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January 1st, 2008, 1:08 PM

Far away in a distant land, there is a silver wishing fountain called the Fountain of Purity. Legend says the fountain was built thousands of years ago by a race of an ancient group of Yoshi. After the fountain was built, the Yoshi filled it with clear and pure holy water. Whenever someone would need something or when hard times fell upon them, a Yoshi would throw a penny into the fountain and make a wish. News of the fountain's wish granting properties spread throughout the land like wildfire, and soon others traveled to the fountain to have their wishes granted. Even today, the fountain still stands and still grants wishes. Although the intentions of the Yoshi to build the fountain were humble in the beginning, the fountain has been targeted by someone whos intentions aren't so humble..

Bowser, being as greedy as he is, has forced the native Yoshi out of their area and claimed the fountain for himself. He has built a large, towering castle in front of the fountain, along with a huge iron fortress around the fountain so that nobody else can get to it. Bowser controls a huge army of soldiers to guard his whole territory, castle, and the iron fortress surrounding the fountain. He has sent his soldiers out to invade Mushroom Kingdom so he can try and take over.

Since the Koopa and Goomba invasion, Mushroom Kingdom is going through some hard times, and Princess Peach is doing everything she can to save the kingdom. An intense drought has fallen on the kingdom, causing rivers and lakes to diminish and food sources to run low. Even worse, Bowser's soldiers are raiding and destroying villages in the kingdom. There are so many of them, it's getting harder and harder to fight them off. Princess Peach has enlisted the help of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi to defend the kingdom to keep Bowser's army at bay. However, the drought Mushroom Kingdom is suffering is also a big problem--if the drought doesn't break, then the kingdom will die and everyone will be forced to leave. Because of this, Princess Peach has decided to try one last thing: to depend on the Fountain of Purity. She has sent announcements throughout the kingdom calling for anyone willing to take her wishing penny to the fountain so that the kingdom may survive. Normally, Mario and Luigi would do it, however they are unable to because they are busy protecting the kingdom. The journey won't be easy at all; whoever chooses to make the trip will face dangerous enemies, and ultimately King Bowser himself. The risk must be taken though, for if things continue the way they are, then Mushroom Kingdom will fall to Bowser's will...

Your Role:

You will be a part of the group that will take the trip to bring Princess Peach's wishing penny to the Fountain of Purity. Along the way, it will be your job to help fight off King Bowser's soldiers to protect Mushroom Kingdom and your ultimate goal will be to help make sure that Princess Peach's penny makes it to the Fountain of Purity and her wish is granted.


1. Follow the basic RP rules
2. No god-modding

Character Races:

Characters may be any of the following:
1. Toad
2. Yoshi
3. Koopa
4. Paratroopa


Origin: (made-up villages are acceptable)
Appearance: (please be as detailed possible)
Background: (a brief but detailed history of your char's life)
Personality: (how your char feels, acts, etc.)
Tools/Weapons: (please describe what the tool/weapon does and what it's used for)
Abilities: (any abilities your char may have)
RP Sample: (this will be an important part of the sign-up, so make it good)

My Sign-Up:

Name/Nickname: Mateo (Teo)

Age: 16

Race: Toad

Origin: Hoken Village

Appearance: Mateo's height is just slightly above average for a Toad, but he is of average size and weight. Mateo's eyes and hair are both a light, smoky gray. Unlike most Toads, which have spots on their mushroom hats, Mateo has triangles instead of spots. The triangles on his mushroom hat are a light gray in color. A little of Mateo's hair sticks out from under the hat, which makes his eyes stand out. He wears a forest green colored vest that is outlined in brown along with matching shoes. He also wears earthy brown pants that are outlined in green. Aside from basic articles of clothing, Mateo also wears a small brown pouch that hangs from around his neck, which is used to hold his flute.

Background: Mateo grew up in the Hoken Village, which is located one of the forests of Mushroom Kingdom. Both Toads and Yoshi live peacefully together within the village, and are naturally at home in their forest environment. At a very young age, Mateo showed he had a natural affinity for music. His father hand carved a wooden flute for him when he was seven years old and taught him how to play it. Mateo proved to have a natural talent for playing the flute. The villagers would often ask him to play a few notes on his flute for them, and he would always be happy to oblige. He learned how to tell stories through his music and how to express his feelings through the sounds of his flute. Mateo would often take long walks through the forest, just playing his flute. He would often get inspired by the sounds of the animals in the forest and would make up his own songs as he walked. As he got older, Mateo grew exceptionally attached to his wooden flute, and he keeps it with him at all times. Now, he knows countless amounts of songs to play with his flute, and is always eager to learn more.

Personality: Mateo is a calm and peaceful kind of Toad and he likes to read when he isn't playing his music. He is very observant too, and likes to go on walks to just take a look around at his surroundings. Mateo is also very curious as well; he would often get himself into mischief by sneaking away from the village to explore the forest when he was young. Most of the time he is even-tempered, and he doesn't anger very easily. He has some trouble talking about his feelings or his emotions by just speaking, so he expresses them through his music. Mateo normally uses a calm tone while talking to someone.

Tools/Weapons: Wooden flute-Allows Mateo to play his music any particular way he desires. Used both as a musical instrument and as a weapon against enemies.

Abilities: Mateo is a very gifted flutist. His melodies and songs he plays on his flute can be used both for offense and defense when facing an enemy. He can use his music to put an enemy to sleep, to distract them, or for powerful sound attacks to stun them or knock them away. If all else fails, he can use his flute as a bat or hammer to hit an enemy. He also has very good observation qualities and can think quick on his feet when he needs to.

Likes: Music, Strawberries

Dislikes: Cold weather

RP Sample:

The little blue bird hopped out onto the edge of the tree branch looking this way and that, curious to see who or what was playing that song and where it was coming from. It was a calm and gentle melody being played with soft notes of music. Beneath the tree, there was a winding road going through the forest. It was littered with twigs and fallen leaves here and there, and the bright sun's rays broke through the high branches of the trees to give the forest a slight glow. Up ahead, a Toad could be seen making his way thorugh the forest, walking on the winding forest path. He was the source of the music being played. He played his wooden flute as he walked. The Toad's name was Mateo. He frequently took walks through the forest, his melodies being heard by whoever happened to be in the area. As he neared the tree, the little blue bird began to sing. As he walked past the tree, the Toad heard the bird's singing and stops walking, but still playing his flute. He walked up the the tree and looked up at the bird and played to the bird's song. When the bird stopped singing, he stopped playing.

"Hm..I think I liked my song more when you joined in," said Mateo wish a slight smile, looking up at the bird with his gray eyes. The bird looked back down at him for a second, then it just chirped a couple of times and flew away.

Mateo laughed a little to himself and continued on his way down the road, playing his flute. He was headed to his favorite spot in the forest, which was a small lake situated in a small clearing. At the edge of the lake, there is a large boulder that Mateo likes to sit on. After a little while of walking, Mateo reached the clearing where the lake was. He put his flute away and looked around and saw the huge boulder sitting in its usual spot at the edge of the lake. He approached the boulder and climbed up on it. For a few moments, he just sat there and looked out at the lake. The surface of the water glistened as the sunlight was reflected. Mateo opened his pouch and took out a bag of strawberries, which was his favorite food. He ate the strawberries in a pleased manner. After he finished eating, he laid back on the rock and looked up at the clouds. He sighed in relaxation and soon dozed off into a deep sleep.

"Zzzz..wha-ouch!" said Mateo. He had fallen off the boulder in his sleep and landed painfully on his head. He rubbed his throbbing head, his vision a little blurry. Getting to his feet, Mateo dusted himself off and rubbed his eyes and looked around. It was approaching dusk, and the sky was slowly fading from light blue to a dark black color. The setting sun made the sky look a deep reddish color that mixed with the blackening sky.

"I guess I should start off back home," Mateo sighed, wanting to stay out at the lake all night. He rubbed his head a little and took out his flute. "Back to Hoken it is then..." So he began to make his way back through the forest, calmly playing his flute along the way as he walked.