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December 8th, 2007, 11:30 AM

~Defeating a Mirage~

In the world of shinobi lies countless countries and all holding talented ninja who bring money to their villages and protect them from enemies. All are of great worth to speak of, but one village has been known as the most inimitable village of them all. Virtually every shinobi who resided in that village could bring down a single anbu from a fellow village even at the level of a genin. During the time, not a soul knew the true reason as to why those shinobi were so powerful, many figured it was due to their level of strict teaching and parenting, but that had not been the case, for every student in this village could act and speak the same as any other student from another village.

The climate of this village was magnificent; freshly scented flowers, crystal clear water, trees that stretched across the sky, and mountains that touched the heavens. This was truly a wondrous village to live in. Due to their being the better village, it had been given the most missions, meaning the others would suffer financial turmoil. Once, after consulting with each other, the villages came to an agreement that the mirage village must be destroyed. This was not something to jump into though, so they sent spies to search for the source of their village's power.

After months of investigating the village, they could not sense anything that gave off power, until they passed by the "Great Tenshu Mountain", the tallest of all the mountains in the village. The spies began traveling up the mountain, in search for the source of the village's prospering talent. Once they achieved their climb, they witnessed something unbelievable. They found a sealing scroll that was still in action. The anbu who were sent on this mission could feel the chakra radiating off of the scroll which was daggered into the tip of the mountain. In doing so, the scroll's effect would run through the mountain and into the land around it which explains the marvelous area of the village and why the shinobi were so great.

The anbu were able to escape the village unharmed with the scroll and raced back to their home village hidden in the leaves, revealing to the Hokage the mirage village's source of power. In this time, there was not much conflict between the villages, so they had decided to leave the sroll in the leaf village's possession since it had been their anbu who risked traveling to the mirage village. Then suddenly, within months of the scroll's deactivation, the mirage village began to crumble. It's plant life died, and the ninja began to become sloppy. In less than a year, the mirage village had disappeared, all together with no trace of the village or it's inhabitants, never to be heard from again. As for the scroll, it has been placed under the protection of the second Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, where it is hoped to remain safe.

~Your Roll~
Much time has past since the Mirage Village and the second Hokage has past on, along with the fourth and the third, leaving only the fifth: Tsunade, who has just recently been informed by the two elders of the hidden location of the scroll. You are a genin who is on their way to the chuunin exams. You've trained day-in and day-out and you believe that you deserve to be a chuunin. Your fellow teammates have your back as well, that is, as far as you know, they do. What lies upon these next few days is unknown to you, but be cautious, danger lies closer than you think.

~Sign Up~
Age: (12 - 16)
Personality: (At least one paragraph)
Description: ( At least one paragraph)
(Must add up to 6 or less in total with the exception of the regular jutsu's genin already know)
(If no technique in category type in N/A)
Weakness: (A certain space on body, unseen area to eyes, certain techniques, elements, etc.)
Clan: (At least one paragraph)
Bloodline: (A technique only usable to your clan)

~My Sign up~
Name: Souran Maindo

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Souran can be placed under the category of spoiled. As a child, Souran's parents gave him anything he desired whether it be toys or even houses, he could obtain any object by using the sentence starting with "I want-". Souran was the definition of spoiled, even though it was partially his parent's fault's for being so easy to be pressured into things. Though, over time, Souran needed less and less of material things and was much more interested in controlling others into performing what ever he pleased. Sadly, he doesn't always get everyone to do as he wants which makes him oh so very mad for not getting his way. So when ever he can't talk people into things, he uses force, rather, his clan's bloodline technique, but I'll get to that latter. Now that Souran has become fourteen he has matured a bit from his childish behavior, but personality never changes completely. He still loves to get his way and if he doesn't, he might deal with it or he might use force but if you dig underneath the spoiled child, you can find a mature teenager...it just might take a bit of time out of your life.

Description: Souran's face resembles one of a puppet. above and beneath his shining silver eyes appear black lines with the bottom lines (Zatch Bell ._ . ) reaching down to his neck and the top lines reaching to the start of his spiked down, pure black hair that shines nicely in the sun. Souran's neck is covered by a silk silver scarf that tails down to his hips. He wears a short sleeved, black shirt that has silver streaks going along the edges. His shorts are also black but that is all other than the weapon bag and the wraps underneath making sure that the strap for the bag doesn't hurt his right leg. Souran wears the regular blue ninja shoes, his hight is about 5'11 and his arms are about 2 and a half feet long.


Whirlwind Fist

Tornado Bombardment
[1. Souran grabs enemy's leg and throws into air.
2. Souran jumps toward enemy and kicks enemy constantly by back-flipping.]

Genjustu: N/A

[ 1.Souran throws kunai toward the enemy.
2. Souran grabs a smoke bomb.
3. He hits the enemy with the smoke bomb and performs shadow clone after.
4. Real Souran hides and lets clone attack after smoke clears.
5. Once clone dies, real Souran appears from smoke and kicks enemy into air.
6. Souran uses bloodline to control kunai and makes them fly toward the enemy.]

Puppet (Similar to Shikimaru's attack)
[1. Souran uses his bloodline to control the enemy.
2. Souran gets enemy into position in front of a solid object.
3. Throws weapon at enemy.
4. Bends back and causes enemy to hit object and loose all consciousness.
5. Obtains full control of enemy and causes damage before enemy awakens.]

Weakness: Souran's weakness is loosing focus at random moments if he does something wrong or misses an attack. His other weakness is over confidence, when he's on a role he begins to get sloppy and again, looses focus. So I suppose his main weakness is his focus.


Clan: Souran's clan is the Maindo clan, a clan that in a way combines both the Nara clan's and the Yamanaka's bloodlines while adding puppetry. Their symbol is circles that get smaller with each circle. Their bloodline technique is called Body Manipulation. This clan has been known to be quite wealthy since being one of the first to be wanted for an enemy or spying missions. Though, since then they have only relied on money and those who become ninja, the others just lay back and wait to get money. To keep the money coming, the clan created the rule that every first born child must become a ninja. Today, the clan still stands just as it always has.

Bloodline: The Body Manipulation technique, where the user can shoot their chrakra out of their body to cling onto the opponent and take over their nerve system by traveling through chrakra channels, making the two share the same brain; the user's. Though, when either of the two are attacked, both take the same damage all except for the head area. Although, when the user uses Body Manipulation on an object without life, a brain rather, he is given full control of it, being able to lift it into the air or even rip it into pieces depending on it's mass.

1. Taken [Re:Mix]
2. Taken [Evkay]
3. Taken [Sharpay_Is_Fabulous]
4. Taken [ThatInsaneKid]
5. Taken [Alter Ego]
6. Taken [Shadow Yue]
7. Taken [ACC-M]

Leaded by: Shikimaru Nara
Team Number 4: Re:Mix (Souran) / Sharpay_Is_Fabulous (Keiko) / Evkay (Fenra)

Leaded by: Tenten
Team Number 11: ThatInsaneKid (Dansei) / Alter Ego (Hanako) / Shadow Yue (Yumi) / ACC-M (Akane)

1. All PC rules apply
2. All RP forum rules apply
3. No ubers (God characters))
4. No bloodlines taken from the anime/manga
5. No character control unless authorized by the character's owner
[S]6. If you are inactive for a week without a reason and do not inform me, others will be allowed to control your character until you can post.

December 9th, 2007, 8:31 AM
Name: Keiko Hinimaru Zema
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a nice sweet man. He is shy around strangers, but strangely kind. He is very intelligent, yet not very serious at all. He loves his friends and family, he will put his life on the line to save them. He is dangerous when provoked and become’s a force to be reckoned with. He usualy acts weird around pretty women and talks gibberish.
Description: http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi70.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fi107%2Fchaos_anime66%2FAnime%2520guys%2Fboy.jpg&searchterm=%20anime%20ninja%20%20boy
Keiko stands at about 5'9. He has black hair with a Konoha head band on his forehead. He wears a blue and black cloak. He were's a black glove on one hand and a white glove on the other. He were's blue shorts.
Ninjustu: Fire Style: Hell's Flame Jutsu- A burning bottle of oil from hell comes from the ground , Keiko pours it in his mouth and uses Fire style Dragon Flame Jutsu to make flames from Hell.
Fire Style: Flame Field-The whole field is ingulfed in flames, damaging everyone but Keiko.
Fire Style: Gates Of Fire- He summons gates of fire to engulf the opponent in flames.
Genjutsu: Fire Petal: Silent Flame Bow- The opponent is stuck in a spinning flame field, unable to see or hear Keiko shoots the with an bow and arrow of fire.
Taijutsu: 34 Kicks Barrage-Hits opponent into the air and hits him 33 more times.
Ke-ik-O! Kick Barrage- Uses shadow clone, then makes the clones kick his opponent into the air. Then the real comes from the side kicks opponent in the face and throws multiple shuriken.
Weakness: Earth and wind moves. Both earth and wind area favorable match up against fire and since he cant use lighning yet it is a hard match
Clan: The Zema clan, a clan of greatness and pride. One of the most wealthy clans in Konoha it is known for its constant feud with the Hyuuga Clan.
It is a primarily a small clan as 30% of the clan was lost in the battle of the Invasion Of Konoha.
The clan is protective of its kekegenkai so it does not let them train with it till they are in the Ninja Academy.
Bloodline: Keckorangan, the user can control two elements Fire and Electricity. Most users prefer fire as electricity is off-limits to most all users and the jutsu to go with them are locked up in a vault. Keckrogan users are known for the odd eye color when the Keckrogan is not in use.

P.S. can I just use a picture from photobucket as my description?

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December 9th, 2007, 10:06 AM
Well, I think I'll start with your taijutsu. If an attack includes chakra being used in any way, it is either genjutsu or ninjutsu. Taijutsu is just hand-to-hand. So since controlling fire (& Electricity) is your clan's bloodline, it includes chakra. Second, I am wondering why the Zema clan is in a constant fude with the hyuuga. Also, if I'm not mistaken, members of a clan have their clan's name along with their own so I think your name should have Zema in it. Third, you have no weakness', you need at least one to be in this RP. Fourth, I don't mind a picture but you still need a paragraph of description. It isn't that difficult so at least try your best. Finally, I don't have an issue with your personality, but it could be a lot better than it is now. If you need help on any of this, you should go take a look at Alter Ego's thread in the RP lounge.

December 9th, 2007, 10:59 AM
oh ill edit i forgot weakness when i was working on clan, and ill edit taijutsu aswell and thanks for the tips

EDIT1: almost done and you will find out why the clans are feuding when i think of a reason why.
EDIT2: im done editing

December 9th, 2007, 3:13 PM
i'd like to sign up but i can't make a signup for a few hours.. can you hold a spot for me? i promise it'll be done tonight definitely if not sooner, i'll just edit this post?

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December 9th, 2007, 3:42 PM
@Evkay: Your spot is reserved.

@Sharpay: Accepted (Once you add Zema to your name)

December 9th, 2007, 3:59 PM
edited it is finnaly done now

December 9th, 2007, 6:00 PM

Name: Dansei Buraindo
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Dansei is generally very timid, refusing to speak to anyone he does not know. He is also very calm and thinks through the situation he's in before acting. Because of these two traits, most people believe him to be a sluggish-minded mute. However, he has started to be more outspoken, and tends to think of women, or anything else that he deems a waste of time and efficiency, troublesome, although he tries to keep that to himself.

Description: Dansei is a tall, lanky young man with sandy brown hair, which is parted to the side and hangs over the left side of his face. He wears a pair of white shorts and a deep blue t-shirt with his clan's symbol on it in black, with a black mesh undershirt. He has bandages wrapped around both of his legs, starting under his knees, which wrap all the way down to and cover his toes, and he refuses to wear shoes. He also has bandages wrapped around his left thigh, along with his kunai pouch. He wears his black Leaf headband across his waist like a belt, with an actual belt slanting downwards underneath it. He also has a pair of white elbow pad-esque sleeves around his elbows, and wears a white cloth over his eyes. In battle, he normally has trench knives equipped on his knuckles.



-Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Dansei accumulates a decent amount of chakra, creating a large ball of flame, which he then shoots at his opponent.

-Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Dansei lauches a kunai at his opponent, a string attached to it. He then sends a stream of fire along the cord.

-Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
Dansei blows a stream of fire in the shape of a dragon from his mouth, sending it towards his opponent.

-Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique
Dansei hides underground, waiting there until he is ready to attack an opponent.


-Bringer of Darkness
Dansei creates a cloak of darkness around the battlefield. Due to the large amount of chakra required to use this, he generally uses it as a last resort.


-Flying Swallow
Dansei extends the blades of his trench knives with chakra, allowing him to inflict damage regardless of whether or not the blade hits.

Weakness: Due to being blind, Dansei cannot physically see. Instead, he uses a pair of chakra-enhanced sleeves. When he focuses chakra into them, sound waves emit from the numerous holes on them, then rebound when they hit objects. By using more chakra, he processes the rebounding sound waves into data, much like a SONAR device. However, his dependance on them has a serious drawback -- whenever he loses focus, his chakra flow is interrupted, causing a loss in his "vision"

Clan: Dansei is part of the Buraindo clan. They are not well known or wealthy, although for the most part, the ninja of the clan are very talented, resulting in Dansei's ability to use A- and B-Rank jutsu, although his usage of these are limited. In addition, the whole clan is blind, resulting in only a select few becoming a ninja. However, every clan member could if he or she chose to do so.

Bloodline: The Buraindo Clan has invented the Sight Rebirth Technique, which allows them to regain their sight for shirt periods of time when activated. Dansei's maximum length of time he can use this jutsu is only ten minutes, but the Jonin in his family can maintain it for a whole day while still retaining a substantial amount of chakra.


Dang. That took for ever. :x

December 9th, 2007, 6:24 PM
Name: Fenra (Fen) Kurai
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Personality: Fenra always prefers to be called Fen, no matter what the situation. He enjoys talking with people and meeting new people, but rarely takes any mission seriously. He is more often than not, completely side tracked by a cute girl walking passed but he doesn't ever approach them... since he's a bit shy when face to face with girls. Face to face with girls is one thing... but in front of a group of girls... or anyone for that matter, Fen can't pass up the chance to show off his talents. He carries a small variety of ninja tools such as kunai, Fenra is never modest about his strengths as a fighter and is too dim to learn genjutsu, but always seems to speak in riddles when people ask how he accomplished a sneaky move in battle. Fen always prides himself on his speed, and strength of his favorite jutsu and he is very proud of his clan, the Kurai, the wind specialists of the leaf village. Fen enjoys everything there is about wind as a weapon, and believes that it definitely can't be beat. The Kura are known for wind but even more so known for their tendency to overdue things, Fenra's parents were no exception. Using their extensive knowledge of the wind, most Kurai clan members carry over sized weapons, made to feel lighter by using a concentrated stream of wind controlled by chakra. His dad carries a massive blade, nearly twice his size and his mother and brother also carry large blades, the size of their bodies. The clan was quite displeased to learn that Fenra had chosen to do hand to hand combat as his specialty.

Description: Fen has olive green shaggy semi spiked hair that seems to shoot in random directions but generally faces downward. His skin is a light tan, showing his extensive time out doors. Fen is a very small and agile kid, reaching about 5'5 and weighing a wiry 115 pounds. His muscle mass leaves much to be desired, his strength is always severely under estimated based off of his physical appearance. Fen always wears a gray, tight fitting, 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and tight fitting pants, leaving none of his slender body to question. His navy blue colored leaf headband hangs loosely around his neck. He frequently goes barefoot as opposed to wearing shoes, he likes feeling whats under his feet instead of the layer between his feet in the ground that footwear provide. He believes fighting barefoot helps his battle performance. He also always keeps his right arm tightly bandaged with a chakra sealing cloth, used for his signature technique (for general appearance, see the trainer card i guess)


Fen's attacks are a mixture of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. but since they were customized techniques from his childhood, he hasn't learned many other jutsu aside from basic jutsu.
Wind Style - Dynamo Fist: Fen's most powerful and favorite attack, he pops his knuckles, signaling the bandages to allow chakra to flow around his right arm and releasing a steady stream of chakra around the arm. Fen then forms 8 hand signs and uses the chakra to control the surrounding air and spin it around his fist, then unleashes a massive combination of chakra and wind into his enemies, dealing massive damage. This is a very time consuming technique. Using his bloodline technique, he sometimes upgrades this technique to Dynamo Finisher, where he pincer strikes the opponent from both sides and squishes them between two massive hits.

Wind Style - Whispering Winds: Fen's muscle speed is temporarily elevated beyond what the eye can see. He usually combines this technique with Dynamo Fist to execute the technique faster and deal more damage.

Wind Style - Gale Force: a basic ninjutsu for any wind based shinobi. a powerful gust of wind blasts from the palms of the ninja.

Wind Style - Sonic Boom: a technique Fen made up as a child to play practical jokes. He carries hollowed kunai and fills them with wind and chakra. When he needs to, he throws the kunai and creates a small non damaging explosion. It is mostly used for quick get aways or distractions.

Genjutsu: N/A

Taijutsu: Soft Breeze - A fluid and flowing Taijutsu passed down through the Kurais consisting of fast kicks and punches backed by small amounts of wind.

Weakness: Fen's largest weakness aside from him just being small and taking a solid hit to the jaw, is the large amount of chakra his skills consume since they were not taught by a teacher. Fen's favorite skill has major flaws too, someone attacking while spinning their chakra the opposite way Fen is spinning his. Doing this completely negates the chakra flow and cancels the technique. His other weakness and common frustration is the use of Earth style techniques, wind has a hard time against them at all.

Clan: Fenra is apart of the Kurai clan. The Kurais migrated from the sand village to the leaf village two generations ago, which explains why they specialize in wind techniques as opposed to fire techniques. As mentioned before, the Kura clan loves to over do things, so any Kurai clan member is distinguishable by their usually massively over sized weapons that they wield with ease by manipulating the air around them. The Kurai are generally somewhat short and non muscular due to using the wind to do heavy chores and most manual labor as opposed to doing it themselves. Fenra has an older brother, Sima Kurai, who the clan views as being much better than Fenra since Sima was already wielding a 6 foot blade by age 15. Sima frequently makes fun of Fenra because he does not use a weapon.

Kurai Mirror Clone - Fenra has only mastered the first level of this bloodline ability. At the expense of a great deal of chakra, the Kurai can make a clone with the exact chakra level and every feature of its creator. Unlike other clones, the ability cannot create clones of objects or people other than the shinobi who uses the ability. The clone will not disappear when it is damaged in battle, instead, the Clone and the creator share the same pain, cut for cut and blow for blow. It is not a technique to be used recklessly. It may double your attacking power but it also doubles your chance of injury. The max number of Mirror Clones is 2, but at the moment Fenra can only create 1.

Alter Ego
December 10th, 2007, 3:21 AM
A lot of males here, aren't there?

Mmmhmm...looks like I'm playing girl again. :3

Name: Tamori Hanako (Japanese order, so Hanako is the first name)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Given her general disposition, one would probably be inclined to peg Hanako a tomboy. She is loud, enamored with getting stronger, not overly bothered by dirt and not the least bit interested in boys beyond what they could be as friends or practice partners. It's not that Hanako has anything special against stereotypically girly things; she just finds them rather boring. She'll chuckle, she'll laugh, but she probably wouldn't be caught dead giggling, she's not really interested in who is most probably using genjutsu to look slimmer than she actually is and she just can't understand how someone can spend hours upon hours admiring a guy on the practice field when you could join into the fun and have a go yourself.

Since young age, Hanako has been impressed by the swordsmanship practiced within her clan, and by the age of five she had already set a firm goal for herself: to become a proud Tamori swordswoman like her mother before her. She is a regular fixture of practice fields both official and makeshift and genuinely enjoys what she does, no matter how frustratingly slow practice can be at times. When things get dull Hanako can be rather fidgety, however; her attention is prone to wandering when discussion concerns subjects she's not really interested in and she has trouble staying in one place for longer periods of time, a trait which has granted her many admonitions during her time in the academy. On a mission or during free time she's usually the life of the party, always trying to maintain good cheer among her teammates, but in a stuffy classroom she's usually yawning. Rules are usually guidelines in her opinion, she sees no problem in cheating a little around the edges or skipping out on the occasional lesson as long as the subject isn't something she deems important and she has no inhibitions about voicing her opinion when she thinks that something is unnecessary or just plain stupid.

Needless to say, this attitude has caused quite a bit of headaches, both among her traditionally inclined elders who do not appreciate their age-old laws getting called into question by a teenage girl and the academy instructors whose classes she had disrupted. Hanako has yet to severely cross the line, however, and her loyalty to both Konoha and her family is obvious. Behind her rough exterior, Hanako is actually a big softie, though she hates to admit it. She gets genuinely concerned with the problems of her friends and is usually the first one to make the attempt of cheering them up, though of course she does this in her usual 'tough love' manner, probably with a few well-meant 'stupid's in there. When emotional subjects are brought up -- particularly ones concerning her emotions -- she is prone to getting embarrassed and usually tries to shift topics or just plain escape the situation with an excuse like "I'm late for practice" or just brush it aside with remarks like "don't be stupid".

Description: Despite her name, Hanako bears closer resemblance to a bamboo reed than a flower. Hours upon hours of regular practice with her katana has honed the muscles on her body to quite a considerable extent. She does not directly bulge with muscle, of course -- after all, no girl who isn't taking hormones would -- but they are clearly visible to anyone paying attention, especially around her thighs and arms. Much like the other swordsmen (and -women) of her clan, Hanako keeps her body lean and lightweight in order to accommodate the complicated dance-like movements of her family jutsu, but contrary to what most would believe, she is actually somewhat heavyset by family standards and as such she certainly doesn't take comments about her waistline in good humor. Much to her annoyance -- for she believes them to be excess fat that interferes with her swordplay -- Hanako has also started developing the characteristic anatomical traits of a young woman. They are not that big, however, and much like her waistline they constitute a subject best left undiscussed.

Hanako's skin is of the healthily tanned pigment that one would expect from someone who spends countless hours exercising in the sunshine. Her hair is black, typically kept in check by a number of short braids at the back of her head, which she cuts whenever they grow too cumbersome. Her dark blue eyes are of the almond shape that her numerous aunts consider oh-so pretty, but as Hanako is prone to point out, she really couldn't care less about any bodily trait that doesn't help her in a battle situation. One might mistake the solitary flower she usually keeps tucked behind her right ear for a contradiction to this, but that someone would clearly not be familiar with the technique she carries it for.

Clothing-wise, Hanako goes quite openly against family custom, if in a rather plain manner, usually wearing a lavender-colored top which was, once upon a time, a silk shirt, but has since had its sleeves severed around the shoulder area when Hanako found it too restrictive for her movements, resulting in a clothing choice that caused quite the stir among the more conservative clan members despite hardly being revealing of anything except her arms. The swordsman's traditional hakama was dropped mercilessly, replaced by a pair of black shorts that end about halfway before the knees, long enough to maintain the necessary level of modesty but short enough not to interfere with her movements. She also wears a black belt around her waist, which she uses to hold the scabbard of her katana, a slender-bladed one with a blade reaching to a length of about 75 centimeters. The hilt of the sword is wooden and engraved with the family insignia of a cherry blossom. Finally, she wears the usual Konoha forehead protector around her forehead -- where else would you wear that, after all? -- both for practical purposes and to ensure that her hair won't get in the way during combat. On her feet, she wears a pair of white socks which, in turn, are usually worn inside plain old black sneakers. It's not that she doesn't have the wooden slippers, she just finds the notion of fighting with blocks of wood strapped to your feet to be silly. Like most kunoichi, Hanako also has a number of depositing places to put equipment in for quick retrieval. Namely, a black armband made of cloth around her left forearm for holding projectile weapons and a second one around her right thigh which also holds a small, pocketed section for smoke bombs and other more volatile tools.


Tamori Style - Petal blade - A basic offensive jutsu, the petal blade technique quite simply wields flower petals in a manner similar to shurikens, firing them at the opponent at breakneck speeds to cut the opposition. Given the general nature of flowers, the attacks is usually more of a distraction than anything, and should no flowers be in the vicinity, it is effectively neutralized.

Tamori Style - Branch shackle: As most shinobi know, the best way to incapacitate a sword wielder is to part them from their sword. Fewer account for the reason for the Tamori family's choice of wooden handles, however. The branch shackle jutsu is specifically tied to the wood used for the handle and scabbard of Hanako's blade, and upon her successfully performing the required hand seals, live branches sprout from both handle and scabbard, wrapping themselves around the limbs anyone in the vicinity who has not been introduced to the family tree (see clan field). Because this technique simply releases part of the chakra stored within the wood itself, it actually requires next to no chakra from Hanako's part, making it a considerable option for longer fights.

Tamori Style - Forest's skin - The basic defensive technique of the Tamori clan and thus far the only one that Hanako has successfully mastered, the Forest's skin technique causes a covering of thick bark to grow upon Hanako's skin, shielding her from most physical blows. Once released or drained of chakra, the bark will rot and fall off on its own accord, disintegrating to dust.


Dance of the blossoms: the follow-up for the dance of budding, the slashes in the dance of blossoms are done in powerful, two-handed swings and aimed specifically for the weakest points of defense noted in the first dance. In addition, the attacks are supplemented by an illusion of one thousand fragrant cherry blossoms circling around the target, carried by an illusory whirlwind centered around the victim. The rapid rotational movement of the petals, the deafening roar of the gale, and the heavy scent of the petals are intended to disrupt the victim's senses of sight, hearing, and smell respectively in order to render them as susceptible to the attacks as possible. Where the dance of budding aims for quantity in slashes, the key to the dance of blossoms is to make each slash count to its fullest. Given the nature of the technique, it requires not only considerable physical co-ordination and stamina but also great chakra control, as letting the illusion slip for even a second will ruin the technique. Much to her frustration, Hanako is still only in the early learning stages of this technique.

Tamori Style - Amatsu Hananoka: a predecessor technique for the dance of blossoms, this genjutsu utilizes the fragrance of plants -- preferably flowers -- to induce a trance-like state upon the victim. A person affected by the Amatsu Hananoka will be wrapped in the amplified fragrance of the flower used for the genjutsu, experiencing a temporary state of euphoria that causes their senses to become lapse and their guard to drop, rendering them susceptible to more powerful techniques. Though the Amatsu Hananoka's duration and range are both limited, few expect an olfactory genjutsu, and as such the surprise factor alone makes it a valuable technique, even though Hanako personally finds it a bit too girly for her tastes.

Dance of budding: A traditional test of adulthood for members of the Tamori clan, the dance of budding is the first of the three techniques that make up the clan's signature fighting style and the only one not relying on chakra. This technique is characterized by a smoothly flowing series of slashes from the sword that start out aimed at the feet and then proceed upwards with each cut with the aim of slashing at each key artery and joint. These slashes are delivered in the midst of a complicated series of dance-like steps made around the victim, hence the name of the technique. While fast-paced, the attacks are performed with very little force and are not intended as an actual assault as much as a test of the subjects defenses to locate the best points of attack for the remaining two dances, though each miss on the victim's part is punished with a bleeding cut that may well prove decisive in longer battles.

Weakness: Fire-based jutsu in general receive a favorable match-up against Hanako, essentially rendering her strongest defensive jutsu a hazard. Should one catch her without her katana, and have the sense to stay a good distance away from both scabbard and handle, her abilities would also be limited and her primary strength lies in close combat situation, so ranged attackers also have an edge.


Clan: Somewhat reclusive as shinobi families go. No-one is quite sure when the Tamori clan first arrived in Konoha, and to most it feels like they have simply always been there. Members of the Tamori clan tend to be secretive about their history and only a handful of them has even enrolled for the common academy as they usually dislike ranging far from their native land in the manner that missions would require them to. By age-old agreement with the line of Hokages, reinforced by each new one, they are sworn to defend Konoha against intrusion, however, and as members of the clan have yet to shirk this duty, their allegiance is rarely called into question.

One rite of the Tamori clan has been confirmed, however: within the center of their family home resides an ancient cherry tree, planted by the founder of the clan. All members of the Tamori clan who have come of age perform a ritual in which a small amount of their blood is used to water the tree, transferring part of their chakra into the wood and thus forming a link between shinobi and the tree from which a branch is severed and fashioned into their weapon of choice soon after. This link is believed to be the fundament of the Tamori clan's wood-based jutsu, though this has neither been confirmed nor denied, as is usually the case with family techniques.

Whenever a member of the Tamori clan dies, they are buried within the soil beneath the tree along with their weapon, to return power they perceive as borrowed, making it a family tree in a disturbingly literary sense as well. Above all, members of the Tamori clan are sworn to defend - and even die for - the family tree and only those who are deemed worthy are allowed as much as to look at it.

Another, though not publicly acknowledged, tradition that is integral to the Tamori clan is the system of internal rules simply referred to as the conviction. The conviction covers all things that are forbidden or undesirable for members of the clan and no member of the clan is acknowledged as an adult until they have sworn to obey it. This oath is given at the same time as the person is introduced to the family tree, and together they constitute the tradition known as the 'Rite of the flowering'. The fist conviction, given during this rite, is a method of testing the person's resolve and making sure that they are prepared to abide by the conviction. Once the rite has been performed, the person who performed it is placed under the jurisdiction of the conviction for the remainder of their life. Should a Tamori clan member go against the conviction, they will fall into disfavor and -- if the combined severity of the crimes is too great -- become disowned by the clan and have the weapon they were given confiscated and destroyed. Furthermore, when a clan member is disowned, all immediate family of that clan member falls into disfavor. Crimes committed against the conviction have no expiry time and remain recorded until the perpetrator atones for them by means of a special rite.

This rite, usually referred to as giving or displaying conviction, is a form of ritual torture. It is performed in front of the family tree in the presence of all those affected by the crime. The giving of conviction is a clan member's proof that they are prepared to take responsibility for their actions, and as such the one giving conviction is required to perform the punishment on themselves. The method, duration, and side-effects of the conviction depend on the scope and severity of the crime. Petty crimes like indecent apparel or disrespect towards one's elders typically results in quick and painful punishments with no lasting effects save for the odd mark or scar, but severe ones are punished brutally and often over longer periods of time. Of the three capital punishments, the first is the Sennen Aganai, a special Genjutsu devised for the conviction of those whose crimes are small but have amassed in far too great numbers for a single conviction session to carry out. The Sennen Aganai places the user's body in a week-long state of slumber during which they are subjected to the full process of the maximal punishment for each crime they have committed. With each punishment, the perpetrator is also forced to relieve the crime they are being punished for. Though no physical harm is done, those who have undergone it are rarely the same afterwards. The second capital punishment is the one given for murder, during which the perpetrator is required to sever the limb which dealt the killing blow from their body. Finally, for the crime of attempting to harm the family tree or severe betrayal of the clan, the perpetrator must commit ritual suicide or their entire family is cast into permanent disfavor. Though ideally given by the perpetrator him- or herself, a clan member with strong ties to the perpetrator may give the conviction in their place.

Absolute in punishment though it is, the system of conviction is equally absolute in the absolution of crimes. Once proper conviction has been displayed, all crimes associated with it are erased from the records and forgiven, never to be mentioned again. Though a number of Hokages -- most notably the third -- have expressed their concern over this form of justice, it is part of the agreement between the Tamori clan and the first Hokage that the clan has fully autonomy in dealing with all matters of internal discipline. As such, the system of conviction is, if not officially approved of, at least tolerated. As it is a purely internal matter, only members of the clan and those immediately associated with the agreement know of this tradition.

Bloodline: Though not a bloodline limit in the conventional sense, members of the Tamori clan bear a close connection to the family tree, tapping into the generations of stored chakra by means of wielding a weapon crafted from the wood of the tree. In emergencies, this connection can be used to siphon chakra out of the weapon and into the wielder, but care must be taken not to exhaust the limited supply within the weapon completely. This bond also works in reverse, allowing Hanako to store part of her own chakra within the sword for later use.

December 10th, 2007, 6:53 AM
Can I get a reserved spot? I'll have it up in a few hours at the most. EDIT: Ok I got it.

Name: Tanaka Yumi

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Yumi is a very quiet person as she has always been in the academy. Never speaking unless spoken to unless she's around her friends and even then she tries to be careful what she says. Not to be mistaken for shyness though, for Yumi is part of a clan surrounded by secrecy and spies. She has been taught not to talk much and has been around very few children unless in her clan. She is very ruthless in battle though and will not hesitate to attack in a second. Not being around many children has left her time to study a lot, which has led her to be one of the most intelligent in her clan. But being very sheltered comes with it's consequences and she doesn't know how to speak with other genin such as herself. This leads to many problems with communication on her team, especially if she could do something that would benefit the mission. Yumi is gradually trying to learn to speak more and more to her teammates and allies after learning this and tries her best not to cause any problems. Prefering solitude ,Yumi likes the peace and quiet of Konoha and will send you an anrgy glare if you disturb it. Her ears are very sensitive to sound and it could cause her a great headache if she is around too much yelling.

Description: Standing at 5"4 Yumi is at a medium height for her age and average in body structure. ( not very skinny, not very chubby) Coming from a clan of spies Yumi's hair is white, her bangs are tucked behind her ears, and has it reaches to her hips but she keeps it in a low ponytail. She has 2 small stub gold earings on each of her ears and has blue eyes. Her sking is very pale. Yumi wears a red chinese-style shirt with gold lining that reaches just below her hips and has dark grey pants that go just above her ankles, plus the ninja pouch on her right leg.. On her small feet are the standard black ninjas sandals and on her hands are dark grey gloves with gold lining and a steel plate over the knuckles for handling her whip. Her ninja headband is wrapped around her stomach.


-Transportation Justu: Will disappear but can only reappear within 20 feet of disappearing spot.

-The Fury of Two Whips: Yumi will jump high into the air and focus all of her chakra into her two whips, when she comes down she will start furiously attacking the target until she only has a bit of chakra left in the whips.

-Crow's Mind: An attack in which Yumi transforms herself into a crow and disappears. The target will feel as if it's falling into a deep pit. Once the crow appears again the traget will have hundred of weapons sticking out of them and collapse. If left like that for too long target may die.

-Deep Water: An attack where the target will be surrounded by water and get the image that they're drowning. Their companions will be nowhere to be found.

Taijutsu: The basic taijustu attacks.

Weakness: Being damaged on her leg will critically injure her and slow her down dramtically. She also has a fear of big fires and lightning.

Clan: The Tanaka Clan is one of secrecy and spies. They have libraries among libraries for each and everyone of even the smallest events happening anywhere. This is where the village gets most of it's information. They send out spies everyday to collect more and more iinformation each day which is only shared aong themselves or the Hokage. The Tanaka Clan thinks of themselves to be of high society and wealthy which is true, though most clans see them as stuck up because of how they will most likely not even spare you a glance when they walk past. This is because of the ways they are taught in. Not to speak to anyone unless spoken to and keep they're secrets to themselves unless you absolutely trust the person you are giving information to. They are also the masters of sneak attack which is very useful during and attack or war.

Bloodline: Eyes of the Forest: A technique in which you concentrate on the earth and feel everything in it. You will be able to see 100 ft. within any area of which you're standing. With the exception of things in the air.

December 10th, 2007, 7:57 AM
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December 10th, 2007, 10:18 AM
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~Sign Up~
Name: Zeniko Kyurnaga (Western Order)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Zeniko is a cold, quiet boy. Never really socializing, he enjoys silencem, and a quiet day. He is comfortable socializing- he just doesn’t like doing it. On missions, he is silent, focused only on the mission and the objective. Even on his team, he has no friends. In battle, he is also silent- yet also cruel and merciless. He, due to his silence, is also mysterious- no one really knows him very well.
Description: Zenik is quite abnormal. For example, the normal orange hair of his clan is instead white and gold. He is also quite stealthy. His skin is pitch black by blood, and is lean and muscular. He is about 6’5” and wears his clans clothing. He wears a traditional fur coat, and his is red, a rarity in his clan. The back has a pentagram, black in color. On his head, he wears sunglasses, and his white hair is spiked up, and hangs over his forehead in the front. His eyes are big, and blood red in color. He wears his headband around his neck. After the coat, he has an item belt, with various bags for his various weapons. On his back, he wears a gourd of special, larger weapons. His legs have special pants, black in color, and he wears traditional shoes.
(Must add up to 6 or less in total with the exception of the regular jutsu's genin already know)
(If no technique in category type in N/A)

Magma Storm Jutsu- Using the earth, Zeniko can unleash magma upon the opponent.
Thunder Cyclone Jutsu- Using storm clouds, he summons electricity into a huge, electric tornado.
Polar Storm Jutsu: A storm of cold wind, ice shards and snow. uses Ice- he can make it using chakra
Space Power Jutsu- This jutsu, the best Brad knows, uses space itself to damage tha opponent. It is very powerful, almost like a Raikiri or Rasengan.
Terraform- Can make natural landmarks, like a forest or mountain. Uses whats already there, and changes it. It takes a ton of chakra

He uses Chakra Style- he mixes and channels natures, or his, chakra into his steel weapons to channel ninjutsu. Also uses special weapons in his gourd. He especially likes using space for this style.

Weakness: He is weak when he is angry- he turns violent, murderous, etc. This leaves him to be a danger to the team- and himself. He expends more energy- and his energy turns back on him.
Clan: Kyurnaga

This clan, originally from the Whirlpool Village, is a strong, rich clan. They fought valiantly in the Invasion- but lost a lot of people. They are known for their powerful ninjutsu. They, by coincidence, are the longest-surviving clan in the world. They are incredibly enduring, and are great at surviving torture. They also are isolationist, like Zeniko.

Kami- Zeniko's clan are goemancers. They are able to call upon nature in order to use their special jutsu. They can call on any abiotic part of nature and use it to their advantage. In this sense, they can due Mokuton and Hyoton, but in a much different fashion.
Recognized by pitch black skin.

Other: His chakra affinities are lightning and fire(by blood), giving him an easier time with Thunder Cyclone and Magma Storm. In addiition, the use of the electrons/heat in those helps a TON with Space Power Jutsu.

Scarlet Weather
December 10th, 2007, 5:45 PM
Oh come on Remix, surely you won't pick anyone over the one who commented on this RP? *puppydog eyes*

And due to the already large number of males, I think I'll even up the kunoichi/male shinobi ratio. XD

Name: Yamato Akane

Age: 16

Appearance: If one was trying to describe Akane in words, they'd probably say "ridiculously short". Standing at a mere four feet eleven inches, Akane is practically unnoticeable by most shinobi unless she calls attention to herself. Her chestnut brown hair is cut into a short, bowl-like shape and her bangs tend to droop in front of her hazel eyes, causing others to doubt if she can actually see through the thick mane. Tied into said mass of hair is a braid directly above her left ear consisting of a few strands of hair with a string of red beads fastened around it. Her slight frame, though it appears physically frail on first glance simply on basis of height, is actually tightly packed with well-trained muscles on par with those of most shinobi. Her height, in fact, is often used to her advantage in close combat as she can easily dash under kicks and punches usually launched against a taller opponent. When dressing, Akane honors her name by donning a red jacket similar to a kimono cut off at the waist decorated with images of flowers. The jacket is tucked into her pants and tied off with a red sash that also serves as a repository for her shuriken pouch. Her supply pouch, in which kunai and other basic tools are stored, is worn just above this sash.

Gender: Female, which is not male, which is what I am when not roleplaying Akane, which makes sense.

Personality: Akane is probably one of those best described as having a "fiery temper". She tends to explode at the slightest provocation, often refusing to speak to others for days as a result of a real or imagined slight. She's also a bit vain, thinking overmuch of her own good looks, and automatically assumes that any member of the opposite sex who happens to show an interest in conversing with her is smitten with her beauty unless another reason presents itself. She has a tendency to be a bit paranoid when interacting with others, going so far as to assume that anyone following her is either a rival or a stalker. For this reason, a sharp, pointy object of some variety is always near Akane's immediate grasp and she will not hesitate to use them. These qualities, while they make her a bit sore to be around, also make her a perfect "watchdog" as she tends to sleep with one or both eyes open. Despite her conceit, Akane isn't overly concerned with maintaining her appearance and often expresses (with a dramatic sigh) that her beauty is a curse upon her. Of course, Akane isn't all bad. She's incredibly organized and will apply herself one hundred percent to every task set in front of her. When she does successfully befriend somebody, she will protect them to the best of her ability if the situation calls for it. She isn't stingy with her knowledge either, and is happy to help younger shinobi-in-training practice basic jutsu. Her favorite food is that sweet known as the dango, and she is a surprisingly accomplished cook.



Three Stars: Focusing her chakra into light reflecting from an object, Akane refracts the beam and bends the red light into three star-like orbs filled with condensed chakra, which she may proceed to throw at the enemy in order to deal damage. The technique's most obvious weakness is its dependence on some source of light for power. The less available light, the weaker the attack. By expending extra chakra, however, Akane can create an attack from any source of light including the moon or stars. The chakra within the spheres transforms the light energy entrapped within to heat energy on contact, producing burns and/or setting clothing on fire. This is jutsu is unique to the Yamato clan, and cannot be mastered outside of their boundaries. It requires no hand seals, but does require sometimes exorbitant amounts of chakra making it a more prudent choice at the beggining of a battle in order to cripple the opponent.

Natsuhiboshi: Akane pulls heat or light energy from the surroundings and traps it in a sphere of chakra, expanding it until said sphere is nearly a meter in diameter, before hurling it at an opponent, effectively incinerating them. Use of this jutsu not only requires perfect control of chakra, but also a large supply of it. Akane is a long shot from using this jutsu on command, lacking both chakra level and level of control require for its use without the massive attack blowing up in her face or fizzling out. In a pinch, with enough available light energy Akane can use a considerably watered-down version of the move in order to deal heavy burns to an enemy. The level of chakra needed for Natsuhiboshi's correct performance is so high that most Yamato clan members prefer to down a hyorogan before using it. Obviously, it isn't a choice for ranged battles.

Genjutsu- (N/A)


Crouching Fist: Rather than a single move, this style is a method of fighting derived from the ordinary Tekken (Iron Fist) and Gouken (furious fist) taijutsu styles utilized by most shinobi. Due to the small stature of Yamato clan members, this fighting style was developed to give them an edge in combat. The attacks focus on staying low to evade strikes used by taller opponents and striking at their legs and hips, aiming to break bones and cause bruises to cripple the opponent. In order to use Crouching Fist correctly, a shinobi must remain close to the opponent at all times in order to maximise the chance of an opponent striking over their head, and involves no little amount of quick footwork to avoid getting kneed in the face.

Jackrabbit Leap: Technically not a true taijutsu since it does utilize chakra to some extent, jackrabbit leap is a supplement to the usual fighting style of the Yamato clan. By circulating chakra to their feet and releasing it at the exact moment of a leap, a Yamato clan member can jump nearly twice their height while running. This technique is usually coupled with an aerial somersault in order to change direction in mid-air and land behind an opponent, ready to strike.

Lights Out: A taijutsu utilizing the ability of the Yamato clan to store light in temporary containers, this is a simple smokescreen Taijutsu. The shinobi will first hurl a flash-bomb of some sort, temporarily blinding everyone in the vicinity. They will then proceed to attack the opponent without mercy and/or escape. Akane, like most members of the Yamato clan, has a preferred attack of her own launched during this jutsu. By immediately closing in on a confused opponent, she can easily launch a pair of attacks to their legs, effectively crippling them. This jutsu is also tied in with Yamato clan light-based ninjutsu, as the light produced by a Yamato flash-bomb is fair game for any technique they care to launch.

Clan: The Yamato clan bloodline originates in leaf, and revolves around the transformation of light and heat energy into compressed destructive forced that can be launched as a precision attack or used to completely obliterate an enemy. The main weakness of all Yamato clan ninjutsu is the fact that intense levels of chakra are required, resulting in extreme draining after one use of several techniques, as well as the dependency on an external energy source. The Yamato clan is also able to trap energy in a carrying source, such as a glass bottle, and hurl it at an opponent as a bomb. The clan is often called the "midget" clan of the leaf due to the fact that every member is remarkably short. In fact, at this point Akane has probably already reached her maximum height. They are known for their glass knick-knacks.

Important Clan Members-

Yamato Midori: The younger brother of Akane. He's only ten years old and doesn't particularly like to study or work on taijutsu, but he displays an unusual talent at mastering the basic ninjutsu skills. He's developed an ability to impersonate others, even going so far as to successfully dupe a group of jounin into thinking he was one of them for a short time. He's extremely energetic, and he loves getting into places where he isn't allowed. Unfortunately, he usually doesn't have the skill or ability to get out of such places. Akane and Midori share a traditional sibling relationship of annoyance coupled with affection. Midori and Akane both enjoy making fun of others behind their backs, particularly their up-tight and stuffy mother. His favorite pastime is working on some way to successfully attack his older sister, though her natural paranoia makes it hard for even a transformation prodigy to sneak up on her.

Bloodline: Light entrapment, as it is known, allows the Yamato clan to store light and heat energy in some form of external sphere, usually created from chakra, for immediate or later use.

Weakness: While her Yamato clan taijutsu style somewhat makes up for Akane's petite build, she has very little weight to throw around compared to most shinobi. Her stamina levels are fairly low, causing her to burn out fairly quickly during battles. If a bulkier or taller opponent could somehow force her to keep her distance to about mid-range through the use of a pole weapon, she would have no choice but to attack with three stars or die. In addition, her fighting style quickly loses effectiveness against multiple opponents.

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Also, to those who have been accepted; work on your spelling (grammar.) I found some errors in your sign ups but they weren't something too drastic.

Teams will be placed on first post.

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EDIT x 2: Alright, after discussing some things with some people, things have changed.
ACC-M: Accepted
Brad: Declined
Dreem: Declined

These decisions are not random and I have good reasons for what I chose.
ACC-M you will be an added member to Team 11.

OOC: You may begin!

IC: As the morning sun shone through one boy's bedroom window, an alarm went off signaling the time to waken from one's slumber. Laying in his bed, asleep, Souran suddenly leaped from the sudden shock of the noise coming from his annoying alarm-clock. He flopped his legs over the edge of his bed and let them hang. He then rubbed his eyes with his hands, trying to adjust them to the light that had blared in his room. In his boxers, Souran took hold of his silk blanket and organized his bed to the way he pleased, having it seem as though it came from an article. After, he headed over to his shower and cleaned up while also giving his body the clear signal to wake up. Once, after bathing for maybe ten minutes, Souran walked out of the shower and opened his dresser and grabbed his ordinary clothes. He went back into the bathroom and took a quick glance in the mirror to check if his hair was as he liked. It needed some fixing but it only took about two minutes to do so. He was finally ready to head to the chunin exams, knowing for a fact that he would pass through them without any problems. Before leaving, Souran swiped his leaf ninja headband and tightly tied it along his forehead.

"Bring it on!" Souran stated as he opened his window and jumped through it. He then jumped from roof to roof, heading toward the chunin exams building. As he gracefully road the wind, he noticed villagers eating their breakfast at diners. This reminded him that he failed to eat anything, "This'll surely make me enable to focus during the exams...I had better grab a quick snack." He spoke, clearly to himself seeing as no one else was around him. Once he spotted a place to eat, he leaped off from the roof tops and landed on the earth, right in front of the Ichiraku Ramen Shop.

"Not exactly what I had in mind for breakfast, but I'll make due." He said as he took a seat in front of the bar which seemed to be quite empty. Once Souran was able to catch the keeper's attention, he was able to order a bowl of ramen. It took perhaps a minute to create this fine dish, and this surprised Souran. Then the shop keep stated, "It's your lucky day my friend. Due to the chunin exams starting today, we are having a ninja special. So all ninja can get a fifty percent discount on their food." Souran was glad to hear this, he felt so lucky that moment that he didn't even notice how fast he ate his ramen.

"Thank you very much sir." Souran stated as he made an exit from the shop. He leaped from the ground and back to the roof tops, starting where he left off. The building was in clear site at his distance, but it wouldn't take long for him to be late so he began to high-tail it.

December 12th, 2007, 6:18 PM
Yumi had woken up especially early knowing that today was the day of the Chuunin Exams. She rubbed her eyes and slowly made her way out of her bed. Though it was early a good number of people from her clan were still awake and roaming the halls of the Tanaka Estate. She passed by them with a small mumble of "Good Morning" and headed towards the bathroom for a shower. After 20 minutes of a hot shower Yumi stepped out with a towel and headed back towards her room to get dressed.

After putting on her pants,slipping her red chinese shirt over her head and putting on her gloves Yumi gave one last check in the mirror and discovered that her hair looked a mess. She frowned at her appearance and got a comb to tame her bed hair. She combed it for 5 minutes until she was satified with how it looked. Yumi nodded her head at the mirror before heading down to her kitchen. She opened the pantry and grabbed the last granola bar,something they would surely be angry at her for, but she didn't care right now.

Yumi started speed walking towards her room knowing she had to be there on time and went back to her room.

Yumi jumped out the window of her room, she claims using doors aren't very "ninja-like" and it helps her wake up, and landed on the pavement below. She began running towards her destination while taking small bites of her breakfast. Today was the day of the Chuunin exams and she was sure she'd pass it. 'Just try to keep up with me.' Yumi said smirking to herself as she jumped into the tree tops towards the chuunin exam.

December 12th, 2007, 6:20 PM
Fen snored heavily, half covered by his covers in bed. The sunlight crept into his room as he inhaled deeply, ignoring the bright light on his face.

"Fen? Fen honey don't you have the chuunin exams today?" Fen's mom called from downstairs. but received no answer. loud footsteps were heard echoing through the house and his door flew open to reveal his frustrated mother tapping her foot, aggravated. "FENRA KURAI GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED BEFORE I DO IT FOR YOU. YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE CHUUNIN TODAY AND NOT FAIL LIKE LAST YEAR."

Fen was half awake at this point and drowsily squinted one eye open to look at his mom.

"ehh i'll do the exam next time... i'm too tired...." Fen responded to her, rolling over to get out of the sunlight and not have to look at his mom.

His mother did not like this one bit. She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth in anger at her lazy son. But slowly calmed herself and looked at him. "Well... looks like i'll have to get you up myself then." She said sternly. Following this she cycled through 3 quick hand signs and pointed her palms at Fenra's bed. "Wind Style! Gale Force Jutsu!" A massive column of air blasted from her hands sending Fenra and his bed smashing through the wall into the streets below.

"You can pick up your things when you come back, honey. Now get dressed and hurry up before i get mad kay?" She called down to him from the gaping hole in 2nd floor of their house. "Oh and here, i packed you a small breakfast" She said as she threw a small package of rice balls into the street. Fen gathered some clothes off the ground and hopped along getting dressed, holding his breakfast in his mouth as he moved towards the chuunin exam building.

Finally getting his clothes on, he tied the wrap tighter on his right arm and leaped high into the air.

"Ugh... the others are gonna be pissed that i'm running late... but that bed is so comfortable... not anymore i guess.. since mom blew it apart... again..." Fen said to himself as he let out a heavy sigh. He jumped at a steady pace, knowing he would barely make it on time, as he usually did. What trials would the exams hold for him this year... he had already failed once before during the battle rounds, for not acting enough like a leader... but it didn't seem to bother him. The exam complex was in plain view now, he scanned the area seeing other ninja gathering as well. Familiar faces too as he saw his fellow team mate, Souran approaching from the opposite direction.

"welp... time to get these exams rollin i suppose." Fen said cheerfully to himself

Scarlet Weather
December 12th, 2007, 8:45 PM
"I swear, he's been following me! Why else would he show up at Ichiraku?" Akane whispered, clenching and unclenching her tiny fists as she continued to hammer her fists into the doughy mass that would soon be stretched into ramen noodles and boiled. "I think he's stalking me."

Her employer, a middle-aged man clad in a chef's apron, gave the girl the benefit of a warm smile. "I doubt it. He's probably just here for breakfast," he muttered in return.

Akane continued to release her frustration into the noodle dough. Satisfied at last, she removed her hands from the mass and proceeded to slit several grooves in it with a nearby knife before tossing the pounded mixture to Ichiraku's owner. Sliding the apron over her head, she continued speaking. "Why does anyone come to a ramen shop for breakfast? I mean, even that guy in the orange jumpsuit, what's-his-name, doesn't come in this early! I just know that he's stalking me." Clutching both hands to her sides, the kunoichi stealthily reached one dainty hand into her weapons pouch and removed a recently-sharpened kunai which she slid furtively into her sleeve before continuing her tirade. "He's not even a regular here! Why else would he come?"

The owner of the ramen shop rolled his eyes. Ever since he had allowed the tiny terror that was Yamato Akane to take a part-time job in the mornings to help him cook he had been subjected to one conspiracy theory after another. In fact, he was beggining to become slightly paranoid himself, not so much about imagined stalkers but about the inevitable point at which Akane would most likely injure a customer. He knew that one of the downsides towards hiring a shinobi was the fact that most of them carried sharp, pointy objects to work but he had been a bit hard pressed to find labor after his daughter had taken leave from the shop and Akane was the best he could get. In any case, he knew it was time for damage control. If Akane was about to do what he thought she was about to do, he needed to step in and defuse her fears in regards to the boy she had now marked as her stalker. Leaning over, he whispered to the customer "Whatever you do, don't make eye contact with my assistant and don't flinch. She's a little... strange. Oh, and watch out, she's got a weapon." His advice thus given, he pulled himself back into the booth and prepared with horror to watch the inevitable fireworks.

"So, Mr. Early Bird," Akane smiled as she plopped herself next to the unfortunate, her hazel eyes burning their way through his skull. "I hope you enjoyed your ramen here, I was up at five in the morning cooking it. And by the way..."

Whizz! Thunk!

"If you come within three feet of me and attempt any romantic advances I swear I'll make you live to regret it," she muttered as she removed herself from her seat. Directly between the customer's hand and his ramen bowl sat the kunai, quivering.

The owner winced. He really did need to find some less temperamental help. If Akane continued on as his cook, he would lose more customers to her kunai than a bad bowl of ramen prepared by a less competent chef.

Flicking a few unruly strands of hair from her eyes, the pint-sized shinobi raced for the exam area. After all, at least there she'd be allowed to murder anyone who attempted an advance.

Alter Ego
December 13th, 2007, 4:00 AM
That very morning, the tree had sprouted into bloom. The pink blossoms created a peculiar contrast with the pale surface of the ancient branches they clung to, their sweet scent hanging across the secluded courtyard. The bloom of cherry trees had often been a revered occasion, but there was something...different about the assembly around this particular tree. Though there was a good sixty people, men and women of all ages, gathered around the tree, there were no cries of mirth, no do-eyed amazement over nature's beauty. Instead, the people were gathered around the ancient tree in an orderly manner, all clad in white robes and donning expressions of outmost seriousness, their eyes all expectantly focused on a figure in the center of the circle:

It was a child, a tawny boy of around the age of twelve or possibly thirteen, his black hair arranged into a neat bowl-shape that spoke of excessive hours of comb and water. Unlike the others, he was only donning a pair of white trousers and simple, black shirt, a kunai grasped in his hand with a cramp-like grip. His dark brown eyes traveled restlessly across the lines of solemn faces and then to the tree in front of him, as if desperately looking for something but failing to find it, indecision evident on his face.

"Tamori Itsuki!" boomed the voice of one of the oldest crowd members, a man who looked almost as ancient as the tree, and just as firmly rooted, "Do you pledge your loyalty to the duty?"

The youth immediately snapped to attention, "I pledge!" he replied.

"Tamori Itsuki, do you forfeit your mind, your soul, your body to this duty?"

"I forfeit!"

"Tamori Itsuki, are you prepared to show your conviction?"

The boy's face was whiter than the robes of those around him at this point, his eyes performing another hesitant sweep across the lines of impassive faces but still failing to find any support, "I am!" he proclaimed in a slightly higher pitch, clutching the kunai harder.

"Then let it be done!" boomed the sage, "Tamori Itsuki, show your conviction to those who gave their lives to the duty before you!"

Swallowing the lump in his throat, the youth nodded, pattering over to the tree in a cautious manner, as if it were a wild beast that could have lunged at him at any given time, and dropping down on his knees by the trunk. His movements were jerky and mechanical as he raised his right hand, holding the palm in clear view. He must have stared at it for a few minutes before he reluctantly raised the kunai, his entire body trembling as the blade hovered just inches from his skin. Not a sound emerged from the crowd, not a single flicker of emotion crossed their faces. The very earth beneath him seemed to be holding its breath in anticipation.

The boy's lip quivered. The kunai in his hand trembled violently as he brought it another inch closer...

"Go for it, Itsuki!"

The attention of both the youth and the crowd around him was effectively drawn to the screen door by the left-hand side of the courtyard which had just been unceremoniously slammed aside. Through it emerged a being who was quite different from the solemn congression. Though she was donning the same white robe as everyone else, it had clearly been flung on in a hurry, the cloth flapping around her ankles and nearly slipping off her left shoulder -- bare, much to the horror of those assembled -- as she dashed past the crowd. But above all, her face stood out: it wasn't a calm, collected mask of discipline like everybody else's; it was tanned by sun and alive with emotion, apparently flustered from a long run, the multiple braids of black hair dancing around it in queue with the girl's movements.

"Look, I did this when I was twelve!" she hollered before anyone managed an interjection, demonstratively holding up her left palm, which bore a faint line down the center, an indication of a cut that had healed almost perfectly, "If a boy can't do something as good as a girl, he's a sissy, you know!"

The boy couldn't help cracking a smile. Even though that had basically been goading, the sentiment behind it was loud and clear, and the sudden noise and life had effectively dispelled the oppressive tension that had hung around him, "N-nee-chan..."

"Tamori Hanako, control yourself!" the old man thundered, his gaze bearing quite considerable anger as it turned to the girl, several crowd members finally catching on and pulling her back into the circle, "One more instance of misconduct and I shall invalidate this ceremony, is this understood?"

"Perfectly, sensei." Hanako replied, performing an oh-so courteous bow in her infuriated elder's direction, "Please forgive my outburst."

The man didn't look particularly mollified, "We shall discuss appropriate punishment for this later." he said at last, "Now get your robe into order and show some reverence. Your attire alone is close to sacrilege."

The girl gave another dutiful nod, finally pulling the offensive shoulder material back to its place as she took her position among the other people in the crowd. Silent though she was, her eyes remained firmly focused on Itsuki, an encouraging smile on her lips.

"Now, Tamori Itsuki, display your conviction!"

The boy nodded, returning his full attention to the tree and grasping the kunai with newfound resolve.

Mere moments later, a few droplets of crimson trickled down on the ground, seeping in between the roots of the tree, and for the briefest of moments, the blossoms seemed to flash crimson.


A few hours later, lying down on an hospital bed and staring at the ceiling, Tamori Itsuki knew only two things: he had passed the test, and his hand stung.

The boy's gaze drifted absent-mindedly to the bandages covering the aforementioned appendage, but just as he was about to prod it again, the hinges of the door cried out in pain, followed by the slam of wood meeting wall, effectively confirming the identity of the visitor.

"Itsuki..." the girl said as they stared each other down. She had disposed of the robe and was now donning her usual attire of shirt and shorts, a katana hanging casually by her waist, "You are a true...idiot!"

The poor youth had no chance of knowing what hit him. Hanako had put a lot of practice both into moving fast and increasing her strength, and now both had been applied without the girl even noticing as she gave her younger half-brother a hug that could almost have constituted a Taijutsu technique in its sheer brutality. The boy felt a single trickle of moisture travel across his shoulder and down his back, but right now the girl's close proximity was preoccupying his thoughts. Step-sibling or no, Itsuki was entering that age, and their height difference was hardly making the situation less awkward on his part, a violent blush spreading across his face. Fortunately, the girl seemed to catch on and released her grip fairly fast, sitting down on the bed beside him.

"Baka..." she mumbled, making a show of brushing aside a braid of hair from the front of her blue eyes, "A small cut would have been enough; you didn't have to slice your whole palm up."

"Gomen..." the boy replied to his feet, the embarrassment behind his blush now stemming from different source, "I guess...I got a bit carried away." he paused, the subject of getting carried away reminding him of something, "Oh, how did things go with Yuukijiji?"

Hanako grimaced, she could never avoid half a grin at the nickname they had landed their elder with. "The usual way." she replied, "He kept going on about how I'm disgracing my forefathers' names and how I nearly ruined the ceremony and got you hurt. You know what he's like."

"But that's not your-"

"Try explaining that to him." Hanako said with a shrug.

"Gomen-gomennassai..." Itsuki repeated, "I didn't meant to get you into trouble."

"Oh, cut it out." his stepsister retorted, giving him a playful little punch on the arm, "He'd have gotten on my case about the outfit any day now anyway; just as good that he got the aggressions out of his system now. I'll just have to give another conviction and it's settled."

"But that's not fair!" the youth insisted, "You were just trying to help me, nee-chan! I'll talk to Yuukijiji! I'll take the conviction instead of you! I mean, if I hadn't been such a sissy you wouldn't-"

"Nonsense." Hanako interrupted, "It's my conviction that's in question here and not yours; you know that. Besides..." she cast a glance at the bandaged hand, giving him a grin, "Do you really think that I'd let you go and overperform another conviction after that stunt? I doubt that he's going to make it anything disabling anyway; not right before the Chuunin exams."

Itsuki's eyes widened in realization, "Oh yeah, those started today!" he exclaimed, "But nee-chan, shouldn't you already be-?"

"I told you before: don't fret." the girl replied calmly, "Assembly isn't until ten."

"But..." Itsuki's eyes traveled to the clock hanging on the infirmary wall and her half-sister's followed suit, both of them contemplating what they saw in front of them:


"Oh, shiitake!" Hanako exclaimed, darting off the bed and into standing position in a split second, "Itsuki, I've got to run! Try not to do anything stupid and give that hand time to recover so you don't walk into the armament ceremony as a cripple, alright?" with that and a quick ruffle of the boy's hair, she was out of the door and running through the corridor, all the while trying to fit her forehead protector on.

"Good luck, nee-chan!"

The words just barely reached Hanako as she dashed down the hospital corridors, forcing a number of people to make evasion maneuvers, but a smile spread across her face nonetheless.

"Alright..." she mumbled for herself, transferring all available chakra into her feet as she slammed open the main doors of the hospital, leaping off the opposite wall so as to not loose valuable time on the turn, "From here to assembly in a bit less than three minutes, no problem...no problem at all."

"Out of the way!" Hanako hollered, "Future Chuunin coming through!"

December 13th, 2007, 5:29 PM
Dansei yawned, slipping on his SONAR sleeves. Time to go... he thought, walking towards his bedroom door. This is it... Finally, a Chunin. Hopefully.


After scarfing down an enormous portion of pancakes and bacon, Dansei walked out of the front door to his family's home. "Wish me luck," he said, waving behind him towards the rest of his family.

"Fight hard, son," the ninja's dad muttered, nodding solemnly.

A few seconds later, Dansei flickered out of view, reappearing on a roof top some fifty yards away, then breaking into a run towards the building in which the first stage of the exams. Once he got to the building, he sat down on the floor in the entrance hall, waiting for others to come.

Time to regain my sight, Dansei thought. Horse, Dragon, Boar... Dog! "Sight Rebirth Technique!"

A small blue shockwave of his own chakra emitted from Dansei as the ninja pushed the cloth up to his forehead, revealing his dark blue eyes. For now, any Genin who hadn't been in his class in the Ninja Academy wouldn't know he was blind, which would help him greatly for now.

December 13th, 2007, 5:49 PM
The sun was shining high in the beautiful Village Of Konoha.The early-morning birds chirrping.
In the northern side of Konoha a small house. In that house a kid, about 12 or 13 is sleeping.
His head on the floor he is sound asleep.

His mother came in woke him up."Keiko! Get your but up know and make this clan proud!" Keiko's mother grabbed him and through him out the window. Keiko quickly awoke and grabbed the wdge of the roof. "Hehe, 40 years old and you still have your skills. (5 mins. later) Okay Mom, Dad! I'm the future of this clan so I'm Becoming a Chunin!" He headed out the door and jumped to the top of the roof, quickly on his way he went at doublespped and got to the Exam Sign-Up Area and signed the paper. "Wonder where Souran and Shikamaru Sensei are? Wait is that Dansai? Hey Dansei over here, oh wait are you the jutsu to let you see?

Đ a r κ
December 13th, 2007, 7:18 PM
"Skiiiid!" Made the noise of Souran's sandals as he landed on the ground with a slant. None-the-less, he had finally made it to the chuunin exams building where he would finally become a higher leveled shinobi, one who is more respected. Though, of course once after becoming a chuunin, Souran would automatically want to become a jounin, an even more respected shinobi and I think you understand what would come next. Souran glanced around the front of the building before walking forward, not wanting to fall for any pranks to make the genin feel stupid. He did notice a trap near the side of the building including a net, some leaves and a rope connecting the net to a high branch of an evergreen tree.

"I don't think we all are that brainless. Honestly, what do they take us for...a couple of imbeci-" Souran was suddenly cut off by an odd sense of heat seeming to come from the building. It wasn't something that would come from a chuunin exam building...rather, a hot spring. That was when Souran placed his right hand over his face in disappointment. He shook his head, then removed his hand which masked his face. He looked around and noticed that he had actually ran further away from the exams building.

"Son-of-a-!" Souran was cut off yet again by another feeling he had obtained. Things just didn't seem right. He had gone in the exact same direction as he did when he left his home, how could things have just changed? It didn't add up. He looked around and suddenly noticed that the trap that had been once set, was gone without a trace. Then Souran finally understood.

"...Genjutsu." He mumbled to himself. He quickled slammed his hands together in the snake sign, storing his chakra. Second after second, he could feel his chakra strength increasing. Then he was ready. Souran suddenly released his chakra, full blast while keeping the hand sign strong. Within a minute, the building he saw disappeared, revealing the real one. Souran then thought to himself, "Looks like I just might be in for a little more than I thought." Souran noticed a bird in the tree tops and smirked just before using his body manipulation to control the blue jay. He forced it to sit upon his shoulder and fallow him to the sign in desk. Once he was finished, he glanced around at the others and noticed his fellow teammate: Keiko. Not wanting to leave him by himself, Souran walked over and greeted him.

"Yo Keiko, I'm surprised you got here before me. I guess Shikimaru-sensei is probably either waiting for us on the 3rd floor or sleeping somewhere...I choose the second thought but I could be wrong." Souran began, having no confidence in his sensei's arrival.

"I sure hope Fen gets here soon, I hear the first part of the exam includes writing. I'd like to get a good seat." Souran finished as he lifted his left hand to pet the blue jay on his right shoulder.

December 13th, 2007, 7:36 PM
a small shadow appeared in front of Souran and Keiko which grew larger and larger and larger until Fen was visible falling fast towards them. He blasted the ground with a large column of wind to soften his landing, sending high speed gusts roaring through the crowd and annoying the surrounding ninja. Fen landed gracefully and greeted his two team mates happily.

"Fashionably late as usual! HAH! Souran! Keiko! Sorry to keep you waiting. My mom blew my stuff into the street again....you guys ready for the exam?? i'm pretty pumped now that i'm actually awake... me and my fist are ready to take this all the way!" Fen said excitedly, holding his fist in front of him.

arrogant as usual, Fen scanned the crowd and gave an unimpressed smirk as he looked at the other ninja.

"None of these guys can stand up to the Dynamo" Fen said to his two team mates proudly. The chuunin exams had sparked an unusual excitement in him now that he was up and about.

"Have you seen any sign of Shikamaru sensei?" Fen questioned, finally looking around for their team leader. "Bleh... i swear... Shikamaru Sensei is lazier than any one i've ever met... i bet he forgot we had the exams today" Fen said angrily, acting like he hadn't just opted this morning to skip the exams and sleep instead.

Fen shifted his weight to one leg and crossed his arms, tapping his foot and wiggling his toes in the dirt. He scanned the still growing group of ninja around him one more time as he did so

"Maybe these guys look a bit tougher than i give credit for..." He said quietly as the number of participants continued to grow.

December 13th, 2007, 7:59 PM
Yumi had been very annoyed of the first 10 minutes that she had gotten there, not that she would show it. Though she had come early she hadn’t seen any of her teammates nor her sensei. She had gotten past all those lame tricks in the building and scoffed at them, most of them had been genjustu, so it was easy to get by. The advantages of getting there early was that you get to see who’s entering and to her amusement see them fall into the traps.

‘This is way too easy. If this is what they’re gonna be pulling in the exams then it’ll be a piece of cake.’ She thought to herself but she couldn’t underestimate this exam. She had heard rumors about the terrifying test they made the ninja go through and how a lot of these ninjas are on their 3rd or 4th try. That’s got to be worth something right? Some kind of hard test that’s what it is. Would it be a written test? Or endurance? She wouldn’t know until she got in but she was very curious. This exam was messing up her normally calm attitude.

Yumi had been dragged out of her thoughts when she saw one of her teammates enter through the door. ‘Dansei.’ She had looked at him for a brief moment before going back to her thoughts. ‘The rest of them better come. I won’t be able to get in if they don’t hurry up.’ A small frown appeared on her face as she leaned against the wall of the room. She had been excited for this, ruining it would come with dire consequences.

Scarlet Weather
December 13th, 2007, 8:55 PM
"You've got to be kidding. Just because I don't use genjutsu doesn't mean I'm not going to dispel one when I see it," Akane muttered as she slammed her hands together. "Kai!"

Slowly the false image of the exam building vanished, revealing the actual establishment. Casually adjusting the bangs that continued to droop in front of her eyes, the pint-sized kunoichi strode into the building. Honestly, only a rookie would have fallen for the genjutsu. Of course, the fact was that the only reason a non-genjutsu user like herself wasn't caught was the presence of a resident expert on her own squad, but this didn't slow Akane down for a moment. After all, avoiding a trap was avoiding a trap no matter how you did it. Satisfied, she slipped past a few more obvious rope traps hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly, a sound not unlike a bursting baloon filled the room. Akane turned just in time to see a child no more then ten years of age come hurtling towards her. She smiled at the precocious little tyke, intercepting his punch with one hand and easily flipping him over her right shoulder where his leg unfortunately triggered a rope trap which hoisted him up to the roof of the exam building. "No fair, nee-chan!" he shouted as he dangled, his short, dark hair stringing out below him. "You weren't supposed to find me!"

"Maybe you should try jumping at me when I'm asleep then," Akane teased her younger brother as she nonchalantly searched her pouch for a kunai, which she used to cut the rope.

Dropping to the ground with a thud, her brother picked himself up and reached into a supply pouch at his waist. Thrusting his hand into it, he proceeded to rummage about its depths for a moment before extracting a yellow box which he proceeded to hand to his older sister. "Oyaji told me to get this to you. Said it was for quick energy," he winked at his sister.

Akane rolled her eyes as she opened the box. Her father had an annoying habit of sending his daughter some sort of sweet right before a mission. It was nice, but occasionally embarassing. Instead of the expected sugary confection, however, Akane gawked at the contents of the box: a small jar filled with small, brown pellets. "Father sent me a hyorogan packet? It isn't as if they grow on trees. Where did he get them?" she wondered aloud.

The younger Yamato shook his head. "Dunno. Oyaji doesn't tell me anything," he complained. "He just said they'd come in handy during the exams."

Akane smiled as she proceeded to bend down and, against all rules pertaining to a shinobi showing emotions, squeezed her younger brother. "Arigatou Gozaimasu, Midori," she muttered in his ear. Straightening up, she muttered, "By the way... how did you get in?"

Midori grinned mischeviously. "I used that new jutsu that Iruka-sensei taught us. They thought I was a jounin and they let me in, and I turned into a rock while they weren't looking. Adults aren't so smart," he proudly proclaimed.

Akane frowned in mock severity at her younger brother as she chastised him, performing a fairly accurate imitation of her mother. "Young man, that was a foolish thing to do! If the jounin found you they might have thrown you out and you would have brought shame on your father and I! It's enough to break this woman's heart!" Giggling, she smacked her sibling's head lightly. "You'd better get going, seriously. You were lucky that you got in in the first place. If you stay here much longer, you're going to be in trouble."

Midori smirked as his hands formed a few rudimentary seals. "Gotcha, nee-chan. Henge!" A burst of smoke surrounding the impish boy before clearing to reveal a small dog with soulful eyes. With one last glance at his sister, he eagerly bolted away.

Akane smiled fondly as she entered the building. Her brother could be a pest, but at least he was her pest. It was then that she noticed a familiar face. "Yumi? You're here already? Where are Hanako and Tenten-sensei?" she inquired, striding towards her younger yet taller team mate.

EDIT: I feel like I didn't add enough about the Yamato clan's ability to store light in objects to Akane's style, so I switched out 'Long Shot' for 'Lights Out' in the jutsu page. Last time I'll do that without a plot reason, promise. Oh, and I've added an "important clan members" section to detail Akane's extended family, since the Yamato clan does have a subplot-ish thing.

Alter Ego
December 14th, 2007, 1:55 AM
OOC: Waaah! The big meanie ACC is copyyying me by adding a younger male sibling! >O<


Nah, J/K. Oh, and like...how much detail do you want on the clans? Because the Tamori family has a rather...unique internal justice system. So in case you're wondering about the 'conviction' business (which, incidentally, has nothing to do with conviction in the usual legal sense), I can add an explanation for that if need be. :3


Akane barely had time to pose her question before a frustrated cry rang through the hall outside.

"Shimatta! Shimatta! Shimatta! I don't have time for this! Dance of Budding!"

The unmistakable twang of numerous rope traps triggering in near unison was followed by the ominous sound of sharpened metal leaving its sheath in a hurry, soon replaced by a series of light and heavier thumps caused by the impact of shoe soles and falling rope respectively.

Make that a lot of falling rope.

Soon thereafter, Hanako sauntered into the exam room, hair disheveled and katana drawn. Noting the number of quizzical stares turned towards her, the kunoichi casually brushed her black locks back into a semi-orderly formation, causing a few remnants of the recent rope massacre to fall down on the floor beside her. Her forehead protector had been attached at a slight angle and she looked very much like what she was -- someone who had gotten there in a hurry.

Noting the continued stares, the teenager spoke up "I hope those weren't all the rope traps you had." she said with just a tinge of guilt in her voice, addressing the remark to the exam personnel in the room, "I would have stopped to disarm properly but I thought that would have been wasting too much time." as the attention of the crowd was slowly diverted again, she finally found the sense to slip her weapon back into its scabbard.

It didn't take Hanako long to find her team. They would be the first to get over the weirdness of what had just happened, and besides: there weren't many midget kunoichi about.

"Akane-chan, Yumi-chan, Dansei-kun, ohayou!" she called cheerfully, waving at the three Genin who would probably not have wanted to be associated with her at the moment as she sprinted over to them. Feeling the need to elaborate on the matter, she continued "Didn't mean to make you wait, but otouto-kun's rite of flowering was today. I just had to attend, Tamori clan duty. Gomennassai." she finished her excuse with a curt bow. That was the good part of being a member of the Tamori clan, she mused, you could always excuse yourself by citing clan duty because no-one outside the clan really had an idea of what the Tamori clan duty was. It was partly true, anyway: having family members attend the rite of flowering was tradition. The fact that Itsuki was only her stepbrother and that her attendance, therefore, was purely voluntary was just semantics. It was a public secret that Hanako always fussed over her younger sibling; public in the sense that anyone could tell just by looking at them, secret in the sense that Hanako would vehemently deny it when asked.

There were certain rules to how these sibling relationships worked.

"Anyway, I made it in time, right?" she cast a glance around the room, "Tenten-sensei hasn't arrived yet, has she?"

December 14th, 2007, 1:50 PM
"Fen I swear you are the weirdest ninja I have ever seen. Judging that your mom blew your
stuff into the street you most likely did not wanna get up to take the Exams today!" Keiko
ran up to the door and went in to see if Ibiki Morino, the Exam procter was there. He saw
three Chunin and a Jonin but no Ibiki.

Keiko walked back to Souran and Fen and asked "Jeez, this year I'm the youngest, this is the worst hour ever!
I just hope the Exam Procter gets here soon! Also I put a poll online for the Chunin Exams "What team is most
likely to win and we got in 2nd place out of everyone!"

Đ a r κ
December 14th, 2007, 2:52 PM
OOC: Sharpay, I don't think they have computers in the Naruto world xD Also, Alter Ego, It would'nt hurt to add that so I think you should.

IC: "Well, no matter how strong these other people may seem, I'll bet a good half of them will either fail...or quit." Souran stated as he took a quick glance at the fellow shinobi in the room.
Souran could feel the day ending soon so he turned to his teammates, suggesting that they head up to room 301 on the third floor already. He wanted to attack these exams head-on. Not waiting for the other two, Souran had already begun walking up the stairs. As he lifted foot after foot, he suddenly stopped, motionless. His facial expression was most likely expressing how shocked he was. He could not move a single mussel on his body.

"...Wha-what is this?!" He wondered as his head began to turn around as if it were being forced. Once his head was at the half-way point for a human's head to turn, Souran understood clearly now.

"Shikimaru-Sensei, I see you've finally arrived."

"What's the matter, think I was gunna bail on you guys? No, I'm not like that." Shikimaru exclaimed as he turned his head to all three genin and then finally releasing his shadow impersonation technique. "I just came to wish you three good luck though is all. You ready?"

Souran smirked evilly and answered, "Are we ready? Of course we are, we are going to pass these exams with flying colors...Anyway sensei, we have to get to the third floor so we can actually start this thing. So stop holding us up!" He finished before continuing up the stairs, ignoring the other ninja who had been nosy enough to eavesdrop on that little uproar. Souran gave each of them bad looks as if he would suddenly burst into punching them.

December 14th, 2007, 3:30 PM
Yumi turned her head to her now approaching teammate, Akane. Only 2 more to go. Though Yumi was beginning to doubt if her sensei was actually going to show up. She would normally be here by now. "Yumi? You're here already? Where are Hanako and Tenten-sensei?" She just shrugged in response to her teammates question and was about to ask about Tenten sensei until her attention was diverted to a girl in a cluster of ropes and trying to straighten herself back up. Yumi put her hand on her forehead to rub it upon realization that was her teammate and that her main headache had suddenly arrived.

"Hanako.." she grumbled under her breath, clearly annoyed at Hanako's behavior. Well it was nothing that much out of the ordinary and atleast she was there now.

After all you'd think should could get around the mediocre rope traps being set up. At least without attracting that much attention to yourself. After detangling herself from the ropes she ran back over to them and called their names, at an unreasonably loud volume I might add. Yumi visibly winced when her name was called but then tried to act more polite when she heard the reason she was late was because of clan duties. Still...Tenten sensei hasn't gotten there yet. Maybe they aren't supposed to show up, after all they're already chuunin and jounin. Besides they can't have the teachers holding their hands in this anyway.

She took another look around the room to see that more ninjas had arrived in the building. " Well we better get going." Yumi mumbled but it was still loud enough for her teammates to hear her. She made a move for where most of the other ninjas were in hopes of being able to blend in and still be able to observe closely. She wasn't about to wait for anyone. Not with the chuunin exams taking place.

Scarlet Weather
December 14th, 2007, 6:04 PM
Akane rolled her eyes as a particularly disheveled Hanako entered the room, hitae-aite conspicuously crooked. As the swordswoman shouted her greeting and explained her reason for lateness, Akane listened politely. "You're going to have to tell us a bit more about this clan duty," she replied as she stepped towards her team mate. "After all, we are friends, correct?" Okay, so technically they were more partners than friends. Akane knew that Yumi held a fair amount of annoyance in regards to Hanako, which was probably the by-product of throwing two shinobi with radically different ideas of what to do in battle together on the same team. Yumi was a spy, and as such relied completely on stealth. Hanako, on the other hand, took a much more direct route in confrontation of the enemy, choosing to go right for the throat with jutsu that were confrontational, to say the least. On the bright side, between the two of them there weren't many styles of attack that the team couldn't opt for. Of course, it helped that there were four members on the squad instead of the usual three. Akane shook herself from her momentary reverie. This was the chuunin exam! She had no time to sit around reminiscing about her partners!

Irritably brushing stray hair from her line of sight, she dashed to the middle of the group and nodded to Dansei, who was still sitting on the floor. Dansei, at least, was one male she could trust not to become smitten with her. After all, the beauty of a queen was lost on a blind man. Well, technically he could restore his sight momentarily, but he had never used it to admire Akane as far as she could tell. Or had he? Slowly, her hand began straying towards the kunai pouch. Maybe he had secretly planned upon joining this team because he had glimpsed her without her knowledge while he was training his bloodline! Maybe he was the one secretly stalking her in the night! Or maybe-

A hand clapped itself down on Akane's shoulder, interrupting her thoughts. "I thought we had established that you weren't going to be worried about Dansei?" the older woman asked.

"T-Tenten-sensei! When did you get here?" Akane asked, surprised.

"Just a minute ago. Now hurry to the third floor! We have an exam to take!" the jounin exclaimed before marching towards the stairway herself.

Akane groaned. Of course, Tenten-sensei was nowhere near being as driven as Rock Lee or Might Guy, Konoha's resident fitness nuts, but training with them as a genin had definitely rubbed off. Cracking her knuckles, she walked over to Hanako before they made progress up the steps. "So... your brother went through the rite of flowering? How did it go?" she asked conversationally before something struck her. "Wait. You have a brother?"

OOC: Yeah, slight add-on at the end there since I figured if the Tamori clan are so secretive about their traditions then they probably don't talk much about the rest of the clan. Plus, I couldn't resist. XD (If you'd like, Akane may have simply forgotten about Hanako's brother. After all, being as paranoid as she is means that details that don't directly affect her are usually forgotten.)

December 14th, 2007, 7:00 PM
Kaiko iggorded Souran as usual and ran up to the third floor. "Chunin Exam here I come!" Keiko opended the door and saw a
bunch of genin friends from the Acadamy. "So when do we get the exam started! Keiko took his seat and yelled to Soran
and Fen that he was already seated. Keiko thought he would pass some time and practice his kunai throwing at a
conveanlitly placed Akane balloon.

December 14th, 2007, 7:39 PM
((Ack. Just as a note, Imma really busy on everyday but Sunday, and will be until a week from now. So don't be surprised if I don't post very often. :xxxx))

Dansei shivered. Even though he had regained his sight, he still had his SONAR sleeves active. There was someone with a kunai in hand to his left. A woman, most likely. Don't want a fight like Rock Lee started with Sasuke... he thought, rotating his torso to face his would be attacker. After seeing it was just Tenten and Akane, he relaxed.

Then he realized that Akane was planning to attack him. Dansei looked at her, frowning. "Are you really that paranoid about having men obsess over you?" he asked as he stood up. "Let's get going, please... I'll see you after the exam is done, Tenten-sensei." He instantly focused his chakra with a Sheep hand seal, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Women. What a bore. If only Shikamaru was my sensei... We would definitely be able to relate.

December 14th, 2007, 10:20 PM
The shadow bind jutsu was released and Fen let moved his joints, as if some of them might not be working.

"man i hate Shikamaru sensei's jutsu... it drives me nuts when i can't move my own body." Fen said to Souran, frustrated while windmilling his arm around in the socket.

Fen walked casually beside Souran as Keiko ran ahead of them to grab his chair.

"Man, that kid... just has so much energy to waste doesn't he?" Fen said casually "He should put more of that energy into his fighting... throwing kunai around and yelling everywhere... he's gonna make every team hate us..." Fen said annoyed. He covered his face with the palm of his hand and shook his head embarrassed at Keiko's behavior. He stood quietly with Souran as they awaited the start of the exams. Fen scanned the group of genin every where, recognizing a lot of the genin from his class and some from last year's exam. The pressure of the exams was starting to dawn on him and the importance of it slowly settled in. He was beginning to take the exams more serious from this point on.

Alter Ego
December 15th, 2007, 5:44 AM
OOC: Awwright...an explanation for the conviction system has been added. Like I said, it's not exactly a family picnic type thing. xD

And actually, the Tamori clan aren't really secretive about their family members. Anything that isn't a strictly internal matter is free game for conversation, and knowing Hanako she would probably have no trouble chattering about it if asked. She'd just sort of skip away from anything that would breach family secrecy stature, sort of in the same manner as she's doing it now. :3


All things considered, the reactions had been pretty expected. Yume, as usual, was displeased. It had pretty much been that way since day one: that girl always seemed to have an issue with something Hanako was doing. When the young swordswoman wasn't annoying her silent teammate by constantly sparring with thin air or whatever handy environmental object was within reach, she was apparently either saying or doing the wrong thing or just being 'too loud'. She honestly didn't understand her. Sure, girls like that were appreciated in the rookie class where they kept quiet and actually focused on making their little flower arrangements instead of sending the flower petals flying against the vase for target practice, but she just couldn't picture anyone making a successful career if they threw a hissy fit over conversation volumes. Dansei, as usual, gave no response to her greeting. He was, if possible, even more of a recluse than Yume and Hanako couldn't recall him ever speaking to her beyond what was absolutely necessary for practical reasons. As such, she always made a point of loudly greeting him at every opportunity. Some time, some day, he would have to give in to annoyance and give a response. Then again, she reasoned for herself, Dansei may just have been reluctant to speak with girls...given the way Akane had welcomed him to the team, Hanako really couldn't fault him for that. Yes, Akane...out of the three Genin she had been teamed up with, the short-tempered and equally short-statured brunette was actually the one she was on best terms with. Sure, the paranoia was a bit tiresome at times, but at least Akane spoke her mind, unlike the other two, who seemed to have made a life's ambition of bottling everything up inside of them. Predictably, she was the only one who had given a proper reply:

"Well, since you put it that way, Akane-chan..." Hanako responded to her teammate's question, putting on the face of one who was deciding for something she knew she really shouldn't, "...I suppose I could tell you a little bit, in complete confidence, of course." leaning closer to the compact-edition shinobi -- an act which essentially meant that she had to crouch -- her voice dropping to a conspiratory whisper, "You see, we have this rule...never discuss the duty with non-clan members. But don't tell anyone I told you that, alright?"

She gave her a wink, extending to her full height again, "In all seriousness, Akane-chan, it's not anything that interesting. Just a set of rules, really. Respect your elders, dress with dignity, set a good example for younger children, look after your family..." she absent-mindedly counted off the points on her fingers, "There's about three hundred more where that came from, not counting special cases, d'ya really want to hear them all? Because, I'm going to run out of fingers here."

Akane's attention, it seemed, had already been diverted. The movement towards her kunai pouch was stealthy, but it was such a common sight that anyone from team 11 who was within visual -- or, in the case of Dansei, tactile -- range would have noticed it. With a tired little sigh, she scanned the vicinity for the poor bastard who had looked, acted, breathed, or just plain existed the wrong way this time. You learned to spot them after you had been around Akane for a while, if not from their manner then at least by the oh-so-discreet glares that the brunette kept casting at them, and it didn't take long to find the target this time.



Hanako rolled her eyes. Hadn't Tenten-sensei already impressed the point that being blind made peeping a very unlikely hobby? The girl made a routined move to intercept her teammate's attack, only to find that she had already been beaten to it by a hand, which -- she was sure -- hadn't been there a moment ago. A quick investigation also confirmed the owner of said appendage.

"Tenten-sensei, when did you-?" the girl began in near-perfect unison with Akane, but the Jounin waved off both questions, insisting that they hurry to the exam room. A grimace of fondness and exasperation briefly decorated Hanako's face. Even though she had -- by all counts -- been the most level-headed genin of her own team, their sensei was a bit...unusual. But as far as Hanako was concerned, it was definitely unusual in a good way. As such, her response was nothing short of cheerful once she had gotten past the shock.

"Hai, Tenten-sensei!"

Oh yes, she had definitely gotten herself another round of weird looks for that one. Hanako honestly couldn't understand her teammates' issue with fast-paced movement; a healthy body made for a healthy mind, after all. Then again, she couldn't understand how you could interpret 'Plain pork ramen, medium size' as a romantic advance either. It was probably just another girl thing. There seemed to be a lot of those, girl things, and Hanako had always been vaguely annoyed that she had somehow been left out of whatever peculiar ceremony they had been laid down in. Odds are that she had been busy with sword practice.

The young swordswoman was snapped out of her musings as the subject of said musings suddenly addressed her. Hanako, who had been walking in stride with Tenten right from the get-go, was slightly surprised. It was partly because Akane had -- from her perspective -- practically popped out of nowhere, but mostly because she talked like Tamori family rituals were something she actually knew about.

"Wait. You have a brother?"

Well, so much for knowing what she was talking about. Hanako couldn't help a good-natured chuckle, "Stepbrother, actually." she corrected her, "But I'm a nee-chan to Itsuki all the same. Anyway, he passed the rite, slipped with the kunai and almost sliced his hand in half, idiot that he is, but passed. Had to take him to the hospital, though. But...everything worked out alright in the end, thanks for asking." the teenager paused, realizing that this was getting just a tad to emotional for her tastes and deciding to twist the topic a bit, "Why the sudden interest, though? You're not interested in my little brother, are you?" she gave Akane a playful poke in the side, knowing full well that this insinuation would probably cause set the temperamental genin's short fuse ablaze, "And here I thought you were busy fending off all your admirers..."

December 15th, 2007, 6:59 AM
Dansei appeared in a seat right by the Akane balloon just as Kaiko had launched a kunai at it. He instantly ducked, and the projectile soared past his head. He glared at Kaiko, almost considering sending a fire jutsu his way. He decided against it and looked at proctor down at the front of the room.

Hm... Glaring feels good.

December 15th, 2007, 7:45 AM
Yumi had been all to fast in trying to get to the exams on time and didn't even wait for her sensei to show up. Or maybe she just wanted to get away from all the noise going on in the halls, she didn't know. It could've been both but that wasn't the point. She had taken a seat that was close to her team but not so close. She was on the same row but was 3 seats down from them. No one was occupying those seats and there were a lot of genin on the other side of her so it didn't look like she was on their team at all. She could've moved if she wanted to, but she just didn't feel like it. Lazy as it may sound it's true, being around too much noise bothered her but the noise coming from the other genin there wasn't much of a tea party either. From the looks of the room and how they were sitting it seemed like they were going to have some kind of test. On the outside Yumi's face stayed as expressionless as ever but on the inside she was smirking to herself, which is something she found that she did very often. If it's a test of smarts then Yumi would surely win seeing how she was one of the best females in her class which is actually kind of sad since she's the youngest one in her team. But then a sudden thought made her cringe.

'What about everyone else?' she thought as her hand shifted from her chin down to the table. She had been with them in their academy days and had seen what they had done. 'Dansei could probably get by this test, and she was sure that if Akane set her mind to it she'd pass the test but what about Hanako?' Yumi had never really thought about her teammates as much as she did now and it was starting to bother her. She had pretty much considered Hanako not to be all that smart. What if they don't let the rest of them go through because Hanako didn't pass? Yumi doesn't have much of a temper but when she got angry it was a sight to see. During their training lessons she might accidentally snap someone's arm and she didn't want to do that.. She fought with herself for a minute about what to do sighed, got up and took a seat next to Dansei. She was pretty sure that she got along with him the best and as far as she knew he was on good terms with her as well.

'I could be wrong considering how might not like girls because of Akane's constant pestering.' Still, she had been pretty much nice to him and had always picked him for a sparring partner. Yumi may have even heard him speak a sentence or two but that was irrelevant. Teamwork was the key to any situation and she felt they would need a lot of it. She prepared herself for the worst.

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December 15th, 2007, 10:06 AM
"The First Exam: The Written Test"

Glancing up toward the dusty, stone colored sealing covered by lines which made the formation of large squares, Souran made sure that no traps had been set. He took a good minute to examen the room along with the large population of genin. Some had taken a seet, most were sitting on top of desks and others just stood. There had been many familiar faces from when he was in the Konoha Ninja Academy. It almost seemed as though he had just received his Leaf Village head protector yesterday. Souran took notice as to where his teammates had sat. He would have liked to sit down, but a large half of the seats where already stolen, so he decided to just stand next to the others. Souran could tell that their were some ninja coming from other countries, but the one that surprised Souran the most was; the Sound village was being allowed to take part this year. Then he took a look around, noticing chuunin and jounin sitting in their own special chairs. Souran then figured that if they have all these ninja, the sound wouldn't think of attacking, not even this early either. Souran also thought to himself that perhaps they were ninja who didn't follow under Orochimaru's command, though it is quite unlikely.

As minutes past without the sign of the examiner for the test, Souran's legs began to weaken, causing him to move around more and shake his legs slightly. It wasn't long until he finally had enough and asked a genin from the Hidden Grass Village to allow Souran to sit in his seat.

"Hey, mind if I snag that seat from you, my legs are getting kinda tired." Souran asked, smiling, knowing that he'd finally be able to sit somewhere, but that smile was suddenly murdered as the genin gave his answer that Souran would make sure he'd regret speaking.

"Feh, no deal. I'm not giving my seat to someone who can't even stand for less than an hour." He answered as he smirked to his team. Souran's eyes became as dark as the night at that moment. He swung his hand to the back of the seat, grabbing the tip of the back end of the seat. He lifted the wooden chair, emptying it of the grass shinobi, causing him to fall flat on his butt. The other genin who witnessed this event broke out in laughter as the fool fell to the floor. The sudden humiliation caused the grass genin to become quite angry. So angry that he took Souran by the collar of his shirt and lifted him off the ground, revealing how tall and strong he was. The genin then threatened Souran.

"Think your tough don't ya. Well I'm about to show you what it really means!" He stated as he pulled his arm back, clenching his right fist and flinging it toward a smirking Souran. Just before the grass shinobi's fist collided against Souran's face, he stopped, unable to move. He let Souran loose of his tight grip. Souran leaned his head toward the blue jay who still sat upon his shoulder just before he forced it to sit on top of the other genin's head. The bird then grasped his hair with it's talons and pulled them by flying upward. This caused no damage to Souran, for the damage was being done to the head area, a spot that could not hurt Souran if done to the opponent. Souran released his body manipulation that he had used on the grass kid and took his seat just before speaking; "And if you refuse to do as I say again, it'll be even wors-"

"That will be enough!" Roared the examiner who seemed to have just showed up. He had multiple scars along his face, and he didn't seem the least bit like a push-over, but more like a torturer. His headband, more like a bandanna, revealed that he was from the leaf village. Before Souran could do anything the toughly built shinobi spoke yet again.

"I'll say this once and only once, so listen up." He began, silently, "During these exams, you may NOT commence into battle with another shinobi unless authorized by your examiner. Though, if you are given permission, you are not allowed to kill your opponent, and if your do not abide by these rules...I will fail you immediately...Understood!? Now line up and take one of these cards I hold in my hand. each have a number, that is where you shall sit. Then we shall hand out the papers for the written exam." Ibiki Morino, the examiner stated in his final speach. The shinobi in the room then commenced with taking cards revealing where they shall sit. Once Souran appeared in front of Ibiki, he was given an evil expression. Souran just looked away and then to his card which read 7. Once Souran found his seat, he sat and waited for his paper.

"This may be a bit more difficult than I thought..." Souran sighed.

December 15th, 2007, 10:10 AM
"Hello, Yumi," Dansei said, breaking his death-gaze on Kaiko. Now he focused on Yumi's face, trying to read her expressions. She seemed fairly confident about the first portion of the exam -- the written test. How she was feeling about the rest of it... He couldn't tell. "I've heard some things about this from Tenten-sensei. She told me to not worry too much. I would assume the same goes for you."

He looked around the room again, his deep blue eyes scanning every ninja's face. "Is Hanako coming?" he asked after a few minutes. "She isn't here yet. And if she doesn't make it, none of us will be able to pass this year."

Then Ibiki came into the room. "Time to get this started," Dansei muttered. He stood up and walked to the front, recieving a card with the number 15 on it. He quietly took his seat and started thinking of any possible questions that might be on the exam. Not to his surprise, he was able to answer every question he could come up with that had to deal with common Genin knowledge.

Let's get this over with.

December 15th, 2007, 11:10 AM
"Way to go Souran...causing such a commotion against a small fry like that... and he's one of the ones always yelling ME for always making such a commotion...I've been a good boy today comparatively..." Fen said, sighing to himself as he walked through the exam room.

Fen yawned loudly and grabbed his sheet of paper with his exam number. He turned around and walked a few steps and looked over the seats, observing the arrangement. Everyone was gathering around and had been grouped fairly close together. Fen finally looked at his exam number.

"Hm... so Souran got 7... i wonder which number i got..... WHAT?! 57?! i couldn't possibly BE any farther... if we want to work together during this first part, it might be a little tough. But the others will know what to do..." Fen said smiling as he took his seat all the way in the back corner of the room. The desk almost appeared to have a dark cloud looming over it. He sat in the corner and put his head down. Why did he have to pick the seat all the way in the corner... He looked up and it seemed to be a 2 desk barrier in every direction around him with no one in the desk. He began imagining everyone in the front group of people with party hats and throwing confetti.

"...they're having a party... up there.... and i'm... back here...." Fen said in a half delusional state as he stared with blank eyes at the group up front.

"what kind kind of test was thing going to be anyway..." Fen pulled a pencil from the side of the desk and began chewing on it, deep in thought. "Last year it was a chumpy team question that any shinobi with some sense would pass... but i imagine he'll change that this year... hm..." Fen chewed on the pencil some more then resumed his depressed slump as he watched the "party" in the front of the room.

Scarlet Weather
December 15th, 2007, 12:28 PM
OOC: AE is teh evilorz. How dare you make Akane lose her temper again? >.< (xD) Oh... and how could Akane not know about the rite of flowering? Hanako mentioned it during her last post. Sharpay, why would an Akane baloon be at the chuunin exam? I mean, that makes no sense whatsoever. She isn't remotely famous enough to have a balloon with her face one it. 0_o

Akane smiled as Hanako proceeded to rattle off a quick list of the Tamori clan's duties as well as a report on her stepbrother. If nothing else, Hanako was trustworthy if you weren't trying to keep something a secret. Yumi was a bit too sneaky for Akane's taste. As for Dansei, he was much too quiet. In Akane's opinion, the quiet one was always the most dangerous. It didn't help that the shinobi in question was of the opposite sex. Hanako definitely spoke her mind, and certainly didn't entertain any sort of romantic interest pertaining to Akane. However, just as Akane finished affirming these complimentary thoughts, Hanako proceeded to launch what was probably intended as a well-meaning rib. The teasing succeeded only in awakening a ferocity in Akane that no sane living being would intentionally disturb under any other circumstance. A primeval roar bellowed in the kunoichi's soul but no sound escaped her lips as she moved the wrist just out of Hanako's line of sight slightly, reaching into her sleeve to remove a four-pointed shuriken. With a flick of her wrist, she allowed the small weapon to bury itself in a nearby wall. "Insinuate anything about me and any other member of the opposite sex again and you will die, Hanako-chan," she growled. "I'll forgive you just this once because I know you were joking, but if I hear you say anything of that nature again it will mean war between us." Her statement thus finished, Akane realized that they had reached the exam room door. She paused for a moment before entering and dispensed one last comment to Hanako. "Please understand, Hanako-chan, that my dealings with members of that dreadful race known as men are strictly private affairs."

As the group entered the room, Akane caught the last few snatches of Ibiki's speech. So the exam is the same as last year? Good to know. Sprinting forward, she accepted her card. To her chagrin, however, the poor chunin handing out the exam cards made the main mistake one could possibly make while in the presence of any member of the Yamato clan. "Aren't you a bit young to be a genin?" he asked innocently.

Akane resisted the urge to drive a kunai through the unsuspecting dolt's foot. Gritting her teeth, she quickly riposted. "Since when have sixteen year olds been kept in the Academy?" Without giving the man time to formulate a response she turned on her heel and stalked away, intentionally stamping on his foot in the process.

The unfortunate target of Akane's wrath stared at her incredulously. "Did she just-"

"Don't worry about it. Her temper will get her into trouble, if not during this exam then the next," Ibiki replied calmly, maintaining his composure.

Alter Ego
December 15th, 2007, 1:56 PM
OOC: How could I resist having her lose her temper? ;D

Anyway, it's not about knowing the name of the rite. It's the whole "how did it go" thing, suggesting that she knows that there's some way for that rite to go. It's just Hanako's interpretation of the words anyway. x3

Oh, and since I had a technique slot free and just came up with this neat little number, I've added the Amatsu Hananoka technique to Hanako's arsenal. I know it's sort of past the last minute, but I hope it's alright. Ish technically a partial dance of blossoms. :3


Hanako was not overly surprised or intimidated by the shuriken toss. Akane was always tossing sharp objects about, and Hanako had grown used to interposing them in the interest of not losing a team member to murder charges. No projectile of the brunette's would get through her forest's skin technique. Still, she had no desire to push her luck with the pocket-edition shinobi whom, in spite of the temper flares, she did regard as something of a friend. The fact that she had let her off with a warning without declaring permanent war suggested that the feeling was, at least partially, mutual, and so the girl restrained the inevitable question about how she dealt with her father or how she thought she been born in the first place from getting voiced.

Instead, the girl put on her usual friendly grin, "Alright, alright, Akane-chan." she replied, "You don't ask me to reveal the rites and I won't ask you about the boys, alright?" the teenager winked, sauntering into the exam room after her short-tempered comrade, who was currently busy tormenting the person in charge of handing out seat numbers. The examiner looked vaguely familiar, and as she got a better look at the scarred man, Hanako finally grasped the name. Ibiki Morino, interrogation specialist. He had been around in the clan complex once, to request the use of the Sennen Aganai, though she had immediately been ushered into another room by her mother when that subject came up. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion as she accepted her own seat number from the examiner, who -- wisened by his encounter with Akane and a quick glance at the casual way Hanako's hand rested on the hilt of her blade -- took great care to address her respectfully. Why would an interrogation specialist be handling a written exam?

This question remained at the back of Hanako's mind as she took her seat at the right-hand side of the class, right behind a male sound genin whose long, gray trench coat reached all the way to his shaded eyes. He seemed wrapped in concentration, betraying no side of noticing the newcomer, even as something in his manner suggested the opposite. The girl's attention was quickly drawn back to the choice of examiner, though. Even though the test hadn't even begun yet, she had a distinct feeling that it was more than just the information content of their heads that was at test her. Well, Hanako decided for herself, confidently locking her eyes with the examiner's and oh-so-discreetly flashing the scar from the first conviction his way, though he predictably enough betrayed no sign of noticing. She was a member of the Tamori clan, a member with quite a bit of misdemeanors to her name. If he thought that he was going to psyche her out, he had another thing coming. In fact, the prospect of a battle of wills was invigorating. Hanako had expected a dull session of pencil scratching where the greatest threat was a papercut, but if Morino-sensei was planning to apply his skills, this might actually turn out interesting.

Drumming her fingers against the desk in front of her, Hanako sought eye contact with each of her scattered teammates in turn, giving them a confident grin each to assure them that she had no worries about passing this exam.

December 15th, 2007, 4:51 PM
Dansei, having been scanning the room repeatedly, finally caught sight of Hanako and made eye contact with her. "Good luck," he mouthed, relieved she and Akane had both made it here. Well, not so much about Akane, due to the fact that she had attempted to assault him and was absolutely disrespectful to the ninja up front. Dansei shrugged and touched his fingertips together to form a circle, his pinky fingers touching his abdominal area -- a habit he had picked up from watching Shikamaru. He needed to think. His vision was failing already, and his chakra levels were low. In a little less than a minute, he would go back to being blind.

Come on... I need to take this now!

December 15th, 2007, 7:25 PM
Yumi was about to respond to the question but thought against it and gave a nod in response. If he didn't know where Hanako was then he was pretty lucky according to her. She started getting bored and sighed occasionally. The other guy making trouble in the room wasn't enough excitement for her. She just wanted the stupid test to start already. Her wish was granted once the examiner started speaking. He looked kind of creepy to her though. After listening to his speech Yumi stood up to recieve her number. Getting this over with quicker would bring her one step closer to the exam.

'So my number is 12 huh?' A bit too far from her teammates if you asked her. But then again you can't hold your teammates hands either. 'Oh well you guys better pass without me.' she thought as she walked over to her seat completely ignoring those who were sitting next to her and everything else. Yumi was completely confident in the fact that she would pass this test, after all she had information on most of the ninja in the village. She recongized him from one of the files and if his profile was any indication then she would know what's coming. Besides, it's not like she couldn't pass the test anyway. Yumi was confident in her academic skills and thought nothing of it when the examiner was trying to look intimidating. 'Trust me, I've seen worse.'

December 16th, 2007, 4:55 AM
OOC: Aww.. man i should have picked a better fake kekegenkai so it would help on the test >.<

Keiko sighed. "Souran do you always have to start a commotion when you don't get your way?" Keiko took a card from Ibiki and looked at it." So... I got seat 13. Six down from Souran. 10..11..12..13, here we go". Keiko took his seat, got out a pencil and waited."I wonder if our team will make it to part 2 of the exam this year?"Keiko took a look at his ninja tools while he waited for the test to start. "24 kunai, 12 shuriken, 34 feet of wire, 5 paper bombs and a light bomb.

December 16th, 2007, 8:04 AM
Dansei sighed. "Dispel," he whispered, not wanting to waste anymore chakra. He was blind again -- and because this was a written test, he would be unable to do anything. He simply hoped that he could regenerate chakra fast enough to be able to use his Sight Rebirth Technique again.

Hopefully I can get enough chakra to use it in about an hour... They should give us about that much time to get this test done.

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December 17th, 2007, 7:17 PM
As the day slowly ticked away, the higher ranked shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village began to pass out papers to all the genin sitting at their desks. Almost all of them shared an evil glare, trying to intimidate the lower ranked ninja. Once the papers were past out along with pencils, Ibiki began to explain the written test that the room full of genin would soon take. He walked forward to the very front of the room and spoke up.

"There are some rules that follow along with this test and I shall explain them, so listen carefully. Rule one; Each of you start off with ten points from the get-go. Each question on this test is worth a single point...there are ten questions as well. For each question you get wrong, a point will be deducted. Second rule; The pass or fail decision will be determined by your teams added points together. Rule number three; If a fellow examiner decides that you have cheated or have done something of the similar crime, you will lose two points each time you are caught. Meaning some of you may be gone before getting your test even graded. Though, if a single person obtains a zero, the entire team fails. The final question will be given after forty-five minutes have past since the test begins. You have but an hour...begin!" Ibiki yelled just as the clock seemed most fitting to him, commencing the start of the written test.

"Sheesh, talk about antagonizing. Well, better get started on this-!" Souran stopped once he took one glance at the first question on the paper. He was astonished that they would expect a mere genin to know what they were asking.

"You've got to be kidding me! If a shuriken is thrown at a distance of ten feet, will it hit the target traveling one mile an hour?! That doesn't even make sense what-so-ever!" Souran stressed in his head, trying not to break out into an outburst. He took a look around, seeing how the competition was doing. He noticed that many others were as stressed as he was, but only a few were writing. Then out of the silence came the sound of a chuunin yelling, "Number twenty-two, fail!...Eriki Kuzo and Yuzu Trino fail as well!" Souran sighed, glad that it wasn't his teammates being caught.

"Well, I guess that's one team we wont be worrying about...that's a bit odd. Why do they make being caught cheating seem more worse than getting an answer wrong? What if...are we supposed to cheat? Well, even if it isn't the right thing to do, it's the only thing I can do if I want any chance in passing this test without getting a zero and automatically failing the whole team." Souran decided just before forming his hands into a sign, then taping his left eye, closing it and holding his index finger there, then whispering; "Eye transfer jutsu." a technique he has been practicing for a while now which enabled him to transfer his eye with the one of a victim of his body transfer, and with the blue jay still atop his shoulder, successfully made the transfer.

"With a birds eye, this should make spying a lot." Souran finished, before using the bird's eye to view a random genin's paper who had answered the questions. Souran then gained a smirk and he began to think to himself; "This may be simpler than I thought. The difficult part will be performing the body transfer along with eye transfer with Keiko and Fen, plus, since I haven't fully understood the eye transfer, anything could happen."

December 17th, 2007, 7:50 PM
OOC: AHH Re:Mix! number fifty-seven is me! rofl.

Fen watched the rest of the class bored. These questions were way beyond his thought spectrum. He looked around the class and watched everyone feverishly writing and thinking. Fen felt no pressure at not knowing the answers though. He looked around the room patiently watching the exam proctors writing feverishly.

"Number 26, FAIL.... number 38 FAIL" The numbers seemed to be getting faster... and Fen hadn't even wrote down a single thing. he scanned the room for his team mates spotting Keiko and Souran across the room.

"Hm... Keiko... hasn't written anything yet... he looks completely dumfounded. I expected that, so its all up to Souran for information gathering..." Fen's gaze shifted to Souran who was writing quickly. "hm.... so Souran has the answers... he does have that one jutsu... maybe if i cause enough of a distraction, he can pull the jutsu off and give me the answers.... Its worth a shot, i hope he realizes what i'm doing. Fen thought to himself.

He leaned back in his chair and looked to the ceiling, chewing on his pencil. Suddenly his chair slipped out from underneath him and he fell to the ground with a loud thud. A kunai fell from his pouch and went sliding to an empty corner of the room. It slowed to a stop and settled. Fen stood up quietly and and returned to his seat in its normal position and leaned over his test and pretended to write. He reached up to his head and scratched his head and as his hand came down, he made two quick hand signs and whispered to himself.

"Wind style.... Sonicboom..."

The kunai in the corner of the room made a small explosion of wind that sounded like a gunshot and blew papers around the room and sent everyone astir. Fen received death glares from the other genin and the proctors on the sides of the room.

"SORRY! sorry... sorry... the kunai has an impact timer.. set for a delayed explosion after contact..." Fen said, fake apologizing to the other genin and proctors, of course lying to them. But they would never know since it was a jutsu of Fen's own creation. Fen returned to fake writing, hoping that Souran knew to take advantage of the situation. Distractions and going overboard... Fen's specialty. Souran should know the que

"Come on Souran...its up to you to have used that time to set up your jutsu without anyone seeing..."

Alter Ego
December 18th, 2007, 4:29 AM
Hanako couldn't help being slightly amused by the way the shinobi handing over her exam paper looked. He was going for the stern man of discipline look, but next to the mental image of Yuukijiji's stern face, it looked almost comical, like watching a mouse roar, and Hanako had to cover her mouth to prevent the laughter from spilling out. Needless to say, this invoked another score of weird stares, not least from the assistant who's stern demeanor didn't quite reach the same level as he proceeded to hand out the remainder of his paper stack.

Oh yeah, Hanako was on a weirdness roll today.

Stifling the last of the laughter, the kunoichi finally turned to her exam paper. She wasn't worried. After all, how hard could this possibly...be?

"You've got to be ribbing me." she hissed, staring in disbelief at question number three, 'If a shuriken travels at a speed of 16 m/s at an angle of 28 degrees to the ground on a rainy day, what is its mass? Give you answer to the nearest gram.'. A quick scan of the questions revealed that none were the simpler. In fact, it was almost the opposite.

Hanako groaned. Sure, she may have skipped out on a few theory classes. Okay, quite many theory classes, but she had never even heard of determining a weapon's mass by velocity and weather conditions alone. Didn't velocity depend on the person throwing it too? This was bad, this was very bad. Biting the wooden end of her pencil in concentration, Hanako shut her eyes in an attempt to focus on what she had been taught about projectile weapons. Much to her annoyance, it was getting increasingly harder to do so. The girl might not have been hyper-sensitive like Yumi, but neither was she stone deaf, and with all of the commotion breaking out in the exam room that was pretty much what you needed to be in order to not be annoyed by the noise. People were getting disqualified left and right, frustrated groans, complaints and explanations resounded across the classroom and were effectively punctuated by a resounding blast, created by a genin with weird, green hair whom Hanako vaguely recalled sitting next to back at the academy. She hadn't really talked to him, though, not beyond the usual chatter she kept around herself, and as such she had no name to associate with the face. The girl shook her head, fully intent to return to her paper when the obvious realization suddenly struck her.

These weren't any accidents everyone was apologizing for. They were cheating! A quick sweeping glance across the room confirmed her suspicions: it was everywhere, genjutsu and ninjutsu galore, even bloodline abilities; all applied for the sole purpose of peeking at the nearest paper. It was a royal cheatathon. So Hanako wasn't the only one struggling with the paper, then. But...if everyone was copying everyone else...no, that couldn't be right. Someone had to actually write something of their own, but...who? It was a tad too late for observation now. Pencils were scratching against paper everywhere, and there was no telling whether anyone had copied right. So, she'd just have to chance it then, but...who to copy?

Hanako bit her lip. This type of sneaky skull drudgery had never been her thing. It was just so...tedious to stalk an answer for hours at an end when you could just ask. But that wasn't the point here, was it? They liked their Chuunin sneaky. It was obvious. Surely, the numerous instances of cheating which even Hanako had spotted wouldn't have escaped each and every one of these shinobi? No, of course they hadn't, they were just weeding out the klutzes from the little Yumis in the crowd, and Hanako would be damned if she let that little hissy upstage her.

Shutting her eyes, the young swordswoman attempted to focus. Peeking over someone's shoulder obviously wouldn't do, she needed a plan, but the constant noise around her was making it a real chore. Was this the reason that Yumi kept getting annoyed at loud conversation? One noise in particular was being obnoxious, a steady scratching followed by a rhythmic tapping.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Okay, so both her dances were obviously out the question. The Forest's Skin was a defensive technique, so that was no good either, and Petal Blade was hardly an ideal diversion. So that left...Hanako gave an inward cringe, the Amatsu Hananoka. Yes, that was both unexpected and sneaky, but at the same time it was so...Yumi, odds were that that had been her main reason for always disliking the technique. Still, she reminded herself, Yuminess was what was called for if she wanted to pass this test, and -- a quick glance at the clock revealed -- she needed to pass fast. With only twenty minutes to go before the final question came around, she'd have to hustle if she wanted to get the answers written down in time. So she had her diversion and she had what she thought was a decent method for taking advantage of it, that only left the target...

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Annoyed, Hanako finally tore her gaze away from the paper, soon localizing the source of the nuisance. It was the sound nin sitting in front of her. His expression was just as unreadable as ever, but his right index finger kept tapping against the wooden desk with alternating intervals, while his hand...Hanako's eyes widened, the sound nin was writing at a rapid pace without even glancing at his paper, and a quick sweep of the area revealed that two others donning the sound emblem were doing the same. In fact, their movements seemed almost...synchronized. It was then that the realization struck her.

'Morse code!' Hanako had to constrain herself not to shout the word out loud. The sound nin were communicating in morse code, though it seemed to be a different set of patterns than the regular. No doubt they had some kind of trick to keep the din of the classroom from disrupting them. The guy with the shades was somehow copying the answers off someone else (Hanako would not have put it past him to recognize it by the sound of the pencil movements) and passing them onto his teammates, and by the looks of it...he was done.

Oh yes, target ready to go.

"Shimatta! This makes no sense!"

Several heads turned turned as Hanako let out a scream almost as loud and terrifying as that of a dying animal, her face buried in the test paper as her right hand pounded the desk in frustration, a few faked tears running down her cheeks and onto the desk amidst a soft chanting of curses, followed by a dramatic finale in which she grabbed the flower from behind her ear and tossed it feebly forward. A number of glances ranging from annoyed and scornful to sympathetic acknowledged her and then duly dismissed her, a few of the examination shinobi exchanging knowing glances. Yep, even the cocky ones crumbled in time. Soon enough, everyone had turned back to their business, thinking that there was at least one team that would be failed for sure.

They should have paid a bit more attention to what the other hand was doing under the desk.

"Tamori style, Amatsu Hananoka."

The kunoichi's voice was barely a whisper, and the only one in her vicinity with hearing sharp enough to discern it had failed to take the flower that had landed on his desk into account before it was too late. Though his expression remained as unreadable as ever, the sound nin's pose slouched ever so slightly as the genjutsu ensnared him. Hanako grinned at the desk, step one had been successfully completed. Now there was only one thing to do...pressing her scabbard against the bottom of the desk, the young swordswoman performed two additional hand seals.

"Tamori style, Branch Shackle."

The faint creaking that the snake-like branches made as they crawled across the surface of the wood was covered by a series of theatric sobs as the tendrils snaked their way across the floor and up the bottom end of the desk in front, smoothly interchanging the Sound Genin's paper with Hanako's empty one before retracting towards their owner. This took chakra control far greater than what the teenager was used to, and the lack of clear sight contact was a bother, but she was pleased to find that -- even though the branch was on the verge of loosing its grip around the paper at one point -- she managed to haul the paper within reach, discreetly slipping it beneath herself, after which she made a show of steadying herself, wiping away the fake tears and even blowing her nose for good measure.

"Kaijo." with that simple command, the branches dutifully slithered back inside the scabbard while Hanako observed her prize. Yep, it was all there, every last answer. All she had to do was rewrite this in her own handwriting and she was home free!

The need to play the role of the sobbing, stressed out Genin-to-fail was the only thing that kept her expression straight as the Sound nin slowly recovered from the illusion and took a look at the paper in front of him. Oh, that had been a mean trick to pull, but that was part of skull drudgery too, wasn't it? Grasping her pencil with newfound vigor, Hanako quickly began erasing the answer to the first question she had memorized. If her team would fail, it certainly wouldn't be because of her.

'In your face, Yumi-chan!'

December 18th, 2007, 10:52 AM
OoC: hey! keiko is not that dumb he could at least figure out the first question

Keiko tapped his pencil a few times."This should be easy... maybe?" Keiko looked at the first question. "Okay if I only awnser the last, first, and middle questions I should not bring the team down to far if I get them wrong." Keiko wrote down the answer down to the first question. "If a shuriken is thrown at a distance of ten feet, will it hit the target traveling one mile an hour?It should hit if the reflexes of the ninja throwing the shuriken are fast enogh to throw them."

December 18th, 2007, 2:36 PM
'Simple......Simple...............Simple..' Yumi had been zooming through her paper as soon as the test started. Being a top kunoichi wasn't earned just by fighting! She had, by now, blocked out the commotion going on in the room. If she could ignore Hanako for an entire day then she could handle little shouts and groans coming from the room. The explosion however......

'WHAT THE...?!'

A lot of papers had been blown through out the room completely throwing off Yumi's concentration. She had been on the second to last question too... She tried getting over it to the best of her abilities and calmed down once she had stared at the question for a few seconds.

'Ok... the miles times the speed.. divide that in half..' Staring at the last question she had brought her pencil down to the paper before stopping as if something had just registered in her brain. 'The pass or fail decision will be determined by your teams added points together.' Oh no... that meant if Hanako didn't pass then....No! She wouldn't think about that! Surely even Hanako could answer these questions! Yumi couldn't doubt her teammates, especally if it was making her lose her concentration. However..NO! No! No! ' Just answer the last question and then you can panic.' Ok, she could do this. The last question was about genjustu, she could do genjustu so I must've been easy for her. All the while Yumi was still trying to keep herself stone-faced. The examiner didn't scare her and neither did the other ninjas in the room. As soon as she had finished her last question she sat down her pencil on the desk and let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

"Shimatta! This makes no sense!"

Yumi froze. She knew that obnoxious voice anywhere! Her eyes slowly turned towards Hanako and she was...crying? No, she wasn't, it was fake! But why on earth would she fake crying? 'It must be part of some plan for the test.' Yumi felt relief wash over her and figured that Hanako must've thought of a plan to pass the test. She wasn't going to question Hanako's methods or even try to figure out the plan. If it worked then it did and that's all that matters. Now, all she had to do was sit back and watch the show. The obvious sneaks and tricks were going to be noticed immediately especially by people that this man picked. He's an interrogation specialist. But with this kind of test, there had to be a catch. It just wouldn't fit with his style to do something as simple as a test. Something had to be up and she was going to find out in due time.

"Number 36 and 45! Disqualified!" Yumi had her face completely emotionless as they called out more and more names. She looked around and made sure to study their faces. After all she was sure she was going to see them later.

December 18th, 2007, 2:40 PM
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Warning 1

December 18th, 2007, 5:44 PM
Dansei smiled. The Sound-Nin in the room weren't the only ones who knew morse code -- Dansei knew it due to the partial dependence on his hearing.

Chakra levels are rising a bit... I'll just use it for a minute. Sight Rebirth Technique!

Dansei quickly copied down the answers he was hearing, in addition to any others he knew. Luckily, the ones he didn't know were the ones that the Sound-Nin were conveying through their tapping.


Dansei pretended to continue writing, his deep blue eyes becoming cloudy. He had to make sure no one knew he was blind. Otherwise, they'd count him out from the start.

"Shimatta! This makes no sense!"


Dansei didn't look in Hanako's direction for fear of being disqualified, but he figured he knew what she was doing - cheating.

She better get the right answers... If she loses, so do I.

Scarlet Weather
December 18th, 2007, 6:57 PM
Shiitake! Shimatta! Whatever those other stupid euphemisms are that Hanako keeps tossing out! Why the hell does it have to be a written exam?

Akane continued to grouse mentally, staring blankly at her paper as she idly worked out a few problems. The first few, the 'mass of the shuriken' problems, were surprisingly difficult, but not out of the question. It was only when Akane saw question number nine- "A chuunin group of four knowing exactly twelve B-level ninjutsu between them encounters and engages in combat the Sandaime Kazekage of Sunagakure. List the twelve jutsu that would be most optimal for usage in this battle, and devise a strategy by which the basic four-man cell could overcome the Kazekage."- that Akane knew that the whole exam was a cheating fest for sure. She dimly remembered studying a few nights before just in case the written portion of the exam turned out to be an actual quiz. She would have slapped herself if she could have. She might as well have spent that time playing with Midori for all the good it did her on this test! Cursing privately, she managed to sneak a glance at Hanako. To her surprise, the girl was carrying on in a very un-Hanako like manner. It didn't take too long for Akane to guess what was going on: her team mate was cheating, and sending up a distraction so as to confuse the other genin.

Akane briefly reviewed any jutsu she had that could possibly be used to cheat with and drew a blank. None of the Yamato-clan jutsu that she had mastered would be any good in a situation like this one. She did have quite a few Yamato flash-bombs tucked away in her pouch, but they would do no good in this situation. Fed up, she sneaked a quick glance around the room. Didn't anyone-

It was then that Akane received a huge break. It was as if the gods of cheating had pitied her, and left a massive answer book open in the heavens. Directly below Akane was an exam paper that had been blown aside by Fen's earlier prank with the kunai. And written on it, to her surprise, were the answers to quite a few of the questions. Akane didn't waste time looking down, it would have been noticeable. Instead, she lay her head on top of her own exam paper, doing her best to make it appear as if the mental effort of the quiz had exhausted her. As she did so, she made sure that she caught a glimpse of an answer on the paper below. It didn't matter which one, as long as she had one correct answer then the team wouldn't fail. She allowed her head to rest on the desk long enough for the act to remain convincing, but pulled it up before an examiner could become suspicious of her true motivations. She needn't have worried- most of the examiners in the room had their attentions centered on either the sobbing Hanako or a failing student of one sort or another. It was during this utter confusion that Akane took the initiative and quickly scribbled an answer, making a big show out of erasing and writing out work that made no sense. Half of being a successful spy was acting, after all.

"Hey you!"

Akane froze. The examiner's finger was pointed directly at her.

"Number sixteen, Kenta! Failed! Numbers 45 and 34, you fail right along with him!"

Akane made sure not to relax too quickly. The brush with death was too close this time. She finished transcribing her answer and took to doodling lazily on the paper as she stared blankly at it. Hopefully, the answer she had managed to copy would be enough for her team to pass. Hopefully.

Đ a r κ
December 19th, 2007, 4:17 AM
Just as Souran had copied down an answer from one of his victims a sudden blast of wind had came through, throwing some of the papers around. With the windows all closed completely, Souran instantly knew it was Fen. After Souran stared at Fen for a moment, giving him a confused look, the tap of pencil to paper startled Souran, making him turn to the source of the noise. It had been one of the examiners. Souran was frightened for that moment, knowing it must have been Fen's seat number being written down or his own for turning his head to another genin.

"Dang it, Fen, what did you do that for?" Souran wondered with his confused expression stuck on his face still. It wasn't long before he had finally copied all the answers. Now if they were right is all that is left to be known. Souran slightly turned his head back over to Fen, preparing to perform the body transfer. Souran first took a look to the clock which showed that the shinobi only had but ten minutes left until the final question is revealed. Souran wasn't sure if he would be able to perform the technique on both Fen and Keiko in ten minutes, it took him long enough to write all the answers on his paper but on an extra two papers, it wouldn't be possible, he'd have to use the technique on the both of them at the same time, but it'd be too difficult to control two people. That's when it hit him. Souran knew what to do, but it'd be very risky. He'd have to use body transfer on his pencil, get it to write the answers on their papers and using the bird's eye to be sure I'm doing everything right. But there is still the issue with the time which has now gone down to eight minutes. Souran had no other choice, he'd have to use two pencils, so instead of using his, he decided to use Fen and Keikio's pencils, of course, this would need precise aim and with luck, Souran was able to hit both pencils with his technique. Now that that was done, Souran began to write the answers on both their papers hoping that they'd know what was going on. This had used much of Souran's chakra so he was starting to become tired but he was forcing himself to stay awake. The clock ticked with only five minutes left.

"Come on, just a little more..." Souran commanded from himself. Just then he heard the sound of pencil to paper from the side of the room yet again. Souran had a feeling that it was his number this time from the way he was slouching in his seat. He fixed his body to sit in the correct way as to not show signs of cheating.

December 19th, 2007, 10:56 AM
Fen still looked to Souran hopefully... but it had been too long since the distraction... had he known what to do? this is too much... and Fen had no other jutsu to try and get answers.

"This is hopeless... sorry team... but i don't know any answers..." Fen said but was suddenly interrupted by his pencil of all things.

The pencil started rocking slowly back and forth. Fen quickly grabbed it so no one would see it and held it upright in writing position. Fen looked over to Souran who was slouched in his chair.

"so he got the jutsu off after all... i knew i could have faith in him. Way to go Souran." Fen thought to himself as the pencil began writing on its own and guiding his hand around the paper. He looked to the clock. 5 minutes until the final question... it was almost over and almost half the questions were copied. This was ideal. After the written test was over, no doubt it would be Fen's chance to shine with a show of jutsu and skill. But no time to think about that.... Fen returned to focus on pretending to be writing the answers as the pencil continued to guide his hand.

Alter Ego
December 19th, 2007, 2:30 PM
'And thus, it would be plausible to overcome the Kazekage given the aforementioned conditions.'

With a sigh of relief, Hanako finally placed her pencil down and relaxed, merely a few minutes before the final question. The ninth one had been a chore to write down, and seemed like a pipe dream scenario to her, even though she had to admit that the answer made a certain bizarre kind of sense...well as much as a four-man cell overpowering a Kazekage could make sense anyway. Briefly, Hanako was struck with concern over whether or not she had picked the right person to copy, but it was too late to worry about that now. With only two minutes to go, she wouldn't have had the time to correct her answers even if Ibiki Morino himself had marched in front of her and propped the answer sheet right beneath her nose. At least she had something on everything -- and a pretty impressive something at that -- her situation was certainly far preferable to that of the Sound nin in front of her who was fervently tapping his finger against the desk, as if the answers were so many worms which he could lure out of their holes if he just kept making the noise.

Were it not out of fear of being disqualified -- which, after her brilliant ruse, would have been just plain stupid -- Hanako would have checked on her teammates' progress. As it was, she just kept her gaze nailed to the examiner instead. It was like Yuukijiji said -- well, when he wasn't saying things like 'your behavior is a disgrace to the family name' anyway -- sometimes you just had to wait and have faith. Faith...

Hanako groaned inwardly at the notion. She had always preferred straight answers.

Đ a r κ
December 21st, 2007, 4:02 PM
"The Tenth Question; Giving Up?"

"Alright, one more question for Fen and he'll have all of his questions finished along with Keiko and I...almost done and-!" Before Souran could finish Fen's final question, he was interrupted by a loud ringing coming from an alarm clock sitting atop Ibiki's desk in front of the room. This ringing was very annoying, Souran never liked alarm clocks. At the moment, if it weren't for the fact that he'd be booted out as well as his team, he'd walk right up to the front, snag the clock and beat it until he was satisfied with how torn apart it would be. Luckily he had some form of self control. Once Ibiki seemed satisfied with how annoyed he made all the genin become, he stood up firm from his seat and gave an evil smirk before speaking.

"Well, doesn't seem like many of you were caught cheating...quite impressive. I bet you think you're all some smart ninja. Just wait till ya' hear the tenth question...But before I tell you what the tenth question is, I feel like being a little charitable, which is lucky for you all 'cause I'm not one to usually be nice...Anyway; before I give out the final question, I'll give those who want to quit a chance to leave now, but be cautious, for if those who stay and get the final question wrong, they will be kicked out and will never be aloud to become a shinobi in their entire lives. Though, if you quit now, you can try again next time...Make your decisions now."

Souran was fairly shocked at what had been announced: Giving up to try again, or don't quit and never be aloud to become a ninja ever again. This was a difficult decision to make, but you also have to think of your team; are they ready to continue, should they quit and train for the next exam so it'll be more simple? In just this beginning exam, all of Souran's team had to rely on him to retrieve information in order to pass. What if one of the other exams would call for a talent that none of the team possessed. Souran had just gained a headache form all this thinking. He wants to believe in his team but there was so much going against it. He knew that Fen and Keiko were great ninja and they are very talented, but could they better train themselves, or could even Souran, himself train better? Souran gave a faint groan that didn't pass the ears of even the examiners. Then, out-of-the-blue, Souran's thoughts changed.

"Come on Souran, get a hold of yourself, you honestly don't think you'll win? Please, if it weren't for all the higher ranked shinobi all together in the room, you'd be able to take down this pitiful Ibiki guy...Lets do this. I'm sure Fen and Keiko won't quit either, and if they show the slightest bit of motion of their hands going up, I'll force those things down no matter what...Bring it on Ibiki!" Souran began to think, becoming over-confident as he showed a defiant smirk.

December 21st, 2007, 5:04 PM
The alarm rang loud through the room, startling Fen from focusing on the pencil writing on its own. The final question was finally explained. To leave and fight another day... or to possibly lose the ability to take the test ever again...a tough decision for any ninja.

A genin stood up apologizing to his team. He couldn't take the pressure of the last question. He left the room... head hung low.

"Numbers 54 and 76 you're also out." one of the shinobi on the sides called out. More and more lost their confidence in themselves and stood to leave. As the crowd thinned, more and more hands went up the genin were dropping like flies.

"....This is stupid.... so.... what.... is that suppose to be intimidating?" Fen said loudly over the mumbling of the thinning group of genin. "I mean honestly, my team came this far on this test and i'm suppose to just up and leave? No matter what title ranking you guys give me... i'll know who the best is, and i don't need a Chuunin or Jounin title to tell me that. No matter what ranking i'm given, i know i'm a Shinobi, born and raised and you guys can't take that away from me. And besides, my team mates would sooner fight me one on one before they would let me walk out that door and take them out of this exam." Fen said grinning to Souran and Keiko and leaning back in his chair once again, tossing his hands behind his head and relaxing, staring at the ceiling.

"Lets do this last question already... my butts startin to fall asleep sitting in this chair for so long."

December 21st, 2007, 5:35 PM
Dansei cringed as the alarm went off. Actually, it was more of a tiny-seizure. He quickly gained his composure and listened as Ibiki explained the tenth question.


Dansei reactivated his Sight Rebirth Technique and looked around the room at Hanako, Akane, and Yumi, trying to think of a way to get them to look at him. He considered throwing senbon at them, but that would be too obvious, and he'd probably be reprimanded for it. The ninja swore under his breath and relinquished his sight, staying firm in his seat.

Alter Ego
December 22nd, 2007, 6:00 AM
There was something about defiant speeches, especially defiant speeches made loudly in a situation where you technically weren't allowed to speak up at all. Hanako had kept quiet for now, but upon hearing the green-haired kid's tirade -- and, specifically, noting that he wasn't getting into trouble for it -- her patience had reached its limit.

"Damn straight!"

The young swordswoman's exclamation -- punctuated by her sudden rise from her seat and the loud stamp of foot meeting floor -- caused several of the Genin around her to wince, "I didn't go through all this skull drudgery crap just to quite and go home when it starts getting interesting. Besides, when you take on a task you see it to the end, stand or fall! That's team 11 honor, and if anyone on my team was even thinking of backing out, remember I'll kick you square if you do!"

Hanako's manner, as usual, was far from tactful even though her intention had been to encourage her teammates, but in a tense situation like this, it wasn't the words that counted; it was the spirit of the thing. Murmurs of assent had already spread across the room as Fen finished his part, and a single person daring to join in was all it took for the rest of the sheep in the classroom to follow the flock. Soon a third kid at the back of the classroom piped up his own piece, followed by another, and another, and another...it was like watching so many dominoes topple over each other.

"Enough games, Ibiki-sensei." the teenager remarked with a satisfied little smirk, as if this had somehow been her plan, "His oshiri isn't the only one who's getting tired of your stalling, so let's have that question already."

December 22nd, 2007, 11:45 AM
'Hmm... that kids cheating...'

"Number 76, Number 54, Disquailified!"

'Caught again... Ok now let's see..' Yumi had been amusing herself by catching kids cheating. She had been done for almost 10 minutes now and had been looking around the room for quite sometime. It was starting to get boring.. nothing was happening except for the obvious and not-so-obvious tricks going on but they had gotten repetitive by now. Whispering the answers to the person beside was pretty obvious. You'd think ninja would've known that.


Yumi winced. She couldn't block out all of the sounds she heard unfortunately and that loud ringing was pretty annoying. 'Jeez' She turned her head toward the proctor and waited for the last question. Ibiki explained it and Yumi immediately got it. ' I knew there would be a catch. There always is isn't it?' . One by one more and more genin raised their hands to quit. She turned her head towards her teammates and sent them a fierce glare as if daring them to quit. If they did she would have their hides and they knew that. However she was quite surprised by her teammate's outburst.

"I didn't go through all this skull drudgery crap just to quite and go home when it starts getting interesting. Besides, when you take on a task you see it to the end, stand or fall! That's team 11 honor, and if anyone on my team was even thinking of backing out, remember I'll kick you square if you do!"

Yumi couldn't help but chuckle. She really shouldn't have been surprised by that, and yet somehow she was. At least she knew she wouldn't have to get Hanako not to quit. Somehow her voice sounded less annoying than usual. Yumi smirked in the direction of Ibiki and rested her head on her hands. 'Looks like you didn't intimidate as many people as you thought.'

Scarlet Weather
December 22nd, 2007, 11:49 AM
Akane might have been embarassed by Hanako's assertion if it weren't for the fact that she agreed wholeheartedly. Not only that, but she could smell the bluff wind a mile away. There was no way that Ibiki could bar them from taking the chuunin exams ever again, after all, there were very few genin who made it through the exam the first time. It stood to reason that if the villages wanted applicants to take and re-take the exam, it would be set up so that you couldn't be banned for missing something as silly as one question. Besides, the fact that choosing not to answer the question resulted in failure made it particularly obvious that all this was was a test of resolve. The shinobi who falters in battle will endanger himself and his squad. This question was just a way of testing that, Akane was sure of it.

Of course, she didn't feel like making a speech. That was Hanako's job. Instead, she slipped another kunai from a hidden pouch sewn into the lining of her sleeve and slammed it into her desk. The message, she hoped, was clear: No backing down, even in the face of death.

It was then that Akane realized something else of importance. This question... it could go both ways. What if the goal was testing a shinobi's ability to weigh the risks and benefits of a situation? After all, judgment under fire was important as well. Still, Akane felt that the die had been cast. If Hanako was staying to answer the question, she'd never forgive the rest of the team for backing down. But there was always the possibility that there really was a "final question". Akane felt her resolve waver momentarily. Perhaps she could back down?

No. She had already made her choice when she had removed the kunai. If she missed the question, so be it. She'd figure something out. After all, Hanako seemed confident enough, and even Dansei hadn't raised his hand yet. If a blind shinobi could handle the question, she could as well.

December 22nd, 2007, 12:47 PM
Dansei smiled. So far, three of the four ninja on his team had stayed firm. Hanako had made her speech, and Akane's kunai slamming had given him the message he had hoped for. Now the only one left was Yumi.

We're doing well. Tenten-sensei warned us about things like this... Yumi is fairly smart. She should've remembered.

Dansei took out one of his kunai and started swirling it around on his finger, his mouth now a thin frown and his brow furrowed.

Đ a r κ
December 26th, 2007, 11:36 AM
Eyes, glaring into the crowd of genin who seemed to have made their final decision to stay and take the last question, Ibiki kept things cool without giving out any hint of what he was about to do. Just after the outburst of two of the genin in the room had finally died down, Ibiki thought to himself; "Well now, looks like we have a couple of cheerers in here. Just by that outburst, the others suddenly followed in their thoughts of not giving up. Interesting...reminds me of someone else." Once Ibiki was finished, he took a faint glance around to check if there were any genin who gave the slightest look of regret, but he didn't see a single one. He looked toward the sides of the room, at the other proctors to see their thoughts, and they shook their heads in agreement. Then, Ibiki made his final statement.

"Heh, I admire your determination, but you'll need more than that for what I'm about to tell you, and all I have to say is-" Just then, there was dead silence in the entire room. Not one person moved, spoke or made any noise what-so-ever. The silence broke once Ibiki spoke again.

"You all...have passed the first round of the chuunin exams." He said with a giant smile on his face, his eyes almost covered by his cheeks. Souran's eyes bulged so far out, they almost fell out, just as most of the other genin's were as well. Souran's mouth fell strait to the ground in awe to what was said, but then, his eyes showing slight anger, he banged his fist onto the table and spoke out; "What do you mean; we pass, what about the tenth question!?" Ibiki's large smile died just then, glaring at Souran who didn't show any intimidation.

"You mean you didn't figure it out? Guess I'll explain things then. You see; there is no tenth question, there never was one. The first ones were used to test how well you could gather information," The edges of Souran's lips smirked a bit, knowing that he was right before, "And so I don't have to be asked this, I'll explain the last question."

"Wait, you just said-!" Souran began, being cut off swiftly by Ibiki, who grunted so loud that a lion would curl up into a ball. Souran seemed to shrink as he fell into his chair.

"...Well, if you want to be smart about it, then there was a tenth question; Whether to leave, knowing you could try again, or stay, knowing if you failed your entire team would suffer...The truth is; the test was to test you as a team. Those who sacrifice their own team for their own gain are scum, but those who choose to laugh at the face of danger, put their comrades before themselves, and never fall back. Those are the people who can be called, without a dought; Chuunin." The room was still in awe as the once intimidating proctor showed a deeper side to himself. Souran was surprised, yet; encouraged by Ibiki's words.

December 26th, 2007, 12:34 PM
Fen sat, leaning back in his chair staring at Ibiki, unimpressed as he gave his 'heartfelt' speech. All this sitting around... it goes against against his nature. He was becoming more and more antsy as the talks droned on. He was truly an intimidating man but also a man who loved to hear himself talk. It was annoying.

"Silly old man...any decent shinobi knows to put their team before themselves...lets get on with the next exam already. This room is starting to get stuffy." Fen said quietly under his breath.

As he sat in the room, his anxiousness was becoming more and more apparent. Fen began fidgeting around in his seat, uneasily. His movements had to be becoming increasingly distractive to those around him, so he just blurted it out.

"Are we going to do the next test or what?"

The room seemed silent as Fen apparently said the question that was on the mind of every genin in the room. Fen knew his impatience was a shortcoming of his, but all this sitting around was just too much.

December 26th, 2007, 12:35 PM
"Nice mind game you've got there," Dansei muttered, his thin frown turning into an enormous smile -- he liked mind games. He suddenly stopped the twirling kunai, grabbing it so the blade was facing towards him, and put it back in it's pouch.

Now... The only problem now is... What's the second portion of the exam? the ninja thought, stroking his chin as he leaned back in his seat. If the first portion was this nerveracking, who knows how bad the next one will be? And it might involve combat, too... Dansei bit his lip. This could get ugly.

December 26th, 2007, 1:45 PM
Yumi was growing impatient with this man. He had been stalling for an awful lot of time. As he began to say the 10th question she felt herself lean in a little bit eagerly. Then what he said next nearly made her go off her rocker.

"You all...have passed the first round of the chuunin exams."

Did she hear him clearly? We passed? But what about the 10th question?! The proctor began to explain,Yumi felt herself frown as she realized she had done unnecessary work. She shouldn't have been so easily tricked like that. She hated it. Yumi had to surpress the urge to start screaming in his face. On the bright side she and her team had passed the first part of the exam, yes that was a definite plus. And the second part of the exam was about to start too.

"Pfft. If there is a second part."

Still, she had been expecting so much more. She knew there was a catch somewhere in there but she was expecting a fight, or battle , or something! It's probably because she's been so restless that day. Yumi wanted a fight badly today. She wanted to become a chuunin badly too. So naturally she was expecting to have to fight in order to become a chuunin. Ofcourse Yumi knew it wouldn't be just brawns they were deciding on but still. It would've been expected to have that part come first.

'Duh Yumi.' She mentally slapped herself when she realized the thoughts that had just processed through her head. The exams couldn't have PREDICTABLE exams and tests. That would be just silly, especially since these are supposed to be trained jounins that are giving the exams. Compared to them,the rest of the genin there were weaklings. Whatever they may be considered by the jounin was not her problem. Her problem was going to be the next part of the test and she had to be ready for it.

Alter Ego
December 27th, 2007, 3:34 AM
Hanako had to admit being just a tad nervous as the wait for the final question dragged on and on. Calling what seemed like an obvious bluff had seemed like the right choice at the moment, but what if she had been wrong? What if her sheer bullheadedness had dragged her team down? What if the purpose of this was to see if they could evaluate risks, and she had done wrong? What if-?

'No, stop it!' she told herself, 'Now you're just over-analyzing, baka. You made your choice when you invoked team honor. No turning back now!'

On the outside, the young swordswoman betrayed no sign of nervousness, save for a slightly tighter-than-usual grip around the hilt of her blade. Yes, that was right, she had invoked team honor and each of her teammates had replied in their own way. They had all placed their confidence in her way of doing this, so having any less confidence in herself would be letting down their trust. Reciting this argument for herself, she braced herself for what was to come as Ibiki declared that they had all...passed?

Hanako had half a mind to protest, but then realized how ridiculous that would have been and kept her mouth shut while the grizzled old examiner explained his little game. So...the examination had been a cheating exercise like she thought! She had not, however, anticipated that the final question had actually already been posed in the form of a big, fancy metaphor and that their decision to stay or leave was actually answering that question.

Now that it was explained to her, it was obvious, and Hanako had half a mind to slap her forehead. A shinobi always saw beyond the obvious, didn't they? That was a basic that had been drilled into them on their very first academy lesson. She couldn't believe that she had forgotten about it. Far above her exasperation over having been so stupid, however, was the joy in realizing that she had made it through.

Well, part one, anyway, but she had made it nonetheless.

"Hells yeah!" the teenager declared, punching the air triumphantly and causing the others around her to make a few precautionary movements away from her vicinity, "Bring on part two!"

Noting that nothing seemed to be going on, however, Hanako let her thoughts drift to a certain other person in the room...specifically, the only other one who was already demanding a second round. A small smile spread across the girl's face as she came to a decision. Though she may not have thought much of him during their academy years, that green-haired kid certainly had spunk. Honesty too, by the sound of it, and those were two traits she valued highly.

Nodding for herself, the young swordswoman rose from her seat, nonchalantly sauntering past the remaining shinobi in her path, who -- having witnessed the multiple outbursts on her part -- wisely gave way. Without betraying her presence by as much as a sound, Hanako snuck up behind Fen, who was already looking bored, leaning over the desk behind him as she launched her assault.

"Congratulations, Kyokou-kun!" the loud declaration was probably a heart attack all by itself, but being who she was, the teenager punctuated it by a strong pat on the back, though of course only a complete sissy would have cringed at that. Still smiling, completely unbothered by the fresh score of weird looks it earned her, Hanako then proceeded to give her unfortunate victim a quarter turn so that they came face to face. After all, you couldn't really make introductions to someone's back, "Tamori Hanako, team 11." she introduced herself, not that the latter part was necessary given that she had just declared it to the whole classroom a few moments ago, "I think we were in the same graduation group? Anyway, that was one heck of a speech you just gave. Sure broke Ibiki-sensei's little game up, didn't it? And you know what else? It makes me feel inclined to..." she edged her face a few inches closer to his. Hanako may not have been much of a flirt, but she did realize the value of this type of gesture in shutting normally loud genin up for a moment, leaning a bit closer to whisper the last part of her message into his ear, "Declare you my guy-to-beat for the remainder of this examination." casually bringing her middle and index fingers together, she performed a small nail flick on the genin's nose, pulling away from him, "It's been nice talking to you, Kyokou-kun, but I think I'd better go before Akane-chan throws a kunai at me. Good luck with the next exam." with that, she began her retreat from her probably still shocked victim, turning her head to finish her statement, "Because I'm going to be disappointed if you just drop out after that."

Oh yes, she was pretty sure that she had made an impression. It didn't really matter what kind of impression she had made, the point was that the loudmouth probably wouldn't forget her name in a hurry. Plant a seed and let it grow, that was the Tamori way, and in her experience it worked for forming friendships as well.

With that, Hanako put on her usual bright smile and strode towards her own teammates instead, giving them a cheerful wave, "Akane-chan, Yumi-chan, Dansei-kun! Over here!"

OOC: Tee-hee...outside-of-the-team character interaction. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. xD Oh, and for the record: Kyokou = big mouth, so it's a nickname of sorts. :3

December 27th, 2007, 10:12 AM
"Congratulations, Kyokou-kun!"

The voice seemed to pierce straight through one ear and out the other, making Fen's hair stand on end. And was immediately accompanied by a hard smack on the back. Fen cranked his head upside down slowly to look behind him and find the culprit. A girl from his academy days, she introduced herself nicely.

"Hm... Hanako? ya I think I remember you...um... i'm Kurai... Kurai Fenra...team 4." He said slowly, still questioning the girl's presence.

She leaned over and whispered into his ear. A challenge, to be her 'guy-to-beat' in this year's exams. She flicked his nose and walked away. Hmpf. Fen let his chair fall forward and was about to stand up and launch his attack right there. Taunting in any fashion was enough to get Fen way too worked up. He raised his hands to sign his seals but out of the corner of his eye, caught what seemed to be a "don't even think about it" glare from Souran. Fen sat back in his seat and crossed his arms staring at the girl through narrow eyes as she smiled and turned to leave she clearly thought she had won the little tangle but it was obvious this would be a clash of ego's. He cracked a grin and said quietly before she was out of earshot.

"Sure... just don't be upset if I shatter your bones..." He said softly, then shifted his gaze to the flower in her hair "Is that your favorite kind of flower? I'll be sure to bring you a bouquet of those while you're in the hospital." He finished cracking an even bigger grin. Of course this confrontation entirely went against Shikamaru Sensei's teachings of 'girls are a bother...just ignore them' but this one was too much. The exchange of words left an impression on Fen as he watched her walk away. His first rivalry he hadn't immediately fought. And considering how she snuck up on him without his noticing...she wasn't as direct of a fighter as him which could make this hard. But no matter what the case... he would beat her.

"hmmm Tamori Hanako...lets hope you've still got all that spunk when I nail you with this fist..." He thought to himself, while rubbing his right arm through the bandages. "She seems cool enough... If she can still walk after i beat her, maybe we could hang out..." Fen thought, grinning to himself.

December 28th, 2007, 1:01 PM
Keiko got up speechless. He was amazed he had passed, and that the pencil he used is magic. “Hey Souran! You will not believe this! My pencil was magic!” Keiko looked at Fen and saw that he was talking to Tamori. “ Wonder what they could be talking about?” Said Keiko curiously

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Alter Ego
December 28th, 2007, 1:24 PM
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Btw, Hanako's introducing herself in jap terms, so do recall that Tamori is the surname. If referring to her by surname was intentional, feel free to ignore this. Just wanted to ensure that there's no confusion. :3


Hanako couldn't help chuckling at the boy's response, which effectively confirmed that she had indeed succeeded, turning her gaze to him with an expression of mock disapproval on her face as she wagged an index finger at the boy, "Now, now, Fenra-kun, that's really sweet of you, but we've only just been introduced. Don't you think that it's a bit early to start courting me with flowers? I'm not that kind of girl, you know."

Still chuckling for herself, partially because she could only imagine what Akane's -- let alone Fenra's -- response would be, the kunoichi self-consciously adjusted the flower behind her ear a little as she sauntered over to her team, taking a seat next to Akane, "Rather eager, isn't he?" she remarked nonchalantly, stretching out in her seat, "Would you mind teaching me some of your kunai technique, Akane-chan? If he keeps going on like that I might actually need it." she paused for a moment, drumming her fingers against the desk as her gaze slid back to the examiner, "And besides, Ibiki-sensei seems to be taking his time too, so it would give us something to do."

December 28th, 2007, 1:27 PM
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Scarlet Weather
December 28th, 2007, 3:19 PM
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Akane felt a wave, no, an ocean of relief sweep over her. Yanking her kunai from its position on the desk, she thoughtfully twirled it by its metal loop as she surveyed the class. Somehow everyone in here had managed to pass, if only by the skin of their teeth. Still, Akane felt she could do better. If this written test had been an actual exam she would have only passed by virtue of sheer luck. A shinobi who survived only through incredible luck, Akane knew, was not the kind of shinobi who survived very long. Perhaps Yumi could teach her something? Or Dansei? The moment the blind shinobi's name entered her head, Akane grimaced. There was no way that Yamato Akane would allow any of her success to be attributed to a lesson learned from a potential stalker. Even if he was a blind man, Dansei could sense things with those sonar cuffs of his, she knew, and there was always the possibility that he was using that strange kekkei genkai of his to restore his sight in order to peep on you when you least expected it and to use his blindness as a cover-up later. Yes, Dansei-kun might be her team mate but she would not allow him to come anywhere near her, no sir. Her kunai-armed hand began to itch. Perhaps she should just take care of him now and avoid any potential danger?

As luck or providence would have it, Fen and Hanako began their exchange at the exact moment that Akane stood wavering in indecision. Akane only caught the first few snatches of their conversation, but from what she could tell it was not a friendly exchange. More of a targeting between rivals, actually. Akane breathed a sigh of intense relief. If Hanako had started to get soppy over some loudmouthed boy she would never be able to associate with the Tamori-clan shinobi again. It would be much too embarrasing. Fen's comments, on the other hand, brought only new waves of paranoia to Akane's heart. This boy... he was up-front and not likely to stalk a fair maiden such as herself effectively, but he was obviously hostile from his comments about breaking bones and whatnot. And his grin... was this Fen, perhaps, a sadist? Maybe he was secretly planning to take advantage of Hanako after breaking her limbs in some horrifying manner? Akane was fully aware of the fact that Hanako was capable of handling herself in combat, but she still worried about her friend. Hanako wasn't half as suspicious as she needed to be, and more worried about swordsmanship than general combat. If Hanako were separated entirely from her Tamori clan weapon an enemy shinobi could easily defeat her.

Hanako didn't seem overly concerned about Fen's comments, instead remarking to him that she wasn't "That kind of girl." Akane fleetingly thought that she glimpsed a hint of flirtiness (If such a word even existed) in that comment, but she dismissed this notion quickly. Tamori Hanako, for all her sagacity when it came to swordsmanship, was most definitely completely ignorant in the art of flirting. She smiled gently as her friend sidled up to her, joking about learning some kunai techniques. Akane smiled impishly. "Actually, kunai are rather easy to utilize," she commented. "First you choose a target..." she said as she prepared her kunai, "And then you launch it!" At these words the kunai seemed to leap from Akane's hand to hurl through the air and bury itself nearly an inch away from Fen's hand. "Sorry! I missed!" she called out cheerfully, though anyone who knew Akane well was aware that she had done no such thing. She giggled slightly, disguising her true paranoic nature most effectively, as she returned her attentions to Hanako. "The trick is getting the kunai concealed and recovering it for future use. Tenten-sensei taught me a trick or two about that, but she made me promise not to tell you."

Đ a r κ
December 28th, 2007, 4:10 PM
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IC: Souran had been going into thought, wondering what kind of tricks would be placed into the second session of these chuunin exams. This first one was mentally difficult, but if things get more dangerous, then these exams may be more fun than expected. All-of-a-sudden, Souran's thoughts were broken by Keiko's voice who seemed to think his pencil had come to life by magic. Souran lifted his right eye-brow before placing his right hand over his face, like a mask to show how he couldn't believe what he just heard. Souran removed his hand and gave a strange look to Keiko as if he were glaring.

"Are you serious. We've been a team this whole time and your telling me you don't even know my jutsu, sheesh, thanks a lot." Souran pouted, just before hearing a faint whistle that became louder and louder. Then, from the window near the front of the room, the glass burst into miniature pieces which flew across the room. Souran wondered if this was the next exam or part of this one, which would make all that had happened a trap. With the burst of the window came a large, red blanket that had been led by two kunai where on darted to the top while the second headed for the floor. Once the entire sheet was in the room, it didn't cover much, but only the length of a chalkboard. Souran had then noticed letters on the sheet which read, "The Best, The Only, The Second Test's Proctor; Anko Mirarashi!" Souran was unimpressed. He noticed a woman standing in front of the large sheet, Souran figured that was Anko.

"Oh great, a nut-case." Souran thought to himself as he reorganized his hand on his face.

December 28th, 2007, 4:27 PM
"You have got to be kidding me.” Said Keiko, in an bad attitude. "That was the most corny entrance ever." Keiko said, then turned to Souran ."And of course I know your jutsu , I was trying to bring s little comic-relief. We just got through a super hard test with the Procter being a freaky headed ninja!

December 28th, 2007, 4:58 PM
The conversation with Hanako was terminated ...talking of fighting without being able to do anything about it was making Fen even more fidgety. His eyes began to wander around the room then instantly darted to the side of his head as an object hurled towards him. A kunai...It stuck into desk inches from Fen's left arm, he sat unflinching and silent... more out of aggravation than shock. His eyes drifted up slowly to see the kunai culprit was none other than a team mate of Hanako's... go figure.

"Not one... but two girls...what a bother..." Fen chuckled as he realized Shikamaru-Sensei rubbing off on him even more than he realized. though the next gesture was definitely a product of his heritage in the Kurai Clan.

Fen pulled the kunai from the desk and twirled it, being sure he had the girl's attention. He grabbed it quickly in his palm then placed left hand over his right and popped his knuckles. The sound seemed to echo but the popping was music to Fen's ears, the trademark sound of his favorite jutsu. He parted his hands and switched Akane's kunai to his right hand and smirked having heard something about 'recovering the kunai for future use'.

"haha...recover this kunai for future use..." he thought to himself as he gripped the kunai in his right hand while glaring at Akane. He wrapped his bandaged fist around the outsides of the kunai and proceeded to crumple it like paper, and twisted it into an awkward contorted shape. He tossed the mangled kunai and let it slide across the floor to the girls' feet then smiled big and gave them both a wink. Fen dispelled the technique around his right arm, trying to be careful not to reveal too much about it. He prepared to say a sarcastic comment to the girls, boosting his ego once more but he was cut off by Anko's entrance into the room. Fen's gaze shifted to the front of the room slowly away from the girls. His eyes rested on the proctor and he let out a giant sigh, slapping his forehead with his palm in disbelief and exclaimed out loud but quietly to himself.

"Another crazy woman...what is wrong with this village...*sigh* at least the 2nd part of the exam is going to start....."

December 28th, 2007, 7:55 PM
Yumi rolled her eyes at the scene in front of her. Hanako was messing with some boy who seemed to be messing with her too. You'd think something interesting would happen already. What were they thinking anyway? Leaving them to sit in chairs until they got bored to death? It would seem like it with all these weird tests. Yumi's head had been resting on the desks trying to block out Hanako's loud voice. Turning her head to look at what mess Hanako had made now showed that she had gotten Akane mixed in it too. Yumi frowned when she realized they were the only ones that were talking so loud. They were going to draw too much attention to themselves....

Yumi's head bolted up straight. 'Wait a second...' It had taken her only a second for her to jump out of her seat and flip backwards behind her before the shards of glass from the window struck where she had been sitting seconds before. This was followed by two kunai and the sheet that had been posted on the wall. 'So much for a nice window seat.' Then a woman had also come flying through the window, in which Yumi was about to reach for her kunai pocket, and landed in front of the sheet. Yumi's jaw nearly dropped when she saw that , that was their next test's proctor. Her hands dropped from the kunai pouch and Yumi straightened herself up before reaching for her chair that had fallen on the floor when she jumped out of the way, and pulling it a considerable distance away from the Hanako-like woman before sitting down. She really had to be on her senses with this test didn't she? First interrogation and now ninjas flying through window?! Yumi checked around to make sure all the other windows were still in place and that no other ninjas had come flying through them. She found ,with a somewhat relieved sigh, that no other ninjas had come into the room. Yumi turned to the woman and frowned for what seemed like the tenth time that day. She seemed to act like Hanako and Yumi wasn't sure if she was ready for another one of those.

December 28th, 2007, 8:11 PM
As the rest of the classroom became tense and alert as a result of Anko's entry, Dansei sighed and rested his chin on his fist, his bony elbow digging into the desk. His SONAR sleeves hadn't given him any warning of it, but once Anko had entered the room, he instantly knew what was going on. After a half minute of pondering as to whether he was going to activate his Kekkei Genkei or not, he resolved on the option, "yes". With another sigh, he leaned back in his seat, cycled through the Hand Seals, and blinked rapidly as his sight came back to him.

A kunoichi proctor... he thought. More unusual surprises. I wonder what our next exam's going to be. With the previous occurences, it's probably going to be very... hard. On our mental and physical health.

Đ a r κ
December 29th, 2007, 6:05 AM
"The Second Exam; The Forest Of Death!"

"Eyes open little kiddies, this is no time to be relaxing! I'm your next proctor; Anko Mitarashi!...Ready?! Then lets go!" Anko filled the entire room with her voice. Souran could barely believe that she was any rank above genin with how she acted. Then, out of the odd silence that came from Anko's commotion, Ibiki spoke to her.

"Anko, I don't think you'll ever be late or on time."

"Oops, hehe, my bad. Maybe next exams, right?!" Anko joked, but Ibiki didn't seem the least bit effected by her sarcasm. Anko then faced the genin face to face and spoke.

"Anyway, all you genin are going to follow me straight to the Forest of Death, where your second exam, and most likely your last exam will begin." She cautioned to the genin, attempting to be as intimidating as Ibiki. Her facial expression had killed her chances of being intimidating though, due to how she had been smiling while she stated that. Souran was almost sure he would die of annoyance before these exams were over.

"So many weirdo's..." He thought, placing his head upon his desk, just before the genin began to rise from their seats to follow Anko. Not wanting to be left behind, Souran got up and followed, but first looked for his team so they could regroup.

Alter Ego
December 29th, 2007, 6:56 AM
Hanako couldn't help another chuckle as Akane chucked her kunai in a seemingly haphazard manner, only for the projectile to land mere inches away from Fenra's hand. She had called it a slip, but it was obvious both from her manner and from experience that this was just talk. Yamato Akane was about as likely to mess up a kunai toss as she was to ask Dansei-kun for a date. Though the kunoichi had disguised it as mere mischievousness, Hanako had a gut feeling that there was more to her choice of target than that. Akane was quite the protective friend, in her own, paranoid way, and a number of boys who had tried being a bit too friendly around Hanako had experienced close calls with a sharp projectiles much like this one. This was slightly bothersome, particularly when she found herself in need of a sparring partner, but Hanako had always felt that complaining about it would have been rather rude.

Besides, men in Akane's vicinity already needed to be on their guard against incoming kunai anyway.

It was then that the screech of tormented metal struck Hanako's ears, the kunoichi soon tracing it to Fenra. Though the reckless Genin might not have realized it, he might just have made a fatal mistake.

The kunai was the one and only warning Akane gave, signaling that you had ignored it like that was bound to lead into trouble.

Fortunately, Fenra's foolhardy display was soon overshadowed by the sudden breach of a window that sent glass shards flying across those unfortunate enough to have been seated close to it and created a general wave of unrest among the students in the room. Noticing the flying kunai, Hanako instinctively reached for her sword, but the arrival of the second academy proctor silenced her worries.

"Mitarashi Anko, huh?" Hanako's expression changed from suspicion to a smile as she investigated the examiner in front of them. There was just something about her that struck a chord with the young swordswoman. This person...she wasn't one of those usual kunoichi, quiet and oh-so-mysterious little reeds who hid behind fancy genjutsu and dignified manners. No, both the dramatic entry and Anko's manner of speaking made it clear that she was an up-front type, and no weakling in a fight either, by the looks of it.

Besides, her outfit was cool.

With a grin almost as wide as the examiner's, Hanako rose from her seat as Anko prompted them all to move towards what she referred to as 'the Forest of Death'. It was hardly a frightening prospect, despite the name. After all, Tamori clan techniques drew their power from nature. If anything, a forest would give her the edge. The girl's eyes still remained on the examiner until she walked out view, her mouth absently forming a word, "She's..."

"She's so cool!" Hanako's exclamation only attracted a few weird stares this time around. Apparently, the examination group was starting to accept that loud noises came with the kunoichi, "Finally a real examiner! Come on, Akane-chan!" she called enthusiastically, half-lifting her friend out of her seat and half-dragging her towards the exit, "We don't want to be late for the next exam."

December 29th, 2007, 10:49 AM
Dansei stood up, muttering a few words about "women" and "troublesome" and "overactive". He quickly joined Hanako and Akane, picking out Yumi in the waves of genin and motioning for her to join them. He made sure to walk next to Hanako -- after Akane's marksmanship display after Hanako's encounter with Fen, he did NOT want to be near her -- and she had already tried to kill him earlier. The young ninja once again reverted to being blind, and slid the cloth that had been resting on his forehead back over his eyes.

No more writing... Finally. Now I can stop wasting my chakra and focus completely on the exam. After all, from here on out, it's going to be nothing but combat, especially by the sounds of the location of this next part of the exam... Dansei thought, shoving his hands in his pockets.

The Forest of Death.

Đ a r κ
December 31st, 2007, 10:11 AM
OOC: I'm gunna go ahead and place everyone in front of the Forest Of Death gate to save time, and besides, nothing interesting would happen while we walk there.

IC: It truly seemed like no time had been spent getting to the Forest of Death, it almost appeared as though they had all teleported there. The mood, since standing in front of the massive forest, felt like dead souls were being emitted from the darkness of the forest. After glancing at such a thing, you would instantly gain shivers that would travel down your spine. After analyzing the area, Souran could tell that this forest was no playground. He shivered for a brief moment from thinking of what lies within the Forest Of Death. After giving the moment to sink into the genin, Anko finally introduced the Forest.

"Well, you guys scared yet?...Most genin give up after seeing this baby right here. It really is something once you set aside it's gloomy look. To many strange creatures; this is their home. I'd be careful of where I walked. Now, before I announce what this exam calls for, I need you to sign this form" Anko pulled out a large chunk of papers. ", then after reading through it, you'll need to sign it. It basically states that if you are killed during this test, you were aware of the risk and take full responsibility. As for this part of the exam, we are testing your survival skills." She stated as she handed out the papers.

"I'll give you a description of the terrain; the fourty-fourth battle training zone has fourty-four locked entrance gates. There are rivers and a forest inside. Held in the center is a locked tower, ten kilometers from each gate. Your mission is to obtain two scrolls, the heaven scroll, and the earth scroll. To get these scrolls, anything goes, even during battle. One half of the added amount of teams will have to battle for the earth scroll while the other fights for the heaven. In order to pass, each team must bring both scrolls to the tower, also the test has a time limit; five days. There are ways to get disqualified though. If one member of your team is unable to continue, or if you cannot make it to the tower with both scrolls within five days. Most importantly, absolutely none of you can look at what is inside the scrolls until you reach the tower. Alright, now take your signed consent forms to the gentlemen over there and trade them for your team's scroll, then pick a gate and wait to be let in. Also, a bit of advise...just don't die!" Anko had finally finished as she pointed to her right, where two chuunin were awaiting for the forms, and there were a good amount of gennin who weren't quite sure weather to stay or not. Souran didn't even hesitate to sign his consent form, all he had to do was wait for his team to sign there's.

"Finally, some action, and besides getting these scrolls will be a piece of cake with my jutsu, hehe." Souran giggles to himself, feeling eager to get into the forest. Souran had felt a pinch on his shoulder as he clutched his fists in excitement. It was then that he realized that he still had that blue jay under control. Souran had forgot about the poor bird. He decided to set it free, and so, his jutsu was released from the bird.

"Poor thing, I hope I didn't bring it too far away from where it was heading. Thanks, you were a lot of help." He thanks the blue jay as it flew away. Souran then walked around to check if his teammates had finished signing their forms.

December 31st, 2007, 4:19 PM
Following the strange woman to their next destination ,Team 11 reformed. This was something that Yumi was more or less happy about. She would have to hear Hanako's strange shouts of how awesome anko's outfit was or something else that she didn't care to remember. But Dansei was was quiet and Akane didn't seem to be making THAT much noise so that was ok. But still, Yumi made sure to stay a good 2 paces back from Hanako. When they reached theri destination she was quite surprised. The Forest of Death they called it huh? Doesn't sound the least bit scary. You could name your cat the Kitten of Death and wouldn't be afraid of it, so why be afraid of a forest. Besides she was fairly sure that Hanako's justu would be useful in here.

"Better not punk out.." Yumi said under her breath. She had worked way too hard to get here. Listening to Anko's speech about how it would be ANOTHER 'if your teammate fails you fail' test got her very agitated with this entire thing. All this team based business was giving her a headache. Why didn't Tenten-sensei give them any teamwork excercises? It would've prepared them a lot more. After finishing everything she had to say,Anko pointed over to where 2 other ninjas were with forms. She had said they had to sign them to take full responsibility for if they die or not. Yumi smirked and folded her arms over her chest, they couldn't kill her. Not even if they tried. She walked over to the two ninjas took the form and signed it, but made sure to read it carefully first. After confirming that it was ok to sign it she gave it back to them and walked back to her team satified with herself. They had better not hold her back.

December 31st, 2007, 5:26 PM
Why nust EVERYTHING involve writing?! Dansei thought, clenching his fists. He walked up to the front and got his release form, then returned to the rest of his team before actually signing it. He quietly nudged Hanako in the arm, blushing slightly. "Could you..." he started, holding his form out to her. "Could you please tell me what it says?" the young man asked. "Just... simplify it, if you could... I don't have any chakra left to get my sight back, so I can't read it." He bit his lip tentatively, frowning slightly.

Alter Ego
January 1st, 2008, 9:46 AM
OOC: Gah, sorry, I would have had this post up yesterday but I was shooed off the computer. And it was only one AM too. xD

Anyways, happy new year's, everyone. ^0^


"Forest of death?" Hanako echoed, trying her best to avoid any tone skepticism that may have been interpreted as disrespect for the person who was currently her favorite exam proctor as she observed the forest in front of her. Oh, it was respectably tall-grown and spooky and all that, but if there was one thing that a Tamori clan member was not likely to be scared by, it was a tree. Having a lot of trees didn't really up the intimidation factor that much. The young swordswoman stared into the woods for a while, but contrary to what one might have believed, this had nothing to do with fear.

"It's...kind of pretty." she said at last, "Young, though, hasn't been there for more than a century, I wager. Hah, I bet my great grandpa even cultivated some of those." she chuckled for herself, unable to resist giving her ever-silent but slightly worried-looking teammate an encouraging pat on the back -- pat, brutal assault, pick and choose -- "No need to sweat it, Dansei-kun." she informed him cheerfully, grasping her own consent form and jotting down her name without any sign of hesitation, "I'll get us through this, no problem. This place doesn't look much more dangerous than Yuukiji's back garden."

Hanako grinned for herself. Battle and woodland survival were her first and second nature respectively. This exam would be her chance to really shine. She was on nothing short of a complete adrenaline high as she slammed her consent form down in front of the form-handling shinobi.

"Alright! Bring on the forest of death!"


"Now, my dearest sempai, do you feel a bit more...co-operative?"

The light, feminine voice was already enough to send a shiver down the examination aide's spine, the fact that those disturbing, emerald green eyes were mere inches away from his own did little to improve his comfort. The smooth, doll-like face with its long mane of auburn hair would have seemed beautiful were the memory of the recent massacre not fresh in his mind...and the blood thereof still on her nails.

Casting a fleeting glance around him, the shinobi attempted to assess his situation. Judging by the fact that both of the men accompanying his unknown assailant were standing guard over him, it seemed fair to assume that the rest of the squad wouldn't be much help. Escape in his current condition would hardly be an option, overpowering the trio even less. That left...the signal flares! They were still there, though the pouch had been tossed aside in the fight, only a a few inches from his hand, but pinned down as he was, reaching it was easier said than done. If only he could reach it...utilizing his opponent's seemingly complete focus on his face, the shinobi inched his fingers a bit forward along the branch. Just a little more, just a few more inches, and-


The pinning, he realized, had been carefully balanced to avoid unnecessary damage, but the lithe, manicured hand that was now nestled on his seemed to have no such considerations as it clamped the hand, steering it aside in a would-be gentle manner while applying a nearly bone-crushing force to it.

"Now, now..." his tormentor purred, shaking her head in mild disapproval, "That's not very polite of you. Just ignoring me like that...it makes me sad." the force on his hand increased, "So very, very sad."


"Careful now, one might mistake that kind of behavior for poor breeding, you know."

A score of chuckles escaped the surrounding henchmen, but the woman soon silenced them, speaking up once more.

"For the last time, sempai...the location of the Tamori brat, give it to me."

"For the last time..." the proctor retorted through grit teeth, "I don't know, and even if I did...I would never divulge it to the likes of you, demon!"

"Demon, is it?" not a muscle twitched on the woman's face, but there was a dangerous glint in her eyes, "It's a real pity, sempai. I was hoping that, with your kind co-operation, this matter could be settled without any more unpleasantries. But...it can't be helped, I suppose. Lend me your hand for a moment, will you?"

The proctor could do nothing to object, even as his assailant brought her own free hand to meet his captive one, moving the latter like a puppet as the two came together to form a quick succession of hand seals, a soft purr escaping her lips.

"Houseki style, Crystal Seal."

Brushing herself off, the woman rose to her feet, casting a disdainful glance at the frozen expression of terror on the petrified figure's face, "How wasteful..." she mumbled, "Have the other two been dealt with appropriately?"

The moment his superior's gaze traveled towards them, both henchmen bent down on one knee, respectfully lowering their gazes.

"As ordered, Kurodaiya-san." announced the one on the right.

"They are hurt...but stable, they should be alright as long as the seal holds."

The ends of the woman's lips curled up ever so slightly, "Good." she replied, her gaze already turned to the thick canopy branching out beneath her, "Then fan out, investigate all signatures of compressed chakra but do not, I repeat, do not engage in combat with the teams unless absolutely necessary. Even then, aim to incapacitate and escape. Our target is the Tamori brat and I do not want any other casualties, is this understood?"

Both men nodded dutifully, rising to their feet and disappearing in their respective directions, leaving their superior to survey the scenery alone, "The hunt is on...blood traitor."

OOC: Ohh...plot twist go! Big encounter due to occur...in my next IC, so stay tuned. :3

Đ a r κ
January 1st, 2008, 11:03 AM
OOC: :o Can't wait. I forgot to mention which teams will get which scroll. This decision is completely random. A.K.A. Heads or tails x] Alright, team 11 will get the Heavens Scroll while team 4 gets the Earth Scroll. While I flipped the coin, I hopped that they'd be different. that way, things will be more interesting if we cross paths >;D

January 1st, 2008, 6:35 PM
Dansei sighed. Hanako wasn't paying any attention, as usual. With another sigh, as well as the random thought of how much he'd been sighing lately, he pushed the cloth residing over his eyes up to his forehead again, cycled through the appropriate hand seals again, and blinked rapidly as he regained his sight again. Rubbing his back tenderly (he still wasn't used to the brute force that Hanako thought was a pat on the back), he began to read the form, then signed it and handed it in. Then, he dispelled his Kekkei Genkai again.

At this rate, I'm going to run out of chakra before the exam even starts, Dansei thought irritably. And then I'll just be weighing down my team... He "looked" around at the aforementioned three people, reaching into the pouch on his hip. I guess it won't be too big of a deal, since we've got an extra member compared to the others... But I'm one of our main fighters. The ninja made a quick inventory of his equipment, then pulled out his trench knives. I'll just have to rely on my basic Taijutsu skills for the time being. Dansei slipped the knives over his knuckles, balling his hands into fists.

"Let's get this started."

Scarlet Weather
January 2nd, 2008, 4:14 PM
OOC: Righto, long-overdue IC. BTW, Evkay has temporarily willed over Fenra to me, since he's going to be absent. (Go ahead and ask him about it if you want to hear the full story, or I can forward the PM.) Anyway, not sure what I'm going to do with that particular character but I'm usually pretty good at playing the ham. XD

Akane admired Hanako's confidence and knew that this forest was definitely a place where she would excel, but she still felt a pang of uncertainty. This place was far more dangerous than the Tamori clan member had let on, she knew. Dimly she remembered stories of giant insects and accounts of Konoha's infamous flying leeches. She shuddered, remembering how her older brother had come home after the first time he had failed the exams, a victim of the leeches. He had been too cocky, and stepped into a trap. When he had finally made it out of the forest he had lost so much blood that he could barely stand. He had been hospitalized for nearly a month before he could train again. Akane didn't plan on a repeat performance, she had spent at least two days memorizing the signs of flying leech territory after her brother's failure. Her main concern, however, wasn't the forest. The other applicants were probably well armed and quite probably included at least one or two genin of exceptional caliber from other villages. She had to be sure to steer clear of conflict unless it became obvious that she could obtain a scroll from it. Speaking of the scroll... she reached up and accepted it as it was handed out before slipping the large roll of paper into her weapons pouch. After rearranging the contents so that her kunai would be easier to remove, she turned to her team mates. "I'll carry the scroll, if you don't mind. Out of us four, I'm the best for spotting stalkers. People have told me that I'm paranoid, but out here, that's a good thing, right?"

Fen quickly signed his name on the medical waiver with a flourish. "Finally... We're gonna see some action!" He turned to Souran, beaming. "Can I carry the scroll? Right? I'll take out anyone who comes near it!" Suddenly, he was interrupted as a sheet of paper blew into his face. Removing it, he read the following message:

"Dear Idiot,

Normally when I throw a kunai at someone, they get the hint that I'm sending a warning. Now, you look just stupid enough that maybe I can chalk what you did up to pure ignorance, so maybe just this once I'll give you a second chance to listen to what I've got to say. If you come anywhere near Hanako or attempt to do anything remotely perverted near her, I swear that I will slit your jugular vein with my kunai and watch you bleed to death. I've been training with them since I was old enough to hold the things, so I don't miss. Ever. And I am a shinobi. I don't hesitate to kill.

Fen wrinkled his nose. What was it with this creepy girl anyway? Couldn't she just mind her own business? Annoyed, the shinobi crumpled up the paper into a wad and hurled it over his shoulder.

Akane took note of this fact as she turned to Hanako. "If your 'guy-to-beat' over there doesn't wise up," she stated matter-of-factly, "I may have to borrow him from you long enough to really kill him. I don't like sadistic perverts, idiots, or males in general. This guy just managed to place himself under all three fields. Oh, brother."

Đ a r κ
January 2nd, 2008, 5:23 PM
"Can I carry the scroll? Right? I'll take out anyone who comes near it!" Fen had suggested to Souran, just before removing a sheet of paper from his face. Souran felt the wave of wind pass by his face before it attacked Fen. Souran slightly turned his head to gain sight of the one throwing paper around. He noticed a girl who was quickly given the evil eye by Souran.

"If that came within another inch to my head, I swear, one of us wouldn't be partaking in this exam, and I bet you; it wouldn't be me." He stated under his breath, just enough for at least Fen to hear.

"As for that scroll, I'd much rather it be in my possession since I would be able to most likely stop anyone who comes within distance to it, but now that I think about it; you'd be a much better candidate. Using your wind jutsu, you could escape quickly or even use long ranged attacks to make sure an enemy doesn't come too close. I think it'd be a perfect idea, and besides, I don't want that scroll to hold me down when I battle." Souran had clenched both his fists, even more excited. Once he was finished with his moment, Souran finally handed in his paper and then took a quick glance back to that girl who threw that paper as he returned to his teammate.

"So...what business do you have with that girl...or girls, might I add?" He asked, realizing her other teammate who she seemed to be conversing with. Then Souran began to think; "Hey, that's the girl from the ramen shop this morning...what in the world is she doing here?" Souran's memory had then taken over his sight, showing this morning when he had gotten breakfast at Ichiraku. Then, the woman's voice bursting out; "So, Mr. Early Bird, I hope you enjoyed your ramen here, I was up at five in the morning cooking it. And by the way...If you come within three feet of me and attempt any romantic advances I swear I'll make you live to regret it." Souran smirked before turning his body in her full direction and taking some feet forward before coming within speaking distance of her.

"Hey there sweaty...Whats up, remember me? You know at Ichiraku this morning." Souran began, giving a thumbs up while holding his right eye-lid down. Souran knew, by the way she reacted this morning, and to Fen, that she'd go completely ballistic, which forced Souran to brace himself for a punch across the face, heeding her warning from this morning.

Alter Ego
January 3rd, 2008, 1:56 AM
Hanako gave a sympathetic wince as Fenra proceeded to crumple his second warning. It was very unlike Akane to be this patient; testing that patience was nothing short of suicidal. This, however, was child's play compared to the danger the shinobi's teammate had just placed himself in. Provoking Akane? Hadn't Shikamaru-sensei taught these people the first thing about survival? Never annoy a short tempered shinobi with a fondness for kunai.

There was only one method that would get to the point quick enough, and it was at times like these that Akane wished that she had mastered the Flash Draw technique. Even without it, however, her sword had come out of its sheath with alarming quickness, its tip coming to a halt mere inches from Souran's neck, with full suggestion that it could go the distance if necessary, while Hanako's other hand intercepted her friend's before it could reach the kunai pouch.

"You. Far left gate. Now." it wasn't a suggestion or even a request, it was an order, and the kunoichi's voice made it clear that she wasn't about to tolerate any objections on this. Before any could be raised, Hanako had set off in the opposite direction, hauling Akane with her, "Not here, Akane-chan..." she whispered, still not relinquishing the other's favored throwing hand, "That team has a scroll opposite to our own, meaning that we can settle this in the forest and pass the exam at the same time. So please...let's not get ourselves disqualified until then, okay?" raising her voice, she called out over her shoulder, "Yumi-chan! Dansei-kun! We're going in here!"

Meanwhile, up in the top of a tall tree by the edge of a forest, a particularly imposing shadow broke away from its tree, a pair of shaded eyes observing the still-drawn sword with great interest as a small, sadistic grin broke from the darkness.

OOC: Okay, fine, so encounter will be in my next post since I thought we'd already have gotten into the forest but we didn't. :3

January 3rd, 2008, 10:03 AM
Dansei heaved yet another enormous sigh as he watched another encounter between Akane, Hanako, and Fen unfold. Women... How troublesome, he thought, scratching his chin very lightly with his right trench knife, noting that the blade was getting dull. Slightly ashamed to be with them at the moment, the shinobi followed the two kunoichi at good twenty five meters away, realizing that he had forgotten to tell them about a could-be-crucial part of the upcoming exam.

"Look, you two," Dansei said, lowering his already quiet voice so that no one except his team could hear him, "I'm low on chakra because of having to use my Kekkei Genkai so much in the past two hours. Very low. Which means that I'm going to have to lay back a bit until I can regenerate a good portion of chakra, because the little I have left is being siphoned into my sleeves." The blind young man frowned deeply, casting a "glance" on the two teammates in front of him. "The most I can do is basic Taijutsu, and maybe some cloning techniques. Point is... You two'll have to be our major fighters for the time being."

This is going to SUCK.

January 3rd, 2008, 12:15 PM
So far Yumi was pretty irritated. Hanako and Akane were picking fights and completely ignoring her. She had been sitting there waiting for everyone to sign their forms and leave to the gates to start. Dansei had asked Hanako about the slip but he was ignored also, forcing him to have to use his kekkei genkai. That used up most of his chakra too, which only made Yumi even more irritated. Couldn’t Hanako have just helped him instead of picking fights with the other ninja. All that noise was creating a headache for her. She normally had more patience than this but now they were just pushing. Akane had taken the scroll, which Yumi was also a bit miffed about because she wanted the scroll, but said nothing of in fear of causing even more problems.

This was a team exercise, something that required teamwork and from what Yumi had observed her team had nothing even close to teamwork. Then Hanako started yelling her name again. Yumi whipped around with a dark glare on her face wanting to make sure everyone knew just how angry she was with all of them. Normally she wouldn’t do that and ignore them as much as she could but they were really getting on her nerves this time. With the second test about to start being angry would break her concentration. It was then that Dansei reported he could not see because of low chakra levels.

Oh Yumi was beyond angry now. She practically had flames coming out of her nostrils and would’ve screamed at all of them if she had been that kind of person. She knew it wasn’t good for her health but Yumi decided to atleast try and hold all her anger in until she found a good target to release it on. Her eyes drifted to Hanako. She sighed, she had wanted to be one of the main fighters but there was no way she would let Akane get close to Dansei and she didn’t want Hanako by him either. "I’ll cover you Dansei, I’ll let you guys know if an enemy is coming or not." she finally said sounding a little bit more irritated than she wanted to.

‘I’ll be your eyes.’

Alter Ego
January 4th, 2008, 7:09 AM
OOC: Ooookay, going to take the liberty of shepherding team 11 into the forest. Hope that's okay with everyone. :3


Hanako tilted her head at Dansei's words, "Aren't we always doing most of the fighting?" she had always been on the forefront of the battlefield, at least as far as she could recall, but then that was probably a byproduct of charging straight into the fray the moment trouble arose, "Like I said, Dansei-kun, don't worry about it. This is one, big homefield advantage for me and we've got some pretty keen sentries on our team. We'll spot trouble long before it spots us. You can hold back for a while, no problem."

Confident as ever, the kunoichi increased her walking pace a bit as they stepped in through their chosen gate, "I'm taking point." she informed the others, finally relinquishing Akane's hand, "Watch where you step and try to keep up with me, alright? We'll have to travel on the ground for Yumi-chan's kekkei genkai. Akane-chan, I'm going to need your help in covering the air lookout. If you see something suspicious, throw a kunai first and ask questions later, alright?"

The forest, she had to admit, was...impressive, all dark, foreboding shades beneath age-old trees, the ground riddle with roots and vegetation which made walking a chore at best. Hanako was accustomed to this environment, however. Part of the family duty was to see to the well being of Konoha's surrounding forests, and though she had not failed to whine incessantly when valuable hours of sword practice were squandered on inspecting tree roots after a particularly violent storm, the current situation made her thankful for each and every moment. Though she hadn't understood it at the time, her great grandfather's insistence on forest excursions had actually served a purpose in her training: to acquaint her with the forest, not just by layout but with the ambiance of it, the sounds of every forest animal scampering through the vegetation, of leaves rustling in the wind versus leaves brushed aside by another force, the difference between an insect's cry and a whispered message. Out here, it would all come to good use, all of-

At the rustle of leaves in the canopy above, Hanako suddenly froze, her eyes darting to the disturbed branch and her eyes narrowing in concentration. That hadn't been a squirrel or bird; it was something heavier. The branch was still trembling from the mass. Hanako's free hand casually moved to the equipment pouch on her thigh, procuring a kunai of her own as she peered into the canopy again. If she waited for Akane to catch this, it might already be too late.

It was then that she saw them, the eyes.

With a sudden jerk, Hanako froze on the spot, kunai still grasped in her hand. One could have thought of it as terror, but that wasn't right either. In terror, there was a subtle kind of motion, a quivering of muscles in indecision, but Hanako's body was stock still. She tried to lift her hand, she tried to finish the toss, but her body promptly refused to obey commands, a constricting sensation spreading up her body. No, that wasn't right either. Constriction implied an ability to move, but right now both arms and legs felt cold and hard, like they weren't even part of her body, like they were...stone, and the sensation was rising fast. Hanako tried to scream, but her throat was already lost, and it wasn't until the sensation neared her eyes that the obvious realization suddenly struck her:


"Reverse siphon!"

With a second violent jerk, Hanako's rigid posture was finally broken, the kunoichi nearly tumbling over from the chakra loss. Working her bloodline in reverse was taxing, especially when you had to do transfer a lot of chakra at a time, but the genjutsu had effectively been broken in the process. Without missing a beat, the young swordswoman flung the kunai in her hand towards the location the eyes had been at with all her might, only for the projectile to fly straight back towards her, forcing Hanako to leap backwards.

Panting slightly from the recent exhaustion, Hanako raised her weapon in preparation, the hilt bearing a most unusual rose shade as a result of the recent transfer. Instead of the follow-up attack she had expected, however, the casual but clearly audible clapping of hands resounded from the tree, soon joined into by another score of applause from behind her on the left, and a third from the right.

The young swordswoman grit her teeth, immediately backtracking closer to her team. Great...they were surrounded.

"Well, what do you think, gentlemen?" inquired a feminine voice.

"The compression signature appears...similar enough and it is a katana." mused a more passive male, "Certainly the most likely candidate thus far."

"That was the reverse siphon technique." intoned a solemn, deep baritone, "Crudely executed, but there is no mistaking it."

"So it's unanimous, then." concluded the female.

Hanako's eyes narrowed in suspicion, her eyes scanning the canopy as much as she dared as she attempted to locate the owners of the voices, but to no avail, "Who's there?!"

"Rather loud, isn't she?" remarked the impassive voice.

"Brazen too." his baritone companion added, "As is to be expected of one of such heritage."

"Indeed." the feminine voice concurred, "But I suppose we must do the civilized thing and introduce ourselves all the same. On my lead, gentlemen."

With another slight rustle of leaves, a lithe figure emerged from the canopy above, landing elegantly on the forest floor in front of Hanako. Though her outfit was nothing spectacular, consisting of a simplistic black shirt with matching black trousers, covered by a tan coat with a Sound village forehead protector secured around her neck like a collar, there was something distinctly regal in her posture and in the doll like face with the pale pigment the light green eyes. Most eye-catching, however, was the small indent in her forehead, which bore a single, pitch-black stone shaped like a six-pronged star, apparently fused into her very skin.

"Houseki Kurodaiya." the woman introduced herself, her hand resting calmly on a small, black, rectangular object hanging by a chain around her waist, "These are my associates, Murasaki." she nodded towards the figure emerging on Hanako's left, a person whom she soon recognized as the sound Genin from the written exam, though now that his trench coat was open an ornate silver necklace with a small amethyst cut into a simple square shape embedded into it was in plain view. The expression accompanying his shades was impassive as ever, and to further confound the casual onlooker, the only thing akin to a weapon he seemed to hold on to was...a hand mirror? Who were these guys kidding?

"...and Suigyoku."

With slightly less grace than his companions an imposing giant of figure clad in an outfit similar to Kurodaiya's, save that his forehead protector was secured around the right one of his muscular arms, emerged on the right of the group. How he had escaped her notice during the written exam, let alone managed to sneak up on them, Hanako could only imagine, but as he stood there in his full height with the short, black hair combed neatly back and a severe expression on his crusted face, there was certainly no missing him. Even moreso, there was no missing his weapon, a two-meter long staff made of an unidentified gray material which was currently slung across the giant's back. In all honesty, though, he would have been more imposing had he not donned a pair of triangle-shaped earrings, each with a small emerald fragment in the center.

"We wish to parley." Kurodaiya announced.

Hanako's grip around her sword tightened immediately. There was something wrong...not just because they were cornered, but with everything. These people had already snuck up around them, so why give up a perfect ambush position to request parley? What was the deal with that mirror? And what was that they had said about her heritage?

"Why should we?"

"Why should you parley?" the kunoichi echoed, now thoroughly amused, "We've got them surrounded and outpowered and she wants to know why they should parley." the sound Genin broke out into a score of mirthless laughter at this, much to Hanako's annoyance, "Well, little girl, there is much to be gained from conversation with another sentient being, especially one more powerful than yourself. But for now, suffice to say that if you agree to our terms your team will be in possession of this."

Grinning like a cheshire cat, Kurodaiya procured a scroll from the depths of her coat, holding it up for inspection.

"The earth scroll..." Hanako mumbled.

"Indeed, the earth scroll." the older kunoichi replied silkily, storing the object back within the confines of her clothing, "And since I'm feeling so generous, I will even let you have it...on one condition."

"And just what condition would that be?" Hanako asked cautiously.

"Entertain me." Kurodaiya said matter-of-factly, "One-on-one, me against you. Win and the scroll is yours to keep, lose and...well, I'm such a kindhearted person that I might very well give you the scroll regardless, provided that the show you put up is amusing enough. Regardless, the rest of your team goes safe from persecution...at least by our group. If you refuse then we shall simply have to battle in a more...uncontrolled manner, but I'd rather avoid that if possible. I've never had much of a taste for needless violence and it's only you I'm interested in."

"And why is that?" Her decision seemed obvious, but she still felt a tad uneasy about going for it. Something about this seemed too easy.

"Why is that?" Kurodaiya broke out into another fit of laughter at the question, "Oh, Hanako, Hanako, Hanako...you truly are an amusing little girl. I'm Houseki Kurodaiya, heiress of the Houseki clan's second house. You know, Houseki clan? Formerly of the hidden village of Stone? Any of this ring any bells?"

At the sight Hanako's blank expression, the woman shook her head in disbelief, "So you really have no idea what this is about?" she asked, "Looks like the traitor house even lies to their own...unbelievable."

"Traitor house?" the girl echoed, her temper flaring up, "What are you talking about?! The Tamori clan has always been loyal to Konoha!"

"Clan?!" Suigyoku's affronted baritone briefly silenced the other two, his clumsy hands curled into fists, "They call themselves a clan now?! The third have become bolder than we thought."

"Insolence." Murasaki scoffed.

"This...isn't what I expected." the woman admitted, her confidence temporarily faltering, only to come back with a vengeance, "But...no matter. Ignorance is no excuse for a capital crime." she grasped the object by her side, pointing it towards Hanako, "This is between me and you, traitor, don't involve any innocents with your own cowardice."

OOC: Okay, yeah, no charging at the NPCs, please, as I'd much prefer a clean one-on-one match. :3 Mind you, if you really feel the itch to have your characters fight these guys, keep in mind that the Houseki style is primarily earth-based Jutsu (specifically techniques involving crystals and jewels) with chakra-enhanced weapons capable of doing a number of cool tricks. No touching Kurodaiya, though; she's mine.

January 4th, 2008, 11:20 AM
"Hanako, we're --" Dansei started, the hair on his neck standing on end, but he was interrupted by the appearance of Kurodaiya's eyes. By the time Hanako was done dealing with the Genjutsu the woman had cast, the others had already appeared. "Surrounded..."

Now this is... certainly confusing,Dansei thought, listening intently to the conversation that was currently unfolding.The only thing I can gather from this is that we're completely, utterly screwed. He calmly slipped off his trench knives, holding them tightly in his left fist, all the while trying to formulate some sort of a plan.

"Hanako," the young ninja whispered. "I've got light bombs, and plenty of wire. We could blind them, and then I could tie each of them to a tree using my sleeves to see, allowing us to escape." Dansei bit his lip. "Unless you intend on following through on the bargain. What's the plan?"

Scarlet Weather
January 4th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Akane had been on edge since entering the forest, what with Souran Maindo's annoying attempts at a romantic advance. So that was his name, the stalker. She'd have to remember it in order to carve it on his tombstone. And that Fenra... ugh. She would have to keep an eye on him to make sure that whatever he did, he didn't get close enough to Hanako to touch her. Granted, she didn't think Hanako was enough of a pushover to just let the genin walk all over her, but she was still sore about the idiot ignoring her kunai. Revenge seemed to be in order. Perhaps the reason that Akane didn't notice the Housekis until it was too late was the fact that she was busy thinking about those two idiots. The moment that they dropped she had pulled a pair of kunai, and held them ready to launch even after they had announced their intention to parley. It was only after Hanako had agreed to a one on one battle that Akane relaxed her grip even slightly, before walking alongside her friend. "So, a one-on-one battle, is it?" Akane asked before locking eyes with each one of the opposing shinobi in turn. "Well then, I hope you don't mind if I inform you right here and now that if I see any shady business from you three I will personally kill you right here and now. I mean it."

Her piece said, she marched to Dansei's side just in time to hear something about "tying them up and running." With a groan, she grabbed her team mate's sleeve and roughly pulled him aside. "Don't be an idiot. These three are way out of our league. We're lucky that they want to fight one-on-one. Hanako is our combat specialist, so she's the best one suited for responding to something like this. We need to stay calm and think of an escape route in case things turn sour. Besides, if all it would take to get rid of them is a wire and some flash-bombs, I would have offered. Yamato flash-bombs are the best there is, and I've got quite a few." Slipping past Dansei, she next addressed the espionage agent of the team. "Yumi-chan, please, don't attempt to trap them unless they make a move to help their representative. We're going to do this one-on-one." Finally, her attentions returned to the Housekis. "You three... I have one warning. If you kill Hanako-chan, I won't forgive you."

January 4th, 2008, 3:37 PM
Dansei pulled away sharply as Akane lectured him. "And I'm our team's jutsu fighter, with or without chakra," he hissed, brow furrowed as he followed Akane. "Hanako hasn't even agreed to the conditions. We have no clue what we're doing right now."

I can't believe we've been shoved into a corner like this, Dansei thought, clenching his free fist. It all depends on Hanako... He glanced at the aforementioned kunoichi, then at Kurodaiya. She better be able to beat that woman...

January 4th, 2008, 6:38 PM
Keiko watched Souran walk uo to a women and talk to her."Jeez, Souran can we stay on task here!" Said Keiko. He walked up to Souran stared and screamed at the top of his lung's into Souran's ear. Then Keiko said "That is for not staying on task!"

Đ a r κ
January 4th, 2008, 6:57 PM
Souran's ear rang for at least a minute until his hearing returned to normal from Keiko's sudden and unexpected outburst. Souran turned to Keiko with glaring eyes fixated on him. Souran truly gave the idea that he would instantly beat someone to death with his angered look, but being his comrade, Souran knew he couldn't harm a hair on Keiko's head even if he wanted to.

"Sorry, I didn't hear that." He joked, with a faint smile on his face. Souran had then noticed that there were no other genin around the area. This was oddly suspicious, but then Souran noticed Anko, the proctor lost in the sight of the forest. Souran called out to her to gain her attention which had been instantly given to him, surprisingly to how into the forest she had been. Souran had asked her where everyone had gone and she seemed shocked, and then answered, "Are you kidding me, I thought you three gave up, but your telling me you are still in this thing...oops, I would have came over and told you that the exam started but I figured-"
Souran's mouth dropped, eyes bulged.

"So, your telling me that we are late, does that mean we can't continue in the exams?!" Souran asked, actually scared and angry that such a mistake was made. Anko had moved her hand to rub her neck as she sweat dropped. She then told the team that they could still continue, it had only been but a minute since they let the gates open. Souran sighed, glad to hear what Anko just said.

"Well, there's no time to lose anymore, lets go guys!" Souran commanded to Keiko and Fen as he headed in, towards the forest.

"I wonder who we'll have to face first...whether or not that team has the scroll we need or not, I wanna get the chance to fight that girl with no restrictions...not like I'm interested in her or anything, she just seems like a good opponent, heh." Souran spoke to himself in his thoughts.

January 4th, 2008, 7:03 PM
"Sorry but i had to get your attention somehow, I noticed the other Genin were gone so I took the funnest approach to get your attention!" Keiko said then gave an slight chuckle. "So, lets get this exam started!" Keiko said as he grabbed Souran and Fen's arm, pulling them through the gate." I expect other genin will try to attack us not to long after we get through the gate." Exclaimed Keiko after he pulled them through the gate.

January 5th, 2008, 10:09 AM
The minute they had gotten into The Forest of Death, Yumi knew something was wrong. She had just begun to start her handseals for her kekkei genkai she felt a presence there, but she had realized a bit too late. "Guys-" she started but was cut off by small clapping she heard off in the trees. As soon as she saw the genin drop from the trees she began doing her hand seals for Crow’s Mind but stopped when she saw they were about to say something. They had struck up and offer, a deal. If Hanako fights one on one with the kunoichi then she gets the earth scroll. They needed that but what else would they try to do? Apparently they held some kind of grudge against Hanako and her clan. Houseki….. She knew that name from the libraries but couldn’t remember anything for them to have a grudge against the Tamori clan. Yumi frowned and let her hands fall down from their tiger seal position but kept her guard up. No doubt this is the danger Anko was talking about, these genin will do anything to get their hands on a scroll. But still they were genin just like the rest of them. What gives them the right to try and strike up a bargain? Are they that confident that they’ll be able to take them down? They wish!

"What about the other two? Are we allowed to fight them? "Yumi inquired. It wasn’t until then that she noticed the condition Hanako was in. ‘Hanako…what did they..?'

Maybe they were trying not to fight as much as possible and want to send their strongest member out against another. They wouldn’t touch any of her teammates without leaving with a bad concussion that’s for sure. Yumi was ready to fight and all that previous anger was starting to get to her. That’s when she heard Akane’s voice.

"Yumi-chan, please, don't attempt to trap them unless they make a move to help their representative. We're going to do this one-on-one."

Then she heard Dansei’s angry one.

"And I'm our team's jutsu fighter, with or without chakra, Hanako hasn't even agreed to the coniditions. We have no clue what we're doing right now."

That’s right. It depends on Hanako’s choice of one on one or mindless attacking. Either way Yumi was gonna fight and someone would be leaving with bruises.

Alter Ego
January 5th, 2008, 11:15 AM
"And let's not forget...we have quite good hearing too."

Murasaki was completely unbothered by the foul glare Hanako threw him as he continued, "Oh, don't let me interrupt. I think throwing a flash bomb and tying us up is a brilliant plan. I'd love to see it in action." he gave the hand mirror a meaningful twirl, "I really would."

"Better be careful." Kurodaiya warned, her voice drenched in mock dread, "Kunai-girl probably wouldn't forgive you for that."

"And this one wants to fight us." Suigyoku scoffed, pointing at Yumi, "Thrill-seeking barbarians flock together, it seems."

"Enough already!" Hanako might have been intimidated at first, but right now she was nothing short of angry, focusing her glare straight at the person she presumed to be the leader of this strange group, "I don't have the faintest idea of what you're talking about, but it has nothing to do with my team, right? Regardless of what happens, do you swear on the honor of your clan that you will leave them alone?"

"You've got some nerve to invoke clan honor, bloodtraitor." Kurodaiya spat out, "But yes, you have my word that we will leave peacefully...provided that they do nothing hostile in return. We do not slaughter the innocent, that is the honor of the Houseki clan."

"I see." the kunoichi replied evenly, taking a few steps forward to face her opponent, "And I do not let the innocent come to harm. That is the honor of the Tamori Clan"

Much to Hanako's surprise, her adversary broke a tiny grin at this, "You sound like you actually believe that." she remarked, gesturing for her companions to make room, "It's too bad you're so sadly misguided."

"Likewise." the young swordswoman replied, assuming her standard fighting stance.

"There is no end to your bold words, is there?" Kurodaiya asked, "We'll just see if you can back them up then, shall we?" with a simple finger movement, she finally extended her weapon to its full splendor. In terms of overall shape, it was a slightly larger-than-normal fan, but instead of feathers or paper, it seemed to consist entirely of thin, colorfully tinted crystals, the entire visible spectrum ranging across its surface while numerous eye-like pattern gave it a slightly mesmerizing appearance. The only dull part on the object was the bottom, a uniform black, attached to her wrist by a matching chain. Disarming quite clearly wasn't an option here.

"I'll make the first move, shall I?" Kurodaiya inquired, not waiting for a reply, she swung the fan towards her opponent in a downward, sweeping motion, as if performing a two-hand slash, "Houseki style! Rainbow Blades!"

At the command, Hanako could have sworn that the outer edge of the fan glowed, but a mere blink later it was gone. More confusingly, the gale-force wind and ensuing dust storm she had expected were nowhere to be seen. In fact, the attack seemed to have accomplished nothing whatsoever. Just as she was about to seize on the opportunity and charge her opponent, however, a warning bell went off at the back of her head. There was a certain talent you developed when you were around Akane long enough and on a regular basis, a talent which having a projectile specialist for a sensei only enhanced. You learned to notice projectiles, not just by look or even sound, but as a form of sense. There were times when you just knew that something sharp and pointy was soaring through the air, and Hanako had been through this often enough to know that stopping to analyze usually meant you'd be too late in acting. Not stopping to think, Hanako did what came naturally, channeling her chakra into her feet and immediately leaping backwards.

This, as it turned out, had been a last moment save, as a thin, red crescent shape suddenly embedded itself into the ground where she had been a split-second before, soon followed by five others. Orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, the last landing straight by her foot. The projectiles, Hanako realized, would have drawn a clean line down the middle of her body had she been a second slower on the uptake.

It wasn't exactly a thrilling prospect. She had never been too bothered by projectiles in general, but invisible projectiles? How the heck was she supposed to fight against-

"Houseki style! Rainbow Blades!"

A pair of sweeping movements from Kurodaiya's fan reminded the swordswoman that this was not the best time to start theorizing, the familiar sense of imminent danger spurring her on. Like before, there was no sign of the projectiles save for the primordial insistence that they were there, but if she was going by the assumption that this woman couldn't manipulate their path much beyond the initial launch then...

"Shimatta! Tamori style, Forest's Skin!"

Not long after her realization, a set of colorful shards appeared on each side, effectively pincering her and sending a spray of tree sap into the air as they made contact with the newly formed bark. Hanako, despite being largely uninjured, didn't look much better off than the temporary armor that was now shedding off her, its limited endurance exhausted. The bark may have taken the brunt of the assault, but an impulse of that magnitude wasn't something you wanted to receive on a regular basis, especially not two at the same time. Even so, Hanako had not halted her fervent dash for a second, drawing straight towards her opponent for a diving slash. This persistence, it seemed, had not been expected, and she thought she caught a glimpse of shock in the other's eyes as the blade arced down, only to rebound with a wailing complaint as it struck decidedly rigid opposition.

"Houseki style, Mineral Clone."

The familiar smirk of superiority remained on Kurodaiya's face as she grinned at Hanako from a tree branch above, bringing up the fan with a casual heave of the chain it was attached to while leaving her opponent to glare at the vaguely humanoid lump of metal in front of her.

Hanako felt like kicking herself. A simple Genjutsu and Ninjutsu combination with a puppetry twist and she had fallen for it. This time, however...

"Rainbow Blades!"

"Tamori Style! Dance of Budding!"

Tapping into the chakra reserve in her blade, the swordswoman immediately transfered as much of it as possible into her arm, swinging wildly to deflect the blades raining down on her. There was a number of flaws to this plan, the least of which being that this dance was intended for a visible target, but taking the battle into close quarters and making sure it stayed there was definitely her best bet.

With another metallic crash, sword and fan connected, the owner of the latter holding her ground despite both of Hanako's hands being at the handle in order to add to the pressure.

"Not...bad." Kurodaiya conceded, locking eyes with her opponent, "Most swords would break or bend from that kind of abuse, but it seems yours is quite well crafted, then again...Houseki weapons always were the best."

Just as she was about to retort, Hanako suddenly reached a realization about the situation, and this time around the petrified sensation had barely gotten past her toes before her leg rose, dealing out a roundhouse kick that forced her opponent to retreat a bit, breaking the eye contact in the process.

The impudent expression remained firmly plastered onto the older kunoichi's face, "You're learning." she said, "But I wonder how long you can keep up at this pace. Rainbow Blades!"

By now Hanako already knew what to expect, leaping over to the next branch as a fresh row of projectiles punctured the tree trunk behind her, one scratching her left forearm and leaving a nasty gash in the process, followed by another, and another, and another. Geez...was there no end to this crazy lady's weapons? Hanako was being pushed to the limit just dodging them, and Kurodaiya didn't even seem to break a sweat. Energy conservation be damned, if she didn't overpower her opponent now while she still had some chakra left, this wouldn't even be a contest.

"Petal Blade!"

Compared to the endless stream of serrated crystals heading her way, the measly five flower petals looked practically laughable.

"Oh, please." she scoffed, swatting aside the attack before turning the fan towards Hanako once more, "Now you're not even trying!"

Had she been a bit less relaxed about the situation or a bit more attentive about the rather casual pose her opponent had suddenly adopted, she might not have been so surprised when the other's body suddenly disappeared with a cracking sound and a puff of smoke, she might also have expected the second cracking sound from behind her back, not to mention the sword heading her way. As it was, the best the kunoichi could do was reel backwards in a desperate attempt to keep her younger opponent's attack from striking a critical spot, being effectively forced off her branch and back down to the ground in the process.

"How reckless..." Kurodaiya hissed, grasping the surface scratch that had been made across her right cheek while unleashing another wave of projectiles to keep her opponent back, "You transformed yourself into a flower petal?!"

"You're learning." Hanako echoed the other's words, charging forward with a fresh series of slashes to keep her opponent off balance. Much to the other's frustration, it was working well, and even though the majority of the attacks were parried, that was also precisely as much as Kurodaiya managed to do. It had been a reckless gambit if ever there was one, and it was precisely the sheer insanity of it that had made it work, Hanako knew. She'd need to finish this now, and to do that, another reckless gambit was called for. Though her opponent probably didn't notice amidst her parrying attempts, Hanako fitted in a hand seal with her free hand between each slash, willing her ever more loudly complaining body to keep up. Just a little more, just one falter, one weak spot and...

"There! Tamori style, Dance of Blossoms!"

Though Hanako herself couldn't see it, the effect of this maneuver was quite the sight in its own right, a giant twister suddenly rising up in the previously calm air. Carried up by the illusory gale, a multitude of vividly pink blossoms rose up as well, their fragrance hanging heavily in the air as they circled around their target, obscuring both battlers from view. The kunoichi herself had something quite different to focus on, however, smoothly angling her way to her preoccupied opponent's unprotected back, gathering her excess chakra around the blade as she slowly raised it above her head in preparation of an all-ending two-hand slash.

Explosion was probably the best way to describe it. Raw, unharnessed chakra unleashed with the sole intent of harming was not the most stable of substances, and it certainly did not take kindly to being interposed. So when you took two sources of raw, unharnessed chakra unleashed with the sole intent of harming and pitted them against each other, nature could really only think of one way to resolve the issue.

Light temporarily blinded both of them. Metal groaned pitifully as the combined force of the attacks deformed them, and then, the inevitable backlash of momentum sent both fighters reeling back, both weapons helplessly spiraling out of their owners' hands. The result had all the makings of a stalemate, save for one detail...

Kurodaiya's weapon was still chained to her wrist, and this fact was soon mirrored in her expression as she recalled the fan back into her hand while Hanako's sword landed broken point first onto the ground by the Houseki shinobi's feet.

"Don't..." Hanako growled, rising to her feet and ignoring the bruises and cuts on her body as she grasped her scabbard in a surprisingly imposing manner, charging at her foe once more, "Don't think it's over yet!"

"You just never give up, do you?!" Kurodaiya snarled, preparing her fan once more, "I was hoping not to resort to this, but I can't risk you having another technique like that in store." shifting her weight backwards, the woman performed a movement surprisingly similar to Hanako's dance movements, twirling elegantly on the spot with her fan raised. The moment they caught sight of the motion, both of the other Houseki shinobi immediately retreated behind their respective trees, "Houseki style, Spectrum Attack!"

It had been a clear sign that something nasty was about to happen, but Hanako seemed unable to either realize or act on it, merely swinging the wooden scabbard at her opponent like a sword before the world dissolved into a blur of color.

The previous impact might have been more cataclysmic, but when it came to widespread damage, Kurodaiya's recent technique definitely had it beat. Colorful crystal fragments had wedged themselves into anything and virtually everything unfortunate enough to be within a three-meter sphere around her. Kurodaiya herself didn't seem much better off, trembling visibly from exhaustion, and the fan in her hand had been reduced to a tiny line of colors by the black rim, apparently having fired off the entirety of its projectile supply. Despite her condition, the Houseki shinobi seemed decidedly triumphant as she observed her foe, covered in shards much like the rest of the objects in her environment, pieces of bark feebly shedding off as a mixture of sap and blood drenched the ground beneath her as she struggled to raise her face back towards the opponent, one hand weakly attempting something akin to a hand sign.

"Know your limits already!" Kurodaiya scoffed, procuring the earth scroll from within the confines of her coat and tossing it carelessly in Team 11's general direction, "That...was a good fight, but it's over. You have no chakra and no weapon. You can't even stand anymore. Do you seriously expect to pull off another miraculous gambit?"

"No..." Hanako manged to utter, her voice barely audible as she turned her face upwards, revealing a sight that downright shocked her opponent, "...you already bought into this one." her grin reached an almost manic proportion as she completed the last seal, "Branch Shackle."

At those simple words, a terrifying realization finally struck the older kunoichi, her glance barely managing to register the scabbard and wooden hilt on each side of her before the thick branches grasped her, immediately constricting both arms and forcing them firmly across the Houseki shinobi's chest before they started squeezing together, "But..." she managed to gasp out, struggling in vain to pull out some form technique or tool to get her out of the ever tightening grasp while the branches snaked up towards her throat, "...the Dance of Blossoms, don't tell me it was all-"

"Diversion." the younger kunoichi filled in, rising to her feet in a painstakingly slow manner, "One thing...you should have noticed during the exam...Kurodaiya-chan...I'm terrible with Genjutsu, but...pretty good at pretend games." she slowly brought her hand upwards, performing a grasping motion on the air. On queue, the branches slithered forward, grasping her opponent around the neck and tightening around it, "It is...as you say...over."

"Houseki style! Earthsplitter!"

The moment the giant-like shinobi's voice rumbled into her ears, the hand Hanako had used to manipulate her technique reeled back, a pained yelp escaping her lips as the illusory damage struck her back down to the ground. Her vision was getting blurry fast, but even so she could vaguely make out the large, gaping rift that had been created mere inches from Kurodaiya's body, and the splintered pieces of wood and metal around it that had once been Hanako's scabbard and blade respectively.


"No...matter, Suigyoku." the other replied, still gasping for air "The traitor's weapon is broken, not ideal...but our mission is over all the same."

For a moment, Suigyoku looked like he was about to enter a battle of vengeance, her violently coughing superior cradled in her arms, but then he seemed to think the better of it, nodding towards Murasaki, who immediately darted over to the rift his companion had created, performing a rapid succession of hand seals before placing both hands on the ground while his partner disappeared in a chakra-hastened blur of motion.

"Houseki style, Crystal Boundary!"

On his command, a translucent, crystalline wall snaked its way out of the wide gash in the ground, interposing any attempts of ranged attacks or other reprisal. Apparently, these two had taken Akane's kunais far more seriously than they had let on.

"Don't think this is over." he remarked from behind the comfort of his barrier, "You, Tamori Hanako, have made an enemy of Houseki clan's second house today, and we do not forget those who wrong us. Our pact of honor keeps us from interfering, but rest assured: we will meet again and next time we shall not hold back."

As far as Hanako was concerned, the shinobi's words fell on deaf ears. His sudden departure was equally irrelevant, as was the crumbling of the technique he had set up. Even the fact that she had technically won and that they now had a scroll meant nothing right now. Her right hand still hanging limply, the girl crept and dragged her way towards the splintered remains of her weapon the best she could, tears streaming down her cheeks. It hurt, everything hurt, but right now there was only one thing she knew.

"I need my weapon..."

She should have been lying down, she should have been getting the numerous cuts on her body treated, she should have been resting and replenishing, but instead she struggled her way towards the pile of debris, starting to assemble the individual splinters into a pile in front of her at a painstakingly slow pace.

"...is my weapon..." she mumbled, as if in trance, a series of sobs which normally wouldn't even have thought of letting out escaping her throat, "...need my weapon...is-is my weapon...please..." she turned an utterly piteous glance to her comrades, anxiously holding onto the small collection of splinters she had managed to assemble as if they were young birds who might fly off at the slightest provocation but who would be hurt if she held on any harder, "...please...really...really need my weapon..."

OOC: Woo-hoo, annoyingly long battle post and freak out scene done. ^0^ Alright, still have a follow up post to do once somebody helps her with those wood shards. They're not so cruel as to just ignore that plea, right? D=

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January 5th, 2008, 12:50 PM
Once arriving within the Forest Of Death's darkness, things seemed overly silent, as if nothing in the forest lived. No shaking of leaves, no tiny animals scurrying along the tails, just quiet. Souran, keiko, and Fen had been walking around for a while now, and there was no sign of other genin. Though this had been known as a grim looking forest, it seemed a bit peaceful if you took it all in. Souran stayed cautious during the entire hike through the forest, he found things just a tad too quiet. It was then that he began to wonder if entering the forest late was a good thing, whether it was only a minute, it still gave them the upper hand since the other ninja wouldn't expect them to enter, but if they came in contact, they'd still be in the same danger. Souran would have loved to use a bird to get an eye over the forest to look for other genin, but there were no animals in sight. Then, out of the dead silence came the sound of loud hissing. Souran looked around to find the source of the noise. He glanced to his left and
say two red, devilish eyes staring right towards him. Souran slowly leaned toward the ground, ready to jump if attacked, and then warned Keiko and Fen.

"Hey, guys. There's something in that tree to your left. It's huge!-" Before he could say anything else, the mysterious figure revealed itself to be a giant snake as it leaped forward at Souran, Fen, and Keiko.

"Jump!" He yelled, commanding the others to dodge the attack which came at the speed of
a strongly thrown kunai. Souran had leaped upwards, attempting to avoid the snake, and succeeded, but was shocked to witness the snake quickly twirling upward in Souran's direction.

"Crap, now I can't avoid it!" He panicked, trying to think of a tactic to avoid the snake. Then, Souran laughed like he couldn't believe it. He almost forgot to react, he was laughing so much. This laughing could most likely be heard from the edges of the forest, it was so loud. He then stopped to be serious, and aimed his body manipulation at the snake.

"Ha! And to think I was afraid I was about to get eaten." The attack he made was a success and he had control over the snake. He whipped off some sweat from his forehead as he safely landed on the earth.

"Hahaha, that was actually fun. I guess I was so jumpy from the silence of the forest that I didn't think of using body manipulation earlier. Heh!" Souran had then realized that the snake was standing upright right behind his seemingly shrunken body. Souran was expressing the most frightened look on his face.

"But, how could it resist my body manipulation technique?! It's supposed to take complete control of it's target... Genjutsu!" Souran's voice sprang from his frightened body. He quickly pulled his left thumb to his teeth and bit down hard enough to puncture his skin, causing enough pain to release the genjutsu. Things suddenly began to disappear slowly until he say his team staring oddly at Souran.

"Guys, there's an enemy close by...I was just caught in their genjustsu, be on your guard. They might have the scroll we need, so look for them..." Just then, a group of three appeared from a nearby tree. Once they landed, one of the genin, standing firm in the middle of her team, held out her hand and commanded; "Give us your scroll!" Souran smirked to this and answered; "Sorry, but I'm not quite fond of being the controlled one...I rather being the puppeteer. So, I think I'll tell you to give us your scroll." Souran commanded before flicking his right and left hands at the two thug-like team members next to her.

"In case you don't know, this is the body manipulation technique." He said as he forced her teammates to grab hold of her.

"Keiko, !" Souran yelled as he analyzed the woman to find the location of the scroll. She seemed to be the leader-type who always took things under her wing while the other two do the dirty work. "The scroll is in the kunai pouch on her right leg." The kunoichi began to scream at her teammates to snap out of being controlled.

"You buffoons, let go of me! Their going to get our scroll!" She roared to her hypnotized friends. Souran signaled Keiko to hurry and retrieve the scroll as he flicked his head toward the girl.

January 5th, 2008, 1:28 PM
"Okay! Thinking: Fire Petal: Silent Flame Bow Jutsu. Keiko dashed to the women hoping she got caught in his Genjutsu. "Now to get the scroll! Keiko grabbed for the pouch on the Women's leg. He heard screaming so his jutsu was effective. " Hey Souran! Catch the pouch!" KEiko threw the pouch and hoped Souran caught it.

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January 5th, 2008, 1:54 PM
Souran clenched his teeth together as his eyes followed the kunai pouch flying towards him. He lifted his right hand to catch the flying object, assured that even though the genin to the right of the girl would release his grip on her, she'd be under that genjutsu for enough time. Then, as Souran was about an inch from the pouch, he felt pain in his left leg, like it was injected by a sharp object. Souran fell to the ground, letting the pouch do the same. Souran told Fen to grab it since it was within his distance. Then he moved his head to see what had happened. It was that kunoichi, she had been able to release the genjutsu, and by the looks of her hand, she bit her thumb, then took a shuriken from her back pouch and shoved it in her teammate to the right, and due to the bloodline of Souran's, any pain below the head is inflicted to both people. Souran would have released the jutsu to stop the pain, but Keiko was near the two and if the jutsu were to be released, Keiko would have to deal with two of them. Souran pulled himself up from the ground and forced the genin, who she had hit with the shuriken, to punch her across the face, hopefully knocking her out cold.

"Guys, I'm not sure how long she'll be out, so I think we had better scurry on out of here." Souran said as he began to place his body in a battling stance.

"Since I can't just let those other two go, I'm going to have to knock them out as well." Souran stated as he positioned the two largely built genin into a stance to punch each other. Within the blink of an eye, the two smashed the other's forehead, which caused both to collapse onto the ground.

"Alright, lets go!" Souran said as he leaped into one of the trees to their left and continued until reaching a fine distance away from that team. Souran sat on the branch, leaning on the base of the tree, waiting for the other two to catch up.

"Heh, boy was that fun. It seems like I haven't fought in so long, it feels refreshing." He said to himself, smiling.

January 5th, 2008, 2:12 PM
"You're right, that was fun!" Keiko looked back at the tree's behind them. "Whew, I just did not think I she would have dispelled my GenJutsu!" Keiko stared and asked. "Do you think people would notice if I burned down the tree's in out path to see how close we are to the tower?

January 5th, 2008, 2:42 PM
"Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique!" Dansei bellowed cycling through the hand seals, shoving his trench knives back in his pouch, and grabbing both Yumi and Akane by the wrists in one fluid movement, as Kurodaiya released her Spectrum Attack. After making sure the attack was no longer around, he released his jutsu, springing back above ground with his teammates, then leaping onto a tree branch several yards away, trembling from his lack of chakra as he watched the battle unfold.

Once the Rock shinobi left, Dansei leapt back to the forest floor and retrieved the Earth Scroll, then headed over to Akane and Yumi. "I... I can't do anything right now," he told the two kunoichi, frowning. "I can't see any of the shards, and I can't heal Hanako, either." He took his trench knives back out and slipped them back over his knuckles. "I'll go ahead and keep look out."

January 5th, 2008, 3:15 PM
IC: i have time to make a quick post, i'll try to take care of my posts from now on, thanks ACC-M... and Sharpay... try to give us a BIT more to work with on your posts, please? 3 lines isn't really cuttin it...

Fen scooped the pouch from off the ground and emptied its contents into his hand. He let the kunai and shuriken fall to the ground and grabbed the scroll, tossing the bag to the side and slipped the scroll along side the other in his kunai pouch. He leaped up into the trees behind Souran, listening to his two team mates talk. They were excited about the match that had just transpired. Fen had an indifferent feeling about it, since he didn't get any action in the fight, quite disappointing.

"I'm glad you guys had fun.... next fight is mine..." Fen said quietly, while being unusually quiet and letting the breeze flow over his face.

"Do you think people would notice if I burned down the tree's in out path to see how close we are to the tower?" He heard Keiko's voice break his concentration.

Fen turned his head slowly with narrow eyes at Keiko's question. Almost surprised... but Fen and Souran were used to these sort of comments from Keiko by now.

"I hope you were kidding. Keiko. Giving away our location like that would attract the attention of multiple teams at once and definitely put us in a situation that we can't handle. This isn't the time for stupid comments." Fen snapped, still being unusually serious. He returned his gaze forward and stopped on an upcoming branch and remained still, letting the breeze blow over his face, feeling its current. A common tracking technique of Kurai wind users.

"Keiko, Souran, stop. The winds are blowing unnaturally, probably someone fighting. Its off to our right, probably not a long distance. What do you guys want to do? Its still an easy day's travel to center of the forest still. I think we should look... somethin really doesn't feel right about it that area...but its a team decision... so what do you think?"

January 5th, 2008, 3:33 PM
OOC: It meats the Standards, you were in my rp, you know how i roll

Keiko looked at Fen. You're point? I find my funny coments very enlightening, I think it brightens up everyone's day! So boo to you! Now I think I have an idea, most people who get to the tower and don't have both scrolls will ambush us near the tower to get the scrolls, so we send a decoy to attracted them, then we sneak behind and then the decoy leaves and comes back. I elect Fen for decoy!" Said Keiko almost out of breath.

Scarlet Weather
January 5th, 2008, 3:43 PM

Akane's simple word as all that it took to express her feelings. The battle... Hanako had been ahead. She could have won. But that final jutsu... and then the shattering that sickened Akane. She knew how much Hanako cared about her sword. That thing was a part of her, a part of Hanako. It was as much a part of her as an arm or a leg. And they... those bastards had broken it. Part of it had flown past Akane's cheek and cut it. As the blood trickled down, she felt the anger growing. Hanako collapsed, a nervous wreck. And two kunai thudded into the crystal barrier of the Housekis. Akane had already reached her limit. This was no time to remain calm. It was time to terminate with extreme prejudice. Another kunai hammered into the wall, this one attached to an exploding note. The small explosion was enough to penetrate the wall, but the Housekis were long gone, and through an area that look suspiciously like leech territory to Akane. In her experience, leech territory was never a good place to go when you had an open wound, no matter how small. So instead of pursuing the Housekis, she ran to Hanako's side and grabbed the shoulders of the shinobi. "Hanako... your sword... no way... they.... bastards.... kill them..." she muttered unintelligibly as she bent down to take a look at the wreckage of a once-proud Tamori clan blade.

Or was it Tamori clan?

A sinking feeling in Akane's chest began. 'The traitor's weapon'. 'Houseki clan weapons were always the best'. 'They're calling themselves a clan now?' Those statements... they weren't random. A sinking feeling came over Akane. If the Tamori clan were offshoots of some sort of clan from the rock who built weapons, their clan might understandably consider them traitors and have orders to eliminate and disgrace members. If that was the case, then Hanako was still in grave danger. There was no reason that those three wouldn't come back for more. One thing was for sure- nobody was safe. Hanako was in no condition to fight at the moment and most of her jutsu relied on the blade anyway. With both blade and scabbard destroyed, she had no reliable combat jutsu to draw on. The group was fragmented, without Hanako's combat jutsu they were in no position to enter any sort of frontal assault. Dansei was low on chakra. The group had no reliable system of command. The current location was unsafe. There was only one choice now.

Akane stooped and grabbed the scroll. "Alright, Yumi, Dansei, we're going to move out now. We can't stay here, they could find us again. We'll take our chances with them during the next portion of the exam. Dansei, take these." She rolled her father's present, the hyorogan jar, over to him. "Use them in case you need to replenish chakra. I think that jar has maybe six or seven in it, so be careful how many you use. One should be enough for now. We'll be moving out in the formation that Tenten-san taught us. I'll take front guard, Dansei, take rear. Yumi-chan, if anyone you don't recognize appears I want you to trap them in a Genjutsu before they can react and finish them. We have no time to worry about being nice. Hanako..." Akane's voice trailed off. "If you can't find a way to carry it, you'll have to leave your sword here for now. I'll go back for it later, I promise. Right now, we're going to the tower as quickly as possible, and we can't afford to leave you behind. Understand?"

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January 5th, 2008, 3:50 PM
Souran listened to Fen's words and gave them some thought. It had only taken them less than thirty minutes to get another scroll and yet the, exam gives us five days. This must mean that the next exam won't start until five days have passed, but why so long? Well, aside from that, Souran didn't quiet approve of actually going around the forest looking for fights. Souran was the type to want some action, but he also wanted to pass everything without being tired to death. Also, if Fen gets caught with both of the scrolls in his possession, not only will we have to search for more scrolls, but he'll be in danger. Souran had made his final decision on the matter.

"I say we don't. The way I see it, now that we have both scrolls, we have a higher chance of more people looking for us...see what I mean. The scrolls were separated evenly to each team and now that we have both, we're a candidate for both of those halves. So, say we do go and both teams have different scrolls, they'll probably team up on us and split the scrolls they need evenly...but, now that I'm curious, I think I just want to know what's going on." Souran turned his entire body toward the tree and used a kunai to pry some bark off. Just as he thought, there were millions of bugs. He chose one and used his body manipulation on it, it was a regular roach which Souran mostly wanted to use to get it away. He moved back to his first position and spoke to Keiko and Fen.

"I know it's not very smart to constantly use up my chakra, but I'm sure there will be time to rest. Okay, I'm going to use this roach to see what is going on around that area, Fen, I'll need you to use your wind jutsu to guide this little guy to the area you felt before. If it's something we can handle at the moment, I'll change my decision. Alright, lets do this." Souran loved to spy, it was probably his most favorite thing about being a ninja. Souran first used eye transfer so he could see what the bug saw, then he readied the flying roach in the direction that Fen had stated earlier and awaited Fen's wind to guide it.

Souran had then listened closely to what Keiko stated and replied; "If things don't look good at this place Fen sensed...I'll take that into consideration...but the decoy could change." Souran smirked evil-like as he joked around.

OOC: ACC-M, Can we just go with what Evkay's post did cause I dun feel like editing again x.x

January 5th, 2008, 4:16 PM
"Hm... guide the bug...okay it will take a considerably less amount of chakra than i'm used to but i'll give it a shot." He said looking off into the direction of the disturbance.

He sat cross legged and closed his eyes, feeling the wind's currents around his body and focusing. He stretched his arms out in front of him and formed three hand signs. "If i concentrate... i can guide the roach on gentle currents of a weak Gale Force Jutsu..." he thought to himself.

Fen formed 3 hand signs in front of him and took a deep concentrating breath.

"If my concentration is disrupted, this wont work right. So stay quiet." He said quietly, mostly aiming the comment at Keiko.

"Wind Style....Gale Force Jutsu"

Fen's face instantly tensed as he manipulated the wind currents in the direction towards the disturbance. He was glad Souran was at least inspecting the disturbance... it felt like there was definitely trouble.

Fen had finally attained the balance of chakra needed to curve and bend the winds to his will and gave a small nod to Souran, signaling him to release the bug. They would know the mystery situation soon enough.

January 5th, 2008, 4:34 PM
Keiko looked at the bug. "What are you staring? Ya weird bug". Keiko smirked and got up." So how long till we do something 'cause I'm bored!" Keiko looked around. "Hey Souran you have an umbrella there are leeches falling from the sky!"

January 5th, 2008, 4:55 PM
As Yuki watched the battle go on she nearly fell to pieces. ‘It..they..she…’ It was terrible. Hanako had them! She did! And they…

‘They broke her sword...' They broke it. It shattered into a thousand pieces. Her teammate’s sword. Her friend’s sword.. And Yumi didn’t do anything. They had told her a one on one fight and she listened. She obeyed the enemy! How could she have been so stupid!

Right now Yumi had the utmost look of anger and sympathy on her face. How could they do that?! Those bastards! She had been angry before that they called her barbaric but..That look on Hanako's face. It only made her angrier. She had to stop herself from following them to prevent further injuries.

Akane had told her to look out for approaching teams. She had barely heard going through her own thoughts. . Yumi moved slightly her eyes not moving from Hanako’s body and performed hand seals for her kekkei genkai. She hadn’t used up any chakra, because she was that useless.

“Eyes of the Forest..” she mumbled pathetically. It was then that her eyes snapped open. “There’s another team nearby! You guys go ahead on. I’ll trap them by my self.” She told them trying not to be too loud. As she passed Dansei to jump into one of the big trees she muttered “Take care of her you guys..” and jumped off. Whatever team came within 2 feet of her team was going to get it..!

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January 5th, 2008, 4:57 PM
Souran noticed the slight gust of wind coming from Fen and got the signal to get things started. Souran began by forcing the roach to jump forward and then spread it's wings. It then rode the wind to the location Souran hoped that Fen was correctly aiming at. Within a couple minutes, the bug reached a point where Souran could see about seven people. Four were in a tree while the other three were on the ground. Souran noticed that by the look of the team of four, they were in need of help, but then with a closer look, he identified them as team 11. That team from before this exam had started. Souran moved his head to his team and informed them.

"It's team 11, from earlier. Hanako was it, Akane and those two others...I can't remember their names a the moment, but they are in a lot of danger...I think we should help them." Souran gave a horrified expression, also aware of how Fen would probably want to help whether he approved or disapproved of going. Souran released the justsu and stood firm on the branch.

"The amount of chakra I have isn't the kind for a full length battle. I think we should at least hold those three genin off until team 11 can escape...Fen...Keiko and I will hold them off. You should take care of their team...I mean, we can't afford the scroll to be taken." Souran smiled, hinting that he thinks Fen and Hanako had a bit of a connection...Then, Souran felt the presence of someone else, and without the roach, he can't see as far, so he prepared himself.

January 5th, 2008, 6:35 PM
"No." Fen responded sternly to Souran. "With a team that most likely needs medical attention, we wont be attempting escape with the scrolls anyway. You're the best defensive fighter we have, no ones getting close the scrolls if they're in your possession. And besides, with Keiko, I can even up the numbers against 3 opponents using my Mirror Clone. And uh... my fist is itchin to show off a bit..." He said, rubbing his bandages.

Fen stood up and tossed the pouch with the scrolls to Souran and faced into the forest. He made 4 seals and the winds began to swirl around him.

"Wind Style, Whispering Winds"

He gave a small wave to his other two team mates.

"I'll see you two there."

And with that he vanished with a swirl of leaves.

January 5th, 2008, 6:55 PM
"Hmph, that is mean!" Keiko said angrily." Why the nerve of that guy!" Keiko yelled. " When he gets back I'll punch him so hard. Just. Ugh..." Keiko said frustrated.

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January 5th, 2008, 7:17 PM
OOC: Sharpay, I know it meets standards but, I'd prefer you to take a little more time to make your posts longer, it just makes things seem more interesting x]

IC: Souran snatched the pouch quickly and strapped it onto his left leg, where there was enough space for a pouch. He pouted to hear what Fen had said and thought to himself; "Darn, I was hoping he'd forget about getting to fight, and would focus on that girl so I could fight...Oh well. Looks like I'm going to have to deal with that Akane girl...I think I'll be nice this time around." Souran could still feel that odd presence coming closer. He moved his head to the left, and then to the right innocently, and then followed behind Fen, leaving Keiko to deal with that person. Besides, It was only one, Souran figured Keiko could take who ever it was, also it was most likely one of those people Souran witnessed, so It probably helps the mission at hand. Souran began to catch up with Fen and before he knew it, they were along side each other.

"Okay, so, you are going to take on those bad guys while I..." Souran took a small dramatic pause. "Keep the others safe. Yeah, not sure they'll listen to me, but I guess you'll not only get some excitement, but also get to show off your moves. We'll here goes nothing, give it your best." Souran then saw a figure in the distance.

"Looks like plans might have changed, Fen." Souran stated as he waited for the shaded figure to fully reveal him or herself. Souran glanced over to Fen and began to speak again.

"Once we meet up with this shadowed figure, I'll take care of things, you continue on." Souran stated as he slowly gained speed to meet with the unknown genin.

January 5th, 2008, 9:55 PM
OOC: I’m confused. Is who Keiko is fighting supposed to be me because I thought I was still heading towards you guys. How could you pass me up without me attacking you?

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January 5th, 2008, 10:02 PM
OOC: Oh, my bad. I think I miss-read your post .-. Wow, I must be tired. Also, I forgot to tell you Sharpay, it's supposed to be Yumi who Souran sensed coming. Anyway, I'll edit my entry to fix things as much as I can ._.

Edit: Well, hopefully that helped to some extent. As for Keiko: I'm gunna need Sharpay to edit your post to something dealing with trying to catch up with Fen and Souran. Then, when Yumi and Souran meet up, Fen will continue on and Keiko will show up next to Souran and Yumi and we'll see what happens from there. Simple enough, right x]

January 6th, 2008, 1:08 AM
Fen watched as the dark figure closed the gap between Fen and Keiko. He settled on a large branch and kneeled, waiting for the ninja to make their first move. Fen was getting restless again, the others were in trouble and these distractions weren't welcomed... Souran would take care of the mystery ninja but the wait was taking so long.

"i'm pretty sure that once Souran engages this enemy, i'll be able to sneak by unseen using Whispering Winds... and hopefully hold off these enemies until Souran gets finished..." Fen planned to himself quietly as the figure drew closer. He prepared to dart straight passed in order to help the distressed team 11.

Fen slowly moved his hands closer together, preparing to sign the seals for whispering winds and escape, the figure was becoming clearer.

Alter Ego
January 6th, 2008, 1:54 AM

Though the words had been intended as encouragement, they only served to elevate Hanako to a new level of hysteria, "No time for later!" she shrieked, giving her friend a look of utter desperation, "You...don't understand...is my weapon! Later, later it won't be-just-just let me...while it's still my weapon...gaaah!"

With another pained wail, she redoubled her efforts of collecting the splinters, fervently assembling as many of the larger pieces as she could. There were still plenty missing, but it looked...about right at least. Sighing, she placed her hoard down on the ground in front of her, dividing it into two piles before coaxing a fresh splatter of blood from one of the many cuts on her body and sprinkling it over the splinters. When she raised her voice again, it was as a soft murmur rather than the high-pitched loon voice from a moment ago, sounding like she was reciting something from memory, an expression of intense concentration on her face.

"Drink of my sweat, and know that your toil is mine to share. Drink of my tears, and know that my feelings are yours as well. Drink of my blood and know that our lives are one. By the power of my bloodline, by the letter of the contract, by the strength of my conviction, be whole!"

At her command, the blood splattered across the splinters shimmered ever so slightly, seeping into the wood itself accompanied by a disturbing slurping sound. Soon, the blood-splattered grass around them was completely green again, but the wood still didn't seem satisfied, fresh blood drawing from each and every cut on Hanako's body and into the splinters, the reddish hue deepening in queue with the paling of the girl's body. Then, something happened, diminutive, branch-like appendages sprouting from the larger fragments and snaking their way towards each other, intertwining, drawing closer together...

"Come on..." Hanako mumbled, her face already white as sheet, "Just...just a little more...a little longer..."

Drawn together, the ever-growing fragments began attracting the smaller ones around them. New branches, new growth. Slowly, the first lump of half-living wood began shaping into a handle, but there was still so much to do with the scabbard, so many pieces...

"...come on..."

Her vision swum, she felt cold and anemic, and finally, there simply was nothing to do. With self-protection preventing any more blood from being drained, the new branches ceased sprouting, the assembled pieces drawing together with a final heave before the separate branches melded into a whole. The excess pieces flailed feebly before the crimson color ran out of them, the branches withering out and dying...and then it was over.

And there, on the ground by Hanako's feet, hilt and scabbard rested. They weren't as large as before, the scabbard in particular having lost a fair bit of its length, and no ornate designs were in sight, but there was no mistaking the expression of sheer relief on the kunoichi's face as she reached out a shaky hand for each, clutching them with all her might.

"Daijoubu..." she mumbled out, "...I'll...need a new blade...a smaller one...but is still...my...weapon..."

And with that, her eyelids finally gave in to their desire to snap shut, the kunoichi duly collapsing onto the ground, handle and scabbard still cradled in her arms.

OOC: Deus ex machina ftw! Ahem, contrary to what one might think, the regeneration bit is actually part of the weapon's ability rather than a jutsu or a bloodline ability, so it works, right? Hanako will be unconscious for a while, so just have them drop her off to a medical team whenever that becomes convenient...and maybe patch her up so she doesn't die to blood loss before that. xD Now as for where the weapon got its little ability and what the whole bloodtraitor bit is about...that's a backstory for another day, I'm afraid. Good luck with the RP, peoples. :3

January 6th, 2008, 6:23 AM
OOC: Sounds simple enough.

IC: She couldn’t be nice, that’s what Akane told her. The thought was almost enough to make her chuckle. Since when on Earth had she been labeled as nice? Yumi stopped on a tree when she saw the group had noticed her. It looked like those guys Akane and Hanako were messing with earlier but she wasn’t about to go into that. Right now her main focus was making sure no one got near her team and there were two people heading towards her team right now. She wouldn’t allow anyone to get near them. But she’s dealing with three enemies. Crow’s Mind only works one at a time and that would waste time.

‘I know! I’ll use deep water!’ It would take a lot of chakra, but she had plenty to use so that wasn’t a problem. She only hoped that her team was far away enough for it not to affect them. Finishing her hand seal she slapped her hands onto the wood of the tree she was standing on. A wave of chakra spread through out 40 feet of the area blanketing it with and illusion. “Deep Water Justu!” The skies darkened and the water came from the ground and trees. The genjustu made it look like it was flooding the entire forest with the water levels rising rapidly. Yumi didn’t know whether she should drown them or leave them unconscious. Choosing to leave them unconscious she disappeared into the water. Pushing the current back to send her opponents deeper into the forest and farther away from her team was what she had planned to do. She just hoped it wouldn’t take too much chakra.

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January 6th, 2008, 6:48 AM
Souran was astonished by the large wave of water that began to rise from the earth. To think that someone could create something like that, was just truly amazing. Souran had to figure a way to escape this tsunami but there was nothing he could do, not even to break through it. He had no type of jutsu that could stop it, like an earth style, that would be the most helpful style at the moment for him. He couldn't walk on it with his chakra since he wasn't able to jump high enough to get on top of the water, there was absolutely nothing to do to protect himself. Souran looked to his right from the branch he stood on and found something he could do; hide behind the tree while the current blast's it, allowing Souran to avoid the water. The only thing possible for him, hopefully, the tree wouldn't break. All he could do now, is wait, and hope that his team could get past this wave.

January 6th, 2008, 7:03 AM
Keiko dashed from tree branch to tree branch, trying to catch up with Souran ad Fenra."They could not have gotten to far, But if they are in a fight I should be quiet and sneak around to get in a silent attack". Keiko then was suprised by a large wave of water heading straight for him. Keiko jumped on to a higher tree branch then used it as a platform to jump on the water."What the heck could this be coming from!" Keiko scurried on top of the water until he could see Souran and Yumi. "Hey Souran need any help!"

January 6th, 2008, 10:24 AM
((Dansei already has the scroll, but whatever... :x))

"Thanks, Akane-chan," Dansei mumbled, blushing slightly as he knelt down to recieve the Hyorogan jar. Then he noticed Hanako's feeble attempt to restore her blade. "I'll go ahead and carry Hanako," he announced, popping one of the pills from the jar into his mouth. He walked over to the unconcious kunoichi and picked her up, focusing chakra to his feet in order to effortlessly jump into the trees, looking back at Akane.

"She should be able to heal in time for the next exam," he said. "But it looks like Yumi's chasing off some other shinobi, so let's go ahead and start on our way towards the tower. Yumi can catch up later, but we've got to hurry and get Hanako to a medic."

January 6th, 2008, 10:56 AM
The massive wave of water roared towards them and began to surround them. Fen couldn't help but noticed the water being un-effected by the outside winds.

"Genjutsu..." He said quietly to himself.

He popped the knuckles on his right arm, releasing the chakra flow to it. The rush of chakra cleared the Genjutsu from around him. He looked over to Souran and Keiko, who were standing in a daze, staring into space as the invisible waters enclosed them.

"Sigh.... sorry about this guys, its the only thing i can think of." Fen said aloud. He walked over to them and swung back and punched them both in the cheek, snapping them out of the trance like state.

"we need to hurry up, it was just a Genjutsu... come on" Fen rushed ahead at the inconveniencing genjutsu.

"I don't think that was meant to defeat us, just slow us down... she ninja who set that up must be trying to regroup with their team." He thought to himself while jumping. He dispelled the technique around his right arm and stopped the chakra flow. But a clearing was finally becoming visible, the clearing he had felt in the winds. He leaped high from the tree and landed near a large fissure in the ground, sliding to a crouched stop and kicking up dust making quite an entrance.

The dust cleared revealing Fen standing, brushing his clothes off and looking to the damaged team, but no enemies in sight. Just team 11, they must have scared them off. Fen quickly realized that assessing the situation quietly while the team stared at him was not being productive.

"Oh...erm...Hey... uh... you guys need any help?"

Đ a r κ
January 6th, 2008, 11:13 AM
The wave disappeared and Souran had found himself laying on a branch. He used his right hand to rub his cheek, trying to ease the pain that was enforced to undo the genjutsu he had been placed upon. He lifted his body up as Fen told him and Keiko to hurry. He tried to look for that enemy but couldn't see her, so he followed along with Fen.

"Interesting, that is one shinobi I'm going to have to keep my eye on, if I can't see through their genjutsu." Souran thought to himself as he approached a clearing, where Fen had already landed at. Souran decided to stay on the branch, he had jumped onto, for a moment. Fen had said there was fighting, so the enemy could possibly be waiting for a sneak attack. He waited, but failed to unveil any trace of ninja hiding in the tree's or the bushes, and so he appeared next to Fen and pulled up his hand in a greeting way.

"Yo, looks like you guys could use some help."

January 6th, 2008, 11:27 AM
"Hey, you guys need any help?" Said Keiko, Keiko then got up and jumped to a nearby branch."We heard that you guys were cornered by an enemy team, so we came to help out. So you all fine or need the better team to help you out." Said Keiko in a sense of pride."Now how strong were these enemy's?"

January 6th, 2008, 1:03 PM
Yumi couldn't believe it! They had gotten through her genjustu! But she still had to protect her team that's for sure. Jumping over to a nearby tree that was the tallest she could find she grabbed the two whips at her sides and and started focusing chakra into them. She was going to destroy them before they even got close.

Jumping from the high tree she came down with both whips flinging in all directions. "Fury of Two Whips!" she screamed as she hit the ground and hopefully the other ninja, with a giant 'Bang!' Yumi had focused all of her chakra into that one so it should've done some serious damage. Before the smoke could clear, Yumi started cutting down trees to fall on top of each other. She was trying to block them from getting any further. The trees were pretty big so that shouldn't have been a problem.

"Don't take another step you three!" Yumi shouted in the most intimidating and angry voice she could muster. No way was she going to allow her team to get attacked again. No way.

January 6th, 2008, 1:12 PM
Keiko quickly jumped out of the way.You Jerk! We are trying to help you! I swear as a shinobi."Stop attacking us we want to help you!"
Keiko said in an angry voice."Souran do we have to help them 'cause Yumi may be cute but again do we have to help 'em.

Đ a r κ
January 6th, 2008, 1:37 PM
As one of the two whips came crashing down, Souran slided to the left, avoiding the first attack with barely doing anything. With whips, they are very flexible, but they do have weakness'. Once they are ordered by the user in a certain direction, they cannot stop it from going that way until the ends of the whip hit that point they were aimed at. Once the smoke had cleared, Souran could begin to notice trees falling, blocking the way to the other team. Souran sighed, annoyed to all of this.

"Souran do we have to help them 'cause Yumi may be cute but again do we have to help 'em." Keiko asked Souran, who replied; "Yeah, we do." not giving any reasons as to why, but only the main answer. After, he took a look at the trees that stood before him. He then smiled largely.

"Yes, something that can surprise people!" Souran stated as he motioned his hands to face the large amount of trees. He then blasted his manipulation technique at them by using each of his ten fingers, trying to control as many as possible. Souran raised his hands as far up as he could, which forced the trees to levitate off the earth as if defying gravity. Once they were at a safe level of hight, Souran slowly moved them to the side, allowing Fen, Keiko, and Souran to continue on. Before moving forward, Souran crossed his arms and seemed disappointed.

"Come on, is that it? I would have thought that the one to create such a good genjutsu would be able to hold me off a little better then that...Honestly." Souran taunted Yumi, smirking.

January 6th, 2008, 2:13 PM
"I agree with Souran." Said Keiko in a sad voice. "I wanted more action before the next round."
Said Keiko while he jumped to a higher tree branch. "Come on Souran can we get to the tower

January 6th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Fen sighed heavily at the taunts aimed towards the flustered shinobi.

"....you two aren't helping...at all. Keiko, why don't you go scout ahead towards the tower to see if its safe..." Fen told Keiko aggravated by his small comments. Fen turned to Yumi and spoke coldly towards her.

"If you don't halt the attacks, i'm going to put you down myself. We already have both our scrolls, we're here to help you." He took a step forward reaching out a helping hand to her, showing her he had no hidden tools or ill intent.

"Well? what do you say you lower your weapons and let us help you with the first aid, you guys are in no condition to administer first aid and defend yourselves. We Leaf Ninja need to stick together. We shouldn't be fighting each other right now." Fen said calmly.

Without waiting for an answer he swiftly disappeared and reappeared near the fallen shinobi on the ground near her splintered weapon, she was unconscious. Fen pulled his small water container from his side and parted her lips, pouring some in and rubbing her throat gently.

"She looks like she'll need to rest a while longer, better not move her for a bit." He said to the team in a low voice, standing up and looking around at the reaction of the unwanted help he had given, trying to judge if his presence was truly welcomed...

January 6th, 2008, 5:15 PM
((Okay, WTF. Why must everyone ignore my posts? Dansei is carrying Hanako.


January 6th, 2008, 5:17 PM
OOC: sorry, the shorter posts tend to just kinda fly by me, i musta missed it

January 6th, 2008, 5:32 PM
Keiko looked at Fen." Whatever, butthis is the last time I take orders from you! Sheesh you are so bossy." Said Keiko angrily."Jeez sometimes I wish he was still in the acadamy, then I could order him around. Said Keiko as he stopped at the tower door and looks around."Okay so nobody here is here

January 6th, 2008, 5:33 PM

Working around that... >>;;;;

EDIT: I went ahead and changed Dansei's personality in his sign up a bit, because I'm very bad at keeping him in the character I originally made him. You mind, Re:Mix?))

Dansei sighed, looking in the general direction of Fen as he treated Hanako and mulling over the various thoughts in his head. This does not bode well, he thought. If Hanako can't get her strength back up, she might not be able to make it through the next portion of the exam. He put his hands on the back of his head. That is... If we'll have to go through the next part immediately...

Well, looks like we'll be stuck here a little longer, then... How troublesome, Dansei thought, "looking" at Fen as he stood up. "Er... Thanks," he finally said, holding his hand out to his fellow Konoha shinobi. "Your help was very appreciated."

Scarlet Weather
January 7th, 2008, 4:25 PM
OOC: Due to the arrival of the Houseki NPC clan, Akane will be learning a new ninjutsu very, very soon. So be ready!

Akane watched in awe as Hanako proceeded to release blood into the weapon's splinters and the blade began to reform. "So this is why your sword is a part of you... your blood is inside it..." she muttered before kneeling beside her happy but now unconscious team mate. She had intended to treat Hanako's injuries, but Dansei had beaten her to the punch by lifting the girl. It was at this point that Akane's keen senses alerted her to the presence of another team, who Yumi promptly engaged in combat with her genjutsu. To Akane's surprise, they quickly removed the attack and proceeded to engage the team in conversation after one of them, who she recognized as the perv from Ichiraku, proceeded to use a jutsu that was... interesting to say the least. The ability to move so many things so quickly was quite impressive and what's more, the method of using the jutsu was akin to a master puppeteer manipulating a stage. Akane was an analyst at heart, and quickly memorized as much as she could about the jutsu's performance before it was finished. And avoiding Yumi's whips was no mean feat... just as Akane had her bearings straight, who should appear but that sadistic idiot with words of peace on his lips. The nerve! Her kunai had already leapt to her hands seemingly by magic and she moved towards the other team growling.

"Kyokou-kun, Pervert-kun, nice to make your acquaintance," she remarked sarcastically. "If you really don't want to fight then I suggest that you turn around and walk away slowly before I impale you. With Hanako-chan injured, there's no way I'll be talking with either of you. If you were going to help us, you would have done it earlier before Hanako-chan's sword got broken. Now get out of our way, we need to get to the tower as fast as possible. One wrong move and I'll show you the meaning of sadism. Understand?" She didn't wait for either to answer before moving closer, the better to intimidate her opponent's. "And don't try catching me with that little chakra-string jutsu, Pervert-kun. I know you'd just love to have me in a position where you could toy with me, but I've already taken the time to analyze how you launch it. Even if I don't understand the jutsu, it requires you to grab me with one of those strings, right? No chance I'll be falling for that," she growled. She lifted a kunai, preparing to throw. "Leave, or I'll-" she stopped abruptly before returning the kunai to its pouch. "Ah, what's the use. You two are too dense to even recognize an oppurtunity like this anway, aren't you? Nevermind what I said before, I'll only kill you if you attack. If you want to help, you can have your friend the scout tell us the best route to the tower. I'll be waiting." She hefted a kunai one last time. "Waiting with a sharp, pointy object."

January 7th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Keiko had looked around and their was nothing, so Keiko than reported back to Souran and Fen."Thier was no one, so then it easy to get their.And Akane, the simplest route I found is the path through The top of the tree then straight forword.Now if you excues me I think my team and I should leave but, you owe me". Said Keiko as he jumped to a nearby tree branch.

Đ a r κ
January 7th, 2008, 5:25 PM
"Nice, so she understands my technique, although not everything, but; the basics...I don't delight in you calling me a pervert, so how's about we make a deal. I'll be more civil if you are. Deal?" Souran asked, though having a feeling the deal would be destroyed whether it is made or not.

As Keiko reported back, he had informed everyone of the area around the tower. Keiko had announced that everything had been clear and the fastest route was from a tree and forward on. Seemed simple enough, Souran thought. Then when Keiko said he thought we should leave, Souran had to object.

"Keiko, I'm not sure that's a good idea. I mean, we need to get to the tower just like these guys; since we have both scrolls, so both of our teams are going the same way. Perhaps we should assure them a safe travel to the tower in case another team ambushes us. The path may seem clear, but it could change at any moment....and that way, they'll owe us even more." Souran remarked, as he faced Akane, awaiting to hear her thought's.

January 7th, 2008, 5:36 PM
OC: so how are we going to match up for the prelimanaries and is their gonna be a month in between the finals?

"Okay, whatever." Said Keiko." Now I belive that we should have someone scout ahead again before we head back to the tower."So, I will go scout ahead. So see ya!" Said Keiko as he jumped through the tree branches to get back to the tower

January 7th, 2008, 5:41 PM
"That kid... just doesn't sit still, whatever." He said as he watched Keiko leap away.

"We need to move fast. Akane... we would have helped sooner but tracking through wind isn't exactly like talking on a radio set...*sigh* Anyway, we need to form a moving strategy... we'll need someone who has the strength to fight in the front and back of the group and the largest concentration of people in the center protecting our fallen comrade. I'll take the tail position since i'm the fastest here and can get to the front for backup quickest... unless theres anyone who thinks they're faster... The center party can alternate carrying your team mate so we don't get worn out fast carrying her. Using this method we should be able to reach the tower in roughly.... 2 and a half days? But thats just my plan... its up to Team 11 really, since its their situation. What are your thoughts Akane? Or maybe you two?" He said, turning towards Yumi and Dansei (hasn't been introduced yet)

"Whatever we decide, we need to move fast... i'm sure other teams will find our position soon if the battle you 4 had was as big as i think it was. So what's it going to be, team 11?"

January 7th, 2008, 6:28 PM
((Sharpay, unlike in the Chuunin Exam that the anime/manga has showed us, there is generally only a small amount of teams that end up in the tower, so no preliminaries are held and the Finals occur as normal.))

Dansei reached it into his pouch, grabbing his trench knives. "Buraindo Dansei," he said, looking at Fen as he slipped the weapons over his knuckles. "And you are Kurai Fenra..." The shinobi ran his finger over the blade of one of his trench knives, doing his best to analyze Fen's proposition. "Your formation is very stable," he finally said. "Unfortunately, we would be vulnerable to an attack from the side. If we want to make sure Hanako can stay safe, we should put two people on each flank. There are only five of us due to the current conditions. We could very easily switch out our carrier should he or she get tired." He scanned the haggled group of Konoha ninja, still analyzing the situation.

"Personally, I would like to stake a claim on the leading position," Dansei added. "For the time being, at least. I have a good amount of chakra --" he nodded towards Akane at this, "and my Fire Jutsu are ideal in a tree-heavy enviroment... Unless anybody objects?"

Đ a r κ
January 9th, 2008, 2:25 PM
OOC: ;o How did you know Insane? Basically, Sharpay, he's correct.

IC: Souran listened strictly to the thoughts on how to go about transporting Hanako without interruptions. He then thought; what if one or two of them were to travel on the side, waiting for a team to ambush the group who would be handling Hanako. Souran thought he would excel in that subject, though he only had enough chakra left to shoot from at least two fingers on each hand, totaling up to only four out of ten. Souran was finished with just standing around; planning on something that happened to be taking longer than the time it'd take for an enemy to attack right that second.

"Listen, I'd love to speak tactics with you both, but I'm afraid Hanako isn't healing herself as we plan. I personally think...Dansei, was it; has the idea down. I'd also like to nominate myself to be the one to carry Hanako for a large portion of this transportation mission. With my jutsu; at any moment that Hanako seems in danger, I can easily get her out. I would much rather use it to keep her protected than waste it on an enemy that can be simply be taken out by one of you. There's also the chance that we have a safe travel. Anyway, I think we should get going, the sun is going down quickly. Night will surely be the most difficult part of this exam, and for this mission." Souran explained, hoping no one would object. Though he had a feeling that they wouldn't allow anyone other than themselves to carry Hanako, no matter what the situation.

January 9th, 2008, 4:50 PM
"Okay then, Dansei's plan will work. Lets gear up and head out, i get a bad feeling staying around here. Since Dansei specializes in Fire type jutsu, i'll take the position near the front next to him. I'll be the fan that spreads his fire so to speak. This way we can maximize our front destructive capabilities at least and minimize the chance of being over whelmed. That is, if theres no objections" Fen responded in acknowledgment to the formation meeting.

He walked away from the group a bit and stood near the edge of the clearing, showing his readiness to leave. He gently massaged his bandaged fist and looked into the trees with a lost in thought facial expression.

"What could have done this kind of damage to Team 11... I know i felt a serious disturbance in the wind flow but it was already gone by the time we got here... granted there is lag time between when i felt it and when it happened... I just don't know... the enemy vanished without a trace. I can't even feel movements in the forest anymore... We'll need to be on extra guard, I hope Keiko made it to the tower safely and is comin back with good news..." Fen thought to himself while staring.

The time to move out was now

January 9th, 2008, 5:11 PM
Keiko was coming back from the tower when he heard "Fire".Keiko stopped and ran back."Fire Style Jutsu! I speacilize in Fire Style Jutsu!Same with my bloodline! So any fire stuff, I'm all up for it!" Said Keiko as he landed on a tree not too far behind him."So whats the plan!"Said Keiko quickly. "And I have some bad news, there is a team near the tower and they are waiting for people to come to the tower and steal there scrolls".

January 10th, 2008, 4:48 PM
((Narutopedia FTW))

Dansei shook his head. "Keiko, if Fen is staying up front with me, then we'll need someone at the back," he said, looking at the new arrival. "I'd duke it out between the two of you, although, if I'm not mistaken, Fen, you had said you would take the rear, originally."

"As for the ambushes waiting for us... Bring them on. If they aren't scared off by the sheer number of us," he said, "we've got our scrolls dispersed and hidden quite well. At least, my team does. Akane and I each have a scroll hidden on our persons." He shrugged. "Plus, we have Fen's wind and Yumi's stealth. If anything, we can reverse the ambush and take them by surprise."

January 10th, 2008, 4:57 PM
ooc *Narutopedia? Intrigued... tell me more in PM*

"True... i did originally opt to take the rear position. But that was also a different formation, and without knowledge of your fire based jutsu. Any position will be fine for me though, i've got the speed to be anywhere i need to be. Well if we're ready to finally head out, then lets leave." Fen walked further from the group, hoping to lead them want to leave and get going towards the tower.

Fen was unusually antsy. It had almost been an entire day and he hadn't swung a single punch... not even to train. It was starting to get on his nerves a lot.

"This team has skills but wow do they stand around a lot or what?! Even the blind kid actually managed to be ready to leave faster than the rest of them. It must be all these women...causing us to be late" Fen thought to himself as he eyed the team during their preparations.

"Oi, Keiko. You can take whatever position you want in the group, i'll fill in the gaps as necessary. Souran...If this team doesn't hurry up, we need to do something." Fen called to his team mates.

January 10th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Keiko got down to the ground."Oka I will keep the position I already had enless someone objects. And if they do I will be in position two." Said Keiko as he sat on the ground twirling a kunai on his hand.

January 10th, 2008, 6:23 PM
"Right. Akane and Yumi, take whichever position you want," Dansei said. He quickly stowed away his trench knives and pulled out multiple shuriken, holding them between his fingers. Each of them had a thirty foot long piece of wire attached to them, which were coiled up around his hands. "Let's go," he said. "Stay in formation and stay alert." The shinobi leapt to another tree, looking back at the rest of them.

"We can't afford anymore injuries."

January 11th, 2008, 3:06 PM
Yumi lowered her hands slightly before putting them down all the way. They seemed to mean no harm, though you couldn't trust anyone out in this forest. She was still going to keep her gaurd up incase they or anyone else tried to attack them. She looked around at all of them and gave them the fierce 'Yumi' glare. She would've thrown her shuriken at them for that comment earlier had they not been offering to help them. And even then she might've thrown it anyway when they left.

When asked for her name she glared at them and growled "Tanaka." Through her teeth. She didn't feel like telling them her first name, though she was sure Dansei had said it twice now. They had been discussing the quickest and safest route to the tower. She really just wanted to get there and be done with it. Hanako needed help and everyone else was probably low on chakra, they needed to rest. "I'll just take the rear then..." Yumi grumbled and crossed her arms over her chest. She would be able to watch everyone and everything around them from a good spot there. Everyone was getting on her nerves today and with a rough 2 days to the tower as predicted it was going to get worse.

Scarlet Weather
January 12th, 2008, 4:55 PM
"We can't afford any more injuries, eh? Pardon me, Dansei, but I don't think Hanako could afford that first one," Akane interjected as she assumed her position in the column. "Where is my opinion in all this? Is it just because I'm a woman that I'm getting ignored here? I don't want their help! I don't-" It was too late, Dansei and Yumi had already taken positions and that idiot scout-boy was already back from his reconnaisance mission. Akane pouted momentarily. Why was it that nobody cared what she thought? Was she just an embarassment to them or something? Her hand strayed towards the kunai in her pouch. Perhaps if she stabbed one of them they'd understand that... no, Hanako would never have let her perform such an underhanded maneuver. Despite Akane's natural inclination to stab these people and run, they might genuinely be trying to help. If that was indeed the case, it wouldn't be prudent to kill them. Grudgingly, she accepted her fate for the moment. However, it was going to be a long night. The sooner they were out of the forest, the better.

Unfortunately, Akane recognized something immediately. "Nobody move!" she commanded suddenly. "Listen!"

The telltale swish of the leaves... the slight shrieking noise... it was unmistakable.

Akane's face paled. She yelled a warning, hoping that she would be able to escape soon. "Everyone, go! We've stumbled into flying leech territory, and Hanako's wounds will attract them! Run!"

Đ a r κ
January 12th, 2008, 5:25 PM
OOC: Gah, I keep making small posts lately Dx

IC: When Akane had finally performed a reaction to all of this, Souran waited for an outburst, but oddly, she was acting gracefully. Then, a noise sprang from the air, and once Akane had warned the others of what was coming, he immediately leaped onto the branch Hanako laid upon, lifted her into his arms and placed himself into the formation discussed earlier. He moved his head to look for the flying leeches. He could see a large number of black dots becoming larger and larger as time traveled by them quickly. Souran moved his attention away from them and readied himself to start to take off.

"Come on everyone, there's no time to waste, lets get moving!" Souran ordered. Not even worrying about the others, he took off and stopped at the first tree branch which wasn't too far from the gang. Souran understood that his mission was to keep Hanako protected, and that was exactly what he planned to do.

January 12th, 2008, 5:47 PM
OOC: keiko is not an idiot, he is smart like souran and fen just never acts serious.

IC: Keiko Jumped forward in the direction of the tower bored, yet ready to fight."Hey Guy, the people near the tower looks tough so be the same team Yumi, Akane, Dansei, and Hanako were fighting, so from the injury's you all have I would suggest to be on your guard." Said Keiko now jumping tree to tree backward to see what order we the others were in. ="ALso, anyone have I'm hungry." Said Keiko in a bad mood now that he was hungry.

January 12th, 2008, 8:44 PM
OOC: Sharpay, proof read your posts! its like nails on a chalk board ~_~

"heh... feisty..." Fen thought to himself, grinning at Akane's response to the scenario and formation. Suddenly she yelled something... indistinguishable at first... but Fen pieced it together.

"Flying leech territory... ugh if its not one thing its another." He thought to himself. "Everyone quick! get out of here, we can fix the formation when we're a safe distance away." He called to both teams. He pulled out 2 kunai and flung them, wizzing past Akane's face and sticking into a tree behind her, pinning two of the leeches against the tree.

"You gotta be kidding me, they're already here!" He yelled to everyone as he jumped backwards preparing to make his escape, but he wanted to make sure everyone else made it too. From behind him he heard Keiko say something about an enemy team up ahead, most likely the one that put Hanako in this condition.

This was not welcomed information, not in the current scenario. Souran had grabbed Hanako and took her to safety, but the leeches could follow the scent as long as she was bleeding. Simply shifting the wind direction using Gale Force jutsu wouldn't be enough, it would simply carry the scent farther. The only hope was to mask the scent, Fen knew what he had to do but was quite reluctant to reveal one of his jutsu to the other ninja outside of his team. But in order to safely make it out of here... it would be a necessity.

"The only choice... is to use the dirt, grass, and leaves and get them into the air, temporarily masking the scent of her blood long enough for us to keep a safe distance. *sigh* I'll have to show them my technique..." Fen said to himself in a low voice. "I'm going to mask our scent so we can make our escape!" He yelled to the other ninja as he darted back the opposite direction.

He jumped back into the air above the clearing as the other ninja made their way out. While falling towards the earth, he popped his knuckles and the sound echoed through the forest, and released a steady stream of visible chakra around his right fist. He cycled through 8 hand signs and the winds began to cyclone around his fist at high speeds, combining with the chakra. He neared the earth and it was time.

"WIND STYLE! DYNAMO FIST!" Fen yelled as he hit the earth hard.

His fist crashed into the earth, sending out a shockwave and forming an instant crater, sending dust and debris blasting through the air. Visibility was low as Fen stood up, shaking the dust off of his fist. He turned around and jumped back into the trees to catch up with the other ninja.

"That should buy us plenty of time. But I've only got 2 of those left left in me...damnit" Fen thought to himself as he caught up with the other ninjas.

January 13th, 2008, 3:18 PM
((I'm going to assume that flying leeches are vulnerable to flame.))

Dansei leapt from branch to branch as the two teams fled from the leeches, rapidly unwinding the twine wrapped around his hands and putting it back into his pouch. When he was done, he put the shuriken back as well. He then started to slow down, eventually traveling alongside Fen. "Thanks," he said. "I could feel the massive amount of chakra that erupted from that technique... Having the knowledge of such a fact, one would assume that you have a limited use of it." He looked over at his temporary comrade. "I'll take care of them when they catch up to us."

This could end up hurting us instead of helping us, Dansei thought, pushing up one of his SONAR Sleeves. And it's going to use a lot of chakra... But it's for the sake of Hanako. For the sake of the team...






January 13th, 2008, 3:28 PM
Keiko jumped, heeding the warning Fen had gave him. This is why I hate bugs, At least there far off." Keiko kept on jumping in the lead." I cant wait for round three, I bet it will be easy. I wonder who I will fight? still cant wai for it to happen." Said Keiko eagerly

January 13th, 2008, 3:37 PM
((Due to the lack of posting as of late, speeding up time a bit... :xxx))

Dansei rotated his torso to the left, sending out an enhanced amount of chakra from his sleeves while still accumulating chakra in his chest, the Tiger seal still in place. Much to his surprise, every single wave that had been emitted from his left sleeve had bounced back within seconds. "Leeches are catching up to us!" he shouted, turning his torso back to normal position. "Approximately 100 meters and counting, traveling at an average speed one point five times our own!" He tightened his seal, the chakra which he had been collecting moving up towards his throat. He grimaced at the large amount of chakra moving up through such a tiny passage way, his "vision" wavering slightly as he lost focus.

50 meters...

The chakra kept on moving up to his mouth.

25 meters...

Dansei stopped, pulling an immediate 180 degree rotation.

10 meters...

"Fire Release! Great Fireball Technique!"

Dansei held his fist up to his mouth, inhaling deeply. Upon exhaling, a monumental wall of fire burst forth from his mouth, incinerating the leeches as they approached. The shinobi held it as long as possible, until the tiny shrieking noise of the leeches faded completely. The stream of fire stopped at that point, leaving Dansei with minor burns around his cheeks as he put his hands on his knees, breathing heavily.

Executing another 180 degree turn, the shinobi leapt from tree branch to tree branch, catching up with his comrades in about thirty seconds. "Let's move," he said, wiping his mouth tenderly. "That jutsu probably revealed our position to the majority of the ninja in this half of the forest." He pulled out a few kunai, holding them between his knuckles. "If we're lucky, the ambush waiting for us at the tower will head over to that position in hope of an easy kill."

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January 16th, 2008, 3:04 PM
A sudden wave of warm air flew by Souran. It felt as though your crush had just planted one on you. He turned his head slightly to his right in attempt to uncover the source of the heat. As a result to moving his head, Dansei was discovered, performing a jutsu in which would hopefully rid the leeches from becoming more of an annoyance to the group. Souran smirked as he turned his head back to it's first position, and continued on as Dansei caught up with everyone. Souran couldn't help but congratulate him on his assistance.

"Nice one Dansei!" He remarked, his face impressed by the large blast of fire Dansei had created. Souran kept watch of his surroundings, making sure there would be no sign of an ambush from that major attraction. After a while, Souran had thought of an idea, and announced it without hesitation.

"Hey, if there really is a team at the tower, lets say they are those who harmed Hanako; do you think we could get past them? Once we arrive a good distance away, I think we should part ways. I'll hand Hanako to your team while mine deals with the ones at the tower. They wont know us since your team was the ones who fought with them...that is, if it is that team. either way, I think this plan would be best suited for when we arrive to the tower. Souran's face seemed quite serious. He could honestly care less about actually going into an all out battle with this team, but what ever it took to make this mission a success...he'd take it.

January 16th, 2008, 3:12 PM
Fen watched the massive fireball launch from Dansei in awe.

"Such an advanced fire jutsu. This Dansei is quite the interesting shinobi indeed." Fen thought to himself as he leaped through the trees. "Very nicely done, Dansei." Fen called to him as Dansei returned to position.

Souran, who had been quiet for the majority of the leech escape, finally proposed his plan.

"Hey, if there really is a team at the tower, lets say they are those who harmed Hanako; do you think we could get past them? Once we arrive a good distance away, I think we should part ways. I'll hand Hanako to your team while mine deals with the ones at the tower. They wont know us since your team was the ones who fought with them...that is, if it is that team. either way, I think this plan would be best suited for when we arrive to the tower." He said aloud to everyone.

Fen thought about the plan momentarily, then looked towards the unconscious Hanako whom Souran carried. This was what sealed the deal.

"I agree with Souran, you guys are in no shape to get into another battle. Why don't you all escape through the tower and make sure she gets the proper medical attention she needs. We'll handle the ambush that lies ahead of us. I'm still aching to fight for real." Fen said with a cocky tone to the other ninja. "Besides, Souran is obsessed with helping complete his little personal mission. Theres no point in attempting to change his mind at this point any how."

January 16th, 2008, 3:18 PM
"Keiko even from his distance could feel the heat of the blast."Wow, I bet that used a bit of chakra if If I can feel it, but it is nothing compared to my trump card." Said Keiko as he took his forehead protecter of then wiped some sweat off."Hey Souran you have any idea how long until we get there?"

January 16th, 2008, 6:41 PM
((Oh, BTW. When we get to the tower, can I go ahead and introduce a Medic-Nin NPC to heal Hanako?))

Dansei nodded at the compliments, but shook his head at the proposed plan. "That team has no reason to try and complete this part of the exam. They already gave their scroll to us, and their third team member is probably a Jounin," he explained. "They're only purpose was to challenge Hanako, too. They've already accomplished their mission, and even destroyed her weapon. I think they're content for the time being."

Or so I hope...

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January 19th, 2008, 4:48 PM
OOC: Sure, no problem. btw, ACC-M after today you character is going to be free for others to control. You'll still be able to come back and continue, but this is too keep things going on pace. Same thing goes with Shadow_Yue.

Souran whipped his head in the opposite direction of Dansei in annoyance. Still keeping a good grip on Hanako, Souran's arms slowly weakened. It annoyed him that someone else had thought of something he hadn't for some reason. Souran took a quick glance at Dansei and thought; "He may be blind, but he sure is smart...wonder if we can switch him for Keiko heheh." He joked to himself. He also noticed that Akane and that Yumi girl hadn't spoken much since the group left. Souran's scarf had finally made it's appearance into the day by flapping into Souran's face. He shook his head in attempt to get it off. Once he removed it, a tree arrived within five feet to him. Souran quickly shifted his body to his right and turned his body in a one-hundred degree angel, avoiding the tree.

"Eh...sorry guys...uh...that wont happen again..." He sweat dropped, apologizing to the others. Things seemed to go a tad slow recently ever since the adventure began, and during each event, it seemed to be more and more of an annoyance.

Scarlet Weather
January 19th, 2008, 5:59 PM
OOC: Re:Mix, if you really wanted me to post wouldn't it have been better to PM me and tell me to get off my lazy butt instead of threatening to allow others to bunny my character? >.< I really don't appreciate that.

The reason that Akane hadn't joined the others in dealing with the leeches boiled down to the simple fact that there was a more important threat to be neutralized. She had heard them following her when she sensed the leeches. Her keen senses, carefully conditioned to alert her to the point that she almost instinctively sensed the approach of a concealed opponent, allowed Akane to pinpoint the other team's location. So while Fenra and Dansei showed off their fireworks, she had slowly slipped into the underbrush and left behind a clone. Not a physical one, of course, but the Bunshin no Jutsu was enough for what she had in mind. Slipping into the trees, Akane made her way through a network of branches until she was positioned just above the nearby genin. Clenching a kunai in one hand, she furtively positioned herself in the best spot she could find for eavesdropping and settled down to wait. It wouldn't be long before the other shinobi sensed her presence, but if she timed the attack right it would be too late for them to do anything. In the meantime, gathering information was key.

The apparent leader of the other group was a tall, lanky youth with blond hair that stuck out unevenly, giving him a singularly disorganized appearance. "I can't believe we're actually going to pull this off," he commented as he polished the prominently displayed hitae-aite that marked him as a member of the Mist.

"Well, we did get lucky with that rock team attacking so quickly. They were so wrapped up in dealing with them that they didn't go for us," his partner, a heavyset boy who had apparently been weaned on steroids. His muscular form was complimented by the ridiculously large wooden staff on his back. Akane fleetingly wondered if Fen and this guy had anything in common before directing her attentions to the third team member, a purple-haired kunoichi whose eyes were hidden beneath the brim of a woven straw hat. Immediately, the same keen mind that had divined the basics of Souran's puppetry jutsu began to pinpoint weaknesses in the opponents. From the looks of things they probably weren't confident in their own abilities when comparing themselves to Akane's team, especially now that they had joined forces with Souran, much to the kunoichi's chagrin. Otherwise they would have attacked at the begginning. They were probably planning to split the group and conquer in that case. Akane didn't know what jutsu they had available, and that made them dangerous, but by listening to their continued conversation, she could tell that they were after a Heaven scroll. Since none of the shinobi acknowledged her presence, she continued to listen in hopes of garnering more information.

"So, that chick with the sword, what did you think of her?" The blonde kid joked.

"Ah, Itsumi's cuter, right?"

The purple-haired kunoichi doffed her cap long enough to swat the taller kid playfully with it. "Quiet, you!"

That was it. If there was one thing Akane couldn't stand, it was a pair of perverts comparing women. As for the kunoichi, well, she should know better than to keep in the company of such men. It was time for Akane to put her plan into action. Reaching into her weapons pouch she removed an object of about the same size and shape as a small tin can. The one difference, in fact, was the firing pin embedded in it. Quickly yanking the pin from the bomb, Akane raised her arm and silently let fly. All three opposing shinobi turned to stare at the seemingly harmless object that had impacted the forest floor and then-




Akane dropped to the forest floor, which was now enveloped in a blaze of white light. Using the opposing kunoichi's head as a stepping stone she leaped towards the blonde shinobi and delivered a jarring kick to the side of his head. By this time the burly one's vision had recovered somewhat, but too late to completely avoid Akane's kunai which buried itself in his upper right arm rather than his chest as she had planned. Grunting in pain, all three shinobi pulled themselves to their feet and faced this new opponent. "So you knew we were here all the time? Why didn't you attack us before?" the blond one demanded as he shifted stances.

Akane's only answer was to rush towards him, kunai in hand. While she couldn't take on the trio alone, she could hold them off until the other team members tracked the light of her flash bomb to its source. Hopefully, the blazing lights had disoriented her opponent's vision enough to give her an edge. As she thought this, the end of a large, ebon-hued staff lifted her three feet into the air before she crashed to the ground. As Akane painfully pulled herself to her feet, she was greeted by an unappetizing sight. The burly shinobi had already recovered, though he was clearly favoring one shoulder. He was joined by the kunoichi, whose face displayed her anger clearly. Akane was forced to dodge to the side as her opponent launched a flurry of senbon at her. Another projectile user would certainly make things more difficult.

Apparently this was going to be a more difficult fight then she had anticipated.

OOC: So yeah, I'll try to post more often, but really you don't have to assume I'm dead completely. Anyway, help for Akane would be much appreciated, though I'd like you to "save some for her", if you don't mind. :3

January 19th, 2008, 6:24 PM
ooc: ha HAH finally some action for Fen <3

a light flashed bright from behind the group then disappeared quickly. Fen immediately stopped in his tracks on a branch, looking around cautiously. He quickly counted heads, looking at the current team members.

"1..2..3..4... Akane is missing.... why does it have to be the women making things complicated..." Fen sighed thinking to himself as he looked back towards the flash of light's origin. Birds flocked from a particular area of the trees not too far back and a little off their original course.

"That must be where she is....and that was a flash bomb.. she must be in trouble..." Fen said quietly. He looked up and yelled to the others, "I'm going back to get Akane, I think she's in trouble." And with that Fen flipped a 180 and leaped back towards the flash of light.

Fen slowed as he approached the area and stopped short of a clearing, observing Akane, face to face with 3 other shinobi. This situation wasn't good... definitely out numbered.

"The mirror clone would be a bit of a gamble... considering i don't know Akane's back up abilities... i'll just have to go face to face and use it mid-fight if the others don't join in. Alright... time for action. A good ol' traditional Kurai entrance." Fen thought to himself as he pulled out two of his trade marked hollowed kunai.

He threw the kunai and they sped fast, sticking into the ground between the team of shinobi. They instantly jumped back in defense as Fen formed his hand signs.

"Wind style.... sonic boom!"

The kunai exploded, launching more dust into the air, providing Fen with opportune cover to leap into the clearing, sliding beside Akane. He acted quickly, forming a few more hand signs.

"Wind Style! Gale Force Jutsu!"

He thrust his palms out, showing the full power of the wind style. A steady blast of concentrated air erupted from his palms, clearing some of the dust and sweeping the purple haired kunoichi deep into the dense forest. He quickly turned to Akane, ready to fight.

"That was just to even the numbers until we have an adequate situation. She'll be back soon, so hurry up and don't waste a single attack. I'll take the one on the left" Fen barked towards Akane

He cycled through a few more hand motions and spoke calmly to himself once more.

"Wind Style - Whispering Winds"

Fen's body quickly vanished from sight with a small gust of wind, as his body accelerated to its near invisible speed.

January 19th, 2008, 7:16 PM
((Actually, she has a clone with the rest of us, but whatever. I'm going to go ahead and say that Dansei isn't able to see regular clones, seeing as how they're not physical beings like shadow clones are.))

Dansei frowned deeply. He had noticed the lack of... something, but before now, he couldn't place it. As soon as Fen left, he pinpointed the missing component. "Akane..." he muttered, lauching a kunai into the nearest tree branch to his left. "Why do you always have to deviate from the plan?" The shinobi launched another kunai into a tree after traveling about thirty meters. "You idiot..."

After a matter of seconds, something in Dansei's head clicked. There was another team before we met up with Souran and company. Back when Hanako was fighting that woman... He smirked, throwing yet another kunai as the group advanced another thirty meters. I almost take that back, Akane... If you were smart, you would've taken someone with you. Let's just hope you can follow our trail and regroup later.

((Gaahh. Can we get to the tower sometime soon? This is getting monotonous. :o))

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January 19th, 2008, 7:45 PM
OOC:@Acc-m: In that case, I apologize ;o Water under the bridge right :3

"You've got to be joking!" Souran roared, angered that yet another obstacle had arrived in front of the team. Souran was just about ready to take Hanako to the tower himself, but knew that he wouldn't stand a chance alone. With the boost from the leeches, it got them far enough for but only one mile left to go. Fen had already taken off for Akane, so Souran rooted his feat to a branch and waited for their return. This would be a decent time to rest for a while also to regain some chakra, and with Dansei, Yumi, and Keiko still there, they would be able to take on another menace. To pass the time, Souran began a storage check of the weapons in his pouch. twenty shuriken, twenty kunai. five flash bombs, ten exploding tags, and twenty feet of wire. Souran liked to possess an equal amount of items for some reason.

"They better not cause too much trouble..." Souran stated, allowing Dansei, Keiko, and Yumi to hear him. He wasn't very pleased with the way things were going. He began to wonder how they would pass if they allow their first thoughts and intentions to control their bodies instead of thinking things out, I mean, even Souran had been doing this. This seemed to be a large fault in most of his actions lately, though some succeeded, it could have been sheer luck. Things obviously would not get any easier.

January 19th, 2008, 7:50 PM
((Dansei's still there. Only Akane and Fen are gone. :x And also, I'm assuming you set Hanako down.))

Dansei stopped, almost sliding off the tree branch he had just landed on as he noticed Souran stopping. "No," he said. "We have to keep going. Fen and Akane can handle themselves... Especially if there are a majority of men on the team she went off to take care of." He walked over to the trunk of the tree to which the branch he was on had grown out of and stuck a kunai into it as forcefully as he could -- he was getting angry, which was a very rare occurence. Hanako was probably inching closer to death a little more every minute, Akane was off trying to kill another team of shinobi, and Fen had gone along with her. Nothing was going according to plan, and the exam in general was, quite frankly, being a pain in the neck.

"The sooner we get to the tower, the better," he said. "Most likely, there will be Medic-Nin there, and getting Hanako's condition up is our top priority." He made a thin line about two feet long down the middle of the tree trunk before putting the kunai back in his pouch. "I've left a marker every thirty meters we've traveled since Fen left. When they're done, they will head back to the point where Fen broke off, and continue in the direction we were headed. Along the way, they will see the markers, and if we have to change directions, I'll make them in smaller incriments. I don't care if another team catches on to our trail. We can take them. We have to get to the tower."

The ninja walked over to Hanako and lifted her up, grunting at the added weight. "Let's go. I'll continue to mark our trail."

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January 20th, 2008, 8:19 AM
OOC: I'm guessing that "the ninja" means you, right? For now, I'll assume so.

IC: Allowing Dansei to take hold of Hanako, Souran's muscles danced with the joy of less weight. He then stretched both of his arms quickly before readying himself to jump towards the next tree branch. Things were truly going down hill slowly, and with an unknown group of people at the tower, who knows what would end up happening, whether they were even out to get everyone on the team, or not. Souran sighed as he leaped to the next branch.

"At least one more mile to go, and...I can feel an evil aura coming from the tower's direction. Who could these people be?" Souran wondered, frightened by the thought of who could be awaiting their arrival at the tower.

At The Tower

"Hm?...Sando, Riki, we have exactly five ninja heading our way, one appears to be injured. Their levels aren't worth worrying about, but they could become an annoyance." Stated, Zurui, a kunoichi. She had just warned her two teammates of five intruders approaching. Zurui had been a quite beautiful women. Her golden locks glistened in the light. She was a perfect description of a gorgeous model. Her two freinds, Sando and Riki were two males who both exceeded Zurui's hight. Having light brown hair, Sando was a fairly built male, while Riki seemed to be a gaint along with his large arms. He is definitely not someone to mess with, though he isn't very smart.

"You want me to take care of 'em?" Riki asked, anxiously.

"No, your strength is need for the other part of the mission...There's no point in wasting your power. So, I'll take care of them... It'll be quick, don't worry." She answered, forcing Riki to go lean against the tower's walls. Sando had been leaning down in front of the tower, his hands forced upon the ground. He just stared at the tower, motionless, and then he spoke.

"Zurui, I found it..." He announced, calmly

"Can you reach it?" asked Zurui.

"Not unless you wanna get caught."

"...fine, guess we'll need a scroll to get in then...maybe these shinobi on their way here will be more useful than expected, hehehe." She devilishly giggled. By this time, all three of these ninja were standing up firmly, smirking as they waited for the group of Dansei, Yumi, Keiko, and Souran to arrive.

OOC: Don't worry, this wont be something that will take too long.
btw: Once everyone gets to the point where there is a month's wait for the final exam, we will time skip to the day of the final exam. I'll explain it more in depth later.

January 20th, 2008, 9:18 AM
((Quick question. One, are these newly introduced NPC's under your control, or can they be controlled by everybody?

And yes, whenever I have a pronoun such as ninja or shinobi after focusing on Dansei, it's refering to Dansei. :x))

Dansei leapt onto the same branch as Souran, looking back at Keiko and Yumi. "Well? Let's go," he said. "It's getting darker already, and that could put us at a major disadvantage." He promptly turned around after this statement, and leapt onto another branch, slowly covering his arms with chakra to ease part of the strain on his muscles caused by his carrying Hanako.

Akane, Fen... You better catch up soon, Dansei thought. If we're heading into an ambush, we're going to need you.

Scarlet Weather
January 21st, 2008, 6:41 PM
Akane blinked in surprise at Fenra Kurai's dramatic entry. Apparently he was the first to notice her absence and had decided to ride to the rescue. And to it he rode. What amused her most about the dynamic shinobi's presence was the similarity to Hanako's battle approach. There was no question that this Fenra was a head-on fighter whose physical skills probably dwarfed most other shinobi by comparison, especially considering his ability to create winds of that nature coupled with the impressive strength he had displayed earlier. She had to admit that while she had borne a grudge against the kurai moments ago, he was definitely way too up-front to be harboring any sort of secret longings for herself or one of the other girls. No, he was definitely too shallow for that. Still... his raw strength was definitely an advantage in combat. Akane found herself glad for once that this "Kyokou" as Hanako had termed him was now beside her instead of facing her in combat. Grinning slightly, she removed a kunai. "Well, if it isn't everyone's favorite Kyoukou-kun. Hanako's going to be steamed when she finds out she missed this. It isn't often that I consent to allow someone who's disregarded my warnings to help me out," she called out cheerfully. "Well, let's get started, then!"

Just as Fen vanished, Akane hurled a kunai straight at the throat of the blonde-haired shinobi in front of her. As she had predicted, he immediately countered the blade by launching a knife of his own at it. The kunai connected in mid-air, each one ricocheting off to the side. Akane, however, was prepared. Leaping into the air she kicked out with one leg, allowing the sole of her foot to make contact with the kunai. At that moment, a steady stream of chakra was released from Akane's feet into the knife, effectively pinioning it in place. She landed quickly, facing her opponent as she grinned sarcastically. "Could you wrap this up? I've got people waiting," she taunted. The idiot took the bait as his hands launched up to perform the seals to a jutsu. This was the chance that Akane had been waiting for. Just before her opponent finished the final seal she leaped into the air and landed on the side of a tree, using her chakra to hold herself in place. Without hesitation she rebounded, leaping from the side of the enormous chunk of flora and into the air directly above her opponent's head. In doing so, she barely dodged the jutsu- some sort of Doton, she guessed, which had resulted in the equivalent of a small mudslide being poured onto her former position. Now was her chance. Just as her opponent turned to face the airborne Akane, she whipped out her leg and launched the concealed kunai directly at him.


The shout of pain was a welcome sound to Akane's ears. Her kunai had buried itself in his shoulderblade at the exact spot at which the upper arm and shoulder joined. This attack was decisive- her opponent could now no longer rely on his right arm. To top it off, the attack was made particularly devastating by the fact that Akane had trusted her legs, which were by far more muscular then her arms, to deliver the blow. It was Akane's secret talent- her ability to seemingly launch a projectile with any limb and still hit the mark with some degree of accuracy. Of course, her opponent wasn't about to slow down either. Reaching down, Akane slipped a few shuriken from her pouch. She had already been far too liberal in her kunai usage, there were only so many for her to throw around. Besides, shuriken would be far better for what she had in mind. She didn't want this pervert dead, no, better then that. She wanted him completely at her mercy so that she could torture every possible bit of information she could from his lips while he pleaded at her feet.

The idiot blonde then made a grave mistake- he reached up to pull the kunai from his arm. As soon as he made that motion, a flurry of shuriken came streaking towards him. The shinobi's eyes widened and in a burst of desperate strength he yanked the kunai from his arm and dodged to the left, narrowly avoiding the metal stars. As he sidestepped, however, he positioned himself directly between Akane and a large tree. Akane had already planned this moment out. Focusing her chakra to her feet, she launched herself forward at full force, head extended. Yamato Crouching Fist! Human Bullet!

The shinobi felt the wind escape from his lungs as Akane's skull hammered into his solar plexus. He collapsed to his knees as she backed up slightly, removing herself from the precarious position she had been in previously, but only for a moment. He hadn't been on his feet for more then two seconds when Akane's follow-up attack contacted him. The foot that came up between his legs carried enough force to lift the shinobi off the ground slightly and the kick had been aimed at a particularly... vulnerable place. With a squeal of pain he staggered back, uncaring about the indignity of his situation. Akane sensed the time had come for the coup de grace. Without a moment's hesitation she dodged behind the shinobi, bracing herself before leaping about a foot into the air and launching a roundhouse kick into the side of his head. The shinobi went down like a piece of rotting meat as Akane reeled off to the side, panting with exhaustion. Crouching fist could be an impressive taijutsu style when coupled with the jumping abilities of the Yamato clan, but using one move after another like that was tiring, especially considering that the leg-launched kunai that had started the attack was probably a bit flashier then necessary. However, there was no time for Akane to think like that. Positioning herself against a tree, she prepared a kunai as she waited for the arrival of the other projectile user...

January 21st, 2008, 11:10 PM
Fen immediately set his sights for the heavy set shinobi. And rushed towards him. The guy was huge. End of story. He easily towered at least 3 heads over Fen and had many times the girth of Fen's skinny body.

"Did you hear that? The little scrawny kid thinks he can handle me---" The large one started to call out taunting as his partner engaged in battle, but was cut off by a series of 6 seemingly invisible blows to his torso and finally a large hit to the head sending him skipping across the ground. Fen appeared in mid-air and landed gracefully on one foot as the whispering winds jutsu dissipated.

"Scrawny? I don't need bulk to defeat a giant wind bag like you. Or anyone. I'll show you the power of the Kurai Family's Soft Breeze Taijutsu." Fen said calmly.

The huge beast of a boy stood instantly, reaching behind him and revealing his large staff. He slammed it onto the ground, boasting his strength as it cracked the ground. He swung it over his head, spinning it in circles and charged Fen, slamming it down on him. Fen merely smirked and popped his knuckles, as the staff came down, smashing into the earth and kicking up a cloud of dust. An eerie silence waved over the large boy which was interrupted by his belly laugh. Arrogant over his apparent 'victory'.

"That kid sure was talk... now to take care of that other girl... wait what?!" The large boy finished, shocked as the dust cleared to see Fen holding the staff at bay with his forearms. Fen immediately grabbed the staff with his right arm which was swirling with chakra and smashed it between his fingers. Splitting it in half, he threw the half of the staff into the ground. The flustered mist ninja began throwing punches that Fen easily dodged over and over. Finally getting bored, Fen landed a solid blow with his chakra engulfed fist, knocking the wind out of him. Fen leaned low then leaped into the air and followed with a rapid series of flying kicks and aerial attacks into the large boy's chest. Knocking him off balance, Fen landed in front of him and formed 3 quick signs.

"Wind Style! Gale Force Jutsu!" Fen yelled as he pressed his palms against the boy's chest.

A gust of wind blew the boy fast across the clearing without touching the ground, smashing him into a tree. Fen maintained the pressure of the jutsu and blasted a massive column of wind, pinning the boy against the tree. The muscular kid struggled to escape the grip of the wind column but Fen only turned up the volume of wind, pressing him harder into the tree. Fen smirked again as a second body appeared to step out of Fen's back. A perfect clone. The clone turned towards the attack target and also smirked, popping its knuckles. The clone announced the final attack.

"You should have known better than to pick a fight with a member of the Kurai. Now you'll know the ferocity of someone who doesn't know how to hold back." The clone said arrogantly as it cycled through 8 hand signs.

The wind swirled around his right arm, mixing with the chakra already swirling around. They began to mold and mesh together, creating a light blue aura around the arm. He held the arm out and walked near the stream of wind holding the boy to the tree.

"you see, your attacks are too big and slow. If you even hoped to beat me, you wouldn't have attempted hand to hand combat. I'll end this now for you, with my bloodline limit. The Mirror Clone. You have no prayer of making it out of this. This clone is exactly like me in every way, right down to the last ounce of strength. So prepare yourself now, you may be in a coma for a few years." And with that, the clone leaped forward, immersing his fist in the stream of wind, accelerating his dash.

"Wind Style! Dynamo Fist!" Fen's clone called as it flew down the stream of air and the fist connected with the boy.

The fist barely paused for a moment as it connected with flesh before instantly sending the huge boy crushing through the tree and successive 5 trees behind it, with a massive explosion. The trees toppled down to the ground, creaking and groaning as they fell, but Fen had no time to rest as the last shinobi was still around. He scanned the clearing, pleased to see that Akane had finished her opponent as well. Fen and his clone leaped into the center of the clearing, standing back to back as they scanned the forest for the last enemy.

"Heh, I guess i may have went a bit overboard?" He called sarcastically to Akane who was standing against a tree. "So do you know what the 3rd member of the team is capable of? She may not even return after seeing her other two team mates beaten... And she's definitely out numbered 3 to 1 at the moment." Fen finished as both Fen and his Mirror Clone looked to her and smiled.

January 22nd, 2008, 6:32 PM
OOC: O.O Gosh you guys update fast, anways sorry if this may be a little short. I spell checked it and nothing seemed to be wrong so...

Though feeling the leeches coming closer, Yumi had a slow reacting time and nearly ending up falling of the tree branch she leaped on to avoid them. ‘What’s with all this commotion? It’s such a headache.’ Pulling out her whips again she started slashing at leeches all the while trying to avoid getting hit by them. Jumping on to a high branch on a tall tree she heard that guy who called himself Fen shout something inaudible and then saw him unleash a technique into the earth that caused debris to fly everywhere. This was followed up by Dansei’s fire technique that seemed much bigger than the ones he used to practice at the training grounds.

‘But this isn’t training.’ Yumi thought sourly as she jumped back down to the lower branches to catch up with her team.

"Hey, if there really is a team at the tower, lets say they are those who harmed Hanako; do you think we could get past them? Once we arrive a good distance away, I think we should part ways. I'll hand Hanako to your team while mine deals with the ones at the tower. They wont know us since your team was the ones who fought with them...that is, if it is that team. either way, I think this plan would be best suited for when we arrive to the tower."

The person who had called himself Souran spoke this. It seemed like a good idea, though she wasn’t sure if the team at the tower would be the same as the one they had fought a while back. Besides, a lot of teams are probably waiting back at the tower to ambush someone and she wasn’t sure if splitting up was the best way to go but kept quiet. She didn’t want to spend a lot of time with these guys anyway. It was then that she had noticed something was missing. She looked around and saw everyone there but noticed that Akane’s aura seemed off. In fact it wasn’t there at all. “Akane…”

Yumi really didn’t appreciate being left behind with this other team. Hanako was unconscious, Akane was gone, and Dansei was over there looking like he was pals with the or something. She frowned and glared at the remainder of their team, noticing that Fen had left too. Probably going after Akane. Yumi was seriously disliking where she was right now and made sure to place herself far away from the other team. It may have been childish but it was what she was going to have to do in order to keep from screaming at them to get away from her. Dansei had began talking to Souran about medic nin and healing Hanako or something close to that. She was barely listening and was just glaring at the other team.

"Well? Let's go," he said. "It's getting darker already, and that could put us at a major disadvantage."

This sentence had snapped Yumi out of her anger fest and she had to get her self to calm down before moving on, though it gave her more relief that Dansei was holding Hanako now instead of Souran who had made the switch after his statement.

“Yeah, yeah I’m going..” Yumi grumbled sounding more angry than she wanted to. Turning her head to Keiko she decided to let some of her anger out on him. “ Hey in there he said ‘LET’s GO.’” Yumi nearly shouted in his direction. All this commotion was getting on her nerves, and being surrounded by people she didn’t know what adding on to her growing headache.

‘Akane better come back soon.’ Yumi thought as she followed after Dansei and Souran

January 23rd, 2008, 1:03 PM
((Question. Once Akane and Fen finish off that third shinobi they're battling, could we time skip to the tower?

And also, mini-godmodding the Souran-Dansei-Yumi-Keiko group a bit. Just moving them along real quick. And by "a bit" I mean, one little phrase of godmodding-ness. :xxx))

As the group set off, Dansei bent his neck forward, pushing the cloth over his eyes up with the top of Hanako's head. He slowly slipped his right hand out from under Hanako's armpit, while still supporting her torso with the attached arm, as well as keeping his grip on her outside knee with his left hand. He then started cycling through hand seals with his free hand.

"Sight Rebirth Technique," Dansei muttered. The complimentary wave of chakra burst from around his head as he blinked rapidly, trying to adjust his eyes to the shadows of the forest -- it was a huge difference from the lighting within the testing room. Then, he slid his right hand back under Hanako's arm pit and looked around at his comrades and the surrounding mass of trees.

"This place is creepy," Dansei said after a few minutes. "Seeing it for real almost makes me want to puke..."

Scarlet Weather
January 28th, 2008, 5:54 PM
"Don't be so sure about that third shinobi," Akane stated in response to Fen's question. "You and I were both a bit too flashy back there. I probably shouldn't have wasted so much energy on that guy. It would have been better to take him out right there. And you were right when you said you didn't know how to hold back," Her eyes glinted as she began to criticize Fen's anaylsis of the situation. "You've used that Dynamo Fist move twice already, right? So now we're both a bit tired and your chakra's depleted. Plus we don't know the location and status of our opponent and she's a ranged weapon user, like me. This situation is actually the worst possible one for fighting her. Unless your first attack seriously injured her, we may be in for a bit of a scrape." Akane drew two kunai from her pouch, mentally tallying the number remaining. She had been too lax in conserving her weapons earlier, and that shuriken barrage she had used, while it had been effective, had caused a drain on the supply of throwing stars at Akane's disposal. In a fight like this where the opponent's location was uncertain, every shot would count. Akane concentrated on circulating most of her chakra towards her arms to maximise the distance and power behind each shot. She waited silently for the opponent, signalling Fen to keep silent in order to keep their position as secure as possible.

The first attack was a surprise tactic. A whirling, buzzing weapon consisting of three metal balls bound together with mental thongs shot towards Akane. Though she managed to move aside quickly, one thong wrapped itself around the handle of her kunai. Surprised, Akane dropped the metal knife and watched as the strange weapon's momentum caused the thongs to wrap themselves around the knife, stopping only when all four metal balls struck together with a resounding crash. If that weapon had hit Akane's arm the limb almost certainly would have snapped. As this particular piece of information was being digested, Akane quickly rolled onto her belly just in time to duck under the path of two more whirling terrors. This time she caught a glimpse of the opponent fleeing into the underbrush as she attempted to change positions. With a quick flick of her wrist, Akane sent a kunai hurtling after the girl. The knife's whistle was followed by a satisfying thud, and Akane smiled savagely. A familiar whirring noise suddenly filled her ears, and the smile dissapeared as Akane deftly avoided yet another killing weapon, this one coming from a position directly behind Akane's current location. The girl didn't understand how that was possible. The thud she had heard was definitely a kunai entering flesh. How could her opponent have survived and changed position so quickly if she was injured? Arming herself again, Akane swore vehemently. If Fen hadn't pushed this girl into the deep forest, this wouldn't have happened.

Akane bolted in surprise. Two more weapons, each hurled from a different position, were moving towards her. Barely avoiding the blows, she cursed again. This girl was using a clone jutsu of some sort, probably Mitsu Bunshin. She remembered what she had learned about that in class on the day when the signature jutsus of other villages had been discussed. Mist, apparently, utilized a form of clone jutsu that allowed the user to split his chakra evenly into ten parts, forming ten clones with the exact same amount of chakra as the host. There was a limit, she knew, as to how far each clone could move from the original. Her knowledge of the jutsu ended there, but she guessed it was basically a watered down version of the Kage Bunshin that she had seen jounin performing. Still scaled up from the regular old Bunshin which created illusory clones, but a lower-ranking move nonetheless. High rank or low, however, it would certainly create trouble in this position. The opponent could flank the clearing and continuously attack. There was no way to guess the original's position, so she was safe.

Or was there?

Another weapon came hurtling towards Akane. This time, she did not move. The device struck just below her chin, and the cords began wrapping around her neck as the silver balls at the end gleamed wickedly...


The explosion of smoke revealed that all Akane's opponent had managed to do with her attack was to pulverise a large log of the type often found in Konoha's forest.

The purple-haired kunoichi grimaced as she raised another bola and twirled it menacingly, while her nearby clones performed the same action from their own positions. Where had that blasted girl gone? She couldn't have moved too far away.


The kunoichi's mouth dropped open. One of her clones had vanished. So that was it, then. The girl had used the temporary speed granted to her by the substitution jutsu to move into the treetops and target one of her clones. But she had made the fatal mistake of giving away her position. Like any skilled ranged-combat specialist, the purple-haired girl had memorized the position of each of her clones. Now she knew where to attack. Increasing the velocity of the bola she carried, the girl bared her teeth in a silent growl and launched the attack. For a moment, nothing happened. Then the sound of several bola all contacting the same point and something crackling and snapping reached the kunoichi's ears. There was silence again.

The girl smiled, removing yet another bola. Now she could focus on her final target, that annoying boy who had blown her away...

The flash-bomb that blinded the girl was a complete surprise. So was the rapid succession of sounds that followed it, each one heralding the loss of another clone. Just as her vision cleared, the girl felt a kunai penetrate her shoulder as Akane's weight and momentum bore them both to the ground. The sound of cracking ribs and the pain that followed made the kunoichi gasp as her opponent walked a few steps away, her face obscured by her bangs.

Akane's eyes lit up fiercely. "You were sloppy," she stated flatly. "Your technique was interesting, and anywhere else it would have been effective. But I was in that tree canopy earlier, and I had already scouted the spots that would be best for a ranged attack in case I needed to launch one myself." As she dispensed this explanation, Akane fleetingly remembered Tenten-sensei's lessons on the subject as she passed on what she knew about projectile weapons and their use to Akane. Smiling slightly at the memories, she continued. "I could guess where you would position your clones. All I needed was a way to escape the clearing. Once I was up there, it was easy enough to use a flash-bomb to blind you long enough for me to attack the clones. And now..." Akane's eyes flashed grimly as she tugged her kunai from her victim's arm, causing the kunoichi to whimper in pain, "I'm going to leave you here. Your blonde-haired boyfriend is only winded, so he'll recover soon. If you're lucky, he can get medical attention for you all. If you aren't... well, you shouldn't have been stalking me. Pervs." Akane practically spat out the last word. She turned as if to go, then stopped. "Oh, one other thing..."

The kunoichi was forced to endure another wave of pain as Akane pressed a hand to her chest, effectively immobilizing her, long enough to slip the remaining bola as well as the other weapons in the girl's kunai and shuriken pouches into her own. Straightening up, she stepped towards Fen. "Well? Shall we go now?" She asked, grinning at him grimly, as if to say 'This-is-what-happens-to-people-I-don't-like-so-watch-yourself'.

January 29th, 2008, 7:41 PM
Both Fens glared at Akane as she criticized his battle style.

"Psh... a speech about MY chakra control coming from some tool user..."Fen thought angrily to himself, as Akane's attitude reminded him once again why he enjoyed the bliss of an all male team. "If she was a range user, you should have followed her, and left the other two to me...But I wont say either of us is at fault. Due to lack of trust, we don't even know what the other is capable of."

A strange weapon suddenly blasted through the trees towards Akane, but was easily dodged by her reflexes. Fen and his clone leaned into a defensive stance, scanning the area for the origin of the attack. More of the assault continued, but they only seemed to be aimed at Akane. Fen used the opportunity to re-combine with his clone and quickly retreat safely under a large tree trunk. Fen watched the fight closely, watching Akane's moves as she proceeded with the battle. Akane was definitely considerably slower than himself, as Fen had predicted from the start off of first impressions... but who wasn't? He could tell that Akane wasn't too happy with having to fight a range fighter and she was cursing under her breath as she fought. Fen also began to stew angrily as he watched.

"Bleh... Souran would have known to go after the other Shinobi and leave the two guys to me..." He huffed silently.

The fight finished with a flashy finish, as Fen was expecting from Akane, despite her talk of not having much chakra left. She finished her small little speech to the grounded shinobi and made her way over to Fen as he stepped out from the confines of the tree.

"Well? Shall we go now?" She asked, grinning at him grimly, as if to say 'This-is-what-happens-to-people-I-don't-like-so-watch-yourself'.

Fen looked at her with a cocked eyebrow then narrowed his eyes again and lifted his right hand into the air and waved it at her in a shooing motion, disregarding her arrogance. He signed heavily and looked into the tree tops, trying to see any sign of daylight and what time it may be.

"Come on, the others are no doubt waiting, we should get back to our respective teams so we can end this freakin exam..." Fen said, frustrated. He leaped into the trees and back towards the direction they were once traveling. He spotted kunai stuck in the trees placed every few meters.

"Hm... they must have left these for us to follow them back" Fen called back to Akane, assuming she had followed him into the treetops

January 30th, 2008, 4:16 PM
"When is Fen going to get here, I'm so bored!" Keiko said annoyed that Fen is taking so long."Meh, I can most likely use this time to catch up on some z's." Keiko then sat down against a tree branch, then closed his eyes, still not asleep he thought about the next portion of the chunin exams.

January 30th, 2008, 6:13 PM


Okay, better.

Again. Sharpay. Keiko is still with Dansei, Yumi and Souran, who are heading towards the tower. -.-;;;

Oh, and since there's nothing else going on, I'm going to ahead and assume it's okay to advance time so that the D-Y-S-K group is at the tower, with Akane and Fen not far behind. Unless anyone objects and is upset with me, and then I'll edit my post.))

Dansei stopped aruptly, the hair on his neck on end. He quietly set down Hanako, and motioned for the rest of the group to gather around him.

"There's another team up in this clearing," he whispered, looking around at his comrades faces. "The trees have started to thin up, so I can see a little farther than with my natural sight using my chakra." He put away his last kunai, having used them all to mark their trail, and pulled out his trench knives. "From what I can tell, there are only three of them. We can each take one on, with one person guarding Hanako... We should be able to eliminate them fairly quickly. I propose that we position ourselves in ten meter incriments around the perimeter of the clearing, and on a signal of some sort, ambush them. Does anyone disagree?"

Finally... We're almost done... Dansei thought, waiting for his comrades to answer him. Hanako, you're finally going to be treated...

Đ a r κ
January 30th, 2008, 7:24 PM
Souran abruptly stopped on the next branch he could stood upon, listening to Dansei's words. He stated that there was another team of people around the tower. Souran gave a brief sigh as he lowered his head to stare at his feet. He wondered how many more teams they would run into before finally reaching the tower. He reached in his kunai pouch to pull out one of knifes, then lifted his head in the direction Dansei seemed to be directing towards. Souran placed his fist holding the kunai in a readied position for an attack and then replied to Dansei.

"Well, I see no issues with that idea...so long as we haven't already been spotted. Either way, I think I the best candidates for battle at this point is me, Keiko, and Yumi. Normally, I wouldn't suggest Yumi for this, but..." Souran took a small breath and then continues, "...Something doesn't feel right about what is up ahead." He finally finished, pulling his hand in front of his face, as if shading his mouth from view.

At The Tower

"Well, aren't they just taking their time..." Riki stated, wondering what was taking so long. His skill at tracking enemies wasn't as good as Zurui's. He walked over to her and asked her what the group of ninja had been doing. She gave a quick laugh at him and asked if he were afraid of an attack. Riki pouted and walked away, to the tower.

"It looks like they've noticed our presence...I believe they're planning an ambush of some sort."

"Maybe we should just go ahead and attack them, that way we can get the scroll, get back here and get the mission one step closer to it's success." Sando stated, annoyed by how long they've been waiting for the team of shinobi to arrive. Zurui rolled her eyes to Sando and turned to the direction, Yumi, Dansei, Keiko, and Souran had rested.

"If you wanna spoil the fun for me...then fine, go on ahead. Just come back with the scroll." She ordered, turning around, as Sando left, stroking her hair with her light blue nails. Riki gave her the evil eye. He couldn't believe it, she acted as though she had forgotten what he had said.

"So Sando can go, but I can't?!" Riki asked, outraged that he was left behind.

"Listen, do you not understand your part of the mission?! You're strength is needed so we can get the secret entrance door open in case we can't open it with the lock. For the first stage, Sando is to locate that key...he's done that, so he can do what ever. Got it?" Zurui angrily said, forcing Riki to cross his arms.

Sando, already closing in on Souran and the others, was preparing himself for his time to let lose his power.

February 5th, 2008, 3:18 PM
((Uh... Post for great justice!))

We're screwed, Dansei thought, his knuckles turning white as he tightened his grip on his trench knives. One of them is missing from the clearing... And therefore, advancing towards us.

"Draw weapons and prepare jutsu!" Dansei hissed. Something was causing his chakra waves to rebound at increasingly faster rates. "One of the ninja from the clearing is coming our way." He cautiously inched back towards Hanako's limp body, crouching down in front of her.

So much for our ambush...

February 5th, 2008, 5:23 PM
"Dang," Though Keiko angrily."We are still waiting for Fen and Akane!" Keiko thought while making a Tiger hand sign."Ninja Art Keckerogan Release!" Said Keiko quietly. "I'm now ready for any challenge from here on in!"

Scarlet Weather
February 5th, 2008, 8:41 PM
Akane struggled to follow Fenra. Dammit! He's so fast! He's definitely his team's 'muscle', no doubt about that, Akane noted. And not only that, but his detemination is pretty insane. Maybe I shouldn't have written him off as a non-threat so quickly. If this guy does decide to turn on us later, it'll be trouble. Especially since... Akane stared at her left leg and winced in pain. She hadn't quite been truthful when she explained how she had defeated the ranged shinobi earlier. Yes, she had used the substitution jutsu to enter the treetops, but she had pinpointed their location by the directions of their bola. In order to do that, she'd had to take a few hits...

Akane started warily at her opponent- a Mitsu Bunshin clone. She had guessed her opponent would be directly above her somewhere from the positioning of the earlier attacks. Now all she had to do was implement a brilliant little strategy. Stealing up behind the girl, she quickly formed the seals for a transformation. The jutsu's effects were quite useless from a practical standpoint- all she had done was to change her hairstyle slightly- but it was the sound that counted. Her opponent would think it was one of the clones dispersing. Then it was a simple matter of a quick bait and switch. As the bola came hurtling in, Akane pulled the clone roughly in front of her. She averted her eyes quickly and pulled herself into a ball-like shape as the bola contacted the body of the clone, eliminating it. It had been her plan from the beggining: to pinpoint the opponent's locatin based on throwing patterns and to attack them. As the clone evaporated, Akane launched the flashbomb in her hand.

It was then that the last bola struck.

One of the clones had delayed its attack for some reason. Akane grimaced as she twisted to avoid the weapon. Thankfully she managed to avoid the thongs, which would have caused the bola to break her leg had they caught on it. One of the heavy iron balls slammed into the side of her left leg, however. If it hadn't been for the senbon brace she had strapped to her leg, the force of the blow might have resulted in a small fracture. As it was, the injury was painful enough. Biting her lip, she chided herself for not forseeing this and planning ahead. She should probably stop to check the injury, she realized. However, if she hesitated now the entire ambush's timing would be lost. Besides that, she wasn't about to show weakness in front of this Fen guy. Not now and not ever.

Curling her lips into a snarl, Akane attacked.

The leg wasn't in good condition. The blow must have numbed the leg somewhat at first because the moment Akane moved, she felt daggers stabbing it. Not only that, but Fen had just entered the tree canopy. Thoroughly disgusted, Akane followed, favoring her right leg as much as she could without making it obvious that she was in pain as she kept up with him. The moment she reached the tree tops, Akane spotted the kunai and breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't need Fen's words to tell her that these kunai were a trail left by Yumi and the others. The sigh then changed into a slight gasp as she realized the obvious dangers of this set-up. What if another team spotted this trail? It would be oh-so-easy to track the group's movements then. And Hanako was still unconscious and still with them.


Akane leaped forward, shouting a hasty "Come on!" to Fenra. She had to reach the others before they were ambushed anyway, in spite of her work to prevent that. Unfortunately, in her haste Akane forgot about her leg's injured status. The pain caused her to cry out as she lost her footing and slipped from the treetops, saving herself only by grabbing the limb she had been standing on not moments before. Cursing, she pulled herself up with as much dignity as she could muster, praying that Fen wouldn't ask the embarassing question that she knew would follow.

February 5th, 2008, 10:09 PM
The two leaped through the trees in silence as they followed the kunai trail leading back to the group. Fen kept his steady pace when he heard a "come on!" from Akane. Fen assumed she realized what had been obvious from the beginning; if they can follow the trail then others could follow the trail as well. Fen watched her attempt to speed up and leap ahead when she landed oddly on her left foot, let out a yell, then fell below the tree line, grabbing on quickly to the branch. Fen stopped on the branch before her and watched her struggle to get up.

"Ugh... this girl is so damn stubborn. She must have gotten injured during her battle with that ranged ninja..." Fen thought to himself as he watched with frustrated eyes as Akane weakly pulled herself upright. He crossed his arms and gave her a stern look.

"Its going to be quite while before we catch up to the others. You're clearly injured. If we're going to get through this and make sure our team mates are safe, you're going to have to start trusting me and toss aside a little bit of that pride you have. If we want to make it, we need to make sure we know everything. So that we can work together properly." Fen said to her sternly. He paused for a moment then continued. "Look... i'll make it fair. To show you i'm serious, heres my current status. I have about 1/3 of my chakra reserve left, which isn't much even by normal standings. My fist works based on a separate chakra source. The stored chakra inside of the special wrap around my right arm; popping my knuckles triggers the release of the chakra flow and hand seals give it wind property for the explosion. Right now my fist can only handle the pressure of enough chakra for 3 shots. I've used 2 so I have one more left. On my current internal chakra reserves, i have enough energy to fight one maybe two opponents with all i've got. My mirror clones wont help the situation, because they are made the exact same as the user's condition when summoned." Fen finished and looked her straight in the eyes.

He clenched his fist for a moment at having released the majority of his ninjutsu and battle capabilities, but it seemed the only way he could possibly earn her trust.

"Now. You know everything about me, Akane. I don't expect you to do the same, but knowing this information... I just have to ask one question." Fen finished and sighed deeply.

"...Do you need help?"

Đ a r κ
February 6th, 2008, 4:40 AM
A rush of cold air could be felt bombarding Souran's bones. His body shivered for a moment, but stopped once Souran positioned himself into a battle position. The enemy could be felt, getting closer. At this point, with two members absent, one injured comrade, high leveled opponents, and most of the team almost to their limit, the situation seemed drastic.

Just then, a blast of wind, came flowing through the trees, as a figure flashed into sight, landing his or himself, onto the branch in front of Keiko, Dansei, Yumi, and Souran. Eyes, opened wide, and with his mouth, open just a bit, being held up by his clenched teeth, Souran took a single look at the person, and knew instantly that, he was the enemy.

The man, leaned down from his forward leap, slowly pushed his body into an up-right position. As his face slowly appeared, an evil smirk could be seen, while his devilish eyes glared at each member of the team. Once standing firm, he giggled before he started to introduce himself. Sando didn't find these four shinobi very dangerous, and pondered the thought that Zurui may be slipping up.

"Why, hello there kiddies. The name's Sando...I'm here for your Heavens scroll." He took a glance at each ninja to find the scroll's whereabouts, but soon, gave up the search.

"I'll give you two choices...one; you hand over the scroll and you all survive. Or, I take it from you, by force. Make your choice." He finished, waiting for a decision.

"...It's so tempting..." Souran thought to himself, "But, we can't do it. We have to take him out quick. If I can completely control him, I could probably eliminate him from our area...Here we go." Souran moved forward.

"Al-alright, you can have our heavens scroll...but you have to let us live." Sando smirked as he slowly moved towards Souran.

"It seems you have one smart shinobi on your team...or a foolish one. Anyway, I'll allow you to live, but give me the scroll." Souran removed his kunai pouch from his leg, knowing it had no scroll in it, he lifted it up and handed it to Sando, who took it and turned to leave. Souran smiled.

"Who were you calling foolish?" Souran moved his fingers in order to turn Sando around.

"You've just been caught in my body manipulation technique...Guys, I need you to aim for his head, his will is strong, which means I can't hold on to him much longer." He stated, as he struggled to keep his jutsu in order. Attaching, his chakra string to the pouch, seemed very brilliant. Souran just hoped it wouldn't be for nothing.

February 6th, 2008, 4:53 AM
"Okay Souran!" Said Keiko deviously."Ninja Art Fire Style Hell Flame Jutsu! Now Aim For his head!" Keiko grabbed a small bottle and drank it he then released his attack. Black flames flew out his mouth going at a rapid rate aiming twoards the enemy nins head. Gotcha thought Keiko happily.

February 6th, 2008, 1:32 PM
Dangit, Souran! We could've had him! My team's Heaven scroll is with Akane! We could've convinced him that we were one team, and only had an Earth... Oh well.

Dansei closed his eyes, creating a mental picture of the situation in his head. Sando is the center point here, he thought. A tree is directly right of him, and I am at a fourty five degree angle in relation to Sando... The shinobi smirked, opening his eyes. I've got it.

Dansei reached into his kunai pouch, pulling out several shuriken, wire attached to each one. He quietly stuck the ends of the wires in his mouth as he leapt to another the same branch as his opponent, keeping them stuck in the corner of his mouth. "You're screwed now, Sando-Chan," he muttered, throwing the projectiles at the enemy ninja as Keiko's attack subsided. The shuriken crossed in front of Sando, passed under his arms and circled around the tree, effectively binding him to the trunk as the shuriken repeatedly wrapped around him.

"Sorry any pain that came with that," Dansei shouted to Souran, taking the wires from his mouth and wrapping them around his hands. "Release whenever you're ready."

Đ a r κ
February 6th, 2008, 2:12 PM
"Gah.." Souran uttered, as the wires that binded Sando to a tree, affected Souran as well. Luckily, Souran wasn't pushed too far back, so he was able to stay on his branch.

"Release whenever you're ready." Dansei commanded. Souran rolled his eyes some what. As if he had any other choices, now that he was unable to move, but something struck Souran's thoughts, he was able to move, so what happened? Did they defeat Sando? A sudden laugh roared from the battle area, but it was coming from the enemy, what could he have to laugh about?

"Oh, you genin are too funny...placing me into a trap, throwing fire at me, and then...-strings tied to shuriken, creative, but hardly effective against me." As the last spec of dust, from Keiko's attack, completely cleared, Sando could be seen, unharmed, and standing firm. Souran was truly astonished. How was it possible for a human to withstand a blast of fire, and be attacked by wire, and have absolutely no scratches, what-so-ever?

"I bet your wondering what's going on...how does he not have a scratch on him? kekeke...You see, I control my chakra on a whole different level than the way you're used to doing. I am able to force my chakra out of my body, and use it as a weapon, and afterwards, I can suck that chakra right back into my body. This meaning, I possess unlimited chakra. That being said, I was able to break those wires with this jutsu, and forced that chakra string, out of my system. As for the fire, I simply, shielded myself." Though scared, Souran had to admit that Sando's abilities were extraordinary.

"It seems like I wont be obtaining the scroll by being nice, so I shall now try force." He announced, before lifting his right arm in front of his chest, then pushing chakra out, in the form of a crescent blade. Sando readied himself to leap towards the team, his chakra blade becoming larger, in order to cover more distance.

"Ready yourselves, kiddies, and remember the name of the one who killed you...Sando!" He roared, as he jumped forward.

February 6th, 2008, 4:40 PM
Dansei leapt back to the branch Hanako was resting on, crouching down in front of her. This guy's big, to be sure, but he shouldn't have been able to break my wires... They wrapped around him at least fifteen times each. He bit his lip as he tried to formulate a new plan, but nothing came to mind. His chakra control is what's preventing us from having the upper hand... I bet Genjutsu wouldn't even work on him... So much for this being quick.

Dansei looked down at his trench knives, brow furrowed. I'm fairly proficient with my Flying Swallow technique... he finally thought. Maybe.. If I consume another hyorogan, I can extend my chakra in the same way he is. If I can switch places with someone else, we'll be able to stall in time for Fen and Akane to save us.


Scarlet Weather
February 8th, 2008, 6:33 PM
Akane bit her lip as she listened to Fen and attempted to block out what was happening. His statement had started with a slight criticism of Akane, she had been prepared for that and was quite used to statements like that from others. But what followed completely unseated Akane's reason. She didn't trust anyone male, with the possible exceptions of her family. She didn't want to accept that anyone could be trusted. She was a shinobi, and a girl. An easy target to guys, and a rival to fellow kunoichi. She wasn't prepared for a guy that essentially unloaded everything about himself- from the mechanics of his jutsu to his current chakra level- just to convince her to ask for his help. She tried to fool herself into thinking that he was planning to attack as soon as she divulged information, but it was no use. If he had really wanted to turn on her, he would have done so the moment he was injured. So what was he after? Maybe he was going to stab her in the back the moment she trusted him? No, it was still a shaky hypothesis. There was no alternative. Could he actually... want to help her? Was it possible?

Akane's lips pursed as she smiled ruefully. "It's not often I admit something like this..." she muttered, before moving to her feet, careful to shift most of her weight to the right leg. Before she could stop herself, she blurted it out. "Yes. Yes, I need some help. I think that bola shattered the senbon brace on my shin. I've probably got some throwing needles embedded in there now. I'll be fine, I just need to grab your shoulder or something so I can keep weight off of it, and I should be just fine." The moment the words were out, Akane's mouth dropped open in shock. For the first time in at least three years, she had actually been open with a male. She had admitted a problem and accepted an offer for help. Was she going soft? A wild impulse overcame her. Perhaps if she moved quickly she could take the words back and pincushion Fen with her remaining kunai before making her way back. After all, it wasn't like they were on the same team and he was probably planning something even if she couldn't figure out what it was. Common sense, thankfully, precluded this plan. Akane couldn't afford not to trust Fen. The others had marked their trail too carefully, and Hanako might need help. If Akane wanted to get there in time, she had to rely on him.

Another strange impulse overcame Akane. Raising her eyes to meet Fen's, she whispered "Thanks." It was only one word, but coming from Akane it meant volumes.

The remains of what could have been a beautiful picture of a girl learning to trust were shattered by the explosion of black flame not thirty meters ahead. Akane's paranoiac instincts isntantly turned on in overkill. "Those... IDIOTS!" she fumed, tugging at her own hair wildly. "Do they want to get themselves killed? Every team for miles probably saw that, and now they're all going to attack! I mean, I can understand not being concerned for their own safety, but Hanako's? Alright, that does it!" Pulling her eyes away from the flames, she pointed along the path. "Well, let's go! If we don't get there in time, those idiots will probably have half of the shinobi in this forest who don't already have scrolls after them!"

Đ a r κ
February 8th, 2008, 7:28 PM
"Ready yourselves, kiddies, and remember the name of the one who killed you...Sando!" Sando bellowed, plunging forward, in the direction of Keiko, Yumi, Dansei, and Souran. The situation at hand did not seem in their favor. An enemy who could extend his chakra to his likings, while not sparing any of it. This would mean that Souran's chakra strings could be easily exerted along with the chakra he forces out of his body. The only way for the strings to get inside would be to catch him off guard like before with the kunai pouch, but surely, he wouldn't fall for another trick. Though, Souran isn't all knowing of Yumi and Dansei's arsenal, with such a robust defense, their attacks may not be as opposing to Sando either. It even struck Souran that even with Akane and Fen's added support, it may not be enough. And, if that wasn't enough, the explosion from Keiko's attack may have placed the area on the spot for attackers. The entire situation just forced more and more trouble for the team. They had to think quick, and before Sando reached everyone, he realized a fault in Sando's attack. Though, he exerts chakra, there must be a way to keep it stable. The answer, which came to Souran, was that Sando hardens the chakra, only adding more when needed. This meaning, his blade, is real, but that could be a weakness, if the right moves are used. Having this information, Souran quickly front flipped above Sando, then pushed out his second chakra string, a foot away from Sando's right arm, hoping that he'd strike the blade. After, there was no time to hope, so Souran pulled the string over his head, and flung his arm toward the tree Sando previously stood upon.
Just then, Sando was stopped, slowly being lifted from the ground.

"Yes!" Souran shouted in success. Before he knew it, Sando began to head for the trunk of the tree, but before crashing, he exerted enough of his chakra to break the force, resulting in his being safe. Then Souran realized that he wasted yet another one of his five strings, leaving him with only three chakra strings in his possession.

"Hm...seems like there are crowds of more ninja heading for this direction. If I stay around, I'll get too caught up in things. Best to leave now. After all, if we had the key, what would Riki have to do?" Sando thought to himself. Once landing on his feet, he brushed off some hair away from his face, and spoke up.

"Well now, I think I'll be making my exit now. It was a good workout. Maybe we should try it again sometime..." Sando stopped as he turned to walk away, his head turned back to the group of genin. He realized Hanako laying on a branch. "...That friend of yours...she's injured, correct?" Souran glanced at Hanako and back to Sando, replying, "What's it to you?!" Sando giggled, turning his head to it's forward position.

"Nothing, I just figured I may help her get to the tower...that is where your heading, right...to get her some help I presume. Would you like me to escort you all to the tower?" Souran clutched his teeth together in anger, thinking it would turn out to be a trap. Though, he didn't want to make decisions for everyone, and so, he asked, "...Well, what do you guys think. Depending on the situation we have on our hands that is." He then waited on the rest of the group to reply.

February 8th, 2008, 7:42 PM
((Man... I wanted a battle. D:))

"No," Dansei said strongly, glaring coldly at Sando. "I'd rather kick your pudgy little butt than fall into an obvious trap like that." The stern ninja held up one of his hyorogan, one eyebrow raised. "Leave, or I will consume this pill, and you will die."

This bluff had better work...

"Being able to manipulate your chakra like you do, you should be familiar with the Flying Swallow technique, right?" Dansei asked. "It allows you to extend the blade of a weapon -- any weapon, really, with your chakra." The ninja smirked, his piercing blue eyes boring into Sando's forehead. "My chakra is at about, oh, 80 percent right now. With this hyorogan, my chakra levels will increase to about 160 percent."

"Now, let's do the math," Dansei continued. "With an overly large amount of chakra, in addition to my excellent chakra control, I would be able to create an equivalent of your fighting style. That, in addition to the fighting prowess of my teammates here, and, well, you'd be much more than screwed. In fact, you'd leave this battle with a few bones, at the least."

Oh crap... I wish I hadn't done that now...

"Now, if you're smart, you would leave."

Why didn't I think this through beforehand?



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February 9th, 2008, 5:11 AM
OOC: But we gotta get out of the forest Dx


"Don't underestimate my abilities. I'll admit, you'd all be worthy adversaries at that point, but it would be for not. I honestly could have killed each of you before I came into plane sight, but I wanted to view your techniques." Sando began, warning the others of his powers.

"And if you don't take my help, you will die without a doubt. By either my team, or by the herd of other genin heading this way. The way I see it, you need me to take you to the tower. I understand how untrustworthy I am, being the one who barged over, commanding for you to hand over your scroll, but...I don't need it, in fact, I'll tell you why I don't need it, and perhaps you'll then believe me." Sando turned his body to face the team, and quickly hurried, before the opposing teams arrived.

"In the tower, there is a key within the stone hand-seal on the floor where you'll be greeted by the hokage and other ninja. The key is the same color as the stone; gray. It's exact location is in between the two index fingers and the two middle fingers. Now, there is a switch, that pulls the two index fingers away from the middle fingers, revealing a blank book. The key is inside of it. The switch, is the thumb, to activate it, you must pull it backwards, away from the other fingers." Sando finally came to his conclusion of it all.

"Since, my team needs a scroll, and no team will just hand one over, I'd like you all to get the key for us. It's either that, or your lives. Make your decision." He finished, rotating around, readying himself to take off. Souran saw right through it all, he'd escort them to the tower, but his team would be there to help him take the scroll from us...but on the other hand, he may be telling the truth, and it's either trust him, or battle countless enemies. Souran looked to Dansei.

"Let's take his offer, we have no other choice. If we stay here any longer, the other teams will murder us all, and our entire attempt to help Hanako will be in vein. Though it is a risk to trust this guy, it's the only choice we have." Sando had his head turned to Dansei to see his reaction.

"The offer doesn't last all day, it's either now, or never." Sando added. Souran made a promise that if Dansei actually refused, he'd use his technique on him, unless there was a good reason. He didn't even care if he wasted another string.

February 9th, 2008, 9:57 AM

Dansei slipped the hyorogan between his fingers back into it's container, shaking his head. "Fine," he said sourly, his gaze still focused on Sando's forehead. "It's the only choice, so I guess we have to take it."

This did NOT turn out as well as I had hoped, Dansei thought, turning around and slipping his right trench knife off his knuckles. He took the weapon into his left hand and started carving into the tree behind Hanako, frowning.

Hurry... Up...

When he was finished, he took off his other trench knife, and put the weapons back into his pouch. Then, he knelt down, picked up Hanako, and turned back around. "There's a single condition here," he said, after a slight pause. "If you betray us in any way whatsoever, I will knife you down on the spot." Dansei looked at the ground momentarily. "And if I can't do so," he continued, "I've told our back up where we're headed." He pointed back at the tree he had carved into, which now held the message, "Hurry Up."

"And now that we've got terms and conditions set, let's go ahead and shove off."

February 9th, 2008, 9:40 PM
the massive explosion made Fen's hair stand on end. Even though he was accustom to giant explosions and large jutsu, the chill was not that of being startled. It was the fact that he knew where the jutsu came from.

"tch... damnit Keiko...we aren't fighting for our own safety here..." Fen said under his breath as his brain flashed through possible solutions. "theres no time, come on. We're going to need to hurry and catch up to the others. No telling what kind of trouble they're drawing near them."

Fen turned, looking towards the now smoking area where the flame jutsu had previously been seen.

"I'm going to get us there as fast as I can but we're not going to make direct contact immediately. okay?" Fen quickly cycled through a few hand signs. "Wind Style - Whispering Winds Jutsu. Hang on tight."

Fen quickly spun around and swept Akane off her feet, cradling her in his arms as the gentle breeze began to wrap around them. Fen stepped forward then vanished into the air, darting through the trees at super high speed to catch up to the others, only hoping that it wouldn't be too late.

"Even if we get there in time... Akane is hurt, and my chakra level depletes exponentially with every jutsu I perform..." Fen thought to himself while moving swiftly through the forest. His eyes focused on his bandaged arm. "Only one punch left....low chakra levels...and....." Fen winced in pain for a brief second.

"My arm.... it hurts so much...."

Fen caught sight of the group and stopped short, being sure not to get too close and be seen. He set Akane down against the tree trunk, being careful of her leg. He kneeled down to eye level, rubbing his arm in an attempt to numb some of the pain.

"Okay Akane. We're working together this time. I see them following another shinobi. We can't act rashly. What do you propose?"

OOC: hope you didn't mind a little minor bunnying, ACC.... i just want to speed up the forest of death

Scarlet Weather
February 10th, 2008, 3:47 PM
"I propose..." Akane gritted her teeth angrily and cuffing Fen on the back of the head lightly, "That you put me down! I asked you to support my leg, not attempt to romance me!" Extricating herself from his grasp, she managed to pull herself onto an overhanging branch using her arms before crouching down, careful to rest most of her weight on her right leg, before taking a good look at the other shinobi. Immediately after doing so, a chill crept up Akane's spine. That guy wasn't one of the shinobi she remembered seeing earlier. Was it her imagination, or was he with another group? Plus... her eyes narrowed as she stared at him. He reminded her of an animal she had heard of once. It was some kind of parasite, a creature that entered the body of its host and absorbed nutrients from it in order to survive. Why she felt that way she couldn't exactly say, but she decided to chalk it up to a combination of the shinobi's ability to sense the opponent's motives and her woman's intuition.

Satisfied with her assessment of the situation, Akane turned to Fen and whispered to him. "I think they've formed an alliance with that guy, for whatever reason, but they don't trust him entirely. See the way that they've all tensed up? They're ready to turn on each other the moment the oppurtunity presents itself. Anyway, we can't just charge in and attack. That'll just put them in danger, especially Hanako. We'll follow behind and pitch in if it comes to a fight." Slipping through the branches while keeping weight off her injured leg, Akane slipped her arm over Fen's shoulders and used it to support herself. "Just so we're clear, Kyokou-kun," she stated emphatically, "This is what I mean when I say I need you to support my leg. If you attempt to seduce me again, it'll make it very hard for me to work with you. Do we understand each other? Good, because I'm not going to say this again. I am not, repeat, not up for grabs. You boys think you can just waltz around and make eyes at a girl and she'll fall for you, oh yes..." The rest of Akane's rant petered off as she attempted to calm herself down.

February 10th, 2008, 4:10 PM
"ya you're right... they don't trust this guy at all... I can see it through Souran's movements." Fen whispered silently in response as they crept through the trees.

Akane proceeded to veer off of the original conversation and return to the topic of Fen trying to hit on her as she slung her arm around his shoulder.

"This is what I mean when I say I need you to support my leg. If you attempt to seduce me again, it'll make it very hard for me to work with you. Do we understand each other? Good, because I'm not going to say this again. I am not, repeat, not up for grabs. You boys think you can just waltz around and make eyes at a girl and she'll fall for you, oh yes..." she rambled...

Fen cut her off right there and stopped dead in his tracks and gave her a slight shove off of his shoulder.

"Listen up. If Souran wasn't so hell bent on saving your team mate, i wouldn't even be here right now. Seduction is the last thing you should be concerned about. You're awfully self-centered for such an average looking girl. Every guy isn't out trying to get you, its actually quite the opposite. The only reason i've tolerated your constant nagging is because Souran would never forgive me if I had left you in the forest to die. I picked you up... because you don't have a chance in hell in keeping up with me when it comes to speed." Fen said scornfully. He was clearly frustrated with females in general by this point, being as they had been the center of all his troubles in the forest.

"We could be done with this part of the exam by now but chose to help you guys. Show some freaking gratitude because you'd still be staring down a team of 3 had no one else realized you were gone. And cut that Kyokou crap. My name is Fenra. Now if you're done complaining about things that aren't even of concern, I'd rather be concerned about my team's lives." Fen finished, pounding his fist into the trunk of a tree, splintering the wood a bit.

February 10th, 2008, 6:57 PM
A disturbance... Close, too... Dansei thought. Two people...

"Well? Come on, she needs medical treatment," Dansei snapped, nodding down towards Hanako while focusing more chakra to the point where Akane and Fen were hiding. "If we don't go now, this stupid agreement will have been pointless."

Oh, good... It's our good ol' teammates... he finally thought, looking at Souran, trying to convey the message with his eyes. We've got some insurance, now...

Scarlet Weather
February 11th, 2008, 1:14 PM
Akane clenched her fist as she listened to Fenra rattle on about how ordinary she looked, and how grateful she should be. Honestly, how could he object to the nickname Kyokou? It suited him perfectly! The moment, however, that he insinuated that she was out to get guys rather then the opposite, Akane instinctively launched a kunai directly into the tree where it lodged next to Fen's head. "Sorry, habit," she explained, clenching her teeth. "If you ever in your life insinuate that I've been chasing guys, I swear that I'll kill you, fast or not. I don't particularly want to kill you, because I know that you aren't chasing me, and I really am grateful to you for helping me out. But I've been hurling kunai since I was old enough to pick one up, and the one thing that'll gurantee your death around me is calling me a floozy. Got that?" It was then that another part of Fen's little speech hit her. "Wait... you called me ordinary, didn't you?" A playful smile flashed. "Well, in that case I apologize for thinking you were attempting to show off by lifting me up like that, and thank you for being the first person with the common sense to notice that I'm not a prima donna. I wish there were more people in the world like you."

The movements of the group ahead distracted Akane. "Dammit! Dansei's looking this way! I hope that creep ahead of them doesn't notice. I don't know any Genjutsu, so I can't distract him." Suddenly, her face turned slightly thoughtful. "Listen, Fenra-kun..." her voice trailed off. "If it comes to a fight, I want you to drop me. I'll be fine, but concentrate on protecting Hanako. Forget that I even exist. Understand?"

February 11th, 2008, 2:28 PM
Keiko quickly glanced at Dansei, then looked back to see Fen and Akane coming back."So they are almost here, I guess we have a bit of backup. Keiko was really glad now that he had backup he thoguht he was in the clear."Ugh!" Said Keiko as he fell to the ground."That move I used,it took alot of chakra and I worn out and I don't have much chakra left."

February 11th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Akane responded to Fen's anger in the way he imagined her doing so... by throwing another kunai at him and threatening his life.

"ugh... tool users are so obnoxious and arrogant, just like that Ten-Ten chick... everyone knows tool specialists don't stand a prayer against wind style... but whatever..." Fen thought to himself annoyed as Akane continued to talk on and on.

He finally tuned back into the conversation when Akane said something about Dansei looking their way. Fen shot a glance towards the still moving group and definitely saw that Dansei had turned his head slightly to see them.

"Calm down Akane, you're rushing things... even the guy they're following isn't dumb enough to not realize that Dansei is blind..." Fen was cut off by another movement.

Fen watched as Keiko completely craned his head in the opposite direction to look straight at them. This look triggered a reaction that was very common among Souran and Fen. Fen muttered the two words that seem to be instinctive and said way too often through out the team.

"....Damnit Keiko."

Fen clenched his fist, attempting to contain his anger, just praying the shinobi didn't realize how dumb of a move Keiko made.

"Listen, Fenra-kun..." her voice trailed off. "If it comes to a fight, I want you to drop me. I'll be fine, but concentrate on protecting Hanako. Forget that I even exist. Understand?" Akane said to him as he prepared to pick her up again and zip out of sight.

"Drop you and forget you even exist? I can't imagine having too much trouble with that one..." Fen said as he stepped in front of her and wrapped her arms around his neck, then bumped her up into piggy back position.

"This is the best way to move without throwing off my weight. I don't want to hear any complaints." Fen said coldly.

without waiting for an answer, Fen took off and moved through the trees zipping to the opposite side of where they had been spotted in an attempt to at least keep their location a secret. Fen called back to Akane, letting her know his plan.

"Its only a matter of time before confrontation occurs. If we travel like this, it should be harder to sense both of our chakra approaching. I'm going to stick to the trees until that happens. As opposed to just dropping you, i'm going to leave you in a tree and lead the battle to a vantage point. If your aim is as good as you boast, we should be able to catch them off guard and stick them full of kunai before they get a chance to blink. Using the element of surprise, i'll have my mirror clone go into a defensive position on Hanako, my team should know what to do from there so that we can gain the upper hand. I'll be back to get you when the battle clears. Got it?"

Đ a r κ
February 11th, 2008, 4:09 PM
"It's about time those two returned. I was starting to become worried of their lives." Souran thought to himself, noticing Dansei's glance behind him. He then watched carefully at Sando, hoping he hadn't noticed Fen and Akane, but he hadn't showed any signs revealing his awareness of their arrival. This surprised Souran, seeing how Sando made such a large impression of himself, explaining how superior he was, but if he doesn't know, it's better off that way. Souran continued on, following the hopefully unaware Sando.

"Bangai Manako..." Sando spoke in the depths of his mind, activating one of his techniques, which allows him to form his chakra into a third eye at any point on his body, where, in this case, he chose the back of his head.

"Just as I thought, two more kiddies, but it seems like they are partners to this group of five I just met. Well, they must not trust me, so they're planning to ambush me...at some point. If they do, it's not a big deal, though I'd at least like to get them to Zurui and Riki." Sando canceled his jutsu and continued on his path back to the tower. Just then, he smirked, stopping on a branch, and swiftly turning around to face the team.

"This is where it ends for you, " He stated. Souran, revealing a shocked expression, landed on the next branch and tightened his fists, ready to attack. "...you'll need to wait here while I alert my team of your being here so they don't get the wrong impression." Sando finished, in a happy-go-lucky tone. Souran fell on his branch. He thought Sando was going to attack them, that he figured everything out. With all that stress gone in an instant, it forced Souran to just fall. Souran gave a large sigh and lifted himself back up. He looked back a bit and noticed Keiko fallen on the ground.

"Keiko, you really need to work on your focus, sheesh-!" Souran stated, before loosing his balance on his branch. He saved himself by focusing his chakra to the souls of his feet, and sweat-dropped in embarrassment.

"R-Right then," He noticed Sando completely gone and looked to Dansei ", So, think he's "trust worthy"? " Souran began to ask, hopping everyone understood his point of view.

February 11th, 2008, 6:26 PM
Dansei heaved a sigh of relief as Sando left, looking at his bulky figure fading away into the trees. "I almost had a heart attack," he stated, looking over at Souran. "That could've possibly been the worst possible moment for him to turn on us, with me unarmed, Keiko being... Keiko, and none of us being prepared in the slightest." The ninja leant back against the tree trunk, closing his eyes briefly. "As for his trustworthiness? I think he's okay for the time being, but I have the sinking feeling that he's spotted Fen and Akane, which is bad." He opened his eyes and looked down at Hanako, biting his lip. "Let's just hope he doesn't mind, as long as Fen and Akane don't do anything rash."

Scarlet Weather
February 16th, 2008, 10:14 AM
Akane grimaced as she was slung over Fen's shoulders and dashed through the trees. Honestly, as long as she kept a hold of him he could have done this without carrying her. Did he think that she was a weakling who couldn't withstand high speeds, or something? She made a mental note to show him up badly at some point in the near future. Tearing her thoughts from this, Akane glanced at the clearing. That strange shinobi was still there, and he seemed to be talking with the group. She saw them tense and then relax as he leaped off into the trees, practically giggling with excitement. Akane frowned. He was definitely planning something, and he hadn't made any effort to conceal it. He was pretty arrogant, that one. If he was going to make it that obvious to the casual observer that he was going to be pulling something now, he was either extremely overconfident, stupid, or powerful. Remembering Souran's earlier ninjutsu tactics, Akane reluctantly decided that their opponent was probably way out of their league. In fact, the way he had stopped just as they had arrived... it was as if he had spotted them and was sending a message.

A message which clearly read, to Akane at least, I know you're there, and guess what? There's nothing you can do to stop me! BWA-HAHAHAHAHA.....

"Fen," Akane whispered, clenching his shirt frustratedly, "I could have sworn that he saw us. Did you get the same feeling, or am I just being paranoid?" It was possible, after all. Akane did acknowledge that occasionally she misinterpreted the actions of others, after all.

But only occasionally.

February 16th, 2008, 8:42 PM
"Fen," Akane whispered, clenching his shirt frustratedly, "I could have sworn that he saw us. Did you get the same feeling, or am I just being paranoid?"

Fen leaped into the higher reaches of the trees and sit Akane down on the branch and crouched low.

"No, you're right. He definitely saw us. The only question is, what is he planning. The group wont mind if we sit and watch for a little bit. I don't trust that ninja they were following... not one bit. I don't know how Souran was so easily persuaded... or maybe they were forced." Fen whispered back. "Ugh! there's too many variables to form an accurate plan."

Fen watched his fellow shinobi converse with each other as they waited for the other ninja.

"Akane." Fen called back to her, "We attack right now, and we're pretty sure he saw us, so in this case... what would you do?" Fen questioned her. He waited a second before responding for her.

"get rid of the shinobi tailing you." Fen said sternly. "We need to set up a small defensive system of traps so we at least know that the enemy is approaching and can counter effectively. Do you have enough tools for it?" He questioned, asking Akane for help for the first time the two had met.

Scarlet Weather
February 19th, 2008, 3:00 PM
"If by tools you mean weapons, nowhere near enough to stop the shinobi tailing us if they come en masse. I did stick a few exploding tags on the trees behind us, but I couldn't concentrate on setting them up because we were moving too quickly. Anyway, I'm not the team's trap expert. That's Yumi's job. I just like throwing kunai," Akane explained softly. She felt a little bad, letting Fen down like this, but he seemed to have made a wrong impression based on her affinity for kunai and it was time to set him straight. "See, I'm really kind of a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I'm good with ranged weapons and jutsu, and I'm pretty fair in taijutsu, but I don't have any genjutsu capability and I'm no good at setting traps." This wasn't strictly true. Akane was able to dispel genjutsu, but she didn't have the patience to learn it and considered it more of a technique for interrogators anyway. She had no interest in exacting information with a complicated conditional jutsu when she could do it just as easily with a kunai, after all. As for the setting traps bit, she was telling the truth. Mostly. She wasn't completely useless, but for all intents and purposes what she did know about traps brought about the same net result in this situation.

"You might want to deploy a few Mirror Clones, Fen. Even if they can't fight any more effectively then you can, they'll be able to watch for invaders. Plus, if that guy did see us he'll be surprised if the ambush comes from several positions. All we need is a few kunai and we can catch him off guard," Akane suggested, hoping to change the subject.

February 19th, 2008, 8:04 PM
Fen's facial expression sunk as Akane continued to explain what she was incapable of doing. The situation was becoming less and less favorable as time went on and they were so close to the tower...

"You might want to deploy a few Mirror Clones, Fen. Even if they can't fight any more effectively then you can, they'll be able to watch for invaders. Plus, if that guy did see us he'll be surprised if the ambush comes from several positions. All we need is a few kunai and we can catch him off guard," Akane said, shifting the plan of focus onto Fen's skills.

Fen was slightly surprised at the switch, but his expression sunk even lower with inferiority.

"The truth is...I haven't completely mastered my kekei genkai...The max direction a Kurai can split is into 3 separate bodies... at my current skill level, i can only split into 2. But I do have a plan. Since you're so good with kunai, i'll loan you mine!" Fen said ending on a happy note. "my kunai are forged special for me by one of my clansmen. They are hollowed out so that i can inject wind straight into them. Using a small amount of chakra i can trigger a small scale explosion, like you no doubt saw during the first exam." Fen explained.

"Using your aim, we can hide my clone in the tree tops and attack head on with my real body. Using a simultaneous effort from your kunai marksmanship, you can provide accurate explosion cover while I assault and finish at least one ninja myself with my last Dynamo Fist... The other two should be no problem for the others to handle in a 4v2. The element of surprise will give us the perfect edge, of course i'll need to immediately recombine after I launch the attack.... Thats the best case scenario i can see, considering we're both straight forward fighters. Any objections?" Fen said taking a deep breath and looking at Akane, trying to judge how she would react to a plan which involved combining both of their strong points.

Scarlet Weather
February 22nd, 2008, 5:25 AM
Akane grinned. Simple, sweet, and effective. And a plan she could actually work with in her condition. She loved it, except...

A grin split her lips. "Hold on to your kunai, Fen. You'll need them. You aren't the only one capable of explosive jutsu. After all..." the mischevious grin seemed to encompass the entirety of Akane's face, "You haven't seen my ninjutsu yet. Been a while since I last gave cover fire with it, though. If I can gurantee you about five minutes of steady cover that won't be limited by my weapons supplies, think you can break that Sando guy's back?" Akane answered her own question. "Of course you can. Or at least, you think you can. Which is why I suggest that we actually make contact with Souran and the others. They know his jutsu, we don't. If we want this ambush to be effective, it would be nice to know his jutsu."

Suddenly, a pang of doubt struck Akane. "Oh... Shimatta..." she muttered. "Wait. Didn't he go to get his team mates, or something like that? So much for safety in numbers."

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March 14th, 2008, 1:11 PM
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"It's about time you've returned." Stated Zurui, relieved that Sando had finally returned from his mission. As Sando emerged from the bushes, he failed to waste any time by quickly announcing his information.

"Yeah, I don't really have the scroll...but instead of risking our hides for the key, I figured that we get some scape goats to do it for us. I have their group waiting in the forest." Sando finished, hoping Zurui would accept this. She wasn't pleased that she had to wait that entire time just to hear such a thing as what was stated, but she considered the situation, and agreed.

"Alright, just be sure that they hand the key over." Sando nodded his head and swiftly headed back towards the group of genin.


Out of the calm air, a sudden brush of a nearby bush began to rumble. Souran was astonished and almost lost his balance on the tree trunk he planted his body on. He readied himself for battle the moment an opening in the bushes began to shape. Then, a figured leaped from inside the bushes like a rat running from a cat.

"Hey, kiddies!" Sando yelled, blasting from the bush. Souran was nearly ready to launch an attack if Sando hadn't said "kiddies", the name which now seemed to be his word for the group.

"Alright, the team knows about you all, so lets get going." Sando announced before turning and leading everyone to the tower. Souran followed the instant Sando had leaped into the air, not wanting to loose track. Slowly, the opening to the tower opened up, before he knew it, they had reached the tower.

"Finally, we can get Hanako some treatment." Souran thought to himself. Once on the ground in front of the tower, just as everything seemed all well, a women approached.

"Just to make things clear, if we don't get our key...Then don't expect to EVER become anything more than lifeless bodies living the rest of eternity in a box in the ground!" Zurui roared to Yumi, Dansei, Keiko, and Souran, who began to wonder if Akane could see a reflection of how she treats men.

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March 15th, 2008, 12:46 PM
"Hm... looks like that guys onto us, he's a lot quicker on the draw than anticipated..." Fen thought to himself as the mystery ninja left the others alone for the moment.

Fen kept his perch in the tree, careful not to give away anymore hints to their location as he attempted to ponder another plan. It seemed like no time at all before the shinobi reappeared, talking to Souran and immediately disappearing into the trees towards the tower.

"Souran better not even be thinking about working with that guy or his team..." He thought scornfully as he looked back to Akane. "Come on, we need to keep up with them, we'll keep the same plan intact and execute it as soon as the entire other team is together. We wont even give them time to set up a defense." He said to her as he walked over and tossed her arm around his shoulder, supporting her injured leg. "well... lets go"

Fen leaped through the air quickly following the group as they headed towards the tower, all they had to do was get rid of this loser team and they were home free for finishing the 2nd exam...


March 16th, 2008, 8:08 AM
Dansei shuddered as Sando sprung forth from the bushes, covering his ears from the excess of noise. With a large sigh and a quick readjustment of Hanako's position, he set off behind Souran, nodding for Keiko and Yumi to follow. With a soft thud, he landed next to Souran, scanning the trees to see where Fen and Akane were hiding. They better be ---

Dansei's train of thought was interrupted by Zurui's entrance. Well isn't she pleasant, he thought sourly, casting a glance over at Souran.Now if only Fen and Akane would rejoin us so we can get into this tower and get Hanako to a medic-nin.

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March 21st, 2008, 5:56 AM
Akane saw the branch before Fen did. Unfortunately, she could do nothing to stop it.


The large, thick branch of the tree just ahead of the pair of shinobi had been easily evaded by Fen as he jumped. Unfortunately for Akane, while she was being supported by Fen she was unable to dodge. The speeds she was moving at were quite unlike anything she was used to, and that helped. With a groan, Akane collapsed backward as her gut slammed into the branch, jarring her from Fen's grip and sending her tumbling towards the forest floor. A desperate attempt to grab a branch as she fell was thwarted by the fact that she had forgotten to drop her flash-bomb and thus could not grasp anything while she still held it. Cursing her bad luck, she hurled the flash bomb towards the ground which caused it to explode into a multicolored spectrum of light. Pointing her hands toward the light, Akane focused a portion of it into three small, red spheres that rotated around her hands, surrounded by the blue glow of her chakra. "Hoshi!" she shouted, launching the spheres from her fist just as she was about to hit ground. The resulting explosion of flames righted her, allowing Akane to land on her good leg, where she stood uneasily.

It was then that she noticed that she had fallen directly into the midst of her teammates, alerting them to her presence. "Oh, Shiimatta." she breathed.

The irony hit Akane like a sucker punch to the face. If she had allowed Fen to carry her from the beginning, she never would have hit the branch.

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