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January 5th, 2008, 1:34 PM
Hey everyone! Lash here- with a remake of my first (http://pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=92832) Pokémon roleplay. Better grammar this time, and a better storyline, still along the lines of the original! Here we go..


[Sinnoh Region]

In the ancient times of the Pokémon world, there were two types of beings; Of light, and dark. Two entities of power that clash at eachother with full force. Light being the side of the good, the pure, and the right. Dark being the side of the evil, the infected, and corruption. In this world of powers, there are two different species of Pokemon co-existing with eachother in peace and harmony.. Pokémon and humans.

There were many kinds of Pokémon- Those of a higher order, due to rarity. Those who are common, seen with humans often. Each with a different personality like humans, the co-existence has caused some Pokemon to battle alongside humans in competitions of skill and power, while others are kept as peaceful pets. However, there are certain Pokémon species who go astray with power and madness..

An outrage started with a Pokémon with the ability to steal the soul of other Pokémon or humans known as Spiritomb. It did not want Pokémon to demean themselves by obeying humans, so it stole the souls of both the humans and the Pokémon who were considerably making fools of themselves.

Another Pokémon contributed to this outrage: Giratina. It lived in a different dimension, but it escaped the rift, to enter the human world. With the ability to trap anything with a certain amount of space in darkness, it became an evil Pokemon attacking the humans and Pokémon too; However not only attacking the so called demeaning Pokémon/Humans, it attacked anything.

Finally, Darkrai, a creature of pure darkness emerged. Its ability to trap anything within a nightmare from which the target cannot wake up from, this one was the most dangerous of the three.

All three Pokémon of darkness relentlessly went on with their attack. Day by day, second by second, the battles were being lost along with lives. There was no order, until a Pokémon deemed as a god finally decided to battle for peace and hope against the darkness. This Pokémon name is only known as Arceus. Fighting Darkrai, Spiritomb, and Giratina was no easy task for Arceus. The three opposing dark had the advantage in numbers, and power. Arceus made four new Pokémon to aid itself in the battle; Uxie, Azlef, Mesprit, and Cresselia. Four Pokémon for the power of light, the three Uxie, Azlef, and Mesprit fought against Spiritomb. Cresselia clashed with Giratina, and Arceus fought tooth and tail with Darkrai.

A long, and hard fought battle took place between the light and the dark. Light prevailed over the dark at the end of the battle, in an explosion of light power. The Pokémon of light used their combined powers to send the darkness all into one void; sealed within it for eternity. The lives lost of the Pokémon and humans were restored, with peace and balance itself. This battle was recorded within the history books. The peace and the balance stayed so, until a secret cavern in the Sinnoh Region's largest landmark was discovered. Inside of this mountain, a blue haired man named Cyrus found a secret cavern, with a darkness emitting book inside of it. The book has to do with the powers of darkness of the three Pokemon from all too long ago..

--The waves of darkness will soon take over.

All PC (http://pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=91723) rules still apply.
Roleplay (http://pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78898) rules still apply.
No godmodding.
No intense swearing.
No joke sign up sheets, please D:

Now, for the sign up sheet!

Nickname: (If any.)
Age: (14+ Please.)

Pokemon Team: (No more than four, and no legends.)
Nickname: (If any)

RP Sample: (Optional)

Time for my sign up sheet.

Name: Patrick Hoston

Nickname: Pat

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Pat is extremely calm, usually one to "go with the flow". Though this may be his personality most of the time, he can change in an instant, mainly in battle. He is very serious in a Pokemon battle, fighting it out to the end no matter what obstacle may come his way. In win or loss, he is happy no matter what, knowing that he fought hard to the end. Pat also has an angry side to him however. He gets mad for the right reasons though, when battling any evil organization using Pokemon for their own needs.

Appearance: Pat wears pitch black shoes, styled to be Vans, with dark gray shoe laces. The tongue on the shoe is raised a bit, with the shoe laces appearing a little loose. His shoes stick on his feet however, still appearing to be loose. The top part of the shoe tongue is covered by the cuffs of his blue pants. At the right knee of his pants, there is a small rip. At the top of his pants is a black belt, with pods connected to it to hold any Pokemon he caught in Pokeballs. For the moment, he has four: Three red and white Pokeballs, and one ball colored in brown and green camouflage. For a shirt, he wears a long, black, short sleeved shirt. He wears gloves, black and fingerless. Pats hair is freestyle, all over his head, untamed. The color is a lighter brown, with small shades of sandy blonde. Above his hair, lays a black hat, with a white upper circle symbolizing the upper half of a Pokeball. Finally, his eye color is a light red, no pupil.

As for other body properties, he stands at the height of 6"2'. Being at this height, he isn't very heavy, weighing in at about 112ibs.

Starting out his Pokemon journey at age 11, he has always had a knack for Pokemon battling. Choosing his starter from the regions Professor, Oak. His first Pokemon being Charmander, he set out from his home town, Pallet, to challenge the Pokemon League. Catching many Pokemon along the way, he collected all of the regions badges, and battled a notorious organization called Team Rocket. This is what developed his hate for evil. The team did help spark more battle experience for him. He took place in the Indigo League competition, earning all 8 of Kanto's badges. Pat did pretty well in the tournament, defeated when he made it to the last four Pokemon Trainers in the League. He settled at his home soon after, for about a year, until he heard of the region to the West; Johto. He traveled there.

After his year of rest in Kanto, he heard about Johto, and traveled to the region. He signed up for the Johto Pokemon League, ready for a whole new ride of Pokemon training. However, it was not up to his full expectations, as Team Rocket thrived in Johto as well. He continued battling this evil team through Johto, while catching new Pokemon, and becoming more of an experienced Pokemon trainer. After about 9 or so months in the Johto Region, the Johto League Championships took place. Like thew previous Kanto League, he had to have all 8 of the Region badges to enter- Which he did. Battling valiantly though the entire week of the tournament, he made it to the final round. In a long and heated battle, he lost, coming out in second place. He went home to Kanto immediately after the championships. Along the way though, he heard about the Hoenn Region.

After the Johto League championships, he heard about Hoenn, and traveled to the region by boat- Not taking any months rest in Kanto. This time, he knew about the Regions League, but he decided not to enter it- But to just train himself and his Pokemon in Hoenn, battling non-stop yet still having a care for his Pokemon. Happy in the region at age 14, he learned of a different evil teams existence in Hoenn- Teams Aqua and Magma. He spent quite a bit of time in Hoenn, battling either evil team at every turn. Spending a large amount of time in the region, he challenged both the leaders of the evil team head on when they were battling eachother with two powerful legendary Pokemon- Kyogre and Groudon. Never giving up, he avoided the Legendary Pokemon, not wanting to hurt them, due to them being under control. It was still too much however; Until a green, immense dragon emerged from the sky. Rayquaza was its name. In one explosion of power, the fighting of the legendary Pokemon stopped. Everything was back to normal in the region. This was so, though Pat was not happy. He felt powerless. He heard about Sinnoh while training with his Pokemon one day, so..

Pat went to this region, departing from his two year training tip in Hoenn. He heard about how powerful Sinnoh is, trainers and Pokemon, so he is interested. He hasn't spent too much time there, since he arrived only after the Sinnoh Championships took place. He celebrated his 17th birthday there, which only recently happened. Pat is currently training for the upcoming Sinnoh League, ready to gain badges and take on anything that make come his way.

Pokemon Team: Buizel, Aipom, Scizor, Charizard

Gender: Male
Personality: Very proud of its fire power. Proud is how he is most of the time, sometimes letting it get the better of him in battle when winning. Always battling to the end though, he doesn't know the meaning of the words, "Giving Up". Serious when he has to be in battles, it gets angry when it is losing, going all out with fire power. When not in battle, gentle, but active.
Charmander: Received from Professor Oak as a starter Pokemon to Pat. A feisty battler, it evolved rather quickly.
Charmeleon: This is around the time when he started to let pride in power develop. In a battle versus a strong Vileplume in a Gym, it was stunned a paralyzed. Not wanting to let Pat down, he used all of his power to evolve for the win.
Charizard: Newly evolved, it won a quick victory against the opposing Vileplume, he became the powerhouse of Pats team. In aerial or ground battles, it had the advantage. Often seen with Pat, the trainer never deposits it.

Gender: Male
Personality: Very calm, quiet, and quick. In a battle, he goes all out with his moves, moving slyly and quickly, striking with force. Though very powerful, he never lets anything get the better of him. He does get angry at evil like Pat though, only when needed.
Scyther: Caught as a Scyther in the Kanto Fuschia Safari Zone, it was out of control. Overconfident, and defeating all Pokemon around it without guilt. Pat battled against it on foot, and caught it with a Safari Ball. This was the only Pokemon Pat caught in the Safari Zone. Realizing that its new trainer was calm, it settled down, but still liked to battle. It evolved in the Johto Region.
Scizor: When Scyther evolved in the Johto region, in a battle against Team Rocket. It was outnumbered, and it was being beaten badly by three opposing Houndour. All three using fire attacks to trap Scyther like Fire Spin, Scyther had no way of escaping. Not wanting to give up or lose against Team Rocket, he raises his swords into the air, using whatever energy he had left to evolve into Scizor. Scizor escaped from the flames with speed, and quickly knocked out the three Houndour, and Team Rocket.

Gender: Female
Personality: A hyper little monkey, it enjoys battling, always the first to step out into a battle. It can be shy when around other Pokemon and not in battle, but she always gets out of her shell to play. When in intense battle, she goes from playful to dead serious.
History: When Pat was battling the third gym leader of Johto, Whitney, they were battling in one of the outfields. Whitney's Miltank was on the attack, using a constant Rollout, knocking over everything. It slammed a tree, causing Pokemon that were thriving in it to fall out. Aipom fell out, and started attacking Miltank in anger. It had no chance, so Pat threw a Pokeball at it before it was put in any danger, and thus so it became a part of his team.

Gender: Male
Personality: A really hot headed Pokemon, and Pats most recent catch. It always wants to battle, and he is unable to control his power if losing in a match. Not much else is known about Buizel's personality.
History: Pats most recent catch. Pat walked up to a riverbank when he first got into Sinnoh, amazed at all the sights and places. He decided to go swimming in a lake named Verity. He swam down to around the bottom, and saw a Buizel caught by an underwater vine. It was trying to get out, but couldn't. Pat couldn't hold his breath much longer, so he quickly swam to it, to cut the vine, freeing the Buizel. But, doing so, he used up the last of his air. He coughed, and began floating up to the water, out of air. Buizel began pushing him up to the surface as quickly as possible. It took him a few minutes to recover, but he was a-okay. He looked up and saw his savior looking down at him, and the Buizel demanded a battle. Pat battled it with his Scizor. He caught it quickly. Since then, he has had Buizel for 1 week.


From Rayquaza's Control:
"Common Typhlosion, lets head south to look for another battle."

Nathan smiled up at Typhlosion, always proud of it, about what it can do in battles, and how it would never let him down. The flames on its back went out, as it was not in battle, it had no reason to be alarm. Nathan placed his hands in his pockets, his face quickly turning to a plain look. After walking for about 5 minutes, the two began to hear a sound, if faint off in the distance. They both looked pondered for a moment, and began heading in the direction, hoping to find a battle, though it sounded like just heavy rocks rolling around. But as the trainer and Pokemon advanced, the sound began to get louder, and maybe the screams of another trainer.

"Well, that doesn't sound too good.. Come on Typhlosion, lets go!"

Nathan and Typhlosion began running. Soon, the saw a Dratini floating in mid air, looking down. Nathan looks surprised to see a trainer running around from a roll out attack, coming from a rock Pokemon. Typhlosion ran forward, quickly jumping forward, to become the shape of a circle. It began spinning, rolling forward, ready to attack. The two got there just in time, Typhlosion and Graveler colliding in a spin. The recoil of the two attacked caused them to stop spinning for a moment, due to such intense power. Typhlosion began rolling again however, as did the rock Pokemon. This time, Graveler had the advantage, as it attempted to propel itself while rolling. The two collided again, and stopped spinning again. Typhlosion stood up, and began walking backwards like it was drunk, when actually the dense rock Pokemon gave it a bump on its head from the collision.

"Alright Typhlosion, stay here. Come on out, Absol!"

Yelled Nathan, tossing out an already enlarged Pokeball, the ball enlarged probably from when he reached into his pocket to grab it. With an emerging light, a dark, dog like Pokemon appeared, with a sickle attached to the side of its face. Graveler saw its new foe, and began rolling once more. Absol released a blast of snow and ice from its mouth, while taking a defensive pose. Graveler, once hit, got encased in a block of ice, stopping it in its tracks. Absol stayed in its pose, charging a dark ball which is placed outside of its mouth. The ball gains mass, and is quickly launched at the ice. The ice breaks, and so is Graveler. Graveler is knocked back a bit, and lays on the ground. It quickly gets up, with a look of anger, but it begins running away, being defeated. Typhlosion gains its ground, as Nathan returns Absol with the touch of a red beam from its Pokeball.

Minos Yewman
January 13th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Thought that someone ought to sign-up:

Name: Minos Yewman

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Personality: Minos is not a very social person. He prefers to be alone due to his 'split' personality. He is a genius at fixing machines and modifying equipment, especially his pokegear which now includes everything you could possibly need and several things you will not need.

History: Minos was born an orphan, his father died before he was born and his mother in childbirth. All efforts to trace his family have failed. He was eventually sent to live with his godfather in a small house on Mt. Silver. Minos was trained in pokemon battling from an early age. His whole life was blown apart when his godfather went missing presumed dead after a Tyranitar rampage. He set off with his Metagross and eventually came to the Orre region at the time of the first shadow pokemon outbreak. He attacked the shadow pokemon lab and came to the machine used to create shadow pokemon. Having seen what they became after this was used, he plunged through throwing the togepi out. As the process was not designed for humans, Minos ended up with a 'shadow self' this takes over sometimes. Because of this, Minos left Orre taking the Togepi with him, he also took the gift of a time flute which he uses to keep his shadow self at bay.

Appearence: Short Brown hair that only just covers his forehead. His eyes are brown and he is slightly taller than average, but nothing special. He wears a black trench coat that has everything he needs in it. His pack is filled with his modified Pokegear. He has his time flute tied around his neck so it is easy to get to. He wears a black belt with his pokeballs on it. He wears slightly baggy jeans and wears a plain black T-shirt. He has big boots suitable for long hikes up mountains or in bogs.

Pokemon: Metagross (SHINY), Togepi, Pichu, Castform, [Porygon]

Gender: n/a
Obtained: Beldum was given to Minos by his godfather when he first began to train. It is now fully evolved and has been with Minos wherever he goes.
Personality: Although it was his first pokemon Minos has not bonded with Metagross. It leads his team and prefers to destroy everything inits path rather than form a stratagy.

Nickname: Pi-pi
Gender: Male
Personality: Pi-pi acts as if its only attack is Metronome, much to Minos' annoyance. Pi-pi has the bond with Minos that Metagross should.
Obtained: See history

Nickname: Sparky
Gender: Female
Obtained: Sparky was left to starve when her family was killed by a Mightyena pack. Minos nursed her back to health and took her with him.
Personality: Sparky is very shy and will Zap anything that comes near her that she does not like. This causes Minos to have to wear rubber gloves when handling Zapper.

Nickname: NONE
Gender: Male
Obtained: Castform was given to Minos as a gift when he helped a group of meteorologists who were stuck in the desert.
Personality: Castform is very jolly in almost any situation and likes performing tricks with the weather.

[Nickname: NONE
Gender: N/A
Obtained: Porygon is the CPU of Minos' pokegear and rarely comes out. Minos took it from the Cipher lab and does not use it for battling as it is weak.
Personality: Porygon simply tries to get things done as soon as it can. As it is too weak to battle it helps Minos in the way it can.]

January 13th, 2008, 1:48 PM
Minos Yewman:

You shall be put under reserved for now. Add a bit more description to your sign-up sheet- I didn't get too much from appearance. Other than that, everything else is fine.

Super Smash Kid
January 13th, 2008, 2:11 PM
Name: Anthony
Gender: Male
Personality: Aragont trainer that knows he could win. Cocky guy. But when no one watches him he really shows passion to his pokemon. Tony doesn't need to talk the talk his talking is in his battles.

History: Ever since he's got pokemon he's been a dominate person. Never lost a battle. Even beating some of the toughest like Lance, Ash, Gary and Paul. Tony will suprise you in battle. You may think you won but Tony always finds a way to come out shining above his oppoents. When Tony turned 7 years old he found this Riolu in his bushes all hurt. So Tony showing his passion to pokemon raised it to be a very stronng Lucario.

Pokemon Team: Lucario, Charizard, Empoleon, Staraptor
Nickname: none
Gender: All male team.

Personality: Lucario acts tought because he knows he's tough. Lucario hates to lose.Why? Every since Tony found him Lucario has been working his hardest. Charizard is a prankster. He jokes around a lot, but if someone pulls a prank on him, he will go on a ramage.Why? When Charizard was a Charmander his original trainer was a clown, and the clown did a little joke on the Charmander and Charizard ran away. then clown tried to get him but Charizard just kept on using ember. Empoleon is shy, but don't let his shyness fool you. In battle he's quick and strong.Why? Empoleon acts this way because wild Houndoom killed his parents, but Tony heard all the noise and ran to protect, and at the end Piplup (Empoleon) went into one of Tony's pokeballs, and Empoleon has been working hard since that day. Staraptor like to take down his opponets slowly to make it look good. He has extremely good speed, and high defense. His attacks are ok. Why? See Staraptor's original trainer was a coordnaitor. She lost her contest and this braty little girl released Starly. Tony saw starly sad so he through a pokeball and caught it.

Obtained: riolu, piplup, prinplup, charmander, charmeleon, starly, staravia, sceptile, blaziken, umbreon, totodile, cyndaquil.

Minos Yewman
January 13th, 2008, 2:20 PM
Updated my sign-up. Also I will be going away until saturday so don't expect me to reply to anything until then.

January 13th, 2008, 3:57 PM
Minos Yewman: Accepted.

Super Smash Kid: Denied for now. I do like the appearance, but along with personality, history, and Pokemon, they are all lacking one thing:


Till you add some of that, you are utterly denied.

Super Smash Kid
January 13th, 2008, 4:53 PM
I will edit right now i was running out of time before I had to leave.

January 13th, 2008, 5:19 PM
Name: W.
Nickname: W.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance:height: 5.4, weight: 45 lb. He has dark brown eyes. Thin for his age.Likes wearing lab coats all the time with polo and tie, black slocks and black leather shoes. Likes his hair unkepted with blue bangs. Occasionaliy he carries a pair of binoculars tied on his belt.

Personality: Shy but reckless. Although approachable, he rarely interact with people. He never joined a team or guild but if ever(in desperate times) he is very loyal and hardworking. Also a humble person, but a cold hearted one in battles, hence his alias is Cyro(which means Ice.)

History: Born in Snowpoint City, he is very well known for his knowledge about pokemons. At first he disliked poemons, but as he was studying near a steam he saw a hurt Absol. He had no other choice but to help him. That provoked him to help all pokemons, by becoming a trainer himself and a scientist. He even defeated 3 Elite Four. A very powerful trainer known for his signature moves. Currently studying Astronomy, he continually searching for a comet.

Pokemon: Absol, Flygon(Shiny), Glaceon, Dusknoir.

1. Absol
Nickname: Xander
Gender: M
Personality: Mysterious and low-tempered. Always likes to be with W.
Obtained: Actually Xander is the first pokemon of W.

2. Flygon
Nickname: Gerald
Gender: M
Personality: Very energenetic and protective.
Obtained: After a green Trapinch evolved and rescued W. from falling from a cliff.

Nickname: Gale
Gender: F
Personality: Naughty but can be contolled in battles. Likes to freeze things except flowers.
Obtained: Evolved after a battle near Ice rock from an Eevee he hatched from an egg he found near a beach.

Nickname: Dusky
Gender: ?
Personality: No known personality
Obtained: Evolved from Dusclops after it touch a mysterious cloth W. studying.

'Uh......Ow, my head' W. groaned as he struggled to stand up. The last thing he remembered that Darkrai used his Dark Void to make everything black. He wondered why Darkrai was here in the first place.

As he was wondering, he saw the Darkrai, looking silly. "Proffessor, we gotta get out here fast!" Celia said hurriedly. "Wait, Go! Gale!". Still struggling to get up, "Freeze Darkrai at once! Blizzard!" In a few seconds Darkrai plus the room froze. "For extra precautions." When he was able to walk, he looked back, "Hmmmm....". He knew the ice won't last forever. "We better hurry".

January 13th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Super Smash Kid: I am still not seeing description. Denied once more- One more chance. Make another sign up post, and put effort into it.

Quasar99: Who would I be to say denied? I would be myself. Obviously, denied. DESCRIPTION please.

January 13th, 2008, 5:31 PM
Name: Quintinus Maximillion Tabris

Nickname: (If any.) Quint

Age: (14+ Please.) Fourteen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Quint has an overall normal body structure. His arms are semi-curved, but not bulging. He has a strange, dark fuchsia eye color that he inherited from his grandfather, with a scar across the left eye. He has faint sideburns, running down to just above his cheeks. He has jet black, spiky hair with several blue highlights, and three bangs coming down just above his eyes. When wet, it covers his eyes and has to tie it up. Quint wears a peice of rectangular galss at the tip of a necklace around his neck. He usually wears a white polo shirt and jeans. He also has a long green scarf that extends just past his knees and black, fingerless gloves.

Personality: Oni is very loyal to his friends and would do anything for them. He has certain fears (spiders and fire) but he will not admit to it. When he is angry instead of shouting he talks calmly and slowly, but there is a glint of hatred in his eyes. He is known to argue a lot and is very determined to get what he wants.

History: Quint was found on the outskirts of Ecruteak City when he was two years old, alone. An elderly couple took him in and raised him as their own. As he grew older, he became interested in Lugia and Ho-oh, who were said to have lived in Ecruteak before the two towers collapsed. He became fanatical about them and it is his dream to see them in real life one day. He went to school and did well in his exams, he got his first Pokemon and began his journey as a Pokemon Master, not knowing what to expect.

Pokemon Team: (No more than four, and no legends.)

Nickname: (If any): Oni
Gender: Male
Personality: Usually very lively, and extremely loyal, though sometimes acts the idiot for his own amusement.

Nickname: Toraq
Gender: Male
Personality: A fairly obnoxious Pokemon, but it loves both Quint and Toraq, and would put its life on the line for them.

Nickname: Jax
Gender: Female
Personality: A shy Pokemon, but is extremely determined and will never back down from a battle.

Nickname: Tempa
Gender: Male
Personality: Tempa is a calm, quiet Pokemon, and likes to keep to himself. He battles in order to prove himself to his team mates, because he thinks they don't respect him.

RP Sample: (Optional): Meh, is my fan fiction not enough for you?


http://firefly.pokemonfanuniverse.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=232&pid=2246 (http://firefly.pokemonfanuniverse.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=232&pid=2246)

An RP, created by yours truly,

and an example:

Balk was up early the next morning despite the excitement of the previous night. Attacks by Team X, A half dozen kids showing up to follow him, the rebirth of an extinct pokemon, the man in the purple robes just took it all in stride. Now he was waking everyone else up, having prepared a meal of some, crispy blackish disks. He thought they were pancakes, but it was certainly debatable.

"Everyone up! There's breakfast but we don't have that long to eat! Team X and the Ebon Order are lurking around Mossdeep. They've probably set up some hiding holes where they're plotting. More importantly, the Book of Secrets and Quintinus's sister are out there as well. Our best bet is to split up in teams and search seperate sections of the city. That we we cover more ground, we'll be spread out enough so they can't get the drop on us all, and we search faster."

The man took a bite out of his own blackened frisbee, having poured some kind of sickly sweet sap on it. All around him, his pokemon also chomped down on the crispy 'food'. All except the Unown, Oblivion, which didn't seem to require food at all. With a gulp of his juice Balk continued.

"All right, There's seven of us, that's around three to a team with one left over to either coordinate things or for a less experienced person to tag with someone a little tougher for protection. Who's going with who?"

It was the first thing I could find for myself.

January 13th, 2008, 5:37 PM
Oni Raichu: Accepted, awesome sign up dude.

January 13th, 2008, 6:45 PM
... what was that? Denied.
You will only have once more chance to make another sign up. If you want in this RP, make it good. Till then, denied.

January 13th, 2008, 6:53 PM
I was unable to finish tonight, i put in my post i was unable to finisgh tonight, im sneaking onto my pc right now.

January 14th, 2008, 7:16 PM
Mine's edited now... Please view it

January 14th, 2008, 9:48 PM


Gender: Male

January 15th, 2008, 1:10 AM
Name: Jacob Lucifer Silver

Nickname: Jake

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jake generally has a typical "antihero" appearance. He has a thin face and a slim build, with the bangs of his black hair reaching down almost to his dark brown eyes. Due to his tendency to scowl most of the time, he has small shadows under his eyes that serve to highlight the intensity of his appearance. Running with his natural features, Jake chooses to wear a black cloak, which he fastens at his waist with a chain, that shrouds his body and shades his face. This cloak, however, isn't nearly as heavy as it looks, so he also wears jeans and a black T-shirt underneath it. To complete this look, he wears simple black sneakers that aren't usually seen beneath the cloak. A notable detail is that Jake doesn't carry a bag of items, as he always either carries things in pockets in his cloak or makes medicine on the spot out of herbs.

Personality: Usually, Jake acts as his appearance suggests. He is rather distant and doesn't often talk to people. When someone insists on bothering them, he either ignores them or scowls until they understand that they should go away. Most of the time, he is only truly open with his Pokemon, and talks to them quite often. Despite his attitude, Jake is really rather laid-back and doesn't like to rush things, and also tends to open up a bit to anyone who manages to win him over. On the flipside, he doesn't like to use much energy and often avoids problems to begin with, and usually quits speaking altogether if an argument starts. Despite his negative tendencies, Jake has a strong sense of justice and will fight hard for what he believes is right. He is very analyzing and thoroughly thinks a situation through before acting, unless he is highly enraged or curious. During battles and tense situations, however, his manipulative attribute truly shows itself. He uses adept strategies to run his opponents into a corner, so to speak, all the while working them into a frenzy by expressing the assuredness of his victory. Though Jake often seems arrogant, he really suffers from a lack of confidence, despite his skill and discipline. He dislikes arrogant new trainers who "get a fresh caught Pokemon and think they can rule the world, until reality hits them hard in the face." Jake likes music, poetry, art, and spicy foods. He dislikes crowds, conversation, and sunlight.

History: Jake comes from Hoenn's crater city of Sootopolis, from a rather high profile family, and is appointed as the guard of the sacred Cave of Origin. Throughout childhood, he preferred the company of books and the Trainer's School to most people, and is now actually quite an expert on the myths and legends of the Pokemon world. At age 10, he flew on his dad's Pidgeot (which he now uses frequently for travel and has a special whistle to summon) to the mainland of Hoenn to train Pokemon. Being so new at it, he didn't have the slightest idea as to how to live on his own for such an extended period, and quickly found himself completely lost in a forest, and of course ended up sick and poisoned from bad berries. And of course, in classic tragic flashback fashion, it started raining so he hid himself in the hollow of a tree, trying to rest in hopes that his illness would work itself out. Of course, it didn't, but again in true perfect timing sappy flashback fashion, he was found by a Houndoom. Shortly after it appeared, Jake fainted, the awoke later in a clearing with several Pecha berry bushes. He camped there for a while until he fully recovered, then left, with the Houndoom following him. Both he and Houndoom have been loyal to one another ever since. After that, he specialized in the Dark type and refused to train anything else. He quickly became skilled with his Houndoom and other Pokemon he obtained, and later accidentally became the Gym Leader in a small town nestled in the mountains east of Blackthorn City in Johto, called Redwood Town. He had been training in the vicinity and was noticed and challenged by a couple of the townspeople, who turned out to be underlings of the recently closed Redwood Gym, whose previous leader had retired. Since the town is out of the way, Jake's traveling doesn't usually cause a problem, but he frequently has several battles stacked up on his routine visits to town. Other than that, he has been wrapped up in other issues as well, including one with Team Magma that he refuses to speak of, and an organization he is currently in that works to prevent disasters caused by legendary Pokemon, known simply as the Redwood Emergency Brigade.

Jake is currently on a vacation in Sinnoh, trying to stay as far away from Johto and Hoenn as possible.

(... Did I type all that?)

Pokemon Team

Pokemon: Houndoom
Nickname: None Given
Gender: Male
Personality: Houndoom is closely bonded to its Trainer, and the two share many personality traits. It is often aloof compared to Jake's other Pokemon, but is friendly with them as well. It is quiet and reserved, but is very powerful in battle.
Obtained: ~~History~~

Pokemon: Weavile
Nickname: None Given
Gender: Male
Personality: A bit of a joker, Weavile reflects all the friendly parts of Jake's personality. It is always eager to battle, train, or do something; it simply cannot keep still. Weavile is overtly headstrong and often gets itself into trouble.
Obtained: On a visit to the Shoal Cave, Jake found this Pokemon as a Sneasel that was being attacked by a horde of Spheal that it had apparently enraged somehow. Acting without thinking, he jumped forward and blocked about 20 simultaneous Aurora Beams. The grateful Sneasel became loyal to him, whereas Houndoom spent the rest of the day thawing its Trainer out. Sneasel later evolved into Weavile during a bout of nighttime training.

Pokemon: Umbreon
Nickname: None Given
Gender: Female
Personality: Umbreon is the most withdrawn of Jake's Pokemon, and also the weakest in battle. Although it works well with nearly any other Pokemon in Double Battles, it isn't very good in Single Battles, but the flexibility of its single type and defense gives it a strong point as a good leadoff Pokemon. Umbreon is a frequent target of Weavile's pestilence.
Obtained: Jake was given an Eevee as a gift by his family on his first anniversary of becoming a Trainer. Oddly enough, it evolved into an Umbreon immediately when he obtained it.

RP Sample: ((No. No way. Not after that crazed-up uber-long history. No. I'm not even going to bother with this one.))

Additional Notes: Jake has other Pokemon staying at his gym in Redwood Town, and has a device from the Redwood Emergency Brigade that allows him to remotely swap Pokemon. The device has a tendency to work erratically, but Jake uses it frequently for the convenience. Any additional Pokemon brought into the story will be added to my sign-up.

Also, Jake sometimes displays odd abilities when enraged or in desperate danger. He has no idea himself how he does this, nor why it happens, but it tends to kick in and save him at the most timely moments. Just thought I'd give a heads up on that.

((Someone just PM me or something when this starts. I'm really sick of my keyboard right now. I may have gone a bit overboard with the sign-up. I suppose that's what I get for always using the same character and developing him excessively.))

January 15th, 2008, 10:35 AM
commander1: That counts as a joke sign up. Denied.

HoundoomOfTheDarkness: Awesome sign up man. Accepted a million times over.

Quasar99: Your sign up sheet has improved, but there are still a couple grammar errors. Reserved. Work on the errors, and you shall be accepted.

January 15th, 2008, 11:13 AM
hey dude can i reserve a spot i will finish in a few hours

January 15th, 2008, 11:19 AM
Well can I join.
Name: Nicholas Olsen
Nickname: Nick
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is a brunette with really dark eyes. He wears a leather jacket with a black short sleeve top inside and black jeans. Often wears a platinum chain with a swatch wristwatch. He keeps his pokeballs in his in his jacket basically to hide the fact that he is a trainer. He wears boots which seem to be a little bit big for him but as he always claims *their my perfect fit *
Personality: He is very lazy, and always has excuses for any of his faults. He looks down at others with a the face that says * hmf, I guess you got those shoes at a give away yard sale price. He seems to think money is everything that matters and if you ain’t got the green stuff…well that’s your luck.
History: Ever since he was born his parents always bought him whatever he wanted even those things he didn’t need, as long as he wrote his *wants* list his parents would get it. This was due to his bad habit of writing things down for you to read.
His mansion set aside from his parents own was just for show off, cause he never really stayed in the house. He got his first pokemon, turtwig from a shady deal with team rocket…the only reason he had bought it was to show off his rare pokemon species… but in turn he has happened to like it.
Pokemon Team: Torterra, and houndor
Nickname: skull the houndor and cybele the Torterra
Gender: skull is male and cybele is female
Personality: skull is very protective while cybele is quite lazy
Obtained: he obtained skull on the night of a concert when he and his friend were trespassing into a forbidden district…there they were attacked by skull…

January 15th, 2008, 11:20 AM
Sharpay_Is_Fabulous: I don't accept reservations without a sign up sheet.

January 15th, 2008, 5:26 PM
Finished again! I hope you will approve...

January 15th, 2008, 6:07 PM
Quasar99: Sorry. I still see many grammar errors. I don't see any description, denied.
Due to that being your second denial, I shall not look into any editing for the future.
Sorry, that is just how I work :x

N-XIGE: Denied. I see grammar errors here and there. I do see description, but grammar errors and half description don't mix. One more chance to sign up, and that is it.

People who have one more sign-up sheet chance:



One more chance to each of you. That is all I'm giving.

January 17th, 2008, 11:59 AM
This is my sign-up, sorry if it isn't that good, this is my first RP sign-up.

Name: Gary Blu
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: He often wears a blue-grey T-shirt that is slightly too big for him, just hanging over his blue jeans which are also slightly too big for him, length-wise and cover the top part of his shoes. The T-shirt, has a rip on the right sleeve, although this is rarely seen as it it normally covered by his favourite jacket. The jacket seems to be the perfect size for him however, it is very slightly too small for him, but only just, the jacket has black and white stripes going down. He rarely fastens the jacket, only doing so if it's absolutely necessary. His jeans are held up by a belt which holds his PDA and Pokeballs, the jeans seem to be partially muddy at the bottom. His shoes, mostly coloured white, have two blue stripes running along them, one on each side, and the bottom of the tongues are coloured blue but the top is coloured white. His dark brown hair runs partly down his back, but not so much as to say he has extremely long hair but more of a medium-long length, he tries to keep the main part of his hair at the top of his head in a parting in the middle. His eyes are a dark green colour. He is around the average hight of his age which is 5 ft 8 in and his weight is around 109 lbs.

Personality: He is often thought of as a kind, generous and slightly impatient person, but he can have a short temper at times and can get angry. However, his love for his Pokemon is great and he tries not to treat them unfairly. He doesn't normally care if he wins or loses but can get a bit annoyed if he loses in an important battle, but he doesn't get angry about it that often.

History: Born in Goldenrod city, he lead a partly sheltered life until he was 11 when his parents disappeared during Team Rocket's raid on the city. After Team Rocket were defeated by a boy, he searched the radio tower thoroughly to see if there was any sign of his parents and where they went, but what he found instead was a young Eevee, he decided to take it in and raise it. Not long after, he was sent to his Grandparents house in Eterna city. At first he couldn't get used to the dramatic change of scenery. One year later, he found a weakened Donphan in Eterna forest under attack from a group of Murkrow, after saving the Donphan, he took it to the Pokecentre in Eterna city and, after it had been fully recovered, battled it and caught it. Half a year later, the Donphan gave birth to a Phanpy. At this time, with his newly evolved Leafeon, he is currently preparing for an adventure through all of sinnoh to see all of the Pokemon possible.

Pokemon Team: Leafeon, Donphan, Phanphy

Gender: Male
Personality: Leafeon is a pretty excitable, hyper pokemon. Only seeming to calm down when asleep. He never seems to be sad or angry and never leaves Gary's side unless told to. He tries to use his speed and power to the max in battles, often pushing himself to his limits and sometimes end up hurting himself because of tiring himself out.
Eevee: Was stolen by Team Rocket to help them gain world domination, however he was abandoned after they were defeated in Goldenrod city, he was then found by Gary who raised him and looked after him until he evolved in Eterna forest on a trip through to try and find out what was past the forest.
Leafeon: Gary still looked after him as much as he did before, maybe more, and not long after evolution Leafeon started to realise that he was pretty strong and fast and used that to his advantage.

Gender: Female
Personality: She is a kind and calm Pokemon normally and spends most of her time looking after her son and will do anything to protect him. In battle she is mostly cautious but if her son is threatened then she will go all out to defend him.
History: Whilst pregnant she wandered through Eterna forest unaware of the dangers there and came under attack from a group of Murkrow only to be saved by Gary and Eevee. After being taken to the Pokecentre in Eterna city and recovering, she was caught by Gary and raised until she gave birth to Phanphy.

Gender: Male
Personality: He is a shy Pokemon who rarely seems to leave his mothers side and relys on her for protection. He eats a lot and spends most of his time eating. He rarely battles as his mother always does a lot of the battling so that he doesn't have to.
History: After being born into Gary's care, he became attached to his mother and he has tried to fight multiple times only to be stopped by her.

Minos Yewman
January 19th, 2008, 4:25 AM
I updated my sign up to include 2 more pokemon. I know I have 5 but as Porygon does not battle I do not think it counts. If you disagree then tell me and I shall remove it.

I just want to know, how many characters are you aiming to have before you close sign-ups?

Also what is this RP's policy on character control?

January 20th, 2008, 9:50 PM
It is okay with the two more Pokemon, just as long as they aren't Legendaries.

Sign-Ups shall remain open though out the RP. Once the RP begins, an OOC/Sign Up thread shall be posted in the RP lounge.

Character control- You are controlling another persons character. If you do so, show proof that you are aloud to, via the user PMing you.

And, that is not considered a double post since it wasn't to consecutive posts in a row. There was a post in between that got deleted.

Do those answer your questions, Minos?


Swinlliot- Accepted.

Minos Yewman
January 20th, 2008, 11:17 PM
Yes, thanks for that. I just wanted to check now rather than get kicked out later.