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The Long Awaited Legendary Poke’mon Battle Of Light and Darkness!
There is an ancient script telling of the first existing pokemon living in the Heavens Dimension. This pokemon supposedly created every that exist and continues to live in the Heavens Dimension. It is considered the god of all pokemon. The name of this pokemon is Arceus. Arceus is a beautiful majestic pokemon that has a very defined coat of short white hairs. A large ring of gold that is the source of its mysterious powers surrounds its body. Its body takes pretty much the same form of a Ponyta or Rapidash. This is no pokemon myth. Arceus is real.
In the Heavens Dimension Arceus lives with Mishuden, an immortal and thy trainer and also friend of Arceus. It is not known if Mishuden created Arceus or vice versa. Mishuden is a tall fit beautiful man. His hair is a platinum blonde color and h wears a long white silk robe with golden Rayquaza prints around it. It is said that in the beginning the two of them wanted a little company and created more pokemon and beings called humans. The two put these species on planets but humans can only be found on earth. The first pokemon they imagined were Mew. The Mew bred and spread throughout The First Valley today known as Kanto. One day Mishuden found a lifeless Mew lying on the ground. This is the first death ever known. The first mans name is Adam. He is the one Mishuden blamed for the crime and sent him to the Darkness Dimension of eternal darkness. The real cause of the Mews death is a pokemon named Darkrai, an evil dark type pokemon. It is believed that Darkrai has existed as long as Arceus has to balance the universe. Darkrai thrives on darkness so the perfect realm for thy to survive would be the Darkness Dimension.
Adam woke up in the Darkness Dimension afraid and lonely. Darkrai approached Adam and began to whisper to him telepathically. He whispered things to him that made Adam grow hatred in his heart.
“Who are you?” Adam asked Darkrai.
“I’m your friend.” Darkrai answers.
From this encounter the two become close friends and want to get revenge. You see, Darkrai is jealous of Arceus. Darkrai built up that jealousy and it slowly became hatred. He is jealous because Arceus and Mishuden had something called friendship while Darkrai was all alone. Adam was cheated of his life on earth. Darkrai had planned to frame Adam because he knew he could not defeat Arceus alone. His plan was to rise to the heavens dimension and put Mishuden in an eternal dark void and slowly drain his power leaving Arceus alone to defend herself. Darkrai granted Adam the powers of an immortal and this is where the saga begins.

Chapter One: Proof of the Legend of the Heavens.

On Earth in the Jhoto region there is a young determined trainer named RC and his sister Ryukio. They were watching the Jhoto News Channel when a bubble at the bottom of the screen said that scientists have found that a fragment of gold found in the Kanto region has been tested and has pokemon DNA. They believe that the DNA is of the legendary pokemon Arceus because it does not match any pokemon discovered yet. This really sparks Ryukios interests. She has always been really religious and is always up for an adventure. The television said that to get an up close experience with the artifact you should travel to the Orreburg Museum in Sinnoh.
“Lets go!” RC says.” We could really use this to help mother out with her pokemon research.
“Okay, after all, after we stopped Team Rocket from hi jacking that submarine Harbor Co. said we could travel any time for free.” Ryukio says in her young girl voice.” Plus we haven’t had an adventure in a while.
“Go pack your things, were going!” RC shouted excitedly.
Ryukio ran up into her room. She looked in the mirror. She is only 4 feet tall with brown hair and a big pink bow in her hair. She wears a white shirt with a collar the same shade of pink as her bow. She has on a pink skirt and long socks. Ryukio steps away from the mirror and grabs her stuffed Eevee doll and her yellow bag that holds her pokeballs and toothbrush and things of that sort. She spins around letting out a soft “Here we go!” and stops to put up two fingers ang wink.
Meanwhile RC is in his room packing his laptop into his gear bag and to choose which pokemon he will bring along. As usual he decides on his main team black Charizard, Typhlosion, Blazekin, Infernape, Scizor, and his Milotic. He grabs his gear bag and just to reassure himself if he had everything he went down a mental checklist. He called for his little sister and they let their father know what they would be doing.
“Your mother will be pleased that the to of you will be going so out of your way to advance he research on ancient pokemon.” Their father says kissing them on their foreheads. RC’s face sunk from embarrassment.
“Bye Dad!” RC says on his way out of the home.
“Yeah bye-bye Daddy, I love you!” Ryukio says.
“I love you too and RC watch out for your baby sister for me, if something happens to her you are held responsible!
“What, she is 8 now, she watch out for herself.” RC responds
The pair hops on their bicycles and quickly fades away on the horizon to their fathers eyes.

When they reach the submarine harbor the owner Garrett is standing outside. “I was expecting you two,” He says joyfully.” Are you planning on hitting the road to that museum in the Sinnoh region?”
“Yes that’s exactly where we are asking you to transport us. It’ll be greatly appreciated.” Ryukio says.
“Oh no, we should still be thanking you for what you and your older brother did and hey Ryukio, do you still have that Eevee that used that mean shadow ball on team rockets mini ship?” Garrett asks.
“ No, but now that Eevee is a fierce Flareon. Have a look!” Ryukio says as she throws all six of her pokeballs into the air.
Vaporeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Flareon, Leafeon, and Umbreon, all revealed themselves from their pokeballs.
“ You see, here is my beautiful Flareon. I think she remembers you! Hmm ha ha!” She chuckles as Flareon is rubbing her face on Garrett’s leg.
“ I see, follow me. Since I figured you two would need it eventually
I had a personal submarine built for the two of you. My Buizel will guide you to Canalave City in Sinnoh. The sailor there is my brother, could you tell him hello for me?” Garrett said in his deep hoarse voice.
“ No problem, we’ll have your Buizel back in a couple of days okay.” RC says.
“Bui…Buizel” shouts Buizel giving a good-bye water gun to the face.
RC open the entry hatch on the submarine and Ryukio returns her pokemon to their pokeballs. They both take a seat in the vehicle. Garrett tells them that it is programmed to follow the move of Buizel so it is perfectly safe. He waves them good-bye once more and the Quilfish shaped submarine is lowered completely underwater. Buizel takes off using aqua jet and the submarine closely follows.
Ryukio lets out a loud wee as the ship moves. The entire voyage from Jhoto to Sinnoh stayed eye opening because exotic water pokemon would often swim alongside the ship. Once two Gorebyss swam with them and played around the Quilfish submarine.

Finally after about 2 hours Buizel led them to the dock in Canalave City. They told Buizel that it would be nice if Buizel continued to stay with them until they were ready to head back to Jhoto and Buizel agreed. They decided that before they left Canalave City that they would see Garrett about helping them reach Orreburge City. They go to the house closest to the dock right near a bridge. They knock on the door and a woman opens it.
“Hello, can I help you young people” a woman the Jhoto region and we are looking for the sailor. His brother sent us to look for him to give him a friendly hello, oh and by the way I am RC and this is my sister Ryukio.”
“Nice to meet you miss.” Ryukio says cheerfully.
The woman hesitates and then says, ”Garrett allowed you two sweet children to travel all the way to Sinnoh alone? She says.
“ We do this sort of thing frequently, we’ve also traveled to both the Hoenn and Kanto regions alone. You see our mother is a pokemon researcher and we are allowed to surprise her with information that we get from the researchers in other parts of the world. That explains why we are here. We want to get the scoop on the news about the golden pokemon DNA.”RC says.
“Oh, okay come in” she says.
When they get in Buizel starts sniffing around as if he senses another pokemon. He goes behind the kitchen counter where the woman went to finish up her meal and discovered a pokemon very familiar to RC and Ryukio. Sitting there eating a poffin was a Quilava. Quilava must have recognized Buizel because the two of them immediately began to pounce on each other and play around.
“Oh, I knew I recognized that pokemon, that must be Garretts Buizel.” The woman said.” That Quilava belongs to my husband Grey, the sailor you’re looking for. Buizel and Quilava grew up together and it was such a heartbreaker when they were separated. I have a Skarmory the two of you can use to fly to the museum. You should leave Buizel here to catch up with Quilava. she would just love that! What do you think?”
“Sure, thanks!” Ryukio says to her. Earlier RC had told her that they were going to walk!
The woman releases a strong, trained Skarmory from its pokeball. It immediately began to allow Ryukio to rub its long neck. The duo decides they should hurry and get to the museum and take care of business so they get on the back of Skarmory. Skarmory makes a gesture that suggested them to hang on and with that it took off into the sky.

When they arrived in Orreburge the first thing they noticed is how crowded it was. People from all over the world came to see the new pokemon revelation and it seemed like it would take hours before they could get in, and possibly days. RC could see that many of the people standing around were trainers and decided that he would kill the time by getting in some extra pokemon training in a battle.
“ Would anyone like to have a pokemon battle with me? ”He asks loudly.
From near by a teenaged girl who was slim and wore baggy cargo shorts revealed herself from the roaring crowd.” My name is Hyadai and I accept your challenge to a pokemon battle.” She says. “ Two n two that’s the way you and I should do this.
“ Okay, by the way I am RC, this wont be so easy!” RC interjects as he throws his pokeball.
Out of the poke ball came a Milotic. Hyadai throws a premier ball and out comes a Dragonair. RC’s Milotic is no ordinary Milotic. It has a move set of ice beam, hydro pump, dragon pulse, and willow wisp. Hyadai commands dragonair to fly. The Dragonair rises wiggling its body around gracefully. RC is the type of trainer that keeps himself in tune with his pokemon companions so they can battle in complete unison. Milotic automatically uses dragon pulse but it is countered by Dragonair’s dragon rush attack. Hyadai shouts out another command and Dragonair is forming a shadow ball just outside of its mouth. The shadow ball is interrupted by Milotics ominous willow wisp. The two attacks caused a massive explosion and smoke covered the crowd of people. RC and Milotic knew that they could use this to their advantage. Milotic has keen vision and is always aware of the opponent. She let out a charged hydro pump to knock Dragonair off focus and after it makes contact it spits a glistening ice beam attack, which is super effective to a Dragonair. Dragonair faints and is called back to its pokeball. RC allows Milotic to rest and sends his very submissive Scizor to the battle as Hyadai sends out a Heracross with a heart tipped horn. Scizor is told to use flash cannon, It does and it did a great deal of damage to Heracross but Heracross used endure. Scizor then went in for an x- scissor attack. Heracross took the pain and because Scizor was so close she was able to get off an effective close combat attack. Scizor took a lot of damage but this move made Heracross even more vulnerable. Scizor was able to use its strongest attack, giga impact. Heracross fainted leaving Scizor the last standing pokemon but he was exhausted.
The trainers must have lost track of time because by the time it was over it was time for them to check out the museum exhibit.
Hyadai chose to hang around with RC because she’s expecting a rematch. Inside the museum it was obvious where the Arceus event was being held because yet again there was another huge crowd including a news crew. When the commotion calmed down Ryukio was able to take her brothers computer with the camera on it and make here way up to the glass display case. She sat the laptop on the case and pointed the lens down to film it. She also filmed the small tab that read: Here lays the evidence of Arceus, believed to be the god of all pokemon. Alongside this golden ring fragment was found an ancient Mew fossil. From biblical scripts these two pokemon are the first pokemon to existence. This small shard of gold alone is worth millions of dollars.
As the three kids were researching about the pokemon four large booms could be heard from outside of the museum. People all over the place began to panic. It was weird, as if what ever the objects were all came from the same place and landed at the same time. Hyadai is the first one of our heroes to get out of the museum, followed by RC, then Ryukio. The large crowd of people was now standing around four huge gaping wholes in the ground that each had a medium sized bumpy rock in the center. It is very strange for space meteors to land in exactly the same location. People began to shout things like “It’s a space meteor!” or “It’s a Graveler attack!” Soon after about five minutes of gazing at the rocks began to shake and break apart. Red and green tentacles arose from the crevices of the boulder. Soon a human sized, two legged being erected from all for rocks. The scientists of the crowd were amazed at the pokemon standing before them. It was Deoxys, the rare legendary space virus pokemon! The Deoxys came in all of its forms. The normal form of original formal of Deoxys lifted up its head up and raised its arms out. It divided itself into several dark hued clones. It was almost as if that one commanded the other three to do the same because they all did the same simultaneously. The clones began to fly about the crowd grabbing people and holding them close to their chests. It was almost as if they were searching for something. Hyadai throws a pokeball and out comes an Arcanine. The Arcanine uses a powerful move called heat wave towards the sky where the clones were scattered all over. On impact the Deoxys clones faded away but the original forms would just keep recreating copies. The way the Deoxys were just hovering suggested that they were searching for something. The speed clones were rushing all over using their extreme speed move. Ryukio runs into the museum and sees a Deoxys stealing the Arceus artifact along with the Mew fossil and the adamant and lustrous orbs. She sent out Umbreon and tried to stop it.
“Umbreon use your dark pulse attack!” she ordered.
Umbreons attack made Deoxys pause but only for a moment, Deoxys did an about phase and used a charged hyper beam. Umbreon went flying back and collided with a wall. Deoxys disappeared with the artifacts into a portal in the sky and the others did the same. Ryukio called her pokemon back and ran to tell what had happened.

Chapter Two: The Legendary Brigade

RC, Ryukio, and Hyadai travel back to Canalave on Skarmory. When they get back to the house where they left Buizel Sailor Eldritch and his wife (the woman they had met with earlier) were surrounding a young boy who appeared to be asleep. The woman was crying and Eldritch had a concerned look on his face. They explained that after Sailor Eldritch and his son had returned from sea that the boy, Elliot had taken a nap. He began moving and reciting the phrase “Dark... is staring at me!” The couple believes that an ancient pokemon is causing these nightmares and the only way to cure him is to retrieve a lunar wing from the legendary pokemon Cresselia. The lunar wing is supposed to contain mystical powers that can defeat this nightmare pokemon. Sailor Eldritch said he would be traveling to an Island called Fullmoon Island to retrieve the cure. RC and Hyadai agreed to go with him and Ryukio decided to stay with Julie, the wife of Eldritch. The sailor prepares the boat and RC tells about the crisis with Deoxys earlier that day. He doesn’t believe them though. As they approach the island they notice something strange happening. A black ball with red center from the sky crashes into the island. When they get to the dock on Fullmoon Island they all run into the center of the island. They past through an opening in the trees and see a large gaping whole and assume that its where the object from the sky made impact. They also noticed a small clear pond in the shape of a crescent moon. They searched for anything that could possibly be a lunar wing, which was fairly difficult because they had no clue what it should look like. After about four minutes of on knee searching Hyadai has found something.
“I’ve got something shiny!” she shouts with excitement. She kneels down next to the pond and sticks her arm in to reach for the item. She pulls back empty handed because it’s to far down. The sailor sends out an Azurill. Azurill dove into the pond and swam directly towards the shiny item. A few moments later Azurill came bouncing onto the surface of the water using its ball on its tail as a buoy. It held a pink ad violet shard in its mouth. Eldritch took Azurill in his hands from the pond and removed the lunar wing from its mouth.
Meanwhile Elliot is still in his nightmare. He began to here a whisper from the darkness surrounding him and he began to cry. He could tell that he was hearing two particular voices. Two figures began to float towards him. One was the shape of a man and the other was black with a white long head with blue eyes and a ring of red spikes around it collar. Its torso is black and is separated into two parts by almost nothing. On its shoulders are moving black smoke like things that never stop. At the bottom of its body are spikes. The pokemon introduced itself to Elliot.
“I am Darkrai, the nightmare pokemon, and this is the Darkness Dimension, a void of nothing but darkness.” Darkrai says in his deep voice. Darkrai just sat and stared at Elliot for at least a minute when an Absol came pouncing from behind it. Elliot noticed that that a human figure had not been there anymore. It frightened him and Darkrai explained that Adam has the ability to transform into any pokemon that he wishes and that if Elliot agreed, he could be granted this power too. Darkrai was aware that Elliot was going to be awakened soon by the lunar wing and he had planned to use him. The only way for Darkrai to invade earth would be to be invited by a human from a portal on Newmoon Island, a reverse copy of Fullmoon Island.
“ I do, I wish to have this power!” Elliot claims anxiously.” Ill do anything it takes.
Darkrai held his hand out and told the young boy that when he was to wake he would have to ask his father to take him to Newmoon Island. From there he was to call the name Darkrai three times, this is a direct invitation. Adam returns to his human form but never says a word. His skin is almost grayish blue and he has spiked jet-black hair. He wears a black robe with a gold and metallic red Giratina print on it. Elliot was just about to speak to Adam but he quickly found himself waking up. He saw his mother and father but wasn’t too happy to see them. The gift that Darkrai had blessed Elliot with causes people to become withdrawn and speechless. Their hearts are replaced with a small portal that Darkrai feeds upon.
“ Father could we go to Newmoon Island?” He says softly.
“ Do you mean Fullmoon Island, if you do yes I can take you there. I’m just glad you’re all right.” Eldritch says.
“ No I mean Newmoon Island. I need to get there and help my out new friend. You’ll see when we get close enough to the Island.
“ Okay, if your friend is in trouble let’s hurry.” Eldritch says. Hyadai, RC, Ryukio, Elliot, and Eldritch all went to the boat. As they approached Fullmoon Island they could see in the distance behind it another Island distorted by fog. Elliot never says a word. They pull up to the dock and Elliot runs through the forest and to an opening in the tree to a reverse crescent moon pond. He turns and looked to his company and began to chant “ Darkrai, Darkrai,” he began. His fathers’ eyes rise and he finishes his chant. “ Darkrai!” he finishes. The moon shaped pond slowly turned a deep black hue and from the center two figures arose out of the water. Darkrai and Adam floated above he pond. Elliot smiled and transformed into a Celebi. Celebi was pink in color. He hovered over to Darkrai and Darkrai thanked him and they just disappeared.
Eldritch and the crew boat back to Canalave City and go to the library. He explains that Darkrai is no ordinary pokemon and that Elliot is in a heap of danger. He reads a passage of an old book on a dusty shelf titled “ The Legend Of Darkness”. The book says that Darkrai is the ancient rival to the heavenly pokemon Arceus. It says that Darkrai and Arceus are destined to duel and the out come of this battle is unknown. Arceus is protected by the many legendary pokemon of the universe and it is said that when pokemon legends go on rampage Darkrai has disturbed them in their dreams. Darkrai needs to invade earth in order to build an equal brigade of dark legendary clones. After reading this Julie comes bursting into the library and informs them of the legendary pokemon attacks that have been occurring all over the globe. She said that it was on the news and that the pokemon attacked were Kyogre, Mew, Celebi, Manaphy, Suicune, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Regirock, Regice, Rayquaza, Groudon, Jirachi, Mewtwo, Registeel, Shaymin, Lugia, Phione, Entei, Articuno, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf,Deoxys, Cresselia, Heatran, Giratina, Regigigas, Latios, Latias and Dialga. From what researchers say the last targets would be Palkia and Ho oh the space distorting pokemon and the rainbow pokemon. All of a sudden the gang began to feel a rumble and could hear a loud raucous. They all ran out side and a massive black and white cloud hovered. It appeared to be spinning.
The librarian told them that it was the Unown of Solacean Town. The pokemon began to form lines in the air while spinning in a cylinder shape. The word Articuno was spelled out and a glow slowed from the Unown cloud. The gang was taken into a vision that the Unown was feeding them through their hidden power. They were transported to an icy mountain that was apparently under a blizzard at the time. Ryukio pointed the groups’ attention to a large blue pokemon in the sky. It was an Articuno flying away from another pokemon, Aerodactyl speeding behind it. Articuno attempted to defend itself and fired a thick scattering ice beam at it. Aerodactyl countered the attack using a hyper beam attack and Articuno falls into the sow. The thick snow cushioned its fall but the Aerodactyl was not finished. It began to charge towards the legendary pokemon with an aerial giga impact. From a hill in the blizzard a black figure emerged. It was Darkrai. It was obvious that the Aerodactyl was Adam. Darkrai used dark void on Articuno and without a trace Darkrai became a shadow on the snow and faded taking Adam with him.
The vision from the Unown ended but the gang still watched. The Unown began to spell out another word. The word spelled was Jirachi. In this vision a shooting star crashed into an empty dessert. Jirachi levitated from the star casing and opened its eyes. Before jirachi could fully explore its surroundings it was attacked and an explosion caused a smokescreen. A large Groudon made of an orange plasma substance had emerged from the dark cloud of smoke and still continued to attack. Jirachi summoned great sunlight in the middle of night. The sunlight was very intense. The doom desire did not affect the monster and seemed to only anger it. Long tentacles whipped from random points of the Groudons mass of a body and wrap around Jirachi. They begin to drain the energy right out of its poor little body. Jirachi tried to defend itself but it was too exhausted. The only effect was a little blue static from a thunderbolt attempt. The monster threw Jirachi to the ground with great force. Adam and Darkrai came from a distance in the dessert and stood above it. Darkrai shoots a dark void attack at Jirachi sending it to the Darkness Dimension.
The Unown quickly faded his vision and spelled out the word Suicune. In the vision at a lake in the mountains Suicune rested atop the water. From a higher point in the rocky area an electric type attack was fired. Suicune opened her eyes to see a luxray looking back at her. Suicune jumped about twelve feet into the air gracefully to meet the invader. Before Suicune could land properly Luxray made a move. It was a charge beam that was really effective to Suicune. She let out a roar and fired back an aurora beam. Luxray was frozen at contact but broke the ice when charging at Suicune. Luxray bites her and sends an electrical charge out of its teeth. Suicune gets payback with an ice fang attack. Luxray backs away but Suicune is paralyzed and collapses. Darkrai comes from the lake water and sends the wondrous blue legendary pokemon to sleep. The Luxray and Darkrai Become engulfed in shadows created by Darkrai and vanish.
The vision from the Unown ends and they start shifting again. This time they spell out Celebi. In this vision it appeared to be a forest with various species of pokemon. The guardians of the forest are the Celebi. One Celebi notices a bundle of trees snapping and breaking. On the other side of the trees is a large beast made of trees and other natural things. It is has a Celebi shaped head and more of a human shaped body with Scyther like arms. In the center of the head is a possessed Celebi with black eyes with a sharp pupil. The assumption is that this is also the work of Darkrai. The vision ends here.
Next the Unown form a line saying Mewtwo. I this vision there’s a meteorite in outer space that Mewtwo moved two with his pokemon clones. Mewtwo senses that there is an intruder and sends his Alakazam clone to search around for anything unorthodox. Alakazam automatically scopes out Adam and holds up its twisted spoons to launch a Psybeam attack. The attack does not affect Adam so he transforms into a Gengar. Gengar uses shadow sneak on Alakazam causing it to faint. Mewtwo notices the mayhem and decides to check it out. This is when Darkrai emerges from the shadows. Darkrai is aware that Mewtwo is a powerful and arrogant pokemon and will not go down easily. Mewtwo asks Darkrai why he is invading his territory and Darkrai doesn’t respond. Darkrai tries to strike Mewtwo but Mewtwo quickly spins around and hits Darkrai with his long tail. Darkrai slashes his opponent with a shadow claw attack sending Mewtwo crashing to the ground. Mewtwo used recover and started focusing his energy to the palm of his hands. He formed a massive shadow ball attack and fired it. The black attack with a blue outside rimming collided with a black attack with a red rimming. The red attack was a dark void attack Darkrai used to counter the shadow ball. The collision caused another explosion sweeping thick smoky fog and debris over the rivals. The enemies engage in close combat exchanging poison jabs and shadow claws. Mewtwo lands a focus blast, a critical and supper effective hit to Darkrai being a dark type. Darkrai orders Adam to jump in and he transforms into a Deoxys and divides. The almighty Mewtwo easily vanquished the clones so Deoxys used psycho boost. Darkrai decided to contribute and let out another dark void. Mewtwo reflected both moves with his shadow ball and the three spheres collide causing all of them to take the damage of all the attacks. All three pokemon are put to sleep.
The Dark Void Chapter
They all wake up in the Darkness Dimension (the Unown are not showing this) and Mewtwo takes battle stance. Darkrai warns Mewtwo that in this dimension he is most powerful and invincible because the darkness keeps him fully energized. Mewtwo stands down and asks Darkrai what he wants with him. Darkrai explains that his goal is for he, Mewtwo, Adam, and Giratina to become the four kings of the universe and the only way for this to get the legendary Arceus out of the way. He tells the whole story about Arceus, he, and Mishuden and how it’s not totally about revenge. Unbelievably Mewtwo agrees to collaborate with Darkrai and looked around and noticed one of every pokemon except for a few legendaries. He saw Jirachi playing around, and a Celebi, a Suicune and an Articuno. Mewtwo began to feel like a king already as he looked upon his new army of pokemon. Darkrai explained that the mission was to induce sleep to the rest of the legendary pokemon and when they wake they will all use their unique attacks to open the portal to the Heavens Dimension and that a human has to play the Azure Pipe.
Mewtwo Darkrai and Adam leave the Darkness Dimension and appear in the lake on Newmoon Island. They transport to Thunder Island between Kanto and Jhoto and find Zapdos resting in a rain cloud that doesn’t move from above the Island. They attack Zapdos and leave.
They head to their next destination that was a neighboring island named Volcano Island. Here they encountered Moltres bathing in the magma and awakened a Groudon resting below the land. Moltres and Groudon were a good duo but were easily defeated by a waterspout attack Adam used in the form of a Wailord.
The next place they went was under the sea where they found four pokemon in one area. Kyogre, Lugia, Manaphy, and Phione. Lugia tried to defend them all but they were over worked by Adams Lanturn form. They did have a great battle fighting Kyogre who beat Adam with its sheer cold attack. They had to keep summoning thunder to strike Kyogre in the rain.
Afterwards they traveled to Alamos Town where Celebi took them to track the resting place of Dialga, the time bending pokemon. Dialga was found asleep near the Space-Time Towers fifty years ago. Adam turned into a Charizard and used the most powerful fire attack, blast burn, on Dialga. Dialga was awakened and saw Darkrai and immediately fired an aura sphere. Darkrai was hit but it was not critical. Darkrai tried to induce the attack but Dialga used roar of time. The attack took them back in time to when there were only Armaldo, Anorith, Sheildon, Bastiodon, Cranidos, Rampardos, Lileep, Cradily, Kabutops, Kabuto, Omastar, Omanite, Aerodactyl, Relicanth, and the legendary pokemon. The attack quickly took them from this time to the far future when the world is a world never seen before. Before anyone could react the scene was back to normal but all of them were drained because of the amount of time travel. Dialga kept striking with dragon claw and iron tail until Mewtwo stepped in with a dragon pulse attack. The attack was blue and purple rings that did a great deal of damage to Dialga. Dialga struck Mewtwo out of the air and turned towards Adam who was still in the form of a Charizard. Adam flew under Dialga and used dragon breath on its underbelly. A greenish purple smog covered Dialga and he began to stumble and eventually fell over on a nearby building. Darkrai did not waste any time using dark void on him. Dialga fights it for a while but eventually falls in defeat.
They soon leave Alamos Town and head for Snowpoint Temple in hope to wake Regigigas but they discover it is only a statue. Instead they seek their fourth king, Giratina, at Turnback Cave. They find the portal to the cave in Veilstone City in the middle of four rocks. The portal sends them to a strange lake outside of a cave. Adam notices the ghost of a Bibarel at the edge of a short wooden bridge. Mewtwo leads them into the cave. A Dragonite of an odd color and a Dusknoir fly close and take off back into the darkness of the cave. The three try and follow them but end up in a room with a large rock in the center of it. The pokemon were nowhere to be found. On the boulder in the center there was the ancient letters of the Unown. Past the rock was an entry to another part of the cave. Adam leads the through the entrance to find a large rocky field full of ghost and dragon type pokemon. Directly ahead was a long and steep stairway made of stones leading to another part of the cave. Darkrai tries to go up the stairs when a crowd of the wild pokemon form a circle around them. To be continued. The plot needs some editing up top I know!

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I started this but I dont plan to finish it.

August 14th, 2008, 1:28 PM
Here is the exact reason why no one wants to read your story: wall of text. It may sound blunt and inconsequential, but that is exactly why so many stories don't get off the ground. When you have a new paragraph, put a blank line in between it and the last paragraph. Also, please be sure you start a new paragraph when someone speaks. Just try doing that, and you'll probably get some decent reviews. I would read your story, but my eyes simply aren't that good.