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October 26th, 2007, 7:30 PM
I have had to modify this roleplay heavily due to the fact that it didn’t include that much of a plot. Anyway there are no more gods and you can become an evil tamer. Anyway this was the original version of the plot that I created a very long time ago.


This Rp is a brain child of both me and JBCBlank, the Rp was my idea and she gave some back-story and a few characters

How do you expect me to trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die?!
~Vincent Valentine *FF VII- CBTis 155 spinoff by JBCBlank*

rated pg15

In the beginning there was the digital world. It was peaceful in its own way. But as peace goes there will always be someone to take advantage of this peace. This was Apocalymon. He was shortly defeated by a party of 8 tamers. After this another party of tamers defeated another enemy by the name of Daemon

After a few years the digital world remained in peace. Sure there was an occasional enemy here and there but a tamer managed to defeat them.

Sure enough peace didn’t last. An enemy known as Pharodevimon came to power. In his stead he was narrowly defeated by a tamer who went under the alias “Hiro”. Pharodevimon was not deleted however. He managed to survive long enough to know why “Hiro” managed to defeat him. His compassion with his digimon defeated him. Pharodevimon knew how to conquer the digital world. He needed a tamer of his own who would show the same compassion.

Sure enough this is what lead to the “Perfect tamer” project. Pharodevimon managed to find a tamer called “Beatrix”. Beatrix had a digimon known as “ShadowRenemon.” Beatrix conquered the digital world very easily.

30 digital years later

The digital world was united under one tyrannical rule. Pharodevimon’s. Pharodevimon demolished the known landmarks and created one continent called “File continent.” File continent still had infinity mountain which Pharodevimon resided.

However as Beatrix managed to conquer the digital world she was not allowed to enter the human world. “Hiro” who heard of the digital world’s fate traveled back. Hiro and Beatrix fought with and after a lengthy battle it was declared a draw. Hiro knew that Beatrix was corrupted among the digimon. So with his digivice he ripped a hole in time and space and sent himself and Beatrix to the human world where both of them had their memories erased and their identities changed. Pharodevimon who found that Beatrix was out of his control became angry. He managed to find a portal to the human world and decided to travel there with five of his lieutenants. Arukenimon, Etemon, Infermon, Lady Devimon and his right hand Metal phantomon.

However Pharodevimon’s plan was quickly found out by a group of resistance fighters known as the “Returners” who wished that the digital world would be restored to its original ways. They sent a group of digi-tammas to the human world in a makeshift portal to be sent to those who’s personalities mirrored the digimon inside the digi tamma. Along with an ancient form of the Mark 1 digivice. However it has been heavily modified including installing the crests on the inside of it and allowing Matrix digivolution. It also comes equipped with a radio to all the other digivices and a built in clock.

Your role
You are a teenager going to the town of Ragdon along the east coast of the united states. One day you will find a strangely colored egg in your room that is attached to a mark 1 digivice. (Or in a different place if you wish). You decide to show it to all your friends and find out that they all have one. They immediately hatch at this time and reveal their identities to you. Should you choose to accept it you can either agree with your digimon and join the returners and stop the lieutenants. Or join the lieutenants and find Beatrix and Hiro. The choice is yours.

All PC rules apply

Spelling and grammer is not very crucial but recommended.

One of the biggest rules is no powerplaying or bunnying

Swearing isn't a rule but please do not go overboard

You cannot have 2 of the same digimon that someone else has

There is no restrictions of what digimon you have. However your digimon MUST have an baby form, intraining, rookie, champion, ultimate and Mega.

Last but not least please have fun





Digimon: (this is the most important part. What digimon is your partner? Dont forget that you can create your own digimon if you wish)

Fresh form: (whats its baby form (the one it hatches into))

Intraining: (What is its in training form?)

Rookie: (the rookie form is the form you will see the most. It is the form that your digimon usually is in

Champion: (A very important one when the rp starts. What does your digimon change into after rookie)

Ultimate: (A very powerful type of digimon. What does your digimon change into after champion?)

Mega: (What is your mega form? This is the ultimate digimon and most of the time your digimon will matrix digivolve with you in order to achieve this form

Elite: (The elite is the creation of the compassion in a digimon during matrix digivolution. NOTE: This is OPTIONAL. You will only be allowed to have Elite by PMing either me or Blank with details of how you get an elite. Plus you must be reasonably active in the rp.) You must either describe the digimon or provide a sketch. It must be based off your Mega form in some way.

Digivice colour: (any color will do, no duplicating colors. Remember you have a modified Mark 1. So originality is limited

Personality: (What you act like. If you choose Pharodevimon your character’s
personality will change to a more demonic sort)

Description: (What you look like. Note that your appearance will change when you align yourself with pharodevimon. Your character will look more demonic.)

Alignment: (Who you will eventually align yourself with. Either the Returners or Pharodevimon. In case you didn’t read the back story the returners are good and pharodevimon is evil.)

Crest: (The crest depends on your alignment and your personality. You can choose any crest you want or create your own. If you are an evil tamer you will have a more evil sort of creast)


Rp Sample: (Sample of your writing)


1. JBCPeace, Cait
2. JBCBlank, Blank
3. StarLatias, Vincent
4. pokefan89, Tommy Mals
5. Rose reaper, Tori Martin
6. One_Winged_Angel, Shinji
7. Vanilla Kitsune, Dara Steeru
8. ShadowCat13133, Leia

This rp will start at 3 members. If it starts to die before then it will start at two and people can join afterwards at any time.

Last but not least if you are inactive for 2 weeks you will be BOOTED and your slot will be given to someone else

1. Legends become reality.
2. Hatchlings
3. First strike
4. The quest

~JBCBlank and ~JBCPeace

October 27th, 2007, 2:41 AM
In process. Mixmatching Digimon line, if you don't mind.

Name: Vincent

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Fresh form: Fufumon

Intraining: Kapurimon

Rookie: Dorumon

Champion: Firamon

Ultimate: Volcdramon

Mega: Plesiomon

Digivice colour: Primary colour: Black; Secondary colour: Green

Personality: Never one to talk much, and when he did, usually the speech was long and important, and he demands silence and no interruption while he was talking. He had no problems laughing at even the corniest joke, though. He likes trying out new stuff to satisfy his curiosity. Very knowledgeable through all the experience he had obtained with experimenting, but prefers to say nothing. He always thought no one would listen to him anyway.

Description: Very tall with a harsh look on the face. He can be quite intimidating if he does not smile. He is quite plain and tasteless when it comes to clothes as he always wear T-shirts and cargo pants. He has dark brown hair and green eyes.

Alignment: Returners

Crest: Faith


Rp Sample:

The talk about her being short really burned Leona up. Leona lifted her feet and stomped heavily on the back of the front seat. The girl whose seat belonged to turned around and glared at Leona. Now that Leona had seen her face, it was unlikely she could forget about their insults. An announcement was made, but Leona could only make out the last four words: Future Trainers’ Academy of Nivon. Only then did they realized the bus had stopped.

Everyone was trying to get out of the bus. Everyone but Leona, who remained seated, and watched all the chaos. She did not attempt to push her way through. Afterall, with that size, it’s best to leave the push for others. All she can do was wait for her turn.

October 27th, 2007, 9:37 AM
Reserve me a spot. I have questions. Can a good tamer have a virus Digimon? On the other hand, can an evil tamer have a Vaccine Digimon?

Yes they can. However once you turn evil their physical appearance will start to become demonic while if your good and have a virus their physical appearance will become very angelic. RESERVED

October 29th, 2007, 6:04 PM
Name: Blank

Gender: female

Age: 17


Fresh form: Coomon

Intraining: Caramon

Rookie: Ditmon

Champion: Caromon

Ultimate: Uliamon

Mega: Matrixmon

Elite: SamuriAngemon

Digivice colour: Pink and Black

Personality: Let's see... she’s very quiet despite a roaring libido, she loves animals and isn’t very good with people. she would rather spend time with her dog then with any person in the world. Less likely that she’ll have to say something.

Description: Blank (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Dawn-And-Rem-65722549)

Alignment: the Returners

Crest: Hope

Other: N/A

Rp Sample: A normal day in the life of a not so normal teenager; walking home from what could possibly be categorized as the worst day of school in the world. He runs his long fingers threw his long red hair, as smooth as silk, that’s what his mother said. Inhaling deeply he could still smell the rain, sweat and crisp like fresh lettuce, he stood by the bus stop watching as the dirty sewage water flowed from a nearby drain, he closes his eyes trying to ignore the putrid smell that came from the raw sewage. “Cinco días no mas…” he says to himself, only five more days till school was out and he wouldn’t have to deal with those kids anymore.
He places his hands in his pockets with a deep sigh; he runs his index finger over one of the many ten peso coins at the bottom of his pocket. I hope they haven’t raised the price again, he thinks to himself as a bus marked Jardín pulled up splashing him with sewer water. “PUTO!” he yells at the bus. He knew that he shouldn’t yell at the driver or else he wouldn’t be let in.
The bus driver made a face but accepted his money telling him to sit in the back. Iori liked the back even though he knew that the Driver had insulted him. I need a car; he thinks as he wraps his fingers around the pole in the middle of the bus, he didn’t feel like sitting with wet pants.
After a very embarrassing bus ride, he walks the two blocks to his house in silence, listening to the dogs bark at him as he passed. He opens his front door and calls to his mother; the only answer he gets is the old poodle mix that his mother had bought when she first found that she was pregnant. “Hey Charley…” he says walking threw the living room with the dog’s nose pasted to his pant leg. “Stay here Charley.” He orders the dog as he enters the bathroom, “I need to shower and I don’t need you smelling my pants while I’m in there.”
The dog sits down and watches the closed door. Iori turns on the shower water; steam erupts from the floor as the hot water strikes the white tile. Iori takes off his cloths in front of the full length mirror. He looks over the peculiar cross shaped birthmark on his chest; most of the girls who had seen it always believed that he had made it himself because it was so perfect, of course most of the time they didn’t ask about it again, they always ending up forgetting even their names after he was done with them.
Iori turns and enters the cascade of water, the warm water felt so delicious that he felt as though he were in the bed of the most beautiful girl at school, the one that he had been after for over two years.
With a satisfied smile on his perfect face he exits the bathroom in nothing but a towel. Charley fallows him to his room, as soon as Iori closes the door he removes the towel letting it fall on the dogs black face, Iori smiles as the girl next door squeals and calls to him. He always changed with the window open, he liked Angelina, she was good people and very good company. “Iori! Iori tengo algo que decirte!” she calls as she makes her way over her window ledge onto the three inch wide pipe that stretched between the two windows.
Iori wondered what she had to tell him, He reaches out his arms and helps her into his room, still naked but she had seen him naked before so it wasn’t something out of the ordinary. “Que quieres decirme Angie?” he asks.
Angie hugs him a really big smile on her face, “My dad said that he was going to be out all night…”
“Is that all?” He kisses her gently. A sound catches his attention, the sound of rustling, he turns around and sees, Charlie scratching up his bed sheets, “Charlie, get off my bed...” he says taking the old dog off his bed gently. Charlie barks at Angie fiercely, “Charlie, what the…” he turns around as a shadow falls over him.
Automatically Iroi strikes at the dark figure standing behind him, his fist goes right threw it. It was huge, eight feet tall at least, it’s gaping mouth was big enough to swallow him whole, Angie was laying on the floor, at least he thought it was her, It was nothing but a pile of blood and flesh. “Angie…” he whispers.
“Iroi… Iori fight it you have to fight it!” A voice says from behind him.
“CHARLIE!?” Iori cries seeing the old dog stand next to him.
“If you don’t fight it Iori, it’ll kill you and your mission will be over before it began…”
Iori was confused but he decided that he had to, “How can I fight something that I can’t touch?” He asks pulling back and running out of his room.
Charlie fallowed right behind him, “You know how! Just think about it!”
Iori closes his eyes as he cowers in the kitchen, How can I know how?!, suddenly it strikes him. He stands up straight, fearless, “Let’s Tango Puto!” Jumping at the Demon, Black wings sprout from his back, he reaches out catching a feather, the feather turns into a long sword that he uses to destroy the Demon. It turns into a pile of ashes at Iori’s feet. Iori falls to his knees as his wings disappear and he feels drained. Charlie pads over standing next to him, “What just happened?” he asks panting.
“I think it would be best if I more then just me told you… we must get to the meeting spot so that the rest of the Guardian’s and I can tell you and the six other angels what this is about…”
Iori looks at himself, “maybe I should get some cloths on first.”
“That would be a good idea...” Charlie says laughing.

I'll get pics of my digimon together.

October 29th, 2007, 6:44 PM
JBCBlank: Very good. Accepted

Name: "Claude" Cait

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Fresh form: Mokumon

Intraining: Demimeramon

Rookie: Candlemon

Champion: Wizardmon

Ultimate: Wisemon

Mega: Ancientwisemon

Digivice colour: Primary colour: Grey and black

Personality: Cait is a very likable person. He makes friends with many people and does very many favors to people. Constantly he is helping random people in the street for random favors. When he is in a group Cait is the center of attention and the everyman. He stands out greatly in a group and is very social. He does many things for attention and always does them. Even if they are life threatening. Cait uses logic to his advantage and continually quotes famous people from literature and movies. He is very literate and does delve a bit into pop culture. To many people Cait stands out as a leader. Since when he does projects or anything similar Cait takes charge and tells everyone what to do.

Description: http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Caint-65726467 (The one in the middle)

Alignment: Returners

Crest: Friendship

Okay since I am tired of waiting I am starting. Latias you can finish your sheet at any time and post where you come in

Cait looked around. His new room looked very abnormal to him. The only thing that he could see was a sleeping bag that he was given.

It had been a week since the fire. His house erupted into fire and flames. His parents were killed along with the rest of his belongings. Cait had already cried enough for them. After a week of legal disputes the will had been found. Cait was to live with the only friends his family had. His friend Brenda "Blank" lived there. She was only one year older then him and he got very along with her. Right now he never believed that he would be living here.

Cait sighed and looked inside the closet. Suddenly he heard something. "Beep beep." Cait looked around. Then he unzipped his sleeping bag.

October 30th, 2007, 7:11 AM
It is okay that my sample has nothing to do with this rp, right?

Name: Tommy Mals
Gender: male
Age: 12
Digimon: Shoreenamon
Fresh form: Foxmon
Intraining: Kyumon
Rookie: Shorereenamon
Champion: Ceekiwimon
Ultimate: Shadoramon
Mega: Drashadomon
Elite: n/a
Digivice colour: Red & White
Personality: Tommy is nice and friendly to everyone. Plus, he doesn't get angry fast, though when he does get mad, he goes wild.
Description: Tommy is 4'5" tall, with long, straight, brown hair and blue eyes. He is pretty thin. He wears a blue T-shirt, blue jean shorts, and red sandals (in all weather).
Alignment: Returners
Crest: Love
Other: n/a
Rp Sample:
A small boy, around seven or eight years of age, walked out of the Yalsame Company building elevator, onto the top floor. Though his eyes were closed, he had no trouble as he strode across the hall. Upon reaching the door on the other side, he opened his eyes. With a sharp crack, the door seemed to blow inwards and then disappear.
"Hmmm... Too easy," He said, smiling while his eyes returned to their previous state, "much too easy." Upon entering the room, he heard a man whimpering from in front of him.
"D-don't hurt me, the man said, "I, I promise I'll--"
"I don't care, Mr. Yalsame," the boy said, "You've done evil, and that's all that matters." Slowly, he walked closer to the man.
"You... You mean I'm going to die?"
"Yes." The boy laughed, a soft, cheerless sound.
"But, who... Who are you?"
"To you, I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am..." He paused for a second, opening his eyes again. "...God!"
Yalsame screamed as his body was seemingly torn apart. After just a moment, he was gone, as quickly and completely as the door had gone.
The boy closed his eyes once more, a sadistic grin spreading over his face. "That was too easy, as always..." He strode to the wall, and, after making a hole in it the same way he had gotten past the door, he jumped out. As he fell to the ground, he laughed again.
"I am Omega!"

October 30th, 2007, 3:08 PM
Pokefan: No it doesn't matter. Accepted

IC: To come later

October 30th, 2007, 6:04 PM
((guess I'll start, Peace told me I should start))

Ch. 1
Legends become reality.

Blank opened her eyes, the last thing she could remember was the head lights of the car that was headed for her family car. What happened? she wondered as she looked around, am i in a hospital? she asked herself.

What's a hospital? came a voice from behind her. Blank turns around and there is a black egg attached to a tree in the middle of a white abyss. Let me out Blank, i wanna see you. Piped the creature in the egg.

Blank walks over and places a hand tentatively on the egg, How do i let you out? she asks.

The egg shines, Like that... the egg diapered and there stood a tiny black mouse without legs. I'm Coomon. it says smiling up at her.
((I'll add a pic of him when I finish coloring it.))
Blank picked up the tiny animal, he was soft and warm, "Who are you?" she asks him glad that she was finally able to speak.

"My name is coomon I'm your digimon." He snuggles up to her, "I'm gonna take care of you now...."

Blank was confused but she didn't know what else to do, "Is this a dream?" She asked.

"No, this is more real then you will ever know." he says licking her arm.

End in the great abyss.

October 30th, 2007, 6:12 PM
OOC: Pokefan if you want to start in the roleplay well please post how you got your egg


Cait unzipped his sleeping bag. Inside was a light red colored egg with white stripes. Attached to it was a grey strange device. What is this? Cait thought to himself. He quickly tore off the device. It still beeped every so often.

Suddenly Cait heard something. It was walking. He quickly zipped the bag quickly placing the device into his pocket. Blank's mom was in his door way. She was crying. "Claude. Blank was hit by a car earlier today."

2 hours later~~~~

Cait was sitting next to Blank's hospital bed. Her heartbeat already stopped before he got there. Her corpse looked practically the same. Except she had gashes everywhere and a long one near her stomach. Cait couldn't believe it. In less then two weeks he had lost 3 important people in his life. "What else could go wrong?" he thought out loud. He was still very depressed. Suddenly Cait remembered the small device he found in his sleeping bag. He quickly took it into his hand. "I wonder what this thing is." He thought out loud again.


Blank saw clouds start to disappear and she saw Cait sitting there in the hospital ward. "Its Cait. What is he doing?" Coomon stopped licking her arm. "He is looking at your corpse." Blank was horrified. "Is there any way I can speak to him?" Coomon looked at her strangely. "No, unless you use..." Blank snapped at him. "Use what?"

Coomon sighed. "Well. There is an ancient way of speaking to dead people. But it is irreversible and it has side effects. "What is it Coomon?" She asked him sweetly. "Well its something called "Infomerge." I think I heard about it somewhere when I was in the egg. Basically you merge your mind with someone. Meaning you can merge your mind with Cait" Blank gasped. It seemed a bit drastic. "Well we can't sit here and twiddle our thumbs. Lets do it." Coomon jumped out of her arms. "Wait Blank. Didn't you listen? There are side effects. I dont even know any of them but I have heard if two minds stay in a body two long the body can get accustomed to one of the minds." But Blank wasn't listening. "I dont care. Lets just do it." Coomon sighed. "Allright then."

Suddenly Blank felt herself shrink. She felt as if what body she had disappeared and suddenly she felt herself propel into Cait's mind.

Suddenly Cait felt something. Enourmous pain in his head as he dropped the device

October 30th, 2007, 7:06 PM
Name: Tori Martin

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Digimon: Lunamon

Fresh form:Poyomon

Intraining: Moonmon

Rookie: Lunamon

Champion: Leskimon

Ultimate: Crecemon

Mega: Dianamon

Elite: N/A

Digivice colour: Gold and white

Personality: Calm and very secretive, usually friendly, but can be cold, sarcastic and arrogant, since an early age, he has had problems trusting others, which is why doubts the fact that he is really the true holder of the Crest Of Trust.

Description: Tori is 4'9 tall, he has short blond-brown hair which he hides under a white barret, his eyes are a mix of blue and green, he has long double sleeved blue an black shirt under his black cloak sweater, he has short black jeans, he also wears googles on his hat, which people say is weird.He wears blue sports shoes with white socks.He carries orange bag in which he keeps extra clothes and some food, he has a belt, where he keeps his digivice for fast action.

Alignment: Returners

Crest: Trust


Rp Sample:
A young boy entered the Snowpoint Pokemon Center accompanied by a Roserade, the boy looked as if he had been in a harsh battle.Walking towards the front desk he was greeted by and pink haired lady.

"Hello, welcome to the Snowpoint Pokemon Center, you look like you were battling, do you want to heal your Pokemon?" The lady exclaimed looking at the trainer and his Roserade.

"Yes, it was a pretty harsh battle and I don't want my Pokemon too tired."The boy replied.He quickly recalled his Roserade to it's Pokeball."Return!"

A red flash went towards the rose Pokemon pulling it back to it's Pokeball.The trainer pulled two other Pokeballs from his bag and handed them to the lady.

"They'll be in tip-top shape in a few seconds."The lady said in a happy tone as she took the boy's Pokeballs and put them in a machine, the machine glew and emitted a loud beep."All happy!"The lady exclaimed.

"Thanks for your help!"The boy replied in a relieved way.

As the boy prepared to exit, a shocking report appeared on TV.Apparently there was and ominous fog in different places of the world, including Sinnoh's sacred Mt. Coronet, where the boy was headed.

"It is recommended that nobody travels through these places."The news reporter said.

"WHAT!I'm stuck here!!!"The boy shouted in dismay.

He had no other choice but to stay till further notice.

October 30th, 2007, 7:29 PM
Tommy walked into his room and flung himself onto his bed, narrowly missing the digiegg there. "Wooh," he said, a huge smile on his face, "today was fun!" He looked around, a puzzled expression appearing on his face when he saw the egg. "What is that?" He touched the egg, which suddenly began to glow.

"Tommy," A voice from inside the egg said, "remember..."

"Remember what?" Tommy looked at the strange egg, mystified.


Suddenly, he fell back, unconscious. He awoke several hours later, in the hospital...

Digimon Kaiser
October 31st, 2007, 3:53 PM
(I'll join as a charrie who is the son of one of my characters in my fanfic Digimon Heroes. His Digimon, therefore, has the same Rookie, but has a very different line)

Name: Shinji

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Digimon: Chiikimon

Fresh form: ???

Intraining: ???

Rookie: Chiikimon

Champion: Dinohumon

Ultimate: Paildramon

Mega: Scimitarumon

Elite: (I will PM you about it soon, Peace) Examon

Digivice colour: Gold

Personality: He can be hot-tempered and impatient, but is otherwise a great guy. He only gives respect to those who give him respect. He is kind, but can be rude sometimes. He is neutral.

Description: dark brown hair, tanned skin, black eyes. Wears a pair of blue goggles, a red shirt, white pants, and green and yellow shoes that look kinda goofy on him.

Alignment: Neutral

Crest: Chaos

Other: none

Rp Sample: Shinji and his Digimon Chiikimon were looking for a way back to their own dimension of the Digital World. Shinji's parents were probably worried sick about him. He apparently found the egg and got sucked into a Digital World his parents didn't go to in the past. The Digital world they knew about was different. Chiikimon said "I miss your mom's cooking." Shinji said "I miss home." Then, a BlackGaogamon appeared behind them. He attacked. Chiikimon Digivolved into Dinohumon, who attacked with Lizard Dance. BlackGaogamon fought back, but Dinohumon rose as the victor after a long battle. He then went back to his Rookie form, Chiikimon. Chiikimon then climbed onto Shinji's head as he walked on.

October 31st, 2007, 10:07 PM

One winged angel: Normally I would decline you. But I am in a good mood. Can you please show pictures of Chiikimon and info about it? Since I cannot find any information. Accepted.

Rosereaper: Can you please add an rp sample and a *little* more detail?

IC: To come later

November 1st, 2007, 12:16 AM

Okay since I am tired of waiting I am starting. Latias you can finish your sheet at any time and post where you come in


Vincent dreamt that he was happily playing video games. He would had gone on if it wasn't for a strange beeping that woke him up. It came from his pillow. The source was a weird green and black device that glowed as it beeped. It went silent after Vincent picked it up. Being rudely awakened from a sweet dream, Vincent threw the device instead of examining it. He would if he wasn't sleepy. It hit something, causing a hamering sound to be heard. It didn't sound like it was caused by a machine, so Vincent got up to investigate.

The device had hit an strange egg. It was yellow with no other colour. Vincent, too sleepy to do anything, left the two strange things alone and went back to sleep, hoping it was just another dream.

November 1st, 2007, 1:54 AM
Hey can I still join?

Name: Kero

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Digimon: Tentomon

Fresh form: Pabumon

Intraining: Motimon

Rookie: Tentomon

Champion: Kabuterimon

Ultimate: MegaKabuterimon

Mega: GrandKuwagamon

Digivice colour: Purple

Personality: Kero is not sure of himself as a tamer & always need the support of his friends

Description: A tamer who is 5'1", has meddium brownish-blonde hair & dark brown eyes, He has grey tracksuit & a black/grey hoodie(That combo of clothes is my usual clothes lmao). He has a bag like Mimi's from the 1st season.

Alignment: Returners =3

Crest: Maybe the crest of Hope

Vanilla Kitsune
November 1st, 2007, 10:31 AM
Ohhh. A Digimon roleplay. I'd love to try it out! =]

Name: Dara Steeru

Gender: Female

Age: 15 years old

Digimon: Kudamon

Fresh form: Puffmon

Intraining: Kyaromon

Rookie: Kudamon

Champion: Reppamon

Ultimate: Qilinmon

Mega: Sleipmon

Elite: N/A

Digivice colour: Pink

Personality: Dara's personality is that of a sterotypical teenage girl, except, she borders stupidity. She is oblivious to the world around her, which causes most people to poke fun at her. Her judging abilities fail almost always, for she is easily distracted by bright colors or shiny objects. This leads to frustration among other's, for trying to get her to pay attention is like coaxing a bull out of a china shop. Often times, her friends love to send her on wild goose chases, just to see how long she would last. Of course, Dara immediantly accepts her fate, and tries to fullfil any wish someone has. She does indeed have a heart of gold. Dara puts other's before herself, but she does have moments of insecurity. This comes natural with being a teenager. Dara tries to follow the latest fashion trends, and could tell you easily the top idol singers of the time. She values friendship and kindness above all matter. In her opinion, if you stop helping people, people will stop helping you. She lives by a code of honor that her deceased parent's bestoed upon her. At times, she has emotional problems from the abandonment she faces as a child. Even so, she remains optimistic through the most darkest times. Dara strives to help anyone to the best of her ability, even if the instructions have to get repeated 7 times.

Description: The uppermost layer of her body is dressed in a collared shirt, but the sleeves are removed, revealing her sholders. She wears the cuffs of the shirt around her wrists. A small, silky, light pink tie hands down to her breast bone, that normally stays ironed to her shirt. Around her neck is a solid pink ribbon, which she never takes off. Her hair is a light brown color with random blonde highlights streaked through. The hair reaches past her chest, but cuts off shortly. Normally, she wears it down, but on rare occasions, she ties it with the ribbon around her neck. The body layer of her body is a clad in a short pink miniskirt. Dara wears white stockings underneath it with black dress shoes. She has a normal complexion, but tans easily when in the sun. Her build is skinny, but more curvy. Dara stands about 5'0" at max.

Alignment: Returners.

Crest: Kindness

Other: Nothing really to say. This character is based off me, if you didn't know. :3

Rp Sample:

Bored out of her mind, Dara sat inside her high school classroom. The uniform she was in was starting to be a pain in her behind. In her opinion, everyone looked exactly the same. The teacher, on the other hand, was more elite looking with his neatly pressed brown suit. He held a piece of white chalk in his left hand, and wrote down the assignment on the board. Dara didn't bother copying it, for she had other plans in mind. After school, she was going to go home and take a well earned nap. The bell rang 2 times, and the class was emptied within a flash. She gathered her school bag and pencils, and left the building.

"Hiya Dara." One of her friends yelled running to her.

She meerly waved them off, and her friend stopped dead in his tracks. Dara wasn't in the mood for conversations, so she picked up the pace she was walking. Within 10 minutes, she returned to the appartment she lived in.

"Where's the key.."

Opening her school bag, she began to fumble for her key. Alas, it was not inside the bag. Dara cursed underneath her breath. Frustrated, she lifted the mat from underneath her feet, and revealed a small golden key.

"Aha!" She exclaimed.

Dara inserted the spare key inside the door nob and opened the door. Her appartment looked reletively quiet and normal. Just the way she liked it. Desperate for something to eat before bed, she dashed into the kitchen. Inside the refridgerator, she found the onigiri she had prepared the night before. Grabbing one and a soda, she strolled into her bedroom. Dara tossed the school bag on the floor, and plopped onto her bed.

"What's that.."

On the end of her bed sat a strange egg. Dara didn't remember if being there the previous morning. Curious, she crawled towards the end, careful not to drop any stray rice or soda.The egg wiggled from side to side.


Dara fell backwards on her bed, nearly spilling her soda on herself. The egg began to glow a light blue color. Scared out of her mind, she ducked underneath the bedsheets. The egg was still trying to hatch as she lay shaking.

"WAAAH!" The egg cried.

Nervously, she raised her head above the covers. The egg was gone to reveal a little creature of white fur. It looked at her with eyes wide and full of happiness. Sluggishly, it crawled over beside her.

"Hiya hiya!" It cried.

"Hello.." Dara responded.

"AHH! I'm Puffmon! Nice to meetcha!"

Puffmon crawled onto Dara's chest, and bounced happily on top of her. Its fur was glittering and sparkly within appearance. The round eyes were still opened with excitement.

"Hello.. I'm Dara.."


Phew. I hope that's okay. ._.

November 1st, 2007, 11:20 AM
OOC: Vanilla: Very well done. Accepted

Kerox: After reviewing your sheet I have seen it is okay. But you need an RP sample. You didn't fill out all the required things needed for the sheet. PENDING. Untill you write an RP sample you cannot be accepted. Plus if you read a few sheets you would have noticed that Blank took hope already. I would recommend reading other people's sheets a little to get inspiration and then add more detail and an rp sample

Im surprised no one has become an evil tamer yet

IC: to come later

November 1st, 2007, 6:11 PM
I added the RP sample and added more detail.

November 1st, 2007, 7:57 PM
OOC: Rose reaper. Very well done. Accepted

Chapter 2: Hatchings

Screams break the silence
Waking from the dead of night
Vengeance is boiling
He's returned to kill the light
Then when he's found who he's looking for
Listen in awe and you'll hear him

Bark at the moon, Ozzy Osbourne


In an odd way Cait made it back to Blank's parent's house a few minutes later. His head still throbbing. He had a large headache and felt like an aspirin was the best way to go. However head medicine was the last thing on his mind as he wanted to find out more about that egg he found in his sleeping bag.

Soon enough Cait made it to his sleeping bag. He quickly opened it up and took the egg out. Suddenly Cait heard a rumbling as he saw the egg crack. In a few moments the egg donned a very large crack and broke entirely. Inside the egg was a small smoke engulfed creature. "Mokumon" was all it said. Cait was completely stupefied. "Whats this?"


Pharodevimon was seated atop infinity mountain. Much of the digital world was darkened as if someone blocked out the sun. Currently he was scouring the human world for Beatrix looking for her. But he couldn't. "Arrrg." He quickly yelled. Metal phantomon was behind his throne. "Sir you need not worry. Arukenimon is currently searching the human world. We will find Hiro and Beatrix." Pharodevimon didn't want Arukenimon to come back defeated. He had learned that the "Returners" some rebel group outside of his influence had entered the human world. It was un doubtfull that they had amassed another group of tamers. "We'd better hope that Arukenimon isn't as stupid as when I defeated her." Pharodevimon spoke angrily. Arukenimon was unbelievably stupid when she underestimated him all those years ago. When he defeated her and she joined his empire as one of his guard.

"Summon the rest." Pharodevimon said softly. Quickly Metal Phatomon swiped his scythe and Etemon, Infermon, and Lady Devimon appeared in a flash. "You three. Observe Arukenimon. Eventually a group of tamers will appear. That is when she will strike. I want you to ONLY" He screamed this last word. It echoed all over the citadel. "... watch her. Learn from her mistakes. If she loses it is not our fault. Then you." He pointed towards Infermon. "... enter the human world. But be careful. If they are strong enough to defeat Arukenimon they "may" be strong enough to defeat you." Infermon shuffled his many legs. "Dismissed."

Soon Pharodevimon was alone. He looked over the rest of the digital world and smirked. His plan was full proof. If only he could find Beatrix.


Suddenly Cait heard something. Footsteps. "Uh oh." He wispered. He hid Mokumon inside the sleeping bag quietly. Suddenly Blank's mom walked in. "Well. Since Blank has..." She grimaced with these words. "Gone... you can have her room." Cait was glad. He didn't want to be much of a bother and get new furniture. "We are going back to the hospital momentarily. Cait suddenly wanted to go back to the hospital. "Can I come?"

Cait walked into Blank's bedroom. Blank was a girly girl so her room's wallpaper, furniture, bed lining, blanket, and posters were all pink or some other feminine color. "Well it might need a little more furnishing. Cait quickly unzipped his sleeping bag and Mokumon popped out. "Okay I can't leave you here. I guess I need to take you with me." Cait quickly looked around and found something.

Momentarily Cait took the black backpack that belonged to Blank. He quickly waited until Mokumon jumped in. "Okay stay in there."

1 hour later

Cait sat back into the seat in Blank's hospital room. He was there alone again.

November 1st, 2007, 9:05 PM
Tommy woke up to see a small foxy face staring at him. "H-hello there," he mumbled.

"Hey," it said back to him, "I'm Foxmon!"

"Yeah, I know." Tommy reached out a hand and petted the small digimon. "I renenber everything." He sat up and shook his head. "I can't believe I know all this stuff now..."

Foxmon looked at him, beaming. "I'm glad, Tosh."

Tommy startled at the name, but he smiled after a tiny bit. "Tosh. I had forgotton about that name. I used to like it..."

November 1st, 2007, 9:53 PM
Ah nvm I don't feel like RP-ing anymores :(

Digimon Kaiser
November 3rd, 2007, 9:08 AM
(I don't have any pics, but I'll describe him as the RP goes on)

Vanilla Kitsune
November 3rd, 2007, 10:56 AM
Puffmon let out a shrill of happiness. Dara removed some of the covers she had over her head and allowed Puffmon to crawl closer to her.

"Yes! I knew you weren't that much of a scaredy cat!" Puffmon sniffed the air around it. With eyes widened, it spotted some of the riceballs Dara was going to eat. Its mouth began to drool.

"Would you like some?" Dara asked, offering an onigiri to it.


With a flash, Puffmon devoured the rice ball. It let out a belch of happiness and rested back against Dara's side.

"What are you Puffmon?" She asked, enjoying a rice ball for herself.

"Glad ya asked Dara!"

Puffmon took in a deep breath. It explained what a Digimon was and their purpose in life. Dara held on to every word it said, not even thinking about letting her mind wonder. Puffmon went into detail about Hiro and Beatrix, and how the lieutenants. It noted Pharodevimon's evil plan, and the Digital World was loosing all the light it once had.

"How do we stop it? I mean, I'm only 15 and you're a little.. cotton ball." Dara sighed.

"That's where the Returners come in! They're the one's that are trying to change the Digital World back to its original state. We're not the only ones. The group is relatively small, but all over Digimon like me are popping out of their eggs! I bet a few Digimon are around here in this town as it is! So, what do you say? Will you help me out?"

Dara thought for a moment. This was going to require a lot of responsibilty and time taken out for Puffmon. She would have to fight evil Digimon and risk possible death. Dara raised her arms behind her head and stared at Puffmon. She relaxed her head into her arms.

"Well, all right. I don't want to do this alone though. How in the world am I supposed to even control you?"

Puffmon smiled, and rushed over to the end of the bed. It returned dragging a small device, much like a portable gaming system.

"This is your Digivice! Along with me, this is all you need!"

Dara blinked. The Digivice felt cold in her hands, but she could fill energy flowing from within it. The detail was very impressive. It was her favorite color to, so how could she resist?

"Okay. I'm going to try my hardest."

Dara took another bite of her rice ball. She swallowed hard. Figuring out how to help Puffmon was starting to worry her, but Puffmon just hopped along on the bed.

"Listen. I can't let my friends know you exist. So when we go out in public, you're going to be a stuff animal okay? No moving, weird noises, and none of those happy exclamations of your's. Understand?"

Puffmon jumped upon Dara's chest and cuddled her chin. "I understand completely!!" Dara patted Puffmon, and pulled herself out of the covers.

"It's settled then. Guess we better get going and look for the other's!"

Dara changed out of her school uniform and put on her normal, street atire. Puffmon watched curiously as she was changing appearance.

"Wow! You look more pretty Dara!"

Dara smiled briefly and gather a small handbag. She placed her Digivice inside, along with her cell phone and some candy, and picked up Puffmon. Dara took one last glance at her room and shut the door.

"Here we go!"

November 3rd, 2007, 1:09 PM
A few hours after he woke, Tommy left the hospital, having been released by his doctor. He held Foxmon in one arm, his digivice (which he had found among the things his parents had taken there for him), and he was smiling.

"Are you glad to be out of there, Tosh?" his digimon looked up at him, smiling himself.

"Yeah," Tommy replied, starting to walk away from the large building, "I always am glad to leave and go home." He crossed the street and headed towards a nearby park.

"So we're going back to your house, Tosh?"

"Not right away, but we will."

November 3rd, 2007, 5:06 PM
Ch 1
Nowhere fast

Blank~in the hospital.

Blank blinks as the fog lifts, she saw through Cait’s eyes. She could see his hands, his chest, and his feet. She could feel what he felt, it was so different. He was more sensitive then she thought boys would be. She tried to move but was only able to make his arms twitch slightly. She closed her eyes and sighed, how am I supposed to make this work if I’m so uncomfortable? She wonders. She longs to shiver away the intense pressure and pulsing feeling that was accumulating rapidly bellow Cait’s belt. She in hails deeply, I must do something about that. She thinks to herself as a memory that was not her own floats through the depths of her consciousness.

The voice of her digimon stabs at the back of her mind, ‘Pull back…’ is all he says. Blank does so; she pulls her consciousness away from Cait’s. She can feel his warm fuzzy mind slipping away; it was like pulling herself out of a pool of warm sticky, cornstarch with water, ooze. She stops just before the last string of his consciousness broke away. She turns back and opens her mental eyes. She was standing in a white void and Cait was standing there his face blank and his eyes glossy. He stared at his feet just as Blank has seen before she pulled away. She walks over to him the strand of consciousness that she still had attached to her came from somewhere on his back, it was deep crimson and it pulsed sending a wave of white memories to her every time it did so.

She looked him over, it didn’t look exactly like him, Is this what his mind looks like? She wonders reaching out and touching his hair. She pulls on it lightly and it begins to stretch. Startled she lets go, it was now three whole inches longer then it originally was. She smiles I wonder… she giggles and starts touching other body parts.

After a few minutes she steps back to admire her handy work. He now looked, roughly, to be a copy of herself. She smiles and decides to see if it happened to his physical body. Blank spreads her arms and quickly wraps herself around his body. Cait’s crimson consciousness began to grope at her and pull her in, she giggles slightly as his warm fuzzy mind envelops her completely. She closes her eyes as she began drowning in Crimson, when she once again opened her eyes she could no longer see Cait’s feet, his new chest was in the way.

She thinks of how his consciousness had reached out and grabbed her, she reaches herself forward until she felt everything, how loose his pants were now, how big his feet were, how tight his shirt felt. Instinctively she reaches up and inspects the new developments, Cait’s new hourglass shape was enough to give her the giggles, I wonder what Cait thinks?


The digital world

Coomon shakes himself and snuggles against Blank’s warm human body, “Hurry Blank we have a lot to do here before your friends arrive.” He says sniffing the air and licking her knee.

Red eyes watch coomon as he talks to his human, the owner of the eyes pulls back into the darkness of a digibush, purple ears rub against a low group of leaves. Causing the lightest of rustles. The digimon pauses, in doing so the rustling stops abruptly, Coomon heard the sudden stop, wind could not make that happen. He perks his ears and listens. Hoping that the king hadn’t found him and Blank already.

In the park.
Near the hospital

Digital eyes adjust slowly to the physical world. How did I get here? Was the thought that slid slowly through the yellow digimon’s mind as she swung her fluffy tail back and forth. She closes her eyes and yawns, “Why am I here?” she says aloud as the street lamp she sat on flickered, physical moths bumped up against the bottom of her right paw as she flexes her toes

She turns her red eyes to the starry sky that resembled the sky that she left behind, she sniffs the air. A waft of sugary bread reaches her twitching nose. Her stomach larches as a memory floats through her brain cells, all she could make out was that someone she loved had handed her bread that smelled similar. All she could remember were hands, gentle soft hands that handed her a slice of warm banana bread right before those hands embraced her.

She shakes her head and the strange memory fades, the digimon stands and exhales into the cold night air, her breath lingers in front of her. It’s shape changing and twisting as it floats up fading slowly. “I’m waiting…” A voice whispers, the digimon swore that she could feel warm lips against her ear.

In the blink of an eye the yellow digimon disappeared in a flurry and vapor. Her voice was the only thing that lingered.

“Who are you…?” Was heard by a young passerby, he looks up his desert rose hoody wrapped tightly around him. Snow flakes started falling as a fluffy yellow tail disappears behind a large fern tree

A black feather lands on his shoulder and he turns around to look at it, he plucks it off and stairs at it, “What a weird night…” Is all he says before he starts walking again.

((I am going to start making characters for the gods. This is one of the first ones. I will make a sheet for him if you want))


November 3rd, 2007, 6:49 PM
OOC: Yes Blank please do.


Cait sat in Blank's parent's car. It began raining heavily. Since Blank went in her mom's car he was being transported in her dad's.

Cait staired outside. He watched Blank's courpse get creamated quickly. Then he sat inside the car until it started.

Eventually they made it to Blank's house. Cait walked into Blank's room. He unzipped his backpack and saw that Mokumon had fallen asleep. "Oh well. I will wake him up later." Suddenly Cait's arm began to twitch involuntarily. "What the?"

Suddenly Cait felt huge pain in his feet. It was like his feet were growing abnormally. Suddenly Cait felt a flash in his subconcious and thought he saw Blank feel his hair. Then Cait looked into the mirror opposite him in Blank's room. He saw his hair begin to grow. It grew to his shoulders very quickly. He felt as if he could see two things at once. He saw Blank giggle and say "I wonder". "Wait Blank what are you doing?" But he saw that Blank couldn't her him. Then Blank began to reach for his feet.

Cait felt his feet begin to grow. Then suddenly the pressure was to great and Cait could do nothing but take them off with great difficulty. Then Cait saw his toes break through his socks. Soon the socks became two pieces. "Whats going on?" Blank began to reach for his calves now. They began to spread out sideways. Cait saw the bottom of his jeans looking like they would explode.

Suddenly Blank crouched and began hugging the rest of his lower body. Cait felt his entire lower body explode with great pain. He saw his jeans rip down the sides and eventually break off.

Blank quickly hugged him around the torso and chest. Quickly Cait saw his hoody chest begin to grow. Cait could not see his feet. Because his chest was in the way. Suddenly his hands began to straighten and his fingers began to slim down along with his pams. Cait saw his face begin to slim down slighty. He felt great pain in his skull as it shrunk down.

---5 hours later---

Cait awoke to the pain of a new existance. In a dank room of darkness and decay. He awoke and felt that he couldn't move his body. Because someone else was doing it. Cait felt very drousy. His memories feeling like musty butter with Blank's more recent memories coming through the clear. "I wonder what Cait thinks." Cait recognised this voice as Blank's. "What do you think I am doing?" Blank began to move his body around.

Suddenly Blank's mom walked through the door to her room. "What are you doing here?" Cait was surprised. Blank sounded surprised as well. "What do you mean?" Blank's mom looked at him surprised. "You were supposed to be at the park by now."


Arkunimon was ontop of a building in downtown Ragdon. Looking around. "Blast where is she." Then she decided to let an underling do it. "Airdramon. Go to that park." She said while pointing to a foliage covered park. "And look for her." Airdramon flew by. "Yes ma'am." Arkunimon thought she was sure to become the right hand in Pharodevimon's guard if she handed her right over to him.

OOC: Basically you need to make it to the park in some way inorder to have the first digivolution

November 3rd, 2007, 7:15 PM
OC:Where should I start?Cuz I'm gonna start where Tori gets his egg.


"Man, am I late, gotta go home before I get grounded till the next millenium."A boy said to himself in great dismay.

Suddenly bright beam of light rose through the sky illuminating the whole city, leaving million of souls in shock as the beam got thinner and thinner by the moment.

"What was that!"He said to himself as he rushed to the source of the beam.

When he arrived, he was shocked to see an unusual egg and a strange gold and white device by its side on the ground.

"What is this?"He said to himself filled with doubt of the egg's origin."Perhaps it's an alien spaceship in the form of a egg....."

Suddenly the egg started to crack and in a few seconds...POOF!!!!A small white jellyfish like creature emerged from the egg.

"Hello, master Tori..."The creature said"I am your loyal servant, Poyomon!"

The boy looked in shock as the device floated towards his hand.

"What are you, and what is this?"He asked Poyomon as he pointed towards the device.

"I am a Digimon, and that is a Digivice, if you use it I'll turn into other cool Digimon!"Explained the creature"I'll explain more later."

November 3rd, 2007, 10:06 PM
OOC: Wow... You realize that I'm officially the nearest to the park?

IC: Tommy saw a quick flash of yellow from the park. "What was that, Foxmon?"

"Don't know, Tosh. Wanna check it out?"

"Of course, silly." With a huge smile on his face, Tommy began to run towards the park, and he arrived there within a few seconds. "Now where did that come from?"

"I don't see anything, Tosh."

"Me either." Tommy's face fell. "I was hoping we could find out..."

Vanilla Kitsune
November 4th, 2007, 6:23 AM
Dara and Puffmon had been walking for at least a good 45 minutes. Their search only had resulted in one find. The two of them were starving and completely exhausted.

"I'm hungry.." Puffmon groaned, wiggling around in Dara's arms.

"Me too. Lets just, stop by the park to see if we can find an icecream man or possible someone selling hot dogs. What I'd do for a bag of chips right about now.."

Puffmon was about to let out an exclamation of delight, but Dara quickly covered its mouth. Some adults who were passing by laughed at her for having such a strange little stuff animal. Dara, on the other hand, blushed with embarrassment. She picked up her walking and rushed to the park enterance.

"Well, here we are.." She said with annoyance.

Puffmon's eyes grew wide with curiosity. It kept trying to leap out of Dara's arms, but no luck progressed. Dara had a strong grip on its body.

"Now stop that. If you want something to eat, you had best be still and remain quiet. Look. There's a man right there selling concession snacks. I'll order us something yummy. You remain quiet. Got it?"

Puffmon nodded and replied with a solemn "Yes."

Dara smiled, and walked over to the man. She took a look at the order sign he had placed over the front of his cart. Hot dogs, hamburgers, various flavors of icecream, chips, soda, and a variety of candy was what he was selling.

"Let's see. I'll take 2 hamburgers please, with an order of fries and a small soda."

The man pulled out two wrappers which contained hamburgers, gave her a can of soda, and handed her a small container of fries. Dara payed the man the desired amount and retreated to a nearby bench.

"Okay Puffmon! Chow down!"

Puffmon was way ahead of her. It grabbed the wrapper, opened it with great haste, and devoured the burger. Dara ate her hamburger slowly, a little disturbed by Puffmon's actions. She nibbled on a few fries and drank some soda.

"We've had no luck all day.." She sighed.

November 4th, 2007, 10:36 AM
Tommy glanced over at the entrance to the park, and he saw Dara and Puffmon. "That looks like a digimon, doesn't it, Foxmon?"

"What?" Foxmon looked around as much as he could from his spot in Tommy's arms, until he spotted the pair himself. "Yeah," he said excitedly, "you're right, Tosh!"

Tommy smiled even wider and he ran over to Dara. "Hey," he blurted out, "that's a digimon, right?"

November 4th, 2007, 11:27 PM
OOC: My Digimon is female, if you don't mind.

IC:Morning finally came. Vincent inspected the room. No strange egg was in sight. No sign of that beeping thing either. Good. He had a busy morning coming his way.

Vincent finished his breakfast and went to his room to double check his bag. Just as he was about to leave the room. A small orange creature appeared. It seemed to have dropped from the ceiling, but Vincent couldn't be sure. He was surprised, but not afraid because it was small and the big eyes don't look threatening. With a big, childish smile, the upside down teardrop shaped creature then began to talk. "Hello!" And that shrill, high pitched voice must mean the creature was female.

Nobody said anything for a while. Then the creature began to talk again. "I am Fufumon. I am here to protect you. And you are...?"

"Are you really real?" Vincent gasped.

"Yes." Fufumon gave him a gentle, friendly jab with her horn. "So what's your name? I can say I protect you, but no one will believe me if I don't even know your name."

"Vincent. Did you just descend down from the ceiling?"

"Yes. I float like a -" Fufumon began to move around a lot, as if to show off she could fly.

"Then go back up to the ceiling and stay there until I get back! Don't let anyone see you. And I mean it!" Vincent interrupted. He dashed out of the room and slammed the door shut.

Fufumon stared at the blank space where Vincent once was. Slowly, she rose to till she reached the ceiling. She had nailed a green and black device to the ceiling with some of her iron spikes. "I should have told him about this first."

November 6th, 2007, 4:58 PM
((Peace, you can take control of Blank until you get to the park, i don't want her to take over Cait's body to much it could cause damage.btw, I've lightly drawn the digidestand's for the gods, I'll have their profiles up as soon as I can. Oh and people, it's snowing in the park!))

The park~ Iori Candy "I. Candy" (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Ryzuki-and-Iori-63700515)

Iori pulled his hood over his head, he hated the cold but he had to wait here, the champion was gonna meet him for a spar. Iori looked over his Desert Rose deck, why would Damian want to chalange me? Iori wondered as he sifted threw his Evil based deck, Alucard (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/15-more-desert-Rose-Cards-60784476), "Let's give him a good run huh buddy?"

Iori smiled and turned to look at the large clock that sat in the middle of the park; it was half past ten, he's late, he thinks to himself as snow falls on his face, Damian where are you?! he wonders.

As though summand from the snow itself he was there, in front of him a table that had not been there before. "Iori?" the tall teen asked looking up showing deep brown eyes and an all knowing smile. "it's nice to meet you, you have quite the reputation."

"you must hang out in weird places." Iori said as he sat down across from the Grand Champion, "I have no reputation to speak of."

"oh don't you?" Damian smiled as he pulled his IPhone out of his pocket, "Look at this." he scrolled along his Text Messages, the sound of silver dust and he handed Iori the phone, "they say you're the best..."

Iori took the phone and read the message;

I found this kid who will beat the pants off you, his name is Iori he beat me bad. he uses an all Evil deck, That will give Zoro (http://rorozoro.deviantart.com/art/Meh-Smexy-Zoro-Desktop-29089628) a sure run for his money. Check you later.

Iori passed Damian back his phone, people had started to gather, they wanted to see the Grand Champion Spar with this kid from down the street. Damian ran his fingers threw his hair, "Shall we?"

Iori sighed and placed his deck on the table, "Basic shuffle, one monster to begin with, no buddies." Iori says as he pulled Alucard off the top of his deck and placed it next to the pile of 30 cards.

Damian smiles and takes Zoro off the top of his own deck then hands the rest of the cards to Iori, "I expect nothing less."

As they shuffled each other's decks the crowd of people grew, it seemed that such a Spar would be more then worth watching, only the best stood a chance against Damian and everyone knew it.


The park~Zorra de Fuego (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/ZorraD-Fuego-colored-Photoshop-64046155)

Red eyes scan the two human males that were sitting at a table with people all around, I think that is them... she says to no one in particular. She stands up, the branch on which she sat creaked slightly, "Looks like the others will be by soon, I must make sure that i get them.... home." she disappears without a sound, the ninja fox with the heart of fire.

((Ok.......... a place for everyone to meet, in the crowd Watching Iori and Damian. XD))


November 6th, 2007, 6:03 PM
Chapter 3 First strike

When i grow up i want to be,
One of the harvesters of the sea.
I think before my days are done,
I want to be a fisherman.

John the fisherman, Primus

Walking like this was very difficult. Cait allowed Blank to take over allowing him to go on standby.

The park was directly ahead. Blank walked into the park very quickly. "Well now what were we supposed to do here again?" If Cait would have shrugged he could. BLank walked through some bushes and into a main plaza. Something told Cait that there was more to this that meant the eye. It felt like something important would happen soon. But he shrugged it off. Wondering what Mokumon was doing.


Arukenimon watched from the building that she was perched on. Then she sensed more figures coming towards the park. "Seems like some sort of gathering. Hmm interesting."

Arukenimon jumped from the building. Then she began walking towards the park in the shadows. Keeping in mind of the snow that was coming down fiercely.


Pharodevimon watched from his view screen. He cackled very loudly. "Oh I knew she was stupid but not this stupid." Pharodevimon was waiting for the chance to see her die. He was expecting it since he sent her to the real world. "Infermon are you watching this? Take note of her mistakes." Infermon walked closely towards Pharodevimon's throne. "Yes sir. I can see one mistake now." Arukenimon was not disguising her appearance. She was walking around very visible to the naked eye.

Zorro De Fuego (Will get a pic eventually)

A black fox sat atop a nearby streetlight. Disguising himself in the nearby shadows. Looking around he could tell something was going to happen. Then he noticed something. "Well now. What do we have here?" Zorro spotted Zorra de Fuego disappearing on a branch. "I should have known she would be here." Zorro crouched on the lamp silently. He was a master of shadows and had trained himself to be a stealthy killer. He knew that the Returners would eventually pay digi-dollars if he managed to take out one of Pharodevimon's elite. Silently the streetlight went out and Zorro disappeared into the shadow of a nearby building

Vanilla Kitsune
November 8th, 2007, 7:17 AM
Dara raised her eyebrows as she noticed Tommy rushing over to her. The french-fry in her mouth fell weightlessy to the grass below her. Puffmon was finished with its hamburger, and yelled in delight.

"HELLOOOO!" Puffmon exclaimed.

Dara covered Puffmon's mouth in embarrassment. Quickly, she slid Puffmon behind her back and tried to eat casually, as if nothing was wrong.

"ARGH! Dara! That is a friend!! See, he has a Digimon!" Puffmon was trying to crawl out from behind her back. Dara was still weary of allowing Puffmon to speak in public.

"Hiiya.." Dara called back.


Puffmon had finally managed to release itself from behind her, and hopped over to Foxmon and Tommy.

"WAAAH!" Dara cried, chasing after her Digimon.

"WOOOW! I had no idea you were heeeere!"

Puffmon bounced around with joy and excitement. It begged at Tommy's heels to let Foxmon out of his arms.

"I'm so sorry for Puffmon's behavior. It always gets out of control. Please forgive me.."

Dara bowed embarrassed. Puffmon still hopping and begging around Tommy's leg, a little more hastily now.

"I think it wants to see your Digimon. By the way," Dara held out her hand, "My name is Dara. I live in an appartment complex around this area. Are you from here as well?"

Curiosity was burning inside her now. She was relieved but quite anxious to find out if Foxmon was really a Digimon, and if it was an ally, or an enemy.

November 8th, 2007, 8:10 AM
'It's okay, Dara." Tommy set Foxmon on the ground, where the little digimon smiled wide at Puffmon.

"It's good to see you, Puffmon!"

Tommy stood back up, smiling at his digimon. "My name's Tommy," he said to Dara, "or you can call me Tosh." He shook Dara's hand. "And yeah, I'm from around here. I live over near the hospital, actually." He looked back at Foxmon.

"I can't believe you're here," the little digimon said to Puffmon, "This is so awesome!"

November 8th, 2007, 5:17 PM
"So, you can use the digivice to digivolve to bigger forms, now I get it!"Tori said.

"Actually, you're the one who uses it, not me."Explained Poyomon.

It would had seem like both were talking for a lot of time,suddenly they stumble upon a large crowd, shouts could be heard as exciment filled the whole crowd.

"WHAT'S THIS ABOUT!?"Tori asked, he could barely hear himself or everybody else.Suddenly, his digivice emitted a bright beam, somehow it wasn't noticed by anyone but him and Poyomon.

Maybe someone did notice it....

Vanilla Kitsune
November 10th, 2007, 4:25 PM
Dara began less nervous, and relaxed again. Her grip on Tommy's hand was delicate like her smile. She shook his hand gently.

"That's great to know, Tommy. The hospital is not too far from my appartment, actually. I have to pass it when I go to school. Speaking of which, do you attend school?"

Puffmon chased Foxmon around Tommy and Dara's legs. It was so excited to finally meet up with a friend in the human world. Dara was reliefed she had found an ally within Tommy.

"So, you got a Digimon too? Strange things, aren't they? Puffmon is so.. hyper all the time. Do you think there are more people with Digimon out there? I myself was looking for someone to talk to about them."

Yeah, of course there are more of us!" Chimed Puffmon, who was now standing beside Foxmon, staring up at Dara.

"I know, but I wonder where."

November 10th, 2007, 7:28 PM
"Actually, the past few years I've been homeschooled. I spend too much time at the hospital to go to any school," Tommy said, watching his digimon with interest.

"Well, Tosh and me thought we saw something in here," Foxmon said, "So maybe there'll be others."

"Yeah, that could be true. You never know."

November 11th, 2007, 2:09 AM
Vincent entered his room. He had just returned from school. Fufumon greeted him with her seemingly everlasting cheerfulness. "Where have you been? Can you play with me now? Oh, I have something to show you!"

Fufumon flew up to the ceiling and remove the iron spikes. She caught the device by balancing it perfectly with her horn. "Catch!" Fufumon tossed the device towards Vincent. He caught it. For someone small, she sure had power.

Vincent looked at the green and black device. Fufumon flew over to him and rested on his shoulder. "That's a Digivice. All Digivice are specially crafted to fit the receiver, and this one is no exception. It can do lots of things for its owner. A Digimon partner is also carefully chosen to suit the receiver at the making of a Digivice. You, Vincent, are this Digivice's owner, and I, Fufumon, am your Digimon partner."

Vincent sighed. It seemed that they, whoever they are, had made the wrong choice. Fufumon would never get along with him well. She talked too much and beat around the bush too often. And she's a GIRL! The only thing he found that was okay about her was her power.

Fufumon tapped at one of the buttons. The screen changed. "One thing the Digivice can do is detecting the presence of Digimon and other Digivice. See that little black dot over there in the middle? That's you. The white dot just near it? That's me."

Vincent stared at the screen. There was a something like a Cartesian plane, and the x and y axis intersect perfectly in the middle. On the intersection point was the black dot. The key to the map was at the bottom of the screen, and it was shifting keys constantly. White for Fresh, Yellow for In Training, Orange for Rookie, Green for Champion, Blue for Ultimate, Red for Mega, Black for Digivice. Then Fufumon pushed another button.

November 12th, 2007, 4:38 PM
((*slides in and slams into the wall* OUCH! here i am, i was punished so I wasn't on I'm here now so my post is coming up but first... I must know where you all are..))

Ch. 3
Cosplay convencion

“Did Aerith (http://lone-momo.deviantart.com/art/Those-Who-Love-Those-Who-Fight-60550478) try to kiss you again?” The tall Burger Burger employee asks as his spiky haired friend stumbled out of a group of grabby fan girls.

“yeah… but this time…” JBCBlank pulls up the only black sleeve that Cloud (http://yumix.deviantart.com/art/FFVII-ADVENT-CHILDREN-CLOUD-29952223) normally wore, “She bit me.”

Valarian King winces at the circular pattern that was made by the fan girl’s teeth, “It looks like that time you went for the Bakura caught by fan girls costume.”

“yeah that was a fun night.” JBCBlank answers with an overly content smile. “Did you bring my-”

“yes… here is your Bacon and Cheese Burger Burger Burger.” Valarian cuts in with a sigh.

JBCBlank steals the Burger Burger from Valarian’s outstretched hand, “come here you lovely thing!” JBCBlank says burying mouth, teeth and even nose into the messy meat and cheese concoction.

Valarian smiles, “Don’t you think you should let you fan girls know that your—”

JBCBlank lifts a gloved hand for silence, though shorter then Valarian, JBCBlank commanded the respect of one who was seven feet tall and five times richer then the richest in the vicinity. “Don’t start scaring my fan girls way!” Valarian didn’t miss the threat in JBCBlank’s voice.

Valarian shrugs and places his hand on JBCBlank’s strong but slender shoulder, “Dude, you’re messed up.” He jumps suddenly as JBCBlank pinches his right buttock, “DUDE! DON’T DO THAT!”

JBCBlank smiles as Valarian began to sweat as though he had been running, “you know you like it…” JBCBlank says advancing on the tall brunet who wore red and black.

“Saint of Hope.” Valarian spat bluntly and so suddenly that JBCBlank actually took a few steps back.

Instantly JBCBlank’s hands dropped and a sigh escaped lightly tanned lips, “I’m a disgrace..”

“No, just a whore.” The moment the words left his lips he regretted them, his veins ran cold and he knew without looking that a deep reservoir of anger was settling itself behind him. “Saint’s right behind me isn’t he?”

“Yes… I am.” A deep angry voice snaps the voice had such authority that even JBCBlank looked up.

Valarian twirls around to face he who spoke with fire, “Saint! I didn’t mean it I swear!”

Saint of Hope swore, “Nobody calls my wife a whore!”

Valarian began to sweat even more, the evil that burned in Saint’s eyes was normally saved for grabby fan girls, and Valarian had only seen it once before and that time Saint almost killed a man, if it hadn’t been for Vincent and Barett the man would have died, But neither Vincent nor Barett were here now. “I’ll never do it again!” Valarian cries trying to redeem himself.

Saint took a single step towards him, just one and it was enough to make Valarian want to bolt had it not been for the sturdy yet gentle hand that was placed on his chest, “Leave him alone Saint… I was doing it again.” JBCBlank’s eyes gleamed with the threat of tears to come, “I’m really sorry.”

Saint places his hand over hers, “you I forgive my sweet…” he turns to Valarian his eyes cold, “It is you I do not forgive.”

Valarian’s head hung as JBCBlank’s biggest fan girl came running over hoping to get the kiss she had been working so hard for, “CLOUD I-” she squeals seeing Saint of Hope, “I’ll… be seeing you.”

She was gone, “Saint…” Valarian whispers, “I just got a message from Vincet, Damian is sparing with Iori.”

Saint of Hope and JBCBlank look at each other, “Let’s go see.” JBCBlank begs clasping her hands together, “Please Darling.”

Saint hated not giving his wife her heart’s desire, that was why he was dressed like Zack (http://junay.deviantart.com/art/Zack-Crisis-Core-2-65531617) and she was in her Classic and popular Cloud costume (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/My-Cloud-costume-59095924). They had entered the convention together but gotten separated when a phone call sent Saint back to the office. “Alright we’ll go.” He says receiving an instant hug. “You coming Valarian?”

Valarian nods and fallows the couple as they walked the three blocks to the park, even though he held the world champion Desert Rose Title he knew his place, he had been and always would be the guy who brought Cloud his Bacon and cheese Burger Burger Burger after every convention… even in the snow.


In the park

Aerith walked over to the crowd, her best friend Amy Ritz was jumping up and down watching the Spar that had everyone in the Desert Rose community talking, “Kira!” she giggles waving to her friend.

“Who’s winning?” Kira asks pushing her hair from her face.

“Damian seems to be.” Amy answer as she fingers her own deck, “So did you get it?”

Kira sighs so deep that it seemed to come from her very soul, “No… Zack showed up.”

“Again?!” Amy hugs her friend, “Don’t worry you’ll kiss Cloud eventually, you are Aerith after all.”

Kira smiles and pulls her jacket tighter around herself, Aerith Cosplays were not made for the snow. “Yeah you’re right.” She hears crunching behind her, she turned expecting that, (in like many romance novels’ she had read), Cloud would be walking toward her ready to take her in his arms and give her the passionate kiss she longed for. That was not what she got, “SPIDER!” she squeals pushing threw the crowd toward the Battalion’s and their Swords.

Damian turned from the single Sword that stood before him, the Cosplayer who had screamed distracted both Swords; Zoro and Alucard returned to their cards the Spar long forgotten. As the Aerith wannabe fell into Damian’s arms he regarded her with emotionless eyes, “What are you babbling about?” he asks Iori as the other Battalion starts picking up the four Hologram triangles that made the Spar worth watching.

The crowd began to disperse, what good was a half finished spar, “I guess that mass message was a lie?” Amy asks walking over to the young Battalion who had been challenged by the Grand champion.

Iori Ignored her, he knew Amy, she was the rich girl that went to his school. He never liked her because she was to used to getting her way. “Maybe we should spar in an official field.” Iori said walking over to Damian.

“Hey I was talking to you!”

“Yeah, if the snow hasn’t closed them all down.” Damian answers Iori, completely ignoring the large breasted girl in his arms.

“Hey! I’m traumatized!”

Iori laughs at Damian’s statement, “True, do you think-” he was cut off by Amy’s scream.

Both boys turn to see what the girls were looking at, and there stood the biggest and strangest spider that they had ever seen. It was obviously a she, for the hair could belong to no other. She had horns that grew from her head, she hisses showing rows of needle sharp teeth, and she reached out and pointed a clawed finger at the humans that trembled before her. “Chosen…” she spat.

Damian pulled Kira closer to him; Iori actually put his arms around Amy. The sound of Metal parting the snow rang in the air as a long buster Sword flew in-between them slicing threw a strand of Iori’s black hair. It was fallowed by an equally sharp half blade that everyone recognized as one of the blades that made up Cloud’s sword. The two dug into the ground at the spider’s feet, she backed up just in time to keep them from striking her chest. When the four turned to see where they had come from, they saw that JBCBlank and Saint of Hope had stopped just short of the indentations left by the hologram triangles. They curse simultaneously, “I told you they were point heavy!” JBCBlank hissed turning her eyes to Saint.

“Fine, we won’t go to that metal works anymore.” Saint answers not looking at her.

“No wonder they were so cheep.” JBC wondered aloud as she took a few steps toward the four who huddled together, she unsheaved the sword that was customized for her, just the right length and weight for a Cloud of her stature.

Saint fallowed pulling a sword from the loop sheaves on Cloud’s back, this sword had also been customized for JBCBlank so holding it was slightly awkward but Saint knew how to adjust, “I knew I should have brought another one.” He says glaring at the sword in his hand.

JBCBlank Smiles at her husband, “Ready?” she swings her sword onto her shoulder.

“Ready!” Saint answers running a finger over the sharp blade.

They brace for a full out charge, Cloud was a licensed police officer, she wasn’t afraid of things such as these, they were always tossing her in to raging gun fights because she had the best aim and it would always be over quickly. Saint on the other hand was just a run of the mill computer technician; he was often called away to fix a computer or two, (or a hundred). He may not have had his wife’s rigorous training but she had taught him enough so that he could do more then defend himself. “This fight isn’t yours!” Came a soft overly feminine voice.

Both Cosplayers turn to see the tall yellow fox walking towards them, she had deep red eyes that seemed to gleam with the spark of a long lost love, her arms were covered with long green gloves that ended in V’s just above her knuckles, black and white ying-yangs covered the backs of her three fingered hands. JBC and Saint separated to let her pass, her long fluffy tail flicked Saint of Hope’s cheek, JBCBlank glared as an all to familiar grin played across his face.

The yellow fox looked up at the spider, “Arukenimon (http://armouros-cardear.deviantart.com/art/Arukenimon-23349029), you will not touch these children!”

“Zorra de Fuego…” Arukenimon hisses, “Sticking your nose were it doesn’t belong I see!”

Zorra lays her ears back in a show of aggression, “You are the one who doesn’t belong here!” she shouts taking a step forward.

Arukenimon steps between the two swords that had been thrown at her. “I can beat you easily Zorra!”

Zorra de Fuego jumps into the air and her arms glow with a greenish blue light, “DIAMOND STORM!” she shouts spreading her arms.

The diamonds rain down and land with enough force that it split branches, lifted dust and rocketed the two swords into the air towards the humans who stood staring. Taking her by the hand Saint tossed JBC into the air so that she could catch the two swords before they hurt somebody. Needless to say it was not such a good idea, the moment her hands clasped around the leather bound hilts of the swords he was yanked back, Saint had to catch her because there was no way she was going to lad without help. They landed hard between the two couples that didn’t really belong.

Damian and Iori help the fallen to their feet; JBCBlank nearly stabbed the buster sword into Damian’s foot. “Are you ok?” Saint asks as he helps Iori help his wife.

“Cloud!” Kira blurts without thinking, she jumps onto JBCBlank knocking the Cosplayer down again.

Without a moment’s resistance the girl in pink plants a long overly passionate kiss on the “man” that she had been after for so long. Pinned in the snow JBCBlank was all too away of the ultra cold water that was soaking in to places that it didn’t belong. JBC had to use all the strength and will power she possessed to keep from participating in the kiss, when Kira finally pulled away JBC was forced to hide a sigh behind a cough.

Kira seemed quite pleased with herself as she stood and stared definitely into Saint’s flaming eyes, “What are you going to do about it?”

Saint swore under his breath and turned away, JBC started standing again using the sword that she had thrust into the ground to steady her trembling legs, she was so cold.

Before anyone could do more diamonds once again flew threw the air. Saint drops to one knee as a shard struck his right arm. Instantly JBC darts to her fallen husband and places her hand over the deep wound on his bicep.

Zorra closes her eyes and unleashes all of her energy, with a single blast she strikes, dust lifts, the snow swirls all over, Arukenimon looks up baffled as Zorra landed falling to her knees. “You missed me…” Arukenimon gasps.

“Did I?” Zorra asks smiling.

Arukenimon notices a glow from behind her, data began to pour from the gap that Zorra had made with her attack, voices sounded from it; and one by one seven digimon crawled out. The first one was a tall purple fox that would have looked very much like Zorra had it not been for the robotic right arm. After that came what appeared to be a reed fire bird, far to big to be natural, as this creature walked she melted the snow. After here came a disk that seemed to role of its own accord.

A large purple cat with long ears fallowed, he had long black claws a white fluffy chest and a red Mohawk.

Next exited a tall catlike purple rabbit with a long tail, a gold crown, black bat like wings and a mop of brown hair.

A black seal with long ears and claws came next, red eyes glowing and white teeth flashing. After him jumped a black dinosaur with silver claws and golden eyes.

And then putting them all to same, elegantly slowly, ditmon (http://jbcblank.deviantart.com/art/Ditmon-PS-69682501) exited, he was as tall as a large German shepherd his long dragon like tail snapped and the gap closed behind him.

They all turned to look at Arukenimon threatening her, daring her to move.

In the digital world.

Pharodevimon’s red eyes burned, “Not going as you planned?” came a silvery and seductive voice.

Pharodevimon turns to look at the one in the shadows, “No… the others won’t give up.”

A low laugh answers, “Then step up the game.”

Pharodevimon gulped, never in all his years had he been so frightened or so ashamed.

((as you can see I added a few char. *wipes face* I’m tired. Anyway I’ll be adding pics of them as soon as they ‘re done so wait if you really want to see them, *smiles* hope you enjoyed that. ))


November 12th, 2007, 8:29 PM
OOC: By now your character's should make it to the park

IC: Pharodevimon got up. The floor that he was lying apon felt very cold. He quickly closed his telepathic link and looked around. The throne room was very dark and depressing. Slowly he walked over to his throne and sat apon it. A computer screen materialized in the air infront of the seat. "Summon Metal Phantomon." he said softly. In an instant Metal Phatomon appeared in a flash of dark smoke hovering holding his scythe. "You rang?" Pharodevimon got up. Once he did so the light from the digital sun spewed from the large windows in the throne room. "Summon the rest of the guard and elite. Then go into the human world and initiate the invasion. The returners are bound to have sent their own to the human world so be on your guard." Metal Phatomon bowed. "Yes sir. We shall not fail." Pharodevimon sat down once more. "See that you don't"


Arukenimon gulped. She was greatly outnumbered by these tamers. Suddenly a telepathic link was absolved into her. "We are sending the elite guard. Be aware". Arukenimon cackled. "Fools. Watch as the new era of your world comes to view". Suddenly the clouds blocked out the sun. The sky turned black. Rain suddenly started poaring into a large storm. A hurrican comenced. Suddenly a cloud began to move into the middle of the park and a tornado formed in the middle of it. Blasting everyone off their feet.

Zorro was already running to the park when he was blasted off his feet. He landed close to Zorra-de-fuego. "Well then. Together again huh?" Zorro was used to saying things like this.

Suddenly out of the tornado 30 digimon began poaring out of it. Consisting of Pharodevimon's elite plus his royal guard. Arukenimon cackled once more. Infermond suddenly attatched himself to the ground. The grass and much of the street suddenly changed to the color gray as he sucked out much of the energy in the ground. Etemon began to charge up a Dark network attack. Lady Devimon jumped onto a nearby light that had gone out. Metal Phantomon phased out into the shadows. "Now to conquer the human world." Suddenly the elite guard vanished. Remaining was a large Tyrannomon.

Zorro got up and so did Zorra. They were infront of a teenage girl who had fallen over. That girl was Cait with Blank taking control.

Suddenly Cait's digivice began to flash greatly. Mokumon appeared next to him but was still asleep. "Fire Blast" Tyrannomon yelled as he launched a blast of fire directly at Cait, Zorra and Zorro. Due to his weakness to flashing light.


"This just in. There has been some commosion over at Ragdon park as a large red Trex has launched a large fireball. The Rpd is slowly going towards the area. But parts of Ragdon are being overrun with strange looking creatures."

The picture fased into three scenes. Etemon screaming into his mic causing many police to collapse. Metal Phantomon swiping his scythe cutting down dozens of police. Arukenimon even just standing there and people running away.

"The Rpd is advising that you stay indoors and when possible evacuate. While the military comes in".

Chapter 4: The quest

I'm not listening, not anymore
The more I learn, the more I ignore
I'm not listening, not anymore
The more I hear, the more I ignore

the more I ignore

Papa Roach - Not listening

Cait felt a slight calming feeling once the heated ball hit. Still once after he saw a great white light once he saw that his body had been burnt to a crisp. He felt completely light as a feather. He felt no more need to breath or even move. Just to lay there and bask in the white light.

Then suddenly he felt like he had been dragged down to earth. He felt down on the ground with his eyes closed. He was breathing again. But he no longer felt the crushing personality of Blank. Instead he felt different. Powerful and strange. His mind was filled with different memories. Something about eggs and energy. Then he opened his eyes. He looked down at his hands and felt nausia.

His hands were white. More or less he had three clawed fingers. With dark red gloves going up to his elbows. Suddenly his memory flashed again and he saw what he was now. He was now a black fox http://img118.imageshack.us/img118/1589/1069782988rusrenamonmh0.jpg

Cait felt sick. Then he noticed something. His digivice was attached to his hip now. It had stopped flashing but just lay with a blank screen. Then his attention was turned towards Tyrannomon who stood there howling towards the sky. The rain was still poring like a hurricane at this point. Tyrannomon was still weak from his attack.

Vanilla Kitsune
November 13th, 2007, 6:56 AM
Dara had frozen in her spot. She was far too scared to even think about what was happening across the field in front of her. A group of teenagers were mingled into together, complete with animals with the appearances gruesome. Puffmon shivered and closed its eyes. The fur on its body was sticking straight up. Without hesitation, Dara thrust Puffmon into her arms and buried it into her chest. It blushed lightly.

"Wha- What do you think is going on there?" Dara spat, trying to recollect herself despite the terror building up inside her.

"Arukenimon.." Puffmon whispered, barely heard.

"What is an Arukenimon?"

There was no time for an answer. A large T rex was thrasing about, shooting beams of fire in every direction. Dara ducked Tommy down as the blast was shot over head. Crawling on her knees, Dara made her way over to the group.

"Hey you guys!" She yelled, Puffmon still buried inside her chest. Her skirt was proving to be quite the disadvantage as she tried to crawl around. Puffmon was quivering without speaking.

"HEEEEY!" Dara yelled once more, finally standing up behind them. "I WANT SOME ANSWERS HERE! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPEN?" She was running out of breath as she gasped the last few words.

November 13th, 2007, 7:18 AM
Tommy crawled after her, Foxmon in tow. "It's not really Arukenimon, is it Puffmon?" He stood up beside Dara as he asked this.

"Yeah, I think so," Foxmon said, "What else could it be?"

"You're right." Tommy looked at Dara before pulling out his digivice and glancing at it. "I guess it's time for you to join the fight, Foxmon." He held the digivice tightly, a grim smile on his face, "Like before."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 13th, 2007, 1:13 PM
are you still taking sign-ups?

Name: Solana

Gender: female

Age: 10

Digimon: Hawkmon

Fresh form: pururumon

Intraining: Poromon

Rookie: Hawkmon

Champion: Halsemon

Ultimate: Shurimon

Mega: Aquilamon


Digivice colour: Grey And Dark Grey

Personality: Solana Is Very Brave And Will Take On Any Challenge.

Description: Solana Has Dark blue Eyes And long, dark brown Hair.She Wears A Blue Tank Top And Green Jeans.

Alignment: the returners

Crest: Reliability

Rp Sample: "Mach Impulse!" Said Halsemon As He Used The Attack On Blackwargreymon. "Hang In There Halsemon!" Said Solana Watching Halsemon Fight Blackwargreymon. "Tempest Wind!" Said Halsemon Launching Another Attack. Blackwargreymon Fell To The Ground As Soon As The Attack Hit It. "Good Job Halsemon!" Said Solana As Blackwargreymon Turned Into A Digi-Egg. "Thanks,But Now All We Need Is Food." Said Halsemon Looking Around For Food. "Ok,Lets Go." Said Solana Walking Towards The Nearest Restraunt. " I Will Be Right Back Halsemon." Said Solana When They Got To The Restraunt. "Ok,Ill Wait Under That Tree Over There." Said Halsemon Pointing To The Tree Behind The Restraunt.

November 13th, 2007, 4:04 PM
OOC:You must really be 10, ain't ya?

"THIS IS TOO LOUD!!!!"Screamed Tori to his partner.

"YEAH!!!!IT's TOO LOUD!!!"Shouted back Poyomon

Soonly after looking for a quiet spot, he heard a scream of terror comming from a young girl, she was terrified and frozen in her spot at the sight of a half spider-half woman, she had another Digimon by her side.

"Are those Digimon?"Tori asked, wanting to know if those creatures he saw were digimon.

"You bet!Roach legs over there is an evil bug Digimon, and the little fella there is Puffmon!"Poyomn said quickly recognizing the Digimon."Are you ready to fight?!"Asked Poyomon who at the moment jumped in exciment at the idea of having his first battle.

"You really want to battle?"Asked Tori in shock towards the idea of his small Digimon.

"What you don't trust me?"Asked Poyomon.

"Well....."Tori remarked, he was unsure of wether to or to not truts his partner, he had never been good a trusting people.

"Tori, you and I are friends, I'll never let you down!"Poyomon said with cheerfulness.

"Well then... let's go!You have my trust!"Tori replied with the same cheerfulness of Poyomon.

Suddenly Poyomon glew white as her body began to fill with power from the digivice, her body changed and grew a large antenna on his head.

"It's your trust!"Poyomon shouted, his body still covered in light."Poyomon digivolve too......"

November 13th, 2007, 4:34 PM
Shiny Eevee: There is no way I can accept you. Even your digimon are really bad

Firstly I cannot find any information about Wolfmon, pupmon, blackmon and megablackmon. Unless you mean Lobomon who is a human digimon that you cannot choose since he is neither champion nor rookie. Also the most easiest to see is that Alphamon is a mega digimon not a champion. Therefore he cannot be placed in the champion slot. If you want a created digimon please post a description that is well detailed or a picture

More easy to see is you lack even the smallest amount of detail for appearance and personality. Plus your rp sample is also violating the rule for at least four lines in an rp post. I would suggest to revamp your character completely and detail it. Denied

November 13th, 2007, 9:22 PM
Name: Leia



Digimon: BlackGatomon

Intraining: Nyaromon http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied5/images/Nyaromon.gif

Rookie: Salamon (She's a Purpleish gray) http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Salamon.gif

Champion: BlackGatomon http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied2/images/BlackGatomon.gif

Ultimate: LadyDevimon http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/LadyDevimon2.gif

Mega: Lilithmon http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Lilithmon.gif

Elite: ~~~

Digivice colour: Black and Silver

Personality: Leia is easly angered (though she rarely lets that blind her), and holds grudes for a long time. She's not the type to hide in the shadows so she deals with things head on.

Description: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a164/ShadowCat13/Trainers/Rin2.png

Alignment: Pharodevimon

Crest: Anger

Other: She was taken from her partens at 12 and has been in 3 forster homes and 2 group homes for teen in the 4 years sence.

Rp Sample: (I'll use the sample to get my Egg)

"So how was School?"
"Boring like always" Leia say's as she shuts the door. She turns to see her foster mom comeing down the hall holding a basket of lundery.
"There's a sandwitch and some soup in the kitchen if you're hungery."
Not answering leia walks down the hall to the stairs. On the way up she hears a low beep. She stops but doesn't hear it again so she continues to her room. She tosses her bag on her bed then walks over to her dest and picks up the book she was reading when she hears the beep again to her left.
Turning she looks at her shelf and see's a large egg on the top with some plushie toys.
"Whats that?" she muters as she walks over. Next to it is a black and Sliver device. As she picks up the black and silver device her hand brushes the egg, and the screen on the device starts glowing.
"What the...oww!" looking down to see what hit her foot, she see's the egg had fallen of the shelf onto her foot. As she bends down to pick it up it cracks in half and a cute yellow leggles cat thing jump into her arms.

November 13th, 2007, 9:23 PM
Shadowcat13133: Accepted. Very well done signup

November 14th, 2007, 1:34 AM
Fufumon gave a really long speech about Digimon and the Digivice, made even longer by indirectly approaching the point and longer still with repeating, and she just have to make annoying comments on almost everything. Just before she get to the Digivolution part, there were loud noises from outside. Noises Vincent had heard before, but much, much louder. Bored to the death, Vincent quickly jumped at the opportunity to get out of the talk. He rushed to the window, already had a reason in mind if Fufumon ever asked why. A lame reason, but at least better than no reason.

Vincent looked out. He can see a tornado raging several hundred meters away. The location is Ragdon Park. There was excitement in his eyes, but doubt in his head. This place was never hit by a tornado before, so why is there one now? The weather forecast had not predicted a tornado. And the animals didn't look restless the day before or earlier today. All the here-comes-the-disaster signs was off. Weird.

Fufumon, on the other hand, looked scared. She knew for sure the enemies are coming. She was sent by the Returners to the Human World for that reason. She was stuck with Vincent because of that. But she had to be sure the tornado was caused by them. She also had to convince Vincent to help the other Tamers. And then, she had an idea. She had to test her luck.

Fufumon shouted, trying to beat the tornado's howls. "Vincent, you have to go to the park!"

"What? Why?"

"Go to the park! Just go. Someone needs your help." Fufumon pounced at his Digivice and pressed a button, activating the Digivice's radio function. Screaming voices came out of the Digivice, but barely audible within the howl of the tornado. Fufumon was relieved. Luckily a talking tamer out there also had the radio function in action.

"I can't hear anything!" Vincent said. Fufumon raged. Did he really need so much convincing in a matter of life and death? Fufumon braced herself for extra loud sounds as she turned a gear at the side of the Digivice sharply to as far as it can go. A voice immediately blasted out the Digivice. "-SOME ANSWERS HERE! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPEN-" Fufumon hurriedly pushed another button and activated the clock function to stop the loud noise.

"What in the world is-" Vincent repeated the question only to be interrupted by an angry Fufumon. She jumped up his shoulder and yelled once more. "Someone seriously needs your help! Go to the park now and lend them a helping hand already! If you go, I'll answer your questions, if you don't, I'll jab you until you go!"

Vincent quickly shoved the Digivice into his pocket. He cycled to the park. People ran in panic. A big dinosaur was spewing fire. Fufumon found Vincent's mouth gaped. Before she allows Vincent to ask, Fufumon quickly said, "That, too, is a Digimon. It is Tyrannomon. Is that the answer to your question?"

"No. I was wondering how can Digimon appear out of nowhere." Vincent said truthfully. He knew it was a Digimon. It had to be. He didn't really want to know the name of the Digimon.

November 14th, 2007, 4:54 AM
Foxmon glowed and quickly grew four stubby legs and foxlike ears.

"And now it's time to digivolve, Kyumon!" Tommy continued to grip his digivice, even harder now.

"Yeah!" Kyumon yelled as he began to glow again. "Kyumon digivolve to... Shoreenamon!" Suddenly a red, doglike digimon stood where Kyumon had been before. "Okay, Tosh," Shoreenamon said, "Let's do this!"

"Yeah, go for it, Shoreenamon!" Tommy smiled wide at his digimon, who began to run straight at the evil digimon, fist cocked back.

November 14th, 2007, 3:18 PM
I should warn you now that I have a spelling problem so I might miss spell some words now and then.


Shocked Leia droped the yellow cat thing and backs away bumping into her desk. Unsure of what to do next she glances at the door wondering if she should run for it.
"Wait! I'm you friend. I would never hurt you."
Leia looks at the door one last time then bends down and pats the yellow thing on the head. "I don't know why but I belive you. But what are you?"
"I'm Nyaromon, your digimon Partner" She says as she jumps back into Leia's arms.
"A digimon? wha....."
Out side a loud explosion surpises her.
"What was that?" leia ask runing to her window. Out side the see's a tornado in the park with many creatures flying from it.
"Those are digimon! We should go there." Nyaromon says looking up at Leia.
Leia looks into her eyes for a moment "Ok".

November 15th, 2007, 6:13 PM
I'm going t post again sence its been a day ;)

After graping her coat, a backpack for Nyaromon to ride in, and the Black and silver digivice, Leia runs down the stairs and into the hall where she runs into her foster mom.
"Where do you think your going?" She asks slightly panicked,"It's to dangerus out there with all those things running about! Come with me down to the basment where we should be safe." she says grabing Leia's arm.
"Dangerus or not I have to get to the park!" she says pulling her arm free, then pushs past to the door. As she opens it her foster mom says "No, I don't know what i'd do if you got hurt!"
"Why do you care anyway? It's not like your my mom!" Leia yells slaming the door. As she runs down the road she can hear her foster mom calling after her, but anores her. About 5 minutes later Leia stands at the entrance of the part stairing at a large red Dinosuar as it spews fire.
"Thats Tyrannomon." Nyaromon says looking over Leia's shoulder.

November 15th, 2007, 8:25 PM
Feeling weak Cait looked around. Many of the other people were unconscious. Tyrannomon was only getting started. He was stomping around setting fire to everything. Cait felt weak. Like his mind was rejecting everything. He felt weak. But he still knew that Tyrannomon would not go down by one hit. Then suddenly Mokumon appeared beside him. His digivice began to click and beep again. Then a message ran down the screen. "DIGIVOLUTION" Suddenly Mokumon disappeared in a flash of light and a wierd candlestick-like digimon was in his place. It had a flame on its tip. "Lets get him. Come on" He said in a tough voice.

"Right" Cait said. He turned to face Tyrannomon. But Tyrannomon was still wrecking everything. "There has to be some way to stop him"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 16th, 2007, 4:51 PM
I Fixed The Other Sign-up I Made.

Name: Solana

Gender: female

Age: 10

Digimon: Hawkmon

Fresh form: pururumon

Intraining: Poromon

Rookie: Hawkmon

Champion: Garudamon

Ultimate: Halsemon

Mega: Imperialdramon

Elite: (Can I Not Use One?)

Digivice colour: Grey And Dark Grey

Personality: Solana Is Very Brave And Will Take On Any Challenge.

Description: Solana Has Dark blue Eyes And long, dark brown Hair.She Wears A Blue Tank Top And Green Jeans.

Alignment: the returners

Crest: Reliability

Rp Sample: "Mach Impulse!" Said Halsemon As He Used The Attack On Blackwargreymon. "Hang In There Halsemon!" Said Solana Watching Halsemon Fight Blackwargreymon. "Tempest Wind!" Said Halsemon Launching Another Attack. Blackwargreymon Fell To The Ground As Soon As The Attack Hit It. "Good Job Halsemon!" Said Solana As Blackwargreymon Turned Into A Digi-Egg. "Thanks,But Now All We Need Is Food." Said Halsemon Looking Around For Food. "Ok,Lets Go." Said Solana Walking Towards The Nearest Restraunt. " I Will Be Right Back Halsemon." Said Solana When They Got To The Restraunt. "Ok,Ill Wait Under That Tree Over There." Said Halsemon Pointing To The Tree Behind The Restraunt.


I Put Some Digivolutions From Different Digimon.

November 16th, 2007, 5:36 PM
Solana: Okay you fixed it up allright. But I still have yet another pet peeve that you yet again fail to notice. You chose two armor digimon for Champion and ultimate and you chose a champion for Mega. You cannot choose a digimon for the rank it is not given. Pending please fix this and choose another digivolution

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 16th, 2007, 6:54 PM
Ok. I Edited It. (Again...)

November 16th, 2007, 7:06 PM
I Fixed The Other Sign-up I Made.

Name: Solana

Gender: female

Age: 10

Digimon: Halsemon Has to be a rookie.

Fresh form: pururumon

Intraining: Poromon

Rookie: Hawkmon

Champion:Halsemon It's an ultimate

Ultimate: Garudamon

Mega: Imperialdramon

Elite: (could You Give Me A List In A PM?)There aren't your supposed to make one based of your Mega

Digivice colour: Grey And Dark Grey

Personality: Solana Is Very Brave And Will Take On Any Challenge.

Description: Solana Has Dark blue Eyes And long, dark brown Hair.She Wears A Blue Tank Top And Green Jeans.

Alignment: the returners

Crest: Reliability

Rp Sample: "Mach Impulse!" Said Halsemon As He Used The Attack On Blackwargreymon. "Hang In There Halsemon!" Said Solana Watching Halsemon Fight Blackwargreymon. "Tempest Wind!" Said Halsemon Launching Another Attack. Blackwargreymon Fell To The Ground As Soon As The Attack Hit It. "Good Job Halsemon!" Said Solana As Blackwargreymon Turned Into A Digi-Egg. "Thanks,But Now All We Need Is Food." Said Halsemon Looking Around For Food. "Ok,Lets Go." Said Solana Walking Towards The Nearest Restraunt. " I Will Be Right Back Halsemon." Said Solana When They Got To The Restraunt. "Ok,Ill Wait Under That Tree Over There." Said Halsemon Pointing To The Tree Behind The Restraunt.


I Put Some Digivolutions From Different Digimon.Those things are kinda wrong, BTW, I'll post my IC later.

November 16th, 2007, 7:09 PM
Also Imperialdramon can't digivolve from Garudamon. It's digivolved from Paildramon which is the DNA Digivolved form of ExVeemon and Stingmon. If you want to join you shouldn't mix and match digimon.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Digimon Is a good place look up digmon. Just make sure you read about how they digivolve.

http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied/digidexE.html Is also nice. The only problem about this site is that the digivolution list is the card game one, so if you go here made sure it makes sence.

"We should do something. Tyrannomon is out of control!" Nyaromon says jumping up and down in the backpack.
"Stop that! You're going to fall out." Leia say watching as three diffrent digimon and a kid attack Tyrannomon. She starts walking forword then stops, "I know you're over there." she says turning to look at some bushes and trees.
"You're not bad for a human."
A large spider like digimon with a woman's troso and head steps out of the bush from behind one of the trees. Leia starts to back away then stops.
"Thats Arukenimon..." Nyaromon says from inside the backpack, "She's one of Pharodevimon's elite."
"Pharodevimon? Who's that?" Leia asks walking up to Arukenimon.
"You've got guts kid." Arukenimon says trying to sound charming, " Pharodevimon is looking for humans like you to help save the digital world. See those kids and Digimon over there." she says pointing toward Tyrannomon, "There rebels that want to over throw Pharodevimon's just rule. We once had someone like you on are side but the rebels found away to erase her memories and then hid her in the human world from us. Thats why we where sent to your world, we're here looking for her. But those rebles also came here, and they'll do anything to stop us. If they hadn't attack Tyrannomon and caused him to go into a rage he'd never have distroyed this park."
"Let me see if I unstand this right. Pharodevimon rules the Digital world. The place where you digimon are from, and some rebels are trying to take over?" Leia says watching as Tyrannomon falls on some playground equptment. "You came here looking for your human Champion to help you stop them, but they're also here trying to stop you from finding her?"
"Yes thats it in a nut shell" Arukenimon says sweetly, "Will you help us?"
"There's one thing I don't get... you said she was in the digital world right? Does that mean there are humans living there?"
"No, humans come from your world, but once in awhile a human will find a way into our world. It happens most went our world is in troble like now."
"What should I do?"

November 16th, 2007, 9:52 PM
"Yeah!" Tommy shouted, "Show her what you can do!" He watched as his digimon charged forward, yelling excitedly.

Shoreenamon swung his fist, shouting, "Air Force Punch!" A large mass of air, several feet in front of him, solidified and traveled towards Arukenimon.

November 16th, 2007, 10:40 PM
Arukenimon looked towards the thundering digimon coming towards her. She laughed hysterically at the digimon that believed itself superior to her. Arukenimon shouted "Spider thread" Suddenly the solidified air that went towards Arukenimon shattered into millions of pieces. Then Shoreenamon was suspended in the air. Shoreenamon was then flung into a nearby tree. "Foolish digimon. I am an ultimate and you are all beneath me." Arukenimon laughed as suddenly a large shadowy gas erupted from underneath her and Tyrannomon. Then suddenly it enveloped Tyrannomon Arukenimon and Leia. When it dissapated they were all gone

November 16th, 2007, 11:00 PM
"Woah..." Shoreenamon slumped to the ground in pain. "She's so strong."

"Are you okay, Shoreenamon?" Tommy asked, running over to him. "That looked like a nasty hit."

"I'll be alright, Tosh," the doglike digimon said, "I'm just hurt bad." He grimaced, trying to smile for his partner.

"Oh, shoreenamon!" Tommy threw his arms around his digimon and began crying onto his shoulder.

November 17th, 2007, 6:16 PM
Can I join, If so:

Name: Taichi Masaki

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Digimon: Coronamon

Fresh form: Since the original Coronamon doesnt have a Fresh, I chose TorikaraBallmon. Is this okay?

Intraining: Sunmon

Rookie: Coronamon

Champion: Meramon

Ultimate: Flaremon/SkullBarukimon (See crest for reason why.)

Mega: Apollomon

Elite: None

Digivice colour: White on one side, Black on the other. (In a Yin Yang sorta way. Taichi means yin-yang so I thought it'd be appropriate)

Personality: Taichi is the kind of guy that is quick to make a decision. He has a fear of being undecisive. This is because Taichi's friend died drowning in a lake and Taichi couldn't make a decision to save him or drown himself with him. So he's pretty much a man of action. He thinks generally but put under some sort pressure, he think quick. Sometimes the decision is good, sometimes the decision is bad.

Pic1: http://s193.photobucket.com/albums/z177/thugondarel/?action=view&current=Taichi.jpg
He wears a red hoodie with the hood black, some dark blue denim jeans with some black sneakers.

Alignment: The Returners.

Crest: Judgement.(Symbol of yin yang. When the crest is activated, depending on Taichi's and Coronamon's emotions as a whole will determine whether the crest activates the white side(Flaremon) or the black side(SkullBarukimon). Its like a yin yang reference.lol)
Other: None

Rp Sample: (From a Fanfic of mine.)
“Whoa... what is this place...where am I?”Taichi kept asking himself. He had a thousand questions in his head. He was on a big circle that looked to be made of glass and the area seemed pretty dark. “You are were all the others have come and gone.” a mysterious voice said. “Just great, I’m hearing voices now.” Taichi thought to himself. “Accept what has come to you...” The voice paused. “What?” Taichi said in confusion. “...and choose your fate” The voice continued. “Hold on! Im only sixteen! Chose what fate?” Taichi yelled seeing if the voice would answer back this time. Then the area disappeared and Taichi was in a new area.

Taichi was at an outside yet dusty area with areas of grass showing four roads. “Which path will start your journey...Light ,Dark, Twilight, or Dawn?. ” The voice questioned. “Which one should I choose?” Taichi asked. “Your heart will tell you.” The voice responded finally. Taichi guessed that he had no say in this so he closed his eyes and started walking by some magical force. “Stop...” Taichi tried to tell his body but it kept moving “...Why wont I stop damn it.” “Your heart is moving your body” The voice answered. Taichi chose a road. “Now we will see if you’ve chosen the right path” The voice said. At that moment everything was starting to disappear. “Wait... Which path did I choose?” Taichi asked. “You will know in the beginning and the end of your journey” The voice stated fading away. “Hold on I have more questions” Taichi said before he could get an answer he awake from the dream.

“So this is the path huh” Taichi thought to himself then went to back to sleep. “It was just a dream” He said not knowing the journey ahead of him...

I hope this is acceptable.

November 17th, 2007, 6:34 PM
ShadowCat;; Don't double post. Even if it's been a day. It's called the edit button.

pokefan89;; You're cutting the minimum pretty close pretty much in every roleplay I've seen you in, so let's make those posts longer. There'll be a thread warning if this continues.

November 17th, 2007, 7:16 PM



Digimon:Black Agumon

Fresh form:Zurumon


Rookie:Black Agumon

Champion:Black Greymon

Ultimate:Master Tyrannomon/Metal Tyrannomon(Metal if it digivolved with the Crest of Hearts(Black))

Mega:Black Wargreymon


Digivice colour:Deep Red colour

Personality:A Digimon lover, often bring the toy digivice to battle againsts people, a very kind hearted person but also has the sence of justice, often help people in need and would not fight back to anyone

Description:Kite have a brown hair, deep red eyes and wear a clothes in deep blue with jacket in white, wear a long pants in black and wear a protecter around his wrist


Crest:Crest of Hearts(Have a white and black on each surface, when digivolve to Ultimate form, it'll turn and stop to see if its a white Heart or black Heart)

RP Sample:
Kite was walking back home happily after defeat his friends 10 times a row each with a toy digivice battle, when he get home he saw a digivice look alike to his toy digivice at the table."Hey, I thought mum would be busy to even bought dinner for me....strange." Taking the digivice with him, he was going to have a test battle between his toy digivice and his look alike digivice when the two was in contacted with each other, a light suddenly beam out from the two digivices,"Hey, What the!?What's happening!?" When the beam fades, he look at the digivice, they fused to one!! And when he pick up the digivice, another beam of light beamed out to the ground and an unknown egg appear. "Okay....is it an event or something?? Maybe its just an ordinary egg but isn't this too big for that to happen???" Suddenly the egg crack while the digivice appeared a statement:THE DIGIEGG HAS HATCHED."Huh!?So it means...." Kite look at the Digiegg and it hatched to a Zurumon."Hi I'm Zurumon, nice to meet you" Kite was stunned and said,"I-I thought Zurumon is surpposed to be a naughty digimon??" Zurumon replied,"Normally yes but when I was a Digiegg, I think that your kind heart has change my personalities" Kite look quite shocked and happy and said,"Okay then Zurumon, wanna have some dinner with me???

Hope I'm in T_T

November 17th, 2007, 7:48 PM
OOC: I will be happy to make my posts longer, when doing so won't affect the quality of them.

November 18th, 2007, 7:18 AM
Both Volcdramon and Firamon were taken.

I am considering having an Elite. If you are still accepting changes, I'll PM you the details.

"That brown-haired boy over there also has a Digimon! Let's go see!" Fufumon squeaked.

"How would you know?" Vincent wondered out loud as he approach the kid.

"Intuition, of course." Fufumon said. It's a lie. She had secretly switched the Digivice's function from Clock to Detector while her partner was cycling. Fufumon was looking at the Digivice after listening Vincent's answer to confirm the presence of Digimon. From what she saw, Fufumon assumed there were at least five Digimon within a particular distance: two Fresh (including herself), one Rookie, one Champion and one Ultimate. There were also at least two Tamers, one disappeared together with the Ultimate, Champion and Fresh Digimon. The other had the Rookie Digimon in touching range. With no one around, it had to be that kid.

Vincent could see the boy was sobbing. He drew a handkerchief from his pocket. Vincent put on his best smile, and held out his hand as if he were offering the handkerchief for the kid dry his tears with. For him, it wouldn't matter if the handkerchief got dirty. He used it only for emergencies, and this looks like one. Like Fufumon said, he had a Digimon too, but it was hurt badly.

Fufumon hopped off Vincent's shoulder and landed beside the boy. She seemed more interested in the Digimon than the Tamer. "Shoreenamon, are you okay?"

November 18th, 2007, 8:38 AM
Both Volcdramon and Firamon were taken.

Okay, I edited it now. i changed Champion to Meramon and Ultimate to SkullBarukimon.

November 18th, 2007, 3:11 PM
"...Digivolve to....Moonmon!"Shouted Poyomon, as the light faded Poyomon's change was made apparent, she now was a clear tear like digimon.

"You still look small, can't you get bigger!?"Shouted a deseperated Tori.He didn't want his small friend to die in the hands, or legs, of an ultimate level Spider woman.

"I'll hold her as long as I can!"Moonmon shouted, she was determined to defeat insectoid beast."You just try to digivolve me again!"

Suddenly a shadowy gas flowed through the wind, enveloping the atacking insect, a large dragon and a girl in, as it faded, the girl and the creatures had dissapeared.The only living things there were two boys, a Fufumon, and a hurt Shoreenamon.

"Okay...What just happened here?"Tori asked to himself as a joke.

"Well...cloudy gas go boom boom on big spider, big dragon and girly girl."Moonmon explained mockingly.

Suddenly Tori saw two boys holding a hurt digimon.

"Once again; what happened here?"

November 18th, 2007, 3:57 PM
"But how do you know it's not her?" Arukenimon whines.
"How many times do I have to say this... She doesn't have the right digimon!!" Infermon lashes out with one of its legs hitting one of the walls creating a large hole.
"Infermon stop it before this old ware house falls on our heads." Lady Devimon say from the box she's sitting on.
"Maybe but..."
"There wakeing up." Etemon tell the others look up from the Girl.
Head pounding Leia opens her eyes and see's Nyaromon laying next to her and a large yellow monkey like digimon bending over her. "I don't like it when people, digimon or what ever is this close to me." she says pushing the yellow monkey away form her.
"Why you little..." Etemon yells getting up and then takes a step towards Leia.
"I wont let you hurt Leia!" Nyaromon says jumping in front of Etemon.
"Etemon leave them alone." Lady Devimon tells him as she walks over. "If it's ok with every one, I'll take her under my wing." She smiles at Leia.

Vanilla Kitsune
November 19th, 2007, 2:59 AM
With Puffmon in tow, Dara rushed over to Tommy. So many things were happening at once, that her head was spinning completely out of control. Puffmon's expression was serious now. The happiness had faded away from it, and was terrifed yet angered.

"Tommy!" Dara called out, running to his side.

"Shoreenamon!" Cried Puffmon, and within an instant, jumped out of Dara's arms. As fast as it could bounce, it reached Shoreenamon. Dara was immediantly behind it.

"What's happened to Foxmon..?"

Puffmon didn't have time to explain to her. It examined Shoreenamon nervously, hopping from side to side.

"Arukenimon!" It exclaimed in distress.

"Aw.. Tommy. What happened?" Dara pressed again. She reached out to hug Tommy, but Puffmon intervined.

"Do not worry about it. Shoreenamon is hurt! We need to do something as soon as possible!" Puffmon ordered.

"I don't know what to do.." Dara sighed.

Ignoring Puffmon, she gave Tommy a small hug. Carefully, she began to stroke Shoreenamon's fur. Once she saw it flinch, she ceased. Puffmon was still hopping around on its invisible feet, trying to think of an idea to help Shoreenamon.

November 19th, 2007, 8:50 AM
Tommy accepted the hug and turned to Dara, tears running down his face and into Shoreenamon's fur. "I just got my friend back, and now..." He sobbed once more. "Now he's hurt!" He buried his face in Shoreenamon's fur again, ignoring the digimon's flinching.

"T-Tosh," Shoreenamon gasped out, "Don't worry about me..." He looked at Dara and then Puffmon, giving them both a pained smile. "I'll be fine..."

Tommy looked back up, the tears coming faster. "Sho. Ree. Na. Mon?" He stared at him for a few seconds, then latched onto Dara. "C-Call me Tosh, Dara," he sobbed.

November 19th, 2007, 7:16 PM
OOC: xGrezxX: Accepted

StarLatias: please dont co-gamemaster please

I really like what is happening to your character so far shadowcat

IC: To come later

November 19th, 2007, 7:19 PM
OOC: xGrezxX: Accepted

StarLatias: please dont co-gamemaster please

I really like what is happening to your character so far shadowcat

IC: To come later

Did I get accepted? I posted my profile before xGrezxX did?

November 21st, 2007, 4:26 AM
OOC:Maybe he forgots??And call me Grez....<_<

IC:Next day after school, Kite went back to his room locked and look at Zurumon,"So I've got a meat for you to eat, you digimons eat this isn't it??" Zurumon continue eating and said,"Well, digimon eat something besides meat, something like digi mushrooms,which I love it" Kite started to hold back his words for a few second while thinking,*Digimushrooms should be in the Digiworld if I remember playing Digimon world on my playstation..but this is real world and real life so how could I get into the games and grab a Digimushrooms for it??* Zurumon was curious at the silence of the room,"Kite, your not daydreaming right??" Kite looked at Zurumon and was going to open the door,"Yeah, I'm calling my mum for dinner so wait here" When dailing the phone, the phone itself release a fuzzy sound and digital numbers on the phone randomly changing,"Geez, whats up with this phone???" when headed back to his room, he was surprise at the evolution occuring with Zurumon and it digivolve to Pagumon, "Hey Kite, so can we just walk out of this room??I'm getting bored and its a good thing for a growing ups to at least have a walk outside of the house" Still stunned but recover when Pagumon was talking at him, he replied,"Alright then, but we'll have to cover you for no one should even see you, got it???" Pagumon was very exciting at the chance of going outdoors,"Okay, let go!!"

November 27th, 2007, 3:30 PM
I'm trying to start a Digimon Rp if anyone wants to join it. The sign ups are in the Rp lounge.

And i'll post IC after Peace does his part.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 21st, 2008, 9:43 AM
I Fixed The Other Sign-up I Made.(Again...)

Name: Solana

Gender: female

Age: 10

Digimon: Hawkmon

Fresh form: pururumon

Intraining: Poromon

Rookie: Hawkmon

Champion: Aquilamon

Ultimate: Halsemon

Mega: Imperialdramon

Elite: (Can I Not Use One?)

Digivice colour: Grey And Dark Grey

Personality: Solana Is Very Brave And Will Take On Any Challenge.

Description: Solana Has Dark blue Eyes And long, dark brown Hair.She Wears A Blue Tank Top And Green Jeans.

Alignment: the returners

Crest: Reliability

Rp Sample: "Mach Impulse!" Said Halsemon As He Used The Attack On Blackwargreymon. "Hang In There Halsemon!" Said Solana Watching Halsemon Fight Blackwargreymon. "Tempest Wind!" Said Halsemon Launching Another Attack. Blackwargreymon Fell To The Ground As Soon As The Attack Hit It. "Good Job Halsemon!" Said Solana As Blackwargreymon Turned Into A Digi-Egg. "Thanks,But Now All We Need Is Food." Said Halsemon Looking Around For Food. "Ok,Lets Go." Said Solana Walking Towards The Nearest Restraunt. " I Will Be Right Back Halsemon." Said Solana When They Got To The Restraunt. "Ok,Ill Wait Under That Tree Over There." Said Halsemon Pointing To The Tree Behind The Restraunt.