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November 23rd, 2007, 3:59 PM
My Poems
Hey, I just noticed the Poetry Sub-Topic, and remembered how I have done a ton of Poetry. When I was 8 I even had an account in writing.com for my poetry, so here it goes (I also put what type of poetry it is, only if it is't already on the Types of Poetry thread):


{Couplets are Half of a Cinquain}

People call him crazy,
Mainly 'cause he's lazy.

How to rhyme?
Well, it takes some time.

When she won the race,
She became a famous face.


{Lemericks are Irish in form, and the 1st and 2nd and 5th lines have to rhyme, and the 3rd and 4th lines have to rhyme}

There once was a boy named Luts,
He loved to eat doughnuts.
He ate them all,
Some glazed some small,
Even if it made him a cluts.

There once was a dog called Buddy,
He was black and white and fluffy,
He loved to play,
On every day,
And really liked being muddy.


The cold, icy, wind,
Violen and furious,
Cold and dark winters.

The beautiful spring
Flowers blossmoming with love,
I love spring fully.


Lovely, Sweet
Helping, Caring, Cooking
The Best Mother Ever

Chocalate, Chewy
Swimming in Milk
Always a Good Snack


-Lazy Daisy-
Daisy is a lovely girl who is also quiet lazy.
She never does anything and is defined as crazy.
I don't think she's crazy, but I know she is lazy.
I think she should get off the couch, and stop being such a grouch.
Let's have a try of getting her off the couch,
And let's make her clean the house.
When and if she does that, we'll put her up to bat,
On a baseball team that is made to cream.
After she gets her first home run,
We'll make her write a funny pun.
Once she writes a punny pun,
We'll send her off to have some fun.
When she laughs and giggles her heart out,
I'll enroll her into Camp Crout.
There she'll be taught to work twenty four seven,
And she'll wish she'd go straight to heaven.
After a month she'll come back,
And will be a work horse who will never slack.
I think after this my work will be done,
And all I'll get in return is a funny pun.


~Harry, Carey, and Tim~
I have a story to tell you about,
About a day full of rain.
It wasn't fun, I'll tell you that,
But the day sure wasn't plain.

Let's start with Harry who's in love with Carey,
Harry's not smart, but he's neat and clean,
He loves being out, playing games,
And sometimes he could be mean.

Now let's meet Carey, whose never heard of Harry.
Carey is smart, but unorganized,
She hates being out, and loves to study,
And she is always being suprized.

Then there is Tim, Harry's best friend,
Who has a crush on Carey, just like Harry,
But Carey likes Tim, and knows him too.
Boy I hope this doesn't get scary!

Now Harry, Tim, and Carey were walking to school,
And the weather wasn't looking cool.
Carey passed Harry like he was mud,
Then she saw Tim and stopped with a thud.

They all got inside the building,
And rain started pouring down.
They went to their classes,
And started to frown.

It was a Saturday,
And no one was there,
They were locked in,
What a scare!

They all got together,
And sat along the hall.
They sat stiff and quiet,
This isn't going to be a ball.

They sat for hours, stiff and still,
And Tim couldn’t hold it no more.
He blurted out,
“Carey, it’s you I adore!”

Harry turned red, and bolted toward Tim,
Tim started running, and took Carey with him.
Carey said, “I like you too,”
Harry passed them, and whacked at Tim.

Harry missed Tim, because of bad aim,
Then Tim whacked Harry, who started to pout.
Tim and Carey ran from him,
And saw the principle, who let them out.

Harry was behind them, and ran out the door,
The principle chuckled as he ran after them.
Harry got tired, and went to hi home,
Then Carey and Tim did the same.

Well, we’ve come to the end of this story.
Now you see, you don’t need to get mad,
If something doesn’t go your way,
You will always get another try, another day

Okay, done with the ones from English class!
Here is a Haiku that my friend saw on a shirt somewhere:

Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don't make since.

And from my writing.com account:

-A Wild Child-

There is a wild child I know.
What a wild child he is!
He is always serious, but a kind child,
playing around and having fun.
He loves the wilderness as much as his mom.
An uncle of three at the age of eight,
what a wild child he is.
But, most of all he is my best friend.

In little kids and grown-ups heads
There is a little world of their own
They could have a weird name like Vanderhoozie for a planet
No telling what is in their head
Their could be a blue donkey, a land for giants,
a land for mini people
and the weirdest things of all.

A Wild Child is based off of one of my friends.
Imagination got a reward on writing.com.
These were both written when I was 8.