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January 2nd, 2008, 2:51 PM
Okay, I never post poetry (this because of...past events) but it's been awhile, so why not post another one? I dun know why.

Is It Wrong? (Grow Up)

Is it wrong to eat aspirin because I want to?
Well, I do love the grape flavor.
And it melts on my mouth.
Oh and yes,
It does not make me sick!

Is it wrong to love a fictional boy?
Just ink on a page.
Animation on the screen.
Just because he's cute.
His character might not appeal to me,
Or maybe it does.
Either way,
So many people do.
So maybe it must not.
(But what's popular is not always right, and what's right is not always popular)

Is it wrong to scream and cheer because I beat a boss on a game?
It's the pure excitement of watching them blast into stars
That makes me do this.
So no matter what you say,
It's not wrong for this to be.
(And it never will be)

Is it wrong to want to watch or read or hear something more 'grown up' for me?
Read an Older Teen book,
Watch an R rated movie.
Listen to a song called FMLYHM.
Little things like that might perk my life up a bit.
Doing something to make me feel more into society.

Oh please just let me be.
I'm tired of hearing 'No' about these.
Just once or twice.
It won't hurt.
The rejection would pain me more.

I'm just a kid ready to grow up.
And right now you're refusing to let me.
I hate you, stupid, stupid world!
And I hate your inhabitants more!

So I have to ask:

Is saying that wrong?

Yeah, I was kind of bored...(Must be the reason I wrote The Frozen Heart...)