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November 11th, 2007, 12:24 PM
Can anyone draw this person?
Gender – Female

Age – 13

Physical Description – medium length dark brown hair, clear blue eyes, pale skin, tall, skinny. She has rounded cheeks and her head seems round from this. In proportion to her whole head her eyes seem rather large and her nose is proportioned well. Her lips are thin and she purses them a lot. She has all of her wisdom teeth. She’s very particular about her hair, it has to be either up in a full pony tail or down slightly curly. Her nails never get too long because they break off randomly, she’s never painted them before. She used to wear glasses, but now has contacts. But on some days she’ll use glasses if she’s lazy. She likes having different eye colors for moods so often her eye color will be different from the day before.

Dress – She usually wears jeans with a hoodie because she leaves her window open most of the time so her room gets cold. She wears shirts that are longer with creative designs on them. Also, she wears normal tennis, she doesn’t really care about shoes. Sometimes she has unique hats from time to time, also unique socks though they’re never seen because she wears jeans most of the time. She doesn’t really care what she wears as long as it’s comfortable and colorful. She doesn’t like formal wear, she likes to just be comfy. She really enjoys dressing up for Halloween and any other day she can wear unique outfits.

Can anyone draw this bird?
Cockatoo named Ru that is white with light pink and yellow feathers on its head. He talks and is very smart; he only lives in a cage when she’s not home.

Can anyone draw these?
The two guinea pigs that spend their time with the rest of the family. One is gray who is very adventurous and loves carrots. The other is black and more of a follower, he digs holes into everything. She doesn’t like animals; the only one she really cares for is Ru.

November 11th, 2007, 12:34 PM
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