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January 1st, 2008, 9:39 AM
After the Apocalypse: A New Leaf

War. Famine. Pestilence. Death. These are the four things the legendary 4 Horseman will bring to the world when the Apocalypse happens. In the Pokemon world, this has happened. Long after the days of Ash Ketchum, in a different world. The countries had biological missiles, terraforming, and other catastrophic advancements in war. In this world, one event happened. And this sparked… the Apocalypse.

The first horseman, who brought War, was none other than Grand Premier (Dictator) of Johto, Raul Jezkar. He won by a democratic vote by Johto’s Supreme Court, ruined the countries economy through embezzlement, and was a corrupt man- he took over the country within hours of his election with his violent forces. It was believed he won by a bribe to get a judge of the JSC to vote for him over his virtuous opponent, Xavier Kharishkimov. He, believing Kanto had weapons of mass destruction (which they did), allied with Fiore and Orre. However, his next action was one that would cost the world a whole lot. You see, Kanto had an alliance with Sinnoh and Hoenn, which were stronger and more industrialized than Johto’s friends. When Johto bombed naval bases in the Seafoam Islands, Route 127, and the sea west to Sinnoh, which enraged their respective governments, the Kanto Alliance- made up of militaristic, extremely violent, non-humanitarian superpowers- got PISSED. Soon, the world was in war. Johto was ripped apart by the Kanto Alliance, called the Triple Threat, and Orre and Fiore were blockaded and nuked mercilessly with biological weapons, giving them a horrid plague. This plague was later spread, but here is the jist- it slowly decays a persons organs, and destroys nutrients needed for life. Transmitted by anything, it is uncurable, and destroyed the populations of the other two nations. With its allies out, Johto was quickly conquered, and sliced up. In addition, Southern Johto, Southeastern Hoenn, Southwestern Kanto, and Southeastern Sinnoh contracted plague through secret smugglers bringing in the last few tons of goods from Fiore. Twinleaf, Sandgem, Oreburgh, Pastoria, Littleroot, Oldale, Dewport, Verdanturf and Fallarbor, Cianwood, Azalaea, Cherrygrove, and New Bark, Pallet, Fuschia and Lavender all basically crumbled because their populations died of this plague. However, all the other cities were spared by swift government action- including quarantines and glass domes over plagued areas. Sinnoh took Mt. Silver, Blackthorn, Olivine, Goldenrod, and the Orange Islands, Hoenn took Violet City (heavily fortified, only other city in southern Johto that wasn’t infected), and Kanto took the Whirl Islands, Mahogany, and Ecruteak- all with terraforming. Plagued areas, including the aforementioned cities and routes surrounding, and the countries of Orre and Fiore, all became a continent. The people there suffered from the plague, until most people there were dead. War had cost all the nations a horrid price.

The second Horseman, who brought Famine, was not a person, but the plague. This hit Hoenn and Sinnoh. The plague infected berries, which wiped out Hoenn’s economy. Sinnoh fared better with non-berry fruit in the Orange Islands replacing berries. Half of Hoenn’s economy, based on berries after the costly war, which drafted most potential trainers, professors, and trainer supply makers, was destroyed, and Petalburg, Lavaridge, Fortree and Rustboro, the centers of the berry markets, lost many businesses. This led to poverty, and Pokemon rampaging for food. Corsola in Pacifidlog left for better food, drowning every citizen there. Then, Fortree, Rustboro and Petalburg were overrun with Pokemon, and the crazed beasts killed the senior citizens neighborhoods, as well as the slums in each city. Petalburg was worst hit- very few escaped, and most died of injury. This loss of life was huge for Hoenn. In addition, food was low, and many others in the attacked cities died of starvation and fighting for food.

After Famine, hungry Pokemon, the Third Horseman, brought Pestilence to Sinnoh. The hungry animals rebelled, and massacred Floaroma and Solaceon. Then, they caught plague, resulting in more death for Pokemon. This hit would hurt Sinnoh later, although they come out of this the least scathed.

Finally, Death came, in the form of the 4th Horseman- The Knights of Johto. This terrorist group ravaged Kanto, destroying most of Pewter and Viridian cities. Many more people died fighting them after being drafted. Kanto was hit hard by the group, but the KOJ had to retreat to the underground of the plague continent, called Johtorre. In Johtorre, the old plague got into their tunnels and killed off the Knights.

Evenutally, legends succumbed to the horror. The plague, which had grown and developed and thrived, was finally strong enough to inflict pain upon even the legendaries- the gods of nature itself. Man made plague had finally conquered nature. Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Zapdos, Moltres, Celebi, Deoxys, Mewtwo, Manaphy, and Phione, weakest of all legendaries (made last, when Arceus was running out of juice, or in Mewtwo’s case, a clone- weaker), all succumbed to the plague- making the already catastrophic situation worse.

The losses crippled many economies and populations. Many people died, but even more species of Pokemon were wiped out.

The incredible loss of life enraged the legendaries. All of them, except the two Creators, Mew and Arceus, decided to leave. Arceus tried to plead to them not to go, but they said they already had made a continent, and new Pokemon, and they said that they would protect the new continent. They also took the best normal and shiny specimens of every surviving species- about 4 of each type and gender combination, and put them on the new continent. The new Pokemon also had 4 of each type and gender combo for their populations. Pure-hearted humans were also allowed to leave- and they did. The group left, not to be seen for a long time after- at least 500 years, if not more. Arceus and Mew were despondent. Without guardians, the world would deteriorate at a much faster rate, especially with humans rampaging and destroying the fragile nature. They, in their sadness and rage, went to sleep for 77 years.

In the years, conditions worsened. People died from starvation, poverty and crime, while the government in Johtorre turned to anarchy, as did Hoenn’s populus. Without the trainer economy, the countries collapsed, but Sinnoh and Kanto had natural resources, while Hoenn did not. Sinnoh came out the best, and began to rebuild, but, to protect it in case of another war, sent Mt. Silver into the Orange Islands colony. Their economy thrived on fur, mining, alternate fuels from the Orange Islands- and a good republic with a capitalist economy. Hoenn suffered, with violence and crime claiming a ton of lives in many routes. The country was an anarchy, but not as bad as the chaos in Johtorre. Kanto had a federal democracy, but their economy relied solely on their Vermillion and Lavender based alcohol industry- 77% of the worlds alcohol came from Kanto. The countries continued on the path of slow death. Most of Johtorre was dead, and gangs ruled vast areas, killing those who opposed. By the end of the 77 years, only 10% of the original, Pre-Apocalypse population was still alive. In addition, a Hoenn/Kanto based group called Team Nova had unlocked evolutions hidden within the dormant genes of various Pokemon, making them extremely powerful. They had plans to capture any powerful legendaries they could find. This conflicted with Arceus’ master plan- to make newer legendaries to guard the old regions. Arceus was afraid, and therefore decided to put the new legendaries in Mt. Silver, far from any Hoenn Team Nova bases.

You are either a Team Nova trainer, or a new legendary that YOU create. If of Team Nova, be unendingly diligent on your quest to catch the new legends- no matter what happens. If a legend, you will hide and grow until you can defend yourself, and still hide even after. After you get powerful enough, you must help fix the world, and stop humanity from ever again destroying so many lives.

Le Rules:

oHave Fun!
oObey ALL RPG Forum Rules
oNo god-moding
oNo bunnying
oNo flaming…
oCall me Brad
oIf someone is battling someone, than don’t battle what they are battling!!!
oOnly one new evolution per Pokemon (APPLIES TO TEAM NOVA ONLY) NO EVO’s FROM THIRD STAGES or FROM STARTERS!!!!
oOnly 3 new evolved Pokemon per Nova Agent- I get 6 (I’m the head of TN as well as a legend.)
o1 TN Leader, 3 Elite Admins, 5 Elite Grunts, 7 Admins, 9 Grunts at MOST!!!!!
oBe original- I don’t want another Groudon or Dialga or any of that, aight.
oThree strikes, your out, unless I give you permission (like if you don’t have a huge edit.)

Here is a list, by alphabetical type, that shows just how many species or evolutionary lines (These are if it has Line after the name of the species. In addition, if a line is only partially disrupted, the top species produces the next highest species above the extinct one of the line, or, in some cases, itself, from eggs.) Overall, most Pokemon species were wiped out by the catastrophe- either from human destruction during rampages or the plague. Bug, Normal, Water and Flying types were the worst hit.

All species but the Scyther Line die. The Scythers, being able to go high up in the stratosphere, not picky with food, covered in bulletproof exoskeletons and immune to the plague, easily survived. The other plague resistant bugs were easily killed by human rampaging

Poochyena Line- All of the male Mightyenas were killed in rampages, leaving the species to die.
Sableye- Their small habitats were destroyed by bombs, wiping out there small populations.
Murkrow Line- These lazy birds were destroyed by the massive hunting in some areas, and in the other areas, by lack of food, diseased food, or plague itself.
Carvanha- Overfishing to supply impoverished cities after the Apocalypse killed this one species.
Stunky Line- Killed by poisoned lakes, landslides and plague- easily died.

Bagon and Shelgon- They, being slow, were trapped in their mountains. Once plague got in, their populations died. Only Salamences remained.

Jolteon- Eevee, a hardy, genetically adaptable Pokemon, survived plague due to genetics, but lost the ability to become many of its forms in evolution. Therefore, when dwindling Jolteon populations were hit with plague, they became extinct in a few weeks.
Pichu- They, unfortunately, died in the chaos in Johtorre- they were literally used as batteries, and all died powering the few gigantic factories left after the Apocalypse.
Chinchou Line- They were overfished by Johtorre for food for the millions of stranded people there. Without crops, they needed food, and before Chinchou and Lanturn caught plague, the people ate the fish quickly- often as a last meal.
Plusle- Both it and Minun caught plague, and quickly died.
Minun- See Above
Mareep Line- After the Mareep and Flaafy, dwindling in number, were sheared for wool, they died in the winter, from cold and plague. Ampharos died in rampages.
Pachirisu- They, a weak Pokemon, were eaten by predators in all of the forest ecosystems- as other food died out, the weak squirrel, originally incredibly high in population, was eaten to death.

Mankey Line- Killed in rampages. Makuhita, Hariyama, Tyrouge, Hitmontop, and Riolu met the same fate.
Makuhita Line- Already explained
Meditite Line- They committed mass suicide after their food sources died out.
Mahop and Machoke- They died of mutation from plague in Machamps- when Machop and Machokes died, the Machamps only produced themselves, so no knew Machops were ever produced.
Tyrouge and Hitmontop- AE
Croagunk Line- This species, although poisonous, was killed making poison gas for the anarchists in Hoenn. A rare species, their numbers were quickly used up making poison bombs.

Vulpix- Plague
Houndour Line- They died of plague.
Ponyta Line- Death by extinction of all female Rapidash.
Flareon- Explained with Jolteon- Eevee mutated not to have Flareon by a strain of non-lethal yet mutagenic plague.
Slugma Line- Died in a flood of Lava Path during the 77 year sleep.
Torchic Line- Fried for food by Hoenn citizens for food after anarchy broke out. HFC!!!
Torkoal- By the end of plague, there was one male left in the whole world, and he died of old age, killing the species.
Growlithe- Plague
Magby- Mutagenic plague made Magamrs have Magmar babies, killing Magby.
Numel Line- Died by plague


Pidgey Line- For all bird lines (Pidey, Spearow, Taillow, Starly, Swablu, Chatot, Delibird, Natu, Hoothoot, Farfetch’d, Doduo, and Wingull)- they swarmed, making hunting easy for hungry people in Kanto, Hoenn, and Johtorre)
Spearow Line
Zubat Line- Died from plague
Taillow Line
Starly Line
Doduo Line
Hoothoot Line
Natu Line
Hoppip Line- Died from lack of food
Mantyke Line- Oceanic methane eruption caused by dead matter easily suffocated the Mantyke line.
Wingull Line
Swablu Line

Misdreavus Line- For Misdreavus, Mismagius, Banette and Shuppet, the invention of the GhostKiller by Silph in Kanto marked the end for them- other ghosts hid better or fled to Sinnoh, a safe haven from the GhostKiller.
Banette Line

Oddish Line- All of these species were the most susceptible to plague, and died first. There deaths caused massive disruptions in the ecosystems.
Bellsprout Line
Exeggcute Line
Tangela Line
Chikorita Line
Sunkern Line
Lotad Line
Seedot Line
Shroomish Line
Budew Line
Cherubi Line
Lileep Line

Sandshrew Line- Died from starvation along with the Phanphy and Wooper lines.
Diglett Line- A volcanic eruption in Kanto caused by the KOJ using a lava machine killed this line quickly. The Geodude line suffered the same fate.
Phanphy Line
Trapinch Line- Trapinch and Vibrava were exterminated, and Flygon were shot out of the sky for food. (People were REALLY desperate for food in most places)
Geodude Line
Onix- Mutagenic plague made Steelix reproduce to make Steelix, killing off any Onix.
Wooper Line
Swinub and Piloswine- Killed in rampages by human gunfire.

Smoochum Line- Died of plague

Normal:- Extremely susceptible to food loss and plague, the starved species below were crippled by lack of energy, making the death by plague all but effortless.
Rattata Line
Cleffa Line
Igglybuff Line
Meowth Line
Lickitung Line
Happiny Line
Sentret Line
Snubbull Line
Teddiursa Line
Zigzagoon Line
Whismur Line
Azurill Line
Skitty Line
Bidoof Line
Glameow Line

Poison-Died making poison gas in factories in Johtorre.

Ekans Line
Nidoran Lines
Grimer Line
Koffing Line
Tentacool Line

Psychic- Loss of food killed off these active species- without constant food, telepathy wouldn’t work, and predators easily killed these once mighty creatures.

Drowzee Line
Unown (All of Them!!!)- These mysterious Pokemon were last seen going into Mt. Coronet during an eruption- perhaps commiting mass suicide.
Wynaut Line
Spoink Line
Chingling Line
Mime Jr. Line
Ralts And Kirlia
Beldum and Metang
Bronzor Line

Rock- All killed by plague.

Bonsly Line
Omanyte Line
Nosepass Line
Aron and Lairon

Steel :-Habitat destruction killed off this rare species.


Water: All of the food providing species (Poliwag Line, Shelder Line, Horsea Line, Krabby Line, Goldeen Line, Magikarp, Remoraid Line, Wailmer Line, Barboach Line, Corphish Line, Feebas, Clamperl, and the Finneon Line were fished to death.
Psyduck- Chronic headaches induced by the plague.
Slowpoke Line- Mass suicide.
Poliwag Line
Shelder Line
Seel- Hunting by trophy hunters.
Horsea Line
Krabby Line
Goldeen Line
Remoraid Line
Mudkip Line- Habitat destruction killed off this species
Wailmer Line
Barboach Line
Corphish Line
Luvdisc- Methane eruptions.
Buizel Line- Lack of food
Shellos Line-Lack of food
Finneon Line


Team Nova Agent:

Rank (Leader, Elite Admin, Elite Grunt, Admin, Grunt)
Pokemon: Up to 12

Team Nova Pokemon

Evolves From: Applicable only to new evolutions
Description (Describe in detail a lot for new evolutions)

New Legend

Gender: (If Applicable)

My Sign Ups:
Team Nova Agent:
Name: Brad Matthews
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Description: A 6’5” man covered in muscle. His hair is white/gold, his eyes are red, and his skin is pitch black. This muscular man wears a white fur jacket, gold-rimmed sunglasses, a red fedora, royal blue jeans, a black belt covered in rubies, black leather shoes, and white gloves with diamond knuckle spikes. His hair is spiked, and his eyes have evil intent in them. He stole the clothes in the rampant looting following the Apocalypse.
Personality: A cruel, merciless and cold man, Brad is perfect for an evil leader. He is charismatic, focused, and smart. Unlike most clichéd evil villains, he is bent on killing ANYTHING that stands in his way, and you definitely won’t catch him doing a monologue. This man is pure evil: he has no compassion except for himself and his top Elite Admin, and will destroy anything without a second thought. His twisted mind is the epitome of evil- born of the Apocalypse, raised in evil, shrouded in darkness.
Rank: Leader
History: Born in Ever Grande to rich parents, Brad lived the good life for a very short time. His parents were killed by the Knights of Johto- apparently, his parents used to live in Kanto. After their death when he was 6, Brad raised himself- with the help of household robots. Without any parental guidance, Brad became violent and twisted. Tormented in school, Brad always showed evil- and eventually, shot every kid in a school shooting when he was 11. After that, he retreated into hiding, and continued to kill people- anyone, just to sate his bloodthirst. Then, after resurfacing, he had been forgotten, so he founded Team Nova- and started working on the plan to reconquer the world.


Species: Draglacier
Types: Ice/Dragon
Evolves From: Dragonair
Gender: Female
Personality: This cold dragon is cold, silent, robotic in her actions. She obeys every command, and has no emotions for anything. Evolved from a royal Dragonair, the last royal of the Dragonair/Dragonite species left, she was always obedient, and has served her master well in many a murder.
Description: This Pokemon is a long dragonic figure covered in icicles. It is royal blue, with ice blue icicles jutting from its torso in most places. Its head is white, and has two mouths- each capable of blasting air at absolute zero. Soon after the neck, it has two arms, covered in glacial armor- they end in five-clawed hands, each made of Draglaciers special bones. They can freeze an opponent on contact. This dragons tail ends in a spiked ball of ice.

Species: Yokaistune
Types: Fire/Dark
Evolves From: Ninetales
Gender: Male
Personality: Exactly the same as Brad- murderous, bloodthirsty, evil and charismatic. This beast, evolved from a demented Ninetales, is incredibly evil and goes to great lengths to torture his enemies.
Description: A gigantic red fox with nine tales. It has evil eyes, large claws, and black stripes on its legs. Its fur is impenetrable, and the tails can flatten mountains and raise tsunamis.

Species: Negatov
Types: Electric/Dark
Evolves From: Electrode
Gender: None
Personality: A calm, wise battler, this experienced fighter was one of Brad’s first Pokemon. He is obedient, and shows no conscience- he has thrown that away to please his old friend.
Description: Negatov is a huge black ball, with two glowing green eyes. It has a red pentagram on both sides. A royal blue energy connected neutron of floating golden balls covered with spikes surrounds it. On the outside of those are two white tunnels, ending in huge transparent energy spheres. These tunnels can rotate, giving Negatov great speed and mobility.

Species: Masteghost
Types: Ghost/Steel
Evolves From: Metang
Gender: Male
Personality: Brad’s first Pokemon, this ruthless killer will kill anything to obey Brad. It is a powerful Pokemon, and enjoys the suffering of other Pokemon or humans. It also enjoys killing things.
Description: This Pokemon is a humanoid made of metal. It is tall, and covered in golden armor. Actually, it looks like Master Chief. Anyways, the visor is black. This armor is hollow, and is possessed by the spirit. This armor also contains various guns, making this Pokemon Brad’s favorite.

Species: Sculptuglass
Types: Ground/Psychic
Evolves From: Claydol
Gender: None
Personality: A smart, logical battler, Sculptuglass is a powerful battler and a master of tactics. It particularly enjoys tricking opponents and stopping them early on with long-range, weak attacks, but occasionally uses his more powerful methods.
Description: An giant orb of orange, molten glass, with 10 glass cannon orbs(each with two cannons) rotating around;. At the top, it has a small disk- an antenna of sorts. The main orb itself has one huge blue eye, and below it is another orb with 4 cannons. This lower orb is mainly for propulsion or to blind the enemy.

Species: Serplesios
Types: Water
Evolves From: Milotic
Gender: Female
Personality: This frees-spirited, independent battler brings spunk and determination to the table. She is competitive, and never gives up a battle, unless she faints.
Description: A long, black serpent, covered in red armor, and covered in white stripes. This serpent ends on 1 end in a head, with a mouth of fangs, and blue eyes. At the other end is a semicircle blade, sharp and white/gold.

New Legend

Name: Apocalydraggon
Gender: Male
Description: Due to its power surging through it, Apocalydraggon is a gargantuan 666 feet tall, towering above all Pokemon.. It weighs in a relatively light 8658 pounds, only 13 pounds per foot. It is the beast of hell, the scourge of many. It has 7 heads, each made of the bodies of dead people caked in blood, and separated by barbed wire. The 6 heads on each side have one horn, but the middle head has 4 horns. Each horn has a burning halo crown around it. Each head also has 3 mouths. The first has laser katana for teeth, and the bottom of the mouth is a pit of horrible weapon related tortured. The second mouth has upside-down people being electrocuted for teeth, and the bottom of the mouth has a pit of boiling acid. The third mouth has nuclear warheads for teeth, and a pit of disease-filled, nuclear waste. All the teeth are white, and all the pits invisible. The heads are black, with huge, glaring red eyes on either side. The necks are covered in black scales and in key parts, diamond armor with spikes. The torso, right after the long necks, begins with two long arms stretching out, featuring a ton of arm blades made of the diamond armor, the arms end in a five ruby clawed hand with a vortex on the palm. The part after the necks is mostly black scales and armor, but soon fades into an apocalyptic wasteland. This wasteland is sand, sludge, ruined buildings, and half buried, rotting corpses. The middle features a pentagram. The points of the five sections, and the points of the pentagon in the middle, are never ending pits of hell. The dots are connected by canals of toxic, glowing gold sludge. The underside starts with a huge black and red circle made of the Unholy crystal, then opens to reveal white fire that will suck someone in when open. Then, there is a part with gold armor, and glowing silver energy connecting an intricate pattern, much like that of Rayquaza. The tail is first a spiked, whip, but ends in a narthex (upside-down cross). This cross is made of dead corpses of the Apocalypse, writhing in pain from the simulated plague symptoms.
Personality: A cruel, merciless, and sadistic loner, this Pokemon loves to destroy and kill anything it wants to, except its siblings/Arceus/Mew. It is a dangerous Pokemon, and has a growing power level nearing the one of Arceus. It feeds off misery and pain, and in this time, it is incredibly powerful. It also likes to remain hidden, to constantly menace people by making them think that he could be anywhere.
Types:???(chaos type, supereffective to everything except itself, psychic, dark and ghost, immune to everything except dragon, which isn’t very effective, given to Arceus through Mystery Plate.) and Dragon.

Digimon Kaiser
January 1st, 2008, 3:50 PM
Name: Eric (a different Eric, but a descendant of my usual character) Crier
Gender: Male
Description: He looks like an exact copy of his ancestor Eric Daimon, who was basically the male hero in Emerald. No need to explain more.
Personality: Hot tempered, impatient, energetic, and determined, but a nice guy.
Rank: Elite Admin
History: He was one of the few survivors of the Apocalyspe, and fled to New Island, where his ancestors, and Mewtwo, once lived. He was exiled from Johto by the dictator, and went on from there.
Pokemon: Up to 12 (will do when he has more time)

January 1st, 2008, 3:57 PM
I apologize, good sir, but I must decline your sign-up.


Two, i do not want a decription consisting of Emerald hero. Just... no.

Three, you created a new piece of geography. There is no New Island. If you mean New Moon Island, Cresselia, not Mextwo, lives there.

If he was exiled by Raul, he wouldn't be alive today.

Fifth, you are completely indescript in personality. Another note- hot tempered and nice. Yeah, that COMPLETELY WORKS out.

Therefore, you have one more chance, buddy. If that term is offensive, than sir.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 2nd, 2008, 9:01 AM
Team Nova Agent:

Name: Solana
Gender: Female
Description: Solana Wears A Blue T-Shirt And Hunter Green Jeans. Solana Has Dark Brown Hair And Brown Eyes. She Also Wears Red And White Shoes
Personality: Solana Is A Kindhearted Girl And Cares About Others And Herself. She Is Often Seen Saving Pokemon And People Together. She Has Dreamed Of Of The World One Day Becoming A Better Place,For Pokemon And People. She Often Thinks About Her Real Mom And Dad.
Pokemon: 12
History: Solana Was Born And Raised In Goldenrod City.Her Parents Were Killed When She Was 4 And After That She Was Raised By Two Wild Ninetails.She Learned Almost Everything By Herself But She Still Considers The Ninetails As Her Parents. When She Heard About Team Nova When She Was 10 She Caught And Trained Pokemon And Joined Team Nova. Scince Then She Has Been Helping Pokemon And People.

Team Nova Pokemon

Species: Ninetails
Types: Fire
Gender: Female
Personality: Ninetails Is Very Obedient And Brave. It Will Protect Solana No Matter What. This Ninetails Was Solana's "Mom". Solana Keeps Ninetails Out Of Its Pokeball At All Times.
Description: http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g311/skittles_rainbow1980/Pokemon/anime038.jpg

Species: Charizard
Types: Fire/Flying
Gender: Female
Personality: Charizard Is Very Brave And Adventurous,But It Can Get Too Adventurous.
Description: http://www.ps-games.nl/images/content/006_Charizard.gif

Species: Scyther
Types: Bug
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Energetic And Kindhearted.
Description: http://guidesarchive.ign.com/guides/12045/images/scyther.gif

Species: Raichu
Types: Electric
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Brave And Kindhearted.
Description: http://www.raizap.com/raichu/imgs/Raichu2b.gif

Species: Gardevoir
Types: Psychic
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Brave And Kindhearted.
Description: http://www.psypokes.com/images/gardevoir.jpg

Species: Lucario
Types: Steel/Fighting
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Brave,But Independant.
Description: http://www.foroswebgratis.com/imagenes_foros/3/2/7/7/9/47324320050314_lucario.png

Species: Salamence
Types: Dragon/Flying
Gender: Female
Personality: This Salamence Is Very Kindhearted,But Can Get Very Hard-Tempered.
Description: http://www.arkeis.com/images/pokemonfactory/salamence.png

Species: Blastoise
Types: Water
Gender: female
Personality: very kindhearted and will do anything to protect solana.
Description: http://espeon.homeunix.com/images/gallery/blastoise.bmp

Species: Sharpedo
Types: Dark/Water
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Brave And Energetic
Description: http://www.asmodee.com/dl/sharpedo.jpg

Species: Togekiss
Types: Flying
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Kindhearted Toward Humans And Other Pokemon.
Description: http://www.pokezam.com/site/potw/010.png

Species: Machamp
Types: Fighting
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Brave And Adventurous.
Description: http://www.cemzoo.com/pokedex/68.gif

Species: Eevee
Types: Normal
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Kindhearted And Will Protect Solana No Matter What. Also Very Brave.
Description: http://guidesarchive.ign.com/guides/11154/images/eevee.gif

(Whew,That Took A While...)

January 2nd, 2008, 10:10 AM
One word, Shiny_Eevee- it begins and ends with a d. DENIED.

1) Cliched, indescript histories.
2) Lack of grammar
3) Indescript personalities. Did I mention they were cliched?
4) Lack of description.
5) Fact that you don't even sound remotely evil.

Denied. 1 more chance.

January 2nd, 2008, 3:50 PM
Team Nova Agent

Name: Zen
Gender: Male

Description: Zen wears a leather white t-shirt with a symbol resembling a snow flake with a small diamond in the center. He wears long blue jeans with a metal chain hanging from it. He wears Black shoes with "TB" on it. Most of the time Zen wears a bandana with blue and white stripes on it. He has light-blue eyes and coal black hair. Zen has become stronger on his Pokemon Journey and during his average life. He is a bit hairy but does shave occasionally.

Personality: Zen is a calm, out-going person. He likes things of natural beauty and respects those who respect him. Whenever he gets angry he often fights it out. He hates to be bothered when he's annoyed and he loves to battle with his Pokemon. Whenever Zen sees snow, ice or anything frozen he becomes happier and likes to make jokes. This is because Zen always had a thing for snow and ice-type Pokemon. Since he has joined Team Nova he has become more evil and less Jolly than he was before. Zen is now a rough and rowdy type of person that loves seeing the Deaths of others and the blood of both Pokemon and Humans. Zen would go out at all needs to succesfully complete his missions and to see that all of his schemes and battles are to be a success.
Rank: Elite Grunt
Pokemon: 5

History: Zen has lived in the Sinnoh Region almost his whole life. He was born in Hearthome City and has lived his childhood there as well. Zen has encountered many conflicts and has resolved them as he grew older and older till he encountered a situation that could not be resolved. Countries fought against each other and Pokemon as well as people died. Zen wanted to escape this terror so he left on a boat and sailed off. Zen traveled all the way to Slateport City, Hoenn. Once he arrived at the docks of the city he was greeted by Team Nova. Zen decided to join since it was better than being alone. As time passed Zen has been of a great help to the team. Ever since he had joined Team Nova he has become more evil than ever. He would now go out all that's neccesary to ensure that Team Nova succeeds.

Team Nova Pokemon

Species: Madamice [MA-DUM-ICE]
Types: Ice/Ghost
Evolves From: Froslass
Gender: Female
Personality: Madamice has an evil attitude and hates all except for it's trainer. It alsos has an overruling attitude making jokes of others and commanding other Pokemon and people to do it's dirty work.

Description: Madamice is 4'08 and weighs in at 103 lbs. She wears a golden crown that is formed on her head after evolving from Froslass. Madamice has long, sickle like blue nails that are used for attacking others when in a bad situation. It's arms are curved and a small diamond is in the middle of it's body. Madamice has four eyes, each of it's pupils are red while the rest is of a light blue color. She is able to use the weather as her weapon and can turn warm, sunny days to a blistering blizzard.

Species: Glaceon
Types: Ice
Gender: Male
Personality: Naive and petit. Glaceon likes to make friends and to battle. Glaceon is just like Zen in his personality perspective. He also loves snow as well as objects of natural beauty. Whenever Glaceon becomes angry it releases furious attacks hoping that it would rid of his problem/situation. Glaceon thinks ahead and uses his enemies attacks against them.

Species: Snogre [SNOW-O-GRR]
Types: Ice/Steel
Evolves from: Glalie
Gender: Male
Personality: Hardy and Tough. Snogre hates to lose and loves to win. He becomes angry if he loses, if someone insults him, etc. Although Snogre is an angry Pokemon it is sometimes calm and just likes to relax. But the smallest of comments/insults can anger it resulting in a battle. Sometimes it just attacks furiously for no reason whatsoever.
Description: Snogre is 5'07 and weighs in at 359 lbs. It has a hard metal body made of ice and snow. Huge ice spikes stick from the bottom of it's body. Snogre's body is made of extremely hard snow. It has no pupil nor eyes, it only has two hollow holes for it's sight. It has a mouth full of curved ice sickles that can be used to bite down on enemies. If a ice sickle falls out another would be made in less than five minutes. It's body is shaped as a monster with a wide body and huge bone-crushing hands.

Species: Abomasnow
Types: Ice/Grass
Gender: Female
Personality: Wise and Naive. Abomasnow knows what it should do and what it shouldn't. At times Abomasnow would love to battle just to get things off her mind. Usually it wouldn't care about anyone else except for itself. Ever since it was a Snover, Abomasnow had learned of the world and became smarter with it passing second. It shows no affection whatsoever.

Species: Lapras
Types: Water/Ice
Gender: Female
Personality: Docile and Calm. Lapras is very patient and has an interest into learning more information about her enemies. She likes to glide on the waves of water and it also loves to help Zen's other Pokemon when they are hurt or injured.

January 2nd, 2008, 4:24 PM
MatterX, you are the best I've seen so far. However, you must change a few things.

1) Due to my character being from Snowpoint, it would be preferrable if you changed hometwons.
2) From his histroy and personality, he isn't evil. I mean, look at my guy. he's likes a dictator on a bender while possessed by a demon.
3) Description is more than clothes. Body type (muscle), skin color, any abnormalities...

Change it, and make him EVIL!!! Team Nova isn't filled with nice people! In addition, all Team Nova members shoudl include a part of being seen and selected by my guy- this organization, like a nightclub, is very selective, and Brad, through me, is the bouncer.

January 2nd, 2008, 5:08 PM
MatterX, you are the best I've seen so far. However, you must change a few things.

1) Due to my character being from Snowpoint, it would be preferrable if you changed hometwons.
2) From his histroy and personality, he isn't evil. I mean, look at my guy. he's likes a dictator on a bender while possessed by a demon.
3) Description is more than clothes. Body type (muscle), skin color, any abnormalities...

Change it, and make him EVIL!!! Team Nova isn't filled with nice people! In addition, all Team Nova members shoudl include a part of being seen and selected by my guy- this organization, like a nightclub, is very selective, and Brad, through me, is the bouncer.
Ok, I'll edit it right now.

January 3rd, 2008, 4:04 AM
Change just ONE thing- you don't discover evolutions, that is by Brad. Accepted, if you change that. Your rank is Elite Grunt- I choose rank by quality, and you got that. Bravo

Kim Do-yeon
January 3rd, 2008, 5:20 AM
Team Nova Agent:

Name: Lucifer Geist
Gender: Male
Description: Long Dark hair, Tattoo's on his arms and a pierced eyebrow, well built physique, tanned skin, 5"7, 10st 6pds, size shoe 7 and has many scars from battles.
Personality: Quick to temper, does anything to gain his goals and defends fellow gang members.
Rank: What ever you want.
Pokemon: 3
History: Born and raised in Olivine City where he was not respected so he ran away to see if he can find anyone who will respect him for who he his so he lived in the wilderness and befriended a Machamp, Steelix and Scizor which whom helped him steal money more food and terrorize tourists.

Team Nova Pokemon:

Species: Machamp
Types: Fighting
Evolves From: ------
Gender: Male
Personality: When master is in trouble steps in and attacks the attackee and aggressive.
Description: Four armed muscle Pokémon who can lift extreme amounts of weight and with it's four arms it can lif someone with one pair and punch with the other.

Species: Steelix
Types: Steel/Ground
Evolves From: ------
Gender: Male
Personality: Blocks anyone who he thinks is threatening his master and ill tempered and aggressive.
Description: Long and snake like it can create earthquakes by just slamming it's body full weight down.

Species: Scizor
Types: Bug/Steel
Evolves From: ------
Gender: Female
Personality: Moves fast enough to help her master get away from the authorities and also quick tempered.
Description: Has to scissor like claws which can cut through a steel pipe and athletic bulid which makes it really quick and can put in heavy punches really fast.

Hope this OK Brad.

January 3rd, 2008, 9:37 AM
Team Poison- DENIED

Description- So, is he NAKED???
Bad history- not detailed, and no mention of my character FINDING them. this team was recruited by Brad.
Indescript personality.
Maybe you should have a new evo... everyone else has one or more...Anyways, edit it. Two more tries.

January 4th, 2008, 2:01 AM
Wow, this sounds like an awesome RPG! I think I'll end up signing up as a Nova trainer. However, to be on the safe side, I have some questions about the RPG before signing up:

1. Okay, so a Nova trainer's Pokemon can be genetically evolved forms of existing Pokemon. But can they only be evolved forms of the Pokemon species that are still alive? I know it's possible to take genetic data from dead/extinct Pokemon (otherwise the fossil Pokemon wouldn't exist), but...

2. Once in Team Nova, am I allowed to come up with one or two gadgets or vehicles or such to be used for assignments? Just wondering...

3. Can I RP as both a Nova trainer and a legendary? (Obviously the two won't have anything to do with each other.)

4. Am I allowed to create new attacks or abilities for new evolutions and/or legendaries?

I just don't want to barge right in and sign up, and find out that there are ten different things wrong with my character...

January 4th, 2008, 4:10 AM
Answers to your questions

No evo's from extinct Pokemon. If their whole body decayed from plague (which it did), then there is no way to have a fossil. Not to mention, Team Nova was formed way after most of the extinct species died off.

Yes... I came up with Flying Armored Limo, and... Pokevolution Chambers. Yeah.

You can RP as both. That is what I'm doing.

Yes, you can create new attacks and abilities. Detail them in your POSTS, not in here.

January 6th, 2008, 10:04 AM
im only person that joined last one , do i have to re make apllication...............

January 6th, 2008, 10:35 AM
Can you repost it, perhaps? If you want to, you can remake it, but if you repost the old one it'll still be accepted.

January 6th, 2008, 2:55 PM
Name: Matt Renders

Gender: Male

Description: Matt is a tall male (5’12” to be exact) who weighs 150 pounds; he is slim with an average amount of muscle. He has dark black hair, which is short and shiny. He usually has a very grim look on his face unless he is battling then he has a blank look on his face only for battling purposes. He is always in his Team Nova outfit with the variation of a red vest.

Personality: To summarize him he is ruthless, clever, quick, very bright, but sadly reckless when provoked. He can make quick decisions that are right always. This is what makes an expert battler and an elite admin. He shows mercy to no one because he believes that is useless for it would only allow the weak to survive. He can usually maintain his anger at the world but when provoked he is clouded by extreme desperation. He becomes ruthless which you might think is a good thing but he usually depends on strategy not power even though his pokemon are pretty strong. He is usually quiet because he likes to observe things before making an action

Rank Elite Grunt

Pokemon: He owns an, Scyther, Blaziken, Darkion, Steelram, Shadezel, and Milotic

History: Matt was born during the era of the 4th horseman-Death in Kanto, yet many things from his and his family’s past has haunted him since he was born. His great, great-grand father was a very high ranking general of the Kanto alliance during the 1st horseman era: War, he and his majestic pokemon (with many other Kanto alliance members) led the final battle against Johto making him and any of his relatives (even ones that didn’t exist yet.) put on the Johto’s blacklist. During his childhood he was a nice, good-mannered, quiet kid; because of this kids his age tormented him because he was too good to do anything about. He was like this until his mother died (because the plague finally caught up to her), he went into a deep depression but the tormenting still continued. During his 10th birthday after a long six years in the trainer academy he was to receive from his father (An excellent battler, trainer and mentor he was a replica of his great-grandfather) but when heading to the trainer academy on the Cinnabar Island’s speakerphones came a message Matt would never forget “Residents of Cinnabar we are under siege by The Joh-” the Announcer was cut off and sound of screaming and pain was the only noise left. Matt and the other 10 year-olds fled to the trainer academy so they could enter the secret bunker than flee from Cinnabar Island. When they entered the trainer academy Matt’s father was waiting for them and said quickly to them “follow me!” and started to head to the secret bunker. Matt’s father was revising the plan if and when Cinnabar Island was under attack to the children. Then when they were about to execute the plan the Johto Knights found them. Matt’s father said nobly to all the children “Go now , you know what to do, ill buy you some time and catch up”, after saying this he threw one of his pokeballs to Matt and then said to Matt “Here is a special pokemon, keep it with you always”. The children headed to a secret room that contained an underwater cavern that lead to the Seafoam islands, pokeballs with water pokemon and special devices that allowed people to breathe underwater. Matt’s father pressed a button on the outside wall of the secret room to lock and close the secret entrance. All the children released their water pokemon and put their breathing devices on and headed into the underwater cavern, but from all this trauma something occurred inside of Matt, Matt had finally snapped. To escape though he had pressed the button in the center of the pokeball and released his very first pokemon, a Milotic .He put on his breathing device and he headed into underwater cavern while riding his Milotic .This was the last time anyone has ever seen him, all that is known that in a 20 year time span he has killed many that have crossed him and he sought unfit to live while traveling the regions. Then he met a man named Brad who at first sight he knew he was very twisted and evil, he offered him something that he could not refuse, the chance to conquer the world and remake it.

Species: Scyther
Types: Bug/Flying
Gender: Male
Personality: It is incredibly cocky and ruthless, unless facing a weak opponent then he toys with them for the fun of it. He like all of Matt’s pokemon will do whatever to win
Description: like most scyther, but due to many harsh battles with many tough pokemon he has various battle scars throughout his body. His biggest scar is across his two eyes and forms a giant X.

Species: Blaziken
Types: Fire/Fighting
Evolves From: Combusken
Gender: Male
Personality: It is an almost a exact replica of Matt except it has unquenchable thirst for destruction ,there so alike that even he has a red vest
Description: It looks like the average Blaziken expect it has dark maroon color feather coat and has a red (fireproof) vest over it. Also with vigorous training his flames come out a light black (purpose is to confuse the enemies).

Species: Darkion,
Types: Dark/Steel
Evolves From: Lairon
Gender: Male
Personality: It was the alpha males of alpha males of the Lairon species of the Hoenn region thus it commands dominance, if it doesn’t it becomes enraged with a fury that can not be stop until the other person is destroyed. It is a Noble pokemon but it will do anything to establish its dark reign
Description: Darkion is like a Lairon expect it developed it hind legs so it could walk on two feet it becomes about twice it regular Lairon size and developed a wide yet average length size tail with a sharp point at the end. The spikes on his back have become larger. Its front legs become short arms with sharps steel claws. The steel on Darkion has been tinted a light red and the gray has become a dark black. Its height now is now 5’5” and it weighs 850 pounds because the steel on its body has become denser. It looks like a humanoid/dinosaur fusion (this is they way I always pictured what Aggron should look like)

Species: Steelram
Types: Steel/Dark
Evolves From: Tauros
Gender: Male
Personality: Steelram is an identical copy of Shadezel
Description: its fur has become a dark purple color, while the mane is dark black, and its size has increased by 1.5, its three tails have become 3 and they are wrapped around a thin sheet of titanium with very sharp pointed ends at the end. Under the fur there is a thin sheet of titanium with little holes for the hair to pass. On the outside of it’s body all it’s leg joints are in a titanium band so they cannot be affected in battle thus it won’t be taken down by broken joints. His fur becomes thicker because a thin amount of purple titanium surrounds it. In total it weighs 582 pounds and is now 4’12”.

Species: Shadezel
Types: Dark/Water
Evolves From: Floatzel
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a very dark, very cruel pokemon, has never had any mercy and seeks to destroy all weak things of the universe. It has destroyed many things ever since it was a buizel; this is why it evolved into Shadezel (because of all the negative energy.)
Description: Shadezel has gained a dark, rich crimson coat of fur that corresponds with the black fur on his stomach area, middle of his forehead, mouth area, and at the end of all his five tails. His tail length has become twice as big. At the end of all its tails is one small thorn to optimize its deadliness. The muscles in his body have increased in power by 1.5 giving him a more masculine look. The fangs in mouth have become three times as large as they were before thus they peer out of his mouth. It is now 4’9” tall and he weighs 158 pounds.

Species: Milotic
Types: Water
Evolves From: Feebas
Gender: Male
Personality: It is quite careful and observant and will drag the battle out till he absolutely sure about his and the opponents strategy so that he can counter act and destroy. He is also quite prissy.
Description: like a regular Milotic expect with a shinier coat of scales due to constant care and training. It is always clean because it hates getting dirty. Due to this some call this mitotic “the light of the sea”.

Colonel Dash
January 6th, 2008, 3:21 PM
Team Nova Agent-- Nathan Fiell (Rank)

Description-- He is rather small for a man, only standing at 5'7" and weighing at a mere 116 pounds. He can usually be found stooped over fiddling with some unknown gadget.

He can be seen wearing white, sleeveless under-armor, tucked into black, belted pants with a skull buckle, hanging loosely over black, steel-toe boots. The boots give his small frame two extra inches, so as to appear as a normal sized man. He wears a black trenchcoat with a large white skull on the back. The area around the skull takes on a purplish haze to symbolize poison and death. He has a wicked grin, like something you would see only in nightmares. His once clear, blue eyes took on a grayish quality, and if one looked hard enough one could see a glint of madness. Bags can be seen under his eyes, always there, never healed from his sleepless nights as a child. His unkempt brown hair gave him the appearance of being dirty and unclean, but he was a rather clean man, he took many showers because he felt that there was always a layer of dirt beneath his skin that he couldnt scrub clean. Because of his frequent showers his pale skin lost the quality of being young.

History-- He had a good life as a child, wealthy family, many friends, but it all ended in a single explosion. The Devon building in Rustboro where his parents worked was hit by a poison bomb. He reffered to that event as "That Day."

Before the events of the world war he was a happy child, and couldnt have a worry in the world. His mother and father were Devon employees. His mother worked full-time and could be found in the lab, while his father worked only part-time. His father was a champion breeder. Nathan was often helping his mother in the lab, since from a very young age he had been intriqued by technology. When he wasnt with his mother in the lab, he was with his father, playing with the Growlithe his father had given him, in the large pasture behind his very large house.

As soon as the air-raid signals went off everyone was evacuated to the bomb shelter underneath the Devon building. Explosions shook the ground, ruble falling on people that did not make it to the shelter. His parents were some of those people.

"Have you seen my parents?" he asked to one of his parents co-workers after the worst of the tremors had stopped.

The worker, whose name was Kyle, only looked at him with a sad expression on his face. At that moment Nathan knew that they were gone. With tears streaking down his face he rushed out of the building, ignoring the cries to stay from Kyle and a multitude of other people. He did not care that each breath he took slowly killed him, he only wanted to find his parents. "Tessa, find my parents," he called to his Growlithe as he threw her pokeball.

"Na--Nath--an," a scratchy voice called to him. He turned around and saw both his parents under large piece of debris. His father, lying facedown ontop of his mother, sacrificing himself to protect his wife. Tessa's cries of pain and sorrow, rang out through the night, piercing the silence.

"Here, take this," his mother said in a tired, scratchy voice as she handed him the pokeball of Galay, her Gardevoir. She died as soon of the pokeball left her hand, as if her life force was tied to the pokemon.

A flash of light, turned him around. What he saw shocked him. Standing in front of him was Tessa, not as a Growlithe, but as a beautiful Arcanine.

With Tessa and Galay he moved the bodies of his parents to a quite hilltop where he buried them. He went back to what was left of the Devon building, by this time the city was deserted, only him and his pokemon remained. A sick cough had developed and he knew that he was afflicted by the plague, but he was determined to stay alive. He spent days researching and experimenting the plague. After a week his dreams became haunted, the town was filled with ghosts, and he was coughing up blood. He knew his time was near. Groups of Haunters and Ghastlys wandered the town feeding on the dreams of him and his pokemon. He was determined to put a stop to these hauntings. He went and caught himself a Ghastly to protect from the nightly hauntings. The Ghastly quickly grew and evolved into a Haunter and then a Gengar under the training of Nathan. He named the Gengar, Hollow to represent the emptyness of the town and his heart. A fitting name for a ghost.

A week later he found his medicine, in the form of tainted berries. It didnt cure the plague, it just made it non lethal. It also lessened the symptoms to just coughing and coughing up blood. He finally left Rustboro, in search of a place to continue experimenting and inventing, in search of Team Nova. Before he left he destroyed the rest of the town in a great inferno. Hearing the cries of the burning ghosts, a small smile crept onto his face. He left riding into the distance. He was a changed man. It took him four years to find Tema Nova. Four long years of gathering information and training, but he finally found them, or rather they found him.


1. Tessa (Female Arcanine)
Tessa was given to Nathan as a Growlithe. Tessa was the child of pokemon bred for beauty, speed, and power. So she is very fast and very powerful. Just like the events of "That Day" had changed Nathan they had changed Tessa as well.

2. Galay (Female Gardevoir)
This Pokemon is not evil, it has a kind-hearted nature. She knows of the evil nature of her master, but only becasue her new master is her fomer master's son, she obeys without question or complain.

3. Hollow (Male Gengar)
Caught as a Ghastly to defend Nathan from night attacks from other ghosts. It had an evil nature to begin with so he will happily kill for Nathan.

4. Rampage (Male Vigiroth)
In Nathans travels to find Team Nova he came across a rampaging Vigiroth terrorizing some small pokemon. Nathan watched with glee as the terrified pokemon fled. He noticed the want of power in the Vigiroth's eyes. So he told the creature that if it joined him, it would gain power. The creature thought for a moment, finally deciding that it would be better to join. So without a struggle Rampage, the Vigiroth joined Nathan's group.

5. Destructor (Male Electrode)
This Electrode was found with a group of Voltorb and Electrode wreaking havoc on a small town. It was the leader of the small group of "suicide bombers," and it was the only one who did not selfdestruct. It used the others like toys, easily convincing the others to selfdestruct. After all the others were gone it grew lonely and contemplated suicide. Nathan found it and just like Rampage caught him without a struggle. He eagerly obeys Nathan, the one who gave its life purpose again.

OK. Thats my dude. Can he be an inventor?

January 6th, 2008, 4:10 PM
There is no "inventor"

Two, if he was BORN before the Apocalypse, he'd be dead.

Colonel Dash
January 6th, 2008, 4:41 PM
1. Ok can I invent stuff?

2. "If he was born before the Apocolypse then he'd be dead." Thats so funny. So why couldn't he have survived? If what you say is true than that means there are no survivors. No survivors equal no people. Because you can't be born during or after the Apocolypse if there are no survivors.

January 6th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Hmm.. the Apocalypse in this lasted for about 20 years, then there was 77 more years. If your guy still survives all that, than he wouldn't be in Nova because he'd be too old... That is what I mean.

I guess, but I'll still have to approve any inventions as leader...

Colonel Dash
January 6th, 2008, 5:45 PM
Ok gotcha. Hmm... This will be tricky. Alright so how about my guy is the descendent of Nathan. His name will be... Drake. Oh, but I have to make a new history and stuff for him. Ok can you hold a Team Nova Agent spot for me? Ill probably get back on this tomorrow with my new characters data. If Nathan had worked what would his rank be?

Can he make a device to telepathically relay the thoughts of Pokemon or like revamp the PokeNav to have a Pokemon Translator in it?

Name: Matt Renders

Gender: Male

Description: Matt is a tall male (5’12” to be exact) who weighs 150 pounds; he is slim with an average amount of muscle. He has dark black hair, which is short and ...................

Im sorry, I cant help laughing at these entences. "[s-highlight]Matt is a tall male (5'12"[/s-highlight] to be exact) who weighs 150 pounds; he is slim with an average amount of muscle. He has [s-highlight]dark black hair[/s-highlight]..."

Person1 "Hey buddy, how tall are you?"
Person2 "I'm 5'12."
P1 "5'...12" so you're 6 feet?"
P2 "Nope, I'm 5'12."
P1 "Right, so what color is your hair?"
P2 "My hair is dark black."
P1 "Dark...black, I'm leaving now."

Yeah so, I don't mean to be rude, but that was ridiculous. Please proof-read before you post, so you dont make a fool of yourself.

January 6th, 2008, 7:55 PM
Um. . . Syn really would like to join this RP, however, she's worried she won't be able to post often. . . Ah, what the hell. She'll join, if that's all right with Brad. *smiles*

New Legend

Name: Glaciatrum

Gender: Female

Description: Glaciatrum is known as the 'Swift Claw' Pokemon. Her body resembles that of a dragon, but she lacks the majority of the necessary biochemical structure and enzymes that give Dragons' their imense power. This would place her in the category of a psuedo-Dragon. Despite not being a "true" Dragon, she has a very drakonic (and wolfish) appearence. Glaciatrum is slender and lithe, and is built for climbing over rugged, mountainous terrain. Because of her body structure, she can walk or run on either four or two legs. She is also covered in fur which protects her from the hard cold of the snow. Her fur is of three hues; Silver, black, and white. White is her primary colour, as the silver is just a long, wide strip from running from her nose, almost to her tail tip. The black is a thin and curved line that starts at the courners of her nose, runs down the length of her body, and seperates the white and grey fur. Her long ears are white, each capped in black.

However, one's attention would immediately be drawn from Glaciatrum's lavish fur to the weapons that she possesses--her talons. On each 'hand' and 'foot' is a long, curved, wicked-looking claw. These assist her in climbing through mountains and trekking through snow, as well as slashing through her prey and opponents. She could easily tear through steal with them. The drawback of these claws is that they must constantly be taken care of, and if one breaks, the pain is so agonizing that she is unable to hunt until it grows back. She is at her most vunerable when a talon breaks.

Here's a quick picture Syn drew of her: http://s257.photobucket.com/albums/hh209/ThisIsSynsAccount/?action=view&current=Glaciatrum.jpg

Personality: Being a "lesser Legendary", Glaciatrum has taken on more of a submissive and subordinate personality. She's respectful of her siblings and often gives them a wide berth, not wanting to impose herself upon them. (Obviously, Glaciatrum's view of herself is somewhat low.) She is more of a follower than a leader, and usually completes whatever task the other Legendaries request. When around people she isn't familiar with, she's rather shy and introverted, and the majority of the time Glaciatrum doesn't even bother to show herself to others.

It's unfortunate that she doesn't, however. Though she's a bit of a sorrowful creature, she tries to put on a good face for those she's comfortable with. Not only that, but she's extremely intelligent and preceptive. After many years of living in the wilderness she's become observant and quick-witted. However, there are times that she can be dangerous, such as when she feels threatened or panics--she'll completely lose control of herself and will revert to a feral state of mind.

Types: Ice and Dark, ability: New Moon (Hp gradually increases when battling at night (after 6 pm) Glaciatrum's stats rise. It's made up, is that all right?)

And, yeah. . . that's it. Syn hopes she'll be accepted, and if anything seems off, she'll change it.

January 6th, 2008, 10:15 PM
The stupid database error prevented me from posting this yesterday...

Nowadays what I usually do in RPG signups is signup as a character I've created a while ago (in Lupin's case, about a year and a half ago), and modify his/her story and characteristics a bit to fit the RPG. Well, as Lupin happens to be my most in-depth character, I ended up trying to make his signup shorter... (But obviously I'm not good at doing that at all...)
Team Nova Agent

Name: Edwin Tasselbury, a.k.a. Lupin
Age: 23
Gender: Male
The basics
Lupin is about 5'9" tall. His hair is fairly curly and long--as in almost touching his shoulders--and a light brown in colour. (More specifically, various shades of blond.) His eyes are a deeper, darker brown, an interesting contrast to his skin, a very pale shade thanks to lack of sunlight. Gaunt best describes his figure, yet he manages to avoid looking weak or dead. Besides, at least his face and hands don't look that bony. You won't find a whole lot of muscle on him (except maybe on his legs, since he's a very fast runner)--just enough to be able to move around and such. And with absence of strength there is flexibility anyways. Form really does follow function...
Outfit and such
Lupin wears a fairly long black jacket that fits him perfectly, so it doesn't look big on him or anything. There is the occasional golden button on the end of a sleeve or near the collar. He wears a shirt underneath the jacket, but it can't be seen at all anyways because he always buttons the jacket all the way up to his neck. Also he wears what look like black jeans, except they're made from a slightly more comfortable material. These too are not too tight or baggy. He's not a firm believer in sneakers, and thus instead wears another kind of shoe made from black leather.
Lupin also wears a pair of glasses that have rectangular lenses and barely visible frames.Without them, his vision is still pretty good, but not as good as with them. Besides, the lenses (which look very slightly tinted) allow him to see invisible laser beams used for security and such. Also, he doesn't carry around any sort of bag or backpack or anything--he just keeps everything his jacket pockets for the most part. And "everything" isn't really much--just a wallet, Pokeballs, a couple of other little gadgets (to be described further in the RPG).
Lupin is probably most noted for defying rules or laws or even authority, and for doing things as secretly as possible. He's also not the one to show much emotion, not even the stronger emotions such as anger (revenge perhaps--but not anger), sadness, or even joy. Instead, he'll mantain either a smirk or cold gaze when around people, or else stick around and remain silent. Or he'll just avoid other people altogether--after all, he prefers to do things alone. However, he can tolerate being around his friends or his Pokemon a little. He is capable of showing compassion for just about anyone, but there is nobody he completely trusts, although it can be said that the person he trusts the most is Kelsey (see History-Orange Islands/Hoenn), and perhaps his Sinistress (see Pokemon section). He shows respect for his Pokemon--maybe kindness is going a little too far, as he has the tendency to push them a little too hard occasionally in battles.
Strengths and Likes
Most notably, Lupin has an immense amount of willpower--when faced with anything from a regular ache or pain to a perilous situation, he'll push himself to or even past the limit of what he can do in order to endure or cure it, if he really has to (or at least not complain about it at all). Well, he does practically everything only if he really has to, just to save what little time and energy he may have. He figures that any moment could be his last, and practically dares death to fall upon him--so of course he's okay with an element of risk, all to achieve the full potential of his abilities. (Perhaps this was mainly what enhanced his intelligence and reflexes...) Anyways, going back to the first part of the Personality section... Lupin is a highly skilled thief, especially of things that are not alive. On rare occasions this gives him a bit of a thrill (especially when he spies on the victim to see the reaction to the lost item), yet it has become natural to him, since it helped him make it through most of his life. However, one thing he will never steal is a Pokemon from a trainer. He's also recently taken a liking to killing people he has a grudge against, for example. (Gangsters are fun to kill as well.) But as for murder and theft, especially (it can be applied to nearly everything else he does), he does it quickly, quietly, and reasonably. He stays calm throughout, and if anyone is in the way, he's much more likely to wait or distract them with a false kindness than just push them aside. (Going for anyone but the target is pointless and might arouse suspicion, he figures.) What's more, he takes careful measures to ensure the same thing does not happen to him.
Weaknesses and Dislikes
Most of Lupin's weaknesses are physical, yet there is the fact that he has nightmares quite frequently. Which is strange, given the fact that consciously, he really doesn't fear anything. Anyways, as for things he dislikes:
Personal questions -- To these he'll do anything but answer truthfully in most cases (though he's not likely to shout at the asker either), though he'll usually mention it not being important or lie about it.
Sunlight -- Well, if he doesn't like to be noticed and can see pretty well in the dark, it would make perfect sense for him to be nocturnal.
Teasing and name calling -- Who doesn't?!? To this he'll usually explain why it's not a bad thing, or just glare at the person.
...Among other things to be revealed in the RPG.

Rank: Elite Admin
Lup--er, Edwin, I should say (as he didn't nickname himself yet), lived with his parents in Vermilion City during most of his childhood. His parents were quite poor, as Dad had a low-paying job in the alcohol industry, and Mum was unable to find a job. Dad was angry at Mum for wanting a child so badly ("How are you going to support him, huh?"), but decided to take out most of that anger on Edwin instead. (Perhaps he still loved his wife a little.) He even took to hitting him and torturing him, in as many ways as possible. (It would probably not be wise to go into detail at this point.) Mum was afraid to stop him, fearing she would face the same fate. This stage of Edwin's life contained plenty of fear and depression, and at times got to be more than he could handle. (Yes, he was a crybaby back then.) Though over the next couple of years, he started to venture out into the city to be free from his father. He felt safer doing this at night, as somehow he felt comfortable when he couldn't be seen as easily. While out, however, there were numerous times when he nearly got killed or kidnapped by a stray gangster from Johtorre, for example. Oh well, at least it was better than hiding in his room all the time. Over time, he started to take advantage of the time when his parents were asleep, usually to steal food or money from them. ...Although this only led to a mad Dad. Anyways, eventually Edwin got really desperate and decided to try running away. So he seized the opportunity to sneak onto a ship and cross the water into parts unknown...

Orange Islands
Something fortunate finally happened to Edwin shortly after his arrival in Valencia Island: some generous woman took care of him for a short while then brought him to the orphanage that was there. It took Edwin quite a while to get used to being treated with kindness, after ten years of dealing with his father, but after a while he recovered and started to view life as quite pleasant. Well, except for the fact that quite a few of the other kids there made fun of him, probably because he was much older than most of them, or just for fun. He often got called a baby for that reason, but over time started to be called a lot of dog-related names, due to some random activity that had to do with his group forming a team and calling it the Wolves. Anyways, after two years, someone new was brought into the orphanage: a little girl named Kelsey. Edwin ended up taking quite an interest in Kelsey, mostly because she was much more respectful than the others, and because she was sort of a miserable girl as well. But, they barely had time to talk to each other before someone came along to adopt Edwin...

Edwin ended up with another family who lived in Hearthome City. (Or "Heartbreak City", as it had come to be nicknamed, as places such as Amity Square and the Contest Hall were destroyed.) And it turned out that all three of his new brothers were adopted as well, so all four of them grew up to resemble a close group of friends. Anyways, in this period of time, Edwin heard about Pokemon for the first time--for some reason, nobody brought the subject up back in Vermilion or even Valencia. And, his adopted parents were interested in the history of Pokemon before the Apocalypse, and often told the children stories about the extinct Pokemon. They also told about how most legendaries escaped to a new, hidden continent. One of those legendaries was Darkrai, which came to be Edwin's favourite Pokemon soon enough. Anyways, to make a long story short, within a few years Edwin and his "brothers" (though he called them friends) all had Pokemon, and they were all traveling together around Sinnoh, just exploring and occasionally causing trouble. Also, they went on a nicknaming frenzy--all four of them gave themselves nicknames for fun. So there was Halberd, Warren, Merlin... and Edwin came up with Lupin. (After all, there was the wolf incident on Valencia, and that this group reminded one of a pack of wolves. The complete reasons were fairly complicated, but...) And, all four together became the Kuronekozoku, or "black cat clan" as they sometimes called it. Hee hee hee, what a fun little group to be in...

Okay, so cats are great, but they also live alone. So it happened that after a bit of wandering around Sinnoh, the Kuronekozoku approached adulthood and broke up. But it wasn't all bad--Halberd became a mechanic, Merlin became a very successful fortune-teller, and Warren got married. Er... but then what about Lupin? Well, by that time Lupin had really come to like exploring places, and so he continued doing just that. This time, he traveled to Hoenn. Hoenn was obviously very different from Sinnoh though--Sinnoh seemed like a peaceful sanctuary next to Hoenn. The continent was full of anarchy, and violence and crime broke out pretty much everywhere. But to Lupin, it actually seemed like a very interesting place--he surmised that it was "full of people in the same league as him". Yet there was one more interesting thing about the place: the Kelsey girl from before now lived there, in Slateport to be exact. But, just as before, the two barely had the chance to talk to each other before gunshots sounded near the Cycling Road. Immediately Lupin led Kelsey further along the route, far away from where the guns were fired from--only to wind up in a sort of ambush by a small gang which occupied New Mauville. Kelsey was lucky enough to escape from this attack, but Lupin wasn't. Thinking Lupin was done for, Kelsey ran away. But he wasn't--seconds later he managed to escape too (though badly hurt), and even managed to kill one of the gangsters in the process.

Lupin spent the next two years in Hoenn. Unlike during his childhood, he was not about to make a desperate move to run away, and of course he wasn't crying or even afraid either. Perhaps the course of time had changed him in this way--yet who knows how that works out... Anyways, again to make a long story short, after two years, he decided to enter New Mauville to have his revenge on the remaining gang there. It seemed pretty easy by now, but this time the gang was not there--perhaps they died out or moved. Yet there was one other person there: a grunt from this organisation called Team Nova. The Grunt had been sent by Brad to New Mauville to recruit Lupin into the team, and mentioned something about reports from other grunts and occasionally Brad, who had been watching him a few times in the past year.

So now Lupin is in Team Nova, and part of the mission to capture the new legendary Pokemon. Even though he wasn't that keen on taking Pokemon from trainers, these legendaries were wild Pokemon, so they were okay.


Species: Absol
Type: Dark
Gender: Male
Personality: Scout likes to wander off on his own. In the past, back in Sinnoh, he used to do that a lot, but now that he's in Hoenn instead, he figures that wouldn't be as safe anymore. Certainly, he could wander off one day--but that would mean risking his life, something he didn't really like to do. Scout is the careful sort of Absol, and also the kind who does not like to rush into action. So in a battle, he bides his time for the first few moments, and only attacks when he feels it's safe to. He trusts Lupin quite well, and will often wait for his approval before doing something that sounds risky, e.g. going off on his own. However, he's fine with making decisions on his own in battle, as he knows that Lupin almost always follows the rules in a battle.
Description: Doesn't look too different from a regular Absol, so there's not much to put here.

Species: Arcanine
Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Personality: It is in the nature of a Growlithe, especially, to have a tendency to be loyal to its trainer, and that was possibly a characteristic that was passed to this Arcanine as well, even after Growlithe's extinction. Unlike Scout, Sirius does not like to wander off on his own--he usually stays with Lupin unless he has a very good reason to leave him. Perhaps this is because he was Lupin's first Pokemon and thus has gotten quite used to being around him. Occasionally he even worries about him or tries to protect him. Anyways, another interesting aspect of Sirius is his attraction to girls, especially female Arcanine or such. Okay, maybe it's not as bad as the situation with Brock, yet occasionally it does annoy Lupin a bit. ("Who can be thinking about romance, especially at a time like this?!") And another aspect is that he loves to look at the stars in his spare time--perhaps that's where he got his nickname.
Description: His fur is dark red instead of the usual reddish-orange, but it's not enough of a colour difference to make him shiny. And the white tufty parts of his fur are longer than normal, and are tinted with gray instead of yellow. Oh well, at least at first glance he doesn't look to different from a regular Arcanine--the same size and everything. (Maybe he's a little lighter than the average Arcanine, but...)

Species: Shiny Umbreon
Type: Dark
Gender: Female
Personality: Alice is the most timid of all the Pokemon, as well as the most finicky. (Well, she's a cat Pokemon, what do you expect?) She's especially picky about food, appearance, and health, so she doesn't like to battle too often. Also, she'll practically never battle in the daytime, as she likes to use darkness to her advantage in battles. Plus, many of the other Pokemon agree that she looks very beautiful using a Psychic attack while lit by moonlight. Maybe this is why Psychic is her favourite attack to use, plus any other attacks that don't require touching the opponent. Anyways, Alice probably spends the most time out of her Pokeball out of all the Pokemon (though Scout comes close)--she also is not too fond of being trapped in a strange world of red energy. In fact, she hates the colour red. Although dark red is okay, as in the colour of Sirius and blood. Speaking of Sirius, there are rumours that he has a crush on her... and/or that she has a crush on him.
Description: Alice is half the size of the normal Umbreon, and her eyes are a bright magenta. (Yes, they're MAGENTA, not red, so there.) And did I not mention shiny? (In fact, her name came from the colour of the rings on her ears and such, as there is such a colour as Alice blue.)

Species: Lucario
Type: Fighting/Steel
Gender: Male
Personality: If you combined most of the personalities of Sage and Sinistress, you would get a personality very similar to Lupin's. Sage has his willpower and sense of adventure, as well as the tendency to remain calm in most situations. Also, he's not huge on battling--though unlike Alice, he prefers to fight during the daytime, as he can't see that well at night. He's probably the only one of Lupin's Pokemon who might prefer day to night, and sometimes he acts as a watchfox or something (Lucario resembles a fox, doesn't he?) during the daytime while Lupin and most of the other Pokemon sleep. Anyways, back to battles or missions, Sage is, as mentioned before, calm in most situations, and missions and adventures are no exception. Perhaps one reason why he's not too keen on battling is because he tends to get more aggressive than usual if in a battle with a female Pokemon. Kind of like the opposite of the Rivalry ability, if you ask me.
Description: Sage's colour scheme is the same as a regular Lucario, pretty much. Compared to Lupin, he's about a foot shorter and fifteen pounds heavier (maybe his tail is a factor), so compared to the average Lucario he's the same weight but a little taller.

Species: Sinistress (Lupin wasn't able to give her a nickname because he got her from Brad.)
Type: Ghost/Dark
Evolves From: Duskull
Gender: Female
Personality: Sinistress is not pure evil, but she's pretty close. (After all, "sinister" is part of her name.) She's quite sadistic, especially in battles--she's usually very tempted to attack the foe even after it faints. Speaking of attacks, one ability her has is to morph her attacks to have a slightly different shape or effect. Not to mention that she knows a few attacks unique to her species--Dark Fire and Soul Thief, for example. (These attacks will be described in more detail in the RPG.) Outside of battle, her method of obtaining energy is taking energy from one's aura, kind of like how a psychic vampire does. On rare occasions she'll also absorb the victim's soul into the skull charm on her cape. As for the charm itself, removing it inflicts an agonising curse upon the holder. Curse is also one of her favourite attacks to use, and besides she doesn't mind the self-damage done too much. You can call her a pain maniac of sorts. She definitely does not fear it--or pretty much everything else for that matter. (Perhaps Brad chose this Pokemon for Lupin because she resembled him in this way.) Yet it can be argued that she fears sunlight--we all least she completely despises it. Anyways, Sinistress can also be described as the most evil and the most aggressive of all the above Pokemon, and she loves to battle and threaten people. But one thing that makes her sort of opposite Lupin is emotion in general--she shows it a lot more, often to extreme points.
Description: Kind of looks like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/sinistress.gif), except with a black dress and cape, dark purple hair, slightly paler skin (if you can call it skin--it's more like ectoplasm), and a skull instead of the red orb fastened to her cape. (After all, I created Sinistress as an evolution of Mismagius, so I have to modify her to be more like Duskull, since Mismagius is extinct.) She's about two feet tall and weighs just one pound at the most--after all, she is a ghost. (Hey that rhymes!)

...And my trio of Legendaries

Gender: Female
Description: Like this (img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/primaverde.gif), except without the icicles. Primaverde is about eight feet tall and weighs about 650 pounds. Arceus created her as the guardian of all plants, especially fruit-bearing ones. She was created in the hopes of re-filling the world with plants and foliage, to make the world a happier and more abundant place to live in. Of course, that would have made sense, since Arceus and Mew hoped for a better world overall.

The berry atop Primaverde's stem is a Frutai Berry, the first Berry that appeared after the Apocalypse. The berry is capable of fully healing a Pokemon when eaten, but a Frutai Tree grows very slowly without Primaverde being present. This Frutai Tree only produces one Frutai Berry, but also produces three of every other type of Berry previously in existence. The hope is that various regions would soon become berry paradises...

Primaverde is incapable of moving around on her own, so upon her creation, Arceus also summoned three Alakazam to protect and transport her. Of course, she wouldn't need to move around until she's ready to leave Mt. Silver, but she has to get to know the Alakazam a bit first, right?
Personality: Primaverde is a very optimistic Pokemon, and she has good hopes for the future of the Pokemon world now that the Apocalypse is over. After all, from such chaos comes peace and happiness, so she believes. Of course, the world may not be very peaceful now, but luckily Primaverde is also very patient--she'll be comfortable waiting 423 years for a peaceful world. But of course she doesn't believe in total peace--she knows that there will always be evil in the world. Anyways, Primaverde is calm and doesn't get upset easily, which is a good thing because she won't be complaining about not being able to walk or anything. A side effect of that is dependence--she often asks others to do things for her, although in a very polite way. ("Auroracle, would you please carry me over to the waterfall? I mean, if you feel able to...") Yes, and Primaverde is in fact very friendly as well. She enjoyed the company of the three Alakazam, as well as the company of Qingrila and Auroracle in Mt. Silver. However, she's not able to get to some of the other caves to socialise with some of the other new legendaries (which in some cases is good, because she can stay away from Apocalydraggon for instance).

Most of the legendaries have a close connection to nature, but Primaverde is most noted for it--it's as if she's the goddess of nature itself. Her main goal at this point is to plant berry trees all over the world, and bring life and happiness and bounty back into the ruins and devastated areas. Now her plan is to wait until all the violence clears up a bit at least, but she figures she'll stay in Mt. Silver a bit longer.
Type: Grass/Ground

Gender: Female
Description: A picture (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/auroracle.gif) is worth a thousand words. But it doesn't show height and weight, unfortunately. Auroracle is the second tallest Pokemon in the world, at about a hundred feet long (first is obviously Apocalydraggon), and weighs just under half a ton. Her body is made of a sort of flexible crystal, the rarest type of crystal in existence. The crystal itself amplifies psychic abilities, much like a Spoink's pearl. (But obviously, while Spoink could easily lose its pearl--a reason for extinction--Auroracle could not easily lose her body.) This also means that the crystal part of her body is transparent.

Auroracle is known as the Seer Pokemon. She has a unique psychic ability that lets her see anything in the universe. And although she can't look into the past or future like Xatu used to, she can look into people's souls as well. She can't read minds exactly, but she can see into their inner spirit, and everything it's been through. So sometimes she predicts a person's motives from there. Arceus created her as an informer of what is happening in the world, and if she saw anything of importance, she would report it to some of the other legendaries via a telepathic signal. After all, Arceus decided to take extra measures to protect her, so it forbade her to exit the cave she was hidden in--an icy chamber located in the lowest point of Mt. Silver. (And it made her Ice-type as well as Psychic so that she could withstand the cold.)
Personality: After Mesprit was destroyed in the plague, Arceus figured that creating another ruler of emotion would be pointless. Even so, emotion must have been in the back of Arceus's mind when Auroracle was created, because Auroracle shows it quite a lot. When she feels the more extreme emotions such as sadness or anger, she sometimes fires waves of psychic energy all over the place, which is why the icicles in the cave she was placed in were covered with a sort of psychic shield to prevent the cave from collapsing. (Auroracle is very careful not to hurt anyone with these outbursts.) However, sometimes the ground above her chamber shakes, because the psychic waves can be pretty strong. Auroracle definitely was not creted as a weak legendary--she's probably one of the strongest in existence. And for some reason, her attacks are not as strong while she's calm. While someone comes by her cave to check on how she's doing, she stays cooped up in there for days at a time, and shows the most emotional outbursts of any time. (Maybe this is so that she could practice her attacks and get stronger?) And, sometimes she would cheat a little by venturing to the warmer cave above her. She especially does this when she becomes lonely and wants to chat with the other legendaries. Auroracle really does have a restless spirit--she badly wants to be outside, out in the world, to "stretch" a bit, to smell fresh air, to bask in the sun. She had heard of sunsets before, but never got to see one because she was created inside the cave (she was one of the last legendaries to be created). One bad thing about her remote vision, as it is called, is that it only allows her to sense the shape and perhaps colour of objects, but never to actually see them. So if there's something really beautiful in the world, she's not able to fully appreciate it. Anyways, Auroracle also becomes upset and lonely very easily, so she visits other legendaries whenever she can, since Arceus isn't around.

Auroracle's goal is obviously to get out into the world, but also to figure out the motives of the members of Team Nova.
Type: Ice/Psychic

Gender: It varies--often takes on the same gender as those it happens to be with. As in the RPG Qingrila will be hiding in the same spot as Primaverde and Auroracle, it'll be female for now.
Description: Six feet long, 153 pounds, looks like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/qingrila.gif). Its tail is made of (and capable of producing) a fluid that can heal all injuries, pains, missing body parts--basically fully heal a person or Pokemon. However, the tail only produces enough for five at a time, and only works on the pure-hearted. And, it takes a hundred years for the fluid to come back (although the tail looks the same until then).

Qingrila is in several ways the opposite of Apocalydraggon. It represents heaven and peace, and was created to appear in places where harm and tension are absolutely minimised. However, for some reason Arceus forbidded Qingrila to enter the new continent where the old legendaries are. To get to such place, Qingrila employs something similar to teleportation--it actually travels to a tunnel that goes between several dimensions before arriving in a new place. Usually Qingrila doesn't like to spend much time in any other dimension, as it's so unfamiliar with them, though occasionally it spends a little time in what it calls the "digital dimension", the dimension created by computers and Pokeballs. So it can also visit other Pokemon who are in their Pokeballs this way--but can't force them to come out. Anyways, Qingrila also does not like to attack or even to battle in general. Stat-wise, Qingrila is the weakest legendary in existence, and is easier to capture than a Magikarp. This is because in a world where all is peaceful, nobody would have any reason to hurt or capture anybody, so Qingrila would not need offense or defense power or high capture rate. Qingrila does have an ability to bring out peaceful feelings in people, but that might not work on those who have way too much evil in their hearts. So at the last minute Arceus put an energy field around Qingrila that stops Pokeballs from working. However, there's a suspicion that certain other electrical devices might create a hole in the shield, that the shield might deteriorate, or that someone would capture Qingrila without a Pokeball. So it should be a long time before Qingrila is ready to leave Mt. Silver...
Personality: Qingrila is a peaceful, calm, and trusting Pokemon--it believes in others completely and respects whatever they do. It believes strongly that there is good in everyone--yes, even Apocalydraggon. Speaking of Apocalydraggon, Qingrila stays far away from him when roaming around Mt. Silver. Typically the more evil someone has, the less frequently they're visited by Qingrila. Fortunately, most of the legendaries in Mt. Silver are otherwise benevolent--or at least a few of them are. Perhaps this is why Qingrila would be drawn to Primaverde for companionship, and Auroracle for protection. Who knows--maybe she might leave Mt. Silver someday, yet only by tagging along with Auroracle. Anyways, in Mt. Silver, Qingrila spends much of her time with Auroracle, asking her what she sees and hoping for a sign of peace in the world. (Currently it is hopeful for Sinnoh and the Orange Islands, at least, but not so hopeful for Hoenn, Johtorre, and Team Nova.) Or she lets her mouth drool with Primaverde's talk about berries.

Qingrila's goal is the end of all the violence and chaos and anarchy in the world, and her greatest fear is being captured by Team Nova. After all, it could not surmise what Team Nova would do to it upon capture. Torture her? Destoy her? Or maybe use her for something (it couldn't imagine what)?
Type: Dragon/Light (Light basically has the opposite weaknesses/resistances of Dark-type; Psychic attacks are super-effective on it)
Ok, I fixed the legendaries' signups. Is it still okay to have the three Alakazam in there with Primaverde?

Whoops, it seems I indirectly stated Lupin's weight in Lucario's signup. XD

January 7th, 2008, 4:17 AM
Heyhey! Here come evaluations!!!

Colonel Dash- Sure. That's fine. In addition, he'd be Elite Grunt.
Psychotic Demon- Accepted. Great job.
Ninetales- Lupin is accepted, as for the legends...

They're fine, actually amazing, but I just need a history edit. they are going to start born, in Mt.Silver, which is now in the Orange Islands. In addition, since the old legends are making new legends at a weaker state, the old legends will not be around for socialization. And no, there is no good in my guy XD.

If you edit that little bit in the history, definitely accepted to the nth degree! Lupin is an Elite Admin, that is how great your sign-up is.

January 7th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Yay, thank you, Brad. Is there anything else we should know about the RP?

January 7th, 2008, 9:44 AM
Hmm... none at the moment. You know what- I'll make a Discussion thread for this kind of stuff. All question go in there.

January 7th, 2008, 10:56 AM
All right, that's a good idea. *sits and waits patiently for discussion thread and RP*

Actually, Syn might create another legendary to counter-balance Glaciatrum. . . If that's okay with Brad, of course.

New Legend

Name: Toxadacia

Gender: Female

Description: The 'venom tip' Pokemon. Toxadacia is built perfectly for her enviornment, the desert and arid plains. A lengthy spine and long, muscular legs give her flexibilty and power to run at ridiculously high speeds (she's the fastest Pokemon currently existing.) But, unlike most fast runners, she can turn on a dime if she needs to, thanks to her ability to twist her body around in mid air and her extremely long tail. The tail is actually a very important appendage on Toxadacia, as it not only helps her balance, but is also her main weapon. On the end of her tail is a fleshy spade that contains a system of veins full of venom. This venom is injected into an opponent or prey by the sharp tip of her tail, and once it spreads through their bodies it causes their muscles pain and forces them to lock up and spasm at random intervals. It can kill, if enough was injected into a being, but that would take almost all of Toxadacia's poison built up in her tail. The poison takes a long time to make (about seven hours for a full spade), so the more she uses, the more she has to recreate. Lucky, she can control the flow of poison, so if she wanted to, she could just slice through somethhing without poisoning it. Additionally, her tail doesn't even have to be used as a stinger. It's strong enough to be used as a whip.

Other adaptations Toxadacia has been gifted with are her large furless ears and tail spade. The fleshy ears and tail allow her to keep cool in the heat. Her paws are clawed (not pictured), but they are blunted so that they contract with the earth and assist her in running.

(She's actually from a completely different storyline, so ignore the chicken scratch around her) Toxadacia (http://psychoticdemon.deviantart.com/art/Venomtip-Kyael-60688900)

Personality: The other 'lesser Legendary' and polar opposite of Glaciatrum, Toxadacia is a being of physical capabilities rather than mental capablities. She's headstrong and sarcastic, and could easily be considered 'b*tchy'. She usually means what she says, but not always, which makes it difficult for others to tell if she's joking around or if she actually is insulting them. She really doesn't care if they hate her or not, which only makes her all the more difficult to deal with. Either she's right and thou art an ignorant fool, she denies she ever said anything that was incorrect, or finds a way to mangle her words to form a completely different meaning, therefore justifying herself. Toxadacia's somewhat twisted, and could laugh hysterically about Armagedraggon killing an unlucky random being--after all, they're going to a 'better place'. (Not that she believes in a better place; she just wants to justify herself.)

If challenged to a battle, Toxadacia gets a little. . . crazed. She will unleash everything she has on them, and unlike Glaciatrum, she does so willingly (and frequently). Her "attack now, think never" attitude is dangerous for herself and those around her. She refuses to back down from anything, and never bothers to hide herself or cover her tracks.

Types: Poison and Fire, ability: Solar Flare (Toxadacia's speed increases tenfold when the sun is setting.)

Would this be okay with you, Brad?

Colonel Dash
January 7th, 2008, 6:45 PM
Ok, I'm currently working on my guy's data, so I probably won't submit it till tomorrow or Wednesday.

January 9th, 2008, 12:13 PM
Psychotic Demon- Toxadacia is accepted.

Colonel Dash- That's fine.

January 31st, 2008, 2:25 PM
"Welcome, loyal minions. We are gathered here, at our main operations base, to announce an important step in our reshping of this damned world. Some her among us, mostly Elite Grunts, found something detrimental, and essential at the same time, to our righteous cause. They have found Legendary Pokemon, but not the ones of old, who left after the Apocalypse. These are new Pokemon. With them, we can reshape this measly world into a Nova controlled regime! With them, all opposition shall be crushed underneath our hallowed feet. We are enlightened, and superior to the other foolish people. Some have become enlightened, and joined our cause. Ever since I founded this organization, I have planned for the reshaping of the world, society, and the government. We shall be the new world order! It is a new dawn for this wretched world! WE ARE NOVA!!!" Brad said excitedly. He spoke with a clear, booming voice, and in it held a nice, calming, and motivational, tone. The crowd was ablaze with cheering. At once, all the minions said:
"Hail NOVA!" the minions said. Brad dismissed them, and turned to talk with his Elite Admin, Lupin.

"Lupin, I know you got the report. Other legendaries have been confirmed since then. To clarify, you shall go after Glaciatrum. Toxadacia will be captured by our UbeROB units. Other legendaries that have been discovered are Darthpsych, who I myself will capture, and Qingrila. After our first assignments, we all go after Qingrila. We must catch it so it may not spread happiness- dissent and despair are ripe ingredients for recruiting into NOVA. We will decide what to do with it after capture. Goodbye, Lupin. I trust you'll do well." said Brad coolly. He spoke with a sophistication, and the last sentence was spoken more intensely, with a barely malicious tone within it. Brad walked away, smiling- the world would fall under his thumb soon enough.
Apocalydraggon had just awoken in the darkest cavern in Mount Silver. Even though he was young, he was powerful. He sat there, thinking.
"Oh... what are we going to do. Nova is chasing us. I hear Glaciatrum and Toxadacia have already been seen. So has Darthpsych. Oh well. It shall be fun to watch. Then I can kill them. Oh, how I love to kill." thought Apocalydraggon. In his mind, he also heard the tortured screams of sinners, writhing in pain as his Hell unleashed unimaginable horror on them.
Darthpsych was in the left, frontmost cavern of Mt. Silver. He went outside, and wandered. He enjoyed being outside- the calm air, the nice sounds of the tropics. He didn't know what trouble was coming. He remained pacified, and continued to wander, content with his peaceful life.

February 3rd, 2008, 1:16 AM
OOC: How appropriate--you sent a wolf after a wolf. XD

Team Nova Operations Base

When the rest of Team Nova was cheering after Brad's announcement, Lupin did not join in any of the commotion--cheering simply wasn't his thing. (Not to mention that he mouthed "Hail Nova" without saying anything.) It seemed that all happiness and excitement had long since left him, leaving him with his Pokemon, his own skills and strengths, and his personal plans for Team Nova. All three were just enough to keep him occupied before his most certain early death. Anyways, while Lupin was heading towards a particular room in the operations base, he thought for a while about Glaciatrum, the Pokemon he was now after.
Yes, there was a reason I requested to try to find Glaciatrum. I must admit that so far she'e my favourite out of all the new legendaries--and she comes awfully close to Darkrai in being my favourite Pokemon overall. Naturally, if I could, I'd like to keep her for myself upon her capture. Now there's an idea...

The room Lupin came to was a sort of garage for various mechs that Team Nova occasionally used. At the far side were two doors: one large one that took up almost the entire wall, and a smaller one that led sideways into a tube that exited the base. The room itself was nearly cubic in shape, and various types of vehicles and large robots were lined up on the sides. Yes, large, manually-operated robots--smaller robots like the one assigned to capture Toxadacia were located elsewhere.

But Lupin was not concerned with most of these--his attention was focused on a small aircraft in the far left corner of the room, right next to the tunnel entrance. Of course, one couldn't tell it was an aircraft by simply looking at it--its wings were folded up on the sides. The aircraft itself was called the Darkrai Nightcraft, or just Nightcraft for short--this was because it looked similar to a Darkrai. It was a very dark purple in colour, adding a touch of class to the normally dull black colour of Darkrai, and about half the size of the average car. A round glass window with a red border (much like Darkrai's collar) covered the top, much like the top of a stereotypical UFO. Inside was a control panel consisting of several buttons and a screen, just in front of the pilot's seat. The back seat was looked like a small blue sofa and could barely squeeze in three people. In back was a storage area and a sort of outlet to plug in an electric wire (the Nightcraft ran solely on electricity), as well as a panel of some sort of reflective material that generated magnetic currents. This same material was in a round panel at the very bottom in between three small wheels, and was used to keep the Nightcraft afloat. In front were the headlights, shaped like Darkrai's hands.

Lupin entered the Nightcraft and sat down in the pilot's seat. ...Wait a minute, don't things like that need a key to open? One would think Lupin would want to keep things like the Nightcraft locked... Actually he did have a key tucked safely away under his shirt, but instead of having to take it out, the key emitted an electrical signal that caused the round glass window to slide open. After that, all it took were a few button presses, a few switches... and the Nightcraft took off. ...Well not yet. First it coasted along its wheels, making hardly a sound and providing hardly any illumination. Ah well, the tunnel had just enough lights inside so that Lupin could see where he was going. So he directed the Nightcraft through the tunnel, sped up, unfolded the Nightcraft's wings (which looked similar to Darkrai's "wings" and were the blackest possible black in colour), and...

The tunnel opened up directly to the outside world, where the sun was about to hide beneath the horizon. A few purple clouds filled the pinkish sky, and leafless trees and worn-down buildings lay below. The Nightcraft continued to glide upward, while Lupin pressed a couple more buttons on its dashboard--one activated the radar system in case any intruders or Pokemon were in range (here a Venonat icon appeared on the screen), and the other told the Nightcraft to stop rising and start gliding along in the sky (here a Jumpluff icon appeared on the screen). All the icons that ever showed up on the screen were of extinct Pokemon Lupin had heard about in his youth, out of a hidden sense of regret that these species didn't exist anymore due to that silly plague. And the Nightcraft itself looked like Darkrai, a Pokemon that probably still existed but was in a completely different and unaccessible world. How appropriate to dedicate an aircraft to one's favourite Pokemon.

Lupin headed west in the Nightcraft, wishing the sun would set soon so that he would not have to look at it all the time. But one thing that did help was a feature of the Nightcraft that caused another window to cover the existing one on top, one that was tinted so as to allow less light in. This window was often up during the bright hours of the morning, and was indicated by a Murkrow icon on the front screen. Anyways, he passed over the western border of Hoenn soon enough, and soon enough was flying over nothing but ocean. So far the coast was clear...

And the coast happened to stay clear all through the flight over the rest of the ocean and Kanto. At this point the Nightcraft was flying north towards Mt. Silver, which was shrouded in fog at the time, so the window of the Nightcraft soon retained its original clear nature. Soon after that, the Nightcraft descended into the fog at the base of Mt. Silver. The radar showed nothing so far, but it didn't hurt to see in the thick fog anyways. For a while Lupin turned on an echolocation feature of the Nightcraft, causing a Zubat icon to appear on the screen. This kept the Nightcraft from crashing into a few trees for a short while, until it landed and coasted along the grass for a while. Finally it stopped, upon which Lupin exited it and locked it back up again. Then he let all his Pokemon out of their Pokeballs, so soon an Absol, Arcanine, Umbreon, Lucario, and Sinistress were standing (or floating, in Sinistress' case) near him.

"All right, stay close so that no one hears," Lupin said to his Pokemon. After everyone was gathered a bit more closely, he was able to whisper to them. Sinistress had to float right next to Lupin's face, since she knew his whisperings were nigh impossible to hear otherwise. Yet she seemed excited about what Lupin had to say, as he had a relatively bright expression on his face. Talk about unusual.
"...Well, it turns out that Baphomet has been kind enough to let us go after Glaciatrum. Who is Glaciatrum, should you ask? An Ice/Dark-type 'Swift Claw Pokemon', she looks like the hybrid of a dragon and a wolf."
At this point, some of the Pokemon nodded in agreement. They knew Lupin had once lamented (sort of) the extinction of Mightyena, the only wolf-like Pokemon in existence at any point in time. ...That is, until Glaciatrum came along.
"...She's a rather shy and submissive Pokemon, which is why I am taking a more gentle approach here. After all, it is unwise to use force unless it is absolutely necessary, and force is just not my forte. Now, note that I said 'I'."
There was a pause--none of the Pokemon dared to say anything because they figured they had to keep just as quiet as Lupin was trying to be.
"Yes, Glaciatrum would probably think that any Pokemon trainer would try to capture a legendary Pokemon upon seeing one. So you can't accompany me just yet. But if you want, you may wander around this area for a while and try to pick up information on other legendaries. Just don't let anyone know about me or anyone else. If anyone asks, say that you are wild Pokemon living in Johto who have come up here to explore the place."

With that, Scout and Alice took off together, and soon disappeared in the fog. Sirius and Sage, however, didn't mind Pokeballs too much, so they decided to go in their Pokeballs instead. Besides, Sage hated fog, and Sirius didn't like to be alone. Sinistress started to venture out as well when Lupin stopped her.
"Sorry, but you'll have to stay in your Pokeball. Most Pokemon around here might get suspicious of a synthesised Duskull evolution, or worse, figure out you were created by Team Nova. Would that be all right?"
Sinistress hovered there for a moment, a tad upset that she did not get to participate in the mission. Lupin always had to do everything himself, didn't he...? Sinistress was beginning to think that Lupin didn't even trust his own Pokemon, but then figured that Lupin's reason for not having Pokemon around made sense, as well as the reason why she should stay out of sight.
"Sinn-is." And she went in her Pokeball.

Alone at last, Lupin walked through the fog in the direction of the actual mountain. (He knew where it was, as the Nightcraft was pointed towards it.) The area around him was becoming darker by the second, and the fog was getting gradually thinner as he walked through it. Soon enough he found himself walking up a slight slope and on rock rather than grass. Normally he wouldn't try climbing a mountain like this, but he had heard that Glaciatrum was a good mountain climber, so he figured it was best to head up the mountain a ways in the hopes of finding Glaciatrum.

Mt. Silver

Primaverde had decided to pay a visit to Auroracle that day, being particularly bored. She normally spent her time planting Frutai Trees on and around Mt. Silver or talking to her three Alakazam guardians, but she knew that Auroracle easily got restless and lonely, and thus decided to pay a visit. The Alakazam had teleported her down to Auroracle's icy chamber--fortunately the waxy coat on Primaverde prevented her from feeling too cold. The Alakazam were uncomfortable in the cold, however, so they decided to stay behind.

Qingrila was in the chamber as well--she (she had become a she upon arrival, obviously) had been invited by one of the Alakazam to join the gathering. The three legendaries thus immediately broke into conversation...
"Any news from the dimensions, Qingrila?" Auroracle asked.
"I thought I caught a glimpse of the new continent where the old legendaries are, but I only but caught a glimpse of Darkrai before I remembered I was forbidden to go there, and thus returned. I hope Arceus isn't mad at me..."
"Perhaps Arceus will forgive you," Auroracle commented. "It really is too bad my vision into that other continent seems to be blocked. I really would think that we should make it our goal to try and contact the new continent."
"But if Arceus has forbidden it," Primaverde responded, "I do not think it would be wise to attempt such a task."
"And why not? We don't want the legendaries to come back into this continent--we just want to visit them, and bring them news about life here." Auroracle really would do anything to leave this place...
"Er... wouldn't Arceus be giving news to them already?" Primaverde asked uncertainly.
"Hmm, now that's a question," Qingrila wondered. "Still, I think it might be interesting to take a little vacation in that peaceful world. Why Arceus decided to put me here instead, I have no idea."
"A vacation--that's a wonderful idea!" Auroracle exclaimed. "Maybe we can round up more legendaries and ask them if they want to embark on a mission to spend a few days in the new continent?"
"If we can pull it off, it might not be a bad idea. This will also give us legendaries a chance to escape from Team Nova for a while."
"All right, as for who to ask, there's Apocalydr... wait, it's probably not a good idea to ask him... Isix, Gryphice... wait, probably not a good idea to ask Gryphice either... Toxadacia, Darthpsych, Polargent, and Glaciatrum."
"Perfect!" Primaverde announced. "So how about... Qingrila, you can go ask Glaciatrum, Auroracle can talk to Polargent, and the Alakazam can find the others. Auroracle, maybe you can try to see all the Pokemon so we know where to look. Obviously I can't go anywhere, so I'll stay put."
"Sounds like a plan to me."

At the top of Mt. Silver

Gryphice sat atop a tall rock at the summit of Mt. Silver, fearless of the outside of Mt. Silver. He stood there alert and proud, with the world within his range of vision, and with his Gligar slaves all around him. However, he found it hard to see through the layer of fog that shrouded the bottom of the mountain. Still, while there he felt like nothing could sway him, like even the strongest opponent will kneel before him in defeat. This included a particular Gligar which tried to sneak away from Gryphice... Gryphice squawked at the Gligar, causing it to turn around to face him.
"Oi! You! Fly up a ways."
The Gligar obeyed him. Once it was in the air, Gryphice glared at it, causing the Gligar to turn to stone. The Gligar fell a hundred or so feet down the mountain, and crumbled against a pile of sharp rocks.
"Anyone else who tries to walk out on me will meet the same fate," Gryphice threatened, above a huddling and quivering group of Gligar.

Up in the sky somewhere

The sky was a vibrant pinkish red around the setting sun, and the ocean reflected this light with a stunning wave pattern. Isix flew there above the ocean, nearly invisible against the western sky. She was just south of Pallet Town, not extremely far from her safe haven of Mt. Silver. She frequently ventured out here for fresh air, to keep her wings working well, and to catch a glimpse of what the world was up to. Although most of what she saw was much drinking and occasional crime in Kanto, and boundary disputes in Johto. She didn't dare venture too near Vermilion City, which she knew was one of the main entrances to Johtorre.

Isix knew her time here would be short, and in fact the sun was more than halfway below the horizon already. It really was time to be heading back to Mt. Silver for the night. So she began her flight back to Mt. Silver, before the sky got so dark that Isix could be easily spotted in the sky.

February 4th, 2008, 3:06 PM
After Lupin left, Brad quickly advanced into his private hanger. It was a large room, with a retractable roof, and black walls. It was about the size of two football fields. Brad walked across the pavement on the floor to his private vehicle- the Nova X666. A large limo, it had exotic white fur covers on the leather seats, auto drive, the ability for the seats to fold down, automatic lifting doors, and other comforts. It was long, and was a rectangle in the back with 6 jet thrusters. The car was black, with white flame decals, and a golden hexagram on the front. After the middle doors, the car nose curved inward up to a point, like Speed Racer's Mach 5. On either side of the car, behind the doors, were 4 jet engines. The car had 1000 mpg of special, oxygen-releasing oil, and went at a maximum of Mach 66. It had no wheels- it levitated out of the roof, and then sped off at alarming rates. Brad got in, and the car activated. Brad was wearing his normal attire, and had all six of his Pokemon with him. He was going to catch legendaries. He had heard from his underlings that all of the legendaries lived at Mount Silver, or somewhere in the Orange Islands. Lupin was catching Glaciatrum, an elusive wolf that was seen to be as a lesser legendary. Brad was catching Darthpsych, or so the plan went- fate had other plans.

After about an hour (Orange Islands far south of Sinnoh, about 50,000 miles away), Brad landed his car, activated invisibility and guard, and unpacked his levitating motorcycle. Heb rode off into the distance, with the trees, flowers, fruit and grass seeming like a blur to his cold, malevolent gaze. He soon reached Mt. Silver. He reverted the cycle to a little hexagon, and he put it in his pocket. He unleashed Draglacier. The white and blue serpent let Brad on her back, and they quickly ascended to the middle of the mountains face. Brad then saw what he thought to be a grey griffin, surrounded by Gligar.
"Hmm... that is a legendary for sure. Draglacier, use Glaciation on the Gligar." Brad said softly. Draglacier obeyed, and she shot cold, freezing air, at negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit towards the Gligar. They soon turned into ice scupltures, and due to the slope of the plateau they were perched on, they slided down the flat rock and towards their deaths. A cracking and smashing noise could be heard. Gryphice looked pissed, and Brad smirked- he had found a legendary already, and awaited capturing it. Brad withdrew Draglacier, and sent out Masteghost- one of his favorite Pokemon.

Sweet Dreams
February 8th, 2008, 3:56 PM
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Danna cursed as she ran down the hall, instantly berating herself for that outward show of frustration. Members of the Team were dispersing from the large room where meetings were held, and she knew that she had missed an important announcement. Aside from a clenched jaw, no outwards sign of irritation showed on her face as she grabbed a hold of a Grunt’s arm and calmly ordered him to inform her of what the meeting was about.

Deciphering the Grunt’s jumbled stutter, she gleaned that new Legendaries have been found, and inwardly sighed; frustrated at the Anti-Nova meeting she had to attend. She checked to see if Brad or even Lupin had paged her and given her an assignment concerning the discovery. Five words winked at her from the small, electronic device; New Legendaries: Capture – Mount Silver. She let go of the Grunt’s arm and continued on to the hangar where her own flyer was stored.

Her flyer was rather plain, compared to a few others, who like to lavish theirs with unique decorations, and was therefore nicknamed “The Needle”. With a sharp point at the front that emphasised the long, thin body to decrease wind resistance, and a couple of fins near the rockets for aerodynamics, it did slightly resemble a needle. Two mechanical wings were folded and wrapped around the body, covered in a reflective foil to semi-camouflage the Needle. The foil also coated the whole ship itself. The wings were shaped like fans and used mainly for saving energy and silence, as well as stopping the flyer in an emergency. It was no battle ship, but one created for stealth and invisibility along with speed and precision. Her battle jet was in another hangar, and would be of no use for capturing.

The Needle didn’t seem to have a door, or she, a key, to enter the clear bauble that contained the driver’s seat, half in the Needle, and half out. She pressed her right thumb to a small, gel pad just below the edge of the shield and waited for a moment, letting the machine scan her finger print. With a small whoosh, the hemi circle rotated backwards and allowed her to climb in before closing over again. The magnets on the bottom of her flyer were also commonly used on the others’ ones as well, to hover gently before using the thrusters and rocketing out to the sky outside.

The Needle was smooth and relatively quiet, which made for a pleasant ride, and she leaned back, smirking slightly.

February 9th, 2008, 10:06 PM
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Ok, by the way, Lupin heard what Baphomet said to him--he just didn't say anything in response. I read your whole first post--there's just some things he just accepts and doesn't react to. Just for clarification...

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The pyramidical Polargent was a hard Pokemon to find, since it often hid in blizzards. When coming up with a plan to enter the new continent, Auroracle had volunteered to ask Polargent because A) she liked blizzards and would not mind talking to it in the cold, and B) her powers of remote vision allowed her to see where Polargent was, no matter how well it tried to hide. It really was a good thing Auroracle hasn't been discovered by Team Nova yet, because if she's captured, Team Nova could use that remote vision to their own evil. But the good thing was that Auroracle could see where Team Nova was at all times, so she knew exactly who was in Team Nova and where each member was at one time. The only thing that could block this supernatural form of vision is a stronger psychic force than her own, which really is hard to come by. It would take a level 70+ Alakazam, or perhaps Mewtwo to block out such a psychic field. Or at least that's what she figured--maybe certain other Pokemon could block out her vision as well...

As Auroracle scanned the mountain for a sign of Polargent, she came across a foggy area at the base of the mountain. While looking there, she barely glimpsed a dark purple aircraft that just landed amongst some trees. Yes, barely glimpsed--for not too long after seeing that, Auroracle got a headache.
Ouch! Auroracle thought. What in Johto was that?!
Auroracle tried looking at the same foggy spot again.
"OUCH!" Why is this happening?!! This worries me--I thought the only Pokemon capable of blocking my vision were Mew, Arceus, the fabled Mewtwo and Darkrai, and perhaps the Alakazam protecting Primaverde (though they would have a harder time), and maybe a very, very angry Apocalydraggon. Apparently there was something about that aircraft that blocked my vision... Wait, WAS it an aircraft? It looked a lot like Darkrai... No, that's impossible. Darkrai is supposed to be on the new continent, so I don't thing it'd be allowed to travel here. Yet still...

After a short while of contemplation of how in the world her vision could have been blocked, Auroracle tried out her remote vision again, this time turning away from the foggy spot and trying to find Polargent again. After a few minutes of looking left and right and around and through, she spotted it at last.
And with that, Auroracle took off, leaving her icy chamber behind as she flew towards Polargent's hiding spot.


Meanwhile, three Alakazam sat in the chamber directly above Auroracle's. They had picked up every part of the legendaries' conversation below them, every single emotion and telepathic signal. Then they started their own conversation, while sitting cross-legged in a triangle and facing each other. First, a caramel-brown one with long black whiskers spoke.
<"Right, Sundiata, you know what we heard--we are to inform Isix, Toxadacia, and Darthpsych about our plan to enter the new continent.">
<"Yes, yes, Sumanguru, there's no need to tell us what we already know. Now stop acting like your IQ is 4000 and start planning."> The second Alakazam, the one the first had spoken to, was a whitish gold in colour, taller than the other alakazam, and the parts of his body that were brown on most Alakazam looked to be made of gold on him.
<"May I go after Isix?"> said the third Alakazam, one who was more pinkish in colour and had much shorter whiskers and smaller shoulders--clearly a female. <"I only ask because she's more friendly with girls, for the most part.">
<"Certainly Circe,"> Sundiata answered. The second he said that, Circe teleported away. <"All right, now tht we got that straight, Sumanguru, why don't you go after Darthpsych, and I will talk to Toxadacia.">
<"I will, but again, please just call me Suman. You'd think with an IQ of... 6000, you'd be able to remember that.">
And with that, the last two Alakazam teleported away, Sundiata feeling mildly humiliated as he vanished to the outside.


Auroracle left before Qingrila had the chance to talk to her. Alone and clueless as to where to go, Qingrila flew away from the icy chamber, and through the darkness. For a brief moment it spotted two Alakazam talking to each other, but they teleported away the instant it saw them.
Aww darn, how am I supposed to find Glaciatrum now? Qingrila thought. Wait... last time I talked to Auroracle, she saw her sitting on a ledge on the side of the mountain. I doubt she's still in the same place, but it can't hurt to find out... Hey wait, that ledge is near the Frutai tree. Maybe I can stop there--I've longed for a nice piece of fruit for quite a while now. Those Enigma Berries are especially delicious.

It didn't take long for Qingrila to reach the ledge--it did a sort of somersault in midair, causing a portal to briefly appear and form about it. Then Qingrila disappeared along with the portal, traveled through a wormhole for a short while, and came out just above the ledge Auroracle had seen Glaciatrum on earlier. Nope, no Glaciatrum this time.
I figured she'd be gone... Qingrila thought as it flew down to the Frutai Tree, which was easy to find because of its magnificent, berry-laden branches glistening in the very last specks of sunlight. Night was approaching quickly now, which meant that Glaciatrum would probably be more active around this time. Anyways, Qingrila spotted just what it was looking for--a trio of Enigma Berries bunched neatly together on a branch. Near it were a trio of Kasib Berries, Razz Berries, Mago Berries, Nanab Berries, Tamato Berries, Strib Berries, etc... and of course the single rainbow-coloured Frutai Berry sitting atop the trunk of the tree. This really was a tree of life.

Qingrila was reaching for an Enigma Berry when it paused... or should I say he paused. Whenever Qingrila sensed someone's presence, it also sensed the presence of a certain gender, if the individual had one. (Qingrila remembered one such encounter with a Metang--it sensed the Metang's presence, but the presence of a certain gender.) Just before leaving the inside of the mountain, Qingrila felt a male presence briefly, coming from the two Alakazam, and before that a strong female presence from Auroracle and Primaverde. Now, it felt another male presence. But what was it coming from? Another legendary? Nah, maybe it was just a Pokemon that stopped by to munch on some fruit. But no, it couldn't be. Qingrila started to feel uneasy, and he felt parts of his body turning briefly purple. This wasn't a good sign--the only time this happened was when he detected an evil presence. And an evil presence plus Qingrila equals the risk of Qingrila transforming into something evil and unruly--something more arrogant and powerful yet still easy to capture. Qingrila had taken extra precautions to avoid his "evil form" ever since being told about Team Nova.

Wait... Tam Nova. Oh no, if whoever Qingrila sensed was a member of Team Nova, he really was doomed... With that, Qingrila panicked and flew as far away from the Frutai Tree as possible--around to the other side of the mountain. Finally it got to the point where it could see the summit of Mt. Silver. Qingrila spotted Gryphice sitting atop of it with what looked to be a pile of ice around him, and nearby him was a large man with some sort of humanoid Pokemon next to him. Oh no--was this another Team Nova member? Qingrila was too afraid to get close to whoever it was, and besides it didn't particularly like Gryphice. Out of desperation, Qingrila returned to the interior of Mt. Silver, using the same method it used to exit it in the first place. Finally it was sitting in the same chamber as it had been before, panting and shaking all over. That really was a close one...


Isix grew more and more worried as the sky around her darkened--the sun could set anytime now. She occasionally glanced behind her to find that the sun was already halfway on the horizon. There really wasn't much time, and she was barely flying over Pallet Town as she spoke. There was no time--she needed to speed up...

WHOOSH! Isix shot through the sky like a fiery comet--to some folks on the ground she might have looked like a shooting star. With all her might she flew in the direction of Mt. Silver, glowing with a fiery determination to survive despite the presence of Team Nova and being cut off from the supposed new continent. She didn't care if anyone saw her at this point, because she would be very hard to attack or capture while flying at mach 3 or so in a cloak of fire.

It took Isix mere seconds to reach Mt. Silver. Upon spotting it, she slowed down and ceased to look like a fireball. Then she spent some time gliding around Mt. Silver for a while, looking for an entrance into the mountain. It had gotten a bit darker, and her normal entrance was also hard to find because it was probably cloaked in the fog that still surrounded the base. Anyways, Isix thought she spotted something going on at the summit--a battle of some sort--but she didn't have much time to look. For at that moment, something heavy appeared on her back, though not heavy enough to prevent her from flying.

The thing was actually a Pokemon--an Alakazam in fact. It was an Alakazam the colour of a chocolate-covered Cherubi (no seriously--a cherry-coloured body with chocolate brown shoulders and forearms and such) and short whiskers, one she had never seen before. Fortunately Isix didn't freak out at the presence of strangers, although there was the mild possibility that this Alakazam belonged to Team Nova...
<"No, Isix, I mean no harm,"> the Alakazam reassured her. <"I am Circe, and I have been summoned by Arceus to protect Primaverde. Anyways, I am here about a plan concerning the new continent. Auroracle, Primaverde, and Qingrila have recently formed a plan to travel to the new continent, and possibly recruit some of the legendaries there to help in the fight against Team Nova. Well, the last part about recruiting was not in the plan--that's just my thinking.">
"Well, you are a smart Alakazam," Isix commented, "so of course it's your duty to make a brilliant plan even more brilliant."
<"Yes, more brilliant than your flames."> The already pink Alakazam blushed and rubbed her head with a spoon. <"So anyways, are you in? Will you help with this mission?"> Circe was aware of the presence of a person at the top of Mt. Silver, so she was talking as quietly as possible to avoid being overheard. Isix had talked in a louder voice and might have been heard, but at least she didn't talk about the details of the plan.
"Well, I suppose I am," Isix answered. "You know how I love to travel, and it certainly must be beautiful there." While Isix said this, she spoke with a quieter voice, following Circe's example. Circe really was a smart Alakazam after all--but then again, was there ever an Alakazam that wasn't smart?


Gryphice was fine until this big, black, muscular man showed up and sent out an ice dragon Pokemon, who froze his Gligar slaves with a blast of very cold air. Gray though his normal colour was, he seemed to turn a bright shade of red as these events happened. Well, it was perfectly natural for Gryphice to feel this way--after all, he held the essence of the Seven Deadly Sins, one of which was anger. Gryphice glared with such a fury that usually frightened any onlooker to the core, and thought malicious thoughts about the pair.
I'll rip those two apart, one by one. First I'll freeze that draconic b**** in her own tracks, then eat her trainer for supper. Good--this means I won't have to settle for fried scorpions this evening. Human tastes a lot better and requires no cooking. Mmm, yummy.
Then he said in a booming voice,
"No one, and I mean, NO ONE except ME is allowed to touch my precious possessions (here he indicated the Gligar)! Foolish human, you will pay for your indecence!"
And with that came a piercing screech, louder and more terrible than that of the fabled harpy. Brad and Draglacier had to cover their ears to avoid hearing loss from this.

Gryphice did not hesitate--he jumped into the air with incredible power and speed, but he didn't get very far before he dove back down again with the same amount of force. But he didn't crash into the mountaintop--instead he stopped just before hitting it. The loss of momentum was converted into an attack that surrounded Draglacier, in the form of jagged rocks and metallic, wing-shaped energy blasts, and flew inward to hit her.

Still, Brad didn't seem to be frightened, not even when Gryphice shot that frightening look at him. After this attack, he sent out Masteghost, a humanoid Pokemon covered in guns and gold armour. Whatever--Gryphice was 1000% sure he would win this battle from the start (yes, he had that much pride), and this Masteghost was just another victim to take care of. Ah yes, Masteghost... a Ghost/Steel type, so many immunities and resistances indeed, but also a weakness to fire. Fire. Gryphice could do that.

So Gryphice tilted his head upward and stood proud, forming a ball of dark energy in his mouth. But tiny black flames had barely begun to form from it when someone interrupted him... an Alakazam teleported right in front of him. Any aesthetic person might find this Alakazam attractive, with his glossy, caramel-coloured skin and long black whiskers and an added sheen to his spoons. But Gryphice didn't care how pretty he was--he was in the way.
"WHY do you inter..."
Before Gryphice could finish, the Alakazam teleported with him, taking him far away from Mt. Silver...

The two Pokemon ended up at the top of a mountain, but this one was Mt. Coronet, all the way in Sinnoh. It was a remote location with no one around except Gryphice and the Alakazam. The Alakazam kept an eye on Gryphice after the teleportation, as if waiting for him to calm down. Like that'll ever happen... Anyways, Gryphice started by continuing that he was trying to say before...
"All right, WHY did you in..."
Gryphice was again interrupted--the Alakazam used Psychic to hold his beak shut. Gryphice was a strong Pokemon, but strength was no match for such a mental force. Obviously this was a high-level Alakazam, quite possibly a higher level than Gryphice was.
<"Please keep your voice down,"> the Alakazam commanded. <"I mean, you're a cool Pokemon and all--whoa, that attack you did was amazing--but you really need to chill, man. Anger can only be your aid if you know how to control it. Or something like that.">
Gryphice growled as he shook off the force of the attack at last. This Alakazam needs a reality check as to who he's dealing with.
<"Now, relax... I am your ally. I was trying to protect you. You were...">

Gryphice lunged at the Alakazam, who teleported to the other side of him.
<"Urrgh, it's me, Sumanguru, one of the guardians of Primaverde. You know, a fellow legendary Pokemon! But you can just call me..."> and here he dodged yet another attack from Gryphice, <"...Suman. Please, relax, dude, you'll get your revenge whe the time is right. Come on, impatience isn't a deadly sin! That black bloke there was in Team Nova--he was trying to capture you! You don't want that to happen, do you?"> Suman was trying to speak in a loud whisper, so as to not be extremely loud. At the same time, a Scyther flew by and raised an eyebrow at the sighting of a legendary Pokemon.

The two Pokemon stood there staring at each other for quite some time.


In the fog, two Pokemon walked side by side--an Absol and a shiny Umbreon. These two--or at least the Absol--loved to explore, so it was a good thing their trainer had just let them go off on their own for a while. As they walked alongside trees and logs and stumps through a gradually darkening sky, they occasionally talked to each other.
<"Oh wonderful--it's finally getting dark,"> the Umbreon commented.
<"Well, Alice, it's a good thing for you that Lupin is nocturnal too,"> the Absol added.
<"Oh Scout, you make a lousy poet with that rhyme.">
<"Oh come on. We're supposed to be looking for Glaciatrum. Well, any ideas on where to look?">
<"I suggest the forest--wolves and dragons like the forest, don't they?"> Alice suggested.
<"Sounds like an idea to me.">

With that, Scout leapt gracefully over a jagged stump, deeper into the trees surrounding Mt. Silver. Alice blushed as he did so, and scooted around the stump to follow him. She really did like to watch him jump... Anyways, nothing particularly interesting was in the forest--a Gastly here and there, more fog, etc. etc.

<"Scout, are you still tracking the scents?">
<"Oh, of Lupin and Glaciatrum? I have no clue what wolves or dragons are supposed to smell like, and you know how difficult it is to identify Lupin by scent alone.">
<"Yes, why can't he, say, use a cologne that smells like roses or something? Now that would be easy to identify.">
<"That'll never happen, you rose obsessor. Hold on, I do smell something sweet... something very sweet... a berry perhaps... lots of berries...">
<"Are there Bluk Berries?"> Alice asked eagerly. She luuuurrrved Bluk Berries.

Just then, a deafening screech sounded from above--it seemed to be coming from the top of the mountain. Alice and Scout looked at each other in surprise.
<"Quick, let's head into that opening!"> Scout ordered. <"We can get your Bluk Berries later!">
<"Wha...?"> Alice would miss her berries, but the screech did sound like it came from a horrible creature who wanted to eat her, so she agreed to follow her Absol friend. Soon the two entered total darkness, and were crawling through a narrow tunnel. Both of the Pokemon hoped they were headed into something interesting...


The sky was a little darker than it had been before Lupin arrived here. This pleased him greatly--this meant that he wouldn't stand out as a black speck in the brightness of the late afternoon. True, the sun was still partially visible on the horizon, but at least it was darker than before. Lupin happened to be on the southeastern side of Mt. Silver, so the mountain blocked the view of the sun. If he had been on the other side, it would have been a different story. Anyways, a short ways away, Lupin could see a group of baby Cranidos playing near a large rock. Wait a minute--weren't Cranidos extinct, and weren't they native to Sinnoh? Time and apocalypse really were factors in the diversification of Pokemon habitats... and this was a prime example.

Lupin walked away from the Cranidos without being seen, and continued to head further up the slope. A ways off to his right, he found a place where the slope was milder and lined with rocky protrusions that looked relatively easy to climb--rather like a bumpy stairway with no side railing. He was just about to walk to this slope when he spotted something bright in the sky. For a split second it looked like a fiery comet, but then it materialised into a birdlike shape as it got closer. Then it started circling around the peak of Mt. Silver. Hmm--was this another legendary Pokemon? Anyways, seconds after that happened, a terrible, deafening screech sounded from the summit. Lupin reacted to this quickly by crossing his arms and gently sticking a fingertip into each ear. Yes, count on him to do such little things with speed and sophistication...

Lupin shut his eyes tight for a brief moment, but that was it. Besides that, he just dismissed the screech as nothing more than a Skarmory with a megaphone, perhaps. Nothing to worry about. Lupin just continued on until he reached the slope he spotted earlier. The jagged and relatively level slope seemed too easy a slope for Glaciatrum to be on, but the reason why Lupin picked this particular one was because of a large ledge above it, one that held a large patch of tall grass, a few rocks, and a single tree, a large and lush one covered with numerous kinds of berries. This could easily be a gathering spot for Pokemon and a sort of sanctuary for any sort of legendary Pokemon. Not to mention that he could barely spot a large, rainbow-coloured berry resting on the trunk of the tree, one that he had never seen nor heard of before. It probably was produced by something truly legendary indeed. Probably not Glaciatrum, but some legendary Pokemon or another--a reincarnation of Celebi perhaps? Those details were not important at this time anyways. Within a few minutes, Lupin reached the grassy ledge containing the elusive tree. He quickly avoided the instinct to keep staring at the tree and the various berries covering it--no matter how hungry he was, he did not come here for a snack.

But one thing that caught Lupin's eye was something white that approached a trio of Enigma Berries on the tree. This was not a Pokemon that Lupin recognised, meaning it was either the ghost of an exinct Pokemon, a Team Nova-made Pokemon, or a legendary Pokemon. The latter seemed the most likely, judging by the location. In fact, this might have been the Qingrila Brad had told him about. Interesting... he comes here for Glaciatrum and finds Qingrila instead.

Lupin started walking towards Qingrila, who seemed to turn more purple as he approached. Qingrila didn't see him, but as he got closer, it began to sense his presence and reverted to a state of panic, or even fear. Then it quickly vanished.
'Tis a shame, really, Lupin thought. I suppose I must have thought Qingrila was within reach for a while. I certainly never heard of it turning purple like that--maybe it does that when it's afraid, perhaps? Now, that might be an interesting little factoid.

Although Lupin showed little interest in the Frutai tree, he ended up sitting on a rock near it--who knows, Glaciatrum just might be drawn to this place.

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February 10th, 2008, 7:35 AM
Then, Brad saw a red phoenix in the sky. He realized this was another legend, and sent Negatov after it.
"When you find it, Negatov, use... Omega Thunder. Then, dash after it. Use Gamma Spark. You decide the rest of your battle plan- I'll meet up with you after this legend is defeated." Brad calmly commanded. Suddenly, the Alakazam and legendary teleported.

"After them- Spectral Vortex, Masteghost." Brad commanded. A red portal opened, and both arrived at Mt Coronet.
"Begone,. stupid Alakazam. If you do not, Masteghost will easily dispatch of thee. Now, legendary, en garde! Masteghost, use Spectral Vortex." Brad said in a calm, yet demanding tone. Brad's black face was hardened in focus, yet his mind "smiled" happily- Masteghost was perfect against the cocky legendary- evil, tricky, and powerful. Masteghost entered the portal. The Pokemon could still hear Brad, and Brad's next command.
"Masteghost- use Almighty Barrage." Brad said calmly. The portal reappeared behind Gryphice, and a maelstrom of missiles engulfed the Pokemohn. This move was not fatal- it probably did 1/3 damage, Brad surmised. His opponent was a legendary, but as the smoke cleared, Brad saw the Pokemon, glaring with hate, glowing shrapnel wounds across his body- shallow, but they still hurt when all the pain was combined. Brad had the upper hand here- no stone glare, a Pokemon that could easily teleport, and a Pokemon immune to its two biggest weaknesses- Fire and Ground. Being ethereal, all attacks except those of Psychic, Ghost and Dark missed completely. His ability- Ethereal, allowed this. In addition, Masteghost had another ability- Spectral Royalty- giving him immunity to Ghost, and making Dark do normal damage. Brad had worked hard on Masteghost, and his amazing abilities made him a powerful force in Brad's team. The legendary was lucky Sculptuglass wasn't sent out- Ground and Psychic made him a perfect match for the Rock legendary. In addition, Sculptuglass was immuned to Grass- molten means HOT. The other ability made Water normal damage- most water attacks evaporated. After Masteghost, IF Masteghost was defeated, then Sculptuglass would come out, and the legendary would be Brads. If the Alakazam interfered, Yokitsune would easily dispatch of him, along with help from Negatov. Brad was happy- this was going better than expected. A legendary he wasn't even aware of until a few minutes before- these legendaries sucked at hiding.


February 14th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Team Nova Agent:

Name: Michael Alan Smith
Gender: Male
Description: Michael is a short boy with short brown hair, he has a scar down his face from the left side of his cheek down to his mouth, his eyes are bright green and his teeth are very white. His hair is short, very short, and dark brown with a line running through it. He has scars all over his hands and usually has a sad expression on his face.
Personality: Michael is a generally angry person. He hates anybody who doesn't agree with him, considering he used to be a very nice and polite boy his sudden change to an evil teenager is strange. He is very polite and respectful but this doesn't not change the fact that he will do anything to save those loyal to him and kill anybody who gets in his way or harms any of his Pokemon. He has no sense of humour and nothing seems to make him laugh. And people find him generally depressing and cold, the problem with this teenager is he will kill anybody, without hesitation, he will not give them a chance to live, he will just kill them instantly. He bites his nails and paces around alot, he generally never just sits down and relaxes.
History: When Michael was born he was left at birth, in a childrens home, and there he was treated like dirt, not only by the carers, but by the other children, it was only when Michael reaches the age of 13 when he had enough of it, and burnt down the entire home killing everyone in it. Because of his age Michael was not arrested, they didn't know he murdered them, and it was classified an accident, although Michael was fully aware of his actions, and meant to kill them.

Team Nova Pokemon

Species: Eevee
Types: Normal
Gender: Female
Personality: Eevee is a cold hearted Pokemon, she shows no mercy to other Pokemon, and likes to eat them after they faint. Eevee hates everyone, every single person in the world, other than Michael. Eevee was beaten by Pokemon Trainers as a baby, and ever since she loves to watch Pokemon trainers suffer and cry. Her personal favourite is when they beg for mercy, and she watches Michael kill them.
Description: Eevee look's alot like, your average Eevee, except most of the time she has a sweet expression on her face, which is ironic due to her bloodthirsty personality. She wears a pretty pink ribbon, which also adds to the ironicness. She is well groomed and her fur is clean and soft. Her eyes are big and blue and her tail is long and magestic.

Hope I get accepted. Thanks.

February 15th, 2008, 4:09 AM
Ahh... your character meets the evil requirement... but description is scanty. Personality is fine. You really need better Pokemon. An evil EEVEE!! At least Umbreon... come on, Eevee is too cute. More POkemon needed.

Sweet Dreams
February 15th, 2008, 11:31 PM
((Ooc: Glaceon is cute too.))

The Needle flew silently around the mountain, its reflective foil camouflaging it and made it look like part of the darkening sky. Danna had paused, once, as a streak of light passed overhead, certain that it was not a meteorite – not that close to Earth. However, she could not ascertain where the object had disappeared to, but she knew it was somewhere around the area. Pursing her lips, she lightly veered away from the safety of the distant sky, closer towards the shrouded mountain until she was as close as she could possibly be without crashing into the walls. On her screen was a scan of the stretch of wall in a two metre radius from the ship, and she searched for any kind of entrance to the tunnels, and the possible Legendaries inside.

Idly, as she stared at the screen, she began to ask herself questions about the lives of the Legendaries for entertainment. What did they eat and where do they obtain the foods from? What did they all do all day? How often, if ever, did some of them come out?

She circled ever lower down the mountain as she mused on the answers, the imagination from her youth bubbling up and showing her an image of a plump Absol-like Pokémon gorging on huge clumps of Grepa Berries, when something flashed on the screen. Abruptly stopping the Needle to a hover, she shook her head to clear the ridiculous picture and shoved it into the back of her mind. There was a small opening under a ledge just large enough to hold the Needle, fortunately enough, so she parked the flyer and stepped out, taking a moment to adjust to the thin atmosphere.

The land stretched out below her, mainly green from the leafy trees that blocked any view of the ground. Blue waves could be seen as well, relatively calm this evening, further off, only just separated from the violet sky. She glanced briefly at the breathtaking scene before turning to much important matters of business.

She was standing on the roof of the mouth of the narrow opening. To get into the opening would take some manoeuvring. First off, she would send one of her Pokémon down, and quickly decided on Glaceon. She was the smallest, and also quite agile, and unlike Irelectic, actually listened to her commands. Well, most of the time, anyways.

Crouching, she placed her hands on the edge for balance as she leaned over, until she hung there. Carefully, she threw a ball down to the opening and released her Pokémon, reaching out to catch her Pokéball as it returned. Glaceon took stock of her surroundings, sitting there obediently as she braced herself for another mission.

Danna brought her body back up, immediately turning around and suicidally stepped backwards into the open air. For the small moment when she was suspended in air, a natural adrenaline pumped into her veins, and she cautioned herself not to whoop out loud. Then, her hands caught at the ledge, and the momentum of falling was immediately transferred to the one of swinging herself into the fissure. She landed lightly, balancing on the balls of her feet and crouching, almost cat-like, before straightening up.

Motioning to Glaceon, the two continued inside as the passage wound deeper downwards, seemingly to the heart of the mountain. The silence inside would have been eyrie to her younger self, but now she noted it and put it aside.

As they continued deeper into the darkness, a sudden peacefulness washed over her, and the quiet purr from behind her announced that her Pokémon felt it too. She felt… Protected, and warm as she leaned against the abrasive cave walls and closed her eyes. The last time she felt this at home was when her mother used to sing her to sleep-

Her eyes shot open, and she quickly constructed an emotive wall between her and that outside, unrelated feeling. Scowling, Danna deduced that the content Glaceon would be of no help at the moment, and let her be. She focussed on finding where this feeling emanated from, and the possible Legendary that might be the source of the irritating sensation that pressed around her. Sighing heavily, she continued on in the only direction available to her at the moment – forwards, checking that Glaceon wasn’t so sunk in a stupor so as not to follow.

February 22nd, 2008, 12:23 AM
OOC: Where's Polargent anyways?
Hmm, what's the most productive thing to do while waiting for Glaciatrum? Lupin didn't want to spend too much time waiting here, just in case Glaciatrum was somewhere else, like on the other side or the inside of Mt. Silver. But he would continue waiting underneath this tree, just in case Glaciatrum did show up, for a few minutes perhaps. Yet still, there was no use doing nothing--besides, he already planned out what to do with Glaciatrum. So with that, he looked around at some of the berries. Directly above him on an easy-to-reach branch were a trio of Wacan Berries. Ugh, it almost made him sick just to think about the taste of these berries, or anything particularly sweet or sour for that matter. Ohh, and the same thing went for anything creamy, like the trio of Custap Berries next to them. After a little while, Lupin finally picked an Aguav Berry, stared at it for a little while... and put it into his pocket. After all, if it upset his stomach like most things did, it would not be wise to eat it just before a mission.

So Lupin took the time to take out his "Pokevice", an updated version of a Pokedex that had various other features, but the one he was primarily interested in was the mobile feature. He usually used this to keep in touch with his friends when the Kuronekozoku still existed, but now he used it to send a text message to Brad:

"This is important: If you see me on or in Mt. Silver or with Glaciatrum, pretend you don't know me."

Lupin thought about also including some new information about Qingrila, but there were hidden reasons why he didn't... Anyways, after sending this message and putting the Pokevice away, Lupin spotted a Pokemon approaching the tree. Glaciatrum? It did look mildly wolf-like, but it was yellowish in colour and had too many tails... Nope, it was a Ninetales. This Ninetales stood up on its hind legs and grabbed a few berries with its paws or teeth. It ate one--a Magost Berry--then frowned at the other--a Rindo Berry--and kicked it away. Then it looked up and saw Lupin sitting there. Ohh, now this was a surprise--what was a human doing all the way on Mt. Silver, so far away from civilisation? Was he in Team Nova? Hmm, if he was, wouldn't he be battling a legendary Pokemon like the larger man on the summit was? Nah, maybe just a weary traveler. Anyways, Ninetales was one of the more intelligent species of Pokemon, to the point that it could understand human speech and even motives very well. Not to mention it wasn't as afraid of humans as most Pokemon were, especially at this point in time. So for a while it sat there looking at Lupin...

"Nine!" "Nine!" Just then, two smaller, single-tailed Ninetales energed from behind the adult one, clearly babies. Nowadays Ninetales were born with only one tail which split into nine upon adulthood. Hmm, a mother Ninetales brought her children here--how sweet. The babies both gobbled up a Magost Berry their mother had left them, then engaged in a conversation with her. After that, the mother Ninetales picked up the Rindo Berry by the stem and walked over to where Lupin was, telling her children to stay there.
"Nine. Nine?" the Ninetales greeted, dropping the berry at Lupin's feet. "...Nine."
"Well, hello there," Lupin replied. "I suppose you don't like Rindo Berries. But really, how could you have known that that is the only kind of berry I can safely eat? I would think you could read minds."
The Ninetales cocked her head to one side and waved her tails a slight bit, while Lupin picked the berry up.
"Anyways, I journeyed up here in the hopes of spotting a legendary Pokemon I've heard stories about. I really do enjoy observing Pokemon in the wild--hoping that I don't intrude on any private business--and those legendaries, unheard about before the apocalypse, are especially elusive. My travels took me to this mountain, around which Glaciatrum--I think it was--dwells. And for a second, I thought you were her. Aside from type, there is a strong resemblance."
"...Nine..." Ninetales didn't know whether to feel ashamed or embarrassed. It might be flattering of someone says you look like a legendary Pokemon, but it might be humiliating if you call a Fire-type Pokemon an Ice/Dark-type. But oh well, Lupin didn't seem to mean to insult her, nor, to her relief, to battle or capture her. Maybe he wasn't even a Pokemon trainer...
"Nine." Ninetales nodded and walked back to her two babies, and then continued up the mountain with them.


Meanwhile, inside the damp and spacious chamber of Mt. Silver, Primaverde sat in the darkness, waiting for Auroracle or Qingrila or one of the Alakazam to return, or maybe for the company of another legendary Pokemon. It would seem boring to be rooted there to the spot with nothing to do, but Primaverde was doing something: thinking about the Frutai Trees she planted in various places. Her first tree was on Grapefruit Island, in the Orange Islands. Then there was one in Floaroma Meadow in Sinnoh, at the base of Mt. Moon in Kanto, in the Relic Forest in Orre (right where Celebi's shrine was before the apocalypse), and on Mt. Silver in Johto. Primaverde felt a sort of warmth inside of her whenever someone picked one of the berries off of them, especially the Frutai Berry. Now she was focusing on the tree on Mt. Silver--five berries had just been picked. One Aguav, three Magost, one Rindo. Good--that meant the tree was attracting Pokemon, just like Primaverde hoped.

Primaverde's thoughts were interrupted by Qingrila appearing in the chamber a short distance away. It seemed to be very scared when it appeared, and even started to weep a bit. Oh no--what happened? Did it narrowly escape a battle? Did it lose a battle? Did it encounter a bully? Of course, Primaverde saw no use in guessing what hapeened--after a while, she asked.
"Qingrila, what's wrong?"
Qingrila flew over to Primaverde and hugged her. Then she really did start to cry.
"I... I... I was h-h-heading over to yor Fr-frutai tree, w-when I sensed an evil presence... Then, I flew up... to the top of Mt. Silver, and saw... another evil presence, a man battling Gryphice with a Pokemon I don't know about!"
"Hmm, Team Nova members, perhaps? Yes, you were scared, weren't you? Anyways, did you find Glaciatrum?"
"No... she's always hard to find. I hope she's in Mt. Silver, because then I won't have to go outside again.
"It's all right--just calm down for a moment..."

Primaverde then hugged Qingrila with two of her roots. For now the two were safe in their chamber...


Hmm, so Brad sent out Negatov after Isix and Circe. Circe was at a type disadvantage here because her Psychic attacks had no effect on it, so she kept quiet and held on tight to Isix as she flew around. Brad probably sent out Negatov because Electric-type attacks were super-effective against Flying-type Pokemon. Not to mention that Brad commanded the hovering black ball to use two Electric attacks. The first, Omega Thunder, Circe warded off with a Psychic attack. But afterwards, Negatov flew right at Isix with amazing speed, hitting her with another electric attack of some sort. Circe was able to jump out of the way, fortunately, but still the attack scored a direct hit at Isix. However, it did a quarter as much damage as Brad probably anticipated--because Isix was Fire/Dragon-type, not Fire/Flying. Still, Isix called out to Circe, as if asking for help.
<"Oh, hold on!">
Circe knew that it was bad news to be fighting someone from Team Nova, so she teleported Isix to safety--specifically, the top of Mt. Moon in Kanto. Nearby was the mighty Moon Stone which was once a popular gathering place for Clefairy. Now it was left abandoned, tarnished by the elements. It was in this location that Circe received a telepathic message from Sumanguru...
"Circe, I'm being attacked! Someone from Team Nova--and Gryphice is with me! I'm in my hideout spot--where are you?"
"I'm in my hideout spot, with Isix," Circe answered. "Hold on, I have a plan..."
Circe then proceed to send a telepathic "picture" of her plan to Sumanguru.

On Mt. Coronet, a separate battle raged on with Masteghost and Gryphice. Masteghost had just used an attack called Almighty Barrage on Gryphice, doing a considerable amount of damage. Gryphice glared at Masteghost after being knocked over by this attack, completely unaware of the glowing wounds on his back and the right side of his body.
"Ha!" Gryphice shouted. "You think I'm done after an attack like that?"
Gryphice started preparing another attack, but before he could fire it, Sumanguru teleported him again...

The two showed up in Johtorre, in an area that looked like an abandoned tennis court. Gryphice and Sumanguru stood facing each other on opposite sides of the mouldy "net", and as usual, Gryphice was the fist to talk in his booming voice...
"HEY! I told you, you can't..."
At that moment, Circe and Isix arrived at the same spot.
<"Come on Gryphice,"> Circe pleaded, <"you really shouldn't be battling someone in Team Nova!">
"Oh yeah? I can take golden boy there!"
Circe rolled her eyes, especially after seeing the glowing wounds on Gryphice's body.
<"Then it's time for Plan B..."> she continued in a sad tone. With that, she and Isix teleported again.

For a short instant, Gryphice and the caramel-coloured Alakazam stood alone in the chamber. Sumanguru kept his gaze on Gryphice, oblivious to the Masteghost who appeared out of a portal behind him.
<"All right, Gryphice, if you really, REALLY want to fight, I think there's a way I can help you. I think that... Masteghost... is...">
"You stay out of this, pretty boy!"
Gryphice then blew a gust of rock-infused wind at Sumanguru, knocking him against the rocky wall. Sumanguru hit the wall head-first, but the impact reminded him of something:
Oh yeah, Darthpsych...
And with that, Sumanguru teleported away, leaving Gryphice alone with Masteghost.

When Gryphice spotted Masteghost, he finally became aware of how painful his wounds were. But this didn't matter too much--in his mind, he was still winning. With nothing but battle in his mind now, Gryphice used Double Team. Or should I say Septuple Team--Gryphice split himself into seven copies instead of the normal three, one for each deadly sin that was in Arceus' mind upon his creation. All seven copies then proceeded to hit Masteghost with a Dark Pulse. The seven different Dark Pulses had different shapes, which formed little pictures on the ends before hitting him. A coin, a cupcake, a letter Z, a heart, a crown, a fist, a thunderbolt... All seven of these images shaped the seven Dark Pulses just before impact.

Hmm, which copy was real? Well, gee, that's a good quetion... Actually, two of them could take damage from attacks, but which ones...?


Circe and Isix appeared inside Mt. Silver--in a chamber on the far eastern side of the mountain. It wasn't very deep into the mountain--which was good because Isix always liked fresh air, which came from a narrow tunnel not too far away. This tunnel was too small for a human to fit through, and too twisted to look through, so the two were safe as long as they didn't shout. Anyways, inside the chamber, Circe sat on a small rock, illuminated by a soft red glow coming from Isix's flames. A calming aura seemed to emanate from Isix's flames--perhaps her flames contained energy fields that were actually expansions of her aura, so they reflected her feelings and intentions. If Circe closed her eyes, she would probably feel like she was sitting in a sauna.

"That was close..." Isix commented, relieved that she was no longer in battle with that strange black orb of a Pokemon. "What was that Pokemon anyway?"
<"It's probably one of the new Pokemon synthesised by Team Nova,"> Circe surmised. <"Apparently those Team Nova members don't mind showing off their man-made Pokemon, literally announcing to the world that they're in Team Nova. I must admit that if I were in Team Nova or even any gang, I would want to keep my identity secret from most everyone... that way I'd face less opposition.">
"That is very logical," Isix agreed. "Unfortunately, power taints one with pride, so it makes people feel that they can crush any opposition anyways. ...Just look at what happened to Gryphice."
Isix began to worry about Gryphice. Sinful and arrogant though he was, he was an excellent guardian of Mt. Silver, and a signal to never give up hope. Isix began to worry about what would happen if Team Nova captured Gryphice, and what they would do with him. Well, it certainly was a good thing that Gryphice was extremely disobedient to just about everyone...
"But now," Isix continued, "Team Nova has spotted me... I feel so ashamed..."
<"Don't worry about it,"> Circe reassured. <"I have a feeling that soon enough Team Nova will be overthrown, and this will all end. Perhaps the gateway to the new continent will open up as well.">


The tunnel that Alice and Scout were crawling through started winding left and right, up and down... Scout led the way, with Alice following not too far behind.
"Abs..." Scout winced. Alice had just stepped on his foot.
"Umbre umbreon," Alice apologised.
"Abb..." Scout whispered, telling Alice to keep quiet.
After a while of crawling, Scout spotted a faint red glow coming from the end of the tunnel. When he (and Alice, soon enough) saw it, he was overcome with a feeling of calmness, as if someone was singing to him without making any physical sound. Alice looked ahead in awe--she had once overheard Merlin, one of Lupin's old friends, talking about auras, and about how some auras can inpire feelings, which feel much like songs except without the music. It was a complicated feeling, yet anything supernatural is complicated anyways.

It wasn't too long before Scout and Alice saw the source of the glow. The tunnel opened into a chamber, in which an Alakazam was sitting next to a phoenix-like Pokemon.
Is that Moltres? Alice thought--she remembered Lupin mentioning a legendary phoenix-ish Pokemon called Moltres once before. This Pokemon didn't seem to totally match the description he gave--since when was Moltres sunset-coloured, and since when did it emit calming energy waves from its flames? Alice thought about asking Scout about this, but as she was in the presence of two strangers, she now had to remain as quiet as possible. Especially since there was an Alakazam who might psychically sense them.

Alice and Scout made practically no sound as they walked out of the tunnel and around the darker portion of the chamber, while the two other Pokemon were talking. Soon enough, they hid behind a rock and listened to their conversation. Judging by what they were saying, the possible Moltres had almost been captured by Team Nova, but the Alakazam had rescued her. Then the two mentioned other things, such as philosophical talks about pride and corruption, a Pokemon named Gryphice, and the new continent. One thing the Alakazam said almost made Alice laugh:
<"I must admit that if I were in Team Nova or even any gang, I would want to keep my identity secret from most everyone... that way I'd face less opposition.">
Ha ha ha, that Alakazam is so psychic, Alice thought. That's exactly what Lupin does, and that's exactly why Sinistress wasn't allowed to come with us.


A beach at sunset--what setting could be more relaxing? Especially after being in a place as chaotic as Johtorre, and being engaged in a battle with a Pokemon who could only be hit my three types of attacks... Anyways, two Pokemon sat on this beach: Darthpsych and an Alakazam named Sumanguru. The two watched the sun set until the sun sank below the horizon, a perfectly flat horizon formed by the ocean. Then Sumanguru spoke to Darthpsych, the area around him darkening by the second.
<"Hey there Darthpsych!"> Sumanguru greeted, waving his hand and twirling his spoon around. Ahh, what style. <"I'm Sumanguru, one of the guardians of the legendary Primaverde. You know, the one who planted that Frutai Tree on the side of Mt. Silver. Aren't those trees amazing? Anyways... Primaverde, Auroracle, and Qingrila have just been discussing a plan: one that involves visiting the new continent, and possibly informing the legendaries there about the rest of the world. Not to mention it would be a great temporary escape from Team Nova. I know... you... may... think it... impossible... buuuuttt...">
Sumanguru could hardly believe what he was saying--here he was blatantly mentioning something that Arceus might punish the legendaries for, or something that was too good to be true.

February 22nd, 2008, 7:06 AM
"Masteghost, you know what to do. Use Spectral Vortex" said Brad as the Dark Pulses raged at Masteghost. Masteghost evaded, and then Brad commanded another offensive.
"Delta." Brad said. Masteghost went into Gryphice, and continued to damage the Pokemon as steel spikes protruded from the Pokemon. Gryphice roared in pain.
"Alright, go Masteghost. Find Negatov. Go, Sculptuglass. Your abiltiy to hit Flying types with Ground attacks will be useful here." said Brad calmly. Masteghost left, and Sculptuglass was sent out.
"Now- Glass Tomb!!" boomed Brad. A wall of molten glass surrounded Gryphice, who did not move- it was a Ground Attack. But in for a surprise he was- the tomb surrounded the Pokemon, and hardened. No sound came- the glass blocked it. Brad laughed, and waited patiently for the Pokemons next move.

Sweet Dreams
February 29th, 2008, 11:51 PM
Danna scowled as she stood facing a blank stretch of rock. It seemed a little odd for a single, rather clear passageway to end in a wall. She was sure that it wasn’t more than half a metre thick, and that it was more earth than anything else. She glanced down at Glaceon and placed her hand right in the centre of it.

‘Glaceon, Ice Beam, right here,’ Danna withdrew her hand as a glowing, blue light formed in the Pokémon’s mouth, and rays of light hit the wall where it was a moment before. Instantly, a portion of the wall crystallised and Glaceon stepped back, awaiting further instructions.

‘Shadow Ball,’ she ordered, sounding fairly bored. A dark, pulsing orb shaped itself in Glaceon’s mouth before shooting out and shattering part of the wall. A jagged hole, just large enough for something slightly bigger than Glaceon to jump through, was the product of the two moves. Glaceon smoothly bound through it and stared curiously at the two Pokémon she saw. These weren’t made by Team Nova; otherwise they wouldn’t be out looking blindly for them. Danna swung through behind her, straightening up to see the two shocked Pokémon. Well, they did not really look much, but since they did not really represent any of the surviving Pokémon, nor did they have that particular feel of being Nova-created, Danna had to conclude that either these were the Legendaries she had been looking for, or Mother Nature decided to do a bit of experimenting herself.

One looked rather like a green beetroot with a red pattern stamped across its body. It looked rather bizarre to her, with the comparatively large leaves, flower, red vines and rainbow fruit on a stem all perched dangerously on its head – or what Danna assumed was its head. The other Pokémon looked like nothing she had ever seen before. Danna stood there, wondering how the Pokémon would take to being disturbed in such a fashion, Glaceon standing before her, innocent curiousness evident in the Pokémon. Glaceon tilted her head to a side, and spoke – something she rarely did; ‘Glay?’

March 2nd, 2008, 7:57 AM
"Lupin. This is Baphomet. Turns out Toxadacia and Glaciatrum died. UbeROb got them. Anyways, you shall go for Drathpsych- I am chasing Gryphice, Isix, and Qingrila." Brad said.
"Masteghost, teleport all three of us to Mt. Silver. Negatov (Brad reaches Negatov through radio), meet us at Isix. Before we go, I might as well capture this trapped Pokemon. Nova Ball, go." said Brad monotonously." A black ball with red stripes phased through the glass, and just absorbed the trapped Pokemon. Brad laughed, and he, wuth Masteghost teleported as Sculptuglass re-entered Brad's ball.

They all arrived at Mt. Silver. Negatov was with them. Brad looked at Isix, and sent out Serplesios and Draglacier.
"Now, Isix- what do you choose- Gryphice is mine. You are next on my list."
Darthpsych turned to Sumanguru, and spoke in a monotonous tone.
"It sounds good, my friend, but Apocalydraggon will find out. Not to mention Arceus. I might hide with Apocalydraggon- his cavern is so hard to get to... But I digress. The rest of you can try, but Apocalydraggon won't be pleased, and he can kill us all... he is like an evil Arceus." Darthpsych was genuinely worried- his good friend would really get pissed...
Apocalydraggon was awakened by the sound of Qingrila. Perfect opportunity, he thought. He grabbed the Pokemon, and spoke in a booming, evil voice that only Qingrila could hear.
"Well well. Look what we have here. Finally, I can destroy you. You are detrimental to my power! You dare try to fix this world! We will- but don't try to eliminate misery, hate and death- I am the spectre of all three, Qingrila!!! I know of your little plan to leave- I already blocked off portals. There is no escape.

March 12th, 2008, 12:18 PM
OOC: Stupid time-warp... Hmm, this means Sweet Dreams will have to re-post...

Good thing I saved my posts!
All of a sudden, while Primaverde was still hugging Qingrila with her roots, something pulled on Qingrila's tail, slipping her out of Primaverde's grip. Primaverde tried to look to see what grabbed Qingrila, but Qingrila didn't make a sound so as so say what it was, and all Primaverde could make out was some sort of dark portal that seemed to suck Qingrila in.
Oh no! Primaverde thought. Where'd Qingrila go?
Primaverde tried to reach her roots through the very portal Qingrila passed through, but the portal closed before she could reach it.
Great. Just great! I just heard from Sumanguru and Circe that one particular Team Nova member had two Pokemon that could make portals. If this is one of those portals, then... Oh no! Does that mean that someone in Team Nova is right here in Mt. Silver?

Primaverde was right, sort of. For at that moment, a young woman and a Glaceon stood at the entrance to a tunnel leading elsewhere in Mt. Silver.
"Glay?" the Glaceon asked.
"Flaurel. Flor flaurel," Primaverde said, saying she was a Pokemon by the name of Flaurel. ...Flaurel? Hmm, to Danna, it might have seemed like Flaurel was either one of those Team Nova-synthesised Pokemon, or a legendary. But didn't legendaries usually use normal human speech? Anyways, Primaverde continued talking to the Glaceon, in her "Flaurel" language:
<"Oh... don't mind Qingrila here. She gets scared really easily, from what I observe. I was wandering around with my friend when I saw Qingrila, started talking to her... then she disappeared.">
There was a pause.
<"Oh, my friend is an Alakazam--she's probably wandering around. I can't move too well, so she teleports me from place to place. So... what brings you here?">
After that long string of "Flor flaurel"s, Primaverde waited for the Glaceon's reply, occasionally keeping an eye on her trainer.


<"Oh..."> Sumanguru replied, as the sky turned a beautiful shade of deep blue. <"Well, it was just a suggestion--the plan was Auroracle's idea anyways. Perhaps she was feeling a little restless when she thought about it. Erm...">
Feeling very embarrassed, the caramel-coloured Alakazam teleported again, leaving Darthpsych alone on the beach. Then he ended up in Johtorre, to check up on how Gryphice was doing. But when he got there, the place was empty. What? Empty? ...Then Sumanguru remembered that Masteghost could teleport as well, and figured that Gryphice followed him out of some portal. If that was true, Sumanguru had no clue where Gryphice was now...but still he hoped he would be okay.

What do I do now? Sumanguru thought. Erm... well, I already asked Darthpsych about the mission, so that means I'm done. Whoopee! Ha, and Sundiata thought I wouldn't be able to find him. See? I'm smarter than he thinks. Hahaha! Hmm, I think I should tell Auroracle the news... but where is she? Is she still with Polargent? Wait... I'll ask her.
With that, Sumanguru sat there and focused his attention on Auroracle, setting up a telepathic connection to her. It wasn't too hard for him to talk telepathically to Primaverde or anyone who was Psychic-type, and Auroracle was definitely Psychic-type.
"...Auroracle?" Sumanguru asked.
"Suman, is that you?"
"Oh, wow... you remembered my shortened name!" (She has a better memory than me...) "Anyways, I just asked Darthpsych about the mission, and he thinks it's a bad idea. He says Apocalydraggon will try harder to stop the mission than Arceus will. Apparently the two are good friends."
"Hmm, I'm beginning to regret setting up this mission as well... Maybe I should just call it off. After all, I think I have an idea to have Qingrila help me just look into the new continent. I think its inter-dimension travel and my remote vision could combine to form the ability to see what's going on there. So just keep it between us, okay? Oh, and I'm with Polargent now, by the way. I'm not going to ask it about the mission--maybe I'll just keep it company for a while."

Sumanguru, having free time at last, decided it would be a good idea to go back to where Circe was. Circe had deliberately shut off telepathic communication with him, but apparently she didn't do a good job of disguising non-word-based thoughts. So Sumanguru could still use the connection to teleport next to her whenever he wanted. He promised to do this only once every two days, but since two days have already passed since his last appearance next to her... Anyways, Sumanguru was just about to do this when he thought of something else...
Oh, I'll bring her a present!
With that, Sumanguru teleported back to Mt. Silver, but not the inside chamber where Circe was. Instead he teleported to a ledge on the outside, where Mt. Silver's only Frutai Tree was. Once there, he began looking for some of the more delicious berries there.
Ah, if I could find one of those Custap Berries, that would be perfect. Now where are they? Nope, not here... no, those are Liechis...


After Lupin finished eating the Rindo Berry the Ninetales had offered him, he took out his Pokevice to find a new text message from Brad:
"Lupin. This is Baphomet. Turns out Toxadacia and Glaciatrum died. UbeROb got them. Anyways, you shall go for Darthpsych and Polargent - I am chasing Gryphice and Isix."
Oh, so that's where the fiery comet and the screech came from, Lupin thought. ...So Glaciatrum was gone. What?!? Wait a minute--that didn't make sense. UbeROB was supposed to capture legendaries, not kill them. This meant one of two things: either Brad was lying, or UbeROB had a malfunction or something. But if UbeROB didn't kill them, who did? Lupin thought he had an idea of who the killer was, but he couldn't quite make out its identity... Gee, there was some dark presence he knew very well, but who, and from where?

Well... this ruins my previous plan. But, it also means...
With that, Lupin let his three remaining Pokemon out of their Pokeballs: Sage, Sirius, and Sinistress. Sirius, his Arcanine, yawned widely as he emerged from his Pokeball.
<"I was just taking a little nap...">
<"It's too early for your bedtime,"> Sage the Lucario said to the dark red Arcanine.
"Oh goodie goodie night! Ssssin...nights-time here-istress...!"
Sinistress was supposedly able to speak human language, but sometimes she didn't do a very good job of it, and it was often embarrassing.
"Sinn-is-tress..." Sinistress fretted, a low, dark gaze falling over Sirius.
<"What? Of course I'm not laughing,"> Sirius barked.

"Well, everybody, there's been a change of plans," Lupin announced. Then he paused and continued in a lower and softer voice. "...Glaciatrum is gone."
Another pause.
"Someone killed her--Brad figured it was UbeROB, but I'm not so sure. Now we're supposed to go after Darthpsych and Polargent. It seems so far likely that at least Polargent will be hiding inside Mt. Silver, so I'm hoping Scout and Alice have spotted it by now. As for Darthpsych... finding him will be a bit more difficult. Maybe, we should wait for Alice and Scout to come out, so as to hear from them. ...Sinistress, would you mind going in to find them?"
Sinistress looked towards the mountain, and nodded in agreement. Then she floated away towards the inside...

...And secodns later, she came right back again.
"...Sssssomeoneistress... is here."
Sirius stifled a snicker at this little pronunciation flaw. Then the whole group turned to someone else on the other side of the tree...

An Alakazam was walking towards them--a handsome-looking, caramel-coloured one, gleaming in the filtered moonlight through the leaves. At first he thought the Alakazam was looking directly at him, but then he heard leaves rustle above him--one of the Custap Berries was glowing.
"Oh... go right ahead, you can have them," Lupin commented, picking the other two berries and tossing them to the Alakazam. The Alakazam (who happened to be Sumanguru) stopped these three berries midair, then juggled them in his spoons for a while. What a little showoff...

Sumanguru started to teleport away, but Sinistress stopped him with her own Psychic attack.
<"You're not going anywhere... until you pay the toll.">
Sinistress placed her hand right above Sumanguru's head, and wisps of energy flowed from his head to her hand. Soon these energies turned into what looked like a small misty ball, but then the skull charm on her cape opened its mouth and swallowed it. Then its eyes flashed with an eerie red light. Meanwhile, Sumanguru was slumped over, trying to use any psychic attack he possibly could, but he couldn't teleport away, and psychic attacks didn't affect Sinistress anyways.

Then Sinistress placed her hand over Sumanguru's head a bit, wiggling her fingers a bit. Then she glaced left and right to make sure no gaping wild Pokemon were watching... Nothing odd, except a dark shadow that was probably Lupin passed by on her left. Then, two things happened at once. Sinistress's hand touched Sumanguru's head, causing him to flinch for a moment and clench his fists. This moment passed quickly, but the second his fists began to relax, Lupin carefully lifted the spoon out of his right hand and snatched it away. Such a perfect opportunity couldn't be passed up.

Ah, I see, Sinistress thought as she held her hand there. You're thinking about your girlfriend, are you...? And I see... ah, there's Isix... and there's Alice and Scout. And there's Brad and Negatov and Serplesios and Draglacier. And... what's this shape that keeps appearing before my eyes? A beach? Is this where you're planning to take her on a... Ah, I see. Then TAKE US THERE!

Sinistress squeezed the Alakazam's head as she said this, her method of controlling his actions. The controlled action she had him perform was teleportation, to that very beach...
After all, now that I sapped your energy, you'll need my own psychic energies to teleport. Not to mention you're missing one of your spoons.
Soon afterward, Lupin, Sage, Sirius, and Sinistress and Sumanguru arrived on the beach where Darthpsych was.

"All right Sinistress," Lupin whispered to Sinistress, "why don't you go back and find Alice and Scout--Sirius will watch over the Alakazam here, while... Sage, can I trust you to be in charge of battling Darthpsych?"
Sage took a look at Darthpsych for a moment, then agreed. Clearly, Lupin was not going to try gradual persuasion and building up trust with Darthpsych like he originally planned for Glaciatrum--somehow Darthpsych would just not buy the same idea.
"Of course, don't fight until I give the signal, or until Darthpsych attacks one of us," Lupin continued, in an even softer whisper. "And Sirius... it might be better to keep the Alakazam hidden..."
But just in case, Lupin took out something from a pocket on his chest--it looked like a lighter. But when he pressed a button on the side gently, an electrical spark or two formed at its tip... He touched the tip of this object to the back of the Alakazam's head. If Sumanguru wasn't already either immobile or unconscious, surely he was one of those now.

As Lupin looked at Darthpsych, he thought something looked familiar about him, but then decided that it definitely was not familiar. Darthpsych was just this black, armoured humanoid figure, with arms made of some sort of red energy. But he didn't seem to be that evil--it could be argued that if you looked at both Lupin and Darthpsych and sensed their auras, you would probably see Lupin as the more evil one. Yet if you looked at Sinistress as well, she would seem far more evil than Lupin, yet still nothing close to pure evil, of which there was apparently no such thing. (Well, nobody apart from the legendaries knows about Apocalydraggon, so...)

Sage started to walk towards Darthpsych, taking each step as quietly as possible. After taking a few steps, he fired a pale red beam from his hand, which formed a little circle in front of his eye. The beam didn't hit Darthpsych--rather, it hit a circle around it, then glowed green after a while. This was his version of Foresight. Without it, he wouldn't be able to hit Darthpsych with most of his attacks--that is, if he even needed to fight. Anyways, Sage took a few more steps towards Darthpsych, planning to sit right next to it. But he didn't get too far before he accidentally stepped on a sharp little rock.
Sage quickly rubbed the rock off the bottom of his foot, but when he stood up again, Darthpsych was looking right at him, having heard him shout in surprise. Sage stood by and watched him, waiting to see whether or not Darthpsych would just turn back around immediately... Fortunately, by that time, Sirius had dragged Sumanguru behind a large rock so that Darthpsych couldn't see him, and was standing right behind Sage at this point. Sinistress had been spending the last few moments forming a portal, which was concealed behind a few rows of trees, then used Sumanguru to teleport back to Mt. Silver. She was gone by the time Darthpsych looked around. Lupin was sitting down a short distance away on Darthpsych's other side. By now it was dark enough for him to not be seen as easily, but there was still enough moonlight for Sage to see.


Auroracle was watching Polargent from a tunnel leading to a very small cavern in Mt. Silver, too small for her to fit. She was just about to ask Polargent about the mission when Sumanguru talked to her telepathically, and she decided against asking it. Polargent had noticed her thought, and was looking right at her.
"...Oh, hello Polargent. Never mind--I thought I was going to ask you something, but I forgot what I was going to say. Oh, just so you know, Gryphice has just been captured, and Isix has been attacked as well. And I'm beginning to spot two people from Team Nova right here in Mt. Silver... so be careful."

Auroracle backed out of the cavern and entered a large, moist cavern just below it. It was here that she did another remote vision check. She looked around Mt. Silver first. Two humans were in Mt. Silver, surely enough. There were three Pokemon with one of them--two dragonlike Pokemon, one based off a black orb. Isix was with them as well as Circe, and nearby were an Umbreon and an Absol. Uh-oh, Isix was under attack! Auroracle thought about helping Isix out, but if she did that, she would be spotted as well. So she moved on... Uh-oh, Primaverde was spotted as well? But was the lady there in Team Nova or not? She had a Glaceon with her... Elsewhere, she found Apocalydraggon, but he started to give her a headache when she saw him, so she moved on. Outside Mt. Silver? No one. The beach where Darthpsych was?
Just as before with the foggy area at the base of Mt. Silver, Auroracle got a very painful headache, yet this time it prevented her from seeing anything at all. What prevented this? It wasn't Darthpsych--she had seen it before without having a headache... It wasn't Sumanguru... Auroracle couldn't tell.

A while later, Auroracle flew right out of Mt. Silver--she decided it would not be safe inside the mountain if there was at least one person from Team Nova in there. So she entered out the western side of Mt. Silver--the side opposite the entrance Alice and Scout, Circe and Isix, and Brad and Negatov had used on the east. She dived down into the fog surrounding the mountain, and stopped by a small pond. A mother Machamp with her four-armed baby stared in awe at the legendary Pokemon that swooped down and sat with her body in a circle around the pond.
<"Oh, Auroracle, your majesty..."> the Machamp greeted, kneeling on the ground and bowing.
"You flatter me..." Auroracle replied. "Please, don't tell any humans or strange-looking Pokemon I was here, okay? Team Nova has raided Mt. Silver..."
The Machamp stared, wide-eyed, at Auroracle and her bright crystal eyes, incredulous.


What, three on two? Talk about an unfair battle! Isix and Circe jumped up in surprise as Brad entered the chamber with Negatov. Then he sent out two more Pokemon: they looked rather serpentine and dragon-like, evolutions of Dragonair and Milotic, perhaps. Hmm... this wasn't good. One was Dragon-type and the other was Water-type, both of which were resistant to Fire attacks. What's more, Isix was weak against Dragon attacks. Isix had a type disadvantage here...
<"Sorry Isix--it looks like we'd only be helping him out by teleporting all over the place. I think it's best if we stay and fight--for now. Come on Isix, you know how you can get over your type disadvantage!">
"Oh, of course, you're right."
With that, Isix flipped backwards in the air. The second she did, three balls of a blinding yellow light formed where she was and flew right at Negatov. The three orbs were made of light energy, and were just made to be super-effective against any Dark-type Pokemon. This "Light-type" was also good against Fighting, Ice, Ground, and Ghost-type Pokemon, but was not very effective against Rock and Steel and Psychic-types. Arceus had apparently created this type when it created the new legendaries, but it was secretly known only to the legendaries--that is, until (and if) Team Nova was defeated. Anyways, the orbs hit Negatov in a blinding flash of light, while Isix flew in a circle around the Pokemon. Then Isix quickly flew black to her original position and engulfed herself in the same blinding light. The light could have lit up the whole cave, except it managed not to penetrate anywhere past this cavern. This was her Blind Flash attack, a more powerful of the original Flash that cut accuracy twice as much. The other attack she had used was Golden Bubble, a combination of two attacks Arceus had apparently experimented with before creating her. It was an orb attack, but also caused the target to fall asleep. Well, at least while Negatov was asleep, that was one less Pokemon to handle for a while...

Meanwhile, Circe stared at Draglacier and Serplesios, waiting to see what they would do. She had her back turned to Isix at the moment, and thus was not in the face of Isix's Blind Flash like the other two were. Circe held her crystal spoons at the ready, waiting for the signal... When they attacked, she sould either teleport away or use ehr Psychic attack to push it away, or do something else with it...

Alice and Scout watched this battle, hiding quickly behind the rock they were already behind when Isix used Blind Flash. Hmm... maybe if Brad got to the point where he was losing the battle (if he did), they would help him out...


Sundiata had teleported to where Toxadacia was, only to see her get killed by Apocalydraggon. The gold-coloured Alakazam took a few steps away from this gargantuan Pokemon who was just brimming with evil, having also spotted what looked like a dead Glaciatrum on his other side. He was shocked and even a tad horrified--it made sense for Apocalydraggon to want to kill humans and regular Pokemon, but legendary Pokemon as well? That seemed to make no sense, and it looked like Qingrila would be next. For Apocalydraggon was holding the little white dragon, who struggled and screamed as Apocalydraggon boomed threatening words to him. Oh no, Qingrila was in trouble! Sundiata started to teleport Qingrila away from Apocalydraggon when he was stopped by a dark force...

The dark force didn't come from Apocalydraggon--rather, it came from Qingrila himself. As Apocalydraggon held him, Qingrila's body started to become purple, and his feathery wings expanded, and his tail twitched violently...

WHOOSH! Qingrila's wings exploded, revealing, larger, black, batlike wings. The force of this emergence broke Qingrila free of Apocalydraggon's grip, while Qingrila soared up and over him. His eyes were now bright red and glowing angrily, and his tail was now a spiky group of black spindles, each with a clawed hand at its end. Qingrila shouted, in a booming voice that was just a tad louder than Apocalydraggon's...
"Arceus created me as an object of peace, of harmlessness--but forgot the function of duality. Within a being of pur good lies a being of pure evil, shut away until provoked otherwise. You were wrong to think that I did not have any evil in me--I was just hiding it! Now, if you know what's reasonable for you, you will not destroy me. If you destroy me, you destroy Qingrila's evil half. And when that happens, Qingrila becomes unstable with only a good form. And when THAT happens, Qingrila's good essence will unlock a being of ultimate good hidden deep inside you, fellow being or pure evil! So unless you want your good side exposed--yes, it's there!--you will not dare touch me. Remember, I am not Qingrila's good form--I am on your side. Auroracle may have suggested entering the new continent--I say we destroy it. After evil descends upon this world, I fear that Arceus will want to call upon the new continent to help it out."
Then Qingrila spoke in a quieter voice, moving to the front side of Apocalydraggon and talking to him face-to-face.
"Now, here's another thing--I have come really close to entering the new continent just a while ago, while my good form was taking over. I know you have the power to shut off entry to the new continent, but if you let me, I can enter the continent, and together we can destroy it. Is that a plan, or is that, should I say... too good?"

Sweet Dreams
March 12th, 2008, 11:37 PM
((OOC: I’m glad I did, too. And in case you get confused, italics are thoughts whilst "< >" is Pokespeech.))

Danna didn’t even blink as one of the Pokémon before her disappeared through a portal. She noted that her Glaceon had actually spoken aloud, and that the other Pokémon repeated the phrase “Flaurel”. Legendaries were supposed to be able to speak in human tongue, but there were a few that couldn’t before, so she figured that perhaps some, or even all, of the new Legendaries could not. This one did not have the feel of a Nova created – and anyway, what would a Nova-created Pokémon be doing in Mt Silver?

Glaceon stepped lightly up to the “Flaurel”, nudging it with her nose. The action just emanated kindness, and yet a forlornness despite it. A slightly apologetic look in Glaceon’s eyes and a quick lick of the tongue greeted the unmoving Pokémon as she inspected it. <Greetings. I do not wish any harm upon you, dear heart. I am truly sorry for bursting in here like this, but I fear that if we hadn’t, we would have had to turn all the way back through that dreadful tunnel again.> Glaceon spoke softly, gesturing instead of talking to get the meaning across where she could. It’s a tragedy that oft times we are forced to act against our wishes.

Danna leaned against the wall, arms crossed. She flicked her orange hair back, annoyed with its length - too short to tie up and too long not to be a nuisance when let out. She needed to have it cut soon; otherwise it would drive her mad. Absently, she chewed on a nail, glancing around the spacious cavern whilst waiting for Glaceon, remembering to keep an eye on the both of them. It was too bad that Sludgix was a Nova-made Pokémon, meaning that if she did not want to alert the Legendaries to her presence, she could not use him. Sludgix was at home in caves, and could even detect other hollow paths separated from the one it was travelling on by thin walls of rock. Danna guessed that they had passed at least half a dozen such tunnels without them even knowing it.

Both trainer and Pokémon watched carefully for any surprise attacks or recruitments, and any unpredictable moves by the seemingly placid “Flaurel” on the ground.

March 14th, 2008, 7:51 PM
oh can i use my old application?

Name:Corruptorian(suggest better name)
Gender: male if allowed
Description:A black steel/dark legendary about 12feet tall whos arms morth into giant blades much like those of syther. Noone knows what the hands of this poke look like as they are shrouded in a dark aurora. If the target is willing or inatimate the hands can suck or charge dark energy into/from an enemy. If unwilling they must be defeated first. Anything charged with dark energy will follow two paths set as a test by Corruptorian. If the will is stong they will resist the temptation of evil and use the power. If the will is overcome the target will grow insane with power. This has often happened to people who have sought the power of the poke but didnt think they would have to work for it. These blades are made of an almost unbreakable metal and are are used in a signiture attack, Blades of darkness. BTW just cause something is dark doesnt mean it is evil.it was origionally thought to be a twisted evo of scizor...untill people realised it was much more. it is melded with dark energy but uniqually not controlled by it. it can take down the most unstopable of enemies with its special attack. blades of darkness. a move that molds with any of his known moves to always provide at least an effective hit. this pokes personality is similar to that of mewtwo and thus asked to be gifted grass knot to do what some legendaries like it before have struggled, taking out bigger enemies. It also realised what it could do with blades of darkness and spent much time to earn mimic. some say that this legend may be an ordinary syther saved from an ill fate and given great power for a completed deed but this is just a rumour.This poke would reign supreme over all bugs, but most are dead and it would give its life to extend theirs or to bring back the rest. It is also said its gifts seem to target a poke mew and corruptorian dislike. This poke is not evil, it is a soldier of darkness....
Personality: Enjoys winning mercifully, cold but seeks to apply justice.

March 17th, 2008, 3:05 AM
I have to deny it now- the caliber of the others is levels above yours... sorry. The old RPG had about your level- now, we have better examples.