View Full Version : Super Pokemon Fight Registration! (Not for Wi-fi battles)

December 6th, 2007, 5:39 PM
It's like an H&H but with a bit of special stuff mixed into it. Basically, you register your name and give yourself 3 moves and 1 Super Move. Example:

DimJim: Blaziken
Fire Punch:15
Mirror Move: Remove damage from last attacker and hit them instead with the same power.
Fire Spin: 5, hit 3 people at a time.
SUPER: Blaze Kick: 35

The super either does a power or only damage, so you could have Thunder Wave, but not Zap Cannon.

You target the player you want to attack (just say <name> targets <target>) and choose a move (with <move>). Super Moves take 3 Charges to be usable.

Charges: Do nothing. Every time you post this (No double posting :P) you get a Charge counted. Take note of these. Every charge can increase damage by 5 for a move, heal you by 5 for each, and using 3 uses the Super Move.

When you sign up I will approve of your attacks, tell you what to change, and give you an HP.

Once I get 4 other people we'll start.

December 7th, 2007, 1:49 PM
Treeko3605: Infernape
Mach Punch: 20
Close Combat: 10, hits 3 people at a time
Dig: Takes no damage from last attacker, takes no damage for one round and cant use a move for one round, deals 15 damge following round.

SUPER: Flare Blits: 25 to all enemys