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November 16th, 2007, 12:15 PM
Digital Guardians: Ragnarok Virus

When the Digital World was first formed, it existed in an era of peace. The Five Harmonious Ones were the Sovereigns of the Digital World, and their rule was a fair and just one. They ruled over all things in the Digital World, and conflict and war was almost nonexistent, but things were bound to change. Eventually, a life form by the name of Apocalymon came into being, and his very existence warped the reality of the Digital World. He assembled a giant following of evil Digimon and attempted to usurp control of the Digital World from the Harmonious Ones, and he nearly succeeded. However, the Harmonious Ones managed to bring a group of humans into the Digital World. The humans’ ability to accelerate the evolution of their Digimon partners allowed them to overcome Apocalymon’s forces and the leader of the Harmonious Ones, the giant dragon Fanglongmon, sacrificed himself in order to defeat the Apocalymon.

With the remnants of the Apocalymon’s data, the Harmonious Ones then created the Dark Area, a parallel world devoid of color to serve as a prison for the surviving members Apocalymon’s armies. To honor the sacrifice of Fanglongmon, the four remaining Harmonious Ones used his residual data to create the Light Area, a digital paradise that came to be watched over by the three Celestial Digimon. And once again, peace reigned across the Digital World.

But in the Dark Area, the evil Digimon were growing in power and number, and the Harmonious Ones knew it would only be a matter of time before they attempted to attack once again, so they recruited more humans, brought them to the Digital World, and created an organization that would help police the Digital World called the Guardians. They appointed the mighty Susanoomon as the leader of the Guardians, who in turn kept the peace for over a century.

However, something has begun to stir. A virus has erupted across the Digital World, weakening the barrier between the regular plane of the Digital World and the Dark Area, and the Dark Area is beginning to expand randomly into the regular Digital World, bringing with it many of the evil Digimon imprisoned there. The Guardians have in turn assigned a team of their best Tamers to discover the origins of the "Ragnarok Virus" and find a way to reverse its effects while at the same time, they must prevent the "super-dark" Digimon from crossing over into the regular plane of the Digital World.


General Information:

Digital World: A data world that runs along a parallel plane of existence to our own "human world." It has three different layers and is ruled by the four (previously five) Harmonious Ones. "Digital World" is also used to reference the regular plane of the Digital World.

Dark Area: A world formed from Apocalymon’s residual data. It is the lowest level of the Digital World, a parallel world devoid of color and light that serves as a prison for the most evil Digimon. It is a Shadow of the regular plane of the Digital, having all the same physical features, but existing on a separate level.

Light Area: A world formed from Fanglongmon’s remaining data. It is the highest level of the Digital world, a paradise realm of sorts. It is watched over by the three Celestial Digimon and inhabited by various holy Digimon. Unlike the Dark Area, which has the same physical features of the regular Digital World, the Light Area has its own features and structures.

Harmonious Ones: The rulers of the Digital World consisting of Azulongmon, Baihumon, Ebonwumon, and Zhuqiaomon. Another member –Fanglongmon- was the leader of the group until he sacrificed himself to defeat Apocalymon. Each of the four remaining Harmonious Ones rule/guard a different part of the Digital World, with Ebonwumon in the north, Zhuqiaomon in the south, Baihumon in the West, and Azulongmon in the east.

Celestial Digimon: The protectors the Light Area consisting of Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon. They are all powerful angelic Digimon.

Seven Great Demon Lords: Seven powerful and vicious "Demon Lord" Digimon created by Apocalymon to serve as the Generals for his army. They were defeated and imprisoned in the Dark Area with the rest of Apocalymon’s army. However, Lilithmon and Leviamon didn’t survive their defeats, leaving only Barbamon, Beelzemon, Belphemon, Daemon, and Lucemon still alive.

The Guardians: A peace-keeping force of (human) Tamers and their Digimon assembled by the Harmonious Ones to police the Digital World. The Guardians are led by Susanoomon and assisted by the Supercomputer Artificial Intelligence (SAI) program called "Yggdrasil" whose holographic form usually takes the form of a tree or glowing crystals.

Royal Knights: A small but powerful group of Digimon intended on protecting the Digital World without the interference of humans, consisting of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (the leader), Alphamon (the second in command), Duftmon (the tactician), Sleipmon, and Craniummon. The sentiment that humans didn’t belong in the Digital World was the catalyst for this group’s creation.

Digivices and Crests: The digivices in this story are of the D-3 design. They have the ability to open "Digi-Ports" - computer programs that serve as gateways to the Digital World. They serve to channel the emotional energy of the Tamesr (DigiDestined), allowing their Digimon partners to Digivolve up to Champion level; when used in conjunction with the energies of a Crest, the Digivices also permit Digivolution to the Ultimate level, and possibly the Mega level. Later, as the story progresses, the characters will gain a Crest, representing the strongest aspect of their personality: Courage, Friendship, Knowledge, Love, Reliability, Sincerity, Hope, Light, Kindness, Justice, Mercy, Honor, and Loyalty.

Official Basic Rules:

1. No god-modding.
2. Only control your own character unless given permission otherwise by the other character's owner.
3. No killing other OC's without their owner's permission.
4. If you wish to create an NPC with a large part then please just state that on the sign-ups so that it doesn't get killed. Otherwise it's open season.
5. You must have good grammar! Get a proofreader for all I care! Use the spell-check! Anything, just make sure things make sense. I can tolerate some slip-ups, but nothing on a constant basis.
6. Please try to post at least once every 2-5 days (unless you give me a reason why you can't). Any longer than that and we might lose you or leave you behind.
7. No making up histories for characters (even NPCs) that aren't your own.
8. I reserve the right to eject you from the RP if you break one of these rules seriously enough. However, you will receive a warning and a chance to explain/redeem yourself beforehand.


Sign-up sheet

Physical Description: (try to include physical description and clothes as well)
Personality Profile:
Guardian Time: (in years)
Digivice Color: (Digivices are D3 types)
Crest Type: (choose from ones mentioned above)
Brief Background:
Digimon Partner: (only one)
Digimon Personality:
Digivolution Line:
RP Sample:

*Age must be older than 17: the Guardians don't recruit anyone younger.

RP-Specific Rules
-There are several Digimon that are off limits, you'll find that list here:
1. The above-mentioned Royal Knights: Imperialdramon PM, Alphamon, Duftmon, Craniummon, and Sleipmon.
2. Evil Digimon: Like really evil Digimon. If you're not sure, then post anyway and I'll let you know if it is acceptable.
3. The 4 (5) Harmonious Ones, obviously.
4. Susanoomon, obviously.
**You can have any evolution of the above mentioned digimon up until those forms (ie. Paildramon, Imperialdramon FM/DM, Grademon, etc.)

-I will allow people to have the same rookie Digimon (If it is necessary) so long as the rest of their Digivolution lines are different (ie. Agumon--->Wargreymon and Agumon--->ShineGreymon)
-I'm not going to put a character limit for people, but be reasonable, and I'll handle each case individually.
-OOC parts of actual RP posts should be put in "Quote Tags" at all times to differ them from the actual plot/post.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 30th, 2007, 11:57 AM
I'll give it a try.

Name: Solana
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Solana has regular skin tone,blue eyes,and long,dark brown hair. She wears a white tank top,camoflage jeans,and black fingerless gloves.
Personality Profile: Brave
Guardian Time: 2 Years
Digivice Color: Gold and black
Crest Type: Courage
Brief Background: Solana doesn't know much about her history other than she got her digivice on Thursday,Renamon is her favorite digimon,how to use the digivice and how to use the cards.
Digimon Partner: Renamon
Digimon Personality: Brave
Digivolution Line: Viximon , Renamon , Kyuubimon , Taomon , Sakuyamon
RP Sample:

"Hurry up." Said Renamon jumping from tree to tree,rushing towards a cave in the distance. "I'm coming!" said Solana peddling as hard as she could on her bike. Stopping to catch her breath,she could see the cave in the distance."Come on Solana,its just a couple feet away!" Said Renamon,waiting in front of the cave.Solana,tying her bike to a tree close by,said "I'll be right there!". Hopping back,Renamon quickly got back to Solana."Get on my back,and hold on tight." said Renamon,allowing Solana to ride on its back. "Ok,whatever you say Renamon." said Solana getting on Renamon's back. They dashed as quick as they could,"We're here." said Renamon,waiting to explore the dungeon. "Come on Renamon." said Solana,getting off Renamon and heading into the cave. "Lets stay in the cave for the night Solana." said Renamon,turning towards a few big rocks and two big rock domes with a small entrence way. "Ok,Renamon." said Solana,yawning and getting inside one of the rock domes. "Goodnight." said Renamon,curling up in the other rock dome. "Goodnight,Renamon." said Solana,falling asleep. Just then Solana and Renamon fell asleep.

November 30th, 2007, 12:30 PM
Sign-ups are in the RP Lounge. This will just be for the actual storyline. Please look over that thread before signing up.