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December 15th, 2007, 6:36 PM
Naruto: Wrath of The Akastuki

Check Naruto wiki for whole universe info, fans should know what I’m talking about.

It has been 6 generations since the legendary coronation address of the 7th Hokage. He, untied with the other Jinchuuriki of the world, held the key to a powerful force. Bijuu, demons, masters of destruction, are merely agents for nature's wrath against humans. However, their trapping into humans by humans has interrupted the cycle. Bijuu revive themselves through reincarnation, but in a Jinchuuriki, if the host dies, the bijuu dies forever. These nine people held the keys to power. The 7th Hokage himself defeated Pein, leader of Akatsuki, and sealed the Rin'negan into himself. In addition, he, using Orochimaru's chemicals in the Sound Village, secretly gave his clan Corpse Bone Pulse, or Shikotsumakyu. The 7th had always dreamed of being Hokage, especially when a younger friend, grandson of the 3rd Hokage, was killed mercilessly on his first mission. The Hokage had been hyperactive originally, but grew up to honor the legacy of his father, the 4th Hokage. The Hokage was Naruto Uzamaki, the Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi, the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox.

When the Jinchuuriki realized that their deaths would doom the world, they had to go to great measures. Naruto realized that for it to work, he would have to give himself up in order to form 2 new bijuu, and every other Jinchuuriki, including the Kazekage and Raikage, would have to die as well. Eventually, they went through with their plan. Each one died, and the 10 new bijuu (below after plot) were born into the world. However, their deaths had great effects on the land. Right after their deaths, the villages were in turmoil, and new villages- Ice and Lava, arose after years of isolation from the 5 great nations. Political tensions rose, and, in an effort to secure power, Leaf, Sand, and Cloud made an alliance. Ninjas started dying on missions- but the Akatsuki and Sound Village were long destroyed. Paranoia arose in all nations. Mist, originally going to join Leaf's alliance, had an internal revolt, and the village became weak in the insuing bloodshed. Meanwhile, Rock, Grass and Rain had formed an alliance, and began to increase militarization. When a grup of former Sound Ninja assasinated the Sannin of the Rock Village, Rock demanded an search. When the Sound settlement refused, Rock began to... change. Eventaully, new ideology took over. Rock, in genocidal rage, began to kill all Sound Ninja. Then, the other alliance, drawn by close ties and humanitarian foreign policies, attacked. The Ninja War raged for 4 years, and by the end of the war, the alliance of Grass, Rock and Rain was destroyed. Their villages and daimyos, wiped off the face of the map by the armies of the other villages, were gone, burnt and pillaged, their inhabitants' corpses rotting under trees and rocks. Afterwards, however, Leaf suffered a huge blow. For one, Sonoku Uchiha, the 8th Hokage, died of injury. During the war, the major clans were screwed over by taxes and overuse of their ninja, perpetrated behind Sonoku's back. Enraged, the Hyuga and Uchiha's left, and formed a new clan with a forbidden jutsu. The new Kekkei Genkai, the Mangekyou Byakugan, had both abilities. The numbers were so low, that the main clan of Hyuga had even resorted to freeing the branch clan of the curse seal. The new clan moved to other villages, away from leaf. Joining them were two clans started by Hokages: The Namikazes, started by the 4th and rekindled by the 7th, and the Hatakes, who were descended from Kakashi Hatake, the 6th Hokage. The Namikazes moved to the incredibly powerful Lava Village, which had become the village of Earth. They had world-class ninja. The Hatakes, who had the legendary Raikiri, moved to the Cloud Village. Konoha, without major clans such as those, was weakened. The 9th Hokage, Shirona Aburame, was burdened heavily. As mission counts began to decline, Konoha became weaker, and all non-ninja citizens were forced to move to other places in Fire Country. The economy slowed, and after Shirona retired, the Aburames moved to Whirlpool Village, and the Yamanakas collapsed completely. As the village became weaker, the Lava Village and Ice Village became the worlds top two. Konoha struggled for third place, as Sand and Cloud thrived. The 10th Hokage, Kiki Inuzuka, helped Konoha's situation, but seeing the other villages' prosperity, it only delayed Konoha's descent into darkness. The Inuzukas, desperate for prosperity, moved to the Sand Village. Times got worse- less and less missions went to Konoha. Finally, it reached the point its at today. The Nara's- the whole base for Konoha's advancements in shinobi science-moved to the Lava Village- leaving the scientific community in Konoha destroyed. The current Hokage is Chosua Akimichi. Even with her charisma, saavy, and kindness, it is too late for the village. All business is gone, many clan sections are abandoned- and the forest that sustained the village is overtaking it at a rapid rate.

But there is more reason to worry in the world. Unbeknownst to anyone, a new Akatsuki, bent on destroying all villages and making a totalitarian world order, has arisen. The last Konsuke, the last master of using telepathy (Konsuke Kekkei Genkai), has formed it. Many have joined- descendants of refugees from Rock, Grass and Rain, who are still bitter. The world is going to be shook to its foundations- the Wrath of the Akatsuki is upon us.

Here is an explanation of how the other canon characters ended up. Note: Not all characters will be listed.

Sakura Haruno: After Naruto defeated Pein, Sakura was in conflict. She knew Naruto was hyperactive and dangerous, but her beloved Sasuke was moody- an emo beyond belief. After much tension, she went with Naruto, who was devoted to her. Sasuke was just too focused on revenge on the surviving Itachi. She helped reform the Namikaze, and over the course of 20 years, she had 4 children- two boys and two girls. However, one boy and one girl of hers, her two youngest, died in a raid. She was haunted by their deaths for the rest of her life, and died with her beloved husband, Naruto. She passed on strength, healing power, and brains. Her contribution to Naruto's line was pretty impressive- considering she was useless until age 15.

Sasuke Uchiha- This moody loner fled after the defeat of Pein by Naruto. In tension over Narutos power, and the fact that Itachi was alive, Sasuke trained with Hebi, crisscrossing the land. Eventually, he returned- and discovered his former admirer to have married Naruto. With a choice between Karin and Ino, he went with Karin, who he had grown close to in his 6 years with her, Jugo and Suigetsu. When he came back to Konoha, Hebi was disbanded. He and Karin reformed the Uchiha clan. However, Sasuke still needed to kill Itachi. He got his wish a few years after he came back- he fought with his older brother, and won. He had his inner peace- but he also had horrid injuries. Over the years, he reconciled with Naruto, but when they both died at the same time, it was obivous that their friendship had never recovered.

Neji Hyuga: He, the first to break the curse seal, joined the main clan soon after Naruto's coronation. He married Ten-Ten, his longtime admirer, soon after. In Naruto's reign, he became a powerful figurehead in the village, and was one of the villages best ninja. He had the Hyuga golden age. He died one of the most powerful Hyuga in Konoha's history. His descendants would later move away.

Rock Lee: He, during Naruto's quest to beat Pein, went on a mission in the Land of Sound, and became missing in action. Naruto later discovered that he died fighting Orochimarus experiments with Gai. He is honored by a memorial. However, it is covered in vines and moss, forgotten by todays generation. He died by torture.

Hinata- Well, after Naruto married Sakura, Hinata, who had laways loved him, was crushed. She became a tad bit... DISILLUSIONED with men. She believed that they just shrugged the affections of others off and only wanted service. She was angry, and upset. She was so disillusioned with men that she turned to being a lesbian. Eventually, Ino, left without a husband and ignored completely by Sasuke, joined her. They talked, and bonded for a while, and eventually married each other.

Choji- He, scorned by many woman for his extraneous gluttony, was sad for most of his life, and depended on Shikamaru as a friend only. Eventually, in his despondency, he ran away and was the first person killed in the tensions leading up to the 2nd War.

Kiba- After marrying a nice girl from the cloud village, Kiba raised a family, and so did Akamaru. His efforts made the clan a much more noticed force in Konoha, especially once the Hyuga's and Uchiha's left. He liked his family, and fought valiantly in missions to better his family's conditions.

Shikamaru- As a Chuunin, Shikamaru continued to advance after Naruto defeated Pein, and he became an ANBU. Eventually, however, rich, and bored, he finally decided to marry Temari, who had been dating him for a long time. Soon after their marriage, both retired, and lived happily for the rest of their lives.

Suigetsu- After leaving Hebi, he went back to Kirigakure, and trained with his arts. Eventually, he gained all of the swords of the swordsmen, who he had adored, and absorbed the Sanbi. He became Mizukage.

Jugo- He was freed, and dissapeared. No one knows what happened to him.

Kakashi- He took over for Tsunade, who became tired with the job. He led Konoha through a golden age, but retired early to relax. He married Anko, his longtime flame, and started the Hatake Clan.

Bijuu Descriptions:

10-Headed Dragon- This is the best new bijuu. Lord of all elements, its giant form and ferocious features make it a fearsome site. It is a long, oriental dragon, made of indestructible white metal. It has 10 heads, each with 3 mouths. Each mouth is filled with black fangs. Its eyes are blood red, and next to the middle mouth. Its arms, sprouting out after the head, have diamond blades upon them, and are quite muscular. After the arms, it continues on to the tail, which ends in a bunch of spikes. Its back has a pentagram on it, and each of the 5 sections are representative of one element. The center is a swirling vortex.

9-Tailed Tiger-

Available Villages (Maximum 2 Ninja in Each), Ranked By Power
Note: The other two villages will not be available, but may be mentioned. They are the Mist and Whirlpool Villages. They will not be seen.
1) Village Hidden in The Lava- Brad, TIK (CLOSED)
2) Village Hidden in The Ice- Brad, Sharpay (CLOSED)
3) Village Hidden in The Clouds, Pyronic, Reserved for TIK (CLOSED)
4) Village Hidden in The Sand
5) Village Hidden in The Waterfall-Reserved for zoidgod
6) Village Hidden in The Leaves

Available Bijuu(demons)

10-Headed Dragon (Juubi no Seiryu)- Claimed by Brad
9-Tailed Tiger (Kyuubi no Byakko)- Reserved for Brad.
8 Tailed Wolf- Claimed by Pyronic
7 Tailed Phoenix(Shichibi no Suzaku)- TIK
6 Tailed Monkey- Reserved para Sharpay.
5 Tailed Wolverine
4 Tailed Tortoise (Yonbi no Genbu)
3 Tailed Shark- (Sanbi no Isonade)- NOT THE TURTLE THING FROM TEH MANGA Reserved for zoidgod
2 Tailed Catfish
1 Tailed Giraffe

Village Alliances:
Kami Alliance: Cloud, Lava, and Ice
Kage Alliance: Leaves and Sand
Mizu Alliance: Mist and Whirlpool

1) Obey all Pokecommunity/SPPF Forums RPG Rules
2) Be respectful- no flaming.
3) Use correct grammar and spelling.
4) No character control (also known as bunnying).
6) New clans are allowed.
7) No God-Mode. Even if you’re Jinchuuriki, try to tone it down a bit.
8) Enjoy yourselves.

Here is a guide to how the villages look and operate for descriptory purposes.

Lava Village- This village is filled with nice buildings and shops. It is a tropical village, but is in a volcano. The lava spews out the side, and ninja leave by rock paths formed by eruptions. There are holes in the volcano to let in breeze. They are never closed- the village always has nice weather. This village is extremely prosperous- a river runs through the volcano, there’s good soil for food, and it is filled only with ninja. It is protected by a huge wall of mountains on all sides of the volcano, as well as the treacherous forested rivers.

Ice Village- This village, mostly underground for heat purposes, is constantly hidden by blizzards. Surrounded on all sides by glaciers, and a small lake, this smaller village is populated only by hardier ninja. Food is grown underground, and the buildings, also underground, are at the most medium height. This village looks like an ice mound when approached from the front- the entrance is the tunnel that leads to the village. It is protected by the bad weather there, and its good camouflage.

Cloud Village- This newly prosperous village is in the mountains, and surrounded by coniferous forest. Clouds often drift by at this high altitude. The buildings are spaced apart, but are made in medieval Japanese style. This village is reached through a complex elevator system, but the altitude makes it hard to assault.

Sand Village- It has the same buildings as in the anime, but it has become more prosperous after the 5th Kazekage.

Leaf Village- Many buildings have crumbled, and the forest has overtaken ruins. No commercial activity goes on, and the most of the ninja occupants are weaker Chuunin, which keeps the village from ever becoming as it was. Unless the old clans move back, the forest will continue to overtake the village.

Waterfall Village- This village, relatively small, hides behind the waterfall. It has small buildings, but has a relatively good ninja base.


Name: Eastern Order, Oriental Name (You can speak Western Order in the RPG)
Age: 18-30
Bijuu: If Applicable
Elemental Affinity: What element: earth, wind, fire, lightning or water. I don’t need to put it- I have all 5 elements due to my bijuu. You can have up to two. So if you have a two-chakra bijuu, no other elements. Mine, the 5-element one, is the ONE EXCEPTION due to PLOT PURPOSES and my attempt to have another bijuu with all 5 elements, like the 5-Tailed Dog of the first set of bijuu.
Kekkei Genkai: Unless you have one from series, explain it

Ninjutsu- Up to 5 (Not counting basics and/or demon transformation. Basics are non-elemental jutsus)
Taijutsu- Explain your style and adeptness of Taijutsu
Genjutsu- Up to 3

You’ll find out the premises on how to start in the Lounge thread once I post it later on. Here is my sign-up:

Name: Namikaze Keiji
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Village: Lava Village
Bijuu: 10 Headed Dragon
Clan: Namikaze
Kekkei Genkai: Corpse Bone Pulse and Rin’negan
Description: Due to the intense power of the Dragon, the normal black skin of the Lava Village turned into white metal armor on Brad. He is made of white armor, and his bones, now black, become his weapons. He has black, red and gold hair, in a spiked fashion like Naruto’s. His eyes are blue, and fearsome. The armor can form cannons and weapons. The armor is absent on his face and private areas, but otherwise, the normally plain white armor is his body. On his private areas, he wears strong cloth and extremely protective metal sheets. He is relatively lean, but is quite strong. On the bakc of his armor is the symbol of the Shinto religion, also the symbol of the lava village. On each shoulder, he has a swirling pattern, representing his clan. He is 8'4".

Personality: He is a quiet genius. He tends to stick to himself, and forms many new jutsu. He is a genius in terms of tactics, and is quite calm in battle. He, however, is also ruthless, and never takes any mercy on any opponent. He also tends to reject romantic advances, but he is starting to change that…

History: Born in the Lava Village to Namikaze Minato II and his wife, Ranmyaku Meiun, Keiji had a good life. At 12:00, January 1st, he was born, and as that happened, the spirit of the dragon, in disuguise, attacked. However, being a Namikaze, Keiji's father had greater control over it, and sealed it into Keiji as he was born. He was alyways known as the smartest kid, and everyone feared his fighting ability. A Jonin at age 8, he was a genius and excelled at every aspect of the ninja arts. He had a close bond with his team, and still does. He mastered his demon at age 15. By this, i mean he has control during transformation, not full control over powers. He is still gaining all powers. He often does S-Rank missions, and is renowned for his prowess in the shinobi world. He is most famous for defeating the last Sound ninja in the world in a fight. The ninja, as powerful as the Tsuchikage of the Lava Village, was hard, but Keiji easily dismantled him. Keiji’s sensei is currently the 1st Tsuchikage of the Lava Village, as the villages taking of Earth Country is relatively recent- only 6 years ago. Keiji, along with his teammates are Sannin. This includes the 7-Tailed Jinchuuriki, Dansei Buraindo, and their now dead teamate, Seirua Jyukato.

Y Element Rasengan Bullets- He uses the Rasengan, combined with all 5 elements, and rapidly shoots it from as many points on his armor as he wants.
Y Chakra Bone Storm- Using Corpse Bone Pulse, he channels chakra into his bone weapons and hits the opponent with a large amount of them.
Y Demon Surge Jutsu- He runs at the opponent, grabs their heart, and literally channels bijuu chakra into them until they burst.
Y Chaos Bomb Jutsu- He uses all of the elements and forms a huge bomb which engulfs the opponent.
Y Corpse Bone Impalement- He grabs his opponent using bones, and rushes them through his opponents body, and slowly channels chakra to kill them.

Taijutsu- Keiji is adept at Taijutsu, and uses his bone weapons to fight. He calls it Naraku Style.
Genjutsu- Keiji does not use Genjutsu, but it is expert at dispelling them.

December 16th, 2007, 6:55 AM
Name: Ookami Hisaki
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Village: Cloud Village
Bijuu: 8-Tailed Wolf
Elemental Affinity: None
Clan: Ookami Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Unari Fuzen
Can use howl to deal internal damage to opponents
Description: He has shoulder-length messy grey-white hair (like a wolf’s), broad shoulders, wears a white t-shirt and black pants, cloud village headband tied around his left leg just below the knee, height is tall (6 ft. 5 in.) muscle build is very light, but still noticeable, always wears closed toed shoes, choice weapons are katana and kunai (never uses shuriken). Favorite weapons are his two katana which he uses to great effect in battle, deadliest fighting style is hand to hand, since he can incorporate fire and lightning into his punches and kicks (this also extends into his kunai and katana when in demon form) he is an expert in all ranges of combat. Being a Jinchuuriki, his sight is enhanced to that of a wolf, allowing him to see well even in total darkness. His eyes are green with slit-shaped pupils.
Personality: He is very short tempered and is usually the first to charge into battle, although he isn’t reckless. He has almost no friends aside from his brother and sister, who are the only two people that are unafraid of his temper.
History: His parents died when he was four, and he was raised in the village orphanage with his twin sister and younger bother. When he was six, the head of the orphanage told him that he was a Jinchuuriki. On the day of Hisaki’s birth, the 8-Tailed Wolf ventured into the Cloud village, and was immediately sealed into Hisaki by the tenth Raikage before anyone could be hurt. After his first outburst nearly killed his brother, he began training to control the wolf. He graduated the ninja academy at the age of ten at the head of his class, and four years later, when he had complete control over the Wolf, he became a Jonin.

Ninjutsu- Wolf Fang: The user concentrates fire into his hand in the form of a fang, then charges and stabs the target with it, unleashing the flames to cause an explosion. Raikiri (Chidori), Grand Fireball Jutsu, Cloud Prison: the user traps his opponent in a cage of electrically charged clouds and shocks them. Ninja Art: Electric-Inferno Blades: Created by Hisaki, he channels fire and electricity into his swords.
Taijutsu- Hisaki uses katana and kunai, as well as punches and kicks, though he uses no specific style
Genjutsu- Wolf Stare: Technique that is Unique to Hisaki. He uses his eyes to paralyze an opponent, though the technique requires eye-contact between Hisaki and his target.

December 16th, 2007, 6:56 AM
Pyronic- Accepted. The Wolf is CLAIMED.

December 16th, 2007, 7:38 AM
i would like to reserve a spot i cant finish because i am going out to eat

December 16th, 2007, 7:44 AM
Sharpay, you're reserved. Want any particular demon?

December 16th, 2007, 8:10 AM
yes i would like the nine tails it lion and lion fuzzy!

December 16th, 2007, 12:54 PM
um... I told you in the plot all of the demons. The 8-Tails is a WOLF, and taken. Choose a different demon.

December 16th, 2007, 12:57 PM
almost done and srry i miss-typed i meant nine tails

December 16th, 2007, 7:00 PM
Name: Buraindo Dansei
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Village: Village Hidden in the Lava
Bijuu: 7 Tailed Phoenix
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Wind
Clan: Dansei is a member of the Buraindo clan. All of its members are blind, which results in very few of the clan's members becoming ninja. However, the few that make it through are generally very talented.

Kekkei Genkai: The Kekkei Genkai of the Buraindo clan is the Sight Rebirth Technique, which allows the members of the clan to regain their sight temporarily.

Description: Dansei is a tall, lanky young man with pale red hair, which is parted to the side and hangs over the left side of his face. He wears a pair of white shorts and a red t-shirt with his clan's symbol on it in black, with a black mesh undershirt. He has bandages wrapped around both of his legs, starting under his knees, which wrap all the way down to and cover his toes, because he refuses to wear shoes. He also has bandages wrapped around his left thigh, along with his kunai pouch. He wears his black Lava headband across his waist like a belt, with an actual belt slanting downwards underneath it. He also has a pair of white elbow pad-esque sleeves around his elbows, and wears a white cloth over his eyes. In battle, he normally has trench knives equipped on his knuckles.

Personality: Dansei is generally very timid, refusing to speak to anyone he does not know. He is also very calm and thinks through the situation he's in before acting. Because of these two traits, most people believed him to be a sluggish-minded mute while he was a child, although now that he is a grown man he is more sociable and speaks his mind more often.

History: Dansei was born just as the Seven Tailed Phoenix came into the open and attacked the Lava Village. After getting the clan's consent, the Bijuu was sealed into Dansei by the Tsuchikage without the rest of the village's knowledge, so as to avoid any hatred towards him. As such, Dansei grew up as normal, although he had a special talent for Fire Releases and great reserves of chakra. When he graduated the Academy he was given the SONAR sleeves he now wears on his elbows, and was assigned to a Genin team with Namikaze Keiji. He subsequently became a Chunin a few months later, discovering a great deal of the Phoenix's power during the exam. He became a Jonin at the age of fifteen, and recently obtained complete control of the Phoenix and is now able to use his Sight Rebirth Technique for 24 hours. Although he has been given the title "Sannin" as a result of being on the same team as Keiji, he doesn't acknowledge it very often, if at all.

Jutsu: ((As a note, all of Dansei's jutsu are from the Anime/Manga.))


-Fire Release: Ash Product Burning

-Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique

-Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet

-Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

-Wind Release: Driving Air Bullet
Although not nearly as strong as Shukaku's version of it, the same general effect is given. Dansei takes in a deep breath and then forcefully exhales, shooting several spheres of compressed air and chakra.

Taijutsu: Dansei's main style of Taijutsu is in the use of his trench knives, with which he can be very deadly. He uses the Flying Swallow technique to extend the blades of his knives with his chakra, allowing him to inflict damage regardless of whether or not the attack connects.


-Bringer of Darkness

-Demonic Illusion: Hellfire Technique

Other: Dansei's SONAR sleeves allow him to "see" without his vision, without using as much chakra as it takes to use his Sight Rebirth Technique. By focusing his chakra into them, the sleeves send out sound waves in the same manner as a regular SONAR device, but only in front and to the side of him. When the waves rebound and reach Dansei, he uses his chakra to process them, allowing him to "see". Unfortunately, he cannot actually see anything on them, just their basic outline. As such, when having to read, etc., he is forced to use his Sight Rebirth Technique. Also, when his concentration fails, so does his chakra flow to the sleeves.



That took longer than expected. :\

December 17th, 2007, 8:06 AM
TIK- Accepted.

Sharpay, still sign-up as 9-Tails. Ignore other post.

December 17th, 2007, 3:57 PM
Sharpay, I unfortunately have to deny you. You need to edit.
A- Kekkei Genkai for Kaguya's is Shikotsumakyu, or Corpse BONE Pulse. My clan happens to have it.
B- 9-Tails is a tiger.
C- You don't describe Iron Fist Style
D- My guy also had white skin -___-
E-Indescript Personality

More changes-

Only TWO per village- don't want all teh bijuu attacking teh Lava Village.
I'm posting descriptions for the demons, for RP purposes.
I am now using teh Tiger. For my 2nd character. Only I can have 2 characters. Sorry, not enough space considering all the bijuu are going BOOM. Sharpay, I suggest either:
Editing with a new bijuu, preferably one of lower-tailed ones(2 or 4?)
Making a new, non-Jinchuuriki character. You are descriptive, but the whole Kaguya thing through it off.

December 17th, 2007, 4:09 PM
1. I will get to editing eventually
2. will you make up you mind
3. I picked nine tailes because akatsuki have harder time doing stronger bijuu
and 4. i find it unfair you get 2 characters and we dont

December 17th, 2007, 5:31 PM
Bueno punto. (Good point). If someone PM's me, I, based on the quality of their first (HAS TO BE ACCEPTED) sign up, will grant them the ability to have a second character. However, I still choose whether they can be a Jinchuuriki. They choose the bijuu. In addition, anyone can edit as much as I choose. Sharpay, thank you. However, I wasn't questioning your motives in choosing nine-tails. #'s 6-1 are still available.

December 17th, 2007, 6:00 PM
i edited it, but i still want to keep my lovable boney bones -.- and what does indescript meen?

December 17th, 2007, 6:09 PM
Indescript- vague, non-elaborate, in simpler terms, not descriptive enough. Unfortunately, I can't let you keep teh bone Kekkei- it is of the Namikaze clan. Besides, the Kaguya died with Kimimaro. Monkey is lightning/wind, therefore you can't have fire chakra. Please edit accordingly. Just know I do appreciate your efforts.

December 18th, 2007, 12:20 PM
Name: Ookami, Aisu
Gender: FemaleAge: 18
Village: village hidden in the cloudsBijuu: none
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Clan: Ookami
Kekkei Genkai: Unari Fuzen: look at Hisaki Ookami, it’s the same as his
Description: Being Hisaki’s twin sister, they are almost identical. Aisu is about an inch shorter than her brother, and her hair falls to her waist (it is the same color as Hisaki’s). She wears a mesh shirt and a light blue cloth vest and pants. She wears her headband like her brother, around her left leg just below the knee, but for unknown reasons, it is always upside-down. She has blue eyes (normal shape since she is not a jinchuuriki), and her muscle build is almost the same as Hisaki’s. She specializes in mid-long range combat, and she uses a whip as her primary weapon. Her weapon arsenal also contains kunai, suriken, and throwing needles.
Personality: Unlike Hisaki, Aisu has almost no temper at all, so she can remain calm and cool in almost any situation. She never charges into battle without a plan if it can be helped, and tends to rely on her brother to do the thinking once they have engaged in battle. She is highly skilled at ice type jutsu, and likes colder environments. Also, since she can’t see as well as Hisaki, she tends to rely on him a lot when it comes to missions that involve lookouts/etc.
History: Like Hisaki, she grew up in the village orphanage (kinda obvious since shes his sister). While Hisaki was informed of his being a jinchuuriki at age 6, Aisu didn’t find out what her brother was until they were 8 and his first outburst nearly killed their younger brother (she managed to use her first jutsu while defending her younger brother against Hisaki’s partial demon form. Though it did little to him, I did remind him who he was attacking and he was able to suppress the demon soon after). Aisu graduated the ninja academy with Hisaki at age 10, and became a jonin at age 12, slightly before HIsaki (he was mastering the 8-tailed Wolf at the time), and much to the delight of her other clan members.
Ninjutsu- Ice needles(shoots spikes of ice at her enemies), hidden mist jutsu, water style: grand vortex jutsu, ninja art: ice dragon summoning, raikiri(chidori)
Taijutsu- Aisu uses her whip and throwing weapons to great effect, and excels in mid-long range combat
Genjutsu- Aisu was never very good at genjutsu, but is efficient enough at dispelling them, although she sometimes requires help from Hisaki.

December 18th, 2007, 12:33 PM
Unfortunately, Pyronic, that is... denied.

Ice is not an element, and I am uncomfortable with your two characters being brother and sister. After I edited the first post, I said my second character would have either Hyoton, Haku's ice jutsu, or Mokuton, the tree jutsu of the 1st Hokage.

Please, edit accordingly.
Also, I have a new rule, hopefully the last new rule I have to add.

If you decided to have TWO characters, then they cannot be from the same village. However, I will take suggestions about this new rule, or even debate.

December 18th, 2007, 12:35 PM
if u watch the naruto movie(the first one) u find out that ice is an element.
also, wats wrong with them being brother and sister/from the same village?
ive played lots of games similar to this on other sites, and i find it easier to have related characters.

hope ull reconsider...

anyway, ill try to edit it sooner or later.

December 18th, 2007, 12:38 PM
Fine. Still, no ICE ELEMENT!!!! The 5 elements are : FIRE, LIGHTNING, WIND, WATER, AND AIR!!!!


Other than that, there is ice element other than the special techniques used by the now-dead and killed ninja in that episode of filler referred to as the movie.

Pyronic, as I said, brother and sister is just... awkward. It means that they have a special bond beforehand, destroying a lot of good opportunities for meeting other characters. As I as l said, you can't have two from the same village, meaning that sibling characters are impossible. In my RPG experiences, siblings have been NPC's, or NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS!!!

December 18th, 2007, 12:52 PM
i am making a new sign up and deleted the old one i will edit this post when it is done

EDit: here is the sighn up

Name: Urutora Hitominai
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Village: Ice
Bijuu: 6 Tailed Monkey
Elemental Affinity: Lightning And Wind
Kekkei Genkai: Mangakyou Byakugan
Description: Hitominai is tall and stands at about 6'9. he has long blonde hair to about his neck in length. he wears an ice village head band on his fore head and a small bead on a string above the head band. He wears a black shirt with the clans symbol on the back. He wears long tan pants with a item pouch on one side and some white bands on the other leg to hide the cut in the fabric. He wears the usual ninja shoes only it is the color red instead. He usually is seen with a coat when at the village to avoid the frigid frost of the cold village. He has tan skin and blue eye.
Personality: He is a nice sweet guy. He is usually happy, but when angered he can be dangerous. He good with the lady’s but when confronted by a really cute girl it can lead to him speaking gibberish and embarrassing himself. He does not like mean people or people who bully smaller people just because their bigger
History: Hitominai was born in a small house on the ice village. He was born just as the 6-tailed monkey started to attack the village after escaping the circus from a band of evil carney's . The monkey was getting out of hand and coming to the side of the village where Hitominai was born. The Hyougakage went to that side of the village. He needed the body of a new born baby so he picked Hitominai and sealed the monkey within him. But so no one but his parents would now he was the container of the monkey he used an memory alteration jutsu so they think the monkey was killed. He lived an normal life up until his second mission where the seal loosened up and a bot of its chackra slipped out. This happened again when he participated in the chunin exams and successfully became a chunin. When he was on his first scouting mission in an enemy’s territory he whent 1-tailed and slaughtered his opponents. Then when he took the jounin exam to become a jounin he tried to master it but came close but did not go to far because he could kill himself. He then successfully became a jounin and mastered his Bijuu.

Gentle Fist Style:Flaming 8-trigrams 64 palms-Catching his hands on fire, Hitominai uses 8-trigrams 64 palms
Gentle Fist Style: Flaming 8-Trigrams 128 Palms-Catching his hands on fire, Hitominai uses 8-Trigrams 128 Palms
Large Palm Rotation.- Palm rotation only bigger.
8-Trigrams-64 hits with a Chidori!-He Activates his Chidori and then activates his Mangakyou Byakugan to use 8-trigrams 64 palms.

Taijutsu- The Hyuuga gentle fist style with the quick movements of the Uchiha Clan to make the gentle fist style more exiting.He will sometimes use his sharingan to copy others taijutsu.

Genjutsu- Mangakyou Byakugan style- Chidori illusion.- He activates his sharingan to predict the enemy's movement and then traps them in an illusion were they think they have won the match but in reality he is about to use chidori. The power depends on the tome's in the user's sharingan.

Black crow illusion. The user points their finger at the opponent to catch them in the genjutsu. Then when they attack they attack a flock of crows. Then the real Hitominai uses the gentle fist taijutsu on him.

December 18th, 2007, 12:57 PM
Good, Sharpay. Just so you know, I will be using Hyoton.

December 18th, 2007, 1:02 PM
Okay i will be an Uchiha and please reserve the monkey for me

December 18th, 2007, 1:21 PM
Good news for you- its Urutora- Byakugan and Sharingan. I shall reserve el monqui.

December 18th, 2007, 1:52 PM
also put me under ice village

December 18th, 2007, 2:00 PM
Ironic, that's where my second character is going. Thank you.

December 18th, 2007, 5:55 PM
For the record, I would like to protest the large UBER-ness emanating from Keiji... The fact that he has full power of the Dragon is odd, and at such a young age makes it even more unlikely. Shouldn't he have some weaknesses? Only one Kekkei Genkai? Something that makes it so he ISN'T the UUBERcharacter?

Just saying.


December 18th, 2007, 6:05 PM
I have edited it. What I meant, sir, was that Keiji didn't lose control during transformation. For example, he can't natural disasters on his own- only in demon form. Full control of powers as a Jinchuuriki is impossible anyways- you'd have to be the demon, and then, the person would die, and so would the demon- resulting in a paradox. Keiji is not a huge uber- that would be if I gave him, like, TWO demons. That would just be AWFUL

December 20th, 2007, 4:12 PM

I'll edit this post with a second sign up later.

Medic-Nin FTW.

December 20th, 2007, 5:44 PM
Meh 2nd sign-up...

Name: Kyokusen Yuki
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Village: The Village Hidden in The Ice
Bijuu: 9-Tailed Tiger
Elemental Affinity: Well, due to Hyoton, she can use ice jutsu, but has lightning as well. However, she cannot use water or wind jutsu outside of Hyoton.
Clan: Kyokusen Clan
Kekkei Genkai: She has Hyoton, the jutsu of Haku. Therefore, she has… special attacks.
Description: A svelte, seductive ninja, Yuki is definitely an ease on the eyes. Due to the tiger, she is stronger and faster, and always lands on her feet. In addition, she has black skin from the tigers physical influence- like Narutos whisker pattern on his cheeks. Her hair is white and blue, spiraling into each other. Her hairstyle is that of Tsunade. She is about 6’8”, and is slender. She has an hourglass figure, and large breasts. She wears a fur coat, made of white tiger fur, as well as pants and some black boots. Her piercing round eyes are ruby red. For weapons, she uses senbon, and other weapons.
Personality: She is a ruthless, cold ninja. she is polite and quiet to everyone, but tends to isolate herself. She enjoys going on missions in foreign lands, and her biggest hobby is travel. She is lonely, however, and wants to find romance. She is intelligent, and energetic. She keeps her energy to herself, but often stays awake or does stuff fast due to her energy. She has a romantic soft spot for foreign Jinchuuriki- she wants to get away, and believes that Jinchuuriki understand her better than anyone else.
Born to the 6th Hyougakage, or Glacier Shadow, Yuki has always been pushed to excel. As a Jinchuuriki, she had great power, giving her a lot of respect in her village. However, she, underneath her kindness, always felt empty, especially when she, at age 6, went to the Chuunin Exams, and had no challenge at all. Eventually, she, after mastering her Tiger, became a Jonin. Without any good missions for her, she trained, and gave up on beating her peers. She now goes on S-Missions to sate her boredom.


Lightning Release: Lightning Storm Mirrors- Like Secret Ice Mirrors, but red lightning blasts shoots out of mirrors at high speeds and intensity. These blasts electrocute and/or paralyze the opponent with a lot of damage.

Ice Release: Ice Prison- She uses Hyoton to trap the opponent in ice, lift them up, and crush them into a bloody, frozen pulp.

Special Style: Lightning Glacier Jutsu

Her special jutsu, she traps her opponent in a glacier and electrocutes the enemy. It is a combination of burning and freezing, extremely damaging to the opponent.
Special Style: Electric Ice Blade

Like Raikiri, Yuki summons great energy to her hand. She does it in both hands, puts them together, and forms a huge blade of ice/lightning chakra. Afterwards, she shoots the blade. It can be used, by Yuki, an infinite amount. It is a black and ice blue attack. It is incredibly powerful.

Special Style: Thunder Blizzard- This attack, being near unavoidable, is Yuki’s best signature ninjutsu. She forms a gigantic black cloud, and from it, an electric blizzard rushes out. With ice being water, it is very damaging and the cloud is huge, and in a dome shape, shooting the storm from all sides except below.

Taijutsu- Because her Genjutsu uses lightning, she uses ice in her style of attack. Using Crystal Ice Mirrors, she runs in and out of them, continuously hitting the opponent with various ice charged melee moves. Among them is her Arctic Lotus, where she literally freezes the opponent in a downward spiral until they hit the ground, frozen and damage. She calls her style Hyouga Style.

Genjutsu- Yuki has a very special style of Genjutsu.

Brain Destruction Jutsu- Using electric signals, she disrupts and destroys most of the opponents nervous actions, disrupting senses and movement. However, it does not affect basic life functions.

False Comfort Jutsu- Once again using electric signals, she foold the opponent into a euphoric state, giving Yuki a chance to injure or kill them while they think they are in a happy state.

EDIT: Sharpay... Um, a few edits... stop with the "bijuu attacked thing". Be creative. Second, no RASENGAN!!! THAT IS NAMIKAZE ONLY!!! Chidori shall be allowed, by you must get rid of Rasengan. Second, it is Hyougakage. Third, it is Mangekyou Byakugan.

December 20th, 2007, 7:02 PM
Let's-a go!

Name: Mizae Hikaru
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Village: Village Hidden in the Clouds
Bijuu: None
Elemental Affinity: Lightning, Earth
Clan: Mizae
Kekkei Genkai: None

Description: Hikaru is a slightly built man, standing at 5'11". He has dark grey hair, which is generally covered by a pitch black bandana. His eyes are equally grey, although slightly cloudy for no apparant reason. He wears a pair of black pants and a grey jacket, which he wears zipped up half way, in addition to a black mesh undershirt. His black Cloud headband is wrapped around his left arm, and he wears black gloves with metal plates on the top. He also carries a katana at his side, and has bandages and his kunai holster wrapped around his right leg.

Personality: Hikaru, due to having been a Medic-Nin, is very calm and collected. However, that is not to say he isn't sociable, because he is -- he just doesn't act rashly. He is very intelligent, although he often becomes dumbfounded when illogical occurences do occur. ((Which, unfortunately for him, happens slightly often.))

History: Hikaru grew up normally within the Cloud Village, although he was one of the top within his class in the Academy. He became a Chuunin at 13, and then a Jounin at 16, at which time his younger sister died while on a mission. After becoming a Jounin, he was accepted into the ANBU. He left the orginization a year ago.




-Chakra Kyuushu

-Chakra no Mesu

-Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique

-Earth Release: Earth Flow Rampart

Taijutsu: Hikaru generally uses his katana to attack in close range, although occasionally he uses a variation of the Strong Fist style, which he strengthens by forcing chakra into his hands and feet.


-Temple of Nirvana Technique

-Time Reversal Technique


Done. :]

December 21st, 2007, 4:09 AM
Good job, TIK, although I must ask...

Can you change wind affinity, if possible(notice I'm not forcing you...)- Sharpay's has lightning/wind.

December 21st, 2007, 4:12 AM
brad i will be happy to edit all that stuff but you lost me after no rasengan

December 21st, 2007, 4:21 AM
Oh. I said you can use Chidori, and the Ice Village Kage is

A. Hyougakage
B. My second characters Mother
C. Due to this, a WOMAN>

Finally, your Kekkei is MANGEKYOU BYAKUGAN>

December 21st, 2007, 4:23 AM

I'll see what I can do about that.



Changed Hikaru's Lightning-Wind to Lightning-Earth.

Gave Hikaru's old Wind Jutsu to Dansei, got rid of Dansei's Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique.

Finished Hikaru's sign-up.

December 21st, 2007, 6:56 PM
Your second character is accepted, TIK. Good Job.

December 21st, 2007, 10:17 PM
ktn, please do not spam.

If you'd like to ask for a battle in pokemon pearl/diamond, please take it to the gaming forums.

Forest Grovyle
December 22nd, 2007, 5:15 PM
ktn, even after being warned by a mod, you continued to post off-topic spam in this thread. Therefore, I have issued you a warning. Read the rules before you post again, please.


December 22nd, 2007, 5:48 PM
Sharpay, continue to edit. however, please post this time instead of just editing your old post... It's confusing.

you continue to be indescript in jutsu description, person description, and a tiny bit in personality. Post it again... i'll probably accept it. Monkey and Ice Village are still reserved.

As a note, this RPg does not start until after I get back to school, so expect it on about... Jan 10

January 10th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Eh... I'm closing this... just ain't worth keeping- I bet everyone who signed- up except for the guy at my school lost interest. Xenocrates, or theEND, either or, please close this. Thank you, o mighty moderators...

January 10th, 2008, 5:31 PM
i totally forgot about this over break at my school, if i remembered this i would not have made my naruto rp and stuck to making a sign up for this, but i most likely ended up dropping this then stuck with Deafeating a marige

January 10th, 2008, 5:35 PM
Oh. Well, still- I don't have time. Not to mention at least two of my Rp'ers, the ones who would post the most, have other RP's, most greatly developed. As a result, this shall still be closed. To everyone, sorry... this RP would die SOOO Fast... not to mention I have AANL, Lancaster, and more RP's to worry about. Maybe I'll bring it back after Defeating a Mirage is finished. That one is just too good for me to have ANY crowds... Re: Mix, you are GOOD... you got all of the good RP'ers... aye aye aye...

January 10th, 2008, 5:42 PM
Oh brad im sorry but i have to agree with you , i think i might do the same for my rp

January 10th, 2008, 6:57 PM
Wow, not to be pushy or anything, but you guys have two pages worth of OoC posts. Could you wrap this up soon, or make an OoC thread in the Lounge?

Or if this is closed as in like, done without even beginning, Brad, please PM me next time so I can close it for real. <_<

Also, Sharpay_Is_Fabulous, your last post was a bit spammy. ;<


Closed upon thread owners request.