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November 1st, 2007, 4:08 PM
TeamAquaSuicune-Manga-Productions presents to the public:
"Jukio: Densetsu No Raikou" or "Jukio: The Legend of Raikou"

This manga is about a young man named Jukio and how one experiment from Cipher changed the course of his life. I will tell you right now, that some of this WILL be fictional to the original story, so please don't get all over my butt for that. Thank you. I apologize if the blood here is too violent for you in the first five page (Specifically Pages two and five. I think it's only around PG11 maybe?) If you mods need me to edit it however, I will do so.


Jukio Surge: A 24 year old French/American Pokemon trainer. His main hobbies at the moment are tending the Gym with his father, Lt. Machisu Surge, but mostly prefers hitting on women that catches his eye. Yeah, pretty much the Brock of the story.

Lt. Machisu Surge: A former Military Lieutenant and the Leader of the Kuchiba City Gym, Lt. Surge is also the father of Jukio. Lt. Surge has earned his title as "The Lightning American" as being an expert with electric Pokemon.

Borugu: (Ein in English dub. Appeared in Pokemon Colosseum.) A young scientist who was made a laughing stock in the public after a accident he caused in the military. He hasn't been heard from since then.

And Enjoy "Jukio: Densetsu No Raikou"

http://tas-manga-production.deviantart.com/art/JLoR-vol1-pg1-67661093 Page One
http://tas-manga-production.deviantart.com/art/JLoR-Vol1-Pg2-67661208 Page Two
http://tas-manga-production.deviantart.com/art/JLoR-Vol1-Pg3-67995379 Page Three
http://tas-manga-production.deviantart.com/art/JLoR-Vol1-Pg4-67995827 Page Four
http://tas-manga-production.deviantart.com/art/JLoR-Vol1-Pg5-68156396 Page Five
http://tas-manga-production.deviantart.com/art/JLoR-Vol1-Pg6-68156513 Page Six