View Full Version : The Warrior, Part 1

November 26th, 2007, 2:22 PM
Birth of a Warrior

As the Soldier passes the Warrior the Soldier asks

"What makes you so strong?"

The Warrior turns around and says softly

"What makes me strong you say?"

The Soldier nods

"I fight not for glory, for tresure or for land."

The Warrior continued

"I fight not with a sword, a club or a scythe"

The Soldier then said

"Then what do you fight for Warrior?"

The Warrior then said

"I fight to protect the ones who cannot be protected, to protect the ones i love, and to teach young people like you how to fight with your Heart"

The Soldier then said

"How do you fight with your heart Warrior?"

"I can guide you young Soldier, but i cannot tell you."

There is one difference between a Soldier and a Warrior.

A Soldier fights for his pay, but a Warrior fights for his heart.