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June 22nd, 2008, 10:48 AM
"Grr... fine. But if you guys die before me, I won't forgive you!" Reid spat in the direction of Ashton and the skills, before running off after the others. He didn't like leaving others behind. He had sworn against it, long ago, after his father left his mother. Those weren't the best of times, and he could only imagine how his mother had felt after her one of her sons was taken away and the other banished from the town. Ailia too. Ailia... that was another reason he had to survive this encounter. He needed to apologize to her for leaving as well. But... no. He had to save those thoughts for later. Right now, there was something more important to accomplish. He could see it ahead now, the light. They just needed to push a little more and then-


"Did you guys hear that? We can't die before he does~" Rod chimed to the others as he threw his left hand over the face of a young man, fionus erupting from the hand and burning the flesh right off. The body fell to the ground. Though, another opponent quickly took the place of the first. "Though, it's looking more and more like a promise we can't keep, huh?" He finally remarked after witnessing Tsukasa fall to his knees from an axe blow to the arm. When Auricia, in kind, tried to heal Tsukasa using her lionus, he was quickly speared by an young girl through the stomach, an arrow piercing her left eye soon afterwards before she fell to her knees. "Oi, Ashton! Take care of her, will ya? She won't die from it, but defend her until she can recover!" Ashton nodded as his fael materialized in the form of a spear which sweapt across the are around his significant other, the blood of the surrounding skills splattering all over the ground before Ashton pulled the arrow from Auricia's eye. Thankfully, because of her ability, her eyeball was still in one piece.

"...Sure, we can go on like this, but they can too..." He finally remarked, the opponents he had just slain getting back to their feet. "I guess it all comes down to who'll tire first."

"100 versus 4. Take a guess who'll tire first!" Tsukasa shouted back sarcastically. These were not great odds at all.


"What the hell is this?" Ellianne, surprisingly, was the first to say such a thing as they pierced the light. Reid couldn't help but feel responsible for that manner of speaking rubbing off on her, and the thought distracted him for a moment. It was weird to be distracted, considering what they had stumbled upon. It was a Colosseum of sorts, although the one half seemed somewhat obstructed. But, that wasn't the strangest thing about it. BLUE sky stood above them, as vast and endless as the violet one they knew. But... they were underground, so was it even possible? There was also a light breeze.

At the opposite end of the Colosseum stood a throne high up off the ground, a familiar figure sitting upon it with his chin sitting on his right fist. It was the first time Reid had seen this man since they left to see Stahn weeks before. "Oh, so you came after all. I was beginning to wonder if you still had the energy." The large, muscular man glared back at the group with his emerald eyes. Strangely, he was still wearing what he had worn to that dinner where they first met the skills. A blue tuxedo - although it was torn in a multitude of places - with his blond hair combed back. Two figures stood on either side of him. Tilde on the left, Saral on the right. The latter was throwing her knife up and down in the air, while the former just watched blankly. It reminded Reid that he had never inquired into just what kind of ability that girl possessed. But where was Audi? "I see you even brought my daughter with you." Reid raised an eyebrow. Daughter, just what was he talking about?

"I'm not your daughter anymore, you sorry excuse for a father, so just go die already." Melody responded as she casted off her disguise once more. "What kind of father does THIS to their daughter?" Tilde's eyes seemed to flicker with a bit more life than usually at the revelation that had just occured. While it had been a shock for Reid to learn this, this puzzle pieces just seemed to click a little more. Also... was there some mistrust between Kayle and his lackeys? It seemed as if that was something they didn't know.

"Fiesty as always. You were always so mean to me~" Kayle put on a silly grin before spitting out a wad of blood. Had he lost it mentally? Something felt different about him, but Reid couldn't place it quite yet. "Oh, and Reid, I found something that belongs to you~" He threw a circular object wrapped in bloodstained cloth at Reid, who caught it. Ellianne screamed as Reid opened it. The boy fell to his knees, his eyes wide. "You know, you really should have told everyone about your sickness earlier. This one caught it from you, y'know, and she came to me looking for a cure. I promised her the cure if she'd kill you, but she didn't. So, I had to deal away with her in the end."

"..." Wionus began to spin around Reid wildly as he stood once more, placing the wrapped, decapitated head of Flaire back on the ground. He thought he had seen something familiar amidst the sand outside. Flaire's ring. A ring he had given her as a birthday present. "So this is what it's come down to, huh?" His heart was full of regret. Flaire had caught the plague from him? And it had lead to her inevitable death... "If you're trying to use this to shake me up and make me think this was my fault, you're somewhat naive, Kayle. Maybe a few weeks ago I would have blamed myself-"

"Oh, you mean with Rosaline? Her death was quite pathetic. All she did the entire time I extracted that core from her was cry for you~ It was quite funny." The wionus presence in the area intensified.

"But not anymore. I've seen, realized, and experienced enough in the past few weeks to change my outlook on things."


"Yeah." Reid continued. He was surprised Tilde or Saral hadn't rushed in to dispose of them yet. "I met you a long time ago, didn't I? Outside of these very hotsprings you're hiding beneath. That was the day you stole my wings from me. My memory had been vague about that night for a while now, but it became clear this morning. Then again, I met you when you drafted me into the Archai Squad. I also met Melody that day, although I don't think either of us realized it until now. Incidentally, this occured a few days after the Padre responsible for the Apostle incident escaped from Carn's prison. You coaxed Flaire and myself into helping you start up Flazure, so you could get as many Phoenix and Wyvern people into the same place at the same time, while you had influence with Gregar's military. You orchestrated everything, and had the skills made. But what you didn't expect was Ashton, a soldier who was able to see that something was amiss. When he took away Auricia, you expected him to do the same with the future skills. Therefore, before proceeding to make the new ones we just encountered, you tried to eliminate Ashton's group by sending them on that mission to Carn's castle. You were hoping we'd kill them for you. You created the plague in order to create this new army, correct? There are still a few pieces of the puzzle I'm missing, though. The first is why you bothered to take my wings all those years ago, next is the purpose of those three girls, and finally I need to know what you're planning to do with the Ophelian Core." Reid's face looked more than serious the entire time, and the wionus swirling in the room didn't relent, but rather intensified.

"...You're very perceptive." Kayle looked disgusted at the fact that most of his plan had been figured out, especially his identity as the Padre. It must have been some guesswork on Reid's part, but it was right nonetheless. "Perhaps if you live... I'll fill you in on the pieces of your puzzle, Mr. Davies... Oh, Audi~"

"DAMMIT. Everyone get ready!" Melody shouted, obviously angry with herself that she hadn't pieced together what Reid had. Though, Reid had seemed to her to be the center of something for a long time, so maybe it was something he needed to find out himself.

June 22nd, 2008, 12:05 PM
Levi stared blankly at Flaire’s head. He hadn’t expected this. He hadn’t- He didn’t… His fists tightened, his knuckles turning white as he opened his mouth to yell at Kayle. He hadn’t spent much time with Flaire. Not the real Flaire anyway. But Deon and Flaire were like the same person. And… he bit down a furious cry, his trembling frame preparing to ask what killing Flaire had merited that… that…



Goosebumps shot up Levi’s arms again as he spun around, looking for a source of the giggling. They quickly disappeared though, when he realized that the voice was familiar. Not the familiar that set them on the offensive, like when they’d realized the giggling was from that stuffed animal, but a stomach dropping familiar, which left Adela frozen with an expression of disbelief on her face. She stood where she was, unable to turn around, unable to look at that face that she ended up getting to know so well after the Apostle incident. “Goooood morning everyone!” Audi waved enthusiastically at the group when she stepped up behind them. As Levi stared with uncharacteristic horror at her new body, she smiled mischievously, flipping her long hair over her shoulder again, “Sorry I’m late!”

A black stuffed animal hopped up to the podium out of nowhere, sitting down against Tilde’s leg and becoming lifeless again.

“Y-You…” Levi breathed, his eyes wide at the familiar sight, “…”

“Oh?” Audi grinned at Levi, “You know me too?!” She skipped over and winked, “I’m so happy! I thought only the bratty girl would recognize me! Well isn’t this great? Let’s see, if this body remembers correctly, you’re Levi, right? And then you’re Reid,” Audi pointed at each person, “Ellianne, and of course, our dear Lieutenant Ciaccio, and- oh? The decapacitated head must be Flaire? Phoenix princess, right? I don’t think we ever had proper introductions last time!” Audi notioned up to the mastermind behind all this business, “You guys all know me already, so why don’t you all just call me what you’re used to calling me?” Audi’s smiled turned sadistic as her green eyes slid over to look at the shaking Adela.

“Oops!” Audi took a step back to dodge Levi’s roundhouse kick, “Aren’t we an eager child today?”

Levi said nothing, choking down words. If he said anything, he wouldn’t be able to hold it down anymore. This intense sadness, that wasn’t anything like being gossiped about, that wasn’t anything like running away from a place that never wanted you to begin with. It was like being left behind, but in a whole different way. Flaire, and Rosaline, and Kirden. He was glad that Lisa and Solomon hadn’t gotten involved. He regretted almost bringing Solomon into the fray. He didn’t want adventure anymore.

“Did you…” Adela asked, her voice strangely even as she still refused to look at Audi, “kill Kirden?”

Audi’s hand grabbed Levi’s fist, as she smiled serenely down at the distraught teen, “Well…” The smile spread, malicious and ecstatic, “Yeah.” She giggled wildly as skeletons wrenched themselves out of the ground, “Can you hit me?” She taunted Levi, who stumbled back after a skeleton put its bony fingers through his stomach, his arm protruding out from under Kirden’s arm. “Can you put this lovely body through more suffering than it’s already been through? I mean, look at this hideous face. I wonder what happened? Not that I don’t know from the memory this body has already, buuuut…” She put her hands on her hips, satisfied with her little conversation, though she’d gotten less reaction out of the Lieutenant than she’d hoped. She glanced around at the skeletons who stood around idly, some with rotting flesh still hanging off their bones. Of course, in this kind of facility, Audi had plenty of dead bodies to go around; even when she wasn’t counting the ones that were made into a skill army.

“So I guess I’m up first. I see you don’t have those pretty apostles with you, so that weird three-eyed mutant can’t pick out my weakness.” Audi shrugged, “And even then, you can’t kill me permanently, I’ll just show up again,” Kirden’s body suddenly stilled as a skeleton walked around its companions in a haughty manner, “and again,” another skeleton, “and again.” Kirden’s face spread into a calm smile, “And even if you beat me, you can’t even begin to touch Saral and Tilde. Let alone your ultimate goal.” Audi giggled again, “You came here just begging to die, didn’t you?!”

“SHUT UP!!” Levi yelled hoarsely, his own wionus flooding in to add to Reid’s as a wild tornado threw Kirden’s body back, the automatic reflexes twisting Audi into a safe landing, looking otherwise unharmed, “Don’t mess around with other people’s bodies like dolls, you ugly hag.”

Audi looked scandalized, “Excuse me? You’ve never even seen my real body, and you presume I’m ugly?”

“You never wear your actual body.” Levi shot back, “You must be hideous.”

Audi’s expression quickly calmed, an amused smile playing across her lips, “Oh you muuust be joking! At least be a little more subtle about it if you want me to use my real body so you can just get rid of me. You made a quick deduction, but it’s just a wild guess.”

“Worth a shot.” Levi’s ears heard a faint whistling and he jumped from where he was, a glistening butcher’s knife embedded into the ground.

“You missed, Alice!” Audi admonished, and a little girl’s body shrugged in response as she yanked the knife out of the dirt, wiping off the blade with a polishing cloth. Her orange dress was stained with blood, the ends of her sunny yellow blonde hair flipped out. She flicked her wrist and suddenly the skeletons inched back to life, drawing rusted swords, axes, hammers, knives, whatever they had died holding.

“Well then, let’s begin for real, now that we’ve all had some time to prepare?” Audi smiled, folding her arms.

June 22nd, 2008, 2:31 PM
"Well then, I'll leave her to you guys then!" Reid shouted back to Levi and Adela as he ran in the direction of the throne at the other end of the Colosseum, wind cutting down any undesirable skeletons in his path. He darted to the side as an arrow shot at him from Kayle's side, the white energy turning to come at the boy's back. With no further time to react, Reid braced for the worst, but the pain never came. He glanced back, and saw Melody holding the arrow still, smoke coming off her hands as the energy evaporated. Tilde suddenly disappeared from up ahead, appearing before Melody with the usual blank stare on her face. The way Melody figured, this girl was the same as herself. Someone who had been manipulated by her father and tricked into becoming an experiment. But if she was really like Melody, there was a chance that she could win without actually having to hurt her. Though could she pull it off without being hurt herself?

"Melody Evalice- no, Melody Spar." Tilde spoke as she lifted her bow into a ready position. There was a certain uncertainty to her actions, as if she was in her own way, hesitating. "You are in the way of my target. As such, I must eliminate you." She seemed a little bit surprised when Melody grinned back, her inhuman canines glaring back at the machine-like girl. An arrow was fired, and it split into many smaller arrows that seemed to bounce off an unknown wall before they came into contact with the demoness. Melody's red, feline eyes glowed a malificent red the entire time. What kind of power could reflect that kind of attack? Not a single piece of energy pierced the barrier! "...Just, what are you!?"

Melody grinned as both dation and lionus formed in her left and right hand respectively. "I could ask you the same thing. I'll tell if you tell." Her tail flailed violently. If her train of thought was correct, then this girl would-

"I'm human!"

Bingo. "No you're not. Why do you have wires running throughout your body, then? No normal person can put their arm back on, either!" Tilde looked as if she had been hit over the head as her once lifeless expression was now confused and pained in appearance. "You're part machine, aren't you? He did something to you, didn't he? I can fix it! If you just come with us, I can make you human again!"

"N-no. I AM human. You're wrong..." Tilde's voice grew quieter as energy strung her bow again. This time, an unthinkable amount formed an arrow that was much too large for it's bow. When the girl released her hold, it collided with Melody's barrier again. Electrical energy spewed out as the weapon pressed harder and harder on the invisible wall. It was no good. Melody couldn't surpress that much energy for that long. Eventually, the shield collapsed, and the arrow cut the girl clean in half across the waist. Both portions of the body fell to the ground, blood spewing along with the revelation of wires dangling from the severed area.

"...Are you really human? I'm not... and look at me... I wonder..." Melody added before she went quiet - either unconscious or dead.

Tilde bit her lip.


"So I get the priestess huh? That's B-O-R-I-N-G." Saral mused as she sat cross-legged before Ellianne, the knife flying up and down in the air like usual. "You're half blind, right? No fun at all. This will be far too easy." Ellianne clenched her teeth together. The brat had a point. No matter what, she always had a large blind spot, and she knew Saral was fast from watching Melody fight her previously. "Maybe I'll cut you into little pieces, like I did that phoenix trash." Whoops, wrong button to push.


Saral almost lost an ear as a bullet ripped right on past, the source being the pistol held in the wyvern priestess' right hand. "Don't you ever talk about Flaire like that, you bitch!" Reid almost tripped up his run hearing that from the distance. Another shot fired soon after, this time into Saral's leg. The girl doubled over in pain, but eventually got to her feet - or in this case, single leg. One swift throw of the arm was enough to leave a nice, deep cut just below Ellianne's neck, tearing the portion of her traveling gown that was unfortunate enough to be that high up. Ellianne reached up to touch the wound, fresh blood fallen out of it.

"Tch. I missed. I had been aiming for your neck, but it seems I was a bit off..." Saral spat, her face quite furious as she threw her hand around a bit more, tearing up Ellianne's skin and clothing until the girl's body was close to unrecognisable aside from her face. As the girl suddenly fell flat onto her face in defeat, she murmured "At least this way I be left alone..."


June 22nd, 2008, 4:46 PM
“Man, you guys suck!” Dieter laughed, pulling his sunglasses off and tossing them aside. He didn’t look at humans without his sunglasses on, but as far as he was concerned, there weren’t any humans around anyway. (Humans were supposed to be stupidly benevolent, right? That sure wasn’t Ashton.) “Let’s make this 100 against one. It’s like two battalions in a row. That’s not too bad. Just gotta aim for their necks, rather than just anywhere.” He turned and pointed at Tsukasa, “So much for being better off without me! I’m helping you guys whether you like it or not, because I care,” He changed the direction of his index finger, “about Auri-chii’s life! The rest of you can drop dead! Or help me out, if you want, but leave most of them for me!”

Rasch sweatdropped. Did that include him?

“And you guys!” Dieter pointed to a random zombie-skill, “You’re boring, and I can’t have a proper conversation with you because you’re already dead! Don’tcha think that’s a little wussy of you!?” He put his hands on his hips, smirking as his hands elongated into two long swords right after he tore off his eyepatch, blood slipping down his cheek as the eyeball rolled freely in its socket, “LET ME PUT YOU OUTTA YOUR MISERY, YEAH?!”

Cutting his arm open, Rasch let his blood pool at his feet, glancing over at Auricia and saying blankly, “Sorry about this.” He knew Auricia didn’t like blood, and he was just adding to the stench. But this was as fast as it would get, in terms of getting rid of them all at once. The blood rose into the air, long tendrils that snaked out and flattened into blunt planes, slicing off heads throughout the crowd. It was nice to be this coordinated, “Hopefully 100 against six evens the odds a little.”


“See, I knew they’d get all riled up if I showed up in this body!” Audi chirped cheerfully, appearing behind Levi out of nowhere and wrapping her arms around his neck and whispering into his ear, “But you know, it’s too bad I couldn’t get past the security system. Wouldn’t your little sister make just the most adorable body ever?”

Levi stiffened, “She’s sooo pretty,” Audi continued, tracing Levi’s goggles, “She has such long blonde hair… big green eyes… and she’s smart, too. I can see why your parents like her more than you. I gave up though,” Audi let go of Levi, who looked over his shoulder with a glare, “Since I realized halfway through that I couldn’t exactly fight in her body, and I couldn’t walk around in it because I’d have to kill her for her body, and well. Most people don’t react well to walking corpses. But hey, I don’t think it’s something you see-“

Audi hit the floor, sliding across the dirt face-first. She sat up calmly, feeling what was once the good side of her face. A considerable part of it had been torn off, pieces of Kirden’s cheek stuck onto Levi’s grating wings. He looked highly unamused as he muttered, “Just for trying to lay a hand on my sister, I’m going to rip you to shreds. Every time you come back.” Audi smirked.

“I dare you to try, dear, but if this body was even moderately useful, do you think I would’ve sat around and let you hit me?” Audi smiled, when a mahstion bullet shot through Kirden’s head, rendering the body unable to move.

“I don’t let things like that get to me.” Adela said clearly, glaring down at the motionless body, “Besides. Being a puppet wouldn’t exactly be my idea of a great afterlife.”

Adela glanced over her shoulder at Reid, before turning her attention back to Alice. Levi pulled out a rag from his back pocket, wiping the skin off of his wings so that the next strike with his wings would shred just as much as the first. “You have five minutes until Master comes back.” The little girl piped up, “Till then, why don’t you play with me?”

Levi hesitated. He had nothing on this girl, and she reminded him a lot of the other time he’d been faced with a girl this age. And that had bad results on his conscience. “What are you?”

Alice tilted her head to the side, pointing to herself while waving her knife around, “Me? Want to find out?” Alice giggled, a cutting knife appearing in her free hand out of nowhere as she slashed the tip across Levi’s chest and blocking a bullet with the butchers knife. “I’m a stuffed animal, that one right up there.” She pointed at the black stuffed bunny. In her human body, Alice was fast and nimble, and any bullets that were put through her didn’t phase her in the least. She moved too fast for Adela to put a bullet through her head.

“This isn’t working,” Adela spat at Levi, who blasted into the air to dodge a wild swing, “Audi’s just going to show up again and again! And we can’t get rid of this freakshow if she’s still around!”

“Well I don’t know what you’re suggesting, but I personally can’t see the beyond like your mutant friends!” Levi replied over Alice’s wild laughter, “And I don’t have anti-necromancy bombs!”

“Grea-“ Adela’s sarcastic reply was cut short as she scrambled out of a skeleton’s reach. A blast of dation cleared the area around her of undead, other than Alice, who had stood idly through the blast with a small line of Lionus slicing the path of the opposite mahstion in two different directions. This would be an endless battle at this rate. Especially since Audi soon showed up through the door again, in the body of a young onyx haired man. She said nothing this time, pocketing her hands and snapping her fingers. A dragon of Fionus burst from the ground below Levi, who had once again jumped into the air to avoid an axe to his shoulder. Its jaws opened, prepared to swallow up the figure in the air in its fiery mouth, but gravity brought Levi down into a portal that set him on the ground behind Audi’s new body.

It took Levi too long to register what Adela had done though, and Audi quickly pointed her finger at Levi, more fionus erupting from her new body. Levi let out a yelp of surprise, redirecting the stream’s path with wionus and sending an explosive towards his opponent.

A nice, flashy explosive.

Audi sighed, brushing off her charred arm with the other, unharmed limb, “Those are really inaccurate you know.”

“Can’t exactly put my hands through people’s bodies.” Levi replied, “How else am I going to chase you out of that body?”

“Really,” Audi’s now smooth, masculine voice rolled out, “Well I can see that you two don’t have any bright plans.”

Alice flicked her wrist again and all the skeletons change direction, from pointless wandering to dragging their bodies towards Adela, who pooled Dation at her feet, ready to get rid of them all at once.

“Don’t be a meanie-face!” Alice shoved her knife through Adela’s right shoulder, “They didn’t do anything to you- yet.”

Adela switched hands, spinning around so that the knife slid out of her flesh and so that she could put a bullet through Alice’s head. A clean hole through the little girl’s forehead later, the stuffed animal twitched to life, and Adela changed direction, putting a bullet through the stuffed animal. Audi let out an earsplitting shriek- not with the man’s voice, but a high pitched, girly sound as Levi stepped back once or twice. The man’s body tore in half- from top to bottom, as though someone had sliced it right down the middle. Levi took a few more steps back, just for good measure. (He wasn’t really keen on seeing what was inside of a long-dead body.) Adela raised an eyebrow in confusion, as the skeletons all around her began to fall apart. “What the heck…?” Levi stammered, staring expectantly at the door for Audi to stride in with a new body.

No one came. Levi looked over his shoulder at Adela, “So wait….”

Adela looked at the pile of cotton of fluff that was bleeding profusely from the bullet wound, “If your theory was right, then that bunny was Audi’s real body.” Adela stated, her expression disbelieving.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Stuffed animals don’t have souls, and they don’t perform necromancy. And if they do… well that’s the end of stuffed animals for me.”

“Well the skeletons are gone, it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not…” Adela replied awkwardly, not really understanding either, “Either way, why didn’t you use your weird shard powers? They’re different from your usual stuff, isn’t it?”

Levi rubbed the back of his neck, “I never really got it nailed down, and I mean, I only have half of it.” He pointed to the bandages on his face.

Adela was silent for a moment, unimpressed. “Well, stay here and make sure Audi is gone for good. I’m going to save Elliann-“

“You go to Reid.” Adela blinked at the interupption, “I’ll help Ellianne.” She looked over her shoulder at the man who had just pushed her gently towards Tilde, Melody, and Reid. She was more confused about him being here than Audi’s strange original body. He stepped past Adela, a wall of eation jolting up from the ground to shield Ellianne from Saral. Lazarus stared calmly at the knife wielder, holding up an index finger to indicate that she be patient while vines of ivy turned Ellianne face-up, a thick bush of white flowers blossoming around her. He bent over, brushed his fingers across Ellianne’s cheek, smiling down at her. “I shouldn’t have left.” He stated, apology in his voice. “I’m sorry, Ellianne.” Looking up at Saral with a blank expression, Lazarus’ voice hardened, “Sorry, but I can’t let you touch this girl. Why don’t you fight me instead?”

A skeleton lay behind Saral, an empty brown sack hooked onto its pelvis. “Your friend’s skeletons helped me a lot, to scatter the seeds around.” Once more, huge venus flytraps sprouted from the ground, mixed with Utricularia that hung ready to injest anything that touched their doors. “These grow back rather quickly, so there’s no point in cutting them down.” Lazarus notioned to the plants. He wasn’t good at fighting. Just long enough to hold her off. Something to keep her there and away from Ellianne while she was still healing. Levi stepped up beside Lazarus, hands in his pockets.

“If Audi shows up again, then I’ll bail.” Levi promised him, “Just, your plants don’t seem to stand much against a knife-happy baby.”

Lazarus sweatdropped, though internally relieved that Levi would be helping out.

June 22nd, 2008, 7:17 PM
"Audiiii!" Saral shrieked after the skeletons shrank away and the flytraps appeared behind her. "You *******s killed Audi!!!" The second after, she was gone. It was naive, that with her speed, she'd be stupid enough to stay in that general area with Lazarus' little presents. Though, it gave the returnee the opportunity he needed to tend to Ellianne's wounds. "Tilde! Tilde! They killed Audi! KILL THEM BACK!" The cries of hatred from the girl, however, ushered no response from the archer. In fact, at this point Tilde was on her hands and knees as she tried to make sense of her past. "Traitor! Traaaaitor!" The girl continued to scream as dust began to spew up from the ground. Saral was in the air somewhere, consistantly slashing wildly in attempt to kill everyone below. In the end, it only took an effortlessly aimed shot by a distraught Tilde to bring the girl's body back down to the ground, the impact scattering dirt and dust into the air. "Til... Tilde... how could you..."

"...We were naive. We thought that because he showed us kindness, that he'd always give us happiness. Listen now. Do you hear any concern about Audi's death? None. We're pawns, Saral... If we succeeded, he probably would have killed us anyways..." Tilde went on, her voice losing it's volume as she went on. She knew what was happening. She was dying. He was killing her, even as she spoke now. Maybe she was wrong, maybe he did need her. Just... in a different way than she originally imagined. Yes... that seemed to be the situation. She gave one last breath, and completely collapsed, Saral breathing her last breath alongside her.


"So... I guess I owe you answers to your questions now, huh?" Kayle began. Everyone was present in the room, though Reid was the only one standing before the man at the moment. Reid was pretty much frozen. After Saral had fallen, he had felt something begin to flow into the man. It must have been related to the two girls, who fell dead moments afterwards. Reid had his blade drawn, though he was a little less than energetic. It was all going to come down to this last battle now.

The boy, however, smirked. "You owe me your life as well. I'll make sure I nab that while we're at it."

"Hah. That's pretty naive for one in your condition." The man stood, his phoenix wings unfolding themselves and spreading, as the feathers fell off to leave but the skeletons behind. "Why I took your wings? I wanted more than that. I wanted your life. Unfortunately, your brother showed up at the last minute and I wasn't able to complete the task. I couldn't stand that boy. Too much positive energy in him for his own good."

"And? You wanted me, a random boy from the underground boonies dead because?" It was a little strange. There was no obvious reason to want someone like that dead.

"You didn't piece that much together? You were the messenger. The messenger of that witch, Ophelia. Thanks to you, people began unlocking those wretched faels, and my whole purpose went to hell!" The messenger? He had never thought much of it, but he had recalled someone telling him that he was the very first person to unlock a fael. "As for the next truth..."


"Well this looks good... but it's probably not." Ashton remarked as the skill army just suddenly froze, before the corpses collapsed where they stood. "It seems like you two showed up at an unfortunate time. Though, thanks for showing up at all." He threw his left hand behind his head. But there was a mysterious seriousness amidst the remainder of their group.

"Ashton... you can't feel it? Their life energy is being sucked in the direction Reid and the others went. We need to go that way!" Auricia exclaimed. Ashton sweatdropped. Life energy? She probably didn't know what it was so she worded it wrong, but it seemed troublesome nonetheless.

"Alright... lets go then."


"Those three girls, plus the one you call Laiena, are all parts of me. My soul, if you will. In order for me to regain my old form back, I needed them all dead." Kayle continued, his voice taking on a much more maniacle tone the more he spoke. "As for the core, if I want my nemesis to be destroyed, there's no better way then to destroy the source of her power." Old form? Nemesis? The picture was almost completely there.

"...Would it be wrong of me to address you as Tylonstus then?" Reid remarked after a long pause. This was followed by another pause as the man grinned again. Bingo. "I met you another time as well, didn't I? You possessed Rod and tried to kill me. THAT is what unleashed Maelstrom, and eventually Mistral. And by the sounds of it, it seems we already have the means to defeat you, since you seem so afraid of the Ophelian Core and faels."

"Hahahahahaha!" A rush of wind burst through the entrance to the colosseum in Kayle's direction as the sky began to darken with thunderclouds. The wind seemed to wrap around the man as sand shrouded his form. Reid, instinctively, ran back to the others.

The sound of a whistle echoed from the entrance as Rod burst through, followed by the others. "Looks like we didn't miss the party... Though isn't a dragon kind of cliche?" The dust had cleared, revealed a beast that took up a good two thirds of the area the colosseum consumed. It was large, it was draconian, it was as black as a shadow, with two red eyes glowing from beyond the darkness. It was basically a big floating wad of shadow in the form of a massive dragon.

"Somehow I was expecting something a little more... detailed." Ashton remarked as his spear became drawn.

Reid drew his sword, and the skills readied themselves. "This is it. We win or we die. Something tells me the stakes are a little higher now than they were when we first considered losing."

"...We're fighting a GOD. No ****!" Rod spat.

June 22nd, 2008, 8:56 PM
"Aww," Dieter whined taking a futile stab at the head of one of the dead bodies, "I got a few of 'em while they were still moving... Maybe we should just go ahead and de-head all of them, just to make sure? I mean, better safe than sorry..."

"Well, at least we don't have to fight anymore." Rasch squatted down on the ground as his blood snaked around the limp corpses and slithered back into his arm, the last drop diving in before Rasch traced the cut with Lionus, "What a pointless waste of energy."


Levi glanced at Ashton with disbelief, "Somehow," He spoke up, raising his voice, "I thought I signed up for something a little less extreme than going up against a freaking God!" Levi rubbed the back of his head, "Aww, man. Sorry Solomon, I'm going to kick the ass of your freakin' deity." Levi turned his eyes to the other side and sweatdropped at Lazarus, who looked fascinated by the dragon, though seemingly having no intentions of moving anywhere far from Ellianne. “And Romeo over there doesn’t seem to understand the magnitude of this…”

“Not that you’re doing any better.” Adela interjected, black seeping into her teal locks as she lifted her gun to the ready. Levi shrugged, glancing over at what was left of Flaire and losing the cheerfulness.

“Yeah, something like that.” Levi readjusted his goggles, looking up at the dragon as he sifted through the contents of his bag, searching for the explosives he wanted, “But man, I gotta agree with Junior Lieutenant number Two over there, the whole dragon scene is waaay overrated.”

“Enough about his choice of appearance.” Lazarus mumbled under his breath, wishing he’d brought his notebook with him so that he could do a quick sketch. After all, this was the living form of Tylonstus. He’d just have to remember it, if they got out of here with their heads in one piece. And then there were old documents of Kayle, so making a nice article on that wouldn’t be too difficult, unless they bombed the fight. “Who cares? I’m just glad he picked something simple.”

“Y’think it’d be fun to kill a dragon…?” Dieter asked, sounding put out and depressed. He continued at Rasch’s inquiring look, “Well I can’t fight him. He’s like, the guy who made us into a skill right? Or the guy who made it all possible. That’s like, the boss of the biggest boss ever. I follow orders from people who deserve to have their orders followed, and I don’t know about you, but a God? Sounds like a guy who’s orders deserved to be followed, y’know?”

Rasch sighed, also not keen on exerting the effort of bringing down a God. But if it really came down to it, he’d help, if only to help Tsukasa, Rod, and Auricia. He didn’t feel indebted to the dragon-man at all. “You’re going to get bored and regret saying that again.”

“Yeah probably.”

June 25th, 2008, 8:17 PM
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"...Are you sure about this? It IS a god after all." Ellianne remarked as she got to her feet, shooting Lazarus a 'I hate you leaving but thanks for coming back you dolt' look. It'd take a while for that wound to heal. Reid hated to admit it, but she had a point. This wasn't a bandit, an apostle, or even a skill. This was a divine being from above. But... what really made a god a god? It stood here before them in it's massive form, but did that mean it was without weakness? What Reid knew was the most important thing here, was that there was no turning back. This thing, god or no, intended harm upon the world they lived it. That was unforgivable. After all the experiences they had together in that world, it was unforgivable. It was easy to say that they were going to defeat it, but Reid knew they just weren't going to say it. They had come far together, they weren't going to lose. One look at Reid's eyes relayed his decision to Ellianne. "So, I guess it's do or die, huh?"

"I hate to say it, but it looks like die is more probably than do." Rod mumbled, pointing at the dark mist which seemed to be spewing from Tylonstus' body. Reid wanted to yell at everyone to cover their mouths, but it was too late. He fell to his knees along with the others after inhaling the poison. It was draining his energy. He could barely keep himself upright, let alone fight. Dammit.

Lazarus sweatdropped at the look he got from Ellianne. Maybe he was asking too much, but he’d certainly not been expecting such a resentful…

“Shut up Rod,” Adela snapped, “If nothing else then it’s going to be do then die.”

“Yeah, gotta be optimistic about these thing-“ Levi’s sarcastic jab was interrupted when he slapped his hand over his mouth and nose, “Poi-“ His knees buckled. Damn not being a thief anymore, otherwise he’d probably have something against gases on his person. He glanced over at Lazarus, who was practically poison-resistant from being poisoned so many times by his own plants. His face looked terribly pallid, as he scanned the floor for what Levi guessed was probably a seed.

Rasch sat down immediately, not being one to fall ungracefully if he could prevent it, while Dieter frantically waved the mist away- of course, to no avail. Rasch watched the futile attempt without saying anything- mostly just sitting in awe at Dieter’s sheer lack of problem solving skills. Maybe Rod… Rasch furrowed his brow. What did none of these people register that mist was simply particles of water in the air? Did nobody realize that fire sucked out air- thus effectively removing any poisonous fumes in the air leftover, and that a continuous flame like Fionus would just dry up the water? “Fire, Dieter!” Rasch finally barked out when he was starting to feel woozy. Dieter, who was “lounging” on the floor sat up for a second before making a face of enlightenment.

’Retard.’ Rasch thought irritably.

Dieter pounded his fist into the ground, a pillar of swirling flames erupting from his hand as it spread through the mist without much care as to what direction it was headed in.

“HOT!” Levi yelled, ducking and shooting up a gale of wionus to deflect the stray flame that had lilicked at his bandages. (Good thing that side of his face had already been burned anyway.)

The god seemed frightened as the light from the fire shone, it's shadowed head turning to look away from such a bright radiance. "Auricia! Cast Lionus!" Reid barked at the skill, who was quick to shoot a ray of light up near the dragon's face. It let out a horrid shriek as it's foot stomped down onto the ground, creating a heavy tremor that sent Reid to his butt after releasing a barrage of arrows while the god was distracted. Unfortunately, the arrows passed right through the shadowy bulk, Ellianne's bullets having the same result. Okay, so not that promising of a result... Wait, Ophelia was his enemy, right? That meant the Core and faels should be more effective. But... how to use those things as weapons?

"What? Am I not good enough to ask for help?" Mistral murmured from Reid's side. Wait, his side? The boy had to look over again to see his other self, standing in translucent green. "Oi oi, don't look so surprised. This is an ability you gained thanks to your core. This ugly bastard is responsible for the deaths of Rosaline, Sven, Flaire, and countless others, right? Then what are we waiting for? Let's kick it's ass?" He was about to ask her how, when he noticed the god backing off slightly at the sight of Mistral. Was it scared? No... it was motivated. To it, the true enemy had appeared. That belief was affirmed as the sky seemed to open up above them, revealing a clear night sky. Well, you know, clear aside from the huge ray of purple energy falling from above. It struck the entire group swiftly, and Reid, for a short time, fell into darkness.

When the darkness cleared, he was still standing where he had been, and like the rest of the group, he was unphased by the attack. The strangest part was the number of materialized faels. Ellianne's had appeared, along with Ashton's. Were they reacting to the God, or simply to their reila's will to live?

"As expected..." The monster growled, "Ophelia's spawn are as annoying as I expected."

“Yeah? We’re annoying?” Jazrelli cackled back at Tylonstus in a new form, long blonde hair, teal rimless shades, and a coffee pinstriped suit. A polished black shoe sat on top of the collapsed Levi’s back, a signal of Jazrelli’s long awaited dominance over his stupid Reila, “Well I always thought God’s were supposed to be high beings of good or something, but you’re just a little hypocrite, ain’t cha?”

“Don’t make things worse.” Xaviae scratched the back of his head before looking down at Adela, who stared up at him in surprise. He smiled, giving her a thumbs up, “I can kick as much ass as Jeckt. Don’t worry.”

Adela blinked, jolting back to reality, “I.. wasn’t really thinking that…”

Lazarus sat back, blushing at Hyacinth who had thrown herself onto Lazarus in a tight tackle hug, “What an honor to be able to see you in person, Master! Orcha will be absolutely green with envy!”

“Shouldn’t you… be worried about that, Hyacinth…?”

The gothic Lolita plufael blinked, looking over her shoulder but not releasing her grasp on her reila, “… He looks like he might mess up my hat though.”

"Yeah, so this is great and all, but now what?" Tsukasa murmured as he rubbed the back of his head. This 'god' didn't seem to be as straightforward with his attacks as he had at the beginning. Did that mean they had actually found a weakness? What really WERE Tylonstus and Ophelia? Did gods actually have weaknesses? But maybe the question deserved to be more along the lines of 'what makes a god a god?'

Mistral sweatdropped. "I thought you were the bright one? Didn't ya notice?" Tsukasa lurched at the thought of being insulted by Reid's - of all people - fael. "The Ophelian Core is a part of me, much like it is a part of Levi and Ashton's faels, which means-"

"It materialized with them." Reid finished his faels sentence. Mistral nodded, and held out her hands, her white sundress dancing wildly in the wind the rain-less storm was creating. A small orb was radiating a white energy in the palm of her hand. Ashton's fael revealed a similar orb in her own hands.

The dragon reacted in a none-too-pleased manner, it's shadowy bulk and spinning clockwise until a vortex seemed to open up before them. "Everything begins and ends with darkness. From the moment you're born, until the moment you die, darkness is always there. Can you really escape it?" The wind seemed to intensify, drawing the surroundings into the vortex. Reid didn't know, nor did he intend to find out, what was on the other end of that thing.

"If it's for the world we care about, the people we care about (he glanced back at Adela at this point) then yes, we'll make sure we escape the darkness." Reid then looked over at Mistral, who dropped her core onto the ground. Ashton's fael did the same, and the orbs seemed to be absorbed by the soil, a great white light appearing beneath the group. It was difficult to describe what happened next, as that rainbow coloured ball of mahstion appeared above the group, but it felt like a part of him had been taken into the light. Mistral faded away as the ball appeared, and he lost her presence. It was the same for the others and their faels, as if the other beings themselves were becoming the lance that would be thrown at the opponent.

Jazrelli took a few steps forward, wind kicking his blonde hair up around his face as he swirled his index finger through the air. “Man without this it’ll suck. Good thing I’m gonna get all busted up after this.” He turned his finger to point down at the ground, and Jazrelli’s core was engulfed by the soil. He spat on the ground, to his left after it disappeared, scratching the back of his head as his appearance began to change. Not in the grotesque way a skill would, but as though an illusion were melting away, and when he spoke his voice was that of a headstrong teenager with an attitude problem. Female, of course. “Man that cameo sucked. I hate being the plufael sometimes. Listen up, y’dolt.” She pointed a finger at Levi, who saluted mockingly, watching in awe as Jazrelli turned into a slender, vivid pink haired girl, his, or more accurately, her transformation ability gone with the core. Her clothes were average punk rocker, fishnets on her arms and under her ripped pants, “We’re even now, got it? Means I can go out and kill anyone I want next time your body is mine!” Before Levi could deny her permission, she disappeared. (Not to much anyone’s dismay.)

Xaviae laughed lightly at Jazrelli’s snide comment. He kind of reminded Xaviae of Jeckt. Xaviae’s hair turned bright orange as he stood on the side, watching Mistral. He looked down at his feet when she disappeared, unsure of what to do or say anymore. Because he’d failed to do or say anything before she was gone. It was hard to swallow that that would be the last time he’d see her. It was hard to really accept.

Though worry was written over her face, inside, Adela was smiling to herself. He’d looked back. After mentioning people he cared about. It was… sweet.

Levi took a deep breath, watching the lance intently, “Well I’m not good with weapons.” He said, looking towards Reid and ignoring Ashton as a possibility entirely. After all, this was Reid’s fight.

“Kind of makes you wish you had faels, doesn’t it?” Dieter commented to Rasch, also watching the lance. His eyes did not agree with the lack of sunglasses, and his system didn’t agree with him taking his cigarette out and crushing it under his foot.

“…Not really.” Rasch replied, shaking his head very slightly.

“Escaping the darkness huh?” Levi played with a flash bomb, sending it from one hand to the other, “You know, I think it’s more like we’re just gonna get rid of the guy who’s making the little seed of resentment in people’s head sprout, more than actually escaping it entirely. Everyone’s gotta have some kind of anger, or something. That’s what living means. But you don’t go around poking the fire, like you. If you don’t poke the fire, you escape, good as that. So yeah. I think we got this escaping business down.” Levi nodded as-a-matter-of-factly. Damn he would probably get some kind of divine punishment for being so rude to a God later. Oh well. He’d be getting divine punishment at one point in his life for other things anyway.

Ellianne pondered for a moment as Reid took hold of the spear. "Maybe people aren't meant to escape the darkness. Maybe what has to be done is to accept the darkness for what it is, instead of fighting against it. At least, the darkness in their own hearts. I won't forgive something that killed my friends and a countless number of my people!"

The boy twirled the glowing spear in his left hand as he looked it over. Never had he seen so many colours gathered in one place, not even in a rainbow. In it, he could feel the hopes and wishes of his friends, as well as the presence of the faels. "I don't really know what defines a god. If it involved slaughtering the people who believe in you and striving to take over the world, however, I doubt you'd be a god at all. Before today, if you had asked me if I was happy with my life the way it is, I would have said yes. But after today, after all I've seen and heard, I now know I would be lying to myself. All of the pain and suffering I've endured was not my fault, but rather YOUR fault. I can't say I lived a happy life knowing full well I've been used as a pawn in some bastard god's game. That's why I'm going to live past today, memories or no, and make a better life for myself. Where no bastards like you will ever touch me again!" With that, the spear left the boy's hands, before colliding with the shadowy mass. Unlike the other weapons, however, this one didn't pass through the vortex, but instead lit up on impact, the light evolving to consume the entirety of the strange, underground location, and eventually sending the heroes into darkness.


When Ellianne awoke, she found herself laying on the couch of the living room in Melody's house. She glanced around the room, taking note of everyone that was there, asleep. How long had she been out? Why couldn't she sense her faels? Where were Reid and Melody. But then she remembered, Reid was going to have some sort of operation when they got back... was that where he was?

“Tchoooo…” Levi sighed, messing up his hair while he looked up at the ceiling, having been awoken earlier by the strange silence of not having Jazrelli and Devitell bickering left and right in his head. “I kind of don’t want to go home after all this…” The very reason in which he’d restrained from kicking everyone awake is because he was starting practice. Practice of being civil, and restraining oneself. And boy was it boring. He tilted his head to the side, cracking his neck and flopping back down onto his couch. Screw sitting upright. He looked over at Ellianne, who seemed to have woken up as well. “Morning sunshi- well.” Levi reconsidered his words. For one, ‘sunshine’ probably wouldn’t be accepted to well by rich stiffies. For two, Lazarus seemed like he was about half-concious at this point. “Morning Ellianne.” Levi put his hands behind his head, “Y’think we should wake Adela? I mean, maybe she wants to… y’know, say something or two, before Reid kicks his memory?”

“Well…” Lazarus’ groggy voice came as his tousled bed head appeared over the edge of the armrest. The eation user propped his head up, using his chin as support as he tried not to fall asleep again, “They’re already gone. Maybe we should just…” Lazarus yawned, obviously not a morning person, “Let her get some sleep.” Lazarus thought about adding the reason, because he thought she might be a little torn up afterwards. But at the thought, he glued his lips together and glanced at Ellianne, looking somewhere between awake and unsure. Ellianne would be sad, if Reid forgot her. Lazarus took a deep breath before sinking back into the couch, closing his eyes. Forget it, he commanded himself. Getting all heated up about the attention she gave Reid wouldn’t help anything. As obviously demonstrated by Violette, when she’d declared that she was leaving.

Adela hid her face in the corner of the couch, having been woken up by Levi’s not-so-discreet voice. They were gone already anyway, like Lazarus had said. Which meant that before Reid came back… she had to go. So that she wouldn’t have to see Sanako. A Sanako that didn’t know who she, or Armon was. A Sanako that wasn’t the real Reid. She furrowed her brow, swallowing a lump in her throat. It wasn’t fair.

June 26th, 2008, 10:17 PM
OoC: Whoever reads that finale post... Wow. You deserve cookies. xD;; Lot's.

iC: Five days. It was like I was counting down the time since I'd left. Or more like, counting up, since they wouldn't end. I'd stayed home, instead of returning to my office first thing, like I'd been planning to do when I left. Home, as in, real home, not my quarters in the base. I'd decided that the more home-y feeling of that inn we'd stayed in at the beach was considerably nicer than the big, endless vast expanse of Melody's mansion, or the tight, cold feel of the base. I was glad that my mom had chosen to move to a different house. I hated our old one, and the neighborhood kids who had all grown up wondering where I’d up and disappeared to one day would give me weird looks whenever I'd pass. Of course, I’d run off to the military, but it’s not like I had any friends to tell back then. I laid my chin on my arms, peering out at the busy streets.

I like this place. It’s in the middle of the city. Just a simple townhouse. It’s cramped, but it’s comfortable. I turned my head onto it’s side, peering at the full-body mirror a little ways away from the end of my desk. I haven’t changed in appearance at all, other than my clothes. I feel awkward, wearing my dress at home, so I opt for a tank top and a cargo skirt which I probably would never have worn even if it killed me a few weeks ago. I stole the outfit from what was left over from Gil’s closet. A lot of the girlier clothes in my closet belonged to Gil. Speaking of Gil, Levi wrote two letters. I’m sure he sends everyone a lot of pointless letters. It always starts with, “I’m supposed to be practicing my penmanship, but screw that. I’m bored. I haaate this. My hand hurts.” And goes on with him complaining about everything and anything in between. I probably would’ve had a fit over that awhile back. I probably would’ve called it unprofessional and sent him a lecture back. As it was, I haven’t replied to him yet. I can see him not even noticing.

“I’m home!” I sat up in surprise. It was only noon, why was my mom back already?

“Why are you home so early?” I called, sliding out of my seat and standing at the top of the banister.

“For lunch!” My mom replied, as if it was obvious.

“…I didn’t make anything, though.”

“Exactly.” She chimed, putting her things down, “You don’t eat right when I’m not around. It’s just for an hour before I go back, they’ll hold the fort.”

I sighed, though it was a different kind of sigh from before. I didn’t really look any different on the outside. But I sure felt different. Turning back into my room, I sat back down at my desk, sifting through the three pages of writing I'd gotten from Levi. Nothing about anything I really cared about.


The boy sighed. That woman hadn't changed a bit during the past five years. He had to pay her to get her to do what he asked. It was down right annoying. Then again, she had always been like that. It was miracle he was still standing there, his memory intact, his body healthy and alive. It was all thanks to him, the one who had never been there for the boy, that he could live to see this moment. What a stupid father. He never makes an appearance, but when his only son is on his death bed he doesn't hesitate to give his own life in order to keep him alive. It wasn't Reid's choice. If Reid had been given any opinion, he would have said no. But Melody said the old man had been quite forceful, so maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

"Adela? Could you come down for lunch?"

Reid sank into his seat on the couch. He was pretty nervous, and not without reason. Milo just winked at him in assurance, however.

Adela looked up from the letters and picked up the last page, which she was re-reading. "Coming!" She'd hoped to find something about the others. Ellianne, Lazarus... Well... Reid. Scanning it over as she descended the stairs, she wasn't really surprised to find that the words weren’t any different from the last time she’d read it. “What’s for-“ Adela’s eyes went wide when she finally looked up from the parchment. “M-Mom, what-“ Adela stuttered before practically crushing Levi’s most recent letter in her hand to resist the barrage of questions running through her head, “Why... Why are you here? What… happened?”

June 26th, 2008, 11:09 PM
The boy sighed. That woman hadn't changed a bit during the past five years. He had to pay her to get her to do what he asked. It was down right annoying. Then again, she had always been like that. It was miracle he was still standing there, his memory intact, his body healthy and alive. It was all thanks to him, the one who had never been there for the boy, that he could live to see this moment. What a stupid father. He never makes an appearance, but when his only son is on his death bed he doesn't hesitate to give his own life in order to keep him alive. It wasn't Reid's choice. If Reid had been given any opinion, he would have said no. But Melody said the old man had been quite forceful, so maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

"Adela? Could you come down for lunch?"

Reid sank into his seat on the couch. He was pretty nervous, and not without reason. Milo just winked at him in assurance, however.

Adela looked up from the letters and picked up the last page, which she was re-reading. "Coming!" She'd hoped to find something about the others. Ellianne, Lazarus... Well... Reid. Scanning it over as she descended the stairs, she wasn't really surprised to find that the words weren’t any different from the last time she’d read it. “What’s for-“ Adela’s eyes went wide when she finally looked up from the parchment. “M-Mom, what-“ Adela stuttered before practically crushing Levi’s most recent letter in her hand to resist the barrage of questions running through her head, “Why... Why are you here? What… happened?”

"What happened isn't really that important." Reid stood, his head behind his back, sweatdropping. That wasn't quite the reaction he had been looking for. "What's more important is why I'm here. I'm here for you, obviously." He had a silly grin on his face, but what he said was genuine enough.

"B-But..." Adela was dumbfounded. This wasn't right at all. As amazing as it was, it didn't make sense. "Aren't you supposed to be... I mean," Adela stepped forward touching Reid's face just to make sure he was really there, "I'm glad you're here, but I don't understand. You know who I am, you're... male, and you... look fine!"

"Umm... yeah. That's about the jist of it." Reid laughed awkwardly.


Ellianne woke to the sound of church bells five days later. After the events a few days prior, she had decided she'd work as a priestess at a church in Flazure. It was dark, since everything was underground, but darkness suited her just fine. Everyone was gone, aside from Auricia and Ashton who seemed to stop by every couple of days. She owed them a lot, as they helped bail out the Flazure residents who had been trapped. The wyvern girl really didn't know what was in store for this country anymore. Flaire was dead, and the leader of the once famous Archai squad had disappeared. The future, like this country, seemed to be very dark.

That aside, she felt bad. She had left Melody's without a word to Lazarus. But it'd be better that way. After all, she was a wyvern, he wasn't. They just weren't compatible. Maybe if things had been different...

When she was dressed and ready, she made her way out to the underground lake that stood behind the old church she now worked at. She liked to sit at the edge of the old dock and look out at the water early in the morning. There was a tunnel that reached to the surface nearby, so sunlight shone down.

She really was quite lonely.

June 27th, 2008, 7:10 PM
She wasn't just dreaming. He was really there. And he hadn’t just run off this time. He was here, and he’d come back. Adela threw her arms around Reid's neck, unable to fight the ecstatic smile on her face to match Reid's. She must've looked terribly stupid, and she knew it, burying her face in his shoulder as she tried to at least keep her voice somewhat calm, "I can't believe it! This is amazing, I- I don't even know what to-...." Adela suddenly cut short and loosened her arms, realization dawning over her. Her gaze slid to the side, and she let go of Reid, glaring at the floor. Folding her arms, she blushed hard, finished her sentence in a different way than she'd originally been prepared for.

"I don't know what to say, with that old woman staring at us like we're a zoo exhibit."


"Dad, please go home!!" Lazarus slapped the palm of his hand against his forehead.

"Well I don't see why I can't have myself an adventure every now and then!" Mr. Javor put his hands on his hips, still clad in his at-home apron that he wore around the library, "You kids hog all the thrill for yourselves! Imagine, a real god!"

"It wasn't as fun as you think it is..." Lazarus mumbled, embarassed to be seen with this overenthusiastic old man. After announcing that he'd be leaving again, Mr. Javor insisted on tagging along, for a multitude of reasons. One, because he just wanted to annoy his adorable son. Two, because his sixth sense told him that his son was going to go visit the lady friend he'd accidentally mentioned about a week ago. And three, because curiousity killed the cat. His real excuse was that he wanted to add an adventure to his life for the biography he was writing. (Which, Lazarus failed to mention to his father, was turning out to be extremely boring.) It'd been a pain to get by the guards and such, but in that aspect, Lazarus was glad that his father had come along. The old man was such an eccentric fool.

Mr. Javor put one hand on his hip, the other against his forehead like a visor as he examined the insides of Flazure, "My this is a beautiful set-up they have here!"

Lazarus felt out of place. Stared at. His and his fathers wings were obviously- notably, not of the phoenix or wyvern kind. But his search for Ellianne ended quite a bit faster than he'd anticipated. Had he been on his own, he would gone over to Ellianne without much hesitation. Looking over at his father, he debated whether to just keep going and wait for another chance to ditch his father, or to just ask him to stay put. "Well, now that we're here, we might as well ask if they have a library!" Mr. Javor chimed, cheerfully oblivious.

"I'll be right there." Lazarus said quickly, earning a surprised look from his father as the former walked over to the girl he was looking for. An amused smile curled up on Mr. Javor's lips when he caught sight of Ellianne, and he quickly inched towards a busier side of town. Well he was here to annoy his son, he reasoned, not invade on his privacy.

Lazarus slowed his pace when he got closer, suddenly unsure of what to say. She hadn't said anything to him, but he'd still sought her out. Wasn't that the same as being a nuiscance? The young scholar decided that he didn't really care. "Ellianne!" He spoke up, trying to catch her attention.

June 28th, 2008, 9:52 AM
"Oi, oi. What's she doing getting all flustered. It's unlike her~" A familiar voice chimed in Reid's head. That wasn't right... he had assumed she had disappeared with the spear he had thrown almost a week before. But yet, that was obviously her voice ringing in his head. "Don't act so surprised. If I was to disappear, you would too, wouldn't you? We're one in the same~" He supposed it was true.

"Well, I guess you could say it's a good thing, but my old man is the reason I'm standing here. He took the plague into himself, and died shortly after. All of these years I tried to get myself to believe I had no father, when I really did..." His eyes hit the ground, but bounced back over to glare at Milo. "If you'd prefer, I could take you out to dinner and we could talk there? But of course, you can get ready first. And, don't worry..." He touched her cheek with the back of his left hand as he moved in. "I'll still be here when you get back." And he planted a kiss.


Ellianne paused when she heard him call her name. Why did he come looking for her? It just wasn't right. "Lazarus, please go away." She spoke loud enough for him to hear, but didn't turn to face him. "I left for a reason... I don't want to see you. I never told you this, but I'm expected to die before I turn twenty one... That's why it's better if I just stay alone. That way nobody will get hurt..."

June 28th, 2008, 11:08 PM
Though of course she couldn't resist kissing him back, Adela pulled away earlier than she would've wanted had it just been them. She really wished her mom would go away. She thought about his suggestion though, unable to immediately agree. She wasn’t a fan of going outside, but maybe it’d be less awkward with Reid around. Adela nodded, “Okay, sure. Hold on, it won't take me long.” She spun around and climbed halfway up the stairs before glancing back at him with a smile. It was nice to see him. Wait. Ugh. What a girl she’d become, Adela snapped at herself mentally, continuing up the stairs and blushing furiously. Being depressed for five days hadn’t exactly helped her situation. She was just… incredibly relieved. Like she’d been holding her breath and everything came rushing out all at once.

’Isn’t she cute?’ Xaviae grinned like a fool, having left himself behind in Reid’s mind and run up to sweep Mistral up into a tight hug, spinning her around before putting her back onto her feet. He wanted to see Mistral, like Adela had wanted to see Reid, ’But you’re definitely prettier any day. You should’ve come sooner if you’d been okay!’

’Consider her reila’s father, Xaviae, dying and getting over it doesn’t happen in a day.’ Jeckt’s calm voice cut in, though he had chosen not to stay behind. Lack of both faels wouldn’t do Adela much good. After a moment of casual bickering between Xaviae and Jeckt, Adela appeared at the top of the stairs again, hooking a strand of her hair behind her ear as she picked up a pair of sandals next to the top step. Not much had happened, other than the fact that she’d put on a plain purple long-sleeved shirt instead of her tank top and a pair of black thigh-high socks (because tights took too long to put on.)

“Hey,” Adela smirked when she passed Reid, jokingly nudging him in the ribs, “You really are still here.” She put the sandals down next to a pair of ankle boots, which she chose to wear over the sandals. She’d picked up a habit of leaving things in the wrong place, after moving back home.

Looking over her shoulder as she laced her shoes, she inquired, “So… where are we going?”


Lazarus stared at Ellianne's back. "If you're going to die..." He began, unsure of why he always got mixed up with dying women, "Then isn't that an even better reason for me to be here?"

He moved behind her, though didn't sit down beside her. He felt the need to explain himself. Stall for time, maybe. He wanted to be here, and he was glad he was. "If I spend as much time with you as I can, then I won't regret it as much as if I leave you now, right?" He couldn't reach out towards her, because even now she refused him. He wanted to be with her, but she was so adamantly against it. "If the reason you left is because you're going to die soon, then I'm not going to leave. It'll hurt a whole lot more if I can't see you anymore. I want to see you. But if the reason you left is because you don't like me- then I'm not going to force..." Lazarus ran a hand through his hair, trying to find words that were less lame then the ones he'd been planning on using. He failed, and not wanting to break his sentence into incoherant pieces, continued, "I'm not going to force the way I feel onto you. You left for a reason; And I came to see you for a reason. I..." Lazarus swallowed a lump in his throat and covered his mouth his hand, glancing sideways before finally forcing out the words that were causing his face to become so red, "... love you." Came the muffled words.

"B-But," Lazarus stammered, "I mean, you don't have to reply right away or anything, I just... thought I should say it."