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Chase guy
November 26th, 2007, 5:54 PM
I have Pokemon that i can give to you for your Pokemon, and, as an added bonus, if i get a shiny of the Pokemon you offer, i will give you an extra Pokemon free! I will teach it any TM you want, and give it a masterball.

These are my Pokemon:

Shiny Cacturne lvl 55 Staraptor lvl 90
Shiny Donphan lvl 71 Mr. Mime lvl 55
Infernape lvl 53
Rhyperior lvl 54
Exeggutor lvl 40
Castform lvl 66
Phione egg

Happy Trading! PS: A shiny squirtle lvl 1 through 15 is worth 4 Pokemon of your choice!!!!