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Eragon: Rise of The Shur’tugal

It is a tumultuous time in the land of Alagaesia. A large, mystical land, it has always been wracked by turmoil.

The land of Alagaesia has various terrains. On the west, we have the Broddring Kingdom, land of humans. Bordered by the treacherous, foreboding Spine, a prominent mountain range, it is the center of the evil reign of Galbatorix. His story will be told later. The southeastern part of Alagaesia is an arid, desert-filled land, so its inhabitants, the dwarves, original inhabitants of Alagaesia, live mostly underground. They have a system of 13 clans, but are ruled by one king. They aren’t part of the empire of Galbatorix, but are constantly bothered by Urgals working under him. The Urgals, a nomadic, monstrous race, are controlled by Galbatorix to strike fear and terror into humans and dwarves alike. The north is covered by Du Weldenvarden, the gigantic forest of the elven people. Masters of magic, the elves are peaceful and powerful people who have stopped Galbatorix entirely from conquering their forest. The forest is grown and protected with great magic. They talk in the ancient language, which is used for magic. In this RPG, however, spells will be said in English, as will all dialogue. This also applies for the dwarven language. However, exceptions will be made for: elven celebrations and objects/places with names in the ancient language, such as Zar’roc, or Edoc’sil.

The history of Alagaesia is a long one, filled with war and bloodshed. The first signs of war began when an elf boy, early on in the history of Alagaesia, killed a dragon hatchling, thinking it to be nothing more than an animal. However, the dragons, which were sentient beings as well, were enraged, and war between elves and dragons broke loose. This war, Du Fyrn Skulblaka in the ancient language, lasted for a bloody 5 years. However, an elven boy named Eragon found a white dragon egg, which hatched into Bid’Daum. Their bond began the Dragon Riders, or the Shur’tugal, which was proven by the gedwey ignasia, or the shining palm. After the pair stopped the fighting, a treaty was made, forever binding dragons and elves. Humans were later added to the treaty. The Shur’tugal lasted for millennia, being based in Du Weldenvarden. However, the elf, Andurin, moved them to Vroengard at Doru Araeba. This lasted for a long while, until Galbatorix came to be a Dragon Rider. He, after his dragon died, became a twisted, destructive freak. He killed a Rider, stealing his dragon, Shruikan, in the process. Then, he overthrew the Shur’tugal. Accusing them of corruption, he gathered 12 other Dragon Riders, the Wyrdfell, the Forsworn, and killed all of the other Dragon Riders. Then, he formed his empire. Brom, the last rider, killed all but Galbatorix, and was killed by the Ra’zac many years later. The Ra’zac are buglike monstrosities who serve Galbatorix. They terrorize rebels and capture high-level fugitives/ political dissidents.

A long time later, Arya Drottning, daughter of Queen Islanzadi of the Elves, tires to deliver a dragon egg for the Varden. She is intercepted by the Shade, Durza. Shades are spirit-controlling humans who can only die through a stab through the heart. Then, a farmboy named Eragon, who lived in the human town of Carvahall, finds it. This radiant blue egg turns out to be Saphira, the next dragon. The only dragon in the world other than Shruikan, mount of Galbatorix, Saphira, grows. Soon, Ra’zac come and kill Eragon’s adoptive father, Garrow. Eragon then leaves with former Shur’tugal Brom. They travel to many towns, but Brom is killed along the way. After losing Brom, Eragon finds Murtagh, and they free Arya from the clutches of Durza. However, Durza didn’t die. Then, the three travel to Farthen Dur, home of the rebels, or the Varden. Led by the strong Ajihad, they fight against the Empire. Eragon is treated as a hero, and meets dwarves, such as Hrothgar, the king, and Orik, both of Durgrimst, or clan, Ingeitum. At the battle of Farthen Dur, Ajihad is killed. In the melee, Eragon is severely injured by Durza’s sword, but Eragon kills Durza.

Soon after, Nasuada, Ajihad’s daughter, becomes leader of the Varden. Eragon also finds Murtagh to be gone. Then, Eragon reports to training in Du Weldenvarden, and Eragon and Saphira, who has matured, train with the elf Oromis, and his crippled gold dragon, Glaedr. They train very hard, to prepare for more battles Meanwhile, Eragon’s adopted brother, Roran, is fighting with the rest of Carvahall to save his fiancée, Katrina, from the Ra’zac in the Helgrind, located in the city of Dras Leona. During his training, Eragon participates in the Agaeti Blodhren, and becomes part-elf. His scar is also healed. Then, he is sent for by the Varden. In a climactic battle, Hrothgar is killed by Galbatorix’s new Rider… Murtagh. Partnered with the red dragon, Thorn, Murtagh fights Eragon. At the end of their fierce fight, Murtagh takes Eragon’s sword, Zar’roc, or Misery. Owned by Morzan, Murtagh’s father, Brom’s idol, and betrayer of the Riders, Zar’roc is a deep red blade. It is then revealed that Murtagh and Eragon are brothers. Eragon, upset by this, decides to return to Ellesmera.

When he gets to Ellesmera, he continues to train with Oromis. However, Oromis and Eragon are cornered by Murtagh, and Oromis, and Glaedr, die while fighting Murtagh. Eragon then gets a new blue blade, Edoc’sil, or Unconquerable, from under the Menoa Tree, and he flies to Vroengard. After ridding it of all the horrid creatures, and rebuilding Doru Araeba, he continues training. Helped by the spirit of Oromis, he becomes stronger and better. As time passes, Saphira helps Eragon get dwarves and women allowed into the fellowship of the Riders. Orik becomes king of the dwarves, and Arya moves to Doru Araeba, as elf ambassador. She brings a green egg from Galbatorix’s vault. Dropped by Murtagh in the forest around Ellesmera, Arya finds it, and brings it to Eragon. Eragon later finds out that a dwarf will be its rider. In Tarnag, he finds the dwarf Durin, age 17, of Durgrimst Ingeitum. The young man is about 5’6”, has silver hair, wields Ascudgamln, and is quite muscular. When Durin touches the egg, a male dragon hatches. Splotched with dark and light green, the new dragon, christened as Baldur, blends in very well with the forests of Du Weldenvarden. Eragon immediately takes him to Du Weldenvarden to get Rhunon to make a weapon for Durin. She, upon seeing a dwarf, and the fact that the Riders are being reborn, decides to make him either a hammer or an axe. Durin chooses a double bladed axe, which is named Domia, or Dominance. . The shaft is made of silver, but the blades are made of magic emeralds. By that point, Baldur is 3 months old. The two Riders, one the master, one the student, fly to Doru Araeba. As the two train, Baldur learns the arts of flying maneuvers and fire, while Durin learns sword fighting and magic. After about 9 months after Durin got Domia, another egg is found. However, this one is orange and yellow. Eragon travels to Du Weldenvarden, hoping to get an elf rider. He finds Venuna, a female elf, 16 years old, in Silthrim. She touches the orange egg, and a female orange dragon pops out. The dragon is named Jura, for a former dragon. The three travel back to Vroengard. With his two students, Eragon rebuilds the Shur’tugal. By the next year, the small group was absolutely prepared: the dragons know flight, fire, evasion, offense, defense; their riders the art of weapons and the art of magic. Arya traveled back and forth, keeping relations between the dwarves and with the elves intact. Venuna has a sword now as well: Brisingr, her, as well as Eragon’s, first spell. The group splits for a break; Venuna to Silthrim, Eragon to Ellesmera, and Durin to Farthen Dur. During that time, Eragon once again underwent Agaeti Blodhren, and gained increased longevity. Arya was once again stressed; her mother pressured her to find an elf to love, or at least a Rider. After a few weeks of break, the three returned to Vroengard. Durin came with foreboding news: Galbatorix had found yet another rider: A female Rider from Durgrimst Nagra. This rider rode a brown dragon, named Roslarb. A female, this dragon was already developing quite fast. The Tears of Anhuin had already gone out to stop this Rider, and luckily didn’t meet up with Durin. Venuna had just relaxed: Agaeti Blodhren went by, and she was just happy to spend time with Jura. The Shur’tugal continued to train. By then, the two students were well versed in all aspects of Dragon Rider training: they were almost as good as Eragon when he was their age. However, they Shur’tugal needed more people. As a result, Eragon goes to find another human rider his age. He hoped that a new Rider would be found, as the Forsworn also had three Riders: a female dwarf from Nagra, Murtagh, and another male human. The human rode a pink dragon, a male named Lenora, who was only 3 months old, but already a strong force for its age. Eragon carried a radiant silver egg, in it a male dragon. In Ceunon, he found a young, 16 year old girl. Her name was Juno. She touched the egg, as the dragon hatched. Quickly, she named the dragon Fundor, after the dragon that fought the sea snake, and the two flew back to Vroengard. After a 3-month acceleration of the advanced training (she had 3 teachers.) Juno was ready to fight the weaker Forsworn. She also had a new sword, Bjart. A year later, all the dragons were older, and more prepared to fight Forsworn. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Wyrdfell descended on Vroengard. Durin and Venuna fought the two new Forsworn. As Venuna easily destroyed the new rider, Hel, and Lenora with her mighty sword and aerial tactics, Durin had a harder fight. The female dwarf, named Fukmi, rode Roslarb very well, and her tactics were incredibly sound. The two fought and fought. A few minutes into their fight, Venuna killed Hel, and went back to the fort; she was wounded and tired. Baldur and Roslarb constantly collided, spikes penetrating each others skin. However, a clever spiraling maneuver by Baldur caught Fukmi off guard, and her and Roslarb were burnt by fire, as well as bit into/stabbed. However, Fukmi summoned powerful magic. As Durin was about to be slain, he broke free and quickly lunged forward at Fukmi. She spasmed as the axe penetrated her arms. Then, Durin struck her knees. She fell to her knees, and at that moment, Roslarb, on fire and badly injured, fell from the sky. Both girls were badly injured: Galbatorix wasn’t exactly happy about their first battle. However, Durin suffered great injuries on his limbs and shoulders, and he found of that before Fukmi got here, she had completely wiped out the Tears of Anhuin. The dragon-hating clan had fought hard, but Fukmi just destroyed them, as Venuna had easily defeated Hel. The new 13th clan was Durgrimst Asgard, or the imperialist clan. They settled new cities and built them, expanding all through out the Beor Mountains. Durin, never close to his own clan, decides to join Durgrimst Asgard. Eragon supports the idea, but says to stay in Ingeitum as well. Most of the new Asgard dwarves are either from Ingeitum or Quan, so he’ll have a lot of allies in Ingeitum. He battle ends. Fukmi is incredibly injured, and Hel is without a right arm, and has to amputate her left leg. In addition, she has only her left ear and her right eye remaining. For a few months, everyone (The Shur’tugal) recuperates. Vegetation is planted. Animals are imported as dragon/human/dwarf food. And then, Eragon found a cache of Dragon eggs. THREE are of wild descent (half Rider dragon, half wild dragon), and seven old eggs made by the dragons of the past, owned by the original Shur’tugal. He has hidden them either in dwarf, elven, or human lands. You are a new Rider, destined to join the Shur’tugal, find Murtagh, stop Galbatorix, and save the land of Alagaesia.

1) Have Fun!
2) I count as one of the 10 new riders. Only THREE WILD EGGS, and no Saphira (second one) descended eggs.
3) Pay attention to what other people write!!! If someone writes FIRST OUT OF EVERYONE that an event involving everyone is happening, please, PLEASE abide by it.
4) No god-moding- i.e, no dragon with fifty powers. Other than fire/magic, you can have a max of three other powers UNIQUE to your dragon. If you share a power, at least don’t have a combination. And try not to have all three. It’s perfectly O.K. to have a dragon with no unique powers.
5) Don’t pick colors already picked by NPC’s/other Rp’ers. It’s just annoying. If you have multiple colors, no same color schemes.
6) NO BUNNYING!!! Just say “So and So said something to me…” “I laughed and said it was hilarious, etc, etc.
7) No Urgal riders.
8) No hybrid characters… REAL ANNOYING!!!’
9) No signing up as a Forsworn. Rp’er vs. Rp’er combat is just too hard to do without bunnying way too much. Just fight against NPC’s posted in the Café
10) If someone is ALREADY FREAKIN FIGHTIN SOMEONE, don’t post saying that youu too are fighting them…
11) Read the rules.
12) No flaming other players.
13) Respect general forum RPG rules (may vary from forum to forum.)
14) Try to write in a respectable fashion.
15) Abide by the cultures already imagined by Paolini. No carnivorous elves or stuff similarly paradoxical.
16) Don’t whine about my decisions in terms of NPC plot. I’ll take suggestions, but plase, please don’t ***** about my plot! (pardon my language… o mighty moderators…)
17) No NPC/RP’er or RP’er/RP’er romance. This ain’t “Jane Austen Love Story Romantic RPG For Lovebirds”, alright!!?!!?!!?!!?!!
18) Complain about these rules, and you’ll be banned. If you don’t like this, don’t sign up. It’s that simple.
19) Please try and keep dragon/characters genders at equilibrium. The reason I included women being allowed into the treaty within the plotlines of the story is so that people could sign-up as women. No 10 guys, 1 girl sort of deal. I mean, the NPC’s make up a group with two female dragons, two male dragons, two male people, two female people. It’s all balanced, people.

Note: My NPC’s (ones that aren’t in the books) will have descriptions posted in the Café. If it’s Eragon or Murtagh, you should know. Remember, you should at least know what they look like. Or check Wiki. It’s right on descriptions for these people. Now, for the almighty… SIGN-UPS!!!!!!


Name: Duh. NO DIRECT LOTR REFERENCES. OR ELSE!!!!!!!!! In addition, include any titles (not too much royalty though, or else!!!!!!!!!!).
Gender; Also duh. Please, if you have a hermaphrodite or something, explain it well.
Species: Elf, human or dwarf. AS I SAID B4, NO HYBRIDS or URGALS!!!!!
Hometown: Pretty Simple. Here is a link to a full Alagaesia map. Click to Zoom, scroll left/right to see everyplace, as well as up or down.
Clan/Family: Only applies to elves, if you want do, or dwarves, where it is mandatory. NO PEOPLE FROM DURGRIMST ASGARD!!!! THAT CLAN IS ALREADY REPRESENTED BY THE NPC, DURIN!!!!!!
Age: Super Duh!!!! Minimum of 13, maximum of 21.
Description; Physical description of self. Please be detailed and no naked, blank, generic template shot, or I will send you to the Twilight Zone!!!!!
Personality: Duh. Be thorough.
Biography: A short synopsis of the important events in your characters life. Use those “parents die, new adoptive parents die” or “raped and abused by parents” cliches, and I will have you killed through slow and painful death by Ebola, SARS, AIDS, Anthrax, Avian Flu and MRSA.
Weapons: Not too many, guys.
Armor: Twilight Zone Duh!!!!

Dragon Sign-up

Name: Duh
Gender: Male or Female. Duh
Origin: Wild/Rider or Pure Rider Dragon Descent
Description: At least 4-5 lines for this.
Power: Three MAX Powers other than aerial combat and shooting fire
Personality: Duh.
Rider: Just to keep track.

My Sign-Up:

Name: Prince Xaviris Drottning
Gender; Male
Species: Elf
Hometown: He was born in Ellesmera, but left at age 4 (about 13 years in terms of physical/mental development in human years) to travel all of Du Weldenvarden.
Clan/Family: Drottning (Current Royal Family)
Age: 14
Description; Although he is merely 14, Xaviris is already to his physical max. He is 7’7”, and covered in muscle. Thanks to his rigorous journeys throughout Du Weldenvarden, Xaviris’ muscles have conformed to an aerodynamic and hydrodynamic build. He is quite slender, with long, graceful, flexible arms, and powerful, graceful legs. His torso is regular sized, but you wouldn’t know he is muscular; his chest looks absolutely normal. His muscles are hidden under his skin by… muscle. His muscles are very flexible, so they can’t bulge visibly. His shoulder slope down elegantly, giving him a regal look. At the top of the torso is his neck, followed by his head. He has a broad face, no chin, and his head is rounded. It, however, goes back a bit far, but not too noticeably. His eyes are red in color, and look like they do in a human. His nose is petite, not often noticed by someone, and isn’t very big. His ears are long, and his earlobes aren’t attached to his head. They point far back, at a 30 degree angle. His skin is pitch black as night, from a spell he did to edit his body. His body is absolutely bare of hair, except for his head, of course. His hair is gold and white, due to his dragon. It is in a spiked fashion in the front and middle. In the back, it extends down about an inch after his head ends. He wears his armor as clothing most of the time, but when on vacation or during casual periods, he wears a white silken shirt, and baggy white pants. He wears white suede moccasins as well.
Personality: Xaviris has a logical, cynical edge. He never decides without logic, and is quite cynical about gut feeling and faith. His logic is what drives his decisions. He is also quite adventurous. Having traveled for 10 years, he loves adventure. The sheer beauty of his surroundings exhilarated him. Xaviris is also clever. In battle or in games, he always comes up with clever alternatives to stump his opponents. Finally, Xaviris is calm. He never frets during adversity, and is never stressed. Therefore, he is usually cool, and also happy. His dragon has also helped this; her companionship gives him happiness.
Biography: Xaviris was born to Arya’s long-lost traveling brother, Celadriel, and Melani, an elven woman from Osilon. At the age of four, he tired of the stressful Tialdari Hall, and started traveling. For years, he traveled and trained his magical abilities. He also studied under Rhunon for a long time from the time he turned 10 to the time he turned 12. Then, he started traveling again. On Dec. 25, his 14th birthday, he found a white dragon egg. He was shocked by it, and fell unconscious. When he woke up, a hatchling was sitting beside him, and he had a gedwey ignasia on his hand. Xaviris was absolutely ecstatic. The egg was white and gold, and a female. He named her… Kazriel. Then, he went back to Ellesmera, to tell his parents and travel to Vroengard. Kazriel is currently 1 week old.
Weapons: 10 black ring blades. The rings, made with gold, are imbedded with rubies. The blades themselves are black dragon crystal also used to make armor, weapons, dragon armor and mounted dragon weapons for dragons. With 666 serrated blades in a counter-clockwise direction on each blade, they can rip through ANYTHING when thrown. They also always return to Xaviris. His second weapon is the traditional sword of the Shur’tugal. His is a long white blade. The hilt is gold, and a polished, teardrop shaped pommel, a diamond, is at the end. The blade is about 2 and a half feet long. First, it starts and a sharp edge at the end of a chevron shape, and goes down while curving in a tiny bit as it goes down. Halfway down the sword, it stops curving, and just goes straight down.
Armor: A strong white and gold armor. It is as white as snow and gold as…gold. It covers his whole body. The helmet, however, just covers the sides, bottom and forehead of his head. The rest is left open.

Dragon Sign-up

Name: Kazriel
Gender: Female
Origin: Wild/Rider- Daughter of Bid’Daum and the gold-colored queen of wild dragons.
Description: As she is only one weak old, Kazriel is small. She is the color of pure white snow, but with gold stripes in some places. These scales are nearly indestructible. They are layered very well, and therefore, Kazriel does not need armor… yet. Her torso is relatively slender, and on both sides, the torso is covered in black spikes. There are also some in ridges across the back after the saddle and the wings. Her two legs are smaller than her arms, yet are incredibly powerful. Her tail is a medium (3 ft) length, and ends in a white ball covered in black spikes. On the other end of the torso is her wings, arms, and neck. Her arms are about 2 feet long, and end in a five-clawed hand, rare among dragons. These claws are like sabers; a tad bit curved, but also long and sharp, like Wolverine’s claws. Then, behind her arms and the saddle, is her wings. They are long for her age, at a 3’6” wingspan. Her neck is about 1’6”, but is muscular. The back is covered in one ridge of spikes. Then, we see Kazriels head. First, it begins with two sets of black horns. One set curves straight back, like bull horns, while the others spiral down and continue the length of Kazriel’s head. Her head is covered in tall black horns. The surface of Kazriels head starts flat, rises, curves inward, keeps going, and rises while curing out again at the snout. Below the surface, the surface is basically mirrored, but when the head curves in, we see Kazriel’s ruby-red eyes, and below them an inverted ridge filled with black spikes. Then, the head becomes one again at the snout. The bottom is basically flat, until, at the end of the snout, we see the bottom curve up slightly. On the snout, between the nostrils is the long, black horn extending straight forward. The aforementioned saddle is actually clear leather, thanks to magic, but very, very tough. It has many pockets for Xaviris’ supplies.
Power: Ice Breath, Lighting Discharge and Absorption, Breathing underwater
Personality: Kazriel is a quiet, mysterious dragon- perfect for someone like Xaviris. She loves to adventure. Her love of these and her introverted nature comes from centuries of being tossed all over Du Weldenvarden by nature, as well as being alone all that time. She is also, occasionally, a cynic. Kazriel, however, is also a loyal, wise dragon, like her famous father.
Rider: Xaviris

Brad-Xaviris and Kazriel

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