View Full Version : Looking for a Relaxed/Bold Ditto. Details inside.

Dan™ [ ダン]
November 27th, 2007, 4:53 PM
I'm not looking for just the natures, the ones I'm looking for have to be like this.

Hp IV: 20+
Defense IV: 26+
Sp Atk: IV 15+
Sp Def IV: 20+

Sorry to be so picky about the IV's but it's imperitive that the Pokemon I'm breeding gets some of those IV's. I'm really only lookin for the HP, Def, and Sp Def IV's, it's not a problem if I don't get the Sp Atk one.

If anyone can get this for me then please PM with an offer.

Note - None of my Shiny Legends are up for trade, so don't ask for those.