a mistake in sending her an invitation for nothing happened. But then there was a flash of red and her attention flew to the flag’s hanging above the four tables.

The flag of Fenrir was glowing blood red and before she knew it, she saw the shape of the red dragon moving and trying its hardest to escape from its material prison. Before she knew it the dragon was ripping its way through the material and taking on a bigger shape. Tahama was about to take a step back before she felt the comforting hand of the headmaster on her shoulder. Her head shot back and her sapphire eyes wobbled with fright until she saw the smile on his face.

She gained a boost of confidence and made to turn her head around, only to jump on the spot at seeing the great big head of the blood red dragon sniffing at her face. It took a few moments before the dragon finally lifted its head and gave a thunderous roar. The dragon glowed red again before erupting into a burst of red stardust which fell and covered Tahama before falling to the floor. The table of Fenrir began to clap and roar out chants which Tahama assumed to be they’re theme tune or something. She grinned and made towards the Table of Fenrir, taking a seat next to a red head male who clapped her firmly on the back. She was bombarded by the entire table in welcome.

The only word she had to mutter was “Awesome…”

OOC- Okay, so it’s up to you whether you want to describe your ride to the grounds. You were at home when a dragon arrived at your door, baring a message for you and your Dragon partner. You are to get upon the dragon who will take you and your partner to the castle grounds where you are met by the Dragon carers who take the dragon who gave you a lift and point you in the direction you are to go. You find yourself in the great hall and getting sorted into your houses like my character was. Just have your name called and get yourself sorted and sit at your table for the first post.

The RPG will become more free-roam when we get things started, Promise.

Alter Ego
October 24th, 2007, 6:02 AM

"Evanel Lindblom."

A number of heads turned at the sound of the ever-so-slightly nordic intonation, quizzical eyes meeting the stranger who had just risen from his seat. It wasn't the stranger's appearance that had caught their attention - after all, it took more than slightly pointy ears, green hair, and unusually adorable little electric blue eyes to stand out in this crowd; what had a number of people confused was that most people tended to reply to calls only after they had been made. It was worth noting, however, that the staff and senior students didn't seem particularly surprised at the little spectacle; apparently things like this were quite common fare at the DSM.

The youth himself appeared largely unbothered, however, calmly adjusting his fern green shirt before nonchalantly shoving both hands into the pockets of his hunter green cargo pants while sauntering over to the steps much like Tahama had, though unlike the aforementioned he seemed to be taking no pressure over the attention he was getting. If anything, the youth looked mildly bored, even as he stopped at the top of the steps to give the audience an endearing, if somewhat vacant, smile and a wave. Only when the purple and blue flag came to life did he seem to regain some measure of interest in the scenario, observing the banner dragon's display for as long a it lasted.

"Nidhogg." he remarked to the occupants of the room, looking somewhat pleased, "That's good. I like blue; it's a nice color." with that, he wandered over to his allotted table, his bare feet not making a single sound as they traversed the floor.

"Do you always have to make a show?"

Evanel's smile widened slightly as the familiar, grouchy voice entered his mind, the half-nymph leaning back in his chair in a seemingly careless manner, tilting his head as far back as it would go to allow a look at the window from which his self-appointed guardian was undoubtedly overseeing the procedure.

'I try.' he thought back, reaching into the fanny pack at his waist and pulling out a wooden ocarina, idly toying with the instrument as he rocked the chair back and forth, 'Besides, this ceremony could use a little lightening up. For having all these people around, it's so...boring.'

"Boring?!" the dragon's voice in his mind was now utterly indignant, "This is a time-honored tradition that only a chosen few even get to witness! How can that be boring?! I'm warning you boy, if you're going to try pulling one of your pranks during this ceremony there will be-"

'Oh, relax.' Evanel shot back, a fit of light, melodic laughter escaping his lips for the further confusion of those around him, his electric blue eyes idly wandering back to observing the sorting, 'I won't try anything...yet.'

October 24th, 2007, 2:44 PM
The icy blue haired girl shuffled through the hallways of the school in pursuit of her fellow students. She kept her nervous eyes glued to the ground as she attempted to cast away the knowledge of other students giving her strange looks. She assumed it was because of her hair, or perhaps her colourless skin, but in reality people were more drawn to her outfit which seemed better suited for the middle of winter. For this girl, Fleur, it was always winter. Even now, snow fell in the diameter of a foot all around her because of the moisture in the air from all of the moving bodies. The Yuki-onna wasn't sure where she was going, she hadn't been since she had no choice but to hand her dragon over, but she pushed on after the rest of the large group.

"Lovely..." A boy dressed in a black cloak sighed, trailing behind Fleur. Of course, I get stuck walking behind the one girl who freezes water only by coming within a foot of it. Seth had no real grudge against this girl, but the snow was continuously blowing back and hitting him, dampening his cloak which hid his body and face. He was no fool, he could tell this girl had narrowly escaped death at some point, he was just uncertain as to HOW. Her form was nothing he had ever laid eyes on in his life. "Um... excuse me?" The reaper spoke up, placing his hand on the girl's shoulder, which was covered by her shirt, but quickly brought it back to his side with a shocked look on his face. He shouldn't have been surprised, it was obvious that girl was related to ice somehow, but even through her clothing, he could feel an incredibly cold temperature radiating from her body. That proved it, she had no blood running through her veins, she had died at some point and was reborn as... whatever she was.

Fleur turned her head to look back at the reaper, blush present on her face. Seth took careful notice of this. If she had no blood running through her veins, how was it possible she could blush? "A-ahh, sorry. I didn't mean to shock you. I-I have no control over my body temperature..." The girl apologized as she looked up at him with a look of uncertainty in her eyes. It was obvious this girl was afraid of him, probably because he was well shrouded in his cloak, or perhaps that's just how she was around people. There was no denying it, despite his colourless complexion and her little temperature quirk, she was quite cute. She held that unknowing and innocent look about her that made her the perfect target for basically any guy looking for a random girlfriend for whatever reason. She seemed fragile, both physically and mentally, but that just added to her cute appearance. "Ah... s-sorry, but I need to go ahead!" She was stuttering. How nervous was she anyways? Seth felt the need to stop her and ask about her, but he let her go. There would be other opportunities.

After all of the students were herded into what appeared to be the dining hall, and an introduction was provided to them by the Headmaster and his wife, they students were quickly sorted into their houses. Fleur waited quietly amidst a group of people who tried to keep as much distance from her as possible. She hung her head as she heard a girl complain about it being too warm inside, and another commented in reply about going to stand beside Fleur. She decided acting in such a manner would not get her many friends, so she attempted to put on a happy face as she watched the first student go up, Tahama Noire. That girl, Fleur noted, seemed like one she could possibly befriend. She could tell this girl was a child of the snow, and her strange but beautiful hair and snow white skin reminded her of her own appearance, albeit minus the wolf-like features. The next to be summoned was a boy that went by the name of Evanel Lindblom. He was peculiar looking, what with his green hair and electric blue eyes which, in Fleur's opinion, were far from matching colours. She questioned his species, first assuming elf by the small point to the ears, but decided otherwise.

"Fleur Blanche."

Fleur straightened up as she heard her name, and nervously proceeded to the front where she met up with the pair, snow falling around her the entire time. She was provided with some judgmental glances from some of the faculty. After all, she was unique. There was nobody else like her. The crowd of students behind her was silent as she turned to look at them, but she suddenly became distracted as the snow around her changed to silver and pink colouring, the colours of the Coca house. She looked to the Headmaster, who nodded, and she bowed graciously to him before heading towards the Coca section, where she took a seat, relieved that that was over.

Fleur, huh? Seth noted as he stretched his arms upwards, only to hear his name called from up front. The reaper began approaching the front, obliging to his family's oldest tradition. He brought his hood down to reveal his face for all to see. Several girl's squealed a little bit. After all, Seth's appearance wasn't one to be scoffed at. Too bad that this was one of the rare occasions he would actually show his face. He was hastily assigned Fafnir, and thus took a seat beside the previously announced Tahama Noir, placing his hood back over his head. "Ah, how are you today?" He said politely, greeting his new fellow houseman.

October 24th, 2007, 3:11 PM
"I see..." Jarek sighed quietly to himself as he let his eyes sweep across the room, "I've no doubt that I, alone, am the oldest student here, am I not mistaken Nagendra?"

The black snake that slithered around Jarek's neck poked it's tongue out as it tasted the air, baring it's poisonous fangs at people who got to close for his liking, "It'sss not like you could've come to thiss ssschool when you were younger. You were the sssize of a hatchling, and there isss no way I'm letting a hatchling ride me like a pretty pony."

Jarek snorted as he heard his name called, "Isn't it already a given, which house I'm in, no thanks to you?"

"I'm not power hungry, I've got all the power in the world already." Nagendra hissed back with irritation as he tightened the circle he traced around Jarek's neck.

Jarek took his time, walking up to the headmaster as he examined the people around him. He'd been forbidden to kill any humans in the upcoming years, and he resented this. He dearly wondered how that snowy girl would taste. Like ice cream, perhaps? Nagendra's tongue licked the air as he slithered slowly down Jarek's arm. That wolf-girl probably wouldn't taste all that great. She'd taste like a dog, and there was a reason there was no such thing as vampire dogs. The green haired boy hadn't seemed all that amazing. But humans tasted good too. The reaper... Jarek bit his tongue to keep himself from licking his lips. He wondered exactly what death would taste like. Maybe it'd be bittersweet. Or would it just be bitter? Ah, but he was forbidden to eat any of them. Jarek let his teeth loosen hold on his disappointed tongue. That was too bad. Maybe he'd have to seek them out later on.

Standing upon the podium Jarek sighed, and anyone who was looking closely would certainly wonder why his teeth looked so strange. But, nobody would be close enough to see that they were fangs, and the headmaster already knew enough of that. A good headache it must've given him when Jarek was let in on those strict conditions. These inferior beings were so annoying, constantly watching their necks. Er, backs.

"Orochi." Jarek smirked as the green and black flag swayed with the black dragon tearing it's way out of it's threaded prison.

"Ay, I had nothing to do with this one." Nagendra hissed at a young girl as Jarek stepped off the podium toward the Orochi table, before snickering to himself.

Jarek smiled pleasantly, sitting down on the end as he brushed his fingers across Nagendra's head, as he watched the rest of the sorting with a slightly interested eye. At the very least, he hadn't been stuck with pink.

Scarlet Weather
October 24th, 2007, 4:08 PM
OOC: ZOMG, Zeh flagsh are living!


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Is it time for us to switch who asks and who says 'no' yet?"

Can't remember.

Jasper's tail twitched irritably as he and Rozinante sat perched on the back of the bright green, heavily armored behemoth that had landed in front of their house bearing the "start of term" message. They had both boarded, expecting nothing short of a wild ride to a place that would quite possibly become the most important school either would ever attend. Unfortunately, the dragon who had picked them up was rather old, and therefore took an exceptionally long time to fly from point A to point B. Thus it was that the human/cat hybrid, a being commonly known as an "anthro", or in Jasper's case specifically a "Cait Anthropos" and his best friend, an ambitious, rather stuffy but equally bored dragon sat between the wings of the flapping beast, both of them bored to tears. The two had tried everything to stave off boredom after the initial excitement of flight had faded, from playing "I Spy" to "Cheat" and poker. Unfortunately, the altitude made it extremely difficult to map out anything but obvious landmarks for "I Spy", and with Rozinante's incredible vision he had a definite advantage anyway. Playing cards were also impractical, given the absence of a flat surface to play them on, as well as the fact that the elderly dragon occasionally descending into a coughing fit which shook him enough to dislodge the cards, even if he didn't knock his passengers to the ground. Twice, Rozinante had dove after the errant pieces of paper already, and both draconian rider and steed eventually decided to call the whole thing off.

Jasper exploded again. "I can't believe it! The most important day of our lives, and what happens? We get stuck on the train to dullsville! Ngraow!" The last remark was a squeal of indignation as Rocinante struck him directly between his auburn, feline ears. "What the Raowr was that for?"

Rozinante, a small, black-scaled dragon, shook his head slowly. You shouldn't talk about our host like that. If he gets ornery he may throw us off!

"Good point, good point," Jasper conceded, bringing up one sharp-clawed hand to rub his now-aching scalp, "But did you have to hit me to make your point?"

A smug look covered the face of the dragon as he sat back and began preening his obsidian-feathered wings. If I hadn't, you might have gone on for another twenty minutes. I know you too well for that, Jasper.

"Says the one who thinks he can do better then Shakespeare," Jasper retorted, his tail waving lazily in the air behind him, "Besides, if this guy bumped us off you could always swallow me and fly the rest of the way there."

We both know I hate doing that, though. Rozinante replied, angrily bristling the crest upon his forehead, What if you got stuck in there somehow?

"You didn't have a problem about carrying that precious typewriter of yours though," Jasper teased, his green eyes sparking mischeviously.

That's a perfectly different answer. My turn to start asking, by the way, Rozinante replied huffily, Now, are we there yet?


Both Jasper and August turned to see the bile-green-scaled face of their transporting dragon staring at them. We have arrived at the Draconian school of mythology. I suggest you both grab whatever things you have with you and jump now.

"Jump?" Jasper asked suspiciously.

Yes, jump. It's a tradition that the Draconian lands at the school on his own dragon, unless said dragon cannot carry him. Your mount can get bigger, can he not? The older beast replied.

Rozinante shook his head indignantly, his wolf-like muzzle glistening. I most certainly cannot! If I could, do you think I would remain the size of a mere wolfhound?

Some do, some don't. It's a matter of taste, the larger dragon replied, licking his muzzle, Once, I remember I carried a student whose dragon was only the size of a rat, but when it came time-

"That's enough, Old One," Jasper cut in, knowing his dragon's sensitivity about matters of size, "We'll be fine from here."

The old dragon's face twitched in something akin to surprise. But I thought you said-

We'll manage, Rozinante interrupted. Let's get this over with, Jasper, I'm tired of waiting."

Nodding, Jasper placed his hand in his dragon's open mouth. "Just remember to spit me out once we land," he said, before a black film surrounded his body and drew him into the mouth of Rozinante, who immediately took off, not wanting his friend to spend too long in the cluttered realm of his second "stomach".


"Jasper August!" the voice boomed.

Raising his head from the table he had been catnapping on after spending some quality time in the stomach of his dragon, Jasper realized it was his cue. With a grin, he sauntered to the stage, Rozinante trotting behind like a faithful spaniel of sorts. Both hands in the pockets of his camouflaged pants, Jasper smirked as the dark green dragon of Orochi came to life before him, roaring and exploding. "Looks like the old one wasn't kidding when he said the best would fall to us," Jasper muttered to his dragon, "As long as we're in this house nobody's gonna care if we plan world domination."

Please tell me you aren't serious... The dragon groaned as both trotted to their seat.

October 24th, 2007, 4:26 PM
"Taven Praotor"

Once his name had been called Taven almost jumped. He was not used to all the attention. Especially this much attention. He looked around quickly. Okay id better keep going. Taven normally had a full proof way to cope with nervousness. Just try and think of something else. But right now all he could think about where the hundreds of eyes bearing down apon him. Mostly since he looked like a human crossed with an eagle. But he was never ashamed of his appearance.

Eventually after what seemed like a lifetime Taven made it. Quickly Ghost looked around. "You not scared are you chief?" Taven had grown accustomed to Ghost's questions. Of course Taven was scared. But he still decided to press on.

Eventually Taven made it to the podium. Suddenly colors began changing in front of him. Quickly to the green colors of Orochi. A large applause came from the Orochi table. Taven was still nervous and thinking about what this meant. But he shrugged it off and walked over to the Orochi table and sat down. "See you had no reason to be nervous." Ghost taunted at him. But Taven had ignored it. Still glad that he didn't trip on the way to the headmaster.

October 24th, 2007, 5:05 PM
OCC: @Miz - Green and black is the color of Orochi, not Fafnir.


On the far end of the grand table, a silver-haired elf was lost in her own little world as the Headmaster proceeded in calling out names. Fastened in her tan, petite hand was a circular mirror, and in the other, a red lipstick capsule. She carefully smeared the makeup on her luscious lips as the sound of random names rang in her head. After retrieving a comb from her pocket and fixing the bangs that nearly shielded her eyes, she playfully blew a kiss at the gorgeous face in the mirror, and at least half the males around her let out an unmanly squeal, no matter the race. Chloe smiled and flirtatiously stroked her long hair.

“Oh give it a rest!” insisted a female voice from her lap. A tan lizard looked up at the elf’s azure eyes and let out a disturbing grunt. To those seated around her, it sounded as if the young girl had a bit of gas.

“Okay, okay, just don’t do that again!” Chloe quickly replied.

With nothing else to do, the proud elf finally turned her head to the podium, just in time to see an odd young man step down and walk toward the Orochis. Chloe shuddered at the site of his bird-like physique and clasped her hand around Gaia, her dragon, tightly. The reptile freed itself from the sweaty prison and climbed a top Chloe’s shoulder. Many surrounding students jumped back at the dragon’s sudden appearance.

“Clytemnestra Althea!” shouted a voice back at the podium. It took the elf a few seconds to recognize that they were calling her up. She was so used to people simply calling her Chloe. Taking her sweet time, Chloe cautiously got out of her seat, revealing her pure white sneakers. Her extremely short, plaid skirt made her look like a school girl, while her tightly fit, short-sleeved, white shirt reminded all the boys that she was well on her way to maturity. The pointed ears projecting from the sides of her head made it obvious to everyone what her race was. Upon approaching the podium, Chloe quickly checked her mirror again to see if she still looked good.

“Ahem... are you finished Ms. Althea?” grumbled the Headmaster. There was a discrete change in his tone as he grew angry with the disrespectful teen. Whispers filled the room, many of which stating Chloe was a shoe-in for the Orochi house. However, to everyone’s surprise, a collection of violet and blue particles disrupted her vision. A wise-looking, navy blue dragon appeared before her and examined the fragile creature before him. With a slow nod, the dragon slowly faded away and a thunderous applause from the Nighogg table followed.

“Smart AND beautiful? These chumps can’t compete!” Chloe thought confidently to herself.

The elf eventually found a seat opposite a boy with sickly green hair. He barely seemed interested in the ceremony and Chloe was pleased that she found someone who had something in common with her. Hardly shy, the teen knocked loudly on the table to get the boy’s attention.

“Hey, I’m Chloe! Have you been having as good of a day as me? Wait... of course you are! I mean, someone like ME is talking to you! Now, don’t you feel special?”

Alter Ego
October 25th, 2007, 1:47 AM

Evanel lazily tilted his head in Chloe's general direction as the elf addressed him, briefly ceasing to fiddle with his ocarina. In all honesty, he had been paying more attention to the frost girl and guy with the peculiar teeth than he had to this particular person, both of the aforementioned being far more interesting, but since neither had landed in his house the half-nymph supposed that he would have to make do. Evanel hadn't been among the people giving the various sounds of approval; he was half nymph, after all, and thus genetically vested with far higher standards for beauty than most. Besides, Chloe's face was covered in such a thick layer of make-up that it would have been difficult in the extreme to divine her true appearance anyway.

"Evanel." the boy said at last, "I feel special so often that it's almost normal. Right now, though, I'm mostly bored." he gave a tired little sigh, glancing at his ocarina, "This ceremony is so dull, and Zynthre says I'm not allowed to play even a tiny little song to amuse myself. Your hair is kind of funny, though." he added with a small burst of melodic laughter.

"Evanel!" Zynthre reprimanded sharply.

"I mean, it's all gray...like my grandma's." Evanel continued, completely unbothered by how inappropriate this line of conversation was as he peered into Chloe's eyes with the full old-lady-charming brunt of his own, almond-shaped pair, tilting his head slightly to the side, "Do you have anything else that's funny like that? This whole tradition thing is soooo boring and I could really use something more fun to pass the time."

October 26th, 2007, 2:39 PM
"Yumi Takahashi."

Yumi tilted her head up from it's down position and frowned at the sound of her name. She slowly stood up and yawned as she had been halfway asleep. 'Stupid school calling my name.' she thought as Yumi took her sweet time walking over to the steps and climbing them. Only after Ryo,her dragon who was now miniature sized hanging out her pocket, ushered her to hurry did she actually walk at a normal pace. She could tell that she was annoying those around her who wanted to hurry up and get their turn but she didn't care. It amused her and that's all she needed. As she stood at the top of the stairs the navy dragon emerged from the purple and blue flag and made it's way towards her. The only response to that was a raised eyebrow of Yumi who seemed to not like the fact that her personal space was being invaded as it sniffed her. With one last grunt, the dragon returned to the flag and Yumi muttered " Nidhogg under her breath and this time moved at a faster pace to reach the Nidhogg table.

She the proceeded to put on an even bigger frown than the one she had on before and took a seat. Yumi let her head fall back down on the table not even bothering to acknowledge anyone else there. ' Once I become extremely miserable my parents will HAVE to let me come back home.'

Her head turned to the small blue dragon perched on her shoulder who had seemed to escape from her pocket and looked like he was about to say something. " Really I'm not in the mood, Ryo. Don't bother me right now." she muttered as she turned her head back onto the table." Ryo only grunted at her and laid down on her shoulder. Her black tail was now swinging back and forth as Yumi began to unconciously scratch the tables with her sharp nails. 'Stupid school, stupid parents, stupid name..'

" Stop being such a sour puss and try to enjoy. You're being childish." She heard Ryo speak and she whipped her head to her shoulder and glared. "I'll be childish if I want to." Yumi grumbled after nearly yelling at her dragon. It wasn't fair! Her parents had sent her to this school because she 'needed to get out more'. It was so stupid! What seemed to be bothering her most is that everyone seemde to be agreeing with them! "Feh." she spat and turned her head towards the stairs to see the new students. Being angry was boring her.

October 26th, 2007, 10:03 PM
The school was definitely something else. Baters wasn’t quite in awe just yet, but he knew that he was in for a good few surprises. Such a good theme too; he was already beginning to fall in love with this school just by its looks. A magnificent structure it was. Now, in the main hall, he was very anxious to see which assorted house he’d be placed in. He loved the colors of Orochi and thought that Fafnir suited him best; either way, he was thinking he would be in one of those two. He was hoping he’d be in Orochi.

It seemed like forever until the light decided to shine on him. He didn’t like the introduction though.

“Notiel Baters.”

Yes, that was his name. It was said perfectly well and everything he could ever wish for. Only, he didn’t like for his first name to be given; he preferred his last name. He had gotten accustomed to being called Baters back when he lived with his uncle. Hearing the name Notiel just sounded wrong to him, and he didn’t like it. If he could, he would have rigged them to say just ‘Baters,’ but seeing as that was improbable at the time and remained impossible, people knowing his first name wouldn’t be so bad.

Now in front of the entire school, he could feel the magnitude of all the eyes. He so much wanted to make a joke about it right there. Maybe say something like, “the power!” while holding his arms in the air as the dragon of his house would be released, but he restrained himself. He doubted the headmaster would find this a kind gesture of a new student.

His eyes were right at Orochi. Slightly, he turned to Fafnir to see if there was any dragon stirring, but none as of yet. He heard one, but did not see it. He didn’t see any of the dragons of Orochi or Fafnir moving at all. That’s when he saw, right there in the corner of his eye, the flag of Nidhogg moving. As well as the dragon. He was sniffed by this dragon flag, and assorted right into Nidhogg.

Such disappointment. He only frowned for a second, but immediately, turned it upside down and made a jolt for his new table. Purple and Blue were okay. For a good measure of an entrance, he slid on his shoes with the floor to sit right at the table in the continuous slide, shouting a “woohoo!” along with the other members of the house.

October 26th, 2007, 11:47 PM
"Raiku Fuuma."

"Huh? What?" Raiku said cluelessly, looking up at the sound of her name. She'd been so taken aback by the magnificent grandure of the school that she hadn't been paying attention to the events carrying on around her. As she looked around at the millions of stone-faced students staring expectantly at her, she realized what was going on; Sorting.

Quickly Raiku sprang from her seat and, gracefully as she could, approached the stairs. Xena followed close behind, her tail flicking wildly in the air. Displaying a sweet, toothless smile, Raiku climbed briskly up the stairs and, confidently, turned to face the massive crowd.

A crimson dragon errupted from the Fafnir flag and glided over to Raiku, perching on her shoulder. Xena sat pateintly at her owner's side, glancing up at the red dragon with vacant yellow eyes. The red creature sniffed Raiku thoroughly, then let out a huge roar and burst into a cloud of shimmering scarlet stardust, and fell upon the ground around Raiku.

The table of Fafnir clapped breifly as she strolled quickly over to the table. She took a seat far away from the others..She hadn't gotten used to the massive school quite yet, and wasn't ready to socialize too much. Xena darted after her, and curled up at her heels with a little smile.

"I'm excited too meet the other dragons. Aren't you excited to meet all these interesting creatures as well?" Xena said brightly, raising her head to gaze into Raiku's dusty gray orbs. Raiku shrugged and looked away.

"I feel a bit...Out of my element. This is quite overwhelming..." Raiku responded, a hint of melancholy in her tone. Xena picked up on this sadness immeadeintly.

"Don't be down, Rai! This is a new place and you have so many amazing adventures ahead of you! Sure it's a bit overwhelming at first, but you'll get used to it!" Xena replied cheerfully.

Raiku gave a little sigh and said, "I suppose you're right.."

October 27th, 2007, 5:39 PM
Gazing off into space, Venia barely heard her name called.

"Venia Acies."

She slowly turned her head towards the great table. After a few seconds of figuring out what was going on, she began towards the front, the cloth on her bracelets trailing behind her. She peered around at the flags, noticing that the far right flag, the one of Coca, began to move. The flag shimmered, and the elegant white dragon on the flag was glowing. It went from its dormant 2-dimentional existance to a physical state and flew down to evaluate Venia. The white dragon roared with approval, and burst into a fine, white dust. Venia glanced at the ceiling, sighed, and then began to brush her gradient purple shirt and pants off.

"Coca..." Venia announced, although in a quiet, musical voice.

The table of Coca began to cheer and clap, welcoming Venia to their house.

"Coca is full of the nicer, caring people, right?" Valkus said, perching on Venia's shoulder. "You should be able to get along fairly well with them."

Venia simply nodded, and walked towards her new house's table. She sat down, and noticed the temperature here was colder. She looked over to find a pale girl with snow falling around her.

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October 27th, 2007, 8:38 PM
While looking at the other students getting sorted Arochia finally heard his name which rung across the hall.

"Arochia Atakisa."

He casually walked up to the front with Arashina and looked at all of the students at their tables. After a few seconds the Purple and Blue flag of Nidhogg started to shake and then the Navy Dragon burst out of it and took a figure instead of it's original Two-Dimensional form and flew down to Arochia and examined him. Only then did it approve of him and burst into a sparkling Navy dust. Arochia thought," Phew I'm in Nidhogg, I'll have lots of fun in this house and I love the colour blue."

Then the Nidhogg table burst into applause while Arochia and Arashina strode to the great table and he sat down right next to some other newly sorted students. Them Arochia whispered,"You'll be right at home here Brainiac." And Arochia retorted,"I only know I'm good in the "other" subjects I won't know much here." The applause died down as the next student was about to get sorted.

October 28th, 2007, 4:15 PM
OOC: Ah... it started! hehehe... well I might be out of commission for a while since I need to transfer our dsl to the new house so... hope I won't get left behind when I get back... hehe...

Hinako stared around the large hall of students. She clutched her cloak out of sheer nervousness as the large flags roared magically from the cloth pieces which held them and sorting each student into their proper houses.

"Hinako Furikawa."

Hinako froze for about a half a minute before stepping out from the crowd of students and approached the headmaster and headmistress. Both had calm faces as they greeted Hinako with smiles. Hinako was still tense and nervous while greeting the pair.

As she stared around aimlessly, a radiant white light started to emanate from the flag containing the pure white dragon of Coca. The white dragon started moving and bursted from the flag which held it with grace befitting such a beautiful dragon. As it took a solid form, it glided towards Hinako and a sudden loud yet calm roar echoed through the halls followed by the roaring of the Coca house itself. Hinako felt herself enshrouded by the great white dragon's calm roar that she no longer felt nervousness. She approached the Coca table and felt herself blush. As she sat down in the nearest vacant seat, Alastor had somehow manage to enter into the halls from the carers' quarters in half-dragon form and moved to where Hinako sat.

"So... Coca eh? I figured little Hina wouldn't get into Fafnir..." Alastor commented while grinning at her.

"W-What? T-That is sooo mean Alastor!" Hinako blurted out and puffed up her face a bit.

"Haha... I'm just kidding... Yep... seems like Coca is the only place for you." Alastor patted her head and Hinako reverted back to her nervous self over the odd conversation.

October 28th, 2007, 5:09 PM
Fleur meekly glanced around her table in a fashion that suggested she was beyond nervous. Far beyond nervous. As more and more people were sorted into Coca, more and more people sat down at the table, the majority making an effort to sit away from her. Of course, why would they sit with her? She gave off cold, it snowed all around her, she was dressed in winter clothing, and she was a unique being of which none other existed. To put it bluntly, compared to the other students, she saw herself as a freak. There was one girl, however, that made an effort to sit closer to her than any others had. Whether by accident or intentionally, she was there. Fleur noticed the girl was looking at her, and Fleur quickly diverted her gaze to stare at the table to make it look like she wasn't staring. It was strange, Fleur thought, that girl had the same ice-blue eyes as her. Well, at least she wasn't alone in the eye colour department. The girl's hair was also a peculiar forest green colour, which didn't match her eyes at all... and then there was that purple gradient outfit.

Fleur proceeded to place her gloved hands flat onto the table so that she could straighten herself up. She was going to do it. She was going to say something to this girl! "Um... You don't have to sit near me if you don't want to. I understand I don't create the most pleasurable room conditions..." And she screwed it up big time!

In the meantime, Seth was becoming irritated with the other people arriving at Fafnir. Not many of them caught his attention, if any at all. Worst of all, nobody would talk to him thanks to his appealing shrouded head. He tapped the table impatiently as he glanced around his ever growing group. His eyes locked onto Raiku suddenly, as if he hadn't originally noticed her. That aura, those wings, she was... an angel!? It was little more than a few seconds before Seth had run to her side, gotten to his knees, while propping himself up with his left fist, head down, and his hood rapidly thrown off to reveal his head. "Milady. I apologize for not noticing you sooner. I am Seth, one of the reapers. I shall serve you humbly." Now, I guess to the uneducated, this would seem a tad strange. To a reaper, however, this was one of the most sacred laws. Reapers served angels, angels cared for reapers, that was just the way things were. If a reaper was to come across an angel in any place, the reaper had to serve the angel in whatever ways would please it. Their heads had to be shown in the presence of an angel, it was disrespectful otherwise. The relationship between an angel and a reaper was not one of slavery, however, it was much nobler than that, spanning from generation to generation.

October 29th, 2007, 2:42 PM
"Um... You don't have to sit near me if you don't want to. I understand I don't create the most pleasurable room conditions..." Venia heard the snow-girl say.

"Oh, I uh..." Venia tried to reply, but her words caught in her throat. "I really don't have too much of a problem with a little chill..." she said, trying not to be rude, despite her face going a bit numb. "Oh. My name is Venia, b-by the way..." She looked away, and had her hands in her lap, twidling her thumbs.

October 29th, 2007, 2:43 PM
Tama blew her freezing cold breath over a spoon head and watched as it froze over completely and then waked it against the table. Instead of breaking like she had intended it to, it only thumped against the hard wood. She raised an eyebrow and waked it again on the table, but got the same result. She tried once more before throwing the spoon across the table and huffing in irritation. The spoon barely missed a boy sitting opposite her, but she didn’t seem to notice. All she could think about was how pitiful her power was at the moment, she really needed to strengthen her control over her ice powers.

She turned her head just in time to see a girl of the same element sit at the Coca table; she watched her curiously and gave her a smile when she made eye contact. Anyone with the same element as her, even if they were in different houses meant that they could easily become friends in Tama’s opinion. She watched as more and more people were sorted into they’re houses, some joining her own table, but not many taking her interest. There was one boy who seemed to be a bit irritated and just as un interested as her in the people that were joining, but she only spared him one glance before returning her gaze to the sorting again.

She started to drum her fingers on the table after a while and gave another huff. It was about time things started to pick up, she was getting more and more hungry and more and more tired at the same time, which wasn’t a good combination. Tama was never a patient person when it came to waiting. Her tail had ceased its wagging and her ears were laid flat against her odd hair, a pure sign that she was bored. It was only when the headmasters voice caught her attention that the snow white ears perked up once again and she caught herself listening intently once again.

“Now that you are all sat in your assigned houses, I would like to make a few things clear. Number one is that no one is to enter the forest without a guide, anyone year four and up may visit the forest, but anyone below is forbidden. No one is to use they’re dragon’s to leave school grounds unless they are given permission, anyone below year five, this goes to you only. You will all be asked to attend your classes early and each and every one of you will listen to the wise words of your house heads and head boys/girls, head prefects and prefects. You are loud to have your Dragon’s with you, but they are to remain in they’re miniature forms, we do not need a fully grown Dragon roaming around the school at anytime unless they are outside. And lastly, missions will be thrown at you randomly: Anyone under year three will be accompanied by someone of higher level. I assume you all know that your jobs here are to protect mythological creatures from being captured or harmed by both humans and those of your own kind…some missions will be easy, some will be traumatising for most of you, but this is the task set down to you of Draconia, do now fail them! Now with that said, let the feast begin!”

With that, an abnormal amount of food appeared before the students. The feast had begun!

Tama took no time in digging into the nearest plate of chicken.

October 31st, 2007, 7:52 AM
((I'm gonna try to make sure everyone knows where my char is in this Rp, I've seen my char get lost in to many Rp's and I get really annoyed. *smiles* so let's do this.))

First day Blues.

Over the school barns.

Remmstein yawned as he watched his blue snake dragon float around the large red dragon who had showed up at his cottage door with a letter that told him he was accepted to the school that he had been trying to get into for over three years now. Anguine hissed and snapped at the large red dragon who had said his name was Titan. Remmstein sighed and the larger dragon shot a stream of fire at Anguine who dodged it so easily it was like he and the fire were one for a few seconds. "Anguine! CUT IT OUT!" Remmstein shouted so loud that even titan flinched a little.

"I don't approve of you riding another Dragon, he's not fit to have you astride his neck." Anguine floated around so that he could see Remmstein better, for a three year old dragon Anguine was very, very, very long. he was easily three times the length of the dragon that Remmstein was currently astride, "Remmstein get off him, ride me..." Anguine begged.

Remmstein roled his eyes, he hated it when Anguine resorted to begging it always made him feel bad. "If you wanted me to ride you that bad then you should have said something before we got to the school." Remmstein always had a flare of stating the obvious.

Titan landed next to a guy who seemed entranced by Anguine's scales, "hey... you must be Remmstein, they told us about you." the man gave Remmstein an ugly look, "the school is gathering in the main hall, over there." he pointed to a large lit building, "Don't eat anyone on your way there." he said the last part as though he were talking to a dirty stray dog.

Remmstein started walking to the main hall, "Racist." he spat to the man who guided the red dragon away. Remmstein placed his hand on one of Anguine's paws, "Anguine I think it would be best if you stayed outside, even if they do let dragons be in there you are way to long to be comfortable."

Anguine noded his large head and pointed himself skyward, "I'll wait for you." he said as he went into a lazy spiral to the stars.

Remmstein looked to the sky as other dragons landed and let off students, Remmstein wondered who else would treat him differently because of his race. "It doesn't matter." he said to himself. Walking slowly he let his cape flow in the breeze, he liked the way the evening air felt on his pale skin, he turned and saw a young girl skipping merrily along he licked his fangs then bit his lip, "No... you promised you wouldn't' eat fellow students."

He broke into a run he didn't want to think about food, he knew that everywhere there was food, he could smell blood rushing threw everyone's vain's, he could hear the beating of young hearts. He bursts threw the main hall's doors, he cared not who stared the only one he noticed was the headmaster who called Remmstein's name the moment he saw him, I guess I'm don't blend in as much as I'd like. Remmstein thought growling slightly. Some girls whispered as he walked by, unfortunately with his vampire ears he was able to hear exactly what they said, "Racists." he hissed.

He didn't' pay attention to what happened next all he knew was that he had been put in Fafnir and that he had to sit at the table with all the other students, he sat at the very end, where no one else was, he didn't' even touch the food it wasn't' what he wanted to eat. He had to keep from biting everyone who walked by. I hope no one sits next to me the whole school year. Remmstein wished as he put his head down on the table, I'm so hungry...

In the main Hall, at the end of the table.
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