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November 17th, 2007, 2:01 PM
This is how this game works i start out with 3 pokemon in my case grimer,koffing and ekans all lvl 20 my goal to train em to lvl 100(in this case we are using pokemon diamond) every day i post news e.g. grimer gained 4 levels or EVOLUTION so lets see how sucessful this is ill start so you can see how this works the aim is to see how quick i can train(note:this time the eg is actualy what happend on day 1)e.g:
DAY 01
Grimer gained 7 levels
Koffing gained 2 levels
EVOLUTION ekans went to level 22 and evolved into arbok
Arbok gained 3 levels
(all in all ekans gained 5 lvls plus evolution)

Day 02
Grimer gained 3 levels
Koffing gained 11 levels
Arbok gained 6 levels

current status
grimer lvl 30
koffing lvl 33
arbok lvl 31