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Baker's Bulbasaur
December 17th, 2007, 3:49 PM
Since the beginning of time, no matter who you were, what you were, what you believed, and what you preached, there has never been a soul undoubtful of the fact that life ends with death, and sleep ends with awaking. However, another belief has always held true, that being a belief of what many called 'The Dream World'. A place of whatever you choose it to be, entered in the deepest of slumbers, with a single purpose, but this purpose is never truly answered, only your inner soul can understand it, so therefore people however much sub-consciecely, have feared this dream world...why? Well why do people fear most things?....Because they simply cannot understand them. No one knows how to label the beginning, or ending of a dream, no one understands why some can lead you to a place of so much happyness that it all must be too good to be true, yet some can lead you to your inner most deepest circles of fears and hellfire. Ask yourself now, what is it you find most intruiging about 'the dream world' and do you, or do you believe that anyone, really understands it.

Now ask yourself another question, are YOU one of those people, who fears all that they canot understand? Do you turn a blind eye to the clues of the supernatrual? Do you scorn on those who believe in it and keep a desprate hand clinged to the theory of logical thought? If so then the mere word of Destiny, probably makes you want to laugh....or perhaps it makes you angry...afraid...because once again we have pressed an issue that has no logical explanation, but is believed by so many, but.....how can so many people believe in something so complicated, i mean....how can you even begin to understand it?

When life began, along with the many mysterious creatures of our world, many more that have never before been heard of, let along encountered, were also created, unbeknown to most the world, if anyone, these beings were 'Mother Destiny' and 'The Eternal Dreamer'
Mother Destiny, a female being who lived, and lives with no overal purpose in life, she is neutral between the labels of Good and Evil, and controls what will be, How, and Why, she does this through her dreams, which makes it therefore absolutely neccecary for her to remain in slumber, or continuation of life as we know it could be in great peral. To stay in this slumber, she for many a year, since the beginning of time infact, required the services of 'The Eternal Dreamer' an also neutral creature of the night, who creates and guards all dreams, he alone has always been the one to make sure Mother Destiny remained in her dream world, to continue to create the Destinys of others. However, the Eternal Dreamer, unlike Destiny, had a sense of personality, or mind, he could experience emotions that most sacred creatures could not, happyness, fear, anger, jealousy. Whatever being created him most likely didn't create him with the intention of him having this ability of emotion, but creating and seeing the dreams of anyone and everything was always bound to slowly grant him the weaker emotions, such as curiousity...which lead to a full blown questioning of what emotions were, and why he was unable to feel them, this question created more and more emotions....such as anger, obviously this chain reaction continued until he became just as emotionally filled as anyone on this, or any other planet.
Through his emotions, The Eternal Dreamer created a masterful scheme, which if he got his way, would result in the demise of Mother Destiny, he would take her out of her peaceful happy dream world, and instead enter her into a world of yes dreams, but filled with so much evil energy, that merelhy being near it at such a powerful level would obliterate her, and then he, The Dreamer would take her place as the Creator of Destiny.
This plan was put into proportion, it seemed to be working perfectly, Destiny was slumbering peacefully one moment, but the next, she was sent to the place of Ultimate evil....The Neverlands. The Dreamer watched from above as evil spirits began to consume her, it would be a mere matter of time until she was destroyed, but...however, to the shcok horror of Dreamer, Destiny began to glow, an illuminating, blinding light of what would be later known as...the Rainbow. This supreme unknown power became so strong, that it threw the dark spirits away from her, and cast them back into the spirit world. The cost of this, came at two, one being that she had to awaken from her slumber to find the power to do it, which put a threat on civilisation as it was known, and two, it left behind a beautiful Gem, which gained the name 'The Pure Emerald'. Which if in the wrong hands could do great harm. Destiny in an un-emotional way, merely resumed her sleep, and out of pure fear, The Eternal Dreamer fled, fled to never be seen again.

Or at least, that is what we thought....
70 years have passes since that day, exactly 70 years, and it's anniversary is arriving fast. This is a date celebrated by all, and has been for these past years, and although people do not know the story of the conflict between Destiny and Dreamer, they indeed do know that that day was one in whicn the world was in great peral, and it was pure of heart which saved them all, so they gather, and celebrate the gift of a pure soul. People gather from all over the world to the place known as the ''Emot'' region to dance, sing, and honor the gifts they have been graced with, and only on this day is the sacred stone on which was written one of the prophecies of the world, which is associated with the great battle of Destiny and Dreamer, but to this day no one fully understands it -

'Thou shall only be one with ways of the Cosmic airs
when with the children, the dark one shares.
The powers three
are only given to thee
when first posessed by the ones who see.
darkness shall be swallowed up by light, only when the see'rs themselves posess powers from the chosen three
and light shall only be enguled with dark when dark's great representative posessed the powers from the chosen three'

It is the year 2012, the day of the sacred festival. While hundreds of people celebrate, far far away in a land outside of time and space, one being has plotted for years and years. Too long he has sat in silence and fear it is not time to take what is his by right, but he knwos to do this he must gain the trust and help of ''The Pure Children''. It wont be long now.
...The Phantom will rule.


You are one of 6 Children/teens that were prophesised long ago as being one of ''The Pure Children''. You can be any age between sort of 10 and 20, i'd like a good mix though please. And you can be from any date in time between 1942 (The date of the battle between Destiny and Dreamer) and 2012 (The Current date) The ''Phantom'' has created a brand new Dream world which can be whatever you want it to be. He has made you all fall asleep and drift into this world where you will wake up unbeknown to what has happened. Although you can be from any date in time you must be on the day of the festival which you are attending for reasons which can be your own. Spend the first couple of posts introducing your character and telling how he or she has fallen asleep and then wake up in the dream world where all the other children will be around you. The reason you can be from any date in time is that you were chosen long ago but by this time some of you may be too old or passed on and as sleep is timeless the Phantom has the power to bring you in from any time. An important thing to remember when making your character is that you have been chosen at birth because it was the will of the cosmic ways, not because you are a fantastic pokemon trainer so different levels of experience please, maybe you are a fantastic trainer, but then again maybe your useless or have only just began your journey, you can improve throughout the RP.


It's been a long time since I've RP'd here so I'm hoping there are some good and commited players who will be interested. I reserve the right to stop the RP completely if too many people are being constantly unactive without fair reason, I understand other commitments though such as work, school and various things as I am very busy myself so there may come a time where I say there will be a few days where we will take a break if multiple people request it and/or I feel I cannot be active for a while to update the plot. There are 6 players in this RP so there is room for 5 sign ups.


Sign Up Sheet

Age: (Between 10-20)
Personality: (please be creative and give details)
History: (See Personality)
Year: (What year you're from, please at least one person from the current date, preferably 3 or 4, I may request you change your year)

Pokemon (Max 6)
Nickname: (If any)
Personality: (The more detail the better!)
History: (See Personality)

RP Example: (sorry but i feel I need to include this as i'm hoping for the best ^^, feel free to give an example from an RP your already in or have been in, if so though please state the RP name)


Usual sensible rules apply.
I will not reserve places until registration is complete or near enough complete.
I apologise for spelling mistakes in the post, it isn't a habbit just i'm in a rush lol

Sign up's open

December 17th, 2007, 7:32 PM
Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Gina Jackson
Age: 15

Appearance: Standing at 5'4", weighing in at 120lbs, Gina isn't all that impressive. Her natural, black hair seems messy and uncontrollable, yet Gina seems to manage. Her bangs often fall in the way of her right eye, so much so that she barely even notices. Her eyes are big, blue pools that glimmer and shine with her usual giddiness. Her smile cannot be matched by anyone, for all of her smiles are true and wide, or soft and sweet. When she does smile, dimples can be seen, and her beauty mark right above her lip really shows when she smiles. She has a few freckles that dot around in a random order on both sides of her nose, but not a lot of people take notice to them because the freckles are of a light color that seem to blend well with her skin tone.

As for attire, Gina's style is always comfort > fashion, but she fit in well with her current time. Gina wears a black spaghetti strap tank top over another spaghetti strap tank top that is white. That means the two straps are visible on her shoulders, and the white tank top's hem is visible at the bottom of the black one. She wears a short, very frilly black skirt that defiantly curls out quite a bit, but fear not, for she wears denim jeans underneath said skirt. A simple, black belt hangs loosely over her hips that five Pokeballs are stuck to. On her arms are black and white striped arm warmers, and around her neck she wears a necklace with the pokeball of her starter Pokemon attached to it.

Personality: Gina is a fun-loving teenager who isn't one to look back and grieve over past mistakes. She is always bright and looking forward to the next day. Her goal in life is not a selfish one, only to make at least one person's life change for the good. She is an unselfish driven individual, but, unfortunately, that comes with a price. Gina may not be selfish, but she stands for what she believes in... Fiercely. Debate is something Gina is prone to, and it's never a really good thing.

Gina's attitude changes depending on what sort of environment she is faced with. But, when it comes to her Pokemon, Gina has a major soft spot. She loves her Pokemon and is affectionate towards them in every way, making sure that they are in good health, always.

Still, she is a great friend. Loyal and always honest, but Gina isn't very good when it comes to trust. Prone to disappointments and heartbreaks, rejection is one of her worst nightmares. Rejection is her second greatest fear. Her first? Clowns.

History: Born on a Pokemon Farm with six brothers, its a surprise how girly she turned out to be. Five of her brothers were not even her full brothers, but half brothers. Gina's father had had two previous marriages, in both had two boys, Brian, Tim, Colin, and Cole. Her mother had also had a previous marriage, and had only one boy with him, Jay. When they finally found each other, Gina's parents had, obviously, Gina, and another boy named Sean. Gina has a close nit bound with her brothers, despite their age differences.

Though, when Gina turned ten, she decided she wanted to depart on a Pokemon journey of her own. Colin and Cole decided they would do the same, but they all departed for different parts of the world, vowing that they would all meet again.

Year: 2007

Nickname: Opal ; Dragonair
Personality: Opal is a very laid back Dragonair who is loyal to her trainer in every way. Opal's success in battles in how well she can take a hit, and how well she was trained around how to dodge attacks and use her slim body to her advantage. Opal absolutely loves affection, and is not the type to complain about anything. An overall sweet Pokemon.
History: Opal was given to Gina before she left the farm, since she had already liked the Pokemon ever since she witnessed Opal hatch, which was a site to behold. Of course, when Opal first saw Gina she instantly believes Gina was her mother and followed her around a lot.

Nickname: Sparkle ; Ampharos
Personality: Sparkle is a lazy sort of Pokemon that isn't one for a lot of battling. Usually tries to get her way with whining and sucking up to her trainer, which doesn't work anymore since they had been together for so long. Sparkle isn't one of her most loyal Pokemon, but Sparkle isn't to be messed with, because she defiantly has some rage to that Thunder Punch when she gets mad.
History: Sparkle was given to Gina as a gift from a fancy sort of guy she met on her way through a forest. After helping him with one of his Pokemon, and then helping him through the forest, he gave her Sparkle as a thank you. But, Gina still thinks he gave Sparkle to her to take her off his hands.

Nickname: Crystal ; Espeon
Personality: Crystal is always looking for a chance to help Gina and protect her in every way possible. Crystal is one of the most powerful Pokemon on Gina's team for her hard work and never give up attitude. Forever in Gina's debt, Crystal wouldn't ever let her trainer down or disown her for any reason.
History: Gina saved Crystal as an Eevee when she was being abused by her previous trainer. After giving the trainer a good verbal beating, Gina rushed Crystal to the Pokemon Center where she stayed over night. Crystal was fine before morning, and when Nurse Joy tried to release her into the wild, it seemed the Eevee wouldn't leave without Gina.

Nickname: Gracy ; Lapras
Personality: Gracy is a very, very shy Lapras, and doesn't like much human contact. Gina never found out what exactly happened to her, but Gracy has only just begun to trust her about about four years together. What is surprising about Gracy is that she absolutely loves music. But, only certain types of music, including Jazz, and the strums of an acoustic guitar.
History: Gina found Gracy alone and dying on a vacant beach. It was hard to get the poor, baby Pokemon into a Pokeball in order to get her to the Pokemon Center to get her healed up. But, since Gina was the one who did, legally capture her, Gracy was hers, and although the timid and skittish Pokemon never liked humans, she will always have a certain bond with Gina.

Nickname: Kira ; Furret
Personality: Hyper active, and always looking up, Kira is anything but laid back. Kira definitely stands out from the rest of the team. Kira is Gina's cuddle bug, and Kira never sleeps a night without her trainer. But, because of her attitude, being stuffed into a Pokeball just simply will not do, and always travels out of her Pokeball and with Kira, no matter the weather.
History: Kira was captured when Gina first started her journey. She was found as a Sentret on one of the Routes and Kira changed Gina to a battle. Obviously, Opal won the battle, and Gina claimed Kira as her prize. Although... Through the first few months of travel, the Sentret was not easy to handle, for her hyper activity made her hard to deal with.

Nickname: Thorn ; Tropius
Personality: Thorn is quite possibly the most unsocial Pokemon in the party, but Tropius are never known for their being social. Gina and Thorn have always had a weird relationship, and Gina has yet to out all the way. Gina showers him with affection, but he only accepts a certain amount of it. Gina believes that Thorn is trying to be the tough guy of the group, even though he isn't really such a tough guy. To make things more confusion, Thorn is protective of Gina if he feels a certain person is not a good one.
History: Thorn was not an easy capture, but Gina was only, really, looking for a Pokemon she could fly on because her parents expected her home and the only way to get there fast enough was to fly. The first time Kira challenged him, Thorn fled by flying away, but the stubborn Gina followed him and challenged him again. The second time, she was able to capture him in an ultra ball, but he hasn't ever really been on very good terms with Gina until recently.

RP Example: Coming from {Roll On} // .:Limited:. Page 3 from Quizilla Forums.
Kali licked at her chapped lips, all dry and peeling, her tongue missing the taste of beer, the sting of alcohol. Kali sighed metally and sat up from her slouched position, crossing one long leg over the other. Oh, what she wouldn't do for a drink, right now. Even a smoke would do, but, they were in a place where they worked with gasoline and things flamable. Moving to another habit, she began biting at the inside of her lip when she felt something suddenly land on her lap.

Quickly looking down, she realized it was music boy's hand that had faltered onto her lap. He promptly noticed and retracted, apologizing. Kali suddenly grinned, that contact was much better than being felt up by a drunk feller at a bar with liquor stained breath. "That's okay," Kali simply replied, returning her gaze to her own lap, feeling Merlyn's stare on her. She lifted her head to look over at her best friend, who would probably tease her about it sooner or later, sooner than Kali expected because a name was called, and the music boy reacted to it, standing to speak to the older man missing a few teeth.

'Blake Adams,' Kali thought, remembering his name. While his back was turned to her, she took the chance to look over his other side, smirking to herself. But, as he began walking off into the back, he glanced back at her, a wink being thrown at her. Kali caught this with a sudden lurch in her stomach. Kali's chapped lips spread into a grin and she chuckled as he left, Merlyn already beginning to tease her.

"I don't know, but I'm tempted to find out." Kali replied, a playful grin gracing her lips. She tapped the heel off her shoe on the floor as Merlyn continued, talking about falling in love. This made Kali frown a bit. "Love? Me? Who would truely fall in love with me? I'm crazy, even drunk guys tell me that." Kali said with a grin and a chuckle. "Although he does have a nice ass..." Kali added quietly, knowing Merlyn could hear.

As the excitement seemed to be settling down, another man made his way in, sauntering with a sort of attitiude to his body language. He made his way right up in front of the two, asking if they needed anything. Kali gave him a serious look over, because he, and maybe some other people in the garage would be touching Charmy, and if anything bad happened to that bike, Kali would slit a throat.

Merlyn stood to explain the situation, Kali continuing to analyze. He wasn't bad looking, but he certainly didn't look like he worked with cars, unless he was simply the dude who stood at the desk all day. Kali stood to make herself known, standing next to her very best friend.

December 20th, 2007, 9:00 AM
Name: Raeden
Age: 16
Appearence: Raeden wears a black t-shirt, with dark blue jeans. He is pretty tall, about 6,1", and carries his PokeBag that his father gave him when he was younger. He loves to wear acessories such as chains and bracelets. He has dark brown hair with highlights and glasses.
Personality: Raeden is usually a very calm trainer, unless provoked. When angry, Raeden shouts alot, offending other people around him without meaning to. He has an anger disorder because of things that happened when he was younger.
History: When Raeden was born, his parents split up. His father moved away to go and live in the Sinnoh region. As he grew up his mother had turned to drugs, and found it hard to support him. As his father took him in, he got abused. At the age of 7, he lashed out at his father in anger, resulting in Raeden being put into hospital. The reason was being pushed down the stairs.
Being abused by his Father brought on anger issues, and at school, he had to attend Anger Management classes. Throughout his school life, he had injured many stundents and teachers, and had to move schools alot. Now, he is 16, and embarking on his own Pokemon Journey.
Year: 1976

Pokemon (Max 6)
Nickname: Calcite - Lairon
Personality: Loving caring pokemon. Lairon looks after anything that is in distress or sadness.
History: This Lairon is emotionally attached to Raeden. He had this pokemon since he was 12, and they have been through alot. This Lairon saw Raeden getting beaten multiple times, but just stayed well away. Lairon always tries to cheer Raeden up if he is upset.

Nickname: Malite - Medicham
Personality: Medicham is an untrustworthy pokemon. It often dis-obeys Raeden resulting in anger spouts.
History: Raeden found this pokemon in a pokeball that had been abandoned. He took it to the local Pokemon Center to see if anyone had reported it missing. Nobody had, so Raeden kept it.

RP Example: Raeden jumped up. He had heard a small knocking noise coming from the other side of the room. He was cautious and brought out his trusted Lairon. As the knocking got louder, Lairon readied his headbutt.
"Shh Lairon, quieter" Whispered Raeden "Don't let anybody know we are here"
As Lairon backed off, there was a loud thud at the door. People obviously knew there was fugitives squatting in this abandoned warehouse office. A barge pole was being used against the thick wooden door in an attempt to break through. It was no use... there was at least 6 people on the other side of the door.
"I think i should just give up" Said Raeden "Otherwise you will be injured Lairon. Its going to be best for both of us in the long run buddy"

I made that up on the spot with no regard to any story.

December 21st, 2007, 10:17 AM
Name: Brad Matthews Age: 20

Appearence: He, out of his dark grey uniform, which he no longer wears, is a muscular, tall young man, as he has recuperated. Due to his genetics, he has no hair other than on his head. He has black, gold and red hair, meshed together in a spiked fashion. His skin is pale white by genetics, and his eyes are round, and wide. A perfect length apart, they are like liquid sapphires- a deep shade of royal blue. On his face, he has identical slash scars from his torture (see History) He wears relatively fancy clothes, but nothing too gawdy. On each hand, he has an identical gold/onyx/diamond and ruby ring- his special rings for his being valedictorian at East Point in the class of 1940. He also wears a leather jacket, red in color, with a black pentagram on the back. It is open, and reveals a white, fur shirt from Absols- a gift from his parents for one Christmas one year. His pants are simple blue jeans, made of a tough silk material in a natural, non-dyed, light blue. On his face, he wears a white fedora, and black sunglasses. His shoes, made of suede, are black in color. Finally, he wears, on his neck, the Dark Star Cross. It is on a 24k gold chain. In shape, it is like a 6-pointed star, inlaid with black diamonds from Spear Pillar on each point and rubies from the Cave of Origin in Hoenn in the center

Personality:An isolated man, Brad is lonely and cold. He is always antisocial, and hides from society. Especially during his time in torture, he came to terms with his isolation from the rest of the human race. He rarely shows emotion. He is in his personal shell from the world, hiding and thriving while he isolates himself from the rest of the world. He is also cold, and responds in a cruel manner to any form of socialization. He enjoys travel, and Pokemon battles- they appease his inner boredom. He is also a fan of alcoholic beverages, and especially enjoys his own concoctions.

History: He was born to a rich, historical family in Snowpoint. His family was one of the founders of the Sinnoh continent, and helped Snowpoint come to be. He always enjoyed Pokemon battling, and excelled at the Pokemon academy. However, he was never social, and feels isolated from his feelings. His family, fiscally frugal, survived the Great Depression, and through it, Brad got a full degree in Genetic Engineering and Biology at Viridian University, only age 13 at the time. Then, he went to East Point, in Canalave, and trained to be part of the elite forces of the Sinnoh army. He was bored, and wanted a new challenge for him and his Pokemon. He became a soldier in the World War, and he became a POW along with his Pokemon in the Johto-occupiedOrangeIslands. For a year, he was tortured, underfed and marched and sailed across the islands. Finally, he and the others staged a rebellion. After killing the Johto officers, they fled across the Islands. Along the way, yellow fever and malaria finished off all but Brad. By the time he was back at his home in Snowpoint, he was gaunt, tired, and disillusioned with war. He got the highest medal, the Dark Star Cross, and after a long rest, was warped to 2012. Other: based of WWII Year: 1946

Pokemon (Max 6)
Nickname: Infernus- Shiny Charizard
Personality: This Pokemon is much like Brad. He is cold and antisocial. However, he is also quiet, ruthless and sadistic. He loves to battle, and enjoys defeating other Pokemon. However, it is loyal to Brad, and will obey Brad.
History: Born a shiny Charmander in Mt.Silver, Infernus was always alone. Abandoned by his chagrined parents due to his abnormal color, he grew up alone. After the mountain was invaded by trainers, he ran away to Oreburgh. There, while training, he fell into the coal mine, and was burned and seared. The coal in his wound became diamonds, and into his DNA, he gained diamond armor. He then was found by Brad, who was vacationing in Southwestern Sinnoh. Being found by a friend made Infernus have a truly special bond with his master- one of loyalty, companionship and trust between them. Over the decade he spent with Brad, he became an experienced battler. He knows all unique moves, and is a powerful force on Brad's team. His unusually large size makes him big enough to be Brad's airborne mount when Brad isn't fighting for the Air Force.

Nickname: Gaia (Torterra)
Personality: She is sort of the "kind mother" of Brad's team. Calm, wise, and kind to all of Brad's Pokemon, she serves as a kind protector. She battles for her "children" as the oldest Pokemon, and also battles for nostalgic remembrance of her youth.
History: Orginally a shiny Turtwig born in Sootopolis City, she was always happy go lucky in her youth, and trusting. Over the years, her various battles against Water Pokemon and trainers had made her a strong, battle-hardened Torterra. She was street-wise, calm, and a leader among the various non-water Pokemon of the city. However, she was eventually battled by Brad. After Infernus sent her to the brink of defeat with his fire moves, she was caught, and became part of Brad's team. She became a strong battler, a sort of maternal figure among most of Brad's team. In the war, she fought very well- she made trenches and trapped enemies in fissures. She is usually calm and nice, but can be stern- like a mother.

Nickname: Thor the Shiny Electivire
Personality: This mysterious Electivire is violent and intimidating. He usually intimidates his opponents and his friends with death threats or violence. In battle, he is quick to kill his opponent. He is also quite active, and enjoys some time out of his Pokeball once in a while. History: This Pokemon was found by Brad on the streets of Olivine, leading a gang of powerful Pokemon. Law enforcement caught a lot of his members, and eventually, Thor was left alone. Brad eventually found him when he landed at Olivine after it was captured. Gaia battled him with a powerful Earthquake, and he was caught. In the war, he battled and battled against many Johto soldiers, and helped defend Brad at the Battle of Ilex Forest. In captivity, he grew more violent, and in the escape, Thor, along with other Pokemon of the other soldiers, electrocuted and killed many- including the Olivine police officers guarding them as members of the Johto Army. From the torture, his limbs are covered in symmetrical swirling scars, which glow blue with energy.

Nickname: Nahaka the Lapras (NOT SHINY!!!!!)
Personality: She is a nice, happy soul- relaxed, calm, and outgoing. She is young, but enjoys meeting new people. She is the only one of Brad's Pokemon that wasn't in the war- he caught it on the way back with Thor.
History: The last Lapras in the Orange Islands after the war, Brad found her ramming her head into a rock cliff. She had never known many Lapras, and the ones she did meet and bond with died quickly. After realizing she was the last of her kind in the area, she became despondent. After being caught by Brad, she recovered emotionally to her current personality. Due to Brad's care, she is loyal to Brad, and has a pretty good bond with Brad.

Nickname: (If any)
Personality: (The more detail the better!)
History: (See Personality)

Nickname: (If any)
Personality: (The more detail the better!)
History: (See Personality)

RP Example: (sorry but i feel I need to include this as i'm hoping for the best ^^, feel free to give an example from an RP your already in or have been in, if so though please state the RP name)

Sir, I shall finish later, as this is at school and by the time I could finish, sign-ups would be closed. __________________

December 24th, 2007, 12:00 PM
Sign Up Sheet

Name: Ysanne (is-san) Brown
Age: 17
Appearence: Ysanne is not your standard trainer. In fact, Ysanne is relatively chubby, and has slight gut. She boasts ample curves - a generous bosom, a voluptuous behind, and so on - but is not an 'hour glass', or anything along those lines. Compared to the twig-like girls she encounters en-route, Ysanne is very.... ah, 'womanly', to say the least.
However, she is relatively pretty; her face is a delicate heart shape, and very attractive. Her skin is pale, which is exaggerated by her shoulder-length brown hair. Her eyes are grey-blue. There is nothing paticularily stunning about her appearence, but there is a softness about her features which is definetly 'pretty'.
Because of her apparent 'size', Ysanne dresses quite demurely. She wears a grey plaid skirt that comes to her knees, a plain white t-shirt shirt and pumps. A blue necklace with large beads lies at her neck.

Personality: Ysanne is relatively cheerful, and confident around strangers. While she finds other girls intimidating, she is the kind of person that makes an effort to get on with everyone. Boys, she views as 'just friends' - which means her relationships with people are often very simple - and easy!
She enjoys life in general, and is far from work-shy. She like hard work and relishes in a challenge. All in all, she is very amiable and easy to befriend.
However, she has a very low self-esteem; she dislikes her appearance, believing herself to be 'large', and frequently doubts her skill as a trainer. She doesn't like people to get too close to her, though, so this is rarely discovered. While she is bright and bubbly to everyone she meets, she won't confide in anyone.

History: Ysanne's life has been boring, I'm afraid. She comes from a large, wealthy family, and has several successful sisters. However, she is neither academic (like her elder sisters) nor athletic (like her younger one). She did not excel in school in any form – and hence dropped out, and took up training – which she feels she is not very good at. She's been travelling for a while now, but has yet to gain more than a few badges nor enter any real tournaments.
Year: 2012

Pokemon (Max 6)

Nickname: Rosenquist
Personality: Quite vain and arrogant. He is stunning, and he knows it! He is not intentionally cruel, but he is self-absorbed. He likes looking at his reflection and fawning over him.
However, he adores Ysanne - and understands her – and is perhaps her closest companion. She actually confides in him, and Rosenquist always tries to cheer her up. In all honesty, he's a bit of a git, but his love for Ysanne brings out his kinder side.
History: rescued as a rather dumpy, ugly looking ponyta, who had been abandoned for losing too many contests. He's been with Ysanne ever since

Nickname: Warhol
Personality: he DESPISES Rosenquist. Musket is very judgemental and takes great pleasure in giving people his verdict, no matter how cruel they may be. He is a foul character – but is loyal to Ysanne, and highly intelligent. He calculates battles and has a great deal of knowledge.
History: again, Ysanne found him abandonned, and rescued him.

Nickname: Oliver
Personality: A kindly, soft-natured pokemon. He is often the mediator of his two companions, and is definetly the calmest of the three. He is relatively peaceful and battles reluctantly - but is very strong.
History: given to Ysanne as an egg, and then hatched and evolved by her too. He has no real history.

RP Example: (sorry but i feel I need to include this as i'm hoping for the best ^^, feel free to give an example from an RP your already in or have been in, if so though please state the RP name)

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December 26th, 2007, 5:58 PM
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Name: Adz Darkstone
Age: 15
Appearence: Very spiky black hair in all directions, but other than that, has no distinguishing features. Tends to wear one of two outfits: black and red trousers with flame designs, and a hoody with yellow and blue lightningbolts on the front, back and hood, or a blue suit with black cape (as on Trainer Card).
Personality: Extremely protective of all Pokemon except those who oppose him. Makes a valuable ally if you can keep on the right side of his usually short temper. Never admits defeat unless it's absolutely futile to continue.
History: His parents were extremely rich from criminal activities, until they were found murdered in their bed one morning. Adz has inherited his parents' fortune but uses it sparingly and continues to uphold the family name as one of the most professional thieves in the world. He roams the regions in a quest for the ultimate power.
Year: 2012

Blaziken ♂
- Nickname: Kaboom
- Personality: Capable of speech, he is extremely wise and fights honourably. If he loses, he takes out his anger on nearby, weaker, Pokemon, but otherwise remains always calm and focused. He provides Adz with invaluable hints in almost any situation.
- History: Kaboom met Adz en passant and they bonded mutually, such that they might achieve greater power together. Kaboom's anterior past is a story filled with Darkness and a quest to defeat it. In the process, he became half-dark, a Twilight Pokemon, thereby gaining great power but losing endurance. (I've written a fanfic about Kaboom's story - see here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=119265).)

Luxray ♀
- Nickname: Sparx
- Personality: Sparx is brave and ever-ready to unleash powerful electric blasts at anyone who she thinks deserves it. She doesn't like battling all that much, only doing so if there is no alternative. She is slowly learning from Kaboom how to speak the human language; her vocabulary is incomplete and her grammar sometimes can give you a headache, but she's trying.
- History: Sparx was given to Adz by his parents as his 10th birthday present. Obtained as a Shinx, they have stuck together through thick and thin to accomplish their dream. She's jealous of Kaboom, quite simply because he's better than her, and as a result attempts to prove the contrary by using her ability to see through walls as well as possible.

RP Example: I haven't yet taken part in an RP, so I'm quite excited about how this is going to turn out for a first time!

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Name : Horo Soulfate
Age : 17

Born without a father, he has always been independant and easy going. He can easily be defined as a laidback person that lets the wind forge his destiny. When he was 13 he discovered Terrapin's egg laying next to Terrapin's lifeless mother. The cause of this is still unknown and Horo has still yet to tell Terrapin the truth. He just recently set out on his long journey to explore the world and pin point his father's location. He has yet to find a women of his liking, maybe in this journey he will meet sucha person.


Blastioise Terrapin ♂
-Recieved as an egg, he has always been Horo's motivation and strength. Though he can be very headstrong and hotblooded, Terrapin never backs down in a fight, no matter what the odds.

Crobat Dreadwing ♂
-With such a short fuse, Dreadwing catches and causes a lot of attentions. He drags Horo into and out of troubles, but usually it's Dreadwing's doing that gets Horo into s. Even if he causes Horo headaches, he's been with him since he was a Zubat.

Growlithe Kanyal ♀
-Likes to prove herself to Horo. She is the baby of the family, and if she is messed with, be sure to watch out for Dreadwing and Terrapin. Both of these badass will be on you like flies on dung.

RP Sample As Horo laid among the patchy grass pondering about the enigmas in the world, it seemed as if the blades of grass slowly started to change form into puffs of clouds. Baffled at what he was experiencing, he quickly shook his head to try and filter from his vision the fantasy he was having. It was these kind of bizarr events that keeps him pondering about the world and the mysteries they hold. Is mortal life just the beginning of exsistence? Or the end of all life?

YEAR 1990

December 30th, 2007, 1:51 AM
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