View Full Version : My first Fused and Colored Sprite

July 1st, 2004, 2:29 PM
Yay! I'm so proud of myself! ^_^ I feel constructive!
I call her FireStarter!She a Flarot.

July 1st, 2004, 3:02 PM
Here's another one! ^^ I have an obsession with wings....

July 1st, 2004, 3:07 PM
Very cool! They're yar first fusions? w00t!
Keep the good job!
(and use the edit button ~_^)

July 1st, 2004, 6:27 PM
Cool! I may teach you how to make the shading a little better, but I must say you are pretty good!

Cyan Goggles
July 2nd, 2004, 5:07 AM
OMG!they're so cool!>.<I am an eevee freak,((like you couldn't tell))so I love the first one!

July 2nd, 2004, 5:35 AM
Those are really cool Kagome! I love them!
Keep up the good work! ^_^

July 2nd, 2004, 8:45 AM
Arigato! ^_^ If anyone has tips or wants to teach me stuff go right ahead! I still need to get better...