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November 2nd, 2007, 6:06 PM
Pokemon:A Journy With Friends {PG-15}

Five years after the events of Pokemon: Darkness Empire The students of the Mentors have moved on to bigger things Jake and Sarina are married Jake is the Sinnoh League champion and Sarina is a top corridinator,Jake has gone through apperence chages his hair is red, and black new cloths and sarina is pretty much the same. Jake is board and decides to pursu a new adeventure and asked Sarina to help him find the people they shared an adeventure with to defeat Darkrai. He wanted to be a gym leader so when he started looking he said i'm going to become a gym leader.But new trouble arises and they all MUST atain their dream and destroy the new threat!
As it turns out Darkrai was not destroyed he was just seperated from emotions(happy sad hyper,ECT.)but they have joined again and now they want revenge but will not show themselves until every one has won a gym battle.But the darkrai's plan is to destroy the world not just inslave it and the mentors are no where to be found.So now its up to the students to save the world! And suffer through the pain you feel when you travel with very little electricity!:)
We will all get a part of Darkrai to fight then we will work together to Deafeat the Darkrai Giant(all of them conbined with every ounce of darkness that exites)

Rules-read rules,no spam,wait 5 min until next post,4 line minimum.Character Control is only allowed under permission of the Roleplayer due to abscense. If you are given Character Control permission, you must show proof.No Godmodding.put i dance like homer simpson at the bottom of your post so i know you read the rules.

sign up sheet:
Age:- (15 and up please.)
Appearance:- (be descriptive)
Pokemon:- (4 max.)

Mine #1:
Name;-Jake Anthony Ryan
Hometown/Region;-Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh
Personality;-Hyperactive,loves to have fun,really cocky.
History;-Jake was born into a wealthy family in sunyshore city on febuary 14 and always got what he wanted and was always interested in contests and gym battles.As he grew older he Demanded a pokemon and on one fateful birthday he received a chimchar the second he saw it he named in Chimy,then he decided to compete in contests and gym battles,he wanted to start from sandgem town like most trainers.so when he got his license from Prof.Rowan he asked if he could have another companion so rowan gave him a an Eevee that just hatched. After winning the sinnoh he decided to traval on battle island.After events of last RP he married Sarina and became the Battle Island Champ!

Obtained From 11th birth day after demanding a pokemon
Personality arogant and can smell out trainers by their lust for battle
Moveset flame wheel,close combat,thunder punch,Fire Blast

Obtained obtained from Prof.Rowan and evolved in eterna forest
Personality;Cheery and never LEAVES the battle till the end
Moveset;Shadow ball,magical leaf,razor leaf and Frenzy Plant
Obtained:Battle Island with Sarina
Personality:Arrogent preffers to sleep
Moveset:Shadow claw,double edge, shadow ball, bounce

Mine #2(taken from diff. RP

Hometown/Region:-Lillycove hoenn
Ledgendary mentor- HO-OH

Personality:Usualy keeps to herself will protect her friends,enjoys reading,and loves her pokemon and will jump in the way of anything that could make anything worse than fainting
Pokemon:Umbreon shadow ball night shade hypnosis,shadow claw,Pachirasu,dis-charge spark,thunder volt tackle

Rowan as a post-marrige gift
thinks highly of itself
Metal claw,Hydro Cannon,Aqua Jet, Giga Impact

(im not using my format cause i am uaing i profile from another site forgive me)

November 2nd, 2007, 8:03 PM
Here's my character hope it approves

Given Name: Beryl(type of gemstone)

Nickname: None

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown Skinned, Spikey black hair, brown eyes, short sleeve yellow shirt up to elbows with a sleeveless jacket over it up to waist open. Fingerless light green gloves, baggy light green jeans, with a extra pocket on each pant leg. Light blue sneakers, a black belt with pokeballs on it and a brown travel backpack.

Personality: A boy nice boy with a strong temper. He respects all pokemon whether they be domestic or wild. He never underestimates his oppenents. Is also flirtatious at times.

Pokemon: Charmeleon, Totidile, Dragonite, Pidgeot
Obtained: Charmeleon- Starter pokemon in Kanto as pre-evolved Charmander
Totidile- Traded from Misty for Spheal as a rememberance gift
Dragonite- Captured as Dratini during his sailing across waters during his trip to Cinnabar Island.
Pidgeot- Founded and befriended during its pre-evolutionary stage as a Pidgy without the help of any pokemon. His very first pokemon.

Moveset: Charmeleon- Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Dragon Rage, Fire Spin
Totidile- Aqua Tail, Rage, Bite, Hydro Pump
Dragonite- Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Twister, Hyper Beam
Pidgeot- Fly, Twister, Gust, Air Slash
Personality: Charmeleon- Loyal
Totidile- Arrogant and is still unsure whether to trust his trainer
Dragonite- Affectionate
Pidgeot- Will never abandon his trainer a trustworthy and loyal friend

History: Beryl was born in Lavander Town, Kanto. He was orphan who lived in an orpanarium. Unfortunately for him, he was never adopted like the rest of his roommates. So he could never make a true friend there. The thing that kept him from going insane and depressing was his fascination for pokemon. It started when he was five, when he was watching the pokemon league on tv. He thought it was cool the way the pokemon were and wanted to control pokemon like that as well. But a year later, he soon realized from meeting a pokemon trainer during a walk through a park, that it wasn't all about controlling pokemon but was about respecting and befriending the pokemon was important as well.
When he turned nine, he had befriended the pokemon, Pidgey, while going through a grassy area that was filled with pokemon. A few months during that same year he was able train and play with his new friend. He also evoled it into a Pidgeotto five months after his first meet with the pokemon. This helped him be a better pokemon trainer so he would already be experienced when he turned ten. But when he did turn that age he soon found out that he was not going to be a trainer yet and instead go to trainer school in Viridian City. He tried to argue out of it but could not. So he went to trainer school in Viridian City.
It wasn't until he was 13 that he decided to run away from the trainer school. When he ran away, it wasn't until two days after his escape that the school authorities realized he wasn't there and sent a aeach party after him. Making him wanted all over Viridian City, only because they didn't think he could get far. But since he already had a pokemon, his escape was butter(can't help the use of slang). But unfortuantly he wounded up getting lost in the Viridian forest without any pokemon supplies. His Pidgeotto was already weak after fighting many battles to fend off wild pokemon, so he used him no more after the first day of his escape.
But luck wasn't on his side as he soon encountered by a group of angry Beedrill. He ran for his life but when he could outrun them no more, a red haired girl with a staryu had appeared defeating the wild pokemon with ease. When the boy asked who she was, she said he name was Misty and she soon befriended Beryl. She helped him get through the forest and in thev process the became close friends. By the time he got to Pallet town she was already gone and he set his way toward Professer Oak's abode. That is where he first gained his starter pokemon, Charmander. It wasn't until ten days later that he arrived at Viridian City where thee was posters of his face all over the city as well as a few others. So he stealthy dogded attention and even stole twenty pokeballs and thirty potions, twenty-five parylz heals and twenty-three poison heals from the Viridian City pokemart without being caught or noticed by citizens. Thats what happens when your an orphan. Another ten days went by as he caught a bulbasaur apparently left abandoned by an irresponsible trainer. He caught a few more pokemon as well thanks to the help of his best friend Pidgeotto and his new friend Charmander.
He arrived in Ceruleum City only to battle his close friend Misty. He beat her in one battle using all his pokemon, with his Pidgeotto last. It was then that his Pidgeotto evolved into its final stage, a Pidgeot. After that battle, she decided to join him on his quest. They then ended up liking each other more than normal. She then went back home only telling him to mail her whenever he could after kissing him. This happened after he won the Kanto Pokemon League.
Now 15 years of age, he has already defeated the Johto gym leader Morty and is on his way to the next gym. He has been known across seas mainly for his victory against Team Rocket. He is not sure whether he is in love with Misty or not. But he holds her to his heart for someone he cares for. Misty on the other hand is almost sure that she loves Beryl.

RP Sample: He stood ten feet away from Giovanni. Giovanni had his pokemon of choice out, Mewtwo. Beryl just looked at the adult with a look of disgust.

"Ok Beryl, since i have a stronger Pokemon, I will allow you to have two pokemon on the field. Although it won't matter."

Beryl simply grunted with a smile on his face. "Go Articuno, Suicune" The two pokemon came out of thier pokeballs with beauty. When they hit the air the two pokemon made arena chillingly cold. Then Suicune and Articuno used the move icy wind. The combined move was so powerful not even Mewtwo reflect it as he froze. As Mewtwo was frozen, Giovanni had a look of pure awe. He decided that his Mewtwo was no match and held his head down as he smiled. The two pokemon defeated Mewtwo with a combined Hydro pump. As the ice on Mewtwo broken, the blast of the two ice pokemon blew back Mewtwo knocking him out completly.

"You lose Giovannni" yelled Beryl.

"On the contrary my boy. It is you that lost." After Giovanni's words left him puzzled the two pokemon were suddenly trapped in steel cage that appeared from under the floor.

The cages suddenly started to shock Articuno and Suicune. But instead of worrying feverishly, Beryl simply smiled. Giovanni was confused. But then he realized why. The two pokemon started to break free from the cages. The electricity apparently wasn't strong enough.

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November 3rd, 2007, 3:43 AM
accepted love it!! its awsom

November 3rd, 2007, 7:24 AM
thanks. I tried not to use any legendaries. But it is so hard not to.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 3rd, 2007, 9:22 AM
now im here to join.lol:

Name: Diamond
Appearance:Has Dark Brown Hair And Blue Eyes.Wears A Tank Top With An Eevee On It And Jeans With Diamonds On It.Wears Shoes With Flames On Them.
Personality:She Is Very Brave And Treats Her Eevee,Vaporeon,Jolteon, And Flareon With Loving Care.

Obtained:Celestic Town
Personality:Brave,Very Content
Shadow Ball
Iron Tail
Quick Attack

Nickname: Droplet
Obtained:Lake Acuity
Personality:Brave,Very Content,Very Mad When Fighting
Quick Attack
Hydro Pump

Obtained:Sunnyshore City
Personality:Brave,Very Content,Very Mad When Fighting
Quick Attack
Thunder Fang
Rain Dance

Obtained:fuego Ironworks
Personality:Brave,Very Content,Very Mad When Fighting
Quick Attack
Fire Blast
Hyper Beam
Sunny Day

Legendary Mentor: Dialga

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November 3rd, 2007, 11:00 AM
no need for metor but Accepted

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November 3rd, 2007, 11:02 AM
ok.Soooooo, When Do We Start?

November 3rd, 2007, 11:20 AM
i ant some of the people from darkness ampire to be in this as there people


November 3rd, 2007, 2:37 PM
Name;- Cyan Black.
Age:- 17
Gender:- Male
Hometown/Region:- Azalea Town, Johto.
Appearance:- Cyan stands at 6'1, has short messy brown hair, and light green eyes. He wears a black t-shirt with a white thin jacket over it that has a black stripe running down both sleeves, and a pair of black shorts that hang to his knees, and black and white tennis shoes.
Personality: Cyan is kind of competive and loves to make rivals. He is also a nice guy when you get to know him, and he treats his pokemon kindly. Cyan isn't one to turn down a challenge, even if he knows he might lose, but he will seek a rematch if he loses.
History: He was born in Azalea town, and has lived there his whole life. Cyan grew up helping his father at the PokeMart. When he turned 11 he started his pokemon journey. He was dropped off in New Bark Town, and got is starter pokemon Totodile from Professor.Birch. Since then Cyan has been a wandering trainer, seeking battles and making rivals.

Pokemon:- Feralgatr
Obtained: From Prof.Birch as a Totodile.
Personality: Feralgatr is a strong and confident pokemon. It fights powerfully and skillfully, always one to put up a challenge. When it isn't battling, Feralgatr is quiet and calm, usually napping.
Moveset: Surf, Ice Beam, Crunch, Slash

Pokemon- Crobat
Obtained: Cyan caught Crobat as a Zubat the first night of his journey, outside of Violet city.
Personality: Crobat is a happy pokemon. It is usually in a good mood, and tries to make new friends all the time.
Moveset: Confuse Ray, Aerial Ace, Toxic, Sludge Bomb

Pokemon: Sudowoodo
Obtained: Cyan picked up Sudowoodo on his way out of Goldenrod. He didn't think much of it at first, but it proved itself as a good battler, and Cyan has kept it on his team.
Personality: Sudowoodo is focused and determined. It fights to the end, and always stays alert. Out of battle, Sudowoodo usually meditates, but sometimes he will relax with the other pokemon.
Moveset: Counter, Rock Slide, Mega Kick, Flail

Pokemon: Umbreon
Obtained: Recieved as an Eevee as a gift from a man in Ecruteak City. Cyan treated it well and one night it evolved into Umbreon.
Personality: Umbreon is a gentle pokemon, who is kind to others. In battle though, Umbreon is quick and powerful, willing to win at all cost.
Moveset: Morning Sun, Confuse Ray, Toxic, Faint Attack

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November 3rd, 2007, 2:44 PM
Strike 1/4 read the rules real quick you have to put a certain sentence at the botom the sentence is the last rul


November 3rd, 2007, 5:46 PM
Name;-Shiko Yuji Hinamoro
Hometown/Region:-Jubilife City/Sinnoh
Personality:calm,but fierce at times.Young girls ask him out all the time,but he refuses,replying that his heart belongs to elise.he lives in jubilife,but wears a fur coat due to the fact that he makes frequent visits to snowpoint temple.his favorite color is blue.Shiko is married to Elise Marie Johnson.
History:His parents were killed by team galactic when he was 6,and he swore to avenge them.he was born on august 27 in jubilife city,so he is always in the center of attention.his brother,charon,is his only family,and he is very protective of him.charon is 5,and was born on november 4.
Obtained:Weavile-Found a sneasel egg Blaziken-Starter Kabutops-Won in bet Metagross-found a badly injured beldum in the wild
Personality:for my pkmn?weavile-Cunning,Blaziken-Hasty,Kabutops-Calm,Metagross-Patient
Moveset:Weavile-Shadow Claw,Dark Pulse,Beat Up,Avalanche
Blaziken:Blast Burn,Sky Uppercut,Fire Blast,Blaze Kick
Kabutops:Stealth Rock,Mega Drain,Aqua Jet,Aurora Beam
Metagross: Psychic,Meteor Mash,Metal Claw,Psybeam
Ledgendary mentor: Deoxys

thats me.

Name:Elise Marie Johnson
Hometown/Region:-Flaorama Sinnoh
Ledgendary mentor-Shaymin

Personality:She's a chinese girl who loves to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!Elise is married to Shiko Yuji Hinamoro.
Pokemon:Machoke:Cross Chop,Mach Punch,Seismic Toss,Vital Throw Medicham: Psychic,Hi Jump Kick,Megapunch,Calm Mind

lol copied my darkness empire entry :P


treeko,try pming the ppl from darkness empire.

November 3rd, 2007, 5:49 PM
take a look at the rules you put I ----- ---- homer sompson fill in the blank

take a look at the rules you put I ----- ---- homer sompson fill in the blank

Accepted and i will pm them

November 3rd, 2007, 5:58 PM
w00t!this is gonna b good!

also,elise got an eevee from oak before shiko and elise's marriage,and it is now a jolteon,with moves thunder,spark,zap cannon,and quick attack.

November 15th, 2007, 4:31 PM
Yo when do we start man. It is taking a little too long

November 16th, 2007, 1:31 PM
you can start now i geuss

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wow.....................this is SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow.....................this is SOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...if you're not joining and not posting anything related to the topic,it's spam.
anyway...can we start?

December 14th, 2007, 4:06 PM
Alright people, lets try to capitalize our words and maybe try using spell check. To many simple mistakes. I am not trying to be rude but maybe you can try and make sure everything you spell is right. Also try using the correct capitalization and punctuation. Good luck.

December 14th, 2007, 6:13 PM
Well I guess I'll start.

Shiko yawned and looked out his window."Looks like a stormy day,Elly,"he said.Elise woke up,startled."Could you shake me or something next time?"She said,slightly agitated."You know I'm a hard sleeper.""Sorry,Elise.I'll remember that.Well,so much for training you today,Blaziken.Empoleon and Kabutops are a bit under-leveled,though.I'm going outside to train them."He got up and got dressed in his usual fur coat and boots and walked out the door into the pouring rain."See you later,Shiko!"Elise called to him."See you!"he replied."Alright,training time.Kabutops,Empoleon,GO!"Suddenly,a small,mouse like pokemon ran up to him and grabbed his leg."Whoa,hey there little fella!you scared of the rain?"What he looked down at was a baby Cyndaquil,apparently terrified."Hmm...well,I guess you've taken a liking to me!Come on in,and I'll get you some food."

As Shiko walked in,Elise was sitting at their table,eating her breakfast and reading the Sunday comics.She looked up and saw Shiko carrying Cyndaquil,and leapt up from the table."WAH!Where did that come from?!"she cried,terrified."He ran up to me and put my leg in a deathgrip.He was terrified out there!I brought him in for some food,the little guy's famished,"he said."Aren't you?"he added,softly stroking Cyndaquil."Well,he is pretty cute,"Elise admitted,"But he must have an owner.I'll go get some food for him."

December 14th, 2007, 8:12 PM
baby_eevee, good job, you just got a warning for spamming.

Maybe this'll explain to you when to stop, hmm?