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November 23rd, 2007, 10:26 AM
Pokemon's End

Rated: PG-13


Not everyone loved Pokemon. Maxell W. Pentane’s family was probably the richest family in the world. They could buy anything they wanted. However, this happiness did not last long. One fateful night, savage Pokemon attacked the Pentane mansion and took many lives, guards, maids, and family members. Maxell and his sister Anne narrowly escaped the attack and were taken in by foster parents. As they grew up, Maxell developed a personal hatred for all Pokemon, vowing that someday he would make them all pay. When he became a man, the family money was given to him and Anne for their own uses. The angry man did not want to share any of the money. He hired mercenaries to kidnap Anne and abandon her in an isolated area. With all the family money, Maxell changed the family business from Pokeball producing to an ecology base, thus winning favor of the public. During a meeting about the company’s future, Maxell began his Pokemon-denouncing rally, claming that Pokemon were dangerous monstrosities created as a curse for humanity. The Public, in his favor, started to support his claims in very drastic ways. Some Pokemon, like Absol and Mightyanna, were enraged by this betrayal and led a small frenzy on the humans. Although the people were not harmed much, many people joined the anti-Pokemon rally and eventually convinced nearly every human to resent Pokemon.

Now, you are either a Pokemon Trainer or a Pokemon Coordinator. You are visting your hometown to visit your friends and/or family. People believe that you help the ‘evil’ Pokemon and banish you from your hometown. After you leave, you seek the truth that Pokemon are not so bad. Along the way, you will team-up with other people (other RP members) and try to reveal Maxell’s deceit. You will meet other Pokemon you may capture, but it will not be easy, for now, all wild Pokemon distrust humans.

As a Pokemon, you are ether a wild Pokemon who has been run out of your home land, or a Pokmon who once belonged to a trainer who sent you away. You must try to survive the attacks of angry humans and team up with trainers who want to clear your name. You may distrust them, or decide to join a certain trainer as their Pokemon.


(1) You can’t sign-up as a legendary Pokemon. If you plan to sign-up as a rare Pokemon, P.M. me your rare Pokemon sign-up plan to get my O.K.

(2) As a Pokemon Trainer/Coordinator, you must know a Pokemon that is being role-played well. Do not just ask them if they want to join you immediately. Sexual contact between two Role-player and non-Role-players is strictly forbidden. (This results as two Stars)

(3) I’ll allow you to use simple profanity only when you think it’s necessary (Not for comedy! This gets you a Star). I’ve seen a lot of this and I’m getting sick of it, please don’t use punctuation like: ‘Wow that was cool’ or ‘He would Be DeAd’. If I catch this it results as a Star.

Note: ‘Stars’ are like a strike. Get four of them and you are kicked off the RP (For all of your sign-ups!).

Sign-up Sheets:


Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (14-21)
Badges: (You may include badge names)
Hometown: (It must be in Sinnoh)
Pokemon: {Can be up to three Pokemon (All cannot be fully evolved)}
Biography: (At least 9 lines)
Writing Example: (You may show one of your past writings)


Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (13-19)
Ribbons: (Include the towns you got them in)
Hometown: (It must be in Sinnoh)
Pokemon: {Can be up to three Pokemon (All cannot be fully evolved)}
Biography: (At least 10 lines)
Writing Example: (You may show one of your past writings)


Name: (Your original name)
Language: (Human, Poke-speak, Telepathy)
Type: (Normal, Dark, Ghostly, Shiny, Metallic)
Biography: (Where you were born/who was your former trainer, how you were forced to run away from humans)

I’ll show you my sign-up later. We need four Pokemon, eight Trainers, and five Coordinators.

Sign-ups are now open




November 23rd, 2007, 6:50 PM
Hey, can I be both a Pokemon and a Trainer??

Name: Levi Short
Nickname: Lee
Age: 14
Badges: Only the 1st 3 badges of Shinnoh.
Hometown: Hearthome City
Pokemon: Levi's only Pokemon was Kirlia (look at Pokemon sign-up) and Levi plans on catching him again.
Writing Example: Andrew walked along the beach as the S.S.Anne neared Volo Island. It was the tourist season, and there were going to be millions of people flooding in. The big ship stopped at the island and tons of parading people came running out. The wind blew in Andrew's hair as he walked along the beach. The wind blew harder and the sand starting flying up. It was just one of the usual sandstorms around the beach. More sand picked up. It was harder to see, but Andrew knew the island and kept walking. The sandstorm got worse, again, and Andrew couldn't see anything. He kept on walking. All at once, something metallic cut Andrew. This happened a lot. No big deal. The blood started gushing out, and Andrew decided to get out of the sandstorm. He went to the nearby clinic, leaving a trail of blood behind. He walked into the clinic, and quickly grabbed some gauze. He pressed the gauze against the cut. He put more gauze on the cut, and quickly wrapped a bandage around his ankle. He handed the clinic’s owner $5 PokèDollars.
Andrew left the building, and headed toward his friend’s house.
“The tourists are flooding in, again.” Andrew said.
“Great,” said Andrew’s friend, James, “ I hate when all of these people come.”
“I know.” Sighed Andrew.
Andrew left the house, and went to Ferry. He asked the receptionist for a lifetime ticket. She asked him for $1,000 PokèDollars, and she handed over the ticket.

^^I hope that isn't too little...

Name: Kirlia ♂
Language: Telepathy
Type: Normal (as in non-shiny) Psychic (as in Pokemon Type)
Biography: Kirla was Levi Short's Pokemon. Levi's parents, Joyce and Hue, forced Levi to set his Kirlia free, because they were under the impression that Pokemon were evil, as Maxell had announced it through a TV broadcast. Kirlia hatched out of an egg that his parents had found before Maxell had made them believe a lie. It hatched a shy, male, Ralts and Levi's parents had given it to him on a birthday. Directly after Ralts evolved Levi's parents made him release Kirlia.

I'll edit with my bio later.

November 23rd, 2007, 7:29 PM
Can I try this RP also even know i will have to handle two RP at a time, but I'll promise I will try to do good at this RP.

Name: Carnavine
Language: Human English
Type: Normal
Biography: I was born in the Sinnoh forest my past Trainer was name Jake I've met him when he saw me in the forest while i was battling a few very rare Chimchars that they kept using Ember on me while I try to use a bullet seed on them, but it wouldn't effect them much, then they use flame wheel a few times on me, and I almost fainted but when they use flame wheel again I almost use bullet seed but something happen to me that I got a new attack and it was bite, so I'd use that new attack on them and it was super affective on them, all the group of Chimchars fainted from after my new attack, so the Trainer come towards me and said " Your very impresive pokemon now aren't you". So he got he's PokeBall out from he's pocket and said " Want to join with me? ". For a minute in my mind I thought this is my newest journy now so then I acceptide he's affor, in the past with me and him we were great buddys and for my keep getting new attacks also. But at one Midday when the sun was going down he throw his pokeball on air and I was out from that PokeBall, I was a bit confuse that theres no battle right now, but when my owner talk to me a little bit when he said " Carnavine I know we were great buddys in the past, but now since I got another pokemon it is Gengar ". He throw another pokeball on the air and Gengar was out of the pokeball, Gengar just stand near the my owner and Gengar did a evil eyes to me and evil laugh at me, before i ran away my owner said to me " Even know your runing away from me but just remmeber you I'll always be my best friend in your heart ". I'd ingnore him and ran away from him forever, while i was walk throught citys and forest most of the people and pokemon keep telling me while I had a down sad face they said " Your the most uglyist pokemon Iv'd ever seen!". After I walk throught citys and forest to just return to the Sinnoh forest where I was born I'd had now no friend or any owner who wants me any more.

OOC: So what do you think?

November 23rd, 2007, 7:49 PM
I'm slightly confused...for the sign-up for the pokemon, does that belong to our trainer/co-ordinator? Or does it mean you are the pokemon and not a trainer/co-odinator? I'm interested in your RP, but I need to figure all this out before I join.

(I'll add the sign-up after getting a reply, so check back here when you need the sign-up. And don't worry, I write a lot. I have my own Naruto fic which I'll use for the RP example)

Never mind. I'll just not join cuz I'm probably not gonna have a spot by the time I get an answer. XD

~desu Saba~

Scarlet Weather
November 23rd, 2007, 8:21 PM
I think you people need a LESSON in roleplaying... *smiles fiendishly as he prepares a sign-up*

Name: Gale Fortunato

Age: 19

Badges: None.


Augustus (Pidgeot): A down-to-earth and sensible Pokemon, Augustus keeps Gale on track when the trainer gets too big for his britches. Augustus is also Gale's main method of transport, being the only Pokemon on Gale's team to know an HM move. He has a thing for cookies, and has been with Gale long enough that both trainer and Pokemon have no trouble understanding one another. Augustus was captured as a Pidgey in the days pre-Maxwell, when Gale was searching for Pokemon of the coast of a city in Kanto that he was visiting at the time. Augustus attempted to steal a copy of Shakespeare that Gale was delivering to his grandparents, but was easily defeated by Gale's rock-throwing prowess. The two became friends afterwards when Gale patched up the bird's injured body, and they've been together ever since. Augustus is the only Pokemon on Gale's team to have knowledge of the move "Hyper Beam".

Aristophanes (Rhydon): Gale obtained Aristophanes in a trade with a trainer from a foreign country for a recently acquired gemstone. Aristo, as Gale calls him, is a macho-man to the core, using nearly unintelligible Scottish speech patterns in his wordings. Gale can understand him much in the same way that he can read the speech of Laertes and Augustus due to the amount of time the two have spent together. Aristophanes tends to be brash and overconfident, boasting of his strength in the middle of battles. This often leads him to overstep his boundaries and make bad decisions in combat, much to Gale's chagrin. Aristo is the powerhouse of Gale's team, adding muscle to the mix. Unlike Augustus and Laertes, Aristophanes knows no attacks that can be taught through TM or HM, believing such methods of learning attacks to be cheap and useless.

Laertes (Scizor): A Pokemon with an attitude, Laertes resides in the middle of a river known as "De Nile" in regards to his own insecurity. As a Scyther, Laertes exhibited skill at incredibly precise strikes which easily crushed opponents. After evolving, Laertes is worried that his precision may have now vanished due to the replacement of his scythes with huge claws. Gale met him as a Scyther in the middle of a remote Sinnoh forest, and easily defeated him with some help from Aristophanes's resistance to the cutting blades that Laertes utilized. Afterwards, Laertes appointed himself Gale's bodyguard, having no other position to occupy, and after reading a book on ancient history he has begun referring to Gale as "Shogun" and calling himself a "Ronin". He evolved in a freak accident involving a suit of armor he had been wearing to make himself look cooler and a necessary Pokeball transfer initiated in order to move him from a defective ball. Laertes possesses enough raw power to deal damage to most opponents, and has retained much of his Scyther speed. His signature finishing move is "X-Scissor", launched in combination with "Agility" and "Double Team".

Hometown: Veilstone

Biography: As a young boy, Gale loved Pokemon more then he could possibly say. Unfortunately, he also suffered from a disorder known as "kleptomania". In order to counteract his thieving tendencies, Gale ran away from home at age ten and made his way to his grandparents's house in Kanto, where he met Augustus. It was at this time that Gale discovered his lifetime's vocation. Together with Augustus, he began channeling his kleptomaniacal tendencies into positive energy, stealing from the ever-abundant bikers, crooks, and occasional Team Galactic members dotting the Veilstone streets. It was during this time that Gale recovered the purse of a woman known only as "the massage lady", who taught him the secrets of massaging Pokemon as a thanks. Through these secrets, Gale was enabled to understand the emotions and words of his Pokemon through their actions. Later, he encountered and received Laertes and Aristophanes. Together, the trio formed a formidable battling force. Gale embarked on a tour-de-Sinnoh when he was fifteen, thinking that life couldn't be better.


The hurricane struck as Maxwell came to power, throwing the Pokemon Trainer-***-Repossessor of valuables out of work. Angry, Gale retaliated by staging several dramatic burglaries on the homes of outspoken Pokemon haters. Enraged at Gale's audacity, the city of Veilstone sent police after him. Gale didn't wait around, and high-tailed it back to Eterna Forest, a favorite haunt of his, where he decided to remain until further notice while plotting some course of action. Gale had never been a man to follow the rules, and he didn't buy the story of Pokemon being evil. Pokemon had existed alongside humans and lived with them for years, and anyone who listened to someone who said otherwise was a complete idiot in his opinion. Together with his Pokemon, he decided to watch and wait for his chance to come before conquering the entire region.

Gale has never battled in a gym, as he believes that such contests can't prove anything about a trainer's strength and has no interest in league competitions. He channels his kleptomaniacal tendencies by stealing TMs from local trainers, used and unused, as well as the occasional burglary on the house of a Pokemon hater. His parents are long dead, having kicked the bucket a year ago after a horrendous car accident. Gale got over it- he was always closer to his grandparents anyway, and he wasn't home often. When Gale battles, he emphasizes high-risk, high-return moves which can deal heavy damage but severely weaken his Pokemon afterwards.

Writing Sample: Check out "Thief in the Night" in the Pokemon Fanction subforum's writing lounge for my absolute best writing sample, but I'll be right back with a lesser one. XD

I'm back, with a writng sample taken from my work in Alter Ego's "Pokemon: Neo Genesis".

Mark sat back as the plot unfolded like that of a cheap sci-fi novel mashed together with "Satoshi's Adventures" and "The Elite Four", with a side order of "Pokerus- The Beginning". It was at times like these that he fervently wished that when the Powers That Be had been organizing the being that would eventually become Mark, they hadn't included something he liked to term his "nerd gene", which automatically drew paralells in situations like this. Then again, the situation itself was completely insane. An evil team had somehow blacked out an island and proceeded to implement their plans by superpowering every Pokemon that came within their range before a bad guy turned good guy with scientific know-how and his partner, a snarky, mistrusting dude with well-trained Pokemon, had set the project back long enough to call in a few rookies in order to train them to become the saviors of the world. Well, at least aliens hadn't arrived and people hadn't been fused with Pokemon yet. Still, with the way things had gone so far, Mark wasn't sure that any predictions leaning in that direction would be too far off. On the other hand, at least Lucifer was being honest about the whole thing. Mark was still debating on whether or not he should dismiss this whole thing as being too incredibly cliche and leave before the camera guys came out of the woodwork and announced the whole thing to be a fake or accept Lucifer's offer and take his chances when the apparent multimillionaire spoke the magic words:

"I shall also place all the resources I can spare at your disposal, and regardless of what happens, the pokémon will be yours to keep."

Mark's willpower crumbled. He had wanted a Pokemon since he was old enough to travel, and though he never let on, he wanted one still. Lucifer Ashton was definitely banking on Mark when he said that. Slowly, the red-capped teenager raised his hand. "I-I'm not sure that I'm really going to be all that much help unless we end up needing to run around underground or whatever we're doing involves fossils," he stammered, "But I'm in. I don't know exactly why, but something's telling me that if I don't accept this offer now, I'll never have another chance to work with Pokemon." His speech thus made, Mark stepped up to the suspended egg of his choice, a smooth, grey one, like pebbles in a stream. Placing his hand on the button, he gently depressed it and the fluid fell away from the case.

The egg cracked almost immediately, sending shards of shell hurtling across the room, including one very sharp piece that embedded itself in Mark's hand momentarily, forcing him to remove it and lift the wound to his mouth, instinctively sucking the blood for a moment. He immediately regretted that particular decision. Well, if this NG virus is transferable to humans, I guess I'll be the first to know, he thought grimly as he stared at the tiny creature dislodging itself from the egg white.

The first thing that was obvious about this creature was its shape, somewhat akin to a miniature tyrannonosaurus with the sharp teeth replaced by a hard, domelike skull that was ringed with a set of short horns. The creature's skin was also a definining feature, grey and rocklike for the most part with a few blue patches located on the body which shone like lacquered gems as the liquid surrounding the Pokemon evaporated or ran off. Reaching out his hand tentatively, Mark touched the skull of the creature. Could it be? In all his wildest dreams he had hoped for it, but he had never dared suppose... a Cranidos? A real, live Cranidos? How the hell had LA got his hands on fossil DNA, let alone bring a living one into existence? Mark rubbed his hands along the little creature's head, tentatively daring to suppose this whole thing was not some kind of fantastic dream, and he would not be waking up at home soon enough. Satisfied that the whole thing was real, Mark stood for a moment and faced LA, his voice choked with emotion. "Sir..." he gushed, "Thank you so much. This... this is amazing. I never dared hope... freaking Kyogre, this is awesome."

Mark had hardly finished his sentiment of gratitude when, with the speed of a blazing bullet, the small creature he had been admiring moments before hurtled into his back like a cartridge from a hair-trigger gun, headfirst. Mark sprawled across the floor, the wind leaving his system in a rush of air. By turning his head, he could just barely make out the small dinosaur dancing happily beside his head, happily growling and chanting its name. Feeling some wind return to him, Mark pulled himself to his knees. "Playful, aren't you..." he managed to stutter, his back still aching. He couldn't bring himself to be angry at the critter, after all, it was only just born and it didn't really mean any harm. It probably assumed that Mark was another Cranidos or something. He remembered that before Roark had managed to bring his under control, the Pokemon had been almost impossible to bring to heel, butting everything in sight. Well, at least that made the naming job easier. Something or someone with a lot of energy... Mark made his decision quickly. "How 'bout I call you 'Gon'?" he asked the tiny terror.

The Pokemon answered by charging forward and playfully butting Mark again, sending the red baseball cap that ordinarily graced his head flying across the room as he went crashing into the wall. "Okay... you win..." he groaned painfully, "Gon it is, then..."

The dinosaur continued dancing madly, completely oblivious to the fact that it had probably bruised Mark severely.

November 23rd, 2007, 9:33 PM
Okay I like this RP

Name: Creed Arch
Nickname: Skyhawk
Age: 15
Badges: none
Hometown: Veilstone
Pikachu (Sparky)-Creed first pokemon and stands by Creed's side every second but sometimes gets angry at Creed for something

Bulbasaur (Vine)-Creed first wild pokemon caught and stays in the pokeball most of the time but ready when it comes to battleing
Biography: Creed has always been nice to pokemon even if they have been mean to him. Creed likes to play with his Pikachu as much as possible. Creed loves climbing up trees and little mountains as does his pokemon. When Creed was a little kid his dad showed him how to catch a pokemon. Creed always loves to eat and fight. He been alone for about 2 years after his dad and mom died and he been alone ever since. He loves to run and play with friends and other trainers. He always wear a hat and a jacket when he goes somewhere. He knows how to cook and make pokemon food. Creed always liked the wilderness and outdoors. He much loves to catch pokemon and play with other pokemon. While everything was happening he much stayed in the forest. Creed got the nickname "Skyhawk" after his dad told him to jump into a tree and he jumped almost over the tree. Creed mostly stays in a forest or a cave while other trainers love to sleep inside.
Writing Example: Creed woke up early in the morning he was in a dark cave with his pokemon Sparky sleeping right beside him.
"Come on Pikachu" said Creed.
Pikachu jumped on his shoulder. Creed walked out of the cave he wanted to see some friends back home in Veilstone.
"Sparky ready to see our friends back at Veilstone?" asked Creed.
"Pika Pika" replied Sparky.
Then they set off.

Hope that is enough if not tell me what to change.

November 23rd, 2007, 9:37 PM
I'ma sign up here
Name: Alex
Language: Poke-Speak, for all the fun psyduck moments
Type: Shiny :D
Biography: Someone in Hoenn attempted to clone a shiny groudon, but a glitch turned it into me. In fury, they released me, and I've been left to find my own way, hiding from all the shiny hunters.

Am I in?

November 23rd, 2007, 10:35 PM

Name: Kain Dahlin
Age: 17
Badges: None
Hometown: Oreburgh City
Pokemon: A single Tyranitar (Tyr)
Tyr is a very old, very wild Tyranitar. His armour is scarred and dented, and has a very short temper. He has rejected his kind, and lives as an outcast with Kain.
Biography: Kain was born the son of a coal minner in Oreburgh. He had a rough time growing up, as money was tight in his home town. He drifted around town, never really making any friends. Except the birds. He would sit in the park for hours just watching, or feeding them as they fluttered from tree to tree. At the age of 15, he left his hometown, and his mother and father in an attempt to get away from the mines, to avoid the same carreer his father had chosen. After only a few days from home, he found himself without any money, supplies, or even the ability to light a fire. A storm came upon him, and he was forced to take shelter in a cave. When he awoke, the storm had gone, but he wasn't alone in the cave. It was then that he found his tyranitar. It was large, and its armour battered and scratched from many battles, but it didn't attack him. It simply got up, and left the cave. Kain followed it for many days, watching it, and picking up after the remains of its meals. Eventually things settled into a pattern, and Kain learned to live off the land. What was poisenous, and what was not, what would kill you if you didn't watch it, and what you could kill if it wasn't watching you. Eventually he was able to tame and capture the tyranitar, and he and tyr kept moving. Kain grew happier and happier with his new friend, and learned to open his heart to other friendships. After two years of training with the Tyranitar, and whistling to the birds, he finaly got up the courage to return to Oreburgh. What he found there was a group of anti-pokemaniacs, thirsting for blood...

If there are any problems, don't hesitate to send me a PM. If you need some of my writing, I can send you a peice of the Fanfic I'm working on. (also via PM)

November 24th, 2007, 10:01 AM
I'll be in, a Trainer.

Jessica Short



All in Kanto Region (Elite Four Beaten); All in Johto Region(Elite Four Beaten); All in Hoenn Region(Elite Four Beaten); 4 in The Sinnoh Region

Viridian City

Kanto Pokemon: Pidgeot; Nidoqueen; Arcanine; Jolteon; Ivysaur; Blastiose
Johto Pokemon: Ivysaur; Typlosion; Feraligatr; Sneasel; Charmeleon; Ninetales
Kanto Pokemon: Sneasel; Sceptile; Blaziken; Marshtop; Swellow; Eevee
Sinnoh Pokemon: Sneasel; Turtwig; Monferno; Luxio; Floatzel

Describtion on Jess's Pokemon:
Very obident to her needs.

Jess was born in Virdian to a Pokemon lover's family. Her mother traveled the world, her father an oil factory manufacturer. Jess's mother owns rock Pokemon, such as a Golem, and a Steelix. Jess's father owns water Pokemon like a Dewgong, a Wartortle, and a Tentacruel. Jess started her journey when she was ten, traveling with her obidient Pokemon. Now, as fourteen, she's in Sinnoh, catching Pokemon that cold help her defeat The Elite Four. Jess wants to become the world's next Pokemon Master.

November 24th, 2007, 10:05 AM

Name: Ashlie

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hometown: Futaba Town

Badges: None

Apperance: He has black, ruffled hair and dark eyes. His skin is golden-brown, but also looks somewhat sooty and grey. Even if he smiles, his blue eyes usually look sad. He has not a very strong and muscular body and he is only 1.69 metres in height, so he relies more on the mind and thinking. Ashlie wears a red and white jacket, a grey, black T-shirt and jeans.

Personality: He is thoughtful and curious and thinks a little different than most other people do, or at least so he thinks. Wants to be strong and sometimes runs ahead a little bit too fast and aims too high at once, thinking he can manage more than he really can. He is competetive and can gain rivals easily, thinking that people, who tries to be better and improve, are competing with him. This often occurs when there is a group of people working together. He himself thinks that you do not need to be in a group to be strong.
He feels lost and far from home. Has a strong will and a strong mind. Hates his enemies, but is kind to his friends. If someone does something he usually wants to know a reason for it; he believes there is always a reason for people's actions.

Background: He is not sure of where he comes from. He is not even sure if he remembers his name, but he thinks it is Ashlie (he does not know that his true name is Satoshi). This situation makes him feel confused. He knows the world around him, at least most of it, but still he has no memory of being there. This makes him somewhat unexperienced, but he is wise in another way.
Ashlie did come from a great city somewhere, that he barely remembers. He thinks that something must have happened to him, since he lost his memory. And why did he leave his home city in the first place? Was he a Trainer on a Pokemon adventure? If so, where is his Pokemon? These are things he wonders a lot about and he hopes some memories will return to him.

Ashlie stayed in the little, peaceful town of Futaba, but there was never any rest within him. He felt that each day he was fading more and more as if something was missing . . . something that should belong to him. The village people tried to help him, but it was no use. Could it be some sickness he had? They didn't even know where he came from, but had gladly taken care of him and told him that he should not wander in the wilderness alone. There were Pokemon out there, and they attacked and killed you. So they said. Ashlie had some special feeling about Pokemon, but never talked about it. He liked the creatures, felt a certain friendship to them. That would not seem normal here, but maybe where he come from humans and Pokemon lived in peace with each others. Why did the people here hate the Pocket Monsters, and why would the Pokemon attack?

As the days passed on, Ashlie became weaker, and he felt that he could not stay here anymore. He did not want to cause his troubles to other people. So he went outside the town during the dark, starless night. If he was going to return, he did not know. Feeling as if he was far away from existance he fell into the grass and asked in his mind what was going on. Was he . . . dying? As if an answer from a distant world, a blue star began to shine. That was the last thing Ashlie saw that night.

He woke up and could not really understand what had happened. He was still alive . . . and stronger. But he could not linger here, in case a wild Pokemon would appear. A Pokemon . . . Beside him sat a large, dog-type Pocket Monster with red-brown fur and black stripes. Its nose was black. It wagged its curled, fluffy tail and looked friendly at Ashlie. Ashlie understood at once that the Pokemon was not going to attack him, it was trying to be his friend. Wasn't that very unusual? Anyway, Ashlie felt much better now and the loneliness he felt before was gone. He stood up and greeted his new friend. That day they spent the whole day together. In a way, it was as if Ashlie had met the Pokemon before, as if he had found a lost friend.

That evening they returned to Futaba Town. Ashlie and his friend were met by the others, but did not get any welcoming looks. The townspeople told Ashlie that he could not live here if he had the Pokemon with him. Pokemon were their enemies; they could not let it walk around here. And they did not want Ashlie around either if he was a Pokemon friend. Ashlie chose to keep his friend and thus he left Futaba . . .''


Name: Legend
Species: Windi/Arcanine
Type: Fire (and Dark if that's okey)
Biography: Was once a friend of Satoshi, but the Trainer lost his memory and himself. Legend finally found him, but the Trainer called himself Ashlie. Still, Legend knows it's the same friend.
Legend looks a little different that others of his kind, since he has a black nose. His eyes are blue.

November 24th, 2007, 12:39 PM
Sounds like fun!!


Name: Slate (Mightyena)
Language: Poke-Speak
Type: Shiny

Biography: Slate has a past that he keeps guarded dearly, and tells very few. He feels that it is his personal memories that are not for the ears and knowledge of any others, and especially not humans.

His mother gave birth to only him and his sister, as far as Slate could be certain. Normally a mother Mightyena would have more pups, and there is a possibility that his father, who he never met, killed the others. Regardless of what really happened, the time that Slate and his sister had with their mother was tragically cut short when they were taken by humans for a purpose they'd never know, being unable to understand human language. Slate and his sister eventually ended up being adopted by a boy though, and were cared for and loved.

A few years passed, and the two Poochyena pups had become a pair of fine Mightyenas who battled together as one. The boy, living near the Eterna Forest, had a plan for eventually using them for hunting, but this was all ruined on the very first attempt. The place the boy had chosen to explore and hopefully find some of the Pokemon that were considered okay to hunt by the law was indeed a very good hunting spot. Another hunter, one who did not intend on using Pokemon for his job, aimed two shots the wrong way, and the victims were not Starly or Zigzagoon, but a sleek-furred female Mightyena and a boy about the age of eleven.

After that, Slate learned two things. Never trust that humans are all good, and never have close friends, as it will only hurt that much more when they are taken from you. He ran into the woods, and became determined to stay away from all humans.

However, most recently, Slate has seen humans coming further into the forests. Well, the areas they entered weren't really forest anymore. They were torn down with all Pokemon run out. Slate, angered, intends to do something about it. His territory and area destroyed, the Mightyena is in no intention to end his anger toward humans.

Writing Sample (The Pokemon Sign-Up didn't say you need one, but, just in case...: http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=116517
^This is a fanfic I've made... It'a not all on this site yet, but here's a few chapters to see how I write. Or you can also see the RPG 'The End-It the Parasite' to see how exactly I RP.

November 25th, 2007, 1:05 PM
Ikasu Accepted
NightmareHaunter Accepted
ACC-M Accepted
RacerKing Pending
AlexPokemon Accepted
TheSilverVersion Pending
royalprophecies Pending
Te-em Pending
iLike2EatPiez Accepted

All you have to do is have a Writing Ex.
And you're good.

November 25th, 2007, 1:12 PM
Great I knew you would count on me on this RP.

November 25th, 2007, 3:32 PM
Name: Lightning the Raichu
Language: Poke-speak
Type: Shiny
Biography: Lightning is normally a very quiet, timid Raichu. She has the timid nature, if fact. It takes a lot to earn her trust, but it's extremely easy to lose it. She has a big heart and keeps her friends close to her. She hates to fight, but doesn't mind contest battles.

When Lightning was just a little Pichu, a guy who was around 21 years of age found her in the forest one day. He collected rare Pokemon, whether that meant shines or Pokemon of a rare species. So because Lightning was shiny, he caught her. Lightning's teammates were a Dragonair, a Tauros, a Scizor, a shiny Charmander, and a shiny Mightyenna.

This guy's name was Mike. He was very tall and skinny, and he looked completely harmless. So he was, right? Wrong.

He made his Pokemon's lives hell, even before the world started hating Pokemon. Lightning considered running away for a long time, but didn't have the courage. You would have thought that Mike couldn't treat his Pokemon worse, but he could. When the world started hating Pokemon, he treated his Pokemon like they were worth nothing.

If they lost a battle, he would say how worthless the losing Pokemon was with very colorful language, even though a lot of the Pokemon he made his Pokemon fight were obviously much stronger. He would often then beat the losing Pokemon a few times with a whip.

A little while later, the Dragonair on the team evolved into Dragonite. Now with a new pair of wings, it could fly. So one night, the other five Pokemon got on it's back and escaped. Since then, they've gone their separate ways. Lightning hopes to see them again though, because she considered them friends.

November 25th, 2007, 4:08 PM
Wa wa wa wait! The only part of this RP I want only be in a pokemon part not Trainer and pokemon?!

November 28th, 2007, 8:52 AM
Raichuchika Accepted

Hey people, we need some Poke Corrds

Dogar The Brave
November 28th, 2007, 8:57 AM
Name: Lord
Nickname: (Optional)
Age: (14-21) 14
Badges: (You may include badge names) 6
Hometown: (It must be in Sinnoh) Eterna
Pokemon: {Can be up to three Pokemon (All cannot be fully evolved)} Eevee, Eevee and Eevee.
Biography: (At least 9 lines): His parents died when he was three years old, so he grew up in an orphanege just on the outskirts of Golderrod City, in Johto.. Due to this, he didn't get that good an education.. However, he is extremely street smart.. He normally had fights with the other orphans and didn't like the adult in charge. He has been taken to the police station for minor things like stealing chocolate and hitting an elderly lady.. Then, when he was nine, everything began to change, his uncle adopted him and explained the concept of Pokemon to him, Lord immediately knew that he wanted to be the very best, and he will be the very best, sometime... His uncle was a kind man, but had a bad temper and he sometimes hit Lord. Lord learned to block everything out by just imagining himself being the best trainer in the world.. And he has done.
Appearance: Black air with red highlights that is gelled but falls between his eyes. He stands around 4’6”, a little below the average for his age, and he weighs 40kg. a jagged scar across his right cheek and peircing blue eyes, he has a sunken face and normally always has bags under his eyes. He always wears the same white hoody, and the same black tracksuit. He has a necklace and, at the front of his neck, is a small rectangle of glass.
Personality: He is cold towards everybody and has nearly no friends. He seems to be scared of loving and caring. Of course, he would never show it. When he gets angry he doesn't speak, but his eyes begin to flash menacingly. He is known to stay calm no matter what happens and will always have a cool head.. (sort of like shadow the hedgehog, this guy).. The only thing he seems to show affection for is his necklace with the rectangle of glass on it.. Nobody knows how he got it..
Writing Example: (You may show one of your past writings): Lord knows that now is the time. He has had enough of this. He no longer gives a damn, he just wants to get the Hell out of here. He has always been known as an outsider, with his past it will always be hard to fit in. But now he has to leave. Where is he? He isn't sure, some new land, he had heard. He thinks back to when he got his three Eevees. He had been so happy, then he was kidnapped. By who? He didn't know, he didn't get to see their faces. They brought him to a building and left him in a room. He is still in that room. He grabs the glass at the end of his necklace and clenches it. A man told him that the boss wants to see him today. As soon as the boss, whoever he was, comes into the room, Lord is going to run for it.
He hears footsteps. It's a pity he cannot see anything, it had been pitch black since he got here. The door opens. He knows this because he hears the creak from it. So the boss has come? Then now is the time.
Lord runs at the door. Until he is stopped by a familiar voice.

Or you could just check out my fan fic the saga of Blue, Silver, Ruby and Pearl

December 17th, 2007, 8:45 AM
Ok, here's my sign-up

Name: Jonathan Smalls
Nickname: Johnny
Age: 19
Badges: Kanto: All eight (Elite four completed), Johto, first four, Sinnoh, two.
Hometown: Hearthome town
Typhosion: Always looks out for a battle. Loves to steal the credit for accomplishments. Hates to lose.
Jumpuff: Typical Pokemon. Bounces around when it gets the chance. Loves all of its friends.
Ambipom: Very enthusiastic. Loves a good joke. Plays around and makes fun of many people.
Herracross: Very relaxed. Doesn’t care for a thing in the world. Would rather lie around and suck nectar than battle.
Biography: Johnny comes from a long line of trainers. Grew up without a supporting father. Worked hard in school. Was very popular around people. When he was 14, he started on his quest with a Cyndaquil he revived. He wandered the world, collecting random badges in his unique way. Johnny met many people and Pokemon. After collecting all eight Indigo league badges, he competed and narrowly defeated the Elite four. .
Writing Example:

At that moment, Treecko and Turtwig were creeping up on a snoring Miltank.
“On the count of three…” Treecko whispered.
The two grass type Pokemon pushed themselves against the Miltank; tipping it onto its back.
The cow Pokemon spun on its back yelling, trying to get back on its feet.
The two grass starters were bursting with laughter. Rolling on their backs and banging their paws on the ground.

We've waited 4 a long time now,
The story begins... now.

The life of working with Pokemon is long and hard. But sometimes the trainers and corrdinators can put aside thier work and vist the people they love and care about. On nice days like this, the Pokemon are relaxing, completely unaware of the trouble they are about to be in.

If you Pokemon want to start out living together, that's ok.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 17th, 2007, 10:33 AM
Am i to late?

Name: Sparx The Raichu

Language: Human English

Type: Shiny

Biography: Sparx Was Born Near Fuego Ironworks Near Floroma. Sparx's Old Trainer Was Named Solana. Sparx Ran Away Because He Overheard That Solana's Parents Were Going To Poison Him.

December 23rd, 2007, 7:38 AM
I'll be a pokemon.

Species: Lucario
Type: Shiny
Speech: Human/Telepathy
Biography: Stealth (nickname) was forced to run away after his master was killed in the onslaught of pokemon. Stealth vowed that he would destroy Maxell's evil plan. He knew why the pokemon attacked, so he set off to find help. He ran 70 days and 70 nights, when he wound up at the mysterious Sky Pillar. Trying to contact Rayquaza for help, he was ambushed by Maxell's followers. Blasts of light went all over the place, and somehow Stealth won. He was left frozen after that. He noticed that he hadn't just killed the minions, but his master as well. His master had somehow mysteriously escaped. As he ran back to the Sinnoh region, it took him 60 days and 60 nights instead. The feeling of not having a trainer lifted him, as he could do whatever he wanted. But, then he faced Maxell himself, and barely escaped death as bullets punctured his skin. He seeked his aura partner, and so far he had not found one.

December 23rd, 2007, 7:50 AM
It too Late?

Pokémon: Houndoom
Language: Human
Type: Dark
(Auto)Biography: Hello~! I am Houndoom, but most of my friends call me Fang. I was abandoned as an Egg, so I don't really know where I came from, I was just fishing one day, then out of nowhere, pokeball flew straight at me.
I was caught! My friends had a riot, so they followed the trainer, attacking him now and again. Once he heard about this kid named 'Maxell', He was Furious. He Threw my pokeball into the river... My friends helped me out of there, but I really can't remember much... I was walking one day as a Houndoom, and another pokeball flew out of nowhere. I dodged it. I have a HUGE disliking of humans now. They are Misunderstanding. I never wanted to attack "Maxell's" house anyway...

and Just in case...


Name: Daniel Bounty
Age: 15
Badges: Sinnoh, all 8
Hometown: VeilStone
Biography: Danny Only wants pokemon to be free. He would die for them. He doesn't care About Maxell. He was just a SpoiledPokémon Brat. His Pokémon trust him because he feeds them well, and plays with them everyday. Everywhere he goes, he is declared an outlaw. He rests at Spear pillar. No one could find him there. He feeds all the Pokémon that pass by, and all of Mt. Coronet's Pokémon are excited for his visits. He is a big friend of Pokémon everywhere. He hopes one day, that pokemon will save the whole world, one day, when a pokemon will single handedly end Maxell's reign. Just one day...
Writing Example: "Rawr!!!!" Zeke Roared. What was he doing? Eric rushed in to the forest with him, so he must know. But... Why had he been so mean before?
I don't know. But, Mewtwo appeared. He Knocked me out, hit me square in the face! I flew backward, but then he caught me. He had me. He sent me up to his ship, I heard a faint voice. "Don't wowry! Iow hewp yowu!"(My post in "Rise of poke destuction" in pokemon crater.)
So, Hope it's not too late!

December 27th, 2007, 2:57 PM
Pokemon. I hope I'm not too late.

Species: Sableye
Name: Col
Type: Ghost/ Dark
Language: Pokemon/ Slight Human
Auto-Bio: While still young, I was abandoned at Pokemon Tower, roaming around, jumping out at innocent bystanding Trainers, trying to become loved.
I was picked up by a lovely young girl, who, by the looks of her, was a new trainer. Although, a year later, I saw her watching TV. Maxell was on, convincing thousands of people to dump their Pokemon and help banish them.
Dumbfounded by this outlandish comment, I dashed off into the city (Sunnyshore) in hopes of finding revenge. Humans. Always wanting perfection...

December 29th, 2007, 1:26 AM
ill be a pokemon
biography:larvitar was born is sinnoh on the 20/3/07.
He was a different coulor to all of the other larvitars and his parents wondered why, But when larvitar turned 5 team galactic captured his parents and larvitar was forced to run.1 year later.....larvitar returned home in hope to find his parents but there was no luck and then a pupitar showed up......it was his brother!.For awhile they talked about their parents and the day they where captured.larvitar wondered why he wasnt a pupitar and thought it wasnt fair.then they started traveling and eventually they found a port.Larvitar and his brother discovered that there was a ship waiting to leave and larvitar and his brother snuck into the ship.they found a place to hide in the bottom of the ship.larvitar was scared but pupitar remained strong.after a few hours they went to sleep.the next day.....they woke up to a big loud horn and they heard a voice that said "thank you for riding the ferry we hope you all have a nice time in hoenn!"to be cointinued.......

hows that?

January 2nd, 2008, 8:47 PM
Mind if I join? If there isn't any more room, I don't mind, I'll just sign up as something else.


Name: Owen
Age: 14
Ribbons: Normal Rank Ribbons for Smart, (Espeon) Beauty (Espeon), Tough (Eevee) and Cute (Leafeon). Great Rank Ribbons for Smart and Beauty. (All ribbons from Hearthome.)
Hometown: Hearthome City
Pokemon: Leafeon(F), Espeon(M), Eevee(M).
Biography: Owen is just your average henpecked youth. At a young age, he was tricked into becoming a coordinator, so he would never have to travel far, as Hearthome contains all ranks required to qualify for the Gran Festival. Since he also said he would reach the top of his class just using members of the Eevee family, he was tricked into not getting to travel, searching for new Pokemon, meaning he couldn't leave much further than the area around Hearthome. Now hoping that he could move away, possibly become a trainer instead of being a coordinator, Owen trains his Pokemon for serious battles in secret. Despite having okay skills as a coordinator, he often dreams of being a trainer, breaking free of the rules that contain him from going out into the world.

How's that?

January 2nd, 2008, 9:01 PM

Name: Magnemite
Language: Telepathy
Type: Shiny
Biography: Magnemite became an egg on 1/1/07
It hatched on 1/2/07
Magnemite was loyal to it's friends.

January 11th, 2008, 10:54 PM

Name: Magnemite
Language: Telepathy
Type: Shiny
Biography: Magnemite became an egg on 1/1/07
It hatched on 1/2/07
Magnemite was loyal to it's friends.

i dont want to be mean, but it would help if you had described your pokemon a little more.

January 24th, 2008, 7:24 PM
Man it's been like two months and this RP is still not starting, and I being waiting for Mako64 to start this.

January 25th, 2008, 11:51 AM
Was my character accepted?

January 25th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Was my character accepted?

Sorry but no you didn't make it you were Pending from Mako64 from page 1.

February 7th, 2008, 5:12 PM
me and my sister are in.my sister didnt make a accuant so we share for this rp

Pokemon:nidoran male

Biography: Unlike most nidoran males i was blue.me and my sister rebekah were stolen from are mom and put in test tube.they tried to make a machine that turned regular pokemon into shiny pokemon but it failed.both of are colors swapped.my sister was more fortunate.she could speak telepathically.the men were mad.they sold us to a one man zoo.
we were in a small cage.then when visitors cam my sister said help us but they didnt know were it came from.
then a kid siad that a my sister was talking.my sister was famus.i wanted to talk to but i couldnt.i asked my sister to teach me to write. so she learned by talking to humans and then tought me.we became boring.then i snapped!i used horn drill on the cage so hard it busted open.i was tuanted by humans as they called me gender switch and freak.
as we escaped we looked for a trainer to catch us.we couldnt.but we did get away at least.now all we want is a trainer.

Name: Rebekah
Language: Telepathy
Type: Normal
Biography: just follow the biogrihpy above.