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It's the year 2058. The world is now a futuristic utopia. Skyscrapers, flying cars, and clean drinking water at all times. That lifestyle is only for the rich though. This story begins in the slum city of Nite. A crummy place full of criminals, gangsters, bounty hunters, and most importantly...DASH hunters.

DASH hunters are humans who hunt after DASH's....A DASH is a Dangerous Alienated Super Human. You see, in the future when people die their bodies are automatically offered up to science. Scientist began experimenting on some bodies around 2043. The bodies where injected with a cell sample, revitalizing the body with newfound powers. It didn't go as planned though. Most of the humans reborn were now mindless, and began taking on monstrous appearances. These new monster humans began attacking people, and earned the name DASH. A small number of the experiments kept their minds, and developed less monstrous appearances, such as small fangs, claws, or wings. These people are called the ageless. The after death experiments keeps them from againg, retaining the body they died in forever, with their slightly monstrous appearance, and in some, unnatural powers like flight, ESP, or teleportation...

After years of DASH's attacking humans, a man named Frank Takanaka started the DASH hunters in 2046. A hard organization to join, DASH hunters hunt after rouge DASH's. To become a DASH hunter you must be highly skilled, and have to pass many physical and mental test. Once you become a DASH hunter, you and a handful of other DASH hunters are sent to a city to patrol for DASH's. DASH hunters dress as they please, and use whatever means they want to hunt DASH's.

Where you come in:
You are one of the few DASH hunters heading towards Nite. Nite has had a few DASH sighting lately, so the organization is sending a few DASH hunters to check it out. What will you find in the slum city of Nite?

1.4 lines per post.
2. No chat speak.
3. Stay active.

Sign up sheet:
Race: (human or ageless...yes ageless' can become DASH hunters)
Description: (your characters clothes, hair, eyes, ect.)
Years of experience: (as a DASH hunter...remember, they've only been around for 13 years.)
History: (Your characters background)
RP sample: (A small one will do)

Here's my sign up:

Name: Volt Oshima

Age: 27.

Race: Human.

Description: He has light brown curly hair, and light green eyes. He stands at 6'1, weighs 157 pounds with a tall and slim build, and has a slight tan. Clothing wise, he wears a light gray long-sleeved collared shirt that he keeps buttoned, with a black vest that he wears over it, also buttoned, and a pair of dark brown pants, and black boots.

Personality: Volt is usually quiet and calm. He keeps to himself and usually seems very relaxed. He is nice to other people, even ageless', who he respects as his equals. He is also a bit of a skirt chaser, trying to flirt with most pretty girls. Deep down though, he is a deep thinker and a caring guy, usually helping people out, even if he keeps a relaxed 'I don't care' attitude.

Weapon: As a DASH hunter, Volt is always weilding his two guns. A magnum (large pistol, packs a punch), and a sub machine gun. (high end model, very deadly.) He also has many other guns, but he keeps them at base. Owning almost every gun, he is a master marksman.

Years of experience: 7.

History: Volt was born March 7th, 2031. His father was a doctor, and his mother died when he was 2. As a doctor, Volt's father was never home, leaving him alone a lot. As such, Volt was reckless as a kid, always getting into trouble. Throwing wild parties when his dad was gone, vandalizing, and all kinds of stuff. Eventually, Volt graduated high school and moved out of his father's home. He stopped acting out and was happy to be on his own. He straightened up, and when he turned 19, he started training to become a DASH hunter, after seeing film of them killing. He was trained to use a gun, and was his classes top gunman. He excelled, and at age 20 became a full fledged DASH hunter. Now, he is an experienced hunter, being one for 7 years. He is now on his way to Nite with a bunch of other DASH hunters, ready to hunt.

RP Sample: Volt ran and jumped behind a piece of scrap metal. This DASH was tough, and ugly to boot. It was ripped with muscles, had green skin and a scaley appearance. It was ripping stuff out of the ground and throwing it at Volt. He gulped and stuck his head out. It saw him and ran towards him. "Crap!" He said as it edged near him. He jumped up and it attempted to punch him, missing by an inch.

Volt edged away from it and aimed his sub machine gun at it. It turned it's head and Volt unloaded a round into it. The DASH was hurt but it was still coming at him. "Hard to kill a mindless beast...." He said with a nervous smile. He braced himself as the monster ran towards him, it edged right near him, and Volt jumped right over it, grabbing his Magnum and shooting it from above. It fell to the ground, lifeless.

He reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a tiny radio. "It's done. The DASH has been eliminated." Volt said into it. "Good job Volt, but you should probally check if their are any more around." A female voice said from the radio. Volt sighed and put the radio up and started walking. "A hunters work is never done..."

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Hmm, this looks interesting!

Might I ask; Is this roleplay to be literate, or just semi-literate?

I'll have to ask for a reserved spot if it's literate. ^^ Can't really start a sign-up right now. *piled under homework, y'see.*

November 18th, 2007, 11:58 AM
Hmm, this looks interesting!

Might I ask; Is this roleplay to be literate, or just semi-literate?

I'll have to ask for a reserved spot if it's literate. ^^ Can't really start a sign-up right now. *piled under homework, y'see.*

Yes, yes, it'll be literate. I'll be taking sign ups seriously.

November 18th, 2007, 12:52 PM
Name: Aiyana Tenkan

Age: 19

Race: Human

Description: Here (http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h260/SasukesGal/Anime%20Girls/other179.jpg)

Personality: Aiyana is somewhat shy and secluded, so she prefers to stay away from other people. She became brave to avenge her parents' deaths in a DASH incident, so she sought comrades, knowing she couldn't do it alone. She is very clever and was tested for IQ. She is a highly intelligent person and can detect weaknesses in something in an instant. She uses her skills to many of her advantages, such as lockpicking and figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of anything. She has very keen senses and loves to climb.

Weapon: Twin blades and claws. (The claws were obtained in a fight with a few DASH's.)

Years of experience: 9 (Not including the two years in the hospital)

History: Aiyana was born February 14, 2042. At age 6, Aiyana's parents became scientists to study the DASH's and how to stop them, but in a fateful accident, one of the DASH's were let out of its cage and killed Aiyana's mother. On her next birthday, Aiyana's father gave two swords, larger than Aiyana was and was slightly heavy, to defend her from the DASH's. Her father was killed when Aiyana turned 8 years old. he vowed to avenge her parents' deaths after that day and trained to wield her swords better. At age 9, she was fighting a militia of DASH's to defend one of her father's most important experiments, and her arm was injured badly by a few of them. She was sent to a high-security hospital, with DASH hunters as guards, to be studied for any abnormality after the fight with the DASH's. She was let out at age 11 and began to train again. While training one day, she felt an enormous pain in her right arm. She wrapped her entire arm in bandages and continued training with one sword. She began to believe that the pain is the DASH's doing. She used her experience in the labs with her parents to study the pain, and she was correct. The DASH's had caused her pain, but granted her enormous power. She had also wondered what else the DASH's gave her.

RP sample: "Aagh. I have to avenge my parents. No matter what happens, I will not stop fighting," Aiyana whispered to herself. "I'll put a stop the DASH's if it costs me my life. Aagh." Aiyana felt a large pain at the location of her injury. "I'll stop fighting for now. At least long enough to see what my problem is." She ran to her parents' private lab to see what was wrong with her arm. "Oh no. I thought something like this would happen if I didn't get enough training before I fought those monsters," she gasped. "I've got to see why this happened." 6 months later, after she finished training and studying her arm, she was finally ready to join the group known as the DASH Hunters. "What about my arm? I know something is going to go wrong if they see this," she thought to herself as she entered the DASH Hunter's headquarters. "Yes! I made it! I actually made it!" Aiyana was overjoyed seeing how a few DASH's were also part of the DASH Hunters.

"Here is your first assignment. Please do not do what you are doing now. It will give you a bad reputation here. It's nice to see you're excited you made it, but that's no reason to jump around," Her superior said while giving Aiyana her assignment.

She stopped messing around immediately. "Oh. Sorry. Thank you." She opened the envelope with her assignment and read it. "Volt? Who is he?"

"You'll be joining him in the field. I will see you soon!" Her superior smiled and left.

November 18th, 2007, 1:02 PM
Hinamori_Momo, very good! You are accepted.

November 18th, 2007, 1:14 PM
ooc;; done

Name: Raleigh Charles Wilkes
Age: 24
Race: Human
Description: Strangely enough, Raleigh takes the habit of always wearing a suit. Normally this suit consists of a double breasted notch lapel coat of a dark smoky color. No matter what the color of the coat, however, Raleigh always wears an azure dress shirt underneath, finely tailored to fit his lean and lanky frame, the uppermost two buttons normally undone, as Raleigh highly dislikes the consticting feel of either bow ties or just a plain tie. A pair of pressed black pants are always present, often too long for him in just the slightest, while a pair of black safety shoes with the usual textured rubber soles fit snugly around his feet, the shoes themselves designed to look more like formal shoes than safety. Raleigh’s jet black hair is often brushed or gelled back away from his face, though the uneven lengths of layers often give it a somewhat spiky look. Although this entire look may make Raleigh seem like an old stiffer, he loosens his appearance with a thin goatee on his chin, and a silver lip ring. Above his sharp and calculating blue eyes, above or under his right eyebrow, is a pair of double studded piercings that have silver spheres on both the top and bottom of the ring that threads under his skin to leave only the spheres visible. Raleigh’s pale skin and sharp features are often a note of his personality, which is equally severe.

Personality: A dignified man, Raleigh is most certainly a gentleman, earning this label and title with practically one glace at him. He has a great sense of responsibility, though this is greatly outstripped by his sense of selfishness. Should something not profite to Raleigh, then Raleigh will normally dismiss it as something unworthy of his attention. And he believes that his attention is something that warrants much worth to be granted. Raleigh has an even temper that is near impossible to stir, although he does have his own talent of angering others with his haughty and egoistic ways. He dislikes to lose, and has a somewhat dislike for the ageless', thinking them barbaric beasts of burden that are no better then DASH's. His manners are untarnished however, and when he sees fit, Raleigh can be one of the most agreeable men to date, lenient and lax. But while this side of him is shown only to his superiors, which he counts as very few and very rare, he is most often found with a rude and blunt way of speech, a 'great-than-thou' air, and a very strong belief in his own opinions, regardless of evidence or contradiction.

Weapon: Raleigh’s weapon is most often an array of firearms, though brand is preferred over how convenient use of the firearm is, his personal favorite brand being that of the Colt. Always sitting in a holster hidden by his coat is a Colt Python with an 8” barrel, a fine nickel finish, along with its partner, a .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda. Hidden inside his coat’s inner breast pocket is a small 4” barrel Colt King Cobra used only in speedy operations where powerful recoil is something that Raleigh wishes to avoid.

Years of experience: 5

History: From a young age, Raleigh was a fine sharpshooter, and his father, wealthy and influential, trained him in all the fields that mold his uptight ways today. Raleigh became accustomed to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it, and indeed, quite a large collection of firearms adorned his walls, and each individually glued onto his wall by Raleigh himself were a number of unused bullets, all lined up one centimeter away from the other, with the occasional pistol, revolver, or rifle hanging from it's hooks interuppting the steady pattern. Though shooting was a passion of Raleigh's, he did not hesitate to indulge himself in lifes finer facets, such as the arts, and business. Science had never been his forte, but he believed that, everyone in this time and age had had quite enough of Science. Self defense was of course, necessary for the son of a wealthy proprietor, though Raleigh preferred to take it a few steps further and learn both defensive and offensive fighting styles. And so his life passed, learning various skills and trades, until he was 19 and quite well educated in the ways of business, he realized that he'd lost his passion for target ranges and wooden bulls-eye boards. At this point, he learned of the DASH hunters from his butler, Edgar. Moving targets, Raleigh reasoned, were much more interesting then still ones. He spent only a few months with his colt revolvers, shooting the bulls-eye on targets that moved at different speeds, and soon enough, Raleigh, impatient, deemed himself worthy of lowering himself to the point of asking to join this organization. Though his father was highly against such a risk of losing his only heir, Raleigh would hear nothing of it, and passed the mental test with flying colors, and the physical tests with monotonus colors, but passed nonetheless.

RP sample: Archane spun around with a pleasant smile, addressing Obsidian and saying, "Well, there's not much to remember, since most of it's not really here anymore. I recognize a few places, but I'd imagine that most of them have lost their luster from the last time I came around. After all, nostalgia isn't really complete unless you've someone to share it with, am I right?"

Without another word on the subject, Archane turned back to his path forward, a smile still plastered across his face as he remembered the time when he, Paratheus, and Venus had been literally kicked out of the restraunt for Paratheus wolf-whistling at a passing waitress that just happened to be the daughter of the proprieter, while Jupero had given the man kicking them out a refined death glare that said, 'touch-me-and-die'. Jupero had been the only one to leave the restaunt in a civil matter, and afterwards had given all three of his friends a few good whacks with the cane he carried around specifically for disciplining his crazy companions.

"Should be in sight right about now." Archane said, snapping out of his reverie and peering up at the blizzard engulfed mountain. Of course, at the base, there was strangely no blizzard to buffet them, but surely if they reached even halfway up they would certainly feel the effects. Turning around, Archane piteously gazed at the outfits that would definitely not keep warm behind him.

"Well... I hope you guys can withstand cold." Archane said, equipping his black winter coat with rectangular clips that acted as the buttons. Indeed it would've been very similar to his FIREWALL uniform, had it not been for the fact that it was black and that it was not quite as light and thin as his other coat.

"It'll be cold when we get higher up, if memory serves me right." Archane announced, peering up.

"Fire magic would be most effective against these brutes as you might already know, but lightning is always a good help if Fire isn't your forte." He said, looking back at Pheo, "But either way, whoever wants to do the honors of beating up the brutes first," He swept his hand around and held it welcoming to the path that snaked up the mountain as he stepped aside, "Be my guest!"

November 18th, 2007, 1:44 PM
Name: Takashi Kobayashi
Age: 21
Race: human
Description: Takashi is about 5'7 and 120 lbs, quite skinny and very very swift and fast in battle. He has medium length dark Blue hair that spikes downward covering his ears and slightly covering his deep blue narrow eyes that seem cold and empty when he is lost in thought. He wears a slim fitting long sleeved black shirt with a long black trench coat that hangs open and drapes to the ground. The sleeves of the trench coat hang slightly over his knuckles concealing his hands a lot of the time. He has dark blue jeans that fit close but not so much as to restrict mobility. The pants drop to half cover a pair of navy blue and white tennis shoes.

Personality: Takashi is a very insightful person both in and out of combat. When entering battle, his brain instinctively begins calculating things such as enemy skill level based on appearance, weaknesses it might have, and odds of survival based upon his current team mates. He wont talk of these calculations to other members as to not lower group morale. Takashi believes in taking actions not that will win the battle but actions that will ensure the over all safety of the group. When outside of combat scenarios, he is a fairly sociable but before talking to anyone he will do an inventory check on his weapon of choice to make sure he's ready at any time. Takashi doesn't have friends outside of the DASH hunters because he feels that the desire to protect outside friends would only hinder his battle efficiency. He does however try to be as close to his comrades in the DASH hunters as possible making them as close as family. Even though he has his DASH hunters family, he doesn't talk about deep emotions regularly.

Weapon: Takashi prefers the "silent" Death. He can be described basically as "Blade Master" he carries one butcher knife sized dagger for close combat. The inside of his trench coat is lined with custom made throwing knives with various effects to them that are released upon puncture into enemies. The different throwing knives are Taser, Poison, Tracking(for pursuit), Explosive, and the standard throwing knife, these provide middle ranged tactics.

Years of experience: 3

History: Takashi was a very unusual science nerd through out all of high school. Even though his intelligence landed him in all of the honors classes, he continually chose to hang out with a small school gang. The gang used his smarts to plan all sorts of extensive crimes such as robbing ATMs and organizing deals with other gangs. These activities were completed without the knowledge of the school board until his day of graduation when his so called "friends" ratted him out, announcing to the whole school that he was just a lowly thief and gang member. His valedictorian position was stripped from him and he did not graduate with any honors. Crushed by betrayal by the ones he thought he could trust, he moped and couldn't find a thing to do with his life with his new label of thief. One fateful night he was approached by a man. He told Takashi that he knew of Takashi's past and his inner city fighting experience and high intelligence could be of good use in his organization. That organization was the DASH Hunters.

RP sample: *Taken from Bleach: The Crimson Sin*
Saru leaped quickly through the air from building to building as a gentle breeze blowing over soul society seemed to relax his body and flow soothingly through his hair. He closed in on a low temple residency with the appearance of a temple or shrine. Saru could already sense his Captain Soifon's urgency and and impatience with him as he drew closer to the building.

Outside the house, Captain Soifon could be seen pacing restlessly back and forth on the walkway, awaiting her trusted 3rd seat to arrive. Saru appeared before her kneeling low on one knee with his head bowed towards the ground. The captain instantly stopped her pacing and looked sternly at Saru.

Saru instantly began apologizing, "Sorry for my tardiness, Captain. The winds are just blowing so nicely today and I..." He was cut off by Captain Soifon mid-sentence.

"Enough apologizing, you're my 3rd seat now act like it. I have an assignment for you." Captain Soifon said coldly. "It appears there is a suspicious new Shinigami that has been made re-admitted to Squad 10 after a bizarre leave of absence by Hitsugaya Toushiro. This will be an investigation mission, your target is a fair skinned girl with red hair. You'll know her when you see her. We have orders from Captain Yamomoto to watch the new addition closely and take action if need be. You will rendezvous outside the senkaimon and be accompanying Captain Hitsugaya's squad on their latest assignment. Take your best judgment before acting, I trust your decision." She instructed.

"Yes ma'am, I'll find out what i can. And may I add that you look exceptionally radiant today! Are you using a new shampoo maybe?" Saru replied happily.

"Just go." Soifon ordered.

Saru stood up and bowed to his captain then as quickly as he appeared, vanished from sight. Saru resumed his usual preferred method of transportation via rooftop hopping towards the senkaimon. He arrived in short time and landed near the small group that had already formed. Saru smiled at them, observing the group of people and letting his eyes settle on the red headed girl who was his obvious target. Saru quickly stood straight to present himself.

Saru introduced himself with an over exaggerated bow "Captain Toushiro Hitsugaya. I'm Saru Kisaragi, 3rd seat of Captain Soifon's squad #2. Its a pleasure to be under your command for the upcoming mission."

November 18th, 2007, 1:58 PM
Awesome, Evkay, you are accepted.

Mizuki you're pending until further notice.

November 18th, 2007, 3:30 PM
Hm... Sounds fun. :]

Name: Hikaru Mizae
Age: 21
Race: Human

Description: Hikaru stands at 5'10", with a moderate build. He has dark grey eyes and equally grey hair, which is ever-so-slightly shaggy. He wears a white dress shirt, with the top button undone and sleeves rolled up, and a loosened red tie. He also wears a pair of black pants, which have a black belt inserted into the belt loops. He also wears a black overcoat, which falls down to his knees. A normal pair of black tennis shoes are always on his feet. He carries a katana in a black sheath at his side. As a general rule, the only thing that will change about his appearance from day to day is the color of his tie and the condition of his hair.

Personality: Hikaru is, as a general rule, calm and collected. That isn't to say he's the kind of person who never talks, because he does a good share of that. Rather, he just doesn't let anything get to him. The single exception to this is when it comes to food. Or women. Particularly women he likes. When topics like this are brought up, he tends to let his collected personality slip away.

Weaponry: Hikaru carries around a pair of pistols, which he keeps concealed in his overcoat, along with several rounds of ammunition. He also carries a katana at his side at all times, which, in battle, he holds upside down. As an extra precaution, he carries around a pair of daggers.

Years of experience: 2

History: Hikaru, while growing up, was absolutely, completely normal. His parents were both prosecutors, which made Hikaru have a large hatred for criminals, in addition to giving him his calm, collected personality. However, he didn't have much of a taste for the courtroom. As such, when he graduated from highschool, and learned about DASH, he was instantly intrigued. As a result, he started training to become a DASH Hunter. He is currently on his way to Nite.

RP sample: ((Taken from Elemental Battledome... >>;;;;))

An enormous gryfin roared, flapping it's wings furiously as it was released from its chains. It glared at Dansei, who simply stared back, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his trench knives. He slipped the blades over his knuckles and took a step backward, getting into his pre-battle stance, as usual.


Dansei leaped to the side, swinging his trench knives at the gryfin's wing as the beast charged past him. The gryfin immediately turned around with another roar, slashing at Dansei's leg. A thin stream of blood flowed down his left thigh as he retreated, resulting in Dansei's "vision" failing momentarily, as well as a long stream of curse words coming from the mouth of aforementioned ninja.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!" Dansei shouted, leaping into the air as he cycled through hand seals. He held his fist to his mouth and inhaled deeply, the gryfin letting out yet another roar. The ninja then exhaled, an enormous stream of fire bursting from his mouth. The stream fanned outward, engulfing just about the entire battlefield. However, the gryfin leapt into the air, unfurling its wings and soaring upward, away from the mass of fire.

Guess I'll just have to try a different jutsu...

"Fire Release: Fire Dragon Missile!"


A few minutes later, Dansei walked away from the arena, wrapping another set of bandages around his leg. He quickly put away his trench knives, breathing heavily. He was exhausted at this point, having used all his energy in maintaining his "vision". He subsequently leaned against one of the numerous pillars, smirking. The mess of burnt feathers, flesh and other assorted bodily materials was bound to be fun to clean up for the janitorial crew.

((EDIT: Added a few things in appearance, history, and personality. :]))

November 18th, 2007, 3:42 PM
Thatinsanekid, you are accepted!

November 18th, 2007, 3:49 PM
Alrighty, finished Raleigh's sign-up. Hope it looks alright~

November 18th, 2007, 3:59 PM
Mizuki, great sign up, you are accepted.

Romance Hero
November 18th, 2007, 11:19 PM
Sign up sheet
Name: Prototype Sample B13 ( Reed Parker)

Age: 19

Race: Ageless

Reed Parker lived a life as a pilot for services into and out of Nite City. He owned a private plane, and it was a burden to him, having to pay for fuel cells every so often. He always wished he could soar without the need of such a primitive machine. He also loved science, and wondered of the possibilities of man being able to adapt and grow wings for comfort. That was a fail dream, when his plane was depleted of fuel cells and he had to eject from the plane. His parachute was torn and he tumbled to his death, his body, shattered and liquified. An ironic death for someone who always wished to fly on his own...
Reed Parker's corpse was given to the program for section B13, which worked on humans with aerial capability. With so many failures and multiple attempts, it would be imaginable how many psychotically unhealthy end results were produced. Reed Parker was a success. However, in the event that all his bones were shattered, it was impossible to bring him back together walking. He was to be placeed in an exoskeleton, an armor that will act as involuntary muscles and structural movement. In completing the experiment and armor for Reed, he was a ready man... but in his appearance, publicly unnacceptable. He was an obvious experiment, inside and out. Disguested by his form, he escaped with his enhanced body and swore of his cure to be a curse by the scientists. Now, he is too scared to die, and since left at such a young age, he decides to find some purpose in life. But with his great, beautiful wings, it would be difficult to lay low.
Appearance: Click Here. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/draw/oekaki_focus.php?id=389)
He has always had a love of everything that could fly: Birds, planes, insects, etc. He has a warm heart, and helps those in need. He is always the savior of a woman in peril, which is also his weakness. He was one of those quiet kids in the back of class, who knew everything the teacher tought, but refused to speak up. This leads to his intelligence. A definite genius and master of creativity. However, logic was his weak point in academics. He likes to draw comic books, a pastime which had long ended over three decades ago. He refuses to rely on technology, but is constantly forced to return to it. He doesn't eat much, because he doesn't have the money to afford three meals a day.
AFTER EXPERIMENT: Reed is changed, he had been underground for about a year and doesn't know what changes happened in the world. He tends to lie often, but does it to remain questionable about his past, as he chooses not to talk about it. He lives every day like it was a nightmare, and with the changes to his body, he doesn't require sleep.

Short Range: Chemical Shoulder Shotguns: As an experiment to be sent as an impression to the military, he was given hidden shotguns on his shoulders, short range, but effective in tearing apart targets in close-combat. It is powered by waste constantly produced in his body, that failed to finalize and become a poisonous acid. Inside, it's placed into capped shells, where they are fired from the shotgun barrels.
Far range: Energized Javelin: For far range, Reed uses a throwing javelin, magnetized to return, and sharpened with pure light energy to pierce targets the first time thrown.

Years of experience: Less than one year.

Born into a small family, each of his loved ones died one by one to an unknown disease, and all were sent to become experimental candidates. Such an unknown disease made Reed get involved in science for a few years during his school years, but failed to come up with a possible solution. Broke, and stuck with only a trashed airplane his father had, he used it as a transportation service to make what little money he could to survive. He was the only one in his family who didn't fall to disease, and whether that was fortune or a plague was questionable. His only love died from a crook in Nite City, a man whose face he had embedded in his head, but was never able to capture. One day, after a shortage of fuel in his ragged plane, he had to eject from it, and watch it plummet onto the surface. He soon did the same as his parachute was torn and he fell a few seconds after his plane.

RP sample: (extracted from Team Havoc Fight Club!)
The room remained silent for the past few minutes. He felt stupified that he waited so long for the shadowed figure to appear. He looked out the window to see Ai's Absol digging in the trash chute. Ai was duly warned not to get involved.

Milano muttered in anger as he moved away from the window. A movement caught his eye as a black mirage made a rustle through the secret chute. This character was getting on his nerves. Such a rodent was never taken this long to exterminate. He calmly exited the room, without a care of the masterball, if it was to be found or not. He had the powerful pokemon in the inner pocket of his suit. Gio entrusted it to him instead of leaving it foolishly in a showcase, so the masterball was a rue. Both Absol and the apparent assassin fell for it. He left the room, pressing a button on the way out. It was the control to the compressor under the garbage chute. The masterball landed in the middle of the compressor, along with heaps upon heaps of garbage. The underground base was definitely there, but not directly led to by the chute. Absol and the assassin were going to be crushed by the compressor. The hatch that led to the room was also locked. So there was no way back up. As it was a room for crushing waste, it was also a place to get rid of rivals of Gio. They would be killed, and thrown into the compressor. Blood was in the shape of splats as if something exploded on the walls. Symmetrical shaping of the blood was on the opposite walls, and as Milano pressed the button on the upper level, the walls started closing in.

Milano went back to the noisy, but messy room. His face had dried up, but his kinetic meditations should make the healing process go by in an instant. That was to be done later. He threw his silver-endorned Pocketknife at the DJ board, and stopped the music. The club was a wreck. And as he looked down, he saw a man leaving the club, and a thin girl standing in the midst of the pandemonium. She had to be the new Elite.

"You, Darielle, come upstairs. We need to talk. Giovanni's dead, he couldn't survive the injury from the assassin, but he's also taken care of. Make yourself a natural of our club. After it's rebuilt in the next few days, you can get familiarized with me and a few others..."

Giovanni left in his will the ownership of the club to Milano, along with all the money he made. Gio was still in the street, bleeding to death. Soon, he couldn't hold on any longer, the next morning, newspapers with his face on it spread across the city and its surrounding cities. This attracted more challengers thinking the Havoc Fight Club was in a weaker state, and ripe for conquest. Milano was not going to let that happen. The fools underestimate his reputation.

Gio's body lay on the street, the next day, it rained. and his carcass lay in the showering darkness. Milano grinned at the opportunity to change the club to his bidding.

November 19th, 2007, 6:46 PM
Romance Hero, you are accepted.

Romance Hero
November 19th, 2007, 8:31 PM
Thanks a lot, Orange. :D I'm working on an oekaki of how my character looks, it'll be interesting. ^^

EDIT: Oekaki finished. It's sloppy, but just an idea of how my character looks. It's in my sign-up.

November 20th, 2007, 7:51 PM
I have set up an OoC Thread for DASH hunters. Here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=116552). I have also put in an "Accepted" list.

Man of Faith
November 20th, 2007, 10:16 PM
Name: Chad Baker

: 26

[B]Race: Human

Description: He is 5'9" and has short, black hair. He has dark, brown eyes and is tanned. His entire wardrobe is filled with black jeans and long sleeved, black t-shirts. He has a hidden pistol hidden in his socks for any situation. He is rather talkitive and, when not talking, can be found looking at his watch as if he has somewhere to be. He became a DASH hunter to avenge his parents' deaths.

Personality: He likes to talk and is easy to get along with. He is a very casual person and a ladies' man. He seems like a very out-going person, but on the inside, he is dealing with the emotional trauma of his parents recent death. He is rather short-tempered and has been known, on occasion, to get violent.

Short-Ranged: A sword. The blade is dark black and the handle is red. It is ligt and easy o handle and manuever. It is made of a extremely strong an rare medal. It is sharpened annually. He recieved it from his father's will.
Long-Ranged: For a long-ranged assualt, he carries two pistols. They are placed in holsters down his arm. He had them hidden in his for many years, ever since the DASH came into exsistence. He never thought he would use them until his parent's deaths.

Years of experience: 13 months

History: He has only recently become a DASH hunter. As the age of seven, he was abandoned at a local orphanage. He was adopted two years later by John and Alexandra Baker, a pair of middle aged dentists. His parents were always caring and had been very close to their adopted son since he became a part of their family. On an unusually cloudy evening, Chad had spent the day at his parent's house for his mother's birthday. As he readied to leave, He heard glass breaking. Then screams. He ran to his parents room, but he was too late. His parents were dead. And a DASH was escaping out of the window. He collapsed to the floor sobbing. At his parents' funeral, he vowed to beome a DASH hunter and to avenge his parents' death.

RP sample: (This is from the event above describe in more detail)

Chad Baker picked up his coat. After a long dinner at his parents' house, Chad was ready to get home. He put his hand to the door knob. Smash! Chad froze in fear. The sound came from his parents' room.

Then he heard the screams. His parents' screams. He wanted to help. He had to help... But he couldn't move. The the screams stopped and he heard the sound of more glass breaking.

"No!" he yelled, turning to run. "I won't let you get away with this!" He was turned the corner into the bedroom. But as he entered, he saw a deformed creature crawling out the window. A DASH. But as he went to get it, it was gone. It had gotten away. He turned, sobs escaping his throat as he saw the remains of his parents. There was nothing he could do.

November 21st, 2007, 1:30 PM
|:Hiro:|, I'm gonna have to give you a pending. Tighten up the details in your sign up.

Man of Faith
November 21st, 2007, 2:55 PM
I've edited it as much as I can at the moment. If it still isn't good enough, I'll have to redo it tomorrow, when I get my new keyboard.

November 21st, 2007, 3:19 PM
I don't think you're what I'm looking for |:Hiro:|....gonna have to say declined. Sorry. Maybe next time.

We'll begin this RP sometime soon, I just wanna see if anybody is still interested.

November 21st, 2007, 3:27 PM
Cool beans. I was just about to ask that, actually. :]

Also, added a few random details to Hikaru's profile. :D

November 26th, 2007, 1:37 PM
Name: Kasai Hyotashi

Age: 18

Race: Human

Description: He has spiky green hair, yellow-green eyes, and as a decoration, wearing small but high-class glasses. He stands at 5'6, weighs lightly, all standing on a slim but surprisingly strong body. He wears a grey t-shirt, covering it with a black vest for some style. As for his legs, he wears a pair of plain brown shorts.

Personality: Kasai is your daily average calm guy, with a pure heart. He cares for the living and hates to kill, sometimes even DASHes. He can become really kind-hearted and caring friend once you get to know him. He loves getting himself into action and suspense, which is one of the reasons why he joined the DASH hunters group. As an eighteen year-old, he still has no romance love affairs with anyone. He spends more of his time learning about new things in life and solving various mysteries. If he were to get into an argument in any way, we wouldn’t mind if he were to lose, for he just wanted to see everyone happy in the end.

Weapon: His two primary weapons are two guns. The first one is a magnum called “Gigashot”, a gun created by his own dad. His other and most favored weapon is a unique type of gun that shot out pure plasma energy bullets; he called the gun, “EA-1”. It was a gun that he created himself through extreme experiments.

Years of experience: None, he had joined just recently.

History: Volt was born on November 18th, 2040, and grew up happily and wealthy. His father was an engineer who later decided to create weaponry for the military for governmental purposes. His mother was a pharmacist who lied adept in the medical coding field. After Kasai had turned fifteen years-old, his parents decided it was time to let him live on his own house, giving Kasai the experience of independence. Currently, as a caring person, he decided to join the DASH hunters group to not only face some action and suspense in his life (which he loved), he also wanted to protect the people and especially the ones he really cared for.

RP Sample:

Kasai decided to take a break from cleaning his house and left the house. He finally gave out a happy smile, relieved from the stress and work he had just previously been through, “I think it’s time I finally have some fun,” he said in excitement. He walked through a street to make his way into the deep dark city a mile near where he currently was.

He made it into the vast city, heard nothing but the eerie silence that always lied within the city itself, “I wonder if the others would like to join me, us DASH hunters sure love to do our job,” he quietly said to himself. He took out his cellular phone that lied in his left pocket of his shorts and attempted to call another DASH hunter. No one picked up his call and decided to give up, returning his phone into his left pocket, “I guess the others are either busy or they just started having fun without me…”

A crash was sounded off behind him and made him turn about instantly as a reaction. It was a DASH, appeared ready to face off against Kasai, “I guess I’ll start with you then, bring it!” He took out and equipped one of his special-type weapon he had just recently created, his EA-1, a gun that shoots our bullets filled with pure plasma energy, “This will show you how powerful energy can be!”

November 26th, 2007, 2:26 PM
Nessstar3000, great! You are accepted!

Now, let's begin. Sign ups= Closed.


It was pretty dark outside, about four in the morning. Volt stretched and yawned. He looked around the shuttle, it was pretty roomy, trained sized actually, and there where other DASH hunters like himself. He recognized most of them, but there seemed to be a couple of newbies. He smiled and crossed his arms. He had to stay alert, they would be in Nite soon enough.

"So.....DASH's have appeared in Nite. Hmm....I wonder what kind they are...I didn't have time to get briefed....geesh, they woke me up at two this morning, and here I am now....less than three hours later and I'm already hundreds of miles from my home....Nite must really need help....for the organization to gather all of us together like this...a hunter's life is a hard one." Volt looked up. The shuttle was full of DASH hunters with different faces. Tiredness, annoyance, nervousness...but like himself, most of the experienced hunters looked calm and ready.

"So....is anybody else ready for this mission? Nite is a big city, so I'm sure there will be a lot of different teams to scout the city...I'm excited." Volt smiled and looked around. There where a few people here he really wanted to work with again, but he decided he should help out one of the newbies when the time came. He relaxed and sat back into his seat. "Anyway, I just thought we should start talking...we'll be there in an hour maybe...So how's it goin' everybody? I noticed some new faces since the least time we all had to gather..."

November 26th, 2007, 2:56 PM
Raleigh had certainly not been pleased by being woken up before his alarm clock rang, but would of course, never show that he'd been in quite the unpleasant mood to the other DASH Hunters. Instead, just the second before he exited the door of his house to head for the very place he sat now, he had composed himself to become the haughty and proud person he always was. He'd brought along, as usual, a small black pocket book that held nothing but pictures and compact descriptions of differently shaped bullets. He'd been flipping lazily through this book for the past near three hours, until another DASH Hunter he recognized only by name, Volt, interuppted. Raleigh turned another page, stalling his response to Volt as he lightly examined the fresh page.

"I'm sure as DASH Hunters, we are always ready," Raleigh said, keeping the answers short, and far from sweet, "And..." Raleigh made a face and looked up, as if he didn't know how to word, 'hows it goin' in anything proper, before shaking his head and turning the page yet again, "I'm quite fine thank you."

He offered no smile in response to Volt's, and made no mention to the newcomers. He hardly considered himself one, and he hardly believed that talking was nesseccary, as a silence had easily sustained him for the past three hours. Why should he suddenly yearn for conversation? Regardless, he certainly didn't, and thus, made the most minimal responses, and contributed very little to helping the conversation move along. Though Volt was two years his senior as a DASH Hunter, and three years his senior in age, Raleigh could hardly find it in him to treat the man with the respect he normally gave his superiors. In all truth, Raleigh could hardly consider Volt his superior in general. This, of course, he kept under wraps, seeing as disaccord amongst himself and the other Hunters would surely be the key to their failure, and failure was absolutely untolerated for Raleigh.

But it would be a lie to say that Raleigh was not interested in the extent of the new hunters' abilities, and thus, he kept his ears on the conversation while he kept his eyes on the book.

November 26th, 2007, 3:16 PM
Volt closed his eyes and smiled awkwardly. He assumed Raleigh didn't like him very much. "Sorry, It's just the way I talk." Volt exclaimed quietly. "What can I say....I don't make a very good impression as a DASH hunter...I just want everyone to feel at ease...oh well." He looked up again, only to find Raleigh already disinterested and reading a book of sorts. "Oh well..." He sighed under his breath.

The shuttle was moving fast. As the train sped up the darker it got outside. Volt's face remained unchanged as he gazed out the window. It was beginning to rain. As they grew closer to Nite, the rain continued. "A dark night full of rain....pretty good hunting weather..." He said to himself. He then turned back to the others.

"So...how many solo hunts have you newcomers been on since you joined? I'm just asking because I want to get an idea why the Organization needed this many hunters..."

Volt crossed his arms and sat back in his chair. He figured he could relax a bit, and just chat with the others. He closed his eyes and smiled as he nodded his head a bit, relaxing, yet still fully alert. "We can only relax like this for so long...before we have to go hunting..."

November 26th, 2007, 4:56 PM
Aiyana walked up to the two while overhearing Volt. "I've been fighting DASH's on my own for a long time," Aiyana told the man while revealing her clawed arm. "I've been doing pretty good and ended up getting an ability the DASH's gave me. I'm going to use all my strength to avenge my parents." She covered her arm back up and sat near Volt. "My arm was badly injured by one and over the next few days in the hospital, it healed and reformed itself to what I'd just shown you. I've been training with swords and adapting myself to use this arm to my advantage to fight the DASH's." She looked out the window and watched the train pass the stars in the sky. "We need to be ready at any time to fight the DASH's, so I'll be clearing up my swords for the time being until they're blood-free. I'll see you both later." She walked out until she was out of sight and jumped out to the top of the train. "Father, if you're up there, give me your strength.

November 26th, 2007, 5:42 PM
Raleigh raised an eyebrow when Volt referred to exactly what Raleigh had been thinking about, "I said nothing about your manner of speech." He said bluntly, before turning back to his book. Whether he'd implied it, or said it... Raleigh knew these were different things. Implications, when brought up, could be mistaken for accusations. While Raleigh knew this was no accusation from Volt, Raleigh chose to think it of one, and turned back to his book.

But he was once again, quickly interuppted when another girl walked up and gave her life story, along with show-and-tell, all wrapped into one, before she walked away as quickly as she'd come.

It was all Raleigh could do, not to roll his eyes.

"Wonderful." Raleigh muttered in response to her story, though he was quite sure that she was out of earshot, "I'm so glad I asked." Came the sarcastic comment, as he closed his book, positive that he'd get no such reading in with his present company.

November 26th, 2007, 5:44 PM
Kasai got up from his chair, unable to hold in himself socially any longer, "This is actually my very first DASH mission, so I guess you guys could consider me the true newbie here," he said, slightly filled with embarrassment. He decided to sit back down onto his chair and spend more of his time to review his general key strategies for the mission. He was always a careful guy when he needed to be careful, "So... let's get this straight... no rushing to a DASH, pure recklessness... just wait for another DASH hunter to rush if necessary..." he thought to himself very throughly. He finally got into the point where he was not lost in thought, but...

"Hey... that guy..." he mentally pointed out toward Raleigh, now clearly noticed his existence. He took noticed of his actions, hoped that he would not be noticed by Raleigh from doing so, "That guy is pretty weird and different from anyone I have seen in this world," he said to himself in his own mind.

November 26th, 2007, 5:59 PM
(OOC: I misread Mizuki, I thought Raleigh said that out loud...oops!)

IC: Volt scratched his head. "Sorry..." He said to Raleigh. "I'll leave you to your book." He walked off and heard a kid anwsering his question, saying this was his first mission. He laughed and walked up to the kid. "This is your very first mission?" He asked, putting his hand out for a handshake. "I'm Volt. Nice to meet you." Volt nodded his head and remembered how nice his superiors were when he was a rookie. He felt he should treat rookies the same.

"When we get to Nite, you should stick with me. Nite is a big city, so you'll get a pretty good feel for DASH hunting, as I assume the city is full of them..."

Suddenly, a silent beep was heard, followed by a female voice. "We are 30 minutes away from Nite. All DASH hunters please make your final preparations. You will be assigned your duties as soon as we arrive." The voice stopped, and was soon followed by another soft beep.

Volt winced his eyes and grinned. "Alright...looks like Nite is really gonna need our help...they usually give us a briefing before we are assigned duties....sigh. And it's this kids first mission..." He sighed and stretched a bit. He was eager to get to Nite.

November 26th, 2007, 6:15 PM
Kasai clearly heard the announcement and said afterwards, "It seems like we're almost there, I'm already prepared myself so I should worry onto the field of preparations." He looked a Volt, noticed his eagerness, "So you wouldn't mind having a newbie following you around when we get to Nite? I mean, if you truly don't like the idea then it's fine... I actually prefer to be alone for awhile, but seeming that you want to help me out and gain some experience of being a DASH hunter, then I really thank you for the help." He said with a smile.

Kasai waited on the same chair until they were to be release to the city of Nite. He looked around at the other DASH hunters, all seem to be ready to go on the mission, "I really hope I don't mess up in anyway on my first mission, it wouldn't feel nice, that's for sure..." he thought to himself, gained a slight uneasy feeling in him.

November 26th, 2007, 6:24 PM
Aiyana jumped back down onto the train after the announcement and walked up to Kasai. "Hi. I'm Aiyana, and there is something you'll need to remember if you are only minutes away from fighting DASH's: ALWAYS keep your weapons readied for battle," She told the rookie. "I'm a new DASH hunter too, but I have much experience fighting them. I'll stick with Volt and you for a while until I can get used to the missions. I guess you'll need to get used to them too," she said smiling. She walked over to the window to watch the train enter the DASH-infested city. "This may be harder than I thought, having to work with others. I did just fine on my own and I became a DASH hunter to put an end to their rampage. I'll end this, even if it costs me my life. She stepped away from the window and felt a strange pain in her right arm. She fell to the floor in pain, grabbing her arm as they neared Nite.

November 26th, 2007, 6:44 PM
Volt jumped down when he witnessed Aiyana fall. "Woah! Are you ok?" He stared as she clutched her arm. "Injury? Eh...you can hunt with me as well." He smiled and put his hand out to help her up. "We all had to start somewhere." He then turned his head and looked at Kasai. "It's no problem, you can stick with me if you want. It's pretty hectic when you actually get out there."

The beep sounded again. "15 minutes until we arrive at Nite." The female voice said, followed by the same beep. Volt looked back down at Aiyana. "Does your arm feel any better? It'll be hard to hunt if you're in that state..." He looked at her swords. "Especially if you fight with blades...."

November 26th, 2007, 6:51 PM
"It's not an injury," Aiyana started to explain, still in pain, "it's just something I consider as an indicator to know I'm nearing a large number of DASH's. The pain will recede once they're within my line of vision," she finished while letting up her grip on her arm. "I'll be fine to fight. I've had this happen before and I've studied it. It attacks my nervous system directly and strengthens me for some reason. I'll be okay once we fall into battle." She stands up and lets go of her arm completely to walk to the nearest spot to support her and hangs on to it until they reach Nite. "The pain is already letting up as well, so we're very close to a few DASH's.

November 26th, 2007, 7:14 PM
Raleigh pocketed his book and extracted one of his two revolvers, checking to make sure that he'd put in a fresh round of bullets before double checking the safety. He had a habit of twirling his gun or tossing it around, so a safety was a must for him, lest he waste a bullet by accidentally shooting someone. His bullets weren't for pedestrians, they were for DASH's. Because DASH's were the most exciting quarry Raleigh had encountered for quite some time, the next each more grotesque then the next. Raleigh glanced at the newbie who'd introduced himself as Kasai. Regardless, still in the midst of preparing both of his revolvers, he only gave the new comer a quick nod to show that Raleigh had indeed heard him.

"Well if it goes away when you see a DASH, I hope for all of our sakes we see one immediately when we get off. Otherwise you'll be a cripple for awhile, if the amount of DASH's in Nite is the amount I've heard it is." Raleigh said, spewing perhaps the most words he'd spoken for the entire trip in one sentence as he spun the revolvers around his index finger, catching it with every revolution before letting it go again. He didn't want a hindrance like that girl's arm on this mission. It would be distracting. And so now, ahead of time, he decided that he'd let the others deal with her handicap. He would ignore it as long as he could manage himself. Fifteen minutes...

Raleigh pressed the trigger of his gun, not surprised when it didn't go off due to the safety, and pressed it again and again as he waited for landing. The faster this was over, the better. Raleigh was missing his Amontillado, and the longer he had to go without it, the more agitated he would be. He was sure that him being agitated would only make things worse with his already, and thankfully, sour relationships with the other Hunters.

November 26th, 2007, 9:53 PM
OOC: WOW my class ran late and i got so behind here O.O

Takashi had remained his usual quiet self, observing the confrontations of the other hunters and mentally analyzing the relationships and how they would play a part out on the battle field. He sat twirling one of his throwing knives in his hand slowly as he watched the new hunters through narrow eyes. The situation was as usual, others conversing while he merely analyzed what was said. He of course knew Volt and Raleigh the best since they had been there since his arrival. His cautious nature had him always holding 2 specialized daggers within his coat, just in case of of an unseen betrayal by the strange girl Aiyana. He had trouble trusting the not fully human even though she had been fighting DASH's much longer than him. The new hunters reminded him of himself in the early years, with their foolish eager emotions. As odd as Aiyana was, Takashi trusted her sense of when DASH were near. He slipped his throwing knife into his coat and stepped forward through the group, ready to depart. He gently stroked the handle of his long dagger in preparation for the train's landing. He walked passed Raleigh towards the train door and leaned waiting. After working with Raleigh for so many years he knew that the constant clicking of the trigger meant he was ready to leave, but Takashi's constantly calculating brain let slip a small thought.

"Your trigger... its 2/10 of a second slower than normal. It would raise mission efficiency by 1.2% if it were at its optimum performance. I can fix it when we return." Takashi said quietly in Raleigh's direction. "From the looks of the others they have formed their team, so it appears we're going to be working together, Raleigh. If that's a problem we can go our separate ways."

He immediately returned to fiddling with his knives again, scanning for any imperfections in their status triggers. There was no need to be social right now, it was a time for focus, all this idle banter was just sweet talk before risking your life. No need at all.

November 27th, 2007, 10:43 AM
Volt gave a nod to Takashi when he walked near them. He then stood up and looked at Aiyana. "Just glad to know you're not injured...yet." He said with a slight laugh. He then trailed off towards the exit and stood near it. He checked to see if he was fully prepared. First he grabbed his left side, feeling his sub machine gun, and then grabbing his right, feeling his magnum. "It's all here." He said quietly to himself.

The soft beep sounded again. "We are in Nite. All hunters prepare to exit the shuttle." The female voice said, followed by the beep. The shuttle then stopped and the exit opened. Volt smiled and walked out, as he was already standing near the exit.

When he exited, Volt was truly amazed at the size of Nite. He has seen pictures before, but it was huge in person.It had skyscrapers, big roads, and a bunch of different types of stores. It was also empty. Volt examined a little more, and then he looked over, seeing Theodore Smith standing next to the shuttle. Theodore was a high ranking official, he had gray hair, wore a black suit, and was in his late forties.

"He must be giving us assignments." Volt thought as he walked up and saluted Theodore. "Good day, Mr.Smith."

Theodore tilted his head and then let out a stern grunt. "Enough formalities Volt. I've known you since you're hunters exam." He said while shaking Volt's hand.

"So....what's the plan for this?" Volt asked.

"You Hunters will be split into squads. It's a big city, and the DASH number is so high, solo hunts just won't cut it." Theodore told him.

"I figured." Volt said while crossing his arms and looking around.

"That's enough for now though. Once you're all out here, I'll give the teams there assignments." Theodore said as he checked his watch. Volt stood at alert and waited for the other DASH hunters to gather.

November 27th, 2007, 12:40 PM
"Something tells me that I should really stay away that weird guy... he's actually starting to scare me a bit..." Kasai quietly and cautiously thought to himself, attempted to not make any noticable physical behavior of his new fear of Raleigh.

Kasai heard the announcement and instantly made his way to the exit, "Looks like we're here... Nite... my very first DASH hunter mission," he said, turned very serious of the matter. He left and took a look at the vast city, amazed fromt the view he was experiencing, "Nite is huge... this will either make the mission easy or hard, depending on the situation anyway," he said to himself out loud. He turned his head and saw Volt with another man talking to him. Kasai walked over to the two to join in the conversation, "So this is Nite city... what exactly happen to the city that made it so empty? I assume for the most part would be in fault of the DASHes, but it seems like there is much more of a reason than just that alone," he questioned the two and starred at the parts of the city that lied behind the two.

November 27th, 2007, 2:50 PM
Raleigh glanced at Takashi, annoyed.

"Thank you, Takashi." Raleigh said stiffly, "I assure you that it's unesseccary for you to fix it, but I will take your analyzation into strict consideration." He proceeded to replace his gun from Takashi's sight, saying in an officially unfriendly tone, "And I have no qualms with the team arrangements."

However, if he decided to point out every insignificant malfunction and percentage presented before him, Raleigh might just blow the 2/10's slower trigger right on him. Of course, not really. But it would surely lower the mission success rate even greater if Raleigh was irritated, instead of focused. Standing up the second the voice announced they had arrived in Nite, Raleigh said nothing to anyone, looked at no one, and pulled on a pair of black gloves that were neatly tailored to his hands. Unimpressed was Raleigh when the gruff man, though high ranked, refused formalities. Taking this incentive, Raleigh did not greet him, as preference was never something that should interfere on the field, but since he'd allowed it, Raleigh did just the same. To keep his butt out of trouble however, Raleigh gave the official a quick salute, before bringing his hand back to his side in the blink of an eye.

Exceedingly disappointed by the idea that solo hunts would not suffice for this mission, Raleigh forced himself to decide between those he'd met on the shuttle.

Well. Volt was bearable, but certainly not Raleigh's preference. The Drama-Life-Story girl... Raleigh would surely pull the trigger of his King Colt Revolver on himself if he was stuck with her and her only. He wondered how large these 'groups' would be at this point. The newcomer would most likely be bearable as well. But inexperienced Hunters seemed to never get along well with Raleigh. Takashi was also an option that wouldn't make Raleigh die before a DASH, but he was too analytical, and not very graceful with his words.

What an unfortunate mission he was assigned to. Raleigh resisted the urge to slap his forehead in dread. Surely it would be over sooner, rather then later.

November 27th, 2007, 3:48 PM
((Too lazy to read the majority of the posts... Yay for after-school&wrestling lethargy. :]))

Hikaru, who had been sleeping up intil three minutes ago, yawned. Last thing he remembered was getting on the train. Must of fallen asleep, he thought absentmindedly. Then he noticed a strand of dried saliva on his chin. Yeah...

After quickly licking his thumb and wiping the drool off his chin, Hikaru glanced at Raleigh. He seemed... not very enthusiastic. Then he noticed Takashi. A few wires of thought connected in his head as he recalled the analysist's remark about Raleigh's gun. He didn't seem to be very happy about anyone else, either. Oh well, he thought, exiting the shuttle.

After saluting the official, Hikaru pulled out his katana. "So... What's the squad plan, then?" he asked, twirling his katana in a semi circle and tightening his grip on it, the blade pointing away from him.

November 27th, 2007, 4:48 PM
Takashi replaced his last throwing dagger back beneath his trench coat. They were all working fine, as usual. He stepped through the open train doors, following Volt to talk with the elder man outside. Takashi cranked his head up to see the skyscrapers thinly outlined with moonlight. The whole city seemed damp and made him feel uneasy, the air thick with morning moisture. He stopped behind Volt.

"Mr. Smith." Takashi said audibly while nodding to acknowledge Smith's presence. Takashi immediately tuned out any other conversation unrelated to the mission. His mind wandered as his eyes darted around the open area for any unconformity in the scenery that could mean an ambush of any sort. Takashi scolded himself mentally.

"The DASH aren't that smart, stop it." he thought to himself. He looked around and watched the other hunters leave the train car. As he waited he was slowly losing his rationale and getting the urge to kill DASH, no doubt an inner fight lust left from his gang days. Takashi was definitely ready to begin the mission, the odds were high that he would appear to be with Raleigh for this particular mission. Despite knowing Raleigh since the day Takashi trained, no amount of acquaintance with him can make the experience with him pleasant. And if the teams were groups of 3... no doubt a newbie hunter would only aid in frustrating Raleigh more. On top of all that, Takashi was tired... very tired...

"Throw quick, throw accurate, move fast, make them pay for every opening the leave. This is going to be one hell of a night..." Takashi said to himself out loud as he looked up to the moon through thin eyes.

December 8th, 2007, 8:28 AM
(OOC: Sorry guys...I've been busy X.X)

Theodore looked at Kasai and half smiled. "The city is so empty because of the DASH's. It's dangerous for non hunters to be anywhere near here." He said. He then cleared his throat to get everyones attention. "OK everybody....the two most occupied areas are the west sector of the city, and the north sector. You're gonna have to split into groups of two for now." He looked around to see what he was dealing with, and then raised an eyebrow and smirked. "I've decided on the teams. Raleigh, Takashi, and Aiyana. I want you three to check out the west sector. And Volt, Hikaru, and Kasai, you patrol the north sector." He then wiped his forehead and walked into the shuttle. "Good luck everyone. I'll keep in touch." He said as the doors to the shuttle shut.

Volt stretched and put his hands in his pocket. "Alright guys, you heard him. How about we all meet up here once are areas are safe?" He asked everyone. He then turned to Kasai. "This is it, kid. You're first hunt...how do you feel?" He then turned his head and gave Hikaru a determined nod.

December 9th, 2007, 4:45 PM
"Let's go kick some DASH ass," Hikaru stated flatly, looking at the reflection of the moon in his katana blade. "You ready, new kid?" he asked, sheathing his katana. "You better be, or this mission is screwed from the start." He started fiddling with something in his overcoat pocket, making a plethora of clicking noises as he loaded his pistols.

"Let's get going, now, shall we?"

December 10th, 2007, 9:56 AM
"West sector... with Raleigh and Aiyana...this should be an interesting mission..." Takashi thought to himself. "I'm still keeping an eye on that Aiyana girl..."

Takashi walked to the edge of the clearing leading to the west sector of Nite. He had never been so ready for a DASH hunt before, there was just something different about this one. He could only hope he brought enough knives to deal with the number of DASH in this city.. but he was calmed at the thought of his trusty hand to hand dagger. Not to mention Raleigh's aim was nothing to take lightly... He just hoped that Aiyana girl pulls her weight. Wouldn't want her becoming friends with the DASH...

"Where is this coming from... this irrational distrust of Aiyana..." He thought to himself. He looked back up to the group who was still chatting away.

"What a waste of time.... lets get going already..."

December 19th, 2007, 2:47 PM
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ic;; Raleigh waited until the doors of the shuttle closed before scoffing and pulling on his white gentleman's gloves and turning to face the west. Scoffing was his way of rare agreement with Takashi's last statement, before he turned his cold gaze upon Aiyana.

"I don't care about your opinion, why you fight DASH's, or your past. So don't bother sharing." He stated bluntly before turning back to glare down the path that led to the west sector. His normally indifferent face was crossed with an irritated look, and his expression matched that of a man who'd been sleeping peacefully and was roused with bad news. Bad news being everything around him, from his team, to the DASH's. But, Raleigh supposed that his team wasn't quite as terrible as it could've been. At the very least, the angst girl was experienced, unlike the new hunter. Dragging about a novice would've been... a drag.

Not bothering to wait for his companions as he set off to investigate, Raleigh muttered quietly to himself while pulling the trigger on his gun so he'd be prepared to shoot no matter what popped out of nowhere, "Now... where's my quarry...?"

December 19th, 2007, 6:49 PM
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