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Double 7
January 4th, 2008, 12:45 PM
PG-13 for violence, blood.
Parents Strongly Cautioned (LOL)

Contains Action, violence, romance, and some humor.

The Pokemon Scrolls I


Chapter 1
Emperor Meets Jailed

Pikachu sat in the jail room. He wore old clothing. A shirt, pants that don’t go down to his ankles and sandals. The cellar was cold and dark. Then Pikachu heard talking. Then the guards came I front of his cellar. Someone was with them. He was a charmander who looked very rich. The charmander came up to pikachu.
“You.” he said, “You are the one from my dream.”
“Who are you?” asked Pikachu.
“I am Emperor Septul, emperor of Imperial City.” He said.
“Why was I arrested?” asked Pikachu.
“ Never mind that.” Said Septul, “The important thing is that my time is soon, and the Amulet Of Kings will be in great danger.”
“Amulet Of Kings?” asked Pikachu.
“It is an amulet with great power. Each Emperor must use it to light the Eternal Dragon Fire. If it falls into the wrong hands, the Oblivion Gates will be opened and destroy all of Tamriel.”
“Destroy all of-“ started Pikachu but he was interrupted by the guard.
“Emperor Septul, we found the passage.” He said.
“C’Mon let’s go!” said the other guard.
As Pikachu followed the others a guard came up to him and said,
“You better not pull any tricks on us. You might as well make yourself useful. Carry this torch to light the way.” He said, handing the torch to him.
Far into the caves, they found some ruins. Out of nowhere, pokemon in red robes appeared.
“ HALT!” yelled the female Captain, “Not a step closer!” The pokemon nodded to each other. They raised their hands. They’re using magic!, thought Pikachu. Then, they all became covered in orange light. When they reappeared they were in armor with shields and daggers.
“Oh my gawd!” yelled Pikachu.
“Defend the emperor!” yelled the guard. Pikachu knew he had to fight, too. He looked around and saw a rusty dagger. He picked it up. At that moment the pokemon in armor charged. So did the guards. Pikachu was with them. The all yelled, “ RAAAAAAGH!” Pikachu heard a clank.

To be continued…..


Double 7
January 5th, 2008, 2:49 PM
heres next chapter sorry if its a little short again. enjoy ^_^.

Chapter 2

The female Captain was ahead. Pikachu saw. As she was running, one of the pokemon shot her with an arrow. She fell to the ground with out screaming. Pikachu slashed pokemon this way and that. He then felt someone slash him on his arm.
“RAAGH!” he yelled. He cover his wound with a rag that was on the ground. Then instead of grabbing his dagger, he grabbed the female captain’s katana.

The battle lasted for around 10 minutes. Then it was finally over.
“Oh, no!” yelled the guard, “Captain Shelly!” The other guard came over.
“It’s too late, Bauras.” said the other guard, “ C’Mon, we better get moving.” They headed up to a door.
“Stay here prisoner, this doesn’t involve you,” said Bauras.
Pikachu watched as they went through the door. Once they went through, he tried to open the door. It wouldn’t budge. They locked!, thought Pikachu. He let go and sighed. What now?, he thought. He sat on a rock.
Then he heard what sounded like feet on the ground. What is that, he thought. Then, the wall next to him burst. Dust flew everywhere. When the dust was partially cleared, Pikachu called out, “Who are you?!” Then when the dust cleared he saw that they were rats. BIG rats. Pikachu got his katana out. One of the rats made a sound. Then leaped onto Pikachu, biting him, and jumping off. “Oh, crap!” Pika swore. Then the rat made the same sound. That THING is getting ready to attack again. Pikachu held his katana up. The rat leaped. Pikachu blocked him with the katana. The rat squealed as he fell to the ground. MY turn, thought Pikachu. He slashed the rat. It’s blood spilled on the wall. The rat died. The 2nd rat took him by surprise. He had JUST enough time to block it. The rat was also taken by surprise. The rat went face first into the katana as it bounced off like a rag doll, it died from the sharp sword drivin into it’s head. Phew, thought Pikachu. He climbed through the hole in the wall. It was a hidden passage. Pikachu followed it until it came up to a room. 2 more rats were there. He finished them off quickly. Pikachu looked around. He noticed a bow on the ground. It was a rusty iron bow. A bow, but no arrows, he thought. Then he noticed a skeleton. “EEP!” he yelled bouncing back. His heart then returned back to normal. “man, you gave me a heart attack,” he said. Then he noticed some arrows in the skeleton. He picked them up. Then he noticed some lock picks. They should be useful, he thought. He took those, too. Let’s see now, he thought. He noticed a well with a bucket. He put an arrow in his hand, place it next to the string, aimed at the bucket, and let go. The arrow soared through the air. Then hit the bucket. Yes, he thought. He walked over to the well and grabbed the arrow. Then, Pikachu froze. He felt cold air breathing on him. His heart was pounding. He dared to look behind him. Then, he was face to face with a goblin with a dagger. The goblin pulled his arm back, then he thrust the dagger toward Pikachu. Pikachu dived through the goblins legs. The goblin lost his balance. Pikachu got up as quick as he could. The goblin was still facing towards the well. Pikachu kicked the goblin into the well. Pikachu watched as the goblin fell into darkness, hearing only it’s scream and it’s echo. Pikachu became calm. Phew, he thought. He noticed a door. There was a chest next to it. He walked over to it. It was locked. He used one of the lock picks. The first one he broke. The second time he got it. Inside the chest he found several lock picks and a healing potion. Then he opened the door and walked through.

Double 7
January 12th, 2008, 7:58 PM
here is chapter 3-4

Chapter 3
More Caves

As Pikachu entered through the door, further into the caves under Imperial City, he started to feel like he was stronger than before. He had never killed someone or something, and it felt kind of good to know he could defend himself. He hadn’t even held a dagger or a sword before. Not to mention his bow and arrow. Pikachu continued on. He took a few steps forward and looked around. Nothing was in sight. He started walking forward. A couple minutes later he noticed that his footsteps were kind of weird. They sounded out of order. He stopped. Then noticed it wasn’t his feet. It was from something else. Pikachu crouched and started sneaking forward. A goblin came into view. It hadn’t noticed him yet. The goblin walked forward. Pikachu followed him. They came up to a light in the cave. Is that a way out, he thought with excitement. But as they got closer he realized it was just a fire. Crap, he thought. It was a campsite. There was a fire, a sleeping bag, and a rat on a stick over the fire. There were also some boxes that were used for tables. And there was a stool. The goblin walked up to the rat and just stared at it. Pikachu slowly drew his sword. He moved his arm back. Then he thrust it forward. The goblin squealed as it fell. The goblins head went into the fire. The rest of his body was shaking for around 10 seconds then finally stopped.Phew, he thought. Then suddenly, his stomach growled, so Pikachu decided to grab a lunch. He looked at the rat. It looked cooked. He took it off and brought it to the table/box. He set it down. He ripped the skin off with the knife. The insides were already taken off so it was ready. Pikachu took off a big chunk of meat. He lifted it to his mouth. He closed his eyes. 1, he thought, 2……3! He quickly took a bite, chewed and swallowed. “UGH!” he yelled. It was hard to swallow it down. The second one was easier to get down. Then Pikachu started eating it like regular food. It was still kind of bad but still, it was possible to eat. After a few chunks of meat he looked around for a healing potion. He looked in the box/table. Nothing but gold and some more lock picks. He looked at a chest. It was locked so he lock picked it. Hey I’m gettin’ good at this, he thought. The chest popped open. He looked inside. There was a healing potion. YES, he thought. He drank it. Suddenly, his wounds started to heal faster than regular wounds would. Then he continued through the cave. The floor of the cave covered in blood. That goblin must’ve been living here for a long time, Pikachu thought.

Pikachu heard grumbling. It wasn’t his stomach since he ate. He crouched behind some logs. The was a small slope that lead up to two goblins. One had arrows and a bow. Think Pikachu think, he thought. Then he noticed something. Of course, he thought, the logs. All I have to do to is push these logs. They’ll roll down the slope and ram the goblins! They’ll be taken by surprise! Pikachu got ready. He threw a pebble on down the slope. The goblins looked at the pebble. Then the logs. They started climbing up the slope. Once they were close enough Pikachu pushed the logs. The rolled down the slope. The goblins noticed and tried to run but it was too late. The logs rammed into them. The goblins flew in the air like hats on graduation day. They were dead. Pikachu slid down the slope and looked at a door. He opened it and went through. Pikachu traveled through the cave until he came up to a fork in the cave. Which way, he thought. He chose left and ran through the cave tunnels. He saw a light. He thought it was the way out again. He turned. Drat, he thought, another fire. Pikachu looked forward. There was a cliff right in front of him! He swore. He couldn’t stop running before the cliff. He was going way to fast! “Oh, crap!” Pikachu yelled, “I’m doomed!”

To be continued…..

Chapter 4
Back With the Emperor

Previously, on Oblivion…
Pikachu traveled through the cave until he came up to a fork in the cave. Which way, he thought. He chose left and ran through the cave tunnels. He saw a light. He thought it was the way out again. He turned. Drat, he thought, another fire. Pikachu looked forward. There was a cliff right in front of him! He swore. He couldn’t stop running before the cliff. He was going way to fast! “Oh, crap!” Pikachu yelled, “I’m doomed!”

Now continuing…..

Pikachu’s heart was pounding as he ran toward the edge. There was no way to stop. He felt his feet lose touch of ground and into the air. Pikachu quickly rotated his body and gripped onto the edge. His body slammed against the side of the cliff. Pikachu grunted. Phew, Pikachu thought. But then the edge where his right hand was crumbled. Then there was Pikachu, dangling for life. He thought it was impossible to get himself up. His right arm was his strong arm, and his left arm was bruised from when he first encountered with the pokemon in red robes. Pikachu saw his life flash before his eyes. Then his left hand gave out. He slipped. “AAAAAH!” he yelled. He closed his eyes. Then at that moment he felt something grab him. Pikachu looked up. It was a guard! How in all of Tamriel, he thought. Pikachu was relieved as the guards pulled him up. Panting, Pikachu struggled to get up on his feet. “ Th – th - thank you,” he managed to mumble. “I am glad we managed to save you.” Said Septul. “Cmon,” said guard, “let’s get going.” The group traveled through the caves and came up to ruins. They went up to a door. They passed through. As they went through, one of the guards held up a hand. “Hold up. I don’t like the looks of this.” He said. “let me go ahead and check it out.” The guard walked down the stairs until he came to the end. Then he turned and said, “Alright. The cost is clear. Cmon.” The trio followed what he had traveled through headed toward a gate. One of the guards tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. He swore, “the gate is locked!” “Let’s try that other way through.” Said the other guard. “good idea! Lets go!” Then at that moment, More pokemon in red robes appeared. They used the spell and hand the armor and weapons. The battle started quickly. As they fought, Pikachu and Septul went into the passage the guard was talking about. Pikachu slashed one of them with the katana. The pokemon fell to the ground. “My time is now” said Septul, “Here take the Amulet of kings, take it to Jaufree in Wenyon Priory.” The Emperor quickly handed him the amulet. Then, a space in the wall opened. One of the pokemon was there. It quickly slashed the Emperor. Pikachu watched as the Emperor fell. Pikachu then did quick work of the pokemon. Then one of the guards came up to them. “Oh no, hes dead. Where’s the amulet?!” he said. “He gave it to me.” Pikachu said. “of course. He saw something in you. He trusted you. What did he tell you to do with it?” “To take it to some guy named Jaufree.” “Jaufree. He used to be a blade. The blades work in secret to protect the emperor, but now hes dead. Here. Take this” the guard handed him a key. “This key leads to the Imperial sewers. Take the amulet to jaufree. And to tell you there are rats and goblins down there. But after what I’ve seen from you, I think you can handle it. Good luck.” And with that, Pikachu went through where the armored pokemon had came through and came up to a manhole. He opened it with the key and climbed down.

To be continued………

Next time: The Sewers.