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December 31st, 2007, 4:31 PM
Hi, once upon a while ago I started making a game, solo. The mapping was going quite well but then I needed to do some scripting. So I began my expidition into the unkown world of scripting and I was horrified, at first I was completely confused but after some very deep researching I had become an expert. However... once I had began creating my game I was very suprised as it became worse than it started off. So now I am in search of a team, I need a scriptist, or scriptor, or scripter, whatever you wanna call it, who preferably has a bit of experience. I also am in need of a graphic engineer, or graphic artist, or graphicist, or whatever, who also has some experience (I'm not too bad myself but I don't know how to utilize them). Finally, I am need of an expert (or someone who's good) in the field of Flash. If I do not obtain these necessities I will be in a state of deep melancholy and I want my happily ever after.

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By m.r.buffness

Sorry for all the rubbish my post was enveloped in, I'm in the Christmasy-New Year's mood.
Some of the things I want to do are:
Add some pokemon
Time (possibly day/night)
Another (bad guy) team (or two)
Change the world map
I don't even know if it's even possible to do these things, so I don't really mind your level but I think the minimum I want is someone who can make trainers.

If you ask to join I will give give you what I've done already, I'ts really glitchy, I'm trying to fix it but I really just don't know how. I have only just started making games so don't torch me please.