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December 3rd, 2007, 8:07 PM
In the Beginning...

They say that Arceus was the creator of all things, that his will brought time and space into being, and that he gave guardianship over the two to his chosen creations. It is said that Arceus then created the three beings that would guard the spirit of all things. They say that Arceus shaped the world, put the stars in the sky, and even created life itself. But such a belief is merely legend.

In truth, Arceus was only one of many mighty and legendary beings, though he was the most powerful and ancient. He was but the first and the eldest of what would come to be called the Legendary Ones; they were all different, all unique in appearance and power, but Arceus and been their leader since they had first assembled together. As leader, Arceus watched over all things and kept the world in perfect balance; he made sure time and space ran parallel and remained undistorted.

Keeping this balance however, was a monumental task, and even Arceus’s power had its limits; as time wore on, Arceus began to feel the strain of maintaining the balance of the world and began to tire; soon he found himself unable to carry out his duty. Arceus then made a fateful choice. Using his great power for one last time, he put a final balance to the world, one that would allow changes and evolution to occur naturally. He allowed the world to change, for land and ocean to forever shift against one another, and for life to grow without interference. He allowed the rest of the Legendary Ones to have free reign of this new, growing world so that they, too, could live free and unhindered by the great responsibility that he once had. And then Arceus left this world. He let his form fade away and he became one with the world and the cosmos.

And the Legendary Ones enjoyed the freedom and new world that was developing. Various new species of Pokemon emerged. Slowly a first, but soon an explosion of life followed. The Legendary Ones took great pleasure the new developing world and for untold eons, they lived peacefully with one another and the various other Pokemon that now inhabited the world.

Over time however, conflicts between some of the Legendary Ones began to arise. The first to fall was Giratina, a ghostly dragon with immense power. He rebelled against Arceus’s peaceful teachings and sought to rule the Legendary Ones and the rest of the world by force. He conquered much of the prehistoric world before finally confronting Dialga and Palkia, his draconic brethren whose powers stemmed from time and space themselves. The two defeated Giratina, and together with their abilities to distort time and space, they banished Giratina to a parallel world of shadows, from where he would never return. Outraged at this course of action, Heatran, the Legendary One of liquid fire and molten steel, and one of the oldest among the Legendary Ones, left the Legendary Council and disappeared deep into the earth, from where he was never seen or heard from again.

It was soon after this that war broke out. The fighting spread to encompass the entire world and not a single Pokemon was left unaffected by the war. The war eventually drew in even the Legendary Ones themselves, and those who were once closer than brothers found themselves fighting against one another as war overtook their entire world. However, to this day, none are sure as to who started the war, and how or why it overwhelmed the world so quickly.

What is known is that the battle was fiercest between the Groudon and Kyogre, and their own personal duel eventually came to dwarf the rest of the war. When the war finally began to subside, the battle between the two Legendary Ones did not. Groudon and Kyogre continued their battle even as the world around them shattered in their wake. Entire mountains were uprooted and oceans evaporated. Continents rose above and sunk beneath the waves all within a matter of hours. It seemed as if their battle would destroy the world, and the other Legendary Ones were unable to extinguish their anger and bloodlust.

Salvation seemed to arrive with the appearance of Rayquaza and his heralds Latios and Latias. Rayquaza succeeded in pacifying Kyogre and Groudon and sent them into a deep slumber. Kyogre was placed deep under the surface of the ocean, and Groudon deep within the earth itself. But soon Rayquaza himself was gripped with an unquenchable thirst for battle and destruction, and after turning on his heralds, Rayquaza then attacked and defeated both Dialga and Palkia, who were reluctant to fight back against their onetime comrade.

Rayquaza continued his rampage, defeating any who dared to stand in his way, and all seemed lost until the diminutive Mew arrived. Using her vast psychic power, Mew was finally able to put a stop to Rayquaza by calming the mighty dragon’s mind, and it was as if a veil of darkness had been lifted from him, allowing him to think clearly once more. Disgusted by his actions, Rayquaza flew high into the sky in self-imposed exile, and was rarely seen again. His two heralds -Latios and Latias- suffering the hurt of betrayal, flew off together towards isolated islands where they would distance themselves from all other things.

But it was far from over. The radical changes in climate had led to the extinction of countless Pokemon species and had almost eradicated early human life as well. Much work had to be done to ensure the survival of the planet’s life so tasks were divided up among the remaining Legendary Ones. Palkia and Dialga, who possessed the power to distort space and time, respectively, found that the overuse of their powers in the battle against Giratina and later Rayquaza had caused uncontrolled distortions in time and space that -if left unchecked- would cause time and space to unravel and eventually collapse. The two used their powers to stabilize existence once more and then vowed to never unleash their powers upon the world again; the two went into a state of suspended animation to constantly watch over the flow of time and space and assure that the distortions did not reappear.

The world itself however, needed much repair: continents had been crushed and shattered, and oceans, rivers, and lakes had been dried up. The task of rebuilding the world in a physical sense was allocated to the Coven of Regi, a group that consisted of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, and was led by the colossal Regigigas. The three elementals forged the land out of ice and rock and steel, and separated the land from the water. Then, with his immense strength, Regigigas towed the newly crafted continents into place and fastened them to the planet’s crust. Now drained of their power, the Coven of Regi dispersed to the four corners of the world and entered into a deep hibernation that has yet to end. But the world was still a desolate and barren place: very little life existed on the land and the oceans were a toxic cesspool, so kind Manphy and gentle Shaymin set out to bring life and beauty back to the world. Manphy cleansed the waters of their pollutants and Shaymin covered land in flowers, trees, and plant life.

It fell on the shoulders of the other Legendary Ones to protect this new and pure world. Exalted Lugia gathered the three Legendary Birds -majestic Articuno, lordly Zapdos, and regal Moltres- as his coven and tasked them with watching over the skies and weather of the world; cold, heat, and storm would all be kept in balance. Lugia himself would watch over the seas and the oceans, and would protect them and their inhabitants from whatever ill will befell them. Glorious Ho-oh assembled Raikou the fierce, Entei the proud, and Suicune the noble -the three Legendary Beasts- as her coven and made them the protectors of the land: Raikou would roam the plains and deep forests, Entei would guard the mountains and the highest peaks, and Suicune would watch over the wetlands and the rivers; the three would assure that the land their brethren had worked so hard to shape would always remain safe and protected. Ho-oh became the guardian of the life of the land and sky, and kept a vigil eye on all things under her care, humans especially.

The final -and possibly most important- tasks belonged to Celebi and Mew, two of the smallest, yet most respected of all the Legendary Ones. Celebi’s task was to watch the flow of time, as she possessed the ability to look through the limits of time and into the far past and the near future. In this respect, she was able to discern imminent threats to the preservation of balance, and actions could be taken to prevent such threats before they matured. Mew took it upon herself to watch over the world as a whole. Among the Legendary Ones, her psychic powers were unmatched (not even Arceus boasted such psychic ability), and this made her extraordinarily powerful, possibly the most powerful of all the remaining Legendary Ones. Mew would watch over the world, and in times of great crisis, when all other options were exhausted, she would respond. Jirachi the wish maker however, had never returned from the war, and further attempts to locate him were met with failure. Most believed he was killed during the great and cataclysmic rampages.

But not all the Legendary Ones were content with this new idea of keeping the balance; they turned their backs to their Legendary brethren. Cresselia, the lunar being, objected to the other Legendary Ones’ interferences and refused to take any part in it. She removed herself from their company, seeking solace in far-off, uninhabited lands. Darkrai, the being of pitch-blackness, also refused the offer to join the Legendary Ones in keeping the balance of the world. He was an angry being who had nothing but contempt for humans, who he believed were being set up to inherit the entire world. Outraged at his fellow Legendary Ones for supporting the humans’ rise to dominance, Darkrai abandoned them and disappeared, using his dark powers to hide himself from them all. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf -the Legendary Spirits- were sent to bestow willpower, emotions, and knowledge upon the humans and give them a sense of self. However, when this was done, the humans turned on them and attempted to capture and enslave the three of the. Though they failed, they instilled a sense of mistrust in all the Legendary Ones, and the three beings of spirit, disillusioned with their mission, abandoned their brethren, fled into hiding, and have only been seen on a handful of occasions since then.

And so the Legendary Ones distanced themselves from human affairs, and in time, when humans began capturing and training Pokemon, the Legendary Ones distanced themselves from most Pokemon as well. They retreated to the most remote paces, where human beings rarely ventured, to carry out their tasks in private and away from prying eyes. For years beyond counting, they kept the world in balance, and the balance was perfect. However as time went by, some humans would catch a glimpse of one of the Legendary Ones, however fleeting, and these few glances would inspire others: adventurers, scientists, researchers, and humans from all walks of life would seek out the Legendary Ones for their own purposes. Logic only dictated that at some point, the human beings would eventually succeed in their goals -whatever they may be- and the hard-kept balance would be undermined.

The creation of Mewtwo was the first of many modern instances that would upset the balance of the Legendary Ones. Until that point, Mew had been the most powerful psychic among the Legendary Ones, and was considered by some to be the most powerful of them all due to her masterful use of that psychic power. But Mewtwo surpassed her. Even at his young age, when he had yet to explore his psychic abilities, Mewtwo already possessed enough power to overcome most of the other Legendary Ones; after his powers had been honed during his servitude with Team Rocket, Mewtwo’s powers were on par with those of Mew herself, and a year later, he had surpassed her considerably, and his power was still growing. However, Mewtwo wasn’t interested in upsetting the balance of the Legendary Ones. He was a tortured and troubled individual, and wished only to discover and create an identity for himself; he was eventually willing to let the world be in peace.

The next great catastrophe was the assault on Lugia and his coven. A collector of Pokemon had located the island homes of Lugia’s Coven and had seized the three Legendary Birds, hoping to draw out Lugia himself. With the three Legendary Birds under his control, the collector ordered them to attack and defeat Lugia, who was barely willing to defend himself. However, as a result of the battle, the world’s weather patterns shifted dramatically, and the world was nearly destroyed. Thankfully however, Lugia overcame the odds, the crisis was averted, and the balance was restored.

Again the balance was nearly shattered when members of Team Rocket attempted to capture Celebi and use her powers to send themselves back in time to spread their influence across the globe from the dawn of human history, but the intervention of Ho-oh’s Coven prevented such a calamity, and the three Legendary Beasts freed Celebi, who then restored time to its correct path. But the damage had been done; time had been tampered with and thus Dialga was beginning to stir, and with him, Palkia awoke as well. Their resurgence was brought to the attention of a cult-like group of individuals known as Team Galactic, whose leader sought out the two Legendary Ones and attempted to use their reality warping abilities to create a new world where he was the sole, omnipotent deity. An unlikely hero was found in Darkrai, whose contempt for humans compelled him to interfere. He thwarted Team Galactic’s plans and both Dialga and Palkia returned to their state of suspended animation, to continue to watch over the distortions of time and space.

Groudon and Kyogre were also revived and renewed their battle against one another, though this time it was not by choice. Two rival organizations -Team Magma and Team Aqua- sought to convert the world into single landmass and a single ocean, respectively, and attempted to use Groudon and Kyogre to do so by placing them under the influence of two magic orbs that would allow their holders to control either of the titans. However, thanks to a psychic blast from both Latios and Latias, the magic of the orbs backfired and destroyed both organizations. Groudon and Kyogre, freed from the orbs’ control, were sent back into a deep slumber and returned to their ancient caverns once again. Latios and Latias disappeared as well, returning back to hiding.

And so, the fragile balance between the Legendary Ones, the humans, and the Pokemon was preserved. Until now...______________________________________________


They were creatures not of this world, beings born beyond our planet somewhere deep in the blackness of space where they were the sole species on a planet similar, yet oh so different from our own. But their world was dying. It had begun slowly at first, but gained speed as the centuries passed. First had been great ice age that completely encased their world in ice and cold. But the creatures adapted; they had survived.

Next came the meteor; it plunged into their world, shattering the ice and cracking the surface of their planet. It set off tremendous seismic activity; their world’s crust splintered and the planet’s molten core burst forth. The ice melted, flooding their world completely. But the creatures adapted; they had survived once again.

But the molten core of the planet continued to pour outwards, and soon much of the ocean had evaporated. The revealed land on the planet was transformed into a vast tropical forest, and new life began to emerge, some of this new life became predators of the creatures, feeding off their flesh. But again the creatures adapted; again they had survived.

Finally came the great solar winds: bursts of cosmic radiation that bombarded the planet’s surface. Oceans were boiled away, vegetation burst into flames instantly; the once-predators of the creatures were blasted by the rays; seared to the bone and set aflame. Not even the atmosphere of their planet was safe: much of it was vaporized, and what remained was poisonous to all forms of life, and all life seemed to perish.

But the creatures adapted; they had survived. Even when the planet itself had become a fiery wasteland of volcanoes, lava flows, and molten rock, the creatures had survived. They tunneled down, deep into the planet. And their great leader began preparations to move the population to a new world. He sent out advanced scouts in all directions, to scour the galaxy in search of inhabitable worlds.

Eventually they found Earth; they found our world. Their first meeting with one of our world’s inhabitants ended poorly. Rayquaza was a powerful being, and managed to repel the scout sent to Earth. But the scout returned home, and now, the creatures know a world where they can survive. Our world.

Now the creatures -thousands strong- soar across the cosmos en route to our unsuspecting planet. These creatures, known to us only by their one scout, offer us no good will. They are here only to conquer; to invade; to infect. We know them only by a single name, a name they themselves have adopted.



The Deoxys race has arrived on Earth. Upon initial contact, they sought to overcome the being that had thwarted them previously: Rayquaza. They swarmed the mighty sky dragon and beat him relentlessly. Only after this beating did the Deoxys reveal their true intentions as one of them took over Rayquaza, merging with him at the molecular level. But Rayquaza was only the first of such victims; he was only the first to become "infected." But he would not be the last. In a matter of days, the Deoxys had managed to spread across the entire world, infecting hundreds of Pokemon. The Legendary Ones were no exception to this: they attempted to retaliate, to fight back, but the Deoxys were too many, and several of the Legendary Ones have already fallen to the infection.

But all is not lost.

The invasion has awakened a being that has lain dormant for untold eons. In the wake of the destruction left by the Deoxys, Arceus as returned. He has been roused from his slumber, and the state of the world has greatly upset him. However, Arceus’s powers are not at their fullest, and even he is susceptible to Deoxys infection, so he has turned to desperate measures. He has called upon the remaining –uninfected- Legendary Ones to attempt to hold the Deoxys army at bay, while he assembles a team of human Pokemon trainers to stop the it. These are humans with a certain genetic and mental disposition that makes them immune to the Deoxys infections. The humans must band together with the remaining free Legendary Ones to stop the invasion, the driving force behind it: the powerful golden (shiny) Deoxys known as Sionn...

Your goal:

You may take control of one of the remaining Legendary Ones or you are one of the trainers chosen by Arceus to counteract the infection. As a trainer, you can have a team consisting of any 6 (non-legendary) Pokemon you wish. But whether trainer or Legendary Pokemon, your goal is the same: avoid the infection, combat the infected, defeat Sionn, and save your world.

List of Legendary Ones:

Articuno--Reserved (Psychic)
Mewtwo--Reserved (Kamotz)
Ho-oh--Reserved (TerraTerror)
Mesprit--Reserved (fishyfool)

Sign-up Sheet:

Physical Description:

For your Pokemon...Fill out one of these for each. 6 Pokemon maximum.

Description and Personality: (Describe traits, personality, and history)

Legendary Sign-up Sheet:

Name/Species: (Same thing since the Legendary Ones are unique)
Gender: (Read "In the Beginning" carefully, some Legendarys have predecided genders)
Description and Personality:


1. No god-modding.
2. Only control your own character unless given permission otherwise by the other character's owner.
3. No killing other OC's without their owner's permission.
4. If you wish to create an NPC with a large part then please just state that on the sign-ups so that it doesn't get killed. Otherwise it's open season.
5. You must have good grammar! Get a proofreader for all I care! Use the spell-check! Anything, just make sure things make sense. I can tolerate some slip-ups, but nothing on a constant basis.
6. Please try to post at least once every 2-5 days (unless you give me a reason why you can't). Any longer than that and we might lose you or leave you behind.
7. No making up histories for characters (even NPCs) that aren't your own.
8. I reserve the right to eject you from the RP if you break one of these rules seriously enough. However, you will receive a warning and a chance to explain/redeem yourself beforehand.

My Sign-ups:

Name: Maverick Traversari

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Physical Description: Maverick is rather tall and well built with long, dark-brown hair that is usually tied back, and brown eyes. He has sharp facial features and a large scar across his back. He’s typically seen wearing black combat boots, military camo-fatigue pants, a black muscle shirt and a black leather jacket.

Personality: Maverick is a very serious person when it comes to things he sets himself to. He’s goal-oriented, and once he sets out to do something, he generally gets it done. But he’s also a very amicable and friendly person. He has a good social disposition and is likable. He lives by a certain moral code taught to him by his father, in such he strives to do the right thing and takes many responsibilities upon himself. Because of this, he is often strained by the weight of the responsibilities he has taken, and often thinks of himself as inadequate; "not good enough".

History: Maverick grew up as the son of a once-famous Pokemon master-trainer. His father was renown throughout Kanto as one of its greatest trainers and competed in the Indigo League championships ten times, coming in among the top ten four times, and winning the championships three times. It was a shock when his father was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away only a few short years later. Since a young age, Maverick was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, and he was determined to do so. At thirteen, he set out on his first real test: conquering the Kanto Gym League. He did rather well: through trials and tribulations he emerged victorious over all eight Kanto Gyms, but as he made his way to the Indigo League, he was struck by the enormity of his situation. If he lost...if he failed, then his father’s legacy would end as well, and his name would be dragged through the mud. Maverick couldn’t allow this, so he turned away. He never competed in the Indigo League and from that point on, dedicated himself to his own personal betterment.


Name/Nickname: Apollo
Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Apollo is Maverick’s father’s only remaining active Pokemon. All the others “retired” from training. He was Maverick’s father’s most trusted and loyal Pokemon, and was devastated when he died. He was always present during Maverick’s life from that point on, and followed him when he first began his adventures. He’s been Maverick’s trusted companion ever since.

Name/Nickname: Venusaur
Species: Venusaur
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Venasaur was Maverick’s first Pokemon, fully evolved from his Bulbasaur. As such, it is one of his most loyal and dependable Pokemon in battle. It has great experience and knows how to both follow Maverick’s instructions to the letter, and improvise when facing the unexpected.

Name/Nickname: Garchomp
Species: Garchomp
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Garchomp is Maverick’s “power” Pokemon, the one he calls upon when he needs to take out all the stops. He is an extremely fierce fighter, bordering on ruthless. At times he tends to get caught up in the heat of battle, but Maverick is always in control. Despite his feral personality, he is respectful of Maverick, who trained him from a Gible.

Name/Nickname: Scizor
Species: Scizor
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Scizor is a fast and deadly fighter. He is extremely loyal to Maverick, who he reveres as his master in a very bushido-like sense of the word.

Name/Nickname: Gyarados
Species: Gyarados
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Gyarados is as fierce a creature as it gets. However, due to his limited mobility on land, Maverick rarely uses him outside of water-based environments. Truthfully, Gyarados is still an untamed Pokemon; he retains much of his wild spirit, and seems at times to just tolerate Maverick’s involvement in his life. However, he is very competitive and loves to fight.

Name/Nickname: Dragonair
Species: Dragonair
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Dragonair is Maverick’s newest Pokemon, only recently captured, but it is such a rare and potentially powerful species that Maverick couldn’t help but include it in his active party. Dragonair is very shy, however, and would rather not interact with anyone outside of battles.

Name/Species: Mewtwo
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Mewtwo is the genetically altered clone of Mew, in which Team Rocket science altered his biological makeup to increase its fighting abilities to their supposed maximum potential. Team Rocket attempted to use him to control the world, but that plan failed when Mewtwo grew bored of it. He destroyed the compound he was kept at and escaped. Mew attempted to intervene and destroy Mewtwo at first: she sensed the darkness and anger in his heart, but Mewtwo fought her to a stalemate. He then revealed that he had no intention of harming the hard-kept balance of the world, and only sought to find his place in it. He has been searching ever since.
Mewtwo is a ferocious fighter, capable of a myriad of attacks. His psychic powers are immense, greater than any that came before him, but it is suspected that he doesn't use them correctly, or how they would be most efficient. Mewtwo is also prone to berserker rages in which he expends gargantuan amounts of energy, but for offensive purposes only. Otherwise, Mewtwo is calm and focused. He has yet to experience true fear since he has spent most of his time in isolation and has yet to encounter a being he was unable to defeat, and is fully confident in his tremendous power to overcome any obstacle.

December 5th, 2007, 7:27 PM
Gender: Female
age: 15
Physical Discreption:Rose has red hair often put in a ponytail. (She only where it down on special occasions) She is often found in a red shirt and blue jeans.ALthougth if its hot she get into some shorts and a tank-top to keep herself from overheating. SHe also wheres her mothers pendent around her neck its said to be her "lucky charm". Her height ia about 5 feet and she's rather thin.

Personality: Kind and compassionate she has sympathy for anything that is hurt or injured.She is gentle with injured pokemon and when she finds one she nurses it back to health on her own.She is also a cluts and is caught bumping into things. Also loving to draw and play the ocerina she keeps at all times.She thinks of herself "to weak and to caring" though.

History: Rose grew up in Sandgem town. Being a lone her only friewnds are her pokemon because she doesn't like being with other people.Rose was orphaned at a young age and learned to take care of herself and being shunned by many people she learned to only trust pokemon.She is often feeding pokemon in the woods and healing injured ones.On her 5th birthday she was sent to an orphanage where she was there till she was 13 then she ran away into the woods and built herself her own home with the pokemon's help.When she was 14 she decided to get her own pokemon and start her very own journey.



Species: Piplup
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Blizzard was Roses first pokemon which she has spent much time with.She picked piplup because she remebered that her mother was quiet fond of piplup and wanted to be just like her.Blizzard personality is stuck-up and stubborn, on occasion it is sweet but most of the tiem its stubborn.Blizzard was obtained at Proffeser Rowans lab when she thoguth she was odl enough to start her own journey.

Name/Nickname: Sparky
Species: Pachirisu
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Sparky was her first pokemon she caught.It has a very playful and protective personality.Sparky is good at using his elctric attacks but often tires out after he uses one attack make him still fairly weak but she always trys to train SParky so that he can handle elctric attacks better.Sparky was her first pokemon she ever caught on her journey.Sparky put up a good fight against Blizzard but eventually it became weak and was captured

Name/Nickname: None
Species: Eevee
Gender: Female
Description and Personality:Eevee is a scaredy cat always unready to fight and often ran away before Rose had gained its trust and caught it.Eevee is always seen whereing
a pink bow that Rose gave to her.Eevee was obtained when an old women graciously gave it to her while she was passing through a nearby city the women said "she could no lnoger care for it"

Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Sparkler is probably though most eager to go into battle on Rose's team.Sparkelr is always eager to prove itself and will take on anyone or anything that it believe it can handle.Which is often soemthing that is much more powerful then Sparkler.She optained Sparkler when she came across it injured,she soon nursed it back to health and it wanted to join her team.

Name/Nickname: Whirlwind
Species: Pidgey
Personality and Description:Whirlwind is shy but not afraid to fight to be able to protect Rose.He often sits on Roses shoulder while she travels.Whirlwind would rather run then fight but will fight if ordered to by Rose.Rose caught Pidgey while training Blizzard because Pidgey was being shy and Rose wanted to earn its trust

Personality and Description:Perhaps one of Rose's more powerful pokemon.Lava is hot temepered and gets angered easily which then causes it to release its firey attacks. Lava is kind to Rose although he sometiems get aggravated with her.SHe recieved flareon when her previous Eevee came across a firestone and evolved from it by accident
name/species: Mew
Description and Personality: (Um I don't know how to put this so yea..I;m just gonan go with soem info you gave in the plot thing >.<)One of the smallest yet power legendaries Mew and one of the most respected legendary ones.Mew watches over the Earth itself and her phsycic powers were unmatched not even Arceus would be able to match her phsycic abilities.Mew also watches over the Earth in tiems of great calamity.

December 6th, 2007, 4:49 AM
Name: Johny Hungry
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Description: He has crazy curly hair, wears semi-tight jeans. He wears a studded blazer with a general army rank patch on both sides of his jackets arms right bellow the shoulder. He is tan, and is skinny.

Personality: Johny is very outgoing, and not afraid to speak his mind. At times he comes across as chemically imbalanced, and insane. He never has a dull moment and always has something to say, he is very much a smart ass, and never disrespects the ladies, or his elders

History: He never had it easy, he always faced hardships. His parents never helped him with anything except getting him into school, everything else was up to him. So he grew up kinda crooked, stealing, as he saw fit. He had many friends as his personaility draws a lot of people, and his don't care i will say what i say attitude was especially one that drew the tough asses. He was popular for the most part, at least in Saffron City, and had his own little group of close friends, who all eventually left to persue carrers.
Once this happened he himself desided to start something, he decided to travel the world, and pursue being a Pokemon Trainer. This eventually, lead to his expansive collection of pokemon, as he loved to collect, and kinda made it a second carrer to breed them. Soon in his early years his one pokemon became two, his two stayed two as he traded his Likitung for an eevee. Then it all went uphill, battleing gyms, fighting trainers, breeding, tradeing. He felt complete and completely gave up his crooked ways by the time he gained his third badge.


Name/Nickname: Kitsune
Species: Ninetails
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Kitsune is a very sly pokemon, that loves to play tricks on his trainer and especially on its opponites. It likes to use a combination of Will-o-wisp and confuse ray to do so, it loves Johny like no tomorrow for he is the only trainer to have ever treated it well as a Vulpix. Johny caught the Vulpix by the Celadon Dept. Store in Celadon, by his home town Saffron City, after spending weeks of trying to gain its trust, this bond eventually hatched into Kitsune being his favorite pokemon out of the six he owns.

Name/Nickname: Beserker
Species: Tyranitar
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: A very strong pokemon that has much pride for its strength, it loves to figh and fights to satisfy his pride. As long as he wins, he is happy. Johny takes much pride in him as well, and that even makes the Tyranitar even more happier. Johny caught him while he was a Pupitar, near silver mountain on one of his journeys across the world.

Name/Nickname: Ra
Species: Heracross
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: A very proud Heracross, that loves to show off its horn, and its Megahorn ability. It dosen't really agree with Johny sometimes, and will do the opposite of what he asks, thinking its the better choice. He will get credit that he is smart, but it bothers Johny sometimes. He caught Ra in the Johto region after learning you can headbut trees, so he was having fun for hours with his Pupitar headbutting trees, and he came toppling out aggrivated, and still holds that grudge against Johny, for wakeing him up from his slumber.

Name/Nickname: Shivia
Species: Vaporeon
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: A very shy pokemon that only feels confertable around her trainer and other female pokemon. She really dosen't like to fight but will, so Johny usually saves her for the last moment in battles, but he loves her none the less. she is actually he second favorite of his six. Johny traded for her when she was an eevee, for a lickitung he had, that was just getting to much for him. He later evovled her with a water stone he baught after he battled someone who used almost every form of the eevee train. He only did this after making her pick what form she wanted

Name/Nickname: Crobat
Species: Crobat
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: A very sadistic pokemon, the Johny caught in Dark Cave on day he first started exploring the world. This pokemon loves to see its opponites suffer from the poision he inflicts on his foe, and when the foe falls victim to its posion and faints, he lets out a cry of happiness and usually dosen't fight afterwords.

Name/Nickname: Reaper
Species: Dusknoir
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Another one of his pokemon that loves to play tricks on others, except he does it to scare them. He loves to play with the shadows, or even in the shadows, and will do anything to win a battle, unlike Kitsune, and kinda like Crobat, he likes to harm his opponites by inflicting a terrible burn on them with Will-o-wisp, and especially finds enjoyment if the burn is the cause of their fainting.

Keo Kirito
December 6th, 2007, 12:36 PM
Name: Gavin Phoenix

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Physical Description: Gavin stands in a 5'9 frame with an athletic build. His clothing styles are not that much different than many of his peers. He wears black shorts with with white vintage tee. Most days he wears his royal blue vest with his pokeballs hanging off the front of his jersey. He wears his hair cropped short and spiky. His shoes aren't anything special, his worn out Nike's are not that great to look at. His face is always serious.

Personality: Once you meet Gavin, you can tell he does not care what you think about him. He likes to go his own way and do what he wants to do. He has the "lone wolf" attitude and isn't great in making friends. There isn't a lot to know about him. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he lets you know if he isn't liking something. If you cross him, do not expect him to take like to it. He will not react but you better watch yourself and your actions.

History: Gavin grew up in a hard home in Pallet Town. His father left when he was 4 and his mother was controlling. His first Pokemon wasn't given to him. He found it injured on the road. It was obvious someone battled it and didn't want it. He took it home and cared for it until it was well. The Abra hasn't left him since. Once Abra decided to stay with him, He knew what he wanted to do. His mother was happy to send him away and he was excited to leave the heavy-hearted home. After that he realized that Abra wasn't all to strong, only knowing teleport. Thats when he found the TM mega-punch. After that, it was all up-hill. He captured Pokemon and battled gyms. He conquered the Kanto and Johto regions. He resides in Violet City staying at one of his only friends, Faulkner training with the Sage's at Sprout Tower.


Name/Nickname: Alakazam
Species: Alakazam
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Alakazam was Gavin's first Pokemon. As an Abra it was weak until it was tough mega punch. It grew up to a Kadabra quickly but stayed in its Kadabra form for a very long time before it evolved. It likes its privacy and isn't that, social. He does not carry spoons, he feels he doesn't need them because they only hold his powers back.

Name/Nickname: Aipom
Species: Aipom
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Aipom is the most chipper and social of all Gavin's Pokemon. He has a lot of energy and loves to be out of his pokeball. He walks around with Gavin a lot and rides on his backpack. He might be small but he sure packs on hell of a focus punch.

Name/Nickname: Tyranitar
Species: Tyranitar
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Gavin caught Tyranitar in his final form. He beat him with another dark type, Umbreon. He was never very strong but his training with Gavin has payed off well for this pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Magmar
Species: Magmar
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: This flaming beast is sometimes to hot for even Gavin to handle. Even though, he sticks up for Gavin and the rest of his team.

Name/Nickname: Espeon
Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Espeon is quiet and avoids a lot of contact outside her group. She is very powerful and very quick. She sprints up to speeds at 40 mph and uses it well. She is probably Gavin's favorite pokemon because she is the most gentle.

Name/Nickname: Umbreon
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Umbreon is the meanest of Gavin's pokemon. He is fierce and defends his master and his teammates. He has a habit of coming out of his pokeball during a match if he thinks the other Pokemon cannot win.

December 8th, 2007, 8:24 PM
Okay, let's see here:

Ghostprincess: I'll aprove your human character, but not your Legendary.

Johny_Hungry: You're approved, just come up with something for your Heracross description and whatnot.

Leon S. Kennedy: You're also approved.

December 9th, 2007, 9:25 AM
Sign-up Sheet:

Name: Sabango Robotnick

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Physical Description: Sabango is tall and thin, standing around 6ft of height and having an slightly muscular and agile, athletic built earned from his large travelling in the wild. He has deep brown unruly and slightly curly medium length hair and equally brown eyes, having a tanned skin tone. He usually wears a much worned out long sleeved shirt, which used to be white, having become a light brown form all the dirt on it. He sports a pair of blue jeans torn in several places and with oddly colored stains from all the time those had been worn. He also has a pair of dirt brown runners with quite worned out soles from use. He also sports a belt pouch, in which he stores his pockeballs.

Personality: Sabango is a friendly, helpful person, who can brag about having been everywhere. Because of his constant travelling, he has gained a lot of experience and is more than glad to share a piece of advice on the most varied topics. Sabango is also competitive and resourceful, using the oddest of means in order to prevail, should the situation require it, attributes he acquired during his travels.

History: Sabango is your typical pokemon trainer, at the age of ten, he was given his first pokemon in the nearest lab and afterwards, he set of on adventure. Despite initially wishing to become the pokemon league champion, he quickly gave up on the goal when he realised what it would require him to do in order to challenge the league, and focused on travelling and catching pokemon. As time passed, he learned more and more about the world and about pokemon, as he travelled through all of the continents, experiencing what they had to offer and learning what they had to teach. From his great amount of time travelling, Sabango acquired much knowledge, and survival skills, gaining little need for the civilized world, other than to visit his family and stock some supplies should the situation call for it. Eventually, he found himself having a collection of badges from around the world since every so often he would challenge a gym on a whim, sometimes wining others losing. But despite this relatively large collection of badges, Sabango kept on travelling, and learning more about the world around them, growing together with his pokemon team.


Name/Nickname: Bladedge
Species: Scyther
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: If Sabango's Pokemon were to represent traits, then Scythe would be seriousness. It always keeps a cool head independently of the circumstances and will always get his job done efficiently, having an extremely professional attitude. Not only that but despite it's silent and quiet, focused demeanour, he is the fastest within Sabango's team, striking with extreme speed and acute accuracy.

Name/Nickname: Tera
Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Tera is the pokemon who has been with Sabango for the longest amount time, being the very first he caught. She is peaceful and timid but has developed a motherly relationship toward her trainer. Should Tera see Sabango in peril, her psychic powers peak and she will protect her trainer even if has to disobey orders, she may teleport away from the location if necessary. Never the less, it is arguably his most loyal pokemon.

Name/Nickname: Cybuster
Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Cybuster can be considered the incarnation of the wind, being rash and hasty. When it isn't resting it is flying, doing it in one of two speeds: fast and wow, what was that?. It is the only pokemon in Sabango's team who can compare to Scythe's speed as such, it feels a rivalry torward Scythe but unfortunately for it, the rivalry is one sided because Scythe couldn't care less about it. When not battling, Pidgeot will most likely take a nap, shouldn't he find anything fast enough to compete with other than Scythe.

Name/Nickname: Magus
Species: Mismagius
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Magus is if anything, the complete opposite of Tera. It will take any and every chance it has to tease and mess with Sabango and his pokemon specially Tera, who is disgusted of Magus. Magus will also disobey Sabango's commands unless stuck into a tight spot, feeling that it has no other choice to save itself.

Name/Nickname: Subtanker
Species: Wailord
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Subtanker is quite literally, Sabango's team tank. The pokemon's ridiculously large body became a shield in more than a few occasions whenever Sabango found no other wait to endure an assault, it also became a valuable mean of travelling underwater, as the trainer and all of his pokemon could easily fit within Subtanker's big mouth. But despite the pokemon's use it is lazy, lax and relaxed, not bothering to move unless told so, which is quite a nuisance since the large body is a problem when staying still, blocking the way.

Name/Nickname: Dranzer
Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Dranzer was the second pokemon caught by Sabango, when it was just a Torchic because of this, they grew a strong friendship, getting to understand each other without the use of words, some that only happens between Sabango and Tera, other than Dranzer. They share a great mutual respect and acknowledgment, having Dranzer and Sabango trained together when he felt that they weren't strong enough. Dranzer has a laid back attitude but gets very competitive when battling, in those occasions, the bond between him and it's trainer show it's true strength.

Legendary Sign-up Sheet:

Name/Species: Lugia
Description and Personality: Lugia, thought to be the guardian of the sea,[1] resides deep in the ocean floor. It spends most of its time at the bottom of the sea due its tremendous power, which includes being able to topple houses just by flapping its wings and the ability to start storms that last for about forty days. It is only seen at the start of storms, and it often uses its abilities to calm them.

December 9th, 2007, 1:57 PM
Here is my Character.

Given Name: Beryl(type of gemstone)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Brown Skinned, Spikey black hair, brown eyes, short sleeve yellow shirt up to elbows with a sleeveless jacket over it up to waist open. Fingerless light green gloves, baggy light green jeans, with a extra pocket on each pant leg. Light blue sneakers, a black belt with pokeballs on it and a brown travel backpack.

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer(soon to be master)

Place of Origin: Lavander Town, Kanto

Personality: A boy nice boy with a strong temper. He respects all pokemon whether they be domestic or wild. He never underestimates his oppenents. Is also flirtatious at times.

History: Beryl was born in Lavander Town, Kanto. He was orphan who lived in an orpanarium. Unfortunately for him, he was never adopted like the rest of his roommates. So he could never make a true friend there. The thing that kept him from going insane and depressing was his fascination for pokemon. It started when he was five, when he was watching the pokemon league on tv. He thought it was cool the way the pokemon were and wanted to control pokemon like that as well. But a year later, he soon realized from meeting a pokemon trainer during a walk through a park, that it wasn't all about controlling pokemon but was about respecting and befriending the pokemon was important as well.
When he turned nine, he had befriended the pokemon, Pidgey, while going through a grassy area that was filled with pokemon. A few months during that same year he was able train and play with his new friend. He also evoled it into a Pidgeotto five months after his first meet with the pokemon. This helped him be a better pokemon trainer so he would already be experienced when he turned ten. But when he did turn that age he soon found out that he was not going to be a trainer yet and instead go to trainer school in Viridian City. He tried to argue out of it but could not. So he went to trainer school in Viridian City.
It wasn't until he was 13 that he decided to run away from the trainer school. When he ran away, it wasn't until two days after his escape that the school authorities realized he wasn't there and sent a aeach party after him. Making him wanted all over Viridian City, only because they didn't think he could get far. But since he already had a pokemon, his escape was butter(can't help the use of slang). But unfortuantly he wounded up getting lost in the Viridian forest without any pokemon supplies. His Pidgeotto was already weak after fighting many battles to fend off wild pokemon, so he used him no more after the first day of his escape.
But luck wasn't on his side as he soon encountered by a group of angry Beedrill. He ran for his life but when he could outrun them no more, a red haired girl with a staryu had appeared defeating the wild pokemon with ease. When the boy asked who she was, she said he name was Misty and she soon befriended Beryl. She helped him get through the forest and in thev process the became close friends. By the time he got to Pallet town she was already gone and he set his way toward Professer Oak's abode. That is where he first gained his starter pokemon, Charmander. It wasn't until ten days later that he arrived at Viridian City where thee was posters of his face all over the city as well as a few others. So he stealthy dogded attention and even stole twenty pokeballs and thirty potions, twenty-five parylz heals and twenty-three poison heals from the Viridian City pokemart without being caught or noticed by citizens. Thats what happens when your an orphan. Another ten days went by as he caught a bulbasaur apparently left abandoned by an irresponsible trainer. He caught a few more pokemon as well thanks to the help of his best friend Pidgeotto and his new friend Charmander.
He arrived in Ceruleum City only to battle his close friend Misty. He beat her in one battle using all his pokemon, with his Pidgeotto last. After that battle, she decided to join him on his quest. They then ended up liking each other more than normal. She then went back home only telling him to mail her whenever he could after kissing him. This happened after he won the Kanto Pokemon League.
Now 15 years of age, he has already defeated the Johto gym leader Morty and is on his way to the next gym. He has been known across seas mainly for his victory against Team Rocket. He has come in first place in the 10th Kanto pokemon leauge and defeated the Kanto Elite Four. He is not sure whether he is in love with Misty or not. But he holds her to his heart for someone he cares for. Misty on the other hand is almost sure that she loves Beryl.


Nickname/Name: Charmeleon
Species: Charmeleon
Gender: Male
Description & Personality: Starter pokemon in Kanto as pre-evolved Charmander, he is loyal to his best friend Beryl. He could have become a charizard if he wanted to, but he doesn't want to. He wants to show that a charmeleon can be stronger than any Charizard. He is already as strong as an adult charizard. Although he is Beryl's friend, he is still a very tough pokemon in attitude and battle.

Nickname/Name: Dragonite
Species: Dragonite
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Captured as Dratini during Beryl's sailing across waters during his trip to Cinnabar Island. Due to its very nice stature as a pokemon who helps humans, it is very helpful and friendly towards Beryl. It will be friendly towards others if Beryl allows it to be, or other reasons.

Name/Nickname: Pidgeot
Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Founded and befriended during its pre-evolutionary stage as a Pidgy without the help of any pokemon. Beryl's very first pokemon. It was befriended before Beryl became an official trainer. Will never abandon his trainer, a trustworthy and loyal friend. Is a tough pokemon on battle.

Name/Nickname: Garyados
Species: Garyados (shiny)
Gender: Male
Description & Personality: Garyados was caught as a Magikarp. It is very aggresive and likes to battle. If someone was to try to attack him, Garyados will not hold back its power unless told otherwise

Name/Nickname: Ivysaur
Species: Ivysaur
Gender: Male
Description & Personality: Befriended during Beryl's time in Celadon City as pre-evolution Bulbasaur. Someone had abandoned him during a rainy day near the outskirts of the city. He is another pokemon that is tough in battle and off battle. He will always try and protect his trainer if in danger if out of his pokeball. He is as strong as any adult Venassur but chooses not to evolve anyway. The reasons for this is not quite known other than the fact that he doesn't want to evolve.

Name/Nickname: Typhlosion
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Female
Description & Personality: Giving to by Professer Elm, due to his praises from Professer Oak as a Cndyquil, she is an outgoing pokemon that doesn't approve of male pokemon who try and flirt with her. She is very fond of her trainer. She is like, the rest of Beryl's pokemon a tough pokemon on and off the battle field. She is also only attracted to strong male pokemon that are also cute.

Legendary Signup Sheet

Name/Species: Kyogre
Description & Personality: It is one who has a bad temper and doesn't like to be disturbed when wanting to be alone. It is a very quiet pokemon who do something if it is required of it.

December 9th, 2007, 2:20 PM
Soundslash: Human character is Approved. Lugia is not. You don't put his personality or anything other than the pokedex description. Come up with something a little more interesting. He's your character. Also, he needs a gender.

Kanto: Both are denied. This sign-up is very Gary-stu. At 13 he begins his journey, and in less than 2 years he's already beaten the Indigo league, the elite four, and several johto gyms? That's rediculous. Do you know how much time it would actually take to just travel through these different regions on foot? Also, he was what 13? 14 tops when he and misty "fell in love?" at that age you're generally not physically mature enough to understand love, you're barely into puberty! That's just wierd.

December 11th, 2007, 7:15 PM
Name: Samantha (Sam) Craft



Physical Description: Sam's slender and about 6 feet tall. Her long hair is a silvery gray color, and her skin is also pale. She ware's black pants and a long sleaved white shirt under a black coat.

Personality: She head strong and never ask for help even when she in over her head.

History: She was born in Black Thorn. As a child she spent most of her time in the gym watching the trainers battle and train there pokemon. For her 13th birth day her father gave her a Trapinch that he got while he was in the Hoenn region. She trained at the gym for a while then at 16 left to gather the Kanto badges. She's been traveling around Kanto, Jhoto and even took a short trip into Hoenn in the 5 years sence she left home.


Description and Personality:

Description and Personality:

Description and Personality:

Description and Personality:

Description and Personality:

Description and Personality:

I'll finish later

Legendary Sign-up Sheet:

Name/Species: Raikou
Gender: Male
Description and Personality:

Do the Trainer and Legendary pokemon work together?

Baker's Bulbasaur
December 12th, 2007, 6:56 AM
Name: James Avarice

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Physical Description: James is skinny but with the impression of an intimidating young man standing at 6'3. His hair is shoulderlength and dark black, neatly brushed and washed, hanging over his dark hansome looks. His mouth is short and curled to give the impression that he is snarling all the time, his eyes a crimson green. He sports a black leather coat which reaches the knees of his tight dark blue jeans. His T-shirt is tight and white with no sleeves and he wears a white and black checkered scarf round his neck like a balaclava. His shoes are black.

Personality: James has changed a lot over the past 2 years, previously a very cheerful overexcited pokemon trainer, determination and disapointment mixed with a taste for suces have left him a bit of a loner. He is polite and speaks nicely as par being brought up well by his mum. But he is easily annoyed although his frustrations are rarely shown physically. He believes he needs to do everything alone just him and his pokemon with no help from anyone. But he does love his pokemon deeply and when he does care for someone it's for life, his lust for success is enthused heavily by his passion for pokemon but had lead him to make mistakes in the past, forcing him into a hot headed manner.

History: James really had an idea childhood, brought up by his mother due to his father just never being around, a story that his mother never went into great detail about, but he was polite and helpful, grateful and passionate. From a young age he loved pokemon and was very protective of his mothers Mantine and the pet Farfetched'. He began his pokemon journey just before his 15th birthday and was an instant sucess. He had never been that smart when it came to Maths or Science, or pretty much any academical subject, but he had a good mind for psychology and this helped as a battle technique when working out the best weakness of opposing trainers and their pokemon. at the age of 16 James has beaten the first 8 Gym leaders of the Kanto region and went onto the pokemon leage. James lost in the top 16 and found himself not proud of his achievements but annoyed at mistakes he knew he had made. He set off again, this time traveling to the Hoenn region, it took him the best part of 2 years to make his way around the entire region and beat all of the gym leaders, but this time lost in only the 3rd round of the pokemon leage. Self Frustration took a huge hold of James and left him miserable and ready to give up. He travels now in the Sinnoh region, taking him time and training carefully, having aquired 2 badges he hopes to make his way to the pokemon leage and prove to himself that he can keep a cool head and be the great trainer he knows he is.


For your Pokemon...Fill out one of these for each. 6 Pokemon maximum.

Name: Drapion
Species: Drapion
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Drapion Was probably the toughest members of the team for James to aquire, it's pre evolved form took over a month and find and catch but when caught it proved a useful pokemon and when it turned into the fierce Drapion it has proved itself to be a very tough opponent. Drapion is however eacily distracted by food!

Name: Rhyperior
Species: Rhyperior
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: Rhyperior likes one thing and one thing only. To Battle! Since it was a baby Rhyhorn it was been in the care of James and they have gone through the harshest battles together. Rhyperior is the pokemon that would face down any pokemon without fear and do whatever requested of it by James.

Name: Tropius
Species: Tropius
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: TBC

Name: Poliwhirl
Species: Poliwirl
Gender: Male
Description and Personality: TBC

Name: Houndour
Species: Houndour
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Houndour is James' Baby. A very playful and fun loving pokemon, but extremely protective and vicious to those she feels are endangering James' safety. She can be hard to control when she gets worked up as James is the most important thing in her life.

Name: Clefable
Species: Clefable
Gender: Female
Description and Personality: Perhaps the most contriversal member of the team. Clefable has always been an extremely happy, loyal and fun pokemon ever since it was a baby cleffa, it's attacks are extremely powerful and it's powerful mind works very well with James' psychological techniques. However James doesn't like to use her in battle a lot due to a accident with a metronome which resulted in an Explosion, injuring itself, James, and the opposing trainers and his pokemon. It's metronome attack has proven to be very unlucky, eitehr using attacks too dangerous of Clefable to try, or attacks that are useless at the time, it was this attack which lost James his match in the Hoenn Pokemon leage when one last attack was neededto take out the opposing Golem, anything would do, and it used Splash.

December 17th, 2007, 3:04 PM
After a bit of deliberation, I've decided on closing this down for the time being. I have a lot of things going on in my life and i can't devote enough time to this for it to run smoothly. Maybe I'll open it back up sometime in the future, but I just don't have the time right now.

Keo Kirito
December 17th, 2007, 8:28 PM
Now that sucks. First RP in over a year I decided to join and it closes before it starts. Such a shame.