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Madara Uchiha
November 7th, 2007, 4:32 PM
Batman and Superman travel to Apocolips to challenge Darkseid for the freedom of Supergirl.

Batman confronts Darkseid and threatens to destroy Apocolips with the bombs he has taken control of.

Fool. Do you think I wouldnt call your bluff? I watch all you earthlings. I know you don't kill Batman. You never will. Darkseid scoffs and activates a boomtube sending Batman to a random alternate dimension.

Batman arrives in a strange place where to combatants are fighting with what appears to be laser swords.

His arrival distracts the one in white momentarily, but fataly as the large black garbed warrior runs him through with a lightsaber, killing him.

Darth Vader looks at Batman after the slaying of his own son. What is this? he asks.

The Emporer looks down from his throne and snarls, An interloper. Kill it.

Batman tosses some smoke grenades on the ground and dives through the mist to grab Lukes lightsaber. Just as he grabs it Darth Vader force pushes him hard, slamming the Dark Knight into the far wall.

Darth Vader strides forward as Batman picks himself up, fumbling with the lightsaber before figuring out how to activate it, he stands as ready and confused on what world and fight he has been dropped in the middle of.

November 7th, 2007, 4:39 PM
:/ This lacks any sense of coherence or constructiveness, it has no place here. Sorry.