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October 26th, 2007, 7:26 PM
Is it worth getting a Wii for battle revolution and the ds wireless capabilities?

Midnight Beat
October 26th, 2007, 7:34 PM
Well if your gonna get a Wii and PBR then it's probably best to get a DS and Diamond/Pearl. Only because the rental pokemon REALLY suck.

October 27th, 2007, 8:21 AM
Yes, you better count on having D/P or else you'll get screwed over on wifi with your rental Pokemon.

Long story short, Do you have D/P? If not, it's not worth your money until you do.

There are a couple other games that you could have fun with too though, so don't base your decision on PBR.

October 27th, 2007, 8:38 AM
I based mine on PBR and I already got a DS with Diamond... I think personnally that really worth it but, then again... Without a DS and Pearl/Diamond...
I don't think that I'd buy it...

The fun is with you OWN pokes that you can put in battle in PBR, otherwise that's pretty shameful

October 28th, 2007, 3:41 PM
its seriously not worth getting a wii just for pbr, you should really have a ds pokemon game if your getting pbr, truly its not that great of a game unless you have wifi.

October 28th, 2007, 3:47 PM
Is it worth getting a Wii? Abso-freakin'-lutely. Only for PBR? NO! Unless you're an avid Pokemon fan that has Diamond or Pearl and would like to play online, don't get a Wii just for this game. Check out Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, and Super Paper Mario. And Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros Brawl when they come out. Does this mean you shouldn't buy PBR? Heck no, it's a great game for serious battlers. The online is usually a blast. Too bad the price tag turns people away from it.

October 28th, 2007, 3:53 PM
PBR is a terrible game unless you're a competitive battler. No RPG mode + no mini games = one hell of a boring game, even if you have your own DS game.

If you are a competitive battler, it's a different story. You can get a lot of rare items in PBR, and random Wi-Fi matches are pretty cool.

October 28th, 2007, 3:55 PM
Yeah, don't get Wii just for PBR or else the Wii will catch dusts quickly

Metroid 3, Twilight Princess is the MAIN reason I have my Wii

October 28th, 2007, 3:58 PM
yeh true metroid prime 3 zelda and re4 wii edition are good reasons to get a wii, hell even wii sports isd good incentive, not just for pbr

October 28th, 2007, 4:05 PM
Wii Sports is just a game to get the owner of the wii to practice with the Wiimote (I refuse to call it Wii Remote). So it's basically just a game to get the user to control the Wiimote and Nunchuk properly =D

October 29th, 2007, 3:46 AM
Wii Sports is just a game to get the owner of the wii to practice with the Wiimote (I refuse to call it Wii Remote). So it's basically just a game to get the user to control the Wiimote and Nunchuk properly =D

Actually, it's a surprisingly fun game. My only Wii game that's better then it is Mario Party 8. (although I only have 5 other Wii games, and I'm sure SSBB and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games will be better.)

November 20th, 2007, 1:39 AM
yeah i'd say D/P cause the wifi.

November 20th, 2007, 4:32 AM
NO! i bought PBR about 2 months ago. one of the worst mistakes in my life. go but a better game lik metroid prime 3, or Super Mario Galaxy.

November 20th, 2007, 12:10 PM
If you're just going to buy the Wii to play PBR, don't buy it, PBR is pretty boring unless your a competitive battler and you want to have a nice 3-D battle. Other whise, PBR is a dull game. No mini-games, gym leaders, etc. It'd be better if that added more attractions from the 'Pokemon Stadium' games, it'd be more of a good buy. If you're going to buy other games too then go ahead and rush the store and get yourself a Wii, of course that'll be hard considering they're hard to get now-a-days.

November 20th, 2007, 1:30 PM
no it's not, no console is worth buying just for one game, in fact how i see it is if there isn't at least 3 or 4 games out for a console that you want to play dont buy it (unless you like to buy them at launch)

November 21st, 2007, 1:57 PM
You should get a Wii for the other great games out there; not PBR.

November 21st, 2007, 2:56 PM
^What he said. Don't buy it just for this game, it's pretty mediocre. Buy it for good games like Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario and Zelda.