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Crazy Weavile
December 9th, 2007, 7:08 PM

Me attempting (and failing) digital hand art. Well, have some juicy info anyway.


Height: 4'3 feet
Length: 34'00 feet
Weight: 4973 lbs.

Yes, I'm using Imperial. I'm American and can't use Metric as efficiently. Deal with it.

Info: Terrapede live deep underground. They can use the rods in the center of their hollow horns to sense the vibrations made by prey. When a suitable target is near, the Terrapede rises out of the earth and crushes it into dust with its pincers before sucking it through the holes in the crystalline structure that covers its mouth, keeping rocks out. Males use the two horns on their tails to fight other males for mating privileges. They have rock-hard, transparent eyelids. However, in spite of the strength of the armor on its body, which is formed by the pressure of the earth upon the jelly that covers the infant's back, the underside of the Terrapede is soft and weak. This makes it easy for prey that manage to avoid the initial lunge to kill the Terrapede, which crawls along the ground at less than one mile per hour, compared to its incredible tunnelling speeds. Little is known about the behavior of infants, for Terrapede never breed aboveground, and infants stay within the deepest layers of the crust until adulthood.

Ability: Heatproof

Logic: A Pokemon that lives so close to the mantle can't be vulnerable to heat.

December 10th, 2007, 8:30 PM
i Don´t want to say it but you need more practice