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December 18th, 2007, 9:41 AM
My best deck

Zubat 4x
Dark Golbat 4x (2 is the old Rocket version Sneak Attack, 2 is the one 30 damage for 1 grass-energy, Night Ambush)
Dark Crobat 4x (Rocket Returns version, Black Beam, Dark Drain, Skill Dive)
Cleffa 1x (neo genesis)
Computer Search 4x
Professor Oak 4x
Rare Candy 4x
Item Finder 4x
Energy Removal 4x
Super Energy Removal 4x
Rocket's Sneak Attack 4x
The Rocket's Trap 3x (will add 1 more when I have)
The Boss' Way 2x
Rocket's Hideout 1x
Imposter Oak's Revenge 1x
Recycle Energy 2x (maybe I'll add 2 more when I have more)
Darkness Energy 4x
Grass Energy 6x

My most unfinished deck

Rocket's Zapdos EX 4x (but I have only 1 yet)
Mr. Mime 4x (jungle edition)
Ralts 3x
Gadevoir EX 3x (the first one)
Unown D 2x (to reduce damage from RZ EX)
Computer Search 4x
Rare Candy 3x (use Pokemon Breeder until I get the RC)
Gold Berry 4x (have no real GBs yet)
Plus Power 4x
I have to put a card here 1x
Master Ball 3x
Professor Oak 2x
Professor Elm 1x
Lightning Energy 9x
Psychic Energy 6x
Darkness Energy 4x
Double Colourless Energy 3x
(do I need more P. Oak in this deck?)

One of my first decks (but with a lot of new cards)

Squirtle 4x
Blastoise 4x (Rain Dance)
Magikarp 4x (one to search for its evolution)
Gyarados 4x (base set 1)
Dark Gyarados 1x (Rocket)
Gyarados EX 2x
Suicune EX 1x (one of the best cards, so I will add more of this when I can)
Cleffa 1x (neo genesis)
Elekid 2x (neo genesis, I think)
Computer Search 4x
Rare Candy/Pokemon Breeder 4x
Professor Elm 3x
Energy Stadium 1x
Water Energy 25x
(the blastoise and suicune ex combo is great!)