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December 16th, 2007, 7:00 PM
Otherwise known as my very own poetry thread! Yarr harr, be prepared for the badness of it all mateys! (Okies so the yarr harr is a norm for me but the mateys walked the plank I think... *has been watching so much Naruto that she's confused as to why her speech has gained at least 10 points in pirate and none in ninja*)

Anyways, I'm babbling, as usual, but I decided that I've hidden in the shadows of this forum for long enough! (really, I'm on here at least once every day, often more, but you can't tell can you, CAN YOU??? *tries to make intimidating face but ends up looking constipated* Forgive me, I'm hyper and now's probably not the best time to start my own poetry thread because it impairs my ability to communicate normally... yar.. =( ) So anyways, I'm going to start posting a somewhat constant stream of my work and start being more active in the commenting of others people work, the only reason I don't usually comment is because, though I am a writer, I often find myself at a loss for what to say.

Anyways, enough babbling, I will post my two most recent poems! Well actually, my second most recent poem has already been posted it entitled "I Remember You..." and it's already in the forum, so now the one I wrote just a week or two ago and the one I wrote before "I Remember You...". So enjoy my lovies! =)

Light Of My Life

Hazy grey days surrounded me,
An unending whirlwind of monotony
Ebbed at my already frayed edges.
Moments passed as a dull blur,
An unstimulating blend of two extremes,
The darkest shade of ebony blunted
By the purest of virgin whites,
Who was raped of its godliness
To conceive that depressing hue,
That steel, uncompromising tone,
Which clouded over my vision.
My life was being dominated
By a joyless mist that shrouded me.

But that was my life before I found you…

You stumbled into my colorless world,
Shining brighter than the latent sun.
Your light pierced through my fog,
Pulled the wool from my eyes
And finally I could see the world
In its veritably vibrant splendor.
I was pulled into your sea of colors,
My monochromatic existence washed away
By your replenishing aura, so full of energy.
You lit my dank, dreary pathway
Showing me the beautiful sights
I’d overlooked with my somber irises,
And your love set my vision afire.

Now you’ve become the light of my life…

[This one was written well about my boyfriend obviously, but actually I wrote it for this "100 Theme Challenge" that I'm doing on another site, I'm going in order though because I'm weird about order like that, and this is the third theme which is "Light". Anyways, it's not the greatest, it's leans towards the uber cheesy side of poetry, but it was the first thing I'd managed to write in a while, which is enough to make me happy! =)]

The Hand That Feeds

Look down my child…
Watch the spoon
Enter the wanting mouth,
That depraved opening,
Consuming support
With mechanical habit.

Look down my child…
Watch that hand
Grip the handle,
Clutching your heart
With reckless protection
More damning than helpful.

Look down my child…
Watch those eyes
Scrutinize every move,
With frantic paranoia
Hidden carefully behind
Loving parental irises.

Look down my child…
Watch your body
Helplessly thrown
Into waves of whims,
Control relinquished
Unto (un)suitable others.

Look down my child…
Watch your life
Void of possibility,
Bereft of dreamy desires,
Your essence dissipated,
Into a hollow soul.

Look up my child!
Take the spoon,
And assert your claim,
A possession of will
Deserving of fulfillment,
Feed yourself a future!

[Okies, this one takes a little explaining because the whole thing is a metaphor, it's not really about a child being fed, not a literal one anyway. It's actually about my life, the narrator of this poem is pretty much supposed to represent my inner voice, my sub-conscious and the child is the actual me. And basically it's about how I've just always lived a sheltered life, I've always depended on everyone else to do things for me and as a result I don't know how to do anything for myself really, and nor am I able to break free and live my own life because I'm too afraid of the unknown. Basically this poem was written when I felt sick of being helpless to control what was going on, and to urge myself change who I was become more independent. And I'm working on it, because while I still don't have a job, I'm actually going to move out and go to college next year, for real this time. (I've said I was going a hundred different times.) Anyways, so the poem is a little harsh, but it's directed at me, because sometimes I just need a good slap to wake mu to reality! =)]

Anyways, there you have it, I'll try to update it every week or so and comment on other people's work every other day or something! =)

Anyways, have a great everyone, so long and thanks for all the fish! =D

Moody Cow