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November 18th, 2007, 9:46 AM
well, have you ever played it and did you ever win? for those of you who don't know what stacker is, here it a quote from wikipedia explaining the game and difficulty:

Standard layout
There is a row of three squares which move side to side on the screen, at the first row. When the player pushes the start/stop button, the row of squares will stop. Then, another row of three moving squares appears above the previous row, moving faster than the one before it. If the squares do not align directly above the previous set, any overhanging squares will be removed. If the player misses completely, the game is over. The number of available squares is automatically reduced to two, then one, during the game. The goal is to consistently get the squares directly above the previous set, "stacking" them to the minor prize and ultimately major prize levels. A major prize is usually worth about 100 times the cost per play.

This game can be adjusted to for greater or lesser difficulty. The owner's manual states that at the game's highest difficulty level, the estimated ratio of wins to losses will be near 1 to 800, however the actual ratio may be lower or higher based somewhat on the skill of the players, with the frequency of winning the major prize being set at the discretion of the game's operator.

i have won twice. the first time i won an ipod nano (not one of those fake multimedia players), and a nintendo wii.

the first time, for the ipod nano, there were free credits in the machine (about 30), so i won a free ipod nano!

the second time, for the wii, i had only spent 4 dollars on it, and it took these idiots an hour for the person with the key too unlock the machine to get my prize (because the wii got stuck in the machine, its not that video on youtube).

so, how did you do?