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Richard Lynch
October 26th, 2007, 4:11 AM
It's me again! I'm here to post a poem (for Miss Kon in particular, although I'm unsure if I've posted this poem before) and I've decided to include a song along with it.

The following poem if the very first poem I ever wrote, but it's remains one of my favorites. It has the same theme as my monster poem "The Fox and the Hares", but is a bit more fanciful and whimsical. Plus, not nearly as stylized. It's called,

The Tragic Tale of Bob the Fly

The air was crisp, the sun was hot,
The rays beat down with glee.
And Bob the fly did scarcely know
How happy he could be.
Because his mother would not let
Bob be completely free.

But one fine day Bob was quite sure
He'd get his mother fine.
And Bob was right, to some extent:
His mother had a sign.
"Don't go near the spider Simon,
He sits there by the pine!"

"If you were to go ask his name,"
His mother did define,
"He'd eat you up in half a tick!
He'd find your taste divine!"
But as Bob traveled out the door,
He thought his mom malign.

Bob was blissful to be aweigh,
He flew atop the skies.
He was amazed to see, today,
All of the friendly flies.
And he could not sit still at all,
Despite his eager tries.

He came to a breach in the road,
And he could barely see
The pine hidden so very well
Through all the dark debris.
And this was when his sight was lost
And some voice came to be:

"Come here, my friend, it is so nice
To see a brand new face!
Come here, and we will talk a bit,
A tryst we shall embrace!
Are you hungry? I'm just to eat!
Come here, there’s too much space!"

Bob the fly had just left his home
With not a bite to eat.
He was touched to find a stranger
Would give him such a treat.
So Bob flew down into the pine
As not to show conceit.

He found his way into the dark,
And followed that sweet voice
Urging him ever deeper down,
As if he had no choice.
And when attacked, Bob saw his fault,
But Simon did rejoice.

"Do not eat me!" Bob did beseech,
And Simon said with joy:
"Don't fear, young fly, don't think this as
Another trick of Troy!"
And with that said, Bob did relax,
Certain it not a ploy.

"I told you so!" Simon did say,
Throwing down his fork.
Bob was lying in front of him,
With not a sign of torque.
And Simon could not help but think:
Bob tasted just like pork.

Now, the following song I wrote is actually one of my least favorite songs I've written, but some tend to enjoy it. It's one of my parody/satire poems, about one of the many great "firsts" in any real relationship. Like all my songs, this is meant to be sung, but you may get the gist of it:

Our First Time

I remember the night you said
You would love me 'till my death bed
But do you recall the first night
We got into that massive fight?

Your yelling rang in my ears, dear
But I had not one thing to fear
For each time you let out a shout
I had filtered the whole thing out!

Lungs were a'blowing
Fists were a'throwing
Lips were a'flapping
You were a'slapping
Lamps were a'breaking
Love was a'faking
I was a'hitting
You were a'spitting
We were a'hating
(We weren't abating!)

Our brawl was so very tragic
And other very crude adjec-
Tives that I could call you right now
Why'd this thing get started and how?

I admit we both had our fault
Things we had done made us both halt:
While I thought I loved you the least…
You screwed the sixty-year-old priest!

Words were a'flowing
It was foreboding
I was a'knowing
Your hate, although in
Here I was spinning
Your hair was thinning
From all the yelling
Listen, I'm telling
Neighbors were hearing
(End was a'nearing!)

Don't think that I now hate you
You are one in only a few
And now that we sit here all sore
I ask: will you love me once more?

A few people have said the end is slightly anti-climatic, and that the end doesn't quite fit with the rest of the poem. But for anyone in a relationship, isn't that how a real fight usually ends? ;)

Thanks for a'reading! XD

Romance Hero
October 26th, 2007, 6:38 PM
Nobody wants an end to come to a relationship, haha. I like that song. Sounds like a common fight between adults. Keep it up, Richard, you rock.

melod.ii ous demyx~♪
October 27th, 2007, 3:42 PM
0w0 Oh Richard, I'm so glad you decided to post that! Thank you~<3
=\ hmm, I really can't choose a favorite between the bunny one or this one. bunnies rule teh world .-. =D They are very similar~ Little naiive ones never listening -.-

Anyways, I really liked the rhythm and rhyme scemes. I love poems that can be read like that, they come out really smooth~ It's really profound. So beautiful work, it teaches a great lesson.

Poor Bob. Oh! And at the end, "Bob tasted just like pork."
For some reason I have to congratulate you on that one, I found it fascinating to hear "it tasted like pork" instead of "it tastes just like chicken" line... the Chicken thing is so over-used.

And it rhymes with Fork! xD~ lol, I just liked it. <3

Very Nice!


Song: !
Wow, I love the lyrics to it, I just can't put out a melody in my head... v.v
(heh, I'm picturing some Adam Sandler beat to it... x.x maybe I shouldn't be.)
xD but T'was beautiful and so completely honest and true.

I liked the middle lines:
... etc.
I think it was really well done, and gave a nice picture of what was going on for anyone who can imagine it. .__. my gosh, I'm confusing myself, I don't know what I'm trying to say.. 8D I loved the descriptions! ~there~.

I'm one of the ones who will say the ending seems rather... quick. That IS how real life is, but, it sort of feels like it misses a step. =\ aw, I don't know. It was awesome anyways.

And now that I read the ending over again, it's really not so bad >-0 I actually love how it seems to slow down, and the words you choose give it a calm feel.


^_^ Really nice work! Your stuff is always so joyful to read~

Lady Nicole
November 8th, 2007, 8:40 PM
Wow, very witty, Richard! I don't know anything about poetry but I know enough to tell that you're awesome ;)