View Full Version : great offer for nintendo fans

December 15th, 2007, 1:31 PM
on [removed] you can purchase a monthly subscription of the official nintendo magazine. great for everyone who loves nintendo consoles, gaming and just having fun reading magazines and knowing whats going on.

the first 3 issues of a subscription costs £3. after that it's a quarterly cost of £9.50 by direct debit ( Monthly Direct Debit @ £2.50, 1st 3 Issues @ £3.00). much more information can be found out on the site. the reason it has 2031 at the end is because that is the promotional code i have so you can get it at a discounted price which is saving a lot of money.

to purchase by phone or for information about the magazine you can call [removed]

i am not advertising the magazine, although i think it is very good, but it is nice to get something at a discounted price, isn't it?

St. Anger
December 15th, 2007, 1:41 PM
no advertising
oh and make it in american dollars...not euros

December 15th, 2007, 1:52 PM
It's a nice thought, but it's still advertising a product, which we don't like. Please don't do it again.

ShinySurskit -- I saw what you said before you edited. Don't be so mean; you're supposed to respect everyone here, even if you're mad at them :/ Also, those are British Pounds, not Euros.