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Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
January 5th, 2008, 4:00 PM
January's Poetry ChallengeWelcome to the Poetry Challenge. This will start a series of Poetry contests held monthly within the section, at request and participation from the fellow poets of PC.

We shall kickstart with: [s-highlight]FREE TOPIC![/s-highlight] No, this isn't due to a severe lack of creativity from my part, I swear! It's merely as a start, and my Christmas gift to you. Yes, a gift, because future topics might be rendered very, very difficult to you! Mwahahaha! You may share you Christmas experience, New Year's wishes, anything!

[s-highlight] You shall post your submitted work in this topic.[/s-highlight] Your piece will count as an entry to the contest and you'll be added to the participant list.

[s-highlight]January 31st, 2008.[/s-highlight]

When the judge(s) come to a final vedrict from the contest, a new results topic will be created for you to comment on them. Such topic will be posted at the same time as the next contest, most probably February 5th.

Poems will be judged under this criterion:

Content: 1 to 10
Structure/Syntax: 1 to 10
Diction: 1 to 10
Rhythm: 1 to 10
Bonus: x %
Score: Total sum of points/4, plus the bonus.


* You may submit your poem before February 15th. Any work submitted after the deadline has passed will be out of the contest.
* One piece per contestant. Multiple pieces wouldn’t increase your chances, anyway.
* Submit your own work. Plagiarism is unsought and will not be tolerated.
* Respect everyone’s work. Please do not show us inappropriate attitudes, let’s keep it clean.
* Be reasonable. No altercations! If you have any disagreements regarding the rules/subject/results, express yourself rationally.
Take them to PM please. I will delete any post that's not work submission in this topic.[/s-highlight]

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Oni Pichu (http://pokecommunity.com/member.php?u=4350)

If you desire to volunteer as a judge, please issue a PM to me with a sample review of any work on OW-Poetry. Note that my standards are rather high and I will directly tell you whether I want you as a judge or not. No bad feelings.

melod.ii ous demyx~♪
January 7th, 2008, 8:00 PM
I'm so excited to read all of these~
Thanks Oni for the PM, by the way. n_n
Anyways, here it is~



Feel the touch of scorching fire, blazing rose on skin

Hear the sounds of beating drums, pulsing flaring twin

Taste the flavor of desire, a sweet and bitter tempt

Smell the scent of silky locks, betrayal in thine hands

See the sight of innocence, a crust so pallid true

Existing in your subconscious, disappear from view.

Retire back in metal sheets, sense a beauty bearing

Thin wishes haunting your beliefs; a grape vine intertwining

A cosmic burst comes pealing forth, lushness from within

Greedy, taming rules gone, banished slice of sin

Saw the smell, and heard the palm

Lapping up the traces;

Forbidden among your senses waited; violet sheltered hue

Loving sweet on tangy words, The fruit that is taboo.


This was a poem for class, where metaphors were supposed to come into play. If you look closely there are biblical references to the “Apple” and the Garden of Eden. The poem actually started out with being about a fruit, but my friend said it sounded like a pornographic love poem. D; He’s an odd bird anyways.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. I just had to post something for the first contest! I got all of those contest-y anticipation flares, so I’m excited to read all you guys’ stuff~ Good luck to you all~ <3

January 7th, 2008, 8:26 PM
I wrote this poem a long time ago, but I'd like to enter it if it's okay. Here it is:


In my dreams,
Only one face stands out among the crowd
The one I think about the most,
Time and time again

When I'm down,
It's the person who helps me up
The one who gives me a glimmer of happiness,
When sadness is all I have left

When the world gets cold,
It's the one who keeps me warm
The person who completes me,
The last piece to my puzzle

My one true love,
My heart's deepest desire
The only medicine,
To cure my sickness

Isn't it obvious?
There is only one person who fits that description
And that one and only person is,

January 9th, 2008, 9:03 PM
My first submission to the poetry thread! Why not put it in here? Anyway, here it is.

The Chains That Bind

Someday, I shall become a god,
One who shapes the world with whims and whispers
Leave none who fight standing,
Death is their wish, trifling with a god.
Make time disappear, the flow forever lost
Your world is nothing, you cannot conquer me anymore…

Someday I shall become a tyrant,
One who shapes his kingdom with an iron fist.
Unless… someone would wish to oppose me?
Leave none who fight standing!

They would only get in the way…

One day, I shall become a general,
To arms, to arms!
Having complete control over so many entities…

Endless power within my grasp.

Death would be a gift from the heavens, and I the sole messenger.
End your life, ruthless tyrant! I shall End it!
Vain was your life, and now you must obey! …and then I will be free…
I cannot be Yours anymore! Leave me!
Leave me! End it all! End it all…

January 9th, 2008, 10:56 PM
This is a War Poem (about an aftermath of a Nuclear Attack)... I was going to submit it in school last year.. but then i made a better one that i liked more...

I modified it a bit, and here is the Final Copy:

The Little Boy
The Nuclear attack spared very few,
The boy, a few mosquitoes and the foul-mouthed, acid-spitting flies.
He sits there, all alone,
No friends, no family.
His friends, the flies and the mozzies,
Eat him alive.
Vampiric creatures suck out his blood,
With every drop of blood,
An essence of life drifts away.

Hunger-bloated like an unattended orphan,
or a Cow, munching on the same patch of green.
Yes; a cow with a hundred stomachs,
Yet, the cud, stuck, in the first.
Lodged deep in his stomach,
But deeper; in his throat;
Can’t digest,
Can’t consume.

In his mindscape,
He is god,
The creator of the world,
On a golden-silver throne
With ruby-sapphire embroidery,
Behind his majestic, radiating throne,
An even more majestic,
Islamic border, consisting of more jewels then discovered,
The text, scribed by the finest in the land,
“In this Magical world of pure beauty,
Do whatever you please,
But don’t dig the uranium from the ground!”

I'm so baddd at poems though =[

January 13th, 2008, 3:55 PM
Just put this up as a thread, figured I should enter it here aswell.


I honestly can't tell you how much
I wish your sickness would last forever
Pain to your soul is happiness to me
A miserable person on drugs and deprived
of happiness except when destroying
So I want your sickness to last.
Is there something wrong with that?
If being deprived makes you happy
killing, destroying…
I guess I'm doing us both a favor-
by poisoning you.
Maybe it'll make you better
Everything else has failed,
will poison be any better?
If it breaks you down
I suppose it'll be good for the world
One less to care for, one less to be suffered.
A wrath by a man
Cry all you want
I will show you no sympathy
for you have given me none.
And I don't care.
You’re already destroyed
In the darkness…

But there is hope!
A light shines......if only…
The light is red
A red pool of doom
Never mind that.....
There’s no escape.
And I won’t take action, Can't even try-
The sickness lies forever.

January 13th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Ire. Rage. Fire.
My soul is ablaze with this spiteful mercury and ash,
shooting toxic fumes from my blackened sky;
Pumice overflows from a decadent volcano, filling me
and the world with disdain and "false resentment",
as the devils say, the devils cry, the devils claim to know.
Drink my cup of lead, drink and make haste.
For devils hath lived and perished.
Heaven lied and Hell was God's advocate,
all through my life's mistruth and dispassion.
Oh, I long for days of old,
days of peace.
Magma dries, and magma cools;
recovering from the fiery tempest, unlike I.
I, I remain charred and filled with charcoal madness,
mindlessly clawing my way through Styx.
Battling my very own Cerberus;
Anubis has deceived me yet again.
And here I am, abandoned.

Pt. II
Droplets, droplets of lava,
through my ever fragile veins.
Flows like the night, overcoming,
exploding like these exquisite tragedies we are,
full-blown disasters in our propaganda,
I sway and fall into the arms of a malignant lie.
The lie that we all move on, that we truly can be what we wish.
Desires, thine are destroyed now,
I watch them seep behind the door and disappear.
I part with my dreams,
greet the dust, a blank slate,
an empty soul such as I.
I wreak of such destitute errors of the young generation,
thy sins are not forgiven,
none are left to die for me,
as the world implants a cold, dark stare to blind me.
I am left here, a lonely, solitary place.
A void passionless, loveless, yet chaos prevails.
Mine sanity is dismissed into the black hole of nothing.
All has forsaken the “Me”.

January 13th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Why Not? I'll enter ^_^

Bring It To Me

Bring it to me
bring me the things
that i need to continue
on and on

Bring it to me
the happiness that i desire
the feelings that show
and the friends that come and go

Bring it to me
bring me the pain
bring me the hatred
bring me the sorrow

Bring it to me
it will end up being me,
or it might end up being you
but, it will be, One Of Us.

January 17th, 2008, 9:39 AM
Just the kind of contest i would want to answer =]

The Winner

The way I look at it
there is only one
that deserves the glory I see
that brings peace into this world
that happily admits to being wrong
to have the anger, rage, and ferocity when in that time
that is always there for me
that looks after me
that protects me from the good guys
the bad guys
the monsters under my bed
the person that shows me to way when i'm doing something wrong
the one, that loves me
that person is, the winner.

January 23rd, 2008, 7:33 PM
Rising Above

Soar on brave one,
Soar on to a new world.
Take to the skies and loose yourself
From this life’s choking grasp,
Unfurl those fingers that cage you,
That you may seek your own path.
Though battered your body may be,
Let love course through you,
Fix those futile flaccid wings
Freeing you from the wreckage.
You alone must soar on
And seek a hopeful start.

Float on beautiful one,
Float on above this haze.
Let the foul breeze carry you
Higher and further from gloom,
To where this diseased shroud,
This thick corruption we exude,
Blocks not your delicate lungs,
Nor mars the sightly innocence
Of your golden dreams of redemption.
A chance at salvation is given once,
You alone can float on
And purge us with purity.

Glide on boundless one,
Glide on without petty regrets.
Cast your vision afore you,
Letting your eyes not stray back,
To linger on the enflamed metropolis.
Our wails weep into winds unkind,
But let those peals of pain drown,
Lost in the knowledge of truth;
We wrought ruin upon ourselves.
You are liberated of burden,
You alone may glide on
And shed the destruction.

Drift on believing one,
Drift on and you’ll find home.
Endure the arduous passage,
Though lonely and full of uncertainty,
With the past endlessly ebbing
At your ever-tattering ideals.
Lose not your priceless faith,
Disregard the whelming forces,
And let determination guide you,
Allowing prevalence against the odds.
You alone will drift on
And find peace of heart.

* * * * *

[There is a painting that accompanies this poem but I have not yet started it, it exists only in my mind for the moment, but the painting and poem combo are my gift to a friend. I wrote this poem specifically for the contest, it just bloomed into something so much deeper. The painting is of a brightly colored butterfly, whose wings, and the path it leaves, sparkle with a full spectrum of color, iridescent hues all the colors of the rainbow. And in the distance you can see that's it's flying away from a vast burning city and the smoke of it has surrounded the butterfly but can't touch it because of it beautiful colorful aura. It's symbolic for the struggles of humans against the oppressive society we live in and how we strive to do good and fight for our dreams, it's suppose to show hope that we can break free of the world's cocoons of hatred and apathy and float on to a better place made of beauty and love. Yes it's cheesy, but that's how I spend my time, daydreaming of a different world, a better one. Anyways, that's about all there is to this poem, I must admit that it took me longer to write than any other poem I've done. Good luck to everyone else who's entered the contest! =D]

January 24th, 2008, 5:21 PM
The archer.

He has come.

All of our lifes are now lost.

The devil himself.

Beating our hearts into the dirt.


My blank face.

All pale and no where to look.

Locked in a position where anyone or anything could push with the lightest touch.

I'm stiff. I'm limp.

I try to call out.

I can't.

My mouth won't move.

Please, someone save me.

My heart is fading away.

THUMP. THUMp. THUmp. THump. Thump. thump. thum. thu. th. t.


I have left this world.

Gone to a better place.

Contacting from signs.



My sign.


December 3rd.

My eyes.

They are closing.

I have...


My loved ones will grieve.

I will not.

My friends will rest.

I will not.

Untill one day where they have come,

I shall open the door and embrace them.

They will come and enjoy cloud tea with me,

In the place above the sky.

In the place beyond the stars.

In the place beyond the boundaries of time and space.

That one was written for my grandpa.
I put it in his perspective.
I hope he's okay,
In the place above the sky
In the place beyond the stars
In the place beyond the reaches of time and space.
I know you're up there.
I stare at you in the sky every night.
I know you are now part of Sagittarius

Abolishing Flames
January 25th, 2008, 12:15 AM
Footsteps in an Autumn Night

At night, you can hear the laughter—
It pierces the stagnant and frigid air
Footsteps reverberate through empty spaces,
Hesitant tiptoes through time,
Scatter, and then flourish.

Under Mother Nature’s dark mantle,
Hear the tapping shoes running away
From responsibilities, from exhaustion
Running to the darkness, to the unknown.

This cold autumn night, footsteps walk along a muddy road
Beneath the buzzing air—power lines crackling from rain
The fog ahead is thick—vague and questioning
And the rising excitement you can taste…
The icy air bites your cheeks
Breathing out frosts—the ghosts of the past.

Footsteps following your every move,
You run away from them as they give chase…
Away from the echoes, away from the cold,
Away from the childhood you sorely miss…

Through the mist that lifts your soul,
To the dawn that the future brings

January 27th, 2008, 8:26 PM
this is more of a rap than a poem but i hate poetry and think rap is better
Its just some comical relief(ha ha)

Caterpie rap

go caterpie ,go caterpie

caterpies, a gansta
a straight up G
He loves to play,
On his Wii

evolve he might,
but first he needs fight
caterpies usually right
because hes so tight

caterpie smacks down fools
because caterpie rules

I only took like a minute to write this so
its not very sofisticated but atleast its orignal compared to the other poems

New Age Retro Hippie
January 29th, 2008, 4:13 PM
New School

Sitting alone,
Picking at a sandwich
Amber eyes trained
On the concrete floor,
Watching an ant
Scuttle off to
Land unknown.
Perhaps it cares for me?

Now staring ahead
Watching others
Ignoring my existence.
For really,
Who cares
About that one kid
That cross-dresser kid
Sitting alone?

Thinking of friends
Long gone,
In another school.
Wondering if
Just perhaps
They are in
The same boat as me?

Sitting alone
Is that girl
Who looks
Like she was
Born to the wrong gender.
The quiet girl,
The lonely girl.
And who is she?
But me.

Hear a thump
On my left.
Turn to
This new presence.
A smiling face,
A caring face.
Opening my mouth
To greet this new friend.

Not excellent, but I really do like it~