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January 7th, 2008, 4:50 AM
It all started before the birth of man. There existed two gods, one goes by the name of Fenris, and her fellow god Onirochi, were the only things that existed in a world of light and dark. Fenris is the ruler of the light, and Onirochi is the ruler of the dark. They soon realized the life they were living as gods was becoming inefficient, and they needed people to praise them, and a planet for them. So thusly they both gave birth to a singular race known as the Omni, and a planet for them to exist in, this planets name went to be known as Thrae.

The Omni were a race of great excellence being there first creation Fenris and Onirochi saw them as perfect, but as time went on they proved to be far from perfect. Their form of technology derived from an ore that existed on the planet, called Meditronian, when used the biproduct was a green gas that was released into the air. As they race evolved they soon eventually poisoned the entire planet killing themselves.

Fenris and Onirochi soon saw this flaw, and decided to start over. They cleansed the planet and started over this time created a race known as the Oni, and Genma. They were both different from one another, one was ogreish looking and the other was very insect looking. This eventually led into a feud between them, splitting that planet into two halves.

The half that the Oni owned became known as the Land of light, and the half that the Genma owned became known as the Land of Dark. Both of them praised either one or the other, and saw that God/ess as perfect. There feuds grew and grew, thusly almost wiping out the entire population for the death rate grew past the birth rate they both had.

In result, Fenris and Onirochi, decided to make a race that would regulate the two and put them into there own place. They created the humans, a race that was considered a real perfect creation. The humans eventually after a mere decade of their existence was able to stop the war and have the two settle down. Both still calmed down.

Peace was of course obtained, but that peace only lasted a while, and just when Fenris, and Onirochi, saw that they were finally in balance they were proved horribly wrong. The humans became seperated by there difference which in turn broke up into territories again.

This war became known to everyone as the war of light and dark, an age old struggle that will never end. This war, even plagued the god and goddess, thusly causing these two to break their perfect harmony and become two warring gods, sided with the ones who praised them alone.

The war raged on for years and years, then after the 10th year of war, a sudden end came about. Fenris was struck down by Onirochi, with an attack that he called the Omni Gate, but before Fenris completely feel she summoned up enough strength to use a technique that only existed in her line of followers, "The Last Seal," it ripped Onirochi into 11 pieces, 7 of them making up his body and 4 of them making up his soul. The parts that sealed up the body parts were seals, and the 4 that sealed up the soul were orbs.

That wasn't the only thing, they were scattered around the planet, and with each one places away, guardians were created to guard them. Each guardian was created based on the seal, and orb and were a race all in their own.

This halted the war from a mass destruction, and limited it down to a life long battle. A battle that the divided humans and their allies would never live down until their goals were obtained.

The humans that were sided with the dead goddess, Fenris, became known as the family of G'nis, and the humans that sided with the sealed Onirochi became known as Danin.

Each as stated before had a goal they wanted to achieve, each very similar in one way, but completely different in other ways. Each even had an ally. The G'nis were allied with the Oni, a biotechnological race, they wanted to completely destroy the seals, and orbs in a ritual that a chosen warrior would have to sacrifice himself for. The Danin were allied with the Genma, but unlike there enemies, the Genma were enslaved by the Danin, and there goal was to collect the seals and bring back Onirochi, and rule the world under his name.

The Chosen One
There are only two chosen ones, one that is for the G'nis and one that is for the Danin. Don't fret for othe warriors join them in the battle, and those can be any race, but can not be chosen ones if they already have been taken.

The Orbs, and Seals
The orbs and seals are what makes up the god Onirochi. They are the seals that makes him.

7 Seals
The seals are all guarded by a guardian. One can only achieve a seal by deffeating a guardian. Once you possess a seal you get its given ability.

Heart- The seal of the heart. His second most vital piece. It gives the possesser of the seal the ability "Dark Heart." It's a passive ability that gives the owner the ability to perfectly control the Dark element, regardless of family or race.
Body- The third most vital piece of Onirochi, the seal of his body. It gives the owner the passive ability of "Dark Body." This ability gives the owner a runeic writing all over there body that allows them to absorb most elemental damage sent at them
Claws- This seal is one that holds Onirochi close range weapons. The owner gets the ability called "Cruching claws." This ability has the user grow claws and dash at the opponent and shoves the grown claws into an opponents vital spot and crushes it.
Horns- This seal holds Onirochi's horns. The possesser of the horns gets the ability "rushing bull." this ability has the user grow gnarled ram horns and charge at the opponant horn first and rams them.
Stomach- This seal holds Onirochis stomach, and gives the possesser the ability "Starving stomach." This ability allows the user to shove a weapon into an opponant and steal some energy from them.
Eyes- this seals holds Onirochis eyes, he has multiple eyes all over his body. This seal gives the possesser the ability of "All seeing eyes." This ability summons 10 eye bats, that are directly linked to Onirochi, and the user. The 10 eye bats that are summoned with this ability are used as watchers, and watch over the enemy giving the owner almost perfect awarness
Wings- This seal holds Onirochis wings, the possesser gets the ability "Raining Sky." this ability gives the user wings for a short amount of time and allows them to rise up into the sky and throw a black ball of thunder at the ground harming all, including ally.

4 Orbs
when someone possesses all of the orbs, they can recieve the weapon "Godslayer." Godslayer gives the user a weapon that can rip through the fabric of existance with one of the given abilities, kill a god, and slash through any weapon. The orbs can be anywhere for they are not guarded, unless stated otherwise . Once you own an orb you get an ability that the orb possesses.

[I]Psyche- A purple orb. It gives the possesser the ability "Dimension Shot." This ability has the user shoots out a projectile that is made of Meditronian energy
Will- A blue orb. It gives the possesser the ability, "Will Break." The user slashes the opponant, and if it lands they are under the users control for a short amount of time
Conscious- A Red orb. The Orb gives the user the ability "Aura Stretch." the user stretches out their aura pushing foes further back.
Conception- A black orb. the orbs gives the owner the passive ability, "Awareness." Awarness gives the user perfect sight up to 1000 km.

Godslayer is a sword that is forged from Onirochis soul. the owner of the sword is given the abilitys of the orb, and another ability. "God Destroyer," this is an ability that the user raises the blade and slams it onto the ground sending out a blast of Meditronian energy, that if landed can kill an enemy or even a God.

Your Part:
It is now, 200 hundred years after the "end" of the war, and the chosen warrior of both sides have been chosen, but the only problem is, the Danin already own 2 seals. This in turn gives them a major advantage.

You are to pick a side and join forces with that side, to achieve your goal, there can only be one chosen warrior for each side, but you are to accompany him/her [the chosen warrior is first come first serve]. You will travel the planet of Thrae, and race your enemies to collect the seals. In order to obtain the seals you must battle the NPC Gardians that will be controlled by me.

Their is also another name you can base a character on, this name can be any, for they are the result of the Danin and the G'nis breeding, as thusly are located in there own area, and are hunting the seals down for their own purposes.

Humans- The only ones who are not as limited as the other races, and can control up to three elements [see element section for more info]. They can be 1 of 3 family lines [see family lines for more info].

Oni- Ogreish looking creatures that are also part machine. They can not do any dark magics for they are light holders, which means no Necromancy or Shaman/Witchdoctor classes. Anything unholy is offline to them. Have no last names

Genma- Insectoid/Animal looking demons that can only use dark as their element, which means no Paladin or Priest classes. Anything holy is offline for them. Have no last name

Family Lines:
Danin- The family line that works for Onirochi and have enslaved the Genma for there own uses. They are trying to release the god Onirochi, end the G'nis line and rule the world. Their last name must be Danin.

G'nis- The family line that works for Fenris, and are allied with the Oni. they wish to destroy the dark god, and end the Danin family line. Their last name must be G'nis

Lorial- The family line that can have any last name and can have any purpose for hunting down the seals. They can joins anyones side if they wanted, but will still keep their name.

elements fall into 6 categories, and humans can only control up to 3 elements depending on age. Also only certain family lines can control certain elements.
Fire- anything involving flame, and magma
Earth- anything involving metal, rock, sand, poison, leafs, etc.
Dark- anything involving the moon, darkness, and shadows
Water- anything involving water, and ice
Air- anything involving the wind or lightning
Light- anything involving the sun, or light

Ages for elements:
Up to 15- one element
15-40- two elements
40-up- three elements

The classes are nothing but to define you expertise of weaponry and what exactly your magic does. Everyone can manipulate there elements, but the classes give them other magical abilities that go past there basic element control.

Shinobi- Advanced Ninja magics, they use Katanas. and Kunais [Chained or not].
Ninjas- Ninja magics, they use Katanas, two katanas, kunais, sai's, or anything small quick and agile.
Thief- Magic that revolves around stealing physical possessions. They use daggers. and clubs.
Druids- Magic involved around shape shiftting. Uses Mauls, Axes, or Flails
Shamans/Witchdoctor- Magic that is involved around channeling Onirochi blessings onto oneself or another. Also, can summon Onirochi smiting spirits. Uses staffs, and wands.
Priests- Magic that is involved around channeling Fenris blessings onto oneself or others. Also can summon Fenris smiting spirits. Use staffs, and wands.
Barbarian- Magics that focus around weapons, they are very strong but slow. They can use any weapon.
Berserker- Magics that are involved around the body, and making one faster. They are similar to barbarians, but are faster, and much weaker. They use quick weapons that are dual wielded.
Paladin- Battle priests, they can use Hammers, and scepters for weapons
Necromancer- Magics that are focused around summoning the dead, blood required spells, and curses under the name of Onirochi. They use daggers, and Scythes.
Ritualist- Magics that are focused around summoning demons, spirits, and angels to fight for you, self destruct, etc. You use them as you see fit. They use daggers, and short swords.
Alchemist- Science magic that is involved around making new things form old, potions, weapons, etc. They are forging magics, but CAN NOT forge flesh. The use guns, and almost anything
Ranger- Ones who magics has to do with the projectile they are firing, or passive abilities that effect their sight, and range of shot. The use Bows, Crossbows, throwing weapons, and guns.

Profile: You can have up to three characters
Class: [up to three]
Element: [Up to three depending on age]
Weapons: [up to three]
Powers: [this is where you specify what you can do you can have as many abilities as you want and can add as the RP goes on. The ability must be in the profile or it wont count in the role play]

We will start once we have at least 6 characters 3 for the Danin side and 3 for the G'nis side


Name: Jack Danin [Chosen one]
Age: 23
Race: Human
Class: Necromantic Shinobi Ritualist
Element: Earth, and Fire
Weapons: Chained Kunai, A Black Steeled Scythe, and a Snake like blade dagger.
Personality: He is very power hungry, and insane. He has multiple personalities that range from being very happy to very angry. He is mostly seen in the state of the Pure rage, and just wants to kill. He has much control and doesn't crack under pressure. He will listen to the elders of his family, but no other elders he will bow before.
Appearance: He stands at 6' 2" and has a fighters build, but isn't that muscular. He has white Dante style hair. His eyes are very unique in color, for the retna is a bright orange color and the iris is gold in color. As far as his outfit goes, he wears a bone armor, that is made of black steel, and human bone. The armor goes up to his hair line, and is very flexible, and light.
History: Born in the Dark land from a royal family in the Danin family. He was brought up under the conditions of a fighter, and started his training young, the age of 12. He was sent to a school that was put together for training warriors of the Danin line. This is where they are taught element control, and how to command the Genma. He graduated from the school at the age of 18, a normal age, adn wasn't recognized as the Chosen one until he was 20. It was at the time he was taken in and went through the process of implanting the seals into him.
Chain control- [Passive] Gives Jack perfect control of the chain he owns as long as his concentration is on it.
Flesh Golem- He raises a golem made of flesh from a dead body.
Flesh minion- raises a zombie from a dead body.
Kunai Dragon- The Chained kunai becomes engulfed in fire and takes a dragonic look.
Posion Nova- A blast of pure posion fired at an enemy.
Poision Explosion- A dead body explodes spewing posionous gas everywhere up to a 10 ft radius.
Fire Pillar- A pillar of fire is blast up form the ground
Burning Shards- a wave of flaming metal shards are fired at foes.
Omni Gate- An ability that absorbs three attacks and fires them back out in the form of black energy in three waves.
Earthquake- Jack stomps the ground creating an earthquake that shows no mercy to anyone except himself
Flame Snake- A jet of fire is fired out of jacks hand in the form of the snake, aiming to weap and engulf the enemy in flame, setting them on fire.

[there will be two more characters that i will control. they will come into existance one their time is right]