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December 11th, 2007, 8:18 PM
up everyone. Just wanted to make my presence known to you all here. You can call me GrowlitheGuy, GG, or G2 for all you short hand people. Ill start by saying a little about myself. I just recently got back into Pokemon after buying a DS a couple weeks ago and once again i can't put it down. I've been a Pokemon fan since the birth of the US trading card game and I hope im not the only older person here =) I have a pet Hedgehog....and his name is Sandshrew. I play Xbox competitively and soon hope to just as good at Pokemon (video games). I look forward to meeting you all and hope you won't take my noobish questions offensively as i may have quite a few in the future.

December 11th, 2007, 8:49 PM
Welcome to the Pokemon Community. Your so lucky to have a hedgehog as a pet! I want one so bad!;)

December 11th, 2007, 8:53 PM
thanks for the warm welcome. Hedgehogs are awesome pets, i hope you get one =)

Noah Fowl EX
December 11th, 2007, 9:01 PM

Welcome, I'm new too!

If you want to be friends just PM me.

December 12th, 2007, 7:27 AM
You have a hedgehog? wow thats cool,
anyways welcome to PC!
Hope you have alot of fun and be active! Stay active, post alot and definitely read the rules;) If you need anything, feel free to pm me!


December 12th, 2007, 5:44 PM
Welcome to PC. Be sure to read our Rules. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=91723)