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December 30th, 2007, 12:32 PM
Hey PkmnCommunity, Gengazard here. A few years back I was starting the production of Pokémon Mauve: Dank Jungle and Pokémon Mauve2: The Era of Darkness. I know a few people who were looking forward to the release of the first beta. Sadly no betas were released, and the game's production was halted. Innagadadavida, the Co-Producer of the game, had to stop working to, well, work. He got a job and I heard from him about a year ago. He hasn't been on since and my assumption is, he got bored with Pokémon. Well, 2years later, I'm back. Pokémon Mauve will not begin production again until Feb. '08. My team, however is gone. I'll begin recruiting a new team for the production, Mid. January. There was some questioning about the game when Innagadadavida posted the Showcase thread. I'll answer some of those questions here:

What are these games about?
There are 2 answers to this question:
In "Dank Jungle", you're a Badass around the age of 13. You moved from Hoenn, where you were unpopular and had no friends because you liked Pokémon. When you move to your house you realize that you're on a hilltop, surrounded by trees. You live by the Proffessor's lab and you heard that he's giving away 3 genetically altared Pokémon(Unknown pokémon as of today).You get your Pokémon and you set off on a journey. The game will still be set around this storyline with New PokéFusions, New Pokémon, New charectors, new overworlds, new towns, and a few secrets I'll throw in to horribly confuse people. :)
"The Era of Darkness" is nearly the opposite of Dank Jungle. You're around the age of 13 and you just moved from the Jungle. You were afraid of the jungle as a young child but found many glorious new pokémon there. Again, you live by the prof. and heard he's gving away genetically altared pokémon(Mupple is the new water type. A fusion of Mudkip and a ???). Hoenn(yep you moved to Hoenn), you realize, is similar to the jungle that used to be Kanto(yeah the games fit together closer to the end of this one.). All the same great additions that I'll give in Dank Jungle (yes even the secrets :))

What's a Gengazard?
Ok this one isn't really one ofthe questions but the community deserves a right to know.
Gengazard is a Pokéfusion of Gengar and Charizard. Mauve2's story is based around the creation of this Pokémon. It DOES make an appearance in Dank Jungle but it is unobtainable. It is consdered a legendary as there is only 1. This will be like Manaphy, a breedable legendary. However, I said there is only 1, so when Haunmeleon evolves at lvl 55(yes 55. shut up and deal with it), it won't evolve into a Gengazard.

Ok you're talking about PokéFusions, but won't some of them be pretty much the same thing?
Yes and no. Yes because they will be fusions of the same 2 Pokémon. No because of the base Pokémon. Gengazard is a Fusion of Gengar and Charizard with Gengar as the base. Haunmeleon will be a fusion of Charmeleon and Haunter with Charmeleon as the base. The base determines the evolutionary outcome.

When will these hacks be released?
Not sure. and I don't want people pestering me about it when I start them back up.

If I posted this thread in the wrong section, please correct me. Thanks!


January 3rd, 2008, 2:24 AM
I remember this hack and also I remember playing it xD

Good luck with your return and your hack, hopefully you have improved since I last saw you :)

January 3rd, 2008, 7:09 AM
Sounds kool.
I really want to play it^^

So you started it already a time ago. How far have you come?

And if you need some fusions, I have about 60 (only if you don´t have ideas)

January 3rd, 2008, 12:31 PM
I remember this. I wish you luck in the creation of this hack. I would also suggest that you make a Team Thread, if you wish to recruit members. That way, when you plan on starting the hack, you and the other people making it can get started quicker, and more efficiently.

January 4th, 2008, 5:17 AM
Sounds awesome... Sadly, I was not yet a member when this was posted, I think... :\

Well, I wish you the best of luck of the hack's rebirth! And I'll be looking forward to it~

January 12th, 2008, 3:14 PM
Yay publicity! :D lol thanks for the support guys!
@Blazichu: Lol cool you can give feedback ;) I'm having to change some things in the game so hopefully you'll play the new edition

@Bombah: Ahh either you didn't read too carefully or I forgot to mention it: A while ago I deleted WinRAR(or WinZIP) from my comp. I've been too lazy to recover it and I may have deleted the Mauve I & II files. Not sure. And As for Fusions yeah I need some :O Just post on the recruitment thread when I make it okies?

@Aoh Nay: I'm glad people remember my hack :) anyway I'll definately have to make a recruitment thread. Thanks for reminding me :)

@destinedjagold: no you joined 2 years after the origional hacks were made. I doubt the thread is still up but if it is than by all means go check it out