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December 8th, 2007, 3:59 PM
The Songs of the Heart

Welcome to AmazonitePoetry or AP. Here, I'll be sharing my poetry, along with tidbits on me. First thing is, I am hoping to create some sort of Poetry book before I turn 14 or 15. So if you think these poems aren't mine, and that a twelve year old couldn't make them, hehe, try me. ^_^. Anyway, enjoy my poetry and please comment.

Ama's Selection:
I stand,
Not alone,
Not alone,

For me,
Only me,
Have the ability to write my own future,
And I’ll do it,
I’ll do it

I am solider,
Dressed for combat,
Armed and dangerous with
a mouth and a mind,
I am ready to fight,
Ready to win.

I am a king,
Ready to lead his people to what they deserve,
What they need,
What they desire,
And I will die doing so,
If I must,

I am one thing,
I am ,
I am,
Me. Me, and only me.

I am the only thing keeping me from being a face in a crowd,
The only thing telling me if I am unique,
And the one and only thing,
Telling me the destiny I have.
And forevermore, I am my own destiny.

Tidbits on Forevermore: OK, this poem isn't a rhymer. So yeah, it came to me in a dream. I was being told I'd never be a writer, and it ticked me off. So I started singing, and the song was called Forevermore. They person who ticked me off was surprised by singing, and left me alone.That's a summary though.xD

Ama's Latest Peice:
My Shining Star
The Star guides me,
His warmth,
His love,
His guidance,
His humbleness,
His appreciation,
His care,
His life,
Something I can not measure,
Something that only I treasure,
This star is mine,
All the time.

Illuminate my way,
Tell me what to say,
Everything is true,
When it’s coming straight from you,
Everything is fine,
All is divine,
Everything is fair,
Hope is everywhere,

Your shrouding optimism,
Your humorous mannerisms,
Your godly loving care,
It simply everywhere,
There’s no where to run, there’s no where to hide,
It simply disastrous,
Disastrous, how you can love me all the time

Oh sweet , show me the way,
Tell me how to feel and tell me what is real,
and so help me please,
to understand to be me and only me.

Tidbits on Shining Star: OK, guess who it's about. *ticktockticktock* It's about God! I'm Christian, mega-Christian at that. So I usually write poetry on God. I know to some people that don't believe in God that they may be a bit uncomfortable reading it. No problem, for I have a few more to read as well.


The midnight flower blooms,
A speck in the wind,
Absolutely stunning,
At all times,

The midnight flowers abilities are strong,
But this wind is strong,
This wind is strong

Oh sweet flower, please, please,
Come inside,
But the plant is persistent,
Stubborn and egotistic,
It’s obviously an American man

Oh sweet Midnight flower,
Please come inside,
I beg of you tonight,

That ole Midnight flower won’t come inside,
It’s surely gonna die.

In the morn, I return to my flower,
It weak and limp,
Oh sweet Midnight flower,
Why didn’t you listen?
Listen to me,
Listen to me.

And as I hold, my sweet midnight flower, I could feel it’s pain.
Agonizing despair,
Pleading tears,
Powerful emotions,
And fierce heart.

Sweet midnight flower,
You were so brave,
Sweet midnight flower,
You lie in your grave,
Forever and evermore,
a midnight flower.

Tidbits: OK, this story isn't written in my perspective. I'm not a girl. xD. The Midnight flowers a man, and they narrator is a woman. The flower is strong, but later dies trying to prove he is, when he already knows himself. Thus the moral is hidden. ^_^

As I sat home, reading my books
Researching my past,
I couldn't help but look in the mirror
My skin, caramel brown,
Classifying me,
Categorizing me,
As the African American I'm darn proud of

I researched my ancestors,
Slaves, to men that were merciless,
Taken away from the place they were born,
Beaten and killed for having the right to say no,
And treated worse than dirt itself.

Thrown onto plantations in the south,
Worked till there bones ached with despair,
Massacred like the jews in the holocaust,
And disrespected like my people in the fifties

Over the generations,
My family,
My African American family,
My people,
Have had the serenity to look towards a brighter future
The passion to overcome despair and times of hardship,
The perseverance and strife to know there's always a tomorrow,
And the knowledge to know there's always God by their side.

My Idol,
MLK, a man who died fighting,
My Idol,
Malcolm X,
A man that died pushing,
My Idol,
My family, my community, my life,
Has given me the power to take action for,
Myself, my friends, and my everything,

Without my idols,
I would be dust in the wind,
Another face in a crowd,
But with these men, these women, these people,
I not only shine with the lights of bravery and honor,
But my skin glows with the fact that I write my own destiny,
If am to fight and die pushing,
I will do it, and never look back, and never regret,
What makes me,
A fighter for life.

Tidbits: This was my first poem in my collection. It's titled Fighter For Life, and I love it alot. Fighter For Life talks about me, and my african american heritage, including my heroes, and including a self personification or the meaning "leader" from my perspective.