View Full Version : TCG Deck: Misteon

December 21st, 2007, 6:22 AM
I'm not finished, but I'd like it if people gave me some pointers
Mareep x4(Normal Type, Dragon Frontiers)
Flaafy x2(Normal type, Dragon Frontiers)
Ampharos x1(Normal type, Dragon Frontiers)
Ralts x4(Psychic type, Power Keepers)
Kirlia x2(Psychic type, Secret Wonders)
Gardeivor x1(Psychic type, Ruby and Saphire)
Eevee x2(Normal Type,Unseen Forces)
Espeon ex x1(Psychic type, Unseen Forces)
Duskull x2(Psychic DEOXYS)
Dusclops x2(Psychic DEOXYS)
Deoxys x1(Psychic DEOXYS)
Baltoy x3(Fighting Power Keepers)
Claydol x2(Psychic Hidden Legends)
Claydol ex x1(Psychic Power Keepers)
Celio’s Network x2(Supporter, Crystal Guardians)
Holon Circle x2(Stadium, Crystal Guardians)
Phoebe’s Stadium x1(Stadium, Power Keepers)

December 28th, 2007, 12:46 PM
1- you don't need both Claydol and Claydol ex
2- You need energies
3- This team will get pwned by Dark and Psychic
4- Need more Phoebe's Stadium for this team.